Can China breaks out of the first island chain?

Anyone asking this question today got to have his head check. I just read it somewhere that one pseudo western scholar did asked this question. My simple answer, the person asking this question is basically a D grade student or D grade scholar and did not know what he is thinking, or still living in his own world of make beliefs. A hillbilly of sort.

The American strategy at one time was to contain China within the first island chain, stretching from Japan down to Taiwan and the Philippines. The Americans then were the most powerful sea and air power to be able to do that. And China was still militarily very weak vis a vis the Americans, particularly in air and sea power. No Chinese ship can ever think of sailing further than the first island chain if the Americans did not want it to do so.

The whole western Pacific, all the seas surrounding China, were as good as an American lake. The American navy and air force were the undisputed and unchallenged masters of this lake. Chinese ships would be contained within the first island chain, China would be contained within the first island chain in the event of war or hostility. And the Americans could sail their aircraft carriers to the door of China any time they wished in a show of force, through the Taiwan Straits, and China could do nothing about it.

That was 20 years ago.  China took the humiliation in the show of force but did not sit idle.  They went on to develop a new military strategy called Anti Access, Area Denial Strategy,  to deny and stop the American warships from entering the area bounded by the first island chain and also the second island chain that extended further to Guam in the Pacific Ocean. For this strategy to be effective, China must develop weapons to threaten American warships in the area. China came out with DF21 and DF26 anti ship and anti aircraft carrier missiles with range of 2,000 km to 4,000 km from its shores. 

With these missiles and other complements of war, submarines, bombers, drones, warships etc etc, China today is in control of all the seas around its coast lines, extending 4,000 km outwards. Any warship within this range is a sitting duck and would be killed when war breaks out. China has turned its coastal seas, the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea into a China lake.

The question of, can China breaks out of the first island chain, is moronic, obsolete today. A better question, would American ships be able to enter the China lake, ie the seas within the second island chain without being sunk by China. The so called American fantasy of freedom of navigation trips around the South China Sea is only possible in peace time, when China does not press the buttons. No thinking American commanders would dare to risk an aircraft carrier with 7,000 men and 100 aircraft or American warship in the China lake in times of war. They would stay far far away from the striking range of Chinese missiles for safety. The China lake would be for Chinese ships to patrol and guard against enemy ships.

Now, who's that asking if China can break out of the first island chain? Need to see a shrink and has his head checked. The military might of the Americans is still as before. But the military clout of China has grown beyond recognition and could keep the American ships out of the western Pacific Ocean, out of the China lake, no longer able to cause mischief in China's court yard, in China's lake.

Actually the range of Chinese missiles now encompass the Indian Ocean as well. Don't fool around with the Chinese missile and air defence system.

My Random Thoughts And Concerns For Singapore

The Indian minority, with a hidden majority as a reserve pool under the CECA weapon of mass invasion, is getting bolder and bolder by the days, until it has begun to exert pressure and create troubles for the leaders and other races in Singapore.

What makes the Indian minority become bolder and bolder? Probably because of the following:

1. The lop-sidered number of key and top posts being held by them. This is very unfair and unjustifiable.

2. The Law Ministry and Home Affairs Ministry being held by the same person makes him more powerful the the Prime Minister and the Judiciary. He can easily put the Prime Minister and his family under house arrest if he wish to. This is very worrisome.

3. The CECA Trojan Horse has entered Singapore 15 years ago. By now the hidden invaders have already reached the critical mass required to overcome, overwhelm and overthrow the existing balance of power because they control most of the key sectors of the economy, banking, finance, logistics, security and technology. This is very threatening.

4. By October this year, less than four months from now, Temasek Holdings will hand over command and control to another Indian figure. This move is very suspicious and worrisome, and therefore very unwise.

5. May be the GIC will be handed over to another Indian very soon? If so, this will be the ultimate blow to all our Reserves and our country.

6. It is very strange that the moment Workers' Party secretary-general had been taken over by an Indian, he has been given the title Leader of the Opposition with allowances raised, and given many other perks too. I wonder who was the one behind the scene to have advised the PM in this issue?

7. Why is our PM remaining strangely quiet nowadays and allowing a few other ministers to take the lead in certain important issues and so they have the opportunity to overshadow him or undermine his authority? This is very suspicious.

8. Things at the top are happening very strangely nowadays. Therefore, my very inquisitive mind can't help but has to ask the following questions:

1) Is our PM under any threat or blackmail?

2) Has our PM been compromised in anyway whatsoever? Or,

3. Was he advised by someone to wind down and take it easy, and let some others take the lead?

I hope everything is okay with our PM.

I also hope that Singapore leaders are wise enough to see through the veils and deceptions being put up by certain quarters in our society.

Keeping my fingers crossed that things will be fine after all.

Queen of Hearts.

S'pore doctors publish open letter calling for halt to Covid-19 jabs for 200,000 schoolboys - ST June 27

Some doctors and cardiologists here have written an open letter appealing to the Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination to halt the vaccination exercise for some 200,000 schoolboys, following the death of a 13-year-old in the United States after he received the vaccination.

The US media last Thursday (June 24) reported that the boy, from Saginaw county in Michigan, died three days after getting his second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, supposedly from heart failure.

The open letter, which was published on Facebook last Saturday by a cardiologist, Dr Kho Kwang Po, was addressed to Professor Benjamin Ong, chairman of the expert committee.

The letter was co-signed by Dr Kho, Dr Wong Wui Min, a cardiologist and heart specialist at W.M. Wong Cardiac and Medical Clinic in Gleneagles Hospital, Dr A.M. Chia, Dr L.W. Ping, and Dr I.W. Yang, "on behalf of many concerned paediatricians, primary care physicians, specialists, surgeons and GPs". 



PS. Would the PM or Minister of Health think this is important enough to stop the vaccination of school boys and girls? Or are they waiting for a few deaths to change course?



China is a democracy by Lincoln's definition, says former Singaporean FM George Yeo. "My view of democracy goes back to the essence of democracy, to the Greek origin of what democracy is - which is the people as master. Abraham Lincoln talked about government of the people, by the people, for the people. By this definition, China is a democracy," Yeo says.

In an article published in The Economist on 17 November 2020, Kishore Mahbubani wrote: “Paradoxically, a China-led order could turn out to be more ‘democratic’ because China does not seek to export its model, and it can live with a diverse, multipolar world.”

"China is the world’s leading democracy. Though this claim enrages many Westerners, regardless of the metric employed, electively, popularly, procedurally, operationally, substantively, financially, and technologically, China is a thriving democracy and America is not." Godfree Roberts, October 14, 2019


PS. America is a fake democracy, rule by 1%, from the 1% , for the 1%. Internationally it is an Empire that ruled the world by force. No one is allowed to choose the political system or leadership without the approval of the Americans. The countries of the world have no choice but oppression under the evil American Empire. What democracy are they talking about?

Who Is That Mastermind?

Now I can see all the Black chess pieces that have been put in place, slowly but steadily, over the last 10 years.

These are strategic POSITIONS.

They are put there to achieve a strategic purpose - CHECKMATE.

The checkmate on the White King can be easily done with a few more moves.

One of these few more moves has been exposed.

It is the Racist move to create distraction, pressure and tension.

Someone must be the mastermind, over the last 10 years, to have conceived, planned and manoeuvred all these moves behind the scenes, very cleverly and skillfully.


Queen of Hearts.


Instead of carrying out a witch-hunt for the Chinese Majority as racists, I think we should be hunting for that Mastermind!


Covid19 - When vaccines are politicised, politicians lied at the risk of people's lives


@ Respect choice

BRILLIANTLY PUT – how many millions of those in Australia and Canada mostly regretted SO SOON of their choice of AZ vaccine having been “clinically advised” by their respective governments, health regulators and even the not-so-wise doctors as “efficient” and “safe” – ONLY TO BE TOLD NOW that all these actors/actresses NO LONGER RECOMMEND THE SECOND BOOSTER JAB SHOULD NOT BE THE AZ VACCINE but can be any other (rubbish???)!

Respect choice: Should respect people choice on Vaccination . Anyway they will bear the responsibility of their own choice.
Should not discriminate against them in Policy.

Implicitly, it is POLITICS in Canada and Australia backed down of “SILENT CONFESSION” that science’s refutation of untested vaccine is correct.

Politics is dangerously wrong of MONUMENTAL PROPORTION and ALL PRIOR CLINICAL ADVICE GIVEN OF “EFFICIENT” AND “SAFE” IS NOW (silently) CONFESSED AS ONE BIG MISTAKE, the side-effects of that for a life-time is unknown and evolving for those stupidly (without thinking) rushed in where devils fear....

