China builds EV, US builds tanks - Who is the terrorist?

General Dynamics and American Rheinmetall will compete for a lucrative contract to design the new armored vehicle.

The Pentagon has chosen General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS)and American Rheinmetall Vehicles as the two finalists in a bid to field a replacement for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle....

Contracts for the early development stage are worth a total of $1.6 billion between the two companies, while the Pentagon is expected to devote some $45 billion to the project by the time it is finished, according to Defense News. A winner will be given a full production contract in 2027, when the military will decide how many units to order, and the first vehicles are intended to be operational by 2029. Before then, the awardees could be expected to produce up to 11 different prototypes.  RT

The above is as good as telling the world who is the warmonger and world number one terrorist that does not want peace but war. While China is all out pursuing the cause of building EVs for the whole world, the Americans are continuing to spend billions and billions on manufacturing war machine. War machine are for wars. If there is no war there is no need for war machine. Building war machine and spending so many billions mean that the Americans must justify for the money spend, and thus war is necessary. Peace will go against the military war complex for building more weapons.

And the evil Americans keep on smearing China as an aggressive country and warmongering. See what the evil Americans are doing, what they are prioritising and what China is doing, building cars, EVs, mobile phones, hi speed trains etc etc, not tanks.

Who wants war?

USA not a bully. But the nose is getting longer

 The USA is again spitting rubbish by saying that big countries (presumably talking about Russia and China) must not bully small countries. The USA is the typical big country that is bullying all smaller countries around the world for decades, and for it to speak about bullying is so clearly hypocritical in its behavior by spouting such nonsense.

Throughout the duration of its rise to superpower status, it had only bullied 'big' countries like Cuba, Panana, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, North Vietnam, Syria, the Pacific Islanders, and many many more in Africa and Latin America. Now even trying to portray itself as victim by claiming that China is bullying them. That must be the Mother of all revelations.

All those USA leaders, past and present, who spouted and are spouting such lies must have been asleep under the carpet, and just woken up, not realising they are totally making a fool of themselves. After all that they have done to smaller countries, the USA has literally no moral right or authority to talk about bullying. As they say, let those who have not sinned cast the first stone. The biggest sinner itself is now the only one casting stones and making a fool of itself.

In fact, bullying is so outrageously committed in so many ways by the USA, that even allies are not spared. What the USA is doing is non other than bullying the EU countries by forcing them to tow the line as proxies to sacrifice themselves, and in the process doing harm to their own economy.

The other area of bullying they have employed successfully is using veiled threats against leaders of smaller countries by 'inviting' them to Washington, with the veiled threat that there will be consequences if they do not attend. This has been revealed by one African leader who went to Washington last December to attend the USA/Africa summit. To add insult to injury, each African leader was only given five minutes to talk. If this is not bullying, I rest my case.


India is adopting the Singapore model for its Military-Industrial relationship with the US

Singapore is not a formal military ally of the US, but it provides access, basing and overflight rights to the US. It has cooperated with US counter-terrorism and counter-piracy efforts. It is a major buyer of US equipment and military products and it conducts a number of training exercises with the US. Singapore also sends a significant number of its troops to the US for training every year.

Incidentally, India, too, hosts Singapore Air Force and Army units in its military facilities for training purposes.

The US Navy maintains a logistical command unit in Singapore and conducts rotational deployments of warships and P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft. Importantly, it has the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) with the US, which is of the type the Americans have signed with NATO allies and coalition partners, which allows the US to exchange supplies like food, fuel, transportation, ammunition and equipment.

Just as the US-Singapore relationship has its distinct geopolitical features, so, too, does the emerging one between India and the US.




Col Richard Black - American created illusion of Chinese aggression


6 minutes of hard truth, or American lies about Chinese and Russian aggression by an American colonel that the American public were never told. Increasingly, more and more American leaders, thinkers and intellectuals are speaking out to tell the truth, to educate the Americans and people of the world about the hideous American lies to deceive the Americans and the world, about the wicked agenda of the American Military Industrial Complex.

If you want the truth, if you are brave enough to hear the truth....

Happy Hari Raya Haji to all Muslims.

Two snakes in love or in battle?

Many are saying that the USA is using, coaxing and dangling incentives in front of India big time, to cultivate India as a counterweight to Russia and China, and maybe sabotaging BRICS and SCO as well. And India will be discarded by the USA as collateral damage, after all this is over with Russia and China. What the USA did to the EU is exactly what the USA will do to India.
The USA is now so good to India, like conjoin twins, not even dictating issues about the fate of the Muslims in India, embracing each other like snakes on heat. USA's love of Muslims can be switched on and off when it matters to its interest.

Over time, India will be sacrificed like the EU. If Modi is being bought over, and India breaks with Russia over military hardware deals and energy, and follows the USA's dictate like the EU, India will go back to the bullock cart age. India cannot survive on expensive energy. That alone will be a big problem for India to overcome, knowing that India is pivoting to a manufacturing economy in a big way, luring investments to India to provide the jobs, and be less dependent on agriculture. Energy is going to be a big deal in such a move. And only Russia can provide cheap energy to India, and no one else is willing to do that.

The most reassuring part, nevertheless, is discreetly knowing that Modi is just playing both sides, and will unlikely part ways with the Russians in both military and energy requirements. It is too costly and unwise to antagonise the Russians, and will completely isolate India in Asia, just like the Japanese today. Not being in the BRI, India would just be watching surrounding countries improving their economy, and trading with ease with each other using the BRI connections.

India is trying very hard to emulate China by becoming the 'Factory of the World' and one important ingredient for that to happen is cheap energy. Investors have to consider that carefully before plumping big money into building factories in India. If they see India's energy supplies from Russia unreliable in the long term, would they want to invest in India? Of course some will do that, that is why they say 'fools rush in where wise men (angels) fear to tread'.

What took China about three to four decades to reach its 'Factory of the World' status is already phenomenal. For India, taking three to four decades to reach its goal like China is a very very difficult task, knowing that the system in India is not conducive to developments smoothly and speedily.


Prigozhin has said all he needs to say

In his words, he was not out to topple the leadership in Russia. In other words taking down Putin was not his motive. He specifically said that the mutiny was against some leaders in the Russian Military to bring issues between them up to the top leadership. In any case leading mutineers right up to Mosocow to face the Russian Military in full force is not a wise move.

The other telling remark he made was why did he apologise for the downing of the Russian helicopters that resulted in the death of 13 of the crew. Now, would someone leading a mutiny apologise for taking down military hardware of the other side? I believe it was an accidental mistake.

Again, is Putin the kind of leader who would pardon someone leading a mutiny so easily? That is a big giveaway. Many are now guessing that this was a ruse to move Prigozhin to Belarus and the mutiny was staged in order not to alarm Nato and let them believe things are happening in their favour and give them a false sense of hope that Putin is losing control.

Moreover, Nato must now have found something amiss by calling on the grouping to increase security 'now that Prigozhin is in Belarus'. Why such a call by Nato? And the full absorption of the Wagner mercenaries into the Russian army is going to give the USA/Nato and Ukraine more to worry about than a celebration. These are mercenaries being inducted into the Russian army, whose professionalism is never in doubt.



US India relations - Opportunity to redeem depopulation of Indians in America

 Over a few centuries of systematic genocide of the native Indian population, it was reported by American sources that at least 100m native Indians were terminated by the white invaders that now called America their homeland. Barely 2m native Indians are alive today. This is the triumph of evil racists Europeans that took the ultimate solution to their occupation problem. Wiped out the native Indians for the good of their posterity. The ability of native Indians creating problems for the white men was decisively eliminated through a government led genocide programme that put the pogram in Europe to shame, like child play.

The Euorpean missions led by Columbus went West to find India and Indians. They found America and a different colour Indians, Red Indians. Not sure if it is the wrong colour. Would the white Europeans terminate the Indians if they were black instead of red?

Anyway, today the real Indians have arrived in the USA and receiving a warmth welcome from Biden. It may be 500 years late, but the white Americans finally found the Indians they wanted. Modi was embraced like a long lost brother returning from the cold. Indian American relations is glowing, like the best thing to have happened to the USA. They finally discovered the real Indians there were looking for. Maybe the Americans should make amends, redeem themselves for massacring the wrong Indians that they did not expect to find. Their longing to meet the real Indians have been fulfilled.

To redeem themselves and to show how they love the Indians, Biden should put up a bill in Congress to welcome 100m Indians from India as citizens to make up for the slaughter of 100m native Red Indians. This could somewhat allay the sins of their past. Let the Indians return to the land of the Red Indians so that America would have the Indians it should have if not of the genocide. The Indian population needs a boost. And it is good for both the USA and India. India would solve its unemployment problem. The Americans would be able to raise its population to grow the economy and to minimise their century of guilt against the Red Indians.

With the return of the 'Indians', the Americans could brag about how kind they were to reintroduce the Indians back into their native land, a repopulation programme. They can also shout, "We found it".  This is a big step forward in the name of human rights. After terminating the Indians to near extinction, they are taking steps to protect and breed the Indians to become the rightful owners of the land again. There will be Indians everywhere, Indians in Hollywood, in the military, Indians in Congress and the White House.

