White liars and gangsters - State Terrorism at works

Photo credit to YahooNews online

These are the thugs that fabricated charges against an innocent woman executive and wanting to jail her for life. How atrocious. Look at them carefully, each and everyone of them, pretending to be so upright and so legal but abusing the power of the evil Empire to persecute citizens of other countries.  All the serious commercial crime in the US were at worse ended with a heavy fine on the organisations. Not a single top executive were jailed for their commercial crimes.

Why would these gangsters think it is alright to want to jail a woman executive that is out of their jurisdiction, a non American citizen? Countries with extradition treaty with the evil Empire must think again or they would suffer the same fate as the daft Canadians or becoming willing partners to become international gangsters. The Americans are using these extradition treaties to arrest and persecute citizens of other states not within their jurisdiction and using cronies and little USAs to do the dirty work for them.

The charges are as fake as the charges against Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un, and Maduro of Venezuela. Before the Trump Kim Summit, Kim was smeared as a heartless and cruel dictator, a womaniser that only know how to flaunt his wealth and killing his people. Today all the nonsense and misinformation has stopped after Trump called him a good friend.

These white liars and thugs are up to no good everywhere. When would they face their own injustice against countries of the world and their crimes against humanity?

PS. Trump needs a victory badly after losing the Great Wall of America push. China would oblige him with a sweet trade deal but Meng Wanzhou and Huawei will be part of the deal. Trump can then claim victory and success and probably withdraw all charges against Meng and Huawei. I could be wrong but these are highly likely to be part of the trade deal. Xi cannot conclude a deal without the release of Meng.


Foreign talent spreading HIV patients' particulars

The HIV-positive status of 14,200 people, and their identification numbers and contact details have been leaked online by an American fraudster, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Monday (28 January)....

The leaked information included their name, identification number, contact details such as phone number and address, HIV test results and related medical information.

The details of another 2,400 individuals identified through contact tracing up to May 2007 were also leaked, MOH added....

On 22 January, MOH was notified by the police that confidential information from MOH’s HIV Registry may have been disclosed by an unauthorised person. MOH made a police report the following day....

The confidential information was in the illegal possession of Mikhy K Farrera Brochez, a male US citizen who was residing in Singapore, on an employment pass, between January 2008 and June 2016, according to MOH.

Brochez was convicted of numerous fraud and drug-related offences in March 2017, and he was sentenced to 28 months’ jail.

He had lied about his HIV status to the Ministry of Manpower, in order to obtain and maintain his employment pass, furnished false information to police officers during a criminal investigation, and used forged degree certificates in job applications....YahooNews

'In an interview he gave the local press in 2010, Brochez – who flaunted the fake qualifications “APA, APS, MCollT, MS DPSY, DipED” – boasted that he learned to speak, read and write fluent Hebrew, Spanish and English by the age of three.

He added that his mother, a supposedly “renowned professor of child and adolescent psychology, child neurology and gifted science and mathematics education in the UK” named Dr Teresa King, trained him.' Comment posted by Anonymous in mysingaporenews.

The above two quotes, from Yahoo News and a comment posted by anonymous likely quoted from the main media, are very disturbing. But not to worry, many people responsible for preventing such dangerous nonsense from happening again would shrug it off as one of those things, something to bear with as we must open our leg wide wide to bring in more 'foreign talents' aka wild life to give this piece of rock, barren of local talent, a new life. The beautiful picture of the 'foreign talent', so sweet looking, a child prodigy, must be seen as good material to add to our gene pool to make daft Singaporeans more talented and for the better. Many daft must be dying to sleep with him and benefited from his rich DNA.

For those who are concerned about the well being of this island and its people, they must be wondering how to make sure that such wild life would not get in here so easily to replace our 'useless' PMETs. It is easy to quip about opening up and bringing in more foreign talent aka wild life, tagging along with their fake degrees, fake resumes and unknown background. The big question is whether there is an infrastructure of institutions and systems to make sure that all the fakes are checked and rid of. When you have no means of verifying the certificates and resumes of these wild life, every hire is a RISK, high probability of a fake.

In this case, it is so clear that a little effort in checking the background of this wild life would expose his lies. Or is this a case of too big a lie that awed the interviewers and employers, ang moh tua kee, they could not believe such a big lie can be false? The person or persons hiring this wild life without checking need to be fired. You just have to google the people he bragged about in his resume would be enough to find out he was lying. Did they bother? When he was first tested positive at SATA, was there any follow up to track him and bundle him out of harms away and away?

This guy and many of his kind would be laughing themselves silly at the stupidity in this island and paying them big salaries to replace our 'useless' PMETs. Oh, his child prodigy status is real and genuine. It needed extra talent to make so many people looked so silly for so long without knowing that they were being misled by a fraudster.

Another case of this foreign talent myth is about to begin in the Sports Hub. It's 'untalented' Singaporean CEO is booted, oops resigned after a year, and they are going round the world to look for another wild life. Who decided that the CEO should resign, foreigners? What are they looking for? You do not need a foreign talent to run a chicken rice stall selling to locals. They want to bring in all the top events in the world to this island for who? This is another red herring like looking for another foreign coach to turn the national football team into a world beater.

After so many years of independence and gloating about being a global city, a nation, we just cannot nurture our very own talent and must depend on wild life, many from 3rd World countries, from little villages in the jungle, many with dubious and fake qualifications. So many of the local institutions are still run and managed by foreign talents and wild life. Goh Keng Swee, and the pioneers that built this nation must be turning in their graves if they know that many top positions in the island are helmed by so called foreign talents, often by wild life with unverifiable of fake degrees like this case. What is the purpose of nation building and pride of a nation and its people?

