How to deal with stupid people? Make hay while the sun shines

‘I honestly have nothing to say today except that I really don’t want to be ruled by the stupid.’ This is what Marina Mahathir, daughter Dr Mahathir, said in response to Najib’s retraction on his promise to remove the ISA. I am not sure if she is referring to Najib or Mahathir as Mahathir is the one that ‘spearheaded the call to retain the Act that Malay groups and most in the party say is crucial to defending the sanctity of Malay rights and Islam.’ Now the big question, is Najib stupid to retract his promise just because Mahathir instigated the UMNO ultras to force him to do so, and now looking stupider to everyone, to the bumis and non bumis? Or is Mahathir stupid to get the ultras to push for the retention of the ISA?

I think whoever is the stupid one is not material. What is important is to know how to deal with stupid people. Yes, make hay while the sun shines. Singapore or Hsien Loong just did that. After two decades of wrangling with the recalcitrant Mahathir to redevelop the Malayan Railway land, and in total failure, here came the white knight in Najib. In his new promise of a pragmatic leadership, to push Malaysia to a higher level of economic development, putting aside unproductive politicking, an economic and pro business deal was struck. An agreement was signed between Najib and Hsien Loong to remove this historical baggage of ill will. Both sides are happy with the deal. Malaysia was lagi happy when they won the international court ruling on not having to pay redevelopment fees on the use of the railway land.

The funny thing is that Singapore was deliriously happy with losing that legal tussle. I have been wondering why for quite some time. Now the answer is crystal clear. There was a small window to make things happened. Without losing a second, Hsien Loong was all graciousness and generous and offer everything that Najib asked for, topping it up with more icing. He probably knew that the window would be shut anytime without any notice or sign of a change in their party politiking.

When dealing with stupid people, this is the most important and effective strategy. Make hay while the sun shines. You wound know when the dull clouds would return, follow by thunderstorms and monsoons. But a word of caution. This strategy can only be adopted when the assets are here in Singapore where the rules and laws or agreements cannot be changed, cannot be retracted.

Things in Malaysia are quite predictable, really, if you understand what Marina Mahathir is saying.

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The daft are getting dafter

PMET: “I couldn’t agree more with Joshua. Firstly, if you want our government to do more, prepare to pay more taxes. Our taxes are currently among the lowest in the world. Any increase in benefits requires a huge burden of taxation, possible 40% income tax and 20% GST.”

“Secondly, if our government does more, you will accuse our government of over-meddling in the economy and society. Finally, if our government does more, will it not be going back to the era of Communism where the government takes a central role?”

“Think before you talk. The role of the government is to manage the supply side of the economy (land, rule of law, competition,infrastructure, health, education, security etc). The demand side (company investments, consumer wages & demand etc) is not the responsibility of the government. It is up to you to earn your own keep. The government does not owe you a living.”

Rebuttal to an Idiot
Comment appeared in: Rebutting DBS manager on asking God to manage SG

The above comments were quoted by ‘Rebuttal to an Idiot’ to the comments by a Joshua Chin. I would not want to be bothered with the full text of the PMET quoted and those who want to read the rebuttal can go to TRE to read the article titled, ‘Prepared to pay more tax if want Govt to do more?’
Does anyone really believe that the Govt is not being paid enough and needs to be paid more to do more? Does anyone stupid enough to think the Govt has not meddled enough of the people’s life and thinking that it should or could do more? Does anyone really believe that this govt owes the people a living and the people must be grateful to the govt?

The truth is that this govt is grotesquely over paid that every political leaders in the whole world is shocked into amazement. Only daft Sinkies think that this is the right remuneration to be paid to democratically elected politicians and should be more if they expect the govt to do more. Frogs boiling in hot water increasingly adjust to the temperature and would not know the difference.

The second truth is that this govt has over meddled with the people’s life, even refusing to return their life time saving, and even has the audacity to decide how to spend the money on behalf of the people. Now who is so stupid to think that the govt has not been meddling with your life?

And for the little crumps the govt is throwing out to the people while it is feasting itself with the best buffet in the whole world money can buy, and the daft people are thinking that they should be grateful and not expect anything from the govt? Hey daft, it is the govt that is suffering from extreme entitlement mentality, not the people. They are paying themselves crazy with public money as salaries and perks that are out of this world. Can you see that? No? Can you remove the blindfold they put on you? It is the govt that should be grateful to the people’s generosity to be able to live a standard of living many times better than the Swiss.

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Fergusson, USA: To all the assholes that called Sinkies racists

There have been frequent attacks by some racists here against Sinkies, calling Sinkies racists for the slightest thing. The UOB staff was called racists for painting their faces black for a theme party.  The govt is called racist if they put up signs not in the four official languages. Scolding a rogue foreigner is a racist act and what else.

If these asshole racists want to know what racism is all about, please go to the USA. Go to Fergusson, Missouri, or to Cleveland Ohio or any part of the USA, to have a taste of racism when the policemen will feel very happy to shoot any black colour man, even boys, on the slightest pretext. And the excuse, the burly white policemen feared for this life in the face of a black man half his size or a child carrying toy gun. They simply shot them dead so that they could not tell their sides of the story. And 14 policemen surrounding a black man only found it a must to shoot and kill the black man as there was no other option to restrain the black man.

To all the racists that think this is a racist country, please fuck off from this island and go to the USA, the most friendly and non racist country that loves coloured people. And yes, they have a coloured man as a President to boot to make the blacks feel very secured.

Let me put it straight here. Sinkies are the most tolerant and colour blind people in the whole world. There would be the odd nut cases like in every city or country. But in general, Sinkies welcome everyone here. Some even said this country belongs to everyone. And only foreigners have the privilege to bully and beat up Sinkies, not the other way. How’s that for a ‘racist’ people?

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Why Sin City has no talents?

Simple, the answer is very simple. It is like COEs. When your car reaches 10 years old, no matter how good is the condition, it is no longer allowed on the road. Our seniors, other than a handful specially favoured yodas, the rest will reach their COEs at 55 if they are lucky, after which they will be immediately written off as unworthy, unable to contribute anymore, or no more talents. Yes, Ngiam Tong Dow and his cohort are no longer able to contribute. They must either have sold their brains or they just took out the chips inside their heads. And yes, all the boys and girls are smarter and wiser than them. And disagree kee chiu.

But they are lucky. Many of the younger seniors, before 55, were already written off by their organizations and were told they were no longer able to contribute. And they would be immediately replaced by chapalans from little villages and even fakes, that are claimed to be the new talents to bring Sin City to greater heights. Or to dump Sin City from where it is to the abyss?

The silly boys and girls in charge have written off several generations of talented and experienced Singaporeans, rich in the heads and full of wisdom and replaced them with infants and lunatics. Who is this criminal or bunch of criminals that decided to write off our real talents and replaced them with craps and fakes?

