When weakness is strength

Goliath took on David and lost. The PAP has recently taken on two Davids and won. Roy and Amos were two little midgets clashing with a behemoth and no one would expect them to do a Goliath killing act. First battle and both lost badly, no fighting chance, no contest. Many would think that would be the end of the two young men, They have absolutely no capital or resources to mount a serious challenge even if given a second chance. This assumption is only partially right. Their lack of capital is in fact their strength. When they have nothing else to look forward to, nothing to lose, and with a nerve tough as steel, they would not accept defeat and crawl away. They stood up to fight, with everything they got. Nothing is going to stop them now.

Roy has declared war and going for broke. Amos had refused any probation and refused to be sent to reformative training. He demanded to be sent to jail. This is something the authority never expected. He is fearless. When a jail sentence is nothing to fear, what else can frighten him, what will he be afraid of, who will he be afraid of? Roy and Amos are like two droids programmed just to fight, with their minds focused to take their enemies down, and to go down with their enemies.

The suicide bombers are fearless and cannot be stopped when they chose to die with their enemies. Roy and Amos are in some ways like the fearless suicide bombers. You may call them fanatical, so what? They know what they are up to, they know the stakes involved. The ordinary guys would have many things to hold him back, many things to think about and would end up as kiasu, kiasi and kia cheng hu. Anyone thinks Roy and Amos would fit into this mould to be cowed and go down on their knees?

Roy is talking more and louder. He is doing a lot of research and has just posted another long article in his blog and reposted in the TRE titled ‘How the PAP turned against the Singaporeans from the mid 80s’. This is a fairly long piece but interesting to read. And so is Amos, and his postings. He refused to be gagged. He will keep talking and talking as freely as he wants, to say his peace. It is unbelievable for a boy of his tender age to take on the establishment and the masses of unthinking adults baying for his blood, and making everyone looking so evil.

The PAP must have regretted picking on these two young men thinking it would be a piece of cake, They are sinking into a quagmire. The most they can do is to keep suing them and keep mounting on the pressure, hoping that they would break or run away. They didn’t and are standing their ground to fight on with everything they got. Using the law and legal institutions against two young men whose crimes are questionable in the eyes of the public would backfire.

The two are turning their weaknesses into strength in a never ending battle against all odds. They will go down, but not pulling the behemoth down with them.


Asia and Asean beware – The Americans are here to start a war

The peace in Asia and SE Asia is at risk. The Americans have shown their
true intent in its pivot to Asia, to dominate the region as the Empire.
They are claiming the right to meddle in the affairs in the region, to
bully the countries here, to throw their weight around to show that they
are the Number One Gangster in the region. Accept American hegemony or else
get a black eye.

The Americans tried the insidious way of allowing their running dogs like
Japan and the Pinoys to do the barking and biting. They tried to rope in
the South Koreans, the Indians, the Indonesians, the Malaysians and other
Asean countries, to be part of the gang to go against China and any other
country challenging their supremacy. They failed to get these countries to
be part of their pointman in a war against China.

Asian and Asean countries do not want war. They know how destructive and
dangerous war can be to their countries and people. War means the Americans
would triumph and they will forever be under the control of the American
Empire. They would not want to be used and manipulated by the Americans to
fight and die for the Americans. They are staying out.

Now the Americans are showing their hand, having failed to get the hands of
other Asian and Asean countries to do their fighting. It is now all hands
on the table, the Americans, the Japanese and the Pinoys against China who
would likely bring in the Russians and the North Koreans. After setting the
Middle East on fire, the Americans are here in South East Asia to start
another fire. This time this fire is going to be very big and could burn
the whole world when it is lit.

The Americans are dangerous, and are telling the Asian and Asean states
that it would use brute force against anyone refusing to acknowledge the
Empire is in charge.  They are demanding that China stopped their land
reclamation immediately. China would show them their middle finger for

The situation now is Redcon 2. The gangsters have spoken. Their warships and weapons of war are here.

The Americans are here to rule. Forget about the pivot. Forget about the
crap of protecting freedom of navigation and over flight.  It is Pax Americana that they are here for. And they are daring China for a fight in China's backyard. This is a declaration of war.

Asian and Asean countries must prepare for war in the region, a war brought
about by the Evil Empire that claimed to come in peace and for peace, but a
peace under its domination.

Bow everyone or be flattened. You are with me or against me. Now is the
time for the Asian and Asean countries that have been buying and upgrading
their military arsenal to see if they are of any use in the face of a big

Amos - Face of the most dangerous boy

This boy made a few rants in his Youtube post about a politician and a religious leader.  He has been held in remand prison for 18 days though he is only 16. His hand was handcuffed, his legs shackled ala prisoners from Guantanamo when he appeared in court. He has been found guilty of posting pornographic material on the youtube that would excite young people into experimenting with sexual acts.

He is now awaiting sentence. The prosecution is asking for a 12 to 18 months reformative training. The boy is asking for a jail sentence. And the prudes, and the highly virtuous gang, and there are so many in paradise, are cheering, and looking forward to see how this dangerous boy would be punished, would be put away for the good of the people. He is so dangerous that the 50 year old man fled in fear after a sneaky slap at the boy. That man probably wet his pants while running away. And people who are normally kind and compassionate would not even say any good words for him. Not even the Kindness Movement. Dangerous or not?

So far no one has been beaten or hurt by him, or killed by him. So far there has been no reports of young boys and girls imitating his suggestive cartoon to experiment with the wheelbarrow. I am not sure if there are adults that are so stimulated by this boy to push out the wheelbarrow to play. Not sure if the believers of the religious leader he called horrible have been hurt badly. Some have said they were not affected, in line with their forgiving teachings and have forgiven him.

I am still staring at the above photo trying to imagine two horns growing from his head. To me he looks angelic. Maybe a devil in disguise.

What do you think?  Is Amos so dangerous?

PS. Photo credit to TRE.


American propaganda in full swing to attack China

A few days ago there was a report about China’s investment in Indonesia and the basket of infrastructure projects it is offering to Jokowi. The most important piece of the article is a sneak comment that the Indonesians are wary of the Chinese as if the Indonesians are not wary of the Australians and the Americans. Who poses an immediate threat to the Indonesians, China or Australia or the Americans?

Who twisted Suharto’s arm during the Asian financial crisis to force the closure of ailing banks but allowed their own failed banks to continue by pumping more money into them? Are the Indonesians that stupid not to see who was the devil? Are the Indonesians so daft to sign a deal with the Chinese without doing their due diligence? And the Chinese did not put a gun at their head like the Dutch and the European powers and during the financial crisis. What the Indonesians are negotiating with China is at arms length with both parties as equal, and working out the best deals they could get for themselves. The sneaky western reports are simply sneaky and insulting the intelligence of the Indonesians.

Yesterday, 28 May, there was a similar Bloomberg Editors’ article in the Today paper trivializing the leaders of Latin America in the same way they did to the Indonesian leaders. The Latin American leaders are stupid, daft, and are misled or cheated by the Chinese in their economic deals with China. The Latin American countries are in for a bad deal, without the Chinese putting a gun at their heads like the European colonialists and the Americans did. So, the Latin American countries had very good deals with the Americans and their colonial masters until today, with their nations’ resources exploited and robbed, that they are still trying to climb up the value chain?

What had the colonialists and the Americans being doing to the Latin Americans that today, they are still lagging behind the industrial world, and their economies are still that of developing nations? China is a new kid on the block, just entering the Latin American market to trade, not to pivot like the Americans did in Asia with their military machine and weapons of war. What is so bad with China coming to Latin America with money to trade, to buy up their natural resources that they are going to sell anyway? Should the Arab countries stop exporting their only natural resource, oil, to the world as the rest of the world is exploiting them? Who are Bloomberg Editors trying to bluff?

