THEREALSINGAPORE 29 April 2015 - 2:04pm

‘Let us not forget the term FIXING! LHL used it openly at the 2011 elections, and found, to his surprise(!!), that it made him utterly unpopular. Can the inheritor of a bogus democracy, that is actually a dynasty, even get close to understanding, let alone rectifying this travesty, and move forward with the full trust of the people he supposedly promised to serve?! I think not....’


The above article appeared in The Real Singapore and many people must have been caught with their mouths open wide wide. Since the days of The Last Hero, the heroes today are relatively young in the likes of Martyn See, Roy Ngerng, Leslie Chew, Han Hui Hui and the boy hero Amos Yee. We have not seen a ‘lau’ hero for a while.

Oh I digress. Let me come back to Lim Kay Siu’s call for Hsien Loong to step down. Maybe I would approach this from a different angle. Singapore has very few talents, and super talents even fewer. Fortunately or unfortunately Hsien Loong is one of the few rare talents that we have. Unless we want to consider all the 6b people in the world to pick as our PM. Hsien Loong is pedigree, from a distinguished family of talents, first class honours and president and queen’s scholars. How to find such an impeccable family track record? This one did not come from Mumbai or Southern Pacific for sure. We all know that. No need to check. Real stuff, no fake.

And he has been trained from young by the founding PM of Singapore that happened to be his father. The training is personal and intimate. Many kungfu masters would not teach their disciples everything, and would keep a few tricks up their sleeves. In this case you can bet Hsien Loong would be taught everything that he needed to know. Unless he is a poor student that failed to learn, he must have learnt well like young Luke.

And he went under a second tutelage as Chok Tong’s favourite disciple, 12 years of training under him. No PM in the world has this kind of privilege to have tutors before becoming a PM. Many were novices, like his father and all the PMs and Presidents of a democratically elected system. Actually in all systems, other than a monarchy where the prince could be groomed to become king, all leaders did not have the skills set or experience of a national leader and learn on the job, OJT. No skills set means cannot be hired. Fake skills set also good when the employers can’t find one Sinkie with the relevant skills set.

Where else can we find another PM that is so well trained to be a PM? And Hsien Loong is working so hard to bring more growth so that every resident can benefit from the growth. And he has brought in the best team to run the country. Things can only get better and better. See CPF Life, Medishield Life, Pioneer Generations? It is premature to ask him to resign right? Everyone is so happy here. The foreigners here are even happier. Everyone is getting so rich, millionaires and billionaires. If one is not a millionaire it is the individual’s fault. We can even live with fake degrees from fake countries and everything will still go on running smoothly. Oops, there are some exceptions, isolated cases or happened once in 50 years, so no count.

And being the third generation PM there is a lot of pressure. There is a saying that fortune will not last through the third generation. Imagine how much pressure Hsien Loong is facing to make this belief not coming true? He is fighting against this ancient truism. Even if he fails, touch wood, it is not his fault. Fortune will go away in the third generation, nothing to do with him. He can be the brightest, and have the brightest team, but when lady luck is running out, nothing can be done. It happened.

So Kay Siu may be putting the blame on the wrong person. It is not his fault if the country goes down. It is fengshui, hope he does not touch the family house. And ancient wisdom said that what goes up must come down, and all parties must come to an end.

Take it easy, Kay Siu. We are in good hands. The country is in good hands. See. Where got problem? If there are problems, they are only imaginations or wrong perceptions. A little communications will solve everything. Everything is fine, just fine, fine, fine.

GIC is my model fund management company

Phillip And wrote an article in his blog titled ‘Should GIC invest our CPF in a company after its share price quadrupled?’ He raised the question based on a number of reasons. I just quote this one,

‘GIC has paid for a business which was worth only a quarter of the price less than a year ago. Its purchase price of Rs 222 valued Nirlon at US$316 million when the market had earlier valued it at below US$80 million.’

I think any layman would also find this outrageously funny or even stupid. Why not buy it when it was Rs 50 but only after its price quadrupled to Rs 222. Isn’t this a perfect example of the market joke, buy high and sell low for losers?

I must disagree. People not in the industry of trading stocks always think it this way. But from my 20 years of experience, this is called play safe strategy. Do not buy a stock until one is sure that its price is up and confirmed up. In this case the price has quadrupled, which means it has confirmed going up and the uptrend is very strong.

Normally I would play safe and buy when the price is double. To me when the price is up 4 times is like playing safe 4 times safer. This is obviously a very conservative strategy. Look, when you are gambling with OPM, you cannot anyhow buy. You buy only when you are sure, very sure, double confirmed, triple confirmed and better still quadruple confirmed.

Fund managers adopting a ‘quadruple confirm strategy’ are very careful fund managers. I regretted that I did not follow this strategy. I always buy when the price has doubled. And you know what happened, I lost my pants. If I have known of this strategy, I would have made just as much money as GIC. Look at its past records, it is making profits practically every year, sometimes more sometimes less, but still profits. I did not follow this strategy, that is why I have been making losses all the time.

I am now watching and learning from this GIC strategy and learning a lot from it. Buy high, go higher! You see, when the price of a stock has gone up so high, it can only go higher. Now I am trying to start a fund to invest using this formula. This kind of strategy needs a lot of patience and homework. There are not many stocks that would have gone up 4 times in a year, or in 50 years. The chosen stock Nirlon is a rare gem. This kind of buys sure to make money one.

And better still if it is an Indian company. Indian companies are growth companies. There are 1.3b people there and growing. Soon India will have more people than China. Use the same logic, China’s population is 1.4b and many of its companies are growing and very profitable. The Chinese banks are the biggest in the world in capitalisation. Alibaba is one of the most successful IPO listing in New York. Indian companies would follow the path of these Chinese companies and would do better as they have more super talented banking and finance talents. They would out do Chinese companies in a matter of time. A caveat, unless all their top talents are in US or overseas, like in Singapore.

I ‘pai seh’ to tell Phillip Ang he did not know what he was saying. If GIC is a 3rd World SWF, you can bet something is not right. The analysts, the person who approved the buy and the board to concur, everyone must have a cut in this dubious acquisition. But GIC is a Singapore SWF managed by honourable people and with many layers of checks and controls. The decision must be make very carefully and it must be a good decision and the timing must be just right. The GIC is very professionally managed by the best talents money can buy. Period.

I like GIC, my favourite company, when investing strategy is concerned. Always make money one. Anyone wants to invest in my fun, oops I mean fund? I guarantee them sure make money using the same formula as GIC. Buy high and the price will go higher. And buy India, the most promising country for growth. The prices would not only quadruple, but could go up many more times.

My advice to Phillip Ang, don’t worry, be patient. Time will tell. Think long term. Remember CECA? If India is not such a good bet, the govt would not have signed CECA with India, a win win agreement. We laymen, outsiders, did not know how much thought processes, planning and homework have been put in before the decisions were made to invest in India and to sign CECA. You can blame them on anything but not on due diligence and expertise.


Degree mills in big trouble

The recent publicity and interest on degree mills are causing a big headache to the providers of such degrees. The publicity has given the degree mill seekers a better idea of what is available in the market. And knowing that degrees from degree mills are no longer held in contempt, no longer a crime to flaunt them, in fact there is a quiet acknowledgement that it is ok, nothing really wrong with such degrees, the demands for such degrees have shot to the sky. And there is also a precedent set, or not really precedent, but an acceptable excuse for anyone caught with attempting to get a degree from a degree mill. It is perfectly reasonable and acceptable to plead ignorance and sincerity in believing that the degree mill is genuine and not fake. There is a new ethos of willingness to compromise or to understand the innocence of the degree mill seekers and to empathise with them for their genuine effort to better themselves.