At the rate it is going, if Singapore is not going to train its own talents, not giving Singaporeans a chance to be talents, this country would be taken over by foreigners and wild life in a matter of time. The task of checking the qualifications and background of foreigners and wild life is not easy and often near impossible. Should this be an acceptable risk, never mind, no need paper qualifications, can talk their way through and pretend that they can do the job will do? Stupidity has no cure.

The decline of this island into the 3rd World is imminent. How many fakes are there in our midst and managing and kicking our 'useless' over qualified PMETs?

PS. There is no need to educate and train Singaporeans. Close all the institutions of higher learnings. We can hire all the foreign talents cum wild life we need from the rest of the world cheaply. Singaporeans can do the donkey work of manual labour and no talent needed jobs, like drivers, security guards, cleaners and delivery men.

Just wait for more serious security breaches in the ministries and GLCs that irresponsibly allowed foreigners and wild life to manage and control their sensitive and secret data and operating systems.  When that happens they will announce more COIs and tell you that they will make sure it would not happen again. For now, nothing happens, so it is ok, very safe with foreigners and wild life in charge and in control.  Oops, just give them a pink IC and call them Singaporeans, instant citizens, instant Singaporeans, like instant trees. Everything is fine....


Aloysius Pang Requiem: "GO HOME or BE SUNK, PEDOMAN!"

Aloysius Pang Requiem: 

Attacking Singapore is A Huge Mistake!

The recent tragic death of National Serviceman (NSman) Aloysius Pang during an accident whilst on an overseas reservists training is both saddening and regrettable.  Another precious son of Singapore returned home to a hero’s welcome after his ultimate sacrifice in the defence of the Singapore and Singaporeans that he loved and who loved him in return, judging from the hundreds who turned up at his wake as well as numerous Instagram messages in his memorial.   

As a NSman Reservist, I enjoin fellow NSmen to salute Aloysius and the other sons of Singapore who gave their lives as they assure our continuous freedom – most recently, they also include Liu Kai, Dave Lee, Gavin Chan and Dominique Sarron Lee.   

As Singapore honours and salutes NSman Aloysius Pang with a military funeral last Sunday (28 Jan 2019), we are mindful of the foreign threats which are already upon us.

Since October 2018, Singapore’s sovereign waters have been repeatedly violated deliberately by neighbouring Malaysia. The conscious provocations have been directed by the new Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir, who returned to political power in May 2018 determined to pick fights with Chinese-majority Singapore so as to bolster his failing Malaysian Malay supports.  As Singapore authorities attempt to steer Malaysia towards diplomatic and legal solutions, Malaysia insisted to anchor her buoy-laying vessel, MV Pedoman, within Singapore waters which Malaysia is disputing without showing any documentary evidence of her claims.

The Malaysian MV Pedoman presence in Singapore waters is a blatant mark of utter disrespect and insult to our NSman Aloysius Pang on the day of his funeral. 

It is not lost on most NSmen present at the funeral that the MV Pedoman represents exactly the kind of threats which could be easily destroyed by the weapons of Aloysius’ SAF Artillery Unit.  MV Pedoman lies well within the range of its weapons which are tasked with eliminating all enemy targets within a 40km radius!  Pedoman’s continual presence in Singapore waters is an affront to the SAF and it humiliates our NSmen who have sworn to protect and defend Singapore’s sovereignty (which include our waters) from both domestic and foreign threats. 

The perils and risks of our fragile treasured freedom should unite us as we remember gratefully Aloysius Pang and all the others who perished as they sought to protect Singaporeans through National Service.  They should be honoured by our actions, not words.

This Requiem for Aloysius Pang et al is a memoriam to NSmen, like me and millions of male Singaporeans, who continue to persevere over the past 55+ years, tells the truth of the risky and dangerous world around which we live in today that grants hope, happiness as well as fear of what lies ahead, even as we are determine to make it with our loved ones as far as we desire.  From fathers to sons, generations after generations, we communicate our dedication to the art of war trained to perfection by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) into a constant state of readiness response to the chaos of the modern world and the threats lurking around us in an unfriendly region, so as to pre-empt and prevent the certainty of a sudden-death apocalyptic and cataclysmic outcome.   

Hopefully, Singaporeans would become more appreciative of the ultimate sacrifice (to be) paid by many NSmen to keep our freedom and nation intact, and our loved ones safe.  The peace-time deaths of NSmen – one is indeed too many – are yet constant reminders worth repeating of the fragile geopolitics surrounding Singapore; for a better understanding of the perils and risks of war that may (would?) one day breach our shores and skies, and be grateful that the constant vigilance and readiness of the SAF has kept Singapore free and safe for our growing prosperity over the past 50+years.

The deaths of NSmen, however caused, always reinforce in me the deep meaning of sacrifice for my country. As a natural-born Singapore citizen, I regard National Service as the singular privilege and honour of citizenship. My son grows up holding his head high and proud as a citizen of a sovereign nation, as he looks ahead expectantly for his turn on Singapore’s watch towers. He is now proudly serving his National Service. I am glad that he knows and understands that “some must fight, so that all can be free!”.

LET THERE BE NO MISUNDERSTANDING - Singapore wants to be a friend to all countries. We have always regarded Malaysia to be a close friend and often good neighbour. DO NOT MAKE US YOUR ENEMY. 

The modus operandi of white lies

TEL AVIV: United States National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned the Syrian government it should not see the impending US military withdrawal from the country as an invitation to use chemical weapons.
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/bolton-warns-syria-against-use-of-chemical-weapons-11089280
The above statement is obviously a white lie. They Syrians did not use chemical weapons and would not use them when the Americans are staring at them using a microscope. Any wrong move would give the Americans a reason to come smashing with all their military might. All the chemical weapons used in the Syrian war started by the Americans were done by the Americans and their mercenaries and terrorist squads and blaming the Syrians for it. Period.

