Covid19 - Brisk walking Indian told to put on mask and kicked

Pic from TOC. A Singaporean Indian chastising an India Indian on wearing of mask.

The recent act of violence against an Indian woman accused of not wearing her mask while brisk walking and then kicked by the accuser was definitely uncalled for and unacceptable. The attacker, a Chinese man, was arrested for assault and under police investigation. 

With the Covid pandemic raging in India and the spread of dangerous variants around the world, many are getting highly sensitive, paranoid, to the virus infection. In this assault case it was raised in Parliament and leading to Shanmugam saying that racism and if not stopped, more Indians could also be attacked here. To be precise and not to misquote our Law Minister, this was reported in thenewpaper, 'Concluding his speech yesterday, Mr Shanmugam said: "(Singapore) will fail if we allow racism and xenophobia to become prevalent,..." Ok, Shanmugam did not exactly say that the attack was a racist attack. He also warned against fanning the flame of racism.

This racist interpretation is understandable given that the attacker is a Chinese man and the victim an Indian. A similar incident happened in Pasir Ris Park where an Indian man behaved aggressively against an Indian couple for a similar reason, fear of Covid virus spreading here. It was reported in thenewpaper today that the Indian man was arrested for making racist remark, between an Indian and another Indian!

'The wife said in an email to Mothership that her family were shocked to witness the unprovoked and overtly “racial comments” directed at them, which was the first time they experienced here. The family was said to have been in Singapore for the last 10 years.

She told Mothership that she was concerned about her children would be most affected by the incident.

She alleged that the Singaporean man taunted her family initially by continuously shouting in their direction, “Bloody Indians go back, spreading virus here.”'

How this latter case was also seen as racist in nature is puzzling as both were ethnic Indians. Can a Singaporean Indian blasting out at an India Indian be called an act of racism? Can anyone explain this?

Actually in both cases the problem was about wearing of mask and the fear of virus spreading. The case was not so much of against Indians but people coming from India that is now facing a very serious virus catastrophe.

It was convenient to stoke the racist demon to make a case but would it be better if the racist elementbe handled with special sensitivity and care? If every incident is treated as a racist act then the flame of racism would burn extra violently and more anger and hate would be stirred leading to very unpleasant and very unacceptable consequences.

Racism and racist rage have been on display in the US and UK in its worse form when people were attacked for no reason, no better excuse than just the colour of their skin. That is racism pure and simple. The above two cases may have some tinge of racism for those who would like to see it from that angle, but the main issue was not so much of race but the fear of the virus. In the latter case it was nationality involved, not race per se. It was about people coming from India where the virus is running out of control.

It would be wise for people to look at the issues involved and not try to thread on the dangerous ground of racism.  Many racists have been stoking the fire of racism at every opportunity, true or over exaggeration and attacking innocent people with racism the furthest from their minds, like putting on an act in a party or dressing in different ethnic dresses.  Kumar got to be very careful with his acts and comments during his performance or the racists will accuse him of racism.

What do you think?



Genocide of Muslims on Hari Raya

Gaza City bombed by the Israelis. Photo credit to CNA.
 Muslims in the region celebrate Hari Raya in a muted fashion amidst the Covid19 pandemic. They try their best to make the best of this important day in their lives. 

In contrast, the Muslims in the Middle East, in Palestinian land are being killed by the indiscriminate bombings of the Israelis and with the Americans and the West turning a blind eye to the killings, offering nothing but empty words and forbidding any country to interfere and stop the genocide.

Killings of the Muslims are second nature to the Whites. They have been doing it for centuries but always putting on a pretense as peace maker, the white gods that will keep the Muslims and Arabs alive, at least not all will be killed while the Israelis were let loose to grab more of their land and killing them at will with American and western weapons of destruction.

While the real killings of the Muslims go on and on, the AngloSaxon whites put on a grand show by dragging the spineless UN into a debate on the false allegation of genocide and discrimination of Muslims in Xinjiang. The white haters of Muslims, the white killers of Muslims are putting a show to protect Muslims in Xinjiang that do not need their crocodile tears while on the other hand they were supporting the Israelis in the killings of more Muslim Palestinians and Arabs in Palestinian land.

