Colonialism is a vile crime against people and humanity

10 greatest crimes against humanity committed by the white colonialists

1. Invasion and colonisation of countries of the world.

2. Looting and plundering of countries of the world.

3. Stealing the lands of natives of the world.

4. Genocides and atrocities against native Americans and natives of invaded and colonised countries.

5. Slavery of Africans leading to untold sufferings and miseries.

6. Poisoning millions of Chinese with opium leading to untold sufferings and miseries.

7. Butchering of Arabs and Muslims. 

8. Endless wars and endless killings of human beans.

9. Abusing Christianity that led to the murder and massacre of millions of non believers all over the world.

10. Using weapons of mass destruction, ie atomic bombs, biological and chemical weapons that destroyed lives and the environment.

Western media and historians wrote about Colonialism as if it is something glory in nature, a triumph of the West against the people of the world.  The above are some of the major crimes of Colonialism inflicted on the people of the world with no regards to human rights, rights to properties, national territorial integrity and the subjugation of natives of respective countries turning them into slaves aka subjects of the Empires. Colonialism in short is about killings and forcefully taking over other people's lives, land and properties.

The glorification of Colonialism and the propaganda pushed out by the West with their control of western media have numbed the minds of the colonised people to the point that they accepted them as part of natural history for the West to conquer, kill, loot and plunder their land and subdued them as sub humans, totally forgetting about the violations to their rights as human beans and their human rights to live as free people. The robbing of their land and resources have been passed off as an acceptable process, nothing to quibble about.

The debt Britain owed to China alone is so huge that the selling of the whole British Isle to repay China would still not be enough. The crimes committed by the British against China and Chinese people include the following:

1. Forcefully selling opium to the Chinese people by British gunboats for several decades.

2. Conducted two wars against China just to sell opium to the Chinese people, leading to death and destruction of millions of Chinese people and properties.

3. Burning down of the Summer Palace but before looting all the treasures in the Palace.

4. Forcing China to pay war reparations and indemnities in the hundreds of millions of silver taels that bankrupted the Chinese government of the day for more than a century, leading to poverty across China.

5. Forcing China to sign Unequal Treaties ending in losing control of Chinese sovereignty and income from trade and tariffs.

6. Signing of concessions of Chinese land in Shanghai.

7. Seizing Hong Kong and New Territories from China for 150 years.

8. Semi colonised China and humiliating China and dignity of Chinese people for more than a century.

Just these eight items alone, if quantified into monetary terms, would be more than the value of selling the whole British Isle to compensate China for the sufferings and destruction of the two Opium Wars and other wars fought to subdue China.

The British must remember that the debt to China must be paid one day. And so is the debt to the rest of the colonised countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Islands. The conquest and rule of India for more than two centuries would be a debt far greater than what they have to pay to China.

Britain would one day be carved out by the rest of the world that had fallen victims to the British Empire. Every 'Commonwealth' country has a right to demand for compensation from the British for invading their countries and plundering their countries and depriving them of human rights and human decency.

And the British is not alone.  All the European powers would have to pay back as well. Their crimes against the world has yet to be settled and will be settled one day. Covid19 is doing the weakening of the western ex colonial powers for a start. The reset button has been activated.

Wars are vicious, cruel, uncivilised, destructive to lives and properties and must be stopped. Civilised people do not resort to wars at the slightest excuse. Only wildlife, primitive aggressive beans that could not be civilised, would want to fight wars everyday.


Rolling Out The Experimental Westerners Covid-19 Vaccine Of Pfizer (Without Liabilities) With A Fanfare

 Blogger 1984 George Orwell said...Rolling Out The Experimental Westerners Covid-19 Vaccine Of Pfizer (Without Liabilities) With A Fanfare

The US, UK and EU have rolled out the westerners-based experimental Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19 in a big way, with a fanfare like never before happened in the history of medical science.

It is advertised and publicised so vehemently, vigorously and widely as though it is a huge global political campaign to win the hearts and minds, and the approval and acceptance, of the voiceless and powerless masses (as if they are so important to the propagandist and the protagonist).

Sing-along Singapore will also begin its Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination "exercise" on December 30, with health-care workers at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) the first to be guinea-pigs to go through this mass experiment of a lifetime.

Other health-care workers at public health-care institutions as well as private hospitals will be experimented in the subsequent weeks.

Next in line will be the seniors aged 70 and above. They will receive their jabs from Feb 2021 onwards on a voluntary basis (unlike your coffin money in your savings with the CPF Board being siphoned off by compulsory premium deductions annually without your consent).

Other Singaporeans and free-riding long-term residents who are medically eligible for vaccination will follow on after that. No one will be left behind.

The MOH statement said that the "Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination", which MOH had convened to make recommendations to the government on Singapore's vaccination strategy to tackle the disease, submitted its recommendations on December 24.

The cost of each jab is a jealously guarded secret. Though thr vaccination is said to be free. The money has to come from someone somewhere. Money doesn't drop from the sky. Bird shits do.

The whole experimental vaccine exercise is not free. Money ultimately has to be paid by the taxpayers - that's YOU!

The corrupt politicians, the corrupt approving authorities' officials and the owners of the big pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna will be laughing all the way to their banks, and also laughing at the guinea-pigs.

Moral of the story:

In desperate times, the desperate who knows benefits from the desperados who don't know.

Merry Christmas!
(12 Days Of Christmas) 

1984 George Orwell

PS: Has anyone ever wonder how can there be an Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination" when the vaccination exercise has not even begun? These thick-skin elites baffle me no end, really.


Patriotic Chinese scientists answered the call of the motherland and returned to China to help build up the defense and security of the country.

           This article on overseas patriotic Chinese scientists return to China in answer to motherland's call to help build up the defense and security of China is written as an adjunct to Chua Chin Leng's article on Thursday, 17th December, 2020  entitled 'Over one thousand Chinese researchers have left the US to make China greater than America.'

Professor Joseph Needham a prominent British scientist in Cambridge University once said: " Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in China." And he further said in early 1960s: "Give China a hundred years' peace and she will produce wonders in the world."

Professor Qian Xuesen and many of his contemporary Chinese scientists were educated in China and graduated from prominent Chinese universities largely in Beijing and Shanghai. After graduating from Chinese universities largely from Beijing University, Xinhua University and Jiaotong University in Shanghai they went overseas for further studies to procure a doctoral degree in professorship.

In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s it was  turbulent times in China which  was then facing endless aggressions from Western countries and brutal invasion by the Japanese. Thus the atmosphere was not conducive for the young Chinese scientists to pursue their scientific research . Therefore they had to go overseas to continue their line of studies and research in the fields of Mathematics, physics, nuclear physics, engineering, technology such as railway engineering, rocketry and missile development.

At the end of the Second World War in 1945 most of these young patriotic Chinese scientists heard the call of the motherland to return home to help build up the defense and security of China so as to prevent any future aggressions and bullies from foreign countries. 

It was fortunate for China that many of the Chinese scientists who returned home were highly qualified in the fields of missiles and rocketry and in  thermonuclear technology. Both the rocketry and missiles scientists and the nuclear scientists cooperated and coordinated their work and effort in making Chinese missile and rocketry and the development of the thermonuclear bombs a great success.

In 1964 China became the Fifth country to possess thermonuclear weapons. Earlier in the 1950s and 1960s the People's Republic of China of Chairman Mao and the Chinese Communist Party faced intense hostility from America, Russia and England.

President Harry S. Truman ordered ten nuclear-armed B-29s to the Pacific Fleet during the height of the Korean War 1950 - 1953. General Curtis Lemay was a chief proponent of a nuclear strike on  China and he suggested that US should drop a few nuclear bombs on China. 

In the Mid-1950s President Dwight D. Eisenhower threatened to nuclear bomb China if China tried to take back its island of Taiwan by military means. 

In the later part of 1950s during the Soviet Russia and China ideological split and in 1969 during the intense border skirmish between China and Russian armies in Xinjiang and Heilongjiang region President Khruschev of Russia also threatened to nuke China.

Lastly in 1961 England threatened to nuke China if China were to take back Hong Kong by force.

Facing such hostile military threat from all quarters Chairman Mao officially authorized the Chinese atom bomb project in January 1955 in response to America nuclear threat. Chairman Mao said, "We need the atom bomb. If our nation does not want to be intimidated we have to have this thing."

In 1948 Chinese nuclear physicist Professor Qian Sanqiang who was first involved in the American project "Fat Man plutonium implosion bomb at Los Alamos" returned to China in the 1950s and helped start the Chinese nuclear program.

