North Korea offering the olive branch

With the young Kim Jong Un in charge, changes are starting to take place in North Korea. So far the indicators are quite positive. He is coming on as a livelier and down to earth person, more open and easy going. There is a high and good possibility that the North Koreans would adopt the Chinese model of economic growth by opening up, like Myanmar. They have made trips to China for more talks and fact finding missions.

The latest and most promising sign is to open discussion with Japan, likely to be for aids and economic cooperation. It would be a good opportunity for Japan to open up and engage the North Koreans, extend whatever economic assistance they could to help the North Koreans to become wealthier, seeing more promises and hopes of a better life. A rich and prosperous North Korea is likely to be friendlier and less confrontational and could be an active member of the world community. It is to Japan and the South Korea’s interest to integrate the North Koreans into the world system with economic growth and less military provocations.

Japan could go one step further, as just economic growth is not enough. The centuries of historical debt, particularly of land grabs must be settled as soon as possible. Japan could stand out as the country that is genuine to bury the past by unilaterally announcing the return of all islands taken from its neighbours during its colonial days. Such a gesture will be greatly welcomed by its neighbours, and the world will see Japan in a very positive light. It will also remove forever the torn of nationalism and historical antagonism that could erupt and undermine the good relations built over the years. War is no longer an option today and the earlier the root for future wars be killed and cleared, the better for all the countries in the region. Holding on to war loots is untenable and will need to be addressed and return at some point in time.

Would Japan seize the moment and rise above selfish individual and national pride to ride this new wave of economic cooperation with its neighbours? Or would Japan arrogantly and stubbornly want to hold on to the islands it grabbed from its neighbours and eventually rekindle a bitter war of mutual self destruction? Is it worth clinging onto other people’s islands?

Boiling the daft Sinkies

Believe it! Only $99,999. This is the price for a 1,600cc saloon car, inclusive of COE. And Sinkies are rushing to the showrooms because COE price is cheap, down $2000 from $75,000 to $73,000.

They cannot remember or did not know that such a car would likely cost not more than $30,000 in many countries or the cost is only $20k to bring in. Cheap, cheap, cheap because yesterday was priced at $100k.

The same mentality is the thinking about housing prices. Cheap, cheap, cheap cause it is 1% down.

Don't forget CPF withdrawal age and minimum sum.

PR complained about Sinkies.

Below is a post in TRE of a PR complaining about Sinkies being anti foreigners. And below this there is a complaint by a Sinkie about foreign banks discriminating against Sinkies on employment opportunities in Citibank, also posted in TRE.

“A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) from Malaysia, Albert Tye has written to the Straits Times forum imploring Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong to crack down on critics of the government’s ‘rational’ immigration policy.

Mr Tye started by blasting netizens for attacking immigrants online:

The behaviour of some netizens not only reflect poorly on Singaporeans, their postings are also extremely offensive. Netizens have been getting away – and going overboard – with their anti-new immigrant postings with impunity; particularly in attacks against mainland Chinese.”

This is the second posting by a Leroy Tan to Tan Chuan Jin.

‘Dear Sir, It has come to my attention that Citibank IT employs less than 15% Singaporeans. The rest are all foreigners.

One may argue that we don’t have enough manpower to support their operations but why are the foreigners from one specific country?

Are the rest of the Asian countries having the same problem as well?

In addition, Citibank IT only gets their staff from the following hr vendors and none of them are local.

1. Infosys

2. Nucleus

3. IFlex

4. Polaris

And from what I gathered, they ain’t cheap. Their salary ranges between $4000-$6000. I just have 1 question, why the discrimination?’

The two posts speak badly of Sinkies as a people, as citizens of a country when they are treated as shit by foreigners. The PR has the audacity to call on the PM to what, to ‘crack down’ on Sinkie critics who are against the rational immigration policy. To many Sinkies it is irrational policy and badly managed and that is why there are so much pains and complaints. The fact that a PR thinks it is okay to dismiss Sinkies in Sinkieland speaks a lot about the respect they had for Sinkies. Basically Sinkies are just shit in their eyes.

And if the complaint about discrimination in Citibank is true, then Sinkies are even shittier when they are discriminated by a foreign bank in their home country that gave the bank a licence to operate. Now the issue is whether there is discrimination and whether it can be proven. I hope it cannot be proven and everything is proper. If it is proven to be so, I dunno where to hide my face as a Sinkie.

What do you think?

Singapore model of multi racial society not perfect

Many countries today are multi racial in composition, from the US in the west to the Philippines in the east, from China in the north to Australia in the South. The racial mix differs from country to country with some with the majority veering towards near absolute but not many are about evenly split. The latter is likely to see unending bickering for power, like a two party system.

There are absolute majority countries with the majority taking advantage of the minorities and discriminating against them in a whole range of social, economic and political matters. There are also instances of a minority discriminating against the majority when they own the gun, like in South Africa during days of apartheid and in the Middle East.

In general, it is always the majority taking advantage of the minorities and forcing their wills on them. Singapore has an absolute Chinese majority and it is one of the exception where discrimination against the minorities is the least and often have to bend backwards to accommodate the interests of the minorities. The minorities are still unhappy for some of the discrimination they are experiencing, though not life threatening or overt oppression. It is still far from being ideal, far from being good, but still one of the best in the world as far as ethnic relations and living together as a country of many races. There are still pockets of hardcore individuals that would be very racial in their thinking and behavior, but not as a group behavior.

Would Singapore be better off with a more even distribution in its racial composition? Or would it be better if there is an absolute Malay majority in power, or an absolute Indian majority in power? Theoretically every group will think it will be better if their racial group is in power and they would or could be more generous, merciful and magnanimous to the minorities. Would that be the natural outcome? What do you think?


A little trivial

The ongoing court cases about adults visiting underage prostitutes have thrown out many lessons and the do’s and don’ts for paid lust. The first and most important thing to take note is to ask the prostitute for her age to determine if she is underage, under 18. This seems to be the biggest mistake of the customers who were being prosecuted in court and sentenced to imprisonment. In their hurry to satisfy their animal lust they forgot to ask her age. Maybe their papa or mama did not teach them this. Maybe the school system also failed to teach them this street smart SOP. So you guys wanting to be naughty, this is lesson number one.

There are other questions to be asked but have not surfaced yet. One question is to determine the employment status of the prostitute. Is she here on a student pass or employment pass? I think if she is a student, then she should not be in business. It is a violation of the Immigration law and doing business with her could be an offence.

Another question is her legal status. Is she a legal or illegal immigrant. Obviously an illegal immigrant should not be here. Customers must ask or could be found to be playing with illegal immigrants and condoning their illegal stay.

So remember, ask their age, employment and legal status. Of course must also ask if they are AIDS free or disease free. Compile a checklist to be safe and don’t gabra when the light dims. Caveat emptor.

Sayang sayang

Alex Tan, a Reform Party candidate who stood in the GE against Hsien Loong is now being investigated for harassment against SBS Transit.

Here is a short clip from a post in TRE, ‘One of the founding editors of The Real Singapore (TRS) is being investigated by the police for “intentional haressment”, following a complaint by SBS Transit (SBS).

Alex Tan ZhiXiang was summoned by Tanglin Police Division after a Magistrate Complaint was lodged against him, for using multiple instances of F* word in an open letter addressed to SBS, commenting on the overcrowding and infrequent bus services.’

I read Alex’s letter which was posted in TRE by another blogger and indeed he spiced up his letter to SBS with a lot of ‘fuck’ words. I am now going to be more careful with using this word in case I offended any bloggers here. It is natural for some to have thinner skin or more sensitive skin. For those who are offended whenever the ‘fuck’ word is used here, let me sayang sayang you a bit to make you feel better.

And for those who are writing complaint letters to corporations, please be mindful that you can be investigated for intentional harassment. So, please hor, no say I never warn you or you did not know, it is quite dangerous and no one would sayang sayang you hor. Using ‘fuck’ word is a serious thing and can be hauled to court hor. This is Sinkapore where we are squeaky clean and a word like this is not for normal use by the inhabitants. They will be very offended by it and can report you to the police and sue you also.

A kindly word of advice to foreigners to read this carefully and don’t come here and fuck around ok and think it is ok. This is my contribution to integrating foreigners to our squeaky clean culture.

Heart very big 心很大

The big conversation in everyone’s lip now is about the heart, about how big is the heart, not about not having a heart. It is true that everyone has a heart. Believe me, it is true. And this heart grows bigger and bigger as one grows from a baby to an adult, and then it gradually stops growing. Our body can only accommodate a heart of a certain size. Normally the bigger the body the bigger the heart.

In a figurative sense, the heart is used to describe the desire, ambition and magnanimity of a person. When one is described to have a big heart, it is often a good thing. In another sense it can also connotes a negative feeling. A generous man has a big heart to forgive and forget, not a narrow heart. But a man with a big heart can be used to describe a very ambitious or greedy man, who covets for more and more.

