Heng ah, I was not born in Singapore – FT

Ng Kok Lim wrote an article on this in TRE and I quote his first paragraph, ‘During the last election, Minister Lim Swee Say said heng ah, he was born in Singapore and many Singaporeans agreed with him. But the truth is that you don’t have to be born in Singapore to be heng in Singapore.’


I fully agree with what Kok Lim said. He went on to quote those who were not born in Singapore and very heng here, like Boon Wan, Amy Khor, Piyush Gupta, Olivia Lum and many others including table tennis players, swimmers and half past six footballers. And there are more than 2m heng foreigners here helping to grow our economy by 2%, if not our economy will go into recession.


And all the foreign born Singaporeans and FTs must be singing in chorus, heng ah, we were not born in Singapore, no need to pay for the expensive and damn stressful education system only to end up with no marketable skills and good enough to be security guards, taxi drivers and crane drivers. And if still cannot get such jobs, to go for further training at public expenses of course. This one really heng, the govt is using public money to subsidise their trainings so that they can be useful in 3rd world countries, to take the place of the 3rd world FTs who are here, in their 3rd world countries getting paid 3rd world salaries with 3rd world currencies. See how heng are Singaporeans born here. And their 3rd world counter parts are here to replace them, get their jobs, their women, and get paid high salaries in Singapore dollars.


And the FTs are also saying heng ah, no need to waste 2 and a half year charging up Pengkang Hill, not sure if the hill is heng enough to remain there or mowed down to build HDB flats, no need to serve NS, no reservist training, just doing anything and tell the daft Sinkies, I also do NS and join the elite of this daft city.


Now, who is more heng, the Singaporeans born here or the foreigners who are going home after their stint in paradise to be rich land owners and living in big landed properties? And they need not worry about Benjamin or their sons doing NS to defend and protect the million dollar properties here that they cannot afford to smell.


Are Singaporeans heng or sway? You tell me lah. Sure some of you will be very heng but many would be very sway, like Benjamin and his family and those ended up as punching bags for the very heng foreigners here or losing their well paying jobs to the very heng foreigners.


Parrots, please, I am not asking you. Stop parroting. Just repeat after me, ‘Heng ah’.

2 rogues running for President

Two rogues are the front runners in the race for the Presidency of the USA. One is a rogue by virtue of the blood of the Arabs in her hands when she was Secretary of State. And she was known to enjoy every bit of it, like a joke, caught on video laughing herself silly at the mention of the collateral of the invasion of Iraq.  Then there is the indestructible Donald Trump who is seen as another rogue by the Republican leadership but not to the American people. Yes, the Americans are saying they want to vote for a ‘rogue’ President to lead the country.

This is what democracy is all about. It is from the people, of the people and for the people. The people decide who among themselves should be the President of the USA, and who is best able to look after their interests. This decision is not to be decided by a small elite in Washington to protect their own backsides and interests and to go around calling those that are against them ‘rogues’.

The Republican leaders have been ganging up against Trump. They even staged campaigns against him to prevent him from becoming their candidate for the Presidency. What is Donald Trump’s crime? One, Trump is not one of them. Trump is a self made man, a self made billionaire that needs not feed on the system to get rich. Trump does not need to protect the system of greed and corruption. Trump is against everything his Party stood for.

Trump is a new man with new ideas and will dump the Party and all the cronies that have enshrined themselves in the system as if they own America. Trump will change that, Trump will change America to the good old days of the founding fathers.

According to the NYT, the ‘Republicans have ruefully acknowledged they came to this dire pass in no small part because of their own passivity.’ They should have learnt from Singapore, invent a system to prevent ‘rogues’ to become President. This would solve all their problems if they just label Trump a rogue. Unfortunately it is too late.

But this is the strength and essence of American democracy. The power rests on the people. The people decide who they want to be their President, rogue or no rogue. No small group of elite is going to change that. The people are in charge. They know their rights in a democracy and the country belongs to them, not to the small elite.

It is too late for the Republicans to change anything. Even if they try, the Americans would throw their idea out, including them. It is democracy, not autocracy, not dictatorship, not a dynasty owns by the elite. The Americans are not daft citizens. They think and act in their own interests.


Chinese media needs to extend its international influence

The power of media to influence the thinking of the readers is there for all to see. Just brand a person as a rogue, call countries by name like the Axis of Evil, and automatically the readers would think the person or countries are bad. The invasion of two countries, killing their presidents and destroying their economies, murdering millions of their citizens, called collateral not victims of an invasion, all because of a fabricated lie of WMD went pass as something so innocent, non events.

The perpetrators, if on the wrong side of the Empire, would be charged for crimes against humanity. The International Court of Justice would be invoked, the UN would be making all kinds of resolutions and sanctions. But nothing happens and the murderers and invaders go on their daily lives as if nothing happens. And no one is using the phrase 'might is right'. But the same phrase is being used to parrot what the Americans are accusing China for building their islands like what Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines are doing. And the parrots would just parrot the same phrase because the Americans are using it. They did not even know why they are using it.

What about the flying of B52 nuclear bombers and missile destroyers all the way from American bases to the South China Sea? Freedom of navigation or a statement that 'might is right'. I carry a bigger gun so I can do as I like? Shall I ask the parrots? Pointless, the parrots have only a bird brain the size of a pea and incapable of thinking.

Below is an article about China trying to undo the damage done by western media over two centuries, that God is white and anything white is right, including might. And the coloured people, after two centuries of reading white lies cannot tell the difference anymore. China and Asians would have to tell their own stories from their perspectives and interests. Channel News Asia has been created to do this job but is getting diluted and starting to become a western media and telling news the western way, becoming more like the trash being published by NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, and the agencies like Fox News, Agencies, AFP etc etc. It would be so sad to see Channel News Asia becoming another western clone and thinking and talking like angmoh media and taken over by the angmohs.

