Ukraine - Russian Special Military Operations against American Special Military Operations


 This 17 minute video discusses a Russian Ministry of Defence  paper submitted to the UN on the findings of American bioweapon experiments in Ukraine. The paper presented facts and figures of what the Americans and Europeans were doing with pathogens in Ukraine and testing them on Slavic Ukrainians and children. Both the Ukrainians and Russians are the same Slavic stock.

They took blood samples of Ukrainians all over Ukraine, test on Ukrainian miners, including lacing deadly pathogens on fake American dollar notes and distributed to children, knowing children would lick their fingers in contact with the pathogens. This is like repeating their devilish acts on the genocide of native Americans by spreading infectious diseases to them. Equipment ordered were crop spraying drones, face masks etc etc. Germany, Poland and several other EU nations were involved in such biochemical weapon experiments.

American leaders named as ideologues are Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. One senile old man and 3 butchers are the masterminds of the activities in the underground fortress. With Soros in the group, you can guess what is inside the hole. He might be there as well.

The paper was thrown out by the US and UK in the UN without wanting to investigate the facts presented. This is how they controlled the agenda of the UN.

Below are some comments from readers.

Aida Bird 2 days ago

Excellent report! The world should be concerned about the ill-minded intentions of USA and NATO.

loumcast 2 days ago
Good job buddy! Important and serious matter regarding the biochemical labs in Ukraine.
 Tom Mallard 2 days ago Wow ... it was obvious these labs weren't for "defensive" ... this is a huge documentation of intent.
Nettynoo Hawk 2 days ago The evilness of those involved with these events are sickening and inhumane.

The US government needs to be held accountable for these human rights abuses. The US government also have military biolabs in South Korea. The Koreans need to be concerned that they will release something similar into the south Korean population.

Mark Mathews 2 days ago
it disturbs me to realize how many truly evil people are out there , & many in positions power

Likely Next 12 Years of Warm China-Pinoy Ties


Sara Duterte's comfortable election as the Philippines' next vice president on May 9, alongside winning presidential running mate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., will be warmly welcomed in Beijing.

With Marcos likely to bring the Philippines closer to China to help consolidate his family's return to the Malacanang Palace, Sara Duterte, daughter of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte, represents something an added return on Beijing's investment in Philippine presidential politics.

Since her father's election in 2016, Sara Duterte has built strong relations with Chinese government officials in her capacity as mayor of Davao City on the southern island of Mindanao.

Taking advantage of direct foreign investments and other commercial opportunities from China, Sara Duterte has developed the Davao region and integrated Davao city, the region's capital, with several Chinese provinces.

Establishing a consulate in Davao in 2018 with the primary purpose of strengthening their ties with the Dutertes, in February 2020, the Chinese ambassador Huang Xilian traveled to Davao City to meet with Sara Duterte and her brother, Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte, to praise the duo for their COVID vaccination management and affirm their long-term friendship.

The Davao consulate has also become a place from which Chinese government officials can interact directly with other Mindanao politicians, regularly playing host to celebrations, dinners and other formal and informal events.

The Chinese consul general regularly visits officials at agencies such as the Bureau of Customs in the port of Davao and the local offices of the National Economic Development Authority.

A search of the Philippine Security Exchange Commission's company registration database reveals the extent to which Davao has been a recipient of Chinese foreign direct investment and development finance since Rodrigo Duterte first became mayor more than two decades ago: 445 new companies backed by Chinese investors were registered between 2000 and 2019.

These include businesses in mining, construction, real estate, wholesale and retail sales, all contributing to local government revenues and boosting employment, as well as helping the region transition away from a focus on agriculture to a more services-oriented economy.

Davao City has become increasingly integrated with several Chinese provinces, as Davao and other parts of Mindanao have sought to increase foreign investors and tourists to their own towns and cities as they try to create an alternative path for the commercial activity normally centered around the Philippine economic heartland on the island of Luzon.

Manila's relaxation of visa entry requirements and government policies intended to ease travel have resulted in a surge of Chinese tourists to Mindanao.

There are now commercial flights from Davao City to the Chinese cities of Beijing and Tianjin, and in 2018, XiamenAir established direct flights between Davao and Jianjiang. Chinese tourists have taken advantage of these changes, making up over 37% of Davao's total foreign tourist visits in 2019.

Chinese tourists have also been integral to spurring businesses and local development in Davao. Some local estimates suggest that Chinese tourists spend an average of $3,000 each over a typical five-day visit on food, accommodation and transport.

These interactions have resulted in even stronger relations between Davao City and China. Nanning and Jinjiang are now sister cities to Davao, with both donating face masks, infrared thermometers and personal protective equipment to Davao during the worst of the pandemic.

In sum, China seems to have won over Sara Duterte and her family, likely securing China's political interests in the Philippines for the next six years and possibly the six years after that if Sara Duterte succeeds Marcos as president, as is widely expected. 


US' Minuscule $150 Million Pledge to ASEAN Mocked by International Community


At the US-ASEAN Special Summit held in Washington this week, the US pledged $150 million in investment to the ASEAN, which became one of a few substantive "results" of the summit. But it has been mocked by the international public opinion, as the House passed a bill that would provide $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. And the $60 million of the total $150 million will be used to assist US partners in promoting maritime defense. Washington talks about how it wants to help ASEAN members develop clean energy, promote education and fight the pandemic, but in fact it still focuses on "security" to "counter China's influence."

ASEAN was China's largest trading partner in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, China’s trade with the ASEAN countries had touched US$878.2 billion, by far outstripping the US’ trade with ASEAN ($362 billion per last available 2021 figures.)

In November 2021, China promised to provide $1.5 billion more development aid to ASEAN members in the following three years to help the countries fight the pandemic and recover their economies. That's ten times the US' $0.15 billion pledge to ASEAN.

ASEAN countries as a whole remained cautious about the summit. Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen, made it clear that "We don't have to choose between the US and China."

In his speech in Washington, Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh stressed that "between independence and dependence, our choice is always independence … Between negotiation and confrontation, we choose negotiation. Between dialogue and conflict, we choose dialogue. And between peace and war, we choose peace. Between cooperation and competition, we choose cooperation."

On his part, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said, "Indonesia expects this special summit will produce a partnership that can contribute to peace, stability, and regional welfare." Not regional warfare!

The relationship between ASEAN and the US can hardly be described as "ideal." The ASEAN countries live by trade, but Washington’s obsessive focus is on security and coercive diplomacy, and the mismatch hinders the Indo-Pacific strategy from gaining traction.

In March, the US announced it would launch an investigation into alleged circumvention of duties for solar panels imported into the US from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, alleging the modules of panels might come from China and it caused shockwaves to relevant industries.

Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand are due to host three important leaders' meetings in the Southeast Asia region later this year, said to a joint statement released by the three countries in early May. The statement suggest the meetings are "for all participating countries/economies," which, in real sense, rejected the unreasonable demands of the US and the West, which piled pressure to the three countries, to isolate Russia.

ASEAN members have been through regional wars and conflicts. They deeply know how precious peace and development is. Most ASEAN members are experienced and wise to avoid becoming the pawns in the games between super powers. Biden hopes to push the Ukraine issue with the ASEAN leaders seeking a coalition with them against Moscow. But the ASEAN countries have mixed views on Ukraine. Myanmar at one end is supporting Russia, while Singapore at the opposite end instinctively embraces Washington’s sanctions against Russia. 



Covid19 - Why is WHO so disturb by China's zero Covid strategy?

United States82,227,294998,739
United Kingdom22,233,899177,088

On Tuesday, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged China to change tack, saying the approach "will not be sustainable" in the face of new fast-spreading variants....