I simply cannot understand this stupidity. The delusion of superior talent is at its peak. To the super talents this is superior wisdom and intelligence, to get rid of the old and replace them with unknown adolescents from God knows where. And everyday without failed, they kept bringing in more fakes and half bakes to slap the Silver Brigade, to tell them, see, more talents and more talented than them.

On the other end, the local young were kicked aside on the excuse that they have no experience, no skill sets. Only 3rd world villagers got the right skill sets. Only super talented idiots would believe this kind of ideas. My goodness, how long would these fools continued with their foolishness, to be conned by 3rd world snake oil sellers?

Now you know why Sin City has no local talents? You got the answers right? We just write off our own talents like 10 year old cars. Just take away the COEs and turn throw them into the scrap yards.

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Private grads advised to go for accredited degrees

The issue of getting a recognized or accredited degree is raising temperature. How frustrating it is for a young guy who wanted to get a degree desperately, cannot get into the local university, cannot afford to throw a few hundred thousands to go overseas, and ended up in a private university here, then only to find out, after spending a couple of years and money, that the degree is not recognized?

Even going overseas, even in supposedly reputable universities in Australia, many of them are not recognized, not good enough. I hope the Aussie govt is not amused or insulted by our refusal to recognize their good universities. Singaporean students must be very careful in applying to study in local private universities or overseas. They must double check to make sure that they did not waste their time and their parents’ money on something that is not recognized.

There have been several forum letters to the msm talking about the plight of Singaporean students trying very hard to get a degree and ended in a very difficult position, degree not recognized.

What I thought would be an easier option, a failed safe option, is to take advantage of CECA and go to India. If I am not mistaken, under CECA, all Indian universities are recognized. Why got into all the trouble to go to Australia or local private universities when India is beckoning, come, our university degrees are all recognized and guaranteed of a good job in Singapore?

Singaporeans are simply daft and any how spend money when they could get a good degree in India with no problem of being recognized. Please correct me if my information that all Indian university degrees are recognized here is erroneous. I could not find an authoritative source to confirm this. But all the foreign recruiting agencies are very happy to accept and recommend graduates from Indian universities and the employers too are very happy to employ Indian graduates in top management positions, not low paying low level jobs, mind you.

Go where you can get value for your degree, go India.

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What is $60 billion?

During the global financial crisis it was officially reported that the combined losses of the two SWFs were $60b. It was a staggering figure and many people put a lot of 0s behind it, ie $ 60,000,000,000 to show how big this number is. But do they really register, how big is this sum of money?

The Philippines announced a budget of $20m to acquire navy boats to compete with China for control over the disputed islands in the South China Seas. Damn big deal. India announced a budget of $3b to purchase weapons to want to be a super power. Another damn big deal. All these are nothing compare to the $60b that was lost. Got any idea how big is this $60b? It can build 30 Gardens by the Bay all over the island but would not be able to find any spare land to take more than 3. We would not have the land for 30 Gardens by the Bay in the island. What about the $6b to buy the super expensive toys called F35s at $300m each for 20 pieces? $60b can buy 200 pieces of F35s!

I don’t think many of you would get the picture still. Using a workforce of 2m and each contributing $200 pm to the CPF this will mean $400m into the CPF per month or $4.8b per annum. Actually it could be more than $6b if bonuses are included. It would thus take 10 years to contribute $60b by the whole work force at today’s income level.

15 to 20 years of CPF contributions of the whole workforce

To collect $60b from a smaller workforce and a smaller income base like the last two decades, it would likely take 15 to 20 years to reach $60b. Now you get the picture of how big this $60b sum is? It is the equivalent of15 to 20 years of the whole workforce’s CPF contribution to lose in one go.

Of course today more than $60b could have been collected since the financial crisis in CPF to cover up this loss. But if hypothetically the $60b were CPF money, the loss would not and cannot be covered as the new money must be returned to the CPF contributors when due. It is just new money to pay for loss of old money as a stop gap measure. Uh, did someone say no need to pay back with all the changes to the CPF system? Really? CPF not your money any more?

Let’ take it that the $60b is not CPF money, so there is nothing to worry about your CPF savings. The point of this article is to show how big a sum of money is $60b with the CPF savings used only for reference and comparison purposes. Imagine the equivalent of 15 ot 20 years of contributions by the whole workforce gone in a smoke.

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Malaysia living under a racist time bomb

It is very chilling to hear Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO’s YouthChief telling the non Malays not to forget the Malay’s sacrifice to let them be part of Malaysia. The AGENCIES reported him in a speech at the UMNO ‘general assembly that looks set to stoke racial flames’, Khairy ‘hit out at non Malays who refused to accept the status quo’, ie Malay dominance and political supremacy.

This is most puzzling as the non Malays, after May 13, 1969, and so many years of threats, have long accepted the status quo. Even if there are some little corners that are disgruntled about it, there is nothing that can change the situation. Why is Khairy harping on this issue? Is he feeling insecure, or the Malays really feel threatened that the status quo can be change by a minority non Malays that have no political military clout to do anything? Any non Malays that dare to challenge this would not see daylight tomorrow.

Najib also showed slides of the May 13 1969 racial riots which was not a riot per se but the killings of non Malays by the Malays. It was racist killings, a one sided affair, to remind the non Malays that it could happen again.

What is Khairy’s agenda or what is UMNO’s agenda?

DAP Lim Guan Eng made the remark that Khairy ‘is now travelling the “dark road” of racial extremists’. Not to worry, only the Malays can make such racist charges and it is acceptable. Lim Guan Eng also added that ‘Putting the blame on non Malays is dishonest and evil politics by Khairy because it is simply false and malicious that the non Malays questioned such rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution.”

It is not an issue of who is saying the right thing. It is a case of when the extremists will use this excuse to carry out another blood letting against the non Malays. It is a matter of time, of when. This is the peril of the non Malays in Malaysia. This demon of racism will always be exploited by the racist to serve their agenda and the consequences could be very extreme.

The call by Khairy would not be the last and will be repeated as often as they like. But who knows when the threat would turn into ugly reality? It could be tomorrow.

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China must not take it lying down

The Americans are putting their fingers into China’s internal affairs at every opportunity they could find. China is building its own air port in its own territorial island and the Americans also thought it their right to tell China to stop construction. China should do the same and meddle with the American’s internal affairs as a tit for tat. The racism of white policemen against the blacks is a good point to start. The recent series of white policemen killing black negoes must be condemned. The killing in Ferguson is not a single incident. The whole thing is blowing up. China should support the black and coloured Americans and demand that Washington not to discriminate against them. The white policemen must be arrested and charged in court, to face justice for murder, racism and abuse of police authority.

In the case of the Philippines, China should increase coastal patrols in the South China Seas and arrest Filipino fishermen in the area, including uniformed pirates. If China does not do it, the Pinoys will think it is ok to arrest Chinese fishermen and even shooting and killing them.