Professor Chian Sanqiang is known as "The father of the Chinese Atomic Bomb." In 1948  in Beijing he founded "The China Institute of Atomic Energy." In 1951 a Chinese radio chemist Professor Yang Chengzong procured ten grams of radium to support the Chinese people in their nuclear research.

Professor Qian Sanqiang and Professor Yang Chengzong started the construction of the fledgling Chinese nuclear complex  at the Northwest Nuclear Weapons Development Base in Haiyan, a research facility. They also created other important nuclear research and testing sites such as the Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment Plant, The Jiuquan Plutonium Reactor and The Lop Nur Test Site.

China's nuclear program was renamed 596 in commemoration of the split in joint China-Soviet Atomic bomb research program on June 1959.

Professor Qian Sanqiang and his team of Chinese nuclear scientists proceeded to construct the first Chinese atom bomb base on highly enriched uranium from the Lanzhou facility. 

In the debacle of the "Great Leap Forward" Chairman Mao and Premier Chou Enlai decided the nuclear project must continue "Even if the Chinese had to pawn their trousers."

The Lanzhou enrichment plant produced the first highly enriched uranium ( HEU ) in January 1964. By the summer of 1964 all atomic materials were sent to the Lop Nur Nuclear Weapons Test Base for assembly. And on 16th October, 1964 China successfully tested its first atomic bomb with a force of 22 kilotons from a 330 feet steel tower code name 596.

With the successful completion of the atom bomb test China made an official statement:  " This is a major achievement of the Chinese people in their struggle to increase their national defense capability and oppose U.S. imperialist policy of nuclear blackmail and nuclear threats."

While Professor Qian Sanqiang and his team of nuclear scientists were busy building up China's nuclear program in defense of China's sovereignty and security Professor Qian Xuesen and his team of rocket and missile scientists were simultaneously busy constructing China's ballistic missile and space technology. Both Professor Qian Sanqiang nuclear project program and Professor Qian Xuesen's rocketry and ballistic missile project program cooperated closely on the successful completion of nuclear tipped rockets and ballistic nuclear missiles.

In 1955 when Professor Qian Xuesen returned to China from U.S. he immediately began work on China's ballistic missile technology. Part of his program was to train large cohorts of young Chinese rocket and missile scientists. 

While Professor Qian Xuesen was in the US he was largely responsible for the successful construction and development of the American rocketry  and ballistic missile program. Upon his return to China in 1955 Professor Qian Xuesen was put in charge of the missile and space program known as "The Fifth Academy." Professor Qian Xuesen is widely known as the father of Chinese Rocketry and space program.

On October 25th, 1966 China tested its first nuclear missile. Marshall Nie Rongzhen of PLA declared,"The missile was deadly accurate. China which had long been backward but now has its own sophisticated weapon."

Beginning in 1960 Chinese scientists began to develop thermonuclear weapons under the leadership and guidance of Professor Qian Sanqiang. China tested its first H - Bomb on June 17th, 1967 with a force of 3.3 megatons. China acquired thermonuclear weapons only 32 months after its first atom bomb test, much faster than US which took 7 years and the Soviet Union which took 4 years respectively after their first atom bomb test.

Other prominent Chinese nuclear scientists  and ballistic missile scientists which took part in their work in helping China's defense of its sovereignty and security are as follows. The nuclear scientists include Deng Jia Hsien, Yang Chen-ning, Sun Yuen-chi, Wang Bing-zhang, Zhang Ying-yi, Sun Jia-tung, Wang Chien-chang and Lee Lu. The highly qualified and distinguished rocket , missile and space program scientists include Zhao Jiuzhang, Chieh Chien-chang, Dr. Cheng Shiying, Guo Yanghuai, Xu Guozhi, Luo Pei Lin, Luo Shi-jin, Yang Nan-sheng, Lu Qiang, Chen Yuan-jiu, Qian Ji, Yang Jiahui, Wang 
xiji and Wei Yiqing.

Also in their ambition to safeguard China's nuclear technology and the rocket, missile and space technology in order to secure for China's future safety, security and sovereignty from foreign aggressions these renowned Chinese scientists have an ongoing programme to train thousands of young scientists every year to take over their portfolios when they retire.

China is now living in a dangerous world of renewed Western aggression headed by the United States. America has no intention of giving up its diabolical scheme of world domination under its total toxic hegemony. 

America does not accept the peaceful rise of China. It does not even care to pretend that it is giving up the policy of containment of China but has every intention now to use force to take down China on all fronts viz economically, financially, politically, militarily and technologically against China's cyber net and space program.The coming home to China of these Chinese scientists and their eventual vital work in their various fields of expertise have great significance not only for the peace and security of China but also for the peace and security of all the non-white countries which face constant threats from the United States and its Western allies. The contributions of these scientists have enabled China to hold in check the never ending threats, bullies and aggressions of the warmongering United States.

The Evil Empire's government wants the Americans and the West to hate and fear China. It is the deranged politicians of the bi-partisans Democrats and the Republicans to constantly adopt manipulated campaigns to make Americans and the West consent for a paradigm of constant demonization of China and a permanent war with China. 

US real motive to undermine China and other powers like Russia, Iran and DPRK is to maintain its world hegemony. The outrageous lies about the Uyghurs' problems in Xinjiang and the Hong Kong issues is to win American support for attacks against China. Similarly its continuous harping on the South China Sea issues which are of no concern to US and its demonstrations of raw power by sailing its warships and flying its jet fighters and bombers close to China's shores and coastal areas is a sign of utter desperation and a danger to world peace and harmony. 

As China's economy continues to outpace the U.S. American evil self-centred politicians and US mass media  will make more incredible attempts to heighten propaganda to influence Americans to hate and fear the Chinese government. CIA works very closely with the US mass media like New York Times, Reuters, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox TV to manuafacture lies and falsehoods against China, Russia, Iran North Korea, Bolivia and Venezuela.

America is directing vast series of hostilities against other world powers to hide its own shortcomings and incompetence and in the hope to maintain its world hegemony. If America keeps on doing this continuously it may cause Third World War and drive the world to self-destruction and the demise of all humanity and civilizations.

Amidst such hostile American aggressions the Chinese nuclear and missile and space scientists have done a great job of empowering China strategic challenge to America's bellicosity. And together with China's vast economic development and increase military power, China must become a country too strong and powerful for USA and its allies to suppress or destabilize. Hopefully China's all round strength and power will help insane America to realize that cooperation with China is the best option for USA and its allies national interests. There is no other way for this is the ultimate principle for US and its allies to follow if the world is to survive.


Wednesday, 30th December, 2020.

DBS vs LVB: Sweet Meat For The Wolves, Game Of The Century


SSO said...

DBS vs LVB: Sweet Meat For The Wolves, Game Of The Century

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) Deal is the most "lucrative" and "enticing" business proposal ever made in the history of banking and finance. Some more, it was made by such a distinguished and outstanding government of India, under the steady steering hands of the well-known PM Modi of CECA fame.

Simply speaking, it is "Too good to be true."

It is so good that it simply cannot be turned down by any rich investor with a huge capacity of cheap funds, using other people's money of course, lying around in the hands of eager-beavers ever-ready to make a kill in his/her name, so that at year-end he/she could reap another unimaginable hefty sum of $millions in annual bonuses, and retires in comfort, laughing all the way to the bank everyday.

But, but, but the thing is:

If the deal is so good...too good to be true, why didn't the Indian Government buy over LVB wholesale by itself? The Modi government could not see the "lucrative" long-term returns-on-investment? The hawkish Modi leadership was out of wits and funds and therefore could not go in for the kill by itself? As such, it has to invite lucky DBS to grab it for a song and also write-off the shares of the previous owners of LVB with ease, without having to worry about potential repercussions?

Or, Why didn't any of the big and rich local Indian companies take over the in-deep-shit LVB and immediately owns 350 banks throughout India, which took LVB almost 100 years to build up? So wonderful! So easy! Why no takers?

Questions aside, whichever way one may look at it, under such circumstances, there is always big money to be made in the shades, under the shadows and enclosed in darkness, behind closed doors, over a sumptuous dinner, by some shrewd, crafty and cunning big players in the Game Of Cheat, in this Game Of The Century.

The meat is so sweet and fresh, and therefore, the greedy and hungry wolves are many. Like the Hollywood movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", this is the "The Wolf Of Madrass" in real life.

