Why I like the MCE

The MCE is now flowing smoothly, thank you motorists for avoiding this expressway so that I can push my car to the limits without the congestion. It is now like driving in a Formula One circuit with the foot flat on the pedal. Whoosh, great freeway.

I also like to drive in a tunnel and enjoy the tunnel vision. In a tunnel, all you care or see is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Now I know what that means. Driving over and across the Benjamin Sheares Bridge may have a lot of beautiful sights to behold, the great scenery, the open space and the fresh air if the window is down, or for those with a soft top. But who cares, I just love the tunnel and the feeling of being in a well. Oops, I mean inside a tunnel. The only misgiving is to miss the sight of that multi billion awful fake garden, or is it a blessing?

And why not, now I can tell the world that I have driven on the world’s most expensive express way, the 8th Wonders of the World. The feeling is damn shiok, a wonderful feeling really, honest. For every metre of road travelled is like moving on a pile of money equivalent to $860,000! The sensation is really good, the money under my feet or wheels feeling. And I don’t mind the longer distance with more time to enjoy this great feeling. Lagi shiok. Never mind more tyre wear and burning a bit more gas. It is worth it, every cent of it.

Many Sinkies may not be able to afford the world’s most expensive cars. Now they can afford to drive on the world’s most expensive stretch of road. The feeling is just as good.

Funny, why do I have this great sinking feeling?


Anonymous said...

I kaypoh and drive into MCE on first day of opening. Driving (or should I say, crawling) through the tunnel made me feel like a piece of constipated shit in an anal tract.

Anonymous said...

Is there any similarity Singapore present situations and that of Qing Dynasty China: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxer_Rebellion?

At that time China is the top economy of the world, with new inventions and innovations? China make many breakthough, discoveries and inventions?

Where Marco Polo came and study all the methods and brought back to Italy, as Europe keep invent new and better machines and flourish, China keep looking inside due to their imperial type of thinking, like the present GRC systems fear of competitions from the oppositions?

In around 1900 European came back and start a war with China, CHina still in the Ostrich state, don't know or pretend don't know what happen in the world?

Where the European used guns and canons they are still using swords and arrows? Which lead to a massive and most humiliating defeat in their histories of modern world, therefore got to give up Hong Kong and Macau for a period and many concessions?

The present system of GRC which brought in 28 MP, which might suppose to be Opposition, don't done any good for Singapore future which lead to many SIngapore present social problems or manifested later, and is mounting by the days?

Singapore should revert it back to the SMC single seat, which easier to spot talents as the face one to one fight in the consitucency, or that rather bring in some undeserved MP in the GRC?

Anonymous said...

I have used the MCE twice. No serious jams. Given a choice I still prefer the open air driving where the eyes can see afar and enjoy the scenary along the way. Even that government is taking it away from us!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The MCE is simply marvellous! It reminds me of the tunnel in Monaco with its long straights and sweeping fast curves. Hope the F1 committee includes the MCE in the Singapore GP. To race in the tunnel will be awesome to watch.

1st time, I got confused. Was heading to Rochor exit for a night of excessive indulgence (makan, booze, sex and revelry) in the Arab St/ Beach Road area. Shit, no Rochor exit...so ended up at Fort Road exit and had to double back on the ECP. Kani nah. Damn confusing lah, at least for 1st time.

Other than that, it's a definite plus. Anything to enhance the value of Hotel Singapore gets my 100% full approval!

Party on people...it's 2014!

Anonymous said...

Must agree with Matilah. First day was like constipated shit. Now free-flowing like diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

Many youth nowaday, borrowed heavily to buy things like houses, cars and other things possibly because they are higher qualify then the last generation etc.?

But the world had changed cert is no longer as useful as in the past 80s or 90s, as China opened up the churn out 7 millions new graduate every years?

With the 3rd world standard of living they pay a graduate around $300 per month in CHina, how can Singaporean graduates complete with them?

Present generation youth are debt ridden, for their long life may they got to work like a modern slave to service their loans?

With the every increasing importing of foreigners with 30K of new citizens every year to compete with new citizens , locals and everything?

Many prefer not to married and even married don't have children, which they can't cope with the rising cost due to more and more foreigners coming in?

Unlike the previous generation who are thrifty and pay up their loan early?

With their fathers unable to take out their savings(CPF) locked up schemes in the 55 like unlike last time, it will aggravate the situation even further?

With little babies born in Singapore and various failed policies, Singapore could be convert to a foreign countries may completely sold to other countries in future?

These type of problems started because very little oppositions able to came in previous in the GRC systems to voice their concern?

So problems were swept in the carpet, everything look good in the medias? See and hear the right stuff campaigns will start later?

Singapore kept building infrastures to show outsiders the possible side of Singapore and ignore the negative sides? And the medias MSM always protray the positive sides of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is no longer competitive because it pay ten time the salaries to its ministers, whereas the Nordic pays 10 time less to its ministers?

Whats the difference, order to be competitive you need competitions, why most communist state revert back to democracy because they are no longer competitive, which only a single party rule?

Which the GRC system make it difficult for the opposition to present better ideas?

With ten time the salaries of that of the Nordic ministers, you need very high taxes or indirect taxes to fund their pay? This indirect put a heavy toll on business?

Should they reflect upon themselves, don't denial or give excuses the situation now Singapore is in, look honestly among themselves, Singapore with no resources a tiny country can pay them the amount of salaries forever?

Should they volunteer reduce their salaries to that of the Nordic level, which reduce the indirect taxes, so the business cost is not so high? If other country run very well with the type of salaries why should SIngapore ministers overpaid themselves?

When business cost is not so high they don't to look for so many cheap foreign labour to come to SIngapore to mitigate their cost and employ more Singaporean?

Many of the Singaporean don't have proper jobs because of heavy competition from the cheap labour, which business don't have much choice as these cost are fixed, because of the high cost of doing business, due to the indirect taxes?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Singapore is NOT a Nordic cuntree. Singapore's rojak-champor culture is UNIQUE and as far away from Nordic/ Viking/ Scandinavian culture as you can possibly get.

Politics and economy EVOLVE out of the culture of the people and their nation. It is obvious that you've missed that point and instead choose to construct your own world view on "theory", instead of "reality".

If you look at the FACTS plain and simple -- Singapore is doing a-ok, business is chugging along, leisure and entertainment are doing well...so why all the negativity?

Please lah. The world is not "broken." Hotel Singapore is rocking away, as it should, being the AWESOME place it is.

I'm on the top floor of Holland V's "cafe strip" As I look down onto the village, I see a vibrant, hip culture.

Join the party, and enjoy yourself lah.

b said...

In a tunnel? sounds so boring. Give me some sea, hills and nature view anytime. I am human not a mole.

Why spend so much for a lousy tunnel for use by car owners? Subsidised by increasing public bus fares?

As above, so below. Each tear makes the heaven turns.

Anonymous said...

They have not seen a tunnel before.

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