Why buy F35s?

I m very concerned about the Liberal Canadian government's plans to buy American F35 fighter jets - what for ? Do they want to attack or defend against Russia or China - that is laughable! Why do we waste our taxpayer's; money to support the American "defense" industry? And I am a member of the Canadian Liberal party and not the only member being upset! -  Horst Klaus 

Canada is a member of Five Eyes and when the big brother US tells you to stand you will dare not sit! - richardkam   

Above are two comments in RT on why Canada has to buy F35s from the Americans.  The question is what for, why waste so much money.  And the reply, when the US said buy you buy. There is no room to say no to the Empire. 5 eyes members or unofficial 5 eyes members, all the same. The gangsters just say pay up for protection money, and it is not cheap. It is in the billions.

No freedom of choice, no free trade.  The Indonesians also have to cancel their order for Russian SU 35s because the gangsters would not allow them to buy, or else face American sanctions.

The Americans did not interfere with any country's domestic affairs or coerced them to buy. They just sent Blinken to whisper to the heads of countries and they would not dare to refuse, like the colonial days of Malaya when the District Officer would just whisper to the Sultans what to do. The Sultans could not say no.

The US is a free country, a democratic country, believing in the principles of democracy, freedom of choice, freedom of trade, freedom to obey the Empire.

And all their crony countries would have to buy F35s, to fight China. Oops, not for Indonesia. Muslim countries can at most get obsolete F15s. This is already a big concession. The Americans have been at war with many Muslims countries and they cannot risk Muslim countries buying F35s to turn around to fight the Americans. 

Indonesia is so lucky. If not they would only be getting F5Es. Maybe if Indonesia is nicer, can hope for F35s in 2055.

Thoughts of Virgo49

Wow thought wasting our breaths in further commenting on the Daft and Selfish and Self interests Singaporeans.

But actually for certain categories of lower and vulnerable Singaporeans, they have really no choice but to vote and have the PAP in power as they are helpless and feared whether if the Opposition were to be the Ruling Government were they given a beggar lifeline to survive.

Firstly the unfortunate lower income and destitute Singaporeans who thru their years of hard work and slots had no real savings to tide them over in cases of need and emergency.

Our high cost of livings and their meagre incomes especially our old generations when our time if you are not holding any executive or managerial jobs you cannot have much savings in cash and CPFs.

Even though our cost of livings and holdings are not so high at that time. But most also living from hand to mouth as have to support their younger families.

So the Papies using the taxpayers monies to once a while thrown some scraps for them to catch their breaths had them no choice but to keep them in power.

Also, many of them are under the mercy of various Government departments for favours and fears that they be not granted further assistance.

For instance those needed every now and then to renew their vocational licences and tenancies.

Also, some no choice scorned and spurred by our Singaporean womenfolk who are too high class and demanding of their men had many of the lesser endowed men took Foreign spouses or girlfriend.

They have to beg and be under the balls and mercy to obtain approvals even now and then for them in long term stays.

So no choice have to vote the Papies in power. If their constituency were to be under the Opposition then heavens have to bless them to get all these favours and approvals.

The PAP in power for so long since LKY's time had already tighten the nooses and leashes on all Singaporeans.

Every damn vocations and professions needed licensing. Tighten the noose if you go against them. Pulled the leashes if you dared go astray.

Next, we have the middle class Singaporeans who made good mostly with executive and managerial positions.

They with still immigrant behaviours had ideas that as long as we are okay and am confident that our children are also on a way okay with full advantages over the other Singaporeans children why upset the boat.

Why worry and concern about other's plights?

Since LKY's time, been drummed into their heads and psyche that's "NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING" mantra.

So most Sinkies already lost their souls with this hardened thinking. Too bad, you are just no good and useless as processed by LKY. So even hide in hypocrisy that we are Singaporeans. Singing We Are One and even served together in National Service.

In fact Sinkies feared their own more than the Foreigners.
Also ad I said we are so comfortable and most had good connections either with their peers or even their alumni that have special and reservations choices for their children and kins so just kept mum and enjoy the benefits.

Then we come to the worst class of Singaporeans. The so called Elites who made good on the sweat, blood and tears of their fellow Singaporeans.

These are the most comfortable and well paid of all the lots. Aiya stay on top what's the fark look down for what's?

We had all the connections and are the privileged lots for any benefits. Let the peasants fight and killed themselves.

What's Singaporeans and Comrades in arms ah?

Most even in civvy streets just because they are appointed as Officers in their Service with their fellow Singaporeans still want to pull ranks on their subordinates in their work places.

Just like that how lian Keppel or Sembawang guy who are chosen to run in the last election.

Many had criticised of his arrogant and crude behaviours of bullying and scoring his peers and

Shud be bullying and scorning his peers and colleagues.

These Imbeciles never think that they are just salaried men as defined by the Japanese. What's do great even you are just an Exec CEO of an organisation. You are still a salaried man.

You are not your own boss even for a small time kachang puteh stall. In fact he is more capable as he needed to run his stall well as ups and downs on his business

Your company collapsed and you just patted your backsides and off you go still with the millions that you are paid with.

So all these so called Elites are the worst and most selfish lots NOT to rock and sink their boat of treasures and luxuries.

So do you think they open their golden mouths to speak on behalf of their fellow less fortunate Singaporeans..?

SinkiesLAND is just a myth in Nation Hood.

All these loose and indifferent and selfish beans the PAP will rule forever.



Let's work together?

We have been working for you, while you sit on expensive cushy designer chairs high up in the ivory towers looking pretty, surrounded by an entourage of advisers, consultants, researchers, and bodyguards. Not work together.

You never have to lift a finger but only use your brain and mouth.

You use your brain not to think of how to make our lives better, but to think:

1. How to tax us more and more,

2. How to pay us less and less,

3. How to make our labour unions become your minions

4. How to import more and more foreigners to come and rob of our lucrative-paying jobs

5. How to make us work in low-paying and/or menial jobs. Many of us have to work for very long hours or work in two jobs in order to survive.

6. How to draw out billions of dollars from our national reserves but distributed the bulk to GIC, Temasek, PA, SIA, SPH, NTUC, Ministries and to buy the dangerous disaster-prone Boeing 737-Max and the useless pretty toy F35s military aircraft for showing-off, but dished out the crumbs to us.

7. How to make yourself more and more powerful but reduce us to totally powerless digits for your look-good statistics.

You use your mouth, not to tell the truth but

1. To praise yourself, even if you make huge blunders in a crisis.

2. To pay lips service to all of us once in a blue moon, whenever you feel like it.

3. To tell us to do your biddings.

4. To confuse and deceive us, making us go round and round in circles.

5. To go to parliament to wash yourself clean of any accusation of wrong doings.

6. Most disgusting of all, to cover up all your sins.

That is what your "Let's work together" is all about in a nutshell.

Hypocrisy is the name of your game!



Transport fare increase without fanfare, maybe too small to notice


Singapore — Not many might notice the increase, but the higher bus and train fares mean a lot for low-income earners, said public members on the fare hike, which started on Dec 26, 2021.

In November this year, the Public Transport Council (PTC) announced that public transport fares would increase by three to four cents (four cents increase for distances longer than 14.2km) beginning Dec 26, 2021.

The fare increase applies to adults paying their bus and train fares by card.

Meanwhile, concessionary fares for seniors, students, people with disabilities and low-wage workers went up by one cent.

The above is posted in theindependent.sg

What is a few cents? Some even said, what is a few million. No big deal lah. A little bit here, a little bit there, like mosquito bites. Sure cannot feel the pain.

And they have not even increase their million dollar salary for a long time. The only increment they got was from promotion to bigger jobs or bigger titles. Oops, this type cannot say increment. These are promotions.

If they never increase their salary, cannot complain about increases in transport fare lah. Funny thing, why need to keep increasing and increasing even in a time like this when Singapore got a mountain of reserves and always making big profits some more? Can donate and donate even to foreigners, pay for foreigners. Is there something missing that we don't know?

‘Unprecedented storm’ may lead to electricity price hike in 2022: Tan See Leng

Singapore — As energy prices increase globally, Second Minister for Trade and Industry Tan See Leng said in Parliament that consumers in Singapore might see an electricity price hike next year. During a Parliament session on Monday (Nov 1), Dr Tan responded to a series of parliamentary questions, which he grouped into three categories: energy … Continue reading‘Unprecedented storm’ may lead to electricity price hike in 2022: Tan See Leng

Singapore jumps to Chinese' favorite country in 2021, as Canada falls to bottom: Global Times survey finds

Which country is Chinese people's favorite? A new survey shows Singapore ranks top while Japan and Canada, which used to be Chinese people's hot travel destinations, saw a sharp decline, with Canada at the bottom in the latest ranking.

