American rules based order overrides German rules based order

Addressing the chancellor in the German parliament on Wednesday, Bystron argued that Scholz would “go down in history” as a leader who had negated the “never again” tenet long espoused by Berlin. According to the AfD lawmaker, this principle was taken to mean, among other things, abstention from weapons exports to conflict zones.

He went on to remind fellow MPs and the chancellor that Germany bears special responsibility for the victims of World War II, including those in the Soviet Union.  RT

In the interest of the Americans, rules based order can be applied selectively. The mischievous Americans would based on their own rules to dictate to other countries what the Americans can do under their questionable rules based order. They simply passed a law, like the Taiwan Relations Act, without the need to consult or the consent of Taiwan, to interfere into Taiwan's domestic affairs, claiming this law authorises them to defend Taiwan.

In the above example, the Germans have a law that forbids them from exporting weapons to conflict zones. Why didn't the Germans used this law to say they have to abide by their own laws? Or why didn't the Americans respect this German law? The Germans must have told the Americans about it. Actually the Americans could have a part in drafting this law after defeating Germany and turning it into a semi colony of the American Empire, just like Japan's Pacifist Constitution. Anyway, the Germans are sending their Leopard tanks into Ukraine against their own laws, to follow American rules based order.

In Japan's case, the Americans happily support the remilitarisation of Japan and the violation of Japan's Pacifist Constitution. This is American's rules based order, as long as it suits the American interest, the rules can be applied or ignored. Together with the Americans, Japan has been beating the war drum about coming to the aid of Taiwan. Both the Americans and the Japanese have been ratcheting for war using Taiwan as a scapegoat. And after raising tension in the region, the warmongering Japanese is using this tension, caused by them, to remilitarise, to return to the WW2 days as a military power. The latest, the peace loving Americans, never invade countries, never bomb any allies, are going to start a war with China in 2025. Not to worry, China would be waiting for the Americans. Just don't make the Chinese wait too long.

Japan can initiate and use this excuse to remilitarise. China, Russia and the Koreas are waiting for this excuse to terminate Japan to dust, forever. And this is all China, Russia and the Koreas need. Period.

The Americans are escalating the war in Ukraine to a point of no return. WW3 is as good as has started. A war over Taiwan would be next. And if the Taiwanesse are stupid enough to go along, they would be quashed like Ukraine. The Americans and Japanese would be no match to the combined force of China, Russia and the two Koreas. All the centuries of colonial debt and war crimes committed by Japan would be settled once for all. The three countries having suffered under Imperialist Japan would not hold anything back should war breaks out. There will be no mercy against the cruel and barbaric Japanese.

The Americans are dragging the two WW2 monsters, Germany and Japan, into WW3. And both are willing partners. The German Nazis can reconnect with the Ukrainian Nazis in the Azov Battalion and turn it into a Nazi division to start another holocaust. The Japanese have forgotten about the blood debt of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and can combined with the Americans to attack China, Russia and the Koreas, to recolonise the Koreas. The wish of Japan would be granted by China, Russia and the Koreas.

Below are comments from RT

Declarations not to re-arm have been ignored by Germany before, likewise Japan. No repercussions because the USA/UK want to use them against the rising opposition to the Zionist bloc.

Chad Loeven
Abbie Hoffman, Oh Abbie. You are so close. You've almost got it. Yes an autocracy attacking a democracy is an attack on all democracies. And we all unite to defend against terror and unprovoked war. Hey Iran's not a democracy in case you were wondering.

'' This, however, was solely the result of “Russia attacking Ukraine,” according to the chancellor. He accused Moscow of waging an “imperialist war.” He must not know that Merkel spilled the beans on the filthy deceit of the sham Minsk treaty, and the 8 years of slaughter of 14,000 ethnic Russian's, the West wrote book on Imperialism, history is nothing but Imperialist propaganda.