And this statement is not so simple as a mere threat. It is a sign that the Americans are going to use chemical weapons again and blame it on the Syrians. This is the modus operandi of the Americans, create a false flag incident and blame it on their enemies. 

And this is no different from the allegations that China is stealing American technology. They keep harping and harping that China is stealing from them when there is nothing to steal. Chinese technologies in many fields have surpassed the Americans and the West. There is nothing to steal from them but the reverse. The Americans and the West are stealing the Chinese technology everyday.

In space technology, GPS, in 5G, in weaponry, in high speed train, infrastructure development, in quantum physics, drone technology, in supply chain, online marketing, cashless transaction, electric cars, driverless cars, you name it, the Americans and the West are falling behind. The daily screaming of China stealing their technology is like accusing the Syrians of using chemical weapons when they are the real culprits using chemical weapons against the Syrians. They want the world to believe that their technology is superior and China needs their technology, which is a white lie, a white myth.

The landing of Chang-e 4 on the far side of the moon is the latest case to prove that China is ahead of the Americans. And Moon Rabbit 2 is roaming the other side of the moon to expose all the myth and lies of the American landing on the moon. It is going to take new photos of all the fake news generated by the Americans about the moon, about aliens living on the moon and alien space ships, about antiquated, deserted and abandoned cities and crashed flying saucers and museum pieces like American WW2 aircraft on the moon surface. If the aliens are so superior, why would all images of aliens and their technology all about dusty unused or junk equipment? And the images of aliens, supposedly more developed and superior, looked so hideous and primitive, like animals, ETs, instead of advanced and better looking beans, bland and carbon copies of faceless things? Does this sound a bell?

The white lies are being perpetuated in the western media and spoken by white liars daily to deceive the world of their superiority and righteousness, of defending human rights and saving the world. They are now interfering in Venezuela's internal affair and conducting a regime change by staging a coup against an elected president. The world needs to be saved from the destructive and warlike nature of the white men and their white lies.

PS. Seriously, what is there to steal from the Americans? What have the Chinese stolen? Have the Americans shown anything worthy of being stolen? Come on Americans, you have nothing worthy to be stolen. You are the past, history. Stop the lie that China is their stealing your technology!


Zero waste campaign

‘S$2 million grant launched to support ground up efforts to support recycling, cut waste. “Through the ‘Towards Zero Waster Grant’, we hope to support ground up initiatives from the people, public and private sectors that will rally the community…” Today paper

Reading this and the first thought came to mind is the billions of dollars being put to waste annually in the most wasteful control of car population scheme, ie scrapping good working condition cars of 10 years old or lesser and turning them in scrap metal and junk. If only someone is conscientious enough to work out a comprehensive scheme to re export all the cars scrapped due to expired COEs, these cars can be still be useful for at least another 10 years on the road and also recover the tremendous loss in value of these cars to their owners. Imagine a handsome car in working condition being scrapped and treated as scrap metal for $200 or less!

And they are all crying so loudly about saving a few tin cans and a few plastic bags! What nonsensical minds at work? Zero waste in saving a few pennies and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions and billions.

There is another major area of humongous waste, ie enbloc sales of fairly new and younger housing estates, pulled down prematurely to rebuild higher and higher flats to churn money. How wasteful is this exercise?
And the tremendous among of food, good food, quality food, that would go to waste daily at the end of a business day. All this good food can be organized and delivered to the homes instead of being dumped into waste bins or picked up piece meal by some volunteers. The collection of such good food can be institutionalized and be a great savings for the homes or to feed many oldies in citizens corners for free. Why allow this waste to go on and on and crying out loud about zero waste here and there in meaningless and little return programmes?

Is this exercise real or just gimmicks to make some people looking busy and working real hard?


China needs more bargaining chips against the US

Meng Wanzhou is just a bargaining chip in the American war for supremacy against China. The Americans have been playing with many cards, Taiwan card, South China Sea, Uigher terrorists, human rights, 5G etc etc. China is still adopting a stupid position of a civilised gentleman dealing with rogues, thugs and international gangsters and hoping that they would appreciate a meek and hapless gentleman and be nicer to China.

This dumb game, allowing the Americans to bully China without retaliating has never yielded positive results but inviting more aggressive and unreasonable demands and actions from the Americans and their cronies with little countries even daring to sail their antique warships into the South China Sea to challenge China. When would China learn that weakness invites trouble and China would have continuous stream of trouble if it continues with its appeasement and meek policy when confronted by aggressive troublemakers?

The situation in Venezuela is a golden opportunity for China to pick up a useful chip to trade against the Americans. The Russians have done it, openly telling the Americans to lay off the elected President Maduro and stop supporting a coup led by Guaido, a non democratically elected opposition leader.  Putin has sent in his contractors, ie civilian Special Forces to Venezuela. Trump Jr, the Canadian boy PM, was quick to support Trump in this regime change. What is China waiting for, allowing the US to attack one country at a time, and act as if it is none of China's business until China's turn comes?

What has China done or is going to do? By being impartial, apathetic, a bystander, does not do China any good. The Americans and the West would still be badmouthing China as an aggressive and warmongering state. And when this Venezuela trouble dies down, when a pro American regime is installed, the Americans would turn its full attention to attack China again in all fronts.

Why didn't China join Russia to condemn this interference in the domestic affairs of another country and send in their Special Forces as well and use it as a bargaining chip against the Americans? Get an invitation from Maduro.  Keep the Americans busy with trouble at their doorstep. China needs every chip it can get to fight the Americans. The Americans are conducting a war with China in all fronts, from trade to technology, espionage and military threats. Another stupid thing that China did recently is to cooperate and share information obtained from the moon with the Americans when it was shut out from space exploration by the Americans for several decades.

