Ukraine - Please return some of our money, please, we are broke.


Yellen flew to Kiev to beg Zelenskyy to return some money to the US.  Photo credit to RT.

Actually the US has a lot of money to give away.

'Yellen’s visit comes days after Washington announced $12 billion in additional aid for Kiev, including a $2 billion arms package and $10 billion more to support energy costs and the Ukrainian government’s budget. She noted on Monday that US support since last year has nearly exceeded $50 billion, much of it devoted to weapons.

In an op-ed published during her junket to Kiev, Yellen acknowledged that Ukraine still has “vast unmet economic needs,” arguing that Washington must continue “fortifying” Kiev’s “home front” to enable “Ukraine’s stalwart frontline defense against Russia.”...

With Congress nearly reaching its $31.4 trillion debt limit, Yellen said the Treasury has been forced to take “extraordinary measures” in order to avoid a disastrous default, which, in a worst case scenario, could mean suspended welfare payments to Americans and chaos in the financial markets....

The big question, the US got money or no money? If no money, can anyhow throw money everywhere to pay for wars, military bases, military exercises, buying influence and dishing out propaganda? If got money, why got so huge debt?

The western debt traps and the real creditors behind this woe

WASHINGTON : A new global sovereign debt "roundtable" that will include China, other creditors and some borrowing countries will meet for the first time next month on the sidelines of a Group of 20 finance officials meeting in India, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Thursday....

The Bulgarian economist, who has pushed hard for quicker movement on debt relief, said she would travel to Zambia in two weeks, and hoped the African country would become the second nation after Chad to complete a debt treatment process under the Common Framework.

The framework was set up by the Group of 20 major economies and the Paris Club of official creditors in October 2020 to help countries weather the COVID crisis, but it has been plagued by long delays.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other Group of Seven have grown increasingly frustrated about what they see as foot-dragging by China in moving forward on debt treatments for countries seeking help. China, for its part, argues that multilateral institutions should also required to accept reductions in the debt they are owed....

Georgieva first discussed the new roundtable last month after a visit to China, noting it would also include private sector creditors and multilateral institutions such as the IMF and World Bank....CNA

The above will tell the full picture, or almost, about the real western debt traps created by you know who but not telling, and keeping the poor nation poor, and spreading the mischievous narrative that Chinese loans were the cause of debt trap. Look at the last sentence that I highlighted in bold. They have hidden this in the middle of the article. These are the institutions that are the creators of the debt traps of African and other developing countries. They have been hiding under the narrative of Chinese debt trap, as if China was the main cause of the debt trap. 

Chinese loans are very different and very small compare to the years and decades the other institutions have been preying on the debtor nations. For one, infrastructure debt is not debt trap in reality. The infrastructure are real assets that stay in the countries for decades or hundreds of years to benefit the countries economically.  In extreme cases, when countries are exceptionally burdened by debt from World Bank, IMF and other western private institutions, like Sri Lanka, the infrastructure could be turned into a long lease and the country, instead of being a debtor, could become a lease owner, collecting rent. No more debt to talk about but collecting revenue.

The real long term debt are those offered by the world Bank, IMF and private western institutions on spurious and suspicious loans that are hardly assets in nature and charging higher interest rates than Chinese loans. Many developing countries have been caught in these debt traps for ages and unable to free themselves. Outrageously, some of these debts are reparation for colonial rules instead of colonial countries paying compensation for invading, ruling and looting these countries. And many of the loans actually gone into the pockets of corrupt leaders propped up by the West but then disappeared, leaving the countries in debt.

Now the liars and bandits are dragging China into it, wanting China to write off debt but not theirs or wanting China to share their dubious debt.

The real devils and demons of debt trap cannot hide themselves anymore. Please tell the full story of the debt the poor nations owe to them.

PS. 'France invaded Algeria – then a hub of piracy ruled by an Ottoman satrap – in 1830, and spent the next century settling the North African nation with hundreds of thousands of white Europeans. Muslim rebellions were quashed, and French forces tortured, murdered, and displaced hundreds of thousands of locals. The occupation ended in 1962 only after up to 1.5 million Algerians had been killed in an eight-year war of independence.

“I don't have to apologize” for these events, Macron told the magazine. “There was a war. Apologies or no apologies, that doesn't fix anything.”'

Don't apologise is one thing.  Would France return the hundreds of millions of reparations paid by Algeria as compensation for colonisation?

Empire of Lies - making dangerous viruses is called gain of function research

The irony is that while thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying 'America is a terrorist state', the Residents still infesting the Swamp are claiming they are freedom protectors and upholding democracy. When others in the Middle East fight for their freedom against the USA installed stooges, they are branded as terrorist.

What do we call those who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines? Who were those people who blew up the bridge linking Russia with Crimea. Putin called them 'International Terrorist' and he is perfectly right.

The trouble is that the Evil State will never call a spade a spade, but twist around using 'word salad' popularised by Kamala Harris, to musk many things that were apparently wrong with their system, but inventing nonsensical answers to parry or deflect away the blame for their mistake.

One such example is recession, which they are trying to re-define themselves, while the whole world have to stick to one definition of what constitutes a recession, while the USA is trying to invent one definition that fits their agenda for their own use. So, never expect the USA to admit falling into recession today. Just using words to steer the problem away will solve the problem.

Another more sinister move is inflation. There is now a new definition being used - 'Super Core Inflation'. It is a very telling move that the world better take note, which they are now going to use, by removing the key components of inflation - food, energy and housing cost from the calculation of inflation. These three are the most important key elements of inflation, and the most compelling, and removing them means inflation figures in the USA will ultimately tank.

That they are eyeing inflation of 2%, which if they used the normal way of calculation by including food, energy and housing, will never be achieved in a thousand years. Raising interest rate to tame inflation has obviously failed and is hurting the economy. Using the Super Core Inflation calculation will allow them to achieve the 2% target, but that will be one big lie and really pulling wool over eveyone's eye.

So, by hook or by crook they have to pull the inflation figure down to fool the ground. The reality is, will people continue to be fooled when inflation figures fall, but cost of living remains in the stratosphere?



The best job in the world


This 1min 18 sec clip tells you what is the best job in the world. No, it is not selling tissue papers or driving taxis to be your own boss. It is not even lawyers or doctors or highly desirable professions that you would need to work very hard, train very hard to get a degree to qualify. And you do not need to worry about being sued for negligence or failure to do a good job. So no need to buy expensive insurance to protect your self.

In this job, you do not need to arm yourself with expensive degrees. All it takes is for you to be likeable or acceptable to your interviewers. There is also no need for a string of job experience as demanded by head hunters. This job is called politician.

And the job is so rewarding especially in Singapore. It is not that the job is not rewarding in other countries. There they are compensated differently. In Singapore, if you are a politician and in the ruling party, becoming a millionaire is taken for granted. And, although the job comes with heavy responsibilities, so far very few have been taken to task for failing in the job. The normal penalty for failing in the job is resignation or losing an election. That is as bad as it can be, and very rare indeed.

In many professions, failing to do due diligence, failing to perform or causing injury, you can be sued to bankruptcy, and also losing your licence. Oh, in this job there is no need to apply for a licence. And once you are a ruling party politician, you become an instant knows all, an expert in everything, can be advisor everywhere, and can take on 20 or 30 jobs. Not sure these additional jobs come with additional pay or perks. Think some do, and some just honorary.

As for the licences, you cannot lose your licence for malpractices or being sued. There is no licence to lose and no one can be sued as a politician, or at least so far there is no such a thing of being sued.

And there is no need for regular upgrading courses. Your ability to be promoted to higher appointments as a politician does not depend on more certificates, more degrees or certified training skills. Once you are a politician in a ruling party, you are assumed to have all the required skills for any or whatever position in the govt or in the private sector. The qualification is being a politician, a qualification that does not any degree or training.

Ok, ok, correction, politicians can also be sued, if you are not in the ruling party. Can a politician in the ruling party be sued, not sure about this. So far never heard of.

What do you think? True or not.

Sunak - The saviour of Britain


When American thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying, 'America is a terrorist state'


When American thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying, 'America is a terrorist state', the game is over. 

Watch this 8 minute clip from 1:30 to 6:00 to hear the painful truth from Jimmy Dore and how Tucker Carlson was so stunned that he did not know how to respond. Many top American thinkers and professors are standing up to tell the Americans of the lies Washington and the Military Industrial Complex are telling them and leading them to WW3, a war of annihilation of the human race, and the Americans would not be spared.


Partner Asean Act - Be warned, it is mischievous!

 The western media are trolling about how good this proposed American Partner Asean Act is to Asean. It would boost the image of Asean if it is passed in Congress. Does Asean need the approval of the American Empire to become respectable and enjoy a better status in the world?

