Shhssssh…let’s tell our enemies – WikiLeaks

What shall the world make out of the WikiLeaks? So far information that was ‘leaked’ is very damaging only to Asian, African and Arab countries. Their inter state relations are going to plunge into the abyss if the leaks were real. The first casualty will be the Saudi King. He is finished with the Iraqis but safe as Saddam is already dead. But the Iranians will put out a contract on him if they took the leak seriously. North Korea will lose confidence in China as its unquestionable supporter. China will be seen by North Korea and its allies as unreliable. A huge wedge has been driven into their relationship. Singapore too will be hit by the ire of the North Koreans as well, but nothing serious as Singapore has little to do with that country. The bottom line is that many Asian, African and Arab nations will be going after each other’s jugular and their relations in a mess. What is glaringly absent in the leaks are the secrets of Israel or the US that could damage their relations with their allies. Do they have any secrets about what the US and the Israelis were saying about the Arab world? The only thing damaging and affecting the US is that it will be called an inept and a bungler at most. There is also another big hole in what the US and Japan will be saying about the stupid Koreans trying to kill each other and the role of the US and Japan in the rising tension. Oh, the White House said that the real secrets are safe. So why are these secrets circulating are only going to create turmoil among Asian, Arab and African nations, and nothing damaging to America and its allies? Strange right? The leaks seem to have a pattern, to create as much damage as possible in the camps of the US enemies. Quite brilliant actually. But Julian Assange and his men seem so genuine in their actions to expose the hypocrisy of the Evil Empire. So are they just another group of under cover moles of the US? Could be. Or they could be really on a cause. Then the US intelligence knowing what they were doing, deliberately let them fish out all the leaks that they have planted, and making the whole issue like real. Sure some of information are real. But how many are fakes? How genuine are the WikiLeaks and the secrets they have in hand, and releak to the world, is best judged by the end results. What were achieved by the leaks? Who stand to gain and who stand to lose from the so called official secret leaks? At the moment it looks like a con job. And Julian Assange and his men could just be made used by the mastermind who coordinated the whole leak, what to leak and who to suffer from the consequences. So, what else is new? It smells of another black ops.

A very desirable outcome from high property prices

High property prices make many Singaporeans happy, especially the older folks. Yes they are rich and have valuable assets to flaunt and children got to be nicer to them, and maybe one day they can get to inherit the small fortune. But this is not all, because housing is so expensive, children will now have to consider seriously the option of staying with parents. It is not cheap to live separately as some may not be able to afford it. Inadvertently, the high housing price is bringing the family closer together, with two or three generations living under one roof, one big happy family. And grandparents can help to look after grandchildren, saving on maids. Children can go to work feeling safe that their children are in good hands, no abuses or being thrown out of the flats by deranged maids. A lot of quality time with children and parents. Our traditional values of family, three generations under one roof, are back as living institutions. We won’t go the decadent ways of the West. The little catch is that new flats are getting smaller, especially the 3 and 4 rm flats. It may be a little squeeze, but a lot of savings from having to cough out another $300k or $400k to live separately from the parents. This is something that Singaporeans will get use to very quickly, spending quality time at home.

Another clean sweep for PAP

The next GE is looking like another walkover. The economy has hit an all time high which means everyone is going to get a big big angpow soon. Full employment, property prices making all the property owners smiling everyday. And another slate of the best talents have been chosen and ready to hit the election road. No more problems. Mas Selamat safely back in the cell. Loan sharks and little gangsters on the run. The Chinese used to say, 'tian xia tai ping' or all peace under heaven. The two IRs are bringing in more tourists here while world best investments are also flowing in, including a lot of hot money. It is a shame if Singaporeans miss this great opportunity to make a bundle for themselves. It is truly a golden year.

Contradictions of South Korean military supremacy

The South Koreans think they could thrash the North Koreans when there is a military conflict. They keep saying that they will respond with punitive measures. And because of their superior armed forces, they took liberty to conduct war games, simulating an attack on North Korea in the islands closest to the North. The Yeonpyeong is only 7 miles or 12 km from the North Korean coast. Why is there a need to bring in the Americans and the Japanese if the South Koreans think that they are the superior force? They could do it single handedly and wipe the North Koreans clean, and even reunite the two parts of Korea. The North Koreans will love them and their riches, and a better life. Since they are so superior, and so gutsy in wanting a war with the North, conducting war games so close to the North’s border, they should just do it. There is no point in conducting provocative war games to draw military fires from the North, and do nothing. The sabre rattling only means something if they dare to follow it through. Go, South Koreans, no need to wait for Uncle Sam or Uncle Nihon to back up. The North Koreans are hungry and poor soldiers, easy meat, a piece of cake. Why wait? If the South Koreans and Americans are sincere in not wanting a war, not wanting to provoke a war, they should refrain from conducting war games at North Korea’s front yard. But the western world refuses to see these acts of provocation and proclaims that the South Koreans and the Americans are all angels and walking with a halo on their heads. To maintain peace and peaceful coexistence, all the countries, including North Korea, shall not conduct any military exercises 200 km from their land and sea borders. Would the South Koreans do that, would the Americans do that? The useless UN should make a stand on this and tell all the countries to abide by such a position. Then we can see clearly who is or are the real provocateurs. In the meantime Japan is an eager friend to want to help the South Koreans kill the North Koreans. Seiji Maehara has called for a meeting with the South Korean President on how to deal with the North Koreans together. Lee Myung Bak is gearing up to be a Korean murderer.


Time to sell your properties

'Soaring property valuations have sent the net wealth of households in Singapore rocketing to an all-time high of S$1.16 trillion (US$886 billion) in the third quarter of this year. That is 29 percent up from the height of the financial crisis early last year, and higher than the S$1 trillion that households registered a year ago, itself a record.' This is a piece of good news that is in the media. The bad news is COV is coming down and prices of resale flats are also sliding down. And the full impact of the control measures have not taken effect yet. This is the time to sell high and buy when property prices come tumbling down. When property prices peaked, it is time for it to wind down. The cycle always repeat itself. Looks like a $1m 3rm HDB flat is not going to be. With the projected price hike of 2 to 3% annually, it will take donkey years to reach this number. My dream of being an emperor in Lijiang is fading away. For those who are not selling, they can keep smiling while the price is still high.

The enlightening rant of Yuriko Koike

She has an article in the Comment and Analysis page of Today. She started with the usual North Korea slant, a nation that is so poor that even its soldiers have not enough food to eat, a nation that is crazy for international attention, even blowing up Choenan and firing artillery shells into Yeonpyeong without any reasons or provocations. The rest you can just skip, as there were nothing new. Even Matilah can add more juicy stuff than her. The gem of her article is this and I quote: 'Much, then depends on the Chinese, whose self defeating regional diplomacy has managed to push a listless and defence-shy Japanese govt into closer cooperation with the US on security matters and has inspired South Korea to seek out strategic partnerships with other Asian powers, including India.' Here is the unintentional leak of what the US, Japan and South Korea are up to. So it is China's fault for the strategic alliance between the US and its two semi colonies, and now India coming into the picture. And China must join the alliance to condemn North Korea. Oh no, 'And China is keen to draw South Korea closer in the game of regional rivalries. The result could be a new round of efforts by China to manipulate regional suspicion - or worse.' Heh heh, they say pretty women are very innocent and harmless: ) So all the problems in the Korean Peninsula is created by China, and North Korea is a colony of China. China can tell North Korea what to do like the US telling Japan and South Korea, and its allies. How many of you believe so? And Japan is such a mild country, and it is growing its military force so huge that it can overrun Southeast Asia once again if it only adds on a few aircraft carriers. Japan is listless and defence shy!!!??? Remove the mask of militarism please. I really enjoy her rant. Looking forward for more of her writings. I am worn over by her pretty face.


Malaysia is the best thing to happen to Singapore

When the Tememgong signed away Temasek to the East India Company, it is likely to be under duress. The British probably put a gun at his head and said, ‘Sign.’ And that act gave away Temasek to the British Empire. The other possibility was some kind of bribery or trickery. How else would the Temengong sign away his land willingly? He might be a chief of a small kampong, not well versed in international laws or territorial sovereignty, but he was definitely not a retard. And the rest was history. The Johoreans are still sore over this part of history. Please don’t blame the Singaporeans, they are just part of the British legacy and have nothing to do with pointing a gun at the head of the Tememgong. When Singapore joined and became part of Malaysia, all things returned to square one. The two lands were reunited. The historical blemish was erased. All debt, robberies and injustice corrected. Then came the separation and Singapore was evicted. This time the Federal govt gave the consent to let Singapore free as an independent state. There was no more coercion from a foreign power. Malaysia was then an independent country and the British could not put a gun on Tengku’s head. And Abdul Razak was there to advise him. They decided that Singapore should be allowed to become an independent country, a nation of its own. Through unification and separation from Malaysia, Singapore became an independent country out of free will, and decided by mainly by Malaysia. No one can now accuse Singapore of being seized from Malaysia. It was legally separated under fair and mutually agreed terms and conditions between two independent govts.