The heart grows bigger and bigger, for instance, describe someone who was initially content to earn a 4 figure income, than 5 figure and then 6 figure income. The heart is growing bigger. It can also describe a person who thinks he can do three jobs, 5 jobs, or ten jobs at the same time, something like wearing more and more hats. Or the head is very big. There is a subtle difference between head very big and a big heart when doing more jobs is concerned. Big head is more like thinking too highly of oneself, that one can do a lot of things, very able. Big heart is like being too greedy, just want to have more jobs in the pocket with no regards to one’s ability, a bit like wild heart, 野心. And this kind of hearts can grow to enormous size, and can keeping growing non stop.

So, when we talk about big hearts, we need to know what we are talking about. When we praise people with big heart, it could mean a generous person or a greedy and ambitious person. And this kind of heart is not the same as the physical heart as every big or broad guy will have a big heart. And don’t get distracted by talking about the colour of the heart. Presumably all the hearts are red in colour and in the right place.

Six proposals to turn Sinkies into baby making machines

4 women from the PAP Women’s Wing, including MPs Jessica Tan and Intan Azura Mokhtar, have came out with 6 recommendations to make Singaporeans to produce more babies. And the recommendations are sensible.

Are they smarter than those that are paid millions to come up with such good proposals? Or when can’t those who are paid in the millions come out with such good proposals? The talents in the Women’s Wing cannot be more talented than the million dollar talents right? If they are, then the Women’s Wing talents should be paid the million dollars instead.

And why does it take so long for a group of women to come out with such good ideas? I think the answer to this is that someone came out to ask for ideas, so ideas are coming out now. Does it also mean that if no someone asked for ideas, then no ideas will be forthcoming?

Maybe the million dollar talents are working on some more brilliant ideas that they have not discovered in the past. Just hope they do not throw away the good ideas from the Women’s Wing but offer nothing better in return.


Japan, US conduct island defense drill near Diaoyu Islands
Globaltimes.cn | 2012-8-21 15:43:00

   US Moves in E. Aisa

1.Japan, US conduct joint drills near Diaoyu Islands
Japan and the US have decided to intensify military and defense cooperation at a very sensitive time for the region. The decision was first reported on in the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun. The news comes as relations between China and Japan have been severely strained due to the territory dispute over Diaoyu Islands.

2.S. Korea, US launch joint military drill
South Korean and US militaries have begun an annual joint exercise to test defenses against potential security threats.

3. Private deals between US, Japan concerning Diaoyu Islands "invalid": Chinese FM
According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, a senior US State Department official said on July 9 that the Diaoyu Islands (referred to as the Senkaku Islands in Japan) fall within the scope of Article 5 of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security, as the Senkaku Islands have been under the administrative control of the government of Japan since they were returned as part of the reversion of Okinawa in 1972.

4. US-Japanese strategies put region at risk
At the end of April, the US and Japan reached a new agreement on the joint use of the US military bases in the Pacific region. According to media reports, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are expected to station forces alongside US troops in the Philippines. Once Manila approves, Japan, the US and the Philippines will conduct specific military training together in Philippine bases.

5. Japan’s tough Diaoyu position aimed at US
In December 2011, Japan and the US jointly held a military drill. Such military drills have been practiced for more than two decades, but this time the scale was unprecedented.

The reason was exactly the incident that happened in September. Japan and the US assumed that the waters near the Diaoyu Islands might be threatened by Chinese military forces, although in ordinary people's eyes a fishing boat barely represents a nation.

Inventing the Chinese Threat

Inventing the Chinese Threat

John Glaser,  August 17, 2012

                                    “Since the disappearance of the
Soviet Union,” writes James Dobbins at RAND Corp., “China has become
America’s default adversary, the power against which the United States
measures itself militarily, at least when there is no more proximate
enemy in sight.”

I know what you’re thinking: What has China ever done to us? What
villainous offense have they committed to our well-being or our
interests? It can’t possibly be the case that China is our “default
adversary” just because the Soviet Union is gone, can it?

Well, yes it can. As Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and
retired four-star general, said about the fall of the Soviet Union,
Washington was remorseful that we “lost our best enemy.” The system –
the “whole structure,” Powell explained, “depended on there being a
Soviet Union that might attack us.” He said Mikhail Gorbachev sat
across the table from him at the time and said apologetically “Ah,
General, I’m sorry, you’ll have to find a new enemy.”

When people in Washington and their surrogates in the mass media
punditry crow about our other trumped up threat, they at least have a
laundry list of alleged transgressions. You know the list: they
support terrorism, they want to wipe Israel off the map, they’re
secretly building nuclear weapons, they killed US soldiers invading
and occupying neighboring Iraq, etc. With China, there is no such
list. China’s mere existence as anything other than a vassal state is
the major transgression. As James Holmes has written in the National
Interest, China “presents the sternest ‘anti-access’ challenge of any
prospective antagonist.” In other words, they resist US
interventionism and military presence. China is gaining power and
influence, which ought to be solely American prerogatives, as far as
Washington is concerned.

This is the reasoning behind President Obama’s strategic shift into
Asia-Pacific, announced by the administration last year. This
so-called ‘Asia pivot’ is an aggressive policy that involves surging
American military presence throughout the region – in the Philippines,
Japan, Australia, Guam, South Korea, Singapore, etc. – and backing
basically all of China’s rivals.

More than that, the Pentagon is drawing up new plans to prepare for an
air and sea war in Asia. “As part of the Air-Sea Battle concept,”
reports Military.com, the US is refurbishing old WWII bases, looking
“to disperse its air forces stationed at its handful of major bases in
the western Pacific in the event of a major conflict with China.”

Source: BBC

The idea is to have enough US bases peppered throughout the region so
that China would be too surrounded to safely attack. “Doing so would
make it more difficult for China to wipe out entire squadrons sitting
on the ground with surprise attacks from its long range ballistic

Chinese officials have not appreciated this unprovoked bellicosity. In
May the Chinese Defense Ministry accused the Pentagon of hyping a
Chinese military threat out of thin air. Others have said these
Pentagon moves could start an arms race. “If the U.S. military
develops Air-Sea Battle to deal with the [People’s Liberation Army],
the PLA will be forced to develop anti-Air-Sea Battle,” one officer,
Col. Gaoyue Fan, said last year in a debate sponsored by the Center
for Strategic and International Studies.
“Some Asia analysts worry that conventional strikes aimed at China
could spark a nuclear war,” according to the Washington Post. Other
“critics see a dangerous tendency toward alarmism that is exaggerating
the China threat to drive up defense spending.”

“While China’s overall military capabilities will not equal those of
the United States anytime soon,” Dobbins puzzlingly warns, “it will
more quickly achieve local superiority in its immediate neighborhood,
first in and around Taiwan and then at somewhat greater distances.”

To continue: Take your chance and click link if you have the you know
what's to do so .


Installing a soul into a soulless nation

Talking about soul searching, a Sinkie soul? Do we have a soul in the first place when everything is about money and profitability? Sinkies will sell father and mother and country just for money, or when they think it is a profitable thing to do.

Some were reminding the Sinkies about our immigrant past, about how our forebears came to this little island to make a home and a country. Reflecting and remembering the past, knowing the history, are good. At least they tell you where you came from, where it started and how it started. Knowing history is one thing, learning from the valuable lessons of history is another. And the dangerous part is learning the wrong thing from history is unforgiveable.

When the wise men reminded the Sinkies of their immigrant roots, they are telling the conventional wisdom of welcoming the new immigrants like welcoming their forebears, to justify the influx of immigrants. What they have forgotten were the conditions when our forebears arrived and how our forebears fought to own this piece of rock that we now call home, our country. Maybe there was too little struggle, too little bloodshed, that there was not enough pain to treasure the ownership of this piece of rock. It was given on a silver platter.

But don’t be deceived by the ease of independence and becoming owners and masters of our own land. It could turn the other way and taken away from us. And our forebears could have been abandoned or cast into the sea as refugees. Do not take for granted our independence and ownership of this island.

And don’t be silly to think that we own a continent to be shared with everyone and anyone. We don’t have enough to round. We cannot accommodate the world and neither would the world want to accommodate us. We can be generous to being foolish. To give away something so precious and dear to us and ended being flotsams one day when we are not careful and be cast away, and become refugees with no homes. No country will open their legs willingly to be screwed by foreigners. Try applying to Timbuktu and see if you are welcomed?

A people without a soul would not appreciate what is the meaning of a country, and being citizens of a country. We sell everything for quick profits. We give our citizenships freely thinking that it is good, in the short term, without looking further than the tip of our nose. There is a time to be selective, to be selfish, to protect ourself, our own people, instead of prostituting ourselves thinking that that is the only way of survival. We are not a continent like America or Australia that we can accommodate everyone when the reality is that not many people would want to share their home and land and prosperity with us.