The survey was conducted online by the Global Times Research Center with market survey firm DATA100, collecting 2,148 valid questionnaires covering 16 Chinese cities from December 10 to 15.

It shows that apart from China, 14 percent of the respondents said Singapore is their favorite country. Canada is their least favorite with only 0.4 percent of respondents saying they like the country.

As for which country that the Chinese public would like to visit the most, the survey also shows Singapore at the top (17.1 percent), followed by Maldives and France.

A comparison of data over the past four years shows that Singapore had not been in the top six of Chinese respondents' choice since 2018, before jumping to the top in 2021.

Zhou Fangyin, a professor at the Guangdong Research Institute for International Strategies, told the Global Times that it is indeed surprising to see Singapore at the top as both Chinese people's favorite country and favorite travel destination.

Noting that the improvement on favorability for Singapore formed a stark contrast with the decline of Western countries on the list, the expert believes that the reasons might include the decline of the negative news from Singapore in recent years.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has repeatedly stressed that the country does not take sides between China and the US, and he has an objective and calm attitude toward China-US relations.

On October 15, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during his phone conversation with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that China and Singapore should jointly work to address the new task of post-pandemic development, and that the current socio-economic development of both countries and the bilateral relations are standing at a new starting point in history.


PS.  China should simply cut off ties with Canada, Australia and the UK. China does not need to trade with them. Let them trade with whoever they want or among themselves.

Let's Work Together - The Most Fragrant And Flagrant Motherhood Statement From The Mouths Of Self-Serving Political Hacks


Let’s work together for a better world for our people and our future generations to come.

Let's work together but I am not telling you how much I get paid from taxpayers' money. Speculations have it that I have been paid more than $100 million per annum. That's not true, I am only getting $99 million a year. However, that's not the point. The important thing is how much are you paid?

Let's work together but if you reject my invitation to get yourself jabbed with the Experimental mRNA Fake Vaccines that I have invested so much of taxpayers' money in, then I am going to authorize your employers to sack you and make you lose your livelihoods.

Let's work together but everything goes well I will shamelessly claim the credit. If something goes wrong, I will make you take the blame and punishment in order to cover my ass.

Let's work together. By now you should understand how we political hacks work. We cheat, we con, we lie, we steal, we rob and we murder. But please keep quiet. Do not complain. That's how we are. That's our nature. Leopard can't change its spots.

Let's work together! I am looking forward to working with you. DUMB ASSES!

Cheers! Merrier Xmas 🎄!

Queen of Hearts.


Singapore is becoming a silly nation that betrays its own citizens

 The cost of living in Singapore is one of the highest in the whole world. The cost includes bringing up children, education and housing. And when these children grew up, they would again be made to bear even higher cost to keep themselves alive, to pay for expensive homes, expensive transportation, and to pay for expensive education for their children. It is a vicious cycle of debt and increasing debt.

What made things worse and unbearable is that good jobs are hard to come by as many are given to foreigners that were brought up in a much lower cost of living country, paid pittance for their education and now being paid handsomely, a salary that would give them a comfortable life in Singapore or to return home to be the nouveau riche in their homeland.

On the other hand, the Singaporeans paid dearly to grow up, paid dearly for a super expensive education, but would barely find a decent job that could recover the cost of their upbringing. Even many administrative jobs that do not require rocket science skills were given to foreigners at the expense of Singaporeans.

Such silliness in a nation state is unfounded anywhere else inn the world. No country, no matter how low is the educational level of their leaders, would forsake their citizens for the good of foreigners. Everywhere, every country, it is always citizens first. 

But this is not all. The unspeakable is that the silly citizens continue to vote in a govt that continue with this same formula, while their lives get from bad to worse, and they don't even know how to complain. They have lost the will to complain, lost the ability to complain, did not know that it is their right as citizens to have the privileges over foreigners for a better quality of life, better job opportunities. 

The silly citizens now think it is their own fault for not being able to compete with foreigners, many of whom are frauds and cheats, and simply resigned to their fate to become drivers, delivery boys, despite their expensive education from so called world best universities paying world best education fees.

Can anyone see anything wrong with these silliness in this once a great and proud nation? Now it is a hotel occupied by foreigners and soon to be taken over by foreigners, invited to take over, with the silly citizens not protesting and accepting it as a fait accompli.

The silly citizens are accomplices to their own pathetic lives and their eventual demise.  They have only themselves to blame and to lose their jobs and subsequently their country, once they passionately called home. Now it is turning into the homes of foreigners, good jobs for foreigners, good and free education for foreigners.

Good riddance to the silly Singaporeans.  

When the colonialists came to take over their land, the colonialists came with big guns. Now the potential new owners of this land are invited, brought in without any protest from the silly Singaporeans. They need not bring any guns to take over this island, only fake certificates and the generosity or stupidity of its citizens. What are the NS men protecting? Is there anything left to protect?

Why are so many highly educated Singaporeans being driven out of jobs in their own country when a few hundred thousands of foreigners with suspicious qualifications are fully employed here, in good jobs, in high paying jobs? In many countries this would lead to social unrest. But not in Singapore. Silly Singaporeans have lost their wits and will to fight for a better life. They only fought for a piece of paper and think that that is the best they could do. Perhaps no more strength left, resources depleted, too tired to fight further.

If you are highly qualified, why are you contented to be underemployed or unemployed in your own country when hundreds of thousands of foreigners are employed,...in good jobs, in your own country, brought in by the people you elected to look after you and your well being?

It is high time that Singaporeans elect a party that would put their interest and welfare first, priority for education, priority for housing, priority for good jobs. Many jobs do not need foreigners, especially govt and stats boards jobs. There will be a need for a few really good foreigners where our locals are not available, a few to be the catalysts, to be the pathfinders, to train Singaporeans in new fields, not to be here permanently, here not to train Singaporeans but to replace Singaporeans with their country folks.

Singapore is for Singaporeans, not foreigners. Singaporeans have lost half of Singapore now.  Can they afford to lose more before the whole island is taken over by foreigners?

COVID-19 Vaccination: If It's For The Protection Of Everyone, Why Then The Government Sent You Invitations Instead Of Making It Compulsory?

Of late, it looks like Ho Ching is worried sick that her millions of doses of experimental mRNA technology vaccines purchased from Pfizer and Moderna are expiring very soon and if there are no more adult takers, if the remaining 200,000 adults still refused to take the baits. Then alternatively it will be convenient to turn to "persuade" the 300,000 young and easily swayed children from age 5 to 11 years old to become the guinea-pigs.

All that is needed is to make use of Omicron to instil fear into the dull and stupid, and at the same time give a few speculative "may" and "seems" statements to reinforce the fear.

Some people could/might consider that as a crime if in future their children were to suffer irrecoverable long-term effects from the mRNA vaccines that had been injected into their young and still developing bodies. But it will be very difficult to prove culpability and guilt.

Irrespective of who the culprit(s) might be, what if 10 to 15 years down the road, parents discovered that their children could not produce children or suffered from other serious disabilities? It will be too late to regret or do anything. Therefore, make your decision count WISELY TODAY!

Think about this very important HINT:


The hint displayed here is very clear, distinct and glaringly suspicious, isn't it? The government can very easily make Vaccination COMPULSORY, like the Medisave and Medishield. The Health Minister has extensive powers to do so. Why until today it is still not done?

Please note also:

1. When you signed up, they make sure you tick the box "I understand and accept the risks involved" before you can proceed further.

2. This makes the government free from blame and responsibility if something happens to your child or children subsequently. By your signing up agreement, you have absolved the government from blames and responsibilities.

3. YOU are, therefore, individually and solely responsible for all mishaps that may happen to your child or children in the possible event of adverse consequences happening after taking the risky mRNA vaccines jabs.

4. The risks are entirely yours to take. So don't blame others but yourself for the rest of your miserable life, if something miserable happens subsequently to your child or children. I know the pain will be immeasurable and will never go away, no matter how you try, no matter who you turn to, no matter where you turn to. I have gone through that road before, although under a different circumstance, and is still suffering now after 20 years. Don't make the same mistake I've made.

