Wildlife went on a rampage in Sin City

Almost seven years ago, 4 wildlife went on a rampage in this very safe and very low crime city state. Four Sarawakians turned this peaceful and safe city into a night of violence. They attacked pedestrians on their way home near a MRT station in Kallang, slashing and robbing them in full view of people around them as if it was a free for all in a jungle. The clueless pedestrians did not see it coming, stunt and were mercilessly taken down, defenceless and did not know how to react.

The scene could be the same as the hapless pet birds in cages hanging outside the windows of HDB flats when attacked by the hornbills. It was something out of the normal. Who could expect the hornbills to be so audacious and lawless, to think that it was alright to eat the pet birds for lunch? Who would ever think that the foreigners here to work, to make good money to send home, would turn violent against the peaceful, friendly and carefree Singaporeans just living their normal life?

The last wildlife, Donny Meluda, was sentenced to 33 years life imprisonment for a supporting role in the violent attack and robbery on a peaceful night in Sin City. Two of the wildlife were convicted for murder. Michael Garing who wield a parang during the slashing crime was sentenced to life imprisonment. Tony Imba, the leader, also got life imprisonment and 24 strokes of the rottan. Another, Hairee Landak, was also given 33 years of life imprisonment and 24 strokes of the cane.

During the slashing attack, one victim was killed and another 3 seriously injured with a NSman losing several fingers, with half of his palm chopped off. The dead victim was brutally stabbed and slashed all over his body, his head and neck and died on the spot.

The High Court judge had this to say about the attack. It was ‘likened to a safari hunt.’
What is the moral of this violent crime by the wildlife? Do not think wildlife are peaceful, friendly and harmless. There is wildness in wildlife. Be careful, be very careful when dealing with wildlife or close to wildlife. Singaporeans are so comfortable with the safe and almost sanitized environment and have taken safety and security for granted. They have let down all their guards against wildlife and would regret only when it happened to them directly, or too late.

Be alert all the time. Recently some young children were bitten by the otters in the Marina area. Just keep a safe distance from them. You would not know when they would strike. I am astonished at how comfortable Singaporeans are in inviting wildlife into their homes.

On the other hand today’s newpaper has a good coverage of otters being witnesses to a marriage proposal and otters having a siesta in Marina Bay. It seems that news of otter’s presence in little Red Dot has gone viral. The otters have grown familiar with the locals and growing more confidence to be seen around people.
Would they be culled just like the wild boars and wild chicken when their number grew too big? Would they run riot and attack the hapless and timid locals that have lost their instinct to defend themselves against wildlife? Or would they chase out the locals and turn the little Red Dot into Otterpore, a paradise for wildlife?


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the wildlife, or get rid the ones responsible for bringing in the wildlife ??

Al said...

//Would they run riot and attack the hapless and timid locals that have lost their instinct to defend themselves against wildlife? Or would they chase out the locals and turn the little Red Dot into Otterpore, a paradise for wildlife?//

It's already happening. Juz the the Dafts r too comfy with their 99yr leasehold assets & ready to b conned further. There r many Grinches already in the tiny red dot stealing away the Dafts Sinkies lunches. It's a matter of time they be replaced by many Wild life aliens, these wild life r not the Dafts saviour like the Narnia Chronicles, they r here to steal anything in this once peaceful land built by the ex-aSLan of the once Singa city.

Anonymous said...

When they breed you bleed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ selfie with the executioner:

How come we didn't use our World Famous Death Penalty?๐Ÿ˜  I would have gladly volunteered FOC to put the noose around the necks of these fuckers, and pull the handle.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Quadrupeds that live in the wild are fascinating to city folks. They tend to go gaga at the sight of wild boars and otters. Quite natural to want to feed them. Wild bipeds are different. They do not possess the same traits as their wild quadrupeds. Unprovoked violent attacks by wild bipeds include robbery and homicide. Quite infuriating that the kangaroos spared the lives of these beasts.

Anonymous said...

Put those who imported the wild animals in prison for life. This is the only deterent for turning Singapore into a wild lives sanctuary. These rich "traders" are ruthlessly irresponsible. Therefore, the local common folks must form a Vigilante Group .to ensure that the ruthless, irresponsible and unscrupulous "traders" are put behind bars for the good of the country and people.

Anonymous said...

2018 8:56 am
Wildlife are living life, you therefore have to treat them with distant respect, but do not loss your own survivor instinct.

Virgo49 said...

Human Wildlifes are more dangerous than the Animals Wildlifes.