With this new trend of thinking and a more enlightened employer, many degree mill seekers, some graduates from reputable universities, are all scrambling to get the best degree from the best degree mill universities. Degree mill’s secretariats have all been flooded with calls from interested degree mill seekers enquiring on the credentials, the quality of the degrees, the type of degrees and even the quality of paper used, the stamps and reputation of the eminent persons signing the degree certificates.

Though the demands are very high, the job of the degree mills is not easy but getting more challenging and more competitive. They are expected to provide the best degrees and have the best reputations, like none of their degree holders have been caught or sacked from their jobs.

Degree mill providers are rising to the competition and making more offers and intensifying their marketing efforts. Buy one get one free offer is the most popular. It is good value for money as one can get two degrees for the price of one. Then of course the pricing is very important and undercutting becomes prevalent. Another query is about course works. Some want to get their degrees at the shortest time possible and some degree mills are promising delivery within 24 hours.

And to beat the competition, some degree mills are using letters of reference from employers on how good is the quality of their degrees and how genuine they look and sound. Oops, it is not the employers that are writing such letters but the satisfied buyers of degrees from degree mills. Some wrote glorious recommendations and testimonies on how well the degrees are received and how the employers commended on the fine quality of the degrees, and how easy they could find employments especially in daft cities with daft employers and daft govts. Some of the degree mills holders even have the audacity to comment how stupid and gullible were their employers for not being able to see through the fake degrees and having a good laugh at their silliness.

Good quality degree mills are really doing roaring business and their profits are mounting, and they can’t cope with the volume of the business. Some degree mills are even thinking of expansion and getting themselves listed in the stock exchanges, with New York as the top priority. Some were quietly saying some Asian stock exchanges would be most happy to have them listed as they believe in liberalisation and minimum govt intervention. As long as they can meet the exchange’s listing requirements they will be most welcome to list. It is all about business.

Heard many IPOs are already on the pipeline in many stock exchanges. Suddenly a whole new product and business is taking off. Thanks to the positive developments and the positive attitude towards degree mills by govts, employers and degree mill seekers.

The degree mills are busily trying to get their degrees off the shelf. Make hay while the sun shines. Buy one get one free. Quality assured, satisfaction guaranteed. Damn good value for money. And some were so audacious to even say employment assured, but with small prints to say applicable only in some countries. The names of the countries were not printed on their marketing material but customers are to call a certain number and would be given a list of countries that accept degree mill degrees.

The latest, ranking agencies have started to rank degree mills to make them more marketable. Southern Pacific University is top on the list, ranked Number 1, for being the first to be accepted by employers and countries as legitimate degrees. The degree mills are most willing to pay for a good ranking to help the degree mill seekers to make an informed choice for a quality degree mill.

Abe, the Genie of War unleashed

Japan, the menace of WW2 with its abominable armies invading the countries of Asia and committing atrocities and barbarities, inflicting untold miseries to the people of these countries, was hauled in by the USA and kept tightly in a bottle for the last 6 decades, not to be able to do mischief anymore. The wild ambitions of an aggressive people out to conquer and rule the world, a people thinking it was right to kill and to rule with the gun, were snuffed out after its devastating defeat in the Pacific Ocean, and not before two Atomic bombs to bring them down on their knees.

With the Genie of War trapped in the bottle, Asia enjoyed 6 decades of peace and economic growth. The Japanese today are claiming credit for the peace that they destroyed, for good life they turned into horrors of war. They are projecting to the world that they are peace loving people, kind, compassionate and benign. They love peace and are the protector and guardian of peace. The want to guard and protect peace in Asia with their military might again!

In the same breath they have torn away their pacifist Constitution forbidding them from engaging in war. They have lied to the world, with the connivance and approval of the USA, ironically the same country that locked the Japanese away from their guns, and have built a massive military force that could wreck havoc to the countries of Asia all over again. And this time it is more deadly as they are joined, hand in hand with the Americans, and armed to their teeth, to use their military arsenal again, in the name of peace, but talking about going to war and ready to indulge in warfare. This is done with the approval of the USA. It used to be white men spoke in fork tongue. Now this black man in the White House is also learning to speak in fork tongue like the white men.

The Americans have let the Genie of War and destruction out of the bottle for their vested interest of world domination. And Japan is singing the same song, to walk and fight side by side with the Americans should the Americans wage wars with any country. This must be music to the ears of the Americans. Now the world’s number One military power, the war monger and agitator, has a willing accomplice all too trigger happy, to lend a helping hand, so as to relive its military glory as a warlike nation.

Can the world have peace with the Genie of War clothed in the cloak of peace but armed to the teeth? Can the people of Asia trust the Abe and his Japan with his revisionist policies, to rewrite history, to erase the Imperialist past of Japanese aggression against other Asian countries, no Nanjing Massacre, no comfort women, no war of conquest, claiming that they were all lies? 

The Japanese are coming in peace, with their warships and guns, to bring peace to Asia again. Didn’t Asia have peace without the Japanese? Wasn’t it the Japanese that started the war in Asia? Why were the Japanese soldiers in all the countries of Asia and ruling the people with fear and the threats of beheading, as colonies?


May Day Protest at Hong Lim Park – 1 May Friday, 4pm

Below are a few words from Gilbert Goh, the protest organiser.

‘During this labour day protest, we will be focusing on the fake degree saga and the unlevelled playing field for our local PMETs.

Our theme for the event is Workers' rights are human rights.

We are also glad to have Kenneth Jeyeratnam and Dr Ang Yong Guan from Reform Party and Singaporean First Party respectively gracing our event on that day.

William Lim from SDA will be the party rep for the event.

Leong Sze Hian will also be speaking on that day.

Five other ordinary Singaporeans will be speaking on that day.’

HR Director warning to all CEOs and HR staff

A HR Director took a personal interest to want to right the wrongs in the hiring process of foreigners here. He wrote an appeal to all CEOs and HR staff and a copy is being posted in the TRE. I copied the first few paragraphs here.

‘I am a HR Director who joined the company a few months ago.

After the incident of Foreign Talents with qualifications from degree mills was exposed, I took the initiative to look through each and every one of my employee’s qualifications, what was stated in their resume, application form, cover letter, as well as the copies of academic scrolls and transcripts kept by HR department.

I was shocked to find that many foreign employees have falsely declared their qualifications, many stated a masters in their resume, cover letter and application form. Upon request for the original transcripts and scrolls, the staff was unable to produce any and came up with various explanations, eg. that he/she in fact did not complete the masters due to moving to Singapore, did not collect the certificate, left the certificate in her home country, did not complete dissertation, and other excuses etc….’

Anyone who wants to know what is wrong with the hiring of foreigners and how many fakes and cheats are here need not look any further. It is happening right under their noses. This HR Director is doing national service by blowing the issues into the open. Many are still in a state of denial, for many unforgiveable reasons, and allowing this scam to go on, affecting the lives of many Singapore, the jobs of many PMETs, the integrity and efficient of industry and the fate of this country. It is serious. But when the monkeys chose not to see, not to hear, not to know, and not to do anything, it is a vain call by this HR Director. The fish rots from the head and only the tail is left waiting to fall off.

Though the appeal of this HR Director may touch a few responsible people, CEOs and HRs to dig out the trash, it would be too little and too late. The most disgusting thing is that many people, CEOs and HRs are part of the scam, to screw Singaporeans and you cannot do anything about it without getting rid of them. It has to go down to the bottom of the problem to pull out the roots and all.

Can you see where and what are the causes of this massive crime against Singaporeans? Can you see who is watering and fertilising the roots? To get rid of this problem it needs a national effort short of a ‘revolution’ in the recruitment process and industry. It is a sick and wicked game that is allowed to blossomed.