It is high time China opens its eyes and faces the hard truth, that being nice is not a solution unless it wants to invite more trouble from the West. Just a reminder, why was China invaded by Japan, simply because it was weak. Would China want to continue to be seen as weak and be provoked, threatened and bullied even by small countries egged on by the Americans?

It is time that China takes a stand against the American aggression and be firmly on the side of the Russians and all the victim states of the evil American Empire.


Housing prices in Singapore seriously unaffordable

"House prices in Singapore are considered “seriously unaffordable”, with a median multiple of 4.6, which means that the median house price is 4.6 times the city-state’s median household income, according to an annual survey...

Conducted by urban planning policy consultancy Demographia in Q3 2018, the 15th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (2019) covered 309 cities in eight countries, including the United States, China (only Hong Kong), the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand....

The survey found that Hong Kong has the world’s least affordable home prices, with a median multiple of 20.9, up from last year’s 19.4. Vancouver came in second, while Sydney, Melbourne and San Jose came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively...."

Romesh Navaratnarajah, Senior Editor at PropertyGuru, edited this story. To contact him about this or other stories, email romesh@propertyguru.com.sg

When I read the article I was kinda, what, how could this be, who dared to make such a comment? For a moment I thought it was a local media. On double checking I was relieved that it was reported by Yahoo Online.  That made sense.

A report like this is as good as slapping our ministers for saying that housing prices are very affordable.  Ok, let me be very specific here, the ministers must be talking about public housing like HDB and it is a conscious govt policy to make public housing very affordable for Singaporeans, like having a $1,000 monthly income can also afford one. And for doing that the HDB is losing billions annually to subsidise the public housing for the people.

Surely the report must be talking about private properties and not about public housing. I think it is safe to make this assumption. If not, if the comparison is about public housing, then the govt would be very unhappy and someone would likely have to say sorry and explain and even correct this mistake. Singapore's public housing is so affordable.

Even if it is about private housing, I disagree with the survey findings. See, Hong Kong's median housing price, I don't know what this mean, is 20.9 times the median household income. 20 times, you believe it, and we are only 4.6 times! That means our housing is very cheap compares to Hong Kong. We have a lot of room to grow, for prices to go higher, at least 10 times, and still quite a distance from Hong Kong. We must compare apple with apple and Hong Kong is the most like us, so we should measure ourselves against Hong Kong. Thus 4.6 times is really very affordable, not seriously unaffordable. Agree or not?

In the same article there was a link to another article claiming that 88% of Singaporeans are very unahappy with the high property prices.  I think that must also be fake news or misinformation. How could it be? Singaporeans are the happiest lot, property owners, and the most supportive of the high property prices. They all stand to gain, to be paper millionaires, owning million dollar HDB flats with prices that can only go up and up.

The best proof that the report and linked article are fake news would be the result of the next GE. If the Singaporeans are unhappy, it could mean the end of the PAP. My take is that the PAP would continue to enjoy mass support with more than 75% majority votes.

You can disagree with me.


Kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou is US terrorism. Canada must release Ms Meng immediately.

Canada  ambassador to US David MacNaughton pushed for earlier extradition of Huawei's CFO to US before the deadline 30th January, 2019, hoping to get Canada out of the awakward situation. He is sorely mistaken for China will not let Canada off the hook if it extradites Meng Wanzhou to US. On the contrary Canada will face even more severe backlash from China which will put bilateral ties in great danger.

The whole affair must be seen in geopolitical perspective. The white American Neo-Cons have stated clearly that America will not allow any other country to become as rich and powerful as the US. Now they look at a wealthy China with jaundiced eyes. Huawei a Chinese high tech company started its business in China in 1986 by Ren Zhengfei, a retired military engineer. He was able to build Huawei from scratch  in 1986 to present world status as a very successful global telephone and telecommunication company beating all western companies including US - Apple, Intel and ATT.

As they would not allow any Chinese company to outshine any of US companies to become Number One in the world so they have to manuafacture lies into reality about all the falsehoods and scams about Huawei being a threat to their security. Now under pressure from the rogue US, white men's countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany and Poland are conniving to take down Huawei. They are also trying to psycho other non-white countries not to use Huawei's products. Even the treacherous Japanese have  now sided with the Americans.

However the Evil Empire thinks that as Huawei is far ahead of all western countries including US in the development of 5G , being The Internet of All Things", so the best way to bring Huawei and China down is to kidnap Huawei's CFO under false charges base on illegal and illicit sanctions on Iran.

 To add insult insult to injury about 140 former ambassadors  and western academics in China's affairs have the effrontery to send a letter to Chinese leaders, calling for the release of two Canadians arrested in China.. This is direct intereference in China's internal affairs . This is outrageous and shows how arrogant these western countries still assume it can  impose extraterritoriality on China as had happened in the past during the Opium Wars 1839 -1856 to 1930s.

The Meng Wanzhou case is an assault on China's high- tech enterprise under the guise of law . It serves the US China strategy  which views China as a strategic rival.  It is clearly a geopolitical persecution. Here I quote Global Times, " Didn't those academics and former ambassadors realize how malicious Meng's case is and how much damage it will exert on the international business order?  Why didn't they appeal to the governments of the US and Canada to set Meng free?"
"Why are they silent as the US exploits its alliance system to suppress Huawei? Their letter to Chinese leaders only showcases the prejudice of the western elite and is valueless on moral grounds, We expect the awareness of the western world toward China to awaken."

The American sanctions on Iran are not international sanctions but US sanctions which are illicit and illegal as it is done in defiance to the United Nations Security Council article 2231. The Evil Empire being a rogue country has no qualms in breaking international laws or treaties if they serve its purposes.

