What If Singapore Became A Western Power's Military Base?

Once Singapore becomes a military base of the Five Eye, China will not respond kindly. Even Russia will do something. The other ASEAN countries will not take it sitting down either.

The whole geopolitical situation in the region and world stage changes.

Singapore cannot tell the world that it is neutral anymore.

It cannot say it's balancing the superpowers anymore.

It has openly become an appendage of the Western Powers, specifically the White Supramacists, and therefore will be seen and treated by the Arab countries, ASEAN, China, India, Russia and North Korea as such.

What will those countries do?

1. Diplomatically, they may express disappointment, disapproval or displeasure. Some may sermon the Singapore Ambassador for consultation and questioning. Some may cut off diplomatic relationship altogether.

2. Trade and commerce. Some may boycott Singapore's exports or impose sanctions on Singapore's key exports/imports, especially China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

3. Sanctions. Sanctions may also be imposed on Temasek Holdings, GIC and their subsidiaries, and many Singapore key personnel, by China and Russia, even Indonesia and Malaysia.

4. Banking and Finance. Singapore's banking and financial institutions in other countries may be badly hit by new punitive restrictions imposed by retaliating host countries.

5. There are many other ways to skin a cat - the Singapore fat cat that has turned dangerous, nasty and confrontational.

So, in conclusion, the stakes for Singapore to allow the White Powers to make use of Singapore as their major staging area to launch military operations in Asia and South East Asia are very high and very risky.

Only cowardly fools will succumb to the White Supramacists pressure.

If that happens, the independence of Singapore over the last 56 years becomes null and void. All the nation building efforts simply gone to waste.

And Singapore's leadership will lose the trust and respect of their citizens and foreigners alike, forever!

Think 3 times before you act.


Westlite Incident: Excessive Use Of Ugly Force

The mass media, mouth pieces of the PAP government, tried to play down the incident by saying that MOM had sent in insufficient resources. The truth is MOM had sent in the wrong types of resources. Read the Open Letter from the Westlite Dormitory's Workers below.

"Open letter to Minister of Manpower Tan See Leng:

Please do not call us “your brothers”

If we are truly your brothers why do you surround us with riot squad and policemen?

If we are truly your brothers why do you send in armored vehicles to surround our work camps?

If we are truly your brothers why do you allow the work camp bosses to treat us so?

Do you not know that the food we eat is infested with worms, flies and maggots?

Do you not know that the Covid-19 infected and not infected are all huddled together in the same room waiting to get infected and maybe die if help does not arrive in time?

Do you not know Minister that some of us have taken to sleeping on the cold hard floor in corridors to try to escape from the contagion?

Minister we are not your brothers.

We are only your work slaves!

There are two thousand of us here, a quarter of whom have been infected?

Why do you send in armored vehicles instead of ambulances?

Why did you not send in doctors and nurses. Instead you send in soldiers and policemen?

Truly Minister we are not your brothers because brothers do not treat each other like criminals.

We are here to work to build your industries your infrastructure and your homes.

You must not forget we are workers and not work slaves. The least you can do is to accord us some respect and treat us decently as human beings.

Workers from Westlite Dormitory."


Original letter in Chinese below:









部长 我们不是你的兄弟。




你为什么不派医生和护士来。 相反的,你却派士兵和警察來?



你一定不要忘记我们是工人,而不是的工作奴隶。 你至少能做的就是给我们一些尊重,把我们当作人一样体面地对待。


The President must immediately launch an investigation at the national level, covering not only the Westlite Dormitory but all the Dormitories in Singapore, to find out the bad living conditions, ill-treatment of foreign workers, lack of medical support and supplies, segregation of Covid infected from the healthy ones, and more.

Somebody has to be made responsible for the bad and strong-arm handling of this issue and be sacked!

Whoever gave orders to deploy the armoured vehicles and police special forces ought to be sent to IMH for psychiatric observations, and charged in court thereafter.

The burning fire of anger must be nipped in the bud/butt.

May Justice prevail!


Noel Lee exposed the fake interview by CNN with an escaped 'Chinese police officer'

 This is a 10 minute video showing how the white men staged interviews to lie to their viewers and the unthinking about cruelty to Xinjiang minorities.