In my mind, the first suspected wolf is the one who proposed the purchase of LVB to those that count.

The second suspected wolf is the one who influenced the decision-maker to go ahead with throwing good money after bad loans.

The third suspected wolf is the one who made the decision to buy over the LVB in accordance with the Modi Government's alluring proposal of a life-time.

The fourth suspected wolf is the PR guy, the one who looks like a white-collar criminal with corruption written all over his face when he spoke with the intention of influencing the unguarded about how good it is to invest in India Tamil Naidu.

The fifth suspected wolf is the middleman or men in this Game Of The Century.

The sixth and subsequent suspected wolves are those in the other camp, right from the top to the bottom.

Last but not least, I simply say only, the glaringly suspected wolf is the "Honourable" Judge who presided over this case, who has holds the power, who made the judgement, and who aimed and shot two arrows, one after another, straight
into the Heart of DBS, just like what Robin Hood would have done.

I believe the CBIB would have already started to get busy investigating deeper and wider into this "too good to be true" fishy Game of the Century.

Keppel's Brazil misadventures, for 13 long years, are still very fresh in our minds, except for those who have dozed off.

So, what now, DBS, going forward?

SSO - 4 Dec 2020.

PS: CBIB stands for Cheats and Badass Investigating Board.

35% premium hike for Medishield Life is so merciful

Come 2021, Medishield Life premiums will increase by up to 35%.

It adds to our already high cost of living but we have no choice but to pay up.

Foong Swee Fong posted a short article on this in the TRE.

I am tired of talking about this and how our CPF savings are being depleted and we can't do anything about it. And now and then some imbeciles will open their mouths to deride our lack of savings and to increase our CPF contributions to make sure we save enough for retirement.  The point is that we are having the highest rate of savings in the world and after saving for a life time still find ourselves not having enough of savings for retirement and have to work till the last day of our lives.  Where did our CPF savings go to? Why we cannot save enough for our retirement?

Below are some of the comments in response to Foong Swee Fong's article that said it all. But the imbeciles would close their eyes and ears and pretend they did not see or hear any complaints. They just shut out everything and do as they want with your CPF savings, without your consent. They said this is a rule of law country.  Everything done to your CPF savings is legal and lawful.


  • So what else is new?:

    35% one shot rise!
    Daylight Robbery is what it is.
    They do it just because they can!
    61% gave them full permission !
    Who can speak up for the voiceless in sg?
    They keep us in virtual shackles and try to make us believe they do it for our own good.
    Is this LHL’s punishment on us for his bad showing at the polls few months ago???
    He loves to see us suffer fobt he?

  • xoxo:

    onLEE 35 PCT,WHY NOT 350 PCT?!!!!
    WTF! After LOOTING $100 BILLION N GRANTING US $600 ON A SUPPOSED PER CAPITA OF $23K,This govt wants to $crew us more!

    They promise no gst increases till later but screw us on medishit lie premium all the same?

    This groupie of ar$ehole$ need to be axed!!!

  • 3Ts:

    That’s how the SG Govt give free vaccination by increasing the Medishield Life premium etc!

    Give u a free drumstick & takes back a whole chicken!

  • Vampirical Increase:

    35% increase is really Vampirical.

  • Vote them Out:

    MediShield Life is a HOAX?

    Useless Medisafe life is going up by whopping 35% which is approximately an increase of $400 for the elderly old. Two elderly old means $800 increase to be paid for by their children if they have no money. That means [2 X ~$1600 = $3200] to be paid for by their children Mandatorily excluding the premium of themselves.

    There is no reason whatsoever to keep voting for them, absolutely without any doubts. Why? I cannot understand.

  • Harder Truths:

    The Evil Regime just gave billions to FT companies for no reason during the pandemic rather than give the people directly. How else are they going to get this back? Expect more rises in taxes and other stuff as well.

    PS. And mind you, this is what you voted for. So don't complain. Be grateful that the increase is not more. It is for your own good. It is also for the good of those that would benefit from the 35% premium hike for sure. You have to thank them for being so merciful.


Beidou to replace GPS. No more weaponising of GPS

 As the Americans continue to weaponise everything to maintain their world dominance, from the greenbacks, technology, trade, vaccines, communications and the GPS, the backlash is surely to come and turn against the Americans.  There is a saying, if one keeps walking in the dark of the night, the chances of meeting the devils are higher.

The Americans have been controlling the world in almost everything and have taken the world for granted, obey, accept the American dominance and bullying as the way of life, American Exceptionalism. The world has no choice when there is no alternative, no country big enough to challenge the Americans, no alternative technology to go to and has to swallow whatever the Americans shafted into their throats.

This was the past. The greenback as the international currency would soon be no more. The petrol dollar would shrink by the day. Buying American debt would no longer be fashionable or necessary. China's 5G and AI would replace the American stranglehold on these communication tools. And now Beidou global position system is complete and will be an option for those that did not want to be oppressed and bullied by the Americans.

The Americans have been abusing their control of the GPS for political and military advantage. They switched on and off as they like, in the India Pakistan War, in the war against Iraq, against Iran.

The world has seen the abuses and rogue behaviour of the Americans and would not want to be controlled and be at the mercy of the Americans. Those that did not want to be spied on by the Americans have opted to use Huawei, to be freed from the Americans listening to them. Germany has just approved Huawei to bid for its 5G infrastructure development. Many countries have also done so except the 5 eyes and India.

The latest, to be freed from American control and hegemony, 165 countries out of 191 countries in the world have decided to opt out of GPS in favour of Beidou. The world is not stupid.  When given the opportunity to get out of the clutches of the evil Americans, they will march with their legs.

Good bye America. Good riddance. Your control of the world is weakening. your grip over the world is loosening. China is offering the rest of the world an option to be free from American oppression, control and bullying.

Here comes Beidou and 5G, from China. And Chinese vaccines, cheaper and safer, will be shipped to the rest of the world, to all developing countries. There is no need to pay for more expensive and not fully tested western vaccines. There is no need to accept unacceptable risk when the alternative is cheaper, safer and friendlier, not weaponised.

COVID-19 vaccine: Hold your horses, let us play safe!

Below is a very important article by Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj appearing in Focus Malaysia.  This is the link: https://focusmalaysia.my/opinion/covid-19-vaccine-hold-your-horses-let-us-play-safe/COVID-19 vaccine: It explains very clearly how the mRNA works and how it could cause more damage to the body if the mRNA combines with the subject's DNA to create new DNA. Though this is a possibility, it is too early to tell if it would actually happen. But the methodology of injecting foreign RNA to combine with a person's DNA is playing with the unknown as RNA/DNA combination can lead to many permutations and combinations that are unpredictable. This is the message of Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj.

Hold your horses, let us play safe!

By Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj

THERE is a lot of discussion about our access to the COVID-19 vaccine and the cost of the vaccination programme for the country. However, the issue of the safety of the different vaccines on offer hasn’t been addressed adequately.

The COVID-19 vaccines on offer now can be divided into two main groups.

The first group is the vaccines that use inactivated COVID-19 viruses or laboratory manufactured COVID-19 protein to stimulate the body’s immune response.

The second group of vaccines use a new technology that makes the subject’s own body produce the COVID-19 protein that then stimulates the subject’s immune system.

The first group of COVID-19 vaccine relies on old and tested vaccine technology and the medical community is familiar with the potential downsides. For example, side effects of the various adjuvants used to enhance the body’s reaction to the viral protein.

The second group of COVID-19 vaccines comprise RNA or DNA which – when injected into the subject’s body – instructs the subject’s ribosomes to produce thousands of copies of the COVID-19 spike protein.

In the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the messenger RNA (mRNA) that codes for the COVID-19 spike protein is put in minute phospholipid capsules and injected into the subject. These capsules circulate in the blood and slip into certain cells in the body where the mRNA instructs the ribosomes of these cells to manufacture the COVID-19 spike protein.

Some of these spike protein molecules extrude from the cells into the blood stream and catch the attention of the immune system which then produces antibodies against these spike proteins. In addition, the spike proteins sticking out of the “infected” cells induce killer lymphocytes to attack and kill these cells.

This is one major difference with the traditional vaccines – these modernistic vaccines induce more killer lymphocytes, and cause the destruction of some of subject’s cells. Do the developers of these vaccine know for sure that their phospholipid capsules do not slip into nerve cells or into kidney cells? These are tissues that are not particularly capable of regenerating themselves if they are damaged.