Abandoning zero-COVID and allowing Omicron to rip across the country could result in 1.6 million deaths, according to a paper published on Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature by researchers at Shanghai's Fudan University. CNA

It is suspicious and mischievous for WHO to question China's zero Covid strategy to the extent of wanting China to do away with it to join the lepers of the world. What is so unsustainable about China's zero Covid strategy when to date it has only 1.12m infected cases and 5,200 deaths? Compare these numbers to the USA, 82.2m infections and nearly 1m deaths, what are the data saying?  China's total infections are about the same as US total number of deaths.

By extrapolating the numbers, China has about 5 times the population of the US at 1.4b, if China would to recklessly and irresponsibly open up the country and follow what the US has been doing, China is likely to have 400m infections and 5m deaths, or anything more than the numbers of the US. Would these be acceptable? Is Tedros being irresponsible to call for the opening up of China, undo the zero Covid strategy and face the consequences of tens of millions of infections and at least a million deaths?

Has Tedros been smoking too much weed? Is he thinking or was he pushing an agenda of someone else that want to bring more deaths and infections to China? If China were to remove its zero Covid strategy and deaths and infections skyrocketed, who is going to be responsible? Is Tedros going to be responsible? Is he in a position to be responsible for the tens millions of infections and millions of deaths?

What is the motive and agenda of Tedros? Why is he so disturb and uncomfortable with China's zero Covid strategy? He is coming out sounding like an ass, totally irresponsible and unbelievable for the Head of WHO to make such a statement. Does he have any solution to avoid the huge infections and millions of death to replace the zero Covid strategy? Does it make him feel good if China were to lift the restrictions and discard the zero Covid strategy?

Who is Tedros to tell China to abandon its zero Covid strategy? Or is he unhappy that China has too few infections and too few deaths and wanting China to be like the lepers of the world, with hundreds of millions of Chinese being infected and millions dead? Is he hoping that China become the laughing stock of the world, for every country to laugh at China for having the most infections and the most deaths?

This is totally bizarre for Tedros to make such an irresponsible and thoughtless statement without offering a better solution. The Chinese govt treasures the lives of its people and would do everything to protect their people from dying unnecessarily.

Empire of Bioweapons

  From: http://thesaker.is/empire-of-bioweapon-lies/

So just when we thought we could enjoy the summer by watching Europe commit hara-kiri, it’s time to stock up on those Aperol Spritz. Get ready for a new hit series, season 1: Inside the American bioweapon racket.

'The provisional results of evidence being collected about the work of U.S. bioweapons in Ukraine are simply astonishing. These are the main takeaways.

U.S. bioweapon ideologues comprise the leadership of the Democratic Party. By linking with non-governmental biotechnology organizations, using the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden, they profited from additional campaign financing – all duly concealed. In parallel, they assembled the legislative basis for financing the bioweapons program directly from the federal budget.
COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna, as well as Merck and Gilead – of Donald “known unknowns” fame, and affiliated with the Pentagon – were directly involved.

U.S. specialists tested new drugs in the Ukraine biolabs in circumvention of international safety standards. According to Kirillov, acting this way “Western companies seriously reduce the costs of research programs and gain significant competitive advantages.”

According to Kirillov, “along with U.S. pharmaceutical companies and Pentagon contractors, Ukrainian government agencies are involved in military biotechnology activities, whose main tasks are to conceal illegal activities, conduct field and clinical trials and provide the necessary biomaterial.”

The Pentagon, Kirillov pointed out, expanded its research potential not only in terms of producing biological weapons, but also gathering information on antibiotic resistance and the presence of antibodies to certain diseases among the population in specific regions. The testing ground in Ukraine was practically outside the control of the so-called “international community”.

These findings, amply documented, suggest a vast “legitimized” bioweapon racket reaching the highest levels of the American body politic. There’s no doubt the Russians plan to thoroughly unmask it for the benefit of world public opinion, starting with a War Crimes Tribunal to be set up this summer, most probably in Donetsk.'


PS. Why no country thinks it is important to condemn the Empire for developing and using bioweapons? It is ok for the Empire to develop and use bioweapons?


The treachery of the United States against the Filippinos and its brutal occupation of the Philippines from 1898 to 1946.

    The treachery of the Anglo-Saxon Americans. They promised the Filippinos independence if they were to help the US to fight and drive out the Spanish imperialist. However, after defeating Spain in December 1898, the Americans reneged on their promise and refused to grant independence to the Filippinos. Their spurious excuse was that the Filippinos were uncivilise and were unfit for self-government for they would have anarchy and misrule.                             

The Filippinos then rose up in revolt under the great leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo. However, the rebellion was crushed with great brutality by 80,000 American troops. After crushing the rebellion the Americans carried out horrible atrocities against the Filippino civilians who also continued to resist American imperialism.

It took about four years for the American imperialist to crush the rebellion resulting in the brutal killings of over three hundred thousand Filippino resistant fighters and over three million deaths of Filippino civilians both from US genocide and from disease and famine.

The Filippinos will never forget the violent and brutal occupation of the Philippines by the evil American imperialist. The diabolical and abominable American occupation lasted from 1898 to December, 1946 after the end of the Second World War.

The American imperial occupation of the Philippines faced fierce violent resistance from patriotic and heroic Filippinos. But no matter what the American imperialist had to suppress this rebellion because it had intended to make use of the Philippines as a base for its  imperial venture further into China and other east Asia countries. Its blood thirsty desire for empire and for further imperial ventures had yet to be quenched. Thus it had to suppress the local Filippino rebellion with the utmost brutality, atrocity and violence to secure the Philippines base. Further more the Philippines is endowed with very rich abundant mineral and agriculture resources like gold, copper, nickle, rice, sugar, coffee, coconuts and tobacco which would go a long way to enrich the United States.

Below are some of the descriptions of the utmost brutalities and atrocities carried out by the invading Americans against the Filippinos in its determination to secure its diabolical imperial hold on the Philippines.

The white American invaders - their senators and generals and army officers claimed that the war against the Philippines had to be cruel and fought with the fierceness and brutalities as demanded because they were not dealing with Anglo-Saxon Americans or Europeans but with unsavoury Orientals.

The war started when the American army fired indiscriminately on the peaceful demonstrations in Manila against the American invaders. Soon the Philippine insurgents spread throughout the whole country. In the town of Caloocan the US army set fire to all the houses. Those who tried to escape from the fire were quickly mauled down by bullets. Hardly more than a few hundred of the original 20,000 inhabitants survived the genocide. The few survivors mostly women and children were badly burnt and left to die untreated. The American soldiers boasted that their fighting blood was boiling as they all wanted to kill the little brownies and that shooting brownies was more thrilling than hunting and shooting rabbits.

In addition to the indiscriminate brutality of war on the Filippinos there was an added element of racial hostility, of white superiority and hatred of the brownies as they disrespectfully referred to the Filippinos. The war was bloody and the Americans were relentless to kill and exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives. Also insurgents and suspects from the age of ten were rounded up and summarily killed as the American prevailing idea was that the Filippino brownies were only a little bit better than a dog.

American soldiers pumped salt water into Filippino prisoners to make them talk and after which they were shot and killed. Even Filippinos who held up their hands and peacefully surrendered were brought up to a bridge where they were shot down one by one to drop into the river below and float down as warning to other Filippinos of the fate they would face if they opposed the Americans.

An American general boasted that at least about 40 percent of the population of Luzon had been killed by the Americans  the death of which went on to justify and serve the legitimate purpose of American invasion. Yet the Secretary of War Elihu Root arrogantly and falsely claimed that the war in the Philippines was conducted by the American army  "with scrupulous regard for the rules of civilized warfare and that it was conducted with self-restraint and with humanity never surpassed."