The majority of people dont want this part in the conflict. The majority wants PEACE talks, but many politicians are completely blood thirsty to escalate the conflict further and further. They think they look "tough" , but all the women are pathetic and incapable to be anywhere near a battlefield, these politicians sell out the country and run it into the ground. Real German people dont want war with Russia, especially in eastern Germany, Russian are our brothers and friends, people learned Russian in the school and they have only good relationships with Russians .. its the disgusting political elite from the west (and western Germany) that somehow believes Russia is the devil incarnate and they will sacrifice their people (not themselves) to push the conflict till it hurts them specifically.

Covid19 - This is unimaginable, totally inhuman, to make profits from this crime against humanity


Clayton Morris: This is even WORSE than we imagined
A 28 minute clip that exposed everything, on how it could have started. The truth is creeping out when responsible and honourable scientists and individuals start to take this seriously and want to expose the truth and save human life. CIA is mentioned, Moderna is a CIA creation.

Whoever is working with Pfizer, better run and hide in some mountain caves that you would not be found.

'An executive with the drug firm previously said that the company was creating more potent strains of the virus in a laboratory

US drugmaker Pfizer admitted on Friday that it “engineered” treatment-resistant variants of Covid-19 in order to test its antiviral medicine. The admission partially backs up earlier claims by an executive with the company who told an undercover reporter that Pfizer was deliberately “mutating” the virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”'  RT

India in the crosshair of the Americans


Would Trump decide to roll down the conflict in Ukraine, as he is a close buddy of Putin, a fact that the world knows, and pivot USA's warmongering attention towards China should he regain power?

The intended visit of Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, to Taiwan is a clear indication of where the Republican Party stands, and what Trump will have to do if he comes to power. The signs are already there.

Suffice to say, the same foreign policy playbook is used by both the Democrats and Republicans. They do the same stuff, whoever sits in the White House, so countries must be clear about hoping for a change with a change in the Presidency of the USA. That will not come and can never change, and cannot change. A two party democracy is, under the surface, no better than a Socialist State. It is just a cover, with the left hand opposing the right hand for show business sake, but both hands belonging to one person with one brain and all moves controlled by the Deep State.

Take the Debt Ceiling debate for example. There is no way, or that it ever happened, that it will not be raised, so what is the debate all about? In fact the Debt Ceiling has been raised 90 times before according to statistics. It is just putting on a good show by Republicans and Democrats to pull wool over global and US citizen's eyes and much ado about nothing. Not raising the debt ceiling means funding stops for all services in the USA. Is that really possible?

The world must wake up and wake up now. And, in apologising on touching on a seperate issue, India particularly must also wake up fast, as it is now obviously not in the good books of the USA at present. The Adani Group issue gives an indication of what the West is trying to stir up to put India down before it rises, as it eventually will. The USA would not want another China happening with India and is giving India the stark message.

The fact that India is not towing the line on Ukraine and going against the sanctions on Russia, is a slap on the face of the USA, being an ally and also a member of the QUAD. Whether Hidenburg Research is right or the Adani Group is at fault is now not the point, but that they are targeting India's financial sector now is telling, amid the stand that India is still dealing even more with Russia, and even dealing with Russia outside the US$ in Rubles and Rupees on energy imports, as the intention or already a done deal.

The same medicine is now being given to Elon Musk - demonising, accusing and trying to push down Tesla. Hope Elon Musk will not eventually end up being 'suicided' in prison, a point he highlighted and indicating that he is not suicidal by an means.


American Empire clinging grasping on a straw

 Everyone seems to be on a trajectory to reject the US dollar. India is buying Russian oil for Rupees and Yuan; Brazil and Argentina — two largest economies in Latin America — are discussing a “common currency” for trade; and Putin is talking about BRICS+ creating a currency based on commodities. President Xi’s visit with Saudi and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) marks the birth of the petroyuan. By 2025, the GCC may be paid in renminbi for all of the oil and gas.

“If less trade is invoiced in US dollars and there is a dwindling recycling of dollar into Treasuries, the “exorbitant privilege” that the dollar holds as the reserve currency could be under assault,” says Credit Suisse’s financial guru Zoltan Pozsar.

