China led by the CCP is glorious, modern, rich and powerful. Every Chinese worth his salt should be proud of it.

PART      THREE     

The Chinese Communist Party was founded in 1921 in Peking and in Paris simultaneously.

Western wanton and brutal aggressions against China since the 1800s had reduced China and the Chinese people to servitude in an extreme tragic disastrous situation causing the Chinese people and nation to lose self-respect, honour and dignity.  Under such agonizing situation many heroic patriotic Chinese leaders had come forward to form the Chinese Communist Party in answer to the cries and calls of the Chinese people to redeem the pride, honour, self-respect and dignity of China. In this manner the Chinese Communist Party was founded in 1921.

The CCP was founded simultaneously in 1921 in Peking by Chen Tu-Hsiu , Li Ta-Chao  and Mao Tse-tung where Chen Tu Hsiu was Professor of Peking National University ( PEITA ) and  Li Ta-chao  and Mao Tse-tung were Librarian  and  assistant librarian of Peking University respectively and in Paris, France by a group of Chinese students Chu Teh, Chou En-lai and a few others .

The Chinese Communist Party was founded independently of the  Russian communist party. However, due to a meeting by Dr. Sun Yat Sen with a Russian communist representative Dr. Sun agreed to take in Chinese communists as members of the KMT.

Meanwhile the endless cycle of warlord civil wars continued in the north. The warlord Feng Yu-hsiang was more agreeable to a peaceful reunion of China. Unfortunately before he could finish his task for the unification of China, Dr Sun died in March , 1925. Before long Feng was ousted by the reactionary Chang Tso-lin the warlord of Manchuria. The reactionary Chang Tso-lin also captured and executed Li Ta-chao on April 28, 1927.  So the reunion of China was temporarily shattered.

Before he died Dr, Sun was preparing the KMT government in Canton for an expedition to conquer the north to destroy the warlords. Dr. Sun had established the Whampoa military training college in Canton. Dr. Sun had put Chiang Kai-shek as commander of the Whampoa military college. From this college some of the best generals of the KMT and the CCP were produced. Many of the KMT generals were disillisioned with the self-serving corrupt Chiang Kai-shek and thus in the on-going civil war in later years they were thus being influenced to cross over to join the ranks of Mao Tse-tung and enabled the Chinese Communist Party to win the civil war from 1946 to 1949.

The indiscriminate shooting of Chinese in foreign concessions due to trade disputes.

On 30th May, 1925 , a huge student crowd demonstrated against the foreign-controlled police of the International settlement in Shanghai on the occasion of the arrest of strikers from a Japanese mill were fired upon with many fatal casualties by the police in the Nanking Road. This resulted in nationwide boycotts of British and Japanese firms from Canton and Hong Kong to Peking. Demonstrations continued unabated for weeks and months in in all Chinese towns and cities which provoked more foreign violence and atrocities.

The Chinese press was very indignant at the violence of the foreign police and fiercely condemned the foreigners in no uncertain terms. There was universal indignation, violent hatred and ferocious threats of vengeance against all western imperialist powers and Japan and these demands were the sole response to outrageous foreign action in China. Hundreds of foreign Christian missionaries felt untenable and had to leave China. These missionaries had been brainwashing the Chinese population especially in the interior and converting them to Christianity while at the same time deculturalise the Chinese folks from their traditional beliefs and traditional values.

The Chinese were very outraged because too often the Chinese were badly treated and killed. Shanghai is a Chinese city and the foreign police just shoot and kill as they like with no responsibility or remorse. And those shot and killed were students, scholars and members of the educated elite who were protesting against acts of imperialist oppression.

The Chinese now insist that all foreign concessions and extra-territorial rights should be abolished. For the first time since the Revolution the whole Chinese nation and people were stirred and roused. The infringement of Chinese sovereignty was too much for the Chinese to accept. They realised that foreign aggressions were the cause of all the sorrows and sufferings of China. Thus there was a strong demand and urge to drive the westerners out , to strip them of their ill-gotten wealth, to seize the concessions and abolish their privileges so that the Chinese revolution could go forward in the assurance of victory of modernization and of peace.


KMT And CCP Cooperate to liberate China.

May 30th, 1925, provided a good date for the KMT and the CCP to work together to liberate China from the warlords. The militarist government in Peking and the provincial warlords who accommodated the foreign powers were described by the Chinese as "Running Dogs of the Imperialists because they refused to unite with the KMT and the CCP to drive out the foreign imperialists to liberate China. This serious issue of liberation stired the minds of the soldiers of the warlords and the militarist government in Peking. They were later to cross over to join the forces of the KMT and CCP in their march northward to overthrow the warlords.

The warlords were cooperating with the western powers and Japan to sell China and divide China into separate colonies of the foreign powers. This was too much for the Chinese people and thus when the revolutionary armies from Canton marched north they were in full support and assured the success of the liberation. By 1926 the Revolutionary armies had taken Wu Han and the whole of the YangTze Valley as well as Nanking and Shanghai.

The west especially the British were seriously alarmed by the success of the KMT-CCP unity. The British sent troops to garrison the international settlement and naval ships to the Yang Tze to protect the foreign concessions.In the past it served to frighten the Chinese but not this time.

The Nationalist revolutionary armies undeterred by the presence of foreign warships approached, attacked and captured Nanking. At Hankow the Chinese overran the British concessions, seized the British ships and drove off the British gunboats with severe casualties by artillery fire.

In Shanghai, in February, 1927, communist forces under the command of Chou En-lai wrested control of the city from the warlords. Foreign powers and the British could no longer maintain their concessions or extra-territorial powers in China. The British realized it was futile to start a war with a strong and very determined revolutionary China.

Chiang Kai-shek betrayed the CCP

The KMT and the CCP were supposed to work together in coalition for the good of China's national development. But after achieving success and victory over the warlords Chiang unceremoniously turned against Mao Tse-tung and the communist. On 26th March, 1927 Chiang struck and slew all the communist leaders he could catch in Shanghai and other cities. Fortunately many of the top communist leaders including Chou En-lai managed to escape.

Chiang was so treacherous that with one fell swoop he got rid of the CCP from KMT coalition government and denied it a role in the Chinese revolution against the warlords. Then in 1928 the nationalist armies marched north to Peking and destroyed the warlord Chang Tso-lin. Chiang then shifted the capital from Peking to Nanking.

Though the warlords and the militarists in the north were defeated the task of freeing China from her subjection to the foreigners was not yet completed. The foreigners still retain most of the concessions and most of the extra-territorial privileges.

Chiang had destroyed all oppositions and failed to satisfy the demands of nationalism . Workers in the big cities were suppressed and the communists were driven from power. However on 1st August , 1927, the Fourth Army of the Nationalist at Nan-chang revolted and went over to the communist to form the Red Army of the CCP. Also the peasants who were suppressed and oppressed by Chiang rallied to the CCP.

End of   PART   FOUR

What eventually happened to the Chinese Communist Party  ( CCP ) after Chiang Kai-shek's treasonable acts will appear in the concluding  PART   FIVE  which will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, 1st July, 2020.

Southernglory 1

Tuesday, 30th June, 2020

GE2020 - The myth of foreign talents - Singaporean Lives Matter

Singapore does not owe any foreigner a living. Singapore does not have to provide jobs for the unemployed of other countries.  The responsibility of the Singapore govt is first towards Singaporeans, providing every Singaporean with good jobs and a decent standard of living. Any govt that thinks it is their responsibility to provide jobs for foreigners is not pro Singaporeans and does not deserve to be voted to form the govt. Our govt does not have to solve the unemployment problems of other countries at the expense of Singaporeans.

