Western Concocted Toxic Democracy for Non-Western Countries

The Evil Empire and its Western European allies adopt two facets for 'Democracy'. Liberal democracy is for US and its Western European allies. The other the western concocted toxic democracy is for non-western or non-Caucasian countries and will be dictated and imposed by force by the Evil Empire on non-western countries which do not toe the Evil Empire's line. Under the toxic democracy the targeted non-western countries must listen and obey the Evil Empire's words and orders . They must do what US / West tell them to do. They cannot do things on their own and if the West say cannot do then they must not do.

USA and its European allies always make use of 'Democracy' as a front or tool to demonise other countries like Russia, China and Iran which have gained substantial political and economic influence worldwide . Earlier they had demonised Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya  before subjecting them to attack and destroyed and their leaders hounded to death and the countries taken over by the Evil Empire and its allies. The new targeted countries for regime are now Iran, Syria, DPRK, Venezuella and Malaysia and may be President Duterte's Phillippines.

The Evil Empire and its Western allies make it a norm to make use of 'Democracy' as a front to create choas, trouble, dissension and to destabilise countries and regions and to carry out regime change of non-western governments they do not like.US  and the West always try to deceive the world by disseminating its fake toxic democracy through its control mass media and news agents throughout the world by claiming that the people of the targeted countries are in favour of western democracy.

Then through their fifth columns, lackeys and self-interest traitorous opposition leaders in the targeted regime it encouraged them to join the Evil Empire to noisily and vociforously condemn the regime for for denying the people's right to democracy - the toxic version though. The Evil Empire and its allies will then covertly provide material , financial and political aid to the regime's opposition underground fighters . Then the Evil Empire will use its controlled mass media to drum up tensions and keep the heat boiling until it reaches its climax and hits its full effect.

If things go on as planned by the Evil Empire, a new pro US dictator will take over the government and thus the regime change is accomplished. ( This happened in Indonesia in 1965 when CIA infiltrated President Sukarno's military and plotted a coup which overthrew his government and with a new pro USA dictator  and puppet General Suharto grabbing total power after killing more than a million Indonesians both natives and Chinese  after falsely accusing them of either being communists  or leftist socialists. )  However, if it is unsuccessful CIA will instigate and incite open rebellion in a colour revolution. If it is successful the Evil Empire will make the new pro-American dictator cum puppet a junior member of its empire.

Another Evil Empire's tactic is to use  its massive propaganda against targeted regimes by claiming that since democracy is the best form of government people everywhere will naturally opt for it . Countries which do not subscribe to corrupted western democracy are considered uncivilised and inferior. This is a wild and arrogant claim as if only the Evil Empire and the West have a sole monopoly on democracy. Yet democracy has been taught by Confucius and Mencius in the deliberations of ancient Chinese political philosophy. As an example a bad and incompetent government will forfeit 'The Mandate of Heaven' and the people will have the right to revolt and remove this government.

In America the Democrats and the Republicans do not practise true democracy. They practise a form of duopolitical dictatorship and both work under the mandate of the deep state dictatorship of the shadow government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cartel. Controlling members of the Illuminati cartel include personnels from Wall Street, big business conglomerates, bangsters like Citi Bank, Jp Morgan, Bank of America , the Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, FBI and the Pentagon. The democrats and the Republicans are actually two sides of the same coin. They are both unboundedly wicked and evil and they act and practise the same hawkish militant foreign policy of using democracy and their aggressive divine militant doctrines as a tool and medium to justify their foreign aggressions.

In the western form of liberal democracy only a small cohort of sellfish and self- interest politicians rule and serve the interest of only the one percent elites at the expense of the large majority of the population. Its fake democracy just use election as a form of mechanism to alternate power control between the established political parties just like the Democrats and the Republicans in America.

