US Sudden Imposition of Illicit Tariffs on Chinese Imports Has Deep Implications

After several rounds of talks and negotiations by the US and Chinese trade delegations they had after much consultations reached a consensus not to have trade war. But the latest White House statements on slapping tariffs on Chinese imports is a reckless move which will have widespread impact on world trade and economy. China will not accept it with folded arms but will retalliate measure for measure.

There is no credibility in US trust and honour when it always backtracks and and turns its back on treaties and agreements. No wonder native Americans always say and warn that Whitemen speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted. They signed treaties but break them at the earliest convenience to suit their interest and agenda.

Under the US latest announcement they intend to illicitly implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls on Chinese individuals and entities linked to the acquisitions of industrially significant technology. US is placing restrictions on Chinese trade and commerce especially it dictates that China should stop its impetus on "Made In China 2025." US is behaving like its forebears the British whose treatment of a weak China in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s was disastrous for China. But US should not dream of doing the same to China because it is now dealing with a China which is rich and powerful and is well armed with nuclear teeth.

US lacks sincerity in trade discussions and will walk away from further discussions just as the delegations are on the verge of achieving positive results.

US has historically always been negotiating in bad faith. It uses negotiations as a ploy to lull the opposite party into confidence while in the meantime it cranks up its evil plans to take advantage of its opponents. This much the native Americans, the Hawaiians, the Cubans and South Americans had much experience of the evil and crooked ways of the white Americans can teach us.

China is gravely wrong in supporting US sanctions on North Korea and in its denuclearisation programme. It is US strategy of holding some semblance of  stability in North East Asia to allow it time to build up its naval operations in the South China Sea to confront and contain China.

US and Japan have no real interest in a peaceful united Korean nation for that will presumably nullify US excuse of its intention of continuing to further maintaining its military bases in Japan and South Korea with the ultimate aim of containing Russia and China.

There will never be peace on this earth unless the White Americans are totally destroyed.


Thursday, 31st May, 2018

Kim Trump Summit – Kim still an assassination target?

Trump may be sincere in wanting to meet up with Kim in Singapore. But behind this, how many interested parties would want to put a bullet into Kim’s head when he is here? How many would like a false flag incident to reignite the Korean War and turn the Korean Peninsula into a war zone again?

In the US there are many parties that would want to do so, the rightists, the war hawks, the deep state, the military complex, the CIA assassination squads etc etc would all have a mind of their own and would be out of control of the Trump Administration.

Out of the US there is Japan. Abe is so busy running here and there to want to put his fingers into this Summit. He is a hawk and there are many in Japan that are equally or more extremist than him and would want to kill Kim to start a big fire in Korea, to prevent a peace agreement and the reunification of the two Koreas. A bullet into Kim’s head is all it takes to blow up all the peace initiatives so far achieved.

Within South Korea there are also extremists that are hardcore anti North Korea, anti Kim and anti peace. They had assassinated Park Chung Hee when he wanted to reunite the two Koreas peacefully. These extremists would be thinking of doing something similar to kill off what Moon, Kim and Trump have been trying to achieve so far.

Kim Jong Un’s presence in Singapore would expose him to the risk of an assassin’s bullet. Singapore is not like North Korea and it is very difficult to keep everything under control. The Singapore govt would be greatly stretched to keep Kim Jong Un safe during his few days here. It is a very big challenge to for the security services to keep the assassin bullets away from hitting Kim.

Keep the fingers crossed that this would not happen here as the consequences are grave. This is the first time that Kim is venturing out of his comfort zone, out of North Korea and China, into the open field.


Class vs Crass

For supreme irony, look no further than page 16 of today’s The New Paper (30 May) whose editors deserve a medal for placing Mamoudou Gassama’s heroic “Spider-Man” act side by side with former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s decision to sell his story about his love child with an ex-aide.

For those who just got back from Mars, Mr Gassama is the young man whose daring rescue of a boy dangling from a Paris balcony was universally seen and applauded on the Internet. The 22-year-old Malian had scaled four storeys of an apartment block to pluck him to safety. For his selfless feat, Mr Gassama received an audience and a certificate and medal of bravery from French president Emmanuel Macron.  For those who have not been reading the papers, Mr Barnaby Joyce, 50, was forced to quit as DPM in February over his affair with his then media adviser Vikki Campion. He left his wife of 24 years after getting his mistress pregnant.

Just picture the irony. One is an illegal immigrant, the other a Deputy Prime Minister until recently. One risks detention - and loss of life - to save a boy with no thoughts of reward or fame. The other compounds his disgrace by accepting A$150,000 for a tell-all TV appearance for his act of infamy. In a line, one exudes class, the other exudes crass.

CareShield Life – A big black hole exposed. You save I spend

CareShield Life is the third compulsory insurance scheme that the people are forced to pay for by the govt. The two existing compulsory insurance schemes are the CPF Life and Medishield Life. Insurance schemes are useful as a form of protection to those that were hit by unforeseen events. They are the good to have things. But not many people can afford the luxury of paying for so many insurances.

Be clear about these three insurances. They are not govt schemes to help the people. They are govt schemes to compel the people to pay for insurances that many could not afford to. Insurance is a luxury for those who could afford them. Many are trying to make ends meet and cannot afford such luxuries. Forcing them to pay for such insurances is to force them to cut down on other expenses.

No one would say no to having insurance if they could afford them. It is a no brainer to as anyone if they need insurance or if they want these insurances. But it is not what they want but whether they can afford it. All these insurance premiums are going to make a bigger dent into the shrinking CPF savings of the people. And the sillies are pretending they did not know why the biggest savers in the whole world could not save enough for their retirement. They did know want to know why the savings are being depleted, robbed, stolen, while the people are saving as much as they could, much more than any human bean in the world.

What is the big black hole? The committee claimed to be stressed by difficult issues on whether people could afford to pay and whether the payout would be enough. But they forgot or conveniently refused to talk about the big black hole.

They do not want to tell you what would happen to the excess cumulated fund from these schemes. They did not want to tell you that these compulsory schemes are profit making in nature, not to help you but to make money from you, from your compulsory payment of premiums. For many years, the excess funds collected were in the billions, but conveniently kept by the govt.

If the main objective of these schemes is to help the people, they must not be profit making in nature. Excess funds must be rechanneled back to the people in the scheme to lower the premiums they are paying.
The main objective of these schemes are not so paternalistic, altruistic, but to make money from you. Period. This is the glaring big black hole. You think they are really so caring, thinking about helping you, like raising GST to help the poor? It is all about making profits from you, from your life savings, from your retirement fund. They are forcing the people to pay for schemes that they may not want to make profits from the people.

I withdraw everything I said about this profit making motive if the govt comes out to say that these are not profit making schemes and all excess funds collected would be ploughed back to the schemes to lower the burden of the people in lower the premiums they have to pay.

As for now, you save, they spend for you. And when you don't have enough for retirement they would say you must save more.


Singapore needs affirmative actions to protect jobs for its citizens

Below are some paragraphs of an article by Gilbert Goh, again narrating the plight of PMETs unable to find jobs in Singapore when most of the jobs are taken up by foreigners. The employment policies are against Singaporeans. No amount of sweet and silly talks and half baked measures would change this unless the traitors to Singaporeans are gotten rid of.

Read below to have a feel of what it is like to be a rejected Singaporean PMET in a place called home.

"“What’s the use of being a Singaporean, when your livelihood is not secured and you need to compete vigorously with others not born here for a piece of pie in your own turf?!”....

“Recruitors are looking at my age wondering if I will retire soon. They poke at my resume and many of the interviewers are not even Singaporeans!”
I told him that his line of work favours the Indians from India and that recruitors will in all likelihood prefers to hire foreigners as the recruitment fees involved will be much better than if they hire a local like him....

“During the recent London’s Singapore Day, Teo Chee Yuan has persuaded us to return home as the country needs us,” he retorted. “But it all looks like a farce now.”

Our Prime minister and his deputies have gone round the world to try and gather the 200,000-strong overseas Singaporeans together and possibly persuade some to return home but if what David faces is the real challenge many other returning Singaporeans will encounter then they may even want to do what David has seriously considered ie surrender their citizenship and completely cut ties with us....my heart goes out to David who is obviously disappointed that he is rejected by his own country when he returns home – full of promise by our deputy Prime Minister in the recent London’s Singapore Day."

From the above a few things could be done to save the day for Singaporeans if the govt is serious.