What can be done about it? What are you going to do about it? Simple, just accept that you are daft and the foreign cheats are the talents that deserved the jobs they are taking from you, and do nothing. And be happy. Your future is in good hands. You and your family are very well taken care of. You have been taken care of.

Do you dare to fight the system for your own survival and the future of your children?

Instant Tree formula seeing the rot

Instant Tree was a quick fix formula and a very easy and effective way to solve national problems of not enough talents. It is a short cut to everything. No need to go through the long and grueling process of growing up, wasting precious time and money to educate generations of students and not knowing if they will turn out useful. With so much money available, the world is our oyster. We can buy all the talents we need from the 6b people out there. It is a very practical and pragmatic solution. It is very cost effective and very efficient.

The above mantra when put to practice means there is no need for many things. There is no need for schools and universities. There is no need for babies and children. Just buy them, bring them in.

The assumption, the people who bring them in know what they are doing, and have a little brain to know the difference between a nut and a coconut, a good talent and a poor talent, a real talent and a fake talent. At least they can tell, even without real academic qualifications, whether the person sitting in front of them and waiting to be hired has some brain in between his ears.

But there is a more fundamental question. If all the people and talent are to be bought, what is it for? Is it for the good of a small group of people to enjoy life and being paid millions and millions doing nothing? Who owns this country? Is the instant tree formula going to benefit the whole population or a small elite who think they own this country and the rest of the population are dispensable, use and throw?

What is this country for? Who is growth for? For the people or for the elite who hijacked the country as their own grandfather’s country and everything in the country exists for the elite? When there is no need to nurture and educate the people, when there is no responsibility to take care of the interest of the people, the population can be culled or sent away. The country then belongs to the elite who can buy all the talents they want to feed them.

The Instant Tree formula means there no need for citizens, no need to nurture our own talent, no need to take care of our very own citizens. When there is no country, there is no need for citizens. There is no need to know that citizens have families to take care of and need jobs and homes. There is no need to know about children that need parents to provide for them, needs the comfort of homes. When the state can get all its manpower needs and talents, there is also no need for children.

Is it meant to be like that? All the talents can be bought. No sweat.


A man’s will versus the law

There is an article in the ST on 24 Fri discussing the issue of LKY’s will to demolish his house and not allow the state to acquire it as a national heritage. Here is a case of whether the will of an individual should take precedent over the law? Which is more important or carries more weight? Can any individual write a will and expect it to be honoured by the State, in this case the State should not take over the house no matter how valuable it is according to the law on the acquisition of private properties?

On face value it is a groundless case for any individual to make such a will and demanded it to be accepted by the state regardless of what value the state sees in the property. A grandfather wants to will his attap hut in Bukit Timah to his son, can or not? Sure can, but the State would decide whether the attap hut got any historical or architectural value or other values. If got, sorry, tell the grandfather it would not do. The interest of the state supercedes an individual’s will.

But LKY, the founding father of Singapore is not any individual and his will is best respected. And his son, Hsien Loong, the incumbent Prime Minister, has taken the case to Parliament, asking Parliament to honour his father’s will. Not sure if a decision has already been made. I never follow Parliament meetings so closely. Maybe they have put it to a vote. That is the fairest thing to do in a democracy.

This article in the ST would raise a lot of questions. If LKY’s will is granted by Parliament, the author of the article said it could be quoted in the courts as a precedent. So the grandfather’s will on his attap hut still got chance to be saved if he dies after this thing has been approved by Parliament.

But Parliament may approve the request by the PM and put a special clause to it that this is an exception as LKY is the founding father of the nation. And this case cannot be quoted as a precedent. So the grandfather can forget about willing his 100 year attap hut to his son. Anyway, never mind, the law is the law. And the attap hut got not much value. What is an attap hut?

When would the govt recognise our universities as world class?

Our universities, at least two of them, are ranked among the best in the world. After spending so much money gaming the system to be among the top, has any of our ministers even said it officially that our universities are world class, among the best of the best? And has the govt make this into a reality by telling the ministries and stats boards, GLCs and the MNCs here that our students are the best and they should hunt them down for employment and senior management positions? Have any of them even commented that our universities are reputable universities? Maybe that is too much to ask when everyone is so overawed by the reputable foreign universities and their high rankings, like in the 551. Some believed the bigger the number the betterer the university. Thus NUS and NTU are no match.

For once, we are hearing from IDA that an unranked university called University of Mumbai, is a reputable university. Oops, it is ranked a creditable high of 551, better than NUS and NTU. No wonder they are scrambling to hire its graduates and falling all over, grabbing at anything and would not let go. Funny, this reputable universities graduates cannot tell a degree mill or think a degree mill degree is just as reputable and worth pursuing.

But more funny, our stats boards, maybe even ministries and GLCs are by passing our local ‘out of this world’ university graduates and opted to hire graduates from reputable universities like Mumbai. What is the secret? Why is Mumbai, with no disrespect, better than NTU or NUS? Or is it that our ‘out of this world’ universities are producing graduates with skills set that are ‘out of this world’ and so much ahead of its time, or behind time that the skills set are not suitable for the present job market?

When would one of these immortals say something good about how good our ‘out of this world’ graduates are and telling the ministries to employ them as preferred graduates? Or it is not true and ‘out of this world’ means fictional, not relevant or irrelevant, only good for show, but not employable?

If our govt is non committal in the value of our graduates, why should foreigner MNCs be interested in employing them? If our ministries and stats boards and GLCs think so highly of universities like Mumbai and nothing of NUS and NTU, and the Ivy League universities they are linked to, might as well close down these two universities or linked them with reputable universities like Mumbai. At least the employers like the ministries and stats boards and GLCs would find them employable.

Seriously, why is the govt so unwilling to commit to saying our graduates are the best, at least should be better than those of Mumbai and should be preferred employees? Are the graduates from our world ranked universities fakes or hoaxes? Don’t forget, more than half of our lecturers and professors are world class, from foreign countries, real foreign talents. They are paid handsomely to produce good quality graduates here. Did they or didn’t they?

The only people that find it necessary to crow about the quality of their graduates are those from SMU. They are proud of their graduates and their worthiness. With the current trend of hiring from reputable universities from the 3rd world, not sure if SMU graduates are also relegated to the fringe.


The slippery road of no return

The Singapore Brand, a legacy of LKY that makes Singapore ticks and the role model of the world is taking a bashing in quick succession. It looks like they have buried the Singapore Brand with LKY and a new brand like the Chinatown or Rochore Canal Brand is the new replacement. Honesty and integrity are just two slippery concepts that can be twist and turn to suit the user’s needs.

There was an applications consultant hired by the IDA that was found to include an MBA from a degree mill in her resume. The explanation came after the social media went on fire to demand that she be sacked, that she was recruited based on the first degree from a reputable university, the MBA was not considered. Ask around and you will find no Singaporean with a decent grade would enrol in this reputable university that is ranked 551 in an international ranking. If I am not mistaken, many universities in Malaysia ranked even better than 551.

After incessant pressure for the ministries to act, it is reported in Saturday’s msm that an internal investigation found that the staff concerned ‘did not deceive the agency by listing the MBA from Web based Southern Pacific University, an alleged diploma mill, in her resume.’ The staff ‘…had genuinely believed her MBA programme to be bona fide, and she had put in effort to obtain the qualification, the IDA said.’ My auto pilot reaction when reading this was, ‘huh, got like that one?’

Such an explanation would never have been accepted in the past and no one in his right mind would dare to use it as a logical explanation of a wrong. And they have no doubt about her intelligence. She is a graduate from a reputable university and did not know what is a degree mill? Today IDA is using it as an acceptable justification to clear an employee alleged to have used a degree mill MBA in her resume. Can I take it that the govt and the ministers too would agree to this kind of reasoning, if they did not say anything against it, especially the Minister of Infocomm?