Selling everything to foreigners is Treason

We need to have laws and systems in place to prevent rogue govts from selling away Singapore to foreigners. There must be laws to limit the selling of private properties to foreigners. Leaving the property market to the developers who have no other consideration except making money is irresponsible. The developers will sell to whoever have the money to buy from them. How many percent of our private properties are already own by foreigners? Do we have figures on the private properties that foreigners can buy and what is the percentage of foreign ownership, excluding public housing and landed properties? The data should show private residential properties and commercial properties as well It is to our national interest to limit the ownership of private residential properties to maybe 30% of any development project. We have too little land and too little properties to sell to foreigners. They have the money to buy up everything if we allow them to do so, in a free market environment. Without any restraints, gradually everything will be owned by foreigners. One day we may wake up finding that everything is gone, sold.


Another cock statement from Washington

US demands China restrain NKorea after 'premeditated' violation of Korean War truce WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration urged China to press North Korea to halt provocative actions against South Korea, after an artillery attack on the South that the U.S. called a "premeditated" violation of the truce that ended the Korean War. As the isolated North's only ally and main economic partner, China plays a "pivotal" role in reducing tensions and has a duty to tell Pyongyang that deliberate acts "specifically intended to inflame tensions in the region" are not acceptable, the State Department said. "China is pivotal in moving North Korea in a fundamentally different direction," State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters. "We expect China to be clear, like we are, as to where the responsibility for the current situation, the current tension lies. This is something that we feel strongly about." The Evil Empire is trying to pin the blame on China and scheming to use the incident to tarnish China. South Korea may be a semi colony of the US and will submit to whatever wish the US demand. North Korea is an independent country and not China's colony. It does not take directives from China. And neither is China America's whipping boy and would jump to America's every demand. China should tell the Americans to stuff it. If they want a war with the North Koreans, go ahead. But China reserves the right to protect its turf and starting fire in China's back yard will mean that China will step in when its national interests and security is violated. The US thinks that it can keep pushing the buck to China and make the world look at China as an evil superpower like it is. If the South Koreans and the US do not provoke the North by conducting war games in the front yard of North Korea, there will be no tension and shelling. The world must look at how this Evil Empire is trying to fix the North Koreans and China and make them look bad, and using it as an excuse to increase its military presence in the Korean Peninsula.

Good news or bad news?

When I read the mypaper this morning, the two news that hit me were, one, property prices could rise higher, and two, Singapore's household debt low. And these are front page news. So, what is the message? Low interest rate and high liquidity will push property prices higher. Nothing can be done about it. It is beyond our control, market forces at work. And the consolation part, Singaporean household debt is low. This means Singaporeans can afford to take on more debt, pay for higher price properties. Add the two together, what can we expect? Boom time Charlie for the developers and property speculators.

Who is the real provocateur?

The 38th parallel was a convenient line drawn by foreign powers to divide Korea under their influence. First Korea was divided between Russia and Japan. When Japan defeated Russia, it took control of the whole Korea as its colony. After the defeat of Japan in WW2, the Americans and Russians again divided the Koreas into two at the 38th parallel. Failure to hold a general election to reunite the country led to wars between the two Koreans. After the Korean War ended in 1953, the 38th parallel again divided the two Koreas. The question is how did so many islands north of the 38th parallel ended in the hands of the South Koreans? After the war, China withdrew totally out of Korea. The US remained and made South Korea its semi colony, with military bases there. The superior US Navy must have taken advantage of the weaker North Koreans, likely without any navy, and occupied as many islands north of the 38th parallel as they could grab. That is why today, the Yeonpyeong and several islands are called disputed islands, snatched from the North by the South, like Diaoyutai, seized from China by the Japanese. The unbearable truth is made more painful with the South constantly conducting war games in these disputed islands that should belong to the North. An analogy would make this easier to understand. It is like Singapore being separated from Malaysia by the Causeway. And hypothetically, Singapore gained control of all the islands below Tioman and Kukup, with the support of the US. Then every now and then Singapore will conduct war games in Kukup or Pulau Aur or other islands in the east coast. Of course Malaysia will be furious and will warn of counter attacks. So who is provoking who? The situation in Korea is exactly like that. And the western media will keep pointing the finger at the North as irrational and belligerent. So who is the real son of a gun?


Singapore should not be hasty in condemning North Korea

Singapore condemns North Korea for the artillery attack on a South Korean island. It issued a statement saying that the attack was undoubtedly initiated by the DPRK. Does Singapore need to poke its nose in the Korean affair in the first place? And does Singapore know the full story behind the attack? The Singapore media has often published articles and commentaries ridiculing the North Koreans and its leaders, I dunno for what or what it wants to achieve. We have nothing to gain except to be slapped by the North Koreans for being an arrogant brat. What would happen if our neighbours start to hold military exercises just outside our maritime borders? Will we too feel like being screwed like the North Koreans and regard those acts as provocative? The South Koreans and the Americans have been doing just that every now and then to provoke the North Koreans and force them to react. Then they plead innocence and point the fingers at the North Koreans for misbehaving or behaving badly. The Korean Peninsula tension is best left to the Koreans and their agitators to fight it out. We are just a small little prick and better to keep our distance, if we have a choice.

Obesity a national issue

The problem of obesity is important enough to be raised as a national issue in Parliament. We don’t want NS men to walk around looking like barrels do we? If that is the case, we can parade a contingent of these barrels at the National Day Parade. No, they need not have to march. They just need to roll along. And the marching orders, got to be changed to rolling orders, ‘Parade, ke kiri…roll’ instead of ‘Ke kiri… pusing.’ And a more serious problem is that all the buses and MRT trains got to have their seats changed to barrel size. Not only it will cost money to the transport companies, it will bring down their profits as they can now take lesser passengers per trip. Lagi susah is that fuel cost will go up as the passenger loads will be heavier. Now where is the root of the problem? The mummies and grannies of course. They have been feeding their children with the best food and best herbal soups to ‘por’ them while they are growing up. And probably 6 meals a day instead of 3. Looking fat and chubby is a sign of wealth and prosperity. They would not want their children to have that skinny and hungry look of the have nots. It is so malu if relatives say ‘Oh dear, chai chai is so thin!’ It is another way of saying ‘eat not enough’. The MOH shall start to conduct courses for the grannies and mummies on how not to fatten their children and also looking thin is not necessary shameful. This will give a boost to the ego of the have nots as their children are thin simply because they don’t have enough to eat. Now they can pretend that thin is good or not so bad, and walk with a little confidence.

Climb Kilimanjaro For Kids 2011

A Singaporean teacher in York University doing something for kids. Climb Kilimanjaro For Kids 2011 Fundraiser: Andrea Goh Donors can visit www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AndreaGoh

The Myth of Mas the Supernatural

He walked out of the detention centre like David Copperfield, in broad daylight, leaving the guard guarding an empty toilet. This second act is like the disappearing act of a magician walking into a box but appears somewhere else. Pretty good magic show. There is also the belief that after burying a few pieces of bawang, he can literally become invisible. Now for the facts. His escape from detention and fleeing into Johore were anything but unusual. Ok, ok, the part about walking out of a detention centre with ace gurkha guards is still an unknown phenomenon. Subsequently taking a walk to Tampines may not be that difficult but physically a bit demanding on him. The hiding in a brother’s flats, no need too much intelligence unless it is a game of poker, both parties trying to second guess each other’s move. That means Mas came out on top. Finally, the make up and wearing of tudung to pass off as a woman, a piece of cake. Simply text book stuff. No need much imagination. So, where is the part that made Mas Selamat that extraordinary or supernatural? Or he is an expert in disguise, in escape from prison. Oops, escape from prison is not easy. Not many people have succeeded. He may be the only one in paradise to do it. This point could make him that extraordinary. Or is it the event or the circumstances made him extraordinary? They use to say that in the land of the blind, the one eye jack shines.

Definitely not enough

Loan shark harassment cases dropped 8.4% for the period Jan to Oct over the same period last year. Is this good enough? It dropped from 15,120 cases to 13,848 cases, or more than 1000 cases monthly, or 33 cases daily. Did I get the numbers wrong? 33 cases daily is a very intolerable number. In 2007 there were 9,400 cases, 2008 there were 11,400 cases and 2009 there were 17,900 cases. Numbers quoted from the media. My goodness, we have been living with so many harassment cases without knowing. With the publicity given to tougher police actions and more arrests, the number does not seem to be making any significant progress. Or the loan sharks are still ruling their turfs and their activities are as per normal. When will the harassment stop? Oh, never mind, there can never be no harassment. Some harassment cases are normal and expected. So, what is an acceptable number?


Singapore needs Paul Volcker

Dr Volcker, the former Fed Chairman, is in town. Hopefully the govt can bring him on board in some kind of advisory role to curb the madness we have been sucked into. Volcker is famed for his Volcker Rule which forbids proprietary trading and speculations by banks in the financial market. His fear of the menace created by reckless banks which came true during the financial and subprime mortgage crisis has led to the US curbing proprietary trading by banks. His experience on the ground is invaluable. The conflict of interest and unfair advantages of banks in trading and speculation is obvious but blind to those who see short term gains. Singapore has adopted this practice of allowing banks to be thickly involved in proprietary trading or with trading arms as an extension of the banks to dabble in more exciting adventures in the wider financial jungle. The only way to throw out such voyeurism which has ruined the American finance industry is to have a giant like Volcker to tell the super talents that they are going down a slippery slope of no return. There is still time to unwind the mess before the whole financial industry got sucked into the abyss and spin into thin air. The other main fear of the financial industry is the ingenious and crooked ways of writing pieces of papers for trading. Derivative trading is not much different from playing monopoly when everything is worthless and trading with worthless money. A return to real value, assets and industry is the key to return sanity to the intoxicated financial market. We really need a heavy dosage of Volcker wisdom, prudence and thrift policies. Would the super talents listen or are they too high in the clouds and not able to see the mess that the industry is in?