1. All HR managers must be Singaporeans, or at least all govt and govt link companies, including stats boards and most important, the staff in MOM must be Singaporeans.
2. No more foreign recruitment agencies except recruiting for MNCs.
3. A temporary freeze on foreign hires and all requests should be channeled to MOM. The people in MOM must be Singaporeans and with a specific brief not to approve foreign hires until all qualified Singaporeans have been seen. A word of caution here, many job requirements are tailored to suit foreigners but not necessary in the job must be filtered out.
4. All CEOs of govt ministries, stats boards and GLCs must be called up to do national service in the employment of Singaporeans first.

There are many other things that can be done before this country is taken over by foreigners.

But there is only one answer to the plight of daft Singaporeans that continue to vote for a govt that pays them lip service but keep on importing foreigners to replace them. Tan ku ku.


Tharman is right - Conversion of reserves

 DPM Tharman once told Parliament that drawing down past reserves was “in essence a conversion of past reserves from one form (financial assets) to another (state land), rather than a drawdown of reserves”.

The above was quoted by Phillip Ang in his latest article on the drawing down of national reserves. In his article Phillip argued that a drawdown is a drawdown. A drawdown of $X billion of cash from the reserves means that this $X billion will be minus from the national reserves, thus the reserves will be lesser by this amount. But according to Tharman's explanation, the drawdown is actually a conversion of one form of reserves to another form, from cash to assets.

Now who is right? Look at this definition on the nation's reserves and the answer is quite clear.

Definition. The Constitution of Singapore defines reserves as “the excess of assets over liabilities of the Government, statutory board or Government company”.  The reserves comprise financial assets such as cash and shares as well as physical assets like land and buildings.

Clear? Tharman is absolutely right in this case. Drawing down the reserves to convert them into assets did not reduce the nation's reserves as many idiots in Parliament believed to be so. And as such they are so scare to touch the reserves as it would be a drawdown on the reserves, a frightening thing to do. Now would Tharman do the honour to educate the ignorant boys and girls in Parliament that they are wrong and stop behaving so stupidily talking without knowing what they were talking about? 

The conversion of cash reserves is not necessary a depletion of the reserves if the reserves are used to build assets that appreciate in value or could make more profits than the reserves lying inactive as cash and earning a miserable 1% interest. Or worse, if the cash are used in gambling aka investment and loses every cent of it. Converting cash in national reserves into valuable money making assets that make greater returns is not drawing down on the reserves.

The call to draw down the reserves to build T5 and Tuas mega port cannot be a drawdown on the reserves unless these are airy fairy schemes that would lose money. In that case these two white elephants should not be built at all, and the people should not be taxed unnecessary, the govt should not recklessly go around borrowing money to build white elephants. Does anyone disagree that the T5 and Tuas mega port are credible and worthy projects that would appreciate in value and bring in more profits or returns for the money spent? Oops, not money spent but cash reserves converted into asset reserves? If they believe that theses are worthy projects, then what is the problem? Why park the reserves as cash to be used in funny investments that only lose in the hundreds of millions or billions when projects like these could bring in more profits and beneficial to the country? Why defend the using or touching of the reserves so fiercely? Is there other reasons to do so that the people do not know about the state of the reserves?

If Tharman is right, all the nonsense being spouted in Parliament must made the speakers looked silly and they should rightly call for the drawdown of the national reserves to be converted to good money making assets as it would not draw down the reserves. Tiok boh? 

All the fools in Parliament defending the drawing down of national reserves to build T5 and Tuas on the false premise that it would draw down the reserves, please kee chiu.

The hysterical and dumbfounded defense of the national reserves from being drawn down is likely to have more unspeakable reasons for doing so, as it is crystal clear that conversion of national reserves into good assets is not a drawdown. It is a plus thing, a positive thing.


ElderShield - Do no evil

My apologies, I forgot where I copied this from, probably TOC or TREmeritus. Could also be from the main media.

The #ElderShield Review Committee (ESRC) shared their interim recommendations today, after getting feedback from more than 800 #Singaporeans from all walks of life over 26 focus group sessions. To help Singaporeans prepare for their long term care needs, the Committee has recommended that the enhanced ElderShield should be a universal and inclusive scheme for cohorts aged 40 and below when the scheme takes effect. Policyholders will join the scheme from age 30 so they can spread their premiums over a longer period while they are working, to enjoy lifetime coverage after they have grown old and retired. At the start of the enhanced ElderShield scheme, those aged between 31 and 40 will be included as these cohorts are not covered by the existing ElderShield 400 scheme. The ESRC further recommended that the enhanced scheme be administered by the Government as a key pillar of our social safety net. The Committee has also made some useful recommendations on how to make the claims process more accessible and convenient for policyholders and their caregivers.

I welcome the Committee’s interim recommendations. The enhanced ElderShield will enable Singaporeans to pool our risks and resources in preparation for old age, when one faces higher risks of becoming severely disabled. It is an important pillar of #Singapore’s social safety net as our society ages. The Government will look at providing premiums subsidies to keep the premiums affordable for lower and middle-income Singaporeans. This reflects our values in building an inclusive society, where we help and care for one another.
I thank Mr Chaly Mah and the ESRC members for their hard work in engaging different groups of stakeholders and developing their recommendations. We look forward to receiving the Committee’s final recommendations by the middle of this year. -- Hong Tat

I just have one word for these young punks. Do no evil. Stealing the people's life savings without their permission is a very evil thing no matter how it is cloaked or disguised. Remember, retribution will come, it is a matter of when, not if. Look at what is happening to Najib and his cronies and learn to be sincere, honest and really care for the people.

Do not steal the people's life savings. It is their money, they earned by their sweat, blood and tears.

Any govt that have designs on the people's life savings and started to steal the people's life savings has lost its moral authority to rule. The mandate of heaven would soon be taken away from them. Malaysia is a case in point. And many of the accomplices of crimes against the people would be brought to justice and live in shame when the day arrives.

Sino Indian border war - A revelation of unpleasant truth still guarded as state secret

Two weeks ago, the Australian journalist Neville Maxwell finally made part of the Henderson Brooks report public, by putting it up on his blog. The report was an internal Indian Army enquiry into its rout in the 1962 war with China — Maxwell was the New Delhi correspondent for The Times, London, at the time — but in the 51 years since the report was written up by Lt Gen Henderson Brooks and Brig PS Bhagat, successive Indian governments have refused to make it public. Only two copies of the report were thought to be in existence, although there was never any doubt that Maxwell had had access to the report for his 1970 book India's China War quoted extensively from it. In his first interview to the Indian media since he made the report public, the now 88-year-old Maxwell tells Parakram Rautela that he had been trying to make the report public for years but that nobody would publish it. He adds that he was only able to get hold of Volume I of the report, minus 45 pages, and that he never laid eyes on Volume II. And of course he still blames Nehru for the war, not the Chinese. Excerpts:
Q: You suggest India's official account of the cause of the 1962 border war is false. What, in your view, is the truth?

NM: By September 1962 the Indian "forward policy" of trying to force the Chinese out of territory India claimed had built up great tension in the Western (Ladakh) sector of the border, with the Chinese army just blocking it. Then the Nehru government applied the forward policy to the McMahon Line eastern sector and when the Chinese blocked that too India in effect declared war with Nehru's announcement on October 11 that the Army had been ordered to "free our territory", which meant to attack the Chinese and drive them back. As General Niranjan Prasad, commander of 4 Division, wrote later: "We at the front knew that since Nehru had said he was going to attack, the Chinese were certainly not going to wait to be attacked" — and of course they didn't. That's how the war began. The Chinese attack was both reactive, in that General Kaul had begun the Indian assault on October 10, and pre-emptive because after that failure the Indian drive had been suspended to build up strength for a resumed attack....

While India continues to tell its lies that it was the victim of Chinese aggression and continues to blame the Chinese for the 1962 border war, more and more information are being disclosed by independent authors using classified India documents to prove who was the real devil in the conflict.

Deny as much as they want to deceive their own people and people of the war, the aggressive and  hostile nature of the Indian govt have not changed since then, with wild ambitions to be a world power, to the extend of harbouring intention of seizing Chinese land and controlling its neighbouring states as protectorates and colonies, elevating itself as a regional hegemon.

The facts speak for itself. The so called Chinese intent to grab Indian land sounded hollow when the Chinese soldiers withdrew from India after the counter offensive, released all prisoners of war, returned all weapons captured, and returned to the original line of control...till today.


China –The world ‘s biggest consumer market beckons

The stereotyping of communist countries as poor and backward agricultural societies is over. Though this reality is as clear a bright sunlight, many that have lived under the western media’s condemnation and smear campaign of communist countries and communism would still swear, with their eyes wide open, that communism and communist countries are the poor and backward bad guys. The blinkers should have fallen off long ago, but these daft and unthinking beans would put them back on and keep on swearing at communism and communist countries.