Or are they telling the Latin Americans to buy more arms and weapons from the Americans? Are they saying that these leaders are idiots and did not know whether they are getting a good deal or bad deal? They are still treating the rest of the world as daft colonized people, to be exploited, to be conned and to be controlled by the American and European powers. Only these powers can provide the Latin Americans good deals, like the last few centuries of colonialism and exploitation with power coming from the barrel of the gun.

Is China a threat to any Latin American country? Did China bring its warship to trade? Can the Latin Americans say no to the Chinese if the deal is not to their favour? Come off it, the world leaders are not daft anymore and will strike deals freely for their own interests. If they can’t find a good deal they would walk away and look for another better deal.

The western media would not fail to daily implant their disinformation to influence the minds of the unthinking. They have succeeded for centuries when they controlled the media. Now there are alternative media and people need not read their propaganda unthinkingly. Only stupid people and stupid media will reproduce their trash happily without thinking, and paying for it.

Amos Yee – a most serious crime in Sin City

How does one rate a crime as serious or not serious? The police have some definitions like seizable or not seizable offence that would give one an idea of how serious the crime is. Another way is to look at the resources and time allocated to the case.

Look at this Amos Yee’s case and look at the number of law enforcement officers involved, the number of prosecutors and judges and their time, and the time of the courts, my god, this is no small crime when money and talented resources are involved. For such a serious crime committed by a ranting 16 year old boy it is definitely unpardonable. The boy must be punished. Punish is the word. If he is not stopped now, imagine how bad he could be when he grows up? More time must be devoted to educate and rehabilitate this bad boy.

Putting him in jail for 2 weeks would not help him. He is hardcore stuff, dabbling in hard core porn, incorrigible and could mislead the young into porn stuff. He is more dangerous than Alvin the scholar porn artist. The next best thing is to put him under the guidance of angels. Yes, angels will do him good a lot of god. But since there are no real angels around, 12 months or 18 months of reformative training look about right. He will come out a good boy, just like NSman spending 24 mths and changing from boy to man. Jack Neo must be beaming of his new movie.

Now isn’t this a damn good idea? Keep him under watch for 18 months! Actually 18 months is too short for such a serious and unforgiveable crime. Wait, not to worry, after 18 months it would be just nice for NS for this bad boy. That would mean Amos would have been under some form of regimentation for more than 3 years. It is sure to work. And Amos and his parents would be so grateful for the special treatment and care given to him. No one deserves such attention, but under such a caring govt, it can be expected. It is for the good of the boy. Amos is in good hands.

Wonder what would happen to him if someone is to brand him as devil reincarnate? He is so lucky that the people here are so sensible and thinking individuals and would not go to that extent. Did anyone say daft?

Now which is more detrimental to Amos Yee’s well being, 2 weeks jail or 18 months of reformative training? Shit, let me rephrase this. Which is more beneficial to Amos Yee’s well being, 2 weeks jail or 18 months of reformative training?

What do you think?


Reckless Americans are extremely dangerous

What the Americans are doing in the South China Sea and what they are planning are extremely dangerous and naïve. The war game today has changed so much, and so have the combatants and their arsenal that a war between two super powers is beyond description. China is no Iraq, North Korea or any small powers that the Americans can bully, can attack knowing very well that the other party would not be able to hit back. China is no pushover and will hit back and as hard as the Americans could.

The stake is what China described as its core interest. This means China will go to war with the Americans if pushed. What would be the Americans’ game plan to think it could push China around, take a big stick to whack China and can walk away unscathed? The days when it could bomb the Chinese Embassy with China turning the right cheek are over. Today would be blow for blow. If not, just try another Chinese Embassy and see what would happen?

The only stupid reason for the Americans to think it could kick the Chinese with impunity is to do a quick surgical attack to destroy whatever China has built in the islands and walk away leaving the Chinese gasping for air but afraid to fight back. The strategy is for a quick and limited strike on Chinese territory, like in Libya or Iraq, and go home like heroes. This time the Chinese have calculated all the moves and checked all the odds and prepared for it. China would hit back. It cannot do nothing if the Americans are to take the first strike again. China cannot afford not to hit back.

China must hit back real hard at the Americans to prove that it can take on the Americans if it wants the Americans to stop its bullying. The Americans cannot expect the Chinese to let them invade China like the burning of the Summer Palace. So, what would the Chinese do, turn the other cheek again? If China could not bring down the attackers, it would have to go for the nearest American targets to mean business. You hit me I hit you. That is the only defence strategy to deal with the evil Empire. And to prevent the Americans from reacting, China has no choice but to remove all the threats in Japan and South Korea, even in the Philippines. The Americans and the Japanese would not take a counter strike quietly. And there goes your escalation to beyond control on both sides. Both countries would activate all their weapons of war on stand by and ponder over the pushing of the red button.

This is the end all scenario that the daft and cranky in Washington and the Pentagon are fooling around with. It will be game over for both China and the USA and its allies. Stop deluding that an open war with China can be contained, limited and would not blow up into a full scale nuclear war.

The Americans should stop thinking that they can still stir shit in China’s backyard with impunity by carrying a big stick.

Singapore going down under

Singapore is so desperate for space and land. Every inch of the island is already built up or designated for something. There is no more land for anything. And Singapore is scrambling for more space by reclamation from the sea. There is not much sea left to reclaim. We are just so small, a red dot. No, we can bring in more people, 10m no problem? The problem is that wherever and whenever a piece of land is created, it would be taken up quickly and nothing is left.

The new and desperate measure is digging underground. I am wondering which is more expensive, reclamation from the sea or digging into the ground? I am not sure which is more risky or dangerous to live in, highrise on reclaimed land or living inside the bedrock. Have faith in the engineers and architects doing their wonder acts to make sure these newly created space are safe to live in, no cave in, no flooding, 100% sure. For a mistake of such a nature it is unpardonable when thousands of lives are inside them.

And again, as soon as a hole is dug, or even before it is dug, it has already been assigned to some uses. And you hear people kpkb for more land. There is a grave shortage of usable land. And you have people crying we are going to bring in more people and more people. What the hell for? We are running out of land and there are people planning to bring in another few millions of foreigners to take up all the scarce land and space left.

It seems that this one trick pony has only one trick in their mind. Bring in more people, foreigners. Or is it their mission in life, to bring in more and more foreigners here? Or are they testing how many people can be squeezed into this piece of rock? And are they testing how fragile is the rock we are sitting on, when will it break apart from the bottom and bring down everything above it?

Do we owe the world to provide jobs and accommodation to their citizens that we have to work so hard, make space for them to squeeze with us until we are not able or cannot afford to build roads so that we can own and drive cars around, so that we have a little more breathing space? And we have to con the daft Sinkies that no car is good and public transport is better?

Seow! Yes, the psychiatrists would have many sickness related to such megalomaniac aspirations. Send them to the psychiatrists please.

Sin City's mission is to bring the population of the whole world to live in the island continent.

Chuan Jin – logically speaking

“Even without the IRs, people will find a way to gamble if they want to gamble — like going on online gambling sites, or going to neighbouring countries,”
Chuan Jin was at a forum in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and a question thrown to him was whether the two casinos at the Integrated Resorts (IRs) have brought more social ills into the country. The above statement was his answer to the question.

Does this look like going with the flow? Or is it like, since they would do it, why not let them do it here, and we can control the numbers? And since people are going to Batam and Bintang to spend their CPF savings, why not convert some southern islands to be like Batam and Bintang? Stretching this kind of logic further, since people are going to take drugs, why not?

Can there be a better explanation for the existence of the two IRs here when some quarters of the population were against them for the social ills that they would cause? Don’t bet on it that the two IRs would be closed. Like the CECA, no chance of turning back the clock, no chance to unwind as there are legal implications and cost involved. You cannot simply strip away a multi billion dollar set up with thousands of jobs at stake even if many are foreigners, directly or indirectly.

When a decision is made on a difficult basis or difficult to defend premises, the more one tries to explain it away, the more ridiculous it will look. It is best to take it by the horns and tell the hard truths and be less embarrassing explaining something by using funny logic, or is it power logic at work?