The Chinese Navy must stand up and take actions against the Pinoys to show that the seas around the islands belong to China. Not doing so is a sign of weakness and the Pinoys love that and will go crazy arresting and shooting Chinese fishermen. China is asking for more trouble of appearing weak and inaction. Dealing with thugs must use the hammer. There is no other way. Thugs are only afraid of being hammered.

How can a super power allow its citizens to be arrested by another country on fabricated charges and worst, in the same waters that China claimed to be its own. This is China compromising its own position on its claim to the islands and territorial seas.

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S&CC fees, pay only to the party you voted for

Below are the conversation between two bloggers on why they should or should not pay S&CC fees.

I am an Aljunied resident living with my parents. Lately, due to some disagreements I had with the TC, I have been asking my parents not to pay the S&C fees. My reasoning is simple. Why should we pay to an administration body that we did NOT vote for??? Let those people who voted for them pay for them.
I can only imagine the sheer number of people who feels the same way. I hope these people continue to withhold payment and hopefully we can shame the Workers Party out of parliament.
Why can’t Aljunied have a “normal” and competent town council like other constituencies??  Lim 11 November 2014 at 8am

Hey, @Lim, I just love the pure logic of yr reasoning. I think it’s worth its weight in implementation on a nation-wide basis.  Why don’t you bring this up to PM Lee himself to propose such a bill in his PAP-dominated parliament? Truly, someone yr calibre, so thinking-out-of-the-box type, is wasted just writing comments here. Don’t waste it, dude. Serve the country as a PAP candidate.  Let me know when you do. I’ll be following yr speeches and writings most closely. Thx.
2econdsight 11 November 2014 at 2pm

I also agree with 2econdsight. The comments by Lim are worth its weight in gold. Everyone should think about it seriously and decide whether to pay your S&CC fees. Sinkies are getting smarter by the days. If more Sinkies are as smart as this Lim, there will be a better tomorrow for every Sinkie.

Just a word of caution, before you stop paying your S&CC fees, make sure you got a mountain behind you. People who so ‘kar si’ and refused to pay S&CC fees must surely got a mountain behind them, or they would not be so garang and ‘kong cum’ to think this is their grandfather’s country.

This is looking like the Americans telling the Pinoys to fight with China with them carrying the big stick in the shadow. What kind of world is this turning to be? Gangsterism or mafiadom?

Our kiasi, kiasu and kia chenghu daft now acting like the mouse sitting on top of the lion's head.

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A future without the people’s consent

The govt has charted a new future for the Sinkies and wanted the Sinkies to unite and move forward together in the name of this future according to what Chan Chun Sing said at the ITE College East. Now what is this common future? Anyone knows?

I can’t remember any minister telling us what this common future is except what they are doing. Perhaps the people can make a guess as to what this common future is. For sure it must be a future led by the PAP Govt. This must be a given. The next thing that is a given is the 6.9m population and maybe more with the original Sinkies become an absolute minority core.

What else is given? More foreigners, more local PMEs driving taxis or being retrained by WDA to do manual jobs while foreigners take over their jobs? What else? A couple of days back, over the news Hsien Loong was talking about a smart city with the computerization of the city to make city living so easy. If I am not wrong, in a smart city the computers will do all the thinking and make all the decisions for the peopel. The people only need to take the instructions from the computers, guided by the computers to do what the computers think best and most appropriate. No thinkings required.

And the oldies that are not so clever with the computers will not be left out. I guess they will plant a computer chip in each of them and turn them into living C3POs. The little chips planted into them would be a miniaturised R2D2.

The common future looks interesting but where is the meat to beef it up so that all the Sinkies would know what is in it for them. For starters they can expect a big bang kind of celebration next year for SG50 with a lot of goodies for everyone, including babies and their parents. More good news in the pipelines?

Why is this common future so skimpy that I could not figure out what it is all about?

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Return Our CPF Rally – 29 Nov Sat at Hong Lim (4pm)

The Return Our CPF Rally is coming back to Hong Lim even with the banning of Roy and Hui Hui from booking the place. I cannot use the term ‘prohibited by law to apply and speak in Hong Lim’ as the Constitution specifically provided the use of Hong Lim for this purpose and the right of the people for free speech. How could there be such a prohibition on Roy and Hui Hui is puzzling and very disturbing. Rule by law? What kind of law or whose law?

Leong Sze Hian and his friends have picked up the torch to keep the flame burning. In the past, raising an issue, no matter how serious, would soon be forgotten when met with a stony silence. The MSM would simply ignore the issue. Or someone would sweep it under the carpet, it’s over, let’s move on. Many issues raised died a natural death.

The climate has changed today. With social media, with more serious issues, and with the people becoming more tenacious in wanting to right the wrong, wanting justice and fair play, no issues would be put away so easily. As long as the issues are not resolved, as long as the people are not happy with the way they are being handled or mishandled, they will be repeated over and over again. Don’t ever think that the people can be shut out.

Roy and Hui Hui may be down, but there will be others to pick up the fight, to keep fighting for a fair solution or conclusion. This Sat the crowd will be back at Hong Lim to demand for the Return of the people’s CPF money.

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Leong Sze Hian working doubly hard 替天行道

It is so easy to flash some data to condemn someone of a sin. See, the data said so. Many people would just accept the data at face value, nod or shake their heads and walk away. The one waving the data won. He set the agenda, claimed to be saying the truth with a set of data.

But we all know how data can tell all kinds of stories, and even lies. Taking a data without knowing how the data was concocted, the premises, the before and the after, the selective processes, could tell a story that the data waver wanted to tell. The listener is none the wiser.

I used to claim that I got data to prove that 100% of the respondents said so without telling the listeners that 100% consisted of me and my dog named Boo. And similarly, I have conducted a few polls that were quite innocent until some ‘gongmando’ thought he was very smart by stuffing the ballot box. Of course I cooked up another poll that did not give him a chance to stuff his votes. Finally he got to stuff the votes into his own mouth.

Over the last few days there were so many data and finger pointings at AHPETC for poor management. And some data were used to prove the case. And it took Leong Sze Hian and his team to bury themselves into the history books to fish out the old records just to prove that the data waved were carefully selected to tell a desired story by the data wavers. And the full story was totally different from the one sided story told earlier.

Without the hard work and meticulous detail digging, the people told of a story would believe the story. Now people have doubts as to the original story. Many thanks must go to the selfless and the voluntarism of people like Leong Sze Hian who put in so much effort for no monetary returns to show another truth. Who said everyone is motivated only be money?

My God, what if there were no Leong Sze Hian and his team of workers? What would the truth be? Who would be carried on the shoulders as brilliant super talents telling the ‘truth’?

I am sure telling half truth is not a crime and there is nothing unethical about it too. It is just being clever and needs to be praised and even rewarded for being so clever.