This unilateral Act is something like the Taiwan Relations Act. It is something written by the Americans for the American interest, not in the interest of Asean. The unilateral Taiwan Relations Act allows the Americans to use it to meddle with the internal affairs of Taiwan, claiming that it is lawful to do so, because of the Act. The Americans did not ask the Taiwanese and now can unilaterally come to the defence of Taiwan. Do the Taiwanese have any say in what the Americans can do to them?

The Partner Asean Act would eventually have the meaning, that the Americans could quote this Act to interfere and meddle with Asean's affairs. The Americans did not ask the Asean countries about this Act, did not ask for Asean's approval. They are saying that with this Act, Asean is like their ally and they can say and do what they want with Asean and interfere with Asean's relationship within Asean and with other countries.

Asean must protest and say no to this Act. Asean must not be unilateral become part of the American Empire. However, this may be pointless as the evil Empire would do as it pleases, whether Asean likes it or not. Like in the case of Taiwan Relations Act, the Taiwanese may not want the Americans to meddle in their relations with China. But the Americans can ignore all the protest and objection by the Taiwanese. They can simply said that they are governed by this Act, by their law, to act as they please. It is American's Rules Based Order!

The Americans would introduce more of such laws/Acts to give them the right to mess around with the internal affairs of other countries. How many silly countries are still chirping about the American Rules Based Order, to volunteer themselves to be controlled by the American Empire, under laws/Acts imposed on them unilaterally by the Americans? 

How about Indonesia Relations Act, Malaysia Relations Act, Singapore Relations Act, and the Americans can quote these Acts to conduct wars in the guise of defending Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or any country, without the consent or invitation of these countries?

Would Asean raise any objection to this Partner Asean Act when they have no part or intent in its making or want to be part of it?


Covid19 - When would WHO stop lying and do the necessary?

GENEVA: The World Health Organization will continue pushing until it finds an answer to how the COVID-19 pandemic started, the agency's chief said on Wednesday (Feb 15) following a report suggesting it had abandoned the search....

The Nature report suggested that the WHO has "quietly shelved the second phase of its much-anticipated scientific investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic".

It quoted Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO expert leading the agency's COVID-19 response, saying that "there is no phase two".

The WHO planned for work to be done in phases, she told the report, but "that plan has changed", adding that "The politics across the world of this really hampered progress on understanding the origins".  CNA

Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO chief is still lying. It is still blaming China and using China as the scapegoat in this Pandemic. China is the only country that opened itself for WHO to inspect and they could not find anything wrong.

On the other hand, everything is pointing to the Americans, Fort Dettrick and the 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Why is WHO so afraid to conduct an investigation on the Americans? They could not or did not want to see the elephant in the room?

Until WHO starts to investigate the USA, there will be no truth to talk about. Anyway, by now the Americans would have destroyed or removed all evidence on the origins of the virus coming from the Americans.

This creep still dared to open his stupid mouth to accuse China of not cooperating when the USA refused to cooperate from the start and spread all the lies about the origins from China.

When is WHO going to investigate the USA?

The credibility of WHO as an American running dog is no difference from the UN. Period.
PS.  When would WHO investigate the crimes against the Pacific Islanders for testing hundreds of nuclear weapons in the surrounding islands, destroying the environments, marine lives and human lives?

When would WHO investigate the environment disaster in the blowing up of the Nordstream pipelines?

When would WHO investigate the disastrous chemical explosion in Ohio, USA, another man made disaster on mother earth?

When would WHO put a stop to the release of nuclear waste by Japan in the coming months?

US Provocation, China Must Act:

 WASHINGTON—The U.S. is markedly increasing the number of troops deployed to Taiwan, more than quadrupling the current number to bolster a training program for the island’s military amid a rising threat from China.

The U.S. plans to deploy between 100 and 200 troops to the island in the coming months, up from roughly 30 there a year ago, according to U.S. officials. The larger force will expand a training program the Pentagon has taken pains not to publicize as the U.S. works to provide Taipei with the capabilities it needs to defend itself without provoking Beijing.

The number of American troops, which has included special-operations forces and U.S. Marines, has fluctuated by a handful during the past few years, according to Defense Department data. The planned increase would be the largest deployment of forces in decades by the U.S. on Taiwan, as the two draw closer to counter China’s growing military power.

Beyond training on Taiwan, the Michigan National Guard is also training a contingent of the Taiwanese military, including during annual exercises with multiple countries at Camp Grayling in northern Michigan, according to people familiar with the training. 

Dumbass Western leaders..


'Mr. Putin has previously said that nobody can win a nuclear war, and it is a war that should never be fought. However, behind the scenes Russia had been furiously preparing to survive just such a war, which they hope to avoid.

Russia has developed and deployed the S-500 and S-550 air defenses which are primarily designed to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles in space before they can release their multiple warheads upon re-entry. Each S-500 battery is capable of simultaneously tracking and destroying 10 ICBMs in the early to mid flight stages.

The S-300 and S-400 batteries armed with the new 77N6-N and 77N6-N1 anti-ballistic missiles are also capable of shooting down ICBM warheads after re-entry at shorter ranges than the S-500.

These systems create an onion of defensive rings around key Russian cities and military bases. In the event of a nuclear exchange the S-500 would target the incoming ICBMs while still in space at a range of 600 kilometers, and outside the borders of Russia; and the S-400 and S-300 batteries would target any deployed warheads that managed to get through. Obviously, preventing as many enemy missiles as possible from being launched would improve the chances of successful defense.'

If Russia’s ICBM defenses could take out 90% of 640 incoming missiles, it could survive a nuclear exchange at the cost of absorbing hits from about 50 warheads that got through. Given the smaller modern warheads in NATO’s missile forces, it would do terrible but localized damage. Moscow would probably experience massive damage, but the rest of Russian territory would be fine.

NATO’s nuclear offense forces rely on aging Trident II and Minuteman III ICBMs. The majority of these systems are over thirty years old. This means they will probably have a significant failure rate just to launch. Russia’s modern air defenses and ECM have been designed to defeat these old technologies.

In balance to the effort to perfect defenses against ICBMs, Mr. Putin announced that Russia’s nuclear forces have been 91% modernized. That means that the ICBMs that Russia would fire all have maneuverable hypersonic warheads. US air defenses are currently unable to defend against these.

The spacing of American Minuteman silos was designed for the majority to survive a first strike and launch retaliation. However, Russian maneuverable hypersonic multiple re-entry vehicles nullify this defense if the targeting data is accurate. Russia has to accurately hit 400 ground targets in the first strike to nullify a response.

Thus, if Russia strikes first, it may be able to eliminate the majority of incoming missiles by destroying them on the ground. The 240 submarine launched Trident missiles would be the primary threat to defend against. Thus a first strike could reduce the number of expected retaliation missiles by 62%.

A first strike would make it unlikely that the bombers and refuelers could get off the ground in time to effectively respond.

Russia currently has a window of superiority in both nuclear offense and defense that NATO is rapidly trying to close. It is not in Russia’s interest to allow NATO to close the technology gap in air defense and ICBM offense.

The world is now on the threshold of nuclear war. Russia keeps warning the West. The West keeps ignoring the warnings and doubling down. The immovable object is meeting the unstoppable force.

In the coming weeks Russia’s ally, China, will offer a peace deal which freezes the Ukraine conflict within the current lines of contact, i.e. Ukraine conceding lost territory to Russia.

If the West rejects the offered peace, which seems fairly likely, then all of the conditions for a nuclear war will be in place. All it will take is a new provocation by NATO to trigger a first strike by Russia. Or worse, if both parties realize this is the case, both will have the incentive to strike first.

Link to article:



Singapore is such a well run country

The Bill proposes a legislative framework for three measures; namely a disposable carrier bag charge at supermarkets, a beverage container return scheme, and a food waste reporting framework

SINGAPORE — Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment introduced the Resource Sustainability (Amendment) Bill for its first reading in parliament on Feb 6. The bill seeks to reduce packaging and food waste and aims to drive behavioural changes across Singapore to reduce waste and increase recycling. This includes introducing a compulsory charge of five cents for plastic bags at larger supermarkets.  www.theindependent.sg

Singapore is indeed a very well managed and well run country that the most important issue of the day is how to save plastic bags being used in supermarkets. And this is now being discussed in Parliament as a priority item, important enough for a slot in Parliament.  It is another way to say that Singapore is so blessed that there are no problems more serious than saving a few plastic bags.