Hostile acts in peace time

China fired a cruise missile into the America Embassy in Tokyo, blowing it up and killing a few American personnel. China sent a note to Obama claiming that it was a mistake and would pay compensation for the damages and loss of lives. Would the Americans accept the apology?

China flew its spy planes, called surveillance planes, closed to the 12 nm territorial limits of Hawaii or American bases in Japan. Or China flying its nuclear bombers, carrying no bomb under its belly, but heading straight to California. How would the Americans react to such threats and show of force? The nuclear bombers came within range where they could fire its nuclear weapons.

These are hostile acts, acts of war. Any of such acts could force the defending country to activate its defensive mechanism, and strike down the attackers. And these were the hostile acts that the Americans have committed against China, in peace time. China, being militarily weaker, took the aggressive and hostile acts quietly, allowing the Americans to bully them and got away with it.

China is stronger today, though still unable to match the Americans in numbers of nuclear weapons and military might. But China is now able to destroy as many Americans as the Americans could do to them. The Americans are continuing to push the boundaries, crossing the Pacific Ocean to provoke the Chinese with their air intrusions into Chinese airspace. A point has been reached and the Chinese would not take it anymore. The Chinese would allow the Americans to bully them, to provoke them, to humiliate them and do nothing. You want the Chinese dead, the Chinese would bring the Americans along, dead.

The American provocations are increasingly dangerous, highly irresponsible, and China would have to put a stop to them if it wants to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. If the Americans refuse to back down, China would have no choice but to take the Americans by the horns. China would have to shoot down the American planes in its air space or nuclear bombers heading straight to China. It has no choice.

China would have to go to war. It cannot run away with the Americans at its door and pointing the guns at them. War is inevitable with the bully standing there with guns drawn. Who is the aggressor? Who is the bully? Who is starting a world war? The Americans are asking for a World War that they cannot control.

When China talks about war with the Americans, it is ready for it. It would not win in this war, but it would set New York, Washington and all the major American cities burning. China would be flattened, so would the USA. Would the ordinary American boys and girls and families want to risk being evaporated because a few evil men and women in Washington and Pentagon thought it is fun to travel a few thousand miles across the Pacific to poke their fingers in someone’s backyard and a few pieces of rock that have nothing to do with their good life?

PMET’s plight – Would anyone listen, would anyone bother, would anyone care?

Gilbert’s Transitioning.org is the equivalent of SOS for desperate PMETs out of job and crying for help. It speaks a lot when the PMETs go to Transitioning.org instead of the MOM and NTUC. When they talked to Gilbert, it is the last ditch when all hopes have failed. It is crisis time. Here are some extracts of a post on the subject of our PMETs losing out to foreigners and in despair when they have families to feed and children to care for.

Would anyone care, bother, or willing to listen to their plight? Or would they come out with some stupid motherhood statements and move on? It is understandable that people who are earning millions and have no financial worries could understand or appreciate what it is like without an income and a family to feed. They will just say some cock like they understand and they could emphatise with the victims of unemployment and move on to enjoy their Swiss standard of living.

The plight of the PMETs is genuine and very serious and must be the top priority of the govt. What, cannot understand what the angst is all about? Or would the govt find it more important to provide more good jobs to foreigners? It is so exasperating and painful to see the govt trying so hard to help foreign countries, to provide jobs to foreigners like it is the govt’s responsibility but leaving the citizen PMETs in the lurch.

Read this conversation with an unemployed IT professional called Patrick.

‘Transitioning: What do you think the government can do to alleviate the current employment situation?

Patrick: Immediate (should start by July):

1. Stop issuing all Employment Passes (EP) for PMET jobs immediately.
2. Enforce a rule that makes it necessary for employers to look at the unemployed Singaporeans first.
3. Start a database of all unemployed PMET’s in Singapore that the employers can tap on for immediate hire.
4. For those employers who are looking for a specific skill, WDA can provide free/subsidised training for the candidates who come close to the requirement but missing one or two skills. Employer could also provide OJT for such candidates.
5. Provide clear & transparent statistics on unemployed PMETs to the general public. The statistics could include things like Age, Gender, Race, Qualification, Duration of Unemployment (1-3months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months >1 year, >2 years). I believe right now if you are unemployed more than 6 months you are considered “retired”. Currently the statistics says that Singapore unemployment rate is 1.9%. I don’t think this takes into consideration people who are jobless for more than 6 months. I feel that the unemployment rate might be much higher. Let’s be transparent about how many are really unemployed.

Long term (should start by Jan 2016):

What should happen is that employers should have to demonstrate that there is a shortage of the specific skills/PMET in Singapore and so needs to hire from overseas. The EP should only be given after a 3-6 months of exhaustive search locally. Exhaustive mean that they should keep all records of those people they interviewed and have a clearly detailed report on why that person was not suitable.

Their search should not be limited to job agents and job websites, but they should also work with WDA, MOM etc to find suitable locals. Companies can only apply for EP if such a skill is not found locally (SG/PR). MOM needs to review the report made by the employer and cross check with the candidates, WDA and job agents to ensure the authenticity of the report. During the review if a suitable local candidate is found then the employer will not get an EP approval.

We should also have an absolute limit to the number of EP’s per year, just like the US does with its H1B. So for example if Singapore adds 50K PMET jobs annually, then only about 10-15K EP’s will be set aside for that year. Once the EP’s finish, no more EP for that year. Try next year!....

Transitioning: Many people have blamed foreigners for competing on jobs with us, what is your view on this?

Patrick: When I was employed, we used to often invite friends and family over to our home for dinner. These days we have completely stopped as we are trying to cut down on our costs. To me, its the same at the national level. When you have unemployed people in your own home, you should not be inviting others to come in. It’s like you have hungry mouths to feed in your home and you invite outsiders for dinner.

I don’t blame the foreigners, they are coming in because we let them in/invite them. It’s a policy and implementation issue…. Every evening I go to bed angry and frustrated that nothing happened. But I wake up again next morning and I try something a little different.’


This is not an isolated case. Many cases were not reported. Many blamed themselves. Many refused to talk. Many just make do with whatever they could get by, or simply retired. And we have hundreds of thousands of foreign PMETs and many fakes here. Just removing the fakes would create more than enough jobs for our citizens. Do our PMETs have to suffer while the foreigners are having good jobs and feeding their families in our very own country with the good jobs we gave to them? Does our govt owe these foreigners a good job, a good life and no responsibility to our citizens?

Those assholes that think our citizens are not talented enough, not skilled enough, lazy, demanding, I say stuff it in your mouth. PMETs like Patrick are very good talents, very experienced and very motivated and pragmatic. Not someone with entitlement mentality like the assholes liked to blame them. They are victims of a silly and irresponsible policy.

What is the govt thinking? Would the govt want to seriously do something to take care of our PMETs or busy providing jobs for foreigners and building cities for foreigners?
If you are a Singaporean PMET, you turn will come next, and very soon. Don’t ever believe that you are safe, that it would not happen to you. You will be screwed, your family and children will be screwed.


China needs to play a bigger and more responsible role

I am picking up the cue from Straycat on the historical rights or wrongs of the past. The Americans and western media have a very good memory of China’s past. Every little indiscretion or mistakes would be lifted out from the pages of history to remind the world of a negative China. China is always wrong and never right, never good, never responsible. The western countries, particularly the Americans, their histories were always about rights and goodness. They never commit crimes like China. They were peace loving countries unlike China. They were never aggressors, never invade or conquer other countries, never claim no man’s islands as theirs. They were angels, godly people.

China is dangerous. Look at how China bullied the small countries in the South China Sea and claiming islands belonging to no one, but some South East Asian countries are also trying to claim? Look at how the Philippines are telling the Chinese that they would fly their aircraft over Chinese islands defying China and this bully could not do anything about it? Who did you say is the bully?

