Hong Kong - Who would object to anti terrorist and subversive laws?

The introduction of laws against terrorism, subversion and treason in Hong Kong is a legitimate and normal process in many countries, in fact every country has such laws. Hong Kong is an exception because of the historical reasons behind its existence. Now, who on earth would be against the introduction of such laws?

The terrorists of course, and people that have intent to commit treason and subversion against the country, against Hong Kong and China. Would ISIS or other international terrorist organisations object to these laws? Yes, but they did not because they have no intent to commit such acts against Hong Kong or China. Only the guilty parties, the potential terrorists and mischief makers would.

The world's Number One terrorist country have objected the loudest. The evil Empire objects to the introduction of such legitimate and necessary laws to protect the interest of Hong Kong and China. Why, because they are the terrorists and the backers and financers of international terrorists and the terrorists and subversive elements in Hong Kong.

And they celebrate and cheer whenever Hongkongers riot in the streets, to burn buildings and cars and attack the police. This is what this wicked woman said of the rioting in Hong Kong. '“It is a beautiful sight to behold and I commend the courage of the people there for speaking out in light of China’s actions in Hong Kong these days…” said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she applauded the violent HK protests.'

When Hong Kong burns, they rejoice and egg the Hongkongers to burn more, to kill more policemen. But now they are faced with the same problem in many big cities in America. And what are they saying, no violent protest, no burning of buildings and cars. Protest must be peaceful. They did not like the beautiful protests in the streets of USA like those in Hong Kong. Why? Should not they also be cheering and celebrating and calling their protests beautiful? This is God's message to the Hong Kong, see the true colours of the evil white men and women and their mischievous intent.

Why do these evil people encouraged the Hongkongers to be violent but not the Americans? Think. Would Hongkongers think and see through the hypocrisy of the Americans, making them their tools to bring down China?

The best thing for Hongkongers that do not like to live in Hong Kong under Chinese laws is to move out. The British are opening the door to welcome them. There is no need to be violent and be made use of by mischievous Americans to serve the agenda of the Americans and become cannon fodder.

There is now a way out, just get out peacefully. It is good for everyone, without the need for bloodshed and bad blood. Do the right thing. Hong Kong can never be separated from China. It is an integral part of Chinese territory. It is a lost cause. Just go when they are still welcome in Britain before they paint themselves into a corner and have no where to go.

Do not become the pawns of the evil Empire. Trump said, when the looting starts, the shooting starts, in American cities. When the Hongkongers pushed too hard, the shooting would also start in Hong Kong. Every country would do the same. It is the right thing to do. The USA and China would do the same thing.

PS. Trump called the rioters in American cities thugs but called the Hong Kong rioters heroes. He would not allow mob violence.  But why is mob violence in Hong Kong supported and encouraged by him and his evil men?  Would the Hongkongers think about this?  White men speak in fork tongue.


Black America -This is what the black Americans faced in the USA - Fear of white racism

The USA is not what you think it is. Hear the views of black Americans and how they fear the white policemen, white racism. Black parents are telling their children before they leave their homes, how not to resist when approach by white policemen in order to stay alive.

A can of worms has just been opened.

Let it burn, let it burn!

This is the only way to stop the Americans from more mischievous all over the world.

This is the only way to stop the Americans from starting more wars.

This is the only way to stop the Americans from killing more people.

Let America burn, keep them busy at home.

God works in a mysterious way....to save the world from the evil white men.


Trump versus Bush Jr, between a D grader and a fool

All Americans knew that George Bush Junior was a D grader and did not put much hope or expectation in him as a President. They knew what to expect and accept the consequences of his inept. They never expect anyone to do worse than Bush Jr until Trump comes along.

By now, every American is calling Trump a fool, an idiot, a clown. It is this combination that is unbeaten. Only in such a combination can another president perform worse than Bush Jr. Thanks to their great democratic system for throwing up a D grader followed by a clown, fool cum idiot.

And the good thing about the American political system, they made their choice and would live by their decision for 4 years, maybe 8 years if they are stupid enough to re elect Trump again. The alternative in Joe Biden is nothing wiser or better.  As Trump tweeted, that sleepy Joe would sleep in his job.

But not to worry. Given Trump's ego and unpredictability and penchant to tear the law book, he would by hook or by crook keep himself in the White House if he is not going to win the re election. And the path he has chosen and paving for his stay in the White House would be another text book strategy. Create enough tension and trouble, if not at home, internationally.

Start a war is a high possibility in Trump's playbook and China is the red herring. Everything is about spoiling a fight with China. A new Cold War has started following the Trade War. The only concern is that this is very risky and would cost lives, thousands or millions of life. But knowing Trump, and perhaps the warmongering hate China and hate Chinese mindset of the Americans, this is not something to be ruled out.

What can be worse off than a D grader? A clown, fool cum idiot of course. And what can be worse off than this, a sleepy Joe that will sleep on the job, perhaps.

While Trump and his evil men were desperately trying to incite violence in China and Hongkong, God is working quietly to return violence in the American homeland, just like the return of the virus to roost. Only God can bring these mad men to their knees and destroy this evil Empire.  As the time of the evil Empire is coming to an end, every vicious acts would immediately be replied with a more severe ones in America. What you show you shalt reap will happen faster than you think when the end is near.

How not the Evil Empire shall fall? The cards in hand are just that, blanks.


USA - The uncivilised state, the lying state

The lunatics in the USA are calling China an uncivilised state. When the Chinese were sipping tea the white apes were still struggling in the caves or swing from tree to tree. And the moment these uncivilised white apes got out of Europe, they went on a killing spree across the world, killing the natives and accusing them as half humans or non humans. Millions of natives across the whole were killed brutally by these white apes.

The killing instinct of these white apes is still virulent in their genes. While China is devoting all its energy and resources in economic development peacefully, the white apes continue in their killing campaign, nonstop all over the world since the end of WW2. These uncivilised beasts would not not stop killing even during this pandemic when the UN called for a cessation of all wars. The white uncivilised apes would not. They continue to kill the Arabs and Muslims and the Afghans and threatening to start more wars. And the got the cheek to call a peaceful nation like China, not involved in any wars as uncivilised!

And at home they continue to kill the blacks because they were blacks. Attack Asians because they were Asians. Look at the white beasts and their weapons hanging all over them in their protest for closing down because of the pandemic. The poor blacks, after being caught like wild animals to be beasts, continue to suffer under the hands of the white beasts that claimed to be civilised. Daily, the blacks are being killed in the USA by the white police apes that were supposed to be protect them.

And the white apes keep harping and smearing China, selling the narrative that China and Chinese are liars and untrustworthy. On the other hand their presidents, including the clown in the White House, have been on record, lying for thousands of times to the Americans and to the world. And there is this lunatic by the name of Pompeo that proudly told Congress that he lied, he cheated and he stole. And this big fat ape continuously accused China of lying. A professional liar calling others liars.

The white apes have been proven to have fabricated all kinds of fake news, lies, to kill and kill. Most glaring example is the accusation of Saddam Hussein having WMD. And after the dust had settled, all the evidence of the 911 bombing pointed to an internal job, a false flag incident and blaming on ISIS.

And now, with the pandemic, with all the evidence pointing to origin of the virus coming from Fort Detrick, USA, the white lying apes are trying to put the blame on China by screaming to the world daily and using the white media to do the work to demonise China.

This is outrageous, the most uncivilised white apes accusing China, a peaceful country of being uncivilised. A country of liars headed by a few lunatics, calling China untrustworthy. A bunch of white apes that refused to stop killing other people and claiming to be a peace loving nation.

The poor Arabs and Muslims and their very own black Afro Americans are at their mercy, dying everyday, being gun down on the streets like dogs. The blacks can only cry, hapless, as the country was ruled by white apes that hate blacks and killing blacks is second nature to them, after centuries of slavery and lynching blacks and exploiting the blacks as sub human beans. It would not end until the white apes are civilised, maybe another thousand years.

The cries of Martin Luther King for freedom, equality and being free in the land of the free is still crying to be heard. But the white apes would only turn a deaf ear to him. There is no freedom, no civil rights, no justice in the land of the free for coloured people, especially the blacks and Asians.