The world wild life organisation for the protection of extinct animals need not step in to protect the disappearing native Indians from the continent of America anymore. They don't have to blame the white men for their failed effort to protect the native Indians from extinction in the chosen barren reservations, selected to keep the native Indians alive and to procreate in the wild.

If the reintroduction of Indians into America programme is successful, it is something to celebrate for the kindness of the white men, for saving the Indians from extinction. 

What do you think, Americans?

Wagner rebellion - Americans bragging that they knew before it started. Putin did not.

How is it possible that the USA knew about the move by Prigozhin days before it happened as reported, and that Putin was in the dark twiddling his thumb and taking no action as they claimed? USA may have informants within the Wagner Goup, so does Putin. Moreover, there were still a large section of the Group that did not participate in the mutiny. They do not know about it? No one reported to Putin?

Yet, even before the Wagner Group attempted to march to Moscow, the Russian military was already surrounding Moscow and the Chechen fighters were already forming a reception party for Prigozhin.

There is a possiblity that Prigozhin, Putin and Lukashenko were performing a Russia Boshoi Ballet to entertain the Western Leaders and MSM, while perfecting their plan to move the Wagner Group to the north, nearer to Kyiv without raising any suspicion. If Russia move Prigozhin without reason to Belarus, it will surely raise alarm in the West. With tactical nuclear weapons now in Belarus and with Prigozhin having his base in Belarus, Putin may be orchestrating a move to end it once and for all.

Let us move back to the start of the Ukraine War. Russia moved troops to surround Kyiv, giving the impression that Putin's target was Kyiv, and the USA/Nato and Ukraine took the bait by fortifying defences and troops around Kyiv, while the Russian troops remain at bay surrounding the capital. Behind the stagnant move around Kyiv, the Russians attacked with full force the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass region and later took control. Ukrainian troops in Kyiv were unable to reinforce their fighters with more manpower, ammunition and even food in Donbass and the Russian took advantage. The Russians later just withdrew from surrounding Kyiv, and the Ukrainians started claiming Russia's defeat sorts. Was that a master stroke by Putin? But it was a ruse which the USA/Nato and Ukraine fell for. Of course the USA/Nato and MSM never wants to talk about it as it puts their intelligence in doubt.


Insane Tech war against the biggest consumer market

Not to be forgotten is the latest technology war now being waged against China. The whole Anglo Saxon White clique had been forced to follow the USA in its attempt to stifle China, using technology sanctions to bring China down. Or so they think.
China is hitting back, prioritising its technology sector development with huge investments in R & D. With its 'Factory of the World' reputation, backed by highly trained workers, irreplaceable supply chains, unparrelled infrastructures, and its huge market demand for finished products, China is not that easy to be depressed. Even Apple's investments in India still needs the downstream supply chain materials shipped over to them from China. India still lacks the supporting supply chains to cater to Apple's manufacturing needs in India.

Now some of the Anglo Saxon Whites, that followed the USA, are having second thoughts about following the technology sanctions, knowing that one day China will eventually make them loose their rice bowl if they are not careful. The China market alone is enough to tell them that it is not wise to break that rice bowl. Will the USA come to help them out if they loose the Chinese market for good? I would not bet on it!

China is now using the same tactic used by the USA, citing national security issues in its targeting of Western companies in China, like Micron. Yet Micron is investing more money in China. Micron knows the Chinese market cannot be abandoned completely, knowing that half a loaf is better than no bread.

High end chip manufacturers like TSMC and Samsung have been lured or conned to be more precise, to set up chip manufacturing facilities in the USA in ernest, to reap the USA dangled subsidies, that have now turned into dust for them. TSMC already invested more than US$40 billion in Arizona, without having received a single cent received in subsidies from the USA Government, on top of encountering all the problems of working attitudes of USA workers, that were in no mood to follow the hardworking attitude of the Taiwanese workers having to follow rotating shifts round the clock.

All in all, TSMC was set to be given a subsidy of US$15 billion (?), but with very abnoxious conditions, including revealing production load, client's orders and even releasing sensitive information on production techniques to the USA Government, on top of the USA Government having a cut of excess profits. It was no more than blackmailing TSMC to pass on its high end chip expertise to the USA and paying back the subsidies.

TSMC has now been reported to have declined applying for the subsidies and thinking of moving its main production facilities back to mainland China. That is bad news for the USA. But before that turning around was revealed, there was a report of a fire in the new TSMC facilities in Arizona, probably sabotage, knowing that since the USA failed to get at the necessary technology transfer by TSMC, using terrorism tactic as reprisal could have been the motive.

This is a lesson for others. And this is a lesson for Apple now intending to do its main manufacturing in India. Apple might even lose its foothold in China totally, and with it its huge market share in China. Chinese people are said to be losing their appetite for expensive iPhones and pivoting to Chinese phones over the years.



Rogue cuckoo birds stole nests, kicked out other chicks, to be fed by unsuspecting parent birds


A cuckoo can dart into an unattended nest, snatch up an egg, lay a close copy and be gone within 10 seconds. After hatching, some cuckoo chicks (though not the great spotted) instinctively shove their foster siblings and remaining eggs out of the nest, so as to have all the food to themselves....

In truth, if the cuckoo were human, it would be considered a rogue, a fraudster and, not to put too fine a point on it, a cheat.

The only British bird not to rear its own young, the common cuckoo makes no nest of its own, instead using other birds to handle incubation and feeding duties. Favoured host species — or dupes — include meadow pipits, robins, dunnocks, reed warblers, pied wagtails and willow warblers. The targeted hen birds proceed to hatch the egg and rear the cuckoo chick, even after the hatchling has ejected all the other, ‘legitimate’ eggs or chicks from the nest, sending them to their deaths.

Above were copied from various sources in the internet, including wikipedia.

What is the moral of the story?

Wagner rebellion - One day crisis

Russia crisis reveals 'real cracks' in Putin's authority: Blinken.  CNA
Putin’s ability to deal with complex challenges should not be underestimated. Global Times

Above are two contrasting headlines in the CNA and Global Times telling the same story about the Wagner rebellion. The Americans were having an orgasm, wishing and praying that Putin would fall. The rebellion showed that Putin has many troubles and may not last. The Global Times in a way praised the ability of Putin to deal with a very serious crisis like this and successfully put an end to the rebellion.

A rebellion by a main fighting force in the midst of a war, with the enemy launching a counter offensive, is the worse nightmare for the commanding officer. Instead of fighting the enemy, the soldiers are turning against their own forces. This provided a great opportunity for the enemy to strike while the iron is hot, when the Russians are fighting among themselves. It could be worse if the Ukrainians struck a deal with the Wagner forces, mount a joint attack against the Russians. Not only Ukraine would be fully retaken by the Ukrainians, a civil war would start in Russia, aided by an invading foreign force. 

Russia would be totally crippled, BRICS too would be crippled, the dedollarisation wave would be stopped and collapsed. The break up of Russia, with Putin dragged down in a civil war would all the initiatives of BRICS and the trend towards a multipolar world. China would be left resisting the Americans alone and all the smaller states would be in dire consequences.

It was a very serious crisis for Putin. No one could ever expect that this crisis would end in less than 24 hours, in a whimper. Not a shot was fired. Not a single Russian was killed. And the rebel leader, Prigozhin, made an exit to Belarus to end the crisis. And Putin must take full credit for acting decisively and effective to quell the rebellin. How would Joe Biden handle this? By the time Biden understand what was the problem, a civil war would have blown up.

Putin was able to nip the problem at the bud without it spreading. He had to make many decisions quickly to avoid a major crisis that would topple Russia and turn Russian into a bigger Ukraine. Thank God, he made all the right moves and everything was over while Nato and Ukraine were still in a meeting to take full advantage of the crisis to win the war. 

All these showed that Putin is indeed a great leader, a great crisis manager. Instead of being weakened by the rebellion, he has shown his ability as the man to lead Russia to greatness. He is the man of the moment and walked away as the unchallenged leader of Russia. America and Europe better think carefully in dealings with Putin, in taking Putin on. No one in America or Europe is in the caliber of Putin in crisis management. There would be more admiration for Putin than doubts that the Americans hope to create and to smear him, if this is a real rebellion. It takes a maverick to put down a 25,000 heavily armed men rebellion without any escalation or bloodshed.

Now everything back to square one, back to normal. It is the Ukraine War and nothing else.

PS. Just received a message from an ex CIA agent, that the rebellion was a ruse to make the Americans pay US$6.2b for a stage coup against Putin. The money is now shared between Putin, Prigozhin and Belarus President Lukoshenko.  How true is this would depend on what happens to Prigozhin. Would he resume command of another Russian or Belarusian force to fight Ukraine?

Anglo Saxons and their tools for world hegemony

 The Anglo Saxon Whites have invented all the tools to take down or destroy countries in order to maintain their supremacy. Their only preoccupation is inventing ways and means, and more destructive weapons, to make sure no other country can compete or overtake them to be more powerful. China, the inventor of gunpowder, prior to its pre-eminent usage in 904 AD, did not make it their preoccupation to weaponise gunpowder on the scale as in the West for destructive purposes, nor had harbour intentions to rule the world.

Had China been a hegemonic aspirant, Admiral Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim eunuch by the way, would have turned China into a hegemon long before the USA or even the British. Zheng He made seven voyages to as far as the Persian Gulf and East Africa between 1403 and 1424. Trade was the prime objective with little about military subjugation of other countries, which China then was perfectly capable of doing so.

From the days after the discovery of America, religion was the tool the Anglo Saxon Whites used to fool ignorant natives to part with their land, or be converted to their religion and be under their control, like the Pacific Islanders such as Fiji and even the Philippines. Against more advanced civilisations like India and China, the use of religion was a blunted tool that failed to work.

Centuries later, they used their military might to overcome countries to sustain their supremacy status, like subjugation of India and China which religion had earlier failed to do so. India was colonised by the Brits from 1757 onwards, while the Eight Nation Alliance attempted to split up China beginning in 1900. It was to fail.

The Brits, after almost ruling the entire world, and stealing wealth and resources from the rest of the world, still failed to have the financial means to sustain and maintain their colonisation efforts, and eventually fell into decay, but still trying to strut its feathers to no avail.

Closer to present days, trade war was used to depress China which failed as well. Now it is moving into biological warfare, with COVID19 the first test of what is to come. China was the first testing ground, to be followed by Brazil in 2025, which was already predicted. How there could be even a prediction of a pandemic, with even the exact year, is a mystery. Only human control could make that possible.

The final last resort if all else fails could be a nuclear war, that will end once and for all domination efforts and human existence.


'Will India Surpass China to Become the Next Superpower?: Four inconvenient truths make this scenario unlikely.'

'First, analysts have been wrong about India’s rise in the past. In the 1990s, analysts trumpeted a growing, youthful Indian population that would drive economic liberalization to create an “economic miracle.” One of the United States’ most thoughtful India analysts, journalist Fareed Zakaria, noted in a recent column in the Washington Post that he found himself caught up in the second wave of this euphoria in 2006, when the World Economic Forum in Davos heralded India as the “world’s fastest-growing free market democracy” and the then-Indian trade minister said that India’s economy would shortly surpass China’s. Although India’s economy did grow, Zakaria points out that these predictions didn’t come true.'

'Second, despite India’s extraordinary growth over the past two years—when India joined the club of the world’s five largest economies—India’s economy has remained much smaller than China’s. In the early 2000s, China’s manufacturing, exports, and GDP were about two to three times larger than India’s. Now, China’s economy is about five times larger, with a GDP of $17.7 trillion versus India’s GDP of $3.2 trillion.'

'Third, India has been falling behind in the race to develop science and technology to power economic growth. China graduates nearly twice as many STEM students as India. China spends 2 percent of its GDP on research and development, while India spends 0.7 percent. Four of the world’s 20 biggest tech companies by revenue are Chinese; none are based in India. China produces over half of the world’s 5G infrastructure, India just 1 percent. TikTok and similar apps created in China are now global leaders, but India has yet to create a tech product that has gone global. When it comes to producing artificial intelligence (AI), China is the only global rival to the United States. China’s SenseTime AI model recently beat OpenAI’s GPT-4 on key technical performance measures; India has no entry in this race. China holds 65 percent of the world’s AI patents, compared with India’s 3 percent. China’s AI firms have received $95 billion in private investment from 2013 through 2022 versus India’s $7 billion. And top-tier AI researchers hail primarily from China, the United States, and Europe, while India lags behind.'

'Fourth, when assessing a nation’s power, what matters more than the number of its citizens is the quality of its workforce. China’s workforce is more productive than India’s. The international community has rightly celebrated China’s “anti-poverty miracle” that has essentially eliminated abject poverty. In contrast, India continues to have high levels of poverty and malnutrition. In 1980, 90 percent of China’s 1 billion citizens had incomes below the World Bank’s threshold for abject poverty. Today, that number is approximately zero. Yet more than 10 percent of India’s population of 1.4 billion continue to live below the World Bank extreme poverty line of $2.15 per day. Meanwhile, 16.3 percent of India’s population was undernourished in 2019-21, compared with less than 2.5 percent of China’s population, according to the most recent United Nations State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report. India also has one of the worst rates of child malnutrition in the world.'

Link to article:


US and India using the same sneaky tactics to attack foreign companies

The world now knows USA can never be trusted. They talked about one thing and the moment their backs are turned, everything changes. Not even agreements or treaties are worth the paper they are written on.
Likewise, businesses now knows India can never be trusted as well. After working their butts out, making a success of their investments, the snakes wants to wriggle in and take control.

And both work on the same principle of creating false accusations against companies they have an eye on, either to take over or take down. Does that give a clue as to how Indians climb to the top of successful Western multinational companies?

USA will use the national security issue against those companies they could not compete successfully against. Toshiba of Japan and Alstom of France were suppressed by the USA for competing too well against USA companies in the same field and are perfect examples. Likewise Huawei, Xiaomi, DJI and Tik Tok were outcompeting the USA's domestic home grown companies and had to be suppressed using frivolous claims.

India is now using tax issues to force companies to cede control to Indian partners or face prosecution. More and more Chinese and Taiwanese companies are moving out of India after investing much money to set up and grow their business, only to be accused of tax issues, smacked with steep fines and forced to be taken over control by domestic Indian companies.



American's formula for peace, the champion of peace?

 The Americans have been promoting themselves as an agent for peace. It is the policeman and the peace maker of the world. Let's see what are the instruments the Americans are using to promote peace.

1. Form military alliances either bi laterally or multilaterally like alliance treaties with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and NATO. And also defence pacts like those with Solomon Islands.

2. Conduct military exercises near countries it regards as enemies eg North Korea, China and Iran. These military exercises simulating an attack or invasion of the respective countries are for peace.

3. Using its military powers, even nuclear power to threaten countries in the name of peace, threatening to nuke them if necessary.

4. Build military bases all over the world to maintain peace, calling and self appointing themselves the policemen of the world. At least 800 military bases all over the world.

5. Conduct regime change and military coup to remove leaders of countries they called dictators to promote peace.

6. Conduct economic wars, economic coercion and sanctions to promote peace.

7. Encourage countries like Ukraine to fight to the last man, for peace. Agitate and incite wars for peace.

8. Selling arms and provide political support to Taiwan to keep Taiwan separate from China in the name of peace. And sailing warships into the Taiwan Straits to threaten China in the name of peace.

9. Support terrorist groups, provide training and finance and arms, to rebel against popularly elected govts like Syria, Iraq and Libya in the name of peace.

10. Using NGOs to destabilise countries, agitate for social unrest, in the name of democracy, human rights and peace.

In a different way China is always denounced as an aggressive and expansionist power threatening peace. What did China do to warrant such a label as a warmonger, a threat to peace?

1. China did not build military alliances. 

2. China wants to establise defence pact to undermine peace.

3. China may conduct wargames to undermine peace.

4. China builds foreign military bases, just one in Djibouti.

5. China did not call itself the policeman of the world and therefore did not shoulder the responsibility to maintain peace.

6. China conducts economic coercion? Like what, where, how? Selling goods and services cheaper, BRI, build infrastructures, create debt traps? China did not set political  conditions for such project, therefore irresponsible and undermine peace.

7. China did not conduct regime change, China did not interfere with countries domestic affairs of dictators and authoritarian states to remove them by invading these countries for peace.

8. China did not impose sanctions on communist and authoritarian regimes or dictatorships like sanctioning Cuba, North Korea, Iran etc etc.  China is thus irresponsible.

9. China is claiming the whole of South China Sea, thus destabilising the South China Sea. Unlike the peaceful Americans that claimed the whole of USA, the Canadians that claimed the whole of Canada, the Australians that claimed the whole of Australia and brought peace to these lands, by terminating the trouble making natives.

10. China did not support Ukraine and Nato in their wars against Russia for peace.

11. China did not sell arms to separatist groups in Hawaii, the native Americans in their fight for independence. China did not support or sell arms to the Ryukuans in their fight for independence from Japan.

12. China did not create and finance NGOs to destabilise countries in the name of democracy and human rights.

13. China did not invade countries in the name of democracy and human rights, did not kill millions, wounded millions and made millions into poor refugees.

14. China did not conduct freedom of navigation to the coastal seas of other countries.

15. China did not send its coast guards to police the waters of the caribbean or Hawaii.

China is so irresponsible, unlike the Americans, always defending peace, democracy and human rights all over the world and willing to fight and start wars for these virtues and selling weapons to countries to defend themselves against imaginary enemies and imaginary threats.

No wonder the Americans are so well respected and loved by the people of the world, with so many friends and so few enemies. When is China going to behave and do as the Americans to be similarly respected and loved by the people of the world?  Maybe start to invade a few countries in the name of democracy and peace? Perhaps conduct wargames in the Caribbean or around Hawaii? Or perhaps conduct freedom of navigation by sailing its warships in the English Channel or flying its warplanes over Guam or Australia? Perhaps China should broadcast to the world that the PLA aircraft and PLAN warships shall fly and sail anywhere in international airspace and waters as long as the international laws permit, for peace?