Mas Selamat - The story so far

Allow me to reconstruct the first three chapters of Mas Selamat's escape with the revelation of new information in the media. The first phase is of course the escape from Whitley Road. Then the trip back to his brother's home and finally the trip across the Causeway. The escape from detention centre is still a highly guarded mystery filled with amazing tales and adventures bordering on fiction. So far not much new information has come out on this. So nothing much can be added to it. The trip to his brother's flat in Tampines is interesting. It took him two days to reach there and still wearing his prison garb. How did he make the journey without being noticed or caught? He could not have done in it in broad daylight, too easily recognisable. He could not have travelled by car or it would take him only half an hour. This would narrow the options to walking by night when everyone is sleeping. And it took one or two nights, meaning that he would have to sneak along to avoid being seen, and his limping leg would have slowed him down further. Credit must be given to him to be able to complete the journey without being caught. Perhaps when everyone is sleeping also helped. The trip to the Causeway was much more easier. Now he was in full disguise with professional help. Dressed as a woman with a tudung will save a lot of trouble. Now he was likely to be driven to the Causeway in a car. Taking public transport will attract attention to his limping walk and it was not easy to walk like a woman too. Sitting in a car would be the ideal and a cursory glance by the immigration would not be able to detect much. And yes, a woman's passport is a must. Now, who's passport have been stamped with the dates on those few days? The idea of him swimming across the straits strapped with plastic bottles is best told in kindergartens for a good laugh. If he did not look like a porcupine, he would definitely be an attractive piece of avant gard art. No way was he going to get a hundred plastic bottles and the rafia strings to tie them together. He is not light and a bundle of plastic bottles would look like a mole hill. So far the story goes.


So sad the two Koreas are killing each other

The Choenan Incident did not start a war. Disappointing! The North Koreans categorically denied any involvement in the explosion of the ship. Both sides showed restraints in not pushing the matter further. Today, the North did not denied anything after firing 60 shells into a disputed island and killing and wounding South Korean soldiers and civilians. It claimed the South fired first. The South said it was conducting a military exercise and was firing to the west and not to the north. What is the truth, what actually provoked the North to fire ferociously at the South? Would the world know what is going on? One thing for sure, the two Koreans are going to kill each other. They have forgotten that both are Koreans. After all these years of negotiations, have they not worked out a list of things to do and not to do to prevent any break out of hostility? Did they not agree to inform each other of military exercises at the border to prevent any misunderstanding? It is sad that they are all out to get at one another, to destroy each other. Or could someone have fired directly into the north while the South was firing to the west as claimed? North and South Koreans, for goodness sake, don’t make a fool of your self for whatever reasons. You will both be obliterated should war breaks out.

Is there a royal engagement?

I thought I have seen it on the news but have gotten about it. It is good that the ST wrote such an emotional article about the engagement of Prince Andrew and his fiancĂ©e, a commoner. Sorry, forgotten her name. Thanks for the reminder. The engagement is about a real life prince and a soon to be real life princess. Oooh la la, fairy tale stuff! Now my mind is full of Robin Hood, King Richard and King Arthur. And Yes, 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second! And she came to Singapore as part of her Empire tour to let her subjects have the pleasure of seeing her, the new Queen, in person. And the loyal subjects of the Empire lined the streets of Singapore to wave flowers and the Union Jacks as the Queen passed by on her topless motorcade. It was fairy tale and fantasy came alive. Now I think many Singaporean will wish that the Prince and Princess will pay a visit to this former colony for the citizens to go gaga over them. The former subjects would probably have passed away or mostly immobile. But not to worry, the new and younger citizens will be the most enthusiastic over this event and will definitely be out in full force to welcome them. They have not the privilege of seeing a real life royalty in their lives. And they will be in their best dresses, designer’s clothes, hats too, to match the occasion. We can relive our colonial heritage and lifestyle one more time, so glamorous and so intimate, as members of the Empire. And those who have been knighted with an OBE or MBE can put on their medals and be invited to dine and dance with the Prince and Princess, at the Istana of course. Memories are made of these.


SDP and three doctorates

Who says SDP is a lost cause? Many may have the impression that with Chee Soon Juan at the helm and the associated bad press and publicity in the media, the SDP is like dead horse. And in the coming GE the SDP could just be another no horse run. Just when people thought the SDP is a goner, in came two doctorates in the form of Vincent Wijeysingha and James Gomez. The trinity of doctorates will now helm a revived and revitalised SDP. SDP can now claim to be able to attract talented individuals and professionals to join its ranks, something that the Workers Party has been quite successful recently. In Vincent Wijeysingha there is a history of pro establishment blood in his father, the renown ex principal of the famous Raffles Institution. Passing through his hands during his tenureship were several ministers and many MPs and luminaries of the Singapore society. With such a scintillating background, it is not easy to throw mud at him and get them stick. James Gomez is no small weight either. His entanglement with the Elections Committee in two previous elections have made him a household name for good or for worst. His experience in the academia and his overseas stint could be put to good use in the coming election. Resourcefulness and financial resources will be his strength and SDP could benefit from them. Spending so many years overseas, in Sweden, Australia and Japan speaks well of his finances and networking. Now that the SDP have two additional bigwigs of no lesser mantle than the PAP candidates to show, they could produce more surprises when the election approaches. More names of professionals could appear at the same time as the PAP introduces its slate of new candidates. The Workers Party should have some good candidates in their sleeves. SDP too will not do too badly when its full deck of cards are revealed. The next GE would be an interesting poker game for now.

The rude pommies

When David Cameron paid an official visit to China with the hope of signing more trade deals, he and his entourage arrogantly wore the poppies on their lapels. They justified themselves that it was their tradition to respect their war dead. They insensitively brushed aside the Chinese request to have them removed as it was a rude reminder of the Opium War humiliation the Chinese suffered at the hands of the pommies. Of course the trip ended with nothing to bring home. So, would they come back with the Jardines and Mathesons and their gunboats loaded with cannons and opium again to force trade with China? They were superior in weapons technology once. They may still think that they could shove the Chinese aside like football hooligans. They better be reminded that even their world famous Rolls Royce engines are falling out of the sky. This is the last days of a dying Empire and more will come when the loot they ransacked from the Asian and African countries were used up. Soon they will be auctioning away all the stolen treasures in the London museums and the Crown Jewels. Buckingham Palace on sale! Who will be the first sick man of Europe? The Brits have a good potential to assume this position, starting with Ireland. Maybe it will take a little longer as they could also print more English pounds, provided the EU did not stop them from doing it. Or maybe David is thinking of slaying a dragon, like Goliath.

A new kind of colonial conquest

For those who have read history or still remember, the Western powers sailed into Africa, Asia and America in their gunboats and took everything from the natives. And the best part is that they claimed everything as theirs, including the people who became subjects of their empires. How Europe became rich had its beginnings in robbery and piracy. Today they came again, guns hidden, but with stash of newly printed papers they called money. And they are taking everything in exchange for these pieces of printed papers. And the natives just gave them away happily this time round. They gave away goods and services. The latest are beautiful houses and properties which they built at high cost, all for the pieces of papers. And the Americans are warning the rest of the world that stopping the use of these printed papers is destabilising the world’s existing order. In other words, if they are not allowed to cart away goods and services, which they happily exchanged with printed pieces of papers, they are going to pull out their guns. There are countries that have wise up to this new form of colonial robbery. They are not going to give away their valuables for worthless pieces of papers. There are others who are happy to collect the printed papers and willingly give away their goods, including hot properties.


Save Singapore while there is still time

The hottest topic in cyberspace Singapore Chapter is overcrowding in Singapore. But this is only a one sided view of the disgruntled Singaporeans. The supertalents don’t believe a wee bit that Singapore is overcrowded and there are signals and mind conditioning processes actively trying to convince the unconvinced that Singapore can support a population of more than 10m people. The people of the world are crying out loud to save the Gaia while there is still time. Singaporeans, or some Singaporeans, are crying out to save Singapore while there is still time. For this group of Singaporeans, they fear that one day they will end up like a congested fish tank teeming with fish fighting to push their heads up gasping for air. For so many years, even today, we have been crowing about how successful we are and how great this little paradise is. Is there anyone seeing signs that it is going downhill and can snap into chaos, unemployment, bankruptcies and disorder? Some thought they are seeing the signs. Some are oblivious to any signs and are looking at more good years ahead. But they have bought their insurance plans, overseas properties just in case. Can the party go on and on like this, with inflation shooting to the roof. Oh, that is only my personal view and it is likely to be wrong. Inflation is very low according to official statistics despite runaway housing prices, car prices, transportation, medical services and even food prices. With the bulk of the population whose salary got to fit the bill of ‘cheaper, better and faster’, can they cope with the rising cost of living? Looking at the speed in which properties are being snapped up and the long queues waiting for ever more expensive housing, I think all the doomsayers are wrong. Singapore and Singaporeans are getting more prosperous everyday, or at least their property prices are making them richer by the days. And now even buy cars can make money too. The good days are here and will stay forever. Who says must save Singapore while there is still time?