And there is another case of a foreign lecturer in the Ngee Ann Polytechnic who ‘received a master’s in education from non accredited, online based Breyer State University three years ago,…(and) is supposedly graduating from the same institution with a doctorate in psychology later this year.’

In defence of his appointment as a lecturer, he had 15 years of experience with the polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies, NP said he was appointed not based on his masters and doctorate degree. The polytechnic did not mentioned what qualifications he had when appointed as a lecturer and then promoted to senior lecturer. ‘NP added that Mr Jonet pursued the master’s programme of his own accord, and that it was no a job requirement and had no bearing on his progression at the institution.’

The only positive thing about NP’s explanation is that one does not need a degree or a technical qualification to be hired or promoted as long as one is able to do the job. In the past it was like that. This is the same position taken by a forum writer, likely a FT, in the main media a few days’ earlier that a certificate or degree is not necessary if one can do the job. Our hospitals and architectural institutions would now have a lot of doctors and architects to choose from if no degree or certification is necessary. In the past a dentist can set up a shop to extract tooth without going to medical school. And it worked too. Maybe our PMETs should consider becoming a dentist and apply to the MOH. But first must go learn how to pull a few teeth out from some mouths to show that one knows how to do the job.

Such a flexible approach to hiring talent is like back to the 3rd world. But looking at it positively it is Innovation with a capital I and 3rd world Creativity with a big C. Our rigid and straight jacket system run by our super talents would definitely frown upon such frivolous methods of recruiting talents. Or have they been won over by IDA and NP? No wonder we need more 3rd world talents to teach us how to do it the 3rd world way for progress. It is like anything goes. And please, no need to pay our 'out of this world' salary for this kind of standard.

Ok, forgot it is time to forget about LKY’s Singapore Brand. Now no need qualifications, can do the work OK leow. No wonder some ministers are discouraging our young from going to universities. If you can get someone without a good and respectable degree to teach our students, what is the point of going to get a degree? I like it very much. Non graduates can teach students to become graduates. It is novel for sure. How come I never think of it?

Shit, I am behind time. Our super talents are worth their pay. They have thought of it, ahead of me. I am really slow. Now the new mantra, ‘Bo tak chek’ can teach students to get a degree! Ingenius! And daft Sibkies are in awe of 551 ranked university as reputable, and this kind of talents to help Singapore to grow, to replace our PMETs.

Chok Tong – Old ginger is hot

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong thinks that the Singapore society will go through a major upheaval. "I can see an avalanche of social issues coming," he said this at the launch of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Social Service Research Center today. 

"The social challenges of Singaporeans in the next 50 years will be drastically different from those in the last 50," he also said

The above is quoted from an editorial in The Real Singapore ‘GOH CHOK TONG: I CAN SEE AN AVALANCHE OF SOCIAL ISSUES COMING

While the party members are all in celebration mode, Chok Tong is warning them of things that are coming their way. With his height and helicopter view, he has all the advantages that his colleagues in the party did not have. Actually it is his age, I supposed, to sit back and think and look at the whole picture. You need him and his wisdom now that Oracle is gone. He has the time and experience to see more things and bigger things. Being not involved with what is happening and the policies of today, he has the comfort of being disinterested and can see things clearer.

He is seeing an avalanche of problems. The rest are happily having a ball, everything is fine. Would Chok Tong move into the Istana to fill the vacant seat of the Oracle and start dispensing his wisdom and forecast of world events? Would the Istana come to life again with queues from foreign dignitaries seeking advice from the elder statesman, the wise one.


The little Red Box says it all

In every commercial aircraft there are two black boxes to record all the relevant and important data concerning the aircraft, its flight pattern and details and the conversation of the pilots. The information recorded will eventually be used as undisputable evidence of what actually happened to the aircraft in case of an accident.

After LKY his former PPS, Heng Swee Kiat, has revealed the story of the little, now famous, Red Box used by LKY for his work. What does this Red Box say about LKY and his role in the governing of Singapore? He may not be the PM, and during his last term just an MP. But there are the trappings of power in the man. His office is in the Istana, the official resident of the President of Singapore and now also the office of the Prime Minister. He has a staff of his own, security officers etc. And of course the little Red Box that he kept his official files that he was working on.

What did all this meant to the nature of work and responsibility of LKY? Was he doing the job of an MP, taking care of the affairs of the residents of Tanjong Pagar? Or was he intricately and intimately involved with the running of Singapore? What did the man said about himself and his commitment and devotion to the well being of Singapore? What did the rest of his colleagues and the Prime Minister said of his work?

Heng Swee Kiat was no longer his PPS when LKY was just an MP. Apparently the little Red Box was still with LKY in his last stretch in his office in the Istana. What did the Red Box say about his involvement in the affairs of the state? Did he let go or did he not let go? Was he just keeping an eye over state affairs or a passive observer?

Bizarre govt, bizarre policies

I was trying to find the best polite word to describe the policies that were churned out by this govt. Bizarre seems to be the safest bet. I was thinking of stronger words like horrible or worst, but the blood pressure of people may shoot up and burst the blood vessels and very nice people can go berserk. So bizarre it is to describe the kind of policies and things that are going on. No, no, I am not talking about a 16 year old boy being handcuffed and shackled for his ranting. That is child play. Forget about Roy Ngerng having to pay some fines for being a nuisance in a public park designated for free speech.

Now what can be considered bizarre? Can the changes to the CPF savings of the people be considered bizarre? The people’s life time savings now like not the people’s money. And many will die before even got the chance to use it after saving a life time. Is this bizarre by a govt elected by the people and changing policies on the people’s life savings and believing confidently that the people will have no objections and will happily vote the party to power again? Bizarre or no?

What about using the taxpayers’ money to the tune of billions, to finance foreigners to study here, from primary schools to universities, thousands of them over the years? And the parents who are citizens, taxpayers, got to foot every cent to finance their children’s education here or overseas, some emptying their life savings, selling their homes, while foreigners who did not pay taxes, with no obligations to the country, where the country owes them nothing, enjoyed the benefits of free education, free food and lodging and allowances? Crazy or bizarre, you tell me lah.

And the people again will happily vote, in a democratic election, the party who gave the money to foreigners, to power again. It is as good as the people giving consent to these policies, to help the children of the world to a good and expensive education, but they have to tighten their belts to pay for their own children’s education, using hard cash when many are cash strapped. Not bizarre? Not insanity?

With the financial demands to support their children, a decent job is a must. Many are now jobless or underemployed. And they have big mortgages to pay and children’s education fee and maintenance allowance to pay. How could they managed, I don’t know but they managed. And they are very happy to vote the party to power again for the bizarre policies of bringing hundreds of thousands of foreigners here to displace them in their jobs. Oops, sorry, my mistake on this. Officially the citizens, the PMETs were not displaced by the foreigners. They were just not good enough, not qualified enough, not talented enough, did not have the skills sets for the good jobs. They are to compete with the foreigners on a level playing field and the best man or woman gets the job. Citizen or no citizen, it is meritocracy. Citizenship does not confer any privileges as far as getting a job is concerned. Not even a job in the govt services. All is fair. Bizarre or not?

Wait till the people go to the voting stations and vote the govt back to power, with bigger majority, to confirm their support to these policies then you will know if it is bizarre or not. Wait till they find out how many got cheated of their jobs by cheats with fake certificates and qualifications.

At least 500,000 of foreigners are here working happily, butmany local PMETs are not working and still trying very hard to apply for a job. Some waiting for years and not even getting a reply or an interview.  And the official stand is that they are not displaced by foreigners in employment. They got themselves to blame as they are not meritorious enough. Bizarre or not? And they would vote the same govt to implement the same immigration and employment policies with no protest, willingly, not sure if happily.