How many jobs are there that really need to be filled by foreigners that Singaporeans cannot fill them?  As I said many times, many jobs in Singapore are nothing like selling chicken rice to Singaporeans. The market is domestic, the consumers are Singaporeans. You do not need international experience or exposure or foreign talents for these jobs. At a glance, many jobs in the administrative area, like HR, admin, PR, sales, bank managers, research analysts, transport operators, postal services, do not need foreigners to do a better job. They are local in nature and there is no difference for one Singaporean to be competing with another Singaporean. What is the point of having a foreigner to compete against a Singapore in a local business with local consumers?

There are some jobs, highly technical and highly specialised that an organisation may not be able to find the expertise locally. They are some jobs that are international in nature, competing in the international market for business when international experience and exposure are not only useful but necessary. Such jobs could be better served with some foreign talents but not all. If all such jobs must need foreigners, then what is the point of having a Singapore work force, having citizens?

Having said that, all those jobs that can be done by Singaporeans must be reserved for Singaporeans first. The govt owes it to the people, the citizens. Offering such jobs that can be done by Singaporeans to foreigners is selling out the interests of Singaporeans and is traitorous. Charity begins at home. 

There are a few hundred thousand such jobs that are now given to foreigners. This is unacceptable.  Who is responsible for such irresponsible policy of giving jobs to foreigners and leaving Singaporeans unemployed or under employed? It is a very depressing and painful experience for Singaporeans not able to find jobs in Singapore when there are a few hundred thousand foreigners working here happily in jobs that Singaporeans can do. It is terribly demoralising and humiliating to hear of foreigners, fresh graduates, half past six qualifications, fake degrees, funny degrees, to walk in and land a job here within days while our own citizens can be banging their heads for months and years and cannot land a decent job.  What the hell is going? Doesn't anyone know that this is wrong and unacceptable?

If the govt is really pro Singaporean, make it a point that HR jobs must go to Singaporeans. Employment agencies must be run by Singaporeans. There is a need for a little protectionism, a bit of Singaporean first. Even the USA is doing so. Singapore is the silly copycat that everything the USA does, Singapore will follow. Let's follow this American First policy by having a Singaporean First policy for Singaporeans. Your American masters cannot fault you for doing that. They have started it.

The GE must all be about Singaporean First. The govt has for the last two decades been moving towards foreigners first resulting in millions of foreigners here and taking away many good jobs from Singaporeans. Any joker still screaming about hiring foreigners and not taking care of Singaporeans should be voted out. And taking care of Singaporeans is not training the highly qualified to lower paying jobs while opening the door widely to foreigners.

This must be the message for all political parties to be talking about, top in their agenda. Singapore is for Singaporeans.  Do not sell out the interests of Singaporeans to foreigners. That is treason!

The main agenda for GE2020 must be Singaporean First. Do not let this be distracted. Do not let rogue leaders to set a different agenda against the interests of Singaporeans. The need to hire foreigners as needed talents must be clearly defined with clear criteria and conditions, not a blank cheque. We have too many wildlife and foreign shits here being called foreign talents when they were either cheats, fakes or unemployable in their countries. And many came from bullshit universities that are no better than degree mills.  And we called them talents.  And don't listen to idiots that said can work ok oredy, no need degrees. What a load of rubbish.  This is a crime against our own citizens.

Would Singaporeans want to vote for a party that hires foreigners to replace them, make their children unemployable, at the mercy of foreign HR staff who preferred to bring in foreigners from their villages?  Do you think the MOM should be sacked for allowing this to go on and on for years? Vote for the party that puts Singaporeans interests first instead of foreigners. If a govt does not think it is its responsibility to uplift the life of its citizens, it must be voted out.

PS. Most if not all the jobs in the ministries, stats boards and GLCs do not need foreigners and should be reserved for Singaporeans.  In Malaysia, they are reserved for bumiputras. Why is the Singapore govt giving such jobs to foreigners and not to Singaporeans and leaving many Singaporeans crying for jobs?

I am very sad and disappointed to have to write about this. It pains me to see our PMETs and our young graduates suffering and struggling to find a decent job in our own country, and at the mercy of foreigners and our very own people favouring foreigners. Is this still a nation of people or a hotel without owners? If we don't stop this trend, we are doomed as a people and a nation.  We have misplaced priority!  We have lost our way.


China led by the CCP is glorious, modern, rich and powerful

     PART       TWO

 Western Democracy or Communist Socialist System

The young Chinese republic was studying and observing which of the two systems would best suit China.

In 1920, Lenin the leader of Soviet Russia denounced and renounced  the unequal treaties the former Russian regime of Tsarist Russia imposed on China. He renounced the extra-territorial rights and privileges which the Tsarist government had extorted from the Chinese of the weak Qin Dynasty. He promised to return to China all Chinese lands and territories that the Tsarist Empire had illegally taken from China through manipulated unequal treaties. This was to give the Chinese a good impression of the Russian communist and set a standard of friendly cooperation.  ( Footnote:  However, Stalin the Russian leader after Lenin reneged on Lenin's promise and stole even more of Chinese lands. )

China was able to compare the behaviour of communist Russia and the capitalist western imperialist. The capitalist western imperialists were seen as selfish and self-serving.

England and the United States rejected Dr Sun Yat Sen's appeal for recognition of his would-be democratic regime at Canton and for assistance to overthrow the ruinous rule of the warlords.

US and UK prefered to support the warlords and Yuan Shi Kai the new emperor pretender whom they could manipulate to support their own sinister agenda of controlling China behind the curtain. This caused the collapse of the early Republic.

After the death of Yuan Shi Kai in June 1916, China was thrown into complete choas for the next ten years when competing warlords strived for power and control. It was total anarchy for China.

SunYat Sen again appealed to the West for aid to end China's misery. Again he was rebuffed by Britain and the United States. They feared that Sun Yat Sen might achieve the formation of a strong and nationalist China in which they could no longer exploit. The western powers feared a strong united China under Sun Yat Sen might demand the return of all Chinese lands and territories which they had grabbed earlier from a weak China under Qin's rule.

Also they feared a strong China would abolish western imposed concessions, fortified extra-territorial rights and tariffs imposed on China to prevent Chinese competition and China's rights to impose duties on western products.

The warlords were traitors who liked the western Concessions which gave them sanctuary at every adverse turn of the political wheel. At the Concessions they could invest their spoils or loot in safety under the protection of the foreign powers' law. From the concessions they could continue their nefarious activities to plot for their return to power safe from the arrest or interference of the Central Republic Government of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

Most of the KMT republican politicians were corrupt and their mouthing of slogans for revolution against the Qin's rule were just a travesty of the revolution as they aimed for their personal enrichment, aggrandizement and despotic power.

Western democracy was perceived as a sham and Chinese revolutionaries cast it aside. In 1921, Sun Yat Sen met a Russian representative in Shanghai and agreed with some principles of communism. Dr. Sun renamed his republican party as Kuomintang ( KMT ) or Nationalist Party. There was still no alliance between KMT and the Chinese communist party.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen was a non-partisan between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party. All he wanted was to unite all Chinese as a united front to build up China as a strong respected and dignified country which will never be bullied and humiliated by foreign powers again. Therefore he welcomed Chinese communists to join the KMT as individual members.

He reorganized the KMT along the lines of the Russian communist party with political commissars and strict discipline. The KMT therefore turned away from western democracy.

It was unfortunate that Dr. Sun died early in 1925 before he could see to fruition  his dream of forming a strong united China. After the death of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the KMT leadership was usurped by Chiang Kai Shek.

Under Dr. Sun the KMT had recognized that all the evils and troubles which China suffered were due to the unequal treaties and western imperialism.