In Manila , a marine named Littletown Waller, a major, was accused of shooting more than ten defenseless Filippinos without trial on the island of Samar. In his testimony of defense he claimed that he was ordered by General Smith to kill and burn and that General Smith told him that the more he killed and burnt the better he would be pleased and that there was no time to take prisoners for he would like to make Samar a howling wilderness. And when Waller asked General Smith to define the age limit for killing he was told " Everyone over ten."

In the province of Batangas about 120,000 inhabitants of the total population of 300, 000 were butchered by the US army while many others died of famine and disease. The Americans deprived the Filipinos of food and medicine to weaken them and deter them from further resistance.

All over the Philippines the Americans claimed to have pacified thousands of Filippinos by killing them and burying them, by destroying their crops, burnt their villages and forced their women and children out of their houses and exiled others to inhospitable terrains. Millions of other Filipinos were rounded up and incarcerated with many mercilessly tortured before they were killed. 

The American war on the Philippinos was undoubtedly to the advantage of the invaders as the Americans had overwhelming superior firepower against the meager obsolete arms that the Filippinos could muster. Around the Pasig River the American guns and cannons pounded on the Filippinos killling thousands that the dead Philippino bodies piled up like mole-hills. The scene was just plain massacre and murderous butchery.

However, inspite of overwhelming odds the insurgents persisted in their fight as they had the full support of the population who were just as determined to drive out the abominable savage Americans. They had to resort to fight a protracted guerilla warfare against the Americans. The fight against the American invaders lasted for over four years. But unfortunately American overwhelming superior firepower prevailed and the Philippines succumbed to the invaders and became a servile colony of the United States. 

The Philippinos had fought the Americans with undaunted bravery  and great fighting spirit and heroism as against the cowardly Americans who relied on their superior arms to achieve unbridled killings and murderous massacre.

Southernglory1 Aka Yang Rong Nan

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

NB: Please spare a few precious minutes and forward this article to every Philipino in Singapore and in the Philippines as well as to every friend and relative so that they can be kept aware of the evil and wicked Americans and their diabolical deeds of terrorism and never ending  abominable aggressive wars of conquest and destruction around the world for the last over 200 years.

Ukraine - Unravelling the Azovstal mystery

 To move the Pope and make him go to Moscow to see Putin required a lot of influence and power. Who on earth could do this and for what purpose? Even the UN Sec Gen had to move his fat ass to make the same trip which was in vain for whatever he was tasked to do. If not, the Pope would not have to make that trip, likely also in vain. There must be someone that is very very important trapped in the Azovstal underground fortress and getting him out is of utmost importance. Who can that person be? Hunter Biden would not be in that league. He is no heavy weight that could move mountains.

I would put on my analyst hat to try to put the pieces together to see if it makes sense from things and events that were seemingly not sensible.

Why would Blinken, Austin and Pelosi took the trouble and risk to visit a comedian in Kiev and putting their lives at stake? It might make a bit of sense for Blinken, Secretary of State for foreign affairs, to visit Zelensky when a phone call would be enough to show some moral support, to assure him that the US was behind him. Austin was the Secretary for Defence. Why was he there? He could not be there to command the Ukrainian forces to conduct a war.  Did not make any sense for him to be at Kiev either. Then Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. What was she doing in Kiev? This haughty and cocky woman would not have time for a comedian like Zelensky, and to risk flying to a war zone to see him? This is totally out of sync, out of her character.

The only reason for them to be at Kiev was to see someone very important. And this someone is definitely not Zelensky. This someone is stuck in Ukraine, unable to call them, unable to speak to them over the phone. They need to go to Kiev personally to see and talk to him. Why is this person unable to communicate with the 3 in Washington? They could not be visiting someone in prison in Kiev for sure. Very likely, this person is holed up inside the Azovstal fortress. In the deep bunker, mobile phones would not operate, let alone connect to Washington. This person could likely be reachable only by landline, like a hotline to the President of Ukraine, Zelensky. And to talk to him personally, they have to come to Zelensky's office. Period.

Could the 3 be there just to talk to Hunter Biden? Not likely. Hunter Biden would not be important enough for all three to want to talk to him in Kiev, and to talk about what? Definitely not Pelosi. If she has to make such a trip, it must be someone more senior than her, and someone she knew personally, a personal friend. Who can be that senior and a personal friend of Pelosi? Get the picture?

But very likely Hunter Biden is inside the hole. Mrs Biden visited Poland, with a common border with Ukraine. Could she sneak across unannounced for safety and security reason, to visit Zelensky's office as well, to use the hotline to talk to Hunter in the hole? There is no good official reason for the first lady of the USA to go to Poland at this time. It is likely that the mother would want to talk to her son and ask about his well being. Sensible?

What is the mystery behind all these innocent looking trips for the top few political personalities of the US, ... all with a common thread, Zelensky's office and the Azovstal fortress? The other clue to this mystery is to scour the American media for news and appearance of some top personalities that have apparently been absent from public view, not seen since 24 Feb. Other than Hunter Biden, the interest should be on ex Presidents, not even generals. The generals would not warrant the visit of Blinken, Austin and Pelosi in Kiev.

I think we could narrow down the search to only a handful of personalities that could be trapped in the Azovstal fortress. Then, what was he doing down there? Who is so free to be there. And to be trusted and welcome to be part of the syndicate? That person must be security cleared at the highest level to prevent any leaks on the existence of this notorious and sinister outfit. No one is to know what is inside there and what they were doing.

Happy guessing. The possible personalities, the really big crocodiles are limited to a very small circle now. Pelosi is the biggest link to this person.


Biden giving peanuts to Asean for development and security

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden will open a gathering of Southeast Asian leaders with a promise to spend US$150 million on their infrastructure, security, pandemic preparedness and other efforts aimed at countering the influence of rival China.  CNA

Wow, US$150m, to buy what? Can't even buy two good class bungalows in Singapore or one F35. This is really an insult to the Asean leaders. Having to travel all the way across the Pacific Ocean for a few dollars. They might as well tell Biden to keep it. He is throwing billions to Ukraine but throwing a little titbits for Asean, and blowing his horn that the US has not forgotten Asean and is coming back. Any single Asean country could easily afford to throw him US$150m for his war in Ukraine if he asks.

What does the Americans expect Asean to do with the peanuts? Why don't the Americans offer to build their version of BRI, more ports, more high speed rails, more roads, supply chain linkages? Don't the Americans have anything good to offer other than fabricated lies and threats? At the very least they should throw a couple of billions to Asean like they are throwing to Ukraine for wasting their precious to go to the US to listen to crap talks. After all the Americans only need to switch on the printing machine and effortlessly the money would come pouring out like water.

Oh, Biden could hang a badge on each of the Asean leader and called it the Badge of Friendship or Order of the American Empire. Cheap and good and would make the Asean leaders very happy, and could show it off, 'See, from the Emperor!'  But please, don't threaten them with sanctions or their lives with be with us or against us. It would frighten the Asean leaders and some might wet their pants.

Bongbong Marcos Jr to succeed Duterte

MANILA: Ferdinand Marcos Jr clinched a stunning runaway victory in the Philippines' presidential election on Monday (May 9) in the first win by a majority since a 1986 revolution that toppled his late father's two-decade dictatorship.

An unofficial tally showed Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong", had surpassed the 27.5 million votes needed for a majority, setting the stage for a once unthinkable return to rule of the Marcos family, 36 years after its humiliating retreat into exile during a "people power" uprising.....