Now, what soul are we talking about? A generous soul of sharing everything we have with everyone? Big hearts huh? Can we afford to do that? Many cannot afford to own cars, no space to build bicycle lanes, not enough land to build flats that don’t cost a hand or a leg. Not enough water, energy, no land for farming and producing food. And we want more and more people to share and squeeze with us in this piece of rock.

A major world crisis in energy, in food, drought or flood, recession etc will plunge us into the abyss in no time if we have too big a population to feed. We are not self sufficient in anything. Our money will not be much use in a real crisis when money becomes just a piece of paper.

Put up Sentosa for sale. After all with 2m foreigners in a 5.4m population here, it is as good as they buying up 2/5 of the island, in a way. Easy come easy go. We got this island easy and can give it away easy as well.

One good reason to welcome more foreigners

As a small country, we need to trade with everyone to survive. We need free trade and open skies to trade freely, to move freely. It is a quid pro quo thing. We let your goods in, you let our goods in, no taxes.

This same principle is applicable to recognition of university degrees. You recognize our degrees we recognize yours. And if we let your people come here freely, work here freely, live here freely, the same must be reciprocated.

Now Sinkies, please understand this logic. Our island is so small, so cram. Would it not be nice to be able to live in big countries with a lot of land? Let the people of the world come here freely and we move to their countries freely as well. They can come and buy and live in our HDB flats and we be allowed to move to their countries, buy land and build landed properties. Those bigger countries would have no problem or feel insecure to welcome us. Would this be good? Would it be good to live in big countries where properties are cheap, cars are cheap and lifestyle slow and easy?

And when we recognize their degrees, their doctors and lawyers and engineers can practice here, so can our professionals practice in their countries. Imagine Sinkies can go anywhere and work and practice anywhere. Imagine we are welcome everywhere. And we can rent out our HDB flats, collect the rentals, and live in landed properties in other countries. And those from other countries come and live in our small little flats, pay us a lot of money to live in their countries. That would be really nice. The world is our oyster!

Imagine all the people in the world, living in peace and harmony. But I am just a dreamer, and I am not the only one.


The days of the Miserables…lawyers

Who do you think lawyers? Are we seeing the days of the miserable lawyers and the legal profession? Or things will go on as normal? The respect and high regards for the legal profession and the learned counsels, will it be tainted or will it continue to glow and shine?

I think it all depends on the outcome of the EGM and whether the legal eagles find it important enough to even attend this EGM. Would the 50 calling for the EGM be the voices in the wilderness and abandon by their colleagues in the profession? Will they be the only 50 members present?

Alienation of the leadership

There was a time when aspiring leaders will shout, follow me, and jump into the deep end of any crisis to face the bullets first. Leadership is by leading, by setting examples, by telling and doing what leaders expect the followers to do. When leaders lead by examples, the followers will follow all the way. When leaders say charge, and they stand behind to watch, who is going to charge, who is going to be the idiot to be shot first? Only the soldiers can do that.

When leaders eat rice, the men eat rice. When the men eat porridge or gruel, the leaders too did the same. That is what leadership is all about, be with the people, share wealth and toil, share joy and woes. The men will not mind if the leaders have rice and they have porridge or gruel. It would be something else when the leaders have meat and fish and the men have only plain gruel. Got it?

When leaders demand to be paid in the millions and told the people it is alright to live with $1k pm. When leaders demand to live in 20k sq ft properties and build smaller and smaller flats for the people, and tell the people to live within their means, I think you got a problem.

When leaders declare that wide income gap is normal and the wider the gap the more normal it is, you got a bigger problem. There is a big gap, a credibility gap. The daft followers will continue to follow blindly. They are not daft for no reason. But not many are daft, and not many will remain daft all the time.

Serve NS to protect what? To protect the huge properties and wealth of leaders, or their little shoe box flats? Heard or pragmatism? Or nothing of their own to protect since they don’t even own a little flat to cover their heads? Only daft Sinkies will protect other people’s wealth and well being when their well beings don’t mean anything to those they are protecting. Does this make sense or so difficult to understand? What is an aspiration? A belief that is good to believe in only, a make belief.

Is there a connect, or a credibility gap between the leaders and the led? Do the leaders lead by setting good examples that the people will die for, or to die for an aspiration? Is everyone is part of a bigger whole, everyone feels that they are part of a bigger entity called nation and country?

Maybe the people don’t mind living within their means and dying for their great leaders bathing in wealth and glory. After all they have been told to know and accept their lesser stations in life.

Racism in Singapore

Recently the outcry against racism is getting louder. Many, even a minister, are raising issues of racism openly. Yes, there are incidents of racism in this island and there is nothing to hide, or better to sweep them under the carpet. The case of this elderly man berating his Indian neighbour for unpleasant smell, unhygienic lifestyle, and turning his flat into a squalor, has been given special prominence by the minister in his Facebook posting. What is the intent of the minister, to prove that there is racism, to use this as an issue in the national dialogue or to say that racism exists in little pockets in the society?

Short of saying that this elderly man’s IQ or EQ is suspect, that he did not find anything wrong complaining to Minister Shanmugam who is obviously an Indian, I just dunno what to say. With such a strange behavior from an elderly man, it is equally strange to trump this as a good example of racism. And the case only helps to confirm the mindset of those who see racism as a big issue in this island. And some took the opportunity to beat drums and gongs to the screams of, hear, hear, there is racism in Sinkieland.

And the drum and gong beaters are raising their pitch higher, which is very unfortunate. No one in his right mind will deny that there is racism here and everywhere in the world. It is a matter of degree and seriousness. No one will accept the racial slurs by the elderly man even he if he is not the average Sinkie man one encounters in the island and thus not excusable.

The point is this, is racism really a big issue in the island? Since 1969, has there been any racially incited conflict or killings, of people being attacked physically or verbally abused in public because of race? There were a handful of racist postings in the blogs by some hot young men and they were immediately taken to task by the police. And these were about the most serious incidents of racial discrimination one could find. It is quite embarrassing really.

What more can you ask for? For those who believe that this island is a racist place populated by a racist majority victimizing the minorities, why not choose a country that has a more pleasant environment where different races live in better harmony than in this little island? No we are not perfect, but trying to.

Yes, I am offended as a Sinkie. I seeing more accusation and agitation of racism in this country I called home. And no, I am not saying that there is no racism, but when they manifest, they are so mild and so few in between to warrant the sounding of a tsunami coming. There are bound to be a few bad hats in all communities. But the bad hats here don’t beat up people or shoot people with guns. This is Singapore, a multi culture and racial city state with no equals in the world as far as race relations is concerned.

Sinkies should feel offended when people keep harping about racism in the city and tell the racist off. Only racists go around seeing everything racist using their racist lens.


Attack the complainant and miss the complaint

The elderly gentleman was complaining about his neighbour because he was Indian. Any insinuation? No, this elderly gentleman must be a racist at heart. Right or wrong?

By the way, what was he complaining about? Bad smell, dirty habits, and what else? Now that the focus is on this elderly man, what happen to his complaints? Were his complaints valid and need to be addressed? HDB flats are homes to the ordinary Sinkies, not a farm or pig sty for pigs. The residents deserved to have a clean and healthy environment, no dirty and smelly neighbours and neighbours clogging up the walkways or turning their flats into health or fire hazards. No IMH patients running around abusing or threatening the neighbours with physical harm.

While the complainant now has been turned into a villain, a racist, it could be easier to accept his complaints as valid if he is not so dense to keep repeating the fact that the neighbour was from a different race but just about the problems. Then his complaints may be accepted and dealt with. In this case everyone forgot about the reasons for the complaints.

A similar case was Sylvia Lim raising the disquiet in Woffle’s case in Parliament. She was questioned and intimidated as if she was the wrongdoer. Is this the proper way to deal with a complainant, a messenger or a whistle blower? It is like killing the messenger of bad news to avoid hearing more bad news. Divert the attention from the issue and make the complainant the problem.

Of Hope, Heart and Home

Someone asked me why I am still subscribing the ST, on weekends only, when many refused to touch it for their many reasons. The answer is simple. You need to know what it is, what it is printing and what it is not printing. You must know the subject or you can’t make a fair comment or judgement of it. Likewise many have openly declared that they would shun Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally Speech. I did not, or else I would not know what I am writing about the speech.

It is not very normal to see someone speak in three languages at the same time and on a very serious subject like the nation’s future. Other than his command of the languages, his elephant memory is abnormal, to be able to speak through a couple of hours without making a glitch. It was scripted and rehearsed many times, true, but even a news reader would make mistakes here and there for such a long script.

Many of the misgivings and gripes of the people were tackled satisfactorily with many yeses instead of the usual no’s in the past. Many were happy that the govt is listening to their grouses and willing to act on them positively. What was not so good is that it was kind of reactionary. The govt was simply reacting to the cries and the problems raised by the people. And many of these problems needed not happen if govt policies were implemented with a heart. Yes, the heart was missing or misplaced for many years.