What do you think?

Terrorism - American modus operandi

 It is quite obvious that those countries that do not provide the USA with opportunities by having elections for them to install stooges, the USA will ultimately resort to funding 'terrorisim' within those countries to achieve their objective.

The USA had been building up their terrorism ambitions in Xinjiang using radical Muslim Uyghurs, which failed to take off, after China took early steps to prevent further radicalisation. This upsets the USA's objective to destablise Xinjiang first in conjunction with Hong Kong, and later hoping the chaos will spread across the whole of China. But after the Chinese nip the abnoxious plan in the bud, the USA and the West capitalised instead on the mistreatment of Ugyhurs to make China look bad for spoiling their vile intentions. In Hong Kong, the USA via the CIA, trying very hard to provoke Hong Kong police to use more heavy handed methods against protestors, who were encouraged to attack and set fire to Government buildings, which also failed to take off.

Now Vietnam is facing terrorism, supported by foreign forces, whose objective is distablising the country. Vietnam does not afford elections to be hijacked by the USA to install a compliant stooge to run the country, as happened in Thailand. Terrorism and destablisation is the only alternative available to the USA to destabilise Vietnam, with USA funding terrorist groups and less than innocents NGOs, using the CIA as intermediary for their evil designs.

This modus operandi is also seen in Myanmar, after the failure of the USA installed stooge, Aung San Suu Kyi, to take full control of the country. What we are seeing regarding the chaotic state in Myanmar is no more than the USA funding terrorism to put the country in chaos.

Amidst all these terrorism activites by the USA, the Western Media just keep whitewashing the reality and blaming the chaos on other factors.

Closer to home, PM Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia appears on edge that the country is facing undesirable elements, supported by outside forces, who are out to destablise the country. Why did he say that?

In parting, I just came across this site - New Eastern Outlook or NEO. Lots of interesting articles to be read. Do take a look.


Chinese Car Company Forced to ‘Indianise’

MG Motor India, the local subsidiary of the Chinese-owned passenger vehicle major, has to plan to transform its business by 2028 amid Indian government’s onslaught on investments from the neighbouring country. After securing one per cent share of India’s passenger four-wheeler market in 2023, the company now has to bring in local owners to ‘Indianise’ the business.

The Chinese owners of the company has to divest its majority stake to Indian partners within 2-4 years. For the same, it has already started scouting for buyers among Indian investors, including institutions, its local business partners and HNIs. “We will finalise the new investors-cum-owners of MG Motor India, who together would own more than 50 per cent of the company within FY24," Rajeev Chaba, CEO Emeritus, MG Motor India told the media today. The aim is to ‘Indianise’ the company that will, in turn, help it raise funds for the next phase of expansion through expansion in its production capacity.

Last year the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had sent a notice to MG Motor India on certain alleged irregularities in its books. It had asked the company's directors and its auditor Deloitte to explain certain alleged audit deficiencies that had been discovered during the course of the probe.

Since then, MG has been in talks to several Indian investors like Sajjan Jindal-led JSW Group to sell close to a 15 per cent stake. MG Motor is owned by SAIC Motor Corporation (formerly Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) - a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Anting, Shanghai.


PS. The solution is so simple. Just give everything to the Indians. Treat it as doing charity, donate everything, help India to create employment by employing Indians to fill every position in the company. Then go home. Forget about everything and pretend everything is fine, the company is still yours and in the long run you will make money. 

India is a great country to invest. Come one and come all. Just empty your pockets. India will be very pleased. Suckers are born everyday. But the suckers will not admit they are suckers when all their money and investments are stuck in India and never hope of getting it back.

India will say, thank you suckers. 

America playing India against China, with India a willing pawn of the USA

 Trying to rule China or force it down is no longer a possibility. It is today beyond the capability of the USA and its Anglo Saxon White's clique to do so in their wildest dream.

When China was at its weakest point during the Opium War, and the West was at its peak of power, the Eight Nation Alliance of Whites and Japan attempted to tear China up into their sphere of influence. This was like the breaking up of the former Soviet Union, with many of the Soviet satellite states now becoming members of the EU and Nato, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the attempt to tear up China failed to materialise. Five thousand years of history and experience in survival and revival is not that easy to be taken down by a group of nations, some of whom are no more than mere juveniles, with just a few hundred years of existence.

Now, if the USA and the West thinks China is going to be another Soviet Union waiting to be torn down, they are terribly mistaken. China has the military deterrent and the financial strength to compete with the USA plus its allies. Besides that, the most important deterrent is that China and Russia are now geopolitical allies, unlike the days when China stilll had a history of border conflicts with Russia, affording the USA and the West an opportunity to capitalise on those issues, knowing China and Russia will never come together against the West. Heaven works in mysterious ways indeed, with China and Russia now closer than ever.

Making hay while the sun shines, while countries are still at loggerheads by the way, is exactly being reactivated by the USA today, cultivating India to confront China, knowing that these two countries have border disputes to settle and are ripe for the USA to capitalise on those issues, by prodding and instigating India against China. What is most to China and Russia in BRICS is India playing both sides of the chessboard, one foot in QUAD and the other foot in BRICS. The Chinese saying that 'a thief in the house is the most difficult job to prevent theft from happening'.

The USA thinks that by refraining from dictating issues, or discussing pertaining to human rights in India, will purportedly buy over India's allegiance. This does not escape the eyes of the rest of the world. The Muslims are not fooled and the Chinese are even less likely to be fooled. Practicing double standards will not work and puts the USA credibility in even worse state. Not that the USA has an iota of credibility left that is worth salvaging.



Titan gate - Self implosion or torpedoes?

The Titan submersible, operated by OceanGate Expeditions to explore the wreckage of the sunken SS Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland, dives in an undated photograph. (Photo: OceanGate Expeditions/Handout via REUTERS)

A deep-sea submersible carrying five people on a voyage to the century-old wreck of the Titanic was found in pieces from a "catastrophic implosion" that killed everyone aboard, the US Coast Guard said on Thursday (Jun 22), ending a multinational five-day search for the vessel.

The Titan, operated by the US-based company OceanGate Expeditions, had been missing since it lost contact with its surface support ship on Sunday morning about an hour, 45 minutes into what should have been a two-hour dive to the world's most famous shipwreck.

Five major fragments of the 6.7m Titan were located in the debris field left from its disintegration, including the vessel's tail cone and two sections of the pressure hull, Coast Guard officials said. No mention was made of whether human remains were sighted.

"The debris field here is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vehicle," Mauger said.  CNA

The first report by the Americans, the Titan imploded. Is this the truth? The vessel must have gone through many pre flight test before diving. It had made many trips to the wreck before. How so that it imploded just like that?

Could it be a mistaken identity, an unknown suspect, maybe a hostile submarine. So someone miscalculated and fired a torpedo to break it up into pieces? Can an implosion resulted in piece lying around? Or these are caused by the impact of an explosive like the Nord Stream pipelines?

How did the Americans know that there was an implosion when everyone did not know and were hunting and hoping to save it? Why did  the Americans stop the British from sending out their search vessels before this announcement? Why preventing other vessels to help in the search and rescue? Did they have prior knowledge of what had already happened, did not want anyone to find out the truth? No one is to be there to discover what really happened?

'The US Coast Guard has found a piece of a deep-sea submersible in a “debris field” near the sunken wreck of the Titanic. The vessel’s five passengers all died in a “catastrophic explosion,” the military branch said.

“A debris field was discovered within the search area by [a Remotely Operated Vehicle] near the Titanic,” the Coast Guard’s northeastern district said in a statement on Thursday." RT

How could an implosion cause a "debris field" when the forces were turned inwards? An implosion and the extremely high pressure at that depth would not force the parts to be blown around. A "debris field" is likely to be caused by an external impact from an explosion, not an implosion.

What do you think?

USA and India are both anti Muslims...Kashmir Muslims?

The USA would not die fighting for the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians have to fight to the last man themselves right now. After that, it is Nato's turn in the meat grinder, having to fight Russia to the last man. All are basically collateral damage in the eyes of the USA. All are just fighting for the interest of the USA and are dispensable. When all is finally lost, the USA will just wind down, wash its hands off Ukraine and off it goes to the Taiwan Straits. But before that, they will definitely call the shots in negotation, that will inevitably create another time bomb to be exploited when it is needed.
When the USA pivots to China, the Taiwanese will be encouraged to fight to the last man. After that Japan, South Korea, Australia and probably the Philippines will carry the burden of fighting to the last man, just like Nato. The USA will stay far away, never diverging away from the saying that - if you see two fish fighting in a pool of water, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby.

That brings me to the visit of Modi to Washington, with the slated agenda of using India against China and Russia, when the shit hits the fan. Modi made a very telling comparison that perfectly fits the USA/India alliance. Modi claims that the USA and India share the same DNA as democratic states. Oh yes, the DNA is similar when you consider that forked tongue people should have a common DNA. What is the DNA of snakes with similar venomosity and vileness?

Modi had the gall to talk about India being religiously open takes the cake, after what it does to the Muslims. He even banned the BBC documentary that demonised his anti Muslim stance, and his rise to power riding on the Hindu slanted BJP, a perfect example of his religious hypocrisy.