And many of the foreigners are from countries infamous for cheating in their education system, buying fake certificates and degrees, faking their CVs, and substandard education system. And the citizens were told that the foreigners are better than them, so blame themselves. And the citizens who have lost their jobs agree and would go to the voting stations to vote for the same govt again and again, for these policies. Bizarre or not?

Not bizarre? Yes, this is the most bizarre of all. No one thinks anything is missing and these policies are excellent policies, necessary policies for growth and good jobs, dunno for who, but definitely not bizarre policies. The govt does not think it is bizarre, the daft Sinkies also do not think it is bizarre.

What do you think? Is there anything bizarre?


More fake degrees from degree mills exposed!

There is an article in the TRE claiming that a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic was promoted because of fake degrees from another degree mill. And the social media is on fire, people getting hysterical.

My gut feel is that there is no such thing as fake degrees. There are no fake degrees in Singapore lah. If there are the ministries in charge, all super talents and all super efficient would have nabbed them long ago lah. The few cases exposed they know lah. These cases they never count their fake degree lah. They allowed them to use the fake degrees only for fun, for personal interests. Trust the system. We have the most transparent and clean system on earth.

We have 500,000 foreign talents here working so happily. Many have been given PRs and citizenship some more. How can so many be fakes? If they are found to be fakes can be very ‘pai seh’ lah. Don’t embarrass people with all the false accusations of fake degrees.

Look at all the sacked PMETs driving taxis and security guards. They know that their replacements are genuine talents. If not they would not quietly and meekly walked away from the jobs when they were sacked.

Have faith that all the 500,000 foreigners here are foreign talents. Do not doubt our system unless you are saying it is all a lie. You better be able to prove it or you can be sued. Don’t anyhow say ok. Just believe everything is fine and in control.
Now we have Swee Say taking over MOM, if got fake degrees, he will empty them out for all to see. Swee Say sure knows all the tricks and he will poke all the holes and all will be exposed. Not to worry lah. I say again, Singapore is free from fake degrees. For so many years, so many millions came and gone, where got fake degree?

Our reputation of being super efficient would have frightened away all the fakes. They know they sure got caught if they come with fake degrees. How 1st world super talents be cheated by 3rd world villagers. It must be a laughing stock.

LKY’s legacies – The monuments to protect

Lee Wei Leng said the right thing. LKY is not about personality cults and monuments to be built in his name. There are practical reasons to consider too. Many founding fathers of nations were quite straight forward. Sun Yat Sen was impeccable or unblemished as a national leader. You don’t have Chinese nationals wanting to spit at him, urinating at his grave or paint graffiti on his monuments. But this is not the point. I think not only LKY will turn in his grave if a monument is built in his name. He didn’t even want his house to remain. Get it demolish.

The true legacies and monuments are the values he stood for, honesty, integrity, incorruptibility, the spirit of serving the people and country. These are the real monuments that should be preserved for eternity. These are time tested values that can last through the ages and no one can dispute their goodness. No one would want to spit at monuments made of these except when they are abused by people tasked to protect them.

And before his body is cold, the first two monuments are under attack and being discredited, ie honesty and integrity. Nobody cares about honesty and integrity anymore. Honesty and integrity can be compromised by fuzzy logic and silly people, very likely dishonest people with little integrity but not exposed.

Would any believer or disciple of the Oracle stand up to defend the values he stood for? Or they are still steep in wanting to erect a few pieces of masonry in his name that are likely to be just plain bricks and mortar or some composite? What are the real legacies of LKY to be protected? Are integrity and honesty not important at all?
Destroying honesty and integrity is as good as kicking LKY in his ass. Show some respect to the man for his relentless effort to keep this place honest, clean and upholding the virtues of integrity and incorruptibility. If these are to be discarded, what is the point of naming monuments after him? Anyone feel offended and obliged and his or her duty to protect LKY’s legacies? Anyone responsible to defend his legacies or want to defend what this man stood for?

Anyone brave enough to stand up to defend honesty and integrity?

What a shame. I think he is turning in his grave. Fake degrees are being worn like a tag of honour, without shame, in Singapore.


What is the Singapore Brand? Integrity?

Singapore is what it is today because of a reputation it has carefully and strenuously pursued and carved, a reputation for honesty, reliability and integrity. If we compromise on these 3 values, we can say goodbye to the Singapore Brand. Orchard Road is famous for selling genuine products. But the credibility of Orchard Road and Singapore can be undermined by other frivolous and unscrupulous shopping centres run by crooks and cheats. It they are allowed to go unchecked, soon Singapore will acquire the notorious reputation of a nation of crooks and cheats. Do not shop in Singapore.

Our professionals have been travelling the world and according to LKY, are in high demand because of the Singapore Brand. Honesty, reliability and integrity. What is happening to the IDA case, when fake degree from a degree mill is recognized as something acceptable, normal, in an employee’s resume. Does this compromise the Singapore Brand, about honesty, integrity and reliability?

Would LKY allow this to happen in his watch? I believe he will kick a few asses. But no, the standard and quality of Singapore is not the same standard as that of LKY. Now anything goes. It is like the Wild Wild West. Where got problem with a degree from a degree mill? It is OK man. Just close one eye, see the 500,000 FTs here? Do ask question, let it be. All is fine, very fine.

If it is not OK, I believe one of the ministers or even Hsien Loong would have said something. Yes, when nothing is said it can be assumed to be OK. The govt never say it is Not OK what? And IDA said it is OK or nothing wrong, so must be OK lah.
Is this the new Singapore Brand? Anything also can? Is integrity important anymore? Is honesty important anymore? Is reliability, to be honest and stay straight important anymore?

What is the message? What is the new ethos? Did someone say shit? Or was it fake? Would the new Singapore Brand be about fakes? Would the rest of the world be wary of Singaporeans when they see one, not sure he is real or fake? It was once unquestionable. It was what Singapore Brand meant?

Maybe the new ethos is Nevermind. Don’t tell me any bad news. Or the deaf frogs are not listening. They just want to carry on, that it is the right way forward.

High quality fake degrees for sale

Below is an interesting post in TRE that should act as a warning on what is happening in the employment market. Oops, sorry, I should not say that. Everything is fine. Everything is so fine. Stop spreading rumours. All the foreigners working here are the best, with genuine certificates. Please read the post as a joke or some sour grapes trying to tarnish the reputation of Indian graduates.

I must say that according to my survey, all the daft Sinkies, especially the super talents, believe that all the foreigners here are genuine and talented and employed based on merits. And they also believed that the MOM and NTUC and TAFEP are doing an excellent job to block all the cheats from coming here. We have a clean record of employing only the real and talented ones. See, a few millions have came and gone, many are still happily employed here, some already citizens, and so few are caught. This is the best testimony that they are all genuine. You cannot dispute this right? This is the same kind of silly logic that no complaint means no problem. If no raped is being reported, then no one has been raped.

And don’t forget, we have super talents in charge and all the best regulations are in placed to keep the system clean and transparent. Sorry PMETs, you are no good and that is why you should become taxi drivers and security guards despite your degrees and diplomas. You are just not good enough. Do not blame on discrimination, do not blame the foreigners recruiting their own kind. And do not blame the foreigners for flaunting their fake degrees. Those are hobbies certificates, for fun only. They are recruited based only on their first degree from reputable universities, better than our world class universities. The same applies to getting their citizenships. No fake certificates were used.

Maybe you will stand a better chance getting a good job with a string of degrees. You know where to get the best and genuine fakes. Tell the employers they are fakes, for fun only, and the employers would love you for your honesty. You can get your quality fakes from the below list.

