Covid19 - Guinea pigs one more time

TRE Tech:
December 27, 2022 at 3:15 pm 

The lastest news is that China has downgraded and renamed the C19 to the level of flu, no longer a pandemic.

And to think that BBCs and the western media thought that they have succeeded in pressurizing China to “open up” is so laughable and childish.

The fact is China has long been studying the effects the “living with the virus” and had allowed most countries in the world to test the water so that they can observe the damages should they go down the same route. In fact, China had plans to relax most of its policies after the CNY (and was in the midst of doing so) but unexpectedly the white-paper movement forced the timeline forward.

And these idiots still think that it was their “pressure” that made it happen. lol

Above is quoted from TRE

When the experimental mRNA vaccine was first approved for emergency used, rushed out before the mandatory trial period, the Americans announced to the world that this was the panacea for treating Covid19. They hung it up so high, like so hard to get, and only favoured allies and stooges would be given a small portion of it, as a reward for being good boys and girls. And because it was so good and so exclusive, it was packaged like a life giving potion, take it or leave it, no complaints, at your own risk, at the pharma's terms and price, the daft believers were so grateful for the small portion granted to them. The rest of the world were left in the lurch, nothing for them for not being good to the American Empire. Serve them right for not becoming the allies and stooges of the Americans and thus not privileged to be given the 'holy water' of life by the Americans.

Today, as many critics in the professions were warning earlier, the truth is out. The pharma companies were treating the users of their mRNA vaccines as guinea pigs. You die your business. You signed your death warrant, so not the pharma companies' responsibility.

Worldometer statistics

Country, OtherTotal CasesTotal Deaths

As at 29 Dec 2022, total infection in the world is 663m cases, and 6.7m deaths. The USA alone has 100m infected cases and 1m death. A guesstimate, out of the 663m infected cases, at least half would have been injected with the mRNA vaccines ie 332m cases, and 3.35m deaths. Many could have been boostered and boostered several times.

A vaccine is to prevent infection. With at least 332m cases infected after using mRNA vaccines, can anyone say that the mRNA vaccine is effective in preventing infection? With 3.35m deaths, can anyone claim that the mRNA vaccine is effective in preventing serious injury or death?

There are many vaccines available for many diseases being given to babies and children or adults. Many would have got one or two shots, and are then free from being infected with the disease the vaccines are supposed to prevent and protect, for life. There is hardly any calls for more booster shots or at most one or two shots. End of story.

In this mRNA vaccine, with hundreds of millions being infected after being boostered and boostered, there are still calls for more booster shots, claiming that it would be effective. How many believe in this narrative and still going for more booster shots...and still want to believe that it is effective?

In the above quote from TRE, China is opening up now when the virus is less virulent after two years of mutation. And China was waiting and observing the effects on countries that have been living with the virus and the consequential results. Yes, China was watching the world being part of the experiment of opening up and living with the virus. The world was again turned into a massive pool of guinea pigs, knowingly or unknowingly.

Half of the world were willing or unwilling guinea pigs of the experimental mRNA vaccines. And they repeated the whole process as guinea pigs again, in the living with the virus experiment. China now finds it safe to gradually open up, tipping its toe gently on the water, not throwing itself wholly into the water. It is still testing water at a control pace. Thanks to the guinea pigs of the world.

And some silly corners are screaming that hell is breaking lose, because the uninfected people of China are going to infect the world one more time. What? The uninfected infecting the infected? The infected afraid of the uninfected? Just like the days when those vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines are afraid of the unvaccinated.

Can you believe that? The uninfected are more dangerous than the infected? Must put up more control measures on the uninfected Chinese visitors?

The latest narrative against China is that China now has more than double the infection of the USA, more than 250m in just a month. If this is true, can China be so peaceful and so orderly? Yes, the initial relaxing of policies would lead to a surge in infection cases and more deaths. Many of the elderly Chinese were not vaccinated and are vulnerable, and when infected, coupled with existing conditions and old age, many would die. The numbers are relatively high from the lockdown period, but manageable. No panic. But the western media are spreading the vicious lie that the health system is breaking down, going to collapse, hospital overloaded, medical staff unable to cope, like the dreadful days of America when the morgues were full and they had to hire aircon containers to store the dead. In China, no need for containers. People are dying but no panic, no madness, no desperation and no despair.

There is no protest or mass demonstration on the streets. Everything is within expectation. The dead were mostly the aged. Can you imagine what would happen if 250m infection happened in a month? What craps. By over exaggerating to this level is foolish and self defeating. The Americans and the West are politicising the whole issue again, forcing their allies and stooges to implement stringent measures against Chinese visitors to smear and discriminate against the Chinese, like they were all lepers. Not many allies and stooges are following this order. Only the semi colonies of Japan and South Korea are doing it with no choice. And Taiwan of course. 

Countries imposing stringent measures against Chinese visitors are like the Europeans, undermining their economies when the Chinese tourists are bringing in the tourist dollars they need badly. They would suffer the same fate as Europe.

The other truth, infections are spreading like wildfire in Japan, South Korea, Australia and the US. Japan is having more than 200,000 daily cases, Australia having more than 100,000 daily cases. No hype or hysteria about them. No increase in stringent measures against Japanese, Australian and Americans. Why?


NASA chief's Freudian Slip...Americans have not been to the moon


Nasa chief - Photo credit to Global Times
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson accused China of being “one of the very few nations” that would not be partners with the US and that it is being “very secretive” in terms of space programs in an interview with Nikkei Asia published on Sunday.

In the meantime, Nelson stated that he believes the US will beat China in terms of sending a manned spacecraft to the moon. Global Times

This ass is accusing China of not wanting to partner with the Americans in space programme. Can you believe it, he still thinks the world is made up of fools and did not remember what the arrogant and selfish Americans did to China in 2011 with their Wolf Amendments to forbid America from cooperating with China in space. They made it illegal to cooperate with China. They locked out China from the ISS, banning China from participating in ISS that was basically a Russian space station. Without Russian rockets the Americans could not even get to the ISS.

Now this ass pretending that this did not happen and it is the fault of China not wanting to cooperate with the Americans. They are always accusing others and blaming others for crimes and acts that they did to others. He also alleged that China is 'very secretive' when China has invited the whole world to the Tiangong Space Station, and many have accepted to participate in the China Space programme. Of course the Americans and AngloSaxon rogues would not be allowed on board China's Space Station for good reasons, for security and safety reasons.

Everyone is welcomed except the Americans and AngloSaxon tribes. So they are angry. Good riddance.

And this ass is saying that they would get to the moon ahead of the Chinese. Hey, didn't they claimed to be on the moon in the 1960/70s, many times over. They had beaten the Russians to the moon. Why is there a need to race China to the moon when they had already been there? Or they had not been there and now desperatetly wanting to prove that they could be better and ahead of the Chinese? Is this ass exposing their lies in a Freudian Slip?

This time the world would be watching, no more Hollywood tricks. The world has the technology to monitor the movements of their rockets. They cannot hide the truth with fake live telecast Made in Hollywood.

Covid19 - American bullshit and mischievous vicious lies

The US announced new COVID-19 testing requirements on Wednesday (Dec 28) for all travellers from China, joining other nations imposing restrictions because of a surge of infections....

In a statement explaining the restrictions, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited the surge in infections and what it said was a lack of adequate and transparent information from China, including genomic sequencing on the viral strains circulating in the country....

“What we want to avoid is having a variant enter into the US and spread like we saw with delta or omicron,” said Matthew Binnicker, director of clinical virology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But the CDC's action may be less about stopping a new variant from crossing US borders and more about increasing pressure on China to share more information, said Dr David Dowdy, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, adding he hopes the restrictions "aren’t kept in place longer than they need to be"....CNA

The USA is like a colony of lepers of continental scale and fearing someone coming from a country with only a handful of cases and with the population locked inside a cocoon away from the few lepers. America has more than 100 million infected cases and more than 1 million deaths due to Covid.

China has only about 100,000 cases and slighty more than 5,200 deaths. And as usual, the political animals are crying foul, fearing being infected by new variants from China. What a load of bull shit. The whole of America is a basket case, with Covid virus of all kinds and shapes all over the country. What is there to fear where the virus is everywhere?