Lawmakers in Washington wanted Biden to lecture Modi on the Muslim issue during the visit, but Biden just did not consider that as an issue in India. Compare the situation of the accusations that China mistreated the Muslims in Xinjiang that met with condemnation from the Anglo Saxon clique.

Donald Trump the bum even consider the persecution of the Muslims in India as an internal issue for India, a stark contrast to the Muslims in Xinjiang, which is an international issue for the Anglo Saxon Whites. Xinjiang is not an internal issue for China? What a load of hypocritical crap!


Xi did not mean to belittle Blinken, but Biden blew it

 According to some reports, Xi's meeting with Blinken is not to make Blinken loose credibility totally. But that good intention has now been totally destroyed by barely-conscious Biden making another gaffe by calling Xi a 'dictator'. Whether this is intentional or otherwise, China will retaliate in good time.

Leaders do not make such juvenile vis a vis infantile remarks against other leaders. Diplomacy does not work by calling other leaders derogative names openly. Biden's dementia is affecting his mental ability to differentiate between right and wrong, and he is loosing his sense of time and age. He mental age is probably still at the juvenile stage and going backwards. Four more years and he will reach the 'cry baby' stage.

This gaffe is going to haunt Biden like what Mohammed bin Salman is doing to Biden. Just recently, Saudi Arabia announced cutting oil production unilaterally by 500 million barrels per day. This is intentional spite, with the USA moving closer to recession by the day. Biden has promised consequences. We heard that before. Is MBS scared and peeing in his pants. 



PS. Blinken forgot that he just sent Blinken to China to lower temperature. He was on an election campaign and he could only remember the present, the moment. So he blared and Blinken had to pay the price for Blinken's dementia.

India is the worst anti China country in all of Asia

 India is the worst anti China country in all of Asia. Sites like Firstpost and Gravitas spout nothing but anti China propaganda. The system works just like the USA propaganda machine. I have a feeling that news are generated by a main source like in the USA, and disperse to sites like this for broadcasting. They change a sentence or two, but the gist of the propaganda is badmouthing China.

Interestingly, they even spread lots of fake news during recent floods in China, like the three gorges dam having collapsed and how millions of people died. Also fake news about Russia breaking up with China over certain issues. Lots of fake flashy stuff but no substance, like their Bollywood movies.

As I said earlier, China must avoid India in everything - investments, business set ups, infrastructure projects and keep things close to the chest with regard to India in BRICS.. There are now many more countries in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Central Asia offering opportunities to invest. Let the USA, other Anglo Saxon Whites, Japan and South Korea invest in India. Let them fight among themselves.

The biggest mistake and horrible thinking is getting India in BRICS. It was a colossal mistake in fact. But blessings in diguise for China that India is not in the BRI. Otherwise China will now be wrangling and wrestling with a snake. Good luck to Japan for all the projects awarded to them by India.



Breaking news - Wagner's army mutineed and moving towards Moscow

 This is a very serious development and would change the war in Ukraine and may spark a war against Russia by Nato. The Ukraine forces could launch a takeover of all territories seized by Russia if the Wagner forces withdraw and refuse to fight them. A genocide of pro Russian Ukrainians in east Ukraine is on the card.

If Nato moves against Russia to support Wagner, the possibility of a nuclear war in Europe could not be ruled out. Putin is in big trouble and Russia could break up.

Lumumba - Africa's modern day Shaman with a title of a professor

This Shaman only knows how to talk, calling for Africa to be united and build Africa independently. Who does not know that? But he has no formula, did not understand the economics and mechanics of turning Africa great. He is talking like Donald Trump, making America great again. But how?
Without the education base, technology, knowhow, a trained workforce, finance and resources and good leadership, and a people wanting and willing to work hard, not work blindly, he thinks it is so easy to turn Africa into a developed continent?

What Africa has is abundance of resources. But most of the resources are as good as dirt if no one is buying them or wanting to pay for them. The people are mostly illiterate and not working or thinking as one people. No need to mention about the corruption and infighting among the tribal chiefs, now all wearing uniforms of generals.

The basic foundation of Africa for economic growth into a modern industrial economy is not there and needs help from countries that are willing to help them. No one owes Africa a living. No one is going to throw money at Africa freely. Everyone country has its own problems and issues that need money and resources to get by.

The colonialists came to rob and plunder Africa without giving anything in return. Countries like China and Russia came for trade and may give some assistance. If the Shaman is going to condemn countries like China and Russia for trading, to buy the dirt in Africa and pay good money for them, then these countries would eventually wash their hands and be hands off from Africa. And Africa would again be at the mercy of the white vultures waiting to tear them apart piece by piece.

The Shaman must be clear what he is talking about and differentiate between the devils and the good guys. No one is going to help Africa for free. China offers infrastructures and knowhow and these needs to be paid in money or in kind. Africa does not have money but have a lot of dirt that China can convert to money to pay for the infrastructures. Is that unfair? Is that robbing or plundering Africa? If China is not buying the dirt from Africa, who is? If there is no buyers, the dirt would be dirt forever, worthless.

The Shaman must come up with a working formula to make Africa rich and developed. It is easy to shout and call for unity to make Africa great. Trump also did the same thing, to make America great again. If there is no working formula, he can shout for the next thousand years and Africa would still be the same. Maybe he can chant, wala, wala, wala and Africa would unite and become rich and developed.

Making speeches is easy. All the politicians can do it to get elected. The difficult part is how to make it happened, how to turn dreams into reality. Can Africa become a modern industrial powerhouse without foreign assistance and technology?

PS. Mao was honoured for uniting China and drove out the foreign invaders. But it needed Deng Xiaoping with his pragmatic policies to turn China around from an agrarian economy to a modern economic powerhouse with many hard decisions backed up by a hungry people that wanted to progress and build a better life for themselves.

Demented Biden throwing tantrum like a child

 China on Wednesday called comments by President Joe Biden describing Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a dictator “extremely absurd and irresponsible.”

The new clash of words comes just over a day after Secretary of State Antony Blinken concluded a visit to Beijing that sought to break the ice in a relationship that has hit a historical low.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said Biden's comments at a fundraiser in California “go totally against facts and seriously violate diplomatic protocol, and severely infringe on China's political dignity.”

“It is a blatant political provocation. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and opposition,” Mao said at a daily briefing.

“The US remarks are extremely absurd and irresponsible,” Mao said.

Blinken's visit, during which he met with Xi, was aimed at easing tensions between the two superpowers but appeared not to have achieved any solid results.

Biden, at the fundraiser on Tuesday night local time, said that Xi was embarrassed over the recent tensions surrounding a suspected Chinese spy balloon that had been shot down by the Air Force over the East Coast.

“That's a great embarrassment for dictators. When they didn't know what happened,” Biden said. 


Failure of American sanctions leads to dedollarisation

 The usage of the US$ as a reserve currency has fallen 40% over the last two decades and that fall is no accident. By right it should have risen with all the money printing going on over the years and dispersed worldwide, exporting US inflation globally. From a high of 72%, it has gone down to 58% today. The USA can try all it can to preserve its dominance, but it is an exercise in futility.

The UAE and China just concluded a 'not less than 27 years gas deal' to be settled in Yuan, which is a major blow to the US$. Such deals will proliferate, with the Yuan increasing in demand. Sure, the effect may still be minimal and the USA can brush aside this as not highly significant, but over time, and with more of such deals, it is nothing to be sniffed at. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

The rise of China followed the same pattern of slow and steady, with little boasting like some other country. The USA looked down on China, had the mentality that China could never rise with laundrymen and cooks just doing mundane stuffs, and became hysterical when they found out the truth. Now trying desperately to prevent China from overtaking them.

De-dollarision with the onset of the Ukraine war has escalated beyond imagination. The seizure of the Russian Central Bank reserves is the tipping point, and going forward it will no longer be anything like an average of an annual 2% fall in countries holding US$ as reserves. The switch to gold, the dumping of US Treasuries are not one time events or accidental, but will continue unabated and at a faster rate.

China is not preparing with intention for the Yuan to overtake the US$ as the global reserve currency. China knows that doing that a global reserve currency comes with plenty of responsibility and demands. China just wants to globalise the usage of the Yuan, to provide countries with an alternative to the US$ and makes USA sanctions toothless, as opposed to less teeths to bite today.

Countries now know how best to deal with sanctions. What sanctions are the West talking about when the EU is still buying Russian energy on the open market at much higher prices, providing China, India and Saudi Arabia a lucrative deal to make easy money at the expense of the Europeans.

The USA/EU is planning more sanctions on Russia and also Myanmar. What that will achieve is make the Myanmar people suffer more, not the leaders. How many countries have fallen to pieces under sanctions, or the people rising up against their leaders. Common sense will tell those people, whose country had been sanctioned, that it was the USA that caused all their misery. Cuba and North Korea were under sanctions for 60 long years. Did they fall? Did the people revolt? Did the Russian people revolt after several years of punitive sanctions?