During Chok Tong's time, traffic jam was a sign of prosperity, not a sign of insufficient road networks. Now the savings of plastic bags is a sign of no problems, only plastic bag problems. And all the solutions needed to save and reduce plastic waste have been thought off and exhausted. Now it is left with cutting use of plastic bags. Is the use of plastic bags in super market a luxury, unnecessary? How about replacing plastic bags with banana leaves as wrappers? Never mind if wastage of plastic bags did not amount to much savings compares to bringing in millions of people to consume and consume that would dwarf the savings of all the plastic bags used in the island. Nevermind if the cutting down of plastic bags would create more problems and may lead to more expensive means to replace the lack of plastic bags. 

When plastic bags is not available or at a cost, people would need to be carrying some forms of bags everywhere so that when they need to go to the supermarkets, they would have containers available and no need to go home to bring a container. And all would have to buy some containers to dump their waste in the bin chutes or rubbish bins.  Or would they simply throw or pour everything into the bin chutes or bins, without using a bag? Perhaps there would be a new product, selling plastic bags to hold swills and waste. 

What about hawkers selling takeaway food? Are they going to cut down on the use of plastic containers as well? Everyone needs to carry tiffins to buy takeaway food, like in the 50s and 60s? What about ordering takeaway food to be delivered by food delivery staff?

What do you think? Would bringing in 100 people less, save more from their consumptions of everything than the savings from plastic bags?

PS. Why didn't Parliament discuss about how many foreigners should be allowed into the country, how many can be given citizenship each year, or what is the percentage of foreigners versus citizens to maintain our core and to keep Singapore Singaporean?

American miscalculation in war against Russia and China

Since 2014, after Russia realised the intention of Nato to expand further into Ukraine, Putin and Xi had already started planning their moves in anticipation of what the USA intended to do. The USA had been hyping up their intention to deal with China first, starting with a trade war in 2018, instigating unrest in Hong Kong in 2019/2020, and trying to stir up support from the Muslim world against the Chinese by accusing the Chinese of genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang in 2021/2022. Both the latter two moves failed to take off, with the Xinjiang fabrication unproven.

The whole USA plan to take on China first failed, because Russia made its pre-empted move on Ukraine that prevented the USA from concentrating its attack on China. That the Liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk started right after the February 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, during which Putin visited Xi, undoubtedly to put their plan into action, was anticipated by the USA, but they could do nothing. All the calculated moves between Russia and China, the diversion of energy towards the East were all worked out well before the USA and the West used the energy sanctions on Russia.

The fact that the USA were dead intent on stopping the Nord Stream 2 from opening up or functioning, even well before its completion, was apparently clear as to what the USA intention was, and you cannot fool a man as astute as Putin. Russia did not panic, having already anticipated this move by the USA and the West by building pipelines to China for energy diversion and probably already have garnered support from India as an alternative energy market, and the Middle East members of OPEC+ and their backup on energy policies.

Moreover, that stipulation that European countries buying Russian energy must pay in Rubles was a masterstroke that the USA and the West did not see. It prevented the collapse of the Ruble into rubbles that Biden was gloating about. Anyway, Biden may not now even remember saying that, so no use reminding him.

It is a no brainer to even think that after taking down China, the USA will not pivot towards confronting Russia by expanding Nato into Ukraine. That had been the USA's intention all along since 2008. Putin and Xi are not as ignorant of the USA's evil motive all over the world.

As long as Russia and China keep up their alliance and solidify on it, any move by the USA against any one of them is not without consequences. Russia has the military prowess, and China the financial strength to weather any conflict that the USA intends to take against both of them together. Not that China is that far behind in military prowess and the USA knows that the window of opportunity to put China down is closing fast.


China Myanmar Border Security

China is right to ensure Myanmar does not become a stooge of the USA or EU for the reason that Myanmar shares a common border of 2,129 km or 1,323 miles with China, which can be a national security risk to China if Myanmar comes under US or EU control. Using that stretch of border to instigate instability, or even host nuclear weapons, is not something that China will tolerate. The use of Japan by the USA is already a lesson the Chinese are not prepared to be repeated.

Myanmar is liken to Ukraine, sharing a 1,282 mile wide border with Russia and if Ukraine falls to USA control in total via Nato, that is a very serious security risk for Russia. USA via NATO will undoubtedly, in fact some already claimed they have already done so, be going to install nuclear missiles inside Ukraine to confront Russia. That is one of the main reasons Russia is fighting the war in Ukraine.

China wants Myanmar to act as a buffer against any USA or Western countries attempting to install a stooge in Myanmar that will do its bidding. Lest we forget, China entered the Korean War on the side of the North for the very same reason. The fall of North Korea puts China at great risk and China had to make sure that North Korea did not fall to the South.

The same could be said about China supporting North Vietnam during the war against the USA and its Allies. Although the border between North Vietnam and China is not that wide, the fall of North Vietnam to the South, which was under USA control, is detrimental to China's national security.

That said, China therefore cannot loosen its support for Russia in Europe, as a defeat of Russia is going to weaken China's position as well as the BRICS agenda, going up against the USA military and US$ Hegemony.



Ukraine War is a prelude to the last Civilisation War

The whole world is watching the white men trying to conquer and rule the world. They had, but losing their grips now, and trying their best to want to continue to rule and dominate the world.

Can you imagine what would happen to the Latin American countries, the Middle Eastern countries, the African and Asian countries if there is no China or Russia, Iran and North Korea to stand up to the white men today? This time, if the white men succeed in destroying Russia and China, the white men would be squeezing the rest of the world and would not allow any coloured state to breathe or break free from their grips anymore. They will call the shots and the rest of the world would just have to do as told, no chance to be free and be themselves, to think they can be allowed to prosper on their own steam.

It would be a much more dreadful world than under Colonialism. The Ukraine War is the white men's last ditch to control the world again. They know it and are all in it together, no more neutrality. It is the white men's war against the coloured people. It is fortunate that they treat the Russians as coloured people and attack the Russians first. The Russians and Ukrainians are Slavic people and can fight and kill each other, the AngloSaxons would not care.

If they could pretend to be nice to the Russians and attack China first, it would be a different story. Russia may think it would be safe to stay out while the white men destroy China. But they would then go after the Russians once China is destroyed.

The evil scheme of the white men to control the coloured people is clear to all the coloured states. Russia and China cannot fall, or it would be the end of their freedom and good life. There would be no more resistance, no one to stop the white men from dominating and controlling the rest of the world. The Arab countries know this and have thrown in their bets with Russia and China. India is still dilly and dally, not fully decided, thinking they could be safe when the white men control the world again. Africa, Latin America, Asia, SE Asia could see where their future is heading but also still not fully committed...thinking it is ok to be neutral.

The Ukraine War is a prelude to WW3, the last Civilisation War between the white men and the coloured people. Wake up, people of the world. Your future is at stake and being decided in the Ukraine War. All the white men's countries are united in this War, while the rest of the world is still divided and unsure of what is happening.

PS. They went for the 6 Muslim states first. Now Russia, next China. Then the whole world would submit without a fight. All the oil and gas and natural resources, and everything, would belong to the white men, like the colonial days of the European Empires.  Are the countries of the rest of the world ready for it?


Asean to meddle with the internal affairs of Myanmar?

SINGAPORE: Hopes are high that Jakarta - which had steered the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) expertly when it had last chaired the grouping - would pull its weight and rally its ASEAN colleagues to muster up a creditable response to the Myanmar crisis.

There are high expectations about how Indonesia would propose to implement the 2022 ASEAN Summit’s “Review and Decision” on the 2021 Five-Point Consensus (5PC) on Myanmar. ...

The readout from the retreat did not divulge details on any of the above. Instead, the meeting’s key emphasis was on the need for a united approach to Myanmar - underscoring the divergent views among ASEAN member states on what constitutes constructive approaches to the crisis in Myanmar.  CNA

The above article in CNA is an overt sign that Asean is increasingly being nudged by the western narrative and intent to meddle and interfere with the internal affairs of a member state, Myanmar. Despite the clear cut policy statements in Asean's Constitution, many Asean leaders are gradually being influenced by the dominating and coercive behaviour of the Americans that it is their right to interfere with what is going on in Myanmar. The objectives and aspiration of the founding fathers of Asean is to remain neutral and free from big power influence and coercion, and to create a conducive environment in Southeast Asia for trade and cooperation among its members. It was never intended to be operated like a gangster organisation with the power to mess around with the internal affairs of its members.

This change of mindset, with several Asean leaders behaving like the Americans, like the knows all, smart Alec, and arrogant self righteousness, that they know better and are better qualified to impose their views on fellow member state, is gaining traction, albeit subtlely and some being dragged into such arrogant and abusive behaviour unconsciously. And many have forgotten that their own internal affairs and politics are far from reproach. Several Asean countries' internal politics are ripe for interference if this new mindset becomes a precedent for Asean, that it is the right of Asean members to dictate and mess around with the internal affairs of another member.