The people that needs to fear are the Chinese. They have been shielded from the virus floating all over the world. By opening up, they are extremely vulnerable from being infected by the rest of the world, especially basket case America. China should rightly forbid its citizens from visiting America. It is like walking into a leper colony, in this case a nation of lepers. And Americans should be banned from entering China. They are all diseased, infected by many types of the virus.

After two years of politicising and lies, and increasingly all the evidence is pointing towards America as the evil culprit that created and spread the virus, the Americans are still trying to politicise the opening up of China. China would be very careful not to be infected and if Chinese are infected, they would be measures to contain the spread.

Who is that professor that believed China had an infection of 37m cases in a day or 250m cases in 20 days? If this is true, only silly asses would believe so, China would be completely locked down. This would result in rioting all over the country. And the death toll would be in the millions. Such figures cannot be hidden from the public. There will be people dying on the streets, everywhere.  Why would a professor lend his name to such a lame lie?

When would the Americans stop their silly lies when the world no longer believe in them? Even Singapore has stopped believing in American lies and would not put additional restrictions against Chinese visitors here. Australia and New Zealand too would not do so. It is sheer stupidity and politically motivated. The Chinese are not lepers, the Americans are, more than a 100 million infected with the virus, official data. The uncounted infected could be another 100 million.

Who is lying, who is not transparent? Why refused to open up Fort Detrick for investigation? Why refused to let UN investigate the 36 bioweapon labs in Ukraine? Why all the reports even on vaccine trials are classified as top secret and hidden from the public? Why the hiding?

The biggest proof of America as the most dangerous place, and a basket case, is the more than 100 million cases, and still growing furiously. And the questionable vaccines that were supposed to prevent infection but totally ineffective. Would the Americans come up with the silly argument that if not because of the 96% efficacy vaccine, it could have been worse?

Western media are out in full force to spread the vicious narrative that the virus is spreading across China like wild fire. Really? If this is true, there will be protest all over China. The recent lockdowns in a few cities already led to two minor protests, albeit incited and aided by foreign provocatuers. If the virus is spreading like tens of millions daily, there would be no need for foreign agitation to riot on the streets. The Chinese populace would be marching on the streets spontaneously. The few outbreaks in a few cities, including Beijing have been well managed and contained.

And for sure, the whole of China would be locked down if infection is as bad as reported by the mischievous western media. Instead, China is gradually opening up, loosening immigration controls of inward and outward movement of people.

The truth is not in the pages of western media. The truth is on the streets of China.

Photo credit to AFP.
This is supposedly the worst photo they could get of a public hospital in Chongqing, while claiming millions of cases in China. All they could show were a few beds. Remember the scenes in New York and American cities and India?
Photo credit to GT.
Ahead of the New Year's Day holidays, the first official holiday after China's optimization of COVID-19 control measures, business activities are picking up pace in many places across the country, including Beijing, with more and more people going out to eat, shop or travel,...

Below are some comments in RT on media and fake news

Before Galileo proved that the Earth was just a planet of the Sun, people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.

People believe that the West is the center of World Truth. This is created on purpose by controlling the mass media by America and its allies.

Step by step China, Russia, India, Turkiye and other countries are opening people's eyes that the center of Truth is not the West. They are lying or hiding the truth.

All are lies created only to establish hegemony and plunder natural resources and colonize in new ways.

Throwing massive fake news that look serious is one way of desorienting the media and the readers. MSM never apologize for fake news.. if the fake news become numerous the reader will loose trust in the media and they will less inclined to be brain washed.

Donald W.
I also use to believe my country (U.S.) about China, but after a lot of research into the origination of the Coronavirus, I came across a website called China Uncensored and started paying close attention to what they were reporting about Hong Kong and cross referencing that information, it became obviously that we were not being told the truth about anything. The deeper I dug, the more astonish I became at the sheer audacity of my Government to just outright lie to the American public and the ability to cover-up the truth and use mainstream media to spread propaganda. I started testing various websites to see if I could get reactions and boy did I. Even at one point the CIA actually comment that they were not as bad as I was making it out because they allow me to make comments. I knew at this point how much they literally control the narratives by that statement because never was it known before that U.S. citizens needed permission from the Central Intelligence Agency to exercise the Freedom of Speech. Here we are years later witnessing by the Twitter files that is exactly how it has been.

Donald W., And the USGOV isn't just lying about China, they are lying about literally *everything*. And they make us pay them with our tax dollars for it. Americans inhabit a completely falsified reality where nothing is real.

Well it’s obvious that who controls the Media controls the minds, Sadly ALL of Western population especially in the U.S.A have been programmed to not believe the truth and believe in lies ! If you repeat the lies so often and repeatedly the lies become the truth.....

Most in the west don't care if they are being lied to. They only want to know that they are winning and are doing so because they are exceptional and are just in their causes. It doesn't matter if that is not true, so long as they can draw comfort in being told they are. Only a small percentage actually want to know the truth and would prefer to know they are not exceptional and are actually the bad guy. They would rather drink the Kool-Aid, rather than confront uncomfortable truths.

Mantacle, Perhaps if these people weren't so bloody lazy and actually questioned some of these clearly one eyed stories and did some fact checking the government controlled propaganda media in the West would become nothing more than what it truly is , a tabloid bullshit rag sold on street corners for the mindless sheep and flat Earthers

TSMC - would Morris Zhang change his mind


Is there still time for Zhang Zhongmou to change his mind and work with China, work with SMIC and challenge the American hegemony on chips? Or he has surrendered everything to the Americans, too late already?

When TSMC is uprooted, many supporting industries would go belly up unless they are needed and also uprooted to the US. There will be a vaccuum of sort in Taiwan, factories and land would be emptied. Many Taiwanese would be jobless.

The economy would be affected and the GDP would fall.

Temporary it looks like the Americans are the main winner. However, when the decoupling takes full effect, all the American based chip makers would only be selling to the American and European markets. The Chinese market would be closed to them. China would speed up in becoming self sufficient in chip making.

The American chip making industry would face a glut of chips with no one to sell to. China is the biggest consumer of chips, but would be no more.

In this chip war, it would be a clean divide and no more cross trading. All the American chip based manufacturers would have to downsize, cut jobs, cut capacities. What is the point of producing chips with no buyers, like Australian iron ore, wines, seafood, lobsters, without China absorbing the bulk of them, they could only sell retail.

Pity the chip manufacturers, the workers, and the farmers and fishermen in Australia. This is penny wise pound foolish. Like the stupid Europeans, heavily dependent on the Russians for cheap oil and gas and food and want to play punk with their main source of cheap supplies. Now feeling the pain.

The Americans would feel the pain very soon. TSMC would not need the capacity and the jobs. After a year or two, TSMC would have to retrench the workers and engineers they are recruiting now.

Someone said the American and European leaders are smart. Really? Fighting with the hands that feed them?


Taiwan - Should it go the Ukraine way?

On December 25, the PLA Eastern Theater Command has held cross-service joint alert patrol and fire strike drills around the Taiwan island. According to statistics from the Taiwan military, in the 24 hours from 6:00 am on December 25 to 6:00 am on December 26, a total of 71 PLA military aircraft and seven PLA warships were operating around the Taiwan Straits, of which 47 aircraft flew over the "middle line" of the Taiwan Straits and entered the "airspace" to the southwest of the Taiwan island.  RT

The more the separatist DPP try to break away from China, the more the Americans would encourage them to do so, the stronger China will response. The more aggressive the separatists push for independence, the earlier China would decide on a forceful reunification. China cannot and would not allow Taiwan to break away from the mainland. No Chinese leader would allow that, and especially now when militarily China is able to reunite by force, and able to ward off any intervention by the Americans or the Japanese. The rice is as good as cooked. There is no turning back the clock. The reunification with the motherland is a matter of now or tomorrow.

With the developments in Ukraine, the Taiwanese are getting a preview of what would happen to them when China decides to do a forceful reunification. The Taiwanese can count on the number of Taiwanese and capital fleeing the island. The Taiwanese can count on how many cities would be destroyed. The Taiwanese can count on how many Taiwanese would die. The Taiwanese can count on how many days they would last before the PLA takes over the island. People from both sides of the Straits would be winners.

The Taiwanese cannot count on the Americans coming to their aid with aircraft carriers task force. China would make sure they would be sunk. Similarly, the Taiwanese cannot count on the Japanese to come to their aid. They would also be sunk. Forget about air bridge to supply food and weapons. No aircraft could come near or enter the airspace over Taiwan.