A black revolution is waiting to happen to turn the cart against the oppressive and uncivilised white apes.  All the sheepish plea for justice, calls for reasons and less racial discrimination would be futile. It is in the DNA of the white apes to discriminate against coloured people and the coloured they despised most, showed the least respect, is black people. 3 centuries have passed, the fate of the blacks is basically the same, still falling victims of the white apes, daily, on the streets of America. Many blacks are in tears to the news of so many killings of black people by the whites. And this is the only thing they could do, unless they overturn the table on the whites, by violence, the only language the white apes understand.

There is no way to talk reason with uncivilised white apes. They only know the rule of the jungle, when the white apes is superior to the rest and deserve the right to treat the rest as inferior to the white apes, to be oppressed and suppressed, to be bullied and to be killed at will, by the white apes. And this is applicable to the rest of the world.

Is the unnecessary death of George Floyd the straw that breaks the camel's back? Would the white killers in uniform be brought to justice, just like the killers of Ahmaud? Would the killers of the black frontline worker in her bedroom be arrested as well?

Covid19 - The US must come clean and be transparent on the virus outbreak in Fort Detrick

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump warned on Saturday (Apr 18) that China could face consequences if it was "knowingly responsible" for the coronavirus pandemic.

"It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn't," Trump told reporters at a White House briefing. "And now the whole world is suffering because of it."

Trump was asked whether China should suffer consequences over the pandemic which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December and has left more than 157,000 people dead around the world.

"If they were knowingly responsible, certainly," he said. "If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake.
"But if they were knowingly responsible, yeah, then there should be consequences," Trump said.

"Was it a mistake that got out of control or was it done deliberately?" he asked. "That's a big difference between those two.  CNA

Trump is so desperate having failed so miserably in his handling of the virus pandemic that he is now looking for a scapegoat, even spoiling for war with China. He is blaming China for it. He even disbelieved that China's death toll is so low. Trump is angry China has such a low number of death. Cannot be, cannot be. Remember clown, China has a President called Xi, not Trump.

Why not, China nip the problem in the bud, locked down the virus in Wuhan, Hubei to prevent it from spreading. The virus was stuck in one city and one province. The small number of scattered cases in other parts of China was quickly snuffed out. Unlike China, Trump allowed the virus to spread freely for nearly 3 months before taking some piece meal actions. The under testing and reporting in the US is a very serious problem and the spread of the virus is tens of times more than it is being reported in the US. And with the opening up for business, the thing is going to explode and millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands would die because of this clown President.

The world is watching how the Trump administration is fumbling along and killing Americans at a rate unknown and unseen and unmatched in history.  When every country is putting full effort in fighting this virus, Trump and his evil men in Washington are trying to pick a fight with everything other than the virus.  Trump still thinks the virus is a hoax, let it wash over America and see how many millions of Americans are going to pay with their lives.


Singapore Education - How to punish AWOL students

'According to recent reports, Mr Ong’s (Ye Kung) announcement of the resumption of classes has raised concerns. Despite the new system that will be implemented, wherein students take turns switching from HBL to face-to-face classes and safety measures are enhanced, parents have found issues with certain aspects of the “new normal” of education. Some of these issues include the length of time children will have to don a mask and the risk of infection. Other parents also asked the Minister if they could opt to stick to HBL as they were concerned for the safety of their children. Though Mr Ong addressed some concerns, his statement regarding the HBL option was, “We cannot make attending school voluntary.”....

“We understand that to date, 10 pre-school staff have tested positive for coronavirus. And the testing is not complete yet and will only be completed by the end of the month,” wrote Mr Lim (Tean), arguing that the number of cases are expected to rise. He then questioned why Mr Ong did not seem to consider this as an increased risk for young children....

“Parents have every right to ensure the safety of their children and if they do not feel comfortable in sending their children to school at this point in time, what right has Ong Ye Kung to force them to do so?” said Mr Lim....'

Above are a few paragraphs in theindependent.sg that raised concerns about school opening in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. Attending school is compulsory, not voluntary, according to Ong Ye Kung. On the other hand, Lim Tean was saying that given the risk of Covid19, this should not be and parents have the right to protect their children.

Assuming that the govt, in this case the Minister of Education, would have the final say and the law is behind him, school attendance is compulsory and not attending would lead to some penalty or punishment, how should this be dealt with.

In the armed forces, NS is compulsory by law and absence or AWOL means jail terms or minor cases mean detention barracks.  Going to school is compulsory but not really in the same category.  Can't imagine children sent to detention barrack, but not entirely true. Remember detention classes or being retained back in school as a form of punishment?

How is the MOE going punish school children that went AWOL? The consent of parents to keep their children away from school is no excuse.  AWOL is AWOL. There must be cases when children were not sent to school due to poverty, or parents having financial difficulties and unable to afford to do so. Providing financial assistance in a way would help in such cases.

In the context of safety from the virus, would the parents be punished and what kind of punishment should they decide not to send their children to school? Does the Minister have authority to punish the parents for making such a decision?

Or should the AWOL children be punished instead and how? The Minister has made it very clear that school attendance is compulsory and not up to the choice of the parents and children. What if they just vote with their feet, ignored this compulsory requirement and backed by law? The Minister cannot say nothing can be done and move on. If this is so, then what is all the hooha about compulsory attendance? A policy like this and backed by law must also be matched with the ability and will to enforce.

There must be penalties or punishment to the parents or to the school children. It would be interesting to know what MOE or the Minister has in mind in dealing with delinquent children with parental support or how to deal with such parents. Ong Ye Kung has made his position very clear, it is not an option. So what is he going to do about it when this edict is violated?


US admits China's missile supremacy

US rearm to nullify China's missile supremacy

HONG KONG: As Washington and Beijing trade barbs over the coronavirus pandemic, a longer-term struggle between the two Pacific powers is at a turning point, as the United States rolls out new weapons and strategy in a bid to close a wide missile gap with China.

The United States has largely stood by in recent decades as China dramatically expanded its military firepower. Now, having shed the constraints of a Cold War-era arms control treaty, the Trump administration is planning to deploy long-range, ground-launched cruise missiles in the Asia-Pacific region....

The US moves are aimed at countering China's overwhelming advantage in land-based cruise and ballistic missiles. The Pentagon also intends to dial back China's lead in what strategists refer to as the "range war."

The People's Liberation Army (PLA), China's military, has built up a huge force of missiles that mostly outrange those of the US and its regional allies, according to senior US commanders and strategic advisers to the Pentagon, who have been warning that China holds a clear advantage in these weapons.

The above is another piece of disinformation put up by Reuters and republished in CNA.  It is part of their superiority narrative that Chinese weapons are all inferior to them. When has China's military weapons, missiles been more superior to the American's? Now they are claiming that China has overwhelming advantage in cruise and ballistic missiles over the US. The sun is rising from the West or is this just another of their white lies to suit their interest? All the reports that came out from the Evil Empire is that China's military weapons are inferior, backward and unsophisticated, many generations behind the advanced American war machine. And the US has the biggest military arsenal in the world with many times more nuclear missiles than China.

How is it that the Americans have to roll out more weapons to bridge a gap that they are lacking behind in missile supremacy to China? The Americans are more backward than China, have lesser missiles than China, 7,000 nuclear warheads with advanced technology are less superior to China's 300 warheads that are backward and unsophisticated?

What kind of white lies are the Americans spreading? To justify having more and more advanced missiles? Is the world so stupid to believe in this distorted information, fake news? Or it is true the Chinese weapons are so superior that the Americans better run and hide? They did, their B52s and B1s strategic nuclear bombers have fled Guam, afraid of being hit by China's DF26s. But they still left behind a number of nuclear weapons in Okinawa and major Japanese islands and in South Korea which would be the primary targets of a Chinese first strike when hostility is declared. The Japanese and South Koreans could not do anything about it, knowing that they would be the first to be destroyed by Chinese missiles. They die their business as long as the strikes are not at American home bases. That is the fate of semi colonies, to sacrifice and serve the interest of the Empire with the lives of their people in the front line.