In the final analysis, the future of your child is in your hands. Your child is your only concern, your only world. You can never afford to be careless. You can never afford to lose!

Queen of Hearts.


The pathetic state of beings - 3As rejected by NUS Computing School

Boy Scored 3As But Got Rejected From NUS Computing School

 Nowadays, young Singaporeans can’t study computing even though they score as well as law and med school students.

The government never increase intake for these courses but complain that we don’t have enough local IT talents. Then, they get more foreigners to do IT jobs. When we complain, they will say that it is because of the rising need for tech jobs and not because they favour CECA.

They want local talents but they don’t bother to nurture Singaporeans.

Then how? Who can solve the problem? Are they solving the problem? Why? Do they even understand or care about our concerns?

About is quoted from All Singapore Stuff ASS.

Is Singapore short of IT talents? Yes.

Is Singapore importing plane loads of IT talents from overseas? Yes.

Are 3As good enough for admission to NUS Computing School? I think so. But if the intake is small despite our lack of IT talents, then how? Especially when foreign students are admitted and most of them would have 4As, 5As or even 10As, sure better than our 3As. 3As sure not good enough right? Never mind if the foreign students could be using fake results or from funny and dunno what type of schools whose results cannot be verified or mostly suspects. Don't blame the foreign students, they are all very honest, they would not cheat. They are more honest than Singaporeans. Just simply accept their results and let them take the place of our not so good grade Singaporeans. Meritocracy mah.

Singaporeans or not, we must be fair to everyone. We are a metropolis and Singapore belongs to everyone. Don't complain so much. If Singaporeans are not good enough, make way for the world's best talents.  Fake talents also can.

Maybe the NUS did not know we are short of IT talents so never increase the intake capacity. Maybe the govt also dunno so did not have the foresight to increase the intake. This problem definitely is not intentional, negligence or due to mismanagement. Or maybe it is easier and cheaper to bring in foreign talents, no need to educate them, save a lot of money. I also dunno the real reason.

Or maybe this is fake news. I never check. So please don't make me appear in front of any committee. I will remove this post if this is fake news. I have no means to check it, just like the many foreigners coming here with their certificates. How to check? It would probably take 55 man years to check one case. Best no need to check. They are all honest what.

Ask the Education Minister. Don't ask me.

PS. Actually it is a blessing in disguise. If he gets into university, slogged for 3/4 years, paid nearly $100,000 to get his degree, he would still likely be jobless. There would be many foreigners with better paper grades, real or fake no one knows, getting the job he would be applying. And he would still end up jobless or drive Grab or be delivering food. So, save the money, save the time and join the many qualified jobless Singaporeans or underemployed, doing odd jobs and part time jobs.

Remember, they are bringing in plane loads of 'highly qualified' graduates from God knows where to steal your lunch. And all of them would be flashing straight As with distinctions and quickly hired, no question asked about their qualifications or from what funny universities.

How many highly qualified Singaporeans are unemployed, underemployed when they could easily filled up the positions held by funny foreigners that are not the responsibility of a responsible govt? Why vote for a govt that thinks its responsibility is to provide good paying jobs for foreigners, to solve other countries' unemployment problems and leaving our own citizens unemployed?

US & Western partners donate useless near-expiry vaccines to African countries

Nigeria has recently had to destroy more than 1.06 million doses of expired AstraZeneca vaccines. Faisal Shuaib, head of Nigeria's National Primary Health Care Development Agency, condemned that "We had developed countries that procured these vaccines and hoarded them. At the point they were about to expire, they offered them for donation." He also announced recently that Nigeria would no longer accept such donations.

This is not an isolated case. Reports showed that Senegal is likely to destroy approximately 400,000 doses of expired COVID-19 vaccines by the end of this year. Malawi burned nearly 20,000 doses of expired COVID-19 vaccines in May, and the Democratic Republic of Congo also returned in April 1.3 million doses of vaccines for the same reason.

By June 2021, the total number of vaccines hoarded in the US had far exceeded its domestic demand. According to statistics, the US and its partners also hold about 240 million COVID-19 vaccine doses that are about to expire. They would rather leave the surplus vaccines in warehouses than provide them to countries that really need them.

These countries will not think of selling or "donating" them to developing regions such as Africa until the vaccines are about to expire. In this way, the US and its partners "fulfill" the promises they made about vaccine donation, squeezing out the very last value of the vaccines about to expire. 


Voices Of Wisdom

Psyops of the government's Psychological Warfare Department via the government's mouth piece to influence public opinions. Nothing else.

As parents, YOU are adults with matured and properly balanced thoughts, so you must not be easily persuaded by a 11 year-old primary 5 kid, who may have been used by someone for propaganda purposes.

As parents, your kids' future depends entirely on your key and vitally important decisions. How can they even have a life, if their mental and physical health have been affected by the spiked foreign substance that has been injected into their bodies? Let alone a better and full life?

Think very carefully. Take your time. Don't rush into making such critically and vitally important decision just because there is someone trying to rush off with dispensing the mRNA pseudo vaccines that have to be stored below 70 Degrees Celsius and cost a lot to to so, and has a short expiry date.

Those in power think of the 300,000 children as digits to add into their statistics to make them look good. They don't take responsibility when your child falls sick or dies. They will use their famous phrase "due to underlying medical conditions" to defray themselves from blame and taking responsibility.

YOU are the one who has to shoulder the responsibility throughout your life, if your child suffers after having been injected and injured for life by that experimental drug which they stupidly accepted as vaccines. There is no turning back.

Moreover, young children are more resilient in responding to the COVID-19 viruses. This has been openly and publicly said by none other than the Minister for Health, when he was the Minister for Education not too long ago.

So, think ten times, or even one hundred times, before you act!

Concerned Parent.


How to destroy Muslim livelihood American style?

 The latest attack on China is a pack of lies about genocide and forced labour in Xinjiang. Forced labour is a grade lower than slavery in the USA. But it is about the same grade as the illegals entering the US and forced to work for a paltry sum in hard labour jobs just to feed themselves and their hungry children. For these forced labour in the US, the American govt turned a blind eye, let them eke out a living and fend for themselves in the backlanes of America. 

The American govt has no interest in them, in wanting to help the or protect them because they have no political values in their illegal and undeclared war against China. What is important to the Americans is to fabricated lies and disinformation about forced labour and genocide that are non existence in Xinjiang but in the American homeland, past and present.

In the name of protecting and defending the Muslims in Xinjiang, alleged and falsely claimed to be discriminated, the Americans passed a sweeping law not to buy or use products made by the Muslims in Xinjiang. The net effect of this law is to impoverish the Muslims in Xinjiang. They hard working products would not be saleable in the US and in the Anglo Saxon world, robbing them and depriving them from a source of income to feed themselves and their children. If they cannot sell their products, their work would become meaningless, a waste of time, unable to put food on the table.

These are the cruel results of the evil American law, pretending to be protecting them and their interest but really cutting off their livelihood. The Muslims would suffer more with the Americans forbidding other countries from buying their products.

Would the Muslim world fail to see the farce and hypocritical American narratives and let the Americans destroy the good life of their Muslim brothers and sisters in Xinjiang? The Muslims in Xinjiang are doing an honest day work to feed themselves, to better their own lives without resorting to crimes or illegal means. They want to live well, to have a good life without having to live on charity.

The Americans have simply deprived them from the right to work, to earn an honest living by stopping the rest of the world from buying products made by the Muslims in Xinjiang. How evil and low can the Americans stooped? They think the world cannot see through their wicked scheme all for their selfish interest to preserve and protect their world dominance and hegemony?

The Americans would lie, cheat, steal and kill to protect their Empire. The lives and well beings of other people are not important. See how they destroyed all the Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East, turning their economies into a mess and the Arabs and Muslims into refugees or hungry and jobless people in their own countries. Now crying crocodile tears for the Muslims in Xinjiang. 

Can you believe in these white devils?

PS.  China announced to the world that face masks, PPEs were made from cottons produced in Xinjiang. Rare earths are also from Xinjiang. All these products and raw material will carry the product of Xinjiang label.

COVID-19: Who Are The Unvaccinated, Think

Actually, there are four groups of the unvaccinated people.

1. The first group comprises those who did not go for vaccination by choice.

2. The second group comprises those who have medical reasons or immune deficiency problems. They have no choice but to avoid the potential dangers to their lives.

