IME Corridor - Hollow concept and frivolousless economic assumptions

 The big hypes about this supposedly great Biden Modi infrastructure plan to counter the BRI have faded the moment the G20 Meeting ended. It was all noise and meaningless chest thumping and all for nothing. When a plan is build with no tangible objectives and clear economic benefits but just to counter another widely received and carefully conceived plan, who is going to buy it?

The plan has totally no benefit to the Americans, and to the Americans it is just like a fiction movie in Hollywood, good to have, good to see, good for propaganda and entertainment but no practical or substantive benefits, at best some political influence and publicity. In the case of BRI, there is a lot of trades going on between China and Europe and the countries in between that made economic sense to all the participants. What would India be selling to Europe and vice versa? As for Saudi Arabia, it would just be a transit role, allowing a railroad through the Arabian desert. The economic purpose to Saudi Arabia is minimum as all its trades could still be served by the existing trade routes with no significant advantages from the IME Corridor.

Given these considerations, the big question is the cost. Who is going to pay for it for minimal or virtual gains? The Americans have no direct benefits and are unlikely to pay anything unless it is treating the IMEC as an extention of war against Russia and China, like Ukraine. Then pouring in their toilet paper money into this project would make the some sense against using their fiat money to help Maui.

The bulk of the money spent would be on the railroad through the Arabian desert. Would the Saudis be willing to pay for it when their only benefit is to collect toll? Or would the Europeans and Indians be willing to pay for a railway track and train system in Saudi Arabia? The cost benefit equation does not make sense to any party in this IMEC, especially nothing much to be gained for the Saudis. The Saudis would not mind if the Americans, Europeans or the Indians food the bill and they offer the desert land to the project. 

This frivolous plan is looking more frivolous as day goes by. No one would want to food the bill to build a railroad and train system across the Arabian desert for the Saudis. And the Saudis would not find it economical to build it and pay for it if no one else is willing to be the main paymaster.

There will be more meetings and more meetings on this project for the next few years before it dies a natural death. By the way, who is capable to build this railroad across the Arabian desert? Would they be asking China to build it? Would China want to build it when no one can build it?

Corrupt organisations beholden to the Americans must be disbanded

 Those sitting at the top of the world bodies are obviously nothing more than corrupted beings, so much so that non of those world bodies are credible, moral or worthy of existence.

When BRICS increases its quorum of members over the years, it is time to form new world bodies to undertake the functions of those present beholden world bodies. It is not impossible. Just look at the countries taking part in the BRI and those countries eyeing for membership of BRICS, but denied because of some selfish idiot.

Just as countries can put their hearts and minds into de-dollarisation and migrating their trade settlement in currencies other than the US$ in their bilateral trade and prepare to adopt a new settlement system, it is just a question of time that the world can get together too to get rid of the White clique's control of those beholden world bodies that does more harm than good.

The most sinister of all is that bodies like the ICC thinks it is doing the morally right thing to issue a warrant of arrest against Putin, while closing their eyes, plugging their ears and stuffing their mouths with shit, not looking at what happened in Iraq, not even daring to raise a fart to talk about the roles of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld and the already dead Dick Cheney and Collin Powell.

And fabricating evidence to start the Iraq war killing millions makes them war criminals millions of times over. But not one of them, in the warp minds of the ICC, deserves to be issued an arrest warrant. That is how ridiculous world bodies have become.

If de-dollarisation is important, so does changing the system of running world bodies, necessitating the formation of new ones that are truly independent and beholden to no one, and certainly not existing to serve the interest of just one country.


White men's greed for power and hegemony is the root cause of the world's troubles and wars.

    The white people especially the Anglo-Saxons toxic greed for power, insatiable greed to grab other countries'  territories and resources  and insidious savage ambition for  world hegemony is the root cause of this world's endless troubles and wars. Further their false assumption that they are a superior race and  are the chosen people of God and that their civilization outshines all other civilizations reinforce their fake ego of primacy above all others. 