Hsien Loong’s main themes were the heart, hope and home. When the heart was not there, hope was dashed, and home became a big burden and a troublesome factor in their lives. Many pains were inflicted on the people because of the missing heart. Policies were shafted down the people’s throat in a very arrogant way, dismissing the people as non entities. This is how I am going to do it. Like it or not, the people just have to live with it.

What is really needed, instead of reactionary piece meal solutions, is to flush the slimy little heart, if it is still there, with sulphuric acid to get rid of the black stains of the past, to start with a new heart. Instal a new set of heartware into the system and hope and home will fall into place.

The old mindset of dictating to the people, not giving the people any choice, or real choices, must stop. Take the CPF scheme. Many would continue to keep their money in the CPF after retirement. Many would want to buy some medical or annuity insurance for their own good. There is no need for compulsion when a scheme is really good for the people. Some will get their money out, some more, some less. But with a good scheme in place, with better terms, interest rates, the people will make choices that are to their advantage. There is no need to compel the people by compulsory schemes. Give the people the choice, let the people decide what is good for them.

The missing heart is most evident in housing policies. All the blocks, deciding who can buy or cannot buy, what they can buy and cannot buy, are simply arrogant and dismissive. Get back to the basics of public housing, build homes for the people. The affordability issue should be more about people wanting to buy beyond their means, wanting to commit to bigger units when they could not afford so. And not forcing people to buy bigger units, or into the private sector, deciding their affordability and how much they must spend, with no regards to their commitments, retirement plans and prudence.

The same applies to mean testing in hospitals. The hospitals must meet the needs of the people. And if more people wanting to opt for lower quality services, provide them. Why compel people to spend more and consume higher quality services when they don’t need and don’t want? Silly isn’t. And the mean testing must go. It only reflects how mean policymakers are.

As for hope, education is where the govt is pointing. We need to provide the places for our children in the universities. Lawrence Wong’s recommendation to offer more places for marketable degrees is sound. Take care of our children instead of other nation’s children. Forget about gaming those impractical and silly ranking systems. A good university is in its products, the graduates. Not the number of foreigners.

And the reality is that our education system is a flop from schools to universities. The fact, we cannot produce good quality grads to fill up many top positions and have to rely on third world grads, from poorly equipped schools and universities, to fill up these top positions. I said our schools failed despite the straight As because these straight As, when sent overseas and returned, were also found wanting. So what is the craze about gaming to score high in those silly rankings? Make sure that our grads are in demand and good enough for all the top positions in the country. If they are not, then it says the system is not good enough. Hope is missing or misplaced when our world class universities could not train our grads to be world class. When foreigners are sought after and walked in to replace our locals in good jobs.

Hope and Home will follow when the heart is in the right place. It is frightening when sometimes one wonders if there is even a heart.


Lotus pond - a piece of rar art

This is an abstract piece that is done quite differently to impress by its colour and compositon.

Dedicated To All those Born in 1940's, 50's , 60's

I received the below article from a friend. The origin is likely from Malaysia but the experience and how we grew up were very similar. I took liberties to change a few words here and there to localise it into our context with some Sinkie names added. It wasn't too long ago when we were all like dat.

Dedicated To All those Born in 1940's, 50's , 60's

Without any maids, our mothers cooked, cleaned and took care of the whole family. They still had time to chat with neighbours. They were called ‘housewives’.

Everyone had candy floss, fizzy drinks and shaved ice with syrups. Diabete was rare and aspirin/panadol cured all illness.

We rode adult bicycles to school, straddling one leg to the other side. Sitting on the seat would mean unable to reach the pedals. Hercules and Raleigh were the top brands. The richer ones had their own mini-bikes. Ironically, we all had problems with our brakes and loosen chains, and after running into the bushes a few times, we learned how to solve the problem.

Prefects were a fearful lot ...more fearful than the teachers. Detention class was like going to prison for a day. We had "public caning" in schools.

NO ONE ever won the big prizes on "Tikam". It was a scam but it did not stop us coming back for more.

Motorbikes were ridden without helmets. It was rare to ride a private taxi. Taking a bus was luxury - we either cycled or walked everywhere.

We drank water from the tap or any source that looked clean, NOT from bottles. Our tummies were coated with steel.

We spent hours in the fields under the sun, playing football, hantam bola, or flying kites, without worrying about UV rays. It did not affect us. Our skins were tougher than cow hides.

We roamed free catching spiders and did not worry about Aedes mosquitoes. We kept our spiders in match boxes and ready for a fight anytime.

With a mere 5 pebbles, girls played endless games and with an aged tennis ball, boys ran like crazy for hours.

When it rained, we swam the drains & canals to catch rainbow fish, none of us were dissolved in rain.

We shared one bottle of soft drink with friends, NO ONE actually worried about catching anything.

We ate salty, sweet & oily foods, bread had real butter and sometimes condensed milk. We enjoyed very sweet coffee, tea, and "ice kacang" but we were not obese because....... WE WERE OUT PLAYING ALL THE TIME!!

We left home in the morning and played all day till hunger drove us back home. When needed, our parents knew how to find us. NO ONE actually watched over us and WE WERE ALWAYS SAFE.

WE DID NOT HAVE HANDPHONES BUGGING US. Very few had phones at home. We rode bikes or walked over to a friend's house and just yelled for them!

We did not have Playstations, X-boxes, Nintendo's, multiple channels on cable TV, DVD movies, no surround sound, no phones, no personal computers, no Internet. WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them! Our TV was black and white.

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and we still continued the stunts.

We did not have birthday parties till we were 21, which was when we started to take notice of girls.

We had not heard of the word "Bumiputra". We only knew our friends by names. Their parents were Pak Cik and Mak Cik or Uncle and Aunty.(This para is the tell tale sign of the origin of this article).

In Badminton, we did not change the shuttle as long as it was in flight. Regardless of how many feathers were left in the shuttle, our game continued... but still Wong Peng Soon made us proud in badminton.

Match-boxes were always "chilly" or "king kong" brand...to own a box of matches from a hotel was something great.

Regardless of whether we could afford one, we always knew Maths tuition was $10.00 a month.

All parties were held in the homes, the kitchens and the corridors were the extensions.

Morris Minor and Volkswagen beetle were on our roads...driven alongside Kingswood, Vauxhall, Opel and Chrysler. Executives of companies drove Peugeot and Volvo. Japanese cars were considered "inferior". Some tried rubbing the paint work to prove if they were made from drink cans.
There were no traffic lights, only roundabouts.

The whole kampongs came together during kenduris and all took turns to "kacau dodol". Chinese, Indians and Malays were all part of kenduris and all knew how to speak Malay.

Our favourite local performer was Rose Chan and the Beatles were the most popular band. John Wayne's westerns on Sunday, screening in open fields were 10c cent per show.

Malay weddings had joget sessions at night, it was the only time to ask the Malay ladies for a dance.

Ketupat were NEVER plastic wrapped.
Football was played barefooted in thorn-filled "padangs", rain or shine... but still Quah Kim Song, Dollah Kassim and Rajagopal made us proud. Some may remember Wilfred Skinner and Twinkle Toe Tan Boon Leong I think, and there was Uncle Choo. We actually beat Malaya/Malaysia in football.

Susu lembu was delivered to our house by our big, friendly and strong "Bayi" on his bicycle. All "jagas" were "Bayi" and no place got robbed.
"Laksa" and "Putu Mayam" man came peddling. "Kacang Puteh" man walked balancing on his head top, 6 compartments of different type of murukus.
We played tops, made our own kites & had kite fighting with glass glued threads, and made wooden guns & used buah cherry for bullets.

Kang Kong was free…easily harvested by the riverside. "Kembong" was 30 cents a "kati" and nobody wanted "ikan pari".

When the Circus came to town, everybody went to see it. It was the best LIVE show I ever saw.

Usually we did not have to BUY fruits. They were self planted or given by neighbours or friends, or plucked from the neighbour’s when they were not looking.

The idea of parents bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. Our parents actually sided with the law and brought the child to be caned in schools! Nobody knew about child psychology !

Yet this generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!

The past 40 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned ......HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL!

And YOU are one of them!


You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids before the government 'regulated' our lives for good !!

And while you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave their parents were.


The morning dawns darkness

Work up this morning to be greeted by a bright new day. Sat down for a cuppa of kopi and breakfast to prepare for a quiet and blissful weekend. Flipped the ST and suddenly darkness descended all around me.

Ravi was told to see a psychiatrist by the Law Society or to face losing his license to practise as a lawyer. And Ravi’s consultation with his own psychiatrist, a prominent practitioner, was somehow not enough. How many psychiatrists must Ravi see before enough is enough or before the Law Society deems he is fit to practise law?

Has Ravi misbehaved in courts, incoherent and acted in a way detrimental to his clients or embarrassing to the courts, to the legal profession? Or has Ravi done anything to harm anyone? Has Ravi’s clients been complaining about his behaviour and incompetence?