The Americans and the West have a global responsibility to stand up for the victims of China’s aggression and expansionism and bullying. Which country has China invaded, are there any Chinese troops in foreign soil? The Americans and the West have appointed themselves as the global policemen and the power to fight for justice and for the victims of aggression. Who are the aggressors?

According to the Americans China is not playing any responsible role in the world. It must play a bigger role. There is a role that is cut out for China, to defend the weak and victims of Imperialism, Colonialism, of aggression and invasion. The victims of such nations need a great power to fight for their rights and justice, to take back their countries lost to the invaders. For a start, China should speak to the natives of conquered land, the Red Indians, the natives of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many Pacific Islands and those in the Indian Ocean, to reclaim their rights to their homeland, ownership of their ancestral land.

China must speak to the natives, champion their rights in the UN and take the invaders and occupiers of their land to the International Court, to reclaim what they had lost to the invaders and conquerors. These injustices cannot be simply forgotten, not to talk about again. It is history, and history is right. Fait accompli! It has been done. Cannot bring back the past. Who is bringing back the past?

Fortunately there are still a few Red Indians, natives and aborigines that survived the genocides and could lay claims to their father land. These survivors of genocides have rights too. Don’t they? Where is the conscience of the Europeans that robbed their land, their inheritance, and murdered their forefathers?

Should China play a more responsible role to fight and defend the rights of these dispossessed people? The victims of aggression and conquest need a spokeman and a champion to stand up for their cause.

Law to protect Lee Kuan Yew

‘The government announced that it would come out with a law to protect the name and image of Singapore’s former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, whom many around the world have regarded as a controversial leader. The official reason given by the ruling party was to ensure no commercial misuse and exploitation of his name and image. Lawrence Wong, the minister in charge of proposing the law, reminded Singaporeans, “I should make it very clear that the intent is not to restrict people from coming up with their own creative ways to PAY THEIR TRIBUTE TO MR LEE.”’

A blogger, Celia Lim, wrote the above in her article, ‘Law to protect or glorify a dead man?’ appearing the TRE. For a controversial leader, it is expected to hear all kinds of views and intent about the name Lee Kuan Yew, to be used with propriety or to be abused with liberty. I think a better way would be to copyright the name and his image internationally. The Tourist Board would have a new brand name and many souvenirs for sale to the tourists. LKY key chains, pens, beer mugs, umbrellas, this one very meaningful, to be protected by a LKY umbrella, little figurines. I think some creative people may have already jumped into the bandwagon. Yes, LKY T-shirts with his face on the front and back ala Che Guevara or Castro. Singapore Mint can also join the act with special editions of coins to commemorate him. The possibilities are unlimited.

But be careful and be sensitive with some items like footballs, punching bags, pillows or bolsters, bears, wheelbarrows, towels, and many other things that may not be suitable. The govt can come out with a list of the forbidden goods to keep things in control. They may want to introduce ratings of souvenirs and toys so that certain categories are only available to the public and children. The business people may get too creative. While on this, must ban portraits or toys of Margaret Thatcher as well.

Maybe the govt should set up a committee to do an in depth analysis on what are the things that can or cannot be done and must be banned. Yaacob would be the best man for this job. He is an expert in what is good or bad for the people to see and read. Off hand it is very difficult for a few individuals to think through thoroughly on all the funny things that could happen. Some of the funny people and their funny thoughts like urinating, throwing eggs, burning, tarring, graffiti, etc etc, so erecting statues and public portraits must be avoided unless well protected by fences and security cameras. There are people wanting to build shrines for worshipping. Can or not? It would need many super talents and creative people to fish out all the probabilities. A committee may not be good enough.

With the GE coming, the Party could follow the Taiwanese to use LKY as a Party mascot and designed things around it. Ah Bian had his cute soft dolls, caps and kopi cups. These would be hot selling items, including posters that people can buy as pin ups for the bedroom walls or the living rooms.

The royalties from these products could make the children and grand children very rich, like a pop star for many many years. LKY the Legend!.

PS. Unfortunately I cannot chop chop these ideas. Or else will be rich in no time. Want to take home a Lee Kuan Yew? Or you can buy a Lee Kuan Yew off the shelf for inspiration. No knuckle dusters please.


Fandi, the Singapore Boy made good

They wrote him off. He went away to fulfill the prophecy that a prophet has no place in his home town. He became a foreign talent away from home where he was appreciated. They did not give him much of a chance either. He is from a city without talent. And many still appreciate and think that foreign talents from Europe and the Americas are better.

Fortunately someone was stricken by guilt or felt that Fand is the best we have and deserved a second chance. There were lots of critics and disbelievers in Fandi. Should have another foreign coach if we are going to do well. Should have more foreign players if we are going to do well. And you can imagine the moral of this Singapore Boy and his charge..

He soldiers on quietly in his Fandi style. He let his legs do the talking. Fandi is back in the headlines. He has brought back the Malaysian FA Cup with his charge, the LionsXII. We are champions again and Fandi has done it again. Who says we need to do a global search for another foreign talent?

If we don’t believe in out own talents, if we keep throwing away good money to foreigners, when will our locals be given a chance to grow and make a name for themselves? We will be forever looking up to foreigners, for foreigners, even to be conned by fakes.

It is so pathetic. First Word daft that don’t believe in themselves but in trash? Would this mindset be changed and we start to grow our own timber? Well done Fandi. You have proven yourself and proved them wrong.

Double confirm, Singapore has no talent

After the SGX announced the resignation of its CEO, Magnus Bocker, it immediately announced that it was going global to search for a replacement. The speed in the announcement said many things. One thing for sure, they have not considered anyone internally or might have considered in those few hours that no one was good enough. And there is no succession planning, or it could be a case of starting to plan now and the new local CEO would be ready in 30 years time. They may be looking at the universities to recruit the young graduates to put into their succession plans.

‘Last week, the media reported that SportsHub has started a global search for a new CEO. SportsHub said that it was part of its “succession planning”.

SportsHub chairman Mark Woodhams told TODAY last Friday (22 May) that Mr Philippe Collin-Delavaud, the current SportsHub CEO, would remain in his post “until well after the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games” copied from TRE

The search for another foreigner to be the CEO of the Sports Hub is a double confirmation that Singapore really has no talent for anything except politicians. Our politicians are world class, world best, unbeatable, at least when pay is concerned. Never mind if they have to go to 3rd World countries or little villages to learn from some village chieftains about how to run a country or ministry where the joker is paid not even a day of their pay.

Singapore is one of the top cosmopolitan countries in the whole world. This means that the talents in the city must be as good as those in the top cities of the world. I bet you the next CEO is likely to come from some remote corners of the the world that may not even have seen a sports stadium of international standard, or be a young punk that have left school 10 years ago, but because he is a foreigner, he is deemed to be good and talented. Or maybe our graduates that went to the same foreign universities were taught a different syllabus from them.

Would this new CEO be from some countryside countries like New Zealand, South Africa, or from some American or European little towns of hill billies, or from great and cosmospolitan cities like Mumbai? A top world class city did not have the talent to manage world class facilities but talents from little towns or 3rd World slum cities have such talents with the relevant experiences, the skills set to do so? I bet some would not even have sat on a new modern toilet seat and did not even know how to flush it.

PRs are not citizens

Over the weekend the citizens were greeted by news of govt handouts, goodies and great discounts for the senior citizens. While the welfare state was a taboo topic in the past, the high cost of living, the premature termination of employment and the post retirement lifespan of 20 to 30 years will take a toll on the seniors with no escape. Without an income, with insufficient savings, only the super rich can live without worries that their savings would last them a good 30 years and ride the waves of inflation. Many would have no choice but to look towards the govt for handouts and subsidies. The conditions for a welfare state have been created and a welfare state is inevitable. Without govt handouts, life is not going to be affordable for the jobless seniors and retirees, and can be very miserable.

