Covid19 - No foreign workers asking for an apology

In Parliament on 4 May, Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Anthea Ong asked Minister of Manpower (MOM) Josephine Teo if the government will apologise to the foreign workers for the Covid19 outbreak in many dormitories. Josephine Teo claimed "I have not come across one single migrant worker himself that has demanded an apology". Her remarks have been criticised by many netizens. There were some who felt there is no shame in apologising considering these workers have helped build many of Singapore's infrastructure. Others called out her lack of humility for thinking she did no wrong, and that an apology needs to be demanded before it can be given.

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I know this would happen sooner or later. I have avoided talking about it for good reasons, not to give people ideas to take a pot shot at the govt. Now that this is discussed in Parliament, the cat is out of the bag. 

Yes, the foreign workers would not complain. They have no right to complain as the virus was in the air and they caught it somewhere, from who nobody knows. This is something that you cannot put a blame on anyone for spreading the virus to you unless the person did it deliberately by breathing or spitting into you, which means there is intent and malice.

However, this does not prevent super powers like India to demand not only an apology from our govt on the pretext of protecting their citizens, but primary to extort something out from this situation. Do not be surprised they will sue the govt for compensation. They think like the Americans, big power, carry big stick and wield it when to their advantage.

Let's see if this will happen and see how our govt would react to the mighty India, the next Number One super power. They would claim that their workers were not treated fairly, made to live together in small spaces. They may even suggest their workers should be given enough living space like the Istana or the homes of our millionaire ministers. Never mind if the workers were sleeping on the streets back home or squeezed together in little slum huts. They are in Singapore, first world city, and must live like first world people. Anything less is ill treatment, even a cause of violation of their human rights and human decency.

Be prepared to be sued by India and pay compensation or to give in to more demands in the next CECA negotiation in their favour. Be prepared to become a colony of India.  Anthea Ong asked whether the govt is going to make an apology to the foreign workers. My view, if the govt is stupid enough to do so, it would become an admission of incompetence, mishandling and/or negligence and this could be used as justification for India to demand for compensation.

Would stupidity has no cure rule the day?


Anonymous said...

Probably the G might consider apologizing to the foreign workers just prior to the general election. This way they can claim it's their own personal capacity of apologizing to the foreign workers. The G can't apologize now as they may be question by the Indian govt or FM, this would cause the SG G lots of monies later on in some bziness deals. Apologizing juz prior to ge could garner votes & hookwink more foreigners turned citizens to cast their sympathy votes to the whites papies. So this matter of apologizing r all calculated moves in the Games of Thrones by the papies to win votes & extend their political lives to the expense of Sg dignity or sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Apologize or not
Sin is done for not because of any reason other than that of the COVID-19 CONTAGION.
It is the Mishandling of the Contagion that is bringing Sin down to its knees bending.
No amount of regret and apology can stop the Collapse, much less any salvation.
Damage is done and fate is sealed.

Anonymous said...

India thinks that with the US behind it, they want to dominate everybody in Asia. They act like they are the de facto sheriff of Asia, while Australia thinks it is the de facto sheriff of Australasia on behalf of the evil empire.

Little India alias Red Dot is making itself beholden to big India. No way out, because we have an Indian President, an Indian Deputy PM, an Indian Law Minister, an Indian Chief Justice, an Indian National Bank CEO, and a large Indian construction workforce in Red Dot. what else is there to say?

India is trying very hard to antagonise China and anything Chinese. Red Dot's majority race is Chinese, so it goes with the flow. If we are not careful, they will shit on our heads, demanding this and that and keep on using bullying tactics. Look at the way those Indians with noses in the air behave, and how they think they are still Maharajahs on home ground.

But, let us wait and see. India is not part of and does not want to have anything to do with the OBOR initiative, presumably because it is a Chinese project and India is the dominant US provocateur of the evil empire. Let them be, and see how they can achieve their US$5 trillion GDP target.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PMETs (ex) drive India PMETs to work.