We also do not know the longer term consequences of exciting the body’s immune system and then exposing that system to cellular antigens released by the destruction of these cells. Might this, in the longer term, induce auto-immune disease in a portion of the people so exposed?

Auto-immune diseases are conditions in which the body’s immune system starts attacking some component of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is one example of an auto-immune disease and we still do not understand why it affects certain people or what sets it off.

Would the modernistic COVID-19 vaccines induce auto-immune disease in those so predisposed? The fact is, we do not know. It may not happen, but shouldn’t we be surer that it does not before we inject this vaccine into millions of people?

The Oxford-AstraZeneca and Sputnic V vaccines use a different strategy to deliver the COVID 19 genetic code for the spike protein to the subject’s cells. They convert the COVID-19 code to DNA, which is more stable and does not require ultra-cold storage, and put this DNA into modified Adeno viruses (which are incapable of replicating in the subject’s body) and inject these adenoviruses into the subject.

These modified viruses will deliver the DNA to certain cells in the subject. This DNA will go into the nucleus of the subject’s cell to produce the mRNA that instructs the subject’s ribosomes to produce the spike protein.

Willfully putting foreign DNA into the nucleus of human cells is something we should not take lightly. We know that in certain viral infections, viral DNA becomes incorporated into the human chromosomes. This occurs in Hepatitis B and in HIV infections.

Do we know for sure that it will not occur, in perhaps a small percentage of cases, with the COVID-19 vaccines that use DNA? Would this viral gene interact with any other gene in our genome and cause a health problem? Maybe not, but should we take that risk and on such a large scale?

Vaccines have played a huge role in the control of infectious diseases in the past 50 years and they certainly have a big role to play in the future. The crucial question is do we need desperate measures such as deploying the new untested RNA and DNA vaccines on a global scale?

After all, there are effective alternatives. Several COVID-19 vaccines have been produced using traditional vaccine technology. These “old tech” vaccines comprise of COVID-19 virus proteins. They include CoronaVac, the Zhifei vaccine and Novavax.

There are several more. Why not use these old tech vaccines to control the pandemic? Why go for modern technology that has not been properly assessed? The insistence of many vaccine manufacturers on indemnity clauses in the agreements with Governments itself should set off alarm bells!

We would be extremely naive if we do not take note of the profit motive when evaluating our national vaccine strategy. Vaccine manufacturers stand to make humongous profits if their vaccine is utilised on a worldwide scale.

And with the indemnity clause in place, they are shielded from litigation if anything goes wrong. We have to be world-wise and also factor in the tremendous influence that the large pharmaceutical companies have over the Governments and regulatory institutions in the West.

Based on the above considerations, my friends and I would like to suggest the following:

  • Malaysia should rely on old tech vaccines comprise of viral proteins. Let us not experiment on our population with the “sophisticated” vaccines that use RNA and DNA technology.
  • Offer the old tech COVID-19 vaccines to the high risk groups initially, and then later to the entire population. But do not make it mandatory for any particular group. Let people make an informed choice.
  • Provide clear information to the public. We should be honest with our people. The authorities should also tell the people that at present we do not have data regarding long term safety of the RNA and DNA vaccines.
  • Provide the old tech COVID-19 vaccine free to the population.
  • Conduct post COVID-19 vaccination surveillance to obtain an accurate estimate of side effects arising from the vaccines.
  • It is high time for civil society groups and concerned individuals to voice up and urge for a cautious and measured approach to the mass vaccination of the Malaysian public.


Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj is the chairperson of Parti Sosialis Malaysia and the former MP of Sungai Siput. He is also a certified pulmonologist.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

 “©Focus Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.”

PS. I have posted the article in full as the content is very important for the public to know. I hope Focus Malaysia will not object to its publication here. If they do, I would remove the article asap when notified.

Duterte taken for a ride by China? The writers think they are smarter than Duterte


‘They’re taking him for a ride’: Has Philippines gained from Duterte’s China pivot?

In 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warmed to Beijing in exchange for investments. But so far, only a fraction of the billions of dollars pledged have materialised. The programme Insight asks if his China policy has come to naught....

The centrepiece of the Duterte administration’s economic policies is the “Build, Build, Build” (BBB) programme, which consists of some 20,000 infrastructure projects including airports, seaports and highways.

With China’s funding touted as the best option for upgrading the country’s infrastructure, the Philippines was set to usher in a “golden age of infrastructure”.

But less than five per cent of China’s promised US$24 billion (S$32 billion) in loans and investments have come to fruition. “They’re taking Duterte for a ride,” says political analyst and author Richard Heydarian.

The above article in CNA on 19 Dec 20 was written by Desmond Ng and Sumithra Prasanna. 

20,000 infrastructure projects, according to the writers, are bad for Philippines as it would lead to debt traps. The poor tourist guides, small farmers and street vendors would lose their jobs. They would like to continue their way of life and what Duterte is going to do, to bring in China to develop the Philippines with 20,000 projects is not good for the Philippines people. Duterte must be damn stupid or a traitor to the Pinoys. How could he want to spend to much money, stupidly let his country into a debt trap to destroy the Philippines. So the white men are saying and some silly writers also agreed.

And China is making it tough in the negotiation, wanting to make sure that the projects are commerciall viable and would not lead into debt traps? And this is bad of China. China should blindly just build and let Philippines ended in debt traps so that the white men can accuse China of wrongdoings. So clever.

China should not waste its time, resources and money to rebuild the Philippines. The Pinoys are happy where they are. Duterte also should not try to be smart to want to develop the Philippines into a modern state. The Pinoys don't like that.

Also, from the point of China, Duterte would not be the President for long and the next president would want to be pro America and enemy of China. How is China going to pump in millions and billions of dollars into the Philippines when it knows that any day the Pinoy govt would change and become hostile to China, cancelling all the projects and not paying? 

What would you do if you were in the shoes of China? Pour in money that is not welcomed? And the ordinary Pinoys would not appreciate and did not want them? They are waiting for the American saviours to save the Philippines and sell them more weapons to be the strongest military power in Asean and to start a war with China.

Now who are the silly ones? Duterte? Not to worry, the Americans have been in the Philippines before, ruling the Philippines for several decades and they know what the Pinoys want and would make the Pinoys very happy. And when Duterte is gone, the Pinoys can go dancing with the Americans again and enjoy lives servicing the American troops as tourist guides and bar boys and waitresses and street vendors, and no 20,000 projects that they did not want, that are bad for them.

Chinese projects would affect the lives of these Pinoys badly. They cannot continue to be street vendors or tourist guides. Picture from CNA
 Maybe the Americans can take over these projects and build them for free for the Pinoys and no debt traps. Even if they were to get American loans, they would definitely be cheaper than Chinese loans. Good luck to the Pinoys.


Private hires - the risk we allowed our loved ones to be exposed to


Stepping into a car of a stranger is getting very common today with private hires all over the islands. How many parents would warn their children, especially the girls, not to go out with strangers, not to talk to strangers, but are willing to let their girls, wives, to enter a car with strangers that could be just waiting for them to rob, molest or rape them?  The thought is so scary and the pain is unacceptable and could ruin the lives of the victims. Some may even lose their lives because of this reckless act of allowing it to happen and hoping for the best, that all is well. It is so dangerous but allowed by the govt with barely any controls or checks. Once in the car, the victim is totally at the mercy of the driver. Imagine your wife or daughter is in the car now, driven by a stranger to a secluded spot, to be molest, raped and robbed or beaten?

The recent reports of private hires out just to molest and rape the females, not to fetch them from point A to point B, is too much to take and to think that the authority is still taking this so lightly. Never mind, only a few cases. Can you believe that is the thinking of people in charge of the safety of your loved ones? One case is too much, not talking about 15 to 18 cases a year and many went unreported.

Would the govt do something about this, NOW? Regulations is a must to protect our loved ones and the fairer sex from falling easy prey to the criminals waiting for them to step into their cars. To think that it is now so easy to prey on the females for sex with the victims unwarily and voluntarily walking into their cars that the govt allows it to happen is shocking and totally irresponsible.

Some people need a source of income. Fair. But the govt cannot say it cannot do anything about it, would not to anything about it, would not legislate it when the safety of our loved ones are at stake. At the very least the drivers must be registered and vetted before being allowed on the road to prey on the victims. It is not a fool proof solution but at least it would reduce the odds and put the potential criminals on notice that they are being watched.