Chiang Kai Shek betrayed the ideals of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

The KMT was not a communist party but Dr. Sun had welcomed capable communist leaders into the party to help to run the country. Chiang Kai Shek who was of mediocre intellect subsequently came under strong American influence. He soon betrayed Dr Sun ideal for a united front and under Strong American influence he turned against the Chinese communists. Chiang Kai Shek had asserted full authoritarian and dictatorial power in the KMT. In his quest for dictatorial power he had trampled on Dr. Sun's three principles for China's national development via ( 1) recovery of sovereign rights - abolish foreign concessions and extra-territorial rights ( 2 ) Socialism - reform the land system and introduction of the rule of law and ( 3 ) People's livelihood - Every Chinese is assured of employment and a just salary for livelihood. All these were not fulfilled. It led to great national discontent and the rise of the more competent and patriotic Chinese communists.

End of  PART     TWO

What happened afterwards, can be found in  PART    THREE , which will be published  tomorrow, 30-06-2020


Monday, 29th June, 2020

GE2020 - Things that need to be stopped - by SSO

There are a number of very serious and painful issues that are hurting the Singaporeans and must be put to a stop. Singapore cannot continue going down with these issues as the new normal and untouchable. Below are the issues that must be put to an end immediately and must be the core issues for GE 2020 as posted by SSO.

Singaporeans cannot be forced to accept these as the inevitable by the ruling party. It is their agenda, their way and what they think are good for Singaporeans which is not necessary true. These things have hurt the Singaporeans very badly and gravely but totally ignored by the ruling party or at best a few consoling words that they understood and empathised with the victims of their policies but the policies must continue like the dreadful CECA, population increase and influx of foreign talents as the drug to keep Singapore afloat.

1. There must be a limit to the population this island can hold, not 6.9m or 10m, at least not in the near future. Maybe in another 20 years or more if the environment and technology permit this to grow.

2. No more CECA. Kill this agreement immediately.

3. No more foreign talents. Only real talents. There must be a definition of what is considered talent. Not any shit with fake and funny degrees that are unverifiable is a talent.

4. There is a limit to contribution to CPF. No one should be forced to contribute to the CPF after age 65 under whatever excuses. Not even to return housing loans and interests past 65. There must be no more liability to the CPF. All money in the CPF must be returned to the rightful owners. Any contribution or savings in the CPF after 65 must be voluntary.

5. Stop the cost of living from rising cost of everything, fees, fares, fines, cost of housing, rentals etc etc

6. No more increases in ministerial salary. This should be capped at $1m. No more higher. The $1m must be absolute, no more additional allowances, bonuses etc etc.

7. No more additional MPs in Parliament. Small country no need so many MPs and mayors and what not.

8. No more additional political offices, senior ministers, deputy ministers, senior this or that.

9. Political offices must not be structures as a career like employment, with promotions, bonuses, career path, increments etc etc.

Have Singapore have had enough of the above and want to continue to be deceived and cheated of their rightful place in Singapore, to lose their good jobs to foreigners, their CPF money kena tangkap for life and taxes going up and up and up and they have to pay and pay and pay?


China led by the CCP is glorious, rich and powerful. Every Chinese worth his salt must be proud of it.

  China led by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is glorious, modern, rich and powerful. Every Chinese worth his salt should be proud of it.


Prologue  --   Background Story

What led to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party?

The European countries like England, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Holland and America and Japan that invaded China from the 1830s to 1940s had brought long streaks of pain, suffering, agony and disasters to China and the Chinese people with the resulting lost of pride, honour, self-respect and dignity had influenced great Chinese patriots to found the Chinese Communist Party to save China and the Chinese people from foreign aggression and to regain back its sovereignty and dignity.
The road to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party was long, tedious, dangerous and involved great personal selfless sacrifice to the founding leaders and their followers.

     The barbaric West headed by the Evil Empire USA, should stop talking nonsense about the legitimacy of modern China led by the CCP. China is now rich and powerful and this is because it is led by the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party is the precious blood, the saviour and saving star of China and all Chinese people. In the beginning of Chinese history, China is The Yellow Emperor, in Qin Shi Huangdi's time, China is Qin Shi Huangdi, in emperor Han Wu Ti's time China is the Han Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty time China is the Ming Dynasty  and in this modern time China is CCP and CCP is China. So the West headed by the United States should not befudge the world with their nonsense about the CCP and China. CCP and China is one and the same entity and no one can confuse the fact. The CCP is China and China is the CCP. It is because of the CCP that China and the Chinese people are able after about two hundred years of Western humiliation, to stand up again with pride, self-respect and dignity as declared by Chairman Mao Tse-tung in Beijing on 1st October, 1949. That rapturous joy of happiness of 1st October, 1949  in Beijing is still resounding in all Chinese hearts and minds and the Chinese people are now even more determined to confront and defeat all USA aggressions and hegemony  and ensure that China and the Chinese people will never be bullied and humbled again.

It is said among the Chinese that whenever China faces mortal danger many Chinese patriotic leaders will mysteriously appear from all corners of China to lead, fight and  save the Chinese nation. The Taiping rebellion in the 1850s to 1860s  would have overthrown the Qin Dynasty had it not been for the treachery of Britain and other Western powers including the United States which helped the Qin Dynasty to cling on to power for the next sixty years until 1911 when it was finally overthrown by Dr. Sun Yat Sen who founded the Republic of China.

From the 1830s to 1860s England imposed the Opium Wars on China so as to force China to accept payments in opium for goods they bought from China and reversely to force China to pay to England and the western powers in pure Chinese silver dollars for the opium they unloaded on China. France, Germany, America, Russia and Japan joined England to attack and invade China. When China lost the wars each of the invading countries imposed heavy war indemnities on China to the tune of a few hundred million Chinese silver or gold dollars. This indemnities greatly impoverished China and China was still paying the indemnities until October,1949 when Mao's Communist China stopped the illegal payments.

The Western countries and Japan kept on  supporting the dying Qin Dynasty because it was weak and could be easily manipulated to suit their own agenda of reaping benefits in extra-territorial rights and territorial concessions.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Republic power center was in Canton, Southern China. Meanwhile with the downfall of the Qin Dynasty many of the former Qin army generals became little despots and warlords who fought for control of the many provinces in Central and Northern China. The most notorious warlords were Wu Pei-fu, Chang Tso-lin,  Feng Yu Hsiang , Sun Chuan-fang and Yen Hsi-shan. In November,1923 Dr. Sun had created a military college in Canton to train army generals. He had earlier in August, sent a junior general, Chiang Kai Shek to Moscow for training. When Chiang Kai Shek returned from Moscow he was made the commander of the Whampoa military college. Dr. Sun Yat Sen had  for the good of China included the Chinese communists in his government and in the Whampoa military academy. He tried to persuade the nationalist Kuomintang ( KMT ) and the Chinese communist to work together to form a national front to liberate central and northern China from the warlords and to eventually drive out the occupying western powers and Japan from China in pursuit of Chinese sovereignty.

Yuan Shi Kai the last commander in chief of the Qin Dynasty was persuaded to join the cause of the Republic. He promised to throw in his lot with  the Republic only if he was made   the president of the Chinese Republic. For the sake of unity and the Republic Dr. Sun Yat Sen gave up his presidency in favour of Yuan Shi Kai.

Dr. Sun's Republican cause was not supported by Western countries, Russia or Japan. He  had appealed to UK, US and other western countries for help to develop China. But he was rebuffed by the western powers who prefered to deal with the warlords who can be pliant and easily manipulated by the western powers for their own agenda and benefits. They feared a strong resurgent republican China would threaten their established privileges and colonial possessions of the Western powers in the Far East.

For Japan the rise of a strong republican China would banish forever the Japanese dream of establishing a continental empire in Asia. Russia too would not welcome a strong united republic China which is bound to settle accounts with Russia's illegal occupation of large swathes of Chinese territories from Lake Baikal to the Maritime Province in the Pacific coast. The Russian city of Vladivostok in the Pacific coast was formerly a Chinese city by the original name of Haishenwei. Russia grabbed the Chinese maritime province together with Haishenwei from the Chinese in 1885.

