The greatest threat to China and Russia is the evil American Empire


This slide is from Cyrus Janssen's video on 'How China Won Mexico'.
The quote from this empty head racist hillbilly would be correct if it reads, 
'The greatest threat to China is the evil American Empire. The American Empire continues to commit Genocide, obscure the origins of the Coronavirus Pandemic, steal hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese Intellectual property, and threatens China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela etc etc. China and Russia will push back in bipartisan fashion before it is too late.

America bombs, China builds.

EVs - America and Europe raise white flags

 One of the key tenets of Capitalism is comparative advantage, where countries with the best comparative advantage in cost of production, able to produce the best quality goods and services, should be the main producer of the goods and services. Each producer should focus on what it can do best and cheaper, a division of productive capabilities and labour. And globalisation is just a derivative product of this economic principle, that is, with the intervention of state and politics.

When the latter two come into play, what the world gets is tariffs, taxes, subsidies, protectionism, and even the ugly 'break the legs' of the competitors, put obstacles in their path. The lying American Empire is now the epitome of lies, in their fake claims on free trade, globalisation, fair competition etc etc. They are now fabricating all kinds of lies, hate, misinformation, to curtail free trade and fair competition.

The only bright spark in support of true Capitalism is in the EV industry. All the major manufacturers of cars especially those in the US, Europe and Japan, have acknowledged that China is the best in manufacturing EVs and EV batteries. There is no competition against what the China can do better. They have conceded that China should be the sole producer of EVs for the world. Ford, GM, VW, Mercedes, BMWs have raised their hands and decided that they should concentrate on what they can do best, that is ICE vehicles. They are reducing their investments in EV manufacturing, or at best, in partnership with Chinese EV makers to gain a share in the industry.

The Japanese tried to develop hydrogen cars and is placing high hopes that this would be able to compete with EVs and carve a slice of the market share for themselves. Their second strategy is to make hybrid EVs as an alternative to full EVs. In a way, they are surrendering the full EV market to China.

This is the perfect example of Capitalism at its best. Do what one is best at. Cavest, if the govt and politics did not get involved. But the political demon in Raimondo and her gang are hot on the neck, continuing to place great obstacles to stop China from producing EVs with all kinds of fake excuses even when America is hardly able to produce a reasonable and competitively priced EV other than Tesla. Given the realities facing all the auto manufacturers, the future of EVs is quite clear. No matter how the simplistic spoiler in Raimondo and her gangs tried, it would be in vain. The most efficient manufacturer of EVs would win the day for the good of the consumers and the world.

American, European manufacturers should continue to do what they can do best, produce ICE cars. Japan should continue with their hybrids or hydrogen cars to find a niche in the industry. The Koreans can try to compete with the Chinese in producing the best EVs at the best price for the consumers. Let the better man wins.

It is folly to want to compete in a field when one does not have a comparative advantage. The real business decision makers know best and would put their money at where they think best. Clinging on to a losing proposition by foul and unethical means would only prolong the agony and suffering. The end result would still be the same. Unfortunately the clueless Washington clowns cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

PS. If American imposes a 100% tariff on Chinese EVs, it would mean that the Americans would have to pay double for a Chinese EV while the rest of the world can buy a Chinese EV much much cheaper than the Americans. By the way, this is another American hoax. Hardly any Chinese EVs are sold in America. It is an exercise to con the ignoramus, a tariff all for nothing.

Yellen slam dunk Japan, but no way to slam dunk China

 The 2% growth in the USA is touted as strong and being hyped up to high heaven. We know the job figures in the USA are not true, the Wall Street jubilation of reaching new heights is all because of the printing press working overtime. With all the closures of big shopping establishments and shrinking outlets, more jobs are lost than created. Yes, people having to take on two to three jobs to put food on the table does make job creation a rosy affair. It is all just a mirage.

The 5.2% growth in China is touted as full of gloom and doom, and China is facing big problems and is collapsing. It is so bad that there was even one pro-USA shrill shouting that the Canton Fair of 2024, the world's biggest trade fair held in China, sold 'not a single thing'. Really not a single thing? This was what one social media site shamefully gloated and have the audacity to show its face. Unbelievable but true! How could such a site intend to garner credibility promoting such lies?

China is now investigating dumping by plastic manufacturers of the West and Japan. This will not be the only one sector China is retaliating against and will not be the last. China is not afraid of decoupling today and will retaliate against what the USA and the West is doing to Chinese companies. And the most audacious response by the USA is again telling China not to retaliate against the tariffs on Chinese EVs. When Trump started the tariff war, he also warned China not to retaliate. But China did.

China, diplomatically courteous it may be, is not Japan or Germany, by being slam dunked by the USA and afraid to do anything. Now Japan is literally asking the USA for permission to prop up its faltering Yen. Yellen is warning Japan discreetly not to overdo it, perhaps fearing that Japan may have to dump more Treasuries for US$ to prop up the Yen, which is not good for the USA. We know that in the past, Japan had sold off Treasuries to prop up its currency on many occasions. This time it is another similar crucial move if Japan is to save the Yen. What one side stands to gain will have to be at the cost of the other side's misfortune. 


West to spread another deadly disease in Brazil in 2025

 Wonder how many diseases they have in their arsenal by now to be released at the appropriate time?

Brazil 2025 is just next year for another pandemic to break, according to Bill Gates. How did he know that? Unless he can make it happen. And the West will blame Lula da Silva for that. Brazil is important for being a founding member of BRICS, the root of the de-dollarization movement.

China, Russia, India and South Africa are the other founding members of BRICS. China and Russia are indispensable components and the backbone of BRICS. India too is untouchable for the moment, being useful to the USA to counter China. And, of course, they are now going after South Africa as well for its stand on the genocides in Gaza.

Brazil is a big country and full of potential to become a major power. Besides USA and France, Brazil is the third country in the world today providing the world with airplanes - the Embracer. China is going to be the fourth. Now, a country with that kind of technological expertise like Brazil is a threat to the USA. OK, let's not talk about conspiracy theories for now.

Brazil is the 8th biggest global economy in the world at US$2.33 trillion (2024 forecast) and growing. Germany, Japan, UK and France are all reported to be slowing down rapidly. Countries majoring in Industrial output are underperforming those in food and resource production. Brazil is poised to move further up the rankings.


American and western main media spreading more lies than social media

 Whether socialism is better or not has been laid bare for all to see. Unlike in the past without internet and social media, where information is tightly controlled with only the MSM monopolizing information, it is a different world today with foreigners visiting China and posting videos on Youtube showing the world the reality as against the propaganda trotted out by the USA and the West. The reality cannot remain hidden forever.

China does not need to counter the USA and Western propaganda machine officially and just let social media do the puncturing of the fakery. Just opening up China to foreign visitors to let them see the real China is a masterstroke by China. If China were to counter officially, it will be brushed aside as propaganda pieces. The impact is less credible.

Likewise, Russia is not talking about the collapse of the EU or even Ukraine. It is the USA and the West propagating the collapse of Russia years ago and fabricating Putin's health issues. Russia just needs to grow faster and stronger than the EU to put the truth on the table. The world can judge the result.

Trying to ban TikTok is an indication of what they tried to do to stifle information, but it will fail. The truth is hurting some people. TikTok reveals warts and all the failings of the USA and the genocides in Gaza that the USA and the Israelis are trying to contain.

The USA can try sanitizing information to suit their agenda on Youtube as most people have found out, but not on TikTok which is beyond their control short of banning it altogether. It is a battle between mainstream propaganda and side stream reality. The fact that they have to try to ban TikTok indicates who is winning the information war.