The ordeals of the victims as reported are so sickening, so hapless in the confines of a car with a criminal wanting to harm them and there is no way to get out and no one to help them. How can this continue to go on and the govt doing nothing about it? Millionaires with super talents must have some brains to think of a solution to prevent such situations to continue, immediately. Do not wait till your loved ones are harmed to regret that you have not done the proper thing when you could. Ok, millionaires would not exposed their loved ones to such situations as they have their own private vehicles to bring them around safely. It is the peasants that would be taking the risk. Nothing to worry about, no need to rush to do anything. The statistics said it is quite safe, only a few cases a year.  Acceptable risk. The victims just blame it on bad luck. Might as well say the victims are willing to as they know the risk?

What do you think? How many of you think it is safe to allow your vulnerable loved ones to enter a car with an unknown stranger? 

The stupidity has no cure sickness in Singaporeans is getting worse. Taking things for granted, not thinking and believing everything is safe and sound. How many of the drivers are out there waiting to pounce on the weak fairer sex that willingly walked into their cars?

Two dumb blonds making their countries sick

 Trump claimed to want to make America great again but his every move was to make America sicker. America is now the Sick Man of America. 

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Boris was also swept to power by the daft Brits, or was it that there was no more talented man in Britain, and Boris was seen as the best man, just like Trump, to lead his country to the ground? The latest, Britain is now called the Sick Man of Europe.

Two dumb blonds did it, bringing down their countries without knowing why while thinking that they had done a damn good job when no one else could do better. Here is a pic of the two dumb blonds sharing there great plans to bring down their respective countries. The only saving grace for Britain is that Boris may not be bright but not as bad as the crooked Trump, a conman, a liar, a cheat and everything else that is bad. Only an America destined to be doomed deserved such a clown to be its president. Maybe it is inevitable, like they said, he was sent by God to end the evil American Empire.

Two dumb Trumps. Trump called Johnson Britain's Trump.


Tiffany Dover, nurse, fainted after taking vaccine jab


This is the link to nurse Tiffany Dover. The pics below showed her getting her vaccine jab,  feeling giddy after talking to the media, and as she stood up to walk away, she fainted. She recovered a while later to explain that she had fainting records.



This video is not supported for direct upload. So you need to click on the link to view it.

Covid19 Vaccine - How to drug or poison a civilisation to end its existence?

The closest event of poisoning or drugging a people to kill them was the genocide of the native Indians when the early white migrants put on the pretence of kindness, offering blankets and clothing tainted with European diseases to them. Under such deceit of kindness and generosity, the victims would often put down their guards and accept the gift in good faith only to their demise.  For a party to intentionally do such a devious act, by force, to a whole people, would be difficult and unthinkable.

The Japanese had a biochemical lab in Manchuria during WW2 named Unit 731 where they forcefully injected poisons and chemicals on their victims made up of mainly Chinese, Koreans and Russians. They could do it on a small number of people at a time.  They also did that to some Chinese villages to kill them en mass. But to do that on a national scale to kill the whole Chinese population or in a big scale would be difficult unlike the case of native Americans.

The next closest form of such a hideous act was the selling of opium to the Chinese population by the British in the 19th Century. Here it was not by force initially but by deceit that it was a wonderful drug and the Chinese fell for it, thus is a way willingly consuming the drug with no compulsion, a willing victim.

The Americans also spread some of these toxic staff in North Korea and Vietnam, Agent Orange and Purple Rain, and achieved some results on a limited scale on the North Koreans and Vietnamese.

There are two elements to the success of mass drugging or poisoning, deceit and a willingness by the victims to accept the drug or poison. It is unlikely that such a wicked plan could be introduced in modern civilisation when the people are much well informed of the danger of drugs and poison, though still many would still consume drugs by self deception or delusion that the drugs are safe and would not kill them.

Today the world is experimenting with a new drug, called vaccine, for Covid19.  This is a new experimental drug, not sure how thorough is the research on its side effects or harm that it might inflict on the users. The two biggest white nations, UK and US, are promoting the use of these vaccines using a new technology involving splicing and manipulating DNA/RNA.  Some trials have been done on small samples of volunteers and only a few months have passed and the vaccines are approved for emergency use, for desperate countries like the US and UK. But many other countries that are not so desperate are also rushing in, buying these vaccines in the millions for their people instead of the traditional proven vaccines that used deactivated Covid19 virus to induce a response to build up anti bodies in the recipients.

All is good if the western vaccines eventually proved themselves to be worthy and effective without major side effects. What if, what if the side effects would appear after a longer span of time, maybe a year, or several years down the line, when the human body reacts with the RNA and new DNAs evolved leading to mutants being created? What the crazy Bolsonaro of Brazil said about man turning into crocodiles or woman growing beard or whatever that were not supposed to happen may be wild and hilarious and not likely to happen. What if?

Today, many American leaders are cutting queues to be first to be vaccinated with the new vaccines to set an example, to build confidence that the vaccines are safe, some really believed so and jumping queues to be the first to be protected. What if a few years down the line things untoward start to happen, when the recipients of such vaccines developed into other forms, or their DNA got hacked by the RNA introduced into their bodies from the vaccines? If these new vaccines turned foul and bad in the future, it would be a classic case of human civilisation willingly accepting the vaccines to destroy themselves en mass, not by force, not by deceit, but by misinformation or lack of in depth research and information about the vaccines. Vaccines not given sufficient time to play itself out to prove what it could or could not do but impregnated into healthy human beans that eventually lead to the end of civilisation is still fictional. Ok, such a scenario is quite far fetch and likely not to happen. The manufacturers and scientists are willing to vouch for the safety of these vaccines, including Trump that still refused to be vaccinated. Manufacturers insisted that liabilities are waived for their used. It was reported that some employees of manufacturers of these vaccines refused to take them. Trump called it is the best Christmas present.

Word of caution, the normal test period for a vaccine before being approved for sale is 3 to 4 years. This is the time needed to make sure the vaccine is fairly safe. The western vaccines are now trumpeted to be safe after less than a year, approved by warp speed. So take care. Some side effects can take longer to appear.

My contention is, what if? The vaccines are very new and not fully tested.  That is a fact. Singapore has taken a prudent approach. It is voluntary. There are other well tested options available.

PS. China did not rush the trials of its vaccines.  And these were conducted by independent national bodies outside China, not by the Chinese manufacturers.  Turkey is a Nato member and used to be hostile to China but conducted the trial and concluded that it is safe and 91% effective. Many Middle East countries are using the Chinese vaccines, including Indonesia and Latin America and African countries.


Trump's legacy - A gift to the world, but no Christmas presents for the Americans

What Trump had done during his presidency is precious and cannot be found in any textbook. Trump revealed to the world what Americans have been doing and how they did in, all about lies, fabrication and manufacturing of lies to accuse and attack other countries, including his own Americans.

Trump has shown to the world how ugly and untrustworthy are the Americans. They cannot be trusted in whatever they said. They would lie and lie, with their eyes wide open, to their own Americans and to the world.

And the top liars are Trump and practically everyone in the White House, fronted by their spokeswoman and supported by their main media, telling lies without blinking an eyelid.

The world is being educated by Trump on what the Americans truly are, and this valuable lesson must be taken seriously. All the cronies and silly believers of American lies have been given notice that they should not continue to be silly believers of the Americans. Wake up and see the truth, the real evil lying Americans.

Trump is indeed a messenger of God, sent to expose all the dirty works and lies of the Americans that no one would believe and could do better. He is the President of America, and he is showing it by examples, telling the world this is how Americans worked, how Americans behaved, and why they should not be trusted. And Trump is aided by the self confessing liars and cheats in Pompeo, the big piece of lard on two legs.

The combination of Trump and Pompeo is deadly. If the world still cannot see what Trump and Pompeo are telling them, then they deserved to have the Americans screwing their asses. This is a reality show in the greatest stage on earth, no hiding or pretences. They just lied to prove to the world that lies can work if the sillies are willing to believe without thinking.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for your good work for telling the truth and in bringing down the evil American Empire. You can now return to God's side, after doing God's will to tear off the veil of hypocrisy and deceit of the Americans for the world to see.

This is the best Christmas present for the world. Your work is done. Amen.

Oh, for the poor Americans, this will be the first Christmas without a Christmas present. Trump refused to sign the relief package of $900b to give a $600 cheque to each needy American waiting for it to buy food for himself and his hungry children. Why would Trump be so cruel to his Americans in a time like this?

Merry Christmas, America. For those who can, enjoy your last Christmas in glory, celebrate and party for all you can. 

