China led by the CCP is glorious, rich and powerful. Every Chinese worth his salt must be proud of it.

  China led by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is glorious, modern, rich and powerful. Every Chinese worth his salt should be proud of it.


Prologue  --   Background Story

What led to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party?

The European countries like England, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Holland and America and Japan that invaded China from the 1830s to 1940s had brought long streaks of pain, suffering, agony and disasters to China and the Chinese people with the resulting lost of pride, honour, self-respect and dignity had influenced great Chinese patriots to found the Chinese Communist Party to save China and the Chinese people from foreign aggression and to regain back its sovereignty and dignity.
The road to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party was long, tedious, dangerous and involved great personal selfless sacrifice to the founding leaders and their followers.

     The barbaric West headed by the Evil Empire USA, should stop talking nonsense about the legitimacy of modern China led by the CCP. China is now rich and powerful and this is because it is led by the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party is the precious blood, the saviour and saving star of China and all Chinese people. In the beginning of Chinese history, China is The Yellow Emperor, in Qin Shi Huangdi's time, China is Qin Shi Huangdi, in emperor Han Wu Ti's time China is the Han Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty time China is the Ming Dynasty  and in this modern time China is CCP and CCP is China. So the West headed by the United States should not befudge the world with their nonsense about the CCP and China. CCP and China is one and the same entity and no one can confuse the fact. The CCP is China and China is the CCP. It is because of the CCP that China and the Chinese people are able after about two hundred years of Western humiliation, to stand up again with pride, self-respect and dignity as declared by Chairman Mao Tse-tung in Beijing on 1st October, 1949. That rapturous joy of happiness of 1st October, 1949  in Beijing is still resounding in all Chinese hearts and minds and the Chinese people are now even more determined to confront and defeat all USA aggressions and hegemony  and ensure that China and the Chinese people will never be bullied and humbled again.

It is said among the Chinese that whenever China faces mortal danger many Chinese patriotic leaders will mysteriously appear from all corners of China to lead, fight and  save the Chinese nation. The Taiping rebellion in the 1850s to 1860s  would have overthrown the Qin Dynasty had it not been for the treachery of Britain and other Western powers including the United States which helped the Qin Dynasty to cling on to power for the next sixty years until 1911 when it was finally overthrown by Dr. Sun Yat Sen who founded the Republic of China.

From the 1830s to 1860s England imposed the Opium Wars on China so as to force China to accept payments in opium for goods they bought from China and reversely to force China to pay to England and the western powers in pure Chinese silver dollars for the opium they unloaded on China. France, Germany, America, Russia and Japan joined England to attack and invade China. When China lost the wars each of the invading countries imposed heavy war indemnities on China to the tune of a few hundred million Chinese silver or gold dollars. This indemnities greatly impoverished China and China was still paying the indemnities until October,1949 when Mao's Communist China stopped the illegal payments.

The Western countries and Japan kept on  supporting the dying Qin Dynasty because it was weak and could be easily manipulated to suit their own agenda of reaping benefits in extra-territorial rights and territorial concessions.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Republic power center was in Canton, Southern China. Meanwhile with the downfall of the Qin Dynasty many of the former Qin army generals became little despots and warlords who fought for control of the many provinces in Central and Northern China. The most notorious warlords were Wu Pei-fu, Chang Tso-lin,  Feng Yu Hsiang , Sun Chuan-fang and Yen Hsi-shan. In November,1923 Dr. Sun had created a military college in Canton to train army generals. He had earlier in August, sent a junior general, Chiang Kai Shek to Moscow for training. When Chiang Kai Shek returned from Moscow he was made the commander of the Whampoa military college. Dr. Sun Yat Sen had  for the good of China included the Chinese communists in his government and in the Whampoa military academy. He tried to persuade the nationalist Kuomintang ( KMT ) and the Chinese communist to work together to form a national front to liberate central and northern China from the warlords and to eventually drive out the occupying western powers and Japan from China in pursuit of Chinese sovereignty.

Yuan Shi Kai the last commander in chief of the Qin Dynasty was persuaded to join the cause of the Republic. He promised to throw in his lot with  the Republic only if he was made   the president of the Chinese Republic. For the sake of unity and the Republic Dr. Sun Yat Sen gave up his presidency in favour of Yuan Shi Kai.

Dr. Sun's Republican cause was not supported by Western countries, Russia or Japan. He  had appealed to UK, US and other western countries for help to develop China. But he was rebuffed by the western powers who prefered to deal with the warlords who can be pliant and easily manipulated by the western powers for their own agenda and benefits. They feared a strong resurgent republican China would threaten their established privileges and colonial possessions of the Western powers in the Far East.

