Two dumb blonds making their countries sick

 Trump claimed to want to make America great again but his every move was to make America sicker. America is now the Sick Man of America. 

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Boris was also swept to power by the daft Brits, or was it that there was no more talented man in Britain, and Boris was seen as the best man, just like Trump, to lead his country to the ground? The latest, Britain is now called the Sick Man of Europe.

Two dumb blonds did it, bringing down their countries without knowing why while thinking that they had done a damn good job when no one else could do better. Here is a pic of the two dumb blonds sharing there great plans to bring down their respective countries. The only saving grace for Britain is that Boris may not be bright but not as bad as the crooked Trump, a conman, a liar, a cheat and everything else that is bad. Only an America destined to be doomed deserved such a clown to be its president. Maybe it is inevitable, like they said, he was sent by God to end the evil American Empire.

Two dumb Trumps. Trump called Johnson Britain's Trump.


Anonymous said...

The world really needs a destroyer like Trump. If Congress were to approve $2,000 each instead of $600 as negotiated down by his Republican peers, it would bankrupt America faster.

This destroyer came to destroy America, he doesn't care of the consequences of what he said or wanted or wished for.

He is good in his own way, to Make America Grieve Again.

Anonymous said...

How to blame Trump? Like his businesses, his many bankruptcies are probably intentional and his connections still lend him billions to restart. Deutsche Bank and the Russians come to mind.

So, a man given so much privileges in real life, he thinks the USA is his own business empire and somehow help will come. Four years into his Presidency and the USA's deficit has gone ballistic. When he was campaigning in 2016, he bragged about bringing down the deficit. It was all a con.

And he wants to make it worse in his last hurrah by increasing the amount of aid to be given to ordinary Americans. Failing which he will not approve the US$900 billion bill. Congress did not agree and now he will blame them, not himself, for the people's suffering. But, make no mistake. All he is insidiously doing is setting aside more money for cronies at home and abroad, rather than channeling more aid for the ordinary Americans. Trump makes decisions that are always for himself, never for the benefit of others.

Boris has not the financial backing of the Fed money printing machine, so his pocket is not deep enough to be the 'dumber Trump'.

Have we ever stop to wonder how the Brexit deal came about just exactly at the last minute, when over the last few years there was no apparent sign of an agreement, despite discussions that were ongoing since Theresa May's premiership days? Boris sold out the UK's fishing industry to the EU, that is what UK Fishermen are claiming. What else has he given way in a desperate attempt to get a deal? We shall see.

If the USA and the UK both go down the chute, it will be all thanks to the two dumb blond.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

God is so amazing, destroying two white empires, an ex empire and the current empire, without the need for wars, no need to fire a bullet.

No collateral damages from bombing and irresponsible shootings or throat slitting of young boys.

Anonymous said...

Did US ever need to worry it be bankrupt as long as the dollar is the reserve currency? They have no probkem coming uo hundreds of billions here and a few trillions there even though the country id $30 trillion in debt. Whoever tries to do funny stuff to the status of $ will learn the hard way. Saddam of Iraq and Gaddifi of Libya both gone to meet their maker when they tried.

Anonymous said...

Reckless and ruthless invasion of countries and killed their leaders and people would have its consequences. The retribution will come when the time is ripe.

Look at all the top countries being attacked and devoured by Covid19, mostly ex colonial powers. The time has come for them to pay back for their crimes against countries and people.

SSO said...

Millions of Americans have temporarily lost their unemployment benefits after President Donald Trump failed to sign the Covid relief bill into law.

US President-elect Joe Biden had warned of "devastating consequences" if Mr Trump continued to delay signing but the Saturday deadline has now passed.

Unemployment benefits and a ban on evictions will be affected.

The package worth $900bn (£665bn) was approved by Congress after months of difficult negotiations and compromises.

Mr Trump says he wants to give people bigger one-off payments.

The bill includes the payment of $600 to Americans earning less than $75,000 a year. Mr Trump says he wants Americans to receive $2,000 but Republicans in Congress refused to agree to the change.

In a tweet late on Saturday evening local time, Mr Trump again defended his position on the issue, blaming China for the coronavirus outbreak.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is exploiting the poor Americans as a weapon against China. The poor Americans are expendable. Whether they die or live is not important to him. He is using them to serve his anti China agenda, wanting to turn the poor Americans against China and Chinese.

Do the poor Americans know that Trump is cooking them to death?