Does any Asean member state think that they would not fall into the same state of affair and let every Asean states to tell them what to do, how to govern their countries, with the nose in the air? What is wrong with Asean? Is Asean going to become another mini America, a sheriff in the making, to rule and control its members? If this is going to be the case, Myanmar may be the first to exit Asean and eventually more will exit Asean. 

Is Asean on the path of self destruction by misbehaving like the gangster Americans, thinking that they are smart and smug to tell each member what to do and how to govern their own countries?  Who is behind this transformation of Asean to become another mini mischievous god?

PS. In a way Asean is starting to behave like it is a righteous empire. Only difference is that it cannot bully non member countries but can bully its own member countries, especially those that are not favoured by the Americans. Is Asean unwittingly or willingly attacking its own member countries under the behest of the Americans, under the fake beliefs of defending democracy and human rights?

Soros and his crimes

Soros and his groups play the long game. For example, his “Open Society” group brags about how it has spent billions of dollars in Ukraine since the 1990s.

A characteristic of his movement is the use of colors — like:

“Rose Revolution” in Georgia in 2003

“Orange Revolution” in Ukraine in 2004

“Tulip Revolution” in Kyrgyzstan in 2005

In each of the above cases, when a pro-Russia leader won the election, Soros turned on his useful idiots and provocateurs, who started large protests. Then, the US/EU governments would cry crocodile tears about human rights, freedom, and democracy. US/UK media operating in those countries would carry out intense propaganda campaigns about corruption. Then the governments were forced to hold another election, in which the pro-US leader won by a small margin.

The interesting and obvious phenomenon is that when a pro-US government is established, Soros quietly shuts down all his “grassroots” organizations. All those protesters and influencers quietly vanish in thin air. Thus, the people are left with the same corrupt system but with different or worse rulers.

Take Ukraine, for example. In 2004, Ukraine became slightly pro-US after the first color revolution; and in 2014, Ukraine became a total American puppet. What did the Ukrainian people gain? In 2021, before the war started, the average pension in Ukraine was just $150 a month. Ukraine was still the poorest country in Europe. Worse, the Ukrainians got a comedian president, rule by the same oligarchy, Nazism, civil war, Russian invasion, millions of people turned into refugees, and utter destruction of the entire country.

While the US has groups like the National Endowment of Democracy (NED), people like Soros are even more effective. Why? It gives US deep state "plausible deniability" -- "Hey, he's just an individual, not the US government."

For Soros, he enjoys immense power — to manipulate millions of people and overthrow governments. Of course, the new puppets installed in these countries will let Soros and his financial buddies in New York and London make enormous amount of money through various “reforms” such as privatization. So, for example, Soros’ hedge fund would be able to buy a natural gas field, a bank or an airline for pennies on the dollar. The investment money belongs to other oligarchs and financial institutions in the US/Europe, and Soros gets a juicy commission. This strategy of OPM — Other People’s Money — is more discrete and smarter than Soros himself becoming the owner of a new bank or an airline — then, even the average useful idiot of the color revolution will be able to connect the dots.

For example, after the fall of the USSR, vampires like Soros descended upon Moscow, handpicked Russian oligarchs and politicians— based on their loyalty to US/EU, and looted hundreds of billions of dollars.

George Soros is part of the US/EU Deep State — a group of elites from the foreign policy establishment, Wall Street, military, spy agencies, and the media.

Thus, it’s not just BBC or Hindenburg or Soros attacking India. The entire Western establishment is targeting India.

And the attacks are not going to stop, unless the Modi government gives into the US demands. And what does the US want?

Stop buying weapons from Russia. Instead buy US weapons.

Allow US military bases in India.

Stop helping the expansion of BRICS, especially with the addition of Saudi Arabia and Iran. (This threatens the petrodollar hegemony).

Be more anti-China. (Recently, the Indian government has been trying to downplay and tensions with China. When there were some border conflicts, it was the British media that leaked the news. Also, India-China trade has been booming. It looks like the Modi government realizes its mistake of over-hyping anti-China sentiments).

Allow privatization of India’s financial sector — let US giants buy shares in Indian banks, insurance companies, stock market exchange etc.


Understanding America’s Overt Regime-Change Ops


A quick history lesson here is important. During the Cold War, the CIA blatantly assassinated many leaders of sovereign nations all over the world to “stop the spread of communism.” The real reason was, of course, to extend American hegemony globally and ensure cheap supplies of raw materials as well as open markets for American products.

However, by the 1970s, a lot of allies started to complain, since murdering political leaders was a bit too much even for the co-conspirators and obedient puppets of imperialism. Thus, in the 1980s, the US polished its regime change operations and came up with the idea of revolutions through propaganda and soft power. This was the result of people like George Soros and a myriad of organizations like NED and NDI.

Thus, the US shifted many of its operations from covert to overt. Rather than knife-and-dagger, try to overthrow leaders openly!

In 1991, Allen Weinstein, the founder of NED, admitted that, "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

The goal was to spend billions of dollars in “NGOs” in developing countries, especially those that are resistant to American influence. In an Orwellian fashion, these “non-governmental” organizations are funded and directed by the US government! The term “NGO” just means that they are free from the governments of the countries where the NGOs are located.

These NGOs create a vast array of groups including those that promote “journalism,” “free speech,” “women’s rights,” “environmentalism” etc. Plus, to give some legitimacy, they also groups that allegedly help fight poverty or illiteracy. However, all their actions are focused on promoting pro-American sentiments and Western corporate interests. The leaders of these groups can make a lot of money and enjoy celebrity status. They can attend workshops in Europe, get to testify before the US Congress, write articles for the NY Times, appear on CNN etc. If they are really good, like that North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, they can make $10,000 a speech, making up absurd stories.

You can see these US/EU-funded fake NGO groups now, in 2023, in Myanmar, Thailand, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc. For more than two decades, they were busy in Hong Kong, until they were completely dismantled by China two years ago. The separatist movement in the Xinjiang-Uyghur region is also fueled by the same people. Other places that were recent victims of US-led protests include Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Cuba and even the so-called Arab Spring.

In Ukraine, they started in the early 1990s and lasted until 2014, when the Nazi-led and US-orchestrated Maidan Coup overthrew a democratically elected leader. Since then, the Ukrainian NGO groups have shifted their energy to 100% anti-Russian propaganda.

George Soros, the General of Color Revolutions

While the US government funds groups like NED and NDI to create chaos in not-so-subservient nations around the world, these groups still had direct links to the US government, which was embarrassing at times. Thus, the US deep state picked George Soros as its henchman or general. He was a Jewish immigrant from Hungary, had strong anti-Russian and anti-communist feelings, and was the perfect pick.

With Wall Street’s help, the CIA made him a billionaire. With insider information, Soros made his first billion by shorting the British Pound in 1992. Then, subsequently, he made more billions during the Asian financial crisis, Russian crisis, and Mexican crisis during the late 1990s. Get rich by destroying others!



Ukraine War - A strategic masterpiece by the Americans

 Many are looking at the Ukraine War from the conventional perspective. It is a war between two sides and one side is good, one is bad, and one would end up the winner. But looking at it from another perspective, the depopulation of mother earth, I think the Americans are doing the right thing. The world is over populated and tough actions are needed to reduce the world population. Bill Gates and Soros are doing their jobs in this direction. The Ukraine War is another way to achieve the same goal

One good point about the Ukraine War is that it is more selective and targeted in the solution. What Gates and Soros are doing is a bit indiscriminate, using a broad brush to wipe out people of all races in one sweep. The Ukraine War does it a bit differently. The Americans are destroying the warmongering blue eyed blonds, the most warlike and dangerous specie of mankind. If the Americans would be allowed to have their ways, Europe would be less populated and with lesser blue eyed blonds by the time this war ends.

Let the Ukraine War go on not only to the last Ukrainians, but to the last blue eyed blond European. There will then be lesser warmongering blue eyed blonds to go around the world to start wars and to invade countries of the non whites. The Americans are doing a great service towards peace and to save the world. This time it is real, for peace. You can only appreciate the outcome by seeing how aggressive, intense, enthusiastic and perverted the Europeans are in wanting to escalate this war at all costs with no regards to its consequences.

With lesser of the warlike blue eyed blonds left in Europe, it would be easier to repopulate Europe with the refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Very likely they would be encouraged to go forth and multiply as Europe would need more people to replace the blue eyed blonds that were taken out in the war. The surviving blue eyed blondes would need to find their mates from the Middle Eastern and Africans men that are in Europe. The next generation of Europeans would be less white and no longer have blue eyes, and less warlike than the blue eyed blonds.