He has been in and out of courts and no judges have so far questioned his ability to handle his cases. Why is Ravi seen as incompetent and could face losing his licence to practise?

The darkness is overwhelming and suffocating.

Our roads are dangerous for cyclists

Are our roads dangerous? Shanmugam said, and I quote from the Today paper, ‘I have been noticing that there is increased amount of unsafe driving on our roads…I wonder if it is the case that we are simply noticing this more, or if indeed our driving habits have become worse. And Today had a table showing that the number of cyclists and pillion riders who died or were injured in accidents were 589 for 2009, 573 for 2010 and 500 for 2011. The number for Jan-Jun 2012 is 190 and simple projection will see this number to be about 190 plus or minus a bit in the next 6 months, or about 380 to 400 for the year. 

Ahem, I must say that based on these numbers, the number of incidents is getting lesser, not increased.
Nonetheless, the number of death is still too high for a casual recreational activity with one or two death daily. It is the most dangerous sports in terms of number of casualties. It should be discouraged or even banned. The number of death is unnecessary and not worth the risk.

Many cyclists refuse to admit this fact that our roads are just too dangerous for cyclists. They are not only narrow, other than the highways, the drivers, the big buses and lorries, are often driven by speed demons. Many of these heavy vehicles are driven by the lowly educated, the foreigners with their third world mentality and habits, and pose just too high a risk for our cyclists.

To add to the problem, some cyclists think that drivers are as well mannered and safety conscious as them, and would drive with care. To further add to the deadly delusion, some of the cyclists thought number is safety and would cycle abreast in twos and threes or more when in a big group, ignoring the right of motorists. They are simply inviting for trouble. A little mistake by the drivers, intentional, accidental or trying to frighten the cyclists to cycle single file would send them flying to heaven.

At this point in time, our road infrastructure is just not suitable for cyclists, not even single file. Best to just keep to the parks, connectors and housing estates. Venture to the main roads at your own risk. The hobby or sports, the attractive sports attire and gadgets to don on, are not worth the risk of losing arms and legs and lives. Don’t be silly and don’t be stubborn. Our roads are not meant for cycling.


Quote from Professor Christopher Balding

‘Everyone the world over, the Chinese included, acknowledge that the Chinese media is blatantly manipulated and censored. Chinese technocrats quietly admit they don’t trust their own economic data believing it to be rigged for political purposes.’ Christopher Balding

How many people believe that their country’s media, or any media, is not blatantly manipulated and censored?

What you will be getting and missing reading western media

This is what David Pilling wrote in his article, Japan, China and their ‘history problem’ in the Today paper, ‘The argument over Senkaku goes back to the start of Japanese colonialism. Japan surveyed Senkaku in 1885, … Saying that there was no sign of the islands being under anyone’s influence, it incorporated the into Japanese territory in 1895. Beijing says the islands have appeared on Chinese maps since the 16th Century. From its perspective, Japan seized the islands when it was setting off on its Western inspired colonial rampage. The islands were controlled by the Americans after the war, but returned to Tokyo in 1972 as part of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. Beijing says the US had no right to return them since they were not Washington’s to give.’

Anyone reading this piece will think nothing is wrong with the Japanese version and the return of the islands to Japan. What was missing was the acknowledgement by the Japanese Imperial govt even much earlier of Diaoyu Islands as the territorial limits of the Qing Dynasty. What was left out was the ceding of the islands in an unequal treaty after China lost a war with Japan in the 1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki. It was not an innocent act of simply incorporating other countries’ land into another country like the Western powers did during their colonization of the world. Columbus went to American and found no one owned it, so claimed that he found it. Raffles founded Singapore because no one else found it.

It also brushes aside the fact that the islands were held in trust by the Americans only and America was not the rightful owners. It also did not say anything about the post WW2 treaties for all land grabbed by Japan to be returned to China, including these islands. It also turned a blind eye to the American agenda of the Cold War conflict with China and Russia and thus conveniently ignored China’s rights to these islands.

The western media often deliberately ignored the truth and the relevant facts to show a different truth. Unwary and innocent readers would easily be made to see only their side of half truth, and lies as truth. And may daft Asians and Africans would believe these western truths and yell and cheer and embrace them like the gospel truth. Unthinking and not thinking and making an ass of themselves to serve western interests and agenda without knowing it.

China will do very well by not learning from the corrupt West

There is a Bloomberg article in the ST yesterday about the great pay gap between the American and Chinese bankers. As an example, it said that ‘For every US$1b of profit, investment bank JP Morgan, the biggest US lender, pays its chief executive and chairman Jamie Dimon US$1.21m, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the world’s most profitable, gives its top executive Jian Jianqing US$9,400.’ Dimon’s total package last year was around US$23m while Jian was about US$300k.

The disparity is probably as wide as the income gap between the rich and poor in Sinkieland. The article also said that the gap would be narrowed in a matter of time. It would, but hopefully China would not be as crazy as to go all the way like the crazy American white collar crooks. The salary of their political leaders is another example of China refusing to do the wrong things and ape the West blindly. They are not going to restrict the number of banks and not going to let them grow to become too big to fall. This is something that will keep the Chinese income gap and inflation in an even keel. Remember, all the big money paid to top bankers, CEOs and govt leaders eventually is paid by the people. It comes from the people that they robbed indirectly.

Despite the hue and cry about property prices falling, the Chinese are not going to do the same crazy thing to let property prices go sky high. The developers are trying to frighten the govt by claiming prices would collapse. They did not know that there are more than 1.4b Chinese waiting for cheaper properties and waiting for the prices to fall. The Chinese have brilliant scholars and administrators who are studying the developments around the world and could see the pitfalls of high property prices. They are going to introduce more curbs and control measures to keep property prices low.

There are many things the Chinese are learning since they joined the world community in the last 60 years and they are very discriminating in what they would adopt and apply to their country. Heh heh, high property prices and high salaries are not in their cards, at least if the current leaders have their way. They are not daft, like Sinkies. Hope they don’t turn their stockmarkets into doubles of Wall Street, and allow computers to trade against small investors, and not to allow derivatives and snake oils to be sold in their markets. By not aping and copying the West blindly, the Chinese would do well and protect themselves from the greed that is destroying the western economies and system.

PS. For those wondering why I wrote so many articles about China, US and east and south east Asia, these are my academic interests. No man is an island and we must look beyond the little wells we live in. The world is so interconnected that everything affects us in one way or another.


Japan, the day of reckoning beckons

Flashing across several newspapers was Japan’s call on China to protect its citizens amidst public protest over the landing of Japanese nationalists in Diaoyu Island in a tit for tat move by the Japanese. This brought back vivid memories of the early 20th Century, the days of Shanghai Bund, of foreign concessions in China. During those dark days of China’s history, when foreign soldiers were stationed inside China, including several of the big cities, there were also many protests by the Chinese students and nationalists in China against foreign encroachment and aggression. Japan was one of the big powers occupying parts of China and with its own concessions.

In those days, there were no calls for protection of Japanese nationals inside China. If there were, it was the Chinese govt calling for the protection of Chinese nationals inside China from cruelties and attacks by the Japanese in particular, and the western powers in general. In those days, the Chinese citizens were victims of foreign soldiers in their own country.

Often, the Japanese would provoke incidents with the citizens and used it to attack and encroach further into China, claiming reparations and demanding compensations for Japanese military actions against the Chinese govt, and more territorial concessions as well.

The China then was a broken country, disunited, poor agricultural land that was torn apart, and with no modern industries. They don’t even have a proper army and no arms industry to produce even small arms. Today, China is a full fledge superpower that would even hold the mighty US forces at arms length. Would the Japanese dare to trigger any incident and attack China again? A united China with military forces much bigger than the Japanese in all areas is not going take any Japanese engineered incident lightly.

How genuine is this Japanese fear for the safety of its citizens inside China? Over the past decades after China became a people’s republic, there were many incidents of public protest but hardly a Japanese citizen was hurt unlike when Japan was invading China. Are the Japanese plotting new excuses to revisit the days of old Shanghai and old China? Would there be another coalition of western forces in the likes of the League of Nations to attacking China?

Would China take it like it did before, being beaten to pieces? Or would China deal a forceful blow to the invaders this time round? Would Japan be able to run free in China again? Or would Chinese troops be running free in Japan should hostility breaks out?

Time to get rid of the old and senile

Shanmugam revealed a few more details of his meeting with this elderly man, a Sinkie, who complained all things about Indians, from smell, social status and turning his flat into a squalor. Being an elderly person, and complaining about such insensitive problems, I would presume that this is another member of the lost generation, illiterate or poorly schooled, and very ignorant of anything further than the tip of his nose.

The fact that he rattled off about how ugly and smelly his Indian neighbour was without knowing that Shanmugam is also an Indian, tells a lot about the mentality of this elderly person. Is he bi polar or senile? How could a sensible person be complaining about an Indian to an Indian without thinking that the Indian he was speaking to could be offended? Maybe he is colour blind.