China, with its 1.36b population is now the second largest economy and the world’s largest consumer market with at least 600m people that are middle class and with the spending power to match. They are hungry consumers for all the good things in life that money can buy. They buy them in China and the rest of the world as big spender tourists. Yes, they are communists, or from a communist regime that the West have branded as bad and evil. The one century of indoctrination and western propaganda is hard to shrug off, worse for the unthinking kind.

Be nice to the world’s biggest consumer market or you will have to face the consequences. The little white sheriff still thinks it is an European state and sided with the evil American Empire to be an enemy of China. China is closing its market to this little white rogue and it is crying in pain. China should persist in keeping this little rogue in its little corner of the world, not allowing its goods access to its market, not allowing its citizens to visit and spend money in Australia. Keep it that way for another 10 years and see how long it will last in its anti China and racist way.

The Americans started a trade war, fired the few first shots. Now it is thinking twice. Without the world’s biggest consumer market, many of American products would find no buyers. The agricultural produce would go to waste. The automobile companies, the aircraft industries, the high tech industries, including Apple would have its sales figures slashed. GM and Ford Motors would go belly up.

The same fate would apply to the European companies. They need trade, they need to sell their goods and services. And who have the money and the willingness to buy them? The rich communist Chinese in China. Any country that wants to sell their goods better be nice to the communists in China. They have the money, not 1.36 b of poverty stricken peasants anymore. They are travelling the world, strutting around with pockets full of cash.

Deny and defy the biggest economy and biggest consumer market in the world at your own risk. Without China buying, without the Chinese buying and spending their hard earned money, the world economy would have gone into a recession. Many European countries and their companies, including Americans, would go bankrupt without the consumers in China.

This is the new reality. Remove your blinkers, dafties. This is the brave new world of the 21st Century.

China should not just shut its door to Australia, it should do the same to a few of the rogue European countries like France, Holland and Italy and also Canada. Without the biggest consumer market in the world, and the second biggest market closing its door to them by Trump, these rogue countries would go bankrupt very soon. China should just do it, don't buy from them, don't trade with them. Pick a few like the saying, kill the chicken to frighten the monkeys.


Stubborn Mahathir just refuses to learn

Don’t teach an old dog new tricks. Mahathir just announced a 10% cut in ministerial salary. His own salary will be cut from MR 22,826 to RM 20,540. His ministers’ salary would be from RM14,907 to RM 13,416. Anyone knows how miserable is RM 20,540? It is less than S$7,000pm. How to survive like that? The quality of life of his family members would be gravely affected. And his ministers’s RM 13,416 is less than S$5,000. Does he know how much is our PM and ministers getting a day?

My God, any average Singaporean will have a household income of more than S$5,000. Many household incomes here are more than S$7,000. This means than many Singaporeans are earning more than Mahathir, the PM of Malaysia. This is really injustice. No dignity.

Does Mahathir really think his ministers can survive with such a miserable salary? Does he know that human beans are corrupt by nature and if he does not pay them multi million dollar salaries they will definitely become corrupt? This human nature is universal.

Singapore’s govt understand this and have solved this problem by paying their ministers in the millions to prevent them from becoming corrupt. When Hsien Loong visited him, did he not see the shining example of a incorruptible PM and his cabinet of equally incorruptible ministers? Should he have learnt something?
Instead of raising his ministers’ salaries to the millions, he made them take a 10% pay cut! He is really asking for trouble. They will become corrupt for sure. Like that Malaysia would be in more trouble. His govt would become more corrupt than Najib’s. At least Najib tried to pay them well.

This old dog is too stubborn and refuses to learn from Singapore. On second thought, how could he learn from Singapore? He detests everything Singapore. He is trying to prove the impossible, that low minister salaries would not lead to corruption. I am sure he will surely fail. He does not understand human nature. Greed is good. He also does not know that to lead a quality life, you must have million dollar salary. The peasants can tighten their belts, but how can he expects his ministers to tighten their belts and live like paupers?

Malaysia jiat lat leow.


Now Trump trumps summit

There was an oft-quoted saying much beloved of our pioneer leaders in the days of yore that went something like this: “When 2 elephants make love, the grass suffers”.  This was an admonition that Singapore being a tiny spit of an island was vulnerable to big power play and would suffer from their machinations however benign they might seem.  Singapore civil servants in 2018 can be forgiven for feeling a mite the same way. In this case, the 2 elephants did not exactly make love. They only threaten not to make love. Last week, North Korea, peeved at joint military drills by the South and the US, warned that the June 12 love-fest in sunny Singapore may not happen if the enemy indulged in such indecent foreplay. Not to be outdone, President Trump told the world that “there’s a very substantial chance…it (the summit) won’t work out”, but not before adding “That doesn’t mean it won’t work out over a period of time… but it may not work out for June 12. But there’s a good chance that we’ll have the meeting”. Huh??? Now is it on or is it off, Mr Trump?  To which he replied unequivocally - “It’ll be determined pretty soon”.  

Now I can visualise Singapore bureaucrats bellowing: “How soon is soon? June 12 is pretty soon you know!” Mr Trump may not be aware but a summit does not materialise out of thin air. Security for him and Kim Jong Un, probably the two most popular men in the world, must be arranged. The summit venue too must be booked. It cannot be Mt Everest or Bukit Timah Hill. The last I heard, it was down to an F-1 race between Shangri-La and Marina Bay Sands. Then there’re also the hordes of international journalists to handle - most not half as compliant as our Straits Times and Zaobao chaps. So don’t begrudge our civil servants. Their $ not so easy to earn ok!          

Western myth and smearing of the Chinese Civilisation

The Chinese and the Chinese Civilisation have been the victims of western smear campaign and disinformation for more than two centuries to the point that even today many silly bananas hate and despise the Chinese and Chinese Civilisation and themselves without knowing the truth. Just view some of  the sick and silly comments of Singaporeans bananas in CNA onlines and some websites and you will know why and wondering how sick are the minds of these bananas.

As for the westerners, it is understandable as they were brought up with a diet of western history of dominance and the rest of the world are inepts and less civilised and less able than them. Some western historians and academics may harbour such negative thoughts of the Chinese Civilisation out of ignorance of Chinese history and culture, some out of their cultural bias, and some out of plain stupidity.

I will briefly explained the stereotyping of the Chinese Civilisation and try to dismiss their negative perception and interpretation and understanding of the Chinese Civilisation. To them the Chinese and Civilisation are backward and well below the intelligence of the West. This is not all. They have been passing the myth that the Chinese are aggressive and belligerent people and have been a warring state and harbour the ambition of wanting to conquer and rule the world. They have been spreading this lie and fear to nations of the world that many believe in this lie within thinking. They have been drumming this into the subconsciousness of the people of the world, especially those that read Chinese history and Civilisation written by the West.

The ingenuity, talent and industry of the Chinese need no further elaboration if one is to look at China in the last 40 years. After being conquered and ruled by foreigners for more than 400 years, being victims of invasion, aggression, wars and foreign powers plundering and looting the wealth of a once rich and advanced civilisation, China was in ruins by the late 19th Centuries till 40 years ago, ie the late 1970s. Given the opportunity to manage their own country and destiny, the Chinese people rose to right all the wrongs and all the negative perceptions of the Chinese people and Civilisation.

Some of you may be wondering why I said China was ruled by foreigners for more than 400 years. The western scholars could not tell the difference between the Han Chinese and the minority tribes in China. The Mongols and the Manchus were not Han Chinese but minority tribes of China, numbering only a few millions, a small fraction of the Han Chinese population. These were martial tribes with ambitions to conquer and rule over China and the Han Chinese. The Mongols even rode west to conquer Europe and the Middle East.

Be very clear, the Mongols and Manchus were not Han Chinese. The Han Chinese as a Civilisation has long given up wars and conquests. They have turned themselves into farmers and tradesmen, craftsmen and enjoying the arts and culture. The Chinese culture puts soldiering as among the lowest of the profession to be admired. No good sons would want to be a soldier and even if they were soldiers, their ranks in the hierarchy of the dynasties were lower than the administrative service officials. The warring DNAs of the Chinese Civilisation were long gone, lost by the 13th Century. That was the key reason why small minorities like the Mongols and the Manchus were able to conquer and rule China with populations of hundreds of millions. The Chinese have lost the desire to conduct war and soldiering was not a desired profession.

The Japanese read this very well and thought they could rule a peasant and artisan China and Chinese Civilisation. When the West invaded China under the rule of the Manchus, the Chinese Civilisation were suppressed to a hapless people. And the only soldiers were the Manchus and their Chinese conscripts. Even the Manchus by then were worn out, decadent and weak militarily.