Chinese media needs to extend its international influence
By Chua Chin Leng (chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2016-02-24 17:43

President Xi Jinping made an important date with the Chinese media industry immediately after the Chinese New Year holidays. Fresh from the Golden Week break, President Xi visited Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily and CCTV in an event widely covered by the Chinese media, a sign that the President is launching another major initiative for the Chinese media.
The Chinese media industry is likely to see a major policy shift with greater central government support to play a bigger role as major international news providers on the world stage crowded by other big media players.

Chinese media are entering the world of news reporting and communication as a late starter. The Western media have been dominating the world news for more than two centuries, telling their stories and influencing the minds and views of their readers.
Western media have many advantages on their side, from being the first movers, being first on the world stage and carving out their sphere of influence, and also the advantage of the English speaking world.

News reporting has been one sided, seeing and reporting world events and news from a Western perspective, particularly in media platforms where English is the main language of communication and a willing and ready audience of English speakers.

Chinese media has a lot of catching up to do in talking to the world, in news reporting and the coverage of world events. They are competing for readership against many very well established Western media that have attained certain level of reputation, familiarity and acceptance over the years.

China Daily, Global Times, Xinhua and CCTV are doing a decent job in presenting news from the Chinese perspective. But they are talking to an audience of converts, people who are interested in China and events in China. World news is still dominated by Western media by virtue of their extensive coverage and an army of journalists and reporters worldwide.

How could China with a limited number of news agencies that are reporting mainly to a domestic audience win the readership of the world, to compete successfully for readership with the established Western media? There is no need to reinvent the wheel in news reporting. Chinese media could learn from what the Western media have been doing for years, investing in news agencies, in journalists and reporters, in commentators and academics, to present a different world view that is favorable to China, to tell the Chinese story.

The Western media is still hostile to China and presenting China and news related to China in a negative way, stereotyping and with a Western biased agenda. There is no short cut towards erasing or changing the worldviews of China presented by Western media and their hordes of journalists and contributors on world events.

China would have to adopt a wide ranging strategy across all forms of media, from news reporting, journals, magazines, TV, movies, pop cultures, sports and new media. There will be short term and long term strategies to consider.

China could tap on the pulling power of celebrities in the media, in the industries, in the movie and pop culture industries, to harness their influence to change and improve the perspective and perception of China and the Chinese Civilization.

Cultivating brand names by acquisition or promoting popular domestic brands in the international arena, promoting China's brand of pop culture and pop idols to promote soft power.

In this regard, China could tap on the established celebrities and brand names in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the overseas Chinese as part of the ascendance of the Chinese Civilization. CCTV has been doing this very well and more effort and resources could be committed towards this direction.

Winning the hearts and minds of the peoples of the world, changing world perception of China and the Chinese Civilization are not an easy task. And this is made even more difficult when the Western media are doing all the damage they can to paint China and the Chinese Civilization in a negative light for over two centuries.

It is an uphill task but over time, with great effort and perseverance, the world would see China and the Chinese Civilization in a different light.

Chinese media have a very important and urgent task to play to change the way the world sees China after what the Western media have done to China and the Chinese Civilization. It is just the beginning of a very long journey and with many obstacles ahead.

Manny Pacquiao paying a price for telling the truth

Ok, I must clarify this bit. Pacquiao said this, ‘It’s common sense. Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female.” He added, “If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals.’ What kind of truth is Pacquiao saying, a natural truth and be punished by his sponsor Nike withdrawing its sponsorship?

Actually it was a biblical truth that Pacquiao was saying that was offensive to those people he offended. The Old Testament:  ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’

What is the moral of this incident? Don’t anyhow quote the bible? Or the bible is wrong, out of touch with time, outdated, outfashioned?
What do you think? This is my safest statement, I mean by asking, What do you think? The rest of the things I said above can be interpret in many ways by whoever and whatever. Peace.

Madonna is in trouble, Gaga is in trouble, Pacquiao is in trouble, all got to do with religion, not morality or simple decency. A timely warning to Veritas, not to play with religion and religious bigots.


Living with the myth of international exposure

The myth of foreigners with international exposure has become a mandatory requirement for top management positions continues to be flagged everyday by everyone claiming to be an authority in hiring and talent scouting. You need to have international experience to fit the top job. Just look around and ask how many of our top people have international experience. Just look at our past leaders and asked how many have international experience. Ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs what international experience did they have before they were successful? Ask Li Ka Sing what international experience he had before he was successful.

Singapore is not a little village in the jungle and never knew what is happening around the world. Singapore is an open society, a cosmopolitan city. Singaporeans are well travelled, exposed to the world, many of our talents are educated and trained overseas. With free travel, the internet, Singaporeans did not wear blinkers as they go about their lives. The young people are more widely travelled and exposed to the world than anyone in the developed countries. Foreigners from little villages come here for the international experience they need.

What is this beef about having to work in an international organization to be qualified for top management jobs?  Ask the chicken rice and satay seller what international experience is needed when his customers and market are in the housing estates? 

Running the train needs international experience or not? You need international exposure when your business is international. International experience is good to have. You don’t need international experience as a pre requisite to be in top management especially in local companies operating locally with local customers, products and services. If this is mandatory, then all our local companies must be filled by foreigners.

There is such a thing as good to have but not necessary must have. There are things that can be acquired in the process. Maybe this is the reason why our locals are found not good enough for top jobs by our very own locals because of this myth. The unspoken conspiracy is for foreigners to take over the top jobs of local companies. 

Yes, we are one of the top countries in terms of hiring foreigners. Is this something good or is it bad? This is a selling out of the interest of our local talents. It is an accolade that is not an honour and better not to have. Japan would need to replace all their top honchos with foreigners, and so would China, Korea, Taiwan and India.

Just because foreigners said you need foreigners does not mean it is good for you or good for your country and people.  It is meant to be good for the foreigners, dumb twits. Computers and parrots don’t think. But people with a little grey matter must think. Otherwise there is no use for the piece of grey matter in between their ears.

Keep filling the top positions with foreigners. What about sending your Singaporeans for foreign exposures? No need. Then where are you going to get Singaporeans with foreign exposure even if it is really needed? Ask Jack Ma if he got foreign experience. The myth of foreign exposure is like planting a Trojan horse in the brain of a parrot to do damage to his own people without him knowing it.