Sinkies are like sheep, lambs and goats been living in their illusionary safe and sound environment as compared to the Human Cobras, Tigers, Black Panters of the Foreign Talents Third World Countries.

These Human Animals had been living in their tough neighbourhoods countries and had seen daily killings and robberies that they are immune and street wise in their instincts.

So when they see Sinkies as little infants so innocent and easily
Intimidated that they are embolden to bulot them.

Now we have even cases of daylight robberies in Coporation Road. Of these Hygenas moleating our stewardess and nurses.

Sinkieland is too sanitised unlike our 50S and 60s where we had our local bengs though a nuisance to the locals still had a role to play as protectors of our own against any foreign scoundrels.

Present day Sinkies have not experience our yesteryears of street wise Oldies Sinkies scenes of street fights and have survivals instincts that they were dead shocked by these incidents.

Even our SOC rookies were rooted to the ground of just an ordinary civvy riots.

Many Sinkies vacationing abroad were mugged and robbed for they were complacent thinking that they are still in Sinkieland.

Fear the day when Sinkieland burn and the dafts will simply stood and at a lost of what's to do.

Useless for Sinkieland men to train in the Armed Forces and SPF when most lacked Courage to even stop a molestation and robberies.

See one battalion of SOC plus at least 10 patrol cars rookies to arrest two civvy men who had just robbed a lady.

Add to the joke, they had to get a locksmith to unlock the door and prior before that had to cajole and begged them to surrender.

Have they ever seen a video clip of a PRC policewoman responding to a mad man who strangled a helpless lady around the neck and waving a knife in public.

The PRC policewoman just throw a bottle of water in the floor when this mad man asked for one and just shot him dead when he reaches for it on the ground.

Sinkie patrol men should just handle the Robbery case by themselves without the what's SOC and just simply banged down the door making the arrests.

What's that are trained for???

Security Guards??? Called the Patrol men and they called the SOC. After SOC- the Commando

Low kuey!!!#

Anonymous said...

Me Siam (I advoid) meaning in hokkien.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When they get familiar with the local environment and the timid locals, they will get bolder and start to get mischievous. And when they are hungry or their desire unsatisfied, they would turn to their wild ways.

Daft Singaporeans cannot understand that wildlife is wildlife, no matter how novel or how cute and how sweet they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

As long as wildlife can increase GDP, PAPies will rather cull Sinkies instead.

Anonymous said...

Cull the puppies (PAPies) first before they succeed in culling all Sinkies.

Virgo 49 said...

The Kopi Tiam CID Lim Kopi King should let's his Henchmen have more physical patrols as detergent rather than after what happened thru cameras survelliance cameras and asking the grounds arrested the scoundrels who had already hurted their victims

After which the Courts gave hefty sentences on already happened incidents that traumatised the innocent and in the Kallang Cases lost their lives and limbs.

Instead of fixing their well meaning Fellow Singaporeans to lim Kopi, they should get up their arses and be on patrol.

See how our now Military Police Command or previously known as Provost Unit just stationed their MPs in places and jetties where the Service men are congregated.

Just as deterrent to hold the peace.

SPF are now Fat Cats sitting on their arses and air conditioning patrol cars. Only respond when there are some incidents and too late liao.

The Farking Papies are notorious just for rectifying incidents when they happened and had no foresight and use their backsides to prevent them.

Tooth pick king had once said, A pond that is too clean rear little or no fish.

They must have those toughies Rookies of yesteryears in the 50/60s to deal with the human wild animals that are still in their 50s and 60s wild ways.

And even today in their own jungles.

Sinkies are like sheep,lambs and rabbits kept in pens with the wolves,vultures circling around them.

Rookie patrol men with big prick batons and sten guns and real guns afraid of just civvy armed untrained men with parangs.

What's a joke. Every toughie are afraid of the bullets unless they are insane.

A five footer rookie holding a gun though not his own hand gun can make even a seven footer man to pan sai and urinate.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The habitat for wildlife to thrive on a tiny island is constrained. Competition for survival is intense. The boars and the otters know their limits and respect territorial rights. The foreign wildlife is given licence to forage and hunt. Many ended up as poachers stealing jobs and lunches. They have become an existential threat to the local floral and fauna.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is no longer inhabited by peace loving people. We have all kinds of foreign people coming here, bringing with them all kinds of behaviour patterns that seems out of place among locals.

No more is there the tolerance we used to find in the old days. Some wildlife behave like they owned the whole island and you cannot cross them. They still think they are living in their old hometown where law and order is out of place or non existence.

