Mahathir waves his magic wan and saves RM3 billion

This is a feat no economists or finance ministers can do, not even the US Treasury. What did Mahathir do to save so much money for Malaysia in so short a time? He cancelled 3 mega projects, building high speed trains and ports that he deemed are useless projects that would not benefit Malaysia. Now with such a great achievement, the Malaysian govt would have more money to proceed on his pet projects and the hot favourite is the very important and beneficial crooked bridge. This bridge is going to be his star and his legacy that was struck down by the two previous PMs as nonsensical, building a very expensive bridge to replace the efficient and low maintenance causeway.

His next big project is his Proton Saga, a moribund car that was going no where after several decades of production. Nothing in the car was made in Malaysia except maybe the rubber mat and the tyres. Now that the company has been literally sold and put an end to his legacy, he needs another car to keep his legacy alive. His dream of a Malaysian car is still alive. But how much of this car is going to be made in Malaysia? How about starting to build a car engine or buy one from another car manufacturer? A good suggestion would be to buy over the engine that Habibie built for his defunct locally built aircraft. I am presuming that the Indonesians built that engine and not bought from somewhere and only designed the body of the aircraft.
How much of a national car if the main engine of the car is not made in Malaysia? What is the point of building a national car that is anything but national or domestically produced and built? Did they build anything in the first Proton Saga that Malaysia can claim as made in Malaysia?

I remember there is another pet project mooted by Mahathir, the bridge to Sumatra, Indonesia. This may cost less than the 3 mega projects he cancelled and probably would have better economic value. And now that he has the money, this bridge idea could be revived.

Malaysia needs some big infrastructure projects to keep the economy going. Maybe Mahathir could buy over the factory building trains in KL. With the high speed train projects cancelled, there is now no reason for China to keep this factory operating in Malaysia. There is no demand for its trains. When the Japanese take over the high speed train projects, they would be using Japanese trains. Mahathir may be able to buy the Chinese train plant on the cheap, at a steep discount, fire sale. The price could be very attractive, and it can become a national project, Made in Malaysia trains, just the rolling stocks, without the rest of the rails and rail system. This is a factory ready for a takeover as the owners would be planning to close down its operation in Malaysia.

There are many possibilities for Mahathir given the money he created from his great savings by cancelling the mega projects.

Singapore ministers can learn a lot from Mahathir in how to save public fund and not thinking of wasting on mega projects.


Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng //Mahathir waves his magic wan and saves RM3 billion//

Political Scientist Chua Chin Leng aka RedBean writes on Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir being greater than any economist or finance minister in preventing wasting OPM and making great investment decision.

GP (AQ) Qn (For MSN "GP" candidates):

The author above presents a number of arguments why PM Mahathir is greater than any economist or finance minister in investment decision making.

Discuss to what extent the points raised is relevant to issues in your own society.

Your answer should be based on relevant information as well as using your own knowledge and experience.

PS. The above question is worth 10 marks and you should allocate about 25 mins for it. The language marks for the entire paper would be based partially on your answer for this AQ. Good luck!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M's cancellation of mega projects to save $3 billion ringgit is unlikely to please China. China is aware that Dr M is cozying up to Nippon. Emperor Akihito had just conferred the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers to Dr M. China is now working with Thailand to construct the Kra Canal. Malaysia will be cut off and left out of the BRI once the Kra Canal is built. 3 billion ringgit saved may end up as "a penny wise pound foolish" strategy that will cost Malaysia dearly in the long run.

Anonymous said...

He is known as 10% guy so all the old contracts he has no share. So need new contracts to get the 10% lar.

Anonymous said...

This old man wants Malaysians to work like Japanese. Think he is going to produce more engineers from his bumiputra universities to build car engines and maybe high speed trains and rockets to the moon, more high tech scientists and IT engineers.

I think he knows that for Malaysia to be like Japan, he needs to train scientists and engineers, not Koran experts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ owe money pay money

Malaysia's debt quite high. They also carry significant amount of US dollar denominated debt.

Dr M is wise to wind back expensive, excessive projects.

Now to get rid of Proton. The car business globally is a bucket of shit. Unless he's going to build electrics with the Chinese, he should get the fuck out of making dirty carbon burners.

Advente said...

Answer to GP Question above:

SomeboLEE in Sickapore waved a super magic wand and confiscated $300 billion CPF money from the idiotic no-testicles Sickies, who lan lan still cannot do anything. This is even a greater feat no one else in this world has done it.


Anonymous said...

SGP elites should be humble and learn from Mahathir.

They should cancel plans to purchase the 65 F-35 fighter jets from the US, and stop hosting the F1.

Anonymous said...

@ Advente November 07, 2018 10:01 am
//Answer to GP Question above://

MSN "Candidate" Advente (aka Quah Cha Mati?):

The "board" advises all "candidates" to answer the LOT (Lower Order Thinking) skills questions first before attempting the HOT (Higher Order Thinking) skills 8-mark summary and 10-mark AQ qns.

Below are the first 3 LOT qns:

1. What does the author mean in the opening sentence by suggesting "a feat no economists or finance ministers can do"?



2. In paragraph 1, what reasons does the author base on to arrive at such a suggestion in the opening sentence?




3. What is the author implying in paragraph 1 sentence 4 by commenting that "the hot favourite is the very important and beneficial crooked bridge."



Anonymous said...

Would you voluntarily reduce your salary to help your company pay more to the low-income staff?!?!?


So why would PAPies & elites lower spending & salaries for themselves?!?!?

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, if most Mats can afford landed property, 2 cars, and able to retire before 60 .... they don't care so much.

S'pore is a price taker .... no matter who is the govt-in-charge or how smart the ministers are.

US recession, we eat grass.

China recession, we eat grass.

ASEAN crisis, we eat grass.

Matland collapse & chaos, we eat grass.

Still can survive (worm & cockroach also can survive), but no fun eating grass.

Hunter said...

@ November 07, 2018 12:48 pm,

Elites` and filthy rich children will are enjoying the smoking and grass all the time, though once a while get caught. To them, smoking is grass is fun and natural.