Singapore PMETs (ex) deliver India PMETs their lunches.

Singapore government treating India blue-collar workers like kings - treat their illnesses, give them good food (some of which they throw away as no curry), provide them good accommodation; now being asked to kontow and apologize to India workers.

Virgo 49 said...

The Government should apologise to the local Singaporeans instead of the migrant workers for this fiasco.

If the local transmissions is low we would be now living in free movements as before this dreaded COVID virus instead of having what's CB or Chee B nonsense. 400,000 of them without real plans of any disasters or pandemic if it were to be happen.

Like during the SARs period, just observed the usual hygienic protocol and temp readings plus registration at offices and work as usual.

There is no real need of a CB lock down.

Now the extended CB is due to the widespread infections among the migrant workers which are their blunders plus their employers mistakes and greedy monies making monkey businesses.

For years, if the MOM can said now that they violated how many offences in their dorms, why no REAL action taken against them?

They should be screating and dispersing them with many dorms donkey years ago.

Why now, when the shits hits the roofs.

Sinkies, many still in their dreams have not wake up to their nightmares yet and can still asked for trivial nonsense of apologies for the source of the real problems.

Now in CB had to amuse themselves by what's their nonsense showing off of their how lian pigeon holes abodes.

Showing off their nonsense talents karaoke singing and what's their recipes of fine dinning.

Not realising the aftermath when the dust settled, many if NOT most will be like the Malaysians lining up in pawnshops and maxi cash and fire sales of the properties which many had bite more that they can chew.

Left to be seen their sorry state. Maybe be worst off than the poorer cousins the Mats.

Chinese Saying: Ai Beh Si Kay.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Anon.


Have experienced all these nonsense with their open legged policies.

See that pariah Sovereign of Pariah origin behaving like a Maharaja caste.

Sinkies damn stupid to pamper them and scorn our own.

Sad indeed.

More shiok in Matland among the Mats then our own.

Anonymous said...

Redbean: My view, if the govt is stupid enough to do so, it would become an admission of incompetence, mishandling and/or negligence and this could be used as justification for India to demand for compensation.

Me: By your same logic, sg ministars would never admit to any wrongdoing because it would become an admission of incompetence, mishandling and/or negligence and this could be used as justification for the people of SG to demand for compensation.

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are.

Tan Chian Jin aka another jinx today said the high infections by the Dorm migrants are not necessarily caused by their close promities of staying too close together.

That what's?

Community infections?

They're to tai chi their blunders.

Anonymous said...

What is Tan Chuan Jinx saying? If staying in close proximity is not a cause of the high infections, why are we doing 'safe distancing'?

Frank said...

If we can have the current non-millionare leaders of HK, Taiwan or NZ here, life will never be the same like what we are presently now. Our SG millionare ministeers need to have a psychological change in their brains, and not to be money-face at the expense of middle and low income citizens. If you think of sky-high salaries, then, quit as politicians, and do businesses.

SSO said...
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Anonymous said...

I never knew Josephine is so stupid.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Bill Clinton once told the story of a tortoise on top of a high post. The morale of the story is that the tortoise cannot get up there on its own. It has no clue or ability to get up there. Someone has to put it up there.

And there is no way the tortoise can come down safely other than a big fall, or if lucky, someone would remove it from the pole to spare it the agony of falling down and break into pieces.

SSO said...
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SSO said...

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo - Arrogance At Its Zenith

In response to a sincere and well-meaninged question asked by a fellow member of parliament, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said,

"I have not come across one single migrant worker himself that has demanded an apology".

My deep penetration analysis of Josephine Teo's basic fundamentals, the ABC - Attitude, Behavior, Character - not based on just the words she has said but also her body language, especially facial expressions, when she delivered those words, are as follows:

1. That is a direct reflection of a person's arrogance at the highest pinnacle of the Pyramid!

2. That is a clear sign of being in the ivory tower for far too long, completely unable to feel and sense the pulse, vibration, scent and odour on the ground!