How many more missiles must the Americans acquire to be on par with the Chinese? If 300 missiles would demand the Americans to have more than 7,000 missiles, China needs to produce another 300 to force the Americans to acquire 14,000 missiles to be on par with China, and leading to their bankruptcy. 

Well done China, for being more superior to the Americans in missile weapons.


Chris Patten the last British rogue & robber baron governor in HK should be brought back to Hong Kong for trial for corruption.

     Chris Patten the last British rogue, crook and scoundrel robber baron governor of Hong Kong should be arrested and brought back to Hong Kong for trial for corruption. During his many years tenure as last British governor of HK he floated many schemes to reap off Hong Kong of billions or even trillions of dollars from the territory which has been causing lasting impoverishment effect to HK up to this day.

This bastard dishonourable plunderer of Hong Kong's wealth had dared to comment on China's enactment of National Security Legislation on Hong Kong. As governor of Hong Kong he had short Changed the servile Hongkies by manipulating the foreign exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Market which benefited UK by hundreds of billions of dollars.

But one of his worst crimes was in his criminal land deals which he colluded with local elitist crooks and scoundrels to  sell huge swathes of state lands to both local and foreign entities at a  huge discount below market rate.   With this huge illicit land deals the British Hong Kong government was able to reap off hundreds of billions of dollars which Patten secretly transferred to the British exchequer. Thus Hong Kong people were fleeced . The rich local crooks whose shady dealings with Patten enabled them to keep large holdings of land banks.They eventually become richer as they develop luxurious condominiums to sell only to the local wealthy people as well as to rich foreign investors and speculators.

After 1997 the newly China's local SAR's government couldn't build low cost housing fast enough to cater to the vast majority of Hong Kong people. This was also constrained by the shortage of suitable land areas as almost all the viable tracts of lands are owned privately by the elitists. This tremendous shortage of cheap housing for the people is a problem inherited from Patten and is the main contributing factor to the people's anger and dissatisfaction.

On Saturday 24th May, the scoundrel Chris Patten was quoted in the British Times newspaper as saying, " The Hong Kong people have been betrayed by China" and that "Britain, has a moral, economic and legal duty to stand up for Hong Kong." This bastard is farting through his mouth. He himself had gravely betrayed Hong Kong in many detrimental ways and now he tries to cover his rougish past with slick remarks against China. What has he, UK and USA got to do with HK now? He and his evil American counterparts continue to post snide and vitriol remarks against China. Hong Kong is China's sovereign territory and thus no amount of foreign venomous smear, provocation or blackmail will prevent China and the Chinese people from safeguarding national sovereignty and security. China's Hong Kong national security laws have been long overdued. It's time to deal sternly  and firmly with the Chinese traitors and no amount of them is worth keeping and even if there are a million of them they should be despatched promptly so that China and the Chinese people will not be stained by their disgraceful and disgusting horrendous servile behaviour with the West.  In the meantime the white American rogues and killers of non-white people should stop interfering in China's internal affairs in Hong Kong and Taiwan less they risk a war with China which they sure cannot win.

China should arrest Chris Patten and his ilks promptly if he and any of his fellow British scoundrels dare to step in any of Chinese sovereign territory. Also China should declare all NGOs of America and the West as personal non-grata and if any one is caught for entering China illegally he or she should be shot promptly as deadly spies coming to sabotage China and the Chinese people.

For public interests China can solve Hong Kong's housing problems by enacting laws to compulsorily acquire all lands from big elitist landlords who acquired large landbanks under shady deals during the roguish tenure of the robber buccaneer Chris Patten.


Tuesday, 26th May,2020.

Singapore's new reality - CMIO redefined

All Singaporeans are familiar with what CMIO means. This is the general classification of the racial composition of the Singapore population comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others, with Others meaning the minorities that are not of the three major racial groups. Since independence, the composition of the population has a Chinese majority of about 78%, with the Malays about 12%, Indians 8% and Others 2%. The composition could be quite different today given the huge influx of foreigners, and though the Chinese is still the majority, the percentage of each racial group could be different. What is the official statistics?

Many are still calling this a Chinese majority state, legally, according to what were stated in their Birth Certificates and Identity Cards. But there is a new reality in Singapore based on a different definition of race officially sanctioned by the govt with a President that is legally Indian according to the race in the identity card/birth certificate but accepted officially as a Malay be virtue of her adopted way of life and acceptance by the Malay community. I stand corrected as to what was her legally stated race as written on her IC or birth certificate. I don't know as this is not made known publicly.

Using this new interpretation of a person's race, the racial composition of Singapore population is quite different, starkly different. The Chinese is not the majority race in Singapore if the chosen way of life of a person is good enough to redefine his race. Quite a significant number of Chinese in Singapore, particularly the English educated, do not see themselves as Chinese. They would only want to be known as Singaporeans. They have no race or refused to be identified as persons of the Chinese race. Some hate be called Chinese, ashamed to be called Chinese. Some hate being Chinese, anything Chinese, anything to do with China. They lived more like westerners, think like westerners and know more about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs and all the western fables and fairy tales but nothing about Chinese fables or nursery rhymes. And of course they could not speak Chinese, refuse to speak or learn to speak Chinese, and got angry with anyone speaking to them in Chinese. How can they be Chinese, when they even despised Chinese?

Under the new officially sanctioned definition of race, these ethnically Chinese are anything but Chinese. They should more appropriately be classified under the Others category. There are also the nyonas and babas, ie Straits born Chinese that have been here for many generations whose way of life is more akin to the Malays, speaking Malays and not a word of Chinese. And there are also the mixed parentage with many chose to live like the other half than the Chinese half and did not know Chinese and did not want to be called Chinese. Ask a Straits born and he would say he is a baba, not a Chinese.

Added together, these groups of ethnic Chinese but not wanting to be Chinese, also known locally as OCBC, should be classified as Others rather than Chinese. If this is the case, then the biggest racial group in Singapore should be Others. Thus it is not right to call Singapore a Chinese majority state. The Chinese, or those that still identified themselves as Chinese, could be a minority or would be a minority given the trend.

The implication of this development is that being a state with a Chinese minority, with Others as a majority, it is a fallacy to make the accusation that this is a racist country with the majority Chinese in a way practising racial discrimination against the minority races. The Chinese is not the majority, the majority is Others. If one is to look at the govt set up, one would not fail to notice that many top appointees are actually not Chinese. And to add the Chinese/Others into this interpretation, the Chinese in top govt positions is even smaller. How many of the top appointees, political and administrative, are or should be classified as Chinese/Others or rightly as Others? How many of these top appointees would call or rather identify themselves as Singaporeans and not Chinese?

This is a new phenomenon in Singapore where a people have chosen to have no ethnicity except a nationality called Singaporean. Oh, this only affects the ethnic Chinese, not the other races. The Indians and Malays are proud of their ethnic origins, not the OCBC 'Chinese' that have chosen to be 'raceless', a people that has no ancestry and can choose whichever ancestry they preferred as reflected in their thinking and way of life, what they like and what they dislike or even hate.

So, instead of CMIO in that order, perhaps it should read OMIC or OIMC, with O the majority and C the smallest minority group in Singapore.

What do you think?


Covid19 - God's condemned nations and punishment

United States1,695,776100,047
United Kingdom267,24037,460
Saudi Arabia78,541425
As of 8:37am May 28, 2020
Source CNA

The above are countries that are condemned and punished by God for their evilness and crimes against humanity. The severity and rankings are preliminary and still evolving and some evil countries have yet to appear, notably Japan. Maybe the death and destruction from the two atomic bombs and the carpet bombing of Tokyo by the Americans did mitigate some of their barbaric crimes against humanity.

Look at the top 10 countries that have the most infected cases and the most death and it is clear that there is a pattern, not erratic or random occurrence. Practically everyone of them was a evil colonial power that invaded and killed many of the defenceless natives of the colonised countries. They are are being made to pay for their crimes against humanity that the western dominated and controlled international courts and media would not pursue. But God would not be restrained or incapacitated by the raw power of these ex colonial powers, and punished they will be.