Hongkong and China coming down hard on property speculation

Hongkong has announced more stringent measures to curb property speculations amid warnings by the IMF that the property bubble could burst. Sales of properties within 6 months of purchase will not have to pay 15% of stamp duty. Down payment for properties above S$2m has been raised from 40% to 50%. This irrational fear of property bubble is spreading from South Korea, China to Brazil. The control measures would mean that property prices in these countries will not go up anymore. Now that is bad. In Singapore, property prices can only go one way, up and up. And this is good. It must be. And we have no property bubble to fear. Our properties are all priced to be affordable. This is the ingenious trick that all the other countries failed to learn. The affordability formula is as stretchable as rubber. Even if our HDB 3 rm flats are priced at $1m each, they will still be affordable. From two income households servicing the mortgage for 30 years, this can be made even more attractive by having 4 incomes to pay for it. There is further flexibility to increase the repayment period from 30 years to 60 years too. If these countries would be humble enough to learn from us, they will not need to panic and impose all kinds of anti speculation measures. And they will be cheering everyday for property prices to go up, the higher the better.


Cutting talk time in Parliament is right

When it was first proposed, many people were irked by the move. By restraining MPs from speaking in Parliament when that is the most important part of their job I think, baffles the role of Parliamentary sessions. Parliament is the highest body in the country and MPs must be allowed all the time in the world to say their piece. If MPs cannot talk in Parliament or allowed only a few minutes to talk, might as well abolish Parliament. Those were some of the views from the masses. Today ST published some statistics which proved beyond any reasonable doubt that cutting talk time is the right thing to do. Many MPs don't even speak in Parliament or ask only a handful of questions. So what is the point of having long talk time? Ok, it may be just a provision and whether they use it or not is a separate issue. Who knows some Rip Van Winkles may woke up and want to speak for 3 days nonstop? The curbing of talk time in Parliament may be a bit harsh on those who have a lot of questions and things to contribute. Cutting their time is like telling them that they are talking too much and to shut up. The point is that when MPs have a point to say, especially an important one, time must be the least of concern. Only when an MP is talking rubbish that he/she should not be allowed too much time. With the new restriction, let's hope the Speaker is sensible enough to make exceptions and allow MPs to speak beyond the time limit when the points made are important and relevant. In the same vein, when MPs are talking cock, even the time allocated is too much and the Speakers shall rule the MP out from talking more nonsense. Maybe a little tweaking is necessary here. MPs who are known to ask a lot of questions should be allocated more time. MPs who have nothing to say should not be given anytime. Their time can be apportioned to the voracious question askers. Fair right? Another way is to allow MPs to buy and sell talk time credits like carbon credits. MPs who choose not to ask questions can sell their time to MPs who have plentiful of questions. There can be different variations on how this can be done. But one important thing, Parliament is there for discussing important state matters and time must not be an excuse to curtail talking about them. The saddesst thing that can happen is for the Speaker to ask an MP to sit down because he/she has exceeded the time limit though what the MP is saying is important and all wisdom, and for the good of the country.


Learn from the Americans

America is today the most productive country in the world. And they are now the richest. They can actually buy up the whole world if they wanted to. Just a few weeks back they just printed for themselves US$600b to spend. I think with that kind of money the Americans could have bought up all our properties in the market. And if they print more, they could buy up the whole island. This is the most ingenious way of making money. No need to work, no need to sweat, no need to play tricks in the stock market, no need to devise toxic bonds, no need to go to war. Countries around the world should learn from the Americans and start printing. And with the hot cash, they can go anywhere and buy up everything. Singapore is for sale, all the properties up for grabs. No problem even if we sell our 3 rm HDB flats for $1m. There will be limitless amount of money available to buy them. All Singaporeans can sell their flats and price them more than a million, 2 or 3 million should be no problem too. Just sell and exchange them for the hot and easy money. Oops, heard someone said don't sell. Why not? So much money for the grabs. Oh, just one point, one plate of chicken rice will now cost $300! And our ministers will ask to increase their salaries to $100m. How else would they be able to afford anything when prices of everything is up and up. It will be like the Japanese Occupation time. People will go marketing carrying a basket of banana currency notes. Today they may use the trolleys for the new notes. On second thought, better don't sell your property. It will become priceless at the way things are going.


No apologies for Choenan

President Lee Myung Bak of South Korea is not demanding an apology from the North for the resumption of nuclear disarmament talks. Is this an appeasement, a back tracking, a concession or what? The South has accused the North for killing its sailors. The North must not take this accusation lightly. It must take the case to the UN to demand a thorough investigation for the murdering of South Korean soldiers. It must clear its name or the world and silly South Koreans will think that the North is guilty. Push for an investigation now, and if found innocent, demand an apology from the South, especially from Lee Myung Bak. This is the least that the North Koreans should do, after being falsely accused of murder. If they are not careful, this will be used as an excuse like WMD to invade the North. See that justice is done, to the dead soldiers of the South Korean Navy. The families of the dead soldiers must equally demand for an impartial investigation to the killling. An independent investigation board approved by the families and the North Koreans should be set up under a neutral body under the UN supervision. The South Koreans and Americans involved in the last investigation should be excluded from this independent board of investigators. The South Koreans need to know the truth for the killing of their own people. The North Koreans need to clear its name from being accused as murderers. Do not let this matter rests as it is now. The killers must be dugged out from wherever they are hiding.

Boulders versus pearls

It is quite amusing reading Ravi Velloor’s article in the ST today. The world’s number one gangster went on a world tour to rope in the gangsters to contain the rise of China. On the other hand China was kept busy building ports and signing up commercial contracts with countries around the world. For that, China was described as a rogue and the gangsters anything but rogues. So who are the real rogues, someone trying to do business or someone signing military alliances? But the description of boulders to block pearls is most appropriate, rough and tough gangsters, in the form of boulders, blocking the way of business men doing their business. And India is the most willing of all the boulders to gang up with the evil Empire. It has its own strategic interests and wild ambition to be a world power other than the number one power in the Indian Ocean. Japan and South Korea could be taken for granted as they are mere semi colonies of the Empire. Ravi was also optimistic that Russia and Myanmar would fall in line to be proxies of the evil Empire. Would these two countries be so foolish to become the tools of the evil Empire and got dragged into a hostile conflict to serve the Empire? He should count another willing gangster in Vietnam to join the gang. Indonesia has wisely stayed clear of big power rivalry and choosing its own path of independence and neutrality. It is comfortable being the big brother of Asean. Only foolish rogue nations would gang up to threaten other countries in a pack. Birds of the same feather flock together. PS. Logging in from a laptop seems ok.


We cannot discriminate against foreigners

There is this very interesting article by a Christine Chan in the ST forum today, titled ‘We don’t have the right’. We don’t have the right to do what? She said we don’t have the right to ban foreign workers from the casinos nor can the govt imposed levies for them to enter the casinos like Singaporeans. Doing such things ‘would result in unfair discrimination against foreign workers’. But it is ‘fair and justifiable application of the law’ to impose entrance fees levied against Singaporeans and PRs. KNN, I am now scratching my head sore and the few strands of hair left could be no more. Imposing entrance levies against Singaporeans is fair and against foreign workers is discrimination? Really ah! Where does this Christine Chan coming from? I hope her view is a personal one. Using her logic, I think we cannot ban foreigners from chewing gums. It will be discriminatory too. What else we can’t impose on foreigners? Oh foreigners can smoke anywhere, can litter or break any law right? If in our country we can have laws applied on our citizens and the same laws cannot be applied to foreigners, now what kind of logic is that?

Caught off guard again?

There were no crimes in my ward, or at least until yesterday. The men in blue launched a big operation and netting about 50 gangsters. Now the ministry is talking about studying, reviewing and revamping the criminal laws against teens and gangsters. At least something good comes out from the recent spate of gangsterism. Everyone suddenly found that they have work to do. But it would be better if they were more proactive and nipped the problem in the bud before it exploded in the face. Maybe the word 'proactive' has long been thrown into the longkangs. So, arresting 50 or 60 gangsters is enough? No more gangsters in the street? Low crime doesn't mean no crimes. A little crime is unavoidable and can be lived with? Is there a need to fester out all the vermins once and for all? What about the bigger animals? Just like the loan sharks, we are seeing only the little dogs and cats being caught. The big ones are so elusive and impossible to be caught. Cutting the lallangs without pulling out the roots will only see it grow again.


The unlikely reaction to QE2

Much as the Americans may want to think that the whole world is made up of ignorant fools, and they can keep on printing money on worthless pieces of paper for as much as they like, the Quantitative Easing2 is triggering a reaction from around the world that could lead to a backlash of unimaginable proportion. While MNCs took a whole year to earn a couple of billions, the Fed just printed $600 b for its own use. No need to work or sweat. Step aside hedge funds, loan sharks, pirates, robbers, con men, and bankers. The Fed can make more money and easier than all of you combined. The world is looking at this QE2 in shock and awe. Even Germany, a hardcore ally of the US could not believe it and had come out openly to criticize this move. Unwittingly, the QE2 has aligned the forces of the world against the US, an unpredictable reaction. They are all going to lock out American dollars from their economies, maybe abandoning it. And the consequences of such a world reaction can be deadly for the US. The banana currency is ripening and will soon become thrash. The nightmare is just beginning for the Americans and their evil Empire. Will it disintegrate?