Russia is a resource rich country, with energy, raw elements and grains not in shortage, and ordinary people's lives are hardly affected with those Western sanctions. Western businesses can just move out, but there are Chinese, Indians and Russian citizens raring to take over. Even fast food is not a problem to being taken over. Nothing secret about making burgers or frying chicken wings, which ordinary Russians would have mastered over the years working in such outlets. The only chaos in Russia were all created by traitors to the country, the opposition bought over by USA funded NGOs, and who are now conducting terrorism and distabilising the country. 


US and India anti Muslim exposed, but US still pretends to be loving Muslims in Xinjiang only

 If India can fake university degrees like printing toilet papers as money, what is generating fake news. It is a piece of cake. India learns well from its former colonial master, the Brits, but only all the vile and venomous stuff. Why do Chinese like to say, they trust a snake more than an Indian?

But, can you see the logic of Biden not to talk about human rights with Modi over the Muslim issue in India when they met in Washington? USA talks so much about upholding human rights around the world. A human rights issue is an issue to be brought up. Why refrain from talking about it? If Blinken could even fly to Beijing to talk about human rights, this is pure double standard which the world can clearly see. Between USA and India, from one snake to another, they are the same vile and venomous reptiles, hiding their dirty laundry from the world, keeping it in the pit and nobody will know. India assumes that if the USA does not ask or hype on it, it is acceptable, morally right and just can continue to treat the Muslims in India as collateral damage.

I believe the Muslim world is looking at the two snakes and what they are doing. It was and is all a hypocritical stunt about loving the Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang, but supporting the carrying out of human rights abuses against the Muslims in India. The Muslims around the world must be so glad that they are seeing the real stance of the USA and India towards Muslims.

How could Pakistan, a Muslim country, not continue to be at odds with India. The two countries could never move into a position of peace, the way the Hindus in India are treating the Muslims in India. Even the Sikhs are facing problems with the Hindus. This is another area to be exploited by the USA for igniting a conflict. It is only a question of time.

The game was using Pakistan, a USA supported regime, to tangle with Russian supported India. Now the USA needs India more than Pakistan, and is sacrificing Pakistan and trying to pry India away from Russia. The USA needs India to confront China in the QUAD and is eyeing the Indian market for energy and trade by pushing out Russia.



Self respect and dignity separate a nation/civilisation from a tribe

 It can also be said that self respect, pride and dignity separate a civilisation from a tribe. Civilisation or a nation state evolved over time, over centuries, to be what they are, a distinct civilisation or nation state with their own culture and belief system, a people that want to be themselves, free from oppression and suppression, independent and living freely among nations. No self respecting civilisation or nation state would think it is alright or dignify to live under the control and dictate of another state or civilisation, ie a crony or stooge of a big power. It is demeaning to be controlled and do the bidding of big power like a dog fetching a bone thrown by its masters. Fetch!

The ancient civilisations like China, India, the Arabs, the Latin Americans, the Europeans, all have their cultural roots and history as a people that is different from others and would want it to be that way, to live their lives as they so chose. The Europeans or white men even gone beyond this expectation. They arrogated themselves as the superior race and wanted to rule the world. The land and people of the world are to serve them, to provide comfort, goods and services to let the white men live as the living gods, from the toils of the rest of the world. There were thoughts of colonising China and make the Chinese work to serve the white men, to provide for the white men. So were the rest of the world. The white men are the rulers of the world.

Any self respecting nation state or civilisation would never agree to be ruled or colonised by another state or civilisation. But in some less developed state or civilisation, being ruled by the white men is acceptable. There are also anomalies like the Hongkongers and Taiwanese that do not mind being ruled by the Brits or the Japanese or the Americans. To them, being subservient or being subjects of another nation state is ok, as long as they can live well. In a way, they have been ruled by foreigners for too long and have been brainwashed to think that China would always be bad and would not give them a good life like their former colonial masters. Even as second class citizens under foreign rules would be good enough for them. They could not see that China is no longer the poor and backward country, and the demonising of China by the white men was all to suppress China. China today could give a very good life to its citizens and could likewise do the same to the Hongkongers and Taiwanese. Ideology was only a tool to a good life.  In many ways, the Chinese are enjoying a better quality of life and more freedom than the fake democracy of the US and the West. The Chinese are now proud and happy with their country, leaders and their good life.

There are also exceptions in some Asean states that think it is ok to be cronies of the Americans and the West. Some harbour the delusionary thoughts of claiming Chinese islands as their own without knowing that the Americans would not die fighting for them, not even to fight and die for the Ukrainians, not for the Taiwanese.  For that they even compromised their independence by inviting American soldiers to their soil. The Americans are only interested in agitating them in order to control them and China, make them fight with China. Some Asean states like to play the poodle and feel happy with the crumbs thrown at them by their master, thinking it is a respectable way to earn a living as running dogs.

Many people are still fighting for their independence and freedom from foreign masters. Some had fought and won their independence but reinvited their ex colonial masters back as their de facto neo colonial masters, and did not feel any shame or dishonour.

China, Russia and the BRICS countries should assist to champion the cause of independence fighters. A good example is to follow the Americans by enacting a Hawaii Relations Act to support the independence movement in Hawaii, to use it as a justification to sell arms and to defend Hawaii, as legally provided in their law. Independence fighters and movements should be supported as they deserved to be supported to protect their freedom, dignity and respect as a free people and civilisation. Countries and people that chose to be ruled by foreign powers deserved to be so ruled as they are not fighting or resisting colonial rules eg South Korea and Japan and now Europe.

What separate independent and proud people/civilisations from the tribes or tribal civilisations are pride, self respect and dignity to be free from colonial or foreign powers. Fake independence are just that, fake independence...cronies and stooges. No amount of fake statements can hide the fact when a state becomes a crony or stooge of a big power. Just see what they do their bidding and how they suck up to the big powers.

Xi Jinping Sits at Head of Table in Meeting with Un-Invited Blinken

In his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Chinese President Xi Jinping not even rebuff calls to resume military dialogue and even physically setting himself apart from his guest with an unusual seating arrangement.

Speaking with reporters at the U.S. Embassy here after Monday's talks, Blinken stressed the importance of military-to-military communication and said he raised the issue at every meeting during his visit.

"At this moment, China has not agreed to move forward with that," he said. But Xi, who leads China's military as chairman of the Central Military Commission, likely refused to give the nod.

The meeting at the Great Hall of the People took place at an unusual U-shaped table, with Xi alone at the head and U.S. and Chinese officials lined up on each side -- including Blinken, who sat to his right.

Xi's last meeting in Beijing with an American secretary of state -- Mike Pompeo, in June 2018 -- seated side by side with a table between them. Even Xi's meeting on Friday with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates used a similar arrangement, underscoring that Blinken's seating was an outlier.

The differing treatment was foreshadowed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry's statement June 14 announcing Blinken's trip, which said the visit was "as agreed between China and the U.S." A similar statement for Pompeo noted explicitly that the secretary of state had been invited by then-counterpart Wang Yi.


Blinken's trip to China - Did China cave in?

Talk about issues doesn't mean China will cave in to them or agree with them. China now does not care what the USA thinks or wants to talk about. China will treat them as non issues and let its actions decide, just like its demonised BRI projects and its stance on Ukraine vis a vis Russia. Did China turn against Russia despite all the attempts to pressurised China to condemn Russia. It all falls on Chinese intentional deaf ears. Just like the USA talking about China's evil intent in Africa, human rights abuses and LGBT issues in Africa, which the Africans just completely ignored and let the USA and the West bark as loudly as they want.

China does not care about what the USA or the West thinks about Taiwan's independence. It is what China thinks that is important, and China need not keep repeating its stance over Taiwan again and again. Taiwan is part of China and they can invent scenarios to turn the de facto position of Taiwan to no avail. They can tell the whole USA leaders and people to visit Taiwan, but that will not change the position of Taiwan in relation to China.

China, as the fool today, is overtaking the USA in many ways, and that makes the USA an even bigger fool to ignore China for the last four decades. Yes, the USA had concentrated on fighting terrorism and the Muslims in the Middle East over the last few decades, thinking Chinaman are fools and just laundrymen and cooks, that can never rise up to compete with them. If China has lost so much respect from the rest of the world by being a fool, why are so many countries joining BRICS and garnering so many praises from African, Latin American and Middle East leaders. Not to mention five big Central Asian countries are now co-operating with China in development and trade ties.

Now, who is the fool, trying to contain China after it has risen to compete with the USA? Never try to look down on Laundrymen and Cooks? Just like never look down on Africans, which the USA and the West is still doing, calling Africa a 'shit hole'.


Lavrov: When the Ukraine Conflict Ends, Globalism Will End

By the time the conflict in Ukraine is resolved, Kiev will have accepted the loss of its former territories, and Western-led globalization will be dead, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RT Arabic on Friday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Lavrov described the West’s proxy war with Russia as “a geopolitical conflict,” in which the US was attempting to eliminate a powerful competitor and “preserve its hegemonic position by all means.”

“The attempt is futile, and we all know this,” Lavrov stated, adding that Ukraine and its backers will be forced to accept new “concrete realities” before a ceasefire is reached.