Parrots, please repeat after me, ‘We need international experience for top jobs.’


South China Sea – A big power contest

The South China Sea dispute is not a dispute between China and some Asean states that the Americans would want the world to believe. It is a contest for domination and control. China is moving in to reoccupy and develop their islands. The Americans are seeing this as an attempt to carve away their area of influence. The Americans are moving into Asia with their Asian pivot strategy to control and dominate Asia and to protect their interests, definitely not of Asean’s. They are trying very hard to conceal this ambitious hegemony motive by stirring up difference in the region and wanting to drag Asean to confront China and allowing them to move into the region as a welcome warlord

The Asean states are not taking the bait. No matter how hard the Philippines and Vietnam tried to push Asean to become a vehicle for American dominance in South China Sea, the other Asean states are staying away, preferring to stay neutral as what Asean stands for. Asean is not going to be recolonised and ruled by any big power and definitely not by the Americans.

The failed attempt by Obama to string a coalition against China in the summit in Sunnylands is telling. But the Americans are not giving up and are continuing to agitate the Asean states to fall in line, that China is militarizing the South China Sea and they need to bring in the Americans to fight for them, to defend them. Yet again, the Americans crying wolf is not getting any attention. The latest, they are going to add another nuclear attack submarine and a new stealth guided missile destroyer to the South China, for peace and stability?

The next move is to exert pressure on the unwilling Asean states to force them to get on board the Empire’s warship. Malaysia is under great pressure. Next will be Thailand and Indonesia. If the Americans could get these three states to fall in, the majority of Asean states will just follow suit.

So far the Americans are seeing their attempt to seed a war in the region failing. With Asean not biting, not stupid anymore, they are falling back on their backups, the willing Japanese and Australians to do the dog’s work, to conduct joint patrols to provoke China.

China is now in a corner and has to hold its ground, to push back the invaders at its door step. China is digging in and moving their military hardware into the South China Sea to make a stand. They will have anti B 52 missiles ready, anti ship missiles ready, anti submarine hunters ready. China has decided that they will have to make a stand or be pushed out of the South China Sea. It is a contest for control and the gun will rule the day. The aggressive Americans have said they would send in more warships and war planes to exert their power to push China out of the region. It is gunboat diplomacy all over like Commander Perry sailing into Japan to force open Japan for the Americans and the British gunboats attacking China once again.

A military conflict is about to flare up. Asean states are best to stay out of this shit or be made to pay a heavy price to fight a war for the Americans only to welcome a big power to rule over them. The South China Sea is a war for sphere of influence between China and the US, nothing to do with freedom of navigation. China is just developing their little islands but the Americans are here to control and to rule the region.

The Americans should stop insulting the intelligence of Asean leaders to think they can con them into a fight with China.

Malaysia’s price for sleeping with the devil

The alert warning on terrorist attacks by UK and Australia is only a small piece in the Empire’s jigsaw puzzle to bring down the Najib govt. The attack on his 1MDB saga continues with the Wall Street Journal reporting that ‘a Saudi official saying that the kingdom’s Finance and Foreign Ministries had no knowledge of the RM2.6 billion donation and that such a transfer into the personal book account of a foreign leader would be unprecedented.’ This is as good as saying Najib was lying. Sorry Najib, the Americans are going to do a regime change and you are the main target.

This is the price Najib is paying for sleeping with the devil and not wanting to do the works of the devil. If Najib had been obedient, all these funny reports in the western media would not surfaced. Who else want to sleep with the devil and think of having wet dreams?

And a commentator has posted this in my blog,

Anonymous said...

Goldman Banker Behind Malaysia Slush Fund Leaves Bank

Leissner was the powerful Goldman banker responsible for financing Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s giant slush fund, known as 1MDB.

Amid the ongoing international probes into 1MDB Leissner mysteriously took a leave of absence from Goldman, leaving Singapore for Los Angeles in January.
At the time, Goldman said he was still an employee.

Does the absence of this Goldman banker got anything to do with Najib’s trouble? When are Asians going to learn to be independent and stay away from their former colonial masters and the Empire unless they want to be their lap dogs. Doggie, fetch.

Which country in Asean would be the next target of the Empire? Definitely not Singapore, good boy. Another terrorist alert has been issued by the Australians on Indonesia. It is another way of telling the Australians to avoid Indonesia, no tourist dollars for Indonesia. And the earlier warning about Malaysia is being taken up by the other members of the Empire, New Zealand, Canada as well are telling their people to skip Malaysia. Again no tourist dollars.

Who else are behind the Operational Review Panel telling the anti graft agency to continue with the 1MDB probe? Any foreign fingers pulling the strings?


DBS profit up, share price down

DBS announcing another unbelieveable achievement for the 4th quarter results. At the rate it is making profit, in no time DBS would be the biggest bank in the world and the most profitable one.  4th quarter profit up 20%, to $1b in 3 mths. Who is saying banks cannot make big profits like the casinos? And revenue hit $10b or $10.79b in a quarter, extrapolate to one year it would be more than $40b! Earning per share also up from $1.32 to $1.57.

With this kind of scintillating performance, the management must be handsomely rewarded by the millions and well deserving. But please put in the claw back clause for safety reasons, just in case like Sembawang and Keppel. But touch wood it would not happen to DBS. DBS can expect to grow and grow and profit to go up and up like the salaries of super talents.

Now the bad news. Share price of DBS bank was down 18% for the year and this was based on yesterday’s price. Today(24 Feb) its price fell by another 26c.  What is happening, with such good results and no bad news, the share price of DBS is falling like a rock! How to explain this?

Didn’t the investors and fund managers believe in the good numbers and start to rush in to buy up more DBS shares for keeps? With 30c of dividend, it is as good as getting 30c discount. The fund managers and investors are not saying they don’t believe in the results right? And it cannot be a sell on news because the share price has been falling and not rising before the announcement. What is going on, what is happening?

DBS is not like those western banks that reported billions and billions of profits only to reveal a big black hole during the banking crisis and begged the US govt for handouts or go bust. The MAS has a very tight control and would not allow local banks to have their accounts cooked like those western banks, creating billions of profits when the truth is losing billions instead. MAS has a very high standard of control and governance and the scintillating results of DBS or any local banks are real. Don’t worry, we are in good hands.