Since the conquest and rule of China by the Mongols, 1279-1368 and Manchus in 1644-1911, the only Chinese dynasty in between was the Ming Dynasty. The Ming was famous for the Expedition of Admiral Cheng Ho, not of conquest. They too weakened and were conquered by the Manchus that ruled China for nearly 300 years.  The weakened Qing Dynasty was succeeded by the invasion of the western colonial powers and Japan.

Thus, since the 13th Century, the China and Chinese Empire were not really Chinese except for the Ming Dynasty, a rather peaceful and non expansionist Empire that even withdrawn from the world after the last voyage of Cheng Ho. They destroyed all their naval ships and became isolationist.

The expansionist and belligerent warmongering Chinese Empires were non Chinese, ie the Mongols and the Manchus. Where is the evidence or facts to call the Chinese as expansionist empire builders that sought to conquer and rule its neighbours and the world.

This myth about the Chinese and a warlike Chinese Civilisation is a western lie, a western fabrication to smear the Chinese Civilisation and to instil fear in the countries around China and the world, to demonise China. At the least, it is also due to western ignorance or deliberate distortion of history.

China and the Chinese Civilisation have never been a threat to the rest of the world since the 13th Century. Even today, China is not threatening any country. The island disputes in the South China Sea was a renewed and strong China reclaiming what were rightly Chinas, nothing more nothing less. China today still lost a lot of territories seized by the invading countries when it was weak and not taking them back. The act of taking back the territories seized by the invading countries cannot be seen as being expansionist or aggressive. These territories should return to their rightful owners, China.

China was a victim of foreigners since the 13th Century except a short spell under the Ming Dynasty. And during these 7 hundred years, China and the Chinese Civilisation were not a player in world affairs, so how can China be aggressive and expansionist? The white lie that China/Chinese Civilisation are aggressive and expansionist needs to be scrapped from the skulls of the unthinking. It was the Mongols and the Manchus that were expansionist and martial in their nature.

Where did the western colonialists get the idea that China is going to be a hegemon again? Why hype about a possible hegemon but acquisced at the behest of an existing evil Empire? Where did the rest of the world get this negative thought about China and the Chinese Civilisation as a hostile country or Civilisation? When did the simple minded unthinking bananas got this idea as well? From reading western myth, lies, and smear campaigns written by westerners to demonise China and the Chinese Civilisation of course.

Know your history and know the truth and save yourself from living under other people's lies and being made a fool of yourself and your Civilisation.

PS. An expansionist and aggressive warlike nation and Civilisation would not be so easily conquered and ruled by foreigners and invaders, for more than 400 years. If you want to know what is expansionist and aggressive, look at the records of colonialism, imperialism and the evil Empire maintaining more than 1,000 military bases across the world.


Can 1MDB drag Singapore down as well

The infamous 1MDB scandal played a big role in bringing down Najib and his corrupt regime. As many of the transactions of 1MDB went through Singapore, with several banks involved, could Singapore be implicated and this cancer spread to take its toll on the Singapore govt as well?

There is a post in thestatestimesreview titled ‘Did Najib accept Singapore’s High Speed Rail project to hide 1MDB funds?’ that speculated Singapore’s involvement in this scandal. It is highly speculative and controversial of course. It is just a point of view put forth by thestatestimereview, and the author admitted that it is just a possibility, not a fact. Shanmugam would call this serious allegation.

Here are a few paragraphs of the article,

‘Following Lee Hsien Loong’s embarrassing 30-mins meeting with newly-elected Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, the High Speed Rail project along with other bilateral deals with Singapore are now back on the negotiation stage. Sending a message to Lee Hsien Loong, the Malaysia’s Economic Affairs Minister announced an hour after Lee Hsien Loong was sent out the doors of the PM’s Putrajaya building, that all bilateral deals signed by former Malaysia PM Najib Razak has to be re-looked at.
For good reason.

In exchange for hiding his stolen 1MDB funds in Singapore, former Malaysian PM Najib Razak clinched a deal with Lee Hsien Loong to extend Malaysia’s High Speed Rail (HSR) project to Singapore? Entirely plausible.

For a start, Malaysia does not need to extend it’s domestic HSR to Singapore in the first place. There is little economic benefits for Malaysia to link Kuala Lumpur and Johor to Singapore, which has only proven to worsen the rising cost of living of Malaysians. So why is the HSR extended to Singapore then?

Based off United States’s investigation, Singapore played the major role helping Najib Razak hide his stolen billions. The funds transacted through 5 Singapore banks, including Temasek Holdings-owned DBS and Standard Chartered….’

The suggestions in the article are good for reading and would make a good fictional story on political conspiracy and torrid business deals. Whether there is any element of truth in this episode only time will tell. If it turns out to be true, things would look very embarrassing as Mahathir would have no reason to hide anything if he comes to know about it. He would proudly tell the whole world the whole truth and nothing but the truth, this time with all honesty, as he has all the reasons to do so.

And if it does happen, the fall out may be tough to ignore. One govt has fallen because of 1MDB. Would it bring down another? Until proven, this is only an allegation and there is nothing more to it. It is not fake news as fake news would claim that it is true and want the readers to believe that it is true. The article said it is ‘entirely plausible’. So just leave it as that and wait for the story to unfold. No need to jump into conclusion.


The Mahathir Dilemma

After half a century since he wrote the Malay Dilemma, today Mahathir is faced with a new dilemma. Everyone knows that he has an axe to grind against Singapore. Now he also has an axe to grind against Chinese investments in Malaysia, deals that were signed by his foe, Najib Razak. He has so many reasons to pick on these projects and to tear them to pieces unless he could renegotiate new terms to his benefits. Oops, I mean to Malaysia’s benefits.

Now, why would these two axes become a dilemma to Mahathir? The Singapore axe is simple to understand. He cannot tahan Singapore’s success and be better than Malaysia, putting personalities aside. He had done many things in the past to cripple Singapore’s progress, like the crooked bridge, not selling sand and water to Singapore even when water is falling free from the sky, and sand dredging from Malaysian rivers would have served dual purposes beneficial to Malaysia. No deal if things benefit Singapore even if Malaysia stands to benefit as well.

Now look at what China is doing in Malaysia. The grand plan is to make Malaysia the new transportation hub to replace Singapore, his arch enemy. Malacca or Port Klang would be developed to replace Singapore and become the most important and busiest port in this part of the world. Would that be nice?

But the Chinese plan was negotiated by Najib and all the benefits and credit would go to Najib as well. Killing the plan would be good to Singapore as the net effect would be to kill off the competition from Port Klang and Malacca as the alternatives to Singapore. But not killing the plan would mean he has to go along with it, with Najib’s initiative to court Chinese investments, sanctioning the work of Najib. Though this would make Malaysia a new trade and transportation hub as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, he could not gain anything from it. People would say it was all the contribution of Najib.

There is also the HSR to Singapore. Mahathir may also want to drop this project as it would benefit Singapore more than Malaysia, allowing Singapore to be in the link of the BRI. To him, just like selling water and sand to Singapore, as long as it benefits Singapore, it is no go.

The Mahathir Dilemma is to support the Chinese BRI that would have transformed Malacca or Port Klang as the biggest and busiest port in the region, to replace Singapore, or to kill it and let Singapore to continue as the transportation hub in the region, with Malaysia playing second fiddle. This way, his action would actually benefit Singapore instead of killing Singapore. What would he choose, to kill the BRI and Chinese investments, or to kill Singapore?

This could be the making of his new book, The Mahathir Dilemma.

Mahathir has many other dilemmas to deal with and to write about. What about his pro bumi Malay Malaysia and his new Malaysian Malaysia slogan?


Singapore severely constrained by space – Lawrence Wong

Singapore constrained by space? I thought I heard many wise men and wise women talking about Singapore big enough to accommodate 6.9m people, some said 10m, some said 15m and some said even more. Now we only have a miserable 5.6m and Lawrence Wong is saying in Parliament that Singapore is severely constrained by space, so cannot anyhow extend the lease of HDB flats. Who is telling the truth, who is spreading fake news, who is lying? Or all of them are telling the truth?

When Lawrence Wong said Singapore is constrained by space, what was his basis? Based on 5.6m, 10m or 15m?

The extention of HDB lease after the expiry of 99 years is a complex problem. There is a big problem of not enough land for public housing in the future for our children and grandchildren. He went on to say ‘The govt must grapple with these questions, study the matter and do the responsible thing.’ What responsible thing? Like bringing in more foreigners to increase the population to 6.9m, to 10m or more?

What action is responsible and what is irresponsible? What action would lead to a severely constraint in space for public housing? And who is the irresponsible one to cause this severely constrained problem for Singaporeans?

Can this problem be avoided? Is it so difficult to prevent this problem?