How hypocritical and silly can this be? Why would the UN be dragged by the nose into a witch hunt by the AngloSaxon whites when the whole world, the whole Muslim and Arab world know that it was a farce, a political game to demonise and smear China? This so called debate was actually a sideshow initiated by the US, UK and Germany, with little support from the UN. The UN has its own organisation overseeing human rights violation and the US is not a member of this organisation. Trump pulled out when the organisation saw through his American ruse and would not go along with the ruthless and baseless American attacks on countries they deemed as enemies.

How many silly countries would join this farcical UN effort to waste time and resources on a white lie while the Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs are dying right before their eyes, killed by the Israelis using AngloSaxon weapons and backed and protected by the Americans and AngloSaxons with impunity?

Can the UN stand up and look at the world squarely and be respected for its role in the AngloSaxon ploy about Xinjiang and the cold hard truth of genocide of Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs in Palestinian land, playing on the TV screens daily in the living rooms of the people of the world?

How could the world live in peace with the massacre going on right before them? How could the Muslims celebrate this important day while fellow Muslim Palestinians and Arabs are dying by the merciless bombings of the Israelis, unable to defend themselves with the disproportionate distribution of weapons of mass killings in favour of the Israelis?

Covid19 - The Americans don't get it...all talks but not a fart

The Americans still think they are in control of the world, able to start wars anywhere, anytime, able to sanction countries, attack and destroy countries as they wished. This final attack on China, yes, likely to be the last before they cooked themselves and be buried alive, is not working either. After the trade war failed, they launched the most sinister and abominable virus war against China and it came back straight into their face.  Instead of killing millions of Chinese and crippling the Chinese economy and China's rise, Covid19 is crippling the American economy and drags the American economy further down into the drain. Millions of Americans are sick, millions will have to die by the end of this Pandemic.

A second part of this virus war is for the Americans to reap immense monetary rewards in their control of the vaccines. This too is proving to be elusive.  All their plans and backup plans turned astray. They wanted to control and monopolise the vaccine market but failed miserably.  They could not even have enough for themselves.  They wanted India to play a major role in producing cheaper vaccines but this too failed when India is inflicted with the most serious catastrophe in human history with people dying all over the country, in and outside hospitals, in the cars, on the roads, in the slums. 

See, no matter how and what the Americans are scheming, God has his own plans. It is in HIS PLAN. Get it?

Read the Bloomberg report below.

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) - The world is fast becoming ever more reliant on China for vaccines, with India's raging virus outbreak stifling its ability to deliver on supply deals, even as the US tries to position itself as a champion of wider access.

Over the past few weeks, leaders of some of the globe's most populous nations have sought more shots from China despite concerns about their effectiveness. Demand is expected to rise even further if the World Health Organisation, as expected, authorises vaccines from China's Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm Group, allowing developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to access them through Covax, the global vaccination effort.

"China has become not just the largest exporter," said Yanzhong Huang, a China specialist and senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. "In many countries it has become the only option."

China's reliability as a vaccine supplier is increasing its geopolitical clout at a time when the US and the EU have been slow confronting the global pandemic as Covid hot spots rage out of control in India, Brazil and elsewhere.

Compounding the difficulties, India's crisis has dried up vaccine supplies and prompted many countries to turn toward China. Amid this backdrop, the US, for months preoccupied with its domestic vaccination push, has come under intense criticism for hoarding shots at the expense of a global response.

President Joe Biden made it clear this week that the US intends to start playing a more active role. On Wednesday, the US threw its weight behind a movement to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines to allow other countries to manufacture them. He's vowing that the US will become an "arsenal for fighting Covid-19" globally as outbreaks elsewhere in the world risk spawning dangerous variants that could prolong the crisis. The administration's efforts so far include plans to give away 60 million doses of AstraZeneca's shot and to ramp up production of doses made by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

In the meantime, countries from Uruguay to Senegal to Indonesia have few places to turn to apart from Beijing - and China is making the most of it.

The country has already shipped out about 240 million doses, more than all other nations combined, and has committed to providing another 500 million, according to Airfinity, a science information and analytics company. India, the world's third-biggest supplier after China and the European Union, had exported 67 million doses to nearly 100 countries until the devastating Covid-19 outbreak prompted it to halt most deliveries in recent weeks.