3. That is a telling tale of a person devoid of common sense, which has no place in the tiny space of her pea brain!

4. That is also an indication of poor Up-bringing on the part of her parents, her educators and the PAP's failed grooming programme!

5. That is also an excellent reflection of an elitist mentality. It never fails to show that she is one class above all men in earth!

6. That is also an explanation why she is still single! No suitor is able to find anything attractive about her, perhaps only for her millionaire salaries!

7. The very expensive million dollars salary question is:

What on earth did Lee Hsein Loong found in her to be of ministerial material when in reality, for all intents and purposes, whichever angle one looks at it, whether in a large arena or in a small confined space, she simply is not of ministerial material whatsoever! A mediocre administrative assistant at most. Absolutely she is of no leadership qualities at all. A good balls-carrier, follower her boss' orders, may be?

8. PAP has really been scraping the bottom of the rubbish chute!

Anonymous said...

Singapore should not continue to waste taxpayers' money on these foreign workers and quickly repatriate them to India.

These workers are a huge strain on Singapore's healthcare, diverting away alot of resources that should have been used to take care of Singaporeans' health.

There's news that India is sending ships to bring back their nationals from other countries. Govt should tell Modi to bring their repatriation ships to Singapore and take home their people!

Anonymous said...

@ 1.37pm

Can we also send Josephine Teo to India on these ships.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Modi of lndia is taking lndian Nationals home to lndia.
he will not want his People to leave Sin, now that the lndian and Bangladeshi Foreigner Workers are enjoying MUCH BETTER
as said;
lndia can sue Sin for any under-carings of its' citizens and demand for compensations.
did the Sin Regime keeps re-assuring the Foreigner Workers that they shall be taken Good Care of ?
Because lndia has the Balls of the Sin Regime in its' hands and every squeeze is going to be very hurting for the Sin Rulers.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion JT need not apologise, the whole of Singapore should apologise for keep quiet all these years. The sordid situation was in front of all Singaporeans to see, and none said anything. Just goes to should the humility and compassion of Singapore as a whole. Typically Singaporean or uniquely Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Why the India ships never come to Singapore?

Massive India repatriation begins - AFP May 8, 2020

The first wave of a massive exercise to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Indians stuck abroad began Thursday, with two flights landing in India from the United Arab Emirates.

Some 15,000 nationals will be repatriated from 12 countries on planes and naval ships, in a mammoth exercise which saw the civil aviation ministry's website crash Wednesday as panicked citizens rushed to register.

Two warships have steamed to the Maldives and another to the UAE -- home to a 3.3-million-strong Indian community which makes up some 30 percent of the Gulf state's population.

The consulate in Dubai said it had received almost 200,000 applications, appealing on Twitter for "patience and cooperation" as India undertakes the "massive task" of repatriation.

Indian citizens with coveted tickets, arriving at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports, were greeted by medics in masks, gloves and plastic aprons who took blood samples for antibody tests.

Other flights will leave Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as London, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington.

A flight planned for Thursday from Qatar has been postponed until the weekend, however.

"There are so many people who have lost their jobs here -- they're literally going hungry," Yasin, a 50-year-old restaurant manager who is now out of a job, told AFP as he checked in for his flight.

Virgo 49 said...

In Sinkieland. No need to go back.

All jobs secured for them.

Or else ahem, backsides koyak.

Kena sued in International Court.

Contracts laws abbiding.

Sinkieland can only passed laws that allows contract sinkies and other free lancers and companies to renege their contracts but ahem NOT theirs.

Modi will screw their arses.

Anonymous said...

India nationals should apologize to Singaporeans for using up scarce resources in the tiny city state. Modi should be considerate and take back his own people, so many here!

Anonymous said...

What take back, there have never been so good a place for them. They are going to stay for good if they can, and more will be coming. This is like their home.

SSO said...