For Japan the rise of a strong republican China would banish forever the Japanese dream of establishing a continental empire in Asia. Russia too would not welcome a strong united republic China which is bound to settle accounts with Russia's illegal occupation of large swathes of Chinese territories from Lake Baikal to the Maritime Province in the Pacific coast. The Russian city of Vladivostok in the Pacific coast was formerly a Chinese city by the original name of Haishenwei. Russia grabbed the Chinese maritime province together with Haishenwei from the Chinese in 1885.

The dying Qin empire was surrounded with many western foes inclusive of Japan and the United States, all anxious to profit from its demise. Thus the new found Chinese Republic of Dr. Sun  Yat Sen was encircled with enemies determined to strangle it at birth.

The Republic under Yuan Shi Kai's presidency was infested with extreme corruption. The topsy-turvy in the republic gave Yuan Shi Kai a chance to found his new dynasty. He tried to garner the support of the western powers and Japan who were alarmed at the decline of order  and the evident incapacity of the republicans.

Yuan Shi Kai betrayed the Republicans.

Yuan secured a large loan from the European powers without the consent of parliament. He either exiled or assassinated the few capable republicans so as to make way for him to proclaim himself  as the emperor-elect of a new dynasty.

During the First World War  1914 - 1918, Japan was an ally of UK,France and US against Germany. Japan treacherously presented Twenty-One Demands on May 4th, 1915 to the Chinese Republic. If these demands were accepted China would deem to be placed under a virtual Japanese protectorate and extinguished her independence. Yuan Shi Kai accepted some of the demands. The Chinese people were shocked and were roused to real alarm and indignation.

The Chinese masses were awakened.

Yuan Shi Kai's plan to found his new dynasty was routed  when on Christmas Day, 1915, the commander of the republic forces in the province of Yunnan rose in revolt and denounced Yuan Shi Kai the new emperor pretender. Soon all other commanders joined the revolt. Yuan Shi Kai had lost all support from the army and so he dropped all his plans for his emperor inauguration in March, 1916. He died in June 1916 forlorn and disgraced.

Under Yuan Shi Kai the young republic was filled with extreme corruption. Members of parliament were nothing but selfish, self-seeking careerists who sought for self-aggrandizement and personal fortune. The Chinese people saw through the corruption of Western Democracy. In the name of parliament they had seen gross and shameless corruption. In the name of democracy they had seen nothing but weak and bad government, military usurpation, violation of law, every kind of oppression  and national decline. Chen Tu-hsiu a professor at Peita University and one of the founding members of the Chinese Communist Party had by mid 1920, completely lost faith with Western democracy as he observed that  "Western democracy was no more than a tool used by the bourgeoisie  to swindle mankind in order to maintain political power."

By the end of the second decade 1920-1930 of the 20th century the Chinese people were completely disillusioned with Western Democracy. The Chinese felt Western Democracy was not the solution to Chinese society. It was tacitly abandoned by the revolutionary element of the Chinese Communist Party.

During the First World War the Chinese observed the visceral behaviour of the west with disgust and western prestige was greatly shaken and despised. The western powers had bullied the corrupt and powerless Peking government into declaring war on Germany so that the allied powers might seize the German assets in China and the German ships in Chinese ports. This affair made a very bad impression on the Chinese.

Treachery of the West and Japan  on China.

After the war the allied powers handed over the Shantung province to Japan. China an ally was to be robbed off for the benefit of Japan. This indecent treatment aroused in China a tremendous fiery storm of nationalist feeling in 4th May,1919. It forced the Chinese delegation led by Wellington Khoo at Versailles, France not to sign the treaty. The republican government had acted in dignified self-assertion due entirely to the unofficial forces of the outraged patriotism of the students and the demands of the entire country.

What happened afterwards will appear in  PART  TWO   which will be published  tomorrow, , 29-06-2020


Sunday, 28th June, 2020


Anonymous said...

The Chinese people would have lost their country further, if not for the Chinese Communist success in defeating the KMT, the Japanese invaders and the evil western imperialist powers.The CCP success and establishment of The People's Republic of China, has restored honour, pride, self-respect and dignity to China and the Chinese people

Virgo 49 said...

Morning Southernglory1

All these Bullshits Capitalists Democracies are only reserved for their own cronies and their own SELFISH gains.

Also, to me the Chinese Race can be a SMART and also Foolish Race.

The SMART can be very scheming and cunning and traitous.

The FOOLISH always squabblings and fight amongst themselves.