Meanwhile, the United States will be spending $800 billion this year on just interest payments on its untenable debt.

U.S. trade deficit for goods will be $1.2 trillion in 2022. Meanwhile, China had a record trade surplus of $877 billion. Which economic model is sustainable?

America’s decline will certainly be quite precipitous globally after its loss of dollar hegemony. The world is at a crossroads. The 500-year-old Western domination — that started with Europeans landing in the Americas — is now coming to an end.

The Ukraine war is all about saving the American world order and extending Pax Americana. The USA is hoping for an escalated proxy war that destroys Russia, which will then be occupied by US military and ruled by pro-US puppets. Repeat of what happened to Europe, Germany, Japan etc. after WW2 or to South Korea a decade later. The only solution for the US to extricate itself out of this spiraling crisis is wars where others destroy themselves.

The US is not going to stop the proxy war, since it’s an existential crisis for the American Empire. Russia’s victory means the surge of a multipolar world that is now nascent, and end of the dollar hegemony as well as the American Century. Thus, the US will keep escalating — sending more tanks, drones, rocket launchers, long-range missiles, missile defense systems, and even fighter jets.



US trying to start another Ukraine with McCarthy's impending visit to Taiwan

Despite the fact that China places strong emphasis on its own territorial integrity, a strong reaction from Beijing over McCarthy’s visit would work against its long-term interests. It has been made clear by US politicians multiple times that they are ideally seeking to replicate the “Ukraine model” in East Asia. This means provoking a rival state into a conflict which allows Washington to exert military influence in the region, break up regional economic integration, and rope in allies.

The US is actively using the Taiwan issue to foment instability in Asia. For example, it is forcing the Philippines to take a positionon a potential Taiwan conflict. In doing so, it seeks to thwart Manilla’s increasingly “non-aligned” attitude towards China and break growing economic ties between the two. The more insecurity and instability the US can create around Taiwan, the more leverage it will attain over others. The US does not want Asian countries to pool their economies with China, it wants to create a NATO-like system of containment whereby its hegemony is forced on them through dependency.

Therefore, if Beijing reacts forcefully, even to assert its position, it gives momentum to other anti-China causes. It is no coincidence that, after the Taiwan crisis in August 2022, scores of new anti-China sanctions were pushed through by both the White House and Congress. Likewise, the misleading comparison between Taiwan and Ukraine will be used to garner greater sympathy, support and attention for Taipei in other Western countries. It is a lose-lose scenario for China to overreact, especially if, thanks to Western media scaremongering, Beijing is all but expected to pursue war – anything less than that will then depict China as spineless (as happened following Pelosi’s visit). RT

The above is from RT explaining how the US plan to provoke a war with China using Taiwan as the scapegoat and an excuse to coerce countries into another anti China military alliance in East and SE Asia. Asean states would be under tremendous pressure from the Americans to take sides. American stooges in Asean would be the first to join the American camp and the region would be as good as in a state of war. The 'friendly and peaceful' American savages would point the finger at China as the aggressor. And American stooges would say aye aye. And they would blame China and even accused China for coercing them into a war. It is definitely not the Americans' fault.

However, the geography of Taiwan is different from Ukraine. China is different from Russia. Taiwan would be cobbled within a few days. Any silly American stooges would face the same fate. The geography and the Chinese weapons would put the Americans at a great disadvantage. The Americans cannot win a war against China in this region. The first two casualties would be Japan and South Korea. Next would be the Americans stooges in Asean. Their economies would be in ruins.

And the Americans would love it as all would become wounded doggies and desperately needing the Americans to protect them for their anti China stand, coerced or not by the Americans and partially also being willing partners of the anti China camp. They deserve to suffer the consequences for moving away from their neutral not taking sides position.

Would the countries in Asia and SE Asia like to be like Ukriane and Europe now, nothing better to do than to be baited by the Americans into another world war?