As for those outside the top 10, they could be taken as collateral damages in this condemnation list of God. China was the odd man out as it was not a colonial power in the last 150 years but a victim of colonial invasion, exploitation and oppression.  And in this pandemic, it was inflicted by the virus by evil men, not an act of God. God simply took the virus and blew it into the ex colonial powers and made them pay the dearly for their crimes and excesses against humanity.

No one can escape their evil karma and it is a matter of time before a few more ex colonial powers find their rightful place in God's Ladder of Punishment and Condemnation. Justice is blind. Human beans can lie to human beans and pretend to be the good guys, but they cannot lie to God and cursed they would be. They would get their just desserts.

The positions in the Ladder are self explanatory, the more evil a country and its people, the more severe will be infliction by this virus, and the more will die to pay for their crimes.

The prayers of the native Americans and other native peoples have been answered. This virus is doing to the Americans and the whites what they did to the native people they invaded and killed in their war path over the centuries and still trying to do it to the Chinese people. The virus is doing what they did but in heavier doses to make them feel the pain. This is only the beginning.

The wrath of God. Be fearful, be very fearful, evil men and women.


Covid19 - The Mad Piper leading a flock of sheep over the cliff

REUTERS: Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which US President Donald Trump says he has been taking, is tied to increased risk of death in COVID-19 patients, according to a study published in medical journal Lancet.

The study, which observed over 96,000 people hospitalised with COVID-19, showed that people treated with the drug, or the closely related drug chloroquine, had higher risk of death when compared to those who had not been given the medicine.

Demand for hydroxychloroquine, a drug approved decades ago, surged after Trump touted its use as a coronavirus treatment in early April. Earlier this week, he surprised the world by admitting he was taking the pill as a preventative medicine.  CNA

The Lancet is a very serious and highly respected medical journal and what it published are based on medical and scientific studies, not the belief of conmen. When the Lancet said hydroxychloroquine is dangerous, it is dangerous. However, many unthinking leaders chose to listen to a clown and join the queue behind the Mad Piper to authorise use of this drug.  Maybe after centuries of believing in white lies, they cannot differentiate between truth and beliefs. It is unbelievable that when a clown claimed that he took poison and lived, and the minor clowns got hysterical for the magical cure.

The Lancet article cautioned, 'The Lancet study authors suggested these treatment regimens should not be used to treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials until results from clinical trials are available to confirm the safety and efficacy of these medications for COVID-19 patients.'

Above picture is just an illustration. Photo credit to Reuters.

Do not be surprised if one peels the label off these bottles it would reveal another label with the word 'hydroxycholoroquine' on it. And if one peels it off, there will be another label with the word 'bleach' on it.

Stop believing in white lies or products promoted by a clown, a congenital liar.


Hong Kong closing down, no more business as usual

'Article 23 of Hong Kong's mini-constitution, the Basic Law, says the city must enact national security laws to prohibit "treason, secession, sedition (and) subversion" against the Chinese government.
But the clause has never been implemented due to deeply held public fears it would curtail Hong Kong's cherished rights, such as freedom of expression.

Those liberties are unseen on the mainland and are protected by an agreement made before Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997....

Pro-democracy leaders and activists warned that the move would mark "the end of Hong Kong", a fear voiced in months of massive and sometimes violent protests last year.

The US Congress late last year angered China by passing a law that would strip Hong Kong's preferential trading status in the United States if the urban hub is no longer considered autonomous from the mainland.'

The above was reported in the CNA. And the Hongkongers are going to march in protest. This time it is likely to be more violent as both sides have taken some times to reflect on the recent rioting against the criminal repatriation law. The stands are likely to be hardened, with the Hongkongers emboldened by the soft approach of the Hong Kong police while China must have worked out how much force they would need to quell the unrest.

What are the main issues? Freedom and democracy and the unspoken but most real issues of housing and a better life.  Freedom and democracy are not the real issues as put up to be. Other than crimes against the state, the Hongkongers have all the freedom and democracy they wanted, manifested by the widespread protest and violence on the streets and the hooligan behaviour in their parliament that is anything but democracy. Those behaviours are thuggish, boorish and uncivilised, not civil actions of a democracy but irresponsible expression of freedom.

The Hongkongers are likely to enjoy more and more freedom over time, even after the 50 years transition period is over. China would want a peaceful Hongkong with happy and prosperous Hongkongers than a violent, disruptive and unhappy populace. The issue of freedom and democracy would not be threatened as long as national security and sovereignty are not compromise, aka the Taiwan case. Any attempt to secede from China as a separate political entity under whatever pretences would be met with force and would turn very bloody and ugly. There is no way China would allow Hong Kong to be a separate state and be used as a thorn in the belly of China. Period.

The other more real and pressing issues are housing and a better life that the Hongkongers would like to have. These problems are due to overcrowding and density of population. No one can help the Hongkongers except China. Little states that think it is a clever idea to stuff as many people as they could in the name of fake economic growth would face this problem in graver consequences over time. The landlords would not help the Hongkongers by sharing their overly expensive land and housing. So what is left for the Hongkongers who want better and cheaper housing?

When Mao took over a broken down feudal China, the first thing he did was to execute all the landlords, acquire all their lands and redistributed to the people. This could not be done in the context of today's morality. Even if China were to acquire the lands from the landlords, there would still not be enough land to go around. The only workable solution is to build a few big cities in nearby China, connect them to Hong Kong with high speed trains and road network and sell them to Hongkongers at half the price of what they would have to pay in Hong Kong or cheaper. That would be a practical solution to the housing and quality of life problems facing the young Hongkongers.

With this on the platter, the Hongkongers can choose to stay, move into the cheaper and better housing provided by China or move out, migrate to become second class citizens of wherever that would welcome them. This is the only way out for the Hongkongers. Violent protests and cries for freedom and democracy or even and an independent state of their own is a dead end. The govt of Hong Kong and China should work out a long term solution for the Hongkongers quickly. The foolishness and madness of violent protests would not achieve anything other than more dead bodies on the streets, if that is what the Hongkongers want.

Hong Kong would forever be an intrinsic part of China, come what may, or be destroyed by the Hongkongers themselves and absorbed into China like any Chinese city with no special rights after the violence is over. The Hongkongers have a choice, a practical one that would give them a better life as a part of China if they are willing to talk sensibly and work towards a happy ending, or ruin their future in a mindless pursuit of heresy.

 "If China is so stupid as to believe that they can do away with Hong Kong and they don't need an international financial centre, then of course there's nothing which one could do to dissuade them to do otherwise,"  Dennis Kwok, a pro-democracy lawmaker in Hong Kong, told a US-based audience on Friday that the territory's opposition forces appreciated US efforts and urged continued vigilance, voicing fear for police crackdowns in the coming days. CNA

I would say this, if the Hongkongers are so stupid to believe that Hong Kong is indispensable as a financial centre to China, then they should go on and knock their heads against a wall. My view, the Hongkongers should not think too highly of themselves. China can lock down Hong Kong and the rest of China can continue life as normal. China would go to war with the Americans on Hong Kong and Taiwan. Would the US be prepared to go to war with China on these two territories of China? To China these are core national interests, to the Americans these are peripheral interests, good to have to stir shit without being hurt. No Americans would sacrifice their lives for the Hongkongers or Taiwanese. And this is not a limited war but would lead to nuclear destruction of both China and the USA.

PS. Sedition laws and laws against subversion and threats to national security are basic to every country. Even repatriation laws are common among states to punish criminals. Protest against such laws is lunacy, protesting for the sake of protesting or to create social unrest.

American and western support for Hong Kong is a pretence. They are using Hong Kong as a tool to destabilise China for political and strategic objective, nothing more, nothing less.

Idiotic Europeans or plain wicked bastards?

UNITED NATIONS: Britain, Germany, France, Estonia and Belgium raised North Korea's latest missile launches behind closed-doors in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday (Mar 5), condemning the tests as a provocative action in violation of UN resolutions.

North Korea fired two short-range missiles off the east coast into the sea on Monday, resuming testing after a three-month pause, South Korea's military said. The launch was the first since North Korea fired what it called "super-large multiple rocket launchers" on Nov 28.