One possible reason, the computers are doing all the damages. Computer trading is never about fundamentals. It is pure trading and gambling. The computers are programmed to trade against the investors. When investors rush in to buy, the computers will be computing when to sell and how much to sell to make profit against the investors. This could be the case. The investors and funds are rushing in to buy only to be sold down by the computers and the victims are the investors and fund managers having faith in the good results, and  the share price of DBS.

The big winners, the computer traders. And if you look at the volume of trades done, more than 10m shares in half a day, or more than $130m of trades done. This could not be the work of small investors or fund managers trading. It is the sign of computers trading and doing the damage.

DBS, Temasek and GIC and big funds are paying a heavy price to the computer traders that would show them the middle fingers as far as fundamentals are concerned. DBS is doing very well, very good company, top bank in Singapore, Batam and Bintan, oops I mean in the Asia and the world. Why is the price falling like a coconut?

Thank you, computer trading. You are a darling, very good for the market and for long term investors buying on fundamentals.

Singapore is a secular state

I try to avoid this sensitive issue of religion because the unthinking and daft sinkies will go into a rage when something negative about religion is said. We are in the 21st Century, we have learnt and progressed so far since the days of Adam and Eve, since the days the holy scriptures were written by men and women with their limited knowledge of the universe and science, many, to be frank, were half illiterates. Even a secondary school boy or girl of today knows more of the universe and life than those ancients. How much of their sayings are still relevant today and not regarded as rubbish is one thing. How much of the rubbish spouted by the ancients are still clinging on and held closely in the chests of many highly educated modern men and women is unbelieveable. There is this fear, thought or perception, that the rubbish of the ages cannot be questioned and must not be talked about.

We have religion staring right in your face today, in the pages of the media, imposing but claiming not to be imposing, on the values and way of life of non believers.  Many are claiming to be on high moral grounds to talk down on people, people who have nothing to do with their religion, will not subscribe to their beliefs or values, that the non believers are bad people of low morals.

How many of these people are morally that virtuous behind their robes when the truth is revealed, just like the revelation of John Paul and his relations with a woman and all the hidden excesses by people in the robes of all religions?

Common, give Madonna a break. Give the non believers a break. The MDA has rightly classified the show as R18. What more do you want? You want to run the lives of the non believers as well? Just keep to your flocks within the confines of your religious abodes and doctrines. Leave the rest of the people alone to do what they want with their lives. This is the 21st Century, no more prudes and pricks, no more pretensions of what is good for one and is so good for everyone. No more living the lives of people of the past. The universe has more than a few hundred billion galaxies out there.

Madonna is lucky and safe that she is living in the 21st Century. In the ignorant Middle Ages she would be stoned to death or burnt at the stake, and called a witch.  Are we going to return to those dark ages of human ignorance and to allow the bigots to take charge and run amok?

No one, not any religion shall be allowed to impose their beliefs and values on anyone outside their religions and beliefs. Keep religion as a personal and private affair from the secular state.  The secular state and rule of law must prevail. It is a very dangerous precedent to set to allow any religion to think they can dictate their wills, beliefs and values on the non believers, the modern men and women.

As a modern state with so many different religions and beliefs, we cannot slip backward to the medieval times of devils and witches and allowing the mob to go into a rampage to hang or burn people that did not agree with their beliefs, values and way of life.


US actions ‘raise chances of conflict significantly’

Below is a report in a reputable media.

President Hussein says US should step back from unilateral action in S China Sea disputes

Buangkok(Tharland) There are areas of genuine tension between China and the United States, said President Hussein, referring to the disputes in the South China Sea about which he gave the blunt assessment that “USA is resorting to old style of might make right”, as opposed to working through international law and norms to resolve territorial disputes. The Americans must not return to gunboat diplomacy to exert their control over the South China Sea.

This has led to “significant potential” for confusion and war among countries in the region,… adding that ‘The more we can convince  the US that it’s in their long term interest to abide by these international rules as well, the more peaceful and secure the whole region would be,” he said in an interview with Channel Newsworld.

President Hussein also said he did not want to hypothesise about the US going to war with China but stressed that the US ought to step back from unilateral action to avoid a war in the region.  The President added, ‘What we learnt is that societies work better when these norms are observed. The same is true at the international level. And USA, as a large country, should have even more investment in wanting these norms to be observed.’

It could take some time, the president said, for the Americans’ own experience over the course of history in genocide, slavery and wars that binding itself to certain norms and rules would allow the US to flourish. ‘I think the US would discover the same thing. They are growing into their size and power and it may take a while for them to recognize that they must obey the rules and norms of international law.’

President Hussein concluded, ‘I am confident that, over time, US will develop not just the desire and the intent, but also the capacity, the bureaucratic capabilities, to carry out some of these functions as a global leader. I think if they do it in a way that is consistent with existing international norms, then that is good for all of us.’

PS. President Obama. The pivot to Asia by bring in all their weapons and setting up more military bases in the region is NOT militarising the region.

Has Singapore become a mouthpiece of the US?

The bashing of China and North Korea is fair game in the West and in America especially during the Presidential Election. The West and the Americans have vested interests to want to do so and attacking foreigners and foreign countries in the name of freedom of expression is another American exceptionalism backed by military might. They need to create fear and tension to sell their weapons of war. Without an enemy to fight for, there is no need for countries to buy more weapons from the Americans. By creating an enemy, it was the Soviet Union, now China and the Axis of Evil in Iran and North Korea, the Americans and the West are dividing the world and dragging them along, telling the daft who are their enemies, and the unthinking daft keep nodding their heads to go along unconsciously making China and North Korea their enemies.

In the case of China, a peaceful and stable world would allow China to get richer and stronger in the long run. There is no need for China to want a war to destroy its pace of economic development. Only countries that depend on an unstable and troubled world to sell weapons want to create tensions and war, to benefit from chaos and destruction, supporting insurgents in the name of resistance forces, agitating and inciting wars, raising tensions all over the world.