Europe would become a more peaceful region in a generation or two. This is the masterpiece of the Americans. Great works are made in this way, unintentionally, like the breeding of the best physical specimen of the human race in America. This experiment in Europe would end up with a new human specie that is less warlike, less aggressive than the blue eyed blonds.

Well done, America.  The rest of the world must thank the Americans profusedly for this masterpiece. But do not get involved to mess up the great plan of the Americans. This is the best thing the Americans have ever done, for once, and for the better of all human beans.

PS. In a way, if Singapore were to replace its no talent and lazy Singaporeans with talented foreigners. Singapore would also become more progressive and competitive with a new generation of talented citizens.  Social engineering?  And all the countries of the world can learn from this Singapore experiment and become more successful by replacing their no talent natives with top talents from the rest of the world.

What do you think?

Covid19 - What Pfizer said about the Covid vaccine fraud?


A 2 min clip on how Pfizer tried to defend itself on its fraudulent vaccine. It was not to be blamed. Blame the stupid govts that bought into its fraudulent vaccine. If what Pfizer said is true, must be or else they would not have admitted it, then the American govt, European govts and their crony govts are so easily duped by them to by into their fraud.  They cannot be coerced by the Americans to buy into the Pfizer fraud, could they? More than half of the world's population stupidly, foolishly, consumed the Pfizer fraud like mindless sheep.

Only China and developing countries that used non mRNA vaccines are spared and saved from the Pfizer fraud. India is partially saved as they turned to Ivermectin half way.

This is the hoax of the Century. So many willing parties.  And many still in a state of denial and still pushing for more boosters...and a crime against humanity.

BBC attacked Modi with anti Muslim documentary...Modi hit back

India is going after the BBC, raiding its offices in Dehli and Mumbai over 'financial transactions', which have yet to be revealed. That has raised accusations by the West of the Indian Government clamping down on free speech, meaning that India is merely retaliating against the damaging BBC documentary on Modi over Muslim issues.

Under the USA's 'Rule of Law' hubris, countries being targeted always start with claims of human rights abuses and religious issues, that will be leveraged and stoked into highly contentious political issues, and eventually meandering into regime change narratives. That was played out in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and China and Russia long knows that such was the modus operandi of the USA's 'Rule of Law' hubris.

Little Britain is one of the attack dogs used by the USA and obeys the USA like a dog on a leash. Little Britain's role in the Ukraine war is clearly a testimony to that claim. Watch closely how they even report their inflation figures in tandem as always, LOL.

That raid on the BBC offices is sure to elicit demands by the Brits for Sunak to take a stand on the matter, knowing the BBC is the de facto propaganda arm of the British Government. Now Sunak is caught between a rock and a hard place. Pacifying either side is out of the question for him. Not taking sides is just impossible for his survival as the problem has to be solved somehow.

On the one hand Sunak is anxious to capitalise on doing more trade with India, with Modi being the first one he called after becoming PM, primarily with the aim to ink trade agreements with India going forward. On the other hand, Little Britain is being given a serious shock and awe by Brexit, with more and more British businesses moving house to the EU and elsewhere and Sunak is banking on India to provide some relief with its market size and growth potential.

That exit by British companies and industries is unleashing a double whammy on Little Britain's economy. The first is the jobs moving out following the businesses exiting. The other is the loss of tax revenue from those companies shifting to Europe and elsewhere.



What is Regime Change?

 What is Colonialism?  

'the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.'  

'domination of a people or area by a foreign state or nation : the practice of extending and maintaining a nation's political and economic control over another people or area'.

Regime Change

According to Wikipedia, ' Regime change is the partly forcible or coercive replacement of one government regime with another. Regime change may replace all or part of the state's most critical leadership system, administrative apparatus, or bureaucracy. Regime change may occur through domestic processes, such as revolution, coup, or reconstruction of government following state failure or civil war. It can also be imposed on a country by foreign actors through invasion, overt or covert interventions, or coercive diplomacy. Regime change may entail the construction of new institutions, the restoration of old institutions, and the promotion of new ideologies.

Above are definitions of Colonialism and Regime Change available in the net or in western dictionaries. Notice how innocent the definition were phrased to give the impression that Colonialism and Regime Change are something so neutral, a natural course of events in history. There is no evil or words to condemn these two western practices that the West applied on the rest of the world, to conquer, invade, to kill, massacre, genocide, loot, plunder and rob countries of their wealth and to dominate and subdue people into slavery, to be owned by the invaders to do the will of the invaders.

When the West committed crimes against humanity,  oppression and suppression, they invented words and phrases and explained them without any sense or implication of crime or guilt or evilness. The colonised people read about Colonialism in western history like a fairy tale, with no anger, revulsion, no animosity nor rage to want to condemn Colonialism and to want to demand justice and reparation. Some even speak about Colonialism so affectionately, falling in love with the rulers, kings and queens of their invaders, their colonial masters, as a happy event in history. Some are very proud of being colonised and had the good fortune to pay respect and worship the kings or queens like their overlords. Many of the colonised states of the British Empire did not see anything wrong, despicable, humiliating to be members of the British Commonwealth, a symbol of Colonialism disguised as a good thing.

Regime Change is just as violent and destructive, often with bloodshed, and if enforced by foreigners, another form of invasion, an act of war. Colonialism and Regime Change should be treated as war crimes, violation of human rights, anti democracy, oppression and Imperialism or Colonialism. The UN and countries of the world must condemn Regime Change and Colonialism as war crimes. No country has the right to conduct Regime Change in another country. With the western media controlling the thinking and minds of the rest of the world, they have succeeded in making the rest of the world talk about Regime Change like a tea party. No crime, no condemnation or disapproval is attached to Regime Change. And the Americans happily and arrogantly talk about conducting Regime Change in countries they labelled as enemy states, like it is an acceptable practice for them to do so. 

Why is this so? Why is Regime Change being spoke so freely and so easily, like Colonialism by non white people when they are always the victims of white men's Regime Change. Now Biden is even talking about Regime Change in Russia and getting away with it without  the Russians calling it an act of war? What if the Russians were to talk about a Regime Change in Ukraine or in any European countries? Horror, how can Russia be talking about such an aggressive act of war?

The White Men have very cleverly been using words to cover up their crimes against the people of the world, and the people of the world unwittingly, unthinkingly, did not find this unacceptable and to protest or to condemn the crimes of the White men. It is only Colonialism. It is only Regime Change. The rest of the world have been blinded, confused by the White men and could not tell the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong. They have embraced Colonialism and Regime Change by the White men against them like just another event in life.

When are the rest of the world going to wake up and call a spade a spade?

Regime Change by external forces is an act of war.  

American plans to control Europe and Russia partially successful


With almost the whole Anglo Saxon clique backing Ukraine, Russia is alone fighting the war ironically on two fronts, military and economic. With all that support and aid by the clique, isn't it surprising that after a year, they still failed to chase the Russians out of Ukraine? So, the question is, is Russia losing the war? Russia ought to have been beaten back by now. Instead, what we know is that Russia is beefing up its forces, up to 500,000 troops, now said to be used to defend their hold in Eastern Ukraine. That is a formidable force.

The most obvious immediate sign, from the start, of failures was turning the Russian Ruble into rubbles, that turned out to be a fantasy. The second obvious failure were the sanctions, making Russia undoubtedly the most sanctioned country in the history of the world, and yet doing Russia is doing better than the UK economically. That is a turn out from the books.

The most telling failure was cutting off Russian energy exports to Europe, which has done more harm than good for the EU. What is the EU going to do going forward, realistically having to pay for energy that is four times more expensive than what they were getting from Russia via pipelines? Sorry for repeating that. This is not a short term issue, but will take years to overcome.

This winter in Europe was relatively mild and stockpiling before the war was able to compensate for the shortage of Russian gas. Can industries in Europe afford the wait for cheaper energy and lose its competitive edge without more cheap Russian imports? The answer is obvious. Moreover, OPEC+ is no longer the fall back energy tap for the USA to turn on and off as it likes. USA producers themselves are not willing to ramp up production with more investments, designed to flood the market with oil, which is detrimental to their bottom line.

Even if Russia loses the war, Europe will still suffer the consequences of expensive energy for a long time to come. Russian energy supplies have now pivoted towards the East, with India now the biggest importer of Russian energy, followed by China and surprisingly Saudi Arabia. These three countries alone can easily absorb what the Russians failed to pump to Europe, so who loses? With China opening up, and India picking up economic momentum, more energy from Russia will be in the pipeline. 

PS by Redbean. 
The Americans now have absolute control of Europe but Russia is getting stronger by the day. Europe is doomed for sure. This is how the Americans destroy Europe and eventually destroying themselves.