LKY is indispensable to Singapore

On his second appearance after his recent bereavement for his late wife, LKY is in the thick of action again. This time he is calling for the healthcare industry to innovate to reduce cost and improve the quality of healthcare. We can soon expect more innovations in the healthcare industry and probably lowering of cost, a serious problem that no one can solve. And when it does happen, the people have only LKY to thank for. It will be good if he says something about gangsterism and to stop this plague before it gets worst. And the property owners can relax knowing that their property prices can only go up with him around. I am really worried how Singapore will be without him.


The waning of an evil Empire

Three failures marked the Asian tour of Obama and Hilary. They had some success in India with offers of more biz and an UN Security Council seat dangling at the end of the stick. And India was salivating. The Security Council seat is nothing but a red herring as the US knows that China or Russia will definitely veto it. In Indonesia, it was just testing water as the fear of a muslim state is apparent. Other than promises, nothing tangible came out of it. The Indonesians too are conscious of the US intent and are wary of being dragged into the bigger evil scheme precipitating in conflict and disorder. Asean too gave a slap to Hilary by sanctioning the election in Myanmar. And with China taking the same stand as Asean, it became a left and a right slap. It must be very disappointing after painting Myanmar in thick black to see Asean and China saying otherwise. The third defeat was in the APEC Summit when nothing came out in favour of the Americans. Increase protectionism and the attack on Chinese Yuan no longer receive support from other nations. Both were not seen as worthy causes for support. A strong Chinese Yuan would mean higher cost and higher price for Chinese products which the rest of the world, including American citizens will have to pay. And it will do nothing to help unemployment and trade imbalances. The real problem is cheaper labour cost and infrastructure cost in China. When the Chinese workers are prepared to eat less and live simply, and produce more, no amount of currency manipulation can turn that around to favour the US. The US must reexamine itself and its belligerent policies towards other nations. They cannot impose leadership on the rest of the world when it can’t even solve its own domestic problems. And no country will want to be embroiled in warfare at the beck and call of the evil Empire.

Shorten talk time in Parliament

Some people are unhappy with the proposed shortening of talk time for MPs in Parliament. 30 min is considered too long and the new limit is 20 min. Consider the fact that there are 84 MPs and if each takes up 30 min for each issue, then Parliament can go on and on and MPs and ministers will not have time to do their work. Maybe that is the reason why some MPs find it difficult to attend Parliament. Shortening of talk time is good and we may have full attendance when MPs know that the session will be short and sharp. After all, how much time is needed to ask question and read prepared answers? I think the time can be further shortened as time is precious. The Ministers and MPs have many important works to do and too much talking can be wasteful. Shorter talk time will mean that every parliamentarian will have to be precise in what they say. Productivity and efficiency in parliament will definitely go up in all areas.

Doing away with exam results for school admission

I read an article by Kelvin Teo in NewAsiaRepublic blog calling for the doing away with exam results for school admission. He mentioned many good points about how the over emphasis on exam results may not be producing leaders with a heart or caring for the people. And of course all the fears and pressure of examinations. He also cited the doing away of school ranking as a move in the right direction after parental protest that ranking is bad. In the same vein, grading is equally bad. I must say that it is a revolutionary idea and worth thinking about. Let’s do away with all examinations or have examinations without results. Then we can remove all the ills and apprehension of parents and students. And no one can go around bragging about getting straight As and looking down on those who got straight Cs or worst. The parents and children will be most pleased. And we can advance every student to the university as universities too will have no exam results to base on for student admission. And when there are too many students applying for tertiary education, there are many well tested means to award places. Balloting is a good idea, fairly easy to use. A kind of COE, certificate of education, can be introduced and parents can bid for them for admission to tertiary institutions. Or a quota system, based on whatever criteria of race, language or religion, or parental status can be considered. One thing for sure, foreign universities will be out of the picture as they will likely to continue to look at exam results which our students by then would not have. But never mind. Make sure our tertiary institutions are ranked number 1 to 4 in the world ranking and our students need not bother to go overseas for their education. The more I write, the more brilliant this idea appears to be. I think I am now convinced that we don’t need school examinations at all.


The best thing coming out from the SGX/ASX saga

In Singapore, whatever argument that the govt used must be right. The critics may disagree, but so what? If the govt says that it has nothing to do with Temasek or GIC, that becomes the gospel truth. If the govt says that there is no conflict of interest, there is no conflict of interest. If the govt says Temasek and GIC are independent commercial entities, they must be. Questioning the logic is like questioning the integrity of the govt. When Singapore bought into Thailand’s telecom company, the Thais opposed the deal, citing Singapore’s govt involvement. Of course the Singapore govt’s argument was that it was strictly a business deal and had nothing to do with it. The Thais didn’t buy it. Now come the SGX/ASX deal and the same criticism from the foreigners, and the same defense from the Singapore argument. The foreigners are not going to buy our logic or be easily convinced. They are going to tear everything apart and put them under scrutiny. Arguments that are seemingly sound and right to Singaporeans are not going to be so in the eyes of a different foreign party. How so, aren’t the arguments factual and correct? We may have the MM and PM as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of GIC or other senior govt ministers or officials in Temasek or SGX, but these organisations are run independently of the govt. Can’t the foreigners see this and accept this simple truth? The point is that the foreigners are not going to accept this simple logic just because our govt says so. They are not Singaporeans.


40 gangsters arrested in new swoop

The men in blue has swung into action and netted another 40 gangsters following the public outcry for action. Given the right order, they can really do a good job. But 40 is too small a number to cheer about. There could be another 400 or 4000 on the loose. What else can the men in blue do to make sure that their message gets through and those still out of the net know that it is time to behave and not to create more trouble for good? I think the best thing to do is to pull in another few hundred and throw them into an uninhabited island to fend for themselves. And everyday just provide enough food for half of them. After 3 months the survival, if there is any, can then be received for an indefinite stay in the freehold bungalow estate in Changi. The thing is that while the men in blue are working overtime to bring in more of the gangsters, the latter may be planning more strikes to prove that they are indefeatable. We will have to wait and see. If the story of the loan sharks is anything to go by, you can bet that the next series of attacks could be worse.


American trade deficit game is simply brilliant

The American trade deficit with China not only works to its benefit, but is also intentional and planned. An illustration of how this works by using the latest issue of US$600b may help to make the game plan clearer. US$600b can buy a lot of stuff especially from China where the cost of goods is very cheap. Think of what the Americans could buy with that kind of money. All the goods made in China ended in America to be enjoyed by the Americans. The Chinese ended with US$600b of paper notes in exchange. The Chinese could go to America with the same money to buy American products. The American will sell some to them, say US$100b. So China ended up a trade surplus of US$500b. Looks pretty good. But what can China do with this money if it can’t buy things from the Americans? The US$500b becomes money on paper but worthless in real terms. To continue to deceive the Chinese, the Americans told the Chinese that they could buy American Treasury Notes or IOUs which pays a good interest rate. The US$500b will then be returned to the Americans in exchange for another form of worthless notes. The Americans do not mind paying whatever interest as it will be a small fraction of the US$500b. When the Treasury Notes or IOUs are due, the Americans will sell the Chinese more notes or IOUs a second time and on and on. In effective or real terms, the Americans are printing money to buy real goods from the Chinese, and the more the better, and all they have to pay are worthless notes worth the weight of the piece of paper it printed on. And the Chinese can only look at their monthly statements showing how much the Americans owed them, and they can smile and smile and smile. That is about all they benefit from the exchange. Now comes the best part. The Americans can then accuse the Chinese for chalking huge surpluses or imbalance of trade. And the fault is with the Chinese. The Chinese is causing the problem, selling more and buying less. In the meantime the Americans got to enjoy all the goodies the Chinese produced while the Chinese got useless paper notes in the bank accounts, and cannot translate them into real stuff.

How much do we care for this country?

When Lim Zi Rui questioned the meaning of defending this country, it startled Chok Tong. But that was about as far as it went. After that things get back to normal. Who really cares about what they are defending or what this country is all about? Then we have the spate of gangland attacks in the heartland with one young man died and several got slashed. There were some murmurs in the internet but not enough. Even in my blog there were less than 50 comments on this issue. What does it mean to this nation? At the govt level, the only one that showed some anger to the break down of law and order, to some it is not really anything serious, is Alvin Yeo. Hardly anyone else talks about it. Some were heard saying, no leh, such things never happen leh. The denial is clear, but not important. Why is there so much apathy when mobs ran riot with weapons to attack the young in the heartland? Is it that everyone is so complacent, or so busy making money, not my business, or is it that nobody cares? There seems to be a lack of ownership, that this is home, our country. Now it is perhaps just another place. At least 50% of the residents will think this way as they are foreigners with no stakes here. They will pack up and leave sooner or later. But the people, the citizens, who are long term residents here must be provoked to say something or do something if they regard this place as home. 45 years of nation building has resulted in such apathy and with the young soul searching on why they need to defend this place is worrisome. We don't need one person to jump up from his grave when things are wrong in the country. We need all the citizens to jump up from their graves when things are getting wrong. Perhaps that is expecting too much. One man doing that is good enough.