But for the Chinese people the essence of democracy must be seen and practise with the people in charge. The government and its leaders must truly and sincerely serve the interest of the vast majority of the population. It must protect the people's safety and livelihood. When the government fails to carry out its duties and responsibilities it will forfeit 'The Mandate of Heaven' and that is the people have the right to revolt and remove the bad and incompetent government. But in the fake western liberal democracy evil governing party leaders will manipulate laws and rules to entrench themselves and their party in power, all at the expense of the welfare of the people and the country. Some ex-colonial countries in South East Asia have copied this western democracy to the detriment and suffering of the people.

Non-western countries should question the dubious value of western liberal democracy. The western liberal democracy is actually a  sham, a ponzi scheme to exert dictatorial control over others . Their democracy is the greatest western con political design and ponzi scheme to be imposed on non-western countries. They try to use their toxic democracy to cheat and swindle and fool the people of non-western countries. They use toxic democracy to brainwash intelligent people into jombies who are deprived of their thinking power and who will have to numbly follow the dictates and orders of the West in its totality. Western toxic democracy has a built-in dimension to exercise and practise hegemony, neo-colonialism and dictatorship over non-western countries.

So non-western countries in Asia, Africa and South and Central America need to bear in mind the above points when the evil insidious Evil Empire and its Western European allies try to propagate or sell their toxic democracy as the best system of governance any government can have.


Saturday, 5th May, 2018


Anonymous said...

The US can continue printing money to finance their military excursions, subterfuge, financing rebellions etc all over the world. There appears to be no upper limit to their debts, and they are making a mockery of the word 'bankruptcy' when they are bankrupt many times over, they can continue to print money which the world needs because they control the oil and financial markets, world bodies and rating agencies.

The only plausible way to stop all this nonsense is to bring down the importance of the petro-dollar, which Russia and China is attempting to do. The Asia Infrastructure Bank set up by China is also to counter the World Bank's importance. That is why the US and Japan are uneasy and sore. When the demand for US$ becomes less important, then maybe we shall see the waning of the evil empires fortunes, just the same way the British Empire bite the dust.

It will not be easy for that to happen because most of the poodles of the world are behind the evil empire. Certainly not in our lifetime. Maybe no more lifetimes if a nuclear war erupts and all mankind disappear and nobody need to worry about who is to become the next number one evil.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Democracy crusaders from the West impose, intimidate and bully non-western countries for their own advantage. They occupy the high moral ground in international relations by paying lip-service in championing democracy and human rights. Hence, Israel is viewed as the only democratic state in the Middle East. The overseas record of Uncle Sam and its allies is horrendous. They inflicted death on millions of innocent people and uprooted many more millions of people in Asia and the Middle East. Democracy as practised by the West is purely predatory capitalism and rapacious militarism.

Anonymous said...

These barbaric savage white Americans and western Europeans learnt all the science and technology from China through the Arabs and the Mongols as well as through Marco Polo. They learnt also the civilised way of living and enjoying gracious life. Thus Marco Polo description of the wonderful cultural and good life generally in China they were fired with great eagerness to go to China. The whole of the European society was emancipated from their doldrums and that's how China was the catalyst of their renaissance. But being barbarians in spirit they subsequently came back to China to rob and kill the Chinese after mastering the art of making guns and cannons. Then they made use of their evil and wicked religious and militant doctrines and toxic democracy to serve their urge for aggression and conquest.Thus in using toxic democracy as a front they are now creating hell on earth for non-western countries.

Anonymous said...

If China makes something that the West also makes, it is copycat or stealing.

If the West makes the same thing invented in China, like gunpowder or the compass, it is said to have been introduced into their country. They never used the word 'stealing'. Even stealing land is not stealing, they call it discover. That is the hypocrisy of the whites. They stole land from the Red Indians, from the Aborigines, and oil from the Iraqis. They are mere thieves and barbarians.