Soros to topple Modi

Soros invested US$50 million to support NGOs around the world, with the intended purpose of creating chaos in many countries on the pretext of advancing democracy. That plus the US$300 million by the USA, and more by the West, is no small potato to destablise countries they do not like. Using that leverage, Soros was also able to launch attacks against currencies across the world to benefit his empire. He failed in Hong Kong and also in Malaysia going against strong leaders like Mahathir and Xi.

According to reports, Soros invested about US$12 million in NGOs in India alone, most of which primarily in advancing democratic parameters in India. Now, India is already touted as the biggest democracy in the world, with elections held according to schedule. Why is there a need to promote more democratic parameters in India? The crux of the matter is, the USA failed to control Modi as their stooge and they need a regime change to fix that.

By openly advocating a regime change in India using Soros, it sends a clear message to India and Modi that further unrest in India is not impossible, using the Muslim issue as base. India and Modi must now realise that what the USA is doing against China is also what they are in for moving forward. It may be unthinkable for the USA to kick up another confrontation on another front with India, but they desperately need to pry India's suppoort away from Russia, knowing Ukraine is in dire straits. Attacking India and Modi seems the only way out.

Biden had also broached the subject of a regime change in Russia, which came under criticism worldwide. It is gross interference in the internal affairs of another country. They may be able to do regime changes in smaller countries, but Russia is no small country and a military power as well. On top of that Russia is a resource rich country and will not fall so easily. 



UN to POFMA social media but not govt spreading lies and propaganda


Clayton Morris: We better pay attention to what their doing to us - 16 minutes

Once they labelled you as extremist or spreading lies, hatreds etc etc, you are dead meat. Many top American and western professors and journalists have been attacked and cancelled by the American Empire. No more freedom of speech except for the rogue American and western govts. They would not be affected and they can continue to spread lies to start wars. Also all the main media of American cronies and doggies. All social media that are critical of the evil American Empire would have to stop publishing, including Clayton Morris' Redacted, George Galloway's MOATS, MSN, etc etc.

Main media or govts spreading lies would not be affected. They would be exempted and all the western main media can continue to spread their lies and hate against their labelled enemies.

The SOP of the American lies is about a future threat or event, like the end of the world. The world is coming to an end, give me all your money. They are spreading the lie that China would be as evil as the Americans in the future, like wanting to be a world hegemon, starting wars everywhere. So much join the American gangsters, the current world hegemon, the warmonger, to attack China.

In a simpler analogy, if the Americans say your father is going to become a rapist in the future, would you report to him to the police now and get him arrested or chase him out of the house? Only silly believers of the Americans would accept this kind of lies without question and turn against a China that is not involved in any wars and has not been a world empire or hegemon. And the believers would believe the next lie of the Americans, that China is peaceful now but can still be aggressive and expansionist in the future. So much hate China and go against China, but not the evil American Empire, the rogue Empire that is starting and fighting wars everywhere to remain as the world hegemon, killing and destroying people and countries.

Stupidity has no cure.

Americans out to wreck India and bring down Modi

George Soros is now targeting India and Modi, and talking about a regime change before 2024. Soros is leveraging on the Muslim issue in India, hyping it up to create more chaos, like what the USA and allies were doing in Xinjiang before. The USA and its doggies knew Modi is a strong leader and difficult to hold down, and we in turn know who is behind George Soro's move.

India is in the crosshairs of the Evil Empire over its stand on Ukraine, and its continued support for Russian energy exports and its war funding. It does, however, come as quite a surprise that this is happening to India so soon, and the attacks so co-ordinated after the release of the Hindenburg Research papers that was supposed to create turmoil in the Indian stock market and financial system. That the damage was minimal is now forcing the hand of the USA and the West. They have to move up a notch with their attack.

The USA is trying very hard to make India move away from Russia, the same modus operandi they were used to split the China/Russia alliance. The effect of these three breaking up is instrumental to the USA's successful designs on Europe, which is the total collapse of Russia leading to a regime change. The oil and other sanctions failed, so far, to curb Russia's ability to sustain the war in Ukraine. The biggest shock was that despite Russia being the most sanctioned country on earth, it is still doing much better than the UK and Europe. This is giving the USA and the West something to think of.

With the weapons support by the West for Ukraine looking unsustainable, they are desperately asking Allies to step up their support by sending tanks to Ukraine for Zelenskyy. Will tanks be another game changer? Russia has thousands of tanks engaged in the war in Ukraine. What is a few dozen tanks for Ukraine going to achieve?



Covid19 - "America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths" Jimmy Dore


24 minutes about psychopath America. 

It is not just about the Ukraine War. It is about the evilness of Covid vaccines and psychopaths. Those that are accomplices to this scheme, be warned, your time is up and you are going to face justice very soon. The truth is coming out, painful and still being suppressed but not for long. 

Pfizer admitted in US courts that they did not defraud the govts. They just delivered the fraud the govts bought.

The believers are no longer going to keep believing in this vaccine blindly. Their views have changed and more and more people are coming forward to stop this genocide. The truth cannot be kept under the carpet any more. The truth must surface.

The people are fighting back to save lives, not allowing the psychopaths to take lives.

America is a terrorist state, run by psychopaths.

The big pharmas are criminals. and so are the psychopaths.

PS. Rage Against the War Machine demonstration the the Lincoln War Memorial in Washington on Sunday, 19 Feb 2023.


What is wrong with you?

 How many Koreans and Chinese did the Americans killed in the Korean War?

 How many Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians did the Americans killed in the Vietnam War?

 How many Afghans did the Americans killed in the Afghan War?

 How many Iraqis did the Americans killed in the Iraq War?

 How many Syrians and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Syrian War?

How many Libyans and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Libyan War?

How many Slavs and Muslims did the Americans killed in the Kosovo War?

And we are not asking about the native Americans and black African slaves killed in North and South America.

Other than the Korean War, when hundreds of thousands of Chinese young men and women died fighting the Americans, China was not involved in any of these wars and did not kill anyone, 0, not even 1.

And the Americans demonise China as an aggressor, the bad guy, and you believe in this lie?

What is wrong with you?

And so many Arabs and Muslims have been massacred by the Americans in the above wars and in Palestine everyday, and you believe in American shit that there is genocide in Xinjiang and China is violating the human rights of the Uyghurs?

What is wrong with you?

And no Muslim countries, not even one, believes in the American lies about Xinjiang, but you still believe in the American lies! 

What is wrong with you?

Biden is so lucky...He is protected by Dementia. He has no problem, he can't remember any.


The advantage that Biden has over Xi is that he has his dementia to fall back on as an excuse, and does not need to remember what problems he is facing. He needs to be told what is happening by his handlers, appointed by the Deep State. So by saying that Xi has more problems than him is not wrong, as he cannot remember what problems he himself is facing.

Even on the rostrum, he needs to refer to prompt cards telling him when to sit down and when to move on. Sometimes, after a speech, he turns around to shake hands with invisible people and sometimes he just wanders off in a daze. He is definitely suffering from 'elderly abuse' by his handlers.

The most ridiculous part is that he has a Vice President that is not able to help him, but instead is a big liability, totally unable to do anything correctly. Kamala Harris made basic mistakes visiting countries and embarrasing her host, and makes loud cackles to cover her inability to answer serious questions by laughing them off. On being given the job of looking after the Southern Border, she is reported to have made blunders that the Administration had to correct afterwards.

Of course there are also mistakes that Biden himself made, like boasting of a 'US$350 billion Digital Transformation' for Africa that had to be walked back afterwards by the
Administration and reduced to a mere 'US$350 million', or US$7 million for each of the 51 African countries. US$7 million to do what Digital Transformation? That is worse than the US$15 million given to each ASEAN country for patrol boats, which is already an insult.

Biden is basically looking down on Africans as beggars with such meagre aid, that had Africans and the world sniggering at it. That US$350 million is not even enough for each African to buy a roll of toilet paper, knowing that Africa has a population of 1.4 billion. Even beggars in Red Dot are asking for much more to buy lunch, which you can imagine how much it is.

Oops, sorry, are there beggars in Red Dot?


Apple producing Orange phones in India


Apple tried producing Apple iPhones in India, but the Indians are helping Apple to produce Orange iphones instead.

Now, Apple is not the only company getting what it deserves. Japan and China tendered for the construction of high speed rails in India and Japan was selected for the project. But it turned out that the inability to get the contract was in fact a blessing in disguise for the Chinese. Why?