The attack on the World's financial system has begun

The Americans have launched the biggest and most vicious attack to the world's financial system with special focus on Asian countries. An endless flow of funds are pumped into Asia, superficially as investment, but with the potential of destroying all the Asian economies if they are not careful. Cheap hot money in abundance does not come in with no strings attached. The worst part is that they are managed by funds that can bring down the financial system of any country. It is no simple innocent investment. It is a concerted assault on the Asian economy and financial system. Asian countries must take immediate actions to curb and restrict how these funds are to be used or invested. The stock market, currency market and housing market are the most vulnerable as they are liquid and allow the funds to come in and out quickly, leaving behind destructions and death. Asia beware! If they are stupid they will be ruined. No bullets need to be fired but the damage could be worst than military warfare.

25 arrested by Police

Police took tough actions to tackle the spate of gangland violence with 25 men arrested yesterday. 6 were in connection with the Bukit Panjang attacks and 19 were supporters of another suspect facing charges for the killing of Darren Ng in Downtown East. How many more need to be put behind bars before some sanity can return to the ground? At the moment youth counsellors are suggesting that children play in safer areas like youth centres instead of basket courts in HDB estate. Now, isn't this alarming, when HDB parks and recreation areas are now considered not too safe? And the charges in court also revealed that these mobsters are part of the loan shark army and have been harrassing the debtors with paints probably burning of cars too. Putting one and one together, the problem is much bigger and more serious than we think. Loan sharks and gangsters are now a team. So what? The days are getting darker again if darkness is not removed and allowed to proliferate. Be nicer to loan sharks and mobsters?


Police brutality

Subject: Brutal Assault... After An Accident and our police...see for yourself Click on Youtube link and see your beloved 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh what it has turned in to. This is what I call a "civil" society turning in to a jungle for animals. Judge for yourself what was the Police trying to do or rather did they tried to do anything to stop the assault going on!!!!!! This is just an accident and it has turned in to something totally uncalled for. Motives of the polis assault? Hit & Run Driver got caught or got simply kena hantam just like that. U judge yourself. What type of Police we have? Letting the public do as they like just because he is a chinese. So be careful if you ever involve any accident with a Malay. Drive to the Police station and make report of the incident. Don't try and settle there. You would be bash before reasoning. Can we feel safe on the road? Seeing is believing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IkdRdoPSgQ&feature=related

Stop the pranks

We have bear pranks, monsters and devils in the streets, just for a laugh TV pranks, and what else? Great fun no doubt, till a youth was cut down in a shopping centre and people thought it was all staged. If we keep on staging pranks in the public, in no time no one will believe anything. We told the public to be vigilance but if we keep testing them with fakes, it may have the reverse effects. People will simply ignore them at a time when it is real and needing attention. Pranks can be dangerous if not carefully managed. They can backfire.

A City of Mobs

From loan shark country we have morphed into a City of MOBS. The gangland killing in Downtown East has hardly been forgotten and a series of gangland attacks with parang wielding youths started again. This time they were more brazen, attacking one group after another and shouting their gang names. This is like the Hongkong movies, Living Dangerously, and in grand style. What law? To these youths, there is no law. There are the law. The way they went about attacking people in big groups is the strongest defiance they are showing to the law. Has the law been caught sleeping again? Have they allowed the seed to grow too far and too late to nip it in the bud? I think the problem is now quite big and serious. Perhaps we have been too nice and too kind to wayward youths. The organisations must be big and numerous. But are these wayward youths? One corner will say YES. And they will plead to leave them alone as they are simply misguided, lack of parental guidance, they will be good if given time to change their behaviour. So let them be. They were once little angels that parents hugged in kindergartens. They can't be monsters or killers! I am feeling very disgusted with the way this little island paradise is turning into.


Joke of the Day

The world's most irresponsible Empire telling China to be a responsible player. Was the invasion of Vietnam, killing hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, maiming millions, destruction of the land and ecology, a responsible act? The invasion of Iraq on a false charge and killing/wounding millions of Iraqis and destruction the land, infrastructure and economy a responsible act? The killing of innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan a responsible act? Approving toxic financial products into the international financial system a responsible act? Unrestraint printing of money, flooding the emerging markets with liquidity, devaluation of the US$, a responsible act? Mismanagement of the domestic economy and destructive manipulation of the world's financial system leading to its near collapse a responsible act? Support dissidents to create social and political unrest in other countries, interfering in the domestic affairs of foreign nations, a responsible act? Threatening sanctions and regime change a responsible act? Selling arms and weapons everywhere a responsible act? The Choenan Incident a responsible act? My god, America, how many people still believe in your belligerent policies and acts as benign and peaceful?

Myth 226: Govt - please tell us what you want

I have been hearing this nonsense again and again as if no body is telling the govt what the people want. What is all the kpkb for? When the property price shot through the sky, we only heard that it was market forces at work or high property price is good. And the best part, the govt cannot do anything about it, cannot meddle with market forces. Then we have foreign hoards marching in or being invited in. And all the high costs, price hikes etc etc. Not easy to make deaf frogs listen, I think. Let me try again. We don't want the country to be flooded by foreign talents. No, cannot. They are here to save you. We want our CPF money back. No, that is for your old age. We don't want any of your money sucking schemes like Medisave, CPF Life etc etc. No, they are good for you. We don't want sky rocketing property prices. No there are very cheap. We are only being polite to say that they are affordable. Can't afford, don't buy. We want better jobs with better pay. No you can't. You will become uncompetitive. Jobs will go away. We want oppositions in Parliament. That is ok. We have provided for 9 oppositions already. How many more do you want, 20, 30 or 40? We don't want money to be wasted on foreign sportsmen. No, we need to win medals. We can't afford high hospital and medical fees. Sure you can. Just buy more insurance then you don't have to pay a cent. What else is new?


USA – The biggest threat to world peace

The USA has been accusing China and any other country as a threat to world peace, a trick which it used successfully for decades to direct negative attention to everyone except itself. The European countries know about the trick but play along as it will benefit them indirectly. The silly Asian and African countries, unfortunately, believe everything the Americans said and proclaiming loudly, like a good boy, that the American is a benign and benevolent power, a saviour of the weak and smaller countries, a saviour of human rights and political oppression, a defender of freedom in the world. What a joke! The Americans have been instigating, starting and fighting wars everywhere, and killing the innocent civilians by the thousands daily. No, it is not reported in the news and nobody would want to believe this nonsense. If the Americans have been killing civilians everyday, even today and tomorrow, the great western press will be there to report them! Holy shit! The western media is part of the conspiracy. And the Americans are exporting weapons to every country to feed the American economy and provide jobs for the Americans. What rifles do you think the terrorists are using? AK47 or M16? And the sophisticated aircraft, naval crafts and missiles and bombs, mostly made in USA. And it is supporting dissidents everywhere to oppose the incumbent govts of countries not in its good list. Yes, if you are not with the Americans you are against the Americans. And now it is engaged in the worst destabilising exercise of all time, financial sabotage and printing of the greenbacks to throw at all the emerging countries across the world. The result is obvious. Financial breakdown and collapse of the world economy. And it said no, it is China’s fault, for not revaluing the Yuan. That is the root of the problem, not Americans overspending and over printing of the American dollar. The biggest threat to world peace is pointing the finger at everyone except itself. And with a bankrupt economy, with a mountain of debt, it is still engage in wars everywhere, operating the biggest armed forces that can take on the armies of the whole world combined. And still spending time and resources to form a mafia gang to contain China, whose main interest is economic development and providing cheaper products to the world and to the Americans. It just announced that it will increase its military presence in Asia so that it can react ‘robustly’ against those that were seen as enemies of the Empire. It is frantically signing up military alliances with Asian countries to fight Asians and to turn Asia into flames. And silly Asian govts are roped in as their willing accomplices. Again, which country is the greatest threat to world peace?

Is our govt selfish?

Saturday there were several pages of reports on how the poor foreign workers are losing their pants for patronising the casinos. They could lose half their salary in a few hours or several months of their salary in a few days. The amount may not be big, $500 or $2000, but still big money to them. And some are in debt and their families back home are desperate. Singaporeans are well protected by the $100 entrance levy. I have been prevented from entering the casino and lose my money because of this levy. Our govt is very good and protective over Singaporeans. Singaporeans must say thank you for such a paternalistic govt. Singaporeans are in safe hands. Should the govt also apply the levy on foreign workers as well? This group of people are very poor and cannot afford to lose. They are already in debt for coming here. Now with the casino they are going to incur more debt. Can our god protect them as well, be merciful and impose the levy on them to keep them out of the casinos? Or is our god so selfish, only protect the chosen people and let the rest suffer for their own foolishness? This is time to beg for mercy and forgiveness, and a helping hand from god. And don’t forget that a financially troubled foreign worker is likely to resort to crime and the protected Singaporeans may end up as victims.


Please don't bring down property prices

With so many people kpkb in the internet about high property prices, I mean so many people which is false as there are 80% of flat owners all wanting their property prices to go up, Hsien Loong is also worried. He is quoted to have said, 'the red-hot property market is causing consternation.' Dunno what that means. But for all the property speculators and investors, they will be fuming if the property price falls. We have been entrapped by this high property price that just happened, beyond our control, and let it be known that it must not come down, and cannot come down. Or else bodies will be falling from the sky. High property prices is a good thing as it makes all property owners feeling very rich. The more properties they have, private properties better still, the richer they will become. Let's work harder to keep the property prices higher. We don't want anyone to jump from their flats because their properties become negative assets like in the late 1990s. We have learnt our lessons, that we cannot let property prices drop like coconuts. No consternation. Just maintain the high prices to make property owners happy and everything will be alright. Sure win the next election. The kpkb in the internet is hogwash. Don't believe in them.