The dying Qin empire was surrounded with many western foes inclusive of Japan and the United States, all anxious to profit from its demise. Thus the new found Chinese Republic of Dr. Sun  Yat Sen was encircled with enemies determined to strangle it at birth.

The Republic under Yuan Shi Kai's presidency was infested with extreme corruption. The topsy-turvy in the republic gave Yuan Shi Kai a chance to found his new dynasty. He tried to garner the support of the western powers and Japan who were alarmed at the decline of order  and the evident incapacity of the republicans.

Yuan Shi Kai betrayed the Republicans.

Yuan secured a large loan from the European powers without the consent of parliament. He either exiled or assassinated the few capable republicans so as to make way for him to proclaim himself  as the emperor-elect of a new dynasty.

During the First World War  1914 - 1918, Japan was an ally of UK,France and US against Germany. Japan treacherously presented Twenty-One Demands on May 4th, 1915 to the Chinese Republic. If these demands were accepted China would deem to be placed under a virtual Japanese protectorate and extinguished her independence. Yuan Shi Kai accepted some of the demands. The Chinese people were shocked and were roused to real alarm and indignation.

The Chinese masses were awakened.

Yuan Shi Kai's plan to found his new dynasty was routed  when on Christmas Day, 1915, the commander of the republic forces in the province of Yunnan rose in revolt and denounced Yuan Shi Kai the new emperor pretender. Soon all other commanders joined the revolt. Yuan Shi Kai had lost all support from the army and so he dropped all his plans for his emperor inauguration in March, 1916. He died in June 1916 forlorn and disgraced.

Under Yuan Shi Kai the young republic was filled with extreme corruption. Members of parliament were nothing but selfish, self-seeking careerists who sought for self-aggrandizement and personal fortune. The Chinese people saw through the corruption of Western Democracy. In the name of parliament they had seen gross and shameless corruption. In the name of democracy they had seen nothing but weak and bad government, military usurpation, violation of law, every kind of oppression  and national decline. Chen Tu-hsiu a professor at Peita University and one of the founding members of the Chinese Communist Party had by mid 1920, completely lost faith with Western democracy as he observed that  "Western democracy was no more than a tool used by the bourgeoisie  to swindle mankind in order to maintain political power."

By the end of the second decade 1920-1930 of the 20th century the Chinese people were completely disillusioned with Western Democracy. The Chinese felt Western Democracy was not the solution to Chinese society. It was tacitly abandoned by the revolutionary element of the Chinese Communist Party.

During the First World War the Chinese observed the visceral behaviour of the west with disgust and western prestige was greatly shaken and despised. The western powers had bullied the corrupt and powerless Peking government into declaring war on Germany so that the allied powers might seize the German assets in China and the German ships in Chinese ports. This affair made a very bad impression on the Chinese.

Treachery of the West and Japan  on China.

After the war the allied powers handed over the Shantung province to Japan. China an ally was to be robbed off for the benefit of Japan. This indecent treatment aroused in China a tremendous fiery storm of nationalist feeling in 4th May,1919. It forced the Chinese delegation led by Wellington Khoo at Versailles, France not to sign the treaty. The republican government had acted in dignified self-assertion due entirely to the unofficial forces of the outraged patriotism of the students and the demands of the entire country.

What happened afterwards will appear in  PART  TWO   which will be published  tomorrow, , 29-06-2020


Sunday, 28th June, 2020

GE2020 - The power of an image

Ivan Lim of PAP

The power of the pen is a familiar phrase in journalism that tells how powerful and influential a writer can be by just waving his pen. A painter or photographer too can wield similar power and influence by the picture they created.

Above are two pics of two candidates from two different parties in the coming GE. Oops, one ex candidate. To the readers, the impression of the two candidates, just by looking at these pics would create very different perceptions and impressions of them, positive and negative, likeable, acceptable, unpleasant etc etc.

Actually I did not want to post Mun Wai's pic here as it does not do justice to him as like many pics of him posted in the social media too did not make him look good. I have to post this here just to show the impact of what a good and decent pic or vice versa can do to the candidate. Look at Ivan Lim's pic, so handsome, so likeable. Auntie killer look, or boy next door look.

Incidentally both pics were taken from www.theindependent.sg. I would suggest to PSP to have a word with theindependent.sg and offer them pics of their candidates that they would like to use if theindependent.sg did not have any decent looking pics to post. Do not underestimate the power of the media, images and the press. Organisations paid millions to PR agencies just to make sure the pics of their people and organisations came out right and not offensive or unattractive.

Netizens call for Ho Ching to join politics after Lee Hsien Yang joins the PSP

Netizens call for Ho Ching to join politics after Lee Hsien Yang joins the PSP

After typing the above I feel that something is not right leh. But I just can't figure out why. Below is the opening paragraph and the last paragraph of the article in theindependent.sg.

'After Lee Hsien Yang, the brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, joined Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party (PSP), netizens called for Ho Ching to join the political scene as well.

Dr Tan announced the younger Mr Lee’s membership on Wednesday morning (Jun 24) after having breakfast with him at Tiong Bahru Market.

“I have great pleasure in giving this (Progress Singapore Party) membership card to Lee Hsien Yang,” said Dr Tan, adding that Mr Lee joined “some time ago, but we couldn’t communicate this”....

In the comments on social media, netizens called for Ho Ching, the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd and PM Lee’s wife, to join politics as well.'

Here are the calls by netizens as quoted from www.theindependent.sg.

Did anyone smell a rat? What is wrong with this article in theindependent.sg? Was there a call for Ho Ching to join politics? Two questions. what is the agenda of this article? Is the author so stupid and cannot tell the difference on who is who's wife?

With the consistent choice of posting awful and unpleasing, unpalatable pictures of opposition candidates in theindependent.sg, and this kind of article, I am getting suspicious. The foxy tail is showing.


Opposition Parties, Intractable, stubborn, selfish, inflexible - No More

The sun rises from the West. The inconceiveable has happened to the opposition parties in Singapore. The days of being intractable, stubborn, selfish, inflexible, not negotiable are over. The days when every opposition party was thinking only of itself, refuse to cooperate, negotiate, refuse to butt when contesting in the GE and stubbornly engaging in now win 3 corner or 4 corner fights are looking like history if what were happening in the last few days are going to be the new ethos of the day.

Kenneth Jeyeratnam of Reform Party has graciously concede the West Coast GRC to Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party, a GRC Reform Party had fought for several GEs. This was unthinkable a few days ago but it happened. And People's Power Party has given way to Reform Party in the single seat Radin Mas constituency to avoid a 3 corner fight.  Can anyone believe this is happening in the opposition camp?

If this is the trend going forward, there could be more amiable settlement and lesser 3 corner fights in this GE and puts the opposition camp in better light. In past GE, the inflexible and recalcitrant stand of the opposition camp were a joke, making them looking so silly fighting a no win GE with 3 and 4 corner fights when a straight 1 to 1 fight was already a lost cause. It made the voters wondered what the hell was going on, why contest when it was sure lose with weak opposition candidates engaging in 3 corner fights against the incumbent PAP.

Let's hope this new trend will be the order of  the day. Let's hope no silly loser party would still insist on 3 corner fights to guarantee losing the contest and even their deposit money. There is hope and optimism with these two announcements. There is an awakening, the scale in front of the eyes have been removed and the opposition parties are now able to see more clearly and to put themselves in a better position, a more credible position, to contest this GE.

Another positive news is that Jee Say has dissolved his Singapore First Party so as not to dilute the opposition camp. With Ang Yong Guan in the camp of PSP, maybe more of Singapore First members would follow suit to strengthen the PSP.

