Asean values and how it should act and behave...not to the dictates of external powers

Commentary: Is Cambodia up to the task of chairing ASEAN?

Cambodia has taken the reins for ASEAN leadership for 2022, a year that will be defined by its handling of the Myanmar crisis, as well as foreign engagement in an increasingly multipolar world order, says a researcher.

Riko Watanabe

Above is the title of an article in the CNA by a Japanese researcher questioning the ability of Cambodia as Asean Chairman. From the title that he phrased you can see where he is coming from and acting as if he or Japan knows best for Asean. Why is Cambodia not up to the task? What is the task of Asean, what is the platform and purpose of Asean? 

Obviously from the angle of the Japanese and the Americans, two warmongering countries always thinking and acting as if they are superpowers and have the right to interfere into other countries' domestic affairs, not just influencing, even to the extent of threats and wars, Asean must be like them, poke its fingers into other countries domestic affairs, in this case Myanmar. And Cambodia's diplomatic and consulting approach, without trying to meddle into Myanmar's domestic affairs, without dictating to Myanmar, is unacceptable. 

To the Japanese and Americans, Asean must act and behave like a gangster, telling other countries what to do, to do according to their beliefs and warmongering culture, to become like them.

Is this what Asean is all about? Asean was formed with certain principles of non interference in another country's domestic affairs, does not want to be dragged into a conflict by the big powers, to live peacefully with its neighbours, cooperation and peaceful coexistence, not acting like a gangster to demand and dictate to one another. The culture of Asean is to accept one another despite the differences in culture, religion, history and political system.

However, some Asean states are so influence by the warmongering and trouble making Americans and Japanese and think that it is right to mess around with the affairs of other Asean neighbours, telling Asean states what they should do, what they can or cannot do, according to their own fancies, thinking that they are better than their neighbours.

When Asean starts to behave like cocks, and forget about the principles of peaceful coexistence of its founding members, not to allow big powers to interfere and mess around in Asean, then Asean is destined to breakup as the political system and culture of every Asean state is different and in many ways opposite to the others, eg communist states, Islamic states, kingdoms, secular states etc etc. For Asean states to want to impose their values on fellow Asean states is mischievous and a joke when many Asean states are as messy and undemocratic as they pretend to be otherwise.

Asean is best to retain its original identity and way of doing things, without acting cocky like the Americans or allowing the Americans or Japanese to tell them what to do, what is expected of them to be accepted by the warmongers and international terrorists and gangsters.

Asean should stay neutral, and find common grounds among its members to live and cooperate in economic growth and development. Stop being a cock and being told to act like a cock to please the Americans or Japanese. Live quietly and peacefully among its neighbours, consulting with each other instead of arrogating themselves as the paragon of all virtues and looking down on its neighbours. By the look of it, some Asean leaders are already behaving haughtily and abrasively against Myanmar as if they are white gods, they are superior to Myanmar's leaders. 

Can you believe that? People living in glass houses must not go around throwing stones.

Or should we ask, do the Japanese think so highly of themselves that they are the best to chair Asean? They invaded practically every Asean country in WW2 and massacred many Asean natives and robbed the treasures of Asean countries.


Singapore: An Era Of Leadership Uncertainty - Part 1

The first generation Leadership, under Lee Kuan Yew, had prepared themselves very well for the transition of power in 1990 to the second generation Leedership, under Goh Chok Tong, though popularly assumed by many pundits to be just a Seat-Warmer for a short period until the "Prince-in-Waiting" had been fully groomed and grooved to take over the Dynastic Reign.

The second generation Leedership, under Goh Chok Tong had also prepared well for the transition of power in 2004 to the third generation Leedersheep, under Lee Hsien Loong, the eldest son of the First Premier, three years earlier than planned for. Though at the dismay of PM Goh Chok Tong then, he (Goh) had no choice but to give way grazedfully and gracefully in order to continue to enjoy his lofty tall order of obscene and unconscionable highest pay in the world, and perks and annual bonuses, all of which were initiated and instituted during his opportunistic temporal reign.

The third generation Leedersheep, under Lee Hsien Loong, had been very hard at work to select, nurture, groom, sanitize and sanforize an acceptable, agreeable, amiable, amicable, appropriate and apprehensive 4th generation premier right from the very beginning when they took over the reign of power from the second generation Leedership.

It came a time when all seemed so well after a prolonged and anxious delay, to the delight and joy of the daft, mesmerised and subservient Singaporeans, that a successor in the person called Heng Swee Kiat was the Chosen One to succeed the Throne of Power, albeit an expected Seat-Warmer.

Alas! After only two years of fanfare, glamour, glory and limelight, for whatever genuine, sanguine or sinister reasons, the baton was dropped; the towel thrown in; the curtain closed; and the Deputy will only continue to be a Deputy for the rest of his stay in the Iron-and-Steel Cabinet of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

DPM Heng has declared that he does not want to be the next Prime Minister because his runway is too short. He must be thinking that being the World's highest-paid soon-to-be Prime Minister, his Premier Plane should be much bigger than the US President's Airforce One?

So, the already delayed and prolonged search for and selection of the next Leeder of Sheep continues, to the great disappointment of many balls-carriers, busy-bodies, well-wishers and political watchers.