US has set a dangerous precedent in kidnapping Miss Meng and unless Meng Wanzhou is released it will set a chain reaction for other victimised countries to start arresting or kidnapping US and its western allies senior business executives. China can arrest Sheldon Adelson the owner of many casinos in Macao and possibly the one who together with the despicable  anti-China Jew, John Bolton planned the kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou. Both Adelson and John Bolton have strong and loyal attachment to Israel and harbour a deep hatred for Iran which poses a firm obstruction to US and Israel conquest and domination of the whole Middle East.

Though America has formulated many international laws with the United Nations it has never sign any one of them as it arrogantly claimed that US will not be bound by any of these laws as US practices its ideology of Exceptionalism and Unilateralism . These international laws are created to hamstrung Russia and China's rights in Ukraine, Black Sea and the East China Sea and South China Sea respectively and to constrain China's peaceful development.

The Canadians kidnapping of Huawei's CFO at the behest of US turns them into political pawns and the wrecking of the brands of many American and Canadian exporters overnight. 

US pious claims about the "Rule of Law" is hypocritical and is not convincing as it is done selectively in its application. Many US firms and executives were cited for violating the Iran sanctions, yet none of them were convicted and sent to jail or even pay a heavy fine. What about the unpunished  crimes and violations of the Wall Street rogues and scoundrels which led to the 2008 financial crisis. What about the covered up of the murder of Jamal Khasoggi a US citizen which flagrantly violated US laws  All this pious claim about the Rule of Law is just American bullshitting.
The Canadian legal authorities must come to its senses and realize that the kidnapping of Miss Meng is politically motivated  and should set her free forthwith less it moves into dangerous grounds.

Canada has committed a grave mistake in supporting an extradition treaty with US for a hundred percent politically motivated crime. Canada should not support US terrorism. US is just taking advantage of Canada as it has always do the same with other weak countries. China has always been Canada's friend until the Huawei  event. It is not worth just for supporting US terrorism.

America always talks senselessly and arrogantly about its security at the expense of others security. It is time for the world to unite to take down the Evil Empire less it takes the world down with it on the road to Armaggedon


Friday, 25th January, 2019

5G – The Hua Way or the American Way

The battle for supremacy in 5G technology is the hottest topic today with the American camp losing out by a mile and resorting to underhand tactics to cripple and ban Huawei from their markets. The 5 eye countries, ie US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are in cahoot in this unfair war with Huawei, China. Can you believe it, 5 big countries, one big country and 4 crony countries ganging up against a corporation and pressurizing other countries to do so? This is how serious this battle is for the control and dominance of 5G technology and infrastructure ruling the technology world. This has scared the shit out of the Americans and the 5 eye countries.

The thing is that Huawei’s 5G technology is real and many times superior to what the Americans, Nokia and Ericsson could offer. No tech company has yet to come near to Huawei’s 5G and they are hoping to catch up in a year or 2, or could be longer. And Huawei’s 5G is the lynch pin to many futuristic technologies that are being developed. Without Huawei’s 5G it is no go.

And 1 or 2 years is a very long time in this field of technology. It could mean make or break, it could mean being lagged behind and left behind in the Stone Age. No progressive country is going to miss a single day to jump into the 5G bandwagon and to shoot to outer space. Yes, every country that wants to run away and be ahead of others would seize on this golden opportunity and leave the 5 eye countries behind suffering under their own misguided and politically motivated lies. It is the kiasu syndrome in action in this chase to be ahead and more advanced than others. Think of driverless cars, smart cities, space communication, super fast global communication networks etc etc and all the new technologies that are in development….

So far only a handful of hardcore die hard countries are willing to miss the Hua Way and sticking to the American Way, to live under the American lie and to live in limbo in an obsolete technology, the 4G, and waiting for a miracle to happen. If the miracle does not come fast, they would be history. The rest of the world that is embracing the Hua Way will race ahead and leapfrog to the next level of technological development and move on.

Time waits for no man. Countries are choosing between the Hua Way of the future and the American Way of the past. Make your choice. There will be two worlds far apart as long as there are substantial number of countries adopting the Hua Way. At the moment this has outnumbered the handful of losers believing in the American Way of obsolescence.


CPF - How bad you have been had

For quite some time I have been silent on the CPF and so were many social media contributors. But silence is not consent, silence is not appeasement, and silence is not giving up. The danger of being silent is that some in power would say, see no more complains, so the people must be happy, the people have accepted it.

Just to recap how bad your CPF money has become, how you have been had, remember the NMP woman happily chirped that CPF is not your money, and how the house roared and clapped in approval? This was music to their ears. And this is want they want to hear, want the people to concede and give up their CPF savings, not the people's money, not the money of the people and their employers that contributed to it.

From its original conception and terms, the CPF savings must be returned to the contributor when he reaches the age of 55. Period. The condition was so simple, clean and clear. See how far the terms and conditions have changed and how far you have been had here.

1. You cannot have your money at age 55. This has been extended to age 65.

2. Latest, a letter from CPF extends the age of withdrawal to 70 if you did not read the letter carefully, did not receive the letter, did not know how to read or somehow miss this letter and did not reply.

3. And if the CPF returns your money, it would be in drips and draps, by instalments up to 80 or 90 years or when there is still money left, whichever is later.

4. Before you are allowed to touch your money, there are compulsory insurance schemes that you did not agree to pay for, ie CPF Life, Medishield Life, Eldershield Life and akan datang, CareShield Life. And this is not the end of compulsory insurance schemes if you can trust the clowns.

5. You have to set aside Minimum Sum to the tune of more than a hundred thousand dollars despite paying CPF Life premium.

6. You have to set aside Minimum Sum for Medisave despite paying premium for Medishield Life.

7. For those who are already qualified to withdraw your CPF savings, if you sell your HDB flats or property you have to repay the interest on your housing loans and the money tangkap again to top up your Minimum Sum. Wait a minute, aren't CPF your money and you are already past the withdrawal age of 55, why still must contribute and money tangkap in CPF?

