Ban big dogs in HDB flats. No big dogs allowed in the island

 I just saw a video clip of a maid walking peacefully in a residential estate with two little children. They stopped outside a house and looking inside innocently.

Then a black dog rushed out, wagging its tail, looking friendly, and dashed towards the smaller child. It then started to devour the child while the maid tried to ward it off. The owner charged out to restrain the dog but in vain. A passer by took a board to hit the dog. But it refused to let go and continued devouring the child, with its tail wagging.

By the time they separated the dog, the child was lifeless.

This dog attacked the child like it was a plaything, a doll. It was so horrifying and painful to watch.


Xinjiang - A picture is worth a thousand words

 A picture is worth a thousand words. Let the photographs of Xinjiang tell the true story of the place and its people, the Muslim minorities of China. No amount of silly and mischievous American lies can dispute what the photos are saying. If need confirmation, just make a trip to Xinjiang to face the truth.

'Maxime Vivas (Vivas) is a French writer and journalist, who wrote a book titled Ou├»ghours, pour en finir avec les fake news (Uygurs, to put an end to the fake news) based on his two visits to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2016 and 2018. 

Recently, his new book Les Divagations des Antichinois en France (The ramblings of anti-China forces in France) has been published in which he wrote about.' Global Times

This is Urumqi, capital city Xinjiang.  How many Muslim cities around the world are as well developed and modern as Urumqi, in the middle of the Gobi desert?  All the photos are from Global Times.

Are these Muslim minorities in Xinjiang unhappy? Scrutinise their faces to see if they are faking or real. The treacherous Americans are lying to the world that these Muslim minorities are victims of genocides.  The evil Americans can fabricate their lies. The picture above will tell the truth.

The Americans are claiming that the Xinjiang minorities are working like slaves in the cotton fields of Xinjiang, like the black African slaves that worked in American cotton fields.

The slaves of Xinjiang cotton fields are the machines, modern cotton picking machines operated by skilled workers. This is the new realities that the Americans would not want to see and were very angry when UN chief of Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet visited Xinjiang to get a first hand view of the truth. And the American gangsters have organised a hate team to discredit her and forcing her to resign. Look carefully at the so called slaves of Xinjiang cotton fields, it is a huge cotton picking machine. Not the same as the African slaves of American cotton fields.

I rest my case.

Below are a few pics of LA, USA. Credit to Google. These are definitely slums compare to the modern skyscrapers of Urumqi.


Table tennis - Training a world champion


She is only 5 years old but already knows what she wants to be and willing to work for it. Her perseverence and dedication to become a world champion is beyond that of children or adults. The determination is written all over this little 5 year old's face.

This is true grit.

How much to buy up all the condominiums and private apartments in Singapore?

Resident households in condominiums and private apartments Singapore 2012-2021
Published by R. Hirschmann, Feb 23, 2022

In 2021, the number of resident households living in condominiums and private apartments in Singapore was approximately 229 thousand. Condominiums and private apartments are private residential units in Singapore and not under the management of the Housing Development Board. The majority of Singapore residents live in public housing under the purview of the Housing Development Board, known locally as HDB flats.

In 2021, there were around 332.98 thousand condominiums and private apartment units in Singapore. Condominiums and private apartment units are not under the purview of the Housing Development Board.

The above statistics published by R. Hirschmann could allow a simple extrapolation of how much is needed to buy up all the private apartments in Singapore, assuming that there is no restriction or limitations in a free market situation. Before going into that, there are just about 1m HDB flats on top of the private apartments and landed properties. And of the HDB flats, 80% were occupied by residents ie citizens plus PRs. Quoting from HDB, 'With more than 1 million flats spread across 24 towns and 3 estates, the Singapore brand of public housing is uniquely different. The flats spell home for over 80% of Singapore's resident population, of which, about 90% own their home.'

What is unknown from the above data is the number of Singaporeans living in private apartments. It only states that 229,000 resident households lived in private apartments but no breakdown on the number of citizens versus PRs. How many of the 333,000 private apartments are occupied by Singaporeans?

Let's come back to the question of how much would it cost to buy up all the private apartments in Singapore. Assuming the average price of a private apartment is $1m, total value would be $330b. If average price is $2m, the total value of 330,000 units would be $660b.

What is $660b to a big country like China or India? China has a reserves of US$3 trillion. Theoretically, China or India could buy up all the private apartments in Singapore if they have the intention to do it. Can you imagine what would that mean in a free market Singapore where everything can be bought on a willing buyer willing seller basis?

What is $660b? Any takers?  Actually Elon Musk or Bill Gates could do it if they are interested, as good as buying up Singapore. It is so cheap, so affordable.


Reckless and irresponsible pharmas wanting to vaccinate infants with questionable mRNA vaccines

 The pharmas are desperate to milk as much as they could from this questionable mRNA vaccine. There are still many big and serious questions that are waiting for answers from the pharmas but they are still pushing and with the conspiracy of American lawmakers, have got approval to vaccinate infants from 6 months old. And everyone in the medical profession knows that children have very good natural immunity from diseases, including covid19. The fatality rate of children are very low compares to adults. Why the persistence and desperation to get infants vaccinated?

The USA is at the moment the only country that approved the vaccination of infants with mRNA vaccines. Who else or which country would follow the Americans to jab their infants with mRNA vaccines? Would the Americans make it compulsory for children to be vaccinated, making it a stronger case for the unthinking and lazy to just follow the lead. If the Americans do it, it must be safe, it must be the right thing to do. Really? After all the lies and hoaxes and misinformation about the efficacy and effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines, how many are still foolishly believing in the liars?

The pharmas are trying to squeeze as much money as they could from an ineffective vaccine that is losing its gold plating shine and would soon be thrown into the waste bins for good. If they could they would coerce more silly govts to impose compulsory boosters to get more mileage for the last few billions they could squeeze before the curtain falls.

Pharmas and govts are dictating who to be vaccinated, not doctors?

Below is part of an article posted in TRE titled 'Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data'

'In a Court of Law, the evidence contained in this Big Pharma confidential report (coupled with the data on deaths and adverse events compiled by the national authorities in the EU, UK and US) is irrefutable: because it is their data and their estimates and not ours.

Bear in mind: it’s data which is based on reported and recorded cases, which constitute a small percentage of the actual number of vaccine related deaths and adverse events.

This is a de facto Mea Culpa on the part of Pfizer. #Yes it is a Killer Vaccine

Pfizer was fully aware that the mRNA vaccine which it is marketing Worldwide would result in a wave of mortality and morbidity. This is tantamount to a crime against humanity on the part of Big Pharma.

Pfizer knew from the outset that it was a killer vaccine.

It is also a Mea Culpa and Treason on the part of corrupt national governments Worldwide which are being threatened and bribed by Big Pharma.'

Click here to read the complete Pfizer report.

Source: GlobalResearch

Did they say they want to ask the pharmas to provide their own data? After all the data they had hidden and now forced to vomit out by the court?  would the pharmas provide the real data or doctored data?