Japan found out the hard way that doing things in India is not as straight forward as they thought. Indians are famous for adding in conditions and varying contracts after they have been signed. In one instance, the Indians varied the conditions in the contract unilaterally, by insisting that the Japanese have to use Indian made steel for the construction, which the Japanese found out to be substandard. Of course someone had to give way eventually. Moreover, the Japanese are going to find plenty of complaints after the completion of the HSR, which is expected from the Indians and compensation will be asked for sure, in order to lower the price.

The other problem the Japanese found out too late was the difficulty of land acquisition from private owners for the rail construction by the Indian Government, which delayed the project and added to the cost. India is a democracy and getting things done is not as simple as in China. Bureaucracy and public opinion matters as Indian voters can be difficult to deal with, and the India Government had been known to have been forced to walk back on policy changes.

The reason China can move so fast and progress so well is the system that made moving forward so easy. There are no voters to hold the Government hostage. What took democratic countries years to move from planning stage to start of construction, the Chinese had probably already finished their projects and moving on. The HSR in Laos is an example, while the Indian HSR is still stuck midway over land rights. India had plans for HSR since the 1980 and not one line is complete with numerous still just under consideration.



Investing or gambling in India

 Many states have invested in India and many have pulled out, crawled out with bruises all over them. Many western corporations too have gone in and out and made a lot of losses before calling it a day, knowing that the unfathomable rules and Indian ways of doing business are beyond them to comprehend and to make money from their investments. Indian laws are very watery and very flexible and very like the American's so called rules based order. There are laws and there are lawlessness depending on which side you are in.

But India is still very attractive in the long term. It still has a lot of room to grow, a lot of potential, a lot of people, a lot to build and improve. India has a lot of everything to those looking for opportunities to invest. Many see India as the next China and are willing to jump in as the first mover to reap big profit should India becomes the next China. India has many similarities with China and expecting India to be like China is a reasonable hope. Of course there are differences, especially in the culture and politics of India. And there is this great democracy that India boasts about, the greatest asset of India and also the biggest trap for foreign investors.

Modi has set 2030 for India to be a developed country. This is good news for all investors and believers. To achieve this goal, India must move very fast, must change very fast. The India of yester years would not do. China is lucky in a way, with a central govt that could make quick decisions and move things quickly, central planning and top down policies, something that a great democracy like India would be difficult to do. The Chinese people would accept top down decisions with lesser resistance. The Chinese culture of respecting authority, the central govt, are a plus which India would never be able to do.

For the optimists, there is always hope and a brighter future to look forward to. Investing in India is a long term process, and can be a very long term process, maybe a never ending process. There are many sink holes and quagmires in India that investors would have to navigate very carefully. Many of these are unpredictable but obvious and investors are wary of.

So far not many investors, private or state, have been successful investing in India. Have not heard of a foreign investor making it good in India. No success story to tell. Only Indian companies are successful with foreign capital, ie easy money. For individual or state investors, when the going is tough, keep going, keep throwing in more money and hoping for the best. To some, when too much have been sunk in India, it is a road of no return. It is like gambling in a sense. Pulling out is not an option as the losses are colossal and too frightening to tell. So just keep throwing more money into the bottomless pit and hope for the best, hoping that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.  If not, just stay invested and keep pretending that all is well and one day, not sure if that day will come, one day they will be able to recoup their massive losses.

Investing in India needs a lot of fat hope and a lot of money to lose. And it is really a long term investment, maybe for decades and generations to come, before one can see profit, if it ever comes. As long as one stays invested, as long as one has the money to keep investing, no one would know the losses.

India is a place where angels would not dare to tread. Only the exceptionally brilliants, or the hopefuls, or the gamblers, would dare to risk their money in India. Hopefully the money they risked is not their own money, but OPM. When OPM is concerned, just keep gambling and hoping, all will be fine in the long run, in the long, long run. If not, just run.

There is always the possibility that India would be another China in the long run. Modi's target is 2030, not very long to wait. If Indians can run all the top American companies, then Indians can surely turn India into like American companies. The US is a big democracy just like India. Only difference is that American democracy came after the country got rich from looting and stealing other people's land and resources and massacring the natives of the land. India is a democracy before it comes rich, and had its resources and wealth stolen by the likes of the Americans, ie the same AngloSaxon Brits. And also had its people massacred by the British.

Who has more problems? Xi or Biden?

The unravelling Ohio train disaster is starting to be a topic that the USA Government originally had been trying very hard to suppress, with balloongate taking top attention by the USA Government to divert attention over the environmental disaster unfolding, Biden's hidden documents, Hunter's laptop, Biden's involvement in blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, and the perceived failure of all the sanctions against Russia. What is less prominentaly discussed is the effect of those sanctions hitting the EU more than Russia. It backfired badly.

Toxic chemicals are now said to be leaking into groundwater and acid rain is forming over a wide area. Social media is now covering the disaster widely, with mainstream journalists arrested earlier on the pretext of interfering with Government people fighting the chemical leak. The long term disastrous effect is unknown, but will certainly not be admitted.

By the way, another train derailement occurred in Texas, also carrying toxic chemicals. This is the result of infrastructures not being propertly maintained, which is going to haunt the USA going forward. They have an unending flow of money for the Ukraine War, US$350 million (originally it was US$350 billion) for Digital Transformation of Africa, US$150 million for buying patrol boats for ASEAN, US$600 billion (US$200 billion from USA) for global infrastructure developments to compete with the BRI, but unable to have money to refurbish their falling infrastructures. Besides the real money flowing into Ukraine, the rest of the planned aid are probably just basically hot air that never got off the ground.

PS. Biden alleged that Xi has more problems. 

Yeah, Xi is trying to find time to meet foreign heads of state visiting China. Big problem. 

Xi also trying to find time visiting the villages to greet the Chinese people Happy Chinese New Year.  Big problem to meet 1.4b people across the China.


Lawrence Wong's 'bee tang' Budget for everyone


Singaporeans would be receiving a whole year of cash, vouchers and rebates from the govt. Please say thank you. I got a feeling the GE is around the corner. A few billion from the reserves would be shared with adult Singaporeans.  Not sure how much is this compares to the numerous of tax increases collected.  Also not sure if these are enough to offset the inflating of prices of everything, especially the hawker food in food courts and hawker centres. 

What do you think?

The good news is that the largese would be for Singaporeans only, not PRs or locals that are not Singaporeans. The bad news, many PRs or locals would want to become Singaporeans to dilute the population with more foreigners. Not sure if foreigners given citizenship effective today would also be entitled to the handouts that came from our reserves or from taxpayers' money.

Vote for more good years!

When Taiwan returns to China

Taiwan is now touted as the next Ukraine. Do the Taiwanese want to be the next Ukraine? A small section of the Taiwanese is still high on western drugs, hallucinating about a separate Taiwan and can live happily ever after. They did not know that their good life today is dependent on China. China has been very kind and very generous towards the Chinese people in Taiwan, just like it has been very kind and generous towards Hong Kong. Both Taiwan and Hong Kong would be economically crippled should China decide to turn off the tap.  Their geography did not give them a chance to survive on their own when China imposes a sea and air blockade. Not a mosquito could break through such a dragnet.

An independent Taiwan is only good for a few individuals in power, for their egos and self interests. An independent Taiwan is not necessarily good for the majority of the people in Taiwan. The drug called Democracy is not a panacea for a good life. Many ex colonial states are struggling to be democratic and prosperous but find it very difficult to do so. The Democracy Trap is actually a colonial misrepresentation, a drug, a make belief that all would be well if a state has a democratic govt. The reality is not so. Even western states are struggling with democracy and may be brought down by democracy. Democracy as a stable political system only came about when the western states were fairly well developed and rich, from the spoils of colonialism and exploitation. Without the largese of colonialism, democracy is at best a three legged chair, unstable and unable to support the economic growth of a state. 

The western powers are trolling with the concept of democracy as the means to a good life, freedom, human rights etc etc. The truth is that democracy is their tool to destabilise and control the developing states. Such states would always be unstable, to be exploited and controlled by the West. They would keep such so called democratic states in a state of limbo and political vex, and be dependent on the goodwill and generosity of the West to prop them up as a forever three legged chair. They would in a way be another form of a colonial state serving another form of colonial master, still the West.

China's experiment, through a lot of trials and tribulation, has slowly seen the emergence of a mixed political and economic system that has proven to be effective in bettering the life of its people. It may not be the perfect formula, but it works. If not, China would not be what it is today and running stronger everyday while the western states are crumbling and turning to dust. 

The Democracy that the Americans are propagating is a lie. Look at what is happening to their domestic condition, look at what is happening to Europe! The whole of Europe is under the dictatorship of the American Empire. Do as you are told and obey. When the Americans said, fight and die, they would fight and die. The Americans even cut off their vital oil and gas from Russia and they dare not even confront the Americans about it, dare not talk about it. And have to buy American gas and oil at 4 times the price and be completely dependent on the Americans and at the coercion of the Americans. 