In the case of North Korea, it is a hermit state and has nothing to do with any country other than its political differences with the divided South Korea. Why is the rest of the world, especially stupid people in Sin City so disturbed and angry with the North Koreans? Why is the sending up of a satellite seen as provocative and with the intent to start a war when the Americans are in possession of WMDs, 7,000 nuclear warheads that can destroy this world several times over, with 11 aircraft carriers and more than 70 submarines with nuclear capabilities, military bases in all corners of the world, are seen as weapons of peace and not of war? How silly can the Asians be when a gangster is in charge without them knowing?

What is silly and ridiculous is that the local media is splashing anti China and anti North Korea propaganda written by westerners on its pages daily like these two countries are enemies of Sin City?  Has Singapore become a mouthpiece of the Americans in an anti China anti North Korea coalition? The daily publications of such negative and biased views by the Americans would over time create a very negative image on the readers of China and North Korea without them knowing why.  Just look at the hate the bananas have of China and North Korea and you will know why and the outcome of such reporting.  Growing up and a life time of reading such western craps would turn the bananas to think they are Americans or westerners and seeing the world with the western world view and western agenda. How to comprehend why the media would indulge in such rhetoric and propaganda reporting against foreign countries as if it is the right thing to do? Does the govt or MDA have a role in monitoring and managing the neutrality and objectivity of news reporting in the media?

How is Hsien Loong going to explain to the Chinese and North Korean leaders when they meet about these daily barrage of anti China and anti North Korean western articles in the local media? Freedom of the press or we are doing what the Americans and the West dictate to us? Why are we antagonizing the Chinese and North Koreans daily as a normal affair?

Can you believe it, ‘Beijing tensions fuel S$748b arms race in Asia Pacific region’, not because of the American provocations in the South China Sea? So, there will be no arms race if there is no China in the South China Sea? Why are the Asean countries buying arms, to fight China?  And what about this, “China’s actions ‘raise chances of conflict significantly’”. Who is raising tension in the South China Sea? Is China claiming islands belonging to some Asean countries or the US? Or are some Asean countries claiming islands belonging to China?

And what do you think the US warships and war planes are here in the South China Sea and not in the Carribbeans where they belong?


The stages that let to a top financial centre in SE Asia having no local banking and finance talents

I dunno know want to laugh or want to cry when people so happily chirped that Singapore has no local banking and finance talents to fill up the top banking jobs. And no one seems to be disturbed by this fact like it is a natural thing, an expected outcome. We were and still are the top financial centre but someone forgot to train or nurture banking/finance talents and now we have to import them from the 3rd world and less developed financial centres in the region whose banking systems are nothing better than finance companies and loan shark syndicates.

Just go back a couple of decades and look at the banking/finance landscape? Were not the top bankers mostly locals? What happened? Did these locals acted selfishly, foolishly by not training the next batch of talents to succeed them? Were they so irresponsible, so stupid not to see the need for succession planning? Didn’t they know that it was the govt of the day that consciously put them up into those positions of authority, to be indigenized, to be localized and be self sufficient with our own talents to run out own destiny?

Why is it that after this generation of top bankers had disappeared, there was a dearth of talents and the vacuum had to be filled by 3 world banking talents and not from local talents?

o reach such a state, assuming that we have clever people in charge, must either be a case of conscious design or someone fell asleep in his job. To take the position that someone fell asleep in his job is definitely unlikely.  The dangerous one is conscious design, a conscious choice or a conscious neglect, some kind of hidden agenda to get to where we are today, with no local top banking/finance talents. It cannot be by accident or neglect!

Let’s look at the stages of development to make this pathetic and deplorable state possible.

Stage 1. There is no succession planning. This will mean that after the last generation of top bankers left the scene, no one is suitable to fill the top banking positions through lack of success planning. Now isn’t this bad?

Stage 2.  Refusal or neglect, intentional or otherwise, not to train local talents or in a worst case scenario, intentionally by passing the local talents, not giving them the chance to move up, not giving them the exposure to gain experience to be at the top.

Stage 3. Consciously, by design, to go out to recruit foreigners in the name of foreign talents and so called international exposure as a prerequisite to rule out local talents, so local talents were swept into the dustbin. This becomes a vicious cycle, not given the chance, how to gain experience to become better, to fill the top positions?

Stage 4. Foreign CEOs were allowed to recruit more foreigners and giving foreigners more opportunities to gain experience and exposure and to move up. Local talents sidelined, by passed or made to do the unimportant tasks, backroom boys, office maintenance, jaga physical building security, anything but banking and finance.

Stage 5. The secondary and tertiary institutions were allowed to do as they pleased, even if they chose not to train banking and finance talents needed in the name of liberalization. But worst if the tertiary institutions were filled by foreigners who have different or hidden agenda. The result, no training of locals to feed the essential industries like banking and finance and no one would notice or be disturbed by this development. Bo cheng hu! No one in charge, no one consciously looking at the problem and allowed things to get worse and worse and the need for foreigners become more and more important and necessary. A self inflicted wound.

Stage 6. Allowing foreigners to call the shot. Foreigners said Singapore got no banking and finance talents, just accept it meekly and stupidly and let the foreigners in charge to bring in more foreigners. And let foreign recruiting agencies to have a field day recruiting whoever they want from 3rd world villages and calling whoever they brought in as talents.

Stage 7. Close one eye to all the fake certificates and degrees and recognize all the 4th and 5th grade village universities as good universities. No need to check. Accept everyone that produced a piece of paper as genuine and quality qualification.

Stage 8. The rice is cooked. The realities hit. No local talents. So? No one even bother to ask so? No one was there to ask so. No talent ah, never mind, we will train them in our universities and in 30 years time we will have all the top banking and finance talents we need. Hopefully there will still be a Singapore in 30 years times and not a Singapore with new owners that are not Singaporeans. By then, even if we produced our own talents, the new owners would rather choose to hire their own kinds.

