Wildlife in Sin City

Singapore is such a safe and peaceful city to the point of being boring. The wildlife here were those behind bars, to be kept at a safe distance. They are wildlife after all. But the bored citizens would amuse themselves with some pet dogs, pet birds and pet fishes, like the thousand dollar carps in district 9, 10 and 11. The owners feel very safe, the pets are also safe.

Then things happened. A crocodile was spotted in Sungei Buloh and it caused a stir, so much attention. Then a family of otters was also found there, a few hornbills, and wild boars around the reservoirs. The people got so excited with the wild life. They have not seen them in their entire life and found them so novel and charming in their own ways. They are so nice, cannot possibly cause any harm here. Everyone was endeared to them. I took many photos of the croc, the hornbills and the otters in Sungei Buloh.  They even commissioned David Attenborough to do a special series on the wildlife in Sin City.

And because life is good in Singapore, the new migrants started to multiply. Otters were everywhere, even in the city and canals. Hornbills became accustomed to HDB flats. Have yet to see the crocodiles outside Sungei Buloh. Oh, I forgot, the monkies are still in Bukit Timah and MacRitchie Reservoir area. The only nuisance was the crows. With their increasing numbers some even attacked people. Fortunately their wild behavior led to their termination and not many were found in the city anymore. Some have become PRs in Sungei Buloh and attacking the smaller birds, the local residents.

The latest, hornbills attacked pet birds hanging outside HDB flats and devoured the pet birds, and eating fruits planted on the corridors. Otters sneaked into private ponds to eat the thousand dollar pet carps. Wild boars digging into gardens and destroying the manicured parks and paths. Some even attacked people in their path.

This is only natural. When they grow in numbers, not only that they have to compete for food, they grow in confidence, and knowing that the citizens are harmless and hapless, they would attack, applying the law of the jungle, the fittest shall survive. The locals had no chance against the wildlife that had made this city their permanent residence. They are bigger, fiercer, hungrier and still have the wild instinct of survival.

How long would it last before the locals got terminated and replaced by the foreign wildlife? I mean how long would the local wildlife be made extinct or forced to migrate elsewhere and their habitat, their homes, be taken away from them when the foreign wildlife make this their new home, when their number grows and become a majority here?

The pet birds in HDB flats are fearing for their life. How about the rich carps in district 9, 10 and 11? Do they feel safe within the confines of their walls and fence, that the wildlife would leave them alone?


Anonymous said...

3 million wildlife in Singapore and still very safe for Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...


Wait till you have The Second Big India Rlots.

Why the MRT Security Checks.The Fighting in MRT trains and Stations.

After the Security Trial, they gonna have Sheep Pens to filter the Crodds like Sheep for slaughter in all MRT stations.

Why now Patrols of soldiers and Police constables together???

They created a Huge Time Bomb that when exploded will be bigger than the American Wild Fires.

With Three Millions previously in their Third World Jungle Street wise Animals devouring the meek sheep and lambs of Sinkies.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

It's amazing. A city-state like Singapore has wild-life. They are protected and given sanctuary. Nevertheless peaceful co-existence is still possible. Just like migratory birds, another species of living things known as homo sapiens arrived. They too are protected and given sanctuary. Soon overcrowding makes peaceful co-existence difficult. Competition among the different species begins. The battle for survival has begun.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Being a "back to nature" beach bum type---which is how I've spent the greater part of over 40years as a PR "visitor"---I think that Sg Buloh "wetlands" (aka "swamp" as we used to call it) is one of the places which keeps Singapore awesome and rocking.

Long before the PAP lapdogs in the Main stream media writes bullshit about "nature" in Singapore, I was---along with my fellow tree-hugger friends---an "early adapter" (1970's lah) of the previously untapped fascinating eco system and biosphere of Singapore, which is mistakingly identified as a concrete jungle. (which of course it is in many places).

I have been swimming totally naked in Pulau Blakang Mati (aka Sentosa), Changi, Loyang. I've explored the mangroves in the Loyang/ Tampines area with my uncle in his speedboat, been swimming also "kosong" in the abandoned quarry at Pulau Ubin, visited nearly every southern island, every water-catchment reservoir, climbed Bk Timah Hill using the trail very few know---actually climb with hands and legs, very slippery, and a host of other "adventures" in a Singapore where most people only know Orchard Rd and Boat Quay.

Although I own 2 mountain bikes now, back then with the fucked-up bicycles we had in the 1970's I've explored Marsiling, Jurong, Ghim Moh, Ulu Pandan, Pasir Panjang...all sorts of KAMPUNG, veggie and pig-farm very smelly!) areas most modern Singaporeans are completely unaware of. One thing I will say, I know my fucking cuntry's "natural habitat" inside out. Did you know there used to be lots of WW2 bunkers? Even in the Braddel/ Upper Serangoon area. As a kid I used to find bullets, shell casings and other discarded military stuff. I still have them. I've even had altercations with monkeys---vicious little assholes who obviously don't like humans. Never had to kill any, but I would have if they didn't back off. (fuck the law, I'm not getting rabies)

I am all for competition. If the "introduced species". If the local "fauna" cannot ADAPT to compete with "foreign" species, then fuck them. ADAPTATION is the key. Firstly, there must be "stressors" from the environment. You don't get evolution/ adaptation unless there are stressors. Then the local species must adapt to deal with the stressors. If they don't, they are soon EXTINCT.

People mistaking look at nature as "in harmony" or "beautiful" or "wonderful". While that is true, to a degree, these delusional people fail to accept the basis of how SURVIVAL occurs in nature: one species is food for another species. That's how energy is transmitted to stave off ENTROPY---the increasing amount of complexity and disorder in a closed system. i.e. if we don't kill another species to eat, we DIE. That is NATURE. It is violent, brutal...with life comes death.

So folks, adapt and compete. That's your only choice.

Anonymous said...

The lesson here is some foreign wildlife already took away Sinkies livelihood.

Now another form of foreign wildlife is taking over the habitat of the other type of Sin inhabitants.

Now, about foreign wildlife creating jobs for Sinkies, it is becoming true. We used to have dog catchers catching stray dogs. Those jobs are also gone, with all stray dogs from kampongs also gone to extinction. Now, we have new foreign wildlife to create jobs for wildlife catchers. So you see, these foreign wildlife do create jobs for Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, can show us your younger days nude photo? Don't bs now that u so brave. If u did, your little bother would have been torn off by the monkeys or crocodiles lar😰

Anonymous said...

sg is like that liao........

Anonymous said...

Beware, there're snakes hiding among the bushes - poisonous, and non-poisonous but can draw blood, like pythons.