Invasion of Senkaku/Occupation of Diaoyutai?

I was the video clips on Youtube on the recent incident at Diaoyutai. A Chinese fishing boat was crusing in the sea and two Japanese naval came in to shadow it. Then they moved it to sandwich the Chinese ship and one moved into the path of the Chinese ship to cut it off. The provocative manoeuvre was aggressive. Intentional or not it was not easy to move out of the way or stop a ship in motion, and the Chinese ship brushed the starboard tip at the back of the Japanese ship. It is strange that the picture in the press showed the area of impact on the port side of the ship and almost in the middle section instead. How come? The Japanese video has this headline, China invasion of Senkaku. Now, is it China invasion of Senkaku or Japanese occupation of Diaoyutai? What happened in the incident is similar to the days of foreign concession in Shanghai. The foreigners, British, Russian, French, Americans, Germans, Japanese, etc etc each seized a part of China as their own and police it with their police and applying their own laws, in Chinese territory. Same as in Diaoyutai. Chinese who happened to be in the concession or occupied territories were treated as intruders or foreigners and subject to harassments by the occupied forces. They could be arrested, extorted or humiliated or chased out of the concession. And the occupied forces would declare the Chinese as intruders, or invading their territories. The truth is that the territories belonged to China, Chinese territories, and Diaoyutai is Chinese territories like the Kurile islands which are Japanese territories. The Japanese are demanding that the Russians returned the islands to them, seized from Japan in the same way as Diaoyutai from China. How could the Japanese tell the world that it was a Chinese invasion when they are occupying Chinese territory and harassing Chinese ships in Chinese waters? Bloody imperialist liars!


A Nation it never will be

This is my impression of what this island will be if the policies are not changed. We will always be in a constant state of flux, with the infusion of new people from different backgrounds, race, religion and culture, to keep the city state vibrant. And the concoction of race and religion is a highly inflammable mix that could go up in smoke in the slightest miscalculation, or a loose statement. Basically we are playing with fire. We could have made some headways after the first 40 years of nation building when the poor migrants, leftovers from the colonial legacy, and very pliable given their impoverished background and simplicity, shared a common history and growing up together, were gradually blending together with one another quite comfortably. They were less demanding of their racial, cultural or religious superiority and purity. They are quite comfortable with being chap cheng. No big deals. Things were working quite well until the policy changes of the last 10 or 15 years when foreigners were welcomed in the shiploads or planeloads to live and be part of our citizens/residents. And basically we are starting all over with a new brew. And if the policies of coveting other people’s talents are the way to go, we will continuously be in a state of change and uncertainties. We will never mature and develop into a stable society like the countries in Europe. Race, culture and religion will forever be sensitive issues as the new migrants are not the poor immigrants anymore(the foreign workers excluded as they are here only temporarily) and have high expectations, demands and pride. They will present a different threat to the establishment as they are likely to be less tolerant and adaptable to the whims and interests of lesser beans. And the price for that is that the country must be always put on a leash by a strong hand govt, and press freedom and many liberties of a mature society will be put on hold, possibly forever. An immature society with a people that do not see themselves as a people of a country or nation cannot have the luxury of a loose press and freedom of expression. The people will be immature, insensitive and would turn a well meaning debate into a personal vendetta. This is no good. So, the rigid control of the media stays…forever and ever, in a country that will never grow up, always in a state of change, with new people replacing older ones that have left. Have we traded a nation for economic growth and development, that economic growth is everything and the making of a nation is secondary, unimportant, a hotel is just as good? Secuity threats and fears are legitimate reasons to justify stringent control of the media. Maybe one day when security threats and fears have disappeared, press freedom will be returned to the people...one day....


The Singapore Death Penalty Blog

I read an article posted in the Singapore Death Penalty Blog and I must said that I am not pleased. In fact I am terribly worried. The discussion was centred on the killing of Darren Ng in Downtown East. And the Blog took to questioning the cries to hang the assailants of Darren Ng. It gives the impression that if there are good reasons to the killing, like there is no intention to kill but to harm, or that it is not just a staring incident, then perhaps it is wrong to hang the killers. Below are some of the reasons raised and I quoted from the Blog. 'There are many questions left unanswered from the incident: * Was Darren Ng murdered or mobbed (with weapons), which resulted in his death? (The implications are important as they decide the charge and sentence of the accused persons) * Was it really a simple random staring incident resulting in a cold blooded murder? * Did Darren try to stand up for his friend, which resulted in a confrontation and the mob attack? * How many of the dozen or so assailants were carrying weapons? * Was there a real intention to murder Darren, or were the knives use with the intent to cause serous injuries? * How many other suspects are still at large? * If 10 men mobbed and caused the death of one person, should all 10 be charged for murder, a crime which carries mandatory death sentence? * Out of the 4 arrested and charged for murder, who attacked Darren, how many were doing so because their peers were doing it?' Do all these reasons or questions make any difference to the vicious killing of Darren in a public place? To me it does not. A young man was killed. It was not a case of simply two persons fighting or self defence. It was a mob attack. Or a mob attack deserves lesser punishment? Oh, perhaps they just want to give Darren a few cuts without any intent of killing him. The knives were just another tool and not meant to be for killing. Oh, there are other reasons...So? And 10 people killed one man. Maybe no need to hang 10 people, only one for one? The questioning and doubts cast sound pretty sick.

A new kind of BTO Factory

When the human race begins to lose its sentimental and emotional attachments, the bonds of human relationship will gradually disappear and replace by fads of fancy. Keeping pets and treating them as dear family members are catching on around the world. People choose to shower attention, money and tender loving care to animals than to other human beans. Family as an institution is losing its grip and breaking down in some societies. Instead of dogs and cats, human pets may become a bigger attraction in times to come. With the advancement in medical science and cloning, it is quite possible to determine exactly what a new child will be, or at least look a like in the future. BTO Factories could sprout up in the not too distance future to produce babies according to the demands of the owners. Babies To Order could become a flourishing commercial activity to add to the Bride to Order biz. People can walk into such a factory and order a Lady Gaga, Harry Porter, Rudh Khan, a Sammi Cheng or a Bruce Lee off the shelf. Or they could put in their own specifications of height, colour, sex etc etc. By the time we reach this stage of human race development, no one will bother about genetic purity or lineage. Anything that fancies will do. And there will be no angst of IVF mix-up kids too. And there would not be any affinity or attachment to race. All will belong to the human race and the human family. Maybe family will no longer exist in the human vocabulary.


Brave Japanese will fight!

The militant right wing Japanese are shouting, ‘Brave Japanese will fight. Proud Japanese will fight’. And they are denouncing Naoto Kan for releasing the Chinese fishing boat captain as crumbling under China’s pressure. I really like to see Japan declaring war on China today. It will be a spectacle to watch the brave samurais wielding their Japanese swords against the Chinese broad swords. Today, the match can be very interesting. In the last century it was tanks, big guns and aircraft against bows and arrows and spears. Not anymore. Go brave Japanese, go. Banzai! Banzai! Show the world the true yakuzas behind the suit and tie. And I am not the only one instigating the Japanese and try to drive their superiority complex to a crazy pitch. Read the main media today and there are at least a couple of articles castrating the Japanese govt for being weak and unable to stand up to foreign pressure. Let’s stoke the fire of war and push the Japanese to do it. And those who can profit and benefit from wars will pop champagne and celebrate.

Qantas plane crashed near Batam

Latest news flash from Reuters. No details yet. But this seems to be a deadly one.

The mixed up kid

What a tragedy! How would the parents feel when a part of the child is theirs and the other part belongs to you know who? The latest slip in the IVF case is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Now, how to rectify this one in a millionth error? Can rewind and start all over or not? There is no question of putting the child away. It is an innocent child created by sheer human stupidity. For the parents, can they live with the child’s mixed identity? If they don’t mind, they need not go through the trouble and pay so much money for IVF. They could simply adopt one from the orphanage. The special relationship between your own child and that of a mixed up kid cannot be replaced. In this case there is nothing in the child that the father can be emotionally or biologically attached to. It is simply somebody’s child, not his. What about the child when he/she grows up? What kind of identity should the child assume? Is this just a rare case of human error or a wicked prank? Whatever, many people would have to live miserable lives through this sickening tragedy. It is a mistake that cannot be unwound. Though no life was lost, I don’t think anyone would want to be in the shoes of the parents and the mixed up kid. Can’t imagine the trauma when they have to face the child everyday. This is like In Vitro Rape.

We have come to take the govt back!