The millions of OZ and Canadian residents now have to live with these consequences

- stuck with AZ vaccine of “wrong” choice if already fully vaccinated

- stuck with AZ vaccine and NO OPTION OF CONTINUING THE SAME RISK that has gone badly wrong because second dose of AZ won’t be made available to them.

- mixed it with other vaccines (also rubbish???) which may or may not compound their risks of future adverse side effects UNSEEN NOW AND MAYBE UNCONTAINABLE IN THE FUTURE of complications.

THE VACCINE ROLL-OUT WAS VERY QUICK OF A RUSHED CAMPAIGN IN BOTH COUNTRIES and in a few months since POLITICS AND SCIENCE have “regretted” the bad choice taken.


Did ScoMo and J. Trudeau came out to publicly to admit this with apology that “I WAS WRONG”?



Above is a comment posted in TRE on the politicisation of vaccines and how deadly it has become and how many innocent citizens believing in their lying political leaders would now have to live with the consequences of blind obedience.

When every joker, know or did not know, school girls, aunties etc etc are encouraged to come out to tell the seniors to go for vaccine jabs, you know something is badly wrong. Beware when the maddening crowd become the target of politics. 

People who do not know anything about vaccines must not be allowed to tell people to go for vaccine jabs. This is no difference from snake oil salesmen. It is irresponsible. 

When there are medical experts warning people about the dangers of mRNAs, how dare you, a layperson, go telling people to go for vaccine jabs? What do you know about the vaccines and the potential risks involved?

Racial Balance Is The Key To Political Stability In Singapore

To all Singapore Leaders,

Let's face it squarely.

The main reason why Singapore got kicked out of Malaysia was because of race. The Malaysian central government, under the Tengku at that time, especially the Ultra Malay section, did not want the Singapore Chinese population to dilute and overpower the Malay Majority they have at that time.

Therefore, in the first place, Singapore's independence was based on Race.

The reason why Race, Language and Religion were banned from any national discourse in Singapore was because the LKY government knew that these taboo subjects would spark racial and religious problems, unnecessary troubles, ethnic tensions, destructive conflicts and deadly riots if allowed to go out of hand. All it needed was an instigation to motivate and mobilise the different ethnic groups to start racial or religious tensions and conflicts.

Singapore is a rule-based society. In a democracy the rules are being set by the majority. The Chinese Majority, being a sympathetic, compassionate and reasonable people of Singapore, have kindly and readily catered for some special privileges to the minority groups so as to make them happy.

Importantly, such privileges must not be allowed to stretch too far, until they become unreasonable and problematic.

Understandably, such privileged groups should not be allowed to amass sufficient power to overwhelm, override and overthrow the existing racial, political and power balance that gave rise to racial harmony, stability and prosperity. Otherwise, in our tiny congested and competitive society, chaos and strives will be the names of the game, the survival game.

We have enjoyed harmony, stability and prosperity for the last 55 years mainly because of the compromise our Chinese Majority have strike with the minority groups. And it works. Things will not be the same, once any of the other ethnic groups become the majority. Especially so if caste-oriented people are allowed to form a critical mass, and are able to call the shots, and subsequently able to wrestle control of the country from the hands of the Chinese Majority.

When new citizens and permanent residents (especially those originated from South Asia) overwhelmed the Chinese Majority, that is the time the Chinese Majority will lose its political clout and, along with it, its political base and political power.

When that happened, the Chinese Majority would have already become a Minority and logically they can kiss their children's future good bye.

Who wants that to happen?


SSO - 24 June 2021.


Vaccines are safe - A propaganda being planted in your mind

 Below is a 2 hour video explaining how the western govts are trying to con its citizens that vaccines are safe. For those who really wanted to know what this means, you may want to view this video.

boblohtuckheng@gmail.com shared an item

boblohtuckheng@gmail.com has shared the following item:
I can't find the correct words to describe my feelings even though I am just half way watching it, Chin Leng. To me it is no more whether I believe what has been revealed. It is how best I can fight this criminal injustice, this evil agenda. So I am resolved to let as many of my friends and relatives discover for themselves the truth. May the Merciful Lord help me in my quest.

TTAV Episode 10.mp4


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When not clearing your plates and cleaning the table after eating in a hawker centre is a crime

I support the practice of self-clearing of cutlery by diners but for the government to legislate and fine those who don’t self-clear after the initial leniency period is too me, over the top. It is an abuse of their power and bullying of our meek, unthinking and well- conditioned citizens. I would have no issue if they choose to embark on public education and appeal to the public to co-operate but to resort to fine people so expeditiously, that cannot be acceptable. Let me explain.

When paid contractors are not providing satisfactory services either because they cut corners on manpower, unable to find workers because of the low salary that they offer or simply because of their low productivity etc, then the government should hold them accountable accordingly and not take it out on diners. After all, the prices that diners pay to hawkers for their food alearly include the clearing and cleaning fees that hawkers pay those cleaning contractors....


Simon Lim posted this in TRE arguing that this is a matter of principle when small matters are being criminalised by the govt. Littering and chewing gums are crimes as they dirty the streets and of course became a very expensive social habit. In the case of clearing your plates after eating, when the clearing and cleaning of tables are part and parcel of the service provided by the hawkers, should this become a crime?

Simon Lim has an important point to make.  The govt must not be allowed to make everything a crime, like pofma, as and when it likes it.  Stretching the clearing of plates and cleaning of tables after eating, incidentally, leaving the table messy and dirty is also a crime. Next time they could make it a law to bring your own bowls and plates, if not it is a also crime. The possibilities is endless. Bring your own basket or bags when shopping in the supermarket or else it is a crime? Where would all these end?

Is this a democracy or a totalitarian state? Or is it that after a while the daft citizens would get use to it, like paying millions to politicians, to do what? What is so difficult or important when many are plainly administrative jobs, unproductive, that hiring an admin manager at a tenth of the price would also get the job done, and done very well or be fired?

What do you think?  The direction we are heading is getting hazy and creepy.

Human Rights abuse records of USA, UK and Canada -Global Times


UK's Stained Human Rights Record Graphic: Deng Zijun/GT 

Canada's Stained Human Rights Record. Graphic: Jin JianyuThe above are the evil records of the white men when they invaded the countries of the world.  And everyday today, they fabricating lies about other countries of such crimes. They think by pointing the fingers at others, no one will remember or talk about their wickedness and their cruel genocides and oppression against the people of the world.


Covid19 - Americans would stick to their white lies and ignore the truth

 A recent US CDC report found #COVID19 antibodies in blood samples as early as Dec 13, 2019. With more & more evidence surfacing about the coronavirus' origins in places outside China before Wuhan detected it, the world is remapping the history of the #COVID19 pandemic. Infographic:GT 

A study of more than 24,000 samples taken for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research program in the US between January 2 and March 18, 2020 suggested that seven people in five states - Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin - may have been infected well before the country's first confirmed cases that were reported in January 21, 2020. 

The results suggest that the virus may have been circulating in Illinois, for example, as early as in December 24, 2019, one month earlier than the US authorities confirmed. 

Above report from Global Times quoting US sources, NIH, confirming that the virus was already in the US before it appeared in Wuhan, China and way earlier in Spain, Italy, France and Brazil. But the mad dogs in Washington would turn a blind eye to such evidence, including their own NIH, and would keep on barking that it started in Wuhan, China. The silly old man, Biden, even talked to Putin alleging that the origin was in Wuhan, China when his NIH would have briefed him of their findings. To the Americans, what they alleged must be truth and also using it as a tool to pressure China and a weapon to attack China.

Did they know that it happened in the USA and other countries way before China. Of course they do, but they would not want to talk about it. They want to ransack the Wuhan Lab to gather what ever things they could get hold of to pluck China.  They would keep on harping about this like a mad dog refusing to let go of the bite and would insist on WHO to keep going to China to investigate and dig and dig, just like accusing Iraq of WMD.  Never mind that they know it was a white lie. It is just a political farce.

And you can bet all the mad dogs and bitches in Washington would to the same. Ask them about NIH's finding, they would turn a death ear. Never heard of. It is China, China, China.

The Americans would just want to keep on lying and lying and lying to smear and demonise China even when the lie has been exposed. WHO must call for an investigation into Fort Detrick. The evidence are there and Fort Detrick must be investigated and the Americans must tell the truth, be transparent about what happened in Fort Detrick.

PS. Because more and more evidence have been discovered to show that Covid19 started much earlier, in November or earlier in the USA and Europe, to make the accusation that it started in China, they have fabricated new allegations that Covid19 started in October in China. They die die must make it looked like it started in China.

The tactic of evil white men is to make a wild accusation and demand others to open their homes for them to inspect. They fabricated some lies about Xinjiang and China must invite them to search all over Xinjiang. This mischievous tactic, the same as WMD, must not be allowed to go on. Countries of the world must show their middle finger to the evil white men and women. They think the rest of the world are fools and they are still the colonial powers and could do as they pleased.