These are the stark realities facing Taiwan. The alternative is not bondage or oppression. The alternative is a big welcome party, to celebrate the reunification of China and participate in the growth and prosperity of China.

What would the Taiwanese choose? Should the Taiwanese be encouraged to fight to the last Taiwanese like the Ukrainians? Are the Taiwanese willing to bear the loss of lives and properties and a good life? Or would the Taiwanese choose to fight a war that they cannot win but guaranteed for destruction?

Peaceful reunification is not colonisation or conquest and subjugation, to lose everything, but everything to gain.  Reunification is like reuniting with brothers and sisters and to continue on a glorious journey to become the proud people of a super power, China. Families would be united, friends and comrades would rejoice together as one people. The economy and businesses in Taiwan would boom. The Taiwanese people can only become richer and life can only be better. China can only be more generous in its policies towards Taiwan.

Would the Taiwanese choose to live gloriously as part of the great Chinese Civilisation, or to end in tragedy, like the Ukrainians?


Daxing International Airport - Building a new China


Beijing Daxing International Airport Photo: Xinhua

China's Daxing Airport, a fine example of what's more to come from China as it leapfrogged over ageing America and Europe. For decades, America and Europe were the modern cities and skyscrapers of the world. Today modern cities, super highways and super infrastructures are in Chinese cities. The rejuvenation and transformation of an ancient civilisation is taking place in breaknecking speed.

Some parts of old China would be preserved, like the Forbidden City of the Emperors, and selected towns or districts. But a new and futuristic China is emerging from the ashes of antiquity. China not only has the resources and funds, but also the expertise to do the necessary to improve the lives of its people. 5G is standard in all Chinese cities. Very affdordable high speed trains are everywhere.

You want to see the future, go to China. EV cars, driveless cars, IOTs, cashless transactions, trains travelling at the speed of airplanes, etc etc are common features of the Chinese landscape as the population embrace a new tomorrow. China is the shining light of the East.

White vultures' market manipulation SOP

"When poor countries go through an economic shock, the vultures of Wall Street descend upon them and destroy their currencies and bonds. "

And their stock markets also.

How did the American banks operate?

When they want to target a particular Asian country, first the US bank borrow say USD 2 billon worth of that Asian country's currency. Then they sell USD 1 billion worth of that Asian currency, causing the currency to collapse in thin (ie no liquidity) forex markets.

At the same time, they short-sell the Asian country's stocks, causing the stock market to tumble.

The Asian central bank, wanting to punish short-sellers of the Asian currency, then raise sharply their local interest rates to make borrowing costs very high for FX short-sellers, which also exacerbate the fall in local stock prices. That's when the Asian central bank fell into the US banks' trap. Because the US bank still have on hand USD 1 billion worth of the Asian currency (remember, they borrowed USD 2 billion worth and shorted just USD 1 billion worth of the Asian currency).

With the remaining USD 1 billion worth of Asian currency, they lent these out at very high interest rates, thanks to the central bank's rate hike.

After the Asian currency and stocks plunged enough, the US banks covered their short Asian currency and equities positions.

From their vicious operation, the US banks made very huge profits in their short-currency, short-equities and high-interest lending - all out of thin air !

So China is wise not to lift all its yuan forex capital controls.

- me, ex-interbank FX market maker

Independence Day 2.0 - True Independence a work in progress

 500 years of bullying, exploitation and killings by the white men is coming to an end, but may take a bit longer.

In the years immediately after WW2, countries of the world were crying and fighting for their independence from white men's colonial rule and imperialism. It was a cry for freedom from colonialism and western imperialism.

They got independence but not real freedom. The white men continue to rule the coloured people by a new kind of colonialism, ruling their minds, their thinking, with the media, and military might. They spread the narrative that the white men were superior to them, their saviours. Just like four legs were good, two legs better. It was coloured people were good, white men were better. 

The coloured people were drugged by this narrative and were manipulated to hate and fight against each other with the white men standing outside the ring yelling at them to keep fighting and keep killing each other, and selling them plenty of the best weapons of course. You are under threat from this and that, you need to buy more weapons. The coloured people make enemies of each other, did not trust each other, while the white men sowed distrust and create enmities among the coloured people.

The coloured people's mind is still enslaved by the white men. Look at how the coloured people fear and hate China, North Korea, Iran, Russia etc etc countries that did them no harm, instead they are still madly in love the white men, the warmongers and terrorists that invaded many countries, starting wars everywhere, sanctioning and bullying countries, threatening countries and killing coloured people.

Now there is another call for freedom and independence of the mind and thinking. The coloured people must start to think and see who are the real devils and evil men that is threatening them and world peace. Who are the real enemies of the coloured people?

This is the second revolution, to be really free from the mental control by the white men, to think independently, clearly and to decide on what is good for them, in their own interests, to chart their own future, not be controlled and blinded by the white men. Not to accept American dominance as a normal state of affair. The enslavement of the minds of the coloured people by the daily bombarbment of western media that white men are good, white men's lies are the truth, white men's fake democracy and fake ideas of human rights are the values to live by, and subconsciously to continue to be enslaved by white men's superiority and hegemony,... must be brought to an end.

For peace and prosperity and a better life for the coloured people of the world, the myth of white men's supremacy, white men's fake values that is all about the control of the coloured people through wars and conflicts and military might, must be destroyed. This is the second awakening, the second fight for freedom, for real independence from the white men. The physical independence of taking control of one's own land is only partial independence. Total independence is freedom, is when the mind is set free, free from the control of white men's media and their narratives. 

A very good example of mental colonisation is the people of Hong Kong. They are still colonised by Britain inside their heads and unable to break free, to be truly independent in their thoughts. The HongKongers are madly in love with British colonial rule and dying to have the British back to rule them. But knowing that the British cannot be back, they are willing to give up their citizenship and fly to Britain to be ruled by the British all over again. 

In a way, Singapore is not far behind Hong Kong. Look at the bananas, what they said, what they liked, how they adored the Queen. These are the signs that they are still colonial subjects of the British Empire. Some Asean states are also not fully independent from their colonial masters. A bit of the Stockholm Syndrome is at play in their mindset. They still feel attached to their colonial masters, and white men's fakery and lies are their moral compass of goodness and being civilised...forgetting the massacres and cruelties committed by the colonial masters.

A second example is the British Commonwealth. Why would colonised nations, now independent, still want to be a member of this colonial vestige to remind them that they were once colonies, not citizens, and to respect the King/Queen of England as their head? Don't they feel ashame to be still a part of the evil colonial heritage? Should not they bury this shameful and demeaning organisation for good? Or they are still having fond memories of their colonisation and want to keep this memories alive, the good old days and feel very good about it? Colonisation was only a good thing in the history books written by the colonial masters, a good thing for them, not the colonised people? To the colonial powers, it was never a crime to conquer, rule and plunder a country of its wealth and make its people semi slaves of the empire with no human rights, just sub humans.

A third example is when Washington called, everyone would obediently, without a second thought, without asking why, packed and flew to Washington with a big entourage of cabinet ministers. For what they did not know, could they say no and not attend? No. This is a sign of the lack of freedom, still colonised inside the heads. Go, they must... when the master summoned. What went through the heads of the Americans when the African leaders formed a beeline like sheep to greet the Emperor?

Free and independent nations do not take orders from Washington meekly. Free and independent nations are free to decide if they wish or do not wish to go to Washington. When they are not independent, not going is not an option. The subconscious told them to go, it is like second nature. None have doubts about their independence. None question their independence or freedom to choose, to say no. It did not occur in their minds that they need not have to go. The Americans are not their colonial masters or overlord.

True freedom and independence would come when they can see through the lies and fakeness of the white men, able to see the white men as what they really are, another human bean like them, and believe in themselves that they are the equals of the white men, no more unthinking believers of the Pinkerton Syndrome.

True freedom is when your mind is set free. When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in his cell, he was still a free man. His mind was free. They could lock him up physically, but cannot lock his soul and his mind. There is still some way to go for the ex colonies to be truly freed from being colonised people.

Oh, the white men, under the American Empire, is still in control of the world. They can bully the rest of the world with sanctions, regime change and threats of war if any country would dare to go against their interest. They dictate to the world, with their own rules based order, their rules, their orders, not international rules under the UN.


