5G – The American strangulation of China and Huawei

With all the shit that the western media have been spreading, with the chief author in the USA, China is still a backward country and stealing technology and intellectual properties from the Americans and the West. For the last 3 to 4 decades, China was learning furiously from the West and the Americans agreed to that arrangement when Nixon signed a rapproachment agreement with China to share and exchange knowledge, information and technology with students from China studying in American universities. What theft that the gangsters in Washington are trying to spread? This is completely legal, a mutual treaty and agreement.
Huawei’s 5G technology is now the leader in mobile phone industry. The Americans are losing behind and unable to catch up, unable to compete. In order to prevent Huawei from selling its 5G products, the Americans as usual raised the dubious national security threat to stop Huawei from joint venture with AT&T and also stopped Huawei from entering the American market.

This is not all. The Americans are telling all its allies to stop Huawei from entering their markets. These include Australia, New Zealand and Nato countries. However, countries that welcomed 5G have gone ahead to accept Huawei’s technology and mobile phone systems. More than 22 countries have gone ahead to allow Huawei to enter their markets.

If 5G is a real security risk to countries, would the Americans stop developing their 5G mobile phones? How would they sell their 5G system if they finally developed and caught up with Huawei? Would other countries also stop using American 5G on the same security grounds? If so, 5G technology would no longer be marketable, like nuclear weapons. The British and Germans did not have problems with Huawei’s 5G.

What are the Americans going to do about it? Try to buy time to steal Chinese/Huawei technology to keep up with China? Huawei is now the leading company in 5G technology. Bye bye America. The rest of the world is going to use Huawei’s 5G with a speed 20 times than the fastest mobile phone today. This 5G technology would transform all communication equipment, from space and satellite communication to AI, driverless cars, military technology and all industries etc etc. Without 5G, they are going to be lacking far far behind in the development of the respective industries.

Americans’ dirty trick, cannot win, block. Create fake news and fear. But this is not going to work anymore. The Chinese are not going to be oppressed to become laundrymen and cooks anymore. The Chinese will show the Americans who is more advance in the pursuit of science and technology. The Americans should try to build a high speed train to start with, without stealing Chinese technology.


Sandana Dass - Passion to serve and grow

This book about R1, the world's number One rubber trading company, is written by Sandana Dass, the founder and CEO of the company, a friend of mine. The book charts the founding and growth of R1 to become an international name that is well respected by all the rubber traders of the world. Budding entrepreneurs and professionals could learn and benefit from the experience of Dass and his journey in growing this company to where it is today.

The book is available in soft copy or paper back in Amazon.com in the above link. Dass has generously committed to donate the whole sales proceed to charity.


The end days for social media

First they came for therealsingapore, then thestatestimes. Then they went for the TOC, and the latest is theindependent. Every social media provider would now be wondering who is next. There are only a handful social media websites that are producing local political news other than the political parties. With the major sites now under investigation and possible prosecution, only one or two of such sites are left.
When all the websites are taken to task, it is so easy to find faults when one wanted to do so, Singapore’s social media scene would be bleak and blank. An eerie silence. What’s next?

Would the personal blogs also be targeted? How long more could mysingaporenews continue to exist before calling it a day?

Some commentators are saying that this is just a pre GE phenomenon, to clear the field before the GE. This means that things would get back to normal after the GE. Is that so? Is it so easy to set up a website/blog and attract followers and readers to the new site/blog? Many may be so discouraged to call it quit completely.

Would this be good to Singapore and Singaporeans? Would Singaporeans be turned into frogs living in a well, with a sky that is as big as the well opening and knowing nothing and seeing nothing else beyond that well opening?

Would the day come when there is no socio political discussion in the social media in Singapore except for those operating from far away, outside the jurisdiction of Singapore’s long arm of the law? Oh, in today’s news, Malaysian sites are also blocked.

Maybe I shall write about hawker food, health, littering, accidents, dogs and cats that Singaporean reporters are good at and leave the political news to foreigners that are so clever in this matter.


Mat and his half truths

After the new govt came into power in Malaysia, Mahathir was seen removing all the curbs on freedom of the press disguised as controlling fake news and half truths. Malaysia is the new beacon of truth, not fake news and half truths with lesser control of the media. Or is it because of this freedom of speech or the media that more fake news and half truths would be the talk of the town?

In thenewpaper I saw this article ‘Dr M: M’sians don’t want to work, expect handouts’. As I read more of what Mahathir was saying I could believe that these were the truths but more of half truths that bordered on fake news. I will quote a few of his comments and see if you guys can tell whether it is fake news or half truth, starting from the title of the article above.

‘Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned that Malaysia would soon be overtaken by its oorer neighbours because its people exect handouts rather than to work hard.’ Truth or half truth?

‘In Malaysia, people don’t want to work because the govt gives them money.’ Truth or half truth?
The Malaysian govt decided not to ratify the International Convention on the elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination(ICERD) ‘because the govt was aware that the people did not agree with the ratification’. Truth or half truth?

‘I deny that we made the decision to not ratify the ICERD because of politics, or because we were worried that we would lose support in the upcoming Rantau by election.’ Truth or half truth?
How many truths and half truths are there in the above quotes?

M’sian PM says his country will be overtaken by Vietnam soon. I must agree that this is a truth, a few of the truth among the many half truths he spoke. And here is another truth, ‘Even some of our own (ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan) MPs were not in favour of it.’

Many govts like to blame social media and bloggers for telling fake news and half truths. What about the half truths above, if any, that were spoken by a PM? Does it mean that the govt can speak half truth and the social media cannot?