In a time like this when the whole world is struggling to fight the deadly Covid19, these silly European bastard countries are attacking North Korea for testing short range missiles for the defence of their own country. What have the North Koreans got to do with the Europeans? Why no complaints when the Americans were testing more deadly weapons in the Pacific Ocean and in their home bases?

Would the North Koreans attack the European countries, can the North Koreans do that? Don't be silly. Just because you pretend to be silly, does not mean that the rest of the world is silly. The countries that have bad records of attacking other countries are the Europeans. The North Koreans have been the victims of foreign aggression, not for attacking another country.

Now shut the fuck up and go and do more productive work in trying to fight the Covid19 pandemic, started by the evil Americans. If you still stubbornly think and want to blame China for this, go visit https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.globalresearch.ca/us-cdc-director-admitted-virus-deaths-miscategorized-flu/5706233/amp and listen to the American confession.

Stop bullying the North Koreans and weak countries of the world. The Europeans are the aggressors and have more deadly weapons than the North Koreans. What God damn right should you be owning all the destructive weapons and not the North Koreans?

The killers and murderers of the people of the world are the Europeans and the Americans. And they are still killing the Arabs and Muslims daily, everyday.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the evilless of them all?


A bird's eye view of new China

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVjnASDa6Pw Xinjiang Autonomous Region
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y31kR6qmIcQ Hainan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG1JWhrFSH0&t=2s Heilongjiang
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAXBUhB0u90 Shaanxi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry2AYnjojC8 Jiangxi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPdMOC0a3E4&t=240s  Shanghai

China is a developing country, albeit a very big one. Not too long ago, even now, many still have the impression that China is still a very poor country with poverty everywhere, slums, neglected old buildings about to fall into pieces and with poor Chinese peasants in green and grey Mao tunics and all with the hungry look of third world peasants.

China has produced a 6 part Bird's Eye view of China to show the new China that they have rebuilt over the last 40 years. When China embarked on this journey to transform itself into a modern industrial state, there were many records of how poor China was, how isolated, how remote the people were from the rest of the world. The peasants hardly see a car, a new hotel, restaurant, foreigners, unaware of the issues of the world like climate change, protecting the environment, protecting wildlife.  Their main concern was food and shelter, very primary and basic needs.

The 6 parts of this series show a China that the world has not seen, a very rich and well developed China, not just in economic development but about protecting their environment and wildlife all across the Chinese mainland. I thoroughly enjoyed a few quiet evenings watching these presentations about life, about living, in a mood of serenity and calm and peace. The narrative is in English by an American that spoke in a well measured tone and temperament that would bring the viewers to a world away from the stresses of a chaotic and unfriendly world. The series show what life is all about, living and enjoying the environment and the people, not wars, political bickering, threats, sanctions, regime change or hate and animosity. There are many aspects of life that are more meaningful and worth living for, beautiful and at peace with nature.

The series starts with a visit to Xinjiang Autonomous Region from the air, showing how beautiful and how well developed and choreographed, how much planning put in to turn the region into a paradise on earth. The subsequent parts spanned across China to Hainan Island, Heilongjiang, Shannxi, Jiangxi and concluding with Shanghai, the financial centre of new China and the world.

By the end of the series, I realised I was wrong to think that China was all about the eastern coastal region while the rest of China was still poor and underdeveloped, unplanned poverty and legacy of a past that is still living.  China has redeveloped and transformed the whole country to a modern and well developed state, organised and carefully planned. No more slums and dilapidated villages. The farmlands are a wonder to behold. It is a new China in every way.

Thanks to the CCP for reviving and rebuilding this ancient civilisation that is China today. Thanks to the CCP for driving away the foreign invaders and improve the lives of the Chinese people by leaps and bounds.  Thanks to the CCP that the Americans and the evil white men would not dare to take a hostile step into China, let a lone start a war with China.  Thanks to the CCP that the Chinese people are now scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, billionaires etc etc and travelling the world with bags of money to throw around.

Maybe these are the reasons why the Americans and the whites are so angry with the CCP and badmouthing it everyday, trying to bring it down, instigating the Chinese to turn against the Party that brought prosperity and a better life to the Chinese people and generations to come, while the West wallowing in self pity and slipping into poverty and deprivation and bankruptcy for wasting their energy and resources and precious money in starting wars, fighting wars and building weapons and war machine.

America's multi-spectrum warfare against China to take down China and the Chinese people

     Urgent message and appeal to all proud Chinese people all over the world. Read this very important article and take it as your incumbent duty as a Chinese to forward the same article to all your worthy friends and relatives.

America, the Evil Empire has found itself unable to destroy China and the Chinese people through trade wars or military means unless it is prepared for mutual annihilation and extermination of mankind on earth in a total nuclear war with China. So the United States is now trying to take down China and the Chinese people through financial subterfuge.

Do not put your savings in any American banks like Citi Bank , Bank of America, Goldman Sachs or in British banks like Chartered Bank or Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank. Do not be tempted by their paying high interest on your savings or deposits in their banks.You will be entrapped and eventually you will lose everything both your capital outlay and the elusive insidious fake interest .

Be wise and smart . Avoid all American and British banks as they work in tight collusion to take down financially by subterfuge China and all Chinese people. Put all your savings and deposits in local banks for safety sake. Do not let them succeed in this highly evil sinister plot to destroy China and all Chinese people.

Be wary of the Five Eyes - USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as they are one and the same Anglo-Saxon family which imposed the Opium Wars on China 1839 to 1860, the wars of which destroyed China and the Chinese people, causing over a hundred years of humiliation  in lost of  million square miles of Chinese lands  as well as causing extreme impoverishment , hardship and suffering to the Chinese people and nation due to their imposition of war indemnities on China of hundreds of millions of silver dollars which in today's terms will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Be proud and stand up against the Evil Empire , the United States. Preserve our self-respect and dignity and make sure we  Chinese people will never be humiliated again by America and the West.

Below is the main story which all Chinese must take it seriously and never forget.

"America knows well that China is not a third rate power like Iraq or Libya. The People's Liberation Army ( PLA ) has more than sufficient ICBMs, nuclear warheads, submarines, long distance bombers and hypersonic missiles to thwart any US attack and bury the invader in retaliation.

So Donald Trump and his gang of racist mongrels have now decided to start a subversive financial war campaign against China instead.

The same dirty tactics which the United States employed so successively to overthrow the former Soviet Union is now being deployed against China.

This is what I saw last Saturday at the British owned Standard Chartered Bank.

"USD  *Term Deposit *  Interest  3.68 %
RMB   *Term Deposit*   Interest  1.39%

Herein lies the angle behind this devious US tactic.

The whole scheme is designed to create subversion , havoc and ultimate bankruptcy to China's banking and financial system.

Let this be known . The jackal - the Apostle of the Devil - has arrived. America the Great Satan disguised as Citibank has stepped into the land of our Motherland - China.

The Bank from America has now started opening small and medium-sized loans as well as high interest bearing deposit accounts in China's large and medium - sized cities.

This financial scam being perpetrated by Citibank is not difficult to see through. It operates as follows:

Firstly, Citibank dangles a bait before your eyes with a "reward" of 50,000 Yuan . Secondly, you recommend a friend or a person to deposit 100,000 Yuan with them. The more you recommend, the higher will your "reward be".

Unfortunately the public is woefully unaware of Uncle Sam's cunning scheme. Moms and dads caught unaware are being deceived into thinking they have a "sure winner" on their hands. Folks everywhere can be seen rushing to withdraw from local banks to be used as deposits so as to partake in the supposely 'reputable American bank's "grand offer."  Sadly, the suckers are now swallowing the poisoned Yankee bait , hook, line and sinker!

History tells us that before the disintegration of USSR , it was also the same US Citibank that first arrived at the Soviet Union advertising deposit accounts with extraordinarily attractive interest rates. At that time, the generally trusting and unsuspecting folks of the old Soviet Union were not aware of this slick American banking scam. All they could see was the attractive and high-interest paying deposit rates.

The people withdrew and emptied all their savings accounts from their local banks and deposited them straight into Citibank from the US. All the Soviet banks were emptied overnight and the Soviet Union immediately lost their economic foundation.