The goodies that were announced would be most welcome. But there is a sour taste in this deal with the inclusion of PRs. Who is a PR? What is a PR? A PR is definitely not a citizen, without the obligations of a citizen, can come a go, and will go when the going is not to their expectations. In a country where national service is a big responsibility to the citizens, and a big handicap, a PR becomes a preferred choice for many to enjoy the good life, the good jobs here without having to pay for their security and the needs of a nation. And now, PRs are accorded the same privileges, perks and handouts from a bizarre govt that treats them like citizens. What is going on?

PRs in most cases are economic refugees. They are here because things are good and betterer for them than in their countries or in other countries, or they could not go to betterer countries and this is the best for them. Many came with a simple goal, to get a good job, make as much money as they could, and would eventually go home or go somewhere else. They have no intent to be citizens and to share the obligations and responsibilities of the citizens.

There are those who genuinely want to be citizens, some fair weather citizens, but not given the citizenship for good reasons, that they are not people we want to be citizens.

Why are PRs given all the perks and privileges and handouts when they are already having a good deal here? No PRs coming here expects the govt to throw goodies at them. They know that they do not qualify, not eligible, not entitle to such goods that are reserved for citizens, the privileges of being citizens, and for paying a heavy price in our case, for being citizens. Why is the govt so willing to share the nation’s wealth with the PRs? The country does not owe anything to the PRs. If any, it is the PRs that owe it to us, to repay their debt of gratitude for being allowed here to work and to many, to go home rich.

Or is it that spending OPM is easy. Not my money, so can anyhow give. And in the case of PRs, no need even to ask. And some cocky PRs even think that they deserved all the privileges given to the citizens, because they got this crazy idea planted in their heads by crazy people that they are here to help the daft Sinkies to a good life. Many of these PRs would have no where to go, no country would want them, would want to give them good jobs and a good life. And many were here with fake qualifications.

What is worst, they are now getting this entitlement mentality. They are entitled to the perks and privileges like the citizens. And without having to be citizens to enjoy them, where is the pull to make them into citizens? They are having the best of both worlds. Such freebies are in a way encouraging them not to become citizens.

No, they are here to help the daft Sinkies and giving them some perks is only right and proper. In fact they should be given more and treated betterer than the daft citizens? So, being PRs have special privileges and entitlements? No need to be daft citizens.


Hi guys, I am back/
My apologies for not being able to post over the last two days. Sneaked in a post on Friday before leaving to enjoy a little Malaysian hospitality while I still can and before Najib and his challengers declared open warfare. Some opportunists could divert the attention elsewhere to create public disorder and keep everyone out of the country.

I am still a bit tired but still in excellent health. I will just make a quick post and get some rest before I post again tomorrow.

Oh, my book is almost completed and may be able to send to the printer before next weekend.


A degree course for politician wannabes – Lesson 6

Politicians to be must prepare for the day they get elected and enter Parliament as the people’s representatives or members of parliament. And they must anticipate the hustling and elbowing in parliament, the booing, the sneering and the jeering from MPs of the opposite camp. They need to be properly trained to survive parliament sessions, know how to ask questions, how to apply for leave, know how to go to the toilet at strategic moments when they are called to cast their votes. A very fine art of being an MP is how to sleep in parliament without being seen to be sleeping or be caught by the camera. In the army the soldiers learn how to sleep while standing at senang diri or sedia.

There are many things to learn for politician wannabes. There is one very important skills set that parliamentarians must possess, the ability to cut opposition MPs to pieces by glaring. Several parliamentarians have developed this to an art, the acme of killing by staring. When they stand up, pause and deliver the cold steely stare, the opposition MPs will shrivel in their seats, probably wetting their pants. This is fine art, a skill to cut down your opponent without saying a word.

Not anyone can impart this skill and a politician wannabe must go to the caves to hunt for a Yoda and call him master to learn the art. It is a survival skill set in parliament.


GE 2015/16 – What would be Chok Tong’s role

The GE is imminent. Many would be wondering what would be Chok Tong’s role this time. Would he still be the goal keeper or would he be history? He is still the most senior member of the PAP team, a very durable politician. He still carries a lot of weight and the Emeritus title. He should be good enough to carry a GRC and Marine Parade would be lighter this time without Nicole Seah staring down at him. Maybe without Nicole Seah PAP may not see the need for this heavyweight to give its team the needed ballast.

Chok Tong is the last of the second generation PAP leaders still in play. Would PAP still need a veteran to hold the fort? At 75, he is still very young, 20 years younger than the oracle and the most senior of the PAP team. It is a case of young but not young, old but not old, to let go or not to let go.

What about Chok Tong’s personal plan? Is he looking for a well deserved retirement and live happily ever after, spending time with his grandchildren? Or is he another LKY, that working is fun and enjoyable, especially as a senior statesman and with all the trimmings of power and glory? What would Chok Tong want? Does he have unfulfilled dreams like building smart cities in India or making CECA more attractive?

Would Hsien Loong be calling the shot and making the final call?  How would the voters see Chok Tong? Would he be tasked to mentor his young talents or have the young talents all grown up and not needing him anymore?

The oracle’s office in the Istana is still vacant and waiting for another deserving occupant, and who else is more deserving other than Chok Tong the Emeritus Minister?

George Yeo told he would lose Aljunied GRC

George Yeo disclosed that he knew he was losing Aljunied before the GE. His professional pollster friend told him so, that he would get between 43 to 47 percent of the votes. The final result was 45.3 percent. This prediction is even more precise than the Oracle. George said he kept it from his team mates. Not sure if he revealed the forecast to the Oracle. Maybe he did and sending the Oracle to give a warning to the Aljunied voters to repent.

What happened is now history. One thing is sure, whatever will happen will happen. With the pollster’s forecast, George and the PAP must have worked extra hard, put in extra effort, to change the prediction and to win. It was in vain.

George should lend his pollster friend to Hsien Loong to predict the outcome of the next GE. Maybe he already did that and the forecast was a convincing win, a clean sweep. Sorry opposition, if this is the prediction by the professional pollster, it would be best to skip the GE and save money and effort.

So, what have the pollster predicted this time? What if he said several GRCs would go down? If that be the case never mind. The ST survey is so good and the PAP is so confident. That is good enough. This time the pollster may not be right. Keep the fingers crossed.

Perhaps the opposition leaders should invite the pollster to do a prediction for them and then decide whether to contest or not. It is always a very good thing to know the result in advance.

Everyone must be very eager to know who this pollster is and wanting to hear from him. Quick, find him.

Redcon 1 over South China Sea

While China is busy reclaiming more land in the South China Sea, a sinister wind is blowing from Hawaii. More than 20 countries, led by the Americans, Japan, Australia and the Philippines, are conducting a war game simulating how to capture the Chinese made islands. They are planning for war with China, to contain China. And what did China do to invite war in its territories? Is construction and building islands in its territories an aggressive act of war? Is China threatening any country?

No! Exactly. But the evil Empire of the USA, claiming to be a peaceful country, is lowering its veil of hostility. It cannot accept a rich and powerful China. It cannot accept China reclaiming the islands in the South China Sea. It is bent to contain China. And it is preparing to go to war, to attack China without provocations.

It has reported that it has been conducting reconnaissance flight over the Chinese islands at low level using the P8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft. China has been warning the Americans to get out of its airspace in vain. The bully is showing its military muscles like it used to do in the days of U2 spy plane. The provocative acts will continue unabated unless the Chinese is able to put a stop to it.

The US will continue to bully China. It is branding China as an expansionist power, a war like country that is going to conquer and control the countries in its neighbourhood. China’s land reclamation on its islands is unacceptable to the Americans. It is agitating the neighbouring countries to claim Chinese islands, calling them disputed islands. With that as an excuse, it is openly backing up these countries in an open war with China with Japan, Australia and the Philippines ready and prepared to strike.

China must prepare for a repeat of the burning of the Summer Palace by the eight powers, inclusive of Japan, invading China in the 19th Century. This time it would start with the attacks on Chinese islands in the South China Sea. And these aggressor countries think that war could be limited in the region and they could play with fire. 