The WHO is weighing data on Chinese vaccines before a decision on clearance, which is expected in days or weeks. Access to the shots will provide a boost to the WHO-backed Covax effort, which relied heavily on the Serum Institute of India before the clampdown on exports. (Latest, WHO has finally approved Sinopharm's vaccine for Covax).

PS. WHO should not be an accomplice of the American plan to corner the vaccine market and crime against humanity by not approving and making Chinese vaccines available to the rest of the world. Many people are dying for every day of delay to approve the Chinese vaccines. 

More than 10 countries are now licenced to produce Chinese vaccines while the Americans are still talking and bragging but doing nothing.

The White Barbaric Supremacists Have No Right To Talk About Human Rights

New Zealand and Australia, Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, UK and USA - these criminal countries that invaded, killed, murdered, massacred, enslaved, robbed, stolen and scorched-earth the natives and their land by the millions for the last 500 years - simply have no rights to speak about human rights to China, or any other countries.

They have been the biggest human rights violators throughout the last five centuries, until today.

The White New Zealand government is still oppressing, suppressing, subjugating and dehumanizing the Maoris, the original owners of all the lands and natural resources of New Zealand and surrounding islands.

The White Australian government is still very actively and inherently oppressing, suppressing, subjugating and dehumanizing the Aboriginals of Australia, the original owners of all the lands and natural resources of Australia, Tasmania and surrounding islands for more than 50,000 years.

Likewise, the White Canadian government is still prolonging the total oppression, subjugation and dehumanization of the natives of Canada, who are actually the rightful owners of Canada and Alaska.

The White Governments of Portugal and Spain, together with USA, are still controlling by proxy the original natives of all Latin American countries.

France, UK and USA, and ironically also include Israel, are still actively exercising control, intimidation, oppression suppression and subjugation of the Middle Eastern nations and the countries of the African continent through political inference, economic sanctions and military interventions at will.

The evil USA, in cahoots the devilish UK, is continuing to commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis, without respite - under all sorts of false pretexts and pretences.

How can the White Barbarians of these countries have any right to talk about human rights, let alone trying to teach others how to suck eggs?

China, or any other country, must not allow herself to be hoodwinked by these criminals against humanity to dictate terms about mutual benefits and mutual relationships.

(Liberal and Independent Press Societies)


Barbaric US continues to interfere in China's Taiwan affairs .

      On May 1st, 2021, the International Society for the Liberation of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia had demanded that US get out of these territories which they had illegally occupied by force through fraud and subterfuge. Since the US has not left the territories concerned and grant independence to the natives of these territories then Russia and China must table a motion in the United Nations Organisation  to force imperial US to get out of the territories. The United Nations Organisation must repeatedly insist that imperial US leave the territories to allow the natives to have freedom of independence and not to stubbornly and illegally holding the natives of the four territories under US bondage and slavery.

However, instead of doing the right thing of releasing the natives of the American occupied territories from slavery and bondage, the Evil Empire is intensely interfering in China and Russia's internal affairs to divert and distract attention of the world's main concern of US imperialism and that it must grant freedom and independence to its occupied territories as soon as possible.

The Evil Empire is interfering in Russia's internal affairs and stoking trouble in the Ukraine. 

The Evil Empire has never stopped interfering in China's internal affairs. It is still interfering in the as yet unfinished Chinese Civil War between Mainland Chinese and Taiwan Chinese. It is stoking trouble in the straits between mainland China and Taiwan. It is still supporting and funding the Chinese Taiwanese traitors to go against fellow mainland Chinese. The Taiwanese Chinese traitors actually have no power at all for the the Evil Empire is holding Taiwan as a puppet state. It is the American Institute in Taiwan that rules Taiwan with an iron grip and the most powerful person in Taiwan is not the Taiwan puppet president but the head of the American Institute in Taiwan which dictates all anti China policies that emanate from Washington and CIA.

In 1911 Doctor Sun Yat Sen established the Republic of China after overthrowing the decadent Ching Dynasty. But China was still beset  with problems of warlords, the ex-generals of the Ching Dynasty, who carved out fiefdoms in the provinces in which they formerly commanded. 