Taiwan – Why the DPP lost?

The DPP has been playing the independence card since it came to power, since the Lee Teng Hui and Chen Shui Bian’s term and Tsai Ing Wen’s present term. They kept referring to themselves as Taiwanese, some even identifying themselves as Japanese, instead of Chinese. They looked down on the mainland Chinese as poor and backward country bumpkins. They were so blinded by their own delusion that they could not see the changes in China. The new China is a rich and powerful nation, economically, scientifically and military. Today, the new China and the Chinese are the ones that would be throwing money at them to keep the Taiwanese economy afloat. Without the Chinese market Taiwan is doomed.

Last weekend’s country and city election was a wake up call that the world has changed. The rhetoric to deny the emergence of a new China is futile and pointless. Taiwan’s future lies in a strong and prosperous China. The decades of calling themselves as Taiwanese, not Chinese is like a bad dream. More and more Taiwanese are again calling themselves Chinese, identifying themselves with the new China, a super power that is going to be number One soon, to eclipse the Americans in all fields.

Would the DPP be able to avoid the defeat if they have woken up to the new reality of a new China? Would they be able to do anything to stay in power and rule forever? Maybe, maybe not.Despite all the dirty tricks, corruption of power, abuse of power to suppress opposition parties, it did not work and they were routed in the latest election. An after thought, DPP could possibly learn from Singapore. They could import more foreigners to boost up the economy and at the same time boost up political support. They could do this if they start on an open leg policy to invite the Japanese to migrate to Taiwan. If the Japanese are allowed to become Taiwanese citizens or PRs, they could increase the productivity, and more connectivity with the Japanese economy. And the most important part of this, the Japanese new citizens would vote for Taiwan to be independent of China, and perhaps be a part of Japan, become a semi colony of Japan.

The Taiwanese do not care about being semi colonized or being overrun by the Japanese. They do not mind being the pawn of American world domination, to be used against China and to be killed in the process. They have no real identity and would be happy to become Japanese as long as they are not called Chinese. Oops, I mean some Taiwanese, especially those in the DPP. Those in power only care for themselves, to stay in power and be rich. The loss of Taiwan’s independence and sovereignty, to become a vassal state of another country, to be taken over by the foreigners, do not matter to them. They are only self serving, even to turn traitors to their own people. How nice to become Japanese.

For their own interest, they would not want to see the new reality, that China is the future, the major power of the 21st Century. They still think that Japan is the super power, the rich country, the future. They deserved to lose the election that would pave the way for the KMT to return to power and a return to China. The Chinese people would reunite as the new force of the 21st Century. Think about it, a reunification would mean the Taiwanese people would become part of greater China, or greater China becomes part of Taiwan. China would belong to them, instead of wallowing in self pity in a tiny island and hoping that the Japanese or the Americans would be there to protect them when they could be protecting themselves as proud citizens of the most powerful country in the world.

Would the people in Taiwan choose to become the people of the world’s number one super power or remain an American or Japanese crony, constantly risk becoming a war zone? A rising China means opportunities for growth and for the people of Taiwan to find their pot of gold in China. There are now more than 2m Taiwanese working and investing in China and growing.


Wildlife went on a rampage in Sin City

Almost seven years ago, 4 wildlife went on a rampage in this very safe and very low crime city state. Four Sarawakians turned this peaceful and safe city into a night of violence. They attacked pedestrians on their way home near a MRT station in Kallang, slashing and robbing them in full view of people around them as if it was a free for all in a jungle. The clueless pedestrians did not see it coming, stunt and were mercilessly taken down, defenceless and did not know how to react.

The scene could be the same as the hapless pet birds in cages hanging outside the windows of HDB flats when attacked by the hornbills. It was something out of the normal. Who could expect the hornbills to be so audacious and lawless, to think that it was alright to eat the pet birds for lunch? Who would ever think that the foreigners here to work, to make good money to send home, would turn violent against the peaceful, friendly and carefree Singaporeans just living their normal life?

The last wildlife, Donny Meluda, was sentenced to 33 years life imprisonment for a supporting role in the violent attack and robbery on a peaceful night in Sin City. Two of the wildlife were convicted for murder. Michael Garing who wield a parang during the slashing crime was sentenced to life imprisonment. Tony Imba, the leader, also got life imprisonment and 24 strokes of the rottan. Another, Hairee Landak, was also given 33 years of life imprisonment and 24 strokes of the cane.

During the slashing attack, one victim was killed and another 3 seriously injured with a NSman losing several fingers, with half of his palm chopped off. The dead victim was brutally stabbed and slashed all over his body, his head and neck and died on the spot.

The High Court judge had this to say about the attack. It was ‘likened to a safari hunt.’
What is the moral of this violent crime by the wildlife? Do not think wildlife are peaceful, friendly and harmless. There is wildness in wildlife. Be careful, be very careful when dealing with wildlife or close to wildlife. Singaporeans are so comfortable with the safe and almost sanitized environment and have taken safety and security for granted. They have let down all their guards against wildlife and would regret only when it happened to them directly, or too late.

Be alert all the time. Recently some young children were bitten by the otters in the Marina area. Just keep a safe distance from them. You would not know when they would strike. I am astonished at how comfortable Singaporeans are in inviting wildlife into their homes.

On the other hand today’s newpaper has a good coverage of otters being witnesses to a marriage proposal and otters having a siesta in Marina Bay. It seems that news of otter’s presence in little Red Dot has gone viral. The otters have grown familiar with the locals and growing more confidence to be seen around people.
Would they be culled just like the wild boars and wild chicken when their number grew too big? Would they run riot and attack the hapless and timid locals that have lost their instinct to defend themselves against wildlife? Or would they chase out the locals and turn the little Red Dot into Otterpore, a paradise for wildlife?


