Is there a good legal system?

Below is posted by SSO (aka Simply Say Only aka Say Say Only)  in one of his comments on 21 May.  SSO lamented that there is no perfect legal system in the world. I would like to say that there is an exception. There is one legal system in the world that is as near to perfection as there can be, nearly impeccable. And that is the Singapore Legal System. Singapore inherited this system from the British but has perfected it with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, from the judges, to the AG Office, and Law Ministry and the top legal counsels that have in their own expert ways contributed to this near perfect system. And this could be seen in some of the most brilliant arguments and judgements made by the courts and never ever been challenged or reversed.

And it is very expensive for sure, good has to be expensive right, as SSO has commented and thus not for the poor though it was supposed to serve and protect the poor and the meek. This point was noted and the Chief Justice has introduced some reforms to help the poor to have some justice if not they would not be able to do so as they could not afford to buy justice, oops, I mean they could not afford to pay dearly for expensive lawyers to defend them. This was about the only weakness in this perfect system but this hole has been plucked.  Poor people can also avail themselves of this perfect legal system, caveat, if they are really poor.  I think there is a definition on what is poor to qualify for this legal service.  I am poor and I know I would definitely not qualified for it.

See, my alternative truth good or not?  Ok, below is SSO's post.

Sad to say, in reality, in most countries, whether advanced or backward, the legal systems are like the Indonesian Wayang Kulit, skilfully controlled by unseen hands with invisible puppet-strings from the top of the curtain on the stage. With such a system, the commoners simply do not have a chance to win any contest. They either do not have the means to possess the same level of legal-muscle flexibility or, even if they have, will never win any case brought against them.

This is the legal system that man has devised and developed over time. The US legal system is one glaring example, followed very closely by the UK, most of the EU countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Even India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, China, ASEAN countries, Latin American countries, Africa states and the Arab World are invariably similar.

Come to think of it, I simply can't think of any country in the world that has an impeccable and unblemished legal system!

Reason: No man is perfect; legal system is created by imperfect man and operated by imperfect men. So how can it be a perfectly just system? It bounds to have fakes and flaws, like any other system created by imperfect men. Even God made a Big mistake of creating Man!

Point 3:

The original good intention of law creation was to protect the poor against the rich. But in practice today, sad to say, it literally and legally protects the rich from the poor.

The original good intention of law enactment was to protect the lowly educated, meek, naive and innocent against the highly educated, cunning, smart and wilfully criminal. But in practice today, extremely sad to say, it craftily and silently protects the highly educated, the cunning, the smart and the wilfully criminal.

The original good intention of law enforcement was to protect the weak against the powerful. But in practice today, so sad to say, it vigorously protects the powerful against the weak. Just look at how many layers of physical, electronic and legal protecton that the most powerful man in the world is given day and night 24/7.+


Every journey of human endeavors starts with good positive intention but the end is never the same as the beginning.

At the end of the day, the masses begin to realise that there may be only one set of laws in their respective country, however there are various deviations in practice, and that 99 out of 100 times, they will never stand a chance against the powerful, rich, cunning and highly educated.


SSO (aka Simply Say Only aka Say Say Only)


Anonymous said...

In the coming GE it would be nice to see if any politician would remain in the voting centre and not violating the within 200 metres election law.

They should put it to a test.

Virgo 49 said...

SSO is correct.

The Rich with their Powered Team of Liars and the Govt with their full whole machinery of State's Liars and Agencies behind them will be like fighting a sledge hammer with a fly swapper.

So eggs against rocks as they said.

The Government had two mouths as a saying. They can dig whatsoever info they want of you in a click of button or just a simple memo to their respective agency and what have you?

They can White washed their docs and datas without anyone checking on them. Evil Serpents are sworn to Secrecy on their whatsoever Acts or OSA. WHO cares to go against them?

What's bullshits transparencies? ?

Even you were assigned a lawyer by them to defend you, most are just mediocre ones no choice under what's
Pro bono just to go thru the motions.

Maybe, only some like bioploar Ravi will go all out to save you.

That's why, most had to retract and apologise for they know will be a losing battle against these Rich and Influential Beans.

Somemore, the Courts can really made your life real miserable by prolonging and ajourning and prolonging and adjournments until you wither.

Virgo 49 said...

Their own Evil Serpents and also their RC and CCCC see kia liao members there in the polling booths more than even to intimidate any fearless ones.

Anonymous said...

All good legal system starts from wise voters.

If a country has 70% stupid voters.
They vote into power an evil leader.

And the evil leader will gradually destroy the legal system.

Virgo 49 said...

More than enough.

Somemore, they put them in the same polling stations as in their Constituency districts.

The voters saw them will be shaken if most ever seeked their help

Anonymous said...

If laws are made to protect the poor, then walls around condos are erected to protect those on the 'outside'.

Who made the laws? Who erected the walls?

Anonymous said...

Transparency is like a two way mirror. They can see what you are doing, but you cannot see what they are doing on the other side.

Therefore, transparency is never about truthfulness. It is about which side you are from.

Anonymous said...

Is there a good legal system?

Is there a good response to Covid-19?

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition !!