Dirty Harry Harris admitted he ordered Carl Vinson to North Korea

It was reported in the media that Admiral Harry Harris, the Japanese Commander of the American Pacific Command was the one that ordered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to head towards North Korea. Harris said it was his mistake for giving the wrong order. What Harris did not say was that he was abruptly overruled and had to change course.

The incident was crispy clear that Harris took the opportunity to want to start a war with North Korea. He unilaterally, without authorisation from Washington where the Commander in Chief of all American forces sat, without an order from Donald Trump, he decided to sail Carl Vinson to North Korea. He did not know or was not aware that someone under this Command would quickly inform the White House of his treacherous action which the Americans were wary of and had put in this safeguard, in case he did the darn thing, to stop him on his war path.

The Americans did just that, to stop Harris from dragging the Americans into a war they did not want with China and Russia. The Japanese Harris thought the Americans were that dumb to allow him a free hand to start a war anytime he likes. No way, the Americans read him like a book.

Now Harris has to apologise for this dangerous move that he thought he could get away with, to get the Americans to go to war with China and Russia. The result would be the destruction of America, China more damaging than the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. The Americans would not be so dumb to allow it to happen against their interests.

After this incident, the Americans would be even more cautious of what this man would do and would watch his every move to make sure no unplanned incident would happen under his watch. America would not be destroyed by another Japanese sneaky act.


Time to tighten immigration policy?

Shawn Lee wrote a piece published in the TRE urging the govt to tighten immigration policy when every sensible govt in the West, especially our idol country called the USA, are doing it. This is what Shawn wrote in his first paragraph,

‘Over the past weeks, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. have all tightened their work visa programs for skilled foreigners. Australia scrapped its 457 visa for employer-sponsored skilled foreign labour program; U.S. President Trump announced a “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order to review the H1-B visa which is used primarily to bring in foreign IT professionals into high tech sectors like Silicon Valley; and New Zealand has also started to tighten skilled work visa requirements in a “Kiwis-first approach to immigration”.’

I thought we were thinking in the same wavelength when he said, ‘This is the best time for Singapore to jump onto the bandwagon and tighten our immigration criteria to avoid being singled out and blamed by global MNCs here for cutting their access to cheap foreign labour who compete for jobs with Singaporeans.’

This is the part that I disagree with him. I think this is the best time for the govt to open the legs wider, oops, I mean the door wider to capitalize on the situation when all the fake talented foreigners from the Third World have been locked out and no where to go, they would all come here to help make up the 6.9m population. This type of opportunity does not come often. Now we can pick up all the 'talents' and craps floating around in the high seas. We can pick and choose, just make sure we have a working system to fish out all the fakes and degree mills talents. We don’t need such flotsam. There are already too many here. Now we can take our time to pick and choose with a fine comb.

One caveat, make sure we have the right talent to spot the fake talents. We need the thieves to catch the thieves. Recruit some of the best fake talents first, then use them to stop all the fakes that are trying to get in. Oh, I think we already have a lot of them here furiously recruiting more fakes. Just tell them this time the objective is to identify and reject the fakes or simply reject all the fakes they have chosen as talents.

We can set up a Ministry of Fake Talents and appoint a minister to run it with a pool of fake talents. Then we can guarantee to pick up the best in a situation like this. When the angels are fleeing, it is time for the daft, oops, I mean the brave to go in.

What do you think?


American double speak on North Korea

By now everyone would have read and probably believe this American shit about North Korea being a threat to the whole world, to the Americans and to their cronies and allies. How true is this, how logical or reasonable and believeable is this allegation.
The American’s first assumption, the North Koreans have nuclear weapons and ICBM and will be threatening the world with them. This assumption also said the North Koreans are mad and would want to threaten everyone for no good reason but just because they have nuclear weapons to threaten other nations, and more, to want to fire at every nation. You do not need much intelligence to know that this is total crap. The only countries that feared the North Koreans and felt threatened are the Americans, Japan and South Korea for obvious reasons. The rest of the world is not acting provocatively act against the North Koreans and has no reason to feel threatened unless they are deranged. Oops, sorry, Singapore or some daft Singaporeans also felt threatened but I do not know why. They seriously believed the North Koreans would want to bomb Singapore, for what, why?
In reality, the North Koreans are treating Singapore as a good friend. That is why Jeremy Koh from Channel News Asia is always invited to broadcast about North Korean events. If you are enemy, they would not put you on their invite list.
Ok, let’s look at the validity of this American double speak. For a country to be a threat to the world, to other countries, there are some conditions or factors that must be present.
1. The country must have ambition to dominate or conquer and rule the world, like Germany, Japan and the USA.
2. The country must have superior military strength, not just having a few pieces of nuclear weapons. If you only got one bomb, please you are no threat to any country that has thousands of bombs. Stop believing in this silly myth.
3. The country must be so superior in military power that it can hit any country with no fear of being hit back.
4. Or, if one wants to threaten any country, make sure that no one is powerful enough to turn your country into ashes.
North Korea does not fit into any of the above conditions. How can they be a threat to the world? How can the North Koreans be a threat to the US? They are developing their nuclear weapons exactly because they are afraid of the Americans, that could turn them to ashes, the only country that has been threatening them daily with military invasion.
If mere possession of nuclear weapons is a threat to the world, the Americans would be the number one threat followed by the other nuclear powers. Why is it that they are not and the North Koreans are a threat?
Do the North Koreans have the same wild ambition like the Americans, the Germans and Japanese to conquer the world? Only fools would believe the North Koreans are like the Americans, Germans and Japanese. Even if they harbor such wild dreams, they are too small to make it a reality in this new world of super powers.
The Americans are the real threat to the world, the threat to world peace, the number one warmonger. If you don’t believe in them, don’t fear them, they would threaten to attack your country like they are doing to the North Koreans and had done to Vietnam and to many Arab/Muslim countries.
Get it, now who is the real threat to the countries of the world, the Americans or North Koreans? Trump just admitted that he is not branding China a currency manipulator because China is working with the Americans on the North Korean issue. If China refuses, it will brand China as a currency manipulator. See the veil of threat? The Americans are threatening the whole world to get to their side to condemn the North Koreans and are threatening to take unilateral actions against the North Koreans because the North Koreans are developing ICBMs that can reach the USA. What about the USA already having ICBMs that can reach North Korea and every country in this world? Should this be a reason for the rest of the world to claim the USA is a threat to their security and be a good reason to attack the USA?
This is how abusive and unreasonable the Americans have become. They are going to start a war and accusing the North Koreans as the provocateur, for having ICBMs or going to have ICBMs that can reach the USA. If this is an acceptable reason, every country can become a threat to the Americans and be attacked while the Americans is a threat to every country.


Would Halimah Yacob be accepted as a Malay candidate for the EP?

TRE’s editorial article said Halimah’s father was an Indian Muslim. This is a quote from the article,
ST report: Halimah’s father an Indian Muslim
‘In 2013, when Halimah Yacob was selected to be the new Speaker of Parliament after the former one, Michael Palmer, resigned from politics due to his marital affair with a PA woman, ST wrote an article to feature Halimah (‘A strong advocate for workers, women and minorities‘, Jan 2013):
In the article, it was revealed that her father is an Indian of Muslim faith. He passed away when Halimah was 8 years old. She studied hard and later graduated with a law degree from NUS. Her first job was as a legal officer with NTUC….’
This revelation would pose a lot of serious questions as to Halimah Yacob’s eligibility as a Malay candidate for the EP election. The question on the definition of being a Malay would now be in the spot light. What or who is a Malay and who should determine or qualify a person as a Malay, the Malay community, the govt or the AGC office or the EP election committee? This seems easy enough by picking up one of these agencies or whichever agency that is suitable. The difficult part is whether the Malay community would accept any candidate or any agency to speak on their behalf on such a serious issue.
Accepting Halimah as a Malay would in itself create more difficult problems in the future. If a candidate of mixed parentage like Halimah, an Indian Muslim father can be accepted as a Malay candidate, would a Chinese Muslim father, a European or Eurasian Muslim father also qualified under this ruling to be called a Malay? How far would the Malay community go to accept a person as a Malay now that there are 50% Malay, 25% Malay, 75% Malay and many other variations of Malayness?
My personal view is that the worm in the can is growing too big to be of any comfort to the govt or to the Malay community. How to resolve this Pandora of the EP would need more than a rocket scientist or a genius to do it. In the days of LKY, he might be able to talk his way out of it without anyone daring to stand up to challenge his view or decision. Unfortunately no one in the govt today has such an authoritative stature to pull out a rabbit from a top hat and call it a dove.
It would be interesting to see how the govt is going to untie this knot if Halimah is put up as a Malay candidate, or any candidate with such a similar birth right. Anyone thinks this is easy to resolve and put right?


4 JCs to be merged, ie disappeared, redundant

Many people are aghast at the merging of 4 JCs all of a sudden. Many are still in a state of shock with mouths still unable to close, jaws locked, muscle cramped. How could this kind of things happen in this so well planned little city when every piece of stone, every single plant is carefully planted after very well conceived thoughts by our very able and proactive govt that is always looking ahead for problems? 