Between 1916 and 1923 Dr, Sun and his KMT asked the Western powers including US and Japan for help. But none of them was willing to help the Republic of China. Their reason was that they saw no benefit to them in a strong united China where they had to give up their extra-territorial rights in the concessions in the ports and territories they occupied as well as having to surrender their special financial and trading priviledges and their prerogatives to collect excise duties, custom duties and taxes. Under such circumstance the foreign  powers continued to enrich themselves at the expense of the Chinese people and country while it continued to greatly impoverish China as before.

Unfortunately Dr. Sun Yat Sen died in 1925 and he was succeeded as president by his former army general Chiang Kai Shek, a useless and brainless imbecile who ran the country with nepotism and cronism as if it is his own private family domain.

In the meantime the warlords in the provinces were causing untold misery and suffering to the people while at the same time  fighting among themselves to establish a new dynasty or to overthrow Chiang Kai Shek. 

Under such choas and great disorders some great Chinese heroes and patriots appeared hoping to salvage China from sliding into further disaster. Thus the Chinese Communist Party was soon founded on 23rd July, 1921 by selfless patriots like Professor Li Dazhao, Professor Chen Tu-Hsiu, Mao Tse-tung, Chou En Lai and many more others.

The founding of the Communist Party of China was timely as it was soon to be the only saving star of the Chinese people and nation in its life and death struggle against Japanese invasion from 1931 to 1945.

There was a power struggle between the useless KMT of Chiang Kai-Shek and the CCP of Mao Tse-tung. Mao suggested to Chiang that the KMT and the CCP should unite and join forces to resist and fight the Japanese aggression and invasion.  The KMT under Chiang refused to unite with CCP to fight the common enemy the Japanese invaders. Instead Chiang and his KMT turned traitors and they always attacked the CCP armies instead of fighting the Japanese. The treacherous United States supported Chiang and his KMT and was in disdain of Mao and his CCP. America was using Chiang and the KMT to suppress Mao and the CCP. However, MAO and the CCP had most of the support of the Chinese people especially the peasants and the proletariat or working class people. 

Chiang's government was corrupted to the core. He and his family and relatives as well as his cronies were enriching themselves with pomp and glorious living while the country burnt under Japanese invasion. Mao and the CCP with strong support from the people fought and strongly resisted the Japanese with guerilla warfares. 

Chairman Mao and his comrades in arms with the selfless support of the Chinese people had to fight on two fronts against the Jap invaders as well as against Chinese traitors in Chiang and his KMT.  In this bitter struggle millions of Chinese were butchered and massacred by the evil Japs. Also thousands of Chinese were rounded up by Chiang Kai Shek for being communists, suspected left wings or communist sympathisers or socialists as guided by his American masters. 

The Chinese Civil War between the KMT and the CCP continued fiercely from 1946 to mid 1949. Chiang's KMT was strongly supported by America with the latest weapons and airforce bombers and air support. On the other hand Mao and the CCP had no external support but had to fight on their own. The Chinese communist leaders were all all visionary fighters with clear ideological goals and strategic system in guiding their battles forward to victory. On October 1st, 1949, Chairman Mao proclaimed the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in Tiananmen Square 

In their defeat the Chiang cliques of rogues and scoundrels were quickly whizzed by the Americans to flee to Taiwan on American ships and planes. In 1950 the Evil Empire started the Korean War and China was again forced to fight the Americans in Korea as the Americans carried out  air attacks on Chinese territory across the Yalu River. In the meantime US stationed its Seventh Fleet  with two aircraft carriers across the Taiwan Straits to prevent Chairman Mao and the CCP from taking the Chinese island of Taiwan. If the United States had not interfered in the Chinese civil war, Taiwan would long have been reunited with the Chinese mainland as one united people and one Chinese nation and  country.

The Evil Empire intervention in China's internal affairs never stops. China will give the US enough ropes to hang themselves and so the story will continue in subsequent articles.


Wednesday, 12th May, 2021

Singapore's knows all talents are inborn, no training required

One of the tragic illusion that many countries of the 3rd world entertain is the notion that politicians and civil servants can successfully perform entrepreneurial functions.