By now, as most of us can see, there are three glaring contenders for the fourth generation Leedersheep. Perhaps, there is a dark horse in the dark background as a Joker in the deck of the Master Magician's cards? We do not really know. He likes to keep us in suspense.

The three contestants, as the illusions appeared, are:

1. Chan Chun Sing.
2. Lawrence Wong
3. Ong Ye Kung.

Who is winning the race so far? Your guess is as good as mine.


To continue in Part 2.

Covid19 - Singapore calmly and confidently expecting more than 10,000 daily cases

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said it expects the number of cases to rise sharply.

“Cases could double every two to three days and could reach 10,000 to 15,000, or even more, cases per day,” the ministry said in a media release....

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,155 new COVID-19 infections as of noon on Friday (Jan 21), comprising 2,794 local infections and 361 imported ones.

The surge in the number of new cases, considering Thursday's figure was just 1,472, is due to the inclusion of the number of Protocol 2 cases in its daily updates, said the Ministry of Health (MOH)....

Earlier on Friday, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said during a multi-ministry task force news conference that reporting the number of Protocol 2 cases would give "a better picture of the epidemic situation in Singapore and which part of the curve we are on".

Above were reported in the CNA. 

Interesting to note that the number of mild cases ie Protocol 2, were not included in the reporting. Like that also can. What else were not reported? Statistics don't lie.

Anyway, relative comparison, the Americans have a population of about 3m versus Singapore's 6m. America has 1.4m daily cases. If Singapore has the same population of the Americans, ie 50 times bigger, the number of infected cases would be 50 x 3,000 = 150,000 cases and would be 50 x 10,000 = 500,000 cases. Both number would still be lower than the American's. But why the Americans did not classify themselves as high risk but Singapore as high risk and telling their citizens to avoid Singapore? Is it because they did not like us and putting pressure trying to influence our niceness towards them?

Now, in the same vein, India has a population of 1.3b and about 350,000 daily cases. India pop is about 200 time bigger than Singapore. The equivalent cases would be 200 x 3,000 = 600,000 cases or 200 x 10,000 = 2m cases. Wow, these numbers would not look nice and the Americans would not only banned their people from coming here but likely to ban Singaporeans entering the USA.

But no need to worry about India. The Indians die die would want to come to Singapore, their heaven on earth. They would flood Singapore and take over the island even if we have 2 m cases a day. Indians simply love Singapore, and also Singapore loves Indians. With this kind of lover relationship, Singapore would never be short of Indians and the all job vacancies would easily be filled if open to Indians, from the President, PM, CEOs down to the cleaners and workers.

Singapore is so lucky to have India on the standby waiting to take over everything Singaporeans did not want to do, including CEOs of banks and industries, and President and PM and Ministers. India Indians are not like Singapore Indians, so shy, PM job also don't want. India Indians would gasak everything whether Singaporeans likes it or not. Yes, they are hungry, damn bloody hungry.


Epoch Times - Some sensible comments about American vaccines

 Epoch Times is about the most extremist and rightist media available. It is good to know that they still have some sensible viewers that are clear minded and willing to tell the truth instead of spreading lies and hate against China.

Here are the comments.


Made from dog sh*t, they tested that trash at the university of Texas and the placebo was more effective. They know it did not work and sold that trash also in Europe and the idiots brought it.

JK Mom

Ummm….. not to point out the obvious but people “vaccinated” with any of the 4 “vaccines” used in western countries are getting infected at higher per-capita rates than the unvaccinated, and two papers in pre-print show the vaccinated are getting re-infected at much higher rates than the still unvaccinated.
Chinese chicken is the least of the issues facing us school children.

LLinda Griffin

And the shots are becoming more lethal, not less.
They are calibrating the bio-weapon, according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former CEO of Pfizer.

discipleofjesus Perelka

It is because the vaccines are weakening people’s immune systems.
The more you booster, the worse it gets.


That can’t be right, people with a higher infection rate after the vaccine? Weird.


Seriously……. And it doesn’t seem to matter which vaccine they hit. The compliant all got infected……. And compliments of the compliance probably will again and again and again since those super duper effective faux vaccines are super duper effective at destroying the innate natural immune response


That was and is their goal.
God I hope the evil get what they deserve. It’s the Zuckerbergs, Soros, Gates, Bidens, Clinton’s, Obama and so many more. Ugh

Covid19 - Omicron here to nest

 This latest chart from CNA tells how serious the Omicron virus is and is settling down here and spreading like fire. Gan Kim Yong said it could double in every 2 days. Now if this happens, and go on for a couple of months, think of the duplication effect and how long it would complete infecting everyone in the island. 2,4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128, .....

Is this alarming, anyone thinks this is alarming and something must be done to it quickly or never mind, like Trump said, let it roll over the USA. Then we would all have natural immunity. But having natural immunity must also get jab. Otherwise the pharmas cannot sell their vaccines and cannot make money.

Come to think of it Trump is not that dump. Qualification, Omicron is not as deadly as Delta.

What do you think? Is the MTF on the right track to herd immunity? How many more jabs and how many more boosters would be enough? Hopefully by then it would become like common flu and no need to get jab and jab, unless some evil people continue to release their manmade virus that are deadlier and deadlier to keep the scam of selling vaccines and jabbing and boosting to go on forever.