To make things more bizarre is the opening of Enoia (not sure if I get the spelling right) JC just a year ago and now closed shop. Anyone worry about the money wasted? We are not talking of closing of one JC but 4 JCs. Did anyone see this coming? Why, suddenly Rip Van Winkle woke up and found that there is not enough enrolment for JC classes and 4 JCs are redundant, with excess capacity that may turn out to look like ghost colleges, JCs without students?

When the MOE was split to be helmed by two full ministers, everyone would not be wrong to think that this education job is expanding, growing so big and one minister would not be able to cope with the workload. How is this closing of 4 JCs related to the need for two ministers in MOE? If there are not enough students for JCs, would it also mean that more secondary and primary schools would also be facing the same problem and more would also have to be closed or merged? Read somewhere that 28 secondary schools would also be merged.

What happened to all the students that are supposed to fill up the JC places and also the primary and secondary schools? They did not build all these schools without planning, without knowing how many students are coming on board. Did the students disappear overnight like MH370? How can, the Population Dept and MOE must have been tracking the numbers and know exactly how many students were there and how many schools and JCs would be needed. Why like dat one?

I thought about this problem very seriously and came out with a few possible answers. I am not going to blame on twits that could not plan or did not know what was happening and how many students were there that need to go to school but the twits did not know. My first thought is that the thousands of scholarships to foreign students, paid by our tax payers in the billions, must have been frozen. This could be a possibility and could explain why suddenly there is no student or not enough students overnight. Overseas students can come in or not come in like turning on/off a tap.

Another possible answer, many are going to India to have their education to make sure that they could get a decent job here after graduating from the Indian universities. Why not, all the talents here are from India and Indian universities, the professionals, the academics, the IT experts and what nots, are all from India. Their education system is world best, proven and endorsed by Singapore. So many students must have jumped ship and enrolled in Indian JCs and subsequently planning to go on to Indian universities.

Another possible reason, many may have taken the advice of our ministers that there is no need for a good degree that cannot be eaten. What is the point of a degree when one aspires to be a taxi driver or a hawker? So the parents and students are now wiser and stopped enrolling into JCs here and waste precious money or forcing their parents to sell their homes to finance their education abroad.

Maybe there are other reasons for the sudden disappearance of JC students, but these are the dumb reasons that I am able to think of for this fiasco or shall I call it miracle, another planned miracle that is uniquely Singapore? Is it so difficult to know how many students are out there that need places in schools and JCs? Would big data help?


Mike Pence rounding up another Coalition of the Willing or Unwilling?

Mike Pence had visited South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and probably would be seeing some Asean countries on his get to know Asia trip. Is there more than just this that he was on a mission to garner support to attack North Korea? So far he has been threatening North Korea daily, that all options are on the table, the sword is ready etc etc, don’t threaten the US or don’t trifle with Trump. North Korea threatening or trifling with the USA and Trump, or it is the other way round? Who is sailing the biggest armada to the Korean Peninsula?
An AFP report said, ‘The United States will counter any North Korean attack with an “overwhelming and effective” response, Vice President Mike Pence vowed yesterday, as he stood on the deck of a massive American aircraft carrier docked in Japan.’ Are the North Koreans so stupid, going to attack the Americans? Or were the North Koreans forced to respond to an American attack or American provocation?  “North Korea is the most dangerous and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia Pacific,” said Pence. Or is it the other way, that the Americans are the most dangerous and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia Pacific and the whole world?
Would any stupid Asean country want to join the American coalition to attack another Asian country that has caused no problem to them but just testing its own defensive weapon system? Or would any silly Asian country think it is good to be on the good book of the Americans and eagerly asking to be a party to this massive genocide that the Americans are planning against North Korea that has nothing to do with them?
Please Mike Pence, please skip Singapore from your trip. Do not visit Singapore. Singapore has done enough, more than enough in the Middle East.


Wars of Aggression and US Savage Culture

America has been attacking and invading other countries since its independence in 1775. During the 242 years of its existence it has fought not less than 230 wars of aggression against others. These wars of aggression have everything to do with US savage culture and psyche of militant religious doctrines. Below in tabulated form are some of the wars fought by America.

1.    American Revolutionary Wars against England from 1775 to 1783. US declared its independence on 4th July, 1783.

2.    Wars from 1812 t0 1815 in which US forced England to give up some native self-governing lands in America. The many different native American tribes fought bravely against US invasion but eventually succumbed to US overbearing military might.

3.    The American Civil Wars 1861 to 1865.  It was a very savage war in which hundreds of thousands of African Americans were brutally butchered and their houses burnt and destroyed.

4.    From 1865 to 1890s US carried out the most brutal and wanton wars of aggression against the native American Indians. It was the beginning of US long era of colonial wars against native American states and others. These were wars of USW expansion in which native Americans were forced to give up their lands to US. The Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 was the last native outpost to surrender.

5.    Wars against Mexico 1846 t0 1870s.  US had always coveted large swathes of Mexican lands . By imposing its imperial wars on Mexico it forced Mexico to cede Texas, Nevada, Arizonda, New Mexico, Utah and California to US.

6.    Spanish - American  War 1898.  By its victory US took over Spanish colonial territories in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam and the Philippines. Cuba eventually fought against American occupation and drove out the Americans except for Guantanamo.

7.    1898 - 1905.  US invaded Hawaii and dethroned its queen  after butchering more than two hundred thousand Hawaiian resistance fighters.

8.    World War I.  1914 to 1918.  US sided with England, France, Russia, Italy and Japan against Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

9.    World War II.  US sided with England , France and Russia against Germany, Italy and Japan.

10.   The Korean War 1950 to 1953.

11.   1961.  The Bay of Pigs in which US tried to invade Cuba to topple Fidel Castro.

12.   Vietnam War  1961 to 1973.US tried to impose its colonial rule on Vietnam.

13.   1965.  War on Dominican Republic to topple a leftist regime. US president was Lyndon Johnson.

14.   Lebanon 1982 - 1984.  US invaded Lebanon for regime change.

15.   Grenada  1983.  President Reagon invaded the island to overthrow a socialist government with close ties to Cuba.

16.   Panama  1991. President George H.W. Bush invaded and overthrew Manuel Noriega a drug lord who eased out CIA profitable drug trade in Panama. Bush was a former director of CIA.

17.   Gulf War  1991.  US attacked Iraq and forced it to give up Kuwait. Kuwait was formerly a province of Iraq but was taken away from Iraq after the Second World War because of its rich oil

18.   Somalia 1993. US invaded Somalia for regime change.

19.. Bosnia  1994 - 1995.  US attacked Bosnia for regime change.

20.   K0sovo 1999 US attacked Kosovo for regime change.

21.   Global war on terror  2001.

22.   Afghanistan War.  2001 - 2014 to oust the Taliban and impose American rule.

23.   Iraq War.  2003 - 2010  Regime change to topple Saddam Hussein a former CIA collaborator who helped US to overthrow President Khassem who wanted to nationalise US oil monopolistic companies.

24.   Libya.  2011 US invaded Libya to topple Gadaffi for regime change because he refused to use US dollar for trading its oil.

25.   Syria  2012. US attacked Syria in trying to topple President Assad.who refused to gang up with US and its allies against Russia.

26.   2014.  War against Islamic State which was ironically founded and nurtured by CIA against Russia.

27.   Other impending wars to topple Iran, DPRK and other countries in South America like Brazil, Venezuella, Bolivia and Ecaudor.

American savage culture definitely has a lasting insidious destructive impact and effect on US doctrine of permanent wars of aggression and invasion  and is behind the ethos and thinking of US politicians and CIA Pentagon'd nefarious activities worldwide.

Below in tabulated form are the essence of US savage culture.

1.   The culture of instilling fear and intimidation.

2.   The culture of plundering, robbing, thieving and pilfering.

3.   The culture of aggression , occupation and invasion.

4.   The culture of US state terrorism against other countries.

5.   The culture of power and might.

6.   The culture of control, domination and hegemony.

7.   The culture of sowing discord, disunity and hatred among other countries.

8.   Culture of instigating distability, rebellion, and separatism among other countries.

9.   Culture of sowing disinformation, misinformation and confusion.

10.  Culture of  propaganda in telling lies, half truths and evil insinuations

11.  Culture of racism and white supremacist.


Monday, 4th April, 2017

Asset enhancement - a uniquely Singapore miracle

Singaporeans are so blessed with a very clever govt that could devise such a miraculous scheme call asset enhancement. The scheme revolves around the buying of 99 year lease public flats built by the govt at relatively low price and the owner could eventually sell it at a hugely inflated price, to receive an expected windfall along the way. It is a sure win formula and many Singaporeans are now very wealthy landlord in a way, sitting on a public flat that is worth at least $300k for the smallest unit in the open market and some worth more than a million for the bigger units. As in all sure win schemes, there is a caveat of course.

Here is how the price sure go up scheme works.

Year 1 - Buy a public flat from the govt, say at $250k.
Year 5 - Eligible to sell in the open market at asking price of $350k.
Year 10 - Open market price could be $450k.
Year 20 - Open market price could be $550k
Year 30 - Open market price goes higher to $650k.
Year 40 - $750k!
Year 60 - $800k!
Year 80 - $850k!
Year 90 - $850!
Year 100 - $0!

Every flat owner could look at this guide to see the price of his flat could go up and up all the years. Notice the caveat, make sure they are not holding on to the flat at year 100.