Racism - Barking Up The Wrong Tree?


I am afraid and sorry to say that Mr Lawrence Wong may be barking up the wrong tree.

In my humble opinion, the issue is not about Racism.

As I see it, the very urgent issue at hand is about a growing Indian minority, from 3% to 10% over the last 50 years, exerting its will over the other races by shouting "Racist, Racist!" at every single opportunity available.

At the same time, while the Indian minority is growing at breakneck speed, the Malay minority remained almost stagnant at about 12% and the Chinese majority dwindled from 84% to to about 75%. All others increased from 1% to 3%.

The Others used to be comprised of mainly Eurasians and Europeans but today they also include Myanmese, Philippinos and Vietnamese.

The rapid growth of the Indian minority of 10% (or 320,000) of the citizenry together with the 2.5 million of Permanent Residents and Long-term Pass-holders, and their families and dependants, (mainly from India, and mainly under the CECA's unlimitable tickets) add up to 2.82 million!

The Chinese Majority is 75% of 3.2 million citizens, which is 2.4 million.

Compare 2.82 million with 2.4 million, the Chinese has in effect become a Minority. That is very frightening for the Chinese. That is the real issue!

So, if people like Mr Wong are still sleeping, and still talk about giving more leeways to the minority, that has already achieved the critical mass to overcome and overwhelm the others, then we are heading for disasters.

Wake up! Before it is too late.

The other groups are now exerting pressures on the stupid and sleeping leaders by way of brewing up a storm about Race and Racism and shouting "Racist! Racist!" whenever it suits their purpose.

Wake Up! For goodnes sake!

SSO - 25 June 2021.


Really Bites: The Chinese Singaporeans Are A Minority Now!

Singapore population is now 5.82 million, comprising 2.6 million permernent residents and 3.22 million citizens.

Citizens comprise of local-born, overseas-born and new citizens.

Local-born comprises 88%.

Overseas-born comprises 1%

New Citizens form 11%.

Local Citizens of Chinese origin is 75% of the total of 88% local-born.

Do the maths and you will find that the Chinese are not the majority any more.

It's too late to wake up. But better late than dead.

Queen of Hearts.

PS: The figures are estimates because it is terribly difficult to get the true numbers. Official statistics are doubtful, confusing and do not reflect reality on the ground.

G7 American led 'BRI' will be built in the air

According to the White House's fact sheet, the B3W infrastructure initiative will be a "a values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world." ....

The White House is expecting the B3W initiative to collectively mobilize "hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment for low- and middle-income countries in the coming years."

The competition to win over participating countries has already begun: A Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment spokesperson told Reuters that that while the country welcomes the B3W, they also hoped "this time they put their money where their mouth is."

Yahoo News

What is US$40 trillion? Just print and print. Or ask the European and Japan to pay. Interestingly Japan is going to be the key partner in this American BRI project. Now the Chinese BRI was said to end in China.  Looks like this American BRI will all end in Japan. 

How is this American BRI going to end up in Japan or USA? Like flying over China and the Pacific Ocean, like building castles in the air? It must be very futuristic, from Europe to the USA and USA to Japan, by air, transparent as well. Forget About Africa, the West did not see any good in Africa after looting the continent of its gold, diamonds, oil and slaves.  They have no reason to want to build roads and rails to Africa.

And what would the trains be carrying? American weapons, guns and bullets I supposed.


SINGAPORE: When Leaders Are Without Sight


We have a bunch of leaders without foresight, oversight and hindsight,

Who are clearly blinded by the glitters of gold until they've no sight.

The only sight they may think they have is actually in their backside.

Their forefathers built Singapore from third world to first, tediously.

They make Singapore from first world to third, very quickly.

Instead of protecting their citizens' livelihood, they speak for the foreigners' side.

Instead of honouring their own countrymen, they labelled them as Xia Shuay with delight.

So, having leaders without sight has really become a national plight.

Now, we often ask: they are on whose side?

SSO - 24 June 2021.

www Foreign workers - Lee Kuan Yew saw the problems and responsibilities to Singaporeans



This was posted by Lim Tean in TRE.  Lee Kuan Yew could see the problem and understood his responsibilities to Singaporeans.

What about the imbeciles?

mmmm mmmm mmmmm



Covid19 - Taiwanese professor's experience in getting vaccinated in China

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqiBxxAwTmM (15 min)



This is in Chinese, unfortunately. For those who are unable to understand Chinese, you might want to give it a miss. The gist of this video is about this Taiwanese professor who went back to China, the motherland, to get his Covid vaccine jab. He related the professional and scientific approach in the whole process from landing at the airport, swapping, quarantine, to his vaccination. It was all conducted with the precision of engineers. 

No politics involved.


Ismail Bashmori - An Egyptian muslim intellectual praised the dignifiied and righteous China but castigated and condemned the savage barbaric West / US centuries of aggression, colonialism and imperialism.

For over 500 years since 1492 the the evil white race of  Europe set out out on a rampage to rape and colonise the non-white countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. During these 500 years curse of non-white countries the Europeans have mercilessly exploited the wealth, riches and resources of the occupied territories , greatly impoverished the natives and even brutally killed and genocided millions of the natives in order to take over their lands. Even big countries like India, China, Persia and Turkey were occupied and subjected to western slavery and bondage. The savage West could carry out their  aggression, expansion and conquest through the superior might of their guns and cannons.

India was occupied and ruled by England for over three hundred years since the17th century. China was brutalized by the British in two Opium Wars of 1839 to 1842 and 1856 to 1860. Soon other Western powers - France, America, Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Japan joined forces to tear China apart and  split the Chinese territories among themselves. Thus England took large chunks of South - eastern and South-western China and incorporated them into British ruled India, France acquired and split Indo-China from China, Japan took over Taiwan, Liu Qiudao or Okinawa and Russia took all Chinese lands north of the Heilongjiang River and the Maritime Province fronting the Pacific Ocean.America had extra-territorial rights in many Chinese ports and cities.

These Western expansion and aggressive wars of aggression led to two catastrophic World Wars - WW1 - 1914 to 1918 and WW2 - 1940 to 1945. 

In the midst of these tremendous choas and turmoil China was greatly devastated and almost completely destroyed , first by the Europeans 1830s to 1940s and then by the Japanese from 1930s to 1945.

However, it was during this foregone conclusion of a hopeless period of Chinese debacle and distress that the Chinese Communist Party was founded on July 1st, 1921 to address the Chinese national disaster and to save China from the jaws of disintegration caused by Western and Japanese aggression and imperialism.

On October 1st 1949, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung of the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) declared at Tiananmen Square the founding of the Peoples Republic of China and stated that the Chinese people have stood up no longer to be bullied and enslaved by  Western and Japanese imperialists. The rest is all history from that day.

However, it was not easy for the nascent Peoples Republic of China to build a modern rich and powerful nation and country to what  it is today. The road to nation building was long, arduous and tortuous and beset with both internal and external enemies. The former imperialist Western imperialist powers headed by the Evil Empire - USA were bent on crushing and destroying the Peoples Republic of China. Chairman Mao's People Republic of China had to go through different long periods of strains and stress very often to breaking points of seeming failure due to internal traitors and sabotage by America and the West. However, under the guidance of strong and determined selfless leaders the Chinese people had the grit and gumption and national iron resolve to make a strong united China a success. 

Today America and its Western allies look at a rich and powerful rising China with hysterical panic. To them, China a non-white country should not be allowed to achieve power and success to the standard of the white people and countries. This is absolute white race effrontery and arrogance. They are determined to stop China's progress and development at all cost. If China cannot be stopped by sanctions and economic means they will have to destroy China through imposing wars on China. The United States is now heading the Western countries and Japan in a joint effort to contain China. They are constantly and repeatedly carrying out massive propagandas to demonize China to serve as a prelude and an excuse and preamble for a basis and reason to declare a war on China. They are so deadly against China not because China post a physical threat to America and the European powers but because China post a stumbling block to USA ambition of continuing its world wide hegemony on holding all other countries to US servitude and bondage.

Below is an article sent to me via WhatsApp  - exposing the vile and diabolical Evil Empire and its Western allies fake and false accusations against China to demonize China in no uncertain terms so that they can continue to exercise their white domination and hegemony over all non-white people and countries. It is a fairly long article by an Egyptian muslim intellectual putting in perspective the uprightness and dignified righteousness of the Peoples Republic  of China vis-a-vis the savage satanic intent of the United States and its vicious Western allies bent on world domination and toxic hegemony.