Is this what the Chinese people in Taiwan want? Ignore the few insane Taiwanese joining forces with the Japanese and half Japanese wanting to turn Taiwan into another Ukraine. The Japanese and half Japanese have nothing to lose even if Taiwan becomes another Ukraine. They can run to Japan or the USA. The majority of the Taiwanese have no where to run to.

When Taiwan returns to China, it would be prosperity all around for the Chinese people in the island. Their children can dream of becoming rich and successful in China and can even aspire to be the President of China, the richest and safetest country in the world.

Ukraine - Treacherous Americans running out of options

The USA and the West are now claiming Russia does not want peace in Ukraine. When peace was within reach, they scuttled it time and again. What are they talking about?

Now that the war is dragging on in Ukraine, with Russia getting ready for the big assault, they are talking about wanting peace, even using the UN for leverage. They had only planned for the war to last for a short spell, with sanctions expected to cripple Russia and causing its quick collapse, and ripe for a regime change. Now, they realised they had it all wrong and could not untangle themselves.

The fact is, they are unable to keep aiding Ukraine without knowing when the war will end, and are generating all kinds of excuses like telling Ukraine they needed months to manufacture tanks for them, fooling Germany to commit tanks to Ukraine like a fool. Now Olaf Schulz is having his testicles caught in seaweed as what the Chinese like to say.

Undoubtedly, Germany is burning its bridges with Russia for eternity. Putin has long memories and he planned his move after bidding his time. Eight years of letting the West play around with the Minsk Agreement, is time enough for him to get ready his stockpile of weapons, and his weapons manufacturing industries are now churning out missiles and weapons that the West found unsettling.

The USA is caught in a bind, tangled up in Europe and unable to pivot towards China. There is only a short time frame for them to capitalise on their slight edge over China overall, but that gap is closing fast. They knew it, but they have to deal with Russia seperately first, and they are finding out the difficulty of doing so the hard way.

With Russia and China sticking together, they USA is unable to have any edge taking both of them together. But destroying Russia is now not a fait accompli and confronting China now is not to its advantage. The USA is roping in Japan, allowing Japan to expand its military to take on China. Japan should remember North Korea is now watching. Neither is Russia unaware.



Xi Jinping invited President of Iran to visit China

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will make an official visit to China next week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said.

Raisi’s planned visit will take place between February 14 and 16 and is at the invitation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the ministry announced in a statement on Sunday.

The three-day trip will include talks between Raisi and Xi, a joint meeting of the leaders with Iranian and Chinese businessmen, and the signing of cooperation documents between the delegations of the two countries, according to Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency.  RT

This is how an official visit by a foreign leader would be announced. The Chinese Foreign Ministry would announce the dates and the agenda of the visit and at the invitation of the Chinese President Xi.

Compare this to the so called Blinken visit to China. That was announced by the Americans but the Chinese did not say anything. Blinken's visit was initiated by the Americans without consulting and getting consent from China.  It was not by the invitation of China. 

When China invites a friend, there would be pre visit consultation and discussion on the agenda, which is usually on cooperation to the benefits of both countries. When someone wants to pay a visit to China without being invited, there would also be consultation and discussion by both parties. In the Blinken case, China would want to know what he wants to discuss and whether China would want to discuss with him. China would also set the time and place for the visit which may or may not be in Beijing, depending on the value of the visit. Xi would not want to meet him for sure.

In the visit of Iran's President, China would play the hospitable host, laying out red carpet and all the niceties to make the visiting President feel welcome. China would play the warm and gracious host. In a non invite visit, especially one like the Blinken visit that is unfriendly and wanting to talk about conflicts and meddling with China's internal affair, China would act very official and business like, minus all the pleasantries. It would very likely be like a war talk.

Blinken's cancelling of his visit to China could likely be due to China's disagreement on his agenda as China would no longer waste time talking to unfriendly and rude visitors wanting to mess around with China. Blinken probably got the message when his agenda was thrown out of the window and ended up with nothing to talk about. He had no choice but to call off the visit. The hot air balloon as an excuse to call off the visit was exactly what it was all about, hot air. 

China did not invite him to visit Beijing as the US has been misbehaving with so much hostility and creating so much trouble for China. China did not care whether he comes a calling, and can spend time doing more important things. Though Blinken is still saying he would like to visit China, it is unlikely that he would be warmly received. He might be the first Secretary of State that have not been invited to China, have not set foot in China. He might even be sanctioned like Pompeo once he left office.

There is no reason for China to want to invite him. Period.


Covid19 - After hundreds of millions of infection and deaths....and billions wasted

 After billions spent on a questionable experimental vaccine, after hundreds of millions of infection and tens of millions of deaths, the Pandemic is over, just like that, like Donald Trump said. When the heat was on, when the perpetrators were hyping the threat and hysteria, exactly like the frenzy over a hot air balloon, the masses were the first casualty of fear. 

Look at the lies over the hot air balloon insanity. Look at how easy the masses could be turned into unthinking paranoid beans, including silly journalists, unable to sieve out the simple truth from available evidence and facts that even a child could figure out. The insanity of the Pandemic is no difference from the hot air balloon insanity except at a bigger scale, a world wide scale. If the American propaganda machine has its way, and keeps paying silly anti China journalists of Chinese origin, then the hot air balloon insanity could go on and on. The American journalists called the American bluff to name the alleged 40 countries that balloons were found, but the American spokesman could not answer.

Just before the final nail was slammed into the coffin of this drummed up Pandemic, more hysteria were fabricated with the opening up of China. China was the only country that introduced very stringent measures to curb the spread of the virus, even being attacked for 'draconian' measures like large scale lockdowns. But China succeeded in managing the Pandemic with the least infection and death on a per capita basis. 

What happened when China decided to stop its zero Covid policy and to open up? China was immediately smeared with hundreds of millions of infection and millions of deaths within days of its change in policy. The virus all of a sudden was spread across the whole of China, affecting almost 90 percent of the population. This is more than 1b Chinese infected. And the callafare countries with lax or no control like the USA and India reported only 104m and 44m infections. And the total infection cases for the whole world is less than 700m cases. Can you believe the farce in the numbers? Your commonsense would tell you these are lies.

Compare this with countries that did not have stringent measures, people going about without masks and inter mingling happily in large crowds, some with very poor hygiene practices and unhealthy environment? Strangely, these countries did not have any outbreak or widespread of infections and deaths. How come? No control, loose control, reckless behaviours, careless and total disregard of the virus, and they are safer than China, a country that was obsessed with stringent measures to protect its people from the infection. Does it make sense? What is the agenda? What is the intent?

Not only China was flamed as a country being devoured by the virus and people dying everywhere, a nation and people in grief. The next narrative is that more dangerous mutant virus would come out from China. Why no more dangerous mutants could come out from countries that have poor hygiene, unhealthy environment, reckless behaviour and little preventive measures? Why no one is expecting more dangerous mutants to come out from the USA that was having a new mutant called XBB 1.5 and spreading across the country like wild fire? Why dangerous mutants could come out from China...in the future but not from the USA or other loose and reckless countries? What kind of logic is that?

The other bizarre narrative is about how effective was the experimental vaccine that were injected to billions of people and still could not stop the spread of the virus and hundreds of millions of people were infected. And the narrative was to call for more boosters and boosters, and the result was more infections. How silly can this be? What is the agenda or motive for urging or even coercing people to be vaccinated with 4, 5, 6 or more booster jabs when it was so obvious that the vaccines were ineffective in preventing infection? And the other narrative that it could prevent serious illness was questionable. It was as difficult to prove that it was effective in this claim as the case of proving people dying from the vaccines.

Now that the Pandemic is as good as over overnight, are there still calls to get people to be injected with more boosters?

By the way, China has already relaxed all the stringent measures and its people are travelling everywhere around the world. Where is the grief in China? Where are the dangerous mutants that was expected, according to the lies of the West? Why no new mutant appearing in China? Why are the Chinese tourists and visitors not spreading new viruses everywhere they go?  Something went wrong with the scaremongering? Or was it all lies and mischievous lies that stupid people were made to believe in?

This Pandemic would go down in history as the most mischievous and disturbing event in humankind with unnecessary losses of lives and money. The next Pandemic would be hot air balloons. Be prepared, be warned. Now, what kind of vaccines can they produced to protect the masses from hot air balloon Pandemic? 

Oh, according to Bill Gates, the next real big one is coming in 2025 originating in Brazil. Be sure there will be a new kind of experimental vaccine all ready to tackle the new Pandemic. Trust Gates the new God with omniprescience ability.