Positive news article about China became a negative one

A few days ago something happened in Beijing

Reporter Brett Sutton of Bloomberg wrote a News Article: Beijing slowly goes back to Normal amidst Covid 19 concerns

He mentioned clearly that Beijing was going back to normal, malls were slowly filling up and the people were starting to have a feel of the pre-pandemic days.

The Article was uploaded at 10:43 PM IST (1:13 AM China)

Then BOOM at 4:53 AM IST (7:23 AM China) - the Article disappeared.

I searched a lot but it vanished.

Then I realized the Article was still there but the Headline had changed to: Beijing stuck in Rut as Crematoriums and Hospitals flooded

It was edited by some person sitting in USA (or in the West).

The body of the news was virtually the same but the English was so subtly modified that a positive news article became a negative one.

Brett had said: The Head of Epidemiology said that they were optimistic about the lower severity of the disease and the far lower hospitalizations compared to the Shanghai outbreak that China managed to contain by breaking the chain of transmission.

This was completely deleted.

Brett had said: The crematoriums were working at full capacity owing to a severe staff shortage. The average waiting time was almost 6 hours compared to less than 90 minutes in the pre-pandemic days.

Thus clearly demonstrating that the crematoriums were full because of staff shortage and not due to extra deaths.

This was modified to: The crematoriums are working at full capacity and it now takes 6 hours for a family to finish the formalities due to the place being overrun with families mourning their dead.

Now implying that there were lots of bodies, cleverly bypassing the staff shortage.

Finally Brett spoke to someone who was identified by name who said: We were prepared for a wave of infections. We had been warned that it would rise to a peak before it would end and we are ready. We are satisfied with the response with the Government and the Fever Clinics have proved very useful. I am just glad we are going back to normal at last.

Instead this was deleted to a source that did not wish to be named said: We are scared and worried about the Efficacy of our Vaccines and that we may never go back to normal again. We don't know how many are dying everyday.

Now the Censors Office decided to Summon Brett to their offices and asked him for an explanation.

How is it that an Article that you upload at 1 AM changes so dramatically by 7 AM?

The Reporter looked genuinely embarrassed and said: The Editors are changing the news!!! They are modifying everything off site.

Thus Brett who is on the ground and writes reality is being phased out and his article is openly being manipulated into lies by some people in US who want to shape the news as per their narrative.

Their excuse - China is a Authoritarian Nation and is intimidating everyone and hiding stats.

Next Question: Who is this Unnamed Source? Produce the Sound Byte File please or the Video please

There was no Unnamed Source and no Sound Byte

That's how bad things are!

The Western Media is SO VICIOUS that they are ignoring whatever comes from their own reporters back in China.

The excuses they make is that the reporters in China are being intimidated or even worse - that anyone who says he is relieved that the lockdowns are ending - is subject to brutal CPC oppression.

How can you fight against such an Enemy?

They will write whatever lies they want to and they will ignore all the truth citing some bogus excuse - whatever number China gives is a Lie; whatever positive a Chinese says is because of Intimidation.


American Scapegoat Trap

 The Americans have been spreading the debt trap for several years now and increasingly this begins to ring hollow to the recipients of this dirty narrative. What the Americans did not expect from their devious allegation is that the debt trap has backfired and the whole world get to know that the Americans and their World Bank and IMF were the biggest conspirators in using debt trap to keep many countries in debt, especially the African states and most prominently Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is deeply in debt due to the massive loans and high interest rates it is paying to the American control organisations and western banks. Whatever debt owed by Sri Lanka to China for infrastructure development is only a small fraction of its debt to American and western banks. In fact, the debt incurred for the building of the Hantambota Port is fully settled when China and Sri Lanka converted it into a long term lease. No more debt. But the debt trap created by the American agencies and western banks is still hanging over the neck of Sri Lanka.

The Americans have many organisations with budget in the hundreds of millions existing just to create propaganda and negative narratives to attack China, Russia and all the countries they labelled as enemies of the evil American Empire. One of their unspoken strategy is the Scapegoat Trap to heap blames and responsibilities onto China, Russia, North Korea, Iran etc etc. In the case of North Korea, it is made the scape goat for the tension in the Korean Peninsula when the culprits are the Americans, South Koreans and Japanese. These three gangsters have been conducting provocative military exercises simulating an invasion of North Korea. And the exercises could easily be turned into a real invasion. This is the real threat in the Korean Peninsula but the western media conveniently put all the blame on North Korea and many silly countries and American stooges chose to believe in the American narrative.

Every crisis or war in the world is now the responsibility of China. China is the scape goat for all the wars and troubles started by the Americans. The trade war, technology war, chip war, etc etc were all started by the Americans. But the narrative is that China must scale down the war, China must negotiate or back off from these wars. It is China to stop them, China is responsible for ending these wars.

The trade war with Australia started by the Morrison govt is the responsibility of China. China must not escalate the war, China must cool down and lower the temperature. Again, it is all China's fault. Even silly Asean countries are telling China to be responsible and to end the trade war. This is how powerful the western media is. Or is it? Could it be that the stooges would just sing the chorus written by their masters? The stooges cannot be so stupid to think that it was China that started the trade war with Australia and China is responsible to end it?

The European leaders, the victims of the Ukraine War, are marching to Beijing to seek help from China to talk to Putin to end this war. What is the logic behind this? Are the European leaders that stupid, or are they so devious?

The whole world knows who was the cause of this war. The whole world knows that Zelensky was at the point of ending the war in its early days after negotiating with the Russians. It was Boris that pressured or goaded Zelensky to continue with the war. And the Americans are behind the whole devilish scheme to want to break up Russia. The Americans are the main protagonists and mastermind in the Ukraine War. Only the Americans can stop it. Why would the European leaders marched to Beijing to ask Xi to help to end this war?

The notorious agenda is to make Xi to pressure Putin, to drive a wedge in the China Russia relationship. If Xi were to take the bait, he would have to breathe down Putin's neck, and Putin would be furious. And the Americans and European leaders would be giggling on the side line and putting more pressure on Xi to pressure Putin. What a clever scheme. And if Xi failed, it would become China's problem, that China was unable to stop the war. China would become responsible for a war that it has nothing to do with in the first place.

China would become the scapegoat of the Americans, to be attacked and demonised by the Americans and the West for failing to stop the war. How cunning the Americans and the West can be? Do they think Xi was born yesterday and cannot see through their ploy? This scapegoat trap has been used very frequently and not only China is being lured into the trap, other countries too have become scapegoats of the American and European aggression in other parts of the world.

The devils and warmongers are starting wars everywhere and demanding China to end them when it was not possible for China to do so, and not the responsibility of China. And the devils and warmongers would brand China as an irresponsible big power....when the Americans warmongers are the irresponsible ones. All the troubles and wars they hatched would be China's problem and for China to deescalate or to stop them. The stooges would tell China to lower the tension, to deescalate. What a joke! 

Remember the South China Sea tension, the Taiwan Straits tension, the Korean Peninsula tension? It is all China's fault and China's responsibility perpetuated by the American propaganda machinery. China is to be responsible. This is American Scapegoat Trap. The American's mischievous narrative is to put the blame on China for all the problems they created. They have been at wars non stop since WW2. China only got into two border skirmishes to dispel nasty and aggressive neighbours. The Americans are selling the line that China is an expansionist power, an aggressive power. And the unthinking and bananas love this line.


George Yeo ... takes 'careful' tone with China but is the opposite with US

In a speech given on Dec. 15 at the National University of Singapore's East Asian Institute (EAI), former Foreign Minister George Yeo expounded on his views regarding how China and the U.S. could coexist in a multipolar world, which is beneficial for both of them, and in spite of differing value systems.

He also had some suggestions for the two major powers on ways to transition peacefully to multipolarity.

Here are the key points:

China should act in a way that, over time, persuades the U.S. that "the kind of multipolarity that China envisages is also good for the U.S.". Chinese officials should also avoid "excessive self-righteousness and be less thin-lipped in responding to criticisms". (Chinese officials to avoid being excessive self righteousness? Where did George got this idea from? Who is being excessive self righteousness and lecturing to the world about human rights, democracy, honesty etc etc? Comment in brackets is mine.)