But be prepared, be sure that there would still be some clowns surfacing to spoil the broth, for obvious reasons...clowns are clowns.

No more heroes or prima donnas in the opposition camp. Every party must be flexible and be willing to do some horse trading to give themselves a better chance to challenge the incumbent party and to replace them. The voters too would have more confidence when they see the opposition parties are serious and are acting seriously and rightly and strategically to want to represent them and to win the election.

May the force of goodness be with the opposition camp. When the opposition camp can get their acts together, it will shake the earth and send fear to the ruling party. No more easy walkovers because of stupid infighting among the opposition camps.


Canadian boy PM exposing his stupidity

OTTAWA: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday (Jun 25) rejected calls to step in to halt the extradition trial of Chinese Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, saying it would risk more arrests of Canadians overseas to pressure Ottawa.

His comments were in response to a letter penned by 19 Canadian former lawmakers and diplomats, backed by the family of ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig, urging Ottawa to free Meng....

But their proposal is shortsighted, he said.

It would, he explained, "demonstrate to China that all they or another country has to do is randomly arrest a handful of Canadians to put political pressure on a government to do what (they) want," he said.

And that "would endanger the millions of Canadians who live and travel overseas every single year."

"We cannot allow political pressures or random arrests of Canadian citizens (by foreign governments) to influence the functioning of our justice system."


The above AFP report only reveals how stupid this boy is. His stupid reason for rejecting the proposal to exchange two Canadians charged with crimes that would lead to death penalties against a fake commercial crime of Huawei executive is ludicrous.  He is prepared to risk losing the lives of two Canadians for his involvement in an American political conspiracy which has nothing to do with Canada and nothing to gain for Canada except to be called 'good boy' by Trump.

And he is alleging that there would be more arbitrary arrests of Canadians by China if he did the exchange.  Now who did the silly arbitrary arrest of a Chinese citizen on transit in a Canadian airport in the first place? And how did the two Canadians got arrested for espionage if this silly boy has not agreed to arrest a Chinese citizen on the calling of the Americans? He cannot see his own stupidity in getting himself and Canada involved in a political conspiracy to start this sad story and stubbornly wanting to continue down this dreadful road that would not only lead to the life imprisonment or execution of two Canadians, but also the economy and trade between China and Canada.  To this boy PM, the lives of two Canadians are worth losing to play the dirty game of the Americans.

All for what? For being in the good book of clown Trump and his gangsters in the White House? The Canadians should slap this idiotic boy to wake him up from his folly and save the lives of the two Canadians and the Canadian economy and not looking like another silly ass in the world stage.

Children should not get involved in the dirty games that adults are playing without knowing what is happening. They will end up the losers.  Unfortunately this idiotic boy cannot see it.

USA wanting to lead in 5G technology when it has none - What a joke!

NEW YORK: The United States on Monday (Jun 15) confirmed a Reuters report that it will amend its prohibitions on US companies doing business with China's Huawei to allow them to work together on setting standards for next-generation 5G networks....

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross confirmed the action in a statement to Reuters.
"The United States will not cede leadership in global innovation," Ross said. "The department is committed to protecting US national security and foreign policy interests by encouraging US industry to fully engage and advocate for US technologies to become international standards."
The Commerce Department publicly announced the move later on Monday. It noted that US participation in standards-setting "influences the future of 5G, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies."...

"Confusion stemming from the May 2019 entity list update had inadvertently sidelined US companies from some technical standards conversations, putting them at a strategic disadvantage," said Naomi Wilson, senior director of policy for Asia at the Information Technology Industry Council, which represents companies including Amazon.com Inc, Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp.

"This much-needed clarification will allow companies to once again compete and lead in these foundational activities that help enable the rollout of advanced technologies, such as 5G and AI, across markets," she said. "We look forward to reviewing the rule once posted and working with the administration on implementation."

Reuters exclusively reported last month that the amendment had been drafted and was awaiting approval.

Can you believe it, the Americans are trying to claim leadership in 5G technology when they have none, and wanting to set the standards and specifications for this technology? After banning Huawei from the American market they suddenly realised their stupidity by excluding themselves from being a player in 5G technology, no speaking rights, and quickly rushed in to want to be the leader and to set the agenda! This is like a blind man crashing into a meeting to tell the group that he is there to show them the way, on what can be done, what cannot and how it should be done.

5G is a revelation on how backward the Americans have fallen behind the Chinese and desperately grabbing at straws trying to thwart the progress made by Huawei, China, and even wanting to lead the conversation.

When you are behind, backward, you are behind and backward. Stop pretending otherwise. Huawei China is the pipe piper in this race and setting the standards. There is no need for someone who did not know what is 5G to gatecrash into a meeting to call the shot.

And stop spreading the lie that China is stealing American technology when there is nothing to steal in the first place. It is the Americans that will be stealing Chinese technology on 5G.

PS. And Singapore awarded 5G infrastructure building to Nokia and Ericsson.  Do these companies have 5G technology? If not, would Huawei, out of contention for whatever reasons, become the subcontractor to these companies to finish the jobs for them if they can't? Why not give job to Huawei who is world leader in 5G technology? Would this become an expensive mistake for awarding the contract to companies that are far behind Huawei in 5G technology? Singapore not going for the best and cheapest? Funny, funny, funny.

It is like letting the Americans to dictate the regulations on 5G technology when they did not know what 5G is all about.

This brings back to the time when contracts were given to foreign companies who then subcontracted to Singapore companies to do the job and got paid the giant share of the contract while Sinkies did all the work and got peanuts.


ActiveSg stadium - A bicycle is a bicycle

To ActiveSg stadium, a bicyle is a bicycle. No bicycle is allowed inside the stadium. They do not want to know how big is the bicycle, adult bicycle or children bicycle. They did not want to know big or small, normal or foldable. Bicycle should be parked outside the stadium bicycle park. So neat and clean. It is their rules.

How big is a stadium compared to a train? SMRT allowed foldable bikes to be brought into the train cabin. A stadium has no place for a foldable bike.

When there are major events in the stadium it is understandable that you would not want bicycles to be inside the stadium. But when there is no event, when people are using the stadium for training and leisure, and families brought their children to play, with their little bikes, not allowed. It is the stadium rule.

Long long ago there was no foldable bike when the rules were made, just like when the stadiums were built, just like when the trains were built. Then they invented foldable bikes. So how? It is very easy to say a bicycle is a bicycle, no need to think further, no need to bother about new inventions and changes over time.

Is a foldable bike a bicycle when folded?

Anyway when the authorities think and act like they are the rulers of the people, rules are made by them to suit their interest and agenda and convenience and to be followed. They are the rulers and they made the rules. So just obey.

So we have to accept the CPF rules and all their rules, including a bicycle is a bicycle.

Do we want to be ruled by rulers?

Do we want to change the rules and the rulers?

The GE is around the corner. The rulers do not want to change their rules. It is too inconvenient for them. So it is time to change the rulers.

What do you think?

Hsien Yang joins Progress Singapore Party

This is a frightening pic of Hsien Yang in PSP T-shirt with Cheng Bock appearing in a hawker centre somewhere in Tanjong Pagar as reported in CNA. The report also raised the question whether Hsien Yang would stand in the GE and his reply was that it would be made known at the appropriate time.

I called this pic frightening because wherever Hsien Yang is going to stand, his chances of winning is very high. And if he stands in Tanjong Pagar, his father's stronghold, he cannot be defeated. Now where would PAP put Chan Chun Sing if this is the case? He has to be bundled out to some safe constituency if there is one, or his second in line premiership dream is going to crash prematurely. I don't think he would dare to face Hsien Yang head on.  And this would apply to any other top ministers or lesser ministers as well.  Facing Hsien Yang is like facing doomsday.