I am now so confused? Really ah, got severely constrained space problem ah? How can that be when so many wise men and wise women are advocating a population of 6.9m, 10m or 15m or more? Who is talking rubbish?

How convinced and convicted is Lawrence Wong about the problem of severe constraint in space? If he believes what he is saying, should not he be telling Parliament to stop the influx of more foreigners into the country immediately and also telling those that are peddling for 10m or 20m population to have their heads checked? Or he does not believe in what he was saying, so say say only. No need to take any action because it is not true?

What is the truth?


Kim Jong Un - An international statesman

Donald Trump called him Rocket Man. He returned the compliment by calling Trump dotard. And they grew to respect each other. Before this the West and western media had a field day calling him all kinds of vulgarities. But a great man, a great leader would not be dumped just by a few silly remarks or silly press.

Donald Trump, the President of the USA, has to travel across the Pacific Ocean to meet Kim in Singapore. Kim is not going to fly across the Pacific Ocean to meet Trump at his beck and calls. Neither would he have to wait outside his bedroom for an audience while Trump read bedside stories to his granddaughters.

Both men are going to meet as head of state of two independent countries and as equals. Kim is not going to come bearing gifts to please the emperor. Instead, he is going to ask Trump how much, or what can Trump offer him, for giving up his nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons do not come cheap and Trump has to pay for it.

The stature and respect of a statesman or leader is not about how much he earns or his wealth. It is how other leaders view him and treat him. Kim has met Xi Jinping as equals in Beijing. Now he is going to meet Trump and the whole world is in awe. A 73 year old man meeting a man half his age and talking terms, trading deals while the whole world watches in silence.

How many world leaders have this kind of privilege or attention from the rest of the world? Trump, know how arrogant and conceited he is, is not going to waste time talking to anyone. Here, before this meeting, Trump is telling the world of the great things he and Kim are going to do together.

Kim Jong Un has arrived on the world stage not as a Rocket Man. Trump is going to shake his hand, perhaps gives him a bear hug, and called him President Kim. Kim will respond in kind, as two leaders met and normally do.

Now who is going to say this man is mad or whatever, irrational, murderer, womaniser and what not?

But things took a turn in the last few days. Kim is threatening to call off the summit with Trump after calling off all contacts with South Korea. The silly West rose in rage with their stupid arguments that the North Koreans are like that, unreliable, full of trickery, trying some ploys to get a better deal. The silly colonised Asian minds also repeated the same kind of stupidity, without thinking except to repeat what the West were saying.

Never would these stupids ask the real question and look for the real answers. They simply stereotyped what the West said. Have they noticed what Kim Jong Un had done during the prelude to the summit? Sending athletes to the Winter Olympics, exchanges with South Korea, meeting with Moon Jae In, stopping missile tests? And these were followed by the willingness for denuclearisation, return of American prisoners, inviting journalists to witness the destruction of nuclear testing sites, willing even risking his life to meet in Singapore to meet Trump!

Were these gestures and moves not sincere? Compare them to what the Americans did. What did the Americans did in return? Nothing. Zero. The Americans still continue to conduct wargames to simulate an invasion of North Korea, repeating threats, sanctions, increasing pressure without relenting, demanding that Kim send all his nuclear weapons to the USA to be destroyed, full inspection of nuclear facilities in North Korea, not a single gesture of goodwill!

The Americans think that Kim is a naive little boy, to be bullied, that he would give up all his nuclear weapons unconditionally, so that the Americans can do a Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi on him, invading North Korea once they could confirm that it has no more nuclear capability, and murder him and his family? The insincerity of the Americans is unbelieveable. But the West and the colonised Asian minds cannot see this, blinded by their stupidity.

They think that every Asian leader would jump to joy, wet their pants, just to have a chance to meet with the American president. No way, Kim Jong Un is no ordinary stupid Asian leader that goes gaga with an American president. Trump and the Americans must show their sincerity to meet him, as equals, both heads of states of their respective countries, and to talk terms that are beneficial to both countries on equal terms, not one sided.

The Americans are expecting that Kim would go down on his knees, willingly gives up his nuclear weapons and begs for mercy. This is how arrogant the Americans and the West are. They still behave like bullies. Other Asian leaders may like to be bullied, but not Kim Jong Un.

The best part, if there is one leader Trump would like to meet up, it is Kim Jong Un. Trump is willing to travel half way around the world to meet him, Kim Jong Un. And Kim may not want to see him.


Reckless evil Empire and fake news

This piece is about fake news, distorted news, mischievous news and fabricated news, to demonise a country, to con the readers to think what the devils behind it want them to think, without thinking.

Read the extract of Yahoo News on the recent barrage of attacks against Iran, painting Iran as the demon that should be attacked and invaded, by the devils of course. Read the points raised and ask if they are true, really or fabricated.

"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The Latest on fallout from U.S. withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal (all times local):1:20 a.m.
The White House is condemning Iran's "reckless actions," accusing the country of "exporting destabilizing influence throughout the Middle East."
White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders has issued a statement citing actions in Syria and Saudi Arabia. She is calling on "responsible nations" to pressure Iran to "change this dangerous behavior."
An Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights prompted an Israel attack Thursday on Iranian targets in Syria. Saudi Arabia is accusing Iran of providing missiles that Yemeni rebels have fired toward Riyadh.
Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May Friday. The White House said both condemned the rocket attacks."

Iranian troops are in Syria to help fight ISIS. And they stupidly lobbed one or two missiles into Syria, for what I dunno, to give Israel a reason to attack them with massive forces, several times, and killing a lot of Iranian soldiers on the ground. Why would they want to invite the Israelis to attack and kill them when they were happily destroying the ISIS and rebel forces in Syria? Logical? Or were the supposedly missiles fired into Israel were fabricated, false flags, to allow Israel to use them as a pretext to attack them? And for the Americans to brand them as reckless?

Now, were the attacks of Iranians in Syria by Israel reckless? And the scheme by Israel and the USA and now dragging in the Brits, to attack and invade Iran reckless? Iran is not going to be like Iraq and got hit and invaded without hitting back. This the Russians are also in Iranian soil. Remember the murder of Kim Jong Nam in KL and the poisoning of ex Russian spies?

This reckless scheme of the unthinking in Washington, Tel Aviv and now London, is going to bring about a war that they cannot stop and the Middle East would be on fire. Israel may foolishly think that they and the Americans and Brits could hit the Iranians and the latter could not hit back. But if they miscalculated, Israel will be in smokes when Iranian missiles landed in their soil. An attack on Iran would bring in Russia and China and others into the conflict.

The reckless evil Empire must be stopped to start another war with their own fabricated news. The UN must stop the reckless Americans, Jews and Brits from starting World War 3. What to you think the UN is doing now? Nothing, absolutely nothing, because the lawless Americans are not going to follow international laws and norms. They decide when to go to war and against whoever they chose to.

The Americans, the Jews and the Brits are the reckless ones, not the Iranians.

See how dangerous is fake news, fabricated news, mischievous news and how dangerous is to read news without thinking and taking them at face value.

See how aggressive the evil Empire and the West, the Jews are in their pursuit of war!  They are the warmongers, but many silly Asians believe that they for peace and would want to invite them to be the policemen of Asia. They are only peaceful when every country becomes their colony and say, yes masters.


Ministerial statements for discussion

Minister Masagos: Singaporeans become very wealthy in record time.
Minister Ong Ye Kung: The poor should help themselves.

I happen to see the above two statements in thestatestimesreview and find them very interesting as they would draw a lot of views from Singaporeans. Let me start with Masagoes. Which group of Singaporeans was he referring to that became very wealthy in record time. Not me of course, and not many Singaporeans that I know.

And in the article he asked those Singaporeans who got very rich to contribute to charity. I like that. Now those Singaporeans that got very wealthy and very fast, please be charitable, don’t be shy, just contribute some of your riches to help the needy Singaporeans. I like his targeted approach instead of those charity shows where they expect the poor working class Singaporeans to dig deep into their empty pockets to donate. How about Masagoes and his very rich millionaire ministers start the ball rolling?

And Ong Ye Kung’s comment that the poor should help themselves. I fully agree, if only the poor could write their own pay cheques to help themselves with OPM. Instead, their CPF savings are helped ‘to help themselves’ into buying insurance schemes that they did not ask for, maybe no need for, and they could not help themselves to say no. And some are still trying to help themselves with more of the poor Singaporeans’ CPF savings ‘to help’ the poor Singaporeans to help themselves until they don’t have enough for retirement.

Some may interpret this help themselves as asking the poor to work harder. I believe many are working very hard, to be taxi drivers, security guards and cleaners. But in such professions, no matter how hard they try, they are unlikely to make enough to pay for the high cost of living here.