Mahathir confirmed that Singapore does not need F35s

Some weeks back I questioned the need for Singapore to buy the super expensive toys branded as the most advanced fighter aircraft when the pilot just flies and the aircraft would do everything on its own, finding enemy aircraft and targets and shooting them down. You may even put Ah Meng in it and it would not make any difference, the enemies would be destroyed just like that. My contention is that we do not need such a super clever aircraft for air superiority. Our F15s and F16s would be more than adequate even if our enemies buy the best aircraft like the F35s. These super aircraft are no threat to Singapore even in the possession of the enemies. Why so? How can any aircraft be more superior or effective than our F15s and F16s when their area of operation is on the ground, in the hangars?

Mahathir has indirectly said so during his meeting with Putin recently. He asked putting to send his aircraft technicians to help put the Su 29s that the Malaysian purchased back into the air. The Malaysians may have such aircraft but they could not service them and thus the aircraft could not fly. There is no point buying the best offensive aircraft when they remained on the ground, unserviceable, unable to fly because the ground crew could not maintain them.

What is important to Singapore is to make sure that the F15s and F16s can fly and do the job they are supposed to do. Have no fear in our enemies having the best and most advanced aircraft when they cannot put them in the air, and have no pilots that are good enough, clever enough to not only fly them but to optimize the capabilities of the avionics and weapon systems in the aircraft. If not the best aircraft would only be for show, good on paper, go to have but no cannot be put to use.

On this matter, if Singapore were to buy these super expensive beasts, it would also face the same difficulties as our enemies, to service and maintain them and to have clever pilots that could utilize the aircraft and its weapons systems to do what it could do in the air. The promotional articles saying how easy it is to fly the aircraft and the pilot could actually be flying on auto pilot or even have kopi in the air while the aircraft flies like a robotic war machine with AI and doing everything by itself is an illusion. You need very clever pilots to fly the F35s if they are going to be useful. And you need very clever technicians to keep them flying and not grounded on the tarmac or in the hangars, not knowing what is wrong with the aircraft or waiting for spare parts.

Our train system is teaching us a good lesson. You may have the money to buy the best trains or fighter aircraft. That is only the first step. You have to make sure that you can keep them in working condition to do the job, not breaking down now and then. Engineering today is a very sophisticated hard science. You need to know the stuff and you need the papers to prove that. It is no longer a case of can do the job no paper also can. Failed but given a degree or dilploma also can. When your engineers are not engineers, technicians are not technicians, how to keep the aircraft flying?

If you still have any doubts, ask Mahathir on why he was asking Putin to send Russian technicians to Malaysia.


When Singapore is forced to choose between China and the USA

Hsien Loong has warned that the rivalry between China and the USA may force Singapore and other Asean states to choose side. And this would be difficult time for these small states. If the day comes, what would be Singapore’s choice? Remember, taking sides mean becoming the enemy of the other. Oops, taking the side of China will become the enemy of the Americans. Taking the side of the USA may not necessarily mean becoming the enemy of China. How so?

As far as the Americans are concerned, it is about the American Empire. You are either with us or against us. Any country that is not a vassal state of the American Empire is an enemy of the Empire. The Americans are only interested in being the Empire, controlling the world and dictating to the world under the American world order. In order to extend the reach of the Empire and securing the influence of the Empire, the Americans have direct interest to control countries around the world eg South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam in particular and Asean in general, the Middle Eastern countries, the European countries, Africa etc etc. Regime change is always an American option to control the govt of these countries.

The Chinese have officially announced to the world that it would not seek world domination and hegemony. China only wants to trade and help the world to build infrastructures to promote an interconnected world for more trade and free trade. China will trade with any country without political complications. China would not interfere in the internal affairs of nation states unlike the Americans that insisted that countries must be run like the ‘American version of democracy’ be like them and would conduct regime change if this is not the case.

Being on the Chinese side is all about trade and economic development. Being on the side of the Americans is all about being part of the Empire and fighting wars to keep the Empire growing. China does not have this aspiration and does not demand its friends to go to wars. The Americans demand this and would drag their vassal states by the ears to go to wars for the American Empire.

Other than trade, Singapore also has political and security concerns. It is always wary of being attacked by bigger neighbours when there is a regime change and some ultra nationalist leaders appear and take charge. Singapore has been relying on the Americans for this protection. China was not in a position to do so in the past. And it was natural and the only choice to depend solely on the Americans, and to live with the problems of being part of the American Empire, being dragged into wars, implicated and made enemies of states that it did not want to and unable to say no to the Americans.

China today is as capable as the Americans to protect Singapore from its bigger neighbours if the need arises. For any Asean country to fight a war with China or the USA and thinking of winning is a no brainer. It is a mismatch. A major point is that China does not have an empire dream, to dominate and control the world. Thus, Singapore would not risk being pulled by the ear into a war by an empire, fighting and dying for someone’s empire.

China has also made it a law to protect all Chinese all over the world regardless of nationalities. So anyone thinking that it is convenient to run amok and kill Chinese must think twice harder, that China would not sit idly by when Chinese people are being killed by racists and extremists thugs. Would the Americans lift a finger when this happens? Maybe, maybe not, depending on American interests and what is more important to the Americans. The Americans may even take the side of the extremists if their interests coincide. A good example is the brutal killing of Khashoggi. Khashoggi is dispensable even if he was close to the Americans. The Saudis are more important in the Empire game plan.