It is curios that in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the belief persists.

- Dr Goh Keng Swee, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, 1972.

 Dr Goh Keng Swee who laid the foundation stones of Singapore’s economy and defence forces, has warned us about allowing politicians to manage our economy, knowing well that they will be clueless about the business of enterprising or what innovation is all about.

Now when clueless politicians start bringing in ex-generals to support their failed mission in governing our country and our economy, we saw how badly prepared Singapore was when the pandemic first hit us....

Without talents and people with real leadership to save the PAP from itself, Singaporeans must wake up to this Hard Truth that if they cannot save themselves from their own follies, how can they save Singapore?

Unless we want Singapore to be ruined beyond hope, let’s appeal to the few good politicians left in Parliament to have the courage to speak up patriotically and start holding incompetent politicians and their failures to account.

As for the ex-generals, let’s give them meaningful mission like cleaning up our roads or helping to clean up our hawker centres etc, things that they can do well.

Joseph Nathan

The above is from an article by Joseph Nathan in TRE. The main contention in the article is that politicians and military officers are bad for business or commercial enterprise. Is this true? Goh Keng Swee would vouch for it as in the first paragraph said it.

But in Singapore, there is a new mantra. A politician or a general is a knows all. They can be turned into businessmen over night. They may not know a thing about business but once they become a politician, or if they have achieved the rank of a military general, they know everything and can do everything. This is how good they are, how talented they are by virtue of their appointments as politician or general. It is like these talents are intrinsic in them and need not be questioned. Once they are politicians, caveat, of the ruling party, or a general, the talent would surface.

Need any training? No need. In born, in bred talent aka knows all talent.

What do you think? Paying the price for going against the wisdom of Goh Keng Swee?

Breaking: Deadly And Rare Fungal Infection After Covid Infection


A growing number of current and recovered COVID-19 patients in India are contracting a deadly and rare fungal infection, doctors told AFP Monday as the vast nation battles to contain a massive outbreak of virus cases.

On Monday, India reported 370,000 coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 22.7 million cases, with more than 3,700 new deaths.

Experts said the actual number of cases and fatalities could be much higher.

Mucormycosis, dubbed “black fungus” by doctors in India, is usually most aggressive in patients whose immune systems are weakened by other infections.

Medical experts said they had seen a rise in cases in India in recent weeks, while the health ministry on Sunday released an advisory on how to treat the infection.

“The cases of mucormycosis infection in Covid-19 patients post-recovery is nearly four to five times than those reported before the pandemic,” Ahmedabad-based infectious diseases specialist Atul Patel, a member of the state’s COVID-19 taskforce, told AFP.

In the western state of Maharashtra, home to India’s financial hub Mumbai, up to 300 cases have been detected, said Khusrav Bajan, a consultant at Mumbai’s P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and a member of the state’s COVID-19 Task Force.

At least another 300 cases have been reported so far in four cities in Gujarat, including its largest Ahmedabad, according to data from state-run hospitals.

The western state ordered government hospitals to set up separate treatment wards for patients infected with “black fungus” amid the rise in cases.

“Mucormycosis — if uncared for — may turn fatal,” the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), the scientific agency leading the government’s response, said in a treatment chart released on Twitter.

COVID-19 sufferers are more susceptible to contracting the fungal infection. This includes those with uncontrolled diabetes, those who used steroids during their virus treatment, and those who had prolonged stays in hospital ICUs, the ICMR added.

Treatment involves surgically removing all dead and infected tissue and administering a course of anti-fungal therapy.

But Yogesh Dabholkar, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Mumbai’s DY Patil Hospital, told AFP that the drugs used to treat those infected with the fungus are very expensive.

One of the treatment drugs was also running short in government hospitals due to the sudden spike, he added.

“The mortality rate is very high… Even the few that recover, only recover with extensive and aggressive surgery,” Bajan said.

“This is a fast-moving infection. It can grow within two weeks… It’s a Catch-22, coming out of a virus and getting into a fungal infection. It’s really bad.”

Hope Singapore has not imported the black fungus disease from India yet.