3. The third group comprises children below 12 years old. They have not reached puberty, and therefore, their sex organs have not been fully developed. The mRNA Fake Vaccines are known to affect the reproductive system. Therefore, it is unwise to purposely inject into these young children's developing bodies any foreign substance, such as the Experimental mRNA Fake Vaccines, that are known to have a certain chance of damaging their reproductive organs or reproductive system in the short, medium or long term. Sensible and responsible parents should not carelessly, stubbornly and foolishly expose their tenderly young children to such unnecessary and irrecoverable risks.

4. The fourth group comprises of those who have been injected with the experimental new tech mRNA fake vaccines, that do not immunise but give a false sense of being immunised. They do not protect you from Covid-19 infections, yet give you a false sense of being protected. It is like having bodyguards who run away when you are being attacked. This is the largest group of unvaccinated people who think that they have been vaccinated because officially their governments said so. In fact, they are bluffing themselves and/or being deceived. Just like the innocent children being led by the pipe piper into the deep river and drowned.

So, before one starts to talk about the unvaccinated, think first. Which group of people are you talking about?

Queen of Hearts.


Anglo Saxon is worth the shit


Dog shitting in front of 10 Downing Street. Even the dog knows it and showing it's disdain to the occupants. They deserved the shit.

They came, they saw, they conquered. Then they killed, they looted, they suppressed, they oppressed and ruled the natives as subjects of their empires. They were the lords, the masters, and the subjects were in a way their slaves, their servants, their possession. They divided the world like a piece of cake among themselves. They stole the continent of North America, Australia, New Zealand and many islands in the oceans. They once stole the whole of Africa and many parts of Asia and Latin America. They transferred the wealth and riches of these countries to their homeland and became rich, wealth taken freely and if needed by force and massacres of the natives.

Today, they repeatedly, on a daily basis, blamed China for being aggressive, for being the bad guy, when China did not conquer or colonise any country in the world, did not involved in wars of conquest, in colonisation, did not rule and loot any country of their national wealth, their people of their human rights and dignity as human beans.

They painted China as the bad guy and the Anglo Saxon tribes, as the good guys, the protector of human rights, of smaller countries, and in so doing, provoke, taunt and incite wars with China, but as peace loving people. They were pirates and raiders of countries.

And they think the world cannot see their aggression, their hostile and vile intent to create division and wars all over the world so that they can continue to dominate the world, control the world as their empire, to rule over the rest of the world.

The dog simply said, shit to you, liars, hypocrites robbers, murderers and warmongers.

Just How Safe is Covid-19 vaccination for young children?

I refer to plans to vaccinate some 300,000 children aged 5 – 11. (Singapore setting up paediatric vaccination centres. Dec 17)

I am a 74-year old tertiary-educated Singaporean who is blessed with many grand-nephews and grand-nieces from this age group. They make me feel young.

Our children are our future. Never “play tikam tikam” with their precious health and lives — whether during National Service peacetime training or a disease pandemic.

I take great umbrage at misguided public officials who are knee-jerk quick to label well-meaning feedback as “anti-vaccination fake news”.

An important reminder: Vaccination is irreversible. Once the vaccine is injected into your young child, there is no changing your mind.

Vaccination is also never a 100% cure-all tool to fight Covid-19. Other equally important tools include masking, hand-hygiene and social distancing.

Parents are entitled to truthful answers, substantiated with full facts and figures, to help them with “informed decision” and “informed consent”. Merely saying “The vaccine is safe. The benefits outweigh the risks.” is an easy lazy way out that will never earn public respect nor trust.

The buck of convincing parents was conveniently passed down to Junior Minister Janil Puthucheary who did an unconvincing job.

He confidently declared that American trials found no cases of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction), myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) or pericarditis (inflammation around heart) in the 5 – 11 age group.

The following day, he was contradicted by an American CDC announcement of 8 reported cases (so far) of myocarditis in children aged 5 – 11 who took the Pfizer vaccine.

During the Raeesah Khan lengthy saga, Workers Party politicians were constantly reminded to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. Likewise, concerned parents are impatiently waiting for a whole-truth high-level joint response by Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and Covid-19 Vaccination Expert Committee Chairman Dr Benjamin Ong at a MTF televised session to convincingly address all remaining unanswered questions.

The Pfizer paediatric vaccine is newly developed. How effective is it? What are the known possible side effects, and their “possible long-term implications” for the health of a growing young child?

Singapore parents must not “feel pressured” but be completely free to decide for themselves whether to vaccinate their young children based on “informed consent”.

Will unvaccinated children be stigmatised or penalised by deplorably divisive vaccination-differentiated curbs?

David L K See

[ Writer's Note for Readers --- Above is original text of my 20 Dec letter to STForum, which was not published (read: censored?). Please help to forward/circulate to as many Concerned Parties as possible to counter typical PAP bull-dozing tactics. ]

COVID-19 Pandemic: Indisputable Proof That The mRNA Imitation Vaccines Are Useless In The Fight Against The Coronavirus

Commercial airlines around the world cancelled more than 4,300 flights over the Christmas weekend, as a mounting wave of COVID-19 infections driven by the Omicron variant created greater uncertainty and misery for holiday makers.

Globally, airlines have scrapped at least 2,366 flights on Friday alone, which is Christmas Eve, and about 9,000 more flights have been delayed.

The world of travels is going back to square one because the coronavirus is again on the rampage.

The coronavirus is still very much alive, afloat, aloof and mutating very cleverly and quickly, and spreading much faster than ever before. All these are happening mostly in the advanced and rich countries, especially in countries that have been using the expensive Pfizer and Moderna mRNA "vaccines". Many of such countries have vaccinated more than 70% of their population with the mRNA imitation "vaccines". Singapore has achieved 93%!

Therefore, it proves beyond an iota of doubt that the mRNA imitation "vaccines" have failed to immunise the people.

There is no herd immunity to talk about now. Nobody dares to bring up the subject of herd immunity any more. Why?

Because there is no herd immunity. The mRNA imitation "vaccines" have not worked! It has failed in its mission miserably.

It is a great disappointment to many governments around the world that banged and banked on the Pfizer and Moderna imitation "vaccines" to save the day and to save their skin and asses. Now, they look like stupid and stubborn asses themselves?

Now that there is no immunity achieved, that means the very costly immunisation programs, that governments have paid dearly with taxpayers' money, have gone to noughts. Simply wasted. We are back at square one.

What next? Continue with the bluff? �� Or expose the bluff? Either way, many government leaders will look like stupid asses. You brought this to yourself. Please don't push the blame to the masses. Bite the bullet and admit the mistake and we can all start again, on a clean sheet.

What say you?

Queen of Hearts.


American wars against the Muslims and Arabs - and a pack of lies


Pentagon documents reveal 'deeply flawed' US air war: report

Pentagon documents reveal 'deeply flawed' US air war: reportAimal Ahmadi, who lost his daughter Mailka and his brother Zimarai Ahmadi as well as eight other relatives in a wrongly directed US drone strike in Kabul on August 29, stands outside his house on December 14, 2021 (AFP/WAKIL KOHSAR

Newly obtained Pentagon documents show that the US air wars in the Middle East have been marked by "deeply flawed intelligence" and resulted in thousands of civilian deaths, including many children, the New York Times reported Saturday.

It said a trove of confidential documents covering more than 1,300 reports of civilian casualties undercuts the government's portrayal of a war fought with precision bombs.

Pledges of transparency and accountability, it said, had regularly fallen short.

"Not a single record provided includes a finding of wrongdoing or disciplinary action," the paper reported in what it said was the first of a two-part series.

While several of the cases mentioned by the Times have been previously reported, it said its investigation showed that the number of civilian deaths had been "drastically undercounted," by at least several hundred.

- Surveillance flaws -

Among three cases cited was a July 19, 2016 bombing by US special forces of what were believed to be three Islamic State group staging areas in northern Syria. Initial reports were of 85 fighters killed. Instead, the dead were 120 farmers and other villagers.

Another example was a November 2015 attack in Ramadi, Iraq after a man was seen dragging "an unknown heavy object" into an Islamic State position. The "object," a review found, was a child, who died in the strike.

Poor or inadequate surveillance footage often contributed to deadly targeting failures, the report said.

More recently, the United States had to retract its claim that a vehicle destroyed by a drone on a Kabul street in August had contained bombs. Victims of the strike, it turned out, were 10 members of a family, including children.