His six-year presidency is expected to provide continuity from outgoing leader Rodrigo Duterte, whose ruthless, strongman approach proved popular and helped him to consolidate power rapidly.

Analysts expect Marcos to focus on completing Duterte's multi-billion-dollar infrastructure upgrade and to seek close ties with China, but some say existing problems of corruption and nepotism in the Philippines could worsen.

A major boon for Marcos was him securing the president's daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, as his running mate, tapping her father's vast support and helping Marcos to make inroads in new voter territory. The unofficial count showed Duterte-Carpio had won the vice presidency with more than triple the votes of her nearest opponent.  CNA

Bongbong Marcos is the new President of the Philippines. The Americans must be very disappointed. The anti American govt of Duterte was thought to be shortlived, a wild card that could not last pass Duterte. The Americans were hoping that with the end of Duterte's term, everything would be back to normal and they could treat the Philippines as their colony again to do their biddings, even to start a war with China, turning the Philippines into another tragedy like Ukraine. The Americans must have all their evil schemes hatched and ready for execution once Duterte is out of the way.

Who could have imagined that there could be another President that would share the thinking and policies of Duterte in a country that has so many pro American elements, especially in the military and foreign ministry? Who could imagine that the ordinary Filipinos would not care a hoot about their former colonial masters and would want the same kind of policies to continue without becoming another stooge of the Americans? All the pro American candidates were swept away into the deep blue sea, amazing.

Bongbong's victory came with a Vice President in Sara Duterte, the daughter of America's nemesis, outgoing President Duterte. The Filipinos can look forward for more continuity in its national policies in favour of growth, economic development and infrastructure building instead of instability, tension, war and corruption. Duterte served with honour, well loved and respected and supported by the Filipinos, and left behind a legacy of an honest and pro Filipino govt, peace and stability and pro development. For sure Clark and Subic bases would not be occupied by the Americans again.

Duterte has survived his full terms of 6 years without being assassinated. There were threats and attempts on his life. Would the same threats be there against Bongbong? Would the Americans lose their patience now that they have to wait another 6 years for a pro American President? The 6 years of Duterte must have been very frustrating to the Americans and those Filipinos that would like to be a stooge of the Americans. Another 6 years of the same could be just too long to wait when the Americans already have so many grave plans and roles worked out in pursuit of American dominance and hegemony in South East Asia. There are already attempts to smear Bongbong by dragging out the past of his father's rule to undermine him.

Bongbong is not going to be another Benigno Aquino III, to be puppet on a string of the Americans. There is a streak of toughness and independence in the blood of Bongbong, the same DNA as his father. Bongbong Marcos is not going to be a stooge of the Americans for sure. If all goes on well, the Filipino economy would be up and roaring with more investments and infrastructure projects in the pipeline for the good of the Philippines.

This is a sign that the American Empire is destined to lose its position of influence in the region. The Philippines is as good as in their pocket but somehow keeps slipping away. So close yet so far. The fear of a pro American stooge as President to remove all the good works of Duterte has been put to rest, a big relief for the Filipinos. Bongbong would be looking after the interest of the Philippines and the Filipinos, not the interest of the Americans.


Ukraine - How sinister is the fortress under the Azovstal steel plant?

 As the siege of the Mariupol steel plant continues, everyone is guessing what is really inside that hole that has become the obsession of not only Putin but all the top political leaders of the American Administration and the Presidents and PMs of NATO. Yes indeed, something is really big inside there, and really sinister. The importance of this hell hole can only be measured by circumstantial evidence happening around it.

Apparently no one knows anything about it, no one but a very few very special and very influential people could get winds of what is happening down under that steel plant. Over the last few days we have seen many movements of very important people either wanting to see Putin, meeting him personally or wanting to talk to him over the phone...all connected to the fortress under the Mariupol steel plant.

After Macron's visit, apparently 50 senior French soldiers are inside the fortress, came Antonio Guterres and then Pope Francis. The latter two are head of two of the most important organisations in the world. Someone very important must have called on them to make a trip to Moscow to talk to Mr Putin, nicely, and gently, to beg for his mercy.

And who the hell is this Zelensky? Why would Pelosi, Austin and Blinken found it necessary to make a trip to Ukraine, a war zone, risking their lives, as the planes or the trains they were travelling could be knocked out by cruise missiles? And the Canadian PM Trudeau also had to make the trip to see Zelensky. Not forgetting that Mrs Biden was also there.

So many of these top personalities are shuttling around Moscow and Kiev, for what? Something very troubling must be happening for this hive of activities.

Donald Trump was the first, the earliest to hint of the sinister plot in Ukraine. But Trump could not let it out as this was privy information by virtue of his position as the then President of the USA. He just could not say it out loud. But he made many efforts to drag out the big rats inside the underground fortress without anyone knowing what it was all about. Many would innocently thought it could be some commercial set up or corruption involving Biden's son in Ukraine. No one could imagine how sinister this plot is turning out to be.

What is in the underground fortress was top secret and very evil. It was guarded by the most deadly force in a newly revived and trained neo Nazi regiment, financed and armed by the Americans, Canadians and NATO.  Who were the greatest enemies of the Nazis? The Jews and the Russians of course. Many Jews and Russians died in the hands of the Nazis during Hitler's time. The Russians took revenge to defeat them in WW2.  The Jews/Israelis spent the last 70 to 80 years hunting down the Nazis all over the world. The strange thing is that the Israelis now are making peace with the neo Nazis and supporting them in the sinister plot being hatched in the underground fortress. Yes, the Jews have buried the hatchet for something that is far too big, something unimaginable, for them to put aside the pain and humiliation of the holocaust, to be on the side of the neo Nazis in Mariupol.

What can be so powerful and important to have the Americans and NATO to assemble so many top generals to hide in the Mariupol underground fortress? Whatever they are brewing, some even suggested that Obama could be trapped there as well, must wake up everyone from their stupor. If Obama is there, an ex President of the USA, my God, they can't be smoking pot or marihuana and making merry in the company of Biden junior and 3 and 4 star generals, thousands of miles from the American homeland...and protected and guarded by a neo Nazi Regiment. Get the picture? The Canadians, the French, the Brits etc etc are all inside the hole.

No matter how well kept is this top secret stuff, if Trump knew about it, there could be other interested parties that would also have winds of it. Well, if trump knew, his good friend Putin must also be in the picture. How could such a sinister plot be hidden from Putin, the former KGB chief? And if Putin is to know about, he could not be sitting idly by and not doing anything.

A highly disguised and guarded underground fortress on the border of Russia, with colourful occupants from America, Canada, and the big states of Europe, the top brass of NATO, all with plenty of stars on their shoulders, simply means something very big is happening there or something very deadly is stockpiled and kept there. These people are not boy scouts. Their profession is war and to kill their enemies. They don't travelled half way around the world to huddle in a hell hole to party, to smoke pot or marihuana and get high. Maybe they are getting high from what they are planning to do, something unspeakable, unmentionable, and something very exciting to them that motivated them to be there, to be a part of this evil scheme of things, the mother of all sinister plots.

Well, all parties must come to an end. And the ending is near. While everyone may venture to guess what this is all about, the truth may be out sooner than you think. Unless they manage to blow up all the evidence with them buried together, the truth may scare the wits out of any decent and ordinary man and woman alive. Be prepared to hear the monstrous and obscene truth. Yes, you can't handle the truth...when it is exposed!

When the white savages get together, prepare for hell.


