American 5G as good or as bad as mRNA vaccines

'CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts: Several international airlines recently cancelled flights into certain US airports over concerns the rollout of 5G mobile communication technology could interfere with some planes’ equipment.

After warnings about the potential problem from aviation bosses and the Federal Aviation Administration, telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon delayed activating some 5G masts around US airports.'

The results of using mRNA vaccines, gloated as having 96% efficacy are all out there for the world to see. US is hitting 1m infections daily while UK and other European countries are being hit with more than a 100,000 cases daily, and....they are still claiming that this is the best vaccine in the world and keep coercing the daft to get jab and jab, over and over again with the same 96% efficacy vaccines that anyone with a little commonsense would know that it is not working.

But this is not all. Having been cornered and conned to use a dud, they are deflecting the attention to question Chinese vaccines and the numbers of infection and death in China. Cannot be, must be fake. How can poor quality Chinese vaccines be able to keep the infection and death rate so low? There must be millions of death in China, so the sore losers are crying.

The fate of the mRNA vaccines is quite similar to the fate of fake 5G equipment that the Americans are rolling out. After falsely accusing Huawei of security risk, when it is so obvious that it was just a lame excuse not to use Huawei's superior 5G and to kill Huawei in the process, the Americans quickly rushed out a fake 5G equipment, just like they rushed out the fake mRNA vaccines and shafted it down all American airports only to find that fake is fake, fake does not work.

The American fake 5G is causing a lot of interruption to aircraft operation and presenting a serious risk to the industry. Many airports are refusing to install the equipment, some tearing them down. Airlines too refused to fly to airports using fake and dangerous American 5G equipment. Are they still going to accuse Huawei of stealing their technology? Or they can't even steal and copy Huawei's technology to make it work?

In the days when China was being oppressed and suppressed, the blinds in the US began to shine like diamonds in the sky. Now the real talents coming out from China are showing the day forward.  Actually many of the leading edge technology in the US were pioneered and invented by Chinese scientists and engineers but not acknowledged, concealed, unspoken of. The father of American rocketry was Qian Xuesen, not an European American. Qian was involved in the pioneering works of rocketry and heading many organisations in the US before he was accused of being a communist, detained and disgraced by the witch hunt. In disgust, and totally disillusioned with the racist anti Chinese and anti Communist mobs in the US govt, Qian returned to China after China gave up 14 POW American pilots in exchange.

Look at what happened after Qian started the space programme for China and how China is leaving the Americans behind? Without the calibre of Qian leading the way, going backwards for the Americans is a certainty. Without Huawei's 5G, the fate of American future communication industry would also suffer the same fate as their rocket industry. Have to hike a ride in Russian rockets to get to the ISS.

When would the dump and proud and lying Americans admit their backwardness and dump their 5G equipment and go back to use Huawei? How many western countries and American cronies have been forced to abandon using Huawei's 5G equipment and are now caught in this backwardness trap? Huawei's 5G equipment are the best, most advanced and cheapest, and yet the Americans and these silly countries would not use and have to use fake and unworkable American 5G equipment that is posing a high risk to aircraft operation...and paying more for the duds?

This is a choice to stay backward and let China charge ahead freely, unrestrained. Fake 5G, fake vaccines, fake allegations of genocide, what else is new? The Americans are in the same stage as the last days of the Qing Dynasty, refusing to go with the changes and modern technology and sticking to its glorious outdated past.


Covid19 - Thanks for keeping me safe, jab, jab, jab....

 A picture is worth a thousand words.

I would like to get a jab every month. It would make me feel safer. Thank you very much.
And I will continue to wear mask, keep social distance, avoid crowded place, work from home, etc etc.


Covid19 - 'Israel' hides and passes misleading information about Pfizer vaccines

 This is a very familiar story  - Report by Swiss Policy Research

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years. Still, in retrospect, it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

Despite years of observations and scientific knowledge, you refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda, “you overcame the plague.”

And again, you defeated it, and again and again and again.

You refused to admit that mass testing is ineffective, despite your own contingency plans explicitly stating so (“Pandemic Influenza Health System Preparedness Plan, 2007”, p. 26).

You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people.

You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. Based on this, you hoped to achieve herd immunity by vaccination – and you failed in that as well.

You insisted on ignoring the fact that the disease is dozens of times more dangerous for risk groups and older adults than for young people who are not in risk groups, despite the knowledge that came from China as early as 2020.

You refused to adopt the “Barrington Declaration”, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, or other common-sense programs.

You chose to ridicule, slander, distort, and discredit them.

Instead of the right programs and people, you have chosen professionals who lack relevant training for pandemic management (physicists as chief government advisers, veterinarians, security officers, media personnel, and so on).

You have not set up an effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines, and reports on side effects have even been deleted from your Facebook page.

Doctors avoid linking side effects to the vaccine, lest you persecute them as you did to some of their colleagues. You have ignored many reports of changes in menstrual intensity and menstrual cycle times.

You hid data that allows for objective and proper research (for example, you removed the data on passengers at Ben Gurion Airport). Instead, you chose to publish non-objective articles together with senior Pfizer executives on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

Irreversible damage to trust.

However, from the heights of your hubris, you have also ignored the fact that the truth will be revealed in the end. And it begins to be revealed. The truth is that you have brought the public’s trust in you to an unprecedented low, and you have eroded your status as a source of authority.

The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns, and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years.

You have destroyed the education of our children and their future. As school principals around the country attest, you made children feel guilty, scared, smoke, drink, get addicted, drop out, and quarrel. You have harmed livelihoods, the economy, human rights, mental health, and physical health.

You slandered colleagues who did not surrender to you, you turned the people against each other, divided society, and polarized the discourse. You branded, without any scientific basis, people who chose not to get vaccinated as enemies of the public and as spreaders of disease.

In an unprecedented way, you promote a draconian policy of discrimination, denial of rights, and selection of people, including children, for their medical choice. A selection that lacks any epidemiological justification.

When you compare the destructive policies you are pursuing with the sane policies of some other countries – you can clearly see that the destruction you have caused has only added victims beyond the vulnerable to the virus.

The economy you ruined, the unemployed you caused, and the children whose education you destroyed – are the surplus victims as a result of your actions only.

There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets, and control.

The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and consciousness engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

This emergency must stop!

Professor Udi Qimron, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Join us on Telegram: t.me/theriotimes

 (Banned YouTube videos: How Israeli Ministry of Health deleted thousands of testimonies) 6 mins