Above are the few paragraphs of a report by AFP revealing the lies of American attacks against the Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East. All the spurious and exaggerated claims of precision bombings and not hitting or killing civilians are a pack of lies to deceive themselves and the rest of the world. How could they go strutting around bragging about protection Muslims in Xinjiang and thinking that the Muslims and Arabs would be so stupid to believe in their fabricated lies over and over again?

The evil Americans have been deceiving the Muslims and Arabs for centuries and killing them for centuries in undeclared wars, illegal wars, wars based on lies and so called poor intelligence reports.

Finally the Muslim and Arab world has woken up and would not be the victims of the West and American aggression against their countries and people. The latest mischievous and insulting trip by Blinken to Indonesia and Malaysia in an attempt to lie to them about how the Americans were trying to protect the Muslims in Xinjiang from genocide met with a stone wall. Both the Indonesians and Malaysians showed him a little courtesy but politely told him to go home. The Thais simply told Blinken don't bother to with the visit.

This is the latest snub in a continuous series of rejections the evil Americans are facing all over the world, including in Europe and the UN. The days of committing crimes against the world, against humanity, against the Arabs and Muslims would no longer be tolerated. 

No more white men's lies. The people of the world are not stupid.

Voice For The Future said... 1. MOH's data is not accurate...

 Voice For The Future said... 

1. MOH's data is not accurate and unsubstantiated.

2. They are mainly hearsay evidence cooked up by the competitors of Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines and Anti-China elements both in the US and in Singapore. Remember, there is a vaccines war going on.

3. MOH is pushing strongly for the use of the Pfizer and Moderna 'vaccines' in favour over Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines because Temasek Holdings has a huge stock of the Pfizer and/or Moderna 'vaccines' that need to be dispensed off because of the expiry date and the heavy cost of storage.

4. Anti-bodies level naturally drops a few weeks after any vaccination when the body is not infected. When the body is infected, the body that has been immunised with the traditional Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines will produce the anti-bodies necessary to counter the viruses. Therefore, the use of low anti-bodies level as an excuse to belittle and denigrate the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines is disingenuous and greatly flawed. This is a great disservice to those who have chosen the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines for their protection against the Covid-19 infections.

5. The credibility of the Experts Committee is, therefore, highly questionable. It has already failed the public a few times in the past. So, take its advice with a handful of salt. 

Voice For The Future

Covid-19: mRNA 'Vaccines' Are Imitations, Not Original

By swallowing Pfizer's sales tricks, the Singapore MTF has shown itself to be incapable of discerning and distinguishing between truth and falsehood. As such, the advice and instructions, and, by extrapolation, the government's policies regarding vaccination and immunisation, have no bearng whatsoever.

Their advice may even be dangerous and harmful to the health of those who foolishly volunteered to get injected with the experimental new technology mRNA method of imitating the original (traditional) way of producing vaccines.

Let's get this clear in our head:

Imitating the actual, original, traditional way of producing vaccines is not the same as the original way of producing vaccines. The imitation cannot replace the original.

Imitation means fake, not original.

Moreover, whatever it produced cannot be called vaccines for the mere fact that it does not immunise. It is just a new form of drug.

True vaccines immunise us and protect us from infections. The mRNA pseudo 'vaccines' do not immunise us and do not protect us from Covid-19 infections.

In addition, the various variants that keep mutating are probably triggered or caused by the spike proteins produced by the human body as a result of receiving the mRNA pseudo 'vaccines'.

It is time to wake up!


PS. Redbean's comment

The mRNA vaccine copied the spike proteins, injected into the body, asking the body to reproduce the copied spike proteins. Then the body goes another step further, produce antibodies to kill the spike proteins the body produced.

Two issues here. The mRNA vaccine copied the spike proteins, say 7 spikes, and the body to produce 7 spikes to be killed by the body.  New variant, 9 spikes, 15 spikes etc would not be recognised by the body and need to be copied and injected into the body for the body to reproduce them respectively. It goes on and on.

The idea that the body produced these spike proteins and then to destroy them has a  problem. Anything that your own body produces has the same genetic code of your body cells, thus would not be rejected by your body. The body only rejects foreign cells or tissues by producing antibodies to kill and destroy them. Would the body produce copied spike proteins, now with its own genetic code embedded, and then go about killing and destroying them? This is a contradiction that is not logical.


USA Is Openly And Directly Escalating Confrontations Against China And The Chinese People

In order to escalate open and direct confrontations against China and the Chinese People, the declining evil hegemonic US Empire's President Joe Biden has just signed a new "law" to ban products made in China’s Xinjiang Province because of alleged oppression of its Muslims in the Uighur community.

As directed by its Deep State string-pullers, members of both political parties of the US Congress have voted for the "law" in both the House of Representatives and the Senate earlier this month.

This is a clear and blatant direct and open interference in the internal affairs of another country, namely China. This is war!

China cannot take this open and direct confrontation quietly sitting down.

China must retaliate with the full force of her 1.5 billion population across the board on all fronts.

For a start, China must immediately enact a new law to ban all products being produced in those US States that discriminated against and oppressed the Muslims and the Minorities in the US.

It is time for all the Chinese in the World to rise up to face this open and direct confrontation initiated by the evil hegemonic US Empire against China and the Chinese People!


Covid19 - The corruption of ethics and trust

From the parents' point of view, it would be tragic for a child to lose his life just because of vaccination when without vaccination the child could still be alive.

The ethics of vaccine manufacturing today has reached a state that a few death is considered ok, acceptable, with the ridiculous phrase, 'the benefits outweigh the risks'.

When in the recent past has such an excuse be considered as good enough to approve the use of an experimental vaccine that has not gone through the due process of testing? In the initial stage of the pandemic when there were insufficient information and the fear of fatality was high, it was forgivable that govts could be forced to make tough decisions in a what if situation.

Today, they should have sufficient information on the probability of death due this virus, maybe still too early on Omicron, but generally there must be good enough data to make a reasonable decision as to the need to vaccinate children. Is the virus so deadly that children must be vaccinated now or never? What are the probabilities of children dying from the virus versus dying from the vaccines?

Is the risks of death of children dying from the virus high enough to justify vaccinating them? Are the benefits worth the risks?

The govt may have its own parameters to want the children to be vaccinated. Parents too must also have to weigh in on this to make an informed decision. Unfortunately many parents would not be able to do so due to ignorance, fear, emotion, and too many disinformation and contrarian views in the media.

When all the authorities, national or international, are no longer trustworthy, when even the number one scientist in the USA, Fauci, is being doubted, his credibility questioned, how are parents going to make an informed decision that would affect the lives of their children?

How could this happened in the 21st Century, so far away from the Age of Ignorance? Is the human race progressing or regressing?

This state of affair is so irresponsible and tragic. There is no individual or organisation that can be trusted to stand out to speak with a  voice of confidence and authority for the people of the world when so many lives are at stake.

Is this pandemic an issue of medical science, politics or economics?


Covid-19: Vaccinated Status Letter To Whom It May Concern

Above pic copied from TRE

This is a rude-shock reminder to all current vaccinated citizens and residents of Sinkingland.

Those who have willingly volunteered to be mentally confused and physically violated by letting their bodies to be infused with the experimental wonder drug called mRNA vaccine and still survived, are reminded that your full Covid-19 Vaccination Status is due to expire in December 2021 and January 2022.

In order for your Vaccinated Status to be brought up to date, you are required to get yourself jabbed again and again every five to six months with the same mRNA vaccines.

For those who have wisely or blindly following the wise not to volunteer to be physically violated by the infusion of the experimental spiked mRNA vaccines, and have taken the Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines instead, you are forcefully encouraged by the command of our top generals to let yourself be injected with the spiked mRNA vaccines for your 3rd jab, and subsequent jabs, in order to get your Vaccinated Status up to date. However, you can choose not to volunteer to do so but at the great displeasure and wrath of our Biggest Balls.

Please make the necessary arrangements to renew your Vaccinate Status immediately or else you will lose all the benefits that come with this privileged and prestigious Vaccinated Status.

Some of the enticing, lucrative and mind-boggling benefits of this privileged and prestigious Vaccinated Status are:

1. Be able to enter the toilets of shopping malls when nature calls urgently.

2. Be able to dine out in groups of 5 in restaurants and some exclusive outlets.

3. Be able to gain an extra 1% protection from the Covid-19 infections over the unvaxed.

4. Be able to get free government medical benefits should you contract Covid-19 infections. The unvaxed will have to pay at least up to $25,000 medical expenses in hospitals.