Like that how ah?

What are your views?

US / West Allies Constant Criminal Acts Commit Grave Travesty of Human Rights


Besides using Democracy US/West also constantly use Human Rights as a front to demonise other countries which are opposed to US / West toxic policies and aggression or refused to toe US line and dictates. Such independent minded countries are usually targeted for frontal attack and regime change to be replaced with a pro US dictator.

US / West adopt double standards in the question on Human Rights. US can do anything no matter how evil it deems fit . The non-western countries cannot do what the US/West is doing but must listen and do what they dictate. It is a One World Order to be dictated by US/West and under US total control and hegemony.

The thirty articles in the UN Charter on The Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 have been completely torn to shreds and abused by US/West. Their morbid brutal behaviour and actions against non-western countries have made a mockery of the universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Contrary to the declaration of the brotherhood of mankind US/West contrive all ways and means to undermine the rights and freedom of other peace loving non-western countries. The white Americans / West believe otherwise and claim they are unique and special and are superior to non-western people. This is a wild and arrogant claim which the non western countries must demolish it.

US/West use constant barrage of mass propaganda through their control of mass media outlets throughout the world to demonise others and to carry out toxic disinformation, misinformation, deceits , lies , half truths and innuendoes to undermine targeted countries. They carry out illegal sanctions to undermine others economic progress and development through their complete control of the toxic petrol dollar which has a tight hold on the trade and economy of every other country, The non western countries must work out a way to demolish this petrol dollar so that US can no longer have a  strangle hold on other countries economy.

US/West have always demonstrated that 'Might is Right'. Through their military might they never hesitate to use coercion to force others to yield to their demands for military outposts, for submission to their orders and commands , failing which the countries will be subjected to attack and regime change.

One of  US/West greatest breach of Human Rights is the use of their various evil religious and militant doctrines to justify their killings, tortures, murders, genocide and conquest of other non-Christian lands which are still taking place before our eyes these days. There are endless examples of their evil deeds all of which gravely breach the travesty of Human Rights.

Their abuse of Human Rights is historical and never ending even to this day. The almost total genocide and decimation of the native American Indians is one example. The lynching and killing of African Americans and other races like the Mexicans and the Chinese is another. Even now the few left over remnant native American survivors are being ill treated and put in dreadful reservations in arid semi-desert areas.


In using its religious and militant doctrines as a foundation of its Foreign Policy US commits serious crimes against mankind and thus against Human Rights. Their evil doctrines are still being used to justify and empower them in their attack and conquest of many other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, Yemen and previously Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia of Indochina. Other countries within their target range  for attack and regime change are Iran, North Korea ( DPRK ) , Philippines, Malaysia, Venezuella and some other South American countries.

If US/West are serious about the sanctity of of Human Rights they must openly renounce and denounce the practise of their religious and militant doctrines so as not to breach the Human Rights clause on " the peaceful coexistence of countries and the upholding of fundamental freedoms and social justice. " They must stop kidnapping and arfbitrarily arresting people to be kept in solitary confinement for torture in Guantanamo , a US illegally occupied enclave in Cuba. Guantanamo should be rightfully returned to Cuba's sovereignty.

US pervasive faith in white men's uniqueness and superiority and its divine power and mandate that it arrogantly states it is not bound by Human Rights moral or legal standard and so it can carry on doing all the actual evil deeds that it has been doing all along without fear.

American politicians, statesmen and military officers like to boast that they are unconstrained by international law or Human Rights because whatever US does is blessed by its God, Jesus and so is beneficial and above critique. This is an open insult, abuse and travesty of Human Rights.

Instead of protecting small and weak countries rights and freedom and upholding justice US has been using its military might to carry out its aggression, oppression and repression of other countries with impunity. This is an affront against human rights and human dignity. This is seen in its endless attack on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, DPRK, Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuella. Those countries have been dastardly destroyed through US massive bombings and hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians have been killed which US conveniently shrugged off as unfortunate collateral damage. This is a callous disregard for human lives and they don't care or bother because they are all non white victims.


It is a travesty against Human Rights and a crime against humanity when US/West use sanctions and financial fraud as a tool to destroy other countries economy and livelihood.  It is able to use currency and finance as a tool and weapon because of its total control of the illicit petrol dollar . This is an abuse which all non-western countries must unite to take it down.

Another US/West act against Human Rights is its initiating, organising, supporting , training and funding of terrorist groups and organisations to carry out subversion and uprising against countries and governments which do not follow US dictates. Terrorist organisations like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Etim and many others are all initiated, trained, supported and funded by US via CIA.

US/West use religion as a front to create and foment trouble, choas and uprising. This is perverse to Human Rights. As major religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Christianity can be corrupted into different splintered forms US / West use it to to serve its different agendas and capitalise on using the inherently divisive nature of religions to topple governments which do not follow US dictates and to replace such governments with pro-US lackeys and dictators. Christianity has always been corrupted and subverted and used as a weapon of subjugation by US/West as per example Hawaii and the Philippines.

US adopts perverse logic on terrorism. It condemns terrorism when it is directd at US and its Western allies. However, US will always justify and support the use of terror against all other non western countries which are opposed to US policies and hegemony or when US monopoly of power is threatened as is seen in the Middle East and South China Sea region. US/West perversely portray that terrorism by non-state organisations or individuals is more heinous and grotesque than state terrorism carry out by US/West in their mass bombings resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians death . Yet through constant use of mass propaganda and brain washing US manage to convince many third world countries to agree with its perverted view notwithstanding the fact that their people have been oppressed, impoverished and plundered by US and the West for centuries.

In open defiance of Human Rights US/West always justify its aggression and illegal wars on the pretention it is fighting evil. When US/West are victorious in these illegal wars they always justify that the use of all means and weaponery are legitimate to defeat the losers who will suffer the fate of being labelled by them as criminals and terrorists as seen in the case of Saddam Hussein Colonel Gadaffi and Osama bun Laden.

Also US used of blanket shelling and bombing with depleted uranium in the Korean War, Vietnam war  and Gulf war is a gross violation of Human Rights.

US/West commit heinous crimes against Human Rights when it exploits and endangers the safety and security of countries and regions by exploiting the divide among these countries such as the divide between China and Taiwan, South Korea and North Korea, China and Japan, China and Vietnam, India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, Sunni Arabs and Shia Iran and India and China.

US incessant build up of over a thousand military bases around the world is its greatest perversion of Human Rights as they pose a lethal threat and grave danger to the peace and security of other countries and regions per se.


Friday, 18th May,2018


Corporal Kok Yuen Chin, another young life wasted

 The parents sent them their sons, they returned them with their bodies.

The premature death of Cpl Kok of SCDF on the last day of his NS is another sad and unnecessary story of the lost of our young men conscripted to serve the country. The death of these young men is so unnecessary that I cringed at the stupidity of the comments and apologies coming out from each incident. For this death is not going to be the last and the stupid comments and apologies would keep repeating, that they would conduct and investigate the cause of death, that it should not have happened, that punishment would be meted out to those responsible, that they would make sure it would not happen again. It would not happen again, it would not happen again! The truth, it would happen again and again and again as stupidity has no cure.

The death of these young men is not due to accident, not due to accident associated with the requirements of their profession, not work related but due to silliness that are totally unnecessary. Can such silliness be avoided, cannot?

Until someone has to pay dearly for the death of our young men, by being jailed for life, nothing will change, and these sad episodes will keep repeating over and over again.
Is it so difficult to stop stupidity, even if it cannot be cure? The young NS men may be na├»ve and clueless of such deadly incidents, but not the old soldiers, not the officers and commanders. It is too much to expect young NS men to keep away from silly acts, but aren’t the old soldiers and officers there to prevent them from repeating the silly and painful stories all over again?

Where is the accountability other than saying a few words of sorry and condolence? Do there really care, or just care by words, just like the regurgitation of finding jobs for PMETs by continuing to import foreigners to steal their jobs, lowering the cost of livings by continuingly raising rentals, property prices, transporation, narrowing the income gap but keeping paying themselves in the millions. It appears that these are words coming from a machine in their pockets, speaking without any sense of commitment or without meaning it.

You don’t have to wait for long for another young man to lose his life unnecessarily and for the circus to start again. Next time they don’t even need to be present after a tragedy, no need to rehearse what they have to say, just do what the slow moving rail transport is doing, record whatever that need to be said, and switch it on when needed.


MH370 - Silly expurts are convinced they found the answer

According to Yahoo News, some silly expurts are claiming that they found the answer to how MH370 disappeared. How they came to this answer, because they all made the same guess, that the pilot was attempting suicide and went on an elaborate fanciful flight to nowhere, in the Antarctic Ocean. My little brother also know the answer and had a wet dream for it.