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The Alternative View


Amos Yee – A few good men

Amos Yee was remanded, and remained in Changi Prison for 4 days as reported in the ST, when his parents failed to bail him out. It was like the end of the world. Without M Ravi, there seems to be no lawyers left in this island. And all the activists and human rights groups too were not anywhere to be found. It must be a very uncomfortable moment when hope has gone on sabbatical. Just when the people were lost as to what to do, looking around but no one is there to lend a helping hand to this child, despair and fear crept in.

And the ever efficient, uncompromising and professional police, knowing how dangerous this boy is, or how serious the charges are, made sure that he would not be up to any mischief anymore. The boy was handcuffed and his legs shackled, this one reported in the main media but no photographs, the images of Guantanamo flashed through my mind, and taken to court to hear the charges.
Below is copied from an article in TRE.

‘3 charges have been leveled against Amos under Section 298 and Section 292(1)(a) of the Penal Code, and Section 4(1)(b) of the Protection from Harassment Act:

Penal Code
Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person
298. Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, or causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years, or with fine, or with both.

Sale of obscene books, etc.
292. (1) Whoever -
(a) sells, lets to hire, distributes, transmits by electronic means, publicly exhibits or in any manner puts into circulation, or for purposes of sale, hire, distribution, transmission, public exhibition or circulation, makes, produces, or has in his possession any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, drawing, painting, representation or figure, or any other obscene object whatsoever;
shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 months, or with fine, or with both.
Protection from Harassment Act (2014)

Harassment, alarm or distress
4. (1) No person shall by any means -
(a) use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour; or
(b) make any threatening, abusive or insulting communication,
which is heard, seen or otherwise perceived by any person (referred to for the purposes of this section as the victim) likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.
(2) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and, subject to section 8, shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.’

These are very serious charges. As the door was closing down on this boy, 3 lawyers appeared from no where to act on behalf of the boy on pro bono basis. And a good Christian counselor, or an ‘activist’ as reported in the main media, wondering what that word connotes, came out with the bail. Vincent Law, a family and youth counselor, said, ‘I am a Christian and it seems that the charge said that he made disparaging remarks against Christianity. I’m a Christian and I’m stepping up to say that I’m not offended. I’m also a parent and I feel for his parents.’ It is good that a Christian stood up to show that they have nothing against the boy and Amos is a boy and is forgiven. Hope this would settle the offending remarks against the Christian community and no Christians or Christians would come out to say their feelings are hurt or they felt harassed.

The 3 lawyers representing Amos Yee are Alfred Dodwell, Chong Jia Hao and Ervin Tan. Their position is that Amos is a boy and he has the right to be defended in the court of law to get a fair hearing. It is so refreshing to know that there are still some good men around to give a helping hand in times of desperation. What a relief for Amos, for his parents and for Singapore and Singaporeans to see that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. In the darkest hour, there is hope, there is God. And there is justice and righteousness. Hope I am not wrong on this.

A few good men, commanded by their conscience, have stood out to come to the aid of a hapless boy facing incredible odds, fighting for his freedom alone against the machinery of the state and the rule of law.

This boy really needs all the help available. God, your helping hand is needed to see that justice is done.

PS. Thought of posting this tomorrow but so many things are happening.

Amos Yee: It is happening – The flutter of a butterfly

This is going to be the flutter of a butterfly that turned into a storm. Roy Ngerng, the unpretentious young man working as a social worker in a hospital was charged for slandering the Prime Minister. Then he went for broke. While waiting for the court’s judgement on the sum he has to pay as compensation, he must be expecting this to be prohibitive, Roy has taken a stance that there is nothing to lose. He is going to fight for every inch of the ground. He has internationalized his case by speaking to the world.

Now there is the case of a 16 year old boy, Amos Yee, being charged for sedition for his rant in a youtube video clip. He is still under detention as his parents could not put up the bail. While some were muddling around on how to help this boy, some already started crowd funding to raise fund for this legal battle, here comes Roy.

Roy has written an open letter of appeal for help to these international agencies, to take up the case of Amos Yee on the ground of child abuse. This is what he wrote in his letter, ‘On 29 March 2015, a 16-year-old boy Amos Yee was arrested and charged on 31 March 2015, just two days later, after he made a video which criticised the late first prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. Amos also spoke about the high income inequality in Singapore and attributed it to the first prime minister as well….’

Catherine Barnett, CPWG
Children Rights Manifesto:
Child Rights Information Network:
Save the Children:
Defence for Children:
International Institute for Child Rights and Development:
Child Helpline International:
Free The Children

The internalization of this case, if successful, is not going to look good to the govt. The question is whether these agencies would respond to Roy’s letter or ignore him. Then would the other human rights groups and local activists pick up the cudgel?

In the internet there has been a lot of comments and agitation for more to be done for Amos Yee. Where would these two cases lead to? Can the govt afford to ignore them, keep quite, don’t do anything and let the court to go through its due processes? If the foreign agencies and the UN choose not act, things could die down very quickly. But if these agencies start to make a case with the govt, then it is not pretty.

Tan Chuan Jin – Better to lie low

This is a comment posted in an article in TRE on what Chuan Jin said, ‘Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, who has been recently assigned to take over the Ministry for Social and Family Development from Chan Chun Sing, told residents at a community event yesterday (19 Apr) that the government’s work cuts across all constituencies, and all Singaporeans are meant to benefit from it, regardless of who they voted for.’ The comments following this post has reached 105 and counting. What is clear in these comments is that none of them believe a word that Chuan Jin said. Many were walloping him from left to right and reminding him of what the PAP represents and what some ministers had said and done to opposition constituencies. It is a pathetic effort to say the right thing but with no one believing it. It is worst when the listeners treated it as hogwash.

My advice to Chuan Jin is to talk less, I am not going to say rubbish, get out from the hot seat in MOM and enjoy a rest. Go carry babies and kiss babies like Chan Chun Sing did and lie low, lie very low and do not try to defend what is indefensible. Recently he has made several comments that were badly received. And the people were still furious why his ministry did not say or do anything about the IDA affair.

Do not say things that would spring back and hit straight in the face. It would not do any good to his poster boy image. It would harm him more and destroy whatever little credibility he has left. I must be truthful to say that his credibility is at the lowest in his short career.

If he does not believe what I said, I would invite him to read the comments in TRE. Please don’t waste time reading Reach if he wants to know the real ground feelings. And if he wants to do something during his last few days to salvage a little of the damage, go do something positive and serious in the IDA case that is burning across the social media. Everyone is waiting to see if he is real, if he is going to do something in the face of such an undisputable violation.

The ball is at Chuan Jin’s feet. Do something or keep quiet and get forgotten in MSF. Do not say things that will only enrage the angry mob that is rapidly losing faith in him.


Redbean Soup – The next best seller in the making!

I am half way through in the compilation of my book and have decided that the title shall be ‘Redbean Soup’. I think this is going to be a best seller with so many articles that are eye popping and jaw dropping.

I really enjoy the honour of having orders before the book is even written, a rarity reserved only for very established authors. And me only a blogger, not even a writer: ) Thank you for your faith in what is going into the book.

I am still talking to the publisher and targeting the book to be out by July. Hopefully earlier.

With the confirmation that the book will be published, I can continue to take orders now. Don’t miss out on this unusual best seller : )

More 'ang tau tng' serving.

South Africa witnessing anti foreigner rioting

Shops were burnt and looted. The South Africans were targeting the foreigners whom they accused of taking over their jobs and shops. According to Reuter, ‘a wave of anti-foreigner violence that has killed four people near the city of Durban threatened to spread, police said. South Africa has erected safe camps in Durban, a key port on South Africa’s Indian Ocean coast, for fleeing immigrants, whose shops were looted and burnt in the two-week old violence.’