Like it or not Hsien Yang is a heavy weight of the opposition camp and is good enough to take on any minister and win. As to the question of whether he is standing, just ask this question. As a man, if his wife and son are under seiged, can he stand idly by and do nothing? The situation demands him to stand up to defend his family, his loved ones. There is no other way out for him. Doing nothing is not acceptable. Just throwing some money to support the opposition camp is barely enough.

Someone is going to wet his pants.  Oops, a few not one, as Hsien Yang is going to helm a GRC team. This is really unbelieveable. In the past it was a PAP minister helming a GRC to give weight and win. Now the opposition camp has a heavy weight to helm a GRC and win against the PAP.

Can you believe that? I am wondering who would dare to throw shit at Hsien Yang and think he could get away with it. Hsien Yang is the game changer in opposition politics.

And there is Cheng Bock in the West Coast GRC, his home base where he built his political career. His supporters are there waiting for him.  PSP is good for two GRCs helmed by Cheng Bock and Hsien Yang. The time has come for the opposition camp to make a dent in the PAP armour and to walk into Parliament in force.


GE 2020 - Clear the deck, clear the swamp, clear the dead woods

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday (Jun 23) he has called General Election 2020 to "clear the decks" for a fresh mandate for the Government.... he has advised President Halimah Yacob to dissolve Parliament and issue the Writ of Election.

An election now will give the new Government a fresh five-year mandate to focus on the national agenda and the difficult decisions it will have to make, the Prime Minister said. ...

Nomination Day will be on Jun 30. Polling Day will be on Jul 10, a Friday, the Elections Department said, adding that Polling Day in any General Election is a public holiday.
Singapore made a big mistake in the last GE. Would Singaporeans make amends and clear the deck this time, clear the dead woods, and bring in a new team, a new govt to look into some very frightening and existential issues like keeping the island for Singaporeans, not foreigners now called new citizens and coming in in big numbers, like creating more good jobs for Singaporeans instead of good jobs for foreigners, security guards and taxi driver jobs for Singaporeans, like giving our fresh graduates a chance to land a job instead of giving jobs to fresh foreign graduates with funny degrees or fake degrees from God knows where and no need to verify, like giving jobs to people who can do the jobs, never mind got degree or no degree, like blindly going to bring in more foreign talons without conditions, without qualifications on what is foreign talents and what is not and what jobs that Singaporeans can do and no need to give to foreign talons.

This GE must be a redefining moment for the daft Singaporeans, the zombies that did not know that their little precious island has been taken over by foreigners, with more than a couple of millions of them here, almost making Singaporeans a minority and many driven to joblessness, premature retirement, under employment and serving, ferrying or working for foreigners with half past six degrees, funny degrees and fake degrees that should not be employed at all. Nobody cares to verify the numbers of cheats and fakes working here and stealing the jobs and lunches of Singaporeans who paid a fortune to earn their degrees from world best universities but found unemployable.

What the hell is going on? Would Singaporeans make this GE count and turn their fortune and misery around? Yes, clear the deck, clear the swamp, clear the dead woods, clear those that do not think it is important to attend parliament sitting, or sleeping in Parliament. Being a people's representative is not a part time job with a big part time allowance that most full time jobs cannot match.

Time to take back our country before we lose it.

Singapore would soon have new owners ie new Singaporeans

YouTube Channel Teaches About SPass And EPass Employment 

A YouTube Channel to share everything about Singapore has caught the attention of many local netizens. The Channel aims to make Singapore "feel like a home" to its viewers by answering all queries about Singapore such as travel, work and things to do here. Netizens have voiced concerned about Singaporeans losing jobs and reducing income amid the pandemic. With this YouTuber encouraging more FTs to seek employment here and the supposed facilitation by CECA, Singaporeans worry that they will have to struggle for PMET jobs vacancies.

More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/

The foreigners are treating this silly country as free for grabs with willing or daft citizens either sleeping, walking zombies or did not know what is happening to their little island and could not careless even if it is taken away from them.

This is a piece of real estate that has no owners. It is like lelong.  Everyone is free to come and take it. It belongs to everyone except true blue Singaporeans. And so many silly Singaporeans going to bring in more foreign talons to come in and grab this island as theirs.

Should anyone be worried about losing this island to the foreigners? 

Should anyone have sleepless night worrying about it?

One word to describe Singaporeans, not sia suay. It is 败家子. Whatever our forefathers built, the
败家子 will squander it away.

And here is another YouTube telling Indians how to get good jobs in Singapore while many Singaporeans go jobless.

'In his caption, Mr S shared a sentiment that many Singaporeans have expressed before as well, including those in the comments: “fishing in all the pmets and telling them.about job vacancies and all… When we singaporeans are loosing job and having little to no income this woman is trying to rope in more PMETs and take up our jobs…”

“Her YouTube channel has so much of info on singapore and how to get a job here and settle down”, he added.

The post sparked many comments from unhappy Singaporeans who blamed the CECA, or the India – Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement. ' TISG

Do Singaporeans realise or know that they have been sold? That soon the new Singaporeans would be the new owners of Singapore, once their country? Come one and come all, please take this country as yours.  The daft Singaporeans are not objecting. They have given up. They have forgotten that this is their country but now belongs to anyone that comes here to take it.


Black Lives Matter - But UN cannot mention US as the culprit in its resolution against systemic racism and police brutality

GENEVA: The United States is no longer mentioned in a draft resolution before the UN Human Rights Council condemning systemic racism and police brutality, a revised version of the text showed on Friday (Jun 19).

The UN's top rights body is due to vote Friday afternoon on a draft resolution initially presented by African countries this week ahead of an urgent council debate sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in the United States.

But the initially strongly-worded text, which called for a high-level international investigation into police violence against people of African descent in the United States, has been repeatedly watered down in recent days, sparking outrage from rights groups.

First the call for an international investigation was removed, and in what appeared to be a final revision circulated around midday Friday, the text no longer mentions the United States....

Rights groups slammed the revision, charging that Washington had been lobbying hard for dramatic changes to the text.

"By bullying other countries to water down what would have been an historic resolution and exempting itself from international investigation, the United States is yet again turning its back on victims of police violence and black people," said Jamil Dakwar, head of the American Civil Liberties Union's human rights division....

Washington complained of being singled out in the draft text, and a number of its allies, including Australia and Israel, spoke out against the US focus during the debate.

Andrew Bremberg, the US ambassador to the UN in Geneva, acknowledged earlier this week that the United States was "not above scrutiny."

The above is an AFP  article in the CNA.

The world's Number One bully and violator of human rights, systemic racism and police brutality cannot be mentioned in the UN Resolution to condemn the white racists in the USA. What the fuck? Must as well say there is no violation of human rights, no systemic racism and no police brutality in the USA! The main reason for raising this in UN and a resolution to investigate these crimes against humanity is due to what is happening in the USA. The UN could not even talk about it, cannot mention the USA? On the other hand the evil Americans are throwing wild allegations and accusations against every country without the need of proof or evidence.

Might as well say Black Lives Do Not Matter, and this monster can go on its hypocritical ways to attack other countries for such violations and walking around like an angel, Not Me, we are the good guys. How sick can the world and the UN be to be bullied by this international gangster and terrorists and with so many silly countries claiming that they are the best people, even invited to be the policemen of the world, to police the South China Sea?

The truth and ugliness of the evil white Americans cannot be hidden under the rug forever. A spade is a spade. Evilness is evilness. Call them out and stop being bullied by these criminals of human civilisation.  Black Lives Matter, not just White Lives.

End the hypocrisy. The USA, the white Americans are the worst racist in the whole world!

Stop dreaming Black Americans, you are not equal to the whites.