For the last 500 years white men have brought bloody curse to all non-white countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever they went they brought deaths and destructions, pains and suffering and genocide. They have never shown any remorse for their wanton acts of brutal cruelty and atrocities to people of victimized countries because they claimed they were supported by their 'Doctrine of Christian Discovery' in which their Lord Jesus empowered them to go abroad to seize lands and resources from non-Christians and to kill natives who refused to be converted to Christianity. This 'Doctrine of Christian Discovery' was later reinforced by other more evil doctrines like the 'Doctrine of Manifest Destiny of America' , the Darwin Doctrine of survival of the Fittest' , the Doctrine of Permanent and Perennial Warfare' and the  'Paul Wolfowitz Doctrine of  American Exceptionalism.' 

Armed with these toxic doctrines the white men cabal headed by the Anglo-Saxon United States intend to hold the world in servitude and bondage under Anglo-Saxon American dominance and permanent. hegemony. For as long as these evil doctrines are in place there will never have peace and harmony in this world. No selfrespecting countries and civilizations will ever allow the savage Anglo-Saxon Americans to hold the world in subjugation, servitude and hegemony.

Never trust the Anglo-Saxon Americans and their lackeys in Europe. They will always use peace talks as a stratagem to lull you into confidence while using the interim time as an advantage to plan steps ahead  to destroy you. There are endless examples in history where white men use this ruse to disadvantage the opponents and get them destroyed. That's the reason native Americans keep on reminding the world that 'White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted.'

Some latest examples are the end of 'Cold War'  in 1989 where NATO led by US promised Russia that NATO would not extend to Eastern Europe by even a centimeter. But it did and extended NATO's membership to all East European countries which formerly formed parts of Soviet Russia. And in  disregarding Russia's constant warnings not to extend NATO membership to Ukraine and in using the Treaty of Minsk  interim period to arm Ukraine for its secret agenda to attack Russia it triggered the Ukraine War.

Under a treaty signed in Beijing in 1972 the US under President Nixon recognized the 'Peoples Republic of China' as the sole government of China which includes Taiwan  and the treaty was reinforced and strengthened in the three communiques signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1980s. However, subsequent US presidents reneged on the Beijing treaty and carried out pervasive actions which undermined the treaty and cause serious problems in cross strait relations when separatists and secessionists in the Taiwan DPP party with  American support openly called for seceding from mainland China.  The subversive actions of America clearly shows that the US is playing with fire and that it intends to start a war in the Taiwan Strait as China's Ukraine war. 

People do not understand the diabolical agenda of the United States in starting the Ukraine War and the coming Taiwan Straits war. It has to do with the declining status of the West in general and the United States in particular. The United States is a very chaotic state in a tremendous upheaval with no stoppage or possible remedy in sight. The horrible debacles in US are self-inflicted. It is due to the practise of Darwin's extreme one sided capitalism where the nation's wealth is not distributed equitably among the broadbased citizens but where the one to ten percent elites own over 95 percent of the country's wealth and riches and where the rest of the 90 percent population own less than 5 percent and wallow in extreme poverty and sufferance. Wherefore we now see tens of millions of impoverished American citizens who are homeless and and forced to live in horrible squalour of decrepit tents made of cupboards and plastic sheets along major roadsides, in the frontage of shops and shopping malls where they scavenge for food and do their daily routine of urinating and discharging of their faeces. The scenes are really pathetic. How come these types of inhuman scenarios are occurring as per normal in the US which is being touted as the richest country in the world. It has to do with an incompetent irresponsible US type of government which does not take care of its citizens. It has to do with the horrible poor governance of the US government which constantly shouts to high heavens to other countries about human rights and democracy but completely ignores the welfare of its people which indeed is the greatest perversion of human rights and democracy. This pathetic situation is greatly enhanced by US doctrine and policy of creating endless perennial and permanent wars to maintain US supremacy and sustaining US Pentagon Military Industrial Complex so as to keep US economy afloat causing trillions of dollars diverted from civilians welfare to the lawless military. The diversion of funds to the Pentagon has due to corruption enable most American politicians from the president downward to senators, congressmen and House of representatives as well as senior and top military officers like generals, admirals and airforce commanders to grow extremely rich to become millionaires or billionaires. In fact many top generals and admirals on retirement went on to become directors and CEOs of military industrial companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrob Grumman, General Dynamics, General Electric and Halliburton just to quote a few more prominent ones. In addition to the problem of millions of poor with homelessness the US is awashed with extreme inter racial strives mainly cause by white supremacists daily killing of other American racial groups like native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans and other diverse racial groups from Asia. In these racial issues the white supremacist police and the military do not offer any help for they would not take any action against racial riots whereby the provocateurs and culprits are insane white men going wild on a spree of killing of non-white Americans. In some cases the white police may perfunctorily arrest some white killers and murderers but the white judges in the courts will just release them after a lapse of a few days or a few hours. With such social injustice how can the non-white world believe in the West version of human rights and democracy and in their savage propaganda to demonize China,, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and North Korea. Non-white countries must be so blind and naive to believe in US toxic propaganda and expose themselve to danger in welcoming US and Western hubris propaganda that China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are aggressive and expansionists and therefore they must ally themselves with America and the West to confront Russia and China. 

