US Congress - How to bully an old man. Poor thing.


US President Joe Biden was interrupted by boos and shouting during his State of the Union address, with Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene calling him a “liar” after he criticized the GOP’s economic agenda.  RT

See how they bullied the poor old man. There was no decency, no respect for an old man good enough to be their grandfather. Where is courtesy, where is kindness? Bullying an old man suffering from dementia is a very shameful behaviour.

Singapore should send out Kindness Movement chief to give them a lesson in kindness. They were all behaving like brats and thinking they were very clever. 

Senior KMT leader to visit China for talks

TAIPEI: A senior leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan's main opposition party, will visit China this week and meet its top Taiwan policymaker, the party said on Monday (Feb 6), amid continued military and political tensions between the two sides....

The KMT said its Deputy Chairman Andrew Hsia would leave for China on Wednesday and meet Song Tao, the newly appointed head of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, in a rare high-level interaction between top politicians from Taiwan and China given the current strains.

Hsia, a former Taiwanese diplomat and one-time head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, and his delegation will "conduct exchanges and dialogue on the basis of equality and dignity", the KMT said.  CNA

Could this talk be meaningful when the KMT is still thinking of equality when Taiwan is just a small break away province, not much bigger than Hainan Island? Dignity and respect would be accorded to them as leaders of a province but what equality can the Taiwanese expect? Still thinking and dreaming that Taiwan can stay separate from China, like a separate state? China has already decided when the reunification would take place as the longer this is unresolved the more difficult it would be and the more the Americans and Japanese would put their mischievous fingers into China's domestic affairs. China is not going to drag this further and Taiwan should better prepare for a peaceful reunification on the best terms they could get from China.

The KMT leaders are representing a political party, not even a ruling party. The most China would treat them is party to party leaders, not as govt leaders. If senior China govt leaders were to meet them, it would be generosity and courtesy from the China side. 

There is no other option except reunification, one way or another. Those Taiwanese still hoping for Taiwan to be part of Japan so that they can change their Chinese names to Japanese names and speaking Japanese like the colonial days under Japan should stop dreaming. It would not happen. The Chinese people have pride and dignity and fully able to deal with the Japanese when the time comes, and to protect the sovereignty and the culture of its people in Taiwan.

Also, for those hoping to become cannon fodder for the Americans, this could be a grim possibility if they are going to turn Taiwan into another Ukraine and fight to the last Taiwanese. How many Taiwanese would want to die for a sure lose cause and be dead before the war starts?

George Galloway - What's wrong with you?


16 min on the 'dangerous' balloon and the numerous lies by the Americans and the Brits about things that would lead to wars and the killings of millions of people, like Colin Powell and Jack Straw on WMD and the vials of detergent held in their little fingers that they claimed could kill everyone in the UNGA or in the British Parliament. And they held the vials in their bare fingers without fear. Of course there was no need to fear as the vials contained either detergent or milk powder. And what's wrong with you, to be lied and lied over and over again. And still believing in the liars? 

What's wrong with you, dummy?

They have killed millions and millions of coloured people. You are still alive because they have not caught up with you. Your turn will come. The Taiwanese would be next if they are stupid enough to be misled by the half Japanese to turn themselves into cannon fodder like the Ukrainians.


China's balloon - China set a trap, rogue talking low thinking Americans fell for it

Biden and USAF had done such a brave and heroic act to shoot down a Chinese balloon they alleged as a spy balloon. Both must be recommended for such an act of bravery and heroism, to protect the sovereignty of the USA from being violated by a balloon. Not sure whether the virginity of the USA was compromised before the balloon was shot down. Oops, Trump officially admitted when he was the President that the USA had been raped by China. So can't cry about being a virgin. It did not make any difference anymore.

By the way, China is not an underdeveloped country of the 19th Century and needed a hot air balloon to sneak into American territory to spy on the Americans.  Actually the balloon boldly flew over America, a big white balloon for all to see. No need to hide. The Chinese are more sophisticated than that, definitely more sophisticated than the hillbillies that thought they are still in the world of balloon technology, that they did not know about things called satellites, space stations or Beidou that could easily do the job with extremely high definition cameras, and cannot be taken down by a fighter aircraft. The Chinese are already on the far side of the moon and have landed a vehicle on Mars and have a space station that can also do the job.

For backward hillbillies, it can be expected for them to think that a hot air balloon is the best flying object to spy from the air. They could not think of anything else with their limited intellect and technology. And the American USAF is so good to be able to shoot it down. Such sophistication and skill! Clap, clap, clap. Tom Cruise would not be able to do it as it involved such great skills and ability. Yes, yes, the pilot and Biden deserved to be decorated with top American military medals. This is many more times more difficult than the Chinese pilots in MIG 17s shooting down U2 spy planes in the 60s. No one else could do such a darn thing except for a senile old man and the best F22 American pilot.  So brilliant. Bravo.

Well done! Congratulation America. You are so damn good at shooting at hot air balloons. In a war with China in 2025, America would be sure to win when the Chinese attack the Americans with hot air balloons.  Just hope Biden did not over strained his ageing brain and got all stressed out when deciding whether to do it or not to do it...and still could stump his chest, I am a real Man, I am tough on China.

The whole world is looking at the Americans with awe and admiration...at American sophistry and childishness.