There will be many of such elderlies that lived in their little cocoon world. There will even be young people who may have such prejudices. Some may need to be sent to the IMH. They don’t represent the normal and the majority.

The point is that such elderlies are remnants of a past where many did not have the privilege of a decent education and have very narrow world views of things. One way is to try to understand and tolerate them in their pathetic and deprived existence. In a way like tolerating the foul smell and squalor of a dirty neighbour. Another way is to tell the world how ugly these elderlies are and dispatch them to some forsaken place to keep them away from creating trouble to the well endowed and affluent citizens. JB, Batam and Bintan look very convenient. I think the latter suggestion is a good and easy way to take care of such elderlies. This beautiful world class city of ours, with all the fine and elegant people, has no place for such laggards of the past.

Mohammed did not go to the mountain

Did the Mohammed go to the mountain or did the mountain go to Mohammed? The mountain did not need anything from Mohammed for sure. Mohammed needed to listen to God, and needed to go to the mountain for that. This cannot be too confusing right?

I heard Reach has set up many feedback platforms for the people to go and have their feedbacks heard. And the ministers would be waiting for them. Many will go to the platforms to do as told. Many will also not go to the platforms. Those who are going will fit into a certain mould, a certain kind of thinking and expectations. The feedback will be skewed towards this kind of thinking format. There will be an absence of another format of thinking which is what the feedback probably will want to hear. This kind of thinking is floating all over cyberspace, in many blogs and forum. But the mountain would not go to the forum to hear them. The mountain may just make do with whatever and whoever is willing to call at the mountain’s convenience and dictates.

Would the mountain be humble enough to go to the people, to listen to the people, to chat with the people? Would the need to listen to the people be compelling enough to move the mountain? At the moment it is unlikely. The people must go to the mountain. Fortunately there is no requirement to kneel and pray after every 3 steps on the way to the mountain.

I think the mountain would be very welcome in many blogs and forum if indeed it can move from its immovable position. It would be like calling on the people, knocking at the doors and be invited in for a chat.

It is difficult, very difficult, to think that the mountain will go to Mohammed even with the convenience of not having to move one step and at its own time, and not risk being assaulted. The sincerity of the mountain is being questioned if it did not think it necessary to go to Mohammed.


Singapore fund is $1.5B bidder for Paulson hotel group

August 22nd, 2012
Author: Online Press

Aug 20 (Reuters) – The Government of Singapore Investment Corp has bid $1.5 billion for a group of bankrupt hotels owned by hedge fund Paulson & Co, including the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix and La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California….

This seems to be the strategy of our SWF, throwing good money after bad money for high risk and high returns. On the other hand other funds are buying into Sin into good and sound companies like energy, power and the latest, a national icon in F&N.

If, I say if, the source of the funds is from the people’s savings like CPF, money that cannot lose, is this strategy a bit risky and incompatible to the risk profile of the owner of the fund? What if the strategy fails and unacceptable capital is lost and the fund owners cannot be repaid?

If the gamble turns out good, no one is complaining. If the gamble sours, who is to be responsible? This is not enough as the money must be paid. Do the owners agree or give their permission to using good money to take high risk?

USA creating war to save its ass

The Evil Empire, USA is down and out economically and financially. It
is in deep shit. It is trying to struggle its way out not through
logic and hard work but instead it resorts to creating troubles and
warfare throughout the worlespecially in non caucasian or non white

When the first wave of White men came from Europe especially from
England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland to invade the Americas ,
they justified their invasions on religious grounds, claiming that the
native Americans were heathens and savages and did not deserve the
resource rich lands of both North and South America which their
Christian God had meant to reserve for white people. In subsequent
savage wars of aggression and conquests across the whole wide world in
Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific island kingdoms not only was
religious grounds invoked but the use of power, force and military
might was their right and prerogative and as they claimed it had the
sanctity and blessing of their Christian God ,Jesus Christ. Killings
of native Americans, Africans,Australian aborigines, New Zealand
Maoris and the wide board of Asian heathens or non believers of
Christianity and Jesus Christ was no sin but on the other hand
blessed by their Christian God, Jesus Christ. White men always quote
Chapters and verses from their Christian holy book, the Holy Bible to
justify their aggressions, conquests, atrocities, killings and
genocide of non white people or non believers of their faith . To the
whites all non believers or non Christians are heathens and devils and
should be condemned to hell while only they the clean and pure white
killers and murderers will go to heaven.

The Evil Empire, USA is determined to create troubles and wars against
China. It is cowardly using its junior Asian gang members as pawns or
proxies as front line trouble makers to create choas and destability
in Asia to contain the peaceful development of China. The Evil Empire
thinks that in curbing China's peaceful development it will preserve
its number one position in the world. It is trying in every way and
means to lure China out to fight thinking it is now or never for it
thinks China now is not as powerful as the Evil Empire and more so
when the Evil Empire doped its silly and selfish junior Asian gang
members to join force with it.

Russia is supposed to be China's friend or ally. What is Russia's
stance now in the face of the Evil Empire's latest move in East China
Sea and the South China Sea? Why is Russia not saying anything or
making any move in support of China's position? Will Russia just fold
its arms and watch the war scenario goes on as it did in the Korean
War ( 1950 - 1953 ) ?

Come what may, China must be solely and highly and powerfully self
reliant to take on the uncalled for aggressors and warmongers and
defeat them totally. China should expedite building up its economy and
armed forces equipped with the latest and most modern military systems
. China should build sufficient ICBMs, long range jet fighters and
bombers, drones and missiles equipped with nuclear weapons, nuclear
armed submarines to position in American coasts and sufficient
warships and aircraft carriers as well as best equipped cyber warfare
systems to disable and destroy the enemies' electronics and satellites
or their cyber networks.

The Evil Empire and the Japanese must know that any illogical
unprovoked attack on China is considered an attack on Chinese people
not only in China but the world over. If that happens Chines people
all over the world must rise up against the Americans and the
Japanese and kill every one of them without mercy. China will have to
join forces with the world's anti American muslims, the Africans and
the Russians to fight off the warmongering evil Americans. President
Obama has no real power but is only a stooge of the White Americans
who will dictate to him what to say and do and he is made use by the
whites to pull wool over the Africans' eyes so that they cannot see or
remember all the evil deeds and atrocities that White men had done to
Africans in the last four or five hundrfed years.

China may not want war but all the same please be fully prepared and
well armed for the Evil Empire in collusion with its junior gang
members may out of desperation force one on China. In the meantime try
to be as patient as possible and not be lured out by the Evil Empire
for a showdown. When the right time comes and Cina is under attack ,
fight without mercy and defeat the evil forces totally and completely.
he Evil White Americans are the scourge and the curse of the earth.
They need to be cleanly obliterated from the earthly world.

An industry dying

The rot is showing and starting to hurt. The first to be axed will be the remisiers. Following closely will be the backroom staff, then the dealers and the analysts. Eventually the brokerage will simply shrink to a skeleton crew.

How could that be? With investments in the hundreds of millions for out of this world high speed computers, big funds with their high speed sophisticated machines, and product managers with their sophisticated derivatives and wonderful paper products, and with sales volume chalking up double digit gains, why is the industry drying up, and dying?

There were all kinds of gimmicks to increase sales but mostly elementary. Most of the time it is just barking up the wrong tree. What is the real problem in the stock market? Why are the gimmicks of no lunch break, continuous trading, minimal commission, minute bid sizes, cutting more commission to gain market share, sophisticated high speed computers, more derivatives, all proved unworkable? And don’t forget the setting up of many foreign funds to gamble in the stock market, with their expertise and grand machines, it is simply not working.

Does anyone know? Does anyone want to know? Does anyone bothers to know why the stock market is turning turtle? It is time to set up feedback units and ask the people to come up with the answers. Yes, more feedback is the solution.

What is at stake, 10,000 jobs? That is inconsequential. It is the whole finance and banking industry, the financial centre, the companies that needed to raise funds in the stock market that are at stake.

When the financial crisis hit the US, they scrambled for more liquidity, more Quantitative Easing, to provide money to support the industry. What was being done here? Squeeze the liquidity, cut the commission to the barest. Has anyone forgotten that the industry needs the commission to pay for the overheads, to pay for the salaries of all the staff, the fund managers etc? The industry cannot survive without the oil to lubricate the system.

Does anyone know that when commission was 1% we had the best bull run in history? What more tricks are up in the sleeves to save the dying market that no one wants to talk about? How did the industry ended up in this pathetic state? Self inflicted, ignorance or tidak apa, leave it to the experts? Bring in the gods and all will be fine.

Do not over react

This was an old joke of LKY’s time. When he opened his mouth, everyone jumped and tended to over react. Unfortunately this state of affair is still continuing till today. The Stop at Two policy lingered on for too long waiting for the man himself to say stop, but he was too busy and did not do so. So no one dared to push the button, or no one intelligent enough to see the problem coming.