In the case of the South China Sea, China should meet Asean 60-40 on the code of conduct instead of halfway, since it is so much bigger and stronger. For its border dispute with India, China should go more than halfway – maybe 55-45. (George should tell this to the Americans and see if the Americans would believe him.)

As for the U.S., where the original liberal idea of accepting diversity has become intolerable in recent years, they should accept the fact that different value systems co-exist in the world. (In recent years only? Heard of the Chinese Exclusion Acts. Heard of black slavery?)

A multipolar world is not necessarily bad for the U.S., and it will help extend the period of U.S. ascendancy in the world. (This comment is meaningless to the Americans. They want to rule the world. They did not want to know. Period)

1. How he reconciles differing views on China

Audience member: My question is why are there so many smart statesmen and politicians in Europe who don't share your view at all about China?

Yeo: On the question about anti-China sentiments in Europe, I do not want to go into the justifications for that, or lack of it.

I see it more in civilisational terms that the West is not used to seeing a China that can see eye to eye, and which they even have to fear. And this, emotionally, is hard to accept....

2. Why is his approach to China and the U.S. different?

Audience member: I noticed a pattern in your reflections particularly on the domestic affairs of the U.S. and China. With China, you take a more careful, rather courteous tone. And it's quite the opposite with America, rightfully so. And I can only guess that you are responding to cultural cues right? And as you said earlier, the Chinese are much more sensitive to external criticism. I wonder if you can comment on whether that's in fact accurate and if you could unpackage it for us.

Yeo: I think in Singapore, we develop a multi-channel capability, which is that when you're dealing with Malaysians, with Javanese, with Australians, with Indians, we make subtle adjustments to the way we behave, to the way we express ourselves even in body language because we respect the other party....

3. On his exchange with former Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in 2010

Audience member: Good evening, my name is Ravi Velloor and I work for The Straits Times. In your speech, you referenced that meeting, obviously with Yang Jiechi, where he, according to the Western narrative, as you put it, is supposed to have told you that “there are some countries that are big, some countries are small.” And that's just the reality. You said your recollection of that meeting is a little different, what is your recollection of that encounter?

Yeo: As for what happened at the 2010 Hanoi ARF, where Yang Jiechi had a sharp exchange with Hillary Clinton. According to U.S. accounts, he glared at Singapore, and he said that some countries are big, some are small. If he was directed at (inaudible), it happens that Yang Jiechi is a fan (of Singapore). And he had been to Singapore before he became foreign minister, before anyone knew that he was becoming foreign minister.

He had told me that the people of China and Singapore share a common mutual affection for each other. And I saw him a day before the ARF meeting, and he rehearsed the same point to me. So if you look at me, he was happy to say excuse me, you know I said this to you yesterday. I did not feel that at all. But no, they say the wish is mother (father) of the thought.

And maybe the U.S. thought that Singapore being bullied by China openly fitted the narrative, but frankly I don’t think it is in China's interest, even if it wanted to bully Singapore, to do it that way....

Above is an edited version of a CNA article on George Yeo's take on US China relations. My reading of the above is very different from the author and also on George Yeo's mindset about China and the US. I must add here that the author's view is very subjective, so is George Yeo's and so is mine. We all look at things differently. 

For a start, the title of the article is a reflection of the author's view of George Yeo and his inherent biased in favour of the US. My understanding of George Yeo is that he is careful about expressing his view on China, we agreed, but there is this underlying deference to the US. George has more or less accepted that the US is the dominant power and China must give way to the Americans without questioning the domineering and bully position the Americans are taking. The Americans' position as the Empire of the world, the dominant power, must be accepted as the premise in the changing relationship between China and the US. China must understand, China must be polite, China must compromise, China must accept that it is the weaker power and must give way to the Americans. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Americans' arrogant, bullying and provocative behaviour against China. Despite the Americans being on the offensive in everything involving China, fabricating lies and vicious attacks against China everyday, and China always on the defensive, there is nothing wrong with these roguish and gangster behaviour. The Americans are above rebuked. It is normal, or the American's right to bully and attack China!

George was also polite in answering the first question that was loaded with the comment that European leaders and politicians were smart.  This is smack of pure arrogance and ignorance on the part of the questioner. George tried to explain it away diplomatically be saying that it was cultural. To me the audience that posed the question was European centric and could not see the truth or the arrogance of the Europeans. Smart is the furthest from the truth. It is pure racism. The Europeans, the white men, after invading China, then an ancient Empire, much more civilised than the white savages that just emerged from the advantage of the Industrial Revolution, destroyed China completely in every field and framed a narrative that China and Chinese were backward, uncivilised and inferior people, a people that should be condemned as the inscrutable, poor and untalented people of the world. The Chinese were subhumans. How can such bad people become a super power?

And the Europeans have been living and believing in this lie till today. Chinaman are untrustworthy, cheats, no talents and despicable. Today, China and the Chinese Civlisation have returned to reclaim their past glories and have proven to be as good as the Europeans and better than the Europeans in many fields of science and technology. No, the Europeans still cannot accept these facts, the Chinaman is still dishonourable, not trustworthy, not worthy creatures, cannot be trusted in anything. China stole everything from them. And China is out to conquer the rest of the world, if not today, they will do it tomorrow. 
This is the kind of shit the Europeans and the Americans are propagating to condemn China and Chinese, to divert attention from their wildness, vile and aggressive nature, and their records of crimes against humanity. How can China be so rich and powerful, how to trust China as peace loving and progressive people? China is the devil, if not today, would be the devil tomorrow. China is the threat to the world. The white men, the savages of Europe would save the world from China.

The only peace loving, progressive and honest people are the savages of Europe, the very people that invaded and conquered practically every country in the world and suppressed them as inferior human beans, massacred them when they resisted, took over their countries, plundered and looted them and stole their resources and labour with no respect to their human rights. China did not do any of these things, never conquer or colonise the rest of the world, never invade any of these countries, never invade Europe, but China was a victim of the white savages from Europe that had grown rich with their oppression and robbing of China and the rest of the world. And today, putting on suits and ties the white savages got the cheek to go around preaching and lecturing the world about human rights, about protecting human rights, and strutting around as angels and do gooders. 

This is the hypocrisy of the Europeans, biased, deluded conceitedness and a deceptive narrative.

I would like George Yeo to be more objective, frank and less deferential to the West and call a spade a spade. There is no necessity to be so deferential to the murderers and robbers of the world. The wars and killings all over the world were committed by the Europeans/Americans, the white savages, yesterday and today, and is still going on. 

Where did China participate in the wars and massacres of the innocents? See what the Americans are doing to the Arabs/Muslims, Latin Americans, Russians and to China? A word to all the Americans and Europeans, look into the mirror and cut off your hypocrisy.  Where is your feeling of guilt, where is your conscience? You are only liars and cheats. The world has had enough of your wars, massacres, oppression, bullying and lies. You are the threat to peace in the world. You are the worse violators of human rights. You are the worse warmongers and terrorists...NOT China! Ask the Cubans, the North Koreans, the Venezuelans, the Iranians, the Afghans, the Iraqis, Syrians.....

You can't even see how you are killing each other in Europe, in Ukraine. Peaceful, peace loving, law abiding my foot. The white men must be told the brutal truth. George Yeo is just too polite, too deferential and not wanting to face the crimes against humanity committed by the white men and still committing today. The lying Americans and Europeans have no principles.
What is happening in Ukraine is the best thing for the rest of the world. After sowing divisions and inciting wars all over the world, finally the white savages have run out of wars in the rest of the world and have to fight among themselves, in Europe. Hope this war would last for another 30 years or more while the rest of the world go about their lives in peace. What the rest of the world can do is to do the same like the white savages, help them with more aids to perpetuate the Ukraine War to eternity, in Europe. When the white savages are killing themselves, the rest of the world is safe. 
This is the formula the Americans have been using to keep American homeland safe, starts wars everywhere, create instability around the world and instigate countries to keep on bickering and fighting among themselves.


Piracy and robbery are in the blood of the AngloSaxons

UK wants to rebuild Ukraine with Russian money
The effort could be funded through assets seized from Moscow, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said....

Meanwhile, the UK intends to follow Canada’s lead and seize Russian assets in the country, and use them to support Kiev, according to Truss.