What happened? Citibank of America suddenly showed its true colours. With the tacit encouragement of the US government , not only it refused to pay the Soviet people the promised interests, the Yanks flatly refused to recognize those accounts or honour their commitments to their Soviet customers. Instead, they promptly  raided the accounts and transferred all the funds to New York.

When the people woke up to Uncle Sam's con game, it was too late. The financial backbone of the USSR was broken by the United States. Soviet Union went broke and disintegrated . Till today, it remains split into 15 smaller states.

We must remember in our hearts. The painful lessons from the blood of the Soviet people must not be repeated in China . The Chinese people must be vigilant and work together to boycott Citibank and other foreign western banks. That way, the people of our nation will win this economic war without smoke.

Author :  A professor  , Sun Guilan  from  Tsinghua University.


22nd May, 2020

Is there a good legal system?

Below is posted by SSO (aka Simply Say Only aka Say Say Only)  in one of his comments on 21 May.  SSO lamented that there is no perfect legal system in the world. I would like to say that there is an exception. There is one legal system in the world that is as near to perfection as there can be, nearly impeccable. And that is the Singapore Legal System. Singapore inherited this system from the British but has perfected it with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, from the judges, to the AG Office, and Law Ministry and the top legal counsels that have in their own expert ways contributed to this near perfect system. And this could be seen in some of the most brilliant arguments and judgements made by the courts and never ever been challenged or reversed.

And it is very expensive for sure, good has to be expensive right, as SSO has commented and thus not for the poor though it was supposed to serve and protect the poor and the meek. This point was noted and the Chief Justice has introduced some reforms to help the poor to have some justice if not they would not be able to do so as they could not afford to buy justice, oops, I mean they could not afford to pay dearly for expensive lawyers to defend them. This was about the only weakness in this perfect system but this hole has been plucked.  Poor people can also avail themselves of this perfect legal system, caveat, if they are really poor.  I think there is a definition on what is poor to qualify for this legal service.  I am poor and I know I would definitely not qualified for it.

See, my alternative truth good or not?  Ok, below is SSO's post.

Sad to say, in reality, in most countries, whether advanced or backward, the legal systems are like the Indonesian Wayang Kulit, skilfully controlled by unseen hands with invisible puppet-strings from the top of the curtain on the stage. With such a system, the commoners simply do not have a chance to win any contest. They either do not have the means to possess the same level of legal-muscle flexibility or, even if they have, will never win any case brought against them.

This is the legal system that man has devised and developed over time. The US legal system is one glaring example, followed very closely by the UK, most of the EU countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Even India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, China, ASEAN countries, Latin American countries, Africa states and the Arab World are invariably similar.

Come to think of it, I simply can't think of any country in the world that has an impeccable and unblemished legal system!

Reason: No man is perfect; legal system is created by imperfect man and operated by imperfect men. So how can it be a perfectly just system? It bounds to have fakes and flaws, like any other system created by imperfect men. Even God made a Big mistake of creating Man!

Point 3:

The original good intention of law creation was to protect the poor against the rich. But in practice today, sad to say, it literally and legally protects the rich from the poor.

The original good intention of law enactment was to protect the lowly educated, meek, naive and innocent against the highly educated, cunning, smart and wilfully criminal. But in practice today, extremely sad to say, it craftily and silently protects the highly educated, the cunning, the smart and the wilfully criminal.

The original good intention of law enforcement was to protect the weak against the powerful. But in practice today, so sad to say, it vigorously protects the powerful against the weak. Just look at how many layers of physical, electronic and legal protecton that the most powerful man in the world is given day and night 24/7.+


Every journey of human endeavors starts with good positive intention but the end is never the same as the beginning.

At the end of the day, the masses begin to realise that there may be only one set of laws in their respective country, however there are various deviations in practice, and that 99 out of 100 times, they will never stand a chance against the powerful, rich, cunning and highly educated.


SSO (aka Simply Say Only aka Say Say Only)


Covid19 - Waco and incompetent Trump blaming China again

WASHINGTON, DC: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday (May 20) again lashed out at China over the coronavirus pandemic, blaming Beijing for "mass Worldwide killing."
His early morning tweet, which also referred to an unidentified "wacko in China," was the latest heated rhetoric from the White House, where Trump is making attacks on Beijing a centerpiece of his November re-election bid.
"It was the 'incompetence of China', and nothing else, that did this mass worldwide killing," the president tweeted.

About is copied from CNA and it should read like this instead to reflect an accurate reality of what is going on.

WASHINGTON, DC: The American people on Wednesday (May 20) again lashed out at Trump over the coronavirus pandemic, blaming the USA for "mass Worldwide killing."
In an early morning tweet, which also referred to an unidentified "wacko in the US," was the latest heated rhetoric from the American governors, where Trump is making attacks on Beijing a centerpiece of his November re-election bid.
"It was the 'incompetence of USA', and nothing else, that did this mass worldwide killing, and the killing of more than 90,000 Americans." the tweet said.

The more Americans got infected and the more deaths reported daily against the much smaller infection/deaths in China, the more furious and insane, and very mad Trump will become. He could not see the two sets of numbers being placed side by side to show to the Americans and the world what a failure he and his evil men have done. How could that be, how could that be real? How can China and Xi be doing so much better than him and his circus of clowns?

The only way he could be happy with China's numbers is for China to fabricate a set of numbers that is worse than the Americans. Why didn't he say the figures in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam were also fake? How can they have so few cases and so few deaths? Cannot be right!

Trump, for his incompetence and negligence, have sentenced millions of Americans to be victims of this virus and now nearly 100,000 Americans have died because of his inept and foolishness. He is so silly that no one can miss it, even his hardcore supporters are deserting him.

How could such an idiot be made to become the President of the USA? It is all because of a stupid system called democracy. Only in democracy can a clown be made a president. Only in democracy can idiots, scoundrels, pimps, convicts, liars, conmen, etc etc be elected to be in govt or be head of a govt. How could can such a system be good when this is happening?

The freedom to elect their President or head of govt is a farce. The system is fixed to allow the rich and powerful, not necessary the best man, to head a govt. Cronyism, nepotism, corruption, cheating, etc etc are all part and parcel of democracy. The common people can never think of becoming the President of USA without the money and machination behind them. Democracy only favours the elite, the entrenched elite, to rob the country of its wealth by the abuse of power. Trump and his gangsters is a glaring example of everything that is bad in democracy. No one can stop him from abusing his power to serve his personal interests and the interests of his family members.

Bring Trump down would only lead to another form of Trump in power. The weaknesses of democracy is far worse than the communist system in China. At least in the latter system, the best men will rise to the top. The reality of all system is that the political elite is always from a small group of people and the majority of the people are just supporting casts, to be manipulated by the rulers, to be ruled. In communism or authoritarian states, at least the people know about this. In democracy, the people believe the lie that they are free to elect their leaders and they have freedom of choice of leaders.

How's that for electing a waco President and unable to do anything about it? The idiocy of Trump is so unbelievable but so predictable. What can you expect from an idiot?

Has China Won - The main theme in Kishore's book


This 40 minute video put up by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs discussed why the Americans are hell bent to bring down China and using a fake reason for it. At the end of the video it was clear that the American could not find anything meaningful to object to the rise of China but fell back on a clumsy excuse that it is the CCP that they were not happy about. They did not want to see the CCP entrenched as the only ruling party in China. That is why, and the only reason you see the Americans shouting and screaming in every opportunity to curse and swear at the CCP as if it is the devil that must be removed from this world. (That is the American agenda, the American narrative, the same narrative repeated insanely and desperately by the American agent that I have booted out from this blog.)

In spite of the explanation put forth by Kishore that China has no ambition to want to conquer the world, to want to export Communism, which they quietly conceded, and not valid arguments to use to demonise China, the Americans could only resort to this weak excuse to attack China. So, what is the problem of the CCP being the one and only political party and power in China to the Americans? What has it got to do with the Americans if the Chinese population want the CCP to be in power?  Why are the Americans not having sleep over the CCP being in power in China or China being a Communist country?  China is not going to change the USA into a communist country and the USA should not insist or demand that China should be like the American democracy. What is so great about democracy when it is so often that crooks, scoundrels and clowns are elected to be the head of a govt?