PS. With the Americans setting the precedent of shooting down the balloon for 'violating American sovereignty', China can now shoot down any aircraft or warship entering Chinese airspace or territories. Taiwan is a part of China, is Chinese territory. Aircraft flying into Taiwan or warships entering Taiwan waters without China's approval are violating Chinese sovereignty and can be shot at. Would McCarthy dare to fly into Taiwan, and would China shoot it down?
China's PLA has warned, they would respond with tit for tat for such violations. This is the trap. You shot our balloon, we will shoot your aircraft and warship. 

Below are some hilarious comments in RT on the stupidity of the Americans calling the balloon a 'threat'.

What about the weather balloon nicknamed Rover to keep watch over The village in the 60s show? 

China had told the United States about this balloon for many times, and the United States government and security departments had been monitoring and evaluating it, and the United States military security department also believed that there was no harm. Until the balloon was discovered by the public in Montana and hyped by the media, it became the reason for the two parties of the United States to attack each other. Biden was forced in front of the American public and the media to perform the stunt of using F22 balloons to defend the national security of the United States. From the US election to the Trump search, to the fact that both Biden and Trump secretly carried top-secret documents, the battle between the two parties has never stopped. This is an outdated way of spying, not as good as satellites, which can see the face of a man on the ground, what he looks like. There is no need to fly a slow-moving balloon all the way to the United States to gather intelligence.
18 m

F-22 was originally built to battle Russian warplanes.
Apparently it was built to shoot down Chinese balloons.

A channel
Get a tank of helium or hydrogen, fill up a bunch of balloons and let them fly!

Every imaginable object on the planet is 'made in China', but they need some party balloons with gopro hanging on a string to spy on the US? 😂

Patterns Count
Several thousand US terrorist spy ships, satellites, drones and terrorist spies are in Asia , well outside the US 12-mile zone. Asian citizens must use all options to neutralise them using the US precedent, one at a time, using the triumphant Vietnamese tactics as they cause immeasurable damage in Asia

Richard Kam
Why shoot it down instead of easily bringing it down and discover what spy gadgets are installed or operated by Martians???

John Smith
Wow! Chinese balloons are super dangerous, that's why an F22 needed to sneak up in stealthy manner. instead of sending a plain jane F15. The Chinese and Russians must be careful they're not laughing too hard in case they burst a blood vessel. At this rate, how many balloons do you think is required to ground the entire US F22 fleet, asking for a friend?

Why do I have this gut feeling that america is going to use the E.U to attack Russia while america and it's Asian allies will attack China?, it's just a thought but with the new asian alliance created of late etc it's really making me wonder.

CHEVI789, it is not something that will happen in the immediate future, Russia and China must cooperate to mobilize their forces against this western evil

Does the US use ‘spy balloons’? Likely not since there are so many other ways to gather information. So why would China? Check Swalwell for helium.

Warmongers & Medias= Criminal Enterprise
cia, mi6 psych ops.......... the fearmongering is to prepare the american sheep people for the upcoming china war...... demonize your enemy, get that hate and racism going......... make your people feel superior, and make them think the enemy is inferior............ then send them off to war.

Warmongers & Medias= Criminal Enterprise, Exactly. Ukraine is almost done and a new conflict is required to increase the Pentagon budget

My take: Xi Jinping just decapitated the military chain of command. Incompetence gets REAL CLEAR in an emergency situation. Who is gonna follow those fools now? 😅😂🤣😅😂😅🤣

Tracie Smith
America is like the girl at school yelling " look at me."

Jim Baldwin
No wonder that the rednecks are howling at the moon and running out of empty beer bottles and cans to thrown at the Chinese "balloons" since trying to shoot down with an F-16 did not work and the F-22 flying junk had to fire a $4.5 million missile to down a helium killed Walmart balloon MADE IN CHINA.

Tracie Smith
Jim Baldwin, As someone who grew up in the South, I find your statement hilarious...
54 m

A little balloon has the United States at war. Doesn't the United States have Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man? Aren't they always protecting the earth? Similar American balloons flew over Chinese territory as early as 1960. During the war in Afghanistan, the United States used such balloons for military surveillance, and the Americans have more than 600,000 hours of experience using such balloons. Some Americans should see a therapist about what causes some American politicians to be mentally disturbed, constantly magnifying the problem and even attacking Democrats from within. Are Democrats stupid?


Dumping toxic waste into oceans

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil plans to sink a decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been towed around the Atlantic for months with a damaged hull, drawing criticism from environmentalists, who say it is packed with toxic materials....

"Given the situation and the growing risk of towing (the ship), in light of the deteriorating buoyancy of the hull and the inevitability of a spontaneous, uncontrolled sinking, there is no option but to jettison it in a planned, controlled sinking," it said.

Environmentalists attacked the decision, saying the aircraft carrier contains tonnes of asbestos, heavy metals and other toxic materials that could leach into the water and pollute the marine food chain.

The director of the Basel Action Network (BAN), Jim Puckett, accused Brazil's navy of "gross negligence".

"If they proceed with dumping the very toxic vessel into the wilderness of the Atlantic Ocean, they will violate the terms of three international environmental treaties," he said in a statement. CNA
Japan on the other hand is going to dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Which is more deadly and toxic, an old aircraft carrier or radioactive nuclear waste water? Why are these so called do gooders, people with great conscience, wanting to protect the earth and human life, so silent about what the Japanese are going to do?
Why are they picking on Brazil, a country deemed unfriendly to the Americans and not Japan, a semi colony of American and now set up to be the point man or pit bull of the American Empire? Japan no gross negligence?

The discovery of 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine not dangerous, not deadly, not irresponsible, not evil?