8. And if you are still employed, self employed, way past the withdrawal age, you still have to contribute to CPF.  Holy shit, dying old folks working way past retirement age, can die any moment, still must contribute to CPF! 100 year olds or more also must contribute to CPF!

9. And for those who were CONvinced to opt for higher interest rate, the CPF balance when they died would be transferred to their beneficiary's CPF accounts, not pay out in cash.

10. If you did not indicate that your beneficiary should received in cash on your demise, the money would not be paid out immediately in cash but transferred to their CPF accounts and subject to all the tangkap rules and terms.

Whew, there could be a few more for your own good new rules and terms that I may have missed out. But the above 10 items are suffice to let you know how you have been had when the original contractual agreement was to return everything at 55.

Singaporeans must be thankful and grateful for having such caring and thoughtful politicians to take care of them and their CPF money. Did they say you don't need enemies if you have such good and caring friends? Always thinking, planning and scheming on how to take care of you and your CPF money. Don't forget how much is sucked away by affordable and subsidised HDB flats.

PS. How many people would have been dead at the age of 60, 65, 70 and so on? What is the point of having so much money locked up by the govt in the CPF when one is dead?


Meng Wanzhou - National pride versus economic interest

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou has pitted China against the little country called Canada and its boy PM and girly FM. For the moment China is daily increasing pressure to squeeze these two naive twits to release Meng. The twits are stubbornly hanging on to their stupid position and risking the lives of Canadians being detained and arrested by China. For their childish pride and ego, they could not care about the lives of Canadians, one already sentenced to death, and Canadian business and economy. They just would not admit their stupidity.

Nearly two months have passed and China is still directing attacks at the silly boy and girl for acting as US's little doggies. In a way this is to hammer the unthinking boy and girl for acting silly. You want to fool around with China you will be caned and real hard.

The Americans have been off the Chinese radar so far though being the real devil. This would not be long. The Canadian ambassador in the US, David MacNaughton, has told the Canadian boy and girl that the US intend to extradite Meng before 30 Jan 19. When this is carried out, China would be forced to act against the US as well.

During this period, China has been actively negotiating a trade deal with the US to end the trade war. And the deal is almost done. What would China do if Meng is extradited to the USA to face life imprisonment? Would China close an eye and sacrifice Meng and go ahead with the trade deal? Doing so would seriously challenge the credibility of China in its ability to protect its own citizens from devious and illegal arrest by other countries, in this case the evil Empire. China as a big power would be watched by the whole world on how it prioritise trade and economic interest over national interest and national pride.

The whole Chinese population and Chinese around the world would also be watching if China would sacrifice its own citizens for money and be humiliated by the Americans once more. Another humiliation on China today would likely see the fall of Xi Jinping as the absolute ruler of modern China. Chinese pride and patriotism would not accept Xi to capitulate in this case. If China can forsake its own citizen, an important commercial top executive, it would be read as China would forsake all its citizens and those Chinese around the world. The new law to protect ethnic Chinese around the world would become a bluff. This is a tough call for Xi and to go ahead with the trade deal is NOT an option.

China and Xi cannot compromise Chinese pride and nationalism for economic gains, pride and nationalism cannot be exchanged for money, cannot be bought or traded.

Xi Jinping would be put to a severe test and his mental toughness as the leader of China and a world leader would either go up or go bust.  Xi cannot afford to be seen to be bullied by the Americans. It is time that China takes action against the Americans by arresting a few senior American executives for committing crimes or espionage against China to trade with Trump. Being meek and weak would only invite more bullying and humiliation.

PS. This is my contribution for 23 Jan 19.

Rule of Law – Trudeau appealing to his think alike in Singapore

The Canadian fiasco in arresting an innocent Chinese citizen on transit through Vancouver Airport under its fake claim of rule of law, abiding by an international treaty with the US and so is free to arrest anyone indiscriminately, is making the Canadians looking like mischievous clowns in the international arena. Our action is all within the rule of law, there is nothing wrong with it. China is a country that has no rule of law, lawless, not following the rule? Only the sillies and kids would believe in this white farce.

Out of nothing, in a peaceful and stable relationship between the two countries, Canada is now making a fool of itself and paying a very heavy price politically and economically and even affecting its citizens overseas. All this is so unnecessary. Just keep shouting rule of law and keep accusing China as one without any rule of law, with no justice system and think you can get away with it. Now it is getting slap left and right by China.

China is telling the Canadians boys and girls in the govt to wise up and release the Chinese citizen immediately and apologise for their stupidity. But the stubborn boys and girls are sticking to their silly game and pretending that they have done no wrong. And they are scurrying everywhere to ask for assistance to get pass this stupid situation. Unfortunately they could only rely on the ex British conquered countries, ie the 5 eyes countries, for support as the rest of the world have seen through their hypocrisy and stupidity and would not waste a breath to say anything in favour of the Canadian boys and girls.

The boy PM is so desperate that he even called Hsien Loong in Singapore to support his rule of law nonsense. He knew that Singapore has been very loud in this rule of law thing and would definitely echo the boy PM’s cry. Singapore got to be very careful in replying to the boy PM and not to ruffle feathers in Beijing again when talking about the rule of law or rule of rogues and kidnappers. Saying the wrong thing, in another similar situation that has nothing to do with Singapore, would put Singapore in the same shitty situation as Canada and no one in the world, except the 5 eyes countries, would come to Singapore’s call for help if Singapore falls into the western trap for being a busybody.