Covid19 - Singapore is so efficient and so transparent versus Shanghai

Six weeks and counting: A Singaporean in Shanghai navigates a COVID-19 lockdown amid opaque rules and new-found neighbourliness  - Linette Lim

SHANGHAI: As one of China's richest and most developed cities, Shanghai has always been a magnet for migrants - both internal and international. I had been drawn to it because it was the global face of a newly confident country, finding its feet after decades of internal strife, foreign subjugation, and failed experiments with collectivisation.

Coming from a city-state of 6 million, it felt like a privilege to be a small part of the megacity of 25 million, pushing things along. Like anywhere else, problems - such as vast inequalities and unequal development - exist, but overall, living standards are high and improving, and people are optimistic about their future.

Then, the seemingly endless lockdown began, shifting sentiment.

I am currently into my sixth week of lockdown in Shanghai. A sustained spike in cases triggered an indefinite extension of the lockdown, in line with China's zero-COVID policy. Since then, daily cases rose from around 6,300 (including both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases) in early April, to nearly 28,000 around mid-April, and tapered down to around 4,000 in early May.

The above is written by a CNA reporter/journalist, Linette Lim, stationed in Shanghai and sharing her experience of the Shanghai locked down. Her impression would make every Singaporean feel so proud and lucky that they are Singaporeans, and living under a very efficient govt that managed the Covid19 pandemic so well, so transparent and so well appreciated by the Singaporeans. For 2/3 months Shanghai was like panic station with the infection cases surging to a high of 28,000. Fortunately or unfortunately, the number has come down to around 4,000, quite the same as Singapore's.  If only Shanghai has sought the assistance of our MMTF, they would not have such a big problem and would have been as good as Singapore and can open up to the rest of the world.

And Shanghai also have problems of vast inequalities and unequal development...unlike Singapore. Read already also feel shiok.  Shanghai really got a lot to learn from our millionaire experts in Singapore. First they must pay their leaders in the millions to get millionaire quality performance and results.  Good results don't come cheap. You pay peanuts you get monkeys. On this note, I think we can excuse them for their mediocre performance. After all their leaders are all mediocre, earning less than $500,000 pa, maybe less than $100,000 even. So no fight in terms of talents and quality. If they cannot pay them like our millionaires, they can hire a few of our foreign talents working here, slightly cheaper but very talented. Third world super talents are all here as they would not be able to find jobs in their home countries or in the West.

Singaporeans must be thankful and grateful to the efficient and transparent govt that we have, with so many super talents working for the people.  See, Covid problem like no more already. Shanghai is still struggling and dunno when they can open up and join the lepers of the world. 

Reading the CNA article is so comforting for Singaporeans. Singapore is such a wonderful place to be in and Singaporeans are in good hands, the envy of the world. Singapore is again opening its legs wide wide for the third world to be here.

While Singaporeans continue to wear their blinkers, they believe that Singapore is a paradise on earth. and Singaporeans are the most advanced creatures on earth. Some are still trying to teach the Chinese how to progress, how to compete in the international market, even how not to offend the Americans. They did not know that China is operating a space station and sending robots to explore Mars.

Singapore is spending its limited resources studying climate change in the Arctic. Oh, Singapore is also exploring space. Singapore's space programme is cheaper than India. India also has to develop rockets to get to space. Singapore only needs hot air, by hot air balloons.

Some Singaporeans even sneered at the quality of Chinese trains. Still very proud of our mass rapid transport that travelled at a speed of 25 kph to 30 kph and has to slow down when raining, for safety reasons. They did not know the Chinese trains are travelling around the world at speeds of 300 kph, 400 kph or more than 500kph. 

With the blinkers on, everything is so fine and so good in Singapore. They don't even know that the talents in Singapore are mostly imported and Singaporeans are turning to be taxi drivers and food delivery boys, or security guards. Now with the opening up and removing of Covid measures, wonder what would the Singaporean security guards be turning to if they are not needed.

But many retirees are still living very well by cashing out from their homes, downgrade and get cash to live well, very well. Where got problem? COEs are shooting sky high, restaurants are full, Singaporeans are eager to travel again. Singaporeans are rich, very rich. There is no poor Singaporeans in Singapore. Maybe you can find a few poor Singaporeans in the neighbouring islands.


Ukraine - The military genius in Putin

Since the American engineered coup in 2014 that brought Zelensky to power, the American and NATO have been quietly setting up the command centre for NATO operation against the Russians under the Azovstal steel plant. 3 major goals were achieved in the last 8 years, a command centre, a major biochem weapon station and a regiment of neo Nazi soldiers. All these were done stealthily, top secret military stuff. And they executed these so successfully under the nose of the Russians...without the Russians knowing?

With so many top generals and scientists shuffling in and out of the secretive underground fortress, with so many soldiers, and with so many logistics, biochemical weapons in the facility, it was a very well kept secret!

Putin was not appointed to head the KGB as a political appointee. He earned his spurs as an intelligent secret service officers. To be appointed as head of KGB, unlike the head of CIA, the latter a political appointment, meaning any idiot or clown could also be offered the job, it meant that Putin was the best of the best in KGB/Russia. Can't imagine how sleepy Joe is going to test his wits against the best of the KGB.

Putin and the Russians did not know of the death machine under the Azovstal steel plant? His original plan was to take Kiev? All his tanks and heavy military vehicles were lined up on the roads to Kiev, clearly visible by satellite images. No need guessing. The Americans and Ukrainians knew exactly what Putin was going to do. He is going to attack Kiev. The people in the Azovtal stronghold too thought they were very safe, very secure, unknown and undetected by the Russians. And their daily activities continued unchanged. 

Everything was normal in Mariupol. In fact, the Americans and NATO must have felt very safe and no one left the fortress. If only they knew what Putin was up to. If only they knew that they have been exposed, all the big fish would have fled. Was it American and NATO arrogance, or was it Putin's brilliance, the attack on Kiev was expected but fizzled out quickly.  By then, the Russian troops have all encircled the Azovstal fortress. Too late to run. No one is going to escape the dragnet of Putin.

Did any of the very clever American analysts and intelligence officers saw this coming? How could they missed the signs, the decoy, the diversionary strategy of Putin, look West and strike East? Putin's deception was as perfect as you can get from the point of military strategy. Of course the arrogance and stupidity of the Americans and NATO helped, making it so easy for Putin to round them up in one move. Now, as the Chinese strategists like to call it, Putin is hauling in the net, with all the big fish and crocodiles inside.

Putin is as good a military genius as he is expected. And he did not fail his believers with this war of deception in Ukraine. Now the Americans is pulling every string they could find to get in touch with Putin to release the big fish and crocodiles in the Azovstal fortress. The UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterres, and the Pope Francis had to make personal trips to Moscow to see Putin. 

After all the hard work plotting to capture the Azovstal fortress, including the big fish and crocodiles and all the biochemical weapons inside, it would not be so easy to appease and persuade Putin to give up his prized catches so easily. Now the Americans and NATO are at the mercy of Putin.

Do not be surprised if the desperate Americans and NATO would do a last ditch assault in Mariupol to free their valued generals and scientists. When Lt Trevor Cadieu is only in charge of a biochem weapon unit, one can easily imagine how many more generals would out rank him in the fortress. Then there would be the commanding officer of this top secret facility and his deputies. The Brits French, Germans and many other NATO top brass are likely to be in the same hole under the steel plant.

These are early Christmas presents for Putin, though they came with a lot of planning and effort. For the slightest indication that the fortress' existence had been exposed, or Putin's game plan was to capture the fortress and all the top brass and biochemical weapons in them, all the top brass would have scooted long before the war started, and all the biochemical weapons would have be transferred elsewhere. Now they would be top exhibits in Putin's case against the Americans and NATO, to be shown to the whole wide world.