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SMRT applying for fare review

This must be good news. With the restructuring and changing of accounting methods, with the high capital assets being transferred out to the govt, with the huge profits made in the last quarter and more coming, with increasing load from more commuters, with the govt pumping many billions to buy assets for the SMRT, and with the oil prices falling like a rock, every commuters must be keeping their fingers crossed that this time the SMRT will be asking the PTC for a fare reduction. When times were difficult they had asked the commuters to be understanding when they hiked fares. Now when everything is so favourable, I am sure they will reciprocate the generosity of the public by going for a fare cut. It cannot be the other way!

Listening to Lui Tuck Yew in his blog, I quote the Today paper, ‘ the authorities must continue to make public transport affordable for all Singaporeans. “I hope that the PTC will study if we can insulate vulnerable groups such as senior citizens from a fare increase or at least mitigate the impact on them.”’ You can see the goodness and the heart. Let’s hope there will be a fare deduction this time when the review is concluded.

What do you think? I don’t think they got the gumption and audacity to ask for a fare hike this time. Let’s wait and see what they will be asking.

PS. The commuters are still experience regular breakdowns, which means the service is still far from satisfactory.

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Being stupid in a smart city

This morning was a horrible mess. There was a power failure and my computer did not get recharged. It did not wake me up in the morning as programmed. By the time I realized what was happening, I was half an hour late and in a big rush. I had so much trouble finding my way to the toilet as my GPS was not working too.

By the time I got into the toilet I was stuck and lost. My computer would normally instruct me to either wash my face or brush my teeth first depending on which one it thought would be of priority. I stood in front of the basin trying to decide what to do for the first time on my own. Then I had to decide whether to take a bath or skip it. My computer decided that for me too, by sensing the level of my body odour. If acceptable, it would tell me to skip the bath and not to waste water.

When I got out of the house, another problem cropped up. Which route should I take to get to the MRT station? This was the job of my computer. It would always choose the best path with the least people and most pleasant to walk. Now again I had to decide what I should do when I had long forgotten how to do it. At the traffic light again I was stalled. The computer would decide when I should cross the road safely and it was now up to me to take the risk to cross the road unaided by the computer. So risky.

At the MRT station I was looking for the traffic lights to tell me if the station was too crowded. But it did not as it was also affected by the power failure. And I was not sure whether to go into the station or take an alternative transport to my office. I did not know doing simple things like getting to the office could be so difficult without the computer. And I have programmed everything, spending on a small fortune on the computer and all the softwares. Now the computer had made me stupid and over dependent on it.

What about the other computer illiterate senior citizens? Can they afford to buy a computer to lug along wherever they go? And could they be as smart as me in using the computer? Maybe I should get someone to develop a chip that can be inserted into computer illiterate idiots to make them smart so that they can benefit from living in a smart city.

I am still stuck at Raffles Place not knowing which is the best route to take to reach MBFC. I need to get my computer charged first to be able to get my life back to normal.

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Johore Mentri Besar to seize back Malay land

‘(18 November 2014) – The Johor government will seize Malay reserved land which had fallen into the hands of the non-Malays.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said several action plans will be enforced to seize the land which rightfully belong to the Malays.’ Quoted from an article in TRE.

What does this statement mean? How could Malay reserved land fell into non Malay hands? In Malaysia, no non Malay would have the audacity or guts to take away Malay land illegally. They must have paid for them legally, with good money, or risk their heads being chopped off. Cheating the Malays of their land in Malaysia? How dare the non Malays do that?

Maybe, the lands they owned were cheated by someone from the Malays and then sold to them. The non Malays would not know that the land was acquired by foul means. And how many of these non Malays owning land or properties are Singaporeans? Could these non Malays be genuine buyers but got cheated themselves thinking that the land they bought were legal? How could this be proven? Even if there are legal papers, all the ex Malay owners need to do is to claim they were cheated and the non Malays can kiss their land and whatever properties sitting on the land good bye.

How many pieces of such land are in the Iskandar zone? How many non Malays who have been staying in their properties and waking up tomorrow to be told they were Malay reserved land and they have to return them to their rightful Malay owners? I can see money flying away.

An ugly nightmare is awaiting all the non Malay property owners. Hopefully not many Singaporeans are affected. Pray hard, pray real hard. Would it make any difference if the Singaporeans are Malays? I think they are safe as the report talked about non Malay hands. Sleep well?

Anyone still thinking of Iskandar? How to make sure the properties will be safe 10 or 20 years down the road when another Mentri Besar is going to do the same and the papers turned out to be fake or told to be fake?

Malaysia boleh!

Don’t think this kind of things can happen in Sin City in the future. There is no reserved land here.

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Desmond Lee, what is the agenda?

The attack on the heinous crime committed by AHPETC cannot be simply ignored. How can AHPETC allowed 29%, or was it 22.9%, of its residents be in arrears in S&CC fees? This is unforgiveable. There cannot be anything more serious than residents not paying S&CC fees, not when they are in financial hardship, not when they did not vote for the WP, not because they are not happy with the service provided by AHPETC. What kind of precedence would it set?

What is losing millions in bad investments compared to this outrageous offence of not paying S&CC on time? What about anyhow aim? What about incurring huge deficits to be covered up by govt grants? You want the truth? These are nothing really. If they are important and serious, the ministers would surely have spoken up about them. The minister knows what is important what is not. Anyone got more clever investment ideas?
And why are the people brining up the millions or billions of dollars lost in bad investments? What have these got to do with residents having difficulties paying a few dollars of S&CC fees? These are separate issues. Anyway, it is over, water under the bridge. Let’s move on.

The AHPETC must come out clean, be transparent and let the people know why the people are not paying S&CC. This is a very serious thing and the town council will become insolvent and unsustainable. And worst, other residents would have to subsidise those in arrears. Really? How? AHPETC, please explain, if not this will become top election issue.

Oh, please close the cupboard and don’t let anything fall out. What, why keep repeating and bringing out grandmother stories? What is inside the cupboard must stay inside the cupboard ok. What, got worms, got skeletons? Where, where got?

Now AHPETC must be very busy trying to explain this big problem and got no time for anything less important. And the people would all be talking and thinking about this grave issue and nothing else.

What do you think?

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UMNO again thumping chest about Malay superiority

Some UMNO leaders are pushing for more curbs against the non Malays in Malaysia to champion Malay superiority. This time they want to close down vernacular schools. And they pushed out the cart of fear that the Malays would become the Red Indians of the USA. I think the possibility of Sinkies becoming the Red Indians is 100 times higher than the Malays in Malaysia. With supreme political, economic and military power in the hands of the Malays, with rising awareness and a political conscious Malay core, with the control of the economic and political system designed for Malay dominance, it can never happen unless the Malays decided to want to change the system.