What would be Singapore’s choice when it has to choose between the Americans and China? If a banana is in charge, there is no need to guess. The answer is obvious. The bananas believe their ancestors are Europeans and would align with the Americans.


The Chosen One

2000 years ago a child was born of a virgin birth. He had no human father, no biological father. He was the Chosen One. He was the king of kings, the king of all human beans on earth, so say the bible and the believers. Then he was hung on a cross by the powers of the day. The Pharisees and the Romans did not believe in him and neither did they trust him. But before he died, he told his believers that he would come again and rule the earth for a thousand years. He said he did not know the exact day, but when that day came, there would be darkness in the sky, and there would be lightning and there would be fear, people trembling in fear. ‘On that day I shall come and I shall judge.’ The bad ones would be burnt in the sea of fire and perished forever.

The believers have been waiting for this day to come. 2000 years have passed and that day has yet to come. But they said soon he will come, and watch for the signs. Watch out for the lightning, and the arkness that has befallen on the people that needs to be saved would be struck away. That day is nigh. And watch out for the Chosen One. He shall come and you shall recognize him, for he has no father, no biological father, of virgin birth.

Look around for the One without a father, I mean biological father. He is the Chosen One, to save the world, to bring light and chase away darkness. He will punish the evil doers and burn them in hell. Anyone who has a biological father is a pretender or at most a stand in for a brief moment.

There is hope over the horizon. The Chosen One will be made known to all and ascend the throne to be king of kings, next year or the year after, very soon. Have faith and have trust in Him. No one else can choose him to be the One.

The time has come. Amen.


The daft Australians must learn from Singapore

‘Australian prime minister plans to reduce immigration, citing urban crowding
Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia has proposed that the government impose stricter limits on immigration to control overcrowding in the country’s major cities. Population growth has played a major role in the country’s economic success, but people in Australia’s biggest cities are alarmed about an influx of immigrants, Mr Morrison said. “They are saying: enough, enough, enough,” he said. “The roads are clogged, the buses and trains are full. The schools are taking no more enrollments.”’

The above is quoted from Todayonline. The Australians are hysterical over the growing number of immigrants adding to the population of their cities. Can you believe that? A continent nation with cities that are sparsely populated compare to Singapore, they are calling for a ban on immigration? Don’t they want growth, don’t they want progress and better quality of life?

The problem is that they did not know how to manage big cities with big population. Singapore should send out experts to down under and teach them how good big population is and how each Australian city can easily accommodate a 10m population.

Australia must learn from Singapore in bringing more and more population to increase economic growth. And the better immigrants are those from third world countries with their special talents that Australia does not have, never mind which universities or if their degrees are from degree mills. No degrees also can, as long as they can work, be they calling themselves as doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, as long as they can do the job, the papers got or no do not matter.

If Australia is to follow what Singapore is doing, with its continent size country, Australia can easily take in another 100m immigrants and become really a big country and a super power. No need to pretend that it is a big power when it is not, with a meagre population of 23m, less than the population of Malaysia.

The Australian govt should simply throw the question back to the complaining and daft Australians. Do you want growth, do you want a better life? The answers must be yes and therefore bringing in more immigrants is the only way to go about it. QED.

If they don’t believe this, come to Singapore and see how we squeezed in 6m people in this piece of rock and still bringing in more, and there is no problem of overcrowding. We have work for several million foreigners. And they contributed to our growth and created work for Singaporeans as well. Our infrastructure and public transport system are running as smoothly as they are built to be. And we can continue to build more homes to sell to the foreigners. How nice.

And where got Singaporeans saying, enough, enough, enough? Singaporeans are crying for more, more, and more. Some even suggesting 10m or 15m or more. And this is the reason why Singapore is so prosperous, so rich, now so rich in culture from all over the work, including viruses and bacteria in the air. And exposing to them would make Singaporeans stronger with better immunity.

Did the Australians know that this little Red Dot on the surface of the earth has one quarter the population of the Australian continent and wanting more? Soon Singapore will have a population half the size of Australia, if the great thinkers and planners have their way.

US Lies and Hubris At APEC Dialogue At Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. PART THREE

During his speech, Pence announced that US invest four hundred million dollars for its Asia-Pacific transparency initiative "to empower citizens to combat corruption and strengthen sovereignty."  That paltry sum to help Asia Pacific nations to build infrastructure is a joke. It is not even a tiny fraction of China's over a hundred billion dollars for the international Belt And Road project that strung over the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Pence may not have any shame for he doesn't know that paltry sum is an insult to Asian self respect and dignity. May be that paltry sum is just enough to buy corrupted officials allegiance to America as American running dogs. What infrastructure can four hundred millions build in a huge Asian continent of many countries. May be it is just enough for US to subvert and undermine legitimate governments to bend to US dictates and to line the pockets of U fifth columns to overthrow governments to be replaced by US stooges. Most likely US has malevolent motive to subvert the noteworthy benefits of China's initiated Belt and Road Infrastructure. Pence is guilty of the utmost hypocrisy when he talks about combating corruption. US is largely responsible for all the ugly corruptions in the third world which nevertheless benefits America.