Never had the Americans and NATO been in such a dire strait, with their balls being squeezed by Putin and they could not do anything about it short of an outright military confrontation, an assault on the Azovstal steel plant with the full force of American and NATO forces.

No amount of propaganda can distract the success of Putin in his set up to capture the Azovstal fortress lock, stock and barrel. These would now become very expensive chips in the pocket of Putin, and the Americans and NATO would have to pay a very heavy price for their return. 

How many generals or military strategists today could claim such a success against the American Empire and NATO? And to think of it, the Americans and NATO still did not have any clue what was Putin up to. Still guessing and spreading nonsense about the intent of Putin, and still claiming fake victories against Putin everyday.

PS. When the war started, Putin called it a 'Special Military Operation'. Actually this was the giveaway, a telling sign that it was something special, now that we know what he is going after in Mariupol.


Djibouti - A maverick in the balance of power

 A country's independence is measured by its ability to keep foreign forces and influence at bay. When a country allows foreign soldiers to station in its soil, built permanent military bases, it is a sign that the country is not independent, very likely a colony, semi colony or a protectorate of a foreign power. Clear cut examples are Japan and South Korea. Iraq is looking like military occupation by the Americans.

What about Djibouti? There are 8 foreign military bases in Djibouti, the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China and Saudi Arabia. So, is Djibouti a colony or protectorate of these countries?

In the case of Japan and South Korea, the Americans invited themselves into these countries, built their military bases there at their own discretion. Both Japan and South Korea cannot say no. No right to say no, no right to ask them to leave. The Americans told them that they are there to protect them, protect their independence. And for that, in the event of war, the Americans would take over control of their armed forces, under the leadership of an American commander.  And the Americans demand to be paid for stationing their soldiers in these two countries, free land to build the bases and their soldiers and weapons fully paid by Japan an South Korea, may even a charge for their services. And the American soldiers would not come under the law of Japan and South Korea. They are as good as enjoying diplomatic immunity, the bases are like bases in the USA, under American laws and jurisdiction.

In the case of Djibouti, they are the landlords in their own country. They leased the land to the foreign forces and are being paid for the land. And the foreign soldiers would come under the law of Djibouti once outside the military bases. They could be there with the permission and consent of Djibouti, to protect their interests in the region, not to protect Djibouti. Djibouti can terminate the lease and ask them to leave if needed. If there is a war, Djibouti soldiers would not come under the control of any of these foreign forces.

And Djibouti does not have to sanction Russia in the Ukraine war. To Djibouti, it is simply a business of leasing out their land, nothing more, nothing less. Djibouti is an independent country and could have the presence of 8 foreign forces without having to bow to any one of them, not having to be coerced, pressured or influenced by any one of them, not having to be arm twisted by any one of them.

This is great diplomacy from a not so rich and not so big country with not so many super talents, but wise leadership. Better than fake neutrality like Switzerland, still have to be arm twisted to sanction Russia against its national interest of being a neutral state. Switzerland as a safe haven for secretive and black money is gone forever.


Covid19 - Executive VP of Pfizer arrested after #pfizerdocuments get released - Breaking News


'Rady Johnson, the executive Vice President of Pfizer, has been arrested at his home and charged with multiple counts of fraud by federal agents. He was taken into custody and is awaiting a bail hearing. This comes as 1,000s of classified documents from Pfizer were released, showing the true risks of the experimental vaccine.

As a result of Rady’s arrest, the hashtag #pfizerdocuments has started trending on Twitter. Multiple celebrities are now calling for other employees at Pfizer to be arrested.'

The Pfizer vaccine game is falling apart. This news just came out. Let's see how it develops and how would it affect the use of the mRNA vaccines. There are going to be a lot of lawsuits in the USA and in countries that did not sign the non indemnity clause to exempt the pharma companies from being sued and from all responsibilities, including lying, cheating and fraud. 

The web of deceit is worldwide, the greatest fraud of the century going to explode.


Ukraine - AngloSaxon's diabolical plot for world domination

The Americans are desperate. The writing is on the wall. China and Russia are getting stronger by the day. The rest of the world are distancing themselves and quietly slipping away from their grips. From Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, being free and independent from the American hegemony is the trend and no longer is the American threat of war or sanctions that frightening anymore. Once closed allies like the Saudis, the Philippines, Turkey etc etc are not that obedient and are taking positions that once were unmentionable. The signs of an Empire in its dying days are simply too obvious.

No way would the Americans allow this to happen. They cannot afford to lose their domination and control of the world with their mounting debt at the point of insolvency. And there are fewer wars for fear mongering and to create instability to keep every country in check. Also, there is no way for the Americans to start an open war with China or Russia without ending in a nuclear showdown that would end everything. But the message is clear. America must bring down China and Russia while it still has the military advantage. But the window is closing fast. How can the Americans destroyed China and Russia to stay unchallenged without a nuclear holocaust?

Ukraine has all the answers, but the plan has prematurely been exposed. Why is there such a huge concentration of bioweapon labs in the heart of EuroAsia, next to Russia? The concentration of 36 very offensive bioweapon labs in one place, on the border of Russia is a very serious matter, now that we know what harm they are capable of doing. And why are there so many top Nato generals and biochemical scientists hiding in the underground fortress of the Azovstal steel plant? All the AngloSaxon countries have their military top brass hiding in that hole....for what, doing what, what is the game plan? Canada's most senior general Trevor Cadieu was there and in charge of a bioweapon unit! How important is a bioweapon unit that needed to be commanded by a 4 star general who was commanding the whole Canadian Army? This is an indication of how important and dangerous that bioweapon unit is. The crimes this unit is planning to commit against the Russians are unspeakable. There is a total of 336 such bioweapon labs all over the world with many on the borders of China.

The weaponisation of the dollar is the final straw for the world to bear. The Americans knew that using this card, the last card that they had to play is the road to no return. There is no turning back. No one is going to trust them anymore. All the beliefs in a fair and equitable financial system and the dollar as the neutral apolitical instrument of exchange have been flushed down the sewers.  No more pretences from the Americans that they were the nice guys. They have declared war on the whole world, to stamp their supremacy and absolute control of all nations, friends or foes, to kneel before the Empire, resistance is futile. The Empire has spoken and all must fall in line...or else. There is no exceptions.

EU is calling for the confiscation of frozen Russian assets. The underlying assumption, no need to pay back. There would be no Russia or Russians left to ask for their return.

The Americans/AngloSaxon tribe have shown their hands. This is it, and they must win at all cost. They cannot afford to lose, cannot lose. They want to control the whole world to do their bidding. The rest of the world have lost all faith in a benign American Empire knowing how ruthless and ugly the AngloSaxon Empire is, and going to be. So, what is the AngloSaxon game plan?

It is the white men against the whole world. All white men countries must be in, no exceptions. All the white men countries have been told that they must unite as one to take on the rest of the world, to rule over the coloured people.  Switzerland's surrendering of its neutral status is a clear indication of what is going on. And so were the intent of the neutral Baltic states to want to join Nato. Germany and France too, with their pride and self interests to be free from American domination too have to raise their hands to join the AngloSaxon game plan for world domination.

Phase 2 is to annihilate the Russians, like they did to the native Americans. The whole of Ukraine has been geared to execute this plan, to wipe out the Russians with biochemical weapons, not in an open, costly and deadly war that has no winners. The Russians would be wiped out before they know what is happening without a hot war. All the Nazis are recruited, trained, and armed to do what they know best, kill Russians. Unfortunately this is not going to happen as the evil scheme has now been exposed, with the evil men and women in the command centre in Mariupol trapped and waiting to be executed. However, this does not mean that there is no alternative plans to set free the bioweapons to do the damage as planned. 