Singapore is so blessed with a meek and law abiding citizenship that were wrongly accused of being xenophobic. The truth is that many were victims of bashing by the foreigners and racist comments reported in the main media. And the Singaporeans would just take the bashing and hoping that the law would be on their sides. If they dare to hit back they would have to face the law and a lawsuit would be costly. Many would choose to be the punching bag, not resisting or at best run away if they could.

Would the tolerance of foreigners and bashing by foreigners reach a state like in South Africa? No way. Singaporeans are too polite, too good, too timid, too small, to resort to violence. The recent riots were against Singaporeans in Little India with Singaporeans and the police ended up as the victims of the foreigners. Singaporeans would not riot against the foreigners. They love the foreigners. They want to integrate with the foreigners. They want to make the foreigners feel welcome here, have good jobs and be happy.

Please foreigners, be kind to the Singaporeans. They would not behave like the South Africans, riot and loot and burn the foreigners. Please treat the Singaporeans well, and if you have to bash them, be merciful, don’t hit too hard. The Singaporeans are physically small and weak and their bones would be broken quite easily. And please, do not riot or burn the shops. They belong to Singaporeans. Singaporeans are not xenophobic. If you are stupid enough not to know what is xenophobia, go and visit South Africa now. Then you will know how nice Singaporeans are to foreigners.

Now who is the next idiot who is going to stand up and accuse the Singaporeans for being xenophobic? Please send him to IMH.

Hope for another PM Lee

There were all kinds of mischievous speculations and troublesome remarks that there will be a third PM Lee after Hsien Loong. And the choice is between Hong Yi and Sheng Wu as the top candidate for the post. The grooming could have started and the ground being prepared. Chan Chun Sing was touted as another seat warmer to fill the gap while the two young men grow up and gain the necessary skills set to be a PM.

Most of these speculations and rumours were not well intended, a snipe at the possibility of the continuation of the Lee Dynasty. Ground feelings, as far as I know, is negative towards a third Lee as the PM. Somehow the thinking is that this should not be the case. A republic must not be turned into a dynasty and anyone would do except a Lee. It is not a case of how good the two young men would turn out to be. They have yet to show how good they are and to endear to the people. It is just a no no for a third Lee to replace Hsien Loong.

Wait a minute. Things are changing. Some were saying Singapore would be a better place, better governed, if Wei Ling were the chosen heir instead of Hsien Loong. She seems to have her heart in the right place. She could think simply and clearly, no silly nonsense. This is a gift that is likely to be inborn, to be able to see through the hypocrisies and pretensions of human beans.

Wei Ling is starting to endear to the people as a straight talking, no ‘bluffology’, no balls carrying kind. She said what she thought, pure and simple, right from the heart. Her latest comment on her father’s wish, not to build a personality cult, not to build silly monuments like the dictatorship of North Korea, is music to the ears of the people. It slapped very hard on the faces of hypocrisy and the unthinking and glory seeking, to want to flatter the legend and to look good and saying all the right things. In their scramble to be in the good books, falling all over one another, to build monuments to glorify the legend, they forgot what he was all about. And it takes a simple and clear mind, very exceptional when one is the daughter, with emotional attachments and sentiments, to say the right and proper thing, to fulfill the wishes of LKY. The man does not want a personality cult. Is that so difficult to understand?

There were some comments in the social media that Wei Ling would be welcome to join the opposition to do the right things for the country. And with here stature and accomplishment, I think she could be the one to bring the opposition parties together under one banner. And if she can do that, she would be the natural leader to be the PM if the opposition wins the next GE. She is the perfect candidate the opposition is waiting for. Never mind if she is another Lee. Never mind if she will be the third PM Lee, if she can do good instead of harm to the country and people.

What do you think?


Malaysia really screwing it up big time

The latest advice by Maybank about the oversupply of housing in Johore, first the Iskandar Economic Zone and now the Forest City built on 4 newly created islands with more housing available must be kind of like a thunderbolt. How are they going to sell anymore housing to the daft Sinkies? With the warning, no matter how daft the Sinkies are, they must know that things are not looking good. And there were talks of developers offering buy one get one free offer. Too good to be true or things are looking real bad, and developers are bailing out before they lost their pants?

The housing and commercial projects in Johore were really a very welcome initiatives and many Singaporeans were really salivating and wanting to cash out from Singapore, from their CPF, to move to Johore. There were so many comparative advantages that cannot be ignored. The advantages were real, not imaginery or fictional. It was a good deal, work in Singapore, live and rest in Johore. High income, good exchange rate, low cost, low property prices and cheap cars. The best of both worlds! The Malaysians have been enjoying it for so many years. Now Singaporeans too can have a bite of the cake.

Unfortunately good things don’t last. The warning by Maybank is sending shivers to many potential home buyers, even factory owners. And the developers must be trembling in fear. So much money pumped in and now the takers are fleeing. How man? What is happening man?

Why is Malaysia killing the golden goose before it lays its golden eggs? I can only see one reason, too many parties want a piece of the cake. The Johore royalties, the local govt, the federal govt, all must be looking at the piece of cheese like a hungry rat. Actually the Johore royalties have all the rights to get a big chunk of the pie. They started with the idea, authorized the projects, even as full participating investors. They deserved to have their profits.

But what about the local govt and federal govt? They would find their ways to carve a slice for themselves even undermining the whole concept that makes it viable. How could they be left out of the foodchain? Everyone in the chain must have his bite. Fair. But don’t take too big a bite that all the comparative advantages become disadvantages and turn a win, win project into a lose, lose project. The buyers are not taking the bite. The developers are losing their pants and the royalties falling flat on their faces if they don’t get the acts right.

Doesn’t anyone in Malaysia know simple economics or arithmatics? The buyers must have a good deal and the developers too must make their profits. The third parties, the vultures that do nothing, must be careful not to clean up the bones. This apparently is the case. If the Singaporeans, most likely the biggest group of buyers, can see benefits they would come in droves and just buy and buy, buying up everything. The present numbers could easily be absorbed if the conditions are good and make economic sense. When the cost or advantages become meaningless, what is the point? Why pay S$20 daily just to cross the causeway?

Singaporeans are daft. No doubt about it. But they cannot be so daft not to notice the advantages are no longer there. From now going forward the two projects would be hitting a stone wall. Well done Malaysia, for cutting your own nose when you could make a good killing and making both sides happy. You can’t believe that Singaporeans are so daft to empty their pockets in a lose, lose proposition right?

What’s next? Can the two projects be saved? Would they turn out to be short term mirages? Can the Malaysians work out the sums, make it attractive and make money from it? You can’t have the cake and eat it at the same time, and make the daft Sinkies pay for it? No way, in real life things are not as simple as this, stupid. You must creative value for the buyers. And don’t think you can continue to come out with nonsensical rules and regulations in the future to screw the daft Sinkies. They learnt and know the trick after a while.

What is wrong with employing foreigners in top positions?

There is an article in the TRE titled, ‘Good work by old guards being dismantled by LHL’ by a contributor calling himself ‘Disillusioned with current PAP’. The gist of his post is that too many foreigners are taking over top jobs in Singapore instead of Singaporeans. And he listed the following:

(1) Magnus Bocker, CEO of SGX
(2) Singapore Botanic Gardens hired Briton Dr Nigel Taylor as its director sidelining our locals
(3) Singpost is now headed by an Austrian, Dr. Wolfgang Bier, as its Group Chief Executive Officer since Oct 2011.
(4) Simon Israel holds position of Executive Director at our very own Temasek Holdings while Greg Curt holds position of President.
(5) The infamous former CEO of our national transport network, SMRT, was Malaysian Saw Phaik Hwa who mismanaged our train network.
(6) Mr Steve Leonard is the executive Deputy Chairman of IDA Singapore
(7) Stephen Forshaw, managing director at Temasek Holdings

The author also quoted LKY and saying ‘I may not necessary agree with everything LKY did but there is one thing I respect him – he put the interests of Singaporeans first.’ Many Singaporeans respected LKY for the things he did to improve their lives and the large turnout and outpouring of grief during his funeral were testimonies to this.
But what is wrong with employing foreigners to these top jobs? I study them closely, I even meditated on them to try to find faults with the govt for employing these foreigners to these multimillion dollar jobs. The only problem I could find is that he missed out on those given a pink IC so not counted. They are now Singaporeans. And I think a few of the abovementioned could also have been given pink ICs. I am just guessing but this is not an issue. Tharman was quoted to have said that this is a good way to offer good jobs to ‘Singaporeans’ by bringing in foreign talent and made them instant citizens. The people cannot complain that they are foreigners anymore.