Pence said " US seeks better relationship with China, based on fairness, reciprocity and respect for sovereignty." These are empty words for export only. They sound hollow and do not mean anything at all. US has been interfering in Chinese internal affairs since the 1930s  and continuing to do so even now. From 1830s to 1930s US prospered and enriched itself at the expense of China through forced opium and heroin trade on China under the threat of Gun boat Policy.  Prominent American families which conducted illicit and illegal opium trade in China include the President Franklin Roosevelt father and  grandfather, The Bush family, the Rockefellers, John Kerry's family and the Billderbergs.  Many prominent American cities like New York, Boston , Phidadelphia and Los Angles, infrastructures like roads, railways, buildings and parks were built with wealth and riches gained from illiciit opium and heroin trade imposed on China.

Further rubbish talk from Pence, "We want to strengthen the relationship between our two countries and improve the lives of our citizens." High sounding words to camouflage US evil intent towards China and to deceive the world . How to strengthen relationship when US still wrongfully hold Taiwan as a semi-colony. If US had not interfered in  the Chinese civil war in the 1950s and stationed the US 7th Fleet across the Taiwan Straits . Taiwan would have been reunited with China long ago and today there will not be a Taiwan problem. Further US is so evil that it never stops inciting Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines to go against China. It is perpetually trying to stop the Chinese compatriots in Taiwan from uniting with the motherland and is selling offensive weapons to traitors and American running dogs and lackeys and separatists to defy China.

Pence talk of improving the lives of American citizens. But US government is very discriminatory between the blacks and the whites. The government ignores the welfare of the non-white millions of blacks living a very unpleasant life sleeping on the streets and depending on private food donations. They will continue to face a very bleak future in comparison to the well taken care of whites by the white supremacist government.

Pence indulges in idle talk, "China has an honoured place in our vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific (Asia - Pacific ) , if it chooses to respect its neighbours sovereignty, embrace free, fair and reciprocal trade and uphold human rights and freedom. "  Is Pence still smoking opium? Does he know what he is talking? China had been a victim of imperialists and colonialists. First it was invaded by the Mongols , followed by the Manchus. Then it was invaded by the western barbaric hordes, the Russians, the British,  France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Japan and the Americans. This western invasions not only impoverished China but also caused China to lose over four million square miles of lands mainly to Russia ( which is still clinging to over three and a half million square miles of Chinese territory north of the Heilongjiang and the Ussuri River, to England which occupied a few hundred thousand square miles of Chinese land south of Tibet and Xingjiang and to Japan which is still occupying the Chinese island archipelago of Liu Chiu Dao which it renamed as Okinawa. China does not and has never hold or conquered any foreign country. On the contrary small little countries around China have been emboldened by Western instigations to nibble Chinese lands in the South China Sea. 

Pence talk of free trade is a hoax. China trade under WTO rules and regulations which is largely formulated by US. But through its own folly of greed and spenthrift behaviour US became its own victim, and has become uncompetitive vis a vis other countries. Now Pence fallaciously  put the blame on China for America's own inefficiency and incompetency in industries, trade and commerce. Infact US manipulates its currency and weaponize the Petrodollar to advance the benefits of free trade in America's favour.

It is a shame and disgrace for America to talk about  human rights and freedom. Just see how they illtreat the native , African and Mexican Americans. Uncle redbean has written much about this matter before and in yesterday's article on the same blog.  America's abuse of human rights and freedom is well known throughout the world. So Pence talk about human rights and freedom is just hypocrisy.

Pence talk is hollow and full of baloney. If US respect others sovereignty it should dismantle all its hundreds of military bases in South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, philippines, the Middle East,Darwin and diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. US should give back the islands of Diego Garcia to the Diego Garcian islanders with full compensation for they were illegally and brutally evicted from Diego Garcia in 1967. US military bases are for intimidation and to coerce weak and third world countries to listen and obey US dictates and command.

Pence is no different from all other US politicians and statesmen whose talk is all hubris and the audience wonder who are they trying to browbeat and brainwash with their odious malevolent poisonous propaganda.


Thursday, 22nd November,2018


China must be selective in its development and infrastructure programmes

After several decades of neglect in the Pacific Islands with the islanders left to fend for themselves with little aid and development, China decided to bring in the Pacific Islands as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. In the process China started to offer development and infrastructure plans for the Pacific island countries. This is not appreciated in the western world particularly Australia with some Australian parliamentarians even ridiculing China as building roads to nowhere. And when China decided to build ports for the islanders, the West raised the Chinese demon as China trying to build a military base in the Pacific Ocean, for what?

During the APEC Meeting in PNGF, the West, ie US, Australia and Japan decided to join hands to start some development projects for the Island nations that they had conveniently forgotten and neglected. And the development projects include of all things a naval base. Yes, they must build military bases. That’s what they want and that’s what they know how. While they accused China that was building a commercial port as militarizing the islanders, they came in and straight away offer to build a naval base. Satan cannot hide his horns for long.

China too has invested in several projects in PNG that Australia and the West refused to do. With China’s initiatives, the West and Australia/Japan are now forced to do something. If China has left the islanders out of its Belt and Road Initiative, do nothing, the West would not lift a finger to help develop these island nations.
Are China’s efforts to help these islanders appreciated? This is questionable. When the West rushes in to elbow China out of the region, some islanders started to warm up to them and forgot that it was China that started to want to help them. Some of the ungrateful immediately turned away from China to embrace the West.

China’s generosity is never appreciated by many of these third world countries, even in Asean, especially those countries that were once colonized and plundered by the West. They all suffered from the Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with the invaders that ruled over them and plundered their countries.
China should not waste its resources and goodwill trying to help the hardcore anti China countries. The effort will not be appreciated and these countries would take China for granted and even turn around to slap China at the first opportunity. Notably these countries include Vietnam, India, the Philippines (Duterte is an exception but soon he would be gone and Philippines would be anti China again), Malaysia and Indonesia. The latter two are infamous for ‘running amok’ if you understand what this means. Singapore’s position is well known and I would not comment on it.