It is so naïve, sorry for telling this straight, to raise the fear of Malays in Malaysia become Red Indians. The White Europeans could do it with the help of technology and the gun. The Malays in Malaysia not only control the gun but everything in Malaysia. Malay dominance is protected by the Constitution. The fear is a red herring in all aspects.

Najib has come out to caution against alienating the non Malays further and eroding the trust and support for UMNO by the non Malays. Can the UMNO ultras believe that what they are doing would increase support for UMNO? The only option is to turn the non Malays into Red Indians. Is that in their agenda? We are in the 21st century.

Is the cry for Malay superiority for real? What superiority are they talking about when they have all the powers of the country in their hands? That is the only thing superior that they can have and to show. What else, technology and science, arts and culture, language and history, economic and military power in the world stage? Religious superiority?

When one is good or superior, there is nothing to crow about, no need to shout and trying to impose that superiority on anyone. The West, with its advancement in science and technology, arts, culture and language, is superior to the rest of the world beyond any doubt. There is no need to demand to be superior. The rest of the world simply turn to the West, look up to the West, learn from the West, imitate the West and want to be like the West. That is superiority! You can chose to put on blinkers and claim that you are superior and reject the West and all its achievements and progress in science and technology. Close the door and look inward like China and Japan did before. Both suffered greatly as civilizations and fell behind until they opened the door and embrace what is good from the West. Turning away from the breakthrough in science and technology is only committing hara kiri on the whole people.

What is so superior of the Malays vis a vis the West and the rest of the world that you want to ignore and want to impose on others? All the Malay elites and the progressive Malays are sending their children to the West for the best education they can have, learn a different lifestyle and modernization. If the Malays are so superior in their ways, there is no need to go West, to look West. The rest of the world, the local non Malays, would be adopting everything Malay, arts and culture, science and technology. There must be real superiority in the Malay culture and way of life for the rest of the world and other communities to want to adopt and learn to be Malays, the Malay ways of life.

If UMNO chooses to close up to the world, not to learn from the rest of the world, to want to learn only the Malay ways of life, Malay science and technology, culture and literature, where would it lead to? Would the Malays become superior vis a vis the non Malays and the rest of the world?

Japan opened up to the West and became a super power in the 19th Century. China opened up to learn from the West and is now the largest economy in the world and challenging the Americans for world supremacy. None of them is claiming to be superior but are superior in their own ways without having to thump their chests, ‘We are superior!’

Wither the Malay superiority if UMNO takes on a path of not wanting to learn from the world, from the strength of others? You can claim all the superiority you want, but what are you superior in that others admired and wanted to learn from, wanted to be Malays and live the superior Malay ways of life?

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AHPETC – MND’s statistics

The controversies arising from Desmond Lee’s raised concerns about the financial health of AHPETC’s have led to the MND releasing some data on the granting of govt grants to the GRCs and the criteria for such a grant. The amount of grants varies according to flat types. One room flat will get $33.70, two rooms gets $26.20, three rooms getting $17 and $9 for four room type per month.

A sum of $7.2m was given to AHPETC with a household of 71,760 and 29% of which are 3 rooms and smaller. MND also revealed that 10,000 households out of the 16,000 households in arrears started in 2010 after WP was elected. 50% of the commercial tenants, 8.25 of the hawkers and 29.4% of households were in arrears.

The statistics said that AHPETC has a relatively high percentage of flats of 4 rooms and above, at 71% compared to 61% in AMKTC and 41% in TPTC. Relatively speaking, using flat size as a factor, AHPETC has more higher income households than the two TCs mentioned. It also explained that the higher income households in AHPETC were having more difficulties paying S&CC than the lower income households in AMK and TP and falling into hard times in 2010. This is also the case for the commercial tenants as 50% of them are in arrears. 2010 was also the year when 10,000 more households fell into arrears, from 6,000 to 16,000. Only 8.2% of the hawkers are in arrears. MND did not give any statistics on how many commercial tenants and hawkers were in arrears before 2010 or how many more after 2010.

I am unable to figure out the 29.4% of households in arrears as 16,000 of 71,760 gives me 22.29%. Which is the correct number, 29.4% or 22.29%? For Desmond Lee to show concern, WP must thank him for his interest and special care for the welfare of AHPETC. WP may want to suggest to Desmond Lee that as a minister, there are bigger problems and sums of money that were lost or at stakes that would require his care and concern as well. AHPETC and the sum of arrears is not enough big enough to be a peanut. By the way, how many town councils are around 22.29% or 29.4% in areas?

What comes out as a very important factor is year 2010. Other than WP taking over the running of the town council, were there other great events that happened that led to the households and commercial tenants falling into financial difficulties in 2010? Or they fell into financial difficulties because WP was elected and thus cannot afford to pay their S&CC? It would be good to understand the financial problem they are facing and find a direct correlation in their financial well being and the election of WP. Then it can be concluded that voting WP has led to financial problems for households and commercial tenants. How I would not know. Anyone can put a link or explanation for this phenomenon to be valid?

Is this falling into arrears in S&CC also happening in other town councils for the same period? If there is, then it is a national thing. But if there isn’t, then circumstantial evidence could be used to say voting WP would lead to financial difficulties for the households and commercial tenants and all voters must be careful when voting in the next GE. Can it be so simple or could there be other reasons? But if said often enough, daft Sinkies would believe it is so.

Could the falling into arrears be due not to financial difficulties but because they just did not like the WP, did not vote for the WP, so refused to pay up? Well, that was what one resident was claiming. If this is the reason, then based on the 65% of votes for the WP, there should be 35% of households, hawkers and commercial tenants not voting for the WP, the so called hardcore.

The fact that 22.29% or 29.4% of households were in arrears, and taking away the original 8% in arrears, it means 14% or 21% of households are not paying because they did not vote for WP. In the case of commercial tenants, it is likely to show that more of them did not vote for WP, above the average of 35%. Or maybe they were not even living in the area but hardcore anti WP voters. So 50% in arrears can be expected.

In the case of the hawkers, only 8% in arrears which means no change from the original 8% before WP was elected. Heheh, the WP can count on their support from this group. Or maybe the hawkers’ business was not affected with the change of town council management.

What to make out from the above commentary? WP, how are you going to deal with the 50% commercial tenants and the 10,000 more households in arrears? Got to work harder to win their support I think. But if they are hardcore, if their not paying the S&CC is political, then nothing much could be done except to go legal. Let’s hope WP is big enough not to adopt the underhand and despicable practice of fixing them ok?

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Singaporeans must make way for the Angsanas

The Angsanas are well known as instant trees in the island. They are planted everywhere as stop gap measures when instant trees are needed. They have good foliage and provide good shade under the hot sun. Superficially they looked good too. But they also snapped or get uprooted quite easily under strong wings. Maybe it is their nature, or maybe they are just instant trees with shallow roots. Unlike the hardy local trees that could withstand strong winds with their deep roots, the Angsanas would always be Angsanas. They will snap or get uprooted.