Stop dreaming, people of the world, stop living under the lies of the white Americans. They are racist. They killed black people, they killed Arabs, they killed Muslims, they killed Latinos, they killed Latin Americans, they killed Afghans, Talibans, they killed Chinese,Venezuelans, Iranians, they killed Russians, Somalians, .... They killed people all over the world.

The white Americans are doing exactly the opposite of what they preached about human rights, racial equality, fairness, freedom and justice. There is no equal rights or human rights for the blacks and coloured in the USA. The killer of George Floyd is given a special floor and guarded by the white policemen. Black policemen not allowed to go near him. He might even have a special room to entertain and amuse himself while in 'police custody', living like a great white lord.

The world must end the hypocrisy of the white supremacists.


Slippery India outwitted by China - So poor thing.

There is a long history of India’s dealings with China, and almost all of the reverses that India has suffered have been during the previous rule, particularly of Congress regimes. It all started with the Tibet’s annexation by China which India accepted quietly in 1959. In 1962, the loss of large chunk of territory, and the then Indian Prime Minister interpreting it by saying that “not a blade of grass grows there”, sums up the attitude towards border issues.

During the 1980s and 1990s, when China started taking lead over India economically, militarily, and in infrastructure construction, India was not able to respond and match up in equal measure. In the 1990s, boundary management agreements were signed that further limited India’s manoeuvring ability, particularly the 1993 Accord.

The United Progressive Alliance era (2004 to 2014) allowed multiple transgression of Indian land through deceptive salami-slicing methods of the Chinese, and even lost lands in Demjok areas of Ladakh during the period of 2008 to 2012.

AK Antony, the then defence minister, conceded in Parliament that we have lost the infrastructure race with China. It was in this era, that the serving army chiefs repeatedly pointed out how our armed forces were facing shortfall of critical ammunition and border infrastructure woes to counter enemies.
The policy paralysis was reversed following the regime change in 2014 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed decades of drift in India’s policy towards China by bridging the infrastructure gaps in border areas by constructing roads and bridges with faster pace.

It was PM Modi who dared China on several fronts and foiled its bids in Doklam, stopped RCEP, and strongly opposed Chinese dream project OBOR.

The above is reported in the hindustantimes.

If you believe in the above double talk, you would get away with the feeling that the Indians were so pathetic, so hapless and were outwitted by the poor peasant Chinamen that were never good in their glib but were able to outdo the slippery smooth talker Indians and made the Indians look like little lost children. And for several decades India were standing idly by, unable to do anything while China was 'annexing' Tibet and seizing chunks of Indian land. Like some of our clowns used to say, the Indians are so nice people, so timid. They would not dare to create trouble for the Chinese and would just look and let the Chinese do as they want. Of course India would love Chinato take away everything. Remember Little India Incident?

Then came the punchline at the end of the above article, India always win and came out better off than China. India foiled China's bids in Doklam, Bhutan, India stopped RCEP, so clever, India opposed Chinese OBOR, so powerful. Who cares whether India is in the RCEP, OBOR or not, like who cares if the US is in the TPP, the world moves on with or without them. Irrelevant.

If you know what the Indians did at Doklam which is not part of India but Bhutan, if you know how arrogant and cocky the 50 soldiers led by the colonel Singh in removing Chinese army tents, would you believe that the Indians were so timid, so hapless against the Chinese? Even not Indian land they would dare to attack the Chinese.

The cocky Indians have always been the aggressor at the Sino Indian border and only cried foul after their aggression got hammered like in the 1962 War and the recent brazen act of removing Chinese army tents in Galwan Valley. And when the Chinese hit back and inflicted severe casualties on the Indian side, they would play victim, cried to the world that they were victims of Chinese aggression. In the case of the Doklam Incident, the Chinese were caught off guard and the Indians stood to blare their victorious aggression. If the Chinese were able to thrash them at Doklam, the Indians would again cry foul, blaming the Chinese for starting the fight.

This is how typical bully India would act and behave. Start a fight, if lost, play victim. Until today, the Indian narrative of the 1962 Sino Indian Border War was started by China. But the whole world knew that it was the Indians that started to encroach on Chinese territories. China fought back and pushed to the outskirt of New Delhi before withdrawing to the previous status quo position. If China started it and with intent to claim more land, Chinese forces would simply stay put and sit on the land they occupied and India would not be able to do anything. The Indian lie till today is still being spread and celebrated by their western supporters.

With the Indians, always thinking so highly of themselves and talking so big of themselves, could they so easily be outwitted by peasant Chinamen?  Are the Indians admitting that they were so stupid?

The Indians would concede to be lesser beans to the westerners but never to the Chinese. It is in their bones that they are smarter than the Chinese despite their slum and dysfunctional third world cities standing starkly beside the sparkling modern skyscrapers of Chinese cities for the world to see. The western tourists love to visit India to see the slum and backwardness. It would be the greatest insult for the Indians to be seen as less smart than the Chinese. They would die just thinking about it. Cannot be!  Indians are definitely smarter than the Chinese. See, Indians can speak good English, Chinamen cannot. Indians got literary awards in English, Chinamen did not. Indians are CEOs of many big western MNCs. Chinamen only CEOs of Chinese MNCs, not wanted by western MNCs.

Verdict, Indians are smarter than Chinamen. Happy.

PS. '“We, the nation, lost twenty brave soldiers in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh on June 15-16. They laid down their lives in the ultimate act of sacrifice, valour and duty to our country. Our brave hearts defended the motherland till their last breath and for that we owe them, and their families, our eternal gratitude,” Singh said.'

This is not bravery Manmohan Singh.   This is stupidity. You do not walk into another country's army camp and start to pull down their tents. Idiots! You deserved to be shot.

Knowing the Indians, there is going to be a strike against the Chinese. The Chinese is prepared for it and waiting in ambush. The Chinese are able to read the thinking of the Indians like an open book.

Wait for the next episode. Sure to come, like they did to the Pakistanis. But they are so drunk with their pride, hurt so much, that they think the PLAs are Pakistanis soldiers, waiting to be attacked by them. The Indian Army are given a free hand to deal with the Chinese. Did they know that the PLA is also given a free hand to deal with the Indian Army?

Warning: American fruits and foodstuffs for export to Asia and Africa are intentionally tainted with Coronavirus , so avoid buying and consuming them now for your safety and security.

   American fruits and foodstuffs for export to Asia and Africa are intentionally tainted with the Coronavirus.

     The United States is dissatisfied and  not happy to see the failure of its first attempt to wipe out the population of China with its Fort Detrick biolaboratory genetically engineered coronavirus. It is determined to decimate the Chinese population and destroy the Chinese economy the second time with the bioweapon of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Its inherent evil and wicked instinct to kill and destroy non-white people especially the Chinese knew no bounds.

The United States and some of its strong European allies are exporting to Asia and Africa , fruits and foodstuffs tainted with the coronavirus. It seems the wicked white Americans have not learnt their lesson of Karma or Retribution.

Singaporeans and all ASEAN countrymen must for their own safety and security  immediately stop buying and consuming fruits like apples, oranges, plumbs, avocado,nuts and  food products like beef, ham, Cod fish, salmon, lobsters, crabs and chickens from the United States and Europe. Being wicked and evil they intentionally transport and shipped these products in trucks and containers which were previously used to store the dead bodies of Coronavirus patients and their personal belongings because of their freezing facilities.

Below I reproduce a message sent to my Whats-app group by a concerned netizen.

"Europe and the United States use refrigerated trucks to transport the remains of patients with coronavirus, and then use this batch of refrigerated trucks to export seafood and beef. This batch of seafood and beef is exported to the Chinese seafood market, making the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic spread again in China."