China instead should spend its hard earned money selectively to help countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America where kindness and generosity are better appreciated. It is futile to convert the unconvertible and money could be better used in countries that needed and appreciate them. There are many countries that are worthy of help and assistance. Help those that are happy to be helped and will reciprocate kindness with kindness. Let the Americans help those that are endeared to them with more military aids, more weapons and military bases, to turn them into semi colonies of the Evil Empire. Buying weapons is a very sexy thing, going to war is even sexier. They can get orgasm for that. Let them build more military bases and go and kill each other.

China should just shake hands with countries that want infrastructure development and trade and prosper peacefully.


US Lies & Hubris At APEC Dialogue AT Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. PART Two

All the lies Pence said about China are exactly what US and its Western allies have been imposing on Third World countries for decades . US will ease itself into the favour of selected third world governments and select high profile projects which it promised to help with technical and financial aid. US economic hitman will select a project and magnify or jack up the value of the project many times unrealistically high. ( Read John Pilger's book on US Economic Hitman and learn how US cheated and bankrupted many Third World countries to enrich itself and greatly impoverished the citizens of the victimised countries other than a few well connected corrupted local officers.)  Say a project is worth only one hundred million dollars. The economic hitman will convince the president and the government of the victimise country that the cost value of the project is ten billion dollars. By the way American aids and loans have stringent strings of  conditions attached usually to the disavantage of the recipient countries but to the great benefit of US. A large percentage of the ten billion dollars will go into the payment of endless numbers of US consultants and technicians as  fees and salaries. Another big portion will go into putting up buildings to house US technicians and officers and as payment for exaggerated high operating cost. Still a big portion will go into importing all the materials and machineries  from related US companies from US for the said project. In the end most of the ten billion dollars will go back to USA though a little will find its way into the pockets of the victimise country's president and his senior officers to rub their mouth to ensure their cooperation. The end result is that US takes back most of the money while the victimise country is impoverished and its people and citizens got to bear the burden of paying the endless balloon debt forever, As a trade off US will demand grant of military bases to US as part of the debt payment. This definitely compromised the victimise country's sovereignty where US exercise extra territorial rights  with the fearsome military backing behind.

Thus we see Pence like all other white men always speaks with fork tongues and cannot be trusted as when he said, "Do not accept foreign debt that could compromise your sovereignty. Protect your interest." US always psycho and arm twisted countries to accept inflated loans under the watchful eye of CIA  and the military.

Pence tried to stoke trouble in the South China Sea. he said, "The US will continue to upheld the freedom of the seas and the skies which are so essential to our prosperity." Before US pivot to East Asia in 2010,  there was peace and tranquility in the South China Sea. After US pivot in 2010 US incessantly stoke up trouble and tried to create tensions and animosity between
China and the South China Sea littoral states. China has not and will never stop any legitimate ship on its passage through the South China Sea. But US warships and super bombers sailing and flying close to Chinese coast and sovereign territotial islands are provocative and do not constitute normal legitimate sailing or flight over South China Sea air space.

China does not impose a "Monroe Doctrine" in the South China Sea or East China Sea to prevent others from the region. That was what US did with the" Declaration of the Monroe Doctrine" to stop and prevent other countries from the Central and South America regions for trade,other than through US strict control . "All exports and imports in the two regions must be conducted through United States. Thus US has been exercising extra territorial rights in Central and south America during the last one hundred sixty years since 1850s and compromised the sovereignty of all the countries in the region. In the meantime US has been raking in hundreds of  billions of dollars in illegal and illicit collections through its monopolistic control of the trading system.

Pence said, "We will continue to fly and sail wherever international law allows and our national interest demands." US treats all international laws with derision if they do not suit her agenda. US didn't even bother to sign the United Nations International Laws of the Seas in 1986 even though the rules were initiated and formulated by US. The laws are meant for others to follow U dictates and US is not bound by it. On hindsight the UNILS are formulated by US to hamstrung China from exercising its sovereignty over her territorial islands in the South China Sea and to create trouble and disputes between China and the neighbouring countries bordering the South China Sea.

What is Pence intention in declaring, "US will upgrade its naval base on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island."  Why must US have a military base in Papua New Guinea  other than for intimidation and aggression. The US military base in Papua New Guinea poses a threat to Indonesia, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Pence claims US promotes a civil society, the rule of law, transparent and accountable government. What kind of civil society does US have? Every day all over US hundreds of non-whites citizens are being killed or ill treated by the police . There is frequent civil unrest all over US in protesting demonstrations over unfair laws against native, Mexican and African Americans or bias and unfair treatment by the police. There is  discrimination in employment opportunity against the non-whites. If US can ill treat its own non-white citizens, shoot them and kill them at will and random at the whims of its police force what more can people of other countries under US control fare or hope to expect justice from a white supremacist dictatorship.

What is US rule of law when US white government can illegally deport non white citizens especially the African and Mexican Americans under spurious reasons and putting them and their children in cages before deportation. That is  so much for their high ground talk of human rights. Pence talk of transparent and accountable government is all humbug and hubris. How transparent is US in leaving its mostly non white populated Puerto Rico in dire straits after hurricane disaster. Why is US still occupying a piece of Cuba's land in Guantanamo as a penal and military base where thousands of foreigners are kept in close tight prisons. The military base in Guantanamo poses a constant threat to central and South American countries. It is US base of intimidation and aggression. The base is an infringement of Cuba's sovereignty . Guantanamo was supposed to be returned to Cuba in the Barack Obama's administration. Why up to now it is not returned to Cuba? So white men really speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted.