Message to the world from:   Ismail Bashmori answer to "What do you think about China?"  -  Quora


"Alright, listen up. I'm going to give you a summary of my entire impression of China as an Egyptian observer. I've been studying the country intensely for the past year - its government, society, history and transformation  - and over the past three months I've spoken to hundreds of Chinese and China-haters on this site and heard everything they had to say. By now I've learned roughly as much about China as anyone can learn without knowing the language or living in the country , and I've reached my conclusion. You might think I am crazy. That's OK with me. I've seen the facts and my opinion of the truth has become rock-solid. And China attracts a lot of haters, know-nothings and armchair experts.

The truth is that China is the greatest country on the face of the earth. It makes all other countries look insignificant and contemptible. It is the most brilliant, most industrious, most educated, meritocratic and technocratic, most modern, sophisticated, and civilized and best governed country in the world of our time, by far. It is the first non-white, non-western country to reach this status since the 1600s. The deteermination of this country is indescribable . Supernatural. There is no force that can stop it from accomplishing anything it wants to do. It can set a goal that seems completely outlandish, drug induced, hallucinatory - and it can make it happen. That's precisely what it has been doing. Forty years ago a flush toilet in China was a luxury. Today it has its own indigeniously built Chinese Space Station. Believe me when I tell that that is a tiny example of China's capabilities.

I am a patriotic Egyptian and Middle Easterner. Yet I freely admit that compared to the Chinese, we are simply monkeys. A race of dumb animals. It doesn't matter who we are Egyptians, Syrians, Pakistanis, Indians, Africans, even Americans. Next to the Chinese, we are pathetic. We can't do what they do. We would have a mountain, an everest of changes to make, and we would whine and bicker and fail at everyone of them. China's story since the 1980s has been one of an almost divine metamorphorsis. Next to China the entire Western world from Alaska to New Zealand has stagnated. Next to China the entire developing world from Brazil to Madagaskar has progressed only at a crawl. China, my friends, is the mother of all gargantuan  bullet trains. Every day it manages to create something new and astonishing. And unlike the United States, unlike the British Empire, unlike the French, Dutch, Germans, Spanish, Portuguese or any other Western nation that had its turn at being a superpower in the past four centuries, China doesn't need to run annybody over or take something from somebody else, to rise majestically.

China is also standing up to the Western world all by herself. The West hates and fears that China is shooting up to the top. They can't believe that their four-hundred-year-old global supremacy is being challenged. They hoped that the more China developed , the more it would submit to their influence, interests and leadership. That didn't happen. So now they will do anything possible, short of a nuclear war to make China end. Their goal is to destroy this country. That's why, although the United States has killed several million people and turned several regions of the earth into hellscapes since I was born in 1988, your TV, newspapers, Google newsfeed and social media are all cursing, condemning and pandering panic and hatred of China 24 / 7. China is the worst fear of our planet's Western masters. They want you to despise and dread a country that's done nothing to you, that hasn't invaded anyone, bombed or sanctioned anyone, that hasn't overthrown any foreign government, or used its military on anything since 1979. You'll hate China and pray for its collapse, so that the West can continue to do what it's done since the age of Hernan Cortes Francisco Pizarro - rape and pillage the earth from Latin America to Southeast Asi, and disguise its blood-spattered imperialism in the soft power and propaganda of "Western civilization" and world leadership.


China is the only major country in the non-white developing world, to stand up to the West. To look it in the eye when challenged or threatened and say , No, I'm not afraid of you. Do your worst. I'm just as big as you are. All other countries in the Global south are simply Western puppets who submitted long ago. Even the most powerful ones, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India - their leaders are busily listening to the United States , pen and paper in hand, writing down all its demands and going, Yes, sir, Mr. Yankee sir. Let me get on that right away for you. 

The 1500s - 1000s BC were Egypt's time. Antiquity belonged to the Greeks and Romans. The 1700s belonged to France and the 1800s to Britain, From 1945 to the present, the world has been under American overlordship. And they call it the Pax Americana but believe me, there isn't much Pax in it. There's plenty of Pax if you're in in Europe or Australia. But the Middle-East? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and Yemen in the past 20 years. Latin America? They've destroyed that part of the world beyond any hope of recovery. Africa? It's only been spared because  of disinterest. The US sees Africa as nothing, The whole West does.

But in the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the rise of China. We are decades away from China becoming the greatest power on earth. This will be China's time and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Attack China all you want, curse her and monger rumours and hysteria - but the truth is that none of your accusations are backed up by evidence  because you are a stooge of the Western press which is under the thumb of Western governments that want to stay on top of the world for all eternity. And the truth is that China is not affected by the noise and maneuvers of her enemies. What's going on now, this stupid new Cold War is nothing. For her first thirty years , from 1949 to 1979 , China was basically blockaded and isolated economically and politically by the West. It didn't even have a seat in the UN General Assembly. And it was dirt-poor in those days, barely a speck of the global economy, a tiny fraction of Japan's or Germany's GDP - not even able to prevent famine. And it still didn't submit to pressure or take any orders. Why on earth would it do that now?

China will be the next global power. There's nothing that can be done about that. The first stage is that its economy only needs to grow at 4.7 percent per year to become the world's largest by 2035. That means the usual, historical bare minimum of 6 percent is already overkill. The US can build as many bases as it wants. slap as many sanctions as it wants, recognize whatever bogus genocides it wants. That'sd what it's been doing all along. Has any of it made a difference? Can China adapt to any situation? It took China a mere ten years to go from being barred by the US Congress from participating in the "International Space Station. to building its own Space Station from the zero. See the US has an $800-billion war budget, 800 military bases, 13,000 aircrafts, 500 warships, 6,000 nukes - but it doesn't have what China has : invincible national resolve. It takes the US about 5 years to renovate a bridge and it takes China 43 hours. There's simply no competing with that. China doesn't need to be a military superpower or empire. That was never part of the plan. US troops, God bless their souls, will continue sitting in their bases, scratching their balls, costing their government $800 billion a year to do nothing. Meanwhile, China will continue to actually develop. That's the part of the equation that America totally missed, because it has barely developed since Reagan's day. China is a better place to live today than at any time in its previous 5,000 years. Americans saw their highest standard of living in the 1960s and those days will never come back. 

So yes, China will be the next Global Power, and the Chinese are vastly superior to us in every way. This is a fact that everyone can attack but nobody can change, like the theoty of evolution. The difference between me and other people is that I ask, Why is this a problem? Why is this something to be afraid of? Why doesn't it mean - that the world will finally get better?

Look at you silly buggers. talking about China like it's going to be the next Nazi Germany. Even many Middle Easterners I know fit in this foolish category. Did you notice wnen the US invaded or overthrew the governments of 20 countries in the past 32 years  ( my lifetime )? Did you even know? You think just because you're ready to forget all that because of Beyonce and Game of Thrones and Snapchat and other US cultural exports, it didn't happen and isn't still happening? But, but I'm scared! China big and bad! Because the US feeding me terror-bytes about Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square, Great Leap Forward! I don't see any dead bodies, I can't show you one invasion or one example of Chinese regime change, I can't even find Hong Kong on a map or tell one factual detail about Tiananmen Square, but the US State Department and all its media are telling me CHINA BAD! Wa,wa!

Even my father, brother, brother's in-laws have no real knowledge of any kind about the Western terror-bytes that have given them such an apprehensive feeling about China. And they are Egyptian and Syrian, so imagine how blank the typical Westerner is. Blankness doesn't stop prejudice and gullibility. That's what most China haters are. As gullible as children getting told about the bogeyman to procure their obedience. 

Aren't you at least curious to see a world with a non-white, non-Western leader might look like, after 400 years? Because God knows that leader won't be us. It won't be Brazil or Africa or the Middle-East or India or Indonesia or Nigeria or Pakistan. We're a mess. China was a mess too. But we remain a mess many decades after we achieved independence, and the Chinese went their own way, disentangled their mess and created their destiny. We're not made of what the Chinese are made of. We might be one day, if we stop taking orders and cozying up to Western puppet-masters. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.


Where's your concept of innocent until proven guilty? You turn a blind eye to the country that gave you dozens of destroyed nations and millions of corpses to see as proof of its brutality, because it also gave you some amazing sitcoms! While a country you don't have the slightest objective knowledge of is already Nazi Germany to you because its adversaries who are also your historical and present day oppressors, tell you so?

Come on. Let's wait to see one dead body, one invasion, one regime-change operation from the Chinese, before we fly into rage and hysterics about them! Is that so crazy? We've seen centuries of horror from the US and we're still giving "Murica the benefit of the doubt , even when the brutal truth is crystal-clear.