What is disturbing is a piece of news this morning about two old schools, Griffiths and Qiaonan, that have to make way for Angsana. The two schools with a combined history of 145 years, with many histories and old boys and girls who were proud to be students of the schools, would have their memories wiped clean, all because someone decided that Angsana should replaced them as the name for the new school, but devoid of any history except the fame instant tree image.

Why would the decision makers choose to have something new and nothing exceptional to replace our heritage? And why would the MOE and the Singapore Heirtage Board allowed it to happen? Aren’t they the public institutions and guardians that believed in our history and heritage? Are these people obsessed with the Angsanas? Or is there a message that they are sending out, Angsanas are good and should replace the locals?

The old boys and girls and teachers are all perplexed. They have all the good reasons to want to preserve the names of the two schools. They protested. Why would they want to replace the names of their schools with something like Angsanas? It reminds me of the fetish fad of replacing the PMEs with their wealth of experience with unknown elements from overseas.

There are a lot of sentiments involved. This is our history. This is very sad. Our past and memories are wiped out, no more, by this naïve and simplistic decision. The old boys and girls just want something to remember, their past, the times they spent in the schools, their alma maters. Why can’t the new school be called Qiaonan Griffiths to give it some history and a link to its past golden days? Qiaonan and Griffiths anytime sound better than this thing called Angsana. And one of the criteria of the Schools Naming Committee is whether the name resonates with the community? You mean Angsana resonates with the community better than Qiaonan and Griffiths?

And this Angsana Primary School is supposed to build on the histories of Qiaonan and Griffiths! What have they been smoking? Maybe Angsana resonates with the national policies of bringing more instant citizens into the country. Every Angsana, every instant tree, is a treasure, a talent, better than the locals or the Qiaonans and the Griffiths. It is better to do away with Qiaonan and Griffiths and glorify the new future of Angsanas.

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England offering Ireland to China in perpetuity

In the 19th century, Hong Kong was ceded to England in perpetuity after the Opium War in an Unequal Treaty. It was returned to China together with the New Territories in 1997.  In the not too distant future, England may want to return the favour by offering Ireland to China in perpetuity, not for losing a war, but for its own interests and survival.

In another 60 years, the UK and Europe would be taken over by the Afro Asian migrants. The White Europeans would have become an absolute minority and lost control of their countries to the immigrants. These migrants came to Europe for economic reasons, that their God forsaken countries could not give them a better quality of life due to their incompetence and unprogressive mindsets to run a modern country. Europe and the UK were their hopes for a good life.

The funny thing is that when they became the majority in these countries, they changed everything to return to their old ways of life, the very way of life they ran away from, and turned UK and Europe into the same mold of their God forsaken countries. These European countries would then become just as inhospitable as their God damn countries before. Not only the Europeans wanted out, they themselves, the more progressive ones, would also be looking for more  new pastures, hospitable countries to migrate to. 

The USA would be just as bad as the migrants there too have become a majority and the country would be in the same sad condition. The Americans too would be fighting for their dear lives and could not offer the Europeans and Brits any help.

The only hope is to hand over Ireland to China to be run like China, without the influx of the Afro Asian migrants and their medieval way of life. Then whatever left of the White Brits could jump over to Ireland to live the life they were used to before the migrants became a majority and took control of England.

Would the future of Europe and England be turned into rubbish dumps by the Afro Asian migrants with their work ethics and  primitive ways of life, and the White Europeans becoming economic refugees? Of course many would have migrated to Australia long before Europe returned to the Dark Ages.

And of course what I wrote above are purely fiction and at times bizarre. But do not discount them as many academics have predicted that this could be the fate of Europe if they did not stop the inflow of more migrants and allowed the migrants to dictate how the countries should become to suit their old ways of life.

No need to worry for Singapore. We have brought in the best of the foreign talents and we would all be smarter and our city would also be known as smart cities for smart people. The original Singaporeans that were not smart enough would have left, squatting in Bintang, Batam and JB.

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The Silver Brigade – There are works to be done

The Silver Brigade is back, all 1m of them, and growing. Yes, there are 600,000 seniors in the age group 55 to 75, taking 30,000 for each cohort. And the 45 to 55 would soon join the ranks of the Silver Hair to add another 300,000 of them. There are 1 million seniors out there.

The Silver Brigade will not go away and are digging in, and coming back to roost. Many have been sidelined, fired, sacked, retrenched, retired, by a dysfunctional social economic system that is still sleeping. Today, with modern medicine, good living environment, health and wealth, a 60 year old is as good as a 40 year old of yesteryears. A 60 year old is still as sexy and gorgeous and physically able to run the marathon. Their predecessors would have not seen the light anymore, but a 60 year old today could expect to live another 20 or more years in healthy condition.

And if you look at 91 year old LKY still strutting around as the undisputed leader of this island, and still calling the shot, you know that a 60 or 70 year old is still young and has many good years to strut around.

On the other end you have the boys and girls brigades bitching around in the internet like little ignorant asses attacking the Silver Brigade as useless fools, ignorant, stupid and good riddance, time to kick the bucket. These little flies are behaving like what George Yeo said, ‘boh tua boh suay’ or disrecpectful of the elders. Wonder what kind of upbringings they have or who are the evil ones encourageing these unruly tarts to act and behave as such. It is unlikely that their parents and grandparents, all members of the Silver Brigade, would let them misbehave in these ways.

It is time that the Silver Brigade, all 1 million of them, to reassert themselves not only for their own good but more for the good of their children and grand children. The misguided boys and girls and the misguided policies must be put right for our children. There are many very intellectuals and wise ones out there, full of knowledge, experience and wisdom, and feeling very frustrated at the way things are happening to the country they built, and feeling quite helpless, with their wings clipped, told to be out of sight, and stayed as spectators but knowing fully well that they could contribute their worth for many tens of years. I called upon them to come back to the main stream of activities, to right the wrongs. Tell the boys and girls that you have enough of their stupidity and misguided policies. You have many good years to contribute for the good of country and future generations. Do not let misguided little kids run this country to the ground and to tell you off, that they know best.

Things are bad but still reparable. There is still some time to re chart the course and avoid going over the cliff. The boys and girls have run out of ideas. They are the real lost sheep and pretending to lead, to know the way. This is the moment of truth, a very serious crisis in the making demanding great minds, men and women from the Silver Brigade to come forward to do their parts. You have done it, been there, and sure you know that things are not right. You cannot afford not to do anything, to be on the side lines and let the vacuum heads and the irresponsible destroy this country that you played a big part to build.

It is very apparent that the young of today are deluded. How could they be allowed to wipe out a good generation of Singaporean talents from the 40s to the 70s, to call them obsolete and to be replaced by 3rd world bums and fakes? They could not see their wrongs, could not see anything wrong, and continue to go down the wrong path but believing that it is the right path. The Silver Brigade must resist this condemnation of our local talents into the waste bins.