The truth and the fact is China has never invaded or conquered any other country in its 5,000 years of history. On the contrary China was invaded by a cohort of Western countries , US and Japan in the last over 100 years and when her lands and territories were torn apart like cutting the watermelon to become parts of Western and Japanese colonies. 

How can the US politicians think of ruling the world when they don't even have basic care provisions for its citizens. So do not trust in US politicians propaganda about human rights and democracy. They will export their miseries to the world if allowed to do so.

Why did NATO led by US engineered the Ukraine War. Even before the end of the Second World in 1945, the US had laid broad plans to bring the whole world under its singular hegemony. But it had to contend with Soviet Russia which was a stumbling block to its ambition. With the fall of Soviet Russia in 1989 America proclaimed to the world the end of history, meaning the road ahead for America's unitary rule and world hegemony is at last at hand. But it was not to be when Putin assumed power in Moscow and China rises with god speed as an economic, technological and military power in which US has to contend with.

America is dead against Russia and China for being stumbling blocks to US ambition for world hegemony in establishing a world unitary government under US control and domination. America's rogue politicians at first decided to take down both Russia and China at the same timme. However, Russsia and China realise they are facing a common danger from the United States and so they unite to put up a common front against US and its allies . The United States finally decided to take down Russia first with the ultimate target China after destroying Russia.  

The United States calculates that Russia has a very weak economy and so it engineered the Ukraine war thinking it would quickly weaken Russia and bring it down to its knees. America thinks that after it has gain control of the rich Russian hinterland it will make good use of its resources to attack and conquer China. America has already made plans to start a war across the Taiwan Strait. The United States is so intoxicated with wild ambition to control the whole world that it throws caution to the winds ignoring the danger that it is confronting two highly and well armed nuclear superpowers.

 America is desperate in wanting to start a war with Russia and China due to several reasons.  It has an astronomical national debt of over 35 trillion dollars and other  commercial debt of  hundreds of trillions of dollars. US is unable to service these debts it owes to foreign countries especially to China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. So it  is using wars to divert its citizens attention from the national debt. Also in creating wars US hope to abscond with the trilllions of dollars in debt and would not have to pay somehow. Also it hopes wars will keep the Pentagon Military Industrial Complex industries churning and will jump start the whole of US economy which has been in the doldrums for a long time. 



After decoupling and derisking from China, where are they going to sell?

 Companies of the USA and its allies can move out of their main market in China, but the market will not collapse, and who can they sell to in the end, conducting their businesses outside of the main market. This is like a fishmonger moving his stall out of a fish market to set up shop far away from the fish market, and hoping that customers will continue to patronise it. No such thing. Customers will still patronise the main fishmarket, where variety and choice is all theirs to choose.

Chinese companies are having a busy time filling the void left by those USA and Western companies moving out of China. Even in Russia, Chinese carmakers are now making headway by taking over the void left by Western car companies. And will those companies that left China or Russia be able to return later to retake their share of the market? Even if they do, the market is already engulfed by Chinese or other friendly foreign companies. This is the same scenario in any open market competition, where if you move out, you cannot regain the edge again, once customers found a better choice.