Speaking to Parliament last week, she said the money should be distributed to those who have suffered from the fighting in Ukraine.  RT

Having robbed the world for a few centuries, the AngloSaxon tribe is getting hungry and poor again. So, without wanting to work for their bread, the only way they know how is robbery and piracy. These AngloSaxons did not think that piracy and robbery are crimes, unacceptable and in broad daylight, robbing from the Russians and thinking they could get away with it. And after Trump, who would be as silly as him, but boys and girls from Canada and Britain. They are used to their lawless history when might was right, robbing Africa, robbing India, China, robbing the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

And clown Boris Johnson was heard talking as if Hong Kong was still a British colony and wanted to put his little prick into China's domestic affair. Their arrogance, despite now becoming a little country, is still there. Margaret Thatcher tried to talk tough with Deng Xiaoping to extend Hong Kong's colonisation but was bluntly told off by Deng. Now all the clowns and deranged boys and girls in the British, Canadian and Australian govts are thinking that they could still push the Great Wall of China around. 

Russia could easily blow up little Britain into thin air. Every single cent they took from Russia must be returned with interest plus compensation. The lawless AngloSaxon thugs and pirates are in a delusionary state of mind and did not know the world has changed. Still want to talk big and behave like gangsters, robbing Russian money to build Ukraine! Can you believe that?

'The US Senate has greenlit legislation authorizing the administration of President Joe Biden to seize the American assets of Russian officials, businessmen and entities and send the proceeds to Ukraine. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the change in the law would raise “billions of dollars” for Kiev.' RT

And this is Christmas. Instead of giving, stealing and robbery are the order of the day. Oh, oh, they are going to give the loots to the comedians in Ukraine.

And Merry Christmas to all.


Invest more in Ukraine aka invest more in FTX

...the Ukrainian leader thanked the US for the roughly $68 billion in military and economic aid it’s sent to his government already, before calling on Democrats and Republicans to “invest” even more.

“So the leader of a foreign government, dressed in a sweatshirt, waltzes into the United States Congress and starts demanding money, and then has the gall to tell the people sitting there who are giving him tens of billions of dollars more of your money that it’s not charity, it’s an investment,” Carlson told his prime time audience that night.

“Where do you get off talking to us like that?” Carlson continued. “Do we hate ourselves so much? Do we have so little respect for the US that we put up with that, applaud it?”  RT

Zelensky is ‘houseguest who wouldn’t leave’ – Tucker Carlson. The above quote in RT is a clear sign that the Americans have lost their way. As long as there is a brute that is willing to fight and kill, that is good enough for the Americans.  They are hungry for wars, for masochism, for winners. The only sane American is probably Tucker Carlson for being able to see through the ruse. 

Comedian Zelensky was in peak form talking to donkeys and elephants in Washington say all the things they wanted to here. And they loved what he said and gave the comedian a standing ovation. They have been bowled over by the comedian's intellect. Pouring money into Ukraine is an investement in democracy, not a charity, and the Americans would be well rewarded. Put in more money, invest more, just like the salesmen shouting to the punters to invest more in FTX. It is a good investment.

If the Americans can be so easily impressed by a comedian, they deserved it, they deserved to be called donkeys and elephants.  Oops, it is an insult to the real donkeys and elephants.

US$68 billion is not enough. Invest more for more good returns in the long run. And the elected representatives of the Americans loved it. They are putting the money into good use, or throwing good money after bad money. Just add a few more zeros to the trillions in debt. 

And don't forget the Africans, the Aseans and Pacifc Islanders.

PS.  Congress will vote this week on a $1.7 trillion spending bill that allocates another $45 billion to Ukraine, bringing the total amount given to Kiev to around $113 billion since February, or more than half of the country’s pre-conflict GDP.  RT
Latest, the $1.7 trillion bill had been passed.

Covid19 - Time to face the truth, no more cover ups


Google Translate from German:

Kubicki calls for autopsies of those who died shortly after the Covid vaccination

Published on 12/13/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes

In an interview with WELT, the Heidelberg pathologist Peter Schirmacher called for more political commitment with regard to research into vaccine side effects. Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) is now campaigning for significantly more autopsies. The Union also wants more commitment.

Bundestags Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) calls for more intensive work on possible damage caused by the Covid vaccinations. "I think it is essential that every unexplained death that occurs within 14 days after a vaccination is automatically registered as a suspected case with the Paul Ehrlich Institute. This is obviously not the case yet," he told WELT.

In doing so, Kubicki referred to a recently published study by Peter Schirmacher, chief pathologist at the Heidelberg University Clinic . Schirmacher and his team found out that in 30 percent of the people they examined who died shortly after the vaccination, that vaccination was the cause of death.

"We are talking about a relevant number that makes it necessary to approach this problem systematically," said Kubicki now WELT. According to the FDP politician, the health authorities should “regularly” carry out autopsies on all people who died within two weeks of the vaccination: “That also makes sense because the conditional approval of these vaccines took place under enormous time pressure Has."

Tino Sorge (CDU), health policy spokesman for the Union faction in the Bundestag, told WELT: "Two years after the first corona vaccination, it is high time for a more open approach to vaccination side effects and vaccination damage." related to a corona vaccination. "The study (by Peter Schirmacher d. Red.) is worrying - also because it shows how little we know about the risks of the vaccines even after two years."

According to the CDU politician, research and data collection must now be pushed ahead at full speed: there is still a lack of reliable and meaningful data. The findings are of the utmost importance for the benefit-risk assessment. To this end, the PEI should be strengthened, data finally better used and reporting procedures considerably simplified.”

In an interview with WELT published on Monday, the pathologist Schirmacher called for more research to be carried out on the subject of vaccine damage. "There are important unanswered questions that should be clarified either through comprehensive registration of all undesirable effects or as part of further research in the sense of vaccination improvement, vaccination indication and civil protection," says Schirmacher: "Are there any genetic factors or certain previous illnesses - for example Autoimmune diseases - that predispose to severe vaccination consequences?

Vaccination consequences are vaccine-dependent - but which characteristics and components of the vaccine determine this? Do certain types of application play a role?”

For example, there are hypotheses that an unintentional vascular injection could also play a role in serious vaccination side effects, such as myocarditis. Investigations such as those in Heidelberg are only "the beginning", says Schirmacher. He described the current Covid vaccination recommendation as “too broad.


US China talks in Hebei Province is but American hypocrisy

BEIJING: A senior US delegation visiting China discussed ways to improve ties and the issue of Taiwan, Beijing said on Monday (Dec 12), as the two sides laid the groundwork for a visit by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The talks - involving top US diplomat for East Asia Daniel Kritenbrink, National Security Council Senior Director for China and Taiwan Laura Rosenberger and Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng - took place on Sunday and Monday in the northern province of Hebei, Beijing said. CNA

Following the summit in Bali between Xi and Biden, this is the first official meeting between China and the US on relations between the two countries. Such talks, though called 'improving relations' are hardly about improving relations but most of the time irritations and are used to attack China and interfere with China's domestic affairs in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet. 

China has finally woken up and has downgraded such talks as meaningless and good for theatre at best. This talk is held in a province outside China's capital city Beijing and at vice premier leader. China is still giving face to the Americans. It would be better for China to downgrade it further, and let staff of the foreign ministry to talk to the Americans. Let Wang Wenbin or Zhao Liqian to talk to the Americans would do. Stop wasting the time of ministerial level officials on these wasteful talks.

In this talk the topics are on Taiwan, North Korea and Ukraine. Talking about North Korea and Ukraine are acceptable international issues. Talking about Taiwan should stop, just like talking about Xinjiang and Tibet or about human rights and democracy. The latter two are the Americans way of implying that China does not respect human rights and democracy and are the internal affairs of China. Why let rascals to your home to insult you and still have to serve them tea?

Any country coming to talk to China must not be about China's domestic affairs, including Taiwan. Period. China must be very firm and must not entertain trouble makers with mischiefs in their mind. Put an end to such nonsensical talks that interfered with China's internal affairs. All trouble makers must take note that they are not welcomed to talk rubbish in China. It is very rude and disrespectful.

China taking such an official position will save itself from being attacked and not hitting back to want to be polite. There is no need to be polite to thugs and rogues. This is not the first time, not the second time. The rogues and thugs have been doing this for decades. Stop it. Don't even let them in and then have to show them the door. The door is only open to friends, not trouble makers.