For myself, I see China as hope. Hope that a colonized, brutalized, primitive and humiliated country, can rise above its past - refuse to be weak any longer - rebuild itself from nothing, with iron resolve, and become too strong to be overrun by the West again! Hope that a non-white, non-Western countern can look deep within itself and find its own solutions to its problems  - proving that ( foolishly ) trusting the West to guide us isn't necessary! Proof that if we can do what the Chinese did, there will be no limits for us. Imagine a world where the US, France, Britain Australis are no more important than Uzbekistan, or Paraguay. A world where the World Court might be headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the World Bank in New Delhi, the United Nations in Jakarta, the IMF in Cairo. A world liberated from the US banking system and the dollar as its reserve currency, so that Washington can no longer tell 200 other countries who they can and can't trade with. A world where an American can be tried for war crimes at the Hague, not just an Iraqi or Liberian or Serb. A world where we don't hear about a non-Western made vaccine and grunt to ourselves, oh it must be poison. A world where we don't have to immigrate to the same countries that turned ours into hellholes, to work as sales clerks or taxi drivers or even if we're brilliantly employed - to drain our brains from our homelands in the best of cases and use them to reinforce Western riches and supremacy in exchange for a fat paycheck, instead of using them to make our own countries semi-habitable. When I hear that China has built its own space station, landed a rover on Mars, extreme poverty, built the earth's biggest city, dam, telescope, 5G network, highway, air purifier, or whatever the heck it is that will come tomorrow - I feel the same pride as if I were Chinese. It's not happening for all of us , but it's happening for one of us and that's a start. There's got to be such a thing as developing-country nationalism - a common nationalism for all the countries that were colonized and plundered and remain economically and politically captured by their ex-rulers. A nationalism for the Global South. We are too divided , too brainwashed, too fooled and weak - most of us still worship the countries that destroyed us, are non-Western on the outside and Western on the inside, are hating and fearing and buying all the lies about the only one of us that's made it, and are leaving our countries in droves to let them burn while we "make a better life for ourselves" in the West. Do you want to live in a Western-dominated Earth for another 400 years? If you do, keep doing what you're doing. But I don't .

You know what will happen for all of us if America's sick wishes come true and its global thuggery does make China collapse? Nothing. Eternal repetition  of the status quo. More enslavement, hijacking of our resources and weak corrupt governments, neo-colonialsim, invasion, regime change, sanctions, Misery. Haven't we already seen this? Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, the Soviet Union. Rest in peace. Even France and Japan for God's sake. What does the United States do when any other country says NO, or simply becomes too powerful, too good at honest competition? IT CRUSHES IT LIKE A BUG. Japan was a Western-style democracy crawling with US troops, with a US- authored pacifist constitution and almost no military and an extremely pro-US government and populace and is still got crushed when it looked like it would become the #1  economy in the 1980s. Do Indians really believe that if China goes down, India will be allowed to become a great power? Do they not see that a strong or wealthy India would immediately fall victim to the same despicable US tactics? Don't make me laugh. I remember 10 - 15 years ago when China was still relatively poor and impotent , and Bush and Obama would talk about China as sweetly as swans. Obama happily had dinner with Xi Jinping in late 2015, called China a crucial partner of the United States and said the US welcomed China's rise; it was all horseshit. Today Biden, who was there with Obama in late 2015 as Vice-President, angrily rebukes a reporter who merely said that Biden and Xi were old friends. America has taken off its mask. China made it, it wasn't supposed to make it, so now it must die. What a difference 5 years can make China went from "crucial partner" to "number one threat."

We should be helping and supporting China to keep climbing to the top and giving her some serious solidarity as she withstands the New Cold War of Western Imperialism. It's been a long 400 years. China is the first non-Western country to even come close to reaching a status of ultimate global importance. She is akin to the first member of an impoverished family to go to university. That is our family of nations. And when China gets to the top , believe me, it won't be a repeat of the French, British or American Empire. Not a single developing country will be worse-off because of China becoming #1. There will be something good in this for all of us, so let's wake up and let's go. "

End of message.

NB: Please forward this message to as many people as possible so that the  non-white  world countries and people will wake up and realize how wicked and evil the white race people are especially the Five Eyes Anglo-Saxons of America, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European powers like France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Poland.


Wednesday, 23rd June, 2021


Covid19 vaccine - Beware of who is reporting the data and narrative

More than 350 Indonesian healthcare workers who were vaccinated with China's Sinovac vaccine caught COVID-19,  Reuters reported.

While the majority of those who tested positive for the coronavirus were asymptomatic, dozens needed hospital care.

Badai Ismoyo, head of the health office in the district of Kudus in Central Java, told the outlet that more than 90% of the facility's beds are occupied. 5,000 healthcare workers are currently dealing with the outbreak, about 7% of whom have become infected.

It's likely that the outbreak is fueled by the more transmissible Delta variant, which originated in India. The number of workers testing positive has prompted officials to question how effective the Sinovac vaccine is against variants....

"The data shows they have the Delta variant (in Kudus) so it is no surprise that the breakthrough infection is higher than before, because, as we know, the majority of healthcare workers in Indonesia got Sinovac, and we still don't know yet how effective it is in the real world against the Delta variant," Dicky Budiman, an epidemiologist at Australia's Griffith University told Reuters.

Last month, Indonesian health officials said the Sinovac vaccine was estimated to be 98% effective at preventing death and 96% effective at preventing hospitalization.

The statistic came after 128,000 healthcare workers who were vaccinated were monitored between January and March and it was found that 94% of them hadn't caught symptomatic COVID-19....

Indonesia recorded over 1.9 million infections with 53,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Doctors and nurses accounted for close to 950 deaths. They were the first to receive the Sinovac vaccine in January.  Yahoo News


Someone has been pushing this report to try to discredit Chinese vaccines here and all over the media. When reading such reports, one must be very careful about what is being reported, who is reporting it and what is the agenda.

At face value, without understanding the big picture and taking the report andnumbers in isolation, it gives the impression that Chinese vaccines are ineffective against Delta variant. Contrary, by intentionally refusing to report about the infection and death due to mRNA vaccines,  it gives the impression that they are safe, no infection, no death. To get a better picture, one needs to compare apple with apple and orange with orange and not to take isolated numbers and incidents to paint a big picture. To take a few numbers out of context is not representative and often mischievous.

Indonesia has about 3m infections. 350 health workers against 2m infection or against a population of more than 300m is very very different from 350 workers against a 60,000 infection or a population of 10m. Since the airport incident and the cases in the hospitals here, how many healthcare workers have been infected, how many in total has been infected, how many have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines have been infected? The numbers would tell a very different picture.

To get a fair answer, one needs a comparative study with similar numbers in other countries using mRNA vaccines to be able to say which is better relatively. Why were there practically no reports of infection rate and death of people being vaccinated in other countries? Really no infection and no death? 

Did we not hear often that getting vaccinated doesn't mean cannot be infected? We have numbers being reported daily, what are Singapore's numbers on healthcare workers and of the public that have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines and still got infected? Is our number bigger than the 350 cases of healthcare workers in Indonesia?

The other important point to note is that getting infected is expected, and the probability is definitely higher among healthcare workers and in Indonesia when the daily and overall infection is very much higher than this piece of rock. And the other consideration is how many or what percentage was serious, needed hospitalisation or even death.  Compare the numbers in countries that were using mRNA vaccines with an awareness that some so called 'transparent and democratic' countries are anything but transparent and hiding and lying and doctoring their data to present a false picture to show the world.

Do not take things at face value, take data in isolation, and beware of conspiracy and people with mischievous agenda and lying to get their way to misinform, to lie, to push a different agenda and narrative.

Reality Bites: Power Struggles In Singapore

Many people shy away from talking about it, but this issue, extremely critical and vital issue dear to our heart, is not about racism. Racism is now being wielded as one of the weapons of mass destruction by some quarters to extend their political clout and laxity.

In fact, in reality, for all intents and purposes, it is about power struggles.

Knowing that the present Prime Minister is frail and pale looking, weak and sickly, and probably desperate and disoriented, the power-grabbers are planning and working, and waiting very anxiously behind the scenes, along the corridor of power, to wrestle power, and to ultimately usurp the throne of power, so to speak.

It is a power struggle amongst the fourth generation leaders, as well as a power struggle between ethnic groupings, especially between the
local South Asians and local Chinese.

As can be clearly seen, the local South Asians are cooperating (and perhaps also conspiring behind the scenes) with foreign South Asians to undermine the racial balance and harmony in Singapore.


One simple and obvious reason is because this minority ethnic grouping is not happy to be just a minority, even though they are enjoying more of everything than the other two bigger ethnic groupings of the Singapore population.

They want, I venture to guess, to have full control of Singapore! To govern and run Singapore. And, they are succeeding very well so far.

They are succeeding because certain ethnic Chinese leaders in power today are either oblivious of the danger in thinly veiled power struggles, or prefer not to talk about it, or are too busy fattening their own bank accounts and have neglected to check and stop it from progressing further.