When war breaks out in the South China Sea, it will be the beginning of World War 3. American bases in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines would be first to be hit. The Okinawans would be the sacrificial lamb for hosting the Futenma and Kadena Air Bases in their islands. The other bases in the main Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu would also be primary targets to be taken out. Japanese and US cities would also be targeted.

The dangerous and insane Americans may think that they can light a fire and contain it. Fat hope, when war breaks out, it is intercontinental warfare. China would not accept the lost of any islands and would hit back. These Americans are really dangerous to think they can start a war like in the Middle East, that they can hit at any country and their victims cannot hit back. It is mutual self destruction. Don’t bet on it that the US mainland is safe.

What can China do in the face of American provocation and hostility? Taking a slap on the left and offering the right? This would encourage the cowboys to be more trigger happy. Weakness is not an option. China must take down the Poseidon to avenge the death of a pilot in the Hainan Incident and the bombing of its embassy in Belgrade.

As a defensive posture, it should conduct live firing exercises in the South China Sea, issued Notams to warn aircraft that the area is a live firing zone. Aircraft entering the zone would risk being shot down. Let the Americans violated the live firing notice and shoot it down. And prepare for an all out nuclear war with the Americans and its cronies.

How crazy is Washington and the Pentagon thinking it can still use its military might to threaten and bully other countries? War is no longer for fun when the victim is another super power that can hit back.

South China Sea is now Redcon 1.


SEA Games budget $324.5m

This is the budget for the SEA Games and the organizers promised they would not exceed the budget this time. The last YOG was budgeted at $104m but finally cost more than $300m. Was the over spending due to inexperience or bad budgeting or just uncontrolled overspending? Anyway it is history. It must be good value for money spent.

With that experience, the current budget of $324.5m is just about there, about right. Not sure how is this computed, based on number of athletes or what? This SEA Games is for adults and they may need more in terms of food alone. Hope it is really enough and no more overspending.

With Leong Sze Hian somewhere in the mountain retreat, let me try to crunch some numbers here to see what it means. With 7000 athletes and officials, it would mean the Games will cost $46,300 per participants for the duration of 12 days. Or for each day, it will cost about $4,000 to host a participant. Cheap, quite cheap really.

If each participant were to spend $1,000 a day, the net loss will be $3,000 daily per participant. The break even should be for each participant to spend $4,000 daily during the Games duration. Of course the money is well spent for the publicity and goodwill generated. Now more people will know where is Singapore and how good Singapore is. They may migrate here to help us and to help us hit the 6.9m population target faster.

The overall picture is definitely money well spent. Oh, the participants need not have to choose whether to eat at the hawker centres, foodcourts or restaurants. The food quality is restaurant standard for sure. We have to play the good host and show them the hospitality of a first world country and standard. They will all return home with good memories of Singapore, the paradise on earth and would return, and return as tourists or future workers. Maybe they are our future PRs and citizens. This is called planning ahead and planting the seeds for the future. Oh, some may want to represent us and don our national colours, become our sporting citizens to bring glory to us.

PAP – The ground is sweet

A ST survey has convincingly announced that the ground is sweet for the PAP and this may prompt the PAP to call an early election. And from the comments by Hsien Loong, they are taking the findings of the survey very positively. There is a renewed confidence in the PAP camp that all is well. And you can’t blame them for being so confident.
Hsien Loong has pushed out his slate of leaders that are quite unbeatable in every way. The response from the public must be very encouraging. No one is saying anything bad about them, so must be good. Everyone is a talent and a leader in his own right and should be able to carry all the GRCs they are going to lead. The gloom and fear of getting the marching order like Aljunied GRC are history.
The position camp, particularly the WP, has been in a big struggle to get their accounts right in the AHPETC. They are so bogged down by the details that they have no time even to eat or sleep. The other opposition parties are also very quiet and not seem to be engaging the people other than the SDP. The SFP, a breath of fresh air and looking promising, has also cut down on their PR activities.

What about the grudging issues that were troubling the people? Where got issues? Since the days Roy and his friends were hauled up and charged in court, the CPF issue is no longer an issue. No one is talking about it anymore. This means that there is no issue and the people are happy with the state of their CPF savings.

And the people are so grateful with the MedishieldLife and the CPFLife providing coverage for their future needs. In addition to these two wonderful schemes, there is the Pioneer Generation Package that made all the pioneers smiling in glee. Everything is now a big discount and they are even spending more on medical needs and dental treatments, things they would not dare to at the old prices and without the discounts.
Public housing is also no longer an issue as the prices are now better than affordable. People with income of $1,000 can also buy a public flat. Where to find such good deals?

PMETs and foreigners too are non issues. Just adapt and get use to it. After a while the situation will become the new normal. Fake degrees, where got? If got fake degrees, they would have all been sent home. Our ministries are super efficient in law and order. And this is well known throughout the world. Foreigners coming here are all genuine degree holders and professionals and the most honest people in their countries. The cheats and fakes would not dare to be here to be caught and sent home.

Now, what else is an issue? Can’t think of any really. It is celebration time. The big bash in SG50 is around the corner. Everyone is gearing to party and parties are everywhere. The spirit is high. There is money everywhere. $324m for the SEA Games is chicken feat. You need money to celebrate and enjoy, just ask and shall be given.

This GE is going to be a walkover and a convincing win for the PAP. The voters will show their approval by giving them a bigger majority. Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East will be returned to the PAP fold. The PAP is delivering everything the people want and the people will reciprocate for such a good govt. The opposition parties are in hiding, fleeing, knowing their chances are as good as zilch.

Ouch! Stop throwing rotten eggs at me. I am telling the truth. I got the ST survey to prove that I am telling the truth. The survey would not lie. If you don’t believe, see when the election will be called. It will be very soon. The PAP is ready and is walking the ground. They are absolutely confident of a big win this time.

Where is the opposition? Where got public angst? No more complaints, no protests, all is fine. Everything will be back to normal after the next GE with PAP in control.

More good years and more good times.


Why no speak on fake degrees?

‘Under the PAP, it is inevitable that Singaporean graduates will compete with foreign ones from ‘reputable’ unis, many with bogus degrees. If Singaporeans do not demand accountability from the PAP at the polls, we will have 5 years to repent.’ Phillip Ang
Phillip Ang wrote an article title ‘ Bogus degrees – 5 years to repent if we do nothing’ posted in TRE.

In the article one could sense the frustration and exasperation of Phillip Ang, representing the unhappy voices of PMETs that were replaced by the degree mill foreigners. You could imagine him pulling at his hair in anger, that nothing seems to be done, no one seems to care or even want to talk about this sorry state of affair, less want to do anything about it.

Indifference, no accountability, tidak apa, seem to be what this issue is all about. Fake degree holders working here and displacing our poor PMETs from their jobs and depriving them from earning a decent income in a decent job is the new normal. There are more serious consequences in medical and engineering fields if the fakes were to be employed to treat the sick and involved in infrastructure projects. Phillip was screaming, those countries are infamous for their corrupt education systems and culture and in producing fake degrees. Didn’t anyone know or want to know?

These are valid questions. Everyone knows the shit is here, knows everything is so shitty it smells all over. No need any proof or investigation. Fakes and degree mills are the norm, anything else is an exception. You will have a hard time finding one with genuine degrees and job experience. That is how sick the situation has become that no one dares to poke his little finger in the pile of shit.

Then why the reticent, why turning the heads the other way? I venture to ask some employers about the fakes they are hiring. They gave me a cheeky smile. Corruption, corrupt practices? Fake degrees, degree mills, where got? Then with all seriousness he said, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I was taken aback.

Isn’t this Rome and the newcomers are to do as we do? That made him laughed crazily like he was going to be delirious. We are in Rome and we need to do and act like them. We have to adapt to be like them. This is Rome, their Rome, they are the Romans and corruption, fakes, cheats are the order of the day.