What is your problem, Americans? Why are you up so uptight, disturb and angry with the CCP? It has absolutely nothing to do with the Americans. Just mind your own business and look after your failing economy and Empire. It is none of your business. China does not need a democratic process to elect clowns like Trump and his evil men to run the country. Can't imagine China would become if clowns like Trump and company would to rule China. Good riddance.

Actually the attack on the CCP is just a red herring. The fear of the Americans is for China to be stronger and richer and more powerful than the USA and China must be brought down, like Japan, Russia and the EU. China must be like before, poor and weak and to be kicked around by the Americans, bullied by the Americans as and when they like it. In a simple analogy, the USA is occupying 60 squares of a 64 squares chess board. China sits on 4 squares and China must remain in the 4 squares, nothing more nothing less. China is assertive and aggressive if it wants to move around in more than the 4 squares it is cornered in. This cannot be, cannot be allowed. That is what the Americans expect of a well behave China.  The whole chess board, ie the world, belongs to the Americans.

As Kishore added, the CCP's primary interest is to make the Chinese Civilisation great again, to be a strong, rich and respectable country. The CCP is not planning to conquer the USA to make America another communist state. Stop lying to the world that it is the CCP that the USA is against and that the rest of the world must blindly go against China for this stupid fake reason. The CCP is just a political party ruling China. Period. And stop lying to the world that the CCP/China is an aggressive and expansionist power. It is the evil American Empire that is aggressive, belligerent and expansionist.

PS. If you are interested, this is another discussion by China Institute on the same subject matter. The die hard pro American and anti China tribe is furious at the comments of Kishore on the rise of China.

"White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted" This is native Americans warning to the world.


Quote:     "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted"  This is native Americans warning to the world.

Important Points:

1.     The United States has continuously been killings. millions of innocent non-white people                       through  wars and conquests.
2.     The United States has impoverished countless countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America                   through  'Debt Trap' economic activities.
3.     The United States extort and rob hundreds of billions of dollars from all countries in the world
        through illegal sanctions.
4.     The United States has brought endless untold sufferings and hunger in many countries through            naval blockade.
5.     The United States weaponizied the 'American Dollar' and manipulates its currency to exert its               illicit extraterritorial power over all countries in this earthly world
6.     The United States formulated many evil gingoistic hawkish militant doctrines to trample on                other countries democratic and human rights. With these bellicose doctrines the US claims it is
         special and  exceptional and that it will confront and put down any other country that shows                 signs of evolving into a rich and powerful economic and military power. That's the reason it                 tries to put down Russia and China.

From the above points we can see the lunacy of America which has always been run by thugs, rogues, crooks, scoundrels, mafias, gangsters and buccaneers that the world will never have peace unless the United States is taken down once and for all. Hopefully its own created American Coronavirus will do the job, just fine.
     Everybody must know that the use of germs, virus and bacteria as biological weapons on others is not new to the white Americans. For hundreds of years the white European invaders have used them on native Americans with devastating effect. Millions of native Americans have been killed by white men's germs and virus from small pox, measles, dysentry, cholera, typhus and anthrax. The Americans had used them in conjunction with chemical weapons on the Koreans in the Korean War 1950 - 1953 ignited by them. They used both the biological and chemical weapons in the Vietnam War 1965 - 1975, also started by the white Americans. They used it on its war on Iraq  2011 and on Syria 2015 to present.

The deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the brain child of the American government. It is spawned by CIA and The Pentagon. Originally it is supposed to be used in conjunction with genetically modified herbicide or insecticide and genetically modified fertilisers to decimate the populations of Asia and Africa so as to bring down drastically  the population of both continents to around a billion people or so. They target Asia and Africa because they claim most of the world's over population is found in these two continents with non-white people. The white American government work with their counterparts in Europe and with scientists in the big pharmar coperations like Monsanto, Du Pont, Bayer, Glaxo Smithkline, Johnson & Johnson, Lily, Novartis, Merck, Pfizer and Gilead and with the capital support of billionaires like Bill Gates, Rockefeller, George Soros and many more others to design programmes for the ultimate achievement of their draconian objective.

The creation of the American Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been carried out in many US biolabs in the United States and in its many occupied overseas military bases but largely in Fort Detrick. Maryland, North Carolina.

One of the programmes is to create the genetically engineered coronavirus or COVID-19 and then to create a vaccine that not only helps to retard the virus but more importantly to sterilize the people causing infertility to prevent procreativity. But utmost in the minds of the billionaires like Bill Gates and the big pharmas who spent millions to create the vaccines is to make it mandatory for everyone in this world to vaccinate otherwise they cannot travel across borders. Imagine if their evil plans succeed they will be able to reap hundreds of billions of dollars in profit every year from the sale of their vaccines.

You never know how evil and wicked the American political thugs and monsters in the White House, in Washington, CIA and The Pentagon are. They relish at the suffering of the victims and make billions out of the victims who have to pay for medical treatments, for the respirators and ventilators the trade of which are monopolized by the elites in the big corporations. Incidentally treatment for COVID-19 victims is totally free in China for the Chinese people or citizens. In America capitalist democratic society the leaders and the elites look at the perspective of making money during a critical public crisis as more important than saving the lives of the by and large ordinary people. They are really disgusting and shame will be upon them.

Below are quotations from a New Eastern Outlook article, Entitled : "Who is performing human experiments and Why?" Author : Vladimir  Odintsov.

" Another related topic of discussion that is not only provoking a growing outcry in the United
 States, but also abroad, is the possible role Bill Gates has played in human testing and its 
consequences, including work to develop the future coronavirus vaccine funded by the Bill 
Melinda Gates Foundation. Not only that, but people have not forgotten about a story that 
was published in the Guardian back in 2010, which told readers about a meeting attended 
by the most influential people in America called by the Microsoft founder which took place 
in New York, whose guests included David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, 
Ted Turner, Warren Buffett and of course Bill Gates himself. They dubbed their secret 
meeting the “Good Club”, and the main problem they discussed at this meeting was the 
global issue of overpopulation. One of those who took part in this meeting was the media 
mogul and founder of CNN Ted Turner, who had previously stated that reducing the 
world’s population to between 225~300 million would be “ideal” in an interview he gave in 
1996. In 2008, Turner softened his stance, talking about the need to reduce the global 
population to 2 billion, i.e. to 70% of what it was at the time."

"At another invitation-only “Good Club” conference held behind closed doors in California in 
2010, Bill Gates read out a TED talk titled “Innovating to Zero!” about reducing worldwide 
CO₂ emissions, where he spoke of the need to reduce the population, and one of the 
ways this could be done is by creating new vaccines. “Now, we put out a lot of carbon 
dioxide every year,” he said. “It’s an average of about five tons for everyone on the planet.” 
“And somehow, we have to make changes that will bring that down to zero.” “This equation 
has four factors, a little bit of multiplication […] and that’s going to be based on the number 
of people.” “First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s 
headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health 
care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”
Gates does not hide his interest in vaccines, and is able to pursue his goals through 
the World Health Organization, which he continuously finances, influencing the work of 
the organization, its plans and priorities.  The big pharma companies behind him are 
prepared to mobilize large-scale drug deliveries and have done so on many 
occasions, but their activities have often been accompanied by scandals. Mass 
vaccination against polio in India has been linked to paralysis in thousands of 
children. Malaria and meningitis vaccinations administered in African countries have also 
been linked to paralysis, febrile seizures and infant deaths. And a trial for experimental 
human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines rolled out in remote Indian provinces has resulted 
in severe side effects, including autoimmune diseases and infertility in young girls. 
Doctors from different countries have already suggested that what Gates is really trying 
to achieve through his vaccination programs implemented through the WHO is to weaken 
third-world citizens and make them more susceptible to disease and premature death. 
Or perhaps his goal is to make them sterile and infertile. The media has repeatedly 
reported that substances known to reduce female fertility were detected in these vaccines 
when they were analyzed in laboratories.

That is why people are growing more and more skeptical of “the Bill Gates vaccines” 
not only in the United States, but also in many other countries, which are considered to 
be human experiments, along with the wide network of biolabs the Pentagon has set up 
in numerous different countries."
Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine 
New Eastern Outlook“.