I just have one comment. The white interviewer travelled from Hong Kong to Norway to interview this 'ex Chinese police officer' supposedly was working in Xinjiang. Now, this 'Chinese police officer' escaped from China, why would he ran away illegally from China and still brought along his Chinese police officer's uniform along with him, with all the insignia and badges, and certificates etc etc from a police force that he ran away from? Why would he be so proud of his police uniform and all the certificates and batches, and wore them in such an interview in far away Norway?

A person running out of a country illegally, would not want to have anything to give him away from his past and true identity.  This guy is so proud of his police uniform?

Only the gullible would continue to believe in such white lies. How credible is CNN to come up with such a fake interview?

Thank you Noel. This staged interview is an insult to the intelligence of CNN viewers.


Shenzhou 13 - Chinese is the International Language in space

 The stupid Americans told the Chinese that it was unacceptable to use Chinese language in China's Space Station. What, what? The Americans wanting to tell the Chinese to speak English in the Chinese made and owned Space Station?

The Chinese of course would not entertain these clowns that are going to have no home station by 2024. The International Space Space that they hijacked from the Russians would have to be decommissioned by 2024, it runs out life. In fact this should have been scrapped by 2020, but they have extended its lifespan by another 2 and now 4 years, risking the lives of the astronauts in the ISS. It can break apart anytime now.

China's Space Station would be fully operation by 2022. By 2024, there will only be one space station above earth, ie the Chinese Space Station. This is frightening the shit out of the Americans, terribly embarrassing to have all the astronauts trained, all dressed up but no where to go. Perhaps they could pay for a ride on Jeff Bezo's or Elon Musk's space planes for a joy ride.

Several countries are cooperating with China to have their astronauts working in the CSS, and all of them are learning Chinese voluntarily. The American astronauts would have to learn Chinese if they want to work in the CSS, as all the signs and instructions are in Chinese. This would not only be difficult but embarrassing for American astronauts to have to use Chinese to communicate with Chinese taikonauts.

Anyway, the Americans need not bother. They would not be allowed inside the CSS. TCSS and the crew on board.  They would not only steal Chinese technology, they could also try to undermine the CSS operation. They post too much a threat to the safety of the crew on board. 

They would be prohibited to enter the CSS in the same way they banned Chinese from entering the ISS. Even their laws forbid them from working with the Chinese in space. They would become an international laughing dog if they changed their law to allow Americans to work with China in the CSS, exposing their stupidity and silly pride to keep China out of the ISS. Now even if they go down on their knees to beg the Chinese, China would show them the middle finger.

All the astronauts working in space, in China's Space Station, would be speaking and writing Chinese. The Americans can continue to work happily in English in their space station in the Californian desert. And can scream, America First. They can pay Hollywood to produce a few series on their conquest in space under the night sky of California using Hollywood props. Hollywood has a lot of them from Star Wars and their sci fi movies.

One thing the world should think about, the Americans claimed to have visited the moon 7 times or there about, so easily done, using 1960s backward technology, but now unable to even have a space station a few kilometres above the earth. Can you believe that? What is fiction or what is American white lie about moon landings?

CSS calling America: 美国你好吗? 

PS. Shenzhou 13 launched on 15 Oct 21 and the 3 taikonauts, 2 men and one woman, are now in the CSS, the second batch to stay in the CSS. This time the duration of the mission is 6 months.


China's Shenzhou-13 crew Rendezvous With China's Tianhe Space Station

According to the China Space Agency, the three taikonauts onboard the Shenzhou-13 spaceship have entered the core module of China's Tianhe Space Station on Saturday 16 October, 2021.

After Shenzhou-13 successfully completed a fast automated rendezvous and docking with the orbiting Tianhe module, the Shenzhou-13 crew Zhai Zhigang,Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu entered the orbital capsule of Tianhe, marking the country's second crew to have entered China's Tianhe space station core cabin.

Just like everyone else when they first enter their new home, the first thing that the Shenzhou-13 crew did was to check out their sweet cozy bedrooms and connect to the Wi-Fi. A livestream video shows that Zhai, who was the first to enter, was so involved and excited to settle in that he was floating upside down in the air.

The three then set up the wireless headphones for space-Earth talks.

After a brief reporting about their safety to the ground control center, the crew have their very first lunch in their new home.