By the way, the Jews must also have been briefed of this plan and are in. They are now supporting their arch enemies, the Nazis, in fighting the Russians in Ukraine. This white domination plan is so big that the Jews are willing to set aside their holocaust debt, to be on the side of the Jews killing Nazis.

China may not be saying anything about this evil AngloSaxon plan, but has been preparing for it. The Zero Covid policy is not simply just to deal with Covid19 pandemic. China is on high alert, to prevent and stop the spread of deadly bio and chemical weapons into the country by closing all its entry points and subjecting all foreigners to intensive checks. Even after Covid19, the high security checks are likely to remain in force to keep the biochem weapons out of China. China cannot take any chances. It has been attacked repeatedly for the last few decades, but the urgency is now. The AngloSaxon game plan has been exposed and they have committed themselves in this reckless attack on Russia and the international financial system. They cannot unwind the clock and must continue to charge ahead at all costs. 

The world must be prepared for more bio and chemical weapon attacks and more deadly. The war in Ukraine is only beginning. It is a world war of the white men against the rest of the world, led by the AngloSaxon tribe. 

Phase 3 is the annihilation of both Russians and Chinese and their land taken over by the white men for posterity.  When China and Russia have been wiped out, there is no real contenders to resist and stand up to the white men and their absolute control and domination of the human race. They shall rule forever. This is a make or break moment for the white men and they must act now.

The rest of the world must be aware of this diabolical plan to take over the human race by the white men using bio and chemical weapons. This war must stop at Ukraine. Russia is the frontline state, the first defenders of the world and must be backed up by the rest of the world, the coloured people, to protect their freedom from white men's rule. 

The white men countries knew the game plan. Did the rest of the coloured men know about this plan, or their minds are still on holiday?  Wake up! Open your eyes, before it is too late. WW3 would start with bio chemical weapons, cheaper and deadlier and no need to send foot soldiers to die in the combat zones. The attack will come quietly, without any declaration of war, unseen, unheard of. 

If needed to send foot soldiers, just send the daft Ukrainians, the terrorists and the Nazis, expendable items.


Noam Chomsky - The China threat defined

 The evil Americans have been harping about the China threat every where and every day nonstop to make this into a contrived truth to the innocent and uninitiated. For more than 40 years since the border skirmishes with Vietnam in 1978, China has not been at war with any country. On the other hand the Americans have been at wars non stop in so many countries and killing millions, especially the poorly armed Arabs and Muslims. And they demonised China as a threat when they are the real threat to peace in this world. They are the number one terrorist. They bred and trained and armed the Al Qaeda, the ISIS, the neo Nazis and many terrorist groups all over the world. But they have no shame in their hypocrisy, and constantly and repeatedly using the western media to smear and taint China as the threat to their hegemony and Empire. And many Americans, including coloured people have unconsciously fell victims to this lie, after being bombarbed with this message daily.

Some scholars and analysts were polite to try to redefine this threat as China not going to invade or start a war with the Americans, but because of China's rise, it is a threat in the sense that it challenged the hegemony and world dominance of the American Empire. It is not a military threat, not a threat of war, but undermining American power and position as the only superpower in the world.

Noam Chomsky has recently been asked about this and came out with another explanation. In his view, the so called China threat is not just a challenge to American hegemony and dominance, the Americans cannot accept the existence of China. Period. This staggering definition from this eminent scholar tells how dangerous the Americans are and the difficulties in developing a normal China American relationship. There cannot be such a relationship when the Americans cannot accept China's existence. To the Americans, there cannot be a China in this world, ie, China must be destroyed, breakup or divided or conquered and ruled by them. This is the premise that they are working on, governing all their policies and agenda, to make China disappear. It is not about Communism or CCP, it is about China and the Chinese people. The choice of using CCP as the demon is a weak and fake excuse. Being anti China and anti Chinese are bad enough, but refusing to accept their existence is wild.

This could also be their thinking on the existence of Russia. Both China and Russia must be wiped out from the surface of this world. The existence of the Mariupol complex under the Azovstal steel plant (and another 30+ bioweapon labs in Ukraine) is the nerve centre of a very scary scheme to wipe out the Russians. There is a convoluted plan to terminate the Russians in the same way they terminated the native Americans in order to take over their land and resources. This devilish scheme would finally be exposed but not without a fight. This could be the reason why the Americans are hell bent to keep the fighting going to prevent Mariupol and Ukraine from falling into Russian hand.

And Russia is only the first objective, to test out their abominable plan of genocide before launching it on China and the Chinese people. Russia and China cannot exist as nation states in the deranged minds of the white savages. They are brooding to annihilate them with bioweapons. They could not fight a nuclear war of mutual destruction with the Russians. See how evil the white savages are!

They are salivating at the big piece of Russian land. They prospered for 500 years after massacring tens of millions of native Americans to steal their land and resources. They need a new booster and plan to do the same to the Russians, genocide them with bioweapons and seize their land to prosper for another 500 years, a piece of land bigger than the USA, with a few Russians left like the native Americans.  If they could do the same to China, then they could prosper forever.

This is their evil design, to prosper and rule the world by massacring others and steal their land. They have done it in North America and many other lands that they have stolen, and think this is a formula for their success to live happily forever.


Hari Raya Greetings - Issues of sensitivity can be very unpredictable


On Twitter, activist Lim Jialiang wrote that the picture shows “how these photo ops reduce Singapore minorities to mere props during their own festive celebrations as a shallow, ritualised adherence to the CMIO (Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others) model.”

Some wondered why the scarecrow was included in the greeting, and expressed dismay at what this seemed to imply.

Above are posted in theindependent.sg. The issue is a photo of Chok Tong and his wife and a scarecrow, meant to be a festive greeting to the Malay brothers during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Some felt that this is insensitive and asked him to take it down.

The moral of the story is that in our multiracial society, it pays to be extra careful, especially when one is a political figure or national leader or ex leader, or even a blogger. Everyone looks at things from their own perspective and that can be very different from yours, and what you think is funny or nice, may not be funny or nice at all. That is also a reason why when I post a joke or satire, I must state it clearly that it is a joke or a satire. Some people may take things too seriously and a joke can become an offensive matter.

In this case the intent may be innocent and meant well, but how it is received is another thing.

I can empathise with those that found this regrettable.

PS. “I am dismayed that some have misinterpreted the post as portraying Malays/Muslims as ‘scarecrows’. This is far from my mind,” said Mr Goh. CNA


The 4th of May, is a tragic but important date in China's modern history.

      The 4th of May, is an important date in modern China's history. It marks the last straw in which the Chinese could no longer tolerate Western betrayals of Chinese interests and the trading of Chinese lands by the European powers, Russia, America and Japan  to settle the interests of foreign invaders of China at the expense of  China and the Chinese people.

May 4th, 1919 was the day when Chinese throughout all China rose up with fire and indignity at the betrayal of China by the Western countries in the Treaty of Versailles in Paris  in which they conveniently handed over the Chinese province of Shangtung to Japan just to settle their own political interests at the expense of China. Indeed the Western countries and Japan were using Chinese lands for horse trading among themselves without even an iota of concern to China's territorial integrity, self-respect and dignity.

When the Chinese people got wind of the verdict of this outrageous Versailles Peace Conference on Shangtung thousands of students held a huge demonstration in Peking. Soon millions of students and workers all over China from Shanghai to Chunking, Chengtu, Kunming, Xiamen, Canton, Hong Kong and Haikow -Hainan rose up in explosive public anger and spontaneous outburst of pride in Chinese nationalism and patriotism. The national objection to this insult of the outrageous Versailles Conference was so powerful and far reaching that it evoked an immediate national response and pressured the Chinese delegation at Versailles to reject the peace treaty.