Singapore is best to stay out of this stupid circus, don’t take the call, don’t say anything. The Canadian boy PM would be most happy to use the megaphone to tell China that Singapore is on the boy PM’s side and has supported their stupid rule of law/rule of rogues and kidnappers position. Of the more than 30 countries the boy PM had called, his most value call would be to use Singapore’s voice to support his case.

You can bet China would be furious and Singapore would only have itself to be blamed. Wisdom grows out of making mistakes in the past and is a painful and expensive experience that must not be forgotten easily and quickly. The price of wisdom is very high.

Canada is suffering from many cancelled economic and trade agreements costing hundreds of millions or billions of Canadian dollars. Can Singapore afford such developments and all for nothing except to open its big mouth to support the boy PM’s rule of rogues and kidnappers disguised as rule of law? Rule of Law has taken on a different meaning in this case, ie, a dirty political slogan.

It would be interesting if the boy PM start to shout that Canada can punch above its weight against China.

PS. There are now more than 200 Canadians detained/arrested in China for breaking Chinese laws.


Progress Singapore Party - Can it make a difference

On hearing the formation of another new party in a political scene filled with many dysfunctional and defunct little hopeless parties, the same thought came to mind, why another party to split the already scattered opposition ground? Would this new party be just another hare brain little party that is going nowhere but to please the ego of a few conceited ambitious individuals thinking that they can be the next PM of this island?

Can the Progress Singapore Party make a difference to the already hopeless situation, would it make a difference? When I read Cheng Bock saying that it is another alternative voice in Parliament, I give up all hopes. Singapore does not need another alternative voice in Parliament. This is a meaningless option and a futile effort that would not do anything to help the people and country. Singapore needs a serious political party to challenge the PAP and to be able to wrestle political power to change the deteriorating state of affairs.

Perhaps I am asking too much too early. A journey starts with a single step, and this is another single step, hopefully leading to somewhere and not nowhere. I am not enthusiastic about another political party that is thinking and planning to be a force to be reckon with in another 10 or 20 years. By then the damage would be irreparable. Singapore would have gone to the third world, maybe even taken over by foreigners. This is my reservation, Singapore needs change urgently, now, not in another 20 years.

Not all is lost. Change may happen tomorrow and this new party may be that catalyst that sparks the flame for change. For this to happen, several conditions must be met. I will deal with a few here and they are not exclusive and not the only conditions that would make change happen.

The first point is the size of this new party.  How big is it? Can it field enough good candidates to pose a real alternative govt? To be meaningful, effective and serious, it must field enough candidates to win and form a new govt. A coalition with the other smaller parties may be possible but unreliable with so many PMs to be putting their self interests ahead of national interests.

The second point is the quality, calibre and stature of the candidates contesting the election. Are they substantial individuals that can command the respect and confidence of the people? Would Progress Singapore's candidates be third liners of ex PAP cadres and members, or would they be eminent professionals, highly regarded individuals like Hsien Yang, George Yeo, Kwan Ping, Yeoh Lam Keong, just to name a few? Would be nice if a few ministers or ex ministers be brave enough to join the Party to show how serious and real is this challenge to replace the PAP in govt. This is very serious business and having more mediocre candidates, not in the sense of earning less than $500k, would not mean anything. The Progress Singapore Party must bring out a slate of big names to convince the people that this is the real thing, not another hopeless little party just for fun.

A third point to make, is this the time for political change, is Singapore ripe for political change? Had PAP work itself into a corner, a sinking ship or a ship that is being driven over the cliff? The perception of the people of the PAP, whether PAP has outlived its usefulness and no longer a party for the people's good is vital in making change to happen. Are the people still with the PAP or already lost all hopes on the PAP, a party of the past that no longer serves their interest and well being? This is a crucial question. The PAP may still be looking good superficially,  but no one knows how bad it is within and how the majority of the people really feel about this Party. UMNO is a good example. Prior to the GE it was looking invincible until the chips were down.

No, do not expect another Mahathir in Singapore. No one in Singapore today can hold a candle to Mahathir. He is untouchable and the Malay ground holds him in high regards. He commands their respect and unquestionable support. There is no such character worthy of that kind of respect in Singapore today to do a Mahathir.

There is still time for the Progress Singapore Party to get its act together to be not just another hopeless party jumping into the fray. If they want to come in, make it real, make it happen, make it now.


SINGAPORE POLITICS - Grasping At Past Straws?

Politics – Fearing The Future

The fear of the future is the most frightening and paralyzing.  The future is full of uncertainties, ambiguities and the unknown.  The unknown future is however not unfamiliar to Singapore.  We were there in 1965, again in 1973 and 1979 through the recurring global recessions of 1985, 1997, 2001, 2008, 2012 in addition to the 2002-2004 SARS medical crisis, Islamic extremist terrorist activities of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in 2002 and their continuous threats into 2017 when another JI plot was discovered and crushed.  We have prevailed in every encounter beyond survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. In 2019, we will celebrate our 54th National Birthday come August. 

For Singaporeans, the unknown future is not our friend.  It is also not our enemy.  Most importantly to Singaporeans, the future is not unknown.  We in Singapore know our future very well, and regard the future as full of opportunities for our benefits and prosperity growth. We understand its natural constant threats, challenges and prospects.  We have repeatedly engaged it, subdued it, transformed its threats, overcome and prospered from our numerous repeated victories over the “dark” future.     

It is therefore interesting to note that the newest Singapore political party, Progress Singapore Party (PSP), was formed (pending official registration) with the intention to “build a compassionate and truly democratic Singapore where good values and people matter; (and that) freedom of choice and free speech without fear must be defended.  Hopefully, the new Party could soon unveil and elaborate on its “alternate” Singapore with non-existent compassion and (fake?) democracy, and yet has the freedom of choice and free speech. No Singaporean can recognise the PSP’s Singapore. Even 78-year old PSP Founder Dr Tan Cheng Bock seems to have forgotten that he himself participated successfully in more than 6 free and fair democratic elections; as well as a highly competitive Presidential election which he also decisively but fairly lost.