The Silver Brigade has the responsibility to save this country from destruction, for the well being of their children and grandchildren. Staying out or doing nothing is to give up the future of the children by default. And at the very least, they must regain their dignity, not be abused and dismissed by little boys and girls as has beens, dried orange skins when the kids are lost themselves. How can the Silver Brigade allow the boys and girls who are empty in between their ears to lead everyone over the cliff?

It is time for the Silver Brigade to fight back, for their dignity and for the sake of country and people before it is too late, before this country is lost to the foreigners. Little boys and girls, please step aside and make way for the Silver Brigade. You have been given enough time and strings to hang yourselves. The Silver Brigades are your papa and mama and your Ah Kong and Ah Mah and will come out to teach you a thing or two, and are doing it for your own good. And if you choose to remain naughty and silly, they will use the cane on you.

Those that can lead must come out and lead. They must not allow the disabled and deluded to mislead. You have no choice. It is a fight for the life and death of a people and their children and grand children. The country needs you. Your children and grand children need you. Do not opt out for their sake. Do not wait until it is too late.

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Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – China and the USA

The ugly Americans have been complaining that China is not doing its part in contributing to the world order. China now comes out with a huge sum of cash to set up the AIIB but the ugly Americans are crying foul again. What the Americans are demanding is for China to help the Americans to continue as the big bully against small nations. What the Americans are demanding is for China to be out of the way so that the Americans continue to exert control of the world through the World Bank and the IMF.

The Americans’ complaint against China is that China would be the major player in the AIIB without the Americans and that is bad. The AIIB can only be good if the major player is the American and with them pulling the string. So World Bank and IMF are good, AIIB bad.

21 Asian countries hungry for cheap loans that they often could not get from the American controlled World Bank and IMF have agreed to join the AIIB. They know where their interests lie and what is good for them. China may be the major contributor of funds to the AIIB, but if it takes the organisation and run it in a high handed manner against the interest of the participating nations, it would not last and AIIB would be a non starter.

This is the 21st Century and there is no place for colonialism and imperialism and gunboat diplomacy. China would have to treat every country in the AIIB as equals. There is no other option. AIIB can only exist with the support of all the participating countries with equal rights. Bull to the Americans.

Good riddance to the American semi colonies for not joining. It is a blessing that they, especially Japan and Australia have been left out. Their participation would only be as spoilers and as proxy to the Americans.

The intent and purpose of the ugly Americans are all about world domination and control and the exclusion of China from the World Order of the Americans. The TPP is another American creation to exclude China from the system. Many countries have been victims of the Pax Americana and the time is ripe for an alternative platform and system for the victims of the American empire to offer them a better deal.

Asia, Africa and Latin America must strike out a new path on their own where they can manage and determine their own good and future with the Americans pulling all the strings. The AIIB is only the beginning to the dwindling influence of the Americans. And they are protesting loudly and even twisting the arms of their allies and semi colonies not to join. The World Order is shifting.

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Sin City is ripe for a Constitutional Monarchy

Who is complaining that Sinkies are ungrateful? I will not be surprised if the views were expressed in the MSM. But for such views to be expressed in the social media it means a lot. Social media is always seen as anti establishment, anti govt, anti PAP and of course anti Lee Kuan Yew. It is thus very surprising to read so many positive views about how disrespectful it was to make LKY an MP. It is also very heartening to hear that many people sincerely believed that paying him anything, any amount, is not enough for all the good he has done for Singapore. How can the Govt be paying him a miserable $16,000 as an MP? Disgusting! And such views are expressed in TRE, would you believe it?

No amount of money is enough to pay him for bringing Singapore from 3rd world to 1st world and for making almost every Sinkie a millionaire, with many becoming billionaires. So what is the big deal for LKY to be sitting in the Istana as an MP? Nobody could see anything wrong with it except maybe Tan Cheng Bock.

Tan Cheng Bock knows what democracy is all about and what democratic practices should be. It is called 民主, by the people, of the people, and for the people, not a dynasty or monarchy, 皇朝, where one is a monarch for life. In a democracy, you are elected or not elected. You are the elected President, PM or just an MP and you must know your place. And your position and status as a political leader ends the day you are not elected by the people. It is not a never ending position.

From the praises and adoration and reverence expressed by the people in social media, democracy or western democracy does not mean anything to a deserving leader. The people are blind, or could or would turn a blind eye to such formalities and protocol. There is nothing wrong for a deserving MP like LKY sitting in the Istana forever. And they felt aggrieved and hurt that the Govt is paying him a miserable $16,000 pm. LKY should be very pleased to know that he is so highly looked up to by the people who are grateful for what he had done for them.

Perhaps dynastic rule is in the blood of the people even though they are descendants of migrants from China with thousands of years of dynastic rule. Not sure if the other racial groups share this attachment and sentiment. Given a choice, I think these people would not mind changing our democratic system to a Constitutional Monarchy to perpetuate the rule of LKY. To them, this country is like belonging to him. And he is deserving of it in every sense of the word. I think there will be very little resistance if someone would to propose a change of the democratic constitution to one of Constitutional Monarchy.

The people seem willing and have a penchant for it when there is a deserving ruler. I don’t think there will be another deserving leader in the future. This kind of thing doesn’t happen too often, definitely not every 50 years. And 50 years of democracy, or was it democracy, would not change the ancient mindset of deference to power and the mandate of heaven.  Many Singaporeans still do not know what is democracy and why monarchy is obsolete.

What do you think?

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Letter of Appeal to the Prime Minister’s Office for the job security of SIA pilots

Below is another pathetic letter from a disadvantaged Sinkie employed by a GLC. All I can say is that it is like singing to the cow. They would not listen. They are deaf frogs. And they believed what they are doing is right and good for you. Why do you think cheating of shoppers could happen for more than 30 years until this Jover Chew’s case before they knew something had happened? Sinkies had been sold out and the sad part is that they don’t even know why or who had sold them out.

The full letter is posted in TRE. Would daft Sinkies wake up in time for the next GE? Sorry Sham, you should sign off as Daft Sinkie below your name. But they already knew. Nothing will happen until you and other daft Sinkies act together to effect the change. You want change for the better? The future is in your hand. Dig the spur into their hide. Don’t wait till 6.9m, you would not even have a place to stand on by then

19 Nov 2014
Dear Sir,

I am a pilot with Singapore airlines since 1999 and am right now a seven-year Senior First Officer who flies the A380 super Jumbo. During my time with the Airline I have experienced many ups and downs but what has forced me to write to you is to highlight the disparity for a Singaporean as compared to a Non- Singaporean….

It takes a newly qualified pilot an average of 8 to 10 years to be selected for command training, and on successful completion achieve the rank of Captain.

During this period, a Singaporean first officer dedicates 1 month of each year to serving our country as an active reservist whereas a non-Singaporean is not liable for this.