You cannot criticise them for such behaviour or face oral and physical abuse. That is how much we have regressed in social behaviour. Talking about the kindness campaign and all that is all a lost cause.

In time to come, locals will also follow such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The importers of wild life will not stop importing. The money is too good. They are not affected by the wild animals as they live in barricaded houses with bodyguards and travel in armoured vehicles. They will only stop importing when even barricaded houses and bodyguards and armoured vehicles cannot protect them from the wild life roaming and lurking around everywhere. By then nowhere and no one is safe here anymore.

Virgo49 said...

The Papies are playing with the lives of innocent Singaporeans as guinea pigs.

They have the Sarawakians from East Malaysia in without checking their temperament and sources of their Notority.

East Malaysians are a different kettle of fish as with the West Malaysians.

I been to these States and have noticed their difference with the West Malaysians.

The West Malaysians brought up in behaviours are more or less like

In Sabah and Sawawak, they have a large influx of Indonesians and Filipinos.

Durete deadly enemies of Muslim extermists and Pinoy Sea pirates origins.

They have a large POP of them there and the Security is very flimsy as the Putra Jaya
Admin is not so keen on them.

Singapore Daft Leaders now banned them after this unfortunate incident which can be prevented if they do not put too many cardboards image of their Rookies in these places

They are too lack lustre and took too much of their Security for granted.

One of their Fellow Sarawakian in the Singapore Zoologicial Gardens even jumped down insane to feed the White Tigers.

The Papies are just too complacent in their Prevention of such crimes.

Only when things haopened they are too happy to set up what's farking Stupid COI. Later we have learnt another lesson and will do better next time.

On the lives of poor innocent sinkies.

Now they are starting their usual old dirty campaign of instilling fears in the Timid Sinkies.

We must have the Politicial
Parties for Sinkies to thrive

Meaning only PAP can save you and your future.

Anonymous said...

How can the Party Against People be trusted to care and protect the people? After more than 50 years in power, they have taken the people for granted and their main objective is to protect their own skin and kin.

Anonymous said...

A NEEDLE IN THE HAY STACK of Strawberries?

A needle was found inside a punnet of strawberries on sale in a New Zealand supermarket, the second such incident in recent months.

The strawberries were bought at a Fresh Choice supermarket in Geraldine, a town on the South Island.

It comes after a nationwide scare in Australia which saw almost 200 reports of needle-contaminated strawberries.

An Australian woman accused of carrying out the act in "spite" has since been arrested.

It is not clear if the strawberry punnet, which was bought on Saturday morning, was domestic to New Zealand or imported from Australia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 204:

>> An Australian woman accused of carrying out the act in "spite" has since been arrested. <<

This "Australian woman" is actually Vietnamese, but the super-PC Aussie media never mentions the ethnicity for fear of being branded "racist". (You see how ridiculous PC-culture has become?)

Contrast that to RB: he immediately mentions that these violent fuckers are from Sarawak, implying that foreigners are "bad" because the are foreigners, and not bad people, which are found in every culture. This is the present narrative in populist politics: be suspicious of foreigners...they are usually up to no good. Divisive, race/ cultural-based populist politics is presently found in many cuntries: Trump's America, The EU, even the Middle East where rich Arabs don't like shit-hole-cuntry Arabs coming over the borders as economic refugees.

So much for the idea of "The Brotherhood of Man". ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿคฃ Jesus must be banging his balls lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo,

Aiyoh uncle. When comes to rants and complaints you're really mo tuc ting lah ๐Ÿ˜‚

Since you failed to mention, I will: The PAP gives The Sheeple a "free kick" now and then. If you so blur-like-sotong or too goondu to notice and pursue your self-interest for the "profit motive", dun kow peh lah.

I'm sure you yourself have benefitted from the free kicks the PAP hands out occasionally. Let's face it, most of us have. Nobody is going to award you a MEDAL if you don't "exploit" the occasional sweetener from the govt. Yah yah...we all know...crony capitalism, plutocracy and all that jazz...not new info, everyone knows it and adjusts to it. But every once in awhile...Boomtown Charlie, thank you govt! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฐ

...then it's back to vomiting blood. ๐Ÿคฎ But if you made your pay-day, why worry? Complain for what?

Virgo49 said...

True Matilah, the PAP gave Free Kicks by having the wealth as sipohed from the daft sinkies to give some bones back to the panting puppies who in turn sold their Souls and been beholden to them as Saviours scarificing the future of their children and grandchildren.

Then later they will give extra FREE KICKS to the daft Sinkies backsides.