And Merry Christmas to everyone.


Covid19 vaccine - Being careful, cautious or just accept them without questions

 Malaysia has bought 12.8 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, but the country has not figured out if the drug can be used on its population.

This was announced by Malaysia's health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah on Dec. 21, regarding the jointly developed vaccine by Pfizer and German biotechnology firm BioNTech.

News of Malaysia spending the next four months looking into the Covid-19 vaccine's efficacy was reported by the country's media.

The 12.8 million doses of the vaccine is expected to cover 6.4 million people, or about 20 per cent of Malaysia’s population.

Will take four months to study data

Noor Hisham said during the ministry’s Covid-19 press briefing on Monday that it will take up to four months for the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in Malaysia to evaluate the clinical trial data provided by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on the Covid-19 vaccine it has developed. 

Above is from mothership.sg.

Some may be surprised that Malaysia has committed so much money on vaccines that they still have doubts in using and would need 4 months to study and figure out if the vaccines are safe or not. On the other hand there are many countries that would accept the words of the manufacturers and happily go ahead to administer the vaccines on their people, ablbeit studying the manufacturers' reports.

In Malaysia's case, some may think it is silly to buy but not sure if it is safe. But in a situation like this, it is like the mad queues for iphones, people rushing to buy for fear of nothing getting it, it is understandable that Malaysia would not want to miss the boat and not having the vaccines for its people.

The other approach is like throwing all caution to the winds, blindly accepting the words of the manufacturers, can also be seen as fools rush in when angels fear to tread, not taking any precaution that could turn out deadly, putting their citizens to great risk and harm, basing on trust that the manufacturers are telling the truth and not hiding anything harmful.

At the moment the western vaccines are still very new and untested other than the flimsy trials on a small group of people done by the manufacturers.  And the manufacturers too are guarded and protecting themselves by insisting on waiver of liabilities.  Then they have been reports, not confirmed, nor reported in main media, only in a few media, of adverse reactions on the recipients.

The untested western vaccines could be the saviours needed in this pandemic. But they could turn out bad and multiply the problem with more serious new problems. It is still too early to tell and it is better to err on the side of caution.  The manufacturers and western countries, particularly US and UK that are desperate for a miracle cure given the widespread infections and death in their countries would want to take a gamble.  They need to be seen to be doing something than to sit and wait for a cure. Countries that are not in the same desperate situation may want to take a step back and let the US and UK make guinea pigs of their people, test out the vaccines in large numbers for a while to see how they work out.

If the situation does not require desperate do or die decisions, why not hold back than to rush in without much certainty that the vaccines are safe? Waiting for a while longer would do not much harm and would be prudent to do so if they can afford to do so. 

What do you think? Is this the time to be gullible and be lind believers of the manufacturers?

COVID-19: A Worrisome Perennial Problem - Singapore's Infected Cases Went Undetected

 COVID-19: A Worrisome Perennial
Problem - Singapore's Infected Cases Went Undetected

Last Saturday, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said that it was investigating 13 cases of coronavirus infection among individuals who had been served Stay-Home-Notice at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel (MOSH).

In addition, the staff members at the MOSH are also being investigated for possible infections.

On Sunday, the serological tests of the MOSH staff have reported that three were positive, indicating possible past infections that were not detected.

Today (Tuesday), eight more staff members of the MOSH have tested positive, also indicating that the cases are likely past infections that went undetected.

This brings the total number of belatedly known infected staff members of the MOSH to eleven (11), who have been infected in the past and have not been detected all this while.

What does this finding tell all of us?

It means that there are infected people working and walking around without anyone the wiser. These are the ones out there spreading the disease all over Singapore without being detected, and therefore not possible to be reported in any way.

Unless a conscious, determined and concerted project is launched to test each and every person in Singapore, there is no way to be sure how many infected cases are still out there spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus again and again, even after Mr Cow has retired.

This is a very worrisome perennial problem that must be solved once and for all. Otherwise, this Covid-19 Pandemic will just carry on and on till eternity, even if the hastily developed vaccines (without liabilities) are freely available on a voluntary basis.

Start thinking.

SSO - 22 Dec 2020

PS.  Take note when they reported places visited by Covid19 patients. It means they are walking around sharing in the community. Who are these people? Why are they found walking all over the island?


Covid19 - Tax Singaporeans to compensate migrant workers for restricted freedom due to the virus

Alex Au,  'the vice-president of Transient Workers Count Too, as pointing out that since almost half of the migrant workers were already showing immunity to the virus, based on the Ministry of Health update on Dec 14, they could be said to be safer than the rest of the population and that tighter restrictions on their movement made no sense.'

He Calvin Cheng ex NMP) said: “The first thing we have to do is to ACKNOWLEDGE that keeping the workers segregated and limiting their freedom is TRUE.”

And, like Mr Kausikan, he acknowledged that this had been, in effect, a trade-off meant to keep the rest of Singapore safe.

But, going one step further, Mr Cheng seemed to suggest that something must be done to make up for the restrictions placed on the migrant workers.

“If we accept that this situation has to continue for a while, then we defend it, but make things better for the FWs.

“Yes we can offer words of appreciation, care packages etc but nothing helps more than cold, hard cash.”

Mr Cheng went on to suggest “a Covid tax on all residents in Singapore (except the FWs)” from which an additional sum could be added to the wages of migrant workers “to compensate them for their pain and suffering”.

“Money doesn’t solve all problems but it does go a long way to comfort those in need of it,” he added. /TISG 

And Alex Au,  'the vice-president of Transient Workers Count Too, as pointing out that since almost half of the migrant workers were already showing immunity to the virus, based on the Ministry of Health update on Dec 14, they could be said to be safer than the rest of the population and that tighter restrictions on their movement made no sense.'

The above were from an article in theindependent.sg. I would like to make Calvin Cheng's proposal more generous by suggesting that Singaporeans not only pay tax for the migrant workers for confining them and their loss of freedom just to prevent Covid19 virus from spreading to the general population, but also to buy every one of them a Christmas present, and a big ang pow if they are still confined during Chinese New Year. How about finding jobs for them if they become jobless? We owe it to them right? And if they are single, find a Singaporean girl to marry them and they can stay on as Singapore citizens. There are so many things we can do for them for depriving them of their freedom.

As for Alex Au's suggestion, to set them free to roam the streets and socialise with Singaporeans to make them happy, then Singaporeans need not have to pay them for being confined to their dormitories. Also, did Alex Au believe that just because these migrant workers already have immunity so they no longer have the virus in them and would not be spreading the virus, if still in them, to the Singaporean community? Really? Someone suggested that Alex Au should let them visit and stay with him for a start.

Anyway, both suggestions are brilliant. As brilliant as stupidity has no cure.

What do you think?


Lesson From The New British Virus: Never Belittle The Little Fellow

 Lesson From The New British Virus: Never Belittle The Little Fellow

The ancient people had say that when bad things hit, they come in pairs or multiples.

When shits hit the ceiling, they come down and spread upon every head in their way and their stinking smell permeate every inch of space.

In the race to stop the shits and smell from reaching their land and people, amongst more than 50 countries that have cut off air links with the United Queendom (Kingdom is a misnomer for the last 68 years), Russia has also just imposed flights ban on the United Queendom routes because of the new variant of coronavirus spread fast and furious in and from the United Queendom.

The British people are now in a state of shock and disbelief, trying to grapple with the new discovery of the millennium.

Some say it is retribution. Others say it is God's will. Still others say it is irresponsible behavior of some of their kind.

Whatever what others may say, it is for the British people to realize that power does not necessarily comes out of the barrel of the gun, but can actually come out from tiny intangible and unassuming life forms such as a virus, the Coronavirus.

The same goes to the tiny people whom the British Empire and its tentacles - the Americans and Australians - had murdered, massacred and killed by the millions, especially during the last 500 years of human history.

Those tiny people will come back for payback time to get their just desserts in one form or another, and in one way or another.

This particular variant of Covid-19 virus could probably be one of the many forms and one of the many ways.

And this is only just the beginning. The worst has yet to come......


Covid-20 - The New British Disease

 Covid-20 - The New British Disease

European Union officials will be discussing at GMT 10:00 of a co-ordinated response to the new, more infectious coronavirus variant in the UK (to be known as the British Covid-20) which has already led many countries to impose travel bans.

UK Health officials say the new variant is up to 70% more transmissible, and there is no evidence that it is not more deadly.