5. Be able to Have the privilege to go to work in the office. The unvaxed will have to either work from home or be excluded from the workforce from January 2022 onwards.

6. Be able to remain gainfully employed and bring food to the table for your family members. The unvaxed can be LEEgally dismissed by your employers at their discretion.

To renew your Vaccinated Status, you are to immediately proceed to book an appointment at the nearest Vaccination Centre in order to take part in this Game of Russian Roulette to shoot yourself. If you survived, still alive and kicking, your Vaccination Status will be renewed for only six months because the spiked mRNA vaccines can last only six months at the most. However, the exact duration is subject to change without prior warning, at the whims and fancy of our Big Balls.

Yours very faithfully, sincerely and truly,

(This letter does not require signature because it is computer robot generated.)


Democracy is the best political system of govt - True or False

The West have been telling the rest of the world that democracy is the best political system that promotes development, innovation, creativity etc etc leading to a rich economy, a prosperous and happy population. Is this true or false? Is this just a belief or is this an objective statement supportable by facts and figures?  If this is just a belief, then there is no need to argue about it, no need to prove whether it is true or false. As long as one is happy about it, that is enough.  Even the Christians would go all out to prove that Christianity is not just a belief but can be proven to be true with facts and figures, or testimonies.

Let's assume that the above is an objective statement and can be proven with facts and figures, with realities. Take the two biggest Asian economies as the basis for this exercise. I will come to the western economies later. India and China are two shining examples of success and failure, of innovation and creativity, of a vibrant economy, a happy and rich population, or otherwise. In many ways the two are the extreme opposite of each other. One is extremely successful economically, with plenty of creativity and innovative inventions, products and services. The other so so. One is a huge and expanding economy that brings growth and prosperity to its people, making its people happy and free. The other?

The western model for democracy is equated with all the good stuff, freedom, wealth, economic growth and a happy people. Which of the two countries fits this model of democracy? Which is not?

By all data, especially hard economic data, China is the successful model. So China must be a democracy. India falls behind in almost everything except calling itself the biggest democracy in the world. Judging from the growing prosperity or poverty of the two countries, one cannot but conclude that China is a democracy and represents all the good things about democracy. 

Another way of looking at the results of the two countries is that democracy is not only unprogressive, stifles economic growth and prosperity, it also does not bring about a creative and innovative society that it was supposed to do so. Democracy does not bring about strong economic growth to a country.

The believers that democracy is all goodness would argue that both are bad examples,  or both are bad exceptions of what democracy is or is not. Look at all the European countries, all democratic and all so successful right. Yes and no. The richness of European countries were not due to democracy but wars, invasion, colonialism, looting and exploitation of the wealth of their colonies. Democracy only came about after they became rich. Their richness did not come about because of democracy. In fact if you look around the world, all the emerging countries after independence did not fair well if they are so called democratic countries. The few exceptions that claimed to be democracies and were successful were actually authoritarian states. They started not in the real sense of being democratic but becomes more democratic after they were successful, while some continue to be authoritarian with a fake facade of a democracy.

The European and American democracies are falling apart gradually and many are bankrupt countries today without the spoils from their colonies. The biggest and supposedly successful democracy, the USA, is actually a bankrupt country but struggling to survive economically, and with a pretentious prosperous economy held together by military might, dollar hegemony and a mountain of debt. It is in fact a bad example of a rich and successful democracy. It is an empire, an authoritarian regime exploiting the rest of the world with its military might, not with democratic practices. Without the military might and dollar hegemony, it would fail miserably as a state, at best it would be a poor democratic state.

What do you think?

COVID-19: Vaccinating Children - Stupidity Has No Cure

By following the Western Masters' trapped mentality to go ahead with vaccinating our young children, the Leedership of Singapore has shown yet again that it's stupidity is beyond redemption, despite having achieved academic excellence during their youth.

What a waste of talent!

Firstly, by now we know fully well that the Pfizer mRNA vaccines do not perform as claimed by the Pfizer company and marketing personnel. The mRNA vaccines do not immunise. They do not protect us from Covid-19 infections. They do not really reduce severe consequences from a Covid-19 infection. They do not prevent deaths. Their efficacy is not 95 or 98% as claimed. Their effectiveness do not last more than six months. They need to be boosted again and again and again and again and again, infinitum....

Secondly, there is a serious probability that the mRNA vaccines, if taken repeatedly, will destroy our natural immune system.

Thirdly, our young children have better immune response towards the Covid-19 coronavirus, irrespective of variants. They do not suffer servere consequences, except a very rare few. Therefore, it is better for the young children to acquire their own natural immunity against the Covid-19 variants rather than to risk the high probability of damaging their natural immune system. In this case, the risks outweigh the benefits of the mRNA vaccines.

There is a big lesson to learn from this. And that is:

No matter how much talents Singapore can reproduce or import, all those talents can come to nothing if the stupidity of Singapore's top Leedership has no cure!

Queen of Hearts. 



PS. Let me add a few words to Queen of Hearts article above. There are two possible options for children.

1. Without vaccination, some children would be infected and may die. The rest that survived would live normally for the rest of their lives with no complications from any vaccines.

2. With vaccination, some children may suffer adverse reactions and may die. Some may still be infected and may die. In the long run, there will be some that may develop side effects and complications from vaccines that are experimental in nature and have not been put to test on their long term side effects.

Which is a better option? Adopting either option, some children would die from the virus or the vaccines. Option 1 means only one risk, from the virus.

Option 2, means 3 risks, 1 from the vaccine, 1 from the virus, and 1 more, long term complications or adverse reaction.



Covid19 - World best mRNA vaccines in action


This pic tells you how effective the mRNA vaccines are.  Jab, jab, jab. Jab when your antibody level is low. Why is it that no medical experts would stand up to clarify this disinformation. 

Whenever you get a jab, your antibody level must go up. But it will fall with time if there is no infection. But when there is an infection, your body will quickly build up the antibody level to combat the infection.

It is a lie to jab people whenever the antibody level is low. This is the natural state of your body.

It is a no brainer to claim that after a new jab the antibody level would be high. It must be. How could people simply believe in what the snake oil seller said?

The mRNA vaccine is to produce more spike protein to induce the body to produce antibodies. The inactivated vaccine injects the dead virus into your body to induce the body to produce antibodies. 

How many more jabs would be needed? The pharmas are now so confident of themselves to do as they pleased and demanding more and more jabs for each batch of vaccines. 3 jabs would be the new minimum and going forward could be 4 or more jabs for each new batch of vaccines for every new variants.

Blinken's outrageous trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand - Reactions

 Below are 3 comments by 3 anonymous on their observations of the Blinken trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The Thais shut their doors and refused to see Blinken. He was not even near Bangkok. The outrageously silly trip was so insulting to the 3 countries that only the daft and deluded Americans could ever conceive of doing, thinking that the leaders of these countries were still the oppressed and ignorant leaders of the colonial days, not well educated and could be conned by the fork tongue white men and threatened to do the white men's bidding, to go to war with China and die for the white men.

The trip is the climax of American ridiculous madness, that they still think whatever they say goes and no one would oppose or be wise enough to oppose them. It is also marks the end of American Exceptionalism. No more American hypocrisy. Asean leaders are not going to listen to the Americans anymore.

Now try to imagine what Blinken would be reporting to Biden, that no one was willing to listen to him or talk to him about his hypocritical agenda, that Americans are there to protect the Muslims in Xinjiang. 'Joe, they got the gumption to ignore me.'

1. The USA had been using so much lying, fabrication and distortion of the truth that their credibility standing is, in financial terms, just 'JUNK' status. Who, besides the sycophants, believe them? If not for their threats of sanctions, coercion, blackmailing, and pouring hundreds of millions into generating fake news, the world would not have seen them as the biggest threat to peace and democracy.

Democracy, from a well adopted system, has been tarnished by them with so much greed that it is today beyond recognition. Instead of eliminating poverty, the system allowed wealth to be concentrated in a few hands, making Socialism look like a charitable organisation helping more and more poor get out of poverty. Not just in China is this happening. It is being done by China all over the world. That is making the USA and the West really nervous.

Human rights in their hands is a totally different concept and just a tool for them to impose their evil ideas upon others. It literally is making communism great again in most people's mind.

2. People can easily see the hypocrisy of their love and care for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. They know it is all fake orgasm.