The Daft Sinkies simply loved their Kicks.

These are Wisdom Pearls as casted to the Scholar Swines from my Open Uni of Life Experiences And NOT Complaints. You cannot learn from books.

MO TUC TING, thought initally these are Vietnamese Vetcong Wild Animals Langauge but it's civilised Cantonese Chinese which we are proud to be in the Civilised Human Beans.

Though I am Hokkien.

Anonymous said...

///The importers of wild life will not stop importing. The money is too good. They are not affected by the wild animals as they live in barricaded houses with bodyguards and travel in armoured vehicles. They will only stop importing when even barricaded houses and bodyguards and armoured vehicles cannot protect them from the wild life roaming and lurking around everywhere. By then nowhere and no one is safe here anymore.///

The importers don't give a fuck becoz they have already moved their billions overseas & setup companies & bungalows overseas.

By the time when even barricaded houses & Gurkhas not enough against the wildlife, they will have already run road overseas.

By then most of us Sinkies will be dead liao.

Anonymous said...

Virgo calm down lar if not one day u will cross the red line. You may not be afraid to lim more Kopi but Kena sodomized at your age very jialat Kar. Take care and God bkess.

Anonymous said...

@ 349 asshole pervert.

Your obessession for sodomy is beyond comprehension!

UG said...


Iron fist era vs Lan Hao Lan era?

I am luffing at old leaders.

More than 10 years ago I already see fat commanders in army. Old leaders sleeping? Who would bother attack Singapore army? Little India Riot? Terrex detain? 6 smoke bomb?

If next time Malaysian army buy DJI drone, attach bomb, land at causeway, what is F35 going to do? Shoot bullet? Will miss and shoot at own infrastructure? Or best, they dont buy DJI, they ownself create like Perodua? Song Boh Tai Lo?

Dont tell people we got British here, Japanese here, Dutch Economist here and American here. Dont tell. Shhh. Dont tell people I go so many reservist, dad sleep void deck. I still waiting for my compensation leh. Dont tell Ang Moh they are goondu, money leh money leh? Dont tell shhh. Keep quiet. Go silicon valley create a lot of li hai things to con silly people but than Obama check birth right, Trump impeach?


The alternative news website keep like talking the same thing for how long and the Ang Moh money leh money leh how long? Still dunno what is going on? That so funny.


Terry Xu create problem or 6 smoke bomb create problem? No 6 smoke bomb news, people got things to write? Hello Ang Moh, money leh money leh? Maybe we peasant here also want to know? Come help?

Anonymous said...

Very chim lah. Kan-not understood what u talked leh.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore got priest keep ask for catechist a not ah? Got a not ah? If got what is PM Lee policy doing? Who are those people go church? Got very li hai one working in govt or stat board? Or got very li hai one that go OCS before? Go OCS got policy check family background good, got family support a not ah? If got family support, no one volunteer for catechist? I thought in army volunteer one is very much likeable? What is those LKY SPP for ah? If the priest got ask for catechist, ask PM Lee ask the priest ask how many times and who are those people that go church? Or those li hai people dont go church? Those li hai people not very on one meh? Or those li hai people children, not very on one meh?

Anonymous said...

KNN, that's all I can say.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland with its million of Black Ants crawling around.

They are like the White Terminates Nothing but Troubles everywhere they settled in.

See the incident in Matland. Next Big Racial Fight in Matland would be the Black Ants versus the Mats.

The Malaysian Chinese and most Chinese had a live and let's live attitude.

Whereas the Black Ants and the White Terminates besides having sex and protests looks for fights.

It's in their Genes.

Dangerous wildlife in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

5.17 pm, please respect others freedom of speech. For me I am not keen on sodomy but I don't mind sodomize u leh๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous said...

11:27 am am, please respect others freedom of speech. Me too not keen on sodomy but me too don't mind screw your ass if you are asking for it. Me will not use me prick but use an iron rod to shaft it up through your fucking big mouth. How's that? Do you want it?

Anonymous said...

Because of a wildlife, we lost two young and promising scholar officers in Australia.

Anonymous said...

12.18 pm, I love to sodomize w with my rod leh not iron rod and do a facial on you plus cum in mouth. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous said...

Nature animal also need to vote too.i think

Anonymous said...

Erm, balls... What balls?? Jehovah’s boy had them???

Anonymous said...

Hokkiens, Tiochius, Cantonese, even Hainanese - the traditional immigrant market - are all welcomed, and embraced, with readily open arms.

Not, though, the rest. Including Kheks, who are descendants of the northern hordes in disguise.