Save forests or build 4-rooms?


 Virgin land between Clementi Road and Bukit Timah Road. Waiting to be raped.

A commentary by Yun Hye Hwang in CNA,  Save forests or build 4-rooms? It’s not a zero-sum game

Conserving our forests is a delicate dance in a land-scarce country and a wicked problem. But this doesn’t mean there are no solutions, says one observer.

SINGAPORE: In late October, drone footage of Clementi Forest went viral, and many came to learn of and appreciate its wild beauty.

But after learning that the land had been earmarked for residential development, some netizens have called for its preservation, shining a spotlight on the dilemma of conserving forests in land-scarce Singapore.

A petition to protect Clementi Forest on Change.org has amassed over 10,000 signatures since its launch on Oct 26.

In response to queries, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said on Nov 30 that while Clementi Forest is classified as "Residential (Subjected to Detailed Planning)", there are no immediate plans for development yet.

I think all Singaporeans know the answer but did not know the real reason. Many would say good opportunity to build more flats to sell to make more money to pay million dollar salaries. Singaporeans only think of every opportunity to make money and every little corner of the island must be carved out for commercial purpose, to earn more money.

Some may ask, is money the only thing, especially money that does not go into the pockets of ordinary Singaporeans but to make more millionaires? So this piece of nature, a gift bestowed to us by mother nature, for our well being, would soon be turned into concrete jungles to feed more mouths, to allow more people to live on it.

Does Singapore need to build more flats for its citizens? No, Singapore has more than enough flats for its citizens. But Singapore has a bigger mission for the humankind of the world. Singapore has to build more flats to bring in more people from the rest of the world to come here to stay with us, to enjoy this island with us, to work here, to provide jobs for Singaporean, to some, to steal the lunch of Singaporeans.

The first mission is the key. This island is meant to be filled up with more human bodies, bodies from all over the world. Because the whole world is overpopulated, Singapore is not. The cries that we have limited land is a myth. Singapore has all the land for the whole wide world. Singapore if needed to, will build a new Tower of Babel to bring in more bodies here to stay. Or dig in more tunnels to create more space for the bodies of the world. 

For what, a few dirty dollars for who? No, not like that, we just need to build and build and build, for economic growth. Stupid. This is the highest level of thinking in Singapore. There is a little piece of land, good, build more flats or hawker centres. No more land, reclaim, reclaim. We have endless land. Only stupid people said Singapore has not enough land. This is a myth. If this is true, why bringing in thousands and thousands of bodies every year to this island? You think the gods have no brains to think is it? Unthinking gods?

They have very very big plans, to bring in more bodies, 10 millions, 15 millions, 50 millions also can. Use your blains, oops, I mean brains. What is the point to conserving a piece of waste land called forest? No value, no monetary value. 4 rooms flats good, very good.

PS. There is a need to save this world from climate change. Stop using plastic bags. Great effort to start with. As for that forest, let's cut it down for more DEVELOPMENT. Development for what? 

India is overpopulated, Singapore is not. Why build cities in India when you can build cities here and bring the Indians here? This piece of land can bring in another 100,000 bodies comfortably.

Tiok boh?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hong Kong would be the scape goat or sacrificial lamb of the West. They would destroy it if possible to create hell for China. And the possibility of a plan to spread Covid19 in Hong Kong, turning it into a hotbed for the spread of the virus into china is highly likely.

Hongkongers would be sacrificed to serve the interest of the West. Their lives mean nothing to the West as long as they can be exploited to do harm to China.

Anonymous said...

10 million is exaggeration lah. Think they will just bring in another 2 million Indians, build a few more Indian International schools.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a very big country, no land for anything but has plenty of land for flats for more people.

The main reason for Singapore's existence is to bring in more people to populate this island.

Anonymous said...

Virtual immigration can happen in Singapore

COVID-19 has accelerated the world into the future. The march of computing and communications technology continues to reshape lives and the economy. Now, broadband communications, together with Zoom and similar videoconferencing software, has made it possible for a huge number of people to work from home.

In coming years, it is likely that some of this shift away from offices will have reversed, but not so completely. People will be able (and allowed) to work away from the office. Inevitably, this will not only include workers in their home countries, but workers sourced abroad, too, usually on lower salaries. The result is likely to be a destabilizing increase in what might be called "virtual immigration."

Anonymous said...

The volcano crater that created lake toba is bigger than Singapore. This volcano were dormant for many years now. Don't know whether where the lava path is moving to. By chance, It may slip under Sg, as the distance is not faraway from the source. Our hot springs at Gambas Ave and Pulau tekong are still very much alive, producing steaming hot waters. Food for thought that is how big sg is.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell the imbeciles we have too many people here oredy and no need to bring in more people. It is not our responsibility to provide housing and jobs for citizens of other countries.

Bringing in more people just to push up economic numbers is a sure way to more problems in the future, unsustainable, and existential problem.

Anonymous said...

Do these people really think that the people elected them just for the purpose of bringing in more foreigners into the country? That this is their KPI?

SSO said...

When nauture land, tiny precious piece of nature land that is left, is destroyed for the sake of artificial structures in order to increase the population by importing proven disloyal and betrayal (to their original fatherland) foreigners, to satisfy the aim of the very few on top, who are determined to grow the GDP AT ALL COSTS (because their bonuses are deliberately fixed to depend on the growth of the GDP), then it is a very very sad day for the country and the people.

This spells the beginning of the end.

ABC said...

Covid-19: The Irony Of Opening Up

The Covid-19 coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world without respite. Over 72 million confirmed cases and more than 1.6 million deaths have been reported in 190 countries.

The virus is surging in many regions and countries that had apparent success in suppressing initial outbreaks are also seeing infections rise again. Most of them are imported cases.

