How the Americans kept China under their control - Aggressive China!

 MANILA: The Philippines and China have "reached an understanding on the provisional arrangement" for resupply missions to a beached naval ship in the South China Sea, Manila's foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday (Jul 21). CNA

This CNA report is from the Philippines, the Pinoys side of the story. Did China really agree to this arrangement without any conditions? Is China going to let the Pinoys keep the wreck in Renai Jiao forever? Maybe. It has been like that for more than 20 years, so what is wrong for another 20 years, another 100 years?

The Malaysian govt has detained an oil tanker involved in a collision and likely spilling oil to harm the waters in Malaysian territorial sea. This is what a respected and confident govt would do when its territorial rights are violated. The Malaysians have also arrested illegal fishing boats in its waters and bombed them to pieces in the recent past.

The Indonesians had also done the same and since then no more troubles from illegal fishing boats.

On the other hand, China would have endless problems from the Philippines, from Australia, Canada, Netherland, India, England etc etc in the South China Sea and other parts of Chinese territorial seas. Why?

The answer is simple. China is afraid to be branded as an aggressive country. The Americans use this label on China, branding and demonising China as an aggressive country in everything the Chinese do. This has scared the shit out of Beijing. No way, they must not be branded an aggressive country and must do everything, actually not to do anything, so that they would not be called aggressive to appease the Americans. But whether China does or did not do, the Americans would be calling China aggressive, like it or not. All the American and western media, including the media of American colonies and cronies have been ordered and tasked to call China aggressive everyday in their main media.

The Americans know that this is the weakness of the Chinese leaders' mindset. They want to be seen as good, as honourable gentlemen. So, to keep this image, they must swallow their pride, tie their own hands, and do nothing in the face of provocations, agitation, bullying and even aggressive behaviour of Mickey Mouse states violating their national interests and territorial integrity. The Philippines would be allowed to park their piece of wreck for eternity because China would not dare to do anything for fear of being called Aggressive.

This is how the Americans keep the Chinese under their control and could brown nose the Chinese whenever they want, and the Chinese would just do nothing. Ah Q would find excuses that they can wait, for another 100 years or more, and will win eventually. So being kicked around, being bullied, being attacked, embassy bombed, ships arrested or boarded by the Americans or little Mickey Mouse countries, never mind.

China must not behave aggressively when being victimised and bullied. China can be the punching bag of Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, even when China is doing nothing to defend and protect itself, offer the other cheek when slapped, it is still called the Aggressor, an aggressive country by the Americans and their western media. It is not funny when a country behaves meekly and still be labelled an aggressive country.

China will forever be under the control of the Americans if it refuses to break out from this outdated deluded thinking that not hitting back is a virtue even when it is right to do so. China would not even dare to take actions against traitors in Taiwan that want to secede from the motherland. For doing so would be an act of aggression and 'would fall into the American Trap'. 

Actually, China has long fallen into the American trap of fearing to be called aggressive and has to behave and act meekly when attacked and bullied. The Americans must have been telling all the Mickey Mouse, not to worry, China would not hit back. China is afraid to be called aggressive, and America would be the first one to say so when China reacts.

If the Chinese leaders still refuse to cast away the shit in their heads, the Americans would have China's balls squeezed for as long as they like.

BRICS and SCO expansion - Who is the ROADBLOCK

Why more countries are turning to Russia- and China-led blocs

Many nations want a rebalancing of the global order, given Western hypocrisy over human rights and democratic values. Can Moscow and Beijing overcome the roadblocks?

China and Russia are overtly challenging Western hegemony over global affairs. Beijing and Moscow claim to provide an alternative that is multipolar, fairer, and just. Is the growing and deepening partnership between the two a paradigm shift in international politics? ....By Gowhar Geelani, a journalist and author based in Kashmir, India. RT

The above is quoted from an article in RT.  It is obvious and urgent that the world needs a rebalancing of the global order now misled by the evil American Empire, starting wars, all kinds of wars everywhere, threatening and bullying smaller states to take sides in its fight for world hegemony and to rule the world.