The era in which the US and its allies control the institutions of globalization – primarily development banks and multilateral organizations – will come to a close.

It would be too much to say that the Russians planned it this way. Clearly, they did not. We can see from the initial invasion that Putin and Lavrov assumed that the US would negotiate. Anyone who suggests that the Russians are so stupid they believed they could conquer a nation of 40 million people with 150,000 soldiers is just lying to you. The initial invasion was obviously a negotiation tactic.

What they ended up with – the whole world on their side, and a lead role in the new world order – is more than they could have ever hoped for.

It was a perfect storm. Everyone was sick of the US for an entire list of reasons, the most recent being that the US is in the process of forcing the whole world to participate not only in gay sex but in child gay sex.

Link to article: https://www.unz.com/aanglin/lavrov-when-the-ukraine-conflict-ends-globalism-will-end/



China should support states fighting for independence from the USA

China has accused the United States of stirring up trouble in Taiwan through arms sales and visits by senior lawmakers - allegations rejected by Washington, which says it seeks to preserve the status quo by helping Taipei defend itself. CNA

Above quote is the American's position on arms sale to Taiwan to 'helping Taipei defend itself'. The UN and the whole world acknowledge that Taiwan is a part of China. The double talking Americans also claim to agree with this principle. But the slimy Americans think it is also to sell arms to Taiwan to fight against China and supporting the Taiwanese separatist movements. This is a violation of the one China Principle and subverting the sovereignty of China. China should take note of this violation and do as the Americans are doing and support all independent movements within the USA.

There are many separatist movements that wanted to break free from the evil American Empire. Hawaii, the former Mexican states, Guam, the Pacific Islands, Diego Garcia, Puerto Rico etc etc. There also countries that have been suppressed by the Americans with total sanctions and wanting to break this American gridlock, to free themselves from the evil American Empire.

China should henceforth support these separatist movements and countries under the coercion of the Americans by openly supporting them, sell them arms to defend themselves against the evil American Empire. Both can play the same game under the same rules set by the Americans. China should offer safe venues for separatist movements inside China like the Americans offering venues for anti China terrorist groups in the USA, including the Dalai Lama and Falungong sect.

If the Americans can sell arms freely to Taiwan, there is no reason why China cannot sell arms to Cuba, North Korea, Iran etc etc to defend themselves from the evil Americans. This should be China's foreign policy objective in its relations with the US. China should pursue this path by providing more funding and resources to match the Americans dollar for dollar.

The Americans cannot think that only they can play foul, can be the shit stirrer and trouble maker. China can do likewise. If the Americans did not want to pursue the same formula of win win as promoted by Xi, but chose to play the provocateur to undermine China's national interests, China should respond with a tit for tat formula, until the Americans change tack to behave responsibly. China must treat a rogue America as a rogue, and stop appeasing this international terrorist to cause more trouble for the world.

China should set up an office for the native Americans in China to promote their mission to reclaim their land stolen by the Europeans by force and genocide, who now claim it as their home, their country. There must also be a office to support the independence movement in Ryukyu Islands. China must support the Ryukuans to dispel the Americans and Japanese in their islands.

China and Russia are not dumb or naive

China and Russia know where the USA Achilles Heel is, and the only way to bring the USA to its knees is to target that.

The US$ hegemony is the USA's Achilles Heel. It is pointless to go head on militarily against the USA's military might, with over 800 military bases worldwide. It is costly and just falling into the trap set by the USA's Military Industrial Establishment.

The formation of BRICS, the de-dollarisation moves, the peaceful soft power approach in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Central Asia, are all steps to marginalise the military power of the USA. China will not fall into the provocative traps set by the USA and Japan over Taiwan. China will study the situation carefully, calibrate its responses and apply the coup de grace for maximum effect, not acting on the spur of the moment. The BRI, the peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia are not plucked out of thin air. Nothing like those sanctions on Russia, which were lifted from some people's wet dreams and implemented to fail.

The former Soviet Union tried to match the military spending of the USA and went bankrupt. Russia and China learned their lesson and tempered their military spending, not trying to match the USA.

Targeted military spending on weapons upgrade and not having to maintain all those military bases and personnel is one great advantage that the Russians and Chinese have over the USA. Therefore, even though the USA has a defence budget that is bigger than the next ten countries combined, the bang for the buck is not wisely cost effective. While the Russians and Chinese have smaller defence budget, they are able to concentrate their smaller budget mainly on weapons upgrading, instead of paying US$640 for a toilet seat in those overseas bases. That is where most of the USA defence budget goes, not to mention the US$ trillions unaccounted for at the Pentagon. Corruption at the highest level?


Indian Media Fabricates Non-Existent Think Tanks, Journalists to Churn Anti-China, Pakistan News

A recent report by a European organization investigating fake narratives of Indian media exposes the Indian government's vast smear campaign against China and Pakistan.

The latest investigation report, titled "Bad Sources - How Indian news agency ANI quoted sources that do not exist," by independent non-profit organization EU DisinfoLab, published in February 2023, exposes more details and evidences to prove that Asian News International (ANI), an Indian news agency, has been quoting a number of non-existent organizations, journalists and bloggers to spread disinformation that attacks and smears China and Pakistan.

The report further uncovered that India has long been building a huge anti-China and anti-Pakistan disinformation network and that Indian media outlets have built a sophisticated assembly line of fake anti-China and anti-Pakistan news.

In the report, researchers write that ANI has been repeatedly quoting articles and reports issued by a think tank named the International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS).

ANI has quoted IFFRAS more than 200 times from May 2021 to January 2023, and "in most instances, it was not only quoting but using the IFFRAS 'reports' as the backbone of the articles," said the report.

EU DisinfoLab further investigated whether the conference attendees at the think tank quoted in the articles actually exist. The investigation report pointed out that more than 70 speakers mentioned in the fake conferences of IFFRAS did not exist at all.

Apart from IFFRAS, the researchers also looked into another think tank frequently quoted by ANI, the Policy Research Group (POREG), in which the researchers found no sign of the existence of three new members who had reportedly joined the group in the last two years. The three people had been quoted by ANI numerous times on topics such as Pakistan's army doctrines and China's "wolf warrior diplomacy," according to the investigation report.

These fabricated figures are used as experts to provide opinions and analysis to further mislead readers and reinforce the false narratives. ANI's articles, containing the disseminated disinformation, are reproduced and shared across various well-established media outlets in India. This amplification of the false narratives through multiple platforms increases their reach and potential impact, potentially influencing a wider audience and shaping public opinion.

The IFFRAS think tank mentioned in the lab report was also found to be linked to the Srivastava Group, as the researchers found that IFFRAS has been registered by using a well-known email address from the Srivastava Group.

The latter is a notorious Indian shell corporation, and the EU DisinfoLab pointed out in its 2020 report that nominally, the group's main business is news media, with offices in Brussels and Geneva, and registrations of more than 750 media, think tanks and more than 550 domain names in 116 countries and regions around the world.

However, the researchers investigated and found that there was no profitable business under the Srivastava Group, and the media and think tanks related to the group basically only had a name but no actual business.

The group is a representative of the disinformation war launched by India against China. Under the lead of the Srivastava Group, which is based overseas in Geneva and Brussels, an information warfare network has been woven, with a number of fake media, think tanks and NGOs all over the world.

The fake news produced by the fake media under the group is also published and reprinted by some Indian media websites such as ANI which increases the reach of the disinformation.

Analysts pointed out that the production of fake news by Indian media not only discredit China and Pakistan, but can incite nationalist sentiment within the country and distract people from the real problems of the country and the poor performance of its government.


Chinese military presence in Cuba versus American military presence in Taiwan

 China is dicussing plans jointly with Cuba to build a military training camp on the Island. Those plans are said to be 'at an advanced stage and just not concluded'. This is China's way of hitting back where it really hurts. And this is sparking alarm in the USA with the fear that China's next step could be the stationing of Chinese troops on Cuba. After all the accussations against China of building a spying network on Cuba, China is now telling the USA we are going to do more than that. After what the USA did in Taiwan, many are urging and speculating that China will some day pay the USA back in its own coin. It really is coming to that.

The USA really has no reason to be alarmed and should be expecting this. After all, it is a well known fact that USA military personnel, openly touted, are already in Taiwan training the Taiwanese soldiers. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. In today's evolving multi polar world, there is no more exceptionalism in what the USA can do and not others.

It is now up to Russia and China together to decide just how far they need to go to tolerate the USA if events go out of hand. Tit for tat and an eye for an eye is the only language that the USA will understand. In the past, the USA will just invade and take down countries like Iraq and Libya. The Soviet Union had been forced to relinquish its military connections in Cuba, in a position of weakness, in what is called 'The Missiles of October' in 1962. Russia today is different, with so much support that is growing under BRICS.

In fact, there is more to come if the USA is intent on stirring up the Taiwan independence issue and escalating the war in Ukraine. China and Russia may even see it fit to foray into Venzuela and even Central America sooner or later with tactical nuclear weapons, if the USA keeps up the escalation in Ukraine and provocation over Taiwan. Russia already took the first step of moving tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus, with eyes on Poland.