Why did they not dish out the same kind of love and care for the Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and India as well? Why only Xinjiang? And the irony is targeting exports from Xinjiang is punishing the Muslim Uyghurs actually, not the Chinese leaders. Does it make a dent in the Chinese GDP figures?

On the surface the sanctions are to show the Muslim world the USA and the West are guardian angels, but look deeper and you realise that the sanctions does not serve the purpose for which it is intended. The fake show of concern is just to fool the unwary and trying to sway the Islamic world. They tried to pull a fast one on the Indonesians, Malaysians and the Thais, thinking they are just ignorant folks. The USA still does not realise that they have lost every ounce of credibility in the eyes of the world, save for the sycophants.

3. Donald Trump openly said that India's Hindu Government mistreatment of the Muslims is an internal issue for India and the USA therefore do not want to interfere. That statement clearly indicates the mistreatment is true and undeniable.

Isn't the accusation that China's mistreatment of the Uyghurs also not an internal issue? Why the double standard?

See the hypocrisy? It stinks to high heaven! 

December 21, 2021 9:22 pm

Covid19 - Moderna Says Its Booster Significantly Raises Antibodies Against Omicron

 Moderna Says Its Booster Significantly Raises Antibodies Against Omicron

A booster shot of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine significantly raises the level of antibodies that can thwart the Omicron variant, the company announced on Monday.

The news arrives as Omicron rapidly advances across the world, and most coronavirus vaccines seem unable to stave off infection from the highly contagious variant.

Moderna’s results show that the currently authorized booster dose of 50 micrograms — half the dose given for primary immunization — increased the level of antibodies by roughly 37-fold, the company said. A full dose of 100 micrograms was even more powerful, raising antibody levels about 83-fold compared with pre-boost levels, Moderna said.

Both doses produced side effects comparable to those seen after the two-dose primary series. But the dose of 100 micrograms showed slightly more frequent adverse reactions relative to the authorized 50-microgram dose.

The results are based on laboratory tests that do not capture the full range of the body’s immune response against the virus. Although vaccines may not prevent infection from the variant, they are expected to prevent severe illness in the vast majority of people.

The data have also not been published or reviewed by independent experts. Moderna said it was preparing a manuscript with the data that would be posted online.

The pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech announced earlier this month that a booster shot of their vaccine also increased the level of antibodies against Omicron.

Moderna tested a third shot of several versions of its vaccine, each in 20 people. Before boosting, all the individuals had low levels of antibodies that can prevent Omicron infection. At Day 29, after receiving a third shot, the 50-microgram and 100-microgram doses of the current vaccine both sharply increased antibody levels.

The company also tested “multivalent” booster shots that incorporate mutations seen in the Beta and Delta variants, many of which are also present in Omicron. Those continuing trials each have 300 to 600 people enrolled in them. The 50-microgram and 100-microgram doses of the multivalent boosters increased antibody levels to similarly high levels, Moderna said.

Given how quickly Omicron is marching through the world, Moderna said, the company will focus its near-term efforts on extra shots of the original vaccine. It also plans to test a booster shot that is specific to the Omicron variant early next year and to include Omicron in a multivalent booster.

“To respond to this highly transmissible variant, Moderna will continue to rapidly advance an Omicron-specific booster candidate into clinical testing in case it becomes necessary in the future,” said Stéphane Bancel, Moderna’s chief executive officer. 


PS. Moderna Says Its Booster Significantly Raises Antibodies Against Omicron. This sentence is a no brainer. Nothing to brag about.

Whenever you get a jab, your antibody level must go up. But it will fall with time if there is no infection. But when there is an infection, your body will quickly build up the antibody level to combat the infection.

It is a lie to jab people whenever the antibody level is low. This is the natural state of your body.

It is a no brainer to claim that after a new jab the antibody level would be high. It must be. How could people simply believe in what the snake oil seller said?

The mRNA vaccine is to produce more spike protein to induce the body to produce antibodies. The inactivated vaccine injects the dead virus into your body to induce the body to produce antibodies. 

How could a big pharma like Moderna dare to claim an experiment based on 20 people? Another point to note about claims of pharmas on their experiments. They have vested interest in the experiment. They chose their samples, they chose their testers, they chose what to report, what not to report, ie selective testing, selective samples and selective results. Take their claims as claims from a salesman and think carefully what they are claiming, verify what they said, including the methodology etc etc used. Do not blindly believe in their claims.


Americans pretending to be angels

WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday (Dec 8) to ban imports from China’s Xinjiang region over concerns about forced labor, one of three measures backed overwhelmingly as Washington continues its pushback against Beijing's treatment of its Uyghur Muslim minority.

The House backed the "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act" by an overwhelming 428-1. To become law, it must also pass the Senate and be signed by President Joe Biden. CNA

The anti Muslims Americans are pretending that they are angels out to protect the interest of Muslims in Xinjiang.  Just ask them how many Muslim countries have they invaded, bombed, destabilised and destroyed, how many millions of Muslims have they killed and turned in refugees, running away from their war torn countries? Ask them why they allowed the Israelis to take over Palestinian lands and supporting the Israelis all the way against the Palestinians. 

They are protectors of Muslims? What a joke. So hypocritical. And they are sent Blinken to visit the two largest Muslim states in Asean to ask them for support to fight China on a fabricated lie of genocide in Xinjiang. When all the Muslim states already lost hope in the Americans destroying their countries and killing their people, would Indonesia and Malaysia be so easily conned to support the anti Muslim evil American Empire on a fake allegation? Of course not. They politely turned him away. Told him to go home and not to waste time.

China must stop being reactive and allow the Americans to take the initiative to poke its eyes everyday. China must take the initiative to poke the eyes of the Americans and Anglo Saxons everyday to let them feel the pain. If China is still reluctant to do so, allowing the Anglo Saxons to taunt, bully and attack them daily, it only deserves to be bullied and attacked. 

Start doing something for goodness sake. Do not allow the world's number one terrorist, the warmongers, to feel so free to attack China at will, daily and get away with it. Give them a taste of their white medicine of hypocrisy. This is no game for the meek and weak.  The white savages only believe in might is right and many weak nations have no choice but to be bullied to go along for fear of being trampled by the Americans. 

China must strike back and stand up for the rest of the world, like Russia under the leadership of Putin. Only then would the Anglo Saxons leave China alone.

Covid-19 Vaccines: The Three Levels Of Fools

It is a well-established fact that the sales man-ager of any product, from any company, will say anything in order to promote his sales and increase his company's profits, by the US$Billions. Mind you, not by a few thousand dollars or a few million dollars, but by the Billions of Dollars!

Can you imagine, just 1% of the company's profits goes to him, how much will he get for his Christmas gift? Would this motivation not good enough to make him goes all out to paint the most attraxtive, mind-mesmerising and rosy Micheangelo Painting to sell to the highest bidder?

In our world, there are three categories / levels of fools:

1. If you get fooled once (Vaccines efficacy is 90% to 95%), you were a fool. But not your fault. It is the snake oil seller's intention to fool you. You are an innocent fool.

2. If you were fooled the second time (the vaccine cannot prevent infection but can reduce severity of infection), then you are a very careless and willing fool. No more the snake oil seller's fault. It's your fault. You are a willing fool.

3. If you get fooled for the third time (despite proven unreliability in the previous two instances, the vaccine can still do wonders!), then you are not only careless and willing. You are a stubborn and idiotic fool who deserves to be fooled by everyone throughout your whole life.

So, think and decide which category/level of a fool you want to belong to.


The Pathetic Sinkies In Oblivion

The stupid will remain stupid for the rest of their lives.

The smart will sometimes make mistakes and become stupid at times.

The wise will remain wise forever.

In Singapore's case, there are no more wise men or women around. They have all gone - either to the grave, cemetery and crematorium, or to other countries.

In Singapore, only the smart and stupid are left. The smart ones are mainly from India and the MNCs. The stupid ones are the locals.

However, among the locals, there are some crocodiles, cunning foxes, lazy hyanas, pretentious wolves in white sheep skin and black cobras and green vipers. These are the ones controlling, dominating and running the tiny piece of rock, happily thinking that they are the best of the cream of talents.

Nothing can touch them and their way of amassing wealth at the expense of the citizens and residents. So, they become swell headed and demanded and paid themselves obscene salaries and bonuses, and want to perpetuate this way of amassing their ill-gotten filthy riches forever.

As a result, they scheme and plan to ensure that they are in power perpetually. So, they embarked on the scam of importing more voters under the guise that Singapore needs foreign talents. But if you open your eyes and look around, you will find that 90% of these so-called foreign talents are actually foreign trashes. Then why are they given new citizenships?