Among the three new residents, there are the country's first spacewalker Zhai Zhigang, first female taikonaut to have stepped inside its own space station Wang Yaping, and first taikonaut who was trained in an international space agency Ye Guangfu. They will stay in space for six months, double the time of the Shenzhou-12 crew.

They are expected to return to earth in April 2022, which means they will celebrate a special, unforgettable Chinese Lunar New Year in space.

They are tasked to carry out two to three extra-vehicular activities, better known as spacewalks.

Wang Yaping will participate in at least one spacewalk, becoming the first Chinese woman to achieve such a feat.

They are also expected to install transfer gears linking the big and small robotic arms and related suspension gears for future construction work.

The rendezvous and docking happened at 6:56 am on Saturday morning, six and a half hours after traveling on a Long March-2F carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China's Gansu Province.

Docked at the bottom of the Tianhe core cabin from a radial direction, the spacecraft safely and smoothly delivered the second batch of residents to China's space station.

A combination flight has been formed, consisting of the Tianhe core cabin at the center, and Shenzhou-13 manned craft, Tianzhou-2 and Tianzhou-3 cargo craft on the side.

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) has designed a new rendezvous path and circling flight mode to support fast-docking in the radial direction.

As beautiful as the "space waltz" was, it was a lot more difficult than the front and rear docking with the Tianhe core cabin as the Shenzhou-12, Tianzhou-2 and Tianzhou-3 missions had exercised.

For front and rear dockings, there is a 200-meter holding point for the craft, enabling them to maintain a stable attitude in orbit even when engines are not working. However, radial rendezvous does not have such a midway stopping point, and it requires continuous attitude and orbit control.

During the radial rendezvous, the spacecraft needs to turn from level flight to vertical flight with a wide range of attitude maneuvers, posing tough challenges for the "eyes" of the craft to see the target in time and ensure that the "eyes" will not be disturbed by complex lighting changes.

The success of this new docking method would be another sign of China's new space technology capabilities. 


Is Singapore a US colony ?

  Can the US decide to grant permission to a third country to use Singapore facility ?

Australian and US military forces should integrate further under a “collective deterrence strategy” aimed at China’s rise, giving Canberra access to American operations in the Philippines, Singapore and Guam, a new report argues.

The allies should look at new “combined access arrangements” among a number of ways to strengthen “integrated deterrence” against Beijing’s growing assertiveness in the region, according to the report released by the Sydney-based United States Studies Centre on Friday.

“Greater Australian access to US operating locations in Guam, the Philippines and Singapore could significantly augment the Australian Defence Force’s strategic footprint,” says the report authored by Australia’s former consul general in Honolulu, Jane Hardy.

Washington operates a number of major military installations on Guam, a US territory, and has access to facilities in Singapore and the Philippines under a pair of security pacts. 



USS Connecticut - Another American white lie?

The accident involving the American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut has been reported all over the media. It was a small accident. They did not know what the submarine hit because is was really a small accident. Could be a whale or a small ship or a floating stone in the ocean. And only a few soldiers suffered minor injuries, nothing serious at all. Everything would be fine. 

After all, after 5 days or how many days, how did the nuclear submarine crawled back to Guam, no one knew about it. It was such a small matter that no one knew how it happened, where it happened. The submarine would be repaired in Guam and it would take only a few days and it would be up and snooping around in the South China Sea again.

Funny, it was reported somewhere that the repair facilities in Guam were inadequate to repair the minor damages to the submarine. And the submarine could not survive the journey across the Pacific Ocean back to the repair yards in the USA.

And there were some reports that not only 13 sailors were injured, but more than 30. And the injuries were very serious in some cases.

What really happened to the Connecticut? How many sailors were hurt and how many seriously? How many died? How long would this submarine be out of action and be laid in the repair yard in the US, if they are able to drag it home?

There seems to be a lot of questions waiting to be answered. The accident, so minor, and only 13 sailor suffered light injuries should not be anything to worry about. Is it? Who provided all the information about the Connecticut and the accident?

What do you think? How much of the news coming out from the Americans were white lies? We know they are masters of spreading white lies. Washing powder could become weapon of mass destruction. A mountain can be turned into a mole hill. 

Is it so easy to bang into such a sophisticated submarine when nothing could get to within 10 km without being detected?  Most cars today also can avoid accident with cameras and software embedded.