It is not easy for a top financial centre to wake up one day and realized it has no local talents.  It takes a long time, a lot of neglect, a lot of stages and things to happen to reach such a sorry state of affair. How can a first world country that everyday blows its own trumpet about how good it is in planning ahead with so many super talents it has to plan for the future and find itself without local banking and finance talents?

The only thing I can conclude is that it is a miracle to happen this way, an act of God, beyond anyone’s control. It happened. No one is responsible. Or was it part of the plan?

Malaysia under attack by the Empire

Australia and UK had issued terror attacks warning in KL, Malaysia and telling their citizens to avoid the country. Understandably Malaysia is furious. This terror alert is unwarranted and uncalled for. The question is why, but Malaysia knows the reason and is protesting.

Notice the calls are made by the UK and Australia and not by the Americans? This is similar to the calls made by the Australians on the MH370 missing aircraft. The innocent devil is not saying anything and wearing a halo over his head.

The next question, who the hell are the Australians to claim to know everything, from where the MH370 supposed to plunge into the Indian Ocean and now the terrorist attacks? To know for certain of such information, one must possess the intelligence network to infiltrate into the ISIS movement or have informers? Did the Australians and the British have more informers and intelligence agents collecting the information than the Americans? How credible are the British and the Australians given the big lies about WMD and MH370?

Why are the Americans so quiet and these two smart alecs so loud? Who is calling the shot? Malaysia must have antagonized the Emperor at Sunnylands and now facing the wrath of the Empire. Malaysia better be careful in case another of its aircraft would be shot down or gone missing. These warnings are a prelude to more problems to come for Malaysia for not toeing the line of the Empire.

The Empire is practicing divide and rule as usual this time with Malaysia as the only target among the Asean countries. It would take on one country at a time to give the rest a warning that they could be next and better behave and do what the Empire demands.

Welcome to the Empire. The Emperor has spoken.


500 Years Curse of Evil White Men's Aggression, Domination And Hegemonism.

  Resist and stop the Evil Empire's deceit, fraud , aggression and hegemony

People of Asia, Africa and Arab countries , the Third World have been subjected to Western aggression , invasion and domination for over five hundred years .
The economic exploitation by the Evil White Men, the Evil Race had depleted most of the wealth, resources and treasures of the countries in Asia, Africa and
Middle East. In such a ravaged and victimized society the people of the Third World found life a persistent never ending struggle for survival against the elements
and have to compete for the limited resources left behind by the expelled savage white marauders.

The countries of the Evil Race are on the country very rich and powerful. The crime against humanity with mass murders and genocide began on the day the
buccaneer Christopher Columbus landed in America on October 12th, 1492. That was the  day in which fate had changed forever the fortune of the Evil White
Men , the Europeans or the Caucasians at the deadly expense of the people of Asia, Afriica and the natives of both North and South America. Indeed many of
the natives in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand had been genocided by evil white men to almost extinction. During the five hundred years
of European domination the carnage committed by the evil race was unprecedented and the suffering , physical abuse , the loss of life, loss of land and wealth was
so great that the third world is still suffering the after effect of such  brutal carnage. The repercussion and remification of this tragical western domination and
exploitation will continue to haunt the Third World countries, the people of which may continue to take for granted their tragic past, miserable present. and uncertain

Of course there are some rich and affluent people in the Third World countries. However if these few rich and affluent people choose to indulge themselves in
their wealth and look the other side instead of  doing something good for their countries then  the large majority of their people will continue to live in abject
poverty and will never be able to get out of the poverty trap. The Evil Race have never taken life for granted. They work hard  and strive for progress and go
out to look for opportunities and to exploit other people. At present the Evil Race is using other ways and means to continue to keep the Third world under their
control and hegemony. They are using the old tricks of divide and rule. They exploit the religious divide between the Sunni and the Shite Arabs and keep them
fighting permanently so that they can keep both on hold and thus enable the Evil White men to control the whole of Middle - East and with it , their oil and
other resources. They hypocritically use the term democracy to divide Korea into North and South Korea and China and Taiwan. They viciously exploit the
differences among the littoral states in the South China Sea and pitted these countries against each other. In this way the Evil Race , now represent by the Evil Empire, USA, hope to hijack control of
the South China Sea and hold hegemony over all the countries there about. Similarly the Evil Empire has manipulated Japan into confrontation against China
over the possession of the Chinese Diau Yu Dao in the East China Sea.

In addition to the divide and rule policy the Evil Race have made used of the United Nations to control all other nations and the World Trade Organisation
to control their trade and commerce .  They make use of the International Monetary Fund  ( IMF ) and the World Bank to control their economy and finance. On top of this they had by fraud and deceit tore apart and abandoned gold as a standard medium of exchange in international trade and instead by chicanery imposed the American Dollar as a standard medium of exchange in international trade and thus gain an advantage against other countries through their manipulation of the American Dollar to their advantage.
The Evil Race now represented by the Evil Empire, USA has never given up their obsession for world conquest and hegemony. It is imperative that people of
the Third World must always be told and reminded of the great carnage, atrocities, violence, killings, genocide and the vicious exploitation and stealing of
their countries' land, wealth and resources by the Evil White Men for the last Five Hundrfed years. They must not allow Evil White men to continue exploiting them and to divide and rule over them. Five Hundred Years curse of  Western aggression, violence, carnage, genocide, murders and killings, conquests, invasion and domination is enough. Third World countries need to unite and put a stop to this.

Southernglory 1

Another daft sinkie replaced by 3rd world pariahs, cheats and fakes

Below is an interview by Gilbert Goh’s Transitioning.org of a pathetic Sinkie being replaced by foreign talents despite her experience and respectable qualifications. Very likely she was replaced by the pariahs, cheats and fakes that are called foreign talents in her own country. Sad, very sad, dunno what to say for Sinkies to be dealt this kind of fate. Who to blame?


First of all, thanks for allowing us to interview you online AJ and can you provide us with some background information on yourself?

 i am a 36 year old Singaporean lady and earned my Economics degree and MBA from a top-notched business school. My last drawn was between $300,000 to $400,000 per annum.

What was your last occupation and you have told me that you were unemployed for a few months, can you tell us more about this and also your job search experience?