Even more so, when a non-Singaporean chooses to become a citizen, he enjoys all benefits of being one without having served at all. Whereas, for a Singaporean, we lose out a total of 1 year’s worth of flying by the time we are selected for Command training….

Recently there was an article in the Singapore Straits Times stating how non-Singaporeans given positions of importance have actively gone out and recruited their own kind for their companies and in time even given them positions of importance.

In Singapore airlines 95% of Flight Operations Management and 80% of Flight Operations Training Department is made up of Non- Singaporeans or those who chose to become citizens….

I am not asking for all these people to be replaced. What I am asking for is to level the playing field for Singaporeans. These are your people. We may be a minority, which may seem like a small number but take into account all the children and grandchildren we have and this now grows exponentially.
Please do something for us and our future.

Sham Kumar Singh

There is another letter in TRE by a mother on her son and fellow NS boys suffering from depression. Having to slog it out for two years braving the elements only to know that the foreigners are taking over their jobs and with all the advantages is really depressing. Who would care about these daft Sinkies?

The smart asses would tell the daft Sinkies, if you don’t buck up, we will replace you with all the millions of hungry foreigners out there.

Now, you know who should be replaced don’t you?

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UN accusing North Korea for crimes against humanity

The UN, under the instigation of the Europeans, and hiding behind the corner, the Americans, thought it a very clever and highly moral thing to want to charge the North Koreans for crimes against humanity for the decades of cruelties against its citizens. On the other hand it turned a blind eye to the decades/centuries of cruelties committed by the Americans and Europeans against the African slaves and the genocides against the Red Indians. Maybe they think those cruel crimes against humanity were too long ago.

What about the murders of the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein and American boys and girls in a fake war built on fake grounds? Off hand the number of dead and maimed in the last 10 years would be more than those in North Korea over the so called decades of cruelties based on hearsays and anti North Korean gooks, and outsiders that had not set foot on North Korean soil. The numbers of kills and wounded in Iraq are available for all to see.

Never mind. Let’s look at the reason why the Americans and Europeans are obsessed with wanting to discredit the North Koreans and to bring them down, to continue to impose sanctions on the North Korean people, and to provoke them to react angrily and aggressively. It is not a simple case of hatred and mischief or ignorance or fake compassion for humanity. It is all part of the bigger scheme of things, to keep harassing the North Koreans, to perpetuate a state of tension and hostility between the North and South Koreans. It is all to serve the American Empire, to keep South Korea as a semi colony, to station troops in South Korea as a staging point for a strategic purpose, in case of war against China.

North and South Korea are just convenient chess pieces in the American war game for world domination. The Americans would not want the South Koreans to have any reason to negotiate peace with North Korea, to reunite the two states and to ask the American troops to go away. They must constantly provoke the North Koreans, agitate the North and incite the South to go and kill each other. Korean lives and national interests are secondary to the American Empire. And it is good money too, forcing the South Koreans to continue to buy American weapons, like it or not.

The secondary objective is to deflect the attention on the war crimes committed by George Bush and Tony Blair in the Middle East. As long as the pressure continues to mount against North Korea, and the fingers pointing at the North Koreans or Iran or any other convenient scapegoat, no one would have the time to look at the Americans’ dastardly acts and their crimes against humanity. The Americans would just drag the whole world by the ears to wherever they want them to be and to see. The Europeans were just convenient cronies to act as diversion in this case. They have more than enough trouble at home to want to mess around with the North Koreans in another corner of the globe. But they had no choice as the Americans insisted on them to front this premeditated cause just like using Australia and John Abbot as the sheriff of the western Pacific. So it gives the impression that it was not the Americans doing it.

The North and South Koreans are in very pathetic situation, unable to shrug off this evil Empire without being colonised by war if they chose to behave otherwise. The best they could do is to play along, but be very conscious that they are all Koreans and must avoid war at all costs.

The Americans would continue to control and mess around with these two states to keep them as two separate political entities, and to go to war would be even better. The Americans have all to gain politically, strategically and financially if hostility breaks out.

The two Koreans must pray very hard that God is merciful to them and keep the American Empire from exploiting them. And the allies of the Americans are all in praise of the Americans as the responsible policemen of the world, maintaining peace and stability and all the craps that they forced themselves to believe in.

What a joke!

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IMD World Competitiveness Center ranked Malaysia 5th and Singapore 16th

‘IMD business school is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is one of the world’s premier business and management institutions. It offers the world’s best MBA program according to Forbes ranking in 2011, 2013. In 2014, it was ranked first in open programs worldwide by the Financial Times.’ Singapore Business Times.

In its World Talent Report, Malaysia was ranked 5th, ahead of Singapore at 16th. The ranking was based on three key factors of the country:

1. its investment and development in home-grown talent
2. its ability to retain local talent and attract those from overseas
3. its readiness to fulfil market demands with the available talent pool

It is understandable that Malaysia ranked very high in 1 while Singapore took a rubbing here. Malaysia is very focussed about investing and developing its very own talents. Singapore likely lost 20% of its best talents when their places were given to foreigners in the universities. The IMD must have noticed this flaw in developing own local talents versus developing other countries’ talent.

As for factor 2, Malaysia definitely scored better in retaining its own talents while Singapore lost out as it encouraged its local talents to go overseas, maybe due to poor job offers at home. Also, many local talents, especially the middle age PMEs were displaced and ended up unemployed or under employed. This must count strongly against Singapore. But it scored very high in attracting talents from overseas to replace its displaced local talents while Malaysia might lose out in this area. So, for factor 2 the score is likely to be even.

In factor 3, Malaysia was likely to fill its market demands from local talents while Singapore would be filling them up with foreign talents. On paper should also be fairly even. The only questionable factor may be that IMD knew that the foreign talents Singapore was attracting were craps or fake talents. As an European institution, it would probably look at those so called talents employed by Singapore and measured them against their own standards. Simply put, if they would not think they are good enough and unemployable in their standards, they would rule them out as rubbish talents. They might have a good laugh at the stupidity of these talents and so did not give Singapore any marks for it.

This could explain why Malaysia is at 5th spot and Singapore at 16th spot. But that is just my guess. Maybe there are far more serious reasons for downgrading Singapore to 16th place. The IMD is filled with real talents and would not be fooled by fools and fakes. They are outsiders and could see the picture very clearly and objectively. While the fools are happily deceiving themselves, the IMDs must be having a good laugh.

I really cannot find any good reason other than the above to justify Malaysia ranking higher than Singapore. Singapore has been the champion, the pipe piper in recruiting foreign talents. It constantly go for a world wide search when a CEO position is vacant. The first choice seems to be foreign talents and a local talent is considered only after the foreign talent search failed.

And I trust that this IMD ranking system is credible compares to those demolished and unrecognised university rankings. Anyone got a better idea why Singapore is so far below Malaysia?

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