What democracy is US practising?  What kind of human rights is it talking? And how transparent is its government when they have one law for whites and one malevolent law for non-whites. How civil is the US government , how transparent is it and what human rights is it talking when money from welfare for the poor mostly non-whites is taken away and siphoned of to the military for its illegal and illicit wars of aggression against countries which do not toe US dictates.

US statesmen and politicians and military strongmen talks in overseas forums or assemblies is just unabash lies and poisonous propaganda with underliying subtle threats to countries which do not agree with US dictatorship and or foreign policy.

End of PART  TWO
Part Three will appear in the next article.


Tuesday, 20th November,2018

Another white lie - Every nation is free to follow their own path...

Below is a quote from Mike Pence, US Vice President as reported in CNA.

“The US seeks an Indo-Pacific where every nation is free to follow their own path, pursue its own interest, where the seas and skies are open to all engaged in a peaceful activity and where sovereign nations grow stronger together,” he added. “Our vision excludes no nation, requiring only that every nation treat their neighbours with respect.” Did the Americans respect anyone, even the UN is being ignored, the ICJ also rejected when they ruled against the Americans.

This is a typical white lie the Americans have been spreading. Every country is free to choose their path, pursue their own interest, blah blah blah. But they cannot choose communism, they cannot buy oil without using the US dollar, they must practise democracy the American way, they must buy weapons from the Americans, they must do as told by the Americans. This is what the Americans meant by being free.
If that is too difficult to understand, why can't countries choose their own forms of govt, of ideologies, why must they be dictated by the Americans?

Look at what had happened to Iraq and Libya? What were their crimes against the Evil Empire? Because they want to sell their oil using other currencies other than the American dollars. And they were invaded and the two presidents were killed.

And the Americans invaded Syria to conduct regime change to overthrow a leader chosen by the Syrians. Did the Evil Americans allow the Syrians to be free to choose their path? What about the Palestinians?

Do the Americans allow China to follow its own path in development, in development its own political system? What about North Korea? Can North Korea choose its own path to progress and development?

Do the South Koreans and Japan have a right to run their own countries and be independent of the Americans, to tell the Americans to leave their military bases in their countries?
How much more nonsense must the world be made to swallow the lies of the Americans and suck up to them and be under the control of the Evil American Empire? Would Pence dare to make the same speech to the Middle East countries they invaded and destroyed for wanting to choose their own path, do their own things, freedom to choose?

What freedom of choice is this white liar talking about?

And the USA never coerce anyone. They just do regime change. They just invade countries. They just imposed sanctions. They sent warships to provoke and intimate countries. These are the virtues of the Evil Empire. The menace of the USA is indescribable. 

Can Singapore or any Asean state choose to be closer and friendlier with China?


USA Lies And Hubris At APEC Dialogue At Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea PART ONE.

    As usual US VP Pence like all American politicians speaking at international forums tried to sell snake oil to the leaders of other countries present. He is paddling cheap lies and laughable propaganda.

He claimed that USA can provide better development financing  than China's undertaking in the Belt And Road Infrastructure . After exploiting and taking freely all the rich resources from Africa, South America and the Pacific Islanders for hundreds of years US and its European imperialist allies ignored these territories totally after they gained independence post Second World War. Only when they see the fruit of China's sincere help in developing and building the economy of these third world countries both technically and financially they look at the whole Chinese help with jaundiced eyes. Is their pledge now to help sincere or is it just  to thwart China's noteworthy economic and financial help so as to cause it to fail and thus to discredit China's effort.

In reality all previous American help to third world countries was nothing but building a sea of debt or a debt trap in which they can never end paying to the US. Just read John Pilger's book "The Economic Hitman" to get the full picture of how America mercilessly exploited third world countries to only benefit and enrich America but completely impoverished the victimised third world countries.

Pence said,  "We don't coerce or compromise your independence". Like all American statesmen he is consciously and playfully suffering from slanted political dementia that suits USA agenda. He might forget how Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, some Pacific Ocean island kingdoms and Diego Garcia lost their independence to US but definitely the victimised countries will never forget.  Hundreds of thousands of brave Hawaiians were killed in their resistance to US armed agggression , 1895-1905. Now Hawaii is flooded with white Americans. The Americans may have annexed Hawaii but the proud Hawaiians will never stop fighting for their independence. The same goes for Guam and Diego Garcia in which the previous island owners were illegally and forcefully evicted from their countries to make way for American military bases. The Philippines was formerly invaded by US in 1898 under the pretext of helping the Filippinos to drive out the Spanish imperialist . But after defeating the Spaniards the Americans refused to leave the Philippines . The Philippines would not accept changing from a white Spanish overlord to a white American overlord. They resisted and fought off the Americans. Hundreds of thousands of Filippinos were killed and mercilessly slaughtered. They succumed to superior armed Americans. The Filippinos only gained their independence after the Second World War when the Americans unwillingly granted it out of desperation and fear of defeat from a determined and proud Filippino people who could expect help from Russia and other freedom loving countries. The native Americans warn us that "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted " is true.

In sniping at China's Belt and Road Infrastruture development Pence said, "We do not offer a constricting belt or a one way road." He ignores the many constricting rings of over a thousand US military bases around the world threatening countries big or small and coercing others to toe US dictatorship rules and malevolence governance.