In fact, on the contrary, it seems that the ethnic Chinese leaders are helping the local and foreign South Asians to strengthen and consolidate the latter's power, both in the public and private sectors, over the last 10 years or so.

Today, as can be seen everywhere, at every level, especially at the very top level, local South Asians and foreign South Asians are working cordially and enthusiastically to further their common interests and common objectives, for mutual benefits.

They are already holding many top, key and critical positions in the government, semi-government, and private sectors, especially in the academic, banking, financial, legal, security and technological sectors.

So, unless someone put a stop to it, the writing is already on the wall. Very soon, the bo-chap ethnic Chinese majority will be replaced by South Asians. And that will be Sayonara to the ethnic Chinese majority government in Singapore.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be?

Little boys and girls, can you think deeper and wider, please?

Queen of Hearts.


MOH's Denial Opens Up A Can Of Worms That Warrants Further Investigations


Looking for the victim's allergy to the vaccines when it has been determined that there was "long-standing blockage in the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles" is like trying to find out whether the victim was allergic to the murderer when it has been ascertained that death was caused by strangulation, depriving the victim of oxygen and blood supply, a distinct indication that the victim could have been murdered.

A professional like Sherlock Holmes would have been looking at what has caused the death instead of quickly ruling out the mRNA vaccines, which has already been established that the vaccines can cause blood clots, which can cause blockages to the blood vessels.

Moreover, if the victim has a "long-standing blockage to the vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles", but she did not suffer any heart attack before, and did not die as a result of the longest-standing blockage, then something must have triggered, aggrevated or enhanced the pre-existing blockage to the extent that death became imminent, occuring within 24 hours of having been injected with the Experimental mRNA vaccines.

The fact that MOH is quick to divorce the Vaccines from contributing to the cause of death is itself very telling. It speaks volumes.

And the reason given is very filmsy and unacceptable.

Therefore, I strongly agree that this is a case of someone trying to cover up the deadly effects of the Experimental mRNA Vaccines.

A neutral third party should investigate further this case thoroughly, on an urgent basis, leaving no stones unturned.

This is of national interest - to the Government, the Vaccines providers, the professionals, as well as to the people!

Queen of Hearts.


Jim Rogers on China and how he told his American interviewer what America really is, not what they believe it is


A typical American is just a blind believer, believing what they were told about how good and great the Americans were, and how bad Chinese were made to be. Jim Rogers threw a pail of water on his interviewer, the young man probably got a rude awakening that his beliefs were just a pack of lies  Any American viewing this interview would go away shaking in disbelief if he is willing to face the truth or getting angry with Jim Rogers for telling them what they did not know, did not want to know.

It is a 1 hour video but worth listening to. The intro was quite innocent until Jim Rogers touched on China, a total contrast to the fictitious America. The young man still tried to regurgitate what he was told about China and his belief that China is the demon like all unthinking and evangelising Americans.

His naiveity got clearer and clearer as it gets to the end of the interview. While Jim Rogers was trying very hard to politely educate this young twit but his deep distrust of China, as Jim puts to him, after being fed with American propaganda daily, kept surfacing and you could see how disgusted Jim Rogers was with him at the end. Jim Rogers simply told him that the Chinese have every right to be rich and prosperous and a good life.

At one point Jim Rogers pointedly told the young man that he did not know what he was talking about, what was happening in Xinjiang and about ill treatment of Uyghurs. The twit started to be defensive but would not change his allegations about ill treatment of Uyghurs. He came through as an American agent out to spread lies against China with his standard text. You could see Jim Rogers getting so frustrated that he wanted to walk off, knowing that he had wasted all his time to an incalcitrant believer. Jim Rogers was angry.  The first time I saw Jim Rogers angry. He is always a jovial and amiable man, very polite and generous. To make him angry, it takes a lot of stupidity to do that by this young man.

The interview is a lesson in history, in the truth, in finding your own truth and not listening to the biased views and lies of people with an agenda. Jim Rogers was trying to enlighten this young man and anyone watching this video.

A great video to spend an hour on it. Everyone, including Americans, who wants to know the truth, to get an education on China and the US, must view this interview and come up wiser. This is a rare occasion when Jim Rogers was dead serious and in a mood to educate and teach whoever is willing to listen to his wisdom.

PS. Dated 22 Jun 21

Racism in Singapore or racists hiding behind the racism label to attack others?

 A netizen got told off by 2 South Asian women and is afraid of confronting any of them anymore, for fear of being called a racist.

He/she was at Simei when a couple of South Asian women got off the bus and took off their masks. They then started chatting away. The netizen approached them and nicely advised them to put on their masks but got accused for being a racist instead.

“They told me to buzz off and I have no right to tell them what to do. I told them that it is the law here that everyone must put on a mask unless they are doing exercise. They then say walking is also an exercise, and accuse me of being a racist for harassing them because they are from India.”

So now telling people to put on a mask makes you a racist? Anything involving 2 people of different races = racist?

“Since when calling them out for breaking the law is consider as racism? They started filming me and kept shouting at me calling me a racist for harassing them, but when I took out my phone to do the same, they quickly put on their mask and walk away.

Seriously if I have not encountered such a thing myself, I would not have believe our country has come to a stage where racism gets thrown about for every slightest incident. Now I am afraid to confront these people when I see them breaking the law fearing that they might twist their story and accuse me of racism.”


The above is posted in All Singapore Stuff.  This is what would happen to a society when every idiot started to shout racism for the right or wrong reason, or to appear to be politically correct to do so. Now the real racists are hiding behind this racism label to attack others of racism. 

Anyone still want to shout into the loudspeaker about racism to keep flaming this issue? 

Did anyone been beaten by the Chinese majority because of the colour of his skin in Singapore? Or the Chinese being beaten by the minorities instead?

PS. Dated 22 Jun 21

End of the evil bankrupt American Empire

 Sweeping bill to address China tech threat likely to take weeks in U.S. House

By Patricia Zengerle and David Shepardson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A highly touted bill to boost the United States' ability to compete with Chinese technology could take weeks to get through Congress, as U.S. House of Representatives lawmakers planned to write their own legislation, which must then be combined with what was approved by the Senate this month.

The above quote from a Reuters report speaks the true nature of these aggressive and hostile animals in Washington. When someone is better than them, through hard work, talent, skill and perseverence, they called it a threat, not in a competitive sense, but in hostility. China is but a strong and better competitor in the race for producing better technology for humankind, that all human beans can benefit. This is a positive thing, good for everyone. 

Instead of cheering and patting China on the back and say, we will try to do better, may the best man win, the liars, cheats and scumbags in Washington are gearing up for war, to cripple China by legislating aggressive and punitive measures to stop the progress and advancement of China. Through the course of history, every country or nation has been piggyback on the developments of science and technology of other civilisation to take a lift to a higher plane. The West have benefited form the knowledge and developments of ancient civilisation like Egypt, Iran, India and China to leapfrog over these civilisation to become better than them in the last 500 years of existence. 

Now it is the turn of these ancient civilisation to leapfrog over them to make a better world. In the process, the West need not be despair and could push harder to stay ahead and break more new frontiers as the better civilisation. But no, they could not compete anymore. They are now lost in whatever they are doing except wars and destruction. They could no longer compete peacefully. And the only way to hold on to their pole position is to cut down China by all foul means.

The Americans have run out of ideas, lost their way to greatness. Make America great again by cheating, by lying, by bullying, by foul means? By printing fake currency that would soon become toilet papers? Their only weapon, demonise China by harping on human rights, genocide, origin of the pandemic when all evidence are pointing to Fort Detrick, USA. Do something productive, America. Are you capable of that?

This is what the evil American Empire has degraded to. They were number one but tumbling downhill. They are not trying to stop the fall, to pick themselves up and keep on climbing and stay on top. Anyone that is going to be better than them is enemy and must be destroyed by hook and by crook, by wars, any kind of wars. To remain as top dog, their main objective is to strangle China. How vicious and mean can the Americans be? How immoral and unethical?

Damn you Americans. You can go to hell. You will not be allowed to continue in your path of destruction through wars and deceits and aggression. You are cursed to be condemned to hell because of your evil and unrepentant ways. The world is watching you and have seen through all your lies, hypocrisies and wickedness and would not allow you to continue in your evil ways. Your evil days are numbered with the massacre of the Palestinians. The Muslim world has abandoned you devils and think of nothing but killing Arabs and Muslims. Your Xinjiang lie is an insult to the intelligence of the Arabs and Muslims, using such a prank while killing their brothers and sisters everywhere, and think they are so stupid to believe in you.

PS. Now look at what sensible leader like Macron is doing to make France and Europe more competitive. 

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday outlined an ambitious push for Europe to create 10 technology giants worth 100 billion euros ($121.26 billion) each in valuation by 2030, in a bid to rival U.S. companies that dominate the sector.