The biggest violator of human rights is the evil American Empire. Their repressive behaviours against the Palestinians, the Afghans, the Iraqis, Syrians, Cubans, North Koreans, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guinea, Iran, Mali, China, Russia, and the Philippines must be condemned by countries of the world. The people of Cuba, North Koreans, Venezuelans, Palestinians and many others were victims of American repressions for decades and kept in poverty and suffering immense adversity.

The world must rise against American represssion and violations of human rights and cruelties against the people of these countries.

PS. All the former white colonialist countries are murderers and robbers and oppressors of the people of the world. They committed massacres, genocides and slavery against the people of the world. They are the least qualified to talk about human rights and democracy. Countries of the world should table a resolution in the UN to demand reparation for all the injustices committed by the white colonialists against the people of the world and tell them to shut up on such issues. They are not fit to talk about them.


Covid19 - A vaccine is not medicine

 Generally we understand what medicine means. If one is having a pain, treat it with pain killer. If one is getting a swelling, treat it with anti inflammation drugs. The medicine is used to treat and cure an illness.

A vaccine is not medicine in this sense. Or is it called preventive medicine in the medical world? A vaccine is not to treat and heal an illness. A vaccine is actually the source of the illness, ie the virus that caused the infection, but inactivated. The injection of the inactivated vaccine is to induce and prepare the body immune system to deal with the live virus. Once the immune system learns the characteristics of the virus and able to produce anti bodies to fight it, the vaccine has done its job, the body is trained and prepared.

A vaccine that cannot prevent an illness is not a vaccine or an ineffective vaccine. A vaccine that is not meant to heal an illness is not a medicine.

The vaccine does not cure or heal the infection, does not make the infection less serious or less deadly. It is the immune system of the body that fights the virus. The effectiveness of the immune system to produce enough and effective antibodies will determine the seriousness of the infection. There are some drugs that were used to treat the infection, but they are not called vaccines.

When a body is infected by the virus, it is in a way more dangerous to inject the vaccine, ie virus, when the body is already filled with the virus. Having another vaccination by injecting more virus or worse, mRNA, to produce more mRNAs would actually increase the load for the body's immune system to deal with.

Once infected, hitting the body with more virus or mRNA is too late, defeats the purpose of vaccines. I am not a doctor and stand corrected. The vaccine should be injected before the infection to let the body's immune system to familiarise with the virus and how to deal with it. Do not expect the vaccine to cure.

Medical professionals, please correct me if I am wrong.

American's mRNA vaccine is still being pushed when the infection cases in the US has hit almost 100 million cases.  And American deaths have hit 1 million cases. So, is this vaccine effective in preventing infection and preventing deaths?  And the Americans are going to sell this vaccine to China to help China to prevent infection? Can you believe this? 1/3 of the American population has already been infected using this mRNA vaccine.  Effective? And still got people believing in this mRNA vaccine and still pushing it as a vaccine.

The pharmas should re position this mRNA as a cure, as a medicine, though what it can cure is also questionable, just like what it can prevent. Its ability or inability to prevent infection is all in the numbers.

'Swiftly drifting away...'

'After the February 2022 Special Military Operation launched by Moscow in Ukraine and NATO has devolved into, for all practical purposes, war against Russia, we have stepped beyond Hybrid War territory and are deep into Total Financial War.

The whole Global South absorbed the “lesson” of the collective (institutional) west freezing, as in stealing, the foreign reserves of a G20 member, on top of it a nuclear superpower. If that happened to Russia, it could happen to anyone. There are no “rules” anymore.

Russia since 2014 has been improving its SPFS payment system, in parallel with China’s CIPS, both bypassing the western-led SWIFT banking messaging system, and increasingly used by Central Banks across Central Asia, Iran and India. All across Eurasia, more people are ditching Visa and Mastercard and using UnionPay and/or Mir cards, not to mention Alipay and WeChat Pay, both extremely popular across Southeast Asia.

Of course the petrodollar – and the US dollar, still representing under 60 percent of global foreign exchange reserves – will not ride into oblivion overnight. Xi of Arabia is just the latest chapter in a seismic shift now driven by a select group in the Global South, and not by the former “hyperpower.”

Trading in their own currencies and a new, global alternative currency is right at the top of the priorities of that long list of nations – from South America to Northern Africa and West Asia – eager to join BRICS+ or the SCO, and in quite a few cases, both.

The stakes could not be higher. And it’s all about subjugation or exercising full sovereignty. So let’s leave the last essential words to the foremost diplomat of our troubled times, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, at the international interparty conference Eurasian Choice as a Basis for Strengthening Sovereignty:

“The main reason for today’s growing tensions is the stubborn striving of the collective West to maintain a historically diminishing domination in the international arena by any means it can… It is impossible to impede the strengthening of the independent centers of economic growth, financial might and political influence.

Link to article:



Americans colonising Europe


USA and UK are the two countries wanting the Ukraine war to drag on forever. Agreements to end the War had already been reached earlier in the year, but were scuttled by these two warmongers. Angela Merkel just revealed that the Minsk Agreement was just to give Ukraine time to strengthen itself and not to be followed to the letter. Of course this revelation will be denied.

The UK made the wrong move detaching itself from the EU, and now seeing its economy suffering, as businesses moved to Europe or elsewhere. UK's dependence on the EU market took a serious hit with Brexit, and Angla Merkel said in no uncertain terms, while she was still in power, that she will make the UK crawl on broken glass. She is not in power now, but her prophecy is taking shape. By attempting to prolong the war to decimate Europe, Boris Johnson had been thinking that European businesses will shift to the UK. It did not happened and UK businesses are doing the opposite, even when the war rages. And European businesses and industries are making a beeline for China and India in particular.

The USA, of course, had been eyeing the energy market in Europe, and had been fabricating all the gloom and doom scenarios to threaten Europe with security issues, if the Europeans depend totally on Russian energy. Why would Russia want to use energy to blackmail Europe if it still went ahead to build Nordstream 2, against all the sanction and threats from the USA? The USA has now succeeded in taking Europe away from Russian energy, and is now supplying energy to Europe itself and ripping the stupid Europeans off blindly. Now, who is suffering more - Russia or Europe? And who is benefitting more - USA or Europe. Both ways, the Europeans have the wrong end of the stick.


PS.  The Americans/AngloSaxons are colonising Europe now that they are no longer able to colonise the countries of the world.  What an irony.  RB

Les Miserables - Major anti-NATO rally hits Paris streets

18 Dec, 2022 15:39

Major anti-NATO rally hits Paris streets
Protesters called for a review of France’s policies towards the US-led bloc and Moscow, and denounced anti-Russia sanctions

© Ruptly

Crowds of protesters took to the streets of the French capital on Saturday to protest France’s policies towards Russia and the nation’s NATO membership. The large-scale rally was organized by the right-wing Les Patriotes (The Patriots) party, led by Florian Philippot, the former deputy head of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.... RT

"Major anti-NATO rally hits Paris streets" This think can't be tolerated! This is how your masters make money so STOP it or you will die and be replaced with other puppets!

andrew hayes
NATO has one order for the French police.. "stop these rallies at all costs!"

Ioana Parh
This is virtually unreported in Western media. I just tried google - out of curiosity.

This story cannot be true. All of my friends in the US tell me that all of the “news” media are saying how everyone in the EU is committed to do whatever is necessary to support those cowardly ukranian nazi bastards in Ukraine. They tell me that “news” media in the US does not mention anything about these fake protests in France, Belgium or anywhere else. There are only rallies in support for Ukraine everywhere in the EU, according to the US media, and we all know that the US “news” media is impeccably honest and trustworthy and would never tell something that is not true or neglect to report on something as serious as protests in the EU.

Timorese Online
this should be done by all EU members' citizen to escape from US deep grip. A world without NATO means a bit closer to PEACE

French citizen sick and tired of having leaders that are subservient to EU/NATO. This is occurring EU wide; people are finally waking up to reality.

When family members start dying from the cold or start to starve I wonder how the media will hide this?, remember social media is another way to show the protests.

The above is reported in RT. The protest against the Americans and NATO is just the beginning. The longer the war is the war, the colder the winter, lack of warmth and food, when hunger is everywhere, when people are dying from cold and empty stomach, the stage is set for a revolution. 