The scheme is very favourable to those who sell the flats at a profit in the first 50 to 60 years. Singaporeans could go for a second bite of the cherry to buy another public flat from the govt to restart the cycle. Foreigners could only buy from the open market so the margin of profit cannot be as high as the Singaporeans buying direct from the govt. But they are still guaranteed of a reasonable profit.

For those new citizens who bought and sold and bought again and sold to return to their original country, this scheme is highly favourable to them as they would not hold on to the flat till year 100. I might say a bit sorry for those who have to hold on to their flats till the very end, its miraculous price would miraculously become 0, no value, just like Cinderella when the clock struck midnight and everything turned into smokes..

This is quite like the magician turning a piece of paper into money only for the money to be turned into worthless paper at the end of the game. Be clever to cash out when you can or your store of value will vanish into thin air.


Cynical Investor laughing at Amos Yee

This is what Cynical Investor wrote in his piece, ‘Black Saturday: a great day to laugh at Amos’ stupidity’.

‘Today is Black Saturday or Holy Saturday, a really sad day in the Church calender because Jesus died on Good Friday and was entombed on Saturday and his followers at the time didn’t know that he would be resurrected tomorrow, Easter.

So it’s a great day to sneer and laugh at Amos because by the end of today US time, Amos would have spent 124 days in jail in the land of the free, where the buffalo roam.

Add that to his jail time of 50 days here, he would have spent 174 days in custody.
What a born loser.’

I would not dispute with Cynical Investor on the things he said about Amos Yee being locked up for 174 days. Those were indisputable facts.  Whether Amos is a born loser is hard to say as, just like Jesus, Jesus was hung for committing no crime and did he ended up as a loser?

The Christians would definitely said Jesus was and is a big winner, with hundreds of millions of believers today. So being wronged for a time does not mean that the wrong cannot be put right. One day Amos may rise again and many would believe in him though many today did not believe him, just like the Jesus' disciples and followers at that time did not believe he would rise again. I did not say this, I just quoted what Cynical Investor said, ‘and his followers at the time didn’t know that he would be resurrected tomorrow, Easter.’

Some want to split hair with me by saying that Cynical Investor did not say they did not believe in what Jesus said but just ‘didn’t know’.  Didn’t Jesus tell them but also told them in public, that he would rise again? No? How come even the non believers then knew about this but his fellow disciples and believers did not? If Jesus did tell them, how could they claim not to know as what Cynical Investor said? Are they deaf, dumb or simply did not want to believe in what Jesus said?

This is funny stuff. Jesus’ disciple’s did not believe him or did not know what he said. It is funnier that his believers today still did not believe in a lot of things Jesus said. Jesus said he ‘was sent only for the lost sheep of Israel’. How many of his believers believe him or did not believe him? Jesus said that on Judgement Day he shall come and judge, and some will go to heaven, some will be burn in the sea of fire. How many of the believers believe in Judgement Day, that Jesus would come down to judge them and only then the righteous or those judged by Jesus could go to heaven? How many of the believers did not believe in this and claimed that they can go to heaven before Judgement Day, before Jesus judge them?

Who are the born losers, those who believe in what Jesus said or those who don’t believe in what Jesus said?


End of brinkmanship

The Americans are still screaming their heads off over North Korea. Mike Pence arrogantly said American’s policy of strategic patience is over. Trump said the biggest armada is sailing towards North Korea while Tillerson and Matthis were blowing their own horns at North Korea and also Iran.
The Americans are ratcheting up for war with North Korea and now it seems that they are also going after Iran. Fooling around and kicking Arab and Muslim asses when they have no nuclear power and unable to hit back is one thing, trying to kick asses with nuclear powers like Iran and North Korea requires more deep and careful thoughts. There is no room for mistakes or miscalculation. The Americans cannot afford it, cannot afford nuclear weapons landing on American cities.

Threatening Iran and North Korea is not a game for fools. Both countries are watching the Americans every move and a wrong reading could see them pulling the trigger in a no choice situation. The Americans have to be very very careful not to give the wrong signal or push them into a corner when they would just slam back at the Americans.

Despite all the hot air, it is apparent that the Americans too are getting cold feet. For Carl Vinson to be turning away from the Korean Peninsula there must be a good reason for so doing.  In a Reuter report it said that the order to sail Carl Vinson to North Korea was by a Japanese Commander, Harry Harris. Putting Harris staring down at Kim Jung Un is the most dangerous scenario for the Americans, with Harris a sure cock to push the button at the slightest excuse while Kim Jung Un is still an unknown element. Kim is still new and could be just as hasty to push the button at the slightest news of Americans firing off their cruise missiles.

With these two facing each other, the risk of a miscalculation is exceptionally high. Maybe this is the real reason why Washington overturned Harris order for Carl Vinson to head to North Korea but ordered to sail to the Indian Ocean.  There cannot be any wrong move and as much as the Americans could not trust Kim, they equally could not trust the trigger happy Japanese Harris in Command, with Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the back of his mind.

Sensible heads must have ruled the day. In a critical time like this, cool heads and wisdom must prevail to avoid a war by mistakes, miscalculation, or by other motives. Yes there will be no winner in a nuclear exchange. Kim at this moment must be just as highly energized and edgy and could push the button. This must be very worrying time for the Americans.

Perhaps it is better that the two sides sit down quickly to develop a protocol similar to the CUES adopted by China and the US to minimize a war by accident. The Americans and the North Koreans must sit down to work things out as not doing so would be hazardous and unacceptable. Both sides need to wind down and work out some confidence building measures to lower the tension and avoid an accidental nuclear war. War is not an option for both sides as nuclear weapons could fly over the skies at the slightest misjudgement and there will be no turning back the clock.  Both sides must be worrying themselves sick that an accident must not happen that would lead to immeasurable destruction on both sides.

No more ratcheting for wars, no more mind games, just simply sit down to work things out. The Americans in their desperation to keep painting the North Koreans as bad, as enemy, forgot that there is such a thing called confidence building measures to keep both sides sane and not too hasty to push the button. It is time the Americans rethink their hostile policies towards North Korea, to engage North Korea like they engaged China and lower tension and move away from the brink of total war.

For the sake of the American people, the Japanese and the South Koreans, the Americans must accept the new reality and make peace with North Korea instead of shouting for war. The Americans cannot win and will suffer untold damages and destruction in this war, if it ever happens.

Americans should read this to have an idea what they are meddling with:

By Ju-min Park

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean state media warned the United States of a "super-mighty preemptive strike" after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States was looking at ways to bring pressure to bear on North Korea over its nuclear programme.

U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a hard line with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who has rebuffed admonitions from sole major ally China and proceeded with nuclear and missile programmes in defiance of U.N. Security Council sanctions.

The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North's ruling Workers' Party, did not mince its words.

"In the case of our super-mighty preemptive strike being launched, it will completely and immediately wipe out not only U.S. imperialists' invasion forces in South Korea and its surrounding areas but the U.S. mainland and reduce them to ashes," it said.

Reclusive North Korea regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the United States and has shown no let-up in its belligerence after a failed missile test on Sunday, a day after putting on a huge display of missiles at a parade in Pyongyang.

"We're reviewing all the status of North Korea, both in terms of state sponsorship of terrorism as well as the other ways in which we can bring pressure on the regime in Pyongyang to re-engage with us, but re-engage with us on a different footing than past talks have been held," Tillerson told reporters in Washington on Wednesday.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, on a tour of Asian allies, has said repeatedly an "era of strategic patience" with North Korea is over.


What’s wrong being a Communist?

Today I can ask such a question without fear of being taken away in the middle of the night and locked up forever without trial. There was a time when talking about Communism and saying things good about Communism could end a person being branded as a communist and never see daylight thereafter.

I just read Teo Soh Lung’s post in the TRE about her arrest with 21 others in 1987, accused of being communists. And she wrote this, 
‘Today I categorically deny again that I was a communist in 1987. I deny that I was ever involved in any communist network. I invite the government to prove its case against me or charge me in court if they so wish. I know it will never convene a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the gross injustice done to those arrested.

What laws do the government need to fight fake news? It should put its house in order before it enacts more laws to blind and gag the people of Singapore.’
This prompts me to ask this question, what is wrong being a communist? Trump had dinner with Xi Jinping, the President of Communist China, so must also be a communist. Xi Jinping and his wife were invited to spend a few days in Buckingham Palace too and welcomed all over the world. The communists from China and Russia are every where as tourists, businessmen, professionals, students and whatever. There can’t be anything wrong with being a communist right?

But in those dark days of our history, associating with Communism, reading communist literature, being a communist, was like becoming a member of Satan, more frightening than being the enemy of the state. Communism is only a political ideology, an ideology of a perfect state, an utopia, where everyone is equal and live in prosperity like paradise on earth. The problems of Communism then were its militant methodology to achieve political power by force. Then Communism advocated the end justified the means and the violent overthrow of existing govts. Communism was associated with violent means.

Today, many western countries have communist parties operating legitimately as another alternative party. Would someone calling himself a communist today in Singapore be arrested? I am afraid I don’t know what is the official stand on this, because the daft could not move with the changing time and could not adapt to the new reality that Communism has in a way abandoned the violent overthrow of govts. It is western democratic capitalist countries that are using force and violence to overthrow govts, conduct wars and regime change. This is not funny.

This is also the reason why Teo Soh Lung is vehemently disclaiming that she was a communist. Is it important if she was or was not a communist then? Ah, yes and no. Yes because she is making the point that she and her group were not communists but arrested and accused of being communists, for being communists then was a crime or anti state. No, not relevant today because I think one cannot be arrested just because he is a communist, or else all the Chinese from China would not be allowed entry here. I stand corrected on this. There is no official statement on this point yet. A foreign communist is allowed here, but not sure a Singaporean can be a member of a communist party today.

Can one be a communist and would not be arrested here, and be allowed to live just like everyone else? Can one form a communist party and contest in the general election? Has the govt grew up and accept Communism as another political ideology and a communist party is acceptable here as long as it does not preach violence or using force to gain political power?

I don’t think anyone has addressed this issue or say anything for or against it. It looks like Communism is still taboo here though many are doing business with the communists, wining and dining, making deals and even jumping into bed with the communists.


Model answers for writing CVs

This is another sad case of a PMET unable to find job in his beloved country that he pledged to protect with his life and offered the best part of his life doing National Service to be paid pittance and to lose out in job opportunities and working experience. There are many such cases that are so desperate, no one to turn to and Gilbert was the last place to let go their frustration.
‘PMET jobless for 18 months and feeling frustrated at CECA arrangement - Dear Gilbert, as I read this, it reminds me of my own situation. I was hired into the company with the bosses promising me a career change. …
Maybe I should set up an agency to help these people with model answers in writing CVs for job applications. Singaporeans have gone through a school system that is fundamentally based on model answers. No thinking required, just game the system by reproducing model answers from model past questions. So selling model answer CVs could be a good business to the daft Singaporeans. Oops, not sure who is daft, the people willing to buy model answer CVs or me, thinking that a model CV could get them a job, never mind if they have or did not have the skills for the job. A good CV to land a job?
This last part is also questionable. How many businesses hiring foreigners here hired them for their skills, qualifications or their CVs? How many out there were employed by submitting faked degree mill degrees or model answer CVs with doctored or false working experience and skills?
What is real? How and why the foreigners are employed by the busloads and not Singaporeans. Let me remind you people reading this, to notice that I have been repeating the word ‘Singaporeans’ here many many times. You don’t read ‘Singaporeans’ anywhere else on such matters except here, I think. Other places and media would use terms like locals, residents without giving a clue whether they meant Singaporeans, PRs or residents.
Ok, back to this thing, how are so many foreigners finding jobs here so easily but Singaporeans are finding it so difficult? Is it just a matter of CVs, fake qualifications or something else and what is this something else? I can write beautiful CVs for sale, but I cannot guarantee anyone getting a job for it because of this ‘something else’ that ended with foreigners being hired and not Singaporeans. If you open your eyes and look around, many companies, including GLCs are flooded with foreigners who don’t look anything talented at all. Just take a walk around Raffles Place and MBFC and you will see hordes of so called foreign talents working happily here. I must state it clearly here that I did not sell my model answer CVs to them to get the jobs. Most of them got their jobs through something else.
Still guessing what is this something else? Some may call it the X factor. I also dunno, but those who know would not tell you and keep hiring the foreigners over Singaporeans with their version of model answer CVs and degrees that have everything the employers want.
I think only daft Singaporeans would buy my CVs and still go jobless, not even call up for interviews after sending out 100, 200 or 500 application letters because the hirers can smell if the application letters are from Singaporeans or from foreigners. More than half a million successful foreigners are hired in this City called Singapore.
Dunno to laugh or to cry. Why did I say this? Because it depends on who you are, a foreigner or a Singaporean. If you are a foreigner you will be very happy and laughing. If you are a Singaporean, like those writing to Gilbert Goh, you will be crying until no tears left.


When would the Evil Empire stop threatening other countries?

The Americans are threatening the North Koreans of a pre emptive strike in the name of peace. What horse shit! There is peace in North East Asia now and for many years. The Americans are threatening war and going to start a war that they called it to maintain peace. How many silly buggers believe in this shit?

Wherever the Americans are present, there is war. They just attacked Syria and dropped the biggest non nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. They are conducting wars everywhere and so many nitwits are saying the Americans are peaceful people, maintaining peace, the world’s policeman. How silly can people be when the devil is walking around not only threatening peace but starting wars and conducting wars. And the North Koreans are to be blamed?

Mike Pence is bragging and boasting about how powerful the American war machine and weapons are. Don’t test Trump, for he would bomb the daylight out of you. This is America, the Evil Empire. We will use our military strength to whack any country that dares to defy us and not listen to us. We have threatened Russia, China and now this naughty North Korea.

All options are on the table, meaning the Americans would attack the North Koreans when they deemed fit. We will work with our allies, for war, but Pence said for peace. Who is the warmonger? Who is the provocative bastard who is going to start a war? North Koreans?

Come on, use your blain, if you got one. Use it before it becomes useless, unable to think. Adam ate the fruit of wisdom to know what is right and wrong. Don’t waste this gift to be able to think. The Americans are at war in all corners of the globe. Open your eyes and see. None is too blind than those who have eyes but not see.

This was what the Americans did to North Korea during the Korean War that resulted with famines for several decades. Article written by Mike Whitney and posted in The 4th Dimension. http://www.4thmedia.org/2017/04/the-problem-is-washington-not-north-korea/#.WPWjy9UMZ_U.gmail
“In the early 1950s, during the Korean War, the US dropped more bombs on North Korea than it had dropped in the entire Pacific theater during World War II. This carpet bombing, which included 32,000 tons of napalm, often deliberately targeted civilian as well as military targets, devastating the country far beyond what was necessary to fight the war. Whole cities were destroyed, with many thousands of innocent civilians killed and many more left homeless and hungry….”
According to US journalist Blaine Harden: “Over a period of three years or so, we killed off — what — 20 percent of the population,” Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, told the Office of Air Force History in 1984. Dean Rusk, a supporter of the war and later secretary of state, said the United States bombed “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another.” After running low on urban targets, U.S. bombers destroyed hydroelectric and irrigation dams in the later stages of the war, flooding farmland and destroying crops……

“On January 3 at 10:30 AM an armada of 82 flying fortresses loosed their death-dealing load on the city of Pyongyang …Hundreds of tons of bombs and incendiary compound were simultaneously dropped throughout the city, causing annihilating fires, the transatlantic barbarians bombed the city with delayed-action high-explosive bombs which exploded at intervals for a whole day making it impossible for the people to come out onto the streets. The entire city has now been burning, enveloped in flames, for two days. By the second day, 7,812 civilians houses had been burnt down.

The Americans were well aware that there were no military targets left in Pyongyang… The number of inhabitants of Pyongyang killed by bomb splinters, burnt alive and suffocated by smoke is incalculable…Some 50,000 inhabitants remain in the city which before the war had a population of 500,000.” (“Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea“, Vox World)

The United States killed over 2 million people in a country that posed no threat to US national security. Like Vietnam, the Korean War was just another muscle-flexing exercise the US periodically engages in whenever it gets bored or needs some far-flung location to try out its new weapons systems….


Othman Wok – The man could have been a president

Othman Wok passed away peacefully and gracefully yesterday. The govt has ordered the state flag to be flown at half mast for this stalwart of an era we cherished dearly all because of these great men and women of that time. He was also honoured with a ‘state assisted’ funeral.

This charming man walked the pages of our pioneering history with pride and grace, doing the right things for the people and nation. It was a pity he was not nominated to be a president in the prime of his life. He would definitely make a good president and a people’s president given his character and temperament. Well we missed this chance to have Othman Wok in the Istana.

For missing this great opportunity, we are now caught in a bind with the PE thing. So unnecessary and so avoidable and could become very nasty in the future knowing how race and religion can be played up in politics.

The new paradise in Sin

In a way Singaporeans are like Adam and Eve living in paradise, in the Garden of Eden. In that Garden Adam and Eve lived a life of blissful abundance, without a care, as God was there to protect them from all evil and harm. God was so confident that he would take very good care of them that he even forbade them from eating the fruits from the Tree of Wisdom. For once taken, they would know right from wrong, like putting on a fig leaf and would be able to make decisions, just like God. God did not want that. God, being the consummate caring father, wanted to take very good care of them, from cradle to grave. Adam and Eve should remain like innocent children, never grow up.

God did not even tell them of the evil or devil lurking in the corner. Yes, there was evil in the Garden of Eden in the form of a snake. Why God did not tell Adam and Eve about the devil was puzzling. Why God did not caution them, warn them to be careful of the snake, was even more puzzling.

The Singaporeans are just as innocent, some called it naïve, to think that God would take care of everything and life would be a bliss. No harm would come to them as long as they remain innocent and unthinking. God is around to protect them. But when the snakes flooded the City, in this case brought in by the Gods, the Singaporeans were at a loss. They did not know what is happening or what could happen to them. They did not know the snakes are dangerous, just like Adam and Eve.

They lost their jobs to the snakes, their children’s university places to the snakes without knowing why. They would not know why, they did not want to know why, for they were not able to think, a skill that God forbids. They did not know that if things go on as it is, they would lose their country, their paradise, to the snakes in a matter of time. They are still just as happy and innocent as Adam and Eve, oblivious of the dreadful fate awaiting them when the snakes take over their country.

