One bomb every 12 minutes by the evil American Empire


The evil American Empire is dropping one bomb every minute without declaring war on 76 countries! And this evil warring Empire is accusing everyone of being aggressive and wanting to start a war. And there are many unthinking still believing in the lies of the evil Empire, that the evil Empire is a peace loving Empire and other countries that were not at war, but victims of aggression and war by the evil Empire are the aggressive countries. 

Listen to this 2 minute clip to rid yourself of the American lies.

How many more countries must they invade?

How many more wars must they start?

Hoe many more bombs must they drop?

How many more people must they kill?

...before the unthinking believers see the evilness of the Americans and call a spade a spade? 

The power of the media and the control of the media are so powerful that otherwise normal rational people could also be duped into thinking right is wrong, confusing black and white. To them, white is good, black or any other colour is bad. The whites can get away with murders, massacres, genocides, spreading virus and pathogens around the world, killing innocent people, but these unthinking would not want to know.

The country that is bombing the daylight out of 74 countries without declaring war is hyping about a China threat when China is not at war with any country for the last 40 years and did not invade any country in its entire history of a few thousand years, minus border conflicts to keep out the barbarians from its borders.

The evil Americans would keep on crying wolf, that other countries are the threat, while they go about invading countries and bombing countries with the western media pretending not to see, not to know and refuse to report on their war crimes against humanity.

Zakir Hossain - All the fuss for nothing

 Why waste so much time and attention for a wildlife that came here to make a living and thinking too highly of himself, that Singapore owed him a living?  Why shed crocodile tears for the hundreds of thousands of workers when many Singaporeans are suffering in silence, in debt, unable to feed themselves, jobless, trying to make ends meet? Did any Singaporean care about Singaporeans in bad shape, in trouble?

These foreign workers are suffering, victimised, badly treated? Come off it, the condition in Singapore is paradise on earth for them. It could not be better if they remained in their home countries, no job and probably die and fade away in the same state as they are in for the rest of their lives. In Singapore there is hope, there is work, money to be made and if they are thrifty, become rich when they got home, on top of providing for more than the basic needs of their families which they would not be able to do so, if they are not here.

What is the basis of comparing what is good and acceptable to the foreign workers? With the life of Singaporeans today, or Singaporeans in the 30s, 40s or 50s? Or with what they would be if they did not come to Singapore? Many of our forefathers went through more shitty times than the foreign workers today, no laws to protect them, at the mercy of colonial masters and local thugs. They accepted the life and risks and discomfort then, and tried to make the best they could for a better tomorrow. There were no crocodile tears, no eat too full socialists to cry for them, to champion their cause, their inequalities and poor living and working condition.

Today, foreign workers like Zakir Hossain think they are ill treated here and full of grievances. Go back home and cry out your grievances and see who in the world or in your home countries would care a dime for your complaints, to show pity on your sorrowful state of joblessness, poverty and neglect. You and your foreign workers are not the responsibility of Singapore.  Singapore and Singaporeans are not responsible for your well being other than to provide you with a job, pay and a decent roof over your head, that is much better that the squalid slums from where you came from.

Singapore and Singaporeans have more problems and responsibilities for the well being of Singaporeans. Singapore and Singaporeans don't owe you a living or your welfare. You come here, get to work, get paid and get lost when there is no job for you. We have enough Singaporeans to worry for.

All foreigners and wildlife must not take it for granted that they could make demands like Singaporeans. You are not citizens of this island.  And no silly Singaporeans, including silly politicians, should think it is their duty to look after the well being of foreigners and wildlife. If you have nothing better to do, think of what you can do for Singaporeans, especially those Singaporeans that needed you and your help, desperately.

Your own house is on fire and you worry about houses hundreds or thousands miles away in other countries.


20th and 21st Century gangsters

 Many people are familiar with the tactics of gangsterism. They took control of an area by telling the people that they were there to protect them. And the people must pay protection money.  And to make things real, that the peace and security of the area was threatened, they would disguised themselves as intruders and troublemakers, came in to disturb the peace, threaten the people, mess up their peaceful life.

The they would tell the people, see, you need our protection. If not, there would be trouble. The sheep, the people would have to quietly comply as they have no means to tell the gangsters to go away even if they knew that the gangsters were  the real trouble makers, the threat to their safety and security.

This is the same tactic that the Americans and Anglo Saxon thugs are using today. Everywhere they go they would tell the people that for their security, they would be there to protect them. If not they would stir up trouble for them to justify their presence and protection. China is a threat despite being the most peaceful country in the world, Russia is a threat despite being the next most peaceful country in the world. North Korea is a threat despite being isolated by the Anglo Saxon thugs and not allowed to leave their land without being threatened with harm.

Instead of admitting that they are the gangsters of the world, they arrogantly and misleading told the international community that they were the policemen of the world and freely going around beating anyone they called enemy, like the way they bashed up and killed the blacks in their homeland.  They are the real thugs dressed as policemen.

Now out of the blue they passed a memorandum to protect illegal fishing all over the world. In another words they are telling the whole world that they are to police all the oceans of the world, with the right to punish and arrest any fishing vessels that they claimed to have violated their American made rules of law that no one has a part in its making or know what the hell these rules of law were. They wrote the rules, they arrest and persecute anyone they liked, they are the judge and executor.

Australia now also announced that they are going to protect the Pacific Islands, from who? Who would be giving trouble to the islanders? China is the trouble maker, because China wants to trade and build infrastructure for the islanders. These are crimes according to the AngloSaxon thugs. Without consulting the Pacific islanders, without their consent, the Australian unilaterally told the islanders that they are the policemen, aka gangsters, there to protect them. And the Pacific islanders have no rights to object or to say no to these thugs.  When the thugs say they are here to protect the islanders, they are actually saying they are there to control them, they own the islanders. Obey or shall be punished. What freedom of choice, independent countries, right to choose who they want to trade or be friends with?

The Pacific islanders and the people of the world must accept and obey the American rules of law, Made in America and by the AngloSaxon thugs with no need for the approval of the people of the world, not the rules or laws from the UN.

What else is new?

Covid19 - A vaccine it is not


Any rational thinking person would be thinking what this so called vaccine is or is not. This nurse put it succinctly in a short summary to tell the doubters and believers what it is not. Wake up and stop becoming the victim of mass indoctrination through the use of main stream media. 

Do yourself a favour and watch this 1.44 min clip.


G7 - A white men's club to rule the world

US eyes Russia, China at G7 summit amid woes at home

Picture credit to Global Times

The coloured people would never have a chance to be member of this white supremacy club. Their agenda has always been to rule the world, to be the masters of the coloured people. When would the coloured people understand this basic rule, that when the white men came a calling, appearing to be very nice and armed with gifts, they are up to no good, or for the moment they needed the assistance of a particular coloured people state. Once the usefulness of the coloured state is not there, they would be treated like dirt, non white people.

It is good that Russia and China are leading the rest of the world, the coloured people, to stand up to the white men and break their hegemony and control over the coloured people of the world. Russia was also kicked out of the white men's club as they are considered not so white.

The coloured people of the world must not be manipulated to go against each other by the white men. The coloured people of the world must be united as they are the majority of the people of the world and deserve more and better, not to be exploited and divided by the white men for the benefits of the white men, a small minority coming out from Europe. Let them go home to Europe, where they belong.