B&R Infrastruture projects were signed by parties as equal partners through talks, discussions and negotiations unlike US and its western allies in using force and arm twisting to take over other weaker countries and do what they want in exploiting and taking all the wealth and resources for free at gun point. US is now terrorising the Middle East to get its oil, gas and other minemeral resources. The same is happening in South America and Central America. But when countries involved in the B&R projects misused funds for the project for other unknown purposes it is not the fault of China because China unlike the US and the West does not interfere in their internal affairs.

Pence claimed "USA has principled approach to finance infrastructure projects in the region."  This is yet another open and shameless lie. US bankrupted many Third World countries, eg Argentina, Venezuella, Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines to just mention a few, forcing them to compromise their sovereignty by ceding ports for their military bases, Those who refuse to toe the US line will always be sanctioned and bullied.

US weaponised the US controlled Petrodollar and subject others to US economic colonialism to rob and exploit thrhough illegal and illicit sanctions. Using the Petrodollar as a weapon is criminal in nature. The petrodollar must be brought down and eventually demolished.

NB: To be continued in the next article.


Monday, 19th November,2018

Asean Meeting is about angkat Mahathir

The recent Asean Meeting with the big powers is about praising Mahathir and carrying his balls. The rest are just side shows, irrelevant.
Read this as posted in theindependent website and it tells succinctly what the whole meeting was all about.

'This past Monday, Dr Mahathir and his wife Dr Siti Hasmah arrived in Singapore for a 2-day official visit, at the invitation of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Besides meeting PM Lee and his wife Ho Ching, President Halimah Yaacob and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Dr Mahathir and his wife also had an orchid named after them.

One of the highlights of the official visit was NUS’ conferral of honorary doctorates to Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah. Dr Mahathir studied medicine at NUS in Singapore for about six years in his younger days. NUS is his wife’s alma mater, as well.'

I dunno who is the silly bugger that formulated this angkat Mahathir exercise and dunno what they want to achieve. And they think Mahathir is so easy to angkat, to flatter and taken in and to appreciate and reciprocate kindness with kindness? This shows how shallow and lack of understanding of who Mahathir is. Mahathir is a willy old fox with very set mindset on what he wants to do and nothing is going to change him once he decided.  He will demand his price for his water, build his third national car and to build his crooked bridge come what may.

To me, the easiest way to deal with Mahathir is time, playing with time. Time is something that is against Mahathir. The max he has is less than 2 years before passing the premiership to Anwar. And in all likelihood he may be called to his maker anytime, today or tomorrow or the day after. Just play with him, negotiate with him, talk to him until the cow comes home, but not agreeing politely, postpone, delay, will check with the boss, will call back. Set the next meeting as long as one possibly can, needs time to study the details, to check the legal and political implications etc etc. Just wait for him to go.

The angkat Mahathir exercise is so amateurish and Mahathir must be laughing himself insane. How these boys are trying to please him, to make him happy, make him feel big and important is incredible.

This is so unbelieveable, so childish in diplomacy. A little flattery may be tolerable and amusing, but over doing it is something else.

What do you think Mahathir would be thinking? What do you think the Malaysians would be thinking? What do you think Singaporeans would be thinking?

Punch above our weight or go down on bended knees?


Wildlife in Sin City

Singapore is such a safe and peaceful city to the point of being boring. The wildlife here were those behind bars, to be kept at a safe distance. They are wildlife after all. But the bored citizens would amuse themselves with some pet dogs, pet birds and pet fishes, like the thousand dollar carps in district 9, 10 and 11. The owners feel very safe, the pets are also safe.

Then things happened. A crocodile was spotted in Sungei Buloh and it caused a stir, so much attention. Then a family of otters was also found there, a few hornbills, and wild boars around the reservoirs. The people got so excited with the wild life. They have not seen them in their entire life and found them so novel and charming in their own ways. They are so nice, cannot possibly cause any harm here. Everyone was endeared to them. I took many photos of the croc, the hornbills and the otters in Sungei Buloh.  They even commissioned David Attenborough to do a special series on the wildlife in Sin City.

And because life is good in Singapore, the new migrants started to multiply. Otters were everywhere, even in the city and canals. Hornbills became accustomed to HDB flats. Have yet to see the crocodiles outside Sungei Buloh. Oh, I forgot, the monkies are still in Bukit Timah and MacRitchie Reservoir area. The only nuisance was the crows. With their increasing numbers some even attacked people. Fortunately their wild behavior led to their termination and not many were found in the city anymore. Some have become PRs in Sungei Buloh and attacking the smaller birds, the local residents.

The latest, hornbills attacked pet birds hanging outside HDB flats and devoured the pet birds, and eating fruits planted on the corridors. Otters sneaked into private ponds to eat the thousand dollar pet carps. Wild boars digging into gardens and destroying the manicured parks and paths. Some even attacked people in their path.

This is only natural. When they grow in numbers, not only that they have to compete for food, they grow in confidence, and knowing that the citizens are harmless and hapless, they would attack, applying the law of the jungle, the fittest shall survive. The locals had no chance against the wildlife that had made this city their permanent residence. They are bigger, fiercer, hungrier and still have the wild instinct of survival.

How long would it last before the locals got terminated and replaced by the foreign wildlife? I mean how long would the local wildlife be made extinct or forced to migrate elsewhere and their habitat, their homes, be taken away from them when the foreign wildlife make this their new home, when their number grows and become a majority here?

The pet birds in HDB flats are fearing for their life. How about the rich carps in district 9, 10 and 11? Do they feel safe within the confines of their walls and fence, that the wildlife would leave them alone?