"Meat factories in the United States, Europe and Brazil have resumed work earlier, and many workers believe that they are infected with the virus and do not know it. If they continue to rework , it is easy to infect the food and export the virus to other countries. The cases in Hong Kong and Beijing have no records of outbound travel , but they are all employees who handed meat. The transmission is likely to come from meat and its packaging, because low temperature cannot kill the virus.

The meat trucks in the United States have been requisitioned to store the dead bodies of COVID-19 because of their freezing facilities. "

It is strongly recommended that we do not buy frozen meat and seafood as well as fruits and nuts from the United States and Europe or Brazil until such time when the Covid-19 is officially declared over and safe.

The United States is absolutely bankrupt and it is trying to abscond with the many trillions of dollars that it owes to China via China's purchase of its treasury bonds by creating havoc with the COVID-19 pandemic and playing with the shameful and disgraceful blamegame of blaming China for its irresponsible and incompetent mishandling of its infection with COVID-19.

It seems the evil empire is not satisfied until it is struck with a deeper Karma with no salvation till its own demise comes to fruition. Let the wicked Americans and white men learn the lesson in the hard way that if you insist on perpetually doing evil things to other people and countries, the evil things that you do will come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

Latest CGTN news report this morning: Over 1500 employees in a German meat factory are infected with the Coronavirus just in one day, yesterday.  NB: You can expect many times more are infected with the virus in the USA and Brazil but not reported. So better play safe and do not eat foodstuffs and fruits from the US, Europe and Brazil.


Monday, 22nd June, 2020

India threatening to align with the Americans against China

Under the impact of Chinese power and Xi’s revisionism, as former Indian diplomat Vijay Gokhle wrote in the New York Times recently: “The world needs balance — at the moment, no country other than the United States has the means to ensure it.”

For far too long, New Delhi has maintained a preference for strategic autonomy rather than strategic alignment with the West. Chinese actions have more or less forced India’s hands.

Yogesh Joshi is Research Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore.

The above is quoted from CNA. This is a typical Indian rhetorical statement as if China is so afraid of India aligning with the Americans to contain China and China must coax India and court India if China did not want this to happen. This is like expecting the racist Australians to be nice to China and not to be too friendly with the USA. China has long concluded that India is an unreliable partner in geopolitics. India would always be a secondary power and clinging to the coat tail of the Americans like a mouse sitting on the head of a tiger and shouting at everyone.

China has no disillusion that India is going to be on the side of China. India has always been taking the side of the Americans against China. Period.  There is no need for such an incident to push India into the American camp. It has always been in bed with the Americans.

China can only hope that India be a responsible neighbour and avoid creating trouble and mischief at the borders. Unfortunately this is a bit too hard to wish for knowing how sneaky and conniving the Indians are. Their super power dream has misguided their thinking and sensibility. They still think they are in the same league as China and China is viewing India as a strategic competitor. Not for another hundred years before India can think of catching up with China.

Between China and India there is no meaningful comparison. Perhaps India can claim number one when its population exceeds those of China.

PS. India has sent more soldiers and heavy weapons to the border, including a division of tanks. Trying to be aggressive, to attack Chinese border guards. Now got whacked and crying father and crying mother. If they had the upper hand, they would not behave like cry babies.

 As usual, sabre rattling, want to fight with China again, trying to tell the world and China their prick is bigger and would rout the Chinese PLA. Talk is India's top weapon. Listen to their news and social media you would think they would be marching to Beijing soon. Typical big talk and lots of noise but would be fleeing when war starts.

Covid19 - Latest list of cursed and condemned countries by God

United States2,255,119119,719
United Kingdom303,11042,589
Saudi Arabia157,6121,267
South Africa92,6811,877
As of 8:25am Jun 22, 2020 - Data from CNA

The evil Americans are still lying about the numbers. Racist Trump, the clown sent by God to destroy America, is telling his agencies to slow down the testing so that the numbers would be lower.  Who is cheating, who is lying? Dump Trump could not understand that he is only cheating himself and the Americans by rigging the testing of new cases.  See, no new cases, no testing. 

How idiotic can this clown be?

The USA, the most evil country on earth, is facing the full wrath of God, with more than 2 millions infected, and the number of deaths growing each day. This is retribution and punishment for the harm and evilness they have done to the people of the world, for the hundreds of thousands they have killed, the millions they have maimed, the millions they have forced and coerced into hardship, into a life of poverty.
Thank God that this is happening to the Americans. Amen.


Which country in this world is dangerous and illegitimate? You judge.

Which country is dangerous and illegitimate - China or USA ? You judge.

This article will reinforce the truth of Chua Chin Leng's article, "The world's number one terrorist nation, ( the evil empire - The United States of America" posted on 20-06-2020

The Western countries especially the United States like to shout at the international political arena as if its is Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner that China is an illegitimate country and the Chinese Communist Party has no legitimacy. So China under the CCP has no legitimacy and the US under the decrepit rotten governing system of the Democrats and Republicans has legitimacy.

So let's examine the facts and the truths. China is a great country of more then 5,000 years and her Civilization is comparable to that of other great civilizations like Egypt, Persia ( Iran ), Babylon or Mesopotamia ( Iraq ), India, Greek and Rome. During these 5,000 years China has bequeathed to us a lot in science and technology, literature, biology, mathematics, inventions like gun powder, compass, paper, printing, seismograph, horse stirrup, the rudder,farming and seed seeding machines, oil drilling techniques, knowledge in astronomy and cosmology and hundreds of others.

Where was US during these 5,000 years?

How did United States come about? Originally the US was part of the odious British imperial north American empire which includes Canada. Imperial England had conquered North America from 1603 AD and ever since then maintained its strong control against the native Americans through brutal military might via unrestrained atrocities and genocide of the natives.

In 1775-1776 some thirteen British colonies were not happy with the heavy taxes England imposed on them. They started a revolution to fight for independence from England . They succeeded with the help of France and Spain. So in a treaty signed in Paris the thirteen colonies from Maine to Georgia became a union of independent sovereign states. So the United States of America came into existence albeit out of violence.

Canada chose to remain loyal to the British flag. In the meantime England also granted self-governing autonomous status to about a hundred native American Indian tribes for the rest of the British north American territory that lie to the west of the thirteen independent states.

From that very first year of declaration of independence in 1776, the thirteen states adopted a policy of aggression and expansion against the self-governing autonomous native states under the doctrine, " The Manifest Destiny of America. " Eventually all the native self-governing autonomous states were brutally attacked by the United States and the natives genocided in a more violent and wanton manner than that carried out by the British earlier. All the native states were destroyed and their lands incorporated into the bigger and wider expanding United States of America. Thus the United States is built at the expense of the native Americans whose lands were illegally acquired by force of military might to form the rogue illegitimate country, The United States of America.

After the brutal and violent way of forcefully acquiring all the native self-governing states the rogue United States went on another spree of wanton aggression against Mexico from 1840s to 1890s. In this hostile aggressive wars of conquest US took away one million six hundred and sixty-five million square miles of Mexican lands which now comprise the states of Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and California. Then in 1895 to 1905 it attacked Hawaii and took over the territory after the massacre of over three hundred thousand native Hawiians. The Hawaiian queen was unceremoniously deposed and later murdered.

So the United States is an illegitimate country built on stolen lands from other people, from the native American Indians and the Mexicans. The illegitimate US is built on the terrible agony, suffering and almost a hundred million deaths of the natives and thereafter the senseless killings of African American negro slaves as well as the Latino Mexicans.

The United States streaks of wanton violence continue to this day against most other countries as its motive is to achieve sole superpower hegemony over all other countries on earth.

USA is an artificial illegitimate country born out of violence, pain, agony, suffering and deaths of millions of innocent natives and therefore it needs to be clobbered and destroyed for the safety and security of the rest of other people and countries in this earthly world.


Sunday, 21st June, 2020