PS. The Americans also have military bases and soldiers in South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines and Guam, all on the periphery of China. What the Americans can do, China and Russia can do also. 

In the Cuban Crisis, the American media played up like issue that the Russians backed down but did not mention about the Americans having to pull out nuclear weapons from Turkey in return.


Visit to Beijing - Biden slams the door into his own face

SAN FRANCISCO: US President Joe Biden equated his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping with "dictators" on Tuesday (Jun 20) as he addressed a Democratic Party donors reception in the presence of journalists.

Speaking at a campaign fundraiser in northern California, Biden said Xi had been angered over an incident in February when a Chinese balloon - which Washington says was used for spying - flew over the United States before being shot down by American military jets.

"The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two box cars full of spy equipment is he didn't know it was there," Biden said.

"I'm serious. That was the great embarrassment for dictators, when they didn't know what happened.

"That wasn't supposed to be going where it was ... and he didn't know about it," Biden said of Xi. "When it got shot down he was very embarrassed and he denied it was even there."  CNA

This is the latest provocative and silly remark by this demented old man that is hoping to be invited to Beijing.  It comes one day after Blinken's meeting with Xi and is terribly uncalled for. The door to Beijing is closed to him for good. He can forget about going to Beijing till his term ends. And he got the cheek to claim that China 'wants to have a relationship again' when it was the Americans desperately knocking at China's door and going to Beijing without an invitation.

Biden now can end his term as president without being invited to Beijing. Trump would be laughing at this silly old man for being snubbed by Xi. In his bid for a second term, if they allowed him, he would not be able to brag about having a relationship with Xi and can talk to Xi over the phone. China has just cold storage the hotline and would not pick up the phone if Biden calls. Maybe everything that was agreed in Blinken's meeting would be flushed down the toilet bowl. Everything back to square one and Biden can practise shooting down more balloons while Xi would be practising shooting down RC 135 spy planes or warships in the South China Sea.

Keep talking big and tough, old man. But don't trip and fall.

Ukraine - Cemetery for American tanks

The Department of Defense said it can’t corroborate the demise of at least 16 M2 Bradley vehicles in Ukraine

Still from a video shows multiple Bradley infantry fighting vehicles knocked out on the Zaporozhye front, June 2023. © Russian Defense Ministry

The US military has refused to confirm the destruction of American-made armored vehicles during Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia. The statement came after Moscow released videos of charred M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles abandoned by Kiev’s troops.

“I’ve seen the reports but I can’t corroborate some of the video and imagery coming out of that,” Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters on Tuesday. “I just wouldn’t be able to confirm the reports .. at least what we're seeing from [the] Russians.”

Tuesday’s announcement that the US will be sending more Bradley and Stryker armored vehicles to Kiev – as part of a $325 million package drawn from the Pentagon stockpiles – was not a response to battlefield losses but planned in advance, Singh insisted....

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a group of Russian war correspondents on Tuesday that Ukraine lost “at least 160 tanks and 360 armored vehicles” during its recent counteroffensive.  RT

The picture above shows how the Ukrainians used the American tanks in the war. It seems that the lifespan of such tanks would not be more than a week in the battle field. The picture shows what a disaster it was, so many tanks being ambushed and destroyed in one goal, like entering a mouse trap. 

Ukraine would need more tanks, and many more tanks if this is how the tanks would end up in the hands of the Ukrainians. Ukraine would be the final resting place for these tanks.


US demanding big results from Ukraine’s counteroffensive, soon – Politico
Without major gains, Ukrainian officials fear the flow of Western weapons may dry up.

US officials are telling their Ukrainian counterparts that Washington’s support for their war effort hinges on the success of the ongoing counteroffensive against Russian forces, Politico reported on Thursday. The offensive has failed so far, with Ukrainian losses counted in the thousands.  RT

Presidential Election - What if?

 Tharman is indeed too qualified for the job of a non executive President, a role that is mostly ceremonial. Some people already lamented that it is a waste for Tharman to be sitting in the Istana tweedling his thumb, and may have to keep himself busy inviting Resident Committees to the Istana to have tea with him. This is like an extension of his Meet the People's Session in his constituency though in an elaborate environment, not in the void deck of HDB flats.

To stand for this Election, Tharman had resigned from his multi million dollar jobs and other lucrative appointments. Does it mean that he has to forgo all the salaries, including his MP allowances, risking all his senang incomes, for a shot at the Presidency? What if he is not elected? What if?

Can he go back to where he was, rewind the clock, to resume all his previous jobs and appointments, and to continue to get the salaries and incomes like before? Or would he be appointed to new positions to get back what he lost for standing as a Presidential candidate? The amount of money he is losing or foregoing is no small change. It could be several millions a year, definitely many times the income of the President of the USA. Never mind that he does not need such money as he is already financially very comfortable even without any income for the rest of his life.

But what if? Is it worth it to lose everything that he is getting every month at the moment? Maybe he is confident that he is sure to win and there is no risk at all. Why is he so confident is anyone's guess. For anyone that is earning much less, anyone that is unemployed, it is just making a bet with nothing much to lose. For the other candidate, George Goh, he is his own boss and would not lose anything. Life would go on as usual if he does not get elected.

For Tharman, it is indeed a big gamble, financially, with a lot to lose. He must be a very brave man or a big risk taker. Oops, he is making a great sacrifice for the people and country.  If he did not make this move, life is so pleasant, so comfortable, so lucrative. He is in his comfort zone with nothing to disturb or irate him, no one to breathe down his neck. But he did it. Maybe he has consulted his fortune guru and read the stars and knows that he cannot lose. A logical, rational and careful man would not take unnecessary risk that is not within his control.

Now, what if it does not turn out as he hopes for? An election is an election and anything can go wrong. No one can fix an election.  Ok, ok, there are plenty of good jobs awaiting him even if he loses. Maybe the private sector would offer him a job that pays him several times what he is getting now....should he lose.  

Luckily this is not an 'all in' gamble when a poker gambler would win or lose everything. There are plenty of doors and jobs open for Tharman if 'what if' did not turn out in his favour. If Tharman were to lose his multi million dollar income when not elected, then it would be a real sacrifice. This is not tikam tikam with small change.

Anyone thinks Tharman can lose?

Even gangsters have morals but not the American terrorists

The USA has perfected the art of propagandising. The MSM and the establishment are working hand in glove, one to generate false accusations, seeing how the reaction would be by aimless farting, then if no one bites or knows it was all made up, the establishment will try to do damage control, knowing all that is pure lies and will eventually be exposed. China knows how the USA system works. That is why China just gave one reply in response to the spy network in Cuba, and be done with it, and let the rabid dogs keep barking on MSM.
Biden just came out to claim that the recent Weather Balloon incident is embarrasing for China. How is it embarassing for China, I really cannot figure out. However, it is in fact an embarrasement for the USA, having to make so much fuss and effort for several days, just to shoot down a stationery balloon. It was a calamity, using two missiles and several back up planes just to shoot down the balloon. After that, the pilots were praised as 'Top Guns'.

This incident, in all its glory, shows the USA does not even have the capability to deal effectively with a harmless balloon. They were practically at sixes and sevens for days, and peeing in their pants, not knowing how to react. A hypersonic missile travels at several times the speed of sound, takes minutes to reach its target. With this kind of slow motion reaction and thinking, how is the USA to deal effectively with hypersonic enemy weapons I just wonder.

Terrorists basically have no shame, so talking about the World's No.1 terrorist not having any shame is a moot point. It comes with the profession of being the world's proven top terrorist. This kind of behavior is as good as a robber telling you that he is coming into your house to rob you, shamelessly, arrogantly and as a matter of factly. That is what the world has to deal with if the USA continues as the de fact hegemon.

Again, to quote Robert De Niro - 'Even gangsters have morals' in reference to the USA administration's unruly and lawless behavior.


American propaganda machine losing effectiveness, with diminishing marginal returns

Media outlets claimed China is building a secret station in Cuba to spy on the US, citing anonymous intelligence officials. But the Pentagon admitted this story is false. It is part of information war
Anonymous US intelligence officials used the media this June to spread a rumor claiming that the Chinese government is building a massive spy base in Cuba, 100 miles from Florida.

There was however a glaring problem with this story: The US Department of Defense said it is false.

Top Pentagon officials came out publicly and clarified that the reports are "not accurate", that China is in fact not building a spy base in Cuba.

This is the latest example of a series of false stories that have been laundered through the mainstream corporate media by US spy agencies, particularly the CIA, which seek to advance US foreign policy interests and demonize adversaries like China, Cuba, and Russia.

Recent disinformation campaigns of similar provenance have included Havana Syndrome - the debunked myth that Cuba, China, and/or Russia was supposedly attacking US spies and diplomats with pulsed microwave weapons - or "Bountygate" - the false CIA claim that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties in order to kill US soldiers during the war in Afghanistan.

The CIA has perfected the art of using the media to manipulate public opinion, to push people in certain political directions and manufacture consent for war.

One of the co-founders of the CIA, Frank Wisner, famously said the spy agency has contacts all across the media and can play the press like a "mighty Wurlitzer” - a kind of old musical instrument.