Maybe, its a cursed fate that we should suffer such.

Chinese genes too competitive and selfish towards their own.

More maganimous and forgiving towards others.

Maybe due to China's past history of lusts, powers grabbing and also of hardships and starvations that the Chinese Mentality is geared only to wards their own. Others, too bad for them their businesses as they are not capable enough.

Even towards their own, jealousy and scorns and plots to kill one another.

This mentality cannnot be eradicated as been inborn.

You are poor, they scorn you. You are Rich, they envy you.

That's why society now have so many suicides and even youngs suffering mental problems.

Majority amongst the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Chiang Kai-shek is no different from the unruly warlords. He was a tyrannical dictator. He ruled China like his own family business. He was all but dictatorial, full of nepotism and cronyism. Under his rule the fate of China was controlled by his families. Chiang himself controlled overall power in politics, his brother-in-law Kong controlled trade and industries and another brother-in-law Sung controlled banks and finance. The three families were extremely corrupted to the core and everything they did was for the benefit and enrichment of their families. They left China and the Chinese people in the direge and at the mercy of the Japanese and wicked western powers.

Anonymous said...

All the time the western powers like England, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and America as well as Japan had every intention to carve out China into several different parts for them to rule as their colonies. Fortunately wise patriotic Chinese leaders came forward to form the cohesive Chinese Communist Party to fight and drive out all these foreign imperialist invaders. We must thank Chairman Mao and the CCP for uniting China and restoring the pride and dignity of all Chinese people.

Anonymous said...


In his preface to the most influential 18th-century book on China, J.B. Du Halde said European explorers saw themselves as superior to everyone they encountered, but in China they found a populous nation with prosperous cities and a society so tolerant that religious wars were unknown.

At first, these reports were dismissed as fiction: “We could not believe that beyond so many half-barbarous nations, and at the extremity of Asia, a powerful nation was to be found scarce inferior to any of the best governed states of Europe.”

These accounts challenged traditional presumptions of European superiority, but they turned out to be largely true. Worse yet, global demand for Chinese commodities such as tea, porcelain and silk had created trade deficits all over Europe.
François Fénelon accused the Chinese of being sneaky on the assumption they could not have achieved all this on their own, but because Europeans also made fortunes trading those commodities, the threat was not so much to the economy as to European face.

Face, it turns out, was serious business. Louis le Comte openly admired China’s meritocratic society; his book was burned. In a Europe torn by religious wars, Christian Wolff admired China’s secular morality. He was ordered to leave town in 24 hours or be hanged.

Another threat was China’s post-aristocratic society. Anonymous civil service exams reduced social class, religion or ethnicity as factors in official selection. This made participation in government more egalitarian than in Europe.

Dutch, French and English reformers seized on this to attack aristocratic privilege, arguing that China’s economic success was a product of its meritocratic system. Montesquieu recognised this as threatening to aristocracy and launched an all-out offensive in The Spirit of the Laws .

Our textbooks tell us the Baron was a champion of “liberty”, but fail to mention that “liberties” back then meant aristocratic privileges. We also learn he was opposed to “despotism”, but are not informed that “despotism” referred to stripping the nobility of their “liberties”.

Certainly, China was guilty of that. In China, any educated man could hold office, but Montesquieu insisted that commoners should never hold office. Genuine reformers like Abbe Raynal continued to promote China-style equality right up to the American and French Revolutions, but Montesquieu’s disinformation persisted as well.

After the Revolutions, acknowledging China’s contributions to liberal thought only further threatened European face, so it became necessary to suppress China’s role in Enlightenment debate.

Anonymous said...


David Porter sees in the Western modernist narrative a “form of instrumental amnesia … What was deliberately and usefully forgotten in England over the course of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was the contemporaneity of global history, specifically that of the dauntingly advanced civilisation at the far end of the Eurasian landmass”.

Georg Wilhelm Hegel was influential in creating that amnesia, using racially-charged language to dehumanise Chinese people. Many of our current stereotypes can be traced to his Philosophy of History.

In China, anonymised civil service exams privileged individual talent, yet Hegel claimed the Chinese lacked individuality. China enjoyed a long tradition of political dissent, yet Hegel claimed the Chinese were mindlessly obedient, and sneaky as well. He could not read Chinese, and the record contradicts his claims, but his stereotypes persist.

Just recently, mainstream media (Time) informed readers that people in Asia do not wear masks from a sense of public responsibility; it is merely that personal identity is not as important for them as for us, a classic Hegelian smear.