The USA Fort Detrick War Biolab genetically engineered COVID-19 is specifically programmed to kill hundreds of millions of the Chinese people in China. It is not suppose to kill the white people.
Part Two will be published on another date.


Wednesday, 20th May , 2020


Trump Adminstration attacks VOA for praising China's success in containing Covid19

The oldies here may be quite familiar with this VOA, many youngsters may not. The VOA is the Voice of America, the official propaganda machine of the Americans against Communism and enemies of the American Empire. The VOA was most active during the Cold War, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. VOA is synonymous with CIA and all the American covert operations against the Soviet bloc and China. It is an American mouthpiece.

It is a big shock for the Trump Administration to lash at this mouthpiece. Did Trump take the wrong drug and think VOA is a Chinese network? This is really unimaginable! No American media can say anything good about China even if it is a fact, a known fact to the whole world. This is how the American propaganda machinery works. They only tell lies, untruth and disinformation to the world.  Maybe the VOA is now infiltrated with Chinese agents. What a joke. This reveals how sensitive and desperate the Trump Administration is in this losing war against the Covid19.

Here is what SCMP reported of this piece of bizarre news.

The White House has lashed out at broadcaster Voice of America (VOA), accusing the broadcaster of amplifying “Beijing’s propaganda” by quoting China’s official coronavirus statistics in its reporting and publishing footage of celebrations marking the end of Wuhan’s lockdown.

The extraordinary attack on a government-funded news outlet came as the Trump administration and some lawmakers have intensified their criticism on how the Chinese government handled the outbreak.

“VOA too often speaks for America’s adversaries – not its citizens,” said the White House in a Thursday missive, adding that the outlet, which is funded through congressional appropriations, was “promoting propaganda” with taxpayers’ money.

“This week, VOA called China’s Wuhan lockdown a successful ‘model’ copied by much of the world – and then tweeted out video of the Communist government’s celebratory light show marking the quarantine’s alleged end,” the release said.

The story that the White House appeared to be referencing was an Associated Press article that the VOA had syndicated on Tuesday, not a staff-written story.

“Even worse, while much of the US media takes its lead from China, VOA went one step further,” the White House’s Thursday missive continued. “It created graphics with Communist government statistics to compare China’s Coronavirus death toll to America’s.”


Covid19 - When war and hostility are more important than saving lives

NEW YORK: An attempt by Estonia and Germany to overcome an impasse between the United States and China at the United Nations Security Council instead appeared on Thursday (May 14) to have reinforced their stalemate over action on the coronavirus pandemic.

For more than seven weeks the 15-member council has been trying to agree on a text that ultimately aims to back a Mar 23 call by UN chief Antonio Guterres for a ceasefire in global conflicts so the world can focus on the pandemic....

"All we want to see is a resolution that states the ceasefire," US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said during a Thursday online conversation with the Institute of Politics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"It doesn't matter what country puts forth that resolution. What matters is that it's streamlined, it speaks about the global ceasefire and making sure that humanitarian aid is reaching those people that are most in need," she said, signalling support for Estonia and Germany's draft....

It appeared last week that the Security Council had reached a compromise on the French and Tunisian-drafted resolution. Instead of naming the WHO, the draft referenced "specialised health agencies". The WHO is the only such agency.

But Washington rejected that language, diplomats said. The Chinese diplomat said Beijing had agreed to the compromise.  CNA

The above report clearly revealed what really matters to the Americans, their evil motive and intent. It is not about saving lives but about politiking, about the evil Empire. They want to bring down the Director General at all cost for appearing to be pro China when the DG was merely doing his job objectively and not wanting to play politics. So when the issue is stopping all wars, that the Americans are fighting and killing other people, these are secondary. If the Americans cannot remove the DG of WHO, the wars can continue and people can die, it does not matter to them.

This is how evil the American Empire is. Other than calling for an end to all the wars they are involved, the UN is also calling to end all sanctions to the states that the evil Empire had successfully coerced other nations to abide or else. The sanctions are crippling the economies and lives of victim countries but the evil Empire does not care a damn.  It is all about how they controlled and messed up the world and the lives of other people.

For a better world, this evil Empire must be put to an end.  And Covid19 will do it as no other country is powerful enough to stop the evil Empire. They are still behaving like they are the rulers of this earth. Their arrogance and cockiness will end soon like the silly mirth in their faces when the virus attacked them in full force. They think they can continue with their wicked ways as they liked.

Just because they are unhappy with WHO that would not toe their line or take orders from them, they would not stop their wars and killings and sanctions on other people. What you sow you shalt reap. There is no running away.


Covid19 - What the evil Americans want you to believe

There was only 1 case of infection in early March and in less than 3 months this one case of infection spread across the whole American continent to infect more than 1.4m Americans, and the number is believed to be much more, as much as 20m! This is what the Americans want the world to believe, that their infection cases were imported, not indigenous. And China is to be blamed for spreading the virus to Europe and then to the USA. And this one case could even infect American soldiers in their warship, in aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines out in the Pacific Ocean.

Does anyone have any doubt that this is unlikely to be the truth?

The lie that the Americans want the world to believe is that China did not control the spread of this virus and allowed it to spread all over the world. If this is true, the neighbouring states of China would be the worse affected as the virus were likely to hit them first and spread widely. If this is true, that China could not contain the spread of the virus, the whole of China would be infected with this virus. If neighbouring countries of China are not badly affected, how is it that the virus took a big leap towards Europe and then America? Is this not strange, unusual and illogical?

The facts, other than Wuhan and Hubei province, most parts of China were not affected, there was no spread in China. It is also a fact that neighbouring countries of China where many Chinese traveled to were hardly affected. Even Hong Kong and Macau were practically free of the virus. And Taiwan too has very few infection. How to explain this phenomenon if China failed to contain the spread of the virus? Are these not obvious that the virus was well controlled and contained in China and very few cases did leak out of China.

Then how to explain the widespread of the virus in Europe and the USA? One high possibility, the virus were already very widespread in the USA and Europe. And once they started to test for it, the cases simply got detected and confirmed. This is the main reason why till today Trump is refusing to test the Americans in a big way, better not to test. The virus was already in Europe and the USA long before it was planted in China. The Americans knew about it and deliberately kept quiet about it, sneaked the virus into Wuhan, China and blamed it as the source.

Would WHO demand an explanation, or conduct an investigation into the leaks in Fort Detrick and do posthumous testing on the thousands of Americans that were certified to die from common flu and pneumonia in the months immediately after the closure of Fort Detrick, several months before the outbreak in Wuhan?

Would the New York state provide the data of their antibody test conducted and investigate how far back were the infections of those Americans tested positive of the virus? There is nothing to hide if those Americans that died before the first case in Wuhan did die from common flu or pneumonia. The Americans must come clean and be transparent and cooperate with the WHO on these investigations. Stop being the biggest liar and asking China to be transparent.

The likelihood that the virus originated from the USA, spread across to Europe long before it was inserted into Wuhan is very high. It is near impossible for 1 case in March to spread to 1.4m cases in less than 3 months.  It is not possible for the American soldiers in nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and warships out in the Pacific Ocean to be simultaneously infected by this virus in the US mainland unless the virus was already there many months earlier.

How did one case in New York spread across the American continent to so many states and counties and nursing homes and prisons and meat production plants in less than a month?

The facts are telling the world that the virus was in American and European soil much earlier than in Wuhan, China. Blaming China as the source of this virus just does not make sense, a diversion tactic clear for all to see. The two strains, one in China and the other in Europe and the USA were different with the latter much more deadlier.

WHO must conduct an investigation into the link between Fort Detrick and this pandemic. The allegation that Wuhan is the source is too obvious to be believeable, that it was a false flag incident. The fact that the Americans are desperately pointing the finger at China is a clear cut case of diverting the attention from the real source in Fort Detrick, to mislead the world that it was from Wuhan, China.

WHO should also investigate the contingent of American soldiers that participated in the World Military Games in Wuhan just before the virus breakout. The soldiers must be made available for investigation on their activities in Wuhan.  The US must also provide their medical records for analysis. Failure to comply is proof that the US is hiding their crimes.