Been in finance industry (doing the same thing) for 15 years. Unemployed for 18 months. Initially, frustrating and embarrassing. Now more of frustrating and angry (especially after the MOM 2015 statistics). I must also add that I applied to all government and government related organizations (Temasek, GIC, MAS, Ministry of Finance), and the local banks (OCBC, UOB and DBS) but am faced with repeated rejections or was simply ignored. Not too sure what MAS and Ministry of Finance mean when they say they are looking to develop a strong Singaporean core for the finance industry (and in fact every industry). –

 See more at: http://www.transitioning.org/2016/02/18/36-year-old-banker-who-used-to-earn-300000-to-400000-per-annum-frustrated-at-labour-policies/#sthash.df7qsGlA.dpuf.. Also read 38-year-old ex-civil servant used to earn $8500 now works in Cambodia for half the salary Depressed Singaporean banker jobless for a year after forced to resign by foreign superior - See more at: http://www.transitioning.org/2016/02/18/36-year-old-banker-who-used-to-earn-300000-to-400000-per-annum-frustrated-at-labour-policies/#sthash.df7qsGlA.dpuf
There is hope that more Sinkies will face the same fate before real change can take place.

Benjamin Lim – Persona non grata?

The name Benjamin Lim is sounding so frightening that no politician deemed it a good thing to talk about it except for Wong Souk Yee of SDP. The politicians on both sides of the divide have been keeping mum for a very very long time. Perhaps it could be due to the Chinese New Year Celebration and it is not a nice thing to talk about Benjamin or anything inauspicious. Maybe after the festivities they would find the stomach to talk about this 14 year old boy that is no longer with us.

Often there were headlines in the media when a cat or a dog was wounded or killed and politicians, including ministers had been seen sharing their compassion for the poor things. Some have visited the injured animals to shower their love for the poor animals to the point that an animal lover was even elected to parliament. There was no report of any politician visiting the parents of Benjamin during their bereavement. Maybe they did not but reported.

Would Benjamin Lim be mentioned in the next parliament sitting? I was waiting for the legal fraternity to say something and finally in came. It was reported that Thio Shen Yi, President of the Law Society, wrote in the latest copy of the Law Society Gazette about the case of Benjamin Lim, lamenting that if the approach towards Benjamin could be ‘less intimidating’ would it make a difference, would Benjamin still be with his parents and enjoying the Chinese New Year, collecting his angpaos, and feasting himself, instead of the last cold bun he had on that dreadful day?

The concern of how Benjamin was handled must be very disturbing to the legal fraternity and it took great guts to have the issue in print in the Law Society Gazette.  Fellow lawyer Shashi Nathan was quoted in the media, ‘ This is a matter that has caesed some concern as to how young offenders may be treated by the police. The next step is to see how things will change going forward.’

Another lawyer Amolat Singh emphasized on the importance of this case appearing in the Law Gazette, ‘The fact that it’s the LawSoc President setting out his message will not be taken lightly or ignored.  It is sure to get the attention that it deserves. We can’t ignore that this has become a burning national issue.’

It may be a national issue but no politician is saying anything about it. Or are they waiting to create an impact by raising it in parliament? It is very brave for the LawSoc President to say something that everyone is avoiding it like a disease. Kudos to Thio Shen Yi.


We want a rogue Elected President

This statement must wake many people up, eyes popping out and asking what is that? When the govt floated the idea of a rogue president, no one bothered to ask what was that?  Only those in the know knew what was the whole idea behind it but would not think it was right to talk about it or to ask question about it. The masses as usual gobbled it up without knowing why or what it was. Rogue president, must be bad, just like the Americans calling Iran and North Korea evil and China militarizing South China Sea or MacDonald hamburger is good. To the Iranians and North Koreans, they loved their leaders, and to China they are just building up their islands and protecting them. To many, to put it directly, the Americans are the rogues!

The Americans are going to have a Presidential Election soon. By the way, how many people think George Bush Jr and Obama were rogues? The slate of presidential candidates is all rogues except Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz was called a liar on national TV by Trump and did not sue him, thus admitting that he is a liar for not defending his integrity as a wholesome person. Jeb Bush could be just like his brother, it is in the blood you know, for invading two countries and murdering two Arab presidents by fabricating a big white lie on WMD.  Donald Trump is saying all the wrong things, like a rogue, but the Americans love this rogue and have a high chance of electing him as their president. Hillary is not called a wicked woman for nothing. But she too could be the next American president. The only decent chap was the poor guy called Bernie Sanders, not rich, not a natural aristocrat, would not qualify to stand for our Elected President.

By now I hope you will get the idea. What is rogue to one person may not be rogue to another. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. So, what kind of rogue president are we talking about?  From what we read about the Workers Party and their handling of the Aljunied Hougang Town Council account, they must be rogues right? But the voters insisted on voting them, the ‘rogues’ to represent them.

So, when I say, ‘We want a rogue Elected President’, it is not far fetched. What to some is rogue but to the people the ‘rogue’ may be what they need, a ‘rogue’ president to work for them, to protect their interests. Do I sound confusing?  Was Ong Teng Cheong a rogue president? Or would Tan Cheng Bock become a rogue president if elected?  Did we have any rogue president before, I mean elected Presidents, not nominated by the ruling party?

This hopefully will set you thinking on a Sunday morning.


Some photos of the flying display

Below are some photos taken in the afternoon on 20 Feb. Very cloudy and hazy so the colours did not turn out too well. Was there for the afternoon show and the aircraft performing were the Malaysian Su 30, the American Globemaster and the South Korean's Black Eagle aerobatic team.

Who is militarising the South China Sea and the world?

The police reported that a boy was seen carry a pen knife in the vicinity. The police claimed that the boy was dangerous, carrying a very dangerous weapon. Then the police sent in their forces, armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, armoured cars, tanks and F35 fighter aircraft, B52 nuclear bombers, to look for the dangerous boy. The police said they are for peace and their heavy weapons are for peace, the boy and his pen knife is disturbing the peace and very dangerous to peace and stability in the neighbourhood. You can substitute the word ‘gangster’ for the word ‘police’ for the real picture. Who is more dangerous, the police/gangster or the boy?