The goals are part of a Europe-wide initiative France is trying to lead to improve funding for start-ups, especially in their later stages of growth, to propel them into a bigger league where they can attract more investors and top staff.
PS.  The world should encourage the warmongering Americans to spend more and more money, if not enough just keep printing, to quarrel and fight with everyone. This is the best way to bankrupt this already deeply in debt country.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Guidelines For Determining Cause Of Death Due Or Not Due To Vaccines

 1. Any death that occurs within 28 days of having injected with the mRNA vaccines must be diligently, seriously and thoroughly investigated (leaving no stones unturned) and considered, before brushing aside as death not due to the vaccines. Corona and postmodern cannot be 100% sure that the vaccines have got nothing to do with the death.

2. It is very highly probable that the after-effects of the vaccines could have triggered the heart attack, stroke, organ failure, whatsoever.

3. Even if death is said to be caused by a pre-existing heart condition or disease (or any other organs), the benefit of doubt must be given to the deceased in that the vaccines could have partially, if not wholly, attributed to and be inclusive as part of the cause of death, especially so when death occurs within one to three days after injecting the experimental mRNA vaccines into the body.

4. If there is a doubt or dispute regarding the actual and true cause of death, a third party, not coming from any government or government-link or government directed agency, must be formed and directed to determine the actual and true cause of death. Members of this third party must be neutral people who have no link whatsoever to the government, organs of state, government-linked organisations, statutory boards, Temasek Holdings, GIC, or the ruling political party.

5. The government must not be the sole determinant to decide on the cause of death in such a situation because the government is also a interested party, not a neutral party. There is clearly a serious conflict of interest here.

6. The Court of Appeal should be the ultimate arbiter of cause of death if any member of the deceased family is not convinced or satisfied that the deceased's death was not caused by the vaccines.



Hot News from the press: DBS Duplicate Charge on Credit and Debit Card Users.

     DBS customers - Credit and Debit Card users were shocked to discover they were double charged on single transactions. This should never have happened bearing in mind DBS is the biggest local bank and has iconic status in not only Singapore but also in ASEAN countries. Coffee shops gossips asked," How could this happen? Don't we have the highest top talent from India taking charge of DBS as its CEO? Did the bank become aware of the duplicate charges only after complaints lodged by affected customers.? What if customers did not realise the double charge earlier and thus the duplicate charge will keep on going? How can they claim it is due to the glitch of technicality - the machines? It is not so simple as that. Are the highly paid officers sleeping over their jobs? MAS should carry out a thorough investigation and ensure that there is no element of criminality. Will heads roll ? The ball and ultimate responsibility stops at the table of the Bank's CEO."


India is the top tech country in Asia and helping to bring up no talent Singapore

In the 1980s, soon after Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore, China sent delegations after delegations of their govt officials to see what Singapore could do and what they could learn from this shining jewel in the East. Singapore was flattered and proud at the same time, to be seen as a role model for China to learn from.  Singapore was ahead of China in many things, including technology and manufacturing then. The students came and went... and never need to return.

30 years went by. Today Singapore is learning from India and is being helped by India to cling on to its status as a first world nation state.  Without the Indian talents coming to Singapore to teach the no talent Singapore, Singapore would have slipped down to the third world long ago.  Singapore and Singaporeans must be very grateful to India and Indian talents for coming here to teach them. Without the Indian talents, our idiots are overawed by them, our idiots would be lost for words and ideas on how to keep Singapore progressing other than building HDB flats, shopping complexes and hawker centres. 

And the Indian talents know the level of stupidity of the Singapore idiots who cannot tell the difference between a fake degree and a copied degree or a real degree, who adored anyone that bragged with their mouths without going to universities and claimed to be an expert. The level of idiocy went to the extent of praising villagers who they think can work without the need for degrees. 

The Indians really have very low opinion of the Singapore idiots. They must be amazed at the level of stupidity here and must be wondering how on earth this could be a first world city when there is no talents except idiots. Read this as reported in the Times of India.

I am so touch by the above quote and feel so blessed to have the Indian talents training our idiots and bringing them up to speed. And this is not enough.  India still has to send their experienced guys to supplement these idiots as they would still be fumbling and bumbling around like all idiots do. Thank God there is India and Indian talents to help Singapore. Whew...wiping away my cold sweat.

Taking the example of China sending delegations here to learn from Singapore in the 1980s, it would be advisable for the no talent Singapore to send delegations of their idiots to India to learn from this amazing top tech country with top notch tech talents in the 21st Century.

What do you think? Would the idiots do the necessary?

Heard of stupidity has no cure?


Covering The Ass To Circumvent The Need To Pay Compensations And The Bad Publicity On Negative And Deadly Aspects Of The Vaccines?


One more death likely due to the effects of the vaccines that cause blood clots and resultant heart attacks:

1. The Ministry of Health said on Saturday said a 72-year-old woman who died a day after getting her first Covid-19 vaccine dose had suffered a heart attack.

2. An autopsy found that “there were no indications of an allergic reaction to the vaccines”, said MOH.

3. The woman’s son had taken to Facebook this week and asked if the vaccine could be behind her death.

4. He told TODAY that the family hopes to apply for compensation under the vaccine injury financial assistance programme

"SINGAPORE — There was no indication that a woman who died earlier this month a day after she had taken her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine had any allergic reaction to the jab, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (June 19), adding that the 72-year-old had died of a heart attack. 

MOH was responding to media queries about a Facebook post by Mr Andrew Tan, who questioned if the vaccine had caused the death of his mother, Doreen Chan.

In its statement, MOH said that it was alerted to the death of the woman at Sengkang General Hospital on June 4, and that she had been vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine the day before. 

“She had been assessed by trained healthcare personnel to be suitable for Covid-19 vaccination prior to vaccination,” said MOH, which did not name her. 

“In line with our protocols, she was also observed on-site for about 30 minutes post-vaccination and was well.”

MOH added that the coroner had determined the cause of the woman’s death to be ischaemic heart disease, after an autopsy was conducted. 

“The autopsy showed long-standing blockage of the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles, and no indications of an allergic reaction to the vaccines,” the ministry said."

Read more at:





A simplified and modified version of an important article posted by Dr Mercola on June 14

In a recent interview with Canadian Broadcaster, Alex Pierson, Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., dropped a shocking truth bomb that immediately went viral, despite being CENSORED by GOOGLE.
Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., has gained access to a sensitive Pfzer’s paper ( BIODISTRIBUTION STUDY)
from the Japanese regulatory agency.

This paper was hidden from the public and Byram Bridle and his team of international scientists has to use the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT FOIA to get this paper from the Japanese Regulatory agency.

This paper revealed "a HUGE problem with ALL COVID-19 VACCINES."

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains mRNA vaccine packaged in nanosized plastic PEG packages and injected into people during vaccination.

All this while, the ASSUMPTION that vaccine developers have been working with is that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily REMAIN in and around the vaccination site.

This Pfzer’s paper, however, show the mRNA vaccine and the subsequent spike protein produced are WIDELY DISTRIBUTED in the body WITHIN HOURS.

Now, why is this distribution in the body serious?

It is SERIOUS because that SPIKE PROTEIN created in the body due to the mRNA vaccine injection is toxic as per below statement from Dr Byram Bridle

“We have known for a LONG TIME that the spike protein is a PATHOGENIC ( ie TOXIC ) protein. It is a toxin. It can cause DAMAGE in our body if it gets into circulation. ~ Dr. Byram Bridle”

"The mRNA enters your bloodstream and ACCUMULATES in a variety of organs, primarily your SPLEEN, BONE MARROW, LIVER, ADRENAL GLANDS and, in women, the OVARIES. The spike protein also travel to your HEART, BRAIN and LUNGS, where BLEEDING and or BLOOD CLOTS can occur as a result, and is expelled in BREAST MILK."

"This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. It also has REPRODUCTIVE TOXICITY, and Pfzer’s biodistribution data show it ACCUMULATES in WOMEN ’s OVARIES"

Bridle also cites recent research showing the spike protein remained in the bloodstream of humans for 29 days.

Any reader can get the full details of the above extract from Dr. Mercola website from his article published on June 14 2021.

The above only raises issues on that spike protein. The other problematic issues caused by the nanosized PEG envelope is not covered in the above article but in a different message.

PS. Why is this not reported or discuss in our media?


Covid19 - American's plan versus God's plan

 I may be wrong, but my observations so far about this pandemic is the contest between man's plan, or to be specific, American's plan versus God's plan on the future of civilisation. The world today has reached a stage when the overwhelmingly powerful Americans with their superiority in weapons of mass destruction and military power, are assuming the role of 'God' to decide who shall live, who shall prosper, who shall perish and die. No country in the world, either alone or in alliance with other powers, could take down the American Empire and stop them from their warmongering and genocides against people of the world. At best they could destroy the America homeland but also to bring destruction to themselves and all mankind. How then could God stop this evil Empire from their evilness and massacres of the human race? Surely God cannot allow this evil Empire to continue to do what they want with impunity. God must have his plan worked out to deal with the Satanic Empire without destroying the rest of the world.