These were the words of Rand Paul, a Tea Party candidate elected to the US Senate yesterday. The Americans are so pissed off with the all talks and empty promises President Obama that they have rebelled and voted in the Republicans into the House of Representatives and narrowing the Democrat’s majority in the Senate. This is a clear and powerful message from a disgruntled electorate. It could be a useful theme for our next general election. The time may be here for the people to take back the govt if they are not happy with the ways things are moving. So, are they satisfied with the incumbent govt and would like them to continue doing what they are doing? Or are they going to say enough is enough and time to take back the govt to do things the people want? Everyone is talking about a watershed election. What will change and will change for the better? Or would it be more of the same, no change is necessary except cosmetics, like more loser MPs? From the PAP side, it is quite certain many of the yodas will not be around anymore, including LKY. On the opposition side, will there be more professional and good people coming forward to give the people a better choice and make this a really watershed election? Would the rally cry be, 'We have come to take back the govt'?


Why can’t the Australians understand?

‘Temasek is a tax-paying investment company which was incorporated in 1974. Our board and management make our investment, divestment and other company decisions on a commercial basis, independently of our shareholder, the Singapore government. The board comprises a majority of non-executive independent private-sector business leaders. A third of our staff, including senior management, are non-Singaporeans from 20 countries. Our CEO was appointed by the board with the independent concurrence of the President of Singapore.... Temasek plays no part in the governance, operations or investment decisions of the Singapore Exchange. Simon Israel, Executive Director and President, Temasek Holdings’ The above is quoted from The Australian. The relationship between the Singapore Govt and Temasek or between Temasek and the SGX is strictly business done with a ten foot pole apart. Temasek is independent of the Govt and the SGX is independent of Temasek. Is this so difficult to comprehend? Every Singaporean understands this logic and is very clear that they are all separate entities and operate independently with only making money as their main objectives. Why are the Australians trying to mix everything together as one rojak dish, that SGX is Temasek, and Temasek is the Singapore Govt? Singaporeans are very familiar with the Govt’s logic and way of explaining things and have no problem understanding the official logic. For foreigners, maybe it is a little different. They don’t think like us and they don’t want to understand our logic. They may think that we are weird or trying to hoodwink them. We shall forgive them for their unwillingness to see our point of view and their stubbornness to resist our takeover of the ASX. They did not know that we are doing it for their own good.

BTO is anti family

A forum writer, Sim Siew Chien, wrote to the ST a few months back, complaining that the BTO scheme is detrimental to young people getting married and having children. She said many young people were forced to live separately after getting married as they have to wait for BTO to complete building their flats. Now whose fault is this? It is definitely not the govt or HDB’s fault. The young people must plan their marriages ahead. Why do they wait till they want to shit then look for jamban? So the wise men say or think. Getting hitch is so easy. With so many matchmaking agency, I also think so. Just place an order. The BTO scheme is the most intelligent, brilliant, and farsighted scheme thought out by the most brilliant supertalents we have. And they are not paid millions for coming out with stupid schemes. This is the best scheme they can think of. How could the low thinking public complain that it is bad? The public just does not have the brain to appreciate the beauty and brilliance of this scheme. It is unfair to complain about it. Just live with it. Just remember that it is the best scheme. It is the most efficient scheme for HDB. As for the people who needs a flat urgently, is it a good scheme? “My brother got engaged, but lost his engagement because he could not afford an HDB flat,” said Lim Zi Rui, the engineering student from NTU during Chok Tong’s dialogue with the students. For people like Zi Rui’s brother, very likely they would not even apply for a flat as they could not afford it. And they will not form part of the statistics to create a demand for BTO flats. No flats will be built for such losers. I am not sure how big is this pool of unable to afford to apply for HDB flats? Anyway, they are irrelevant and HDB need not sweat to build flats for them. Only those who can afford HDB flats need apply. This is the beauty of the BTO. No waste and everyone who applies will say the flats are affordable.


A little disorder is good

We have seen the loan sharks upgrading their skills and tactics in chasing after their debtors. From pouring paints onto doors and letter boxes, they have upped their ante by burning cars. I am wondering what kind of training they would get next to make themselves more efficient and effective. Burning houses? Then Downtown East, a Halloween style bloodied body turned out to be real. Our youngsters are having too good a time, and couldn't find any purpose in life but to form gangs and patrol shopping centres looking and staring at one another. And if the staring gets too intense, they will be fumed to want to gorge out the other's eyes. More and more fights between the young and their gangs are appearing in the news. Maybe this is a welcome change that we need, to throw the country into a little disorder for the new generations to appreciate what orderliness is all about. Or maybe this is the new fun that the new generations want. More blood and gore in the streets. And gangsterism is a new way of life, a return to the stylo 60s. How did these happen and grow unrestrained? Just like loan sharks, a soft pair of hands will be seen as incompetence and weakness and nothing to fear. And with a law enforcing force that is so well educated and well mannered, it is tough to face up with the toughies, a kind of mismatch. And there will be the goody and kind hearted who would want to protect the waywards and the criminals as pityful people that need help and protection, need to be saved. Welcome a little lawlessness.

Asean in Transformation

A gathering of small and medium countries, and wanted to be left alone, in peace, to develop their own economies and the lives of their people. That was what Asean used to be, avoiding big power conflicts and staying away from becoming proxies in big power rivalries. That was how ZOPFAN, zone and peace, freedom and neutrality came about. Today, Asean has grown bigger, economically, structurally and militarily. It starts to have wild ambitions, to start bickering with each other’s internal affairs and to challenge bigger powers, and ganging up with big powers to achieve its aims. Consciously or unconsciously, it has accepted the US as the de facto leader of Asean, doing away with its neutral status. Non alignment is no longer its mission. During its days of neutrality, Asean was able to grow peacefully, and also stayed out of big power conflicts. Today, it is inviting big power rivalry into the organization. It courts big power influence and protection to compete with other big powers. For that, it is willing to surrender its own leadership to a big power and become subservient or proxy states of big powers. Would this transformation of Asean lead the region into a state of turmoil and warfare? Has Asean really believe that engaging in big power politics and struggle of power and influence a desired development for the small and medium states? Has Asean grown a head that is too big for itself and wanted to play a bigger role in international affairs which it thinks it deserves? While Asean is being seduced by big power attention and bathing in the limelight, let Asean not forgotten what happened in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Dancing with the big bad wolf has a disastrous price to pay.


China involved in largest number of conflicts???!!!

‘China, significantly, has been involved in the largest number of military conflicts in Asia. A recent Pentagon report is unsparing: “The history of modern Chinese warfare provides numerous case studies in which China’s leaders have claimed military preemption as a strategically defensive act.’ It then went on to quote the Korean War, (the world knew who brought the war to China’s border), the border war with India in 1962, ( and yes, who started it?), with the Soviet Union, to reclaim lost Chinese territories, and the war with Vietnam, (again, who started it?). China involved in the largest number of military conflicts in Asia? What about the Americans? The professor never heard of the USA? Matilah has this to say, ‘Meanwhile since the 18th century, America has been involved in 200 or so "armed conflicts" all of them overseas -- in "OPC" - Other Peoples' Cuntries.’ Anyone bother to count? Starting from the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Middle East, Europe, not counting Latin America and Europe… And the claim that China is involved in the largest conflict came from a Brahma Chellaney, professor of strategic studies at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. What kind of academic integrity does he have when he can’t even count or refuses to acknowledge the great involvement of the Americans in military conflicts. The scale of the wars waged by the Americans, in any one of them is thousands of times more severe and destructive than all the conflicts the Chinese were involved. And this foolish article titled The Chinese conundrum, appears in today’s Straits Times. By the way, how many military adventures have India been involved since it became independent? How many times had India fought with its neighbours and the little islands in the Indian Ocean?

What’s so great about the Singapore Spirit?

"When I was younger, I was very proud of being a Singaporean. But that was about five, 10 years ago. Five years later, with all the changes in policies and the influx of foreign talent, I don't know what I'm defending anymore. I feel that there is a dilution of the Singapore spirit in youth... We don't really feel comfortable in our country anymore." By Lim Zi Rui, a final year Engineering student of NTU The Singapore Spirit is something that we can vaguely remember as the thing that helped to build this city state. There are still fond memories being cherished by the young and old. Is it still there or it is gone? Or it is no longer good enough, that we need the new hungrier spirit of the new immigrants to save us, to give us a kick in the back to wake us up? The official wisdom today is as good as saying that the Singapore Spirit no longer living in the young Singaporeans. We need more vibrant and enthusiastic and smarter foreigners if we are to move ahead. If this is the mentality, then many European countries will end up like the dinosaurs. The truth is that the well managed European countries are those that stay close to their own spirits and not those that are flooded with foreigners and with foreign spirits. The latter are seeing a decline in their quality of life, and chaos and social disorders are becoming a norm, threatening the very system that the foreigners came to benefit. If the fad of new and new spirits is anything to go by, there is no need to visit Finland to learn from them. The Finns don’t hunger nor pander for more hungrier immigrants to lift up their lives and economy. Simply, they don’t need new immigrants. They can make do with themselves and their own spirit of survival and do very well with their own people. They are confident of themselves and their own people. So, what is this Singapore Spirit? Is this something great or something that is best forgotten and replace with a new migrant spirit? Or is this a Spirit that runs down its own people as helpless and goners, and there is an urgent need to find a new Spirit to replace it? Shouldn't the Singapore Spirit be like the matured European countries, believe in themselves and their own people and continuously improving their own standard of living without having to hope or beg the hopeless and nothing to lose dare devils from the lost countries to mess up their systems and lives? When I referred to matures European countries, count England, France and Spain out. They will be destroyed by the foreigners they foolishly brought in.