When would the snakes offer them the fruit of wisdom to know what is happening to them, to their lives and their country? They don’t even know that the money they saved for a life time is no longer their money. Someone said so in Parliament. Oh, this time the snakes would not offer them the fruit of wisdom to know what is happening. The snakes are too clever and would wait to take over their country and everything from the modern day Adam and Eve in the Garden of Sin. Actually not to worry, God will take care of everything.

Please, someone please offer the fruit of wisdom to the daft Singaporeans.


Why would anyone want to fly United Airline?

 Additional officers placed on leave over United passenger removal

Why would anyone want to fly United Airlines after seeing what happened in this video? Or shall I say why would any Asians want to fly United Airlines?

Why would anyone want to buy an airline ticket, paying good money, to be treated like a terrorist, to be bloodied because the airline fouled up by being over booked? Whose fault was it, definitely not the passenger. And why would passengers going on holiday or looking for a peaceful and pleasant flight home be treated or exposed to a violent and horrifying experience inside an aircraft?

Other than the victimised passenger that was brutalised, should not all the passengers filed a lawful for the frightening and upsetting ordeal that they did not pay for it and should not be made to sit through it? It was very upsetting for adults and children to be put through the ordeal. The shock, the emotional turmoil and psychological impact on the passengers must be compensated. It cannot happen in a civilized country, in a plane run by a civilized people.

I would never fly in this airline in my life.

Children, read only the pages I marked can read, the rest cannot read

This is what Shania Ong wrote about the new laws Shanmugam is mooting to protect the daft Sinkies so that they would not be bluffed by fake news. The full article is posted in TRE under the heading ‘Selective investigation of ‘fake news’ by police?’
‘Question we need to ask ourselves is: “Are we really that stupid or dumb as a First World Nation to need the government to tell us what we can or cannot read and believe”? And the manner in which our police and politicians alike being so afraid of netizens taking to social media to air grievances or exposing victimization is very telling of what they really have to hide!....
I believe as people of Singapore, we are wiser than the government thinks and can discern right from wrong, falsehoods and truths. Is just that things have not gotten to a point where we feel we need to change the government or vote in a one third SDP-filled Parliament. But that might just change depending on how much we are able to tolerate the unaccountable price hikes, rapidly growing foreign workforce from Philippines, India and China in recession time and artificially suppressed wages with spiralling costs of living.’
You see, Shania has a point. The most well educated people from the first world, a sophisticated city state, very well travelled, very well informed, need to be protected from fake news because…They are innocent like children. They could not tell the difference between fake news and real news. It is good that the govt steps in to put in more rules and laws to protect them.
Singaporeans are a pitiful lot. Daft, daft, daft.
Oops, look at this as an alternative truth, Singaporeans are so lucky, being taken care off by a very caring govt, from cradle to grave. They will not be harmed in anyway by sinister and evil people. They are like living in the Garden of Eden, with God protecting them day and night, before Adam ate the fruit from the Tree of Wisdom. Must also tell them what can eat and what cannot eat and what time to go to bed. The children will forever never grow up.
Oops, when can go to the toilet also tell them, and must also paste the fig leaf on when walking about.
PS: The international readers reading this piece of news must be laughing themselves crazy. But this is no joke. It is very serious in Sin City. That is why this is a world class first world city with the best universities in the world. Dunno what they are being taught, but one thing for sure, no need to think.
Need to raise water price by 30% to teach the children the value of water!


Good morning America. Welcome to Korea

''Good morning America''. This is a greeting from Radio America in Korea, a message from Emperor Trump.

''You boys and girls out there, please enjoy your breakfast, eat all you can, for this may be your last breakfast, or the next breakfast would be your last breakfast. This message is also for our South Korean friends and Japanese in the islands of Japan, in Tokyo and all the big Japanese cities. Enjoy your kimchi and sushi and sashimi, This may be your last meal, or the next meal could be your last meal. You see, there is a very bad boy in North Korea. He is going to make a bomb that could reach the United States of America. And when he has the bomb, he is going to hit us, so we gonna hit him first.'

I am not sure that Kim is a bad boy. But I am very sure that Trump and his American gangsters are the bad ones, the mad ones. They tried to con the world and the American people that Kim is mad, that once he had a bomb, he would, for no reason, want to fly his bomb to the USA. He is a threat to American security! And this Kim did not know that the Americans have enough bombs to flatten the whole of North Korea, even the whole world. And should Kim do what the mad Americans are claiming that he is mad enough to do that, he would invite the destruction of his country and his people. Now how many silly people in the world, how many silly Americans, believe in this shit?

The one that is really mad and bad is of course Trump and his idiotic and vicious gangsters. They are going to start a war on a fake belief, a nonsensical belief that North Korea, for no good reason, wanted to fly his bombs to the USA to kill a handful of Americans so that the Americans could unload everything they had onto North Korea. Oops, my apologies to the silly Americans, there are also many daft and sick Singaporeans that also believed that the North Koreans for no reason would want to fly their bombs to strike this little piece of rock.

Good morning America. Please believe that your mad leaders are sane and support them to start a war, to start bombing a country that is living their own lives and having a peaceful breakfast with their families just like you and your families enjoying your hamburgers and scrambled eggs and reading your morning papers on the latest basketball news or baseball news. You may not have the chance to do this once your mad leaders in Washington start their madness to burn the North Koreans to ashes, all for peace of course. But be sure the North Koreans are unlike the poorly armed Arab and Muslim countries. The North Koreans would hit back and some of you will no longer be around to enjoy your breakfast on a bright sunny Sunday morning.

Good morning America, welcome to Korea. This is so fun. We can have a new MASH series to entertain you folks at home, that is if you are still alive.

PS. The 'mad' Kim Jung Un as painted by the fucking Americans is not mad after all. He is more sane than any of those motherfuckers in Washington. He has not tested another device during yesterday's celebration, knowing that it would give the mad men in Washington a chance to start a war. A nuclear test would give Trump and his gangsters no way to back out.

Kim has sensibly taken a step back by not testing his weapons. Trump would now have a way out to scale down his hostility without losing face. Would Trump do it or would he think this is a sign of weakness in Kim and continue to escalate the tension and launch an attack on North Korea?

Oops, looks like the mad Americans are going to strike. The latest news, hot from the oven by the American Pacific Command, North Korean missile blew up on the launch pad this morning, meaning maybe an hour ago. So no one could see a missile flying but the Americans said so, that Kim still test launched a missile when he should be doing it yesterday as part of the celebration. How true is this piece of negative news, or is it another fabricated news from the Americans? No one would know the truth except that it was reported by the Americans. How lame can it be?


City Harvest judgement - God’s punishment

I am not religious, I don’t have a religion and unlikely to have one. Why am I talking about God’s punishment in this queer case? Actually it was a fairly straight forward case but somehow, somewhere a long the line, it seemed that something had happened, maybe God’s intervention, that the whole thing starts to smell, to look foul and to turn foul. Everyone is crying foul, from the people in the streets, in the kopitiams, in the govt, in the churches, in City Harvest, foul, foul, foul…

This is why I say it is God’s punishment. The only thing I am not sure, who is God punishing, the good ones, the innocent ones, the crooked ones, the holy ones, or the scheming ones? Come to think of it, everyone is being punished. No one is spared, from the accused/guilty parties from the CHC to the courts and the govt. Everyone seems to have been tarred by the soil water splashing around.

Everyone is looking ugly and smelly. How could this happen this way when only the culprits should be punished while the rest of the innocents, the courts and govt, should be standing on high ground as the deliverers of justice and looking good and shining bright, but not?

As they said, don’t meddle with shit, don’t play with shit, your hands would be dirty like shit and you will smell like shit. God’s punishment is on everyone dabbling with shit or putting their hands into the pot of shit. The good court and the judges are also being hurled with shit until Shanmugam had to tell the people to be less generous with their expletives. Unbelieveable, but as they said, God works in a mysterious way that human beans would not be able to understand. This is a rare case when the govt has to say ''tolong''.

What do you think?


The height of American treachery and hypocrisy

The height of American treachery and hypocrisy

Read this extract from Reuters.
‘US to hold accountable those who commit crimes against the "innocent"

By Crispian Balmer and Steve Scherer
LUCCA, Italy (Reuters) - The United States will hold responsible anyone who commits crimes against humanity, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday, days after the U.S. military unexpectedly attacked Syria.
Tillerson is in Italy for a meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) major industrialised nations, with his counterparts from Europe and Japan eager for clarity from Washington on numerous diplomatic issues, especially Syria.
Before the April 7 missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, U.S. President Donald Trump had indicated he would be less interventionist than his predecessors and willing to overlook human rights abuses if it was in U.S. interests.
But Tillerson said the United States would not let such crimes go unchallenged. "We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world," he told reporters while commemorating a 1944 German Nazi massacre in Sant'Anna di Stazzema.’

Who has been murdering the innocents? Assad? Heard of the name Bush and Blair? Remember what happened prior to the invasion of Iraq? Remember the reasons and ‘truth’ and eventually turned out to be lies and fabricated truth that has not an ounce of truth? But how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, civilians, mothers and children died because of this lie?

Is this not an act of treachery, a crime against humanity? When is Tillerson or the righteous Americans going to charge Bush and Blair for this outrageous and abominable crime against the people of Iraq? No crime? Bush and Blair were innocent, the American invading forces were innocent?