For centuries, China’s threat to the myth of Western superiority has made it an easy target for race-baiting. Now, its embrace of green energy once again threatens American face, not to mention petro-profits.
When the Trump administration began its anti-China campaign, its purpose was recognised as distracting from the president’s disastrous policy failures, yet even liberals jumped on the bandwagon.
But the attacks have backfired, further visiting damage on a nation suffering from malmanagement. It has been argued (Foreign Affairs) that the greater risk may lie in overreacting to China’s success, yet the administration’s response has been to intensify the attacks.

Blaming alien races is a core strategy in the White Nationalist playbook, and if Trump had blamed African-Americans or Muslims, liberals would have seen through the ruse.

With China, Hegel’s stereotypes continue to pass for insider knowledge. This is unfortunate, not merely because US farmers and auto workers could benefit from China markets, and not only because, as Foreign Affairs observed, China’s tech industry may be crucial for controlling climate change.

Whatever the differences between these two nations today – and that is getting harder to discriminate – China once provided Western liberals with a model of a less stratified society fostering rational policies for the public benefit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In the 1830s to 1930s when England had no money to pay for Chinese goods they craved for they imposed the Opium Wars on China. Then when China was defeated they extorted millions of Chinese silver dollars from China by imposing the illicit war imdemnities. In addition to that they imposed extraterritorial rights and territorial concessions in all Chinese ports and cities where only they could collect taxes and tariffs and where they held the sovereign control with their western law and justice to the disadvantage of China and the Chinese people. In short they reduced China to a semi-colonial status.

Now similar trends are happening. The United States crave for good and cheap Chinese goods. But they have no money to pay. They borrowed trillions of dollars from China. They try to use all ways and means to abscond with the debts owe to China through illegal and illicit sanctions. They start a trade war on China by imposing high tariffs and took illegal and unreasonable actions to destroy big successful Chinese multinational companies like Huawei and ZTE so as to stop China's progress and development. In addition the United States is using miliitary coercion to threaten China in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Ofcourse time is different now and China cannot be threatened, for a war with China now will be the death-knell of the United States.

Bravo China and death to the Evil Empire

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous 12:29 / 12:33

Very good and informative input. Will appreciate if you can provide more detail description.

Fellow netizen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Southernglory1,

I'm back! My cousin said grandfather participated in the revolution.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

There is always 2 sides to a story.

It is time now for China and Chinese to tell our side of the story.

SSO said...

There are at least three sides of any story.

Anonymous said...

Extract of Letter of Withdrawal from GE 2020 Candidacy by Ivan Lim:

"In recent days, there have been various allegations made about my conduct and behaviour. Following my clarifications this morning, further allegations have emerged against me. These new allegations are baseless. I appreciate the support the Party has given to me throughout this period. I have consulted and discussed the matter with the Party leadership. I recognise that the controversy over my candidacy has eclipsed the core issues of what this election should be about - Singapore’s future and the difficult steps we have to take to recover from COVID-19. The controversy has also caused intense pain and stress for my family. I cannot put my family through this”

Lee Hsien Loong's reply:

“The controversy about your candidature has been unfortunate. Ideally, there would have been a fair and deliberate consideration of these allegations. Unfortunately, the nature of the campaign is such that we do not have time for a thorough investigation. The allegations spread like wildfire online, eclipsing the serious life and death issues we must grapple with. I respect your decision to withdraw as a candidate. I regret that you and your family have had to bear such stress during this period. I hope Singaporeans will give you and your family the peace and privacy to recover, and welcome your continued contribution to our society.”

What do you think?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, China Leaders had suffered immensely in hard times and their families undergone together with them thru thick and thin.

You want to be a Leader to serve the people and you Scared that your family had to suffer these criticisms?

How about our Chee Soon Juan??

His family don't suffered great humiliations when all the daft Sinkies and the PAP leaders and their supporters with their venom scorn and belittled him thru all these years.

Same time harping no gutter politics.

If you are so weak in your character how can you fight for your fellow men?

Only self interests.

Go back to your cushy how Lian salary man GM lah.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, also Battalion Commander?

My God, your men Suay to have such a weak and how Lian half past six Commander.

Going to battle, such exterminated.

Lucky not my time.

Our time even NCOs are smarter than you book worm officers.

Real soldiers are from the ground up and not from top down.

No wonder so many unnecessary accidents and Deaths

Anonymous said...

Without the CCP that made China so rich and so strong, all the yellow skins in the USA would be crying 'Yellow lives matters'.

And the racists in SE Asia will be killing you when they are unhappy. Now a strong China said it would not stand idly by if the racists dare to kill Chinese in SE Asia.