COVID-19: Singapore Scores Many Firsts

1) 1st to be praised by WHO and many countries to be the Gold Standard in controlling the COVID-19 Outbreak.

2) 1st to advise its citizens and residents not to wear masks to protect themselves if they are not infected yet. Wear masks only after they have been infected! The most idiotic advice from top ivy league scholars.

3) 1st to be "Lau kwee", "Malu", "Sia Suay" when the stealthy, hidden under the surface, Coronavirus infection-tsunami suddenly surfaced two months later.

4) 1st in having the highest infection rate per million people.

5) 1st in having the lowest recovery rate in Asean, at 7% of total infected. Asean's average recovery rate is 25.5%.

6) 1st in having the highest confirmed cases in Asean, already breaking the 21,000 mark. Having at least 40% of Asean's total confirmed cases

7) 1st to be stupid enough to keep all its foreign workers, and get them infected, and then having to look after them better than looking after own citizens, while other countries have already sent their foreign workers and tourists packing back to their own countries when the COVID-19 Pandemic was first declared.

8) Last but not least, 1st to have formed a multi-ministry task force comprising of multi-millionaire ministers whose only expertise is to "monitor closely" and chasing after the trails of the damages done by the COVID-19 Coronavirus like a blue-arse fly, two steps behind, instead of taking decisive proactive actions to anticipate and be ahead of the Coronavirus before it can strike next. Even up till today, at this instant, the task force is still one step behind. Pathetic and tragic!

Singaporeans should be very proud of the PAP leaders and the 70% voters for having scored so many Firsts!

Congratulations! Is in order.

Anonymous said...

Did Bloomberg just say PAP government was slow in moving to mass testing for Covid 19?

Mass testing is ket to reopening Singapore's economy.


Anonymous said...

Gan Kim Yong <----- Joke. ROFL.
Josephine Teo <---- Joke. ROFL

Anonymous said...

Because of its lack of low-end manufacturing capacity, some of Singapore’s worst shortages have actually been in basic, cheap components like swabs that are inserted into a person’s nasal cavity to retrieve the sample to be tested.


Anonymous said...

Lee Hsieng Loong <--- Clown.

Anonymous said...

With one of Asia’s largest outbreaks following a resurgence in infections, the city state is trying to change strategy, pivoting from selectively screening for cases to the mass testing deployed successfully in places like South Korea.


Anonymous said...

And as the clamor for kits is only set to intensify as testing provides a route to re-opening locked down economies, Singapore may have to lean on local industry to help fill the shortfall. Without the manufacturing capacity of China and lower-cost countries in Southeast Asia, domestic firms -- from dentists to aircraft part-makers, engineering companies to metal forgers -- are trying to plug the nation’s need for kits.


Anonymous said...

Ho Ching <--- Billionaire

Anonymous said...

The Singapore GE is just round the corner. When you enter the voting booth just make sure you put the X next to the PAP candidate. Give them 95% mandate and Singapore will be OK.

Virgo 49 said...

Another "Sovereign" high caste Woman Maharaja insulting low class Sinkies in Sun Plaza?

Used to be respected in their homeland cultures that hard to break their habits.

That's be the new norm if Chinkees Sinkies still in their Dreamland.

Woke up too late in nightmares in MOT.


Anonymous said...

Tell the shit woman to go back to her shit country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

AHMEDABAD: Hundreds of migrant workers in India's western state of Gujarat have clashed for a second day with authorities, hurling stones at police trying to enforce a lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Protesters took to the streets in the city of Surat on Saturday (May 9), a day after residents in Ahmedabad clashed with paramilitary forces.

If these workers know how good life has been for foreign workers here, they would be begging to come here. Singapore can have all the Indian workers after this pandemic for free, oops, free food, free medical and free accommodation plus pay of course.

imho said...

Pap is totally incompetent.
Only 5m population cannot manage.
Covid19 spreading everywhere.
Even wants to increase population to 10m.
Insane isit?