The few tens of victims of this alleged used of chemical weapons, not proven yet as to who was behind it, is nothing compared to the destruction of a nation called Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of victims in a crime of disproportional dimension. "We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world,"? Is this for real?

Until Bush and Blair are apprehended and charged and hanged, please go and hide in the toilet and feel the sense of injustice and shame. You Americans have the blood of innocent Iraqis, hundreds of thousands of them, in your hands.

Yes Tillerson, yes America, when are you going to hand Bush and Blair? Justice must be done.

Wait, the biggest war criminal is coming next, the one that starts the Second Korean War. Both Koreas and Koreans would be wiped out, taking along a few big Japanese cities and millions of Japanese as well, and of course some Americans in Japan in South Korea. And if luck is not on the American side, a few major American cities too.


Singapore’s quitting game

Quitting is the name of the game in Singapore. Everyone that is not making it is quitting starting from the PMETs. This is so strange when there are millions of foreigners happily working here and many queuing to come, claiming that it is so easy to find a job here. Many of these very experienced and well qualified Singaporean professionals (I have to mention the word Singaporean or else it would be forgotten) are quitting or have quitted the employment scene. Many are forced into early retirement against their wishes. How could anyone in his right mind be quitting from employment in the most expensive city in the world? How is he going to survive especially those with outstanding housing loans and children to take care of, with some in secondary schools or universities that need a lot of money to continue what they are doing?

The quitting game is also quite seriously played in immigration. Many have left the shore for one reason or another, primarily unable to survive without an income and quitting is the only way to realize some cash by selling off their overpriced HDB flats and also to take out all their savings in their CPF.

Promising young students that could not find a place in the local universities, as the universities need to fulfil the criteria of having foreign students to rise in some silly ranking systems chose to fill their places with foreigners, would also have to quit to find places in foreign universities and subsequently stay on in the countries that were generous enough to offer them places in their universities.

Quitting is not confined to just humans losing their jobs or migrating. Companies in the main board of the stock exchange are also quitting. More and more are seeking to delist from the ailing stock exchange when their value are eroded by the dismal performance of a half dead or half alive stock market. Delisting is to protect the real worth of the stocks and without having to pay hefty listing fees all for nothing and then switch to list in other healthier stock exchanges..

The latest trend that is catching up in the above list may be seeking political asylum. Amos Yee has done it. Han Hui Hui has been mentioned to be the next candidate. These are very young people, Amos is below 18 and Han Hui Hui in the early twenties. What horrendous crimes have they committed that they have to run away from their homeland? Is their homeland so unforgiving to young people having missteps in their lives? Who would be next, Roy Ngerng who could not find a job in his country and is now in Taiwan? And would there be more?

What is the next quitting game? Quit applying for jobs? Quit from becoming Singaporeans, quit the country for good?


New York and Chicago flattened by nuclear bombs

New York and Chicago were hit by two nuclear bombs from North Korea. Seoul and Tokyo and several cities in South Korea and Japan were also hit. North Korea was totally wiped out by a series of attacks launched by the Americans from the Pacific Strike Groups. There is no more North Korea. North Korea has been turned into a nuclear waste land. And there is no more New York and Chicago, no more Tokyo and Seoul.

This is about the least destruction that would happen should the mad Americans and a reckless Trump go ahead with his military action against North Korea. The nuclear attack on homeland America and the losing of two or more American cities to nuclear attacks are not fiction and could happen. Millions of innocent Americans that could be having their hamburgers and watching baseball would not be around any more, to go along with the millions of North Koreans taken out by a foolish American preemptive strike on North Korea.

At the moment many, including dumb Americans, are still thinking that a military strike like what Trump did to Syria would be the same and the Americans could laugh about it, could brag about it after the event. It was fun. Taking on North Korea is a different proposition. It is like dancing with black death. Death and destruction would be invited to American homeland, to Japan and South Korea. There is no other version of living happily forever. Yes, the North Korean problem would be solved forever.

While everyone, the Koreans, Japanese and Americans are having peace and living their good lives, going about daily enjoying life, this could be all over if the mad and reckless Trump and his idiots in Washington think they could get away with murder. The world would be very different after a military attack on North Korea. The North Koreans would not go away quietly after being attacked. They would let go everything they had. It is the same thinking, fire everything or there is no time to fire them. 

Are the Americans prepared for this disaster in the name of peace, in the name of provocation, when they are the most provocative warmonger, to start a nuclear holocaust that would bring along millions of Americans, Koreans and Japanese as war collaterals?

This is not play school thing. This is real, murder at a global scale. The Americans should not think they could play the big bully game with the North Koreans. The North Koreans have been preparing for this and are ready to face the Americans when all hell breaks lose.

Would sanity rule the day and save the millions of Americans, Japanese and Koreans that would otherwise be history?


The Evil Empire versus Rogue Regime

The Evil Empire struck at Syria and walked away chuckling, leaving Putin red faced and Assad looking so hapless. What can Putin or Assad do after being kicked in the ass except to say, ‘if you do it again we will hit back’. This is so lame, and what a loser could do anyway, and always be a loser. Assad could not hit back to risk a total wipe out. Putin dares not hit back for lack of will and fear of the fire power of the Evil Empire. And the world tolerated or accepted the bullying of the Evil Empire as if it is its right to attack any country it wants, for the right or wrong reason, for real or fake reasons, for lies and fabricated truth. The chemical attack by Assad was not even proven except by the accusation of the Americans just like the WMD. What if it was the Americans behind the chemical attack and put the blame on Assad?

And the Evil Empire told the world that it attacked Syria because Syria was bad, Syria used chemical weapons. Who really used chemical weapons on the Syrians? Anyone knows? Oh the Americans said so, just like Iraq had WMD. The treachery and arrogance of power to bully smaller states are what the Evil Empire is good at and has been doing it for decades after becoming the number one super power.

Now the next target is North Korea. The Evil Empire has branded the North Koreans as a Rogue Regime just because it was developing its own weapons for its own security. This is not allowed. Only the Evil Empire is allowed to have a monopoly of the world’s most destructive and deadliest military weapons, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. Having such weapons for a smaller country is bad behavior, unacceptable and it is right for the Evil Empire to attack and even invade the country for the possession of such weapons.

The right to attack any country is the right of the Evil Empire. The Evil Empire can attack any country by saying its national interest is at stake. No other country can do that and get away with it. Now after the successful attack of Syria under another fake news or fabricated incident, the Evil Empire is on another mission to attack North Korea. The Evil Empire is a peaceful Empire, a benign Empire? When it attacks another country, it is for peace.

What would the Rogue Regime do if it is attacked? Mind you, the Rogue Regime is in possession of nuclear weapons as well and can deliver the nuclear bombs. Whether the bombs could be delivered to the USA homeland may still be questionable, but delivering to Japan is a piece of cake and Yokosuka is an American military base, just the right target. If the Evil Empire dares to attack the Rogue Regime, the North Koreans would behave exactly as what the Americans branded them, like rogues, and fire their missiles with nuclear or conventional warheads into Japan for sure and maybe to the USA.

Would Emperor Trump pull the trigger to test the Rogue Kim and see how Kim will respond? Trump may think his flexibility is an asset, Kim’s unpredictability also an asset. You can hit me, I can hit you. Let’s see how the Evil Empire starts this war with the Rogue Regime and see how far the war will escalate.

Would Trump dare to pull the trigger and bring upon a nuclear holocaust? How mad are the Americans, oops, I mean how mad is Trump or how mad is the Japanese Commander commanding the American Pacific Command? Would it lead to the Evil Empire and the Rogue Regime killing each other or would it lead to the Rogue Regime unleashing all its might on Japan?

This is not a game for small boys but for seriously insane people. One thing for sure, Kim would not be so mad to be the first to pull the trigger. The only mad guy to pull the trigger first would be the mad Americans commanded by an equally mad Japanese Commander that has a hidden agenda, to drag the Americans into a war with China and Russia.

PS. The deadliest combination is a bunch of mad Americans led by a treacherous Japanese with a hidden agenda and with all the nuclear weapons at their disposal.


Elected President - How stupid it can be

When life was simple, when a Malay was a Malay, a Chinese a Chinese, an Indian an Indian, it makes sense to talk about a Malay President, an Indian President, a Chinese President or an Eurasian President. Or at least in those times, the racial divide or ethnicity was fairly obvious though when dig deeper, there would still be some adulteration.

No one has any doubt or misgivings about President Ishak, Sheares, Nair or Nathan as to who they were and their ethnicity. Fast forward 50 years, how many Malays, Indians and Chinese are really Malay, Indian or Chinese? One day Vivian Balakrisnan may be standing for the EP, or his children, or children of Dhanabalan, Yaacob, Tarmugi, Mah Bow Tan, Tharman or any of those who have mixed parenthood, what ethnic group would they be representing? Some may have grandparents of Arabs, Indonesians, Chinese, Indian and every other race on earth, their DNAs could be so mixed, with 4 or 5 ethnic tribes in them, they could claim anything they want to be but would they be acceptable?

The children of a first time mixed parenthood could go forth to marry again, what ethnic group would they become? A simple example is a Malay Chinese or an Indian Chinese family. Would their children be called Malay, Indian or Chinese?  What would their children be called if they marry into a minority race or a majority race?