The answer is obvious. They are not new talents. Not new citizens. But new VOTERS! They are being imported for their allegiance to the ruling party, not their talents.

That has been going on for the last twenty years or more, yet the pathetic Sinkies are still very fast asleep, as if drugged. They can't see further than two meters away. They can't think two days ahead. Majority are living in the limbo, between the twilight zone and sunsets. They are really idiotically oblivious of what is happening around them and tragically pathetic of not knowing what their ending will be.

Sad. Very sad.

Queen of Hearts.


From Malayan Union, Malaya to Malaysia - A lesson for Singapore

 Many Malaysian Chinese still regretted their plight as second or third class citizens in Malaysia. Without political power, their well being is at the mercy of the Bumiputras, the ruling race in Malaysia. This was not the case in the earlier history of Malaya. When the colonial power, the British, were here, the local races of Malay, Chinese and Indians were more or less treated in the same way as far as legal status was concerned. The exception was the Malay sultans, the rulers of Malaya.

The Malaysian Chinese actually had 3 chances to fight for equal rights, during the formation of Malayan Union, the Federation of Malaya and the final chance, the formation of Malaysia. In the Malayan Union and Malaya days, the British were in favour of equal rights for all. But the Malay nationalists led by Jaafar Onn fought fiercely for Malay special rights. The Chinese, led by the MCA did not put up a strong fight or actually forfeited their equal rights by not fighting. The position of the Chinese then was that as long as they were left alone, as long as they could pursue their business and commercial interest, as long as they were financially comfortable and could play a big part in the country's economy, they were quite contented. The Malays could have the political power. This is a very brief description of a complicated political and legal issue of the history of political change in Malaya and Malaysia.

Without the Chinese fighting for their equal rights, and with the Malays fighting vehemently, the British gave in and the special rights of the Malays were written into the constitution of the Federation. Initially things were still comfortable and nothing dramatic and serious happened. The status quo was accepted by all the races.

In 1963, the Malaysia concept came to life and Singapore was involved, and the PAP joined the new state on the ground of a Malaysian Malaysia. This again was not acceptable to the Malays and eventually led to the separation. But the affair sparked a revival in Malay nationalism and Malay special rights culminating in the May 13 racial riots in 1969. That event paved the way for Mahathir to return to politics and took over the premiership from Razak. 

During his tenure as PM, Mahathir made many sweeping changes to the Malaysian polity and raised the profile and interest of the Malays beyond recognition. The Malay or Bumiputra population was increased through many means and affirmative actions. And not only he strengthen their political power, but also economic power and all aspects of life in Malaysia. And the fate of Malaysian Chinese was never be the same again. Once political power was lost and the power of the day applied all the forces of the state to their advantage, including changing the racial composition, appointments of all political and govt offices, including carving out a big chunk of the economy by virtues of special rights, whatever that was left for the Chinese was left to the mercy of the power of the day. The power of the day has absolute control to deal with the Chinese as they pleased and there is no turning back the clock.

No groups, especially racial or religious groups, once in control of a country or organisation, would voluntarily give away its power to the challengers or opposition. Only those suffering from stupidity has no cure disease would do that. And they will be cursed by the generations to come for a life sentence that they needed not have to serve.

The experience of the Malaysian Chinese and their pathetic state of being a second or third class citizen of Malaysia is a very painful lesson for Singaporean Chinese. What can happen in Malaysia can also happen in Singapore if the stupid allow it to happen. And when it happens, the Singapore Chinese would be in the same situation as in Malaysia, and even worse. There will not be a neighbouring country to allow them to be the best they could be, like Singapore is to the Malaysian Chinese, but a hostile sea filled with hungry crocodiles. The population composition would be changed dramatically with foreign imports, the appointments to political and govt offices would be changed, the share of the economy would also be changed. And there will not be a second chance to turn back the clock. There will be no 4Gs to be nominated to take over the premiership like what it is now.

What is happening to the large number of citizens being jobless and driving Grabs or delivering food are only a small signs of what is to come. It could be hundreds or thousands of times worse than now. By then cry heaven cry hell also no use. The daft and stupid would always suffer for their ignorance and stupidity and apathy thinking they can leave their futures to others. They will end up at the mercy of others.

Once political power is lost, it is lost forever. And the price to be paid is heavy and no amount of tears and regrets would be able to console the victims of this stupidity in the future generations. Enough said.


Suzuki Cup - Football to be enjoyed in a civilised way


The return of football fans to the National Stadium. This is how football or any sports is to be enjoyed by one and all, by families young and old. Little children and mothers could go together to the stadium to have a good time.

Compare these sights to what is happening in Europe when football matches are attended by mobs, hooligans, thugs and ended up with brawls, fighting and destruction to public places? This is the stark contrast between a civilised society and an uncivilised one. Would any mothers dare to bring their children to watch a football matches in Europe without fearing for their own safety and the safety of their children?


This photo a bit scary. Are we going to see a big spreader event when all the masks are down in Jalan Besar Stadium?  Photo credit CNA,  (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan) 

Maybe not. We are using world best mRNA vaccines that the manufacturers have been telling us they are 96% or 100% effective. The  manufacturers can claim anything with no liabilities because of the non liability clauses. Also never mind when the US and Europe are getting big daily surges of infections. The vaccines are so effective there is nothing to fear. And for any manufacturers to dare to pump the vaccines in babies and children, trust them, they must be confident that nothing bad would happen.

We are very safe. Ignore those countries that are banning us or hiking up restrictions on us to visit them. They did not know what they are doing.


China's dependency on the destructive nature of Americans for economic opportunities


The Americans are doing all their best to decouple their economy with China's but unable to do so. If they did and be successful, the poor Americans would be in very serious trouble trying to buy cheap and good stuff from China, meaning their pay check to pay check lifestyle would be in deep financial trouble, money not enough. Many of them would have to go hungry. And even if they are successful, other than consumption, how are they going to make similar stuff that the Chinese made at a fraction of their price for their domestic market or to export to other markets?

The American market is also a big market for Chinese goods and any decoupling would also affect the profitability of Chinese manufacturers. This interdependency has made decoupling a very complex and difficult process that is mutually damaging. But there is another big area that China is totally dependent on the Americans.

The Americans is the biggest destructive force in the world, with its unceasing wars all over the world, countries were bombed to pieces by the Americans whenever they found an excuse or fabricated a lie to invade and bomb the daylight out of those countries. Afghanistan is an outstanding example of Americans exquisite art piece, just like Iraq, Syria and Libya. The American economy thrives on wars and the freedom to drop bombs, the more bombs the better, to demolish the victim state's infrastructure, schools, buildings, roads, railways, bridges, anything manmade and standing would be brought to the ground. And the Americans would leave them in a total state of destruction before leaving.

The destructive power of American bombs presents a golden opportunity for the Chinese to come in and rebuild the destructive mass from scratch. The more the Americans bombed, the more they destroyed, the more work would there by for the Chinese companies to do. Without the Americans bulldozing down everything, Chinese companies would have a hard time looking for work outside of China.

The dependency of Chinese construction companies and infrastructure builders is completely one sided and total. Without the Americans, the Chinese companies would be hungry for work and many Chinese workers would be out of jobs. China must be quietly saying a big thank you to the American butchers and monsters for going around the world bringing down buildings and infrastructure and leaving nothing standing.

This dependency would eventually lead to a new and modern world with gleaming infrastructures everyday to benefit the people of those destroyed countries. The Americans are doing a great job bringing down all the old structures and China would come in and rebuild a new world with the latest technology. 

By the time the Americans have completed their destruction of the world, except for western Europe and the American homeland, and after China has come in to clean up and rebuild and turn them into modern cities, the whole world will be filled with beautiful modern cities and facilities except for old Europe and the dilapidated cities of the American homeland. And modern tourists could be flocking to old Europe and the USA to see what the old world was like, how old railway systems and rundown trains chuck along in dirty and unclean tunnels in these ancient worlds.

The American military industrial complex would be reached making bombs and flattening cities and countries.  China would also be rich cleaning up destroyed countries and cities and making them new again. China is truly and totally dependent on the destructive nature and force of the Americans to find enough reconstruction work for its companies and labour force.

Thank you America for doing such a good job and helping China to be rich and great again. Just keep starting wars and bomb every country to Stone Age. China will come in to build a new country for your victims.