It is important to recall that in 1898 the weak decadent Ch'ing government was forced under duress to lease the Kiaochow naval base in Shangtung province to Germany for a duration of 99 years. When World War 1 broke out Japan joined the British - French - American  allies against the Germany-Austria-Hungary Alliance while China was in the meanwhile neutral. However, China was later in 1917 forced by the British to help their allies by sending over to Europe more than 500,000 Chinese workers to help in the war industries and to help digging trenches in the front line of the war theatre.

Being a member of the Allies Japan ousted the Germans from Kiaochow and proceeded to occupy the whole of the Shangtung province. To legalize its occupation of Shangtung Japan presented to China its  Twenty-One Demands provisions which recognized its occupation of Shangtung. Further to bolster its claim Japan entered into a series of treaties with the great powers - England, France, Russia and America.

By the Russo-Japanese agreement of February 20, 1917 , Russia recognized the Twenty-one Demands, while Japan agreed to recognize the Russian gains in Outer Mongolia during 1912 - 1915. ( NB: Russia evil plots and intrigues against China in Outer Mongolia will be discussed in the next article later ). The Anglo-Japanese agreement of the day obligated England to support the Japanese occupation of Shangtung at the forthcoming peace conference in Versailles and to second its claims to German possessions in the Pacific Ocean north of the Equator. In return Japan agreed to support the British claims to German islands in the Pacific Ocean south of the Equator.

Similar secret agreements were made with France and Italy. And then in the Lansing - Ishii Agreement in November 1917, the United States recognized Japan's position in Shangtung in exchange for Japanese recognition of the "Open Door Policy" with regard to international trade in China. 

In September, 1918 Japan signed a secret pact with the decrepit Chinese warlord government in Peking. It granted Yuan Shi-kai the warlord with a loan of 20 million yen and allowed Japan to build two railways in Shangtung and to station Japanese troops at various key points or towns in the province.

Armed with these secret treaties, the Japanese came to Versailles confident of winning their case on Shangtung. There was  no doubt the retention of Shangtung would indirectly acknowledge the validity of the Twenty-one Demands and the viability of the secret treaties with the warlord regime in Peking, in which such agreements gave Japan far greater concessions in Manchuria and other parts of China rather than just in Shangtung.

At the end of the First World War, 1914 - 1918 the Chinese thought they could rely on the Western powers to adjudicate justly the principles of democracy, self-determination and protection of the weak. It was with these high expectations that the Chinese delegation went to Versailles hoping to recover Shangtung and the complete abolition of all the unequal treties and the restoration to China of all the Chinese territories that the Western powers had taken from China under duress and coercion through the Unequal Treaties.

But in Versailles the Chinese delegation were greatly disappointed and flabbergasted when they were coldly told that the peace conference  had not been called to adjust all the international grievances of the past, but to settle problems arising from the conclusion of the war. Thus for their own selfish interests only Shangtung was presented in the agenda so that the Western powers and Japan could horse trade for their own political interests at the expense of China's territorial integrity.

The Chinese delegation pleaded that Shangtung, the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius was the Holy Land of China, and that the German rights which the Japanese had claimed to inherit had ceased to excist when China entered the war in 1917 on the side of the Allies and abrogated all treaties with Germany. Moreover, Article 5 of the 1898 agreement on Kiaochow stipulated that "Germany engages at no time to sublet the territory leased from China to another power." Similarly the Twenty-on Demands were invalid because the Chinese parliament had never ratified them. Moreover, China's entry into the war in1917 had so changed its status - from a neutral to a belligerent  - that it was qualified to invoke the international law principle of 'rebus sic stantibus' to nullify the Twenty-one Demands. 

But no amount of Chinese argument could alter the great powers self-interests decision and the fate of Shangtung and the Japanese Twenty-one Demands were sealed. 

The Chinese can never forget that the Allies were bound by the secret treaties to support the Japanese position vis-a-vis China. 

China and the Chinese people must remember never to trust or rely on other people and other countries. The Chinese people must continuously build up its strength both politically, economically and militarily and make sure they are second to none. Only in this way China can thrive forever in happy living and survive in milleniums in the world full of evil and wicked Western white supremacist powers.


Wednesday, 4th May, 2022

Impossible to civilise the white savages

 After 500 years of wars, invasion, genocides, looting and plundering the world and getting very rich for their acts of barbarism, there was this expectation that prosperity and a life of plenty would turn the savages to be more human, more humane and less animalistic, in other words, more civilised as human beans. But no, the white savages (not all white men are savages) have been on a rampage, wars after wars, all over the face of this planet, killings and destruction wherever they went, in the name of fake democracy, fake human rights and freedom. 

Despite being unchallenged in their supremacy and hegemony, the Russians were only carving out their own area of influence to protect their national interest, to protect from being attacked by the white savages, did not mount a direct threat to the Americans across the Atlantic Ocean. The so called threat that the American used was a lie. If there was a threat, it was against their world domination, not to conduct war against the Americans or to destroy the American Empire. 

Similarly, the daily mouthing of aggressive threats from China is bigger lie. China was and is not out there to conduct wars of aggression to control and coerce countries to become communist states. China was and is not out there to challenge the military might of the Americans. China was just trading, doing commerce, building infrastructures, ports, roads, railroads etc etc. How could these economic activities be labelled as threats? How could the people of the world not question this ludicrous demonising of China when the threat to the world is the American savages, inciting wars, conducting wars, threatening every country that did not agree with their economic political system? The Americans even threaten every country to adopt their fake democracy, fake freedom, and fake human rights or be invaded and become victim of their regime change. The Americans want to control the world and change the world to their fake democratic system with no exceptions. No country can be allowed to live in peace in their own choice of political system and must be destroyed.

Given this objective of controlling the world under the American Empire, the savage Americans have been fighting wars non stop since WW2 and getting away with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Ukraine War did not have to happen if the Americans did not push the Ukrainians led by a dumb traitor into it. The Ukrainians could live in peace with its neighbours and Russia just by being neutral and not posing an existential threat to Russia by allowing the Americans to set up military bases, bioweapon labs and nuclear weapons on its soil. Is that too hard to do, an unreasonable expectation from Russia and its neighbours?

Yes, the Russian's only condition is a neutral Ukraine and the war would end immediately. And the American savages could simply agree to this to end the daily slaughter of the Ukrainians. But the Americans would not have it. War is in their blood and war it must be. Instead of negotiating for peace, they encouraged the Ukrainians to continue to wage war with the Russians by promising all kinds of support, specifically more weapons and even soldiers, disguised as contractors or mercenaries, like those holed out under the Azovstal Steel Mills. And to make sure the war does not end soon, the Americans are dragging all the European savages to go along to fight a long protracted war of attrition, especially the much hated Nazis, training, funding and arming them. They have no intent to end the war. War is not only good for business, it is also their way of controlling the world, creating wars everywhere except in the American homeland to destabilise countries and regions, to impoverish them and make them dependent on the Americans, indebted to the Americans and unable to pay back. In other words, becoming a colony of the American Empire.

The Russians have been offering the olive branch to end the war. But never for a single day did the white savages talk about ending the war, about peace. They are so happy to keep the war going. War is in the blood of the uncivilised white savages. They love wars and would not allow the human beans to enjoy peace for a single day. Other than Ukraine, the white savages are agitating for wars in many corners of the earth, the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, South China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, Latin America, Africa etc etc. It is impossible to teach the white savages about peace. 

The white savages cannot be civilised. Period.