This is exactly what the Americans are saying and doing in the South China Sea and the Asia Pacific region. They are accusing China of militarizing the region with a few batteries of defensive missiles. Even if China were to build a military base in the South China Sea to the size of Diego Garcia or Guam, it is not only legitimate, it would be just like a pin in the ocean compares to what the Americans are doing and building in the region.

Below is a brief extract from a book ' Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific’ by Carnes Lord and Andrew Erickson. 

Erickson and Justin D. Mikolay begin the book’s examination on Guam. Political constraints and friction with allies and partners around the region have led U.S. military planners to look to Guam, U.S. territory on the edge of the Western Pacific battle space and an island whose residents and political leaders, unlike those on Okinawa, actually clamor for a larger military presence. The result is plans to greatly expand the basing of submarines, airpower, and Marines on the island,…. Singapore is now the key logistics and maintenance hub for Navy and Air Force operations in the South China Sea, and is the critical gateway for the U.S. presence into the eastern Indian Ocean….. American bases abroad are one of the clearest manifestations of the United States’ own brand of imperialism, deny or disguise it though it will…. In Japan alone there are 109 American bases and another 89 in South Korea. And there are bases in Thailand and the Philippines as well.

And the US deployed 325,000 military personnel in Asia and Africa according to Global Research, 97,000 in Asia, 40,258 in South Korea, 40,045 in Japan, 491 in Diego Garcia, 100 in the Philippines and increasing, 113 in Thailand, 195 in Singapore, 200 in Australia, 16,600 afloat in ships and aircraft carriers

With the pervasive presence of American bases in the region, who is the one that is militarising the region and South China Sea? Who is more dangerous, the boy or the police/gangster? Who carries more destructive weapons and is more deadly? The US is crying wolf at the sigh of a tree when they are hiding behind a forest.
MH370 - The wicked conspiracy

After two years of intensive and extensive search costing A$180m, this chapter of disgraceful and irresponsible affair is coming to an end. Before the search, the Australians, including the Prime Minister Abbot, were making cocksure statements that the aircraft plunged into the Antarctic Ocean and they knew where it went in. Abbot even whispered to Najib and Najib thought it was true. The truth is that is was all a White Lie. The Australians then went all out to convince the interested and desperate parties, the families of the victims, that they knew where the aircraft was.  And they took over control of the search operation as if they knew what had happened and sure to recover the aircraft.  They knew, but they knew that it was all a lie, a conspiracy. They aircraft did not go down where they claimed to be. Now they collected the money and patted their backside to walk away from the shameful ordeal.

What the Australians did was to mislead everyone to look elsewhere except where the aircraft could have gone to. This is criminal. Should those involved in misleading the victims of this tragedy and the search parties be charged for their criminal intent? This is a hideous crime. If not because of the Australian lie, the search would be in other more probable areas and would not be so costly. This is outrageous, so much money spent on a wicked conspiracy to mislead and distract and ending up in nothing.

The MH370 and its 239 passengers are still missing and presumably dead. Who did that?  Who has the motive, the reason and the ability to do such a wicked act and get away with it, for the time being? How would the world react to the perpetrators should the truth be discovered one day?  White Lies are ok because it was committed by white people? 239 innocent lives were lost, and the families would be grieving for the rest of their lives for the lost of their loved ones. Can anything be more cruel than such an evil scheme and fate conducted by wicked men and women? Should the world leave this case as ‘its over’ and forget about the whole episode? Where is the human conscience? Who have been keeping very quiet, exceptionally quiet throughout this ordeal?  The devil of course.

Read the following report that made more sense than the fiction told by the Australians.

A TINY MICROCHIP Was The Likely MOTIVE For The Pentagon-Zionist HIJACK Of MH370

Post Categories: Head Stories
Yoichi Shimatsu | Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 8:07 Beijing
HONG KONG – The question tormenting millions of cyber-sleuths is Why? What could be the motive behind the elaborate plan for the midair capture of Malaysian Airlines flight 370?
Among the 200-plus passengers bound for Beijing, the target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale Semiconductors, based in Austin, Texas. Among these programmers and systems designers are 12 Malaysians and 8 citizens of mainland China….
What technological innovation would prompt the Pentagon’s military intelligence agencies to electronically interdict a civilian airliner in mid-flight, while disposing of the collateral passengers as shark bait?
Ultra-small Microcontoller
In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, the world’s smallest microcontroller, measuring 1.9 mm by 2mm and containing RAM, ROM and a clock. The company brags that the device is so small that it can be swallowed for medical uses, such as releasing drugs according to prescription schedule or directing micro-surgery.
Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes. Potential applications include:…
Tje series code of Kinesis KL02 stands for Version 2 made in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. This core of America’s next-gen weapons systems was developed overseas, in a Muslim-preponderant country economically allied with China, Russia and Japan and often at odds with US foreign policy.
Therefore, an upcoming round of testing in China, and possible manufacture of Version 3 in Beijing, was a prospect that the Pentagon agencies, especially the NSA, the US Air Force’s Space Command and DARPA, had to stop by any means available.
As Freescale Malaysia prepared to test Kinesis at its sister research labs in Beijing and Tianjin, alarm bells were sounding at the DARPA-funded Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in n Cambridge, Massachusetts….
Whatever the role of the plane crew, the NSA and US Air Force Space Command do not need manned piloting, except to maintain the appearance of normality at takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
As discussed in my earlier article, voice communication and navigational signals would have been disabled by a burst of powerful narrow-aperture radar used for electromagnetic warfare.
The cockpit computer would then be reprogrammed, using Boeing’s own emergency piloting system, expanded with Pentagon and Israeli software.
From the South China Sea to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, the jetliner would be remote-controlled by a drone operator….
MH370 will be remembered on the History Channel as an unsolved riddle wrapped in mystery, but no TV station will mention the other code involved in this dreadful affair – KL02 – cause of the untimely deaths and mangled memories of any survivors.
Mr. Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based science writer, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly and a founding faculty member of journalism schools in Hong Kong and Beijing.

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