There is also no evidence yet to suggest that it does not react differently to vaccines.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the new variant was "getting out of control" while Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands announced they had already detected it.

The speed at which governments have announced their bans on travellers from the UK shows the scale of the alarm.

More and more countries are imposing travel band to/fro UK. So far the countries that have taken the precautionary measures to impose UK travel ban include Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

The new variant was first detected in September. In November it made up around a quarter of cases in London. This reached nearly two-thirds of cases in mid-December.

Three things are coming together that mean it is attracting attention:

1. It is rapidly replacing other versions of the virus.

2. It has mutations that affect part of the virus likely to be important.

3. Some of those mutations have already been shown in the lab to increase the ability of the virus to infect cells.

All of these come together to build a case for a virus that can spread more easily. However, we do not have absolute certainty. Nobody will ever have.

New strains can become more common simply by being in the right place at the right time - such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, The Hague, Hongkong, London, New York, Singapore and Sydney.

This variant is unusually highly mutated. The most likely explanation is it emerged in a patient with a weakened immune system that was unable to beat the virus.

There is no evidence yet to suggest the variant does not make the infection more deadly, and whether the hastily developed vaccines will be able to work effectively against it.

If the virus so changes until it is able to dodge the full effect of the vaccine, then "vaccine escape" happens, and this is the most frightening concern to humans.

Lesson learned: Don't belittle a tiny thing. It can be smarter than millions of scientific brains combined. It can also make smart politicians into blue-ass flies, running round and round in circles, like clowns in the circuses trying to conjure up tricks to make us laugh.

SSO - 21 Dec 2020

Trump and Pompeo spreading contradictory lies on cyber attack by mere guessing

 WASHINGTON: Contradicting his secretary of state and other top officials, President Donald Trump on Saturday (Dec 19) suggested without evidence that China - not Russia - may be behind the cyber espionage operation against the United States and tried to minimise its impact....He also claimed the media are “petrified” of “discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!)."

There is no evidence to suggest that is the case. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said late Friday that Russia was “pretty clearly” behind the operation against the United States.

“This was a very significant effort and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity,” Pompeo said in the interview with radio talk show host Mark Levin....It is not clear whether Pompeo got that message before his interview, but officials are now scrambling to figure out how to square the disparate accounts....

If the hackers are indeed from Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence agency, as experts believe, their resistance may be tenacious.  AP

This is probably the first time the two top liars in America have come out and contradicted each other, and both did not have any concrete evidence but simply guessing and assuming. Pompeo insisted that the attack was from Russia.  Trump discounted it and suggested it was likely to be China. 

This is their standard tactics, anyhow accused, anyhow attacked without the need for proof or evidence. Remember WMD to murder Saddam Hussein and invade Iraq leading to the destruction of that country and hundreds of thousands of death and maimed? No war crimes, no condemnation by the righteous and arrogant western media, just another day, another episode of American aggression, just a cup of tea.

With Trump's ship sinking and Pompeo aiming to be the next President, it is time for him to show his colour, to prove who is the smarter idiot of the two. Pompeo is now outright going against Trump, showing to the daft Americans that he is the smarter clown, smarter than clown Trump.

Without any evidence, as the experts acknowledged, they just accused, like all the accusations against China and Huawei. How to trust these rogues as leaders of the most powerful evil Empire not to do harm to the rest of the world with their lies and guess works?

And it is also good to note that their cybersecurity is in shit. 18,000 organisations being attacked, probably more that were unknown. Now what is so great about American technology and IT? Antique, outdated. The enemies are many times more advanced and could hack into their systems at will and they could do nothing about it, not knowing who did it and barking and snarling at shadows.

This is how great America has become, counting from the bottom. Did Trump make America great? Would the clueless sleepy Joe do better?  He would probably blindly continue the work Trump designed and plotted for him to do to outdone clown Trump. The decline of the evil American Empire is a forgone conclusion, inevitable, unstoppable, only how fast.

To the evil Americans, if they cannot win in anything, just cheat, lie, steal or kill the other parties, brand them as a threat to their well being, to their national interest, to their dominance as the number one  Empire.

Another report in Yahoo News confirming that the Americans did not have a clue who did it but guessing. Read what they said, 'I don't think...' All the time the Americans have been spreading lies based on nothing but their biased imagination.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There is no question that Russia is behind the recent hacking campaign against the United States, the head of the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence panel said on Sunday, warning that President Donald Trump's effort to play down Moscow's role and point to China was a threat to U.S. national security.

"Based on what I've seen, I don't think there's any question that it was Russia," House intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff told MSNBC in an interview. "It just uniformly destructive and deceitful, and injurious ... to our national security," he said of Trump's Saturday comments.

PS. Trump's avoidance in attacking Russia is a clear sign that he is in Putin's pocket. He has been paid by the Russians for decades, bankrupt and saved by the Russian banks.


COVID-19: Coronavirus Can Mutate, Vaccines Can't!

 COVID-19: Coronavirus Can Mutate, Vaccines Can't!

Nations across Europe have imposed UK travel bans over a new strain of the Coronavirus found in late September in Wales. This new strain is 70% more transmissable. It has already spread throughout UK, except North Ireland.

According to UK experts, it is known to have been exported to the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and as far south as Australia.

It may also have been exported to South Africa and India, and other countries that are popular travel/working destinations for the British people.

UK's Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the new strain "was out of control. We have got to get it under control", admitting that this was "an incredibly difficult end to, frankly, an awful year".

Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium are all halting flights. The measures are temporary but a more co-ordinated approach will be determined by the EU today.

UK PM Boris Johnson has introduced a new Tier 4 Restrictions for those areas affected and cancelled the relaxation of rules for Christmas celebrations announced earlier.

The new strain is said to be a mutated variant of the COVID-19 which is totally different from those found in Wuhan, China. It is also known now that the variant that is found in Europe are different from those found in China. This is evidence that China did not spread the Covid19 to Europe and UK, and by extension, also the US.

Now, let's talk about the newly minted vaccines. The questions every user or jab receiver should be asking are:

1. How effective will the vaccines be?

2. How long will the vaccines last once inside the body?

3. Will the mutated coronavirus render the vaccines ineffective?

4. Can I sue for compensation if anything untoward happened to me after I have been vaccinated?

5. What is the government's stand on the above?


Covid19 vaccines, price leaked, the world is not supposed to know

 Contractual prices of Covid19 vaccines leaked by a tweet by a junior Belgium minister, from a report by AFP posted in CNA.

The tweeted information gave the following price per dose for each vaccine maker, in either euros or US dollars according to the respective contract:

1. AstraZeneca: €1.78

2. Johnson & Johnson: US$8.50

3. Sanofi/GlaxoSmithKline: €7.56

4. Pfizer/BioNTech: €12.00

5. Curevac: €10.00

6. Moderna: US$18.00

Separately, on Thursday, the European Commission announced a seventh contract with US biotech company Novavax for 100 million doses, the price of which was not given under the confidentiality agreement.

How much will third world countries have to pay now that they know how much the rich western countries are paying? Would the third world countries be paying more than the rich western countries?

It is good to show that they are selling to their rich western countries first. The rest of the world can wait. And they will accuse China for trying to capitalise on offering its vaccines to the rest of the world, especially the third world, and would mischievously allege that China did not do it for altruistic purpose but to gain political influence. And they would keep their vaccines for the white countries and maybe later when they have had their shares, sell it at higher price to the rest of the world. Third world countries that cannot afford, sorry, no money no talk. They would not do it for altruistic reasons but for profit. 

And some silly third world countries would believe their lies and attack China for offering the vaccines to them when the western countries would not or at a higher price and put them at the end of the queue. China is offering to the third world countries first but would be accused as a political move, bad, by the whites.

This leak is another act of God to stop profiteering and taking advantage of third world countries. Now it is difficult to make the third world subsidise the rich western countries for these vaccines. God is great to make sure they cannot cover up this ruse to exploit the poorer people of the world. It is all within HIS grasp and plan.


The next industrial revolution in Singapore is food and hawker centres

The Big Read: With UNESCO listing in sight, will new breed of 'hawkerpreneurs' rejuvenate or erode hawker culture?

Meet Mr Onion: Why this Singapore chef wants you to give vegetables a chance.

Commentary: Lab-grown meat approved for the first time in Singapore – but will people bite?

Above are the headlines in CNA Online news on 7 Dec. Food, food, food, hawker food, Michellin Stars food, lab grown food...these are headline news in Singapore. Looks like food is the future going forward for Singapore and our reporters would be experts in writing about food and chefs, no longer writing about pets, cats and dogs.