What is starting in Paris would reverberate all over France and the whole of Europe. The insane War in Ukraine must stop. It is bizarre for the whole of Europe to sacriface their peaceful and good life to support the Nazi Ukrainians and Nazi Americans to kill Russians, and in a war that they cannot win. 

Why are Europeans suffering and now dying from hunger and the cold, when they could be having cheap Russian gas and oil and have a warm and merry Christmas, drinking and feasting happily during this period of festivities? Why are they suffering when the Americans are having a party in American homeland, safe and sound, and profiting immensely from the expensive oil and gas they are selling to the daft Europeans for fighting an American war that really had nothing to do with them, but for the expansion of NATO and the American Empire?

The Ukrainian War is going to drag on and on, the Americans are not going to stop it. It is very big business for them. Only in this War that they can use heavy artillery and expensive weapons and to bill the American govt for them. The American Industrial Complex and the weapon manufacturers are laughing all the way to the banks. They are only interested in being paid. They did not bother if Ukraine is able to pay back all the so called aids and loans in the future. There may not be a Ukraine left and all the money spent would go down the drain.

This War is looking like the Vietnam War, except that the tiredness and futility came earlier. And it is not the Americans are growing restless of this War. It is the Europeans that are carrying the brunt of the pain. The Europeans are paying an unusually high price for somebody's war, an American war that is meaningless to them. They were prepared to bear with it for a few months, thinking that it would be over soon. Now they know that this is not going to be over soon. It is Vietnam in Ukraine.  And Europe is being thrown under the bus, to be the front men, to sacrifice and die for the American Empire.

The uprising of Europe against this insane War is heating up fast. The Americans would not put an end to it as there is no American casualty. In fact the Americans are profiting from this War and would love to keep it going on for another 30 years. The Europeans would have to put an end to this War to save their own skin and their own good life, now in tatters and getting worse by the day.

PS.  Ssssshh. No one is supposed to know about these protests.  All they need to know is Ukraine is winning the War. And Zelensky can now visit the US. Things must be going very well  for the Ukrainian Nazis in this winter.

Dutch golden age due to slavery

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has offered a formal apology for his country’s involvement in 250 years of slavery, calling it a “crime against humanity” in a speech in the Hague on Monday.

“Today on behalf of the Dutch government, I apologize for the past actions of the Dutch state,” Rutte said, stating that the past “cannot be erased, only faced up to.”

He noted that although nobody alive today “bears any personal guilt” or responsibility for slavery, the Netherlands as a state is still guilty of having “encouraged and profited” from it.

“People were commodified, exploited and traded in the name of the Dutch state,” he continued, adding that slavery had caused “great suffering, that continues to affect the lives of people now…And for that, on behalf of the Dutch state, I apologize.”

The prime minister’s remarks come amid a wider reconsideration of the Netherlands’ colonial past after the country set up a national advisory panel following the 2020 killing of George Floyd in the US. While Rutte has ruled out reparations, the Dutch government is expected to set up a €200 million ($211 million) educational fund, as well as providing some €27 million for a slavery museum.

Read more EU country to apologize for slavery – media

The Netherlands formally abolished slavery in 1863. The slave trade was considered to be the driving force behind the Dutch economic and cultural “golden age.”

The above article is from RT. Not only the golden age of Netherland was due to slavery, the 'golden age' or 'age of darkness'  of the USA was also due to slavery, and so were the golden ages of England, France, Germany and many European countries. And these white savages are going around preaching and lecturing the world on humanity and human rights, accusing others of crimes that they themselves committed while other nations did not.

How many daft people still believe that whites are angels, the paragon of virtues, the protectors of human rights and democracy?

Comments in RT

How is that countries that committed so much atrocities, rape and pillage etc. are the countries that lead the world and countries that never did that are still " conquered" by so called leaders, how in the heck we could go forward being lead by bad ones, mind boggling

Apology without any form of reparation is a non starter. You made billion of dollars on slavery and dehumanized a lot of black people and now you want to just give them 211 millions of dollar while you are given Ukraine billions of dollars. Why is given Ukraine billions of dollar better than the given it to the people you abused for centuries?

john weber
Apologizing by these Dutch politicians means as little as Japanese politicians bow to the people when an atrocity committed, sanctioning themselves with the reparation to the victims maybe worth something.

Ulla Lenhardt
What about the Dutch financed Nazi-propaganda on Ukrainian TV
(hormadske tv or similar) since 2014, in which they openly called for the extermination of 1.5 Million people of the Donbass, for national Ukrainian interests?? More than 10.000 we're killed, 80% civilians according to UN numbers...

why apologize for the Worlds Greatest Terrorist, Amerika should get on her knees and beg ... for all its Atrocities amerikas gov caused world wide no1else!!!!!!!!!!!

Jjackston Burg
And for the thieving exploitation, wholesale rape and murderous brutalization of Indonesia?


Capping oil price - Can beggars be chosers?


The same is being exposed in Europe since the war in Ukraine. The sanctions that the USA coerced the EU to impose on Russia is backfiring on all cylinders. It exposed the vulnerabilty of Europe's dependence on Russian energy, and they are planning to add more misery for themselves moving forward.

The sanctions failure is evident and now morphing into using the oil and gas price cap as a toothless weapon against Russia. By imposing oil price cap on Russian oil, it was clearly going to be a catastrophic failure, with barely only few countries in the EU in favour, while the rest of the world are not participating, and are benefitting, particularly China, India and Saudi Arabia with even cheaper oil and bigger discounts.

The intention of introducing a price cap on gas is even more problematic now, with Qatar threatening to cut off all gas exports to the EU if they put the plan into gear. Many are asking if EU leaders are sane or just trying to scare Putin. Russia has already planned to move it's energy exports eastward and away from Europe, since the Ukraine War and even after that. Russia knows as long as the USA wants the energy market in Europe, and the Europeans can do nothing, the USA can have it for good, if the Europeans can tolerate the price and its effect on industries.

The oil price cap was an idea floated by Janet Yellen loosely, and they lapped it up as a realistic and pragmatic approach to cut off Russian funding for the Ukraine War, and it is definitely not going to be effective. It was and idea, as always, plucked from the air on the spur of the moment, and will face failure from the start without the rest of the world participating. And no country outside of the G7 are as silly as the EU leaders to take such a step.

As I mentioned above, all these actions are just exposing the vulnerablities of the West as they try to strangle Russia. And Putin is just watching and capitalising on such vulnerabilties the longer the standoff continues.


PS. When Europe is not oil producer and needs to buy oil, can a buyer insists on a lower price and the seller must sell to him when the seller can sell to other buyers at higher price? The insanity is that they may have to buy at much much higher prices from the US when there is no seller willing to sell at the asking price. RB.

The Americans and the West exposing their horrific crimes against humanity by their own fabricated lies


The more the USA and the West tried to demonise countries like China and Russia, the more will people now dig out their vile, evil, inhuman and immoral dirt that they committed in the past, that were hidden in the closet.

The accusations of genocide in Xinjiang has already angered many Chinese to dig out the genocides committed by the Brits, Canadians, Australians (aka British criminals dumped by shiploads onto Australia) and Whites of USA against Native Americans and Aborigines in the past, that would otherwise be left in the closet and not well dispensed to younger generations on social media. Now, every crime against humanity that they committed in the past, are going to be displayed for all to be demonised in return.

China is not going to forget the century of shame and the arrogance of the Brits, Japanese and the collective West to force the opium trade onto China. A crime against humanity, clear and unambiguous.

Africans are not going to forget the slavery, exploitation and theft that the Anglo Saxons committed in the past against them. And the USA and the West still thinks the Africans are ignorant of those crimes, and still want to influence the Africans to forgive and forget so that they can inflict more of the sufferings on them.

Muslims are not going to forget the atrocities committed by the USA and the West in Iraq, Afghanistan and still ongoing in Syria, Palestine and Yemen. All are clearly crimes against humanity or war crimes that they thought could be hidden in the closet, with the help of the UN.

And they think that just an apology or two, sincere or not, is going to clean the slate. Not so easy for them just to sweep all this under the carpet. There are blood debts still held in silence by descendants that will have to be settled in time to come.

Japan still holds lots of blood debts against many Asian countries, and they know they have never been forgiven. The fact that they do not even admit their crime, and even denying, is making victims and descendants even more vindictive. That is why Japan's aim to spend more on militarisation is worrying for Asia and harbours a very sinister agenda.