I was stunned by such clarity in perception of the new reality. Those who still believe in honesty, integrity, righteousness are living fossils, behind time and need to go the dodo way. To survive, one has to adapt to the new reality, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Phillip, you got the idea?

Rohingyas - Sin City given second chance

In the late 70s and 80s, Singapore was faced with a serious threat from the Vietnamese boat people. Thousands of them were fleeing Vietnam and landing on our shores and the shores of neighbouring countries. We were caught between being merciful to the refugees or caring for our people. We have unemployment problems in the 70s. But more important, we knew then that we were only a tiny red dot and could not allow the refugees to flood the island. There were big countries that had the land to accommodate them. So we did the painful and morally difficult thing, by shoving them off our shores. We did our best to provide them with food, water and fuel and sent them off to their destiny.

We are a different kind of city. Today we are a big country, we can build and build, we can take in 10m or more people. Jobs are aplenty. We have full employment and we need manual workers. Now we are presented with a second chance, to save the new boat people, the new refugees, the Rohingyas. They are fleeing Myanmar, Bangladesh and India, in rickety boats like the Vietnamese in search of their promise land.

Many have died in their dangerous journey at sea, like the Vietnamese boat people. Many can be saved if the big countries are willing to take them in. Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia are all closing their doors to these boat people. They are so hear heartless. They don’t care.

Now we are given a second chance to show that we care, we can be generous. We have jobs for these people, we have land to house them, on the ground, above ground and underground. And one thing for sure, these people do not come with fake degrees and CVs. They come as they are, to fill the labour shortage in the construction industry, to be cleaners and sweepers, and maybe security guards. The only problem, they will provide more competition for our PMETs in these vocations, and don’t have to pay levies. They could not afford to.

So how, shall we bring them in since no countries want them and we need more labour and our country is so big, no longer a little red dot for $2m people. We will hit our 6.9m target faster and then go on to 10m and our economy will definitely boom again. So will demand for housing which is good for property prices. More demand for hawker centres and food courts and more shopping centres.

What do you think?


Monroe Doctrine in the South China Sea

The gist of the Monroe Doctrine is this, copied from Wikipedia, ‘The three main concepts of the doctrine—separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention—were designed to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe. Monroe’s administration forewarned the imperial European powers against interfering in the affairs of the newly independent Latin American states or potential United States territories.

The Americans have been guarding their backyards, South America, as their special sphere of influence and no European countries or anyone else should be allowed to interfere in both North and South America. After its ascendency as the Number One Super Power, it has extended this to cover the whole world as its area of influence. No country can interfere in South America, but the Americans can poke its dirty fingers everywhere, and now they are going to poke in the South China Sea.

It is about time China follows the Indian Empire by declaring the East and South China Sea as its zones of influence, like the Indian Ocean to the Indians. It is only a matter of time before China pushes the Americans out of these two seas as it regains its military clout. The Americans would not want out and would want to extend the Monroe Doctrine to cover the rest of the world. They can only do it when it was the only Super Power and can use its military to coerce other lesser powers.

The geostrategic balance has changed. China is no pushover and has core interests to protect in the East and South China Seas and would put up a fight if forced to. The Americans have been provoking the other littoral states to confront China, but no one is stupid enough to want to engage in a war for the Americans except the semi colonies of the Empire. Japan is very eager, and so is the Philippines and to some extent Vietnam.
Who would be the cannon fodder should war break out between the US and China? Where would be the battle field of destruction? Most Asean states know it too well and would not want to be the proxies of American military aggression in the region. They can see how destructive a war can be if they got involved. And why should they be made used of by the Americans to fight and die for the Americans and get their countries and economies blasted to Stone Age?

In time, China would impose its own Monroe Doctrine on the Americans and tell the Americans to piss off to the Americas. The Americans don’t own the world and they should know that the world has changed. But the Americans would not go away without a fight. And this trip by John Kerry is to give notice to China that it wants to stay, and throwing its weight at China. China would have to say a firm No and to say it would fight if pushed to the wall. China would protect its core interests in its backyard just like the Americans would.

Who is the aggressor and the war monger? A thief calling China thief! The first time the Americans were kicked out of Asia was in Vietnam. Now it is going to be kicked further away by China. Would the average American boys and girls be willing to die for the islands in the South China Sea? What interest or relevance has these distant islands or rocks to their good life that they need to fight and die for half way round the world?
China has been trying to appease the Americans by saying the world is big enough for both of them. The Americans wanted the whole world for themselves and would not want to share with any country, not China.

It is Redcon One now. Don’t be deceived by Kerry’s smiling face in Beijing. He came with a sword. China got to thank Qian Xuesen and his good friend nuclear scientist YouLai that it too has the magical sword to prevent any adventurism by the Americans. Without the deterrence of the nuclear umbrella, you can bet the Americans will be running not only all over the South China Sea but also inside China and burning down Zhong Nan Hai.

The evil Empire is showing its hands.

The Rape of Amos Yee

The episode of Amos Yee is like a public trial by a hypocritical and unthinking mass of adults, the Rape of a Boy, in full daylight. Ok, before anyone jumps to conclusion again, I used the word ‘rape’ in a figurative sense, not the physical raping of the boy. In a sense it is used in the same way that Amos used the word ‘molest’ but more in the context of harassment, bullying, bashing and threats to his psychological and emotional state. You don’t have to touch another person all over to molest or to rape him/her. Likewise you don’t have to do horrible things like animals did.

Amos Yee was persecuted by a large group of adults for his rant in the internet and some cartoons. Such horrible acts cannot be tolerated in a clean, sanitised and healthy society where crime is non existence, where chewing gums is a crime, where every man and woman put on a robe and have a halo over their heads. Of course I am exaggerating. Such scenes can only be found in paradise. Oops, I pun right?

If Amos were to say those things in less hygienic places like in Europe or the US, I think it will be perfectly alright for him to do so, just like any other teenager in those imperfect places. In Sin City where Sin is frown upon, where Sin is unacceptable, a little indiscretion is really horrible to accept by the monks and priests.

Did anyone say the foul mouth straight shooting guy is more angelic and real than those who sing hymns and play the harps and drink holy water under the sun? In the seemingly innocent and simple world of angels and immortals, things are also very simple to judge. They are either white or black. And the thinking adults will sing the chorus, Amos Yee is bad, Amos Yee is bad. Hang him, burn him. And they will throw stones at him. Bad boy! Bad boy! They have put aside their thinking caps for safe keeping in the bank vault.

And after they have put Amos Yee away safely in the dungeon, care for by the hunchback of Notre Dame, they will go back to sing their hymns and drink wines and play harps. Everything is just right again. No more bad boys, only good unthinking adults. Oops. No more horrible things anymore, no bad Amos, only beautiful things.

Who rape Amos Yee? Not me, not me….We did it for his own good.

At 16 and with only his mother on his side, this boy has proven to be a very tough kid. In the face of a hostile mob, he stood his ground and fought the unthinking crowd of mindless adults. Many children would have withered and withdrawn into their little holes in fear. Not this boy, He is really tough emotionally. He is NOT insane while others would have gone flying over the cuckoo nest. And he has the common sense not to see a shrink. You better know what this means to a boy like Amos. M Ravi did not know and dug his own grave.

The mindless adults could only see bad in Amos and nothing good in him. Did anyone see a very exceptional and bright kid that has a lot of potential to blossom as he grows up? Or should the laughing hyenas keep raping this kid as the right thing to do?


Garden By the Bay – Good value for money

I must say something good about this Garden or else people always say I say no good things. I will use the mathematical method to convince you people why this Garden is good value for the money spent.

There are many things in the garden that you cannot see here, and I am not just talking about miracles. Just take the average cost for a Singaporean travelling to Europe to have a look at the tulips or to the Mediterranean to see the olive. Instead of flying over there, you only need to pay $20, and you can walk in to the aircon comfort to see all the temperate plants and flowers right here.