What about 5G, AI, new technology, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, leading edge technology, IOT, going to the moon? Oh, lab grown food is new tech. Good. With food and hawker fare as the future, the new frontier to drive Singapore's economy and tourism, the ITEs, maybe tertiary institutions as well, should reorganise their courses to be relevant so that the students on graduating could find jobs in the food industry, as cooks, chefs, waiters and waitresses and the sikit atas wine smelling and wine tasting sommeliers.

More hawker centres and food courts and restaurants should be built to cater for the growing food industry. The listing of hawker centres in UNESCO is a good start. Next would be food courts and 5 star Michellin restaurants and we will have new heroes, entrepreneurs and celebrities like world famous chefs and world famous hawker centre cooks.

This must be the new innovation and creative spirit of Singapore.  When we cannot compete in high tech and science, find out own niche, in food and hawker centres. Graduates should be encouraged to become hawkers and 'zi char' stall owners and make big money. No need to have a degree for sure. And our reporters would have a lot of things to write and report about hawker centres, food courts and best dishes, best recipes, best cooks. There will be so many things to write about, never short of material, and our newspapers could be 40 pages thick, and full of hawker advertisements, more profits for sure.

Perhaps I shall write more about hawker centres, food courts, food and chefs in mysingaporenews too. And now with UNESCO listing, Singapore everyday can talk and write about hawker food and cooks. Other countries can talks about going to the moon, IT, IOT, science and technology, we talk about how to cook good hawker food, where to find the best hawker food, how to attract tourists to see our hawker centres and taste our hawker food.

Singapore will now be world famous for hawker centres and hawker food. Great achievment. Next target, get Orchard Road to be recognised as the best shopping belt in the world. India can take a leaf from Singapore by putting up its Dabbawalla to be recognised as an Indian heritage.  Malaysia can try Teh Tarek as a Malaysian specialty that has gone to the International Space Station.

What do you think?


Australia's ruthless and brutish anti China policies - Not bad behaviour?

Its ruthlessness in asserting itself far and wide, by fair means and foul, means there will be no going back to the status quo that prevailed before President Xi Jinping emerged in 2013 as China’s most nationalistic leader since Mao Zedong.

Likewise, Beijing’s crude use of trade sanctions to penalise Australia for real or imagined slights signifies that a trading relationship born of mutual benefit risks being subject to persistent, politically-motivated interference.

This is the reality, whether we like it or not. China is done with “biding its time” in line with former leader Deng Xiaoping’s advice in pursuit of its big power ambitions.

It may no longer be correct to describe China as a “rising power”. The power has risen.

Above is by Tony Walker on China Australia chilly relations in the CNA. You can see how blind and how biased this white man is about China, accusing China of bad behaviour but not what Australia had done against China and not the behaviour of the American gangsters against China and the rest of the world. China's firm and assertive actions were actually reactions to the ruthless and brute actions of the Americans and Australians in particular and the West in general. To him Australia is so innocent, a victim of China, not the bully, very well behaved. Really, where have you been, Mars? The bad behaviours of Australia against China are astounding and unpardonable.

The above should read like this: 

Its ruthlessness in asserting itself far and wide, by fair means and foul, means there will be no going back to the status quo that prevailed before President Donald Trump emerged in 2016 as USA’s most nationalistic/dictatorial leader since Roosevelt.

Likewise, Washington’s crude use of trade sanctions to penalise China for real or imagined slights signifies that a trading relationship born of mutual benefit risks being subject to persistent, politically-motivated interference.


The last two paragraphs made some sense.  China is a risen power and would not bullied and take the attacks by the Americans or small countries like Australia or Britain or Canada without kicking asses.

The Americans have viciously been attacking China daily with all kinds of ruthless sanctions under all kinds of fake and drummed up charges, and including Australia, have been sending warships into the South China around Chinese islands to provoke a war with China. These, to this white man and many white men, are acceptable behaviours, not ruthless assertions or aggression.

For more than a centuries, the West have attacked, invaded China and bullying China and Chinese all over the world, oppressing and suppressing China, isolating and containing China to prevent China and Chinese from living a better life. Australia is equally guilty of such racist behaviour against Chinese migrants in the past. They expect China and Chinese to continue to be meek, bent their heads and let the West to continue to bully and not to respond, not to look up. And reaction by the Chinese is bad, not acceptable. How can the Chinese talk back and even dare to hit back? This is still the century of white supremacy and white dominance. It is ruled by the evil American Empire.

Look at the mirror and at all the abusive and harsh actions of the Americans and white men against the rest of the world, the wars and destruction and killings in the Middle East and ask, Who are the aggressors, the warmongers, the trouble makers?  The whites still expect and demand that the rest of the world must continue to be controlled, dictated and bullied by the West and must accept this as the world order, never stand up to talk back or hit back. Doing so would be accused of being aggressive and assertive.

But not to worry, the aggressive and destructive behaviour of the white men would be coming to an end soon. The rest of the world, not only China, would stand up and say no to the white men and their bullying. Your control and dominance in the world are weakening and would soon be history. Your utterly destructive and bad behaviour against the rest of the world, your wars, your killings, bombings, sanctions and bullying cannot be tolerated anymore, cannot go unnoticed, unreported.

You are absolutely bad, white men. You are not the good men you claimed to be. You have been fighting wars of aggression against the rest of the world continuously for centuries and blaming others as threats, as enemies, as the bad guys when the white nations are the worse criminals against human civilisations. Your hypocrisy is unparallelled today and the world is going to pull down your mask if you refused to take it off yourself. White men is the biggest threat to the world.

Tony Walker admitted 3 damaging decisions by Australia against China, not bad behaviour?

'Three episodes have been particularly damaging.

The first and almost certainly the most scarring was the decision in early 2019 for Australia to take the lead role in lobbying its Five Eyes partners to exclude the Chinese company Huawei from supplying technology for their 5G networks.

Australia’s decision to exclude Huawei from its own 5G roll-out is one thing, lobbying others to follow suit is another....

The second damaging episode involved Prime Minister Scott Morrison volunteering to lead the charge for an investigation into China’s responsibility for the coronavirus that emerged in the city of Wuhan in late 2019.

Again, why Morrison took it upon himself to coordinate such an inquiry – when one was in train anyway under World Health Organisation auspices – is unclear....

The third damaging episode involved Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s decision to prevent the Hong Kong-listed China Mengniu Dairy from taking over the Japanese-owned Lion Dairy and Drinks in a A$600 million (US$450 million) acquisition.

In rejecting Mengniu’s takeover bid, Frydenberg overrode advice from the Foreign Investment Review Board and Treasury – both of which had supported the deal.

This was a politically motivated decision to satisfy critics of the sale of Australian assets to Chinese entities. It certainly reinforced a view in Beijing that Australia’s foreign investment approval process is tilted against Chinese companies.'

These are 3 very hostile actions by Australia, but there were many more. Read the 14 crimes or sins committed by Australia against China, all done unilaterally without provocations from China and with China pouring in billions of dollars into the Australian economy. 

PS. Trump is signing another law, cowboy's law, to remove Chinese stocks from the NY Exchange.  Just because they signed it into law so they are respecting and obeying the law? Or outlaws?

Covid-19: With Vaccines Available, What Next?

 1984 George Orwell said... Covid-19: With Vaccines Available, What Next?

While vaccines are being rolled out in various countries like China, Brazil, Russia, UK and USA, there are still infections and deaths occuring increasingly by the day in many countries.

The total world record has hit above 71,115,149 cases and 1,592,783 deaths.

Worldwide daily cases has reached 623,311 infections and 10,210 deaths. This is very serious.

The disease has hit hardest in countries like Brazil, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden. It is still raging havoc in these countries. There seems to be no end in sight yet.

It is likely that during the next 4 to 5 months, the Covid-19 pandemic will be at its highest. Therefore, to let the guards down now, that vaccines are being rolled out, would be a foolish move of unthinking people.

No country is safe until all countries are safe because it is a trans-border, cross-border, easily imported and easily spreaded and transmitted disease.

Countries like Singapore may have only a few or no community transmissions but the fact that imported cases happen on a daily basis is no good news at all. These imported cases can and will spread the disease if guards are down, if there is a relaxation of the controlling and containment measures, and if we move from prevention to fire-fighting reactive measures again, i.e. Let it happen, then react with whatever protocols in place.

1984 George Orwell