In a way, the housing fiasco was also a case of over reaction, but with a clear agenda. With a surplus of more than 10,000 units of unsold flats, a happy problem, turning into a disaster that building another 50,000 units over the next two years would not be enough. In the meantime a property balloon has been created that cannot be pricked but pricked it must. Whichever way, to prick or not to prick, some parties would be hurt real bad.

Back to the population ‘crisis’. There is a shortage of babies according the economist’s formula for growth and sustainability, but not a shortage of several millions after exploding from 3m to over 5m over a decade! How can that be? And if the population has grown so fast, should there not be a huge surplus instead, like the surplus of HDB flats. Why is it that after flooding the island with 2 plus millions and there is still a huge shortage? Unbelieveable!

The last few years have led to a population explosion that has strained the whole infrastructure built for a much lesser population. The population increase over the last decade is more than what the normal growth needed for at least 10 years or 20 years of babies. No?

With a 3m population at 2% growth or 60,000 a year, a simple extrapolation will mean 600,000 in 10 years. Even compounded it will give a number less than 1m. We now have 5.4m or an increase of 2.4m! Is this not enough, not an over reaction, that we needed less but imported more than what we needed?

Then why the hooha that the growth number is still not enough? The trick is the bigger base and a statistical formula that says no matter how big is the population, you need so much percentage of growth to be sustainable. Now the base is bigger, so with the same percentage, more and more babies are needed. Even when the population hits 10m, they would insist on a 2.1% growth rate. They forgot why French caps were invented.

And the latest message, just multiply without a care of how many. Now, if the daft Sinkies really follow the edict, and every family just reproduce 4 or more, what is going to happen? Would it lead to another over reaction, another population explosion to be followed by another Stop at Two policy? No need to bother with whether the infrastructure can support, the number of jobs needed to create, the amount of food needed to be imported and the energy and water resources needed to support a 6m or 9m population.

Over reaction without thinking and without planning? No? No? In a financial crisis, or when there is natural disaster like flood or drought, when there is a food shortage, the bigger our population, the bigger is our problem. Even with money the producing countries may not have enough or want to sell them. Forgotten about the wisdom of keeping trim and fit? Are we over reacting again?


National conversation a red herring?

There were 3 letters in the ST forum page today. In fact the whole forum, all 3 letters, were on the housing angst faced by the people. Just wondering how many letters have been written to the ST on this painful and frustrating problem the people are facing. Would the ST think it is proper, for the sake of transparency, to reveal how many letters have been written to the forum on this issue alone? Or is it so embarrassing that it is better not to tell?

Now, would these letters be regarded as feedback to the govt? Or would they be thrown away, disregarded, or nobody wants to know as they are not things that wanted to hear or to know? Or they have not been put into the proper hole called Feedback, so no need to bother?

The fact that the ST devoted the whole forum to this issue is a sign that it deems it important enough, or it is another way of saying that they have received too many letters on this issue and must air it, like it or not, for the policy makers to take note.

Is it feedback or not feedback? Or is this part of the so called national conversation that is expected? Would there be any response to these letters, as part of a dialogue? Or would the national conversation be a conversation if it fits into the agenda. Things outside the agenda not counted. Who is to determine or initiate the national conversation and the platform or venue? Can so many letters to ST forum be a starting point for a conversation? Or would they end up in the rubbish bin of the political wilderness, not something that should be talked about, just like the cost of building public flats, a taboo topic. You can have transparency in everything but not this state secret.

When they got it right

Theoretically the govt of today should be better received by the people than those of the 60s and 70s. The people are richer, better educated, better housed and the quality of life has improved. Why is it that the govt of today seems to be losing it, losing the support and confidence of the people? Maybe I am wrong and the people, or at least the majority of the people, are fully behind the govt.

In my view, there were so much respect and deference given to the first and second generation leaders than today. Life was not as good, and there were many problems that were really serious. Unemployment was a serious threat when the economy was young and small. But they worked hard to get jobs for the people. It was never a case of training or handouts or funny schemes.

Educational level was low and there were very few trained professionals to run the industries. There were hardly any industry except small businesses and cottage industries. And housing was a serious issue aggravated by the big Bukit Ho Swee fire.

What the govt did right then, when many things were uncertain, was to go to the basics. It built schools to educate the people. It created jobs and more jobs to keep the people employed. It built houses, really affordable houses for the people. Even the civil service and uniformed services prioritized the needs of their employees by given them cheap loans and priority allocations. Basically, feed the people, house the people, give them a roof over their heads, give them jobs and social mobility. And the hearts and mind of the people were solidly behind the govt.

Then things changed. It became a case of making as much money as possible from the people with the essential services that the people needed. Education was no longer cheap. Health services were killing if not, may empty the savings of the people. Jobs were aplenty for foreigners but our own people ended as taxi drivers or self employed out of no choice, out of jobs and could not get reemployed. Those above 40s were more perilous as the young employers, including HR, thought is a wise thing to discard the dried orange skins. And while the people cry for jobs, they were sent for retraining to downgrade, not to upgrade. This is uniquely Singapore, train to be downgraded! They were told not to be choosy when that was not even an issue. It applies to housing as well. Go down grade, lower expectations….

And the foreigners, now called foreign talents, were all laughing at the silly citizens for crying our loud like pathetic and spoilt children without knowing why. To the govt, the people are getting lazy and too pampered and daft of course. How could that be when university graduates are prepared to do any jobs, manual jobs, sales representatives, driving cranes and taxis, or do temporary jobs? No the govt just cannot understand, or chose to look the other way.

And housing price keeps going up which is good for those who have bought their homes earlier but threatening the young from owning a home. And if they got one, it becomes a life time burden. And the HDB got the audacity not to build and demanded the young people to plan their lives and marriages well ahead if they want to get a flat on time, ie 4 or 5 years ahead. So easy mah.

And the cries of high prices were rubbished with the minister insisting that public housing were affordable, and even subsidized woh. And more ministers came out in full force to support the fiction with ridiculous statistics. Basically, giving the people a decently priced home is not in their minds, but how much to squeeze from the people. And if the people did not get a home, it is the people’s fault.

The people are caught in a dilemma, happy that they have bought a home before the price rocketed to the sky but worried that their children will become suckers to the ponzi scheme and indebted for life.

As for those who have lost their jobs, it is no longer the govt’s interest if they could survive by downgrading when the cost of living is up and with some having to service their mortgages and children in school. That is not the govt’s problem as long as they are sent for retraining and get a job, any job. No one cares whether citizens’ interests should come first and every joker is praising the great contributions of foreigners. Understandably foreigners are seemingly more important than citizens and they are happily employed, even ganging up to victimize the daft citizens in the daft citizens’ own country.

And what is the most important preoccupation of the politicians? Their high living and high spending lifestyle. Multi million dollar homes, overseas holidays, limousines without a care to the high cost of car ownership and whether the average Sinkies can afford the expensive housing and expensive COEs. All they know is to quip, live within your means, downgrade if you can’t.

What happens to improving the life of the people, upgrading the life of the people, housing the people? The only thing they want to upgrade is your flat and estate and you have to pay for it. The other big concern of the govt is the people’s money. This one the govt works very hard for it and regularly comes out with great schemes of things for the people to buy with their savings. The people’s savings, which for some queer reasons, the govt thinks it is alright to decide what they want to do with it, and keeping it for as long as it wants. Of course it is for the good of the people, the govt said so. The people did not believe so.

Why is the govt, so rich, the country so rich, the people so rich, living in million dollar properties and with so much money in their CPF savings, turning against the govt? Maybe I have misread the feelings of the people. Maybe I have been disconnected with the people and what I just posted is pure rubbish. The govt is well loved and supported by the people with all it good policies, people caring and people centric policies, and will be reelected again and again to rule the people. Come 2016, the ruling party will receive the biggest percentage of popular votes in its history. I am so foolish to think otherwise. And there is a national conversation for the common good of the govt and the people.


Untitled. A piece of RAR Art.

Conceived and painted by Mother Nature.

We are doing just fine

While in the church, the pigs were at their usual selves, gorging at the huge buffet spread. Napoleon looked at the table and at the other pigs and smile. ‘We are doing well, exceptionally well. Everyone agree?’ The rest of the pigs just nodded their heads without looking up, too busy feeding themselves and no time, no interest in anything else. Their hands were full, their mouths were full, their pockets were full, life was really good.

‘Oh about those noises that you heard, just tell them to live within their means and don’t over indulge in anything they can’t afford. Tell them space is a problem and flats will be smaller. We need the space for another 5 millions to ensure the buffet table is full all the time. There is no need to farce about that. We will design the small flats so well, cost a bit more money though, that they will not know the difference. In fact their quality of life will definitely not be affected. And tell them to walk, good for them. A Brompton bike is the Rolls Royce of all bicycles. Good for the bottom and riding on it for hours would not feel the strain. The bottom will feel just as good and happy. With such excellent bikes there is no need for cars. Advise them that cars are too expensive for them. Tell them to be prudent. And make sure they don’t squander away their CPF. Someone work on this, make sure their CPF savings are put to good use, for their own good.’