The PSP is founded and led by 78-year old Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a past MP (Member of Parliament) of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). The veteran Singaporean politician (1980-2006) had actually retired from politics in 2006, but emerged briefly to be defeated in the 2011 Singapore Presidential Elections by Dr Tony Tan who served as a most popular President from 2011-2017. Since 2006, Dr Tan Cheng Bock has not in fact been politically active and unlikely therefore currently to possess “star appeal” or any significant or material political clout or influence.  

Older Singaporeans would remember Dr Tan Cheng Bock as a medical practitioner with no experience in shipping or logistics when, as an MP in 1991, he also became the non-executive Chairman of Chuan Hup Holdings (CHH) Ltd, a logistic transport company, which was unusual at that time as MPs did not normally hold such positions, let alone one which is totally unrelated to his expertise or professional experience. Then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong had also cautioned Cheng Bock to avoid speaking on behalf of his company/industry as an MP or to lobby any public officer in the course of his business.  PM Goh subsequently issued binding Guidelines on MPs’ Involvement in Business which is regularly revised and updated.

The emergence of the PSP in fact celebrates the fact that real and true democracy is alive and well in Singapore, quite contrary to its debut Facebook declaration. Many, many political parties have been formed over the years when political participation deepens as expected in a maturing Singapore democracy. There are a total of 30 registered political parties today, of which only eight have never contested in an election.  In the 2015 General Elections (GE2015), 179 candidates (representing 9 political parties) and two independents contested all 29 constituencies and the 89 parliamentary seats without any uncontested walkovers. Only 2 political parties emerged from GE2015 successfully – the ruling PAP won 83 of 89 seats with an increased 69.9% of the popular vote and the Workers’ Party had 6 seats with much lesser popular votes than before.

The PSP declared its aspiration to be “an alternative voice in Parliament”.  Of course, its MP candidates must first get elected.  And it vows that “as the Party and Candidates mature, we intend to be ready to govern the nation”.  If not soon, when?  

According to Cheng Bock, he has formed PSP with 11 other unnamed "like-minded” Singaporeans, among whom are former members or cadres of the PAP.  It is truly unusual for newbie political leaders to be so shy as to remain anonymous! That’s surely a novel way to introduce your leaders, hahaha!  So humorous and comical indeed!  

And if the PSP wished to be taken seriously, stop being a joke and introduce your leadership openly.  We do want to know their experiences, qualifications, accolades, service record and motivations; as well as whether any have personal grudges, self-esteem problems, spousal issues, daddy issues, mommy issues or sibling issues.

It is therefore strangely bizarre that at least 5 opposition political parties have already openly declared that they are open to an alliance with Cheng Bock’s PSP.  But the PSP has not even announced its leadership, vision, mission and policy positions!  And no one truly has any clue as to what the PSP actually stands for? For continual employability and prosperity, or disastrous freebies and free benefits?  What does PSB see as core bread-and-butter and gut issues faced by Singaporeans?  Cheng Bock has alluded to the “fears and pain” of some people whom they spoke to?  Are these psychological? Or medical? Real or imaginary? Irritations or routine discomforts?  What are these, please elaborate? 

Without any documentation of PSP’s proposed solutions to resolve the purported “fears and pain” of the people, as well as the global issues facing Singapore, how did the 5 opposition parties know whether these PSP solutions would align with and are not contradictory to their own albeit unpopular policy solutions?  Is this how they would make decisions when in government?  That’s worrying! 

Even as nearly 40 years have passed since the first non-PAP MP (from the Workers’ Party) was elected into Parliament, followed by a few more in subsequent elections, no opposition political party has ever aspired nor ready to take over the government mantle.  No opposition political party appeared to have mustered, groomed or attracted enough suitable talent to field and contest sufficient seats to form the government should they be elected.  Some opposition parties had combined to form an “alliance” hoping to contest every seat so as to win more than 50% to form the next government; and they had repeatedly failed in this strategy in past general elections.  Perhaps, such an alliance is what 7 opposition political parties hope to create with the “unknown” PSP with Dr Tan as its “Great Leader” after a meeting in July 2018.   

Indeed, if the PAP had been performing sub-par to deserve being replaced, then this “100% contests” strategy (which failed in GE2015) would be best for the eventual opposition alternative government. Unless of course, either the PAP performance was never an electoral issue (why change the government then?) or/and the electorate did not have any confidence in an Opposition alternative government (so why vote for the Opposition?). 

As I watched the excitements unfolding from the unprecedented exhilaration and elation over the birth of Singapore’s latest newbie political party, reality check quickly emerged that the PSP could very well be just a recycled copy of an old PAP clone, albeit vintage, instead of the modern future-ready PAP with the full potential and measure of newbie zest and youthful exuberance!   

Cheng Bock and most of his merry ex-PAP band of “unknown” 11 co-founders of the PSP are likely to belong to a PAP’s past which no longer even exists in the PAP!  The PAP has been continually evolving by replacing 20% of its MPs at every General Election in order to maintain relevance and promote smooth succession by injecting fresh talent regularly.     

The future is not to be feared.  The future must be grasped and engaged in order to overcome and survive it.  For some, survival is optional. And for yet others, survival is not even compulsory.  We need to guard against the promises of easy solutions offered by straw-men or straw-women, especially if they belonged to the vintage past.  While age does not matter when what mattered has not aged, those who want to lead Singaporeans into the victorious future should not encourage the natural fear of the unknown future, but to provide Singaporeans the confidence and assurance of living a sustainable, victorious and prosperous life with loved ones in a better future Singaporean society.