The Japs, like the whites, called their WW2 takeover of East and SEA as liberation. Barbarians are barbarians.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can blame anybody for their own failings. Yhe Natural Order of Lives in this UniVerse is as follows:

1. The strong bullies the weak.
2. The smart outwits the stupid.
3. The many overwhelms the few.
4. The powerful controls the powerless.
5. The ruthless devours the meek.
6. The brave overcomes the coward.
7. The fast beats the slow.
8. The rich exploits the poor.
9. The wicked destroys the kind.
10. The fierce frightens the timid.
11. The corrupt poisons the pure.
12. The greedy grabs from everything from everyone.

Know what and who you are. It is not only what you need to know but also who you need to connect with. It is not only working hard but also working smart. It is not what you want but how you get it. It is not how much or many you have but what you have retained.

At the end of the day, whatever legacy you left behind dies with you. When your flesh and blood rot, your legacy rots with it, . When your physical body is reduced to ashes, your name, fame and greatness dissipate into thin air. Life goes on without you. It must and have to.

IMPERMANENCE is the ONLY RULE OF LAW in this Universe.

Anonymous said...

Mankind is nearing the tail-end of it's existence. It will be repeated again and again.

This time it will be the nuclear factor that will see it's end.

Let the strong, smart, powerful, rich, fierce, greedy etc dominate, but when it ends, all is level. What they gained amounts to nothingness when the time comes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is rare that I find myself in general agreement with Southernglory1, but in this case I do.

As I've said before Demo-crazy is OVERRATED..

Even Winston Churchill, a strong critic of democracy had to conceed: "Democracy is the WORST form of government....except for the others that have been tried from time to time". In other words, democracy is fucked-up, but it is the least fucked-up of all the others. Until; we find something better, democracy will have to do.

However, I have a bone to pick with old Winston: IMO a Benevolent Dictatorship works the best...IF (and it's a BIG "if") the people can get it RIGHT. Afterall, the people get the cuntry and the government they DESERVE, so it is up to them to "install" the right person for the job.

Asian, African cuntries...generally non-western cuntries are not suited for democracy. For many reasons. But since politics emanates from CULTURE, the main reason is that these cuntries are socially organised hierarchically. Usually top men occupy the top of the power, and all else are subordinate. Maybe there are dominant families who rule---like Saudi Arabia and Brunei. (Singapore?).

The attempts to bring "demo-crazy" to the Middle East is an on-going DISASTER. Those so-called "corrupt dictators" like Gadaffi, Sadham Hussein and Asad managed to keep the region productive and peaceful. They had great cities...full of vibrancy and colour. And then the western world fucked them by trying to introduce "democracy" and "human rights".

There is a belief that "human rights" are universal....err...no, they are NOT. In many cultures, the UN's "Universal Human Rights" go against what is practiced and accepted for sometimes thousands of years. However the heavily-westernized UN declares that it has a right to impose rights on the whole of humanity. Talk about hubris and arrogance!

Often, dick-tators will massacre their own people. IMO, as horrible as it is, it is perfectly OK to do so and is none of my business. The people get the govt and the cuntry they deserve. If they are not willing to police their own political systems and leaders, which foreign power has the right to interfere. Your cuntry, your business. If you can't defend yourself against tyranny, or get the fuck out to safetry....your problem mate.

A place like Singapores should be a "democracy", as many Hong Lim time-wasters will argue. A full-blown democracy in Singapore will be a total disaster. Singaporeans need authority, strong authority to govern them. Lee Kuan Yew read the culture really well. He said this time and time again. The reason Singapore is a mind-boggling success is that the politics and the CULTURE are in PERFECT SYNC with each other. Can you imagine western-style freedoms, and an open democracy in Singapore? It will be an EPIC fail!

Not every cuntry can be democratic, or go all the way to a full democracy. Western Cuntries should mind their own fucking business and not try to "convert" the whole fucking world to their system (broken system) of sovereign governance!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. WHAT ABOUT CORRUPTION? you might ask.

My response would be, what about corruption? You can't prevent it. You can get rid of some of it by systems of transparency...but as we know, those can be hacked and hijacked.

The solution for political corruption is EQUANIMITY: to be perfectly fine with it. It might stink, and the people who do it might be scum...but be ok with it...it's just how humans in power operate.