Nobody said anything. They continued gorging with the food, endless food and endless choices. Life was good, damn bloody good. 

Now who is complaining? Anyone not helping themselves with the buffet or not invited to the buffet only got themselves to blame, when the best will get the best. From each his best and to each his needs. Some need more, some need less.


History repeating itself

When 14 Chinese landed in Diaoyutai, a Chinese island, they were arrested by the Japanese coast guards. And Japan retaliated by allowing 14 Japanese to land at the island to plant the Japanese flags. And China is as helpless as before, like in the19th and early 20th centuries when Japan violated China proper. And what could China do? The old China govt protested vehemently. So did the old Chinese of yesteryears. That did not stop the Japanese from encroaching and seizing more and more concessions and land from China, including war damages.

The Chinese govt and the Chinese people today are protesting like their past govt and past Chinese over this recent incident. And the Japanese continue to violate Chinese territories and refused to return the islands they conquered from China. History is repeating itself all over again. Would the ending be the same, with the Chinese rubbing their backside and walk away, humiliated by the Little Japan?

Protests have broken up in many Chinese cities to boycott Japanese goods. No protest from Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora yet. It is acceptable for Sinkie Chinese not to join the PRC Chinese as the forefathers of Sinkie Chinese did not come from China, probably from the USA or UK. But how could Taiwan step aside and pretend that it has nothing to do with it? Didn’t it claimed to be the govt of China once, and didn’t it claim to own Diaoyu and the surrounding islands?

It would be quite different if Taiwan and the Chinese across the world boycotted Japanese products like they did during the Second World War. It would be better if the Koreans also join in the boycott. The result this time would then be very different. Though China is good enough to deal the Japanese a bloody nose, it is restraining itself for the time being. If the Japanese continue their foolishness, this time China should exact a replica of the 21 Demands from the Japanese, plus interests.
Would there be a worldwide boycott of Japanese goods by Chinese around the world? No need to count on Sinkieland.

Another way to deal with the Japanese farce is to let 40 fishing boats from China and Taiwan to sail to Diaoyu. China and Taiwan would then send a fleet of coast guard ships to prevent those in the fishing boats to land on Diaoyu, but land they would with the coast guard boats doing a big wayang. But they must approach fully armed and ready for battle with the Japanese coast guards.

Just a photograph for viewing pleasure

A miracle happened

Yes, I was told a miracle happened last week. Many were living witnesses to this one in 2000 years event. I was told that someone died. Everyone knew about it but would not say it out. But news spread like wildfire through words of mouth and the new media, twitter etc. It was the biggest open secret. It was no hoax.

He died and was resurrected on the third day! Then again no one was there to witness the resurrection. Then he walked into a big party to the surprise of everyone. And it put to rest all the doubting Thomases and the disbelievers, he has risen and was seen by many. 

He is the One. He has come. The second coming is here. Go forth and spread the good news. The One shall henceforth live forever.

Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone


Wanton killings of Chinese by White Americans

Readers if you have other knowledge of white people's atrocities and killings against Chinese people in other parts of the world please add in to this blog.

August 13, 2012, 5:00 am12 Comments
Picturing the Remnants of Anti-Chinese Violence

Many people try to pay homage to historic sites by preserving or taking stock of whatever remains. Tim Greyhavens, a photojournalist from Seattle, wants to highlight a slice of history by challenging his audience to fill in the blanks.

For a new online project, Mr. Greyhavens pinpointed, based on records and interviews, the locations of dozens of anti-Chinese incidents in the American West that occurred more than 100 years ago. After traveling to those locations, he then photographed whatever exists there now.

The exhibit offers an entry point into a little-known and ignominious chapter of ethnic cleansing in American history that, viewed more than a century later, seems stunning for the sheer breadth and brazenness of racially motivated violence.

From the mid-1800s until the early part of the 20th century, towns up and down the Western Seaboard, stretching into Wyoming and Colorado, lashed out against Chinese immigrants by rounding them up, often at gunpoint, and kicking them out. Dozens were killed and injured, and houses were set on fire.

Sometimes, the aggressors — who included mayors, judges and businessmen — acted out of economic fears. Sometimes, they acted out of cultural fears. But the Chinese also fought back, filing lawsuits and organizing boycotts, among other means. Yet much of that history is now largely unknown, even in the places where the violence transpired.

But instead of depicting that violence, Mr. Greyhavens opts for a minimalist approach. There are no people in his photos. No historical markers noting that thousands of Chinese immigrants were expelled or killed. Just frame after frame of seemingly mundane rail yards, downtown intersections, industrial zones and more, in the hauntingly titled exhibit, “No Place for Your Kind.”

“I wanted these photos to represent that all these people had been removed,” Mr. Greyhavens said in an interview. “Here’s something where time has passed, and what was there before was just gone. How do you represent something that’s not there? And what is there that can possibly be visually interesting, especially in these dull urban landscapes?”

Mr. Greyhavens began his project in 2008, when he stumbled upon a reference to a place called “Chinese Massacre Cove” in Hells Canyon along the Oregon-Idaho border. After reading up on the events, he began to “notice parallels between what happened then. and what is taking place in our country right now,” he explains in the exhibit. “Both periods are marked by a widespread lack of understanding of other cultures.”

The project’s name comes from a newspaper article from the time, describing one of the incidents. A map of the Western United States serves as an index, allowing viewers to click specific locations and read short historical summaries.

The clearest juxtaposition between past and present is his entry for Eureka, Calif., which offers images from 2011 and 1885 of Eureka’s former Chinatown. Mr. Greyhavens’s favorite photo, perhaps, depicts the only surviving home from a former Chinatown in Rock Springs, Wyo. Tensions between white and Chinese mine workers at the Union Pacific coal mine led to the destruction of 79 homes owned or occupied by Chinese.

“There is nothing about that picture that says, ‘Oh, I want to live there, even now,’ ” said Bob Nelson, museum coordinator of the Rock Springs Historical Museum, who assisted Mr. Greyhavens. “It just needs to be recognized, so it never happens again. People knew about it here, and they’re embarrassed, and I think they’re trying to atone.” 

PS. More details of the atrocities committed by the White Americans are posted in www.redbeanforum.com under the same heading in the World/International Affairs column.

Apathy, disinterest or a case of empty heads

There appears to be a closure to the cleaner woman case against the PM on the requirements to call for an election when an MP vacated his seat during his term of his office. After a long wait and full of anxiety, the case ended like being doused with a pail of cold water. The Judge Pillai ruled that there was no need for the PM to call for a by election to fill an empty MP seat. It is the PM’s absolute discretion when to hold it and can actually delay and not holding it at all. And it seems that this is final and, other than getting the law amended, that’s it.

From a layman’s point of view, there appears to be many loopholes in the judge’s interpretation of the law. But layman’s opinion does not mean anything to the court. The thing is whether the legal profession see anything wrong with the judge’s interpretation of the law or fully agree that the brilliant judge’s ruling is clinically perfect, flawless? If this is the reason, then no one can find fault with the law and the legal fraternity. But if it is a case of apathy, disinterest, not my business, or full of empty heads, then it is a sad ending.

Nothing of this case was heard till this morning when Elgin Toh wrote his commentary in the ST. He dealt with the legal and political implications and consequences of the ruling. The ruling that the PM has absolute discretionary power when to hold a by election is as good as saying no by election, and no MP for the constituents if he so decided. Definitely this must not be the intention and spirit of the law. And political expediency would mean that the constituents may have to go about their affairs without an MP which is unsatisfactory and undemocratic.

The basis of a democratic system is to have an elected representative of the people to be in parliament to be their spokesperson, to speak on their behalf and to cast votes on their behalf. In reality the last bit is of course a myth as MPs normaly do not ask their constituents on how to vote. They vote according to the dictates of their parties.  But this must not rob the people of their right to have a MP of their choice in parliament. The ruling implies that a PM can deny the people this right, albeit indirectly and irresponsibly.

Then again, if the view of a lawyer MP is right, the election is to elect a govt, and when a govt is in place, having or not having an MP is superfluous, secondary, not necessary. Is this really the spirit and intention of the constitution on election laws?

Would there be further discussions from the elite and the brilliant and learned counsels trained in law, and politicians who believe in democracy and democratic processes on this matter? Getting the constitution amended to patch up this hole or anomaly is as good as fat hope under the current political climate.

The silence, the fait accompli, seems to suggest that this matter is closed, or not important or relevant to worth further discourse from our thinkers and elite. Hopefully Elgin Toh’s probing article would stimulate some interest and a new enlightenment in this election law, in the constitution and in practice.