But as de-coupling or de-listing are so grand an idea that the USA and EU are so deeply embroiled with, let it be. Who gets punished is still left to be seen. Chinese domestic companies never had so much impetus to expand or rise from the ground. This is their opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. Even just producing for the 1.4 billion population is good enough. I used to say that a shoe factory in China producing shoes for the domestic market is enough to survive already, selling a pair to each family in a normal family of three.

Even as I am saying this, Apple is facing serious problems in France and Canada, among other countries over the older iphone 12 model that was reported to emit unacceptable electromagnetic waves aka radiation levels. Released in October 2020, what consequence will result after three years of use is only talked about today. Think about it!

Meanwhile in China, the ban on iphones in Government circles and expanding to employees of Government linked entities, of which there are more than 150,000, employing tens of millions, the damage to iphone sales in China is going to be instrumental. Added to that, Huawei's Mate 60 is reported to be selling like hot cakes, with Huawei said to be unable to cope with demand over the short term.

China, even well before the IMF recent advice, had already been promoting domestic consumption, knowing that moving forward, more sanctions and heavy handed actions are on the line to hype up the demonisation of Chinese companies, operating and competing too well, with Western competitors.

The investigation of subsidies being raised against Chinese EVs is one good example, to put down the Chinese competition, knowing Chinese EVs are competing too well against USA and European car makers. These non Chinese carmakers are doing catch up in EV sales, having taken their eyes off while concentrating on internal combustion engine vehicles, with Japan hedging its bet on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that is obviously not taking off. China has already been phasing out ICEV, which will add another nail in the coffin of USA, Japanese, South Korean and European carmakers.

Suffice to ask, what about the USA's US$52 billion subsidies thrown at the Chips Alliance congregating in Arizona? Isn't that also a subsidy and needs to be investigated as well? Even the EU is against that move, knowing it is nothing more than unfair trade practices to subsidise USA chip manufacturers to provide an unfair advantage when competing overseas. But the USA clearly plugged their ears, refusing to acknowledge what the EU is complaining against.

Going forward, not only is the USA surrendering areas of influence and markets in China, but is moving into an era of competing with China in markets outside of China itself. Can they compete in markets in Africa, Latin America, Central Asia or even ASEAN that still sees China as their main market for trade.



Covid 19 - WHO skunk still acting for the Americans to implicate China

The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) urged Beijing to offer more information on the origins of COVID-19 and is ready to send a second team to probe the matter, the Financial Times reported on Sunday (Sep 17).

"We're pressing China to give full access, and we are asking countries to raise it during their bilateral meetings - to urge Beijing to cooperate," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the newspaper.  CNA

The call to investigate China as the origin of Covid 19 is a lame ploy by the Americans to imply that China was the origin of the virus and at the same time deflect all attention on the Americans as the real origin of this virus. The Americans have been using this tactic in all areas, plainly accusing another party of a crime and using all American controlled organisations and western media to echo the accusations. And in practically every single charge, the Americans were the one that did it but pointing the fingers at others. Genocide, discrimination against the minorities, violation of human rights, war crimes, acts of aggression, terrorist activities etc etc, were all committed by the Americans over the centuries and everyday today all over the world.

The evidence as to the origin of the Covid 19 virus are out there, all pointing to the Americans as the culprit. But since day one, WHO has not attempted to investigate the USA as the origin, conveniently turning a blind eye, pretending that the Americans are innocent when they are guilty in the eyes of the whole world. China should slap this skunk real hard to wake him up and stop his nonsensical behaviour unbecoming of the top dog in WHO. He not only discredit himself but the whole organisation and everyone in WHO.

WHO and the skunks in the organisation should stop behaving like idiotic political animals taking orders and instructions from the Americans and doing the bidding of the Americans to turn black into white and white into black. Have some decency and guts and go and investing the USA as the origin of the virus. Failing to do so only show how silly and useless the WHO has become, a lame organisation like many American controlled organisations, perpetuating injustice around the world. It is a shame for a supposedly international organisation to behave so deceitfully and unable to do what it is tasked to do. It has no right to exist with such glaring failure to act on behalf of the people of the world and to not investigate the real criminals in this pandemic.