These fucking western liars calling themselves experts have caused so much delay and waste of money and resources to mislead everyone on a wild goose chase for 3 long years. Now another bunch of wicked liars are claiming to know the answers without any proof or facts but based on their beliefs and imaginations. Here is the piece of news in Yahoo News.

"Experts are now convinced they have finally uncovered what happened to the disappeared Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.
Mystery has surrounded the doomed MH370, which disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers on board, since March 2014.
A panel of aviation experts have been working towards an explanation for the vanished Boeing 777, most of which was never found, as part of an investigation by Nine News in Australia.
Ex-Senior investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Larry Vance, said: “I think the general public can take comfort in the fact there is a growing consensus on the plane’s final moments.”
Vance, and the other experts on the panel, all agree on the suspicion that MH370 captain – Zaharie Ahmad Shah – was attempting suicide.
They believe he selected a remote and isolated part of the route so the plane would disappear...."

If one can recollect the sequence of events in the first few days of the incident, the answer is in the hands of Najib and the Malaysian authorities and Tony Abbott, the Aussie PM. The drips of information that came out from Malaysia were proof that they were hiding something. If they were innocent, there was no need to lie or put out disinformation. They were lying from the start.

Then there was Tony Abbott who suddenly claimed to know the whereabout of the plane. Who told him? Why did he volunteered and was so cock sure that he knew? It is unlikely that Abbott would reveal the truth as white men would protect white lies and white liars. Najib in his present predicament may be tempted to tell the truth in exchange for some compromises. After all the Americans have ruined his life and it is payback time to tell the world what happened, what he knew, what he was told about MH370. Exposed the evil doers since the Americans exposed him and persecuted him in the 1MDB case.

It is very insulting for the white liars to keep telling lies to think that Asians are so stupid to believe in their lies, one after another. These evil and wicked people would have to pay for their hideous acts and as part of a conspiracy to cover up the incident by spreading lies.


Malaysia, the end of an ‘Emperor’

Chinese history has lots of stories of fatuous emperors or high officials that met sorrowful and tragic endings. And what followed after such a demise were the persecution and execution of all the relatives, cronies and accomplices that abused power under the patronage of the fatuous emperor.

The fall of Najib is a similar case in point. This is not new, the fall of Marcos and Suharto also led to the same story of the rounding up of the henchmen that did the dirty work for the dictators. In Malaysia case the persecution is going to be quite widespread as the corruption of power was widespread and many cronies were involved, in the take and also abused powers to persecute those on the wrong side of the power house. And there is also a Mahathir that is bend on taking out all the dirty bedfellows, to drain the swamp. This time it is real, very real, unlike Donald Trump that is all talks.

The fate of cronies, relatives, accomplices that rose to positions of power, that did what the power wanted them to do, and willingly doing while enjoying the wealth and glory, would be the same. They would be taken down, one by one, by the new power holders.

This story is nothing new. It happened all the time, in every country, without exceptions. When a fatuous ‘emperor’ took the seat of power and planted all his relatives and cronies into position of power and authority, and abused the power for the benefits of the emperor and families and the inner circle, they better make sure that they stay in power forever. Unfortunately there is no such thing as forever when abuse of power is concerned.

It is only a matter of when, not if, as they said, that all emperors must meet their tragic ends, and so would be their lackeys, and relatives, no one would be spare. It is very sad that such things are still being repeated in modern history and many greedy and power hungry cronies are willing to play their roles for a moment of wealth and glory only to end in shame and humiliation. Maybe when wealth, power and glory come easily, they were blinded and think that it would never end.

There is no exception, and history would always repeat itself. Nothing last forever. Mahathir is working extremely hard for a 92 year old man, to bring justice to those that abused their position of trust and power, feasting on the people’s money and wealth, stealing the people’s and country’s money as if the country and money belong to them and it is their privilege to help themselves.

The strange thing is that the fatuous ‘emperor’ and his relatives and henchmen knew that it will come, a matter of time, but throw caution to the wind, hoping and praying that it would not come, that they can be the exception.


Malaysian GE 2018 – Is the power struggle settled?

The bargaining and unhappiness within the Pakatan Harapan coalition is getting serious and the division is coming into the open. Pakatan Harapan is not the multi racial party fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia as it was touted to be. Mahathir and his peers were surprisingly calling for a Malaysian Malaysia and PKR is turning out to be another Malay supremist party. This revelation is going to put a wedge in the new coalition.
The minority Chinese have put everything they got into DAP for a Malaysian Malaysia and are getting a rude shock with PKR opposing the appointment of Lim Guan Eng as the Finance Minister on racial ground. How is the Chinese community and other minority parties going to take this change? PKR is taking the Chinese community for granted again, just like UMNO treating the MCA and MIC. Would they be thinking of a realignment, breaking away from Harapan? If shove comes to push, would DAP jump into bed with UMNO that is desperately looking for a new coalition to remain in power and willing to give more concessions to the other minority parties?

The PH won 113 seats, inclusive of 42 from DAP while UMNO had 79 seats. This means that PH without DAP only had 71 seats, putting aside the new shifting of some independent and UMNO MPs to PH. If DAP were to join UMNO under new terms and form the govt, there would be another round of changing sides. The is still an outside chance for Najib to make a last attempt to forge a new coalition with DAP and other minority groups. As they said, there is no permanent enemies but permanent interests. If Najib and UMNO could strike a deal with DAP, they will be back in business.

The situation is still very fluid and anything can happen in Malaysia. Anwar may not be the PM if things turn sour with the coalition. The minority parties, especially the DAP, may have second thought with this new bedfellow unmasking itself. Remember, Malaysia boleh, anything also boleh.

Another strange development coming from this GE, if Mahathir can hold on to the premiership, is that he may do Singapore a big favour by terminating many contracts with China, scuttling the plans for Malacca or Port Klang to replace Singapore as the new shipping hub of the region. Singapore may have Mahathir to thank for to relive its glories days as the number one sea port in the region.

Many plans and dreams are now in suspense when the devils revealed what they truly are too prematurely, no more hiding behind a smiling mask.

Trump Kim Summit – How to trust Trump and the Americans?

Trump has backed out from the Iran denuclearization pact. Trumps had backed out from the Paris Climate Pact and also from the TTP. In a short span of a year, Trump tore away three major international agreements and is planning to back out from many more international agreements and treaties.
What does all this say of the trustworthiness of the Americans and American Presidents? It says no one can trust the Americans or American Presidents. They would back away from any agreements as and when they like.

Trump is going to meet Kim to sign an agreement for the denuclearization of North Korea. Kim’s base position is that the Americans/Trump must guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or attacked, and many other terms like no more sanctions, no more war games and other military threats for giving up his nuclear weapons. Kim is giving up the security of his country from an invasion, give up his nuclear weapons, just for an American guarantee. Is that sensible? What have the Americans given up? Nothing.

Can the Americans be trusted, can Trump be trusted? This is a no brainer question by how callously the Americans broke away from international agreements, breaking their own words and trust.
So, where would Kim go from here, the Americans have proven themselves to be untrustworthy?

Would a China guarantee be good enough, ie for China to be part of the signatories, taking a position that an attack on North Korea would be an attack on China and China would retaliate? Would China want to take such a responsibility, risking a nuclear war with the USA? What kind of guarantee is Kim hoping to get from the untrustworthy Americans?


Dr Wan Azizah - Woman of the Year

Stand by your man. This is what Wan Azizah has done all these years when Anwar was down and out, and accused of all kinds of vicious crimes that not many wives could accept or tolerate. Many wives would be so demoralised and would have given up on their men. This woman stood by Anwar in good times and in bad times. Anwar is so blessed to have such a great woman on his side, as his dedicated and devoted wife.

Wan Azizah not only did that, she did everything to protect Anwar, his interests and well beings. She did everything for her man, to be freed and be Prime Minister again. In the midst of all the politikings, she kept her cool and planned her every move for her husband locked up in jail. She formed a coalition with the man that brought down her husband with the condition that her husband would be pardoned, freed and be the next PM. She swapped her safe seat in Permatang Pauh, a seat she fought and kept for Anwar, with her daughter, so that during the interim period she would still be the Deputy PM, to keep a close watch on Mahathir, in case the devil has other plans. In this she has the support of her daughters and Lim Guan Eng, to make sure Mahathir keep to his promise.

She had done it. She has made it possible for the release of Anwar, fully pardoned by the Agong, to become the next PM of Malaysia. She singlehandedly won the Premiership for Anwar. What a woman!