Life is getting more complicated and messy by the days and this EP is looking more foolish by the days as the rojak culture gets stirred and mixed up more vigorously. The claim to ethnicity in the future is going to make many people looked very silly when they have to prove how Malay, Indian or Chinese or rojak.

The globalisation and open leg policy of the govt is going to make this issue more funny and queer than you think. Everyone would be more aware of their parentage and ethnicity all because of this EP thing or would be questioning whoever claims to be a minority. Their ancestry would not be spared and there will be calls to dig and dig about the past.

This EP thing is so unbelieveable! And to think that it is a clever thing when it is going to be a joke in the future. More important, it would be the most divisive thing in the Constitution and portends for more troubles to come to divide this nation.


China – Protection of ethnic Chinese around the world

After 150 years of humiliating and falling victim of western invasion and semi colonization, China has risen to take its rightful place as a major world power, not to be invaded, humiliated or intimidated again. Any country thinking of invading China today must be insane. Not even the Americans would covert such a devious plan and intent to invade China ever again. The thought of it is simply unthinkable today.

During the darkest days of China and the Chinese Civilisation, the Chinese diaspora was scattered all over the world, mainly to the USA and Southeast Asia. This diaspora fell victims in their host countries through racism, discrimination, exploitation, violence and even genocides.  China could only watch from a distance haplessly, unable to lift a finger to protect its overseas Chinese. The victimization and discrimination of the disapora continued till the late 20th Century with many fallen victims to massacres in SE Asian countries.

China today has stood up to claim responsibility to protect the well beings of the Chinese disapora by enacting a new law for all Chinese whether they are citizens of China or other countries, whether they are born overseas after several generations of naturalization. Regardless of citizenship and country of birth, all Chinese will be protected as long as they belong to the Chinese Civilisation.

Here is the new Chinese Law on the protection of the Chinese Civilisation, all Overseas Ethnic Chinese – Amendment articles 50 and 89(12) of the People’s Republic of China Constitution enshrine the Law of Return for ALL ethnic Chinese who have emigrated abroad, even those who did so before the proclamation of the Republic, and covers ALL their descendants born in other countries and holding other nationalities and who have never stepped foot in China before. In the unlikely event that a definable community of ethnic Chinese outside China is threatened with racial violence or genocide, China would provide all assistance to the oppressed community, whether in the form of diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, or limited military action to secure the safety and effect evacuation of the said community whose members are all welcomed to return to China to settle there as full citizens with special constitutional privileges granted on to returnees.

This China’s Law if Return is similar to that of Israel and Germany.  See http://qwb.sh.gov.cn/shqb/english/laws/userobject1ai1252.html . This law and the protection of its citizens/ethnic Chinese are likely to be similar to what the Americans are also doing around the world to protect American citizens. China is now able to and in a position to do the same for all ethnic Chinese around the world, to protect them and to offer them to return to China if necessary.

China is now staking its rightful claims to be responsible to all ethnic Chinese around the world, that they belong to the Chinese Civilisation and will henceforth come under the protection of China should they fell victims to violence, discrimination and genocides.  China is now a world power standing up to protect the Chinese Civilisation in all corners of the world.


Emperor Trump's act of war

Like all American Emperors, Trump has to prove that he is another emperor that would use military force against any country the Americans branded as enemy. The slimy Emperor Obama was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize on his first few months in office and subsequently went on to engage in more wars and destruction in the Middle East, killing more Arabs and Muslims and destroying their lives. Trump cannot be outdone given his aggressive temperament. All he needed was an excuse, a false flag incident, no need for any proof, to attack Syria. The earlier reasons for the Americans to be fighting in Syria were to support the rebels and to fight ISIS. Now it is an attack on a country, Syria, using devious and questionable reasons.

Assad has all the reasons not to use chemical weapons on his people. He is riding the wave of military victories over a depleted, defeated and about to expire ISIS and rebel groups. It is only a matter of months before he wipes out the ISIS and rebels to bring peace to his country. His chemical weapons, whatever was left, had been transported to Russia in compliance with international and American pressure to rid his country of chemical weapons. And Assad knows that the Americans would need the flimsiest excuse to attack him. Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time?

It is totally illogical and rubbish for Assad to do that to invite an attack from the Americans, just like all the false flag incidents against North Korea that could easily precipitated into a similar attack by the Americans. The Americans are fabricating this story just like the WMD crime committed by Bush and Blair. The intent is so obvious that it was another black ops executed by the Americans to justify its attack on Syria. The Americans have all the reasons to strike to protect the ISIS and rebels that are running for their lives to avoid annihilation. The Americans must stop Assad fast to protect them.

Putin is going to be furious and he has no option but to strike back at the Americans. He must or he would lose all credibility as a leader of a major power nation. Trump has just slapped his face in front of the world spectators, and telling Xi Jinping personally he just did it, in glee. Knowing Putin, and knowing that he has just been humiliated and cornered by Trump, he would lash back. Political rhetoric would not be enough for Putin to stand tall, to be seen as not a push over.

Emperor Trump and the American military must expect a counter blow, a body strike from Putin in double quick time. Trump has just started WW3. Though the Americans would try to say that it was an isolated attack and nothing more to try to limit and manage the stage of war, it is not up to the Americans to dictate the nature and scale of war and where and when the Russians would hit back. Some mad Americans are still chuckling about this act of 'I can hit you, you can't hit me' operation and declaring that America should do more attacks.

The Americans must have no doubt that the Russians are more than capable of hitting back and would hit back. The Russians must hit back and this incident would quickly escalate into a full clash between the Russians and the Americans, and their allies would soon be dragged into the fray.

Well done Emperor Trump. You have proven to be a hot blooded American Emperor like the rest of the American Emperors and would be getting your Nobel Prize for Peace very soon. And you may be honoured in perpetuity as the American Emperor that started World War 3.


USA attacks Syria

The Americans are so desperate to save ISIS that they have to attack Syria with a fabricated lie like Sarin gas claimed to be used by Assad against his own people. Today, after the WMD lie in Iraq was exposed, who would ever believe the American lies anymore. But the desperadoes had no choice if they don't act now, there would be no more ISIS left in Syria.

The attack on Syria is also a prelude to a similar attack on North Korea. It would be done in the same way. Kim JongUn better be prepared. Would Russia and Assad hit back at the 6th Fleet? If no, that would be the end of the Russians and Assad in Syria. Let's watch what Putin would do.

The Americans are saying, I can hit you but you cannot hit me or afraid to hit me. This is a lesson that Kim JongUn must learn quickly before the missiles fall on North Korea. He must make it known to the Americans that if the Americans are free to hit North Korea anywhere at their discretion, the North Koreans would also hit the Americans at their own discretion. The choice targets would be American bases in Yokosuka and Okinawa and also those in South Korea.
The world is at the brink of a WW3 with Putin deciding when he is going to strike at the Americans. The mad Americans are gambling that Putin would not retaliate. North Koreas should buy a few DF21 quickly and aim at the aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan. A hit on one of these aircraft carriers would be a sound warning to the Americans not to fool around with the North Koreans.

Watch out for more fireworks both in the Middle East and in East Asia.

US owes Cambodia billions of dollars in war debt, ( Continue )

In the intervening years several attempts were made by CIA to assassinate Prince Sihanouck. Fortunately all the attempts failed.
The so called war debt US demand from Cambodia was money given to the illegitimate government of Lon Nol, a traitor and US running dog. Only Lon NOl and a few of his accomplices benefitted from the money given by US. Since Lon Nol's rule was illegitimate it follows naturally that the debt has nothing to do with the present legitimate government of Cambodia under Hong Sen.

To demand Cambodia to repay millions in dubious war debt is tantamount to extortion . This reminds the world how previously many European countries, ( inclusive of England, France, Germany, Holland and Russia ) US and Japan attacked and invaded China and after defeating China in their imperial wars they jointly demanded and imposed on China to pay each of their country hundreds of millions of Chinese silver dollars as compensation in war indemnity. This indemnity was imposed in addition to their illegal occupation of Chinese territories as fruits of their victory and in exercising exterritorial rights in all the Chinese ports and cities where they were in absolute control of custom duties and revenues and taxes resulting in lost of revenue to China and thus devastatingly impoverished China. Isn't Cambodia in a similar position now.

Prince Sihanouck knew it never paid to receive US aid or loan for it only served to  undermine Cambodia's independence and cause it to destabilise and destroy Cambodia.Nevertheless US infiltrated Cambodia's military through CIA and succeeded in recruiting General Lon Nol to stage a coup against Prince Sihanouck forcing into exile in Beijing under the safe protection of China.

During Lon Nol's illegitimate rule from 1966 to mid 1970s US carried out mass carpet bombing all over Cambodia causing not only great destruction and massive lost of lives but also tremendous lost of economic activities . The mass carpet bombing cost irreparable damage to Cambodia's eco systems because of US use of defoliage agent 'agent orange'. Even now thousands of unexploded bombs and mines are still found embedded underground all over Cambodia causing deaths and casualties every year to Cambodians who unknowingly stepped on or hit the mines in the course of their daily life activity.

The lost to Cambodia resulting from US invasion and carpet bombing is incalculable . It should be in the region of hundreds of billions of dollars . Cambodia should now claim this compensation from US and present it with the bill which is only just and proper.