At the same time the Americans are also having their plan worked out, to depopulate the world by what they knew best, like spreading a deadly disease like they had done to the native Americans. They cleverly came out with a virus, crafted in their labs, to destroy a big part of the world's population, a virus that would not kill themselves but coloured people, starting with China. It was a smart virus and they were happily congratulating themselves with this weapon of mass destruction.  They held a highly secretive meeting to plan for this deadly event, starting with a wet market in Wuhan, China.  Ask Bill Gates and associates for details.

In the meeting they must be so elated and pleased by what they were going to do, to release the virus in China. All the military and intelligence top brass were in there, plotting and charting the course of this pandemic and how they were going to execute them and keeping themselves safe. Not only that the virus were designed and engineered not to harm the Americans, the America was protected from Asia and Africa by two oceans of water and air. The virus would not get the chance to cross the oceans to reach the Americans, so they think. Brilliant indeed.

God knew exactly what the Americans were planning. God knew of course and played along. God gave the Americans the virus and the false confidence that all was well. How not to, if the Americans did not believe they have a failed safe plan? They must have convinced themselves that all would go as planned and they were in complete control of the plan. 

Everything went smoothly as their plan, with the virus inserted into the wet market in Wuhan, China. And lo and behold, China was hit by an unknown virus and people started to die on the streets. Perfect, it was just the beginning, and all happening inside China and nowhere else. Oops, the virus was also inserted into Iran and Italy at the same time but not discovered yet. China went into panic mood and opted for a complete lockdown of the city and province. Would this work? According to the planners, this should not and they expected millions of Chinese and then the rest of the world, except the Americans, would be dying like flies.  The objective, to wipe away 2/3 of the population of the world.

God was watching and would not allow this devious plan to succeed. Too many lives were at stake. With God's help, China was able to control the breakout of the virus from affecting the whole of China. God then added a little sub plot, let the virus land on American soil. This was least expected by the Americans.  The virus could not cross the oceans. The virus was designed not to attack the Americans. So they enjoyed the death and destruction in China, popping champagne in celebration, laughing themselves crazy. The Chinese would die without knowing what hit them. So the Americans thought. And the few cases in America would soon go away. They forgot that God was also planning to sabo their plan without them knowing, and the rest is history.

But no, God's plan did not stop at that. The virus could do just so much.  The virus cannot be so deadly or it would really wipe out 2/3 of the world's population. God needed something more exclusive to deal with the Americans and the rest of the ex evil colonial empires. There must be made to administer poison onto themselves willingly and happily, only to themselves and not to the rest of the world.

Here comes God's next ingenious plan, let the Americans developed a cure quickly, a quick cure that looks good in the beginning but the end result would be what God has planned. And there you have it, the Americans came up quickly with their magic vaccines, so effective and could be developed in quick time, with no immediate side effects or adverse effects. The deadly potion would only come much later, after all the Americans and ex colonial powers have their people all vaccinated with this toxic cure. They must believe in this cure and would happily administer it to themselves, with govts and scientists encouraging everyone to have their jabs. It is like an opiate, feeling so good after the jab and feeling so safe. How else would people want to get jab willingly if they could easily tell that it is poison and would kill or destroy them in the future? 

The self confidence, self deception and delusion must work beautifully to the point that they would not share it with the rest of the world. Their wonder cure is only for themselves and the ex colonial powers. The rest of the world and China would not have access to the American wonder cure and die accordingly to their plan. They should have Chinese and Russian vaccines that were supposedly less effective, and would be wiped off the face of the earth, according to the American plan.

But according to God's plan, this is exactly what would happen. American wonder cure for the Americans and ex colonial powers, and Chinese and Russian cures for the rest of the world. One is touted as a wonder drug, not to be shared with the rest of the world. One is smeared and discredited as ineffective, like the rejected stone, for the rest of the world. And the Americans and ex colonial powers would not want to have them or forbidden by the Americans to use them.

The game is set, with two plans at work, the American plan and God's plan. Which plan would be the better plan and succeed at end game? Would 2/3 of the world's population be disposed of as planned by the Americans, or the 2/3 be saved by God's plan and instead the 1/3 be disposed of by God's plan? 

Man proposes, God disposes. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Amen.

PS. Now you see why the Americans are not sharing their wonder cure with the rest of the world and only for themselves and the ex colonial powers, and why they refused to use Chinese and Russian vaccines and don't allowed the ex colonial powers to use them as well. It is all in God's plan and it shalt be it.  Wonderful isn't it? Every piece and act falls perfectly into place in God's plan.

Now watch this 10 min clip and you will understand God's plan better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVySsZbBNnY

Covid19 vaccines - A matter of science, politics or economics


The protagonists of mRNA vaccines have been blowing their trumpets daily about how good these vaccines are and playing down on the risks and adverse events and encouraging the public to go for their jabs. They refused or have yet to tell the story of the other side of the coin to give a balance picture of the pros and cons of these vaccines, to educate the people and let the people make an educated choice.

On the other hand, there are scientists and experts who put their reputation and standings as experts on the line to say that the spike protein of mRNA is toxic or poisonous. In the scientific field of research, when faced with two contrarian views, the logical and scientific approach is to debate on the two opposing positions, do more scientific research to establish the truth. This is science.

Any scientist that refused to acknowledge a different view, in this case a very dangerous point of view that could cause lives, and turn away, not wanting to know or talk about it, is not behaving like a scientist. If this toxic interpretation of the vaccine is false, fake news, that the politicians can pofma them, even arrest them and charge them for spreading lies and fake information.

What is the scientific community going to do about this? Are the real scientists going just talk and talk like the ah pehs in the kopitiam and go home and have a nice sleep after that, without clarifying anything? Or are they going to take the matter up to study them scientifically to get to the bottom of it?

When this toxic claim is not dismissed, those that continued to praise the goodness of the mRNA vaccines, encouraging people to be jabbed, are no different from snake oil salesmen.

If the other party turns out to be right, that the vaccine is indeed toxic, and if the protagonists and govt refused to do anything about it but continue with the jabs, sometimes in the future, the surviving generation would look back in shock and horror and asking, 'Why did they do that, injecting the population with toxic potion, the scientists supporting it, the govts encouraging it, the people happily queueing up like sheep to be jabbed?'

This matter of toxicity of the vaccine cannot be ignored and simply brushed aside as if the other party are queers, laymen or ignorant quacks. They are professionals, scientists and experts in their own rights and did not publish this for fun. When they say it is poisonous, toxic, this must be proved or disproved for the sake of humankind.

What do you think?

Singapore - In The Event Of A War Between China And Western Powers

In the event of a war between China and the Western Powers, Singapore is screwed. The leaders of Singapore screwed up the future of Singapore big time.

The staunchly pro-Western position Singapore leaders, both past and present, have taken has inevitably pitched Singapore as one of China's vicious and dangerous enemies, like Japan, that need to be eliminated as early as possible in the beginning of the War

Having been educated in the West, speaking and thinking in a Western language, being indoctrinated by Western culture, Western ideology and Western Propaganda, the Singapore leaders, from first generation to the 4 generation, are staunchly pro-Western, pro-UK and pto-USA, even pro-India. But definitely Anti-China. There is totally no doubt about this. It is as clear as the the clear blue sky on a cloudless day.

In a war between China and the Western Powers, Singapore will be one of the first strategic targets of China to be destroyed completely. Not by nuclear bombs but by neutron bombs - killing only the living things but leaving all buildings intact.

After that, pro-China Malaysian Forces will just march in and occupy Singapore.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and ASEAN, will become part of the Eastern Coalition Forces fighting the Western Coalition Forces.

Without doubt, the next war will be a nuclear war, a final war, so to speak.

Whoever survived the war will have to live under very difficult conditions in a badly devastated Earth - without trees and plants, without animals, birds, fishes and insects, etc.

However, microbes there will be. Viruses there will be. These and the radioactive materials, plus the poisoned sky, poisoned air, poisoned rivers, seas and oceans - all these will make life a real living nightmare worse than a sleeping nightmare.

In a way, Singaporeans will be lucky - dying instantly without suffering. A blessing in disguise.

In the final analysis, the screw-up of the Singapore leaders is not really a screw-up but a stupidity that will result as a blessing in disguise.

So, cheer up, Singaporeans! And prepare to die happily, with no fear and no worries.


PS: All the wealth accumulated and enmassed by the Millionaire Ministers and their Spouses will be gone too. 

Queen of Hearts