How much would it cost to travel to Europe? Say $1,000. If 1m people were to travel to Europe to see the plants and flowers there annually, it will be $1b a year. Obviously the cost of maintenance for the garden would not be so costly, maybe $20m, or is it more? Immediately you can see the savings. Even if it costs $200m annually, there is still a $800m savings.

And think of the publicity generated by the Garden. If every now and then a miracle happens in the garden, it would appear on the TVs across the world giving free publicity, like the F1. The value is unmentionable. Just like the F1, it is money very well spent so that people around the world know that there is an island paradise called Singapore. There are still many people living in the deep of jungles and the hearts of deserts and did not know Singapore. Never mind if it is irrevelant whether they know or do not know of our existence. It is good for them to know. Maybe they can then come here as foreign talents.

We should have a few more of such gardens to show to the world and get free TV time. And our people can save their $1b and time without having to fly to Europe. Can take photos inside the domes to shoe they have been to Europe also. Just add a few cardboards of Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower or London Bridge would be helpful.
$20 to see the flora and fauna of Europe in the comfort of airconditioning, like being there. So much money to be saved and more.

What do you think? My logic and arithmatic can jalan or not?

LKY legacies: This is my country

When ordinary people like us say this is my country we mean it simply that we are a citizen of this country. When LKY said this is my country, it took on a different significance. He meant it, every word of it. No one dares to dispute this statement. As he said so, he belonged to a special group of people that were founders of nations. Before Singapore became an independent state, it was a British colony. Before that, it was a part of changing empires. There was no Singapore as an independent state. The Singapore of Raffles was a piece of colony. Only in 1965 that it became an independent state and the citizens assumed the right to determine their own destiny as a new country.

LKY and a few young men and the people who were British subjects were the original people that turned this island into a republic. This kind of history brought along special privileges that were personal to holders. When he made the Istana, the office of the President into the office of the PM, who dared to say no? In the last Presidential Election, Tan Cheng Bock was the only candidate who made it an issue, that he would want to move in if elected and to move out the PM’s office.

There is proper decorum and protocol, just like Chok Tong revealing that LKY was ‘protocolly’ correct to arrive earlier than him in meetings to respect his office as the PM of the country. Tony Tan also confirmed this that instead of him visiting LKY, LKY would visit him as Tony was the head of state, ‘protocolly’ correct. No one say anything about being ‘protocolly’ correct for the PM to have an office in the Istana. No one question if the office of MM or SM should be at the Istana. No one question or wonder if it is ‘protocolly’ correct for an MP to sit and work in the Istana.

It was ‘correct’ only because an MP or SM, or MM or PM to occupy the Istana if he is the founding father. It is correct if one could proudly proclaim that ‘This is my country’ and meant every word he said.

This right to occupy the Istana and use it as the office of a MP,SM,MM and PM is a legacy of LKY. Would this legacy be extended to any other PM,SM,MM or MP in the future? Would there be another one to claim this right without being questioned in the future? Would this legacy be buried together with LKY?


Indonesia executed 8 of 9 traffickers

It is never a good thing or right thing to say execution is good and necessary. Every bleeding heart apologists would cry father and cry mother when someone is in the death row pleading for mercy. What to do, why people end up in the death row for drug trafficking and then everyone, including presidents and prime ministers have to beg on their behalf and wanted to punch one another because the traffickers’ lives were not spared.

Now that the 8 had been executed, can the leaders of the world make a stand, to make sure that no one would be in the death row for drug trafficking? Can all the leaders make it known to all the potential drug traffickers that they must not be drug traffickers and that if they are caught, no one will be pleading for them. Would such a stand work, letting the traffickers know that they are on their own, that they know what they are doing with eyes wide open, and that they must stop what they are doing now or going to do next?

Can all the bleeding heart merciful souls go and plead to all the potential traffickers NOW, to tell them not to do it as they will meet with certain death? Would this be a better way, a preventive way, than to cry father and cry mother after the traffickers were caught? Then no prime ministers or presidents would have to do the silly thing, to plead like pathetic fathers and mothers for the lives of their miserable sons and daughters? This is the time to plead to the traffickers and their dear families, the ageing and dying mothers, the pathetic wives and children, not to do it instead of after they have done it and got caught.

Please, all the good hearted people and world leaders, please do your part to tell those drug traffickers to stop before it is too late. To stop now can or not?

Of course an easier way is to abolish death penalties and let the drug traffickers feel free to do what they want. Which is better?

Amos Yee – Rebel with a Cause

Amos Yee accused Vincent Law, his kind bailer, of molest. Ooooooh, how could this ingrate do such a thing? Condemn, condemn. He is insane, hopeless. He deserves no pity or kindness from anyone.

Hold your horses man, stop being so judgemental with every bit of news or rumours or hearsays. You are supposed to be a mature and thinking adult, isn’t it? Does anyone think that it is better to hear the full story before jumping to conclusion? Vincent Law ‘molests’ Amos Yee, so claimed the kid.  Now I have put the word ‘molest’ in inverted commas. This is like someone saying ‘I screwed him’ or ‘I fired him’ when the meaning of screw and fire did not take on the literal meaning of the words.

Amos promised to reply on his accusation of ‘molest’ by Vincent Law. This is the first few paras of his pretty long and intellectual discourse. If one is not mentally up to it, please give it a miss. It is not meant for people with IQs of two digits. : )

The Molestation Of Vincent Law

I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha.
It once again is alarmingly indicative of the inherent stupidity of our species to immediately formulate a stance, with a complete lack of evidence, and say it with such conviction. That is of course the mindset inherent in that of religion. I’m still really skeptical of my Christian fans by the way, you’re supposed to damn me (Mark 3:29) yet you hold me a vigil.
Now the preconceived notion portrayed on the media towards Vincent is simply that he put himself in the line of fire, he assisted me by putting up $20000, and allowed a rebellious 17-year-old boy to be able to come out of prison, and attain his freedom. He is a generous, kind-hearted Christian, caring and with lots of love.

So now, when I made allegations that he molested me, people would then start blaming me. This person helped you Amos, he risked his reputation and his own money for you, and yet you accuse him of molestation….

Now you got the gist of it. So, before any ‘mature’ and ‘thinking’ adult starts to think and act silly, please read Amos piece in full at   https://amosyee.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/the-molestation-of-vincent-law/
before jumping to conclusions and look silly again. You be the judge after reading what Amos has written.

Amos is a refreshing voice in a time when hypocrisy rules the day. This 16 going 17 kid is a genius in his own right, love him or hate him, up to you.  He is no ordinary kid and would put many adults who are so full of themselves looking like children in his presence.  Amos is shredding everything that appears right, looks right, to pieces and making many people not only red in their faces but dunno where to hide their faces.

Amen. May the force be with Amos.


Amos Yee – When kindness died

We have seen the episode of how a boy was persecuted by a lynch mob of adults like they were out hunting for a witch. A lot have been said about this case and I will make it short and sharp.  You want to read more, go to TRE and read what Vincent Wijeysingha wrote.

What happened was that a child and his offensive rant and his dirty cartoon in the net were seen as a devious and intolerable act. And next, adults, presumably mature and wisdom and full of themselves in righteousness, went berserk and braying for the blood of this boy. Hey, he is only 16! The merciless pursuit of this kid, even being beaten by another asshole man in front of the court, claiming he wanted maximum publicity to teach the boy a lesson, was cheered by some quarters of adults.

It was the shameless adults that thought flogging a child in public was a decent thing to do. Where is kindness? We got a kindness movement going on. What did the movement said or not allowed to say?

Kindness is dead in this pretentious city state of graciousness when basic human decency towards a wayward child was thrown into the longkangs. There was not a word of kindness and compassion towards the child from the right places. The sadistic circus was allowed to run its full course.

Would anyone feel ashamed of the whole thing? Obviously not. They are so unforgiving even to a child.