Friday, 7th April, 2017

US owes Cambodia billions of dollars in war debt

The headline " US insists Cambodia repay millions in war debt, plus interest " in Today's paper on Tuesday, 4th April,2017, is both mischievous and misleading.

It is disgusting. outrageous, shameful undignified and wrong for US to demand Cambodia to repay 'war debt' What is the nature of this war debt? How did it arise? If one goes deep into US involvement into Cambodia's affairs from 1950s to 1970s one will discover the treachery of US, the never ending evil plots of US to try to get rid of the legitimate government of Prince Sihanouk.

Prince Sihanouk knew from the very beginning never to receive US aid or take a loan from US. Here I quote what Prince Sihanouk said, " What I soon discovered was that in accepting their aid, we were infecting ourselves with a virus which poisoned the national bloodstream" and again " that dollar aid was used to purchase treachery. " He was shocked that the modest twenty-five million dollars which Cambodia received annually from US through France in the 1950s during a decade to patch up a war shattered and colonialist - plundered economy which he naively thought would go to improve the lives of his compatriots would suddenly spiralled to more than 400 million annually when it became a question of massacring them. In short US was using the aid dollar to " hire Asian traitors to kill Asian patriots" which is the essence of US doctrine on dollar aid and by which Cambodia has been laid waste.

Prince Sihanouk then turned to Chinese help. Chinese aid was completely free, without conditions and aimked specifically at developing the economy with plans to set up plants to produce cement, textiles, paper, plywood, agricultural implements and other goods.

However, from China was sabotaged by US through CIA which worked hand in glove with internal corrupt traitors, the CIA supported 5th columns, the compradores who were making fortunes in pretending to import those goods which the Chinese built factories were able to produce. It suited US economic and political interest to keep Chinese Soviet aid out. The interests of US and the compradores were identical except the latter represent treachery.

US dollar aid was used to impoverish Cambodia except it  enriched a few traitors , for the mkoney would flow back to US in terms of purchasing US low grade products at a prohibitive price. It also reduced Cambodia's political independence when US used the aid to build 5th columns to sabotage and undermine Cambodia's independence. Thus Prince Sihanouck had to put a stop to US cancerous aid.

US then used subterfuge to overthrow Prince Sihanouk and plotted a coup to instal a traitor in the military, Marshall Lon Nol to the powerful post of prime minister in 1966 and to 1972 when he proclaimed himself as president of the Republic of Cambodia.

32 year foreign talent appointed as athletic technical director

Singapore’s dearth of talent is again exposed with the appointment of a 32 year old foreign talent as the Singapore Athletics technical director. Volker Herrmann will not be the one and only 30s super talent that have found jobs here in spite of the plentiful of old cocks, oops I mean coaches, that were not deemed good enough. There are so many of these 30s foreign talents all over Singapore holding positions that Singaporeans would love to be in, from the academics to entertainments and many other fields.
And sure enough this new talent has enough of talent to tell the daft sinkies that Singapore has a very nice stadium, nearly perfect sporting infrastructure, commitments and dedications shown by athletics, high technical level, high level of coaching, old coaches are willing to learn new tricks, have good knowledge, etc etc.  Despite all this great stuff, our athletics are not on the podium of international sports or rarely. So a foreign talent would change this sorry state of affair.
Now what is the solution? According to this Herrmann, it is communication and collaboration among the fraternity and a back to basics approach to training will be the key to success beyond the region. Oh, not just these, training must be about quality, not quantity. ‘But the trend now is to focus on the quality of the training, so we need to reduce the volume of training and focus on the technique and intensity of the sessions instead.’ This reminds me of what the MOE was trying to do in the last regime before the two new ministers came in to change everything. Yes, teach less and learn more or something like that. Now I get the picture, it is not the volume but the quality of the teaching or training.
Ok, not so simple. Herrmann added, athletics is a late developer sport, so must have long term development plan for budding athletes. He added, ‘If you have the wrong fundamentals, like a lack of coordination, lack of core strength, lack of general endurance, you’ll never be able to make it to world class…So we need to ensure that these kids have the appropriate age related training. It should be joyful, it should impact different parts of the body, the brain, and the central nervous system.’
My God, why aren’t our coaches aware of all these good stuff? Where have they been, what have they been learning and teaching? Now a 32 year old foreign talent, with all 32 years of experience, l mean life experience, not sure how many years of coaching experience, is here to share with them how to improve the performance of our athletes in world competition.
This must be another case of money well spent and worth every cent paid for it. We need more 30 year olds to teach our old cocks how to be coaches and in every field of endeavours. It looks like we have a nation of obsolete unthinking Ah Peks, cannot innovate anymore and with all good facilities and good stuff, still cannot produce any good results. Anyone above 40 year old is out of sync, out of touch with the latest knowledge in all fields. Yes, they need to go for retraining to be taxi drivers and security guards. Maybe can find good jobs in third world countries. The old cliché that old is wisdom needs to be thrown out of the window.  Forget about the oldies, especially daft sinkie oldies. I am one of them.
Youth is talent, especially foreign, knowledge and wisdom from any corner of the globe, never mind little towns and villages will be better than our old cocks.


Distorted news or alternative truth

 During the Aquino claim on the SCS islands, the media had been reporting that the Hague Tribunal was ‘UN backed’ almost daily to give the impression that it was indeed an authoritative organization with UN backing. Now no one dares to mumble this phrase ‘UN backed’ anymore. Why?

The latest media onslaught is at North Korea. Today’s headline is about North Korea being the aggressive and provocative country wanting to go to war. ‘Asia gets the chills as Pyongyang goes on warpath’, ‘Washington, allies stage drills as show of force against Pyongyang’, ‘Trump presses China on N Korea’, ‘North Korea threatens to hit back’, or North Korea planning another nuclear test. All intent and purpose is to point the finger at the North Korean as the bad guys, the people that want to start a war.

The question, what is wrong with a country building up and developing weapons for its own defence, protection and security? The Americans possessed thousands of nuclear warheads that could destroy the whole world and is acceptable in the name of defence. And the Americans are going to develop more nuclear weapons, deadlier than what they are having now while the North Koreans are branded as a threat for trying to develop prototype, low destructive power nuclear weapons, is not acceptable?

Did the North Koreans amass their troops and war craft and conduct war games to simulate attacking South Korea, to attack Japan or to attack the USA? Who is threatening who? The Americans are saying they would act alone, to invade North Korea.

What do you think were the Americans doing outside the gate of North Korea? Yes, conducting war games to simulate attacking and invading North Korea. Now they have two nuclear strike groups stationing outside the North Korean border, the 7th Fleet and the 3rd Fleet, both heavily armed and could destroy the whole of North Korea by pressing a few buttons. Is this not a threat of war, not provocative, not threatening to the North Koreans that they must be prepared, be on red alert in case they are invaded? The Americans could do that at any moment, just like in the SCS when the Japanese American Commander told his man war could be any time? This is how war like the Evil Empire has become. Many clowns still claimed that the Americans are peaceful and benign super power when they are starting wars everywhere.

Why would not the media write some headlines like ‘American forces amassing outside North Korea threatening war’, or ‘American practicing an invasion of North Korea’, or Americans provoking a war with North Korea?

Who is more dangerous? Who is more ready to start a war, the North Koreans or the Americans? The Americans, according to Tillerson, is about to start a war with N Korea, for what fucking reason? Is North Korea threatening the USA? Why can’t the N Koreans have their own nuclear weapons when the Americans have thousands of them?

Think? What is the truth? What is distorted truth? What is alternative truth?


Why Wee Kim Wee should not be in the EP computation?

What is the spirit and intent of the minority EP election? I think it is very clear that this is to provide for a minority rep to be the EP after 30 years or 5 terms of EP and no minority candidate of a particular race is elected. We are talking about someone being elected under the EP system, not someone being appointed under the old system.

Why is this important? First, it must be a case that no minority candidate is being elected under the EP system as this system is an open election and no one can guarantee or foresee who would be elected. The choice is left open to the voters. No one can fix the result. OK this is a simplistic view of mine and I know many would disagree. I am just saying something that is politically correct.

Why Wee Kim Wee should not be counted even though he was acting as a nominated President with EP powers for two years? I am not going to quibble about the 2 years or 5 years as these are irrelevant. What is important is that he was nominated and appointed as the President under the old system. This means that during his time, a minority President could have been appointed if so desired by the ruling govt. If there was an intent to have a minority president then, this could easily be fixed by the ruling govt by putting up a minority president instead of Wee Kim Wee. His occupation of the Presidential seat should therefore not be considered in the calculation for the eligibility of a minority presidential election. 

Wee Kim Wee was from a different system that allowed the ruling govt to appoint a minority president. In the case of the EP system, the ruling govt has no control, technically, oops, as to whether a minority president would be elected. That is why this minority EP system is introduced to overcome this technical flaw in this system. There is no such flaw in the nominated system.
For this reason alone, it is enough to rule Wee Kim Wee out of the computation.
What do you think? Logical or not?

PS: Singapore is reputed to have the best teaching method for mathematics. If the same question were to be posed to the children in schools, they would come out with 2021 as the year for the next EP election, ie 30 years after the law came to effect. None of them would think 2017 is the answer. Any student having 2017 as the answer would be marked wrong by the teachers for sure.