Latest daily figures, on a 56-day trend, display 7,245 deaths and 537,015 infections on a daily basis, and it is still climbing. No end in sight.

Top Seven Champion Countries' Figures:

Country_____Deaths___Death Rate___Total Cases

Brazil_____ _181,402____86.6_________6,901,952
India _______143,355____10.6_________9,884,100
Mexico_____113,953 ___90.3_________1,250,044

It took six months (March to September) to reach 28 million confirmed infections, but only 3 months (September to December) to move from 28 million to 72 million, a jump of 44 million. Going forth, the trend is still going-up. In the next three months (Dec to Feb), one can expect another jump of at least 50 to 70 million infections, bringing the total to 120 million to 140 million. This is going to be a shocking staggering figure.

Yet, some countries like Singapore are very eager to open up and relax the restrictions imposed earlier, simultaneously allowing imported cases to keep pouring in like a joke beyond one's control.

It is ironic that lessons are still not learnt. Economy continues to be of utmost importance in many leaders' head. Such leaders keep singing the same old tune - the tune that "there is a need to open up; no choice; inevitable" - all one-sided logic and one-sided focus.

The vaccines are already there. Only a couple of months to test their efficacy and limitations. No patience to wait it out for another two months?

Despite having gone through nine difficult months, yet the leaders still insist on rushing ahead with the head in the sand, like an ostrich. Running out of patience?

Or, money has occupied all the spaces in their heads. No more brain space left for common sense. Is it smart or stupid? I really don't know and I don't want to know.

I only know that I cannot take chances with my life and my family members' lives. That is all I want to know.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They refused to see how it could go badly wrong in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong but blindly chose to follow Trump and the reckless and irresponsible Americans to open up.

The inevitable collapse of the American Empire is written in Heaven and all American cronies would go the same path to oblivion, like European countries.

All the evil western Empires are being gobbled up by the virus. Can they see, do they want to see? Nothing worse that those with eyes but cannot see.

America has swapped their presidents, from a reckless clown to a dimwit but thinking he is smarter than the clown, in Biden. This is the same formula affecting all dying empires, when the empires would be let by fools and nincompoops to their own demise. There is no escape as the better men would not be chosen to lead, only imbeciles would be chosen to lead.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Bill Gates will not let his children be vaccinated. Trump refused to but pushed his dead pan Pence to be the first do be vaccinated. Pence unable to say no to Trump.

SSO said...

Singapore aims to achieve "Herd Immunity". This is what I have suspected right from the beginning, when the government advised people not to wear mask instead of to wear mask. Now it comes out clearly, though not directly through government agencies or mouth piece but through a third party indirectly. Recently, there is an article about Singapore achieving two-third immunization in order to attain herd immunity. I have forgotten where I read it.

SSO said...

Now I remember. Its published in today's TODAY online news, written by Ng Jun Sen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the Americans and the West cannot control their breakouts, we could see this virus wiping out a few of their people just like they introduced European diseases to wipe out the native Americans.

A breakout could wipe out a whole village or cities and this could explain why certain civilisation disappeared without any traces.

Hoping for a herd immunity is one thing, but making sure they know how deadly is this virus is another thing. Many things concerning this virus is still unknown, perhaps until a few years later.

Just like the new RNA vaccines. Down the road the people vaccinated could develop something else that could be more deadly than the virus they are trying to prevent.

Anonymous said...

If this virus could not wipe out the white supremacists, these new vaccines they are developing could do the trick with their gungho leaders volunteering to show the way to....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Watching the developments in the West and their irresponsible behaviour, and the fumblings of their govts, the worse days for the western countries with the USA in the lead is yet to come.

You cannot believe that they are taking this pandemic so lightly thinking that it is just another form of flu. The infection rate and the number dead are pointing to a more serious direction. It is called a pandemic not without reasons. And we are in the very early days of this crisis and what we have seen may be just the beginning of something bigger than we can imagine.

Pray that this thing will blow over quickly. With the rush to approve and use untested vaccines could put many people to think the worse is over and life could return to normal soon. The guards are down, which is exactly what had happened in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

The unpredictability of the virus and what they could mutate to, people who presumably have been cured could have an equivalent of a relapse and be hit with more serious infections are still waiting to be seen.

The vaccines could lull many into complacency and that is exactly what is needed to lead to an explosion. Christmas, everyone going celebrate like it or not. UK not going to curb the celebration, left it to the people to decide. This is the formula for a major disaster waiting to happen. And knowing that the days of the white supremacy is coming to an end, this is just the right recipe to make it happen faster.

SSO said...

More people in Britain oppose the government's plans to relax COVID-19 restrictions for five days around Christmas than support them, a poll published on Wednesday showed.

Fifty per cent of respondents in the poll conducted by Kantar said they opposed or strongly opposed the planned relaxation while 40 per cent backed it.

Two influential medical journals made a rare joint appeal on Tuesday, arguing the government should reverse the decision to allow up to three households to meet at home for five days over Christmas.

Britain has recorded more than 64,000 deaths from Covid-19, the second highest number in Europe.

The Kantar poll also showed 65 per cent of respondents would definitely or probably get a Covid-19 vaccination, up two points from a previous poll in November, while 23 per cent would definitely or probably not get a jab, up one point.

SSO said...

I think, in Singapore probably 65% will go for the free Pfizer vaccine jab. 25% would probably not go for the jab. 10% will be the fence-sitters, watch and see type.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Looks like it is all planned up there to settle scores with the whites for centuries of genocides of their conquered people. Now is payback time and Covid19 is doing the work and somehow it is unstoppable and the whites are walking into the game plan with eyes wide open.

They didn't know that HE is taking them out of circulation for the good of humankind and for the evils they had done and still doing.