China, Russia and Iran are the immediate targets for attacks and destruction by the American terrorists and their mafia gangs called allies around the world. The Middle East Arab and Muslim states, the African and Latin American states, the rest of the Global South would be conveniently subsumed by the evil American Empire when China and Russia fell and be destroyed. And the people of the Global South cannot fail not to see what their fate would be like. They are now rushing to be part of the BRICS and SCO camp to prevent becoming recolonised by the white men. There is great urgency as the white men under the lead of the American terrorists have already launched their new plan for world domination.

The road forward for BRICS and SCO  to join forces with the Global South to protect themselves from the white men's control is not easy, with many leaders of the Global South still being bought over by the white men to be their running dogs. As the author, Gowhar Geelani warned, there are roadblocks preventing BRICS and SCO from uniting and saving the Global South...in preventing the expansion of these two organisations.

Who is the ROADBLOCK that is standing in the way to prevent the tragedy of the Global South from being colonised and ruled by the white men again? BRICS and SCO know that they must expand their membership quickly and asap to stop the white men. Only with more members in their ranks could they be strong enough as a counter force against the white men, now pushing for NATO to expand to the east. 

Would Putin be able to stop the ROADBLOCK from crippling the expansion of BRICS and SCO to save the Global South from the white terrorists on war path?

Iran is not Afghanistan, by far the most advanced and militarily powerful Muslim state

 Iran, like Russia is no pushover. Years of USA sanctions, assassination of its leaders and regime changing attempts yield little result.

It seems the USA has little memory of Afghanistan and wants to dabble with another country of tenacious fighters with even better strategies, far more advance technology and weapons and certainly no little farmers bearing small arms.

Iran has a long history and heritage just like China. It has gone through civil wars, earthquakes and other disasters and became stronger for it. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 saw the Islamic Republic going against the last Shah of Iran, supported by the USA. That failure by the USA to prop up the Shah was a lesson the USA should have learnt. And the USA intends to have another bite of the cherry? Fat hope!

Iran will always be the main thorn in the side of the USA and Israel's preoccupation with controlling the Middle East. That is why so much attention had been focused on preventing Iran from going nuclear. With more pressure by the USA and Israel, Iran sees no possible alternative but to go nuclear, which makes it sensible for the USA to destroy it. And what better way than starting a narrative to sway global support to demonize Iran and do another Iraq with UN support.


What the USA tried to fool the world with their best in everything

 What the USA tried to fool the world with their best in everything is a mirage now being slowly exposed.

I came across this very intriguing discourse by Kevin Walmsley on 'Inside China Business' about university rankings in the past, and why Chinese Universities never were ranked high on the list. As with everything else, there was an undisclosed bias against China in everything for decades. But with China coming out with all the innovations, including cutting edge research papers submitted by Chinese academics and researchers, ignoring the reality is no longer possible.

This is changing with a new criterion that includes research papers in Chinese from Chinese universities that had either escaped the attention of the ranking committee or had been ignored on purpose or being overlooked. But with China now producing the bulk of the high-end research materials that used to be the domain of USA universities, the ranking position has been turned on its head.

Under a new criterion formulated by Leiden University, a research university in the Netherlands, taking into account all cutting-edge publications in Chinese, six Chinese universities are now among the top ten in the world with ten in the top twenty.

This is the bias that is also prevalent in other rankings and even in the award of all shapes and sizes. But the reshaping of the world by China cannot be ignored forever. 


What can India offer to BRICS?

 Modi's rule over India is not even secure now. And he wants to rule over BRICS?

Modi needs to put on a bigger head-dress like those Native American Indian chiefs. What has India got to offer BRICS countries other than exporting its slave labor? What has India done in terms of helping BRICS countries in infrastructure development? Oops, sorry, India could not even be counted to develop domestic infrastructure itself, not to talk about helping others.

Just like Joe Biden talking about India/Middle East/Europe Corridor, railroads across the Pacific, digital transformation of Africa which the Africans are not buying from him, the Global Infrastructure Investment plan with more infrastructure destruction than development to talk about.

When Joe Biden leaves office, Trumps is going to pull back all that castle building in the air. Trump will say - sorry USA first guys, you all can go and find spiders to play with.