This is a wonderful woman, a great strategist, a great woman who stood by her man in the darkest hours of his life when everyone would have written him off, to die in prison. She kept his dream alive and turned it into reality.

Wan Azizah is the Woman of the Year not just in Malaysia, but in the World. She made everyone proud of her. How about a Nobel Peace Prize for her instead of degrading this prize by giving it to scoundrels and warmongers that committed war crimes against humanity?

PS. Southernglory emailed this to me.  Dr. Wan Azizah was one of the top students of College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. She was the MacNaughton Jones gold medal winner in 1977. She was the 1st Malaysian to get this award which started in 1916, given to the best in Obstetrics  and Gynaecologists.

For a foreign lady student competing in a male white dominated world of medicine in Ireland and win such a prestigious award is an outstanding achievement.


China must continue to learn from Singapore

The China miracle has lasted for 30 years with double digit growth since Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore in 1978. In the last few years China's growth rate has declined to a 'frightening 6.9%'. This is alarming, according to all the doomsayers and western anal-lysts. China must start to rethink what they had done right in the past and what they had done wrong and leading to this decline. This is why I am saying that China must continue to learn from Singapore. When it was learning from Singapore, it became a bigger Singapore miracle. When it stops to learn from Singapore it is starting to show signs of decline.

The first thing that China did then was to borrow some of the top brains from Singapore like Goh Keng Swee, to help them draft out an economic blue print. China today needs more top brains from Singapore to help them in the next phase of development that Singapore had gone through after the miracles of 1970s and 1980s. Though Singapore is short of talents in many fields, the top talents are in political leadership and govt policy making. In this area Singapore has a lot of talents. China can tap on these super super talents, and they are in luck with the recent retirement of some of the best talents in the govt, big names like Lim Hng Khiang, Yaacob Ibrahim of cleaning the Singapore River fame, and the one in a billion Lim Swee Say. Then there is Khaw Boon Wan who is likely to retire soon. China can invite these super super talents to help them out in their next phase of development, maybe another decade of double digit growth.

Among the policies that Singapore has embarked, China may want to learn from the easy one first, like importing more cheap foreign talents to have drive their economy. China committed one serious mistake in stopping at one when Singapore stops at two. So China's population decline is worse than Singapore's and would be short of talents. There are many talents in South Asia and Southeast Asia that Singapore depends on. China can follow this easy path to max their economic growth like Singapore did. No need much thinking, no need to reinvent the wheel. Just take the blue print from Singapore. And china would become a multi racial country, a really international country like Singapore and the USA with plenty of bananas to chew.

This importing of foreign talents is very good for China especially in industries and fields that China is weak in. Finance and banking talents and IT talents from India are a must if Chinese banks want to earn billions overnight. Singapore banks could not earn this kind of money until they brought in Indian banking and finance talents. Likewise, Singapore would not be able to launch all the IT products and become a smart city without the IT talents from India. India talents have another strong advantage, they can speak English which Singaporeans and Chinese can't. So they would make good PRs and CEOs of China's international companies.

The next area is academic. Singapore's universities are now tops in the world, better than Beijing, Tsinghua, Fudan, Jiaotong and other top Chinese universities. China can learn from Singapore to put their top universities as the equals of Cambridge and Harvard and be as highly ranked as NUS and NTU. It only needs a bit of tweeting to have more foreign academics and students and the results will show. Just bring in the foreign academics, provide them jobs and good pay, discard some of the local academics, and the ranking for Chinese universities would swell, to the very top. China has more money and paying/buying foreigners is not a problem.

Another great policy that is cut out for China is asset enhancement. China has recently built a lot of public housing for its people. Using the same asset enhancement formula, China can also double the assets of its people in double quick time, and the Chinese people will be rich over night and be very grateful to the Chinese govt. Every Chinese would also become millionaires, asset rich. One caveat, China's lease term is only 70 years and the properties will become zero value faster.

The growing affluence of Chinese citizens have led to many traffic problems with more cars on the roads. Singapore have solved all traffic problems with COEs, ERPs and all kinds of fees and electronic parking system. The traffic situation in Singapore is excellent compares to other big cities. And Singapore is also starting to encourage its citizens to ride bicycles. China can learn from these policies and encourage its newly rich citizens to go back to riding bicycles for a greener and clean environment, like 40 or 50 years ago. Riding bicycles is progress, owning cars is bad.

And another thing, China must not keep the pay of its political leaders so low. It affects their dignity especially when they met up with Singapore leaders that are being paid in the millions. China should seriously consider raising their leaders salary to millions so that they can have more dignity and not to be looked down by Singapore leaders.

This million dollar salary thing is not just about dignity. It is also to prevent corruption. If China were to pay their political leaders millions, then the corruption problem will go away. No more corruption in China, just like no corruption in Singapore. Xi will no longer have to spend time catching corrupt leaders. Wang Qishan would not have to fret about not catching the tigers. Everything will be fine.

There are really many many things that China can still learn from Singapore like how to manage MRT problems in big cities. China may not have such problems now, but it will when the train system gets old. So it is best to send a team to Singapore to learn how to tackle train breakdowns and delays before the problems surfaced. Singapore has plenty of experience in this area.

China also copied Singapore's CPF system but not full scale, make the Chinese workers contribute more to their CPF. They should as this is a cheap source of funds to help fund big govt projects or redirect into China's Sovereign Funds to invest overseas. It can also be assigned as China's national reserves, and if needed, the money can be used to buy insurance to benefit the people. No need to worry about paying back. This can be delayed by all sorts of schemes.

Just one more point, though there are many more that China can learn from Singapore, is the opening up of China's financial system and stock market. Just learn from Singapore and China would have a very vibrant stock market connected to the whole wide world, and can trade in everything, best in derivatives using computer tradings, super high tech and super efficient. Just a word of caution, China must make sure their main boards are filled with blue chips and not super penny stocks that are worth 1c or less. That would make China's stock market a joke.

I could go on, would continue some other time when China's economy starts to decline further. 6.9% is really bad.A 2/3% growth rate is just about right, the same as the USA and Singapore, mature economies. Then China can declare that it is first world, and the western anal-lysts would said China has arrived, and its economy is safe from a meltdown.


Malaysians choose the devil over the deep blue sea

92 year old Mahathir won. My prediction that the Chinese votes would swing to Najib did not come true. The economic and business biased Chinese voters did not go for economic interest unlike their forefathers, decided that political power is more important. The years of abuses by UMNO and the deep seeded and entrenched powers of extremists in UMNO would have to pay for their sins and be gotten rid off. The years of distrust and unhappiness over UMNO leaders is probably the main reason why they took the chance with Mahathir, the extremist they knew, and hopefully to live with him for a brief moment before Anwar assumed the post of PM. Any change is better than to continue with the same pact of extremists in UMNO. In Anwar’s case this is classic phoenix rising from the ashes, being beaten and locked up in prison for good only to reemerge as the PM of the day, at least this is the game plan. Many visitors are taking Q numbers to visit Anwar, the de facto PM working behind bars. They would probably have to refurnish his prison cell to look more respectable as the office of a PM.

Many BN minority leaders were bundled out of Parliament with the MCA and MIC losing their key leaders to DAP. MCA is history after decades of being hapless poodle of UMNO, totally incapacitated and ineffective in protecting minority Chinese interest. DAP is emerging as the force to be reckoned with not just in Penang but the whole of West Malaysia. With its 28 seats, DAP is going to be the deciding factor in the fate of Mahathir and Pakatan Coalition. The Chinese voters have thrown their weight behind DAP. DAP would not be bullied and pushed around by the new coalition govt.

In Malaysian politics, it is politics and anything can happen. Najib’s day may not be over yet given the possibility that DAP could defect en bloc to Najib’s camp should Mahathir play his anti Chinese card again. DAP has enough seats to make the difference and be the check on the ultra ultras and extreme extremists in Mahathir’s camp.

Putting this scenario aside, knowing that behind the scene dealings are taking place now, what would this lesson be for Singapore? Would our school boys and school girls learn anything and put aside their egos and differences and do a Mahathir in the next GE here? Though we may not have someone with the drawing power and experience of Mahathir, the political scene is ripe for a change with all the unpopular and unpleasant policies still in play and being assumed as the new normal that the daft Singaporeans have no choice but to live by.

Malaysia boleh, would the Singaporeans be shouting Singapore oso can do?

Hsien Loong’s relation with Mahathir would not be as cosy as with Najib. No more durian lunches together. But not to worry, Singapore has a trump card in the Indian Malay President. She can invite the Indian Malay PM to the Istana for curry fish head in banana leaf and rebuild a new rapport with Mahathir to compensate for the lack of chemistry between the latter and Hsien Loong. Everything will be fine.