To me the most important point is whether the govt can find Singaporeans, I mean true blue Singaporeans, not the instant tree type, to take over these extraordinary and very difficult jobs. When I look at the jobs involved, I must agree that no Singaporean is good enough to fill these positions.

As they said, the proof is in eating the pudding. Look at the new replacement for SMRT and tell me if there is any improvement in the train services vis a vis the foreign talent Saw Phaik Hwa. Then look at the CEO of SGX. The moment they announced that Bocker is stepping down, they headed straight to the world to look for a replacement. Obviously they must have looked in house and all over Singapore and could not find any Singaporean suitable for the job. Oops, sorry, my mistake again. There is only one Singaporean that can fill the SGX job. He is the only talented Singaporean that can fill any banking and finance position, the only Singaporean talent in banking and finance, but he is already the CEO of DBS. And he is very happy there, so no point moving him to SGX.

After thinking about this for many days, I also come to the conclusion that the Singaporeans do not have the skills set for these jobs. So it is right that these jobs must go to foreigners. I think the govt is starting to think, and starting to plan also, to train Singaporeans to fill these positions, according to Leo Yip, the MD of EDB. So maybe in another 30 years we may have some Singaporeans trained and with the skills set to fill these positions.

So, for the next 30 years, these positions must be filled by foreign talents. No choice lah. But they can also be filled by Singaporeans if the govt gives the pink IC to the foreigners offered these jobs. Instant Singaporean also Singaporean what? Not to worry, our govt is very far sighted and always plan ahead, they said this is called proactive, always thinking ahead. Nevermind if they don’t think for the present. Now they have a 30 year plan to fill these positions with Singaporeans. Got hope, got hope for true blue Singaporeans, in 30 years time.

I feel so comforted. Our govt is planning ahead. We are in good hands. Our future is in good hands. No need to worry. No need to kpkb for now. In 30 years time, if it is still like that, then you can complain. Must look at the long term.

IDA fake degree case. Who is abetting the crime?

Nisha Padmanabhan, a new citizen employed by IDA as an Application Consultant has claimed to have a MBA from a degree mill called Southern Pacific University. IDA has replied that they employed her based on her first degree from a reputable university, Mumbai University. The issue here is the false claim of having a MBA that is equivalent to a piece of junk in her resume. Is this cheating, lying, is this a crime? If it is not, case closed. If it is a crime, why is there no action taken against the culprit, and who is supposed to take action against her?

When a crime is committed, in this case it is expected that IDA, the organisation that discovered the crime should take all necessary actions to terminate her employment and to make a police report. So far nothing is being done and the culprit is presumably still employed by IDA, standing for Infocomm Development Authority, a govt organisation, an authority within the govt organisation. Is IDA condoning the act?

Presumably a crime is committed. I stand corrected as IDA did not seem to think anything is wrong with it. So I am not sure if there is any wrongdoing in this case. And if there is no wrongdoing, please forgive me for raising this issue. What is a crime and what is not a crime, what is a petty crime, what is a serious crime, the whole thing is so grey that it is so difficult to tell. Really, it is so difficult to tell. Perhaps one can deduce the severity of this incident from circumstantial evidence. The main media does not think this is newsworthy, an indication that there is nothing to it, no crime. The Police are not taking any action, so no crime. Or perhaps the Police have not been informed or no one makes any police report, or the number of police reports is less than 20.

Ok, after my clarifications, and to protect myself from making wrongful allegation that there is a crime but actually no crime, lets assume that it is a crime, assume only hor, forging or making false claims on one’s resume and qualifications, the law and legal processes would have been activated and the law enforcement officers would be moving their butts, like the very serious case of Amos Yee when 8 officers were reported to have arrested him in his home and handcuffed him before taking him away. Looks like this case, if there is a case, is going to be a very minor case, a minor infringement of the law.

And MOM and ICA also did not say or do anything. Aren’t they the regulating and approving agencies for legitimate job seekers and new citizens in the country? Aren’t these agencies supposed to police and regulate such ‘minor’ infringement of our employment and immigration regulations?

Do I see that a crime has been committed and no one is taking any action? Do I see the exposure of a forgery or false declaration and the enforcement agencies not doing anything, or not wanting to do anything? My past experience in HR says this is a police case.

But of course, our law enforcement agencies are not sleeping. They are dutyl bound to enforce and uphold the law and regulations, and if something is wrong, a crime being committed, they will jump off their butts and act on it immediately. The Amos Yee case is a good example of super efficiency of the Police and the judicial system.

Can I therefore conclude that there is nothing wrong with this case and it is all a red herring, a wild goose chase? Maybe a minister would make statement that everything is in order and we should move on. Maybe some authoritative bloggers, with good connections, would say just laugh it off. Maybe someone would warn the social media and bloggers not to spread rumours.

Is there a case or no case? I am a layman and just wondering aloud. And to the best of my judgement, from all the circumstantial evidence and the silence from the authority, there is no case. Case closed. Let’s move on. No crime has been committed. There is no cheating, or no intent to cheat. Oh, for this last part, someone from IDA commented that this Nisha took the MBA from the degree mill for fun or something like that. Putting the MBA in her CV must also be for fun.

I have wasted so much time writing about nothing. Really, believe me, trust me. We are a rule of law country. The law is fair and transparent and efficient. What is troubling is, should a hypothetical situation like this occur: The person who saw a crime did nothing, turned a blind eye. The police supposed to apprehend the criminal did nothing. And the regulators did not regulate and allowed the crime to flourish. In simple words, ‘bo cheng hu’.

Who is the real criminal? Or who is abetting the crime?


Miracles are happening in Sin City

We are going to see more miracles happening in this city state. We just had one miracle a few weeks ago. Unbelieveable, and more miracles are going to happen. We have self sufficiency in water, which is a near miracle but really not that spectacular. Look at the Garden by the Bay. This is not mere cosmetic piece of white elephant. It has many strategic uses. We plebians with our little knowledge could not see how important this monument is. Please allow me to enlighten you people with the great value in store and how it could create more value than you think.

Last week a miracle happened inside the Garden. They regulated the temperature of the enclosure to simulate winter, probably leading to snow flakes falling. That is not the miracle I am referring to. It is the olive tree. Can you imagine an olive tree flowering and bearing fruits, yes olives, in the equator? This is a miracle for sure.  Nature could not do that, God could not do that or God did not make it so. Olives only bear fruits in temperate countries, not in hot tropical land. And the value of this is that we can be self sufficient in our supply of olives and olive oil. No need to import them from the Mediterranean. We can grow our very own olives in large scale production.

This is only the beginning. Think of the juicy apples and oranges, the pears and the succulent strawberries. Miracles can happen everyday in the Garden. What, you can buy an olive for 20c a piece in Fairprice? What, an apple for 50c?

Come on, miracles are priceless. Not the same. The Tourist Board should rename the Garden as Miracle Garden and sure to attract more visitors. Come and see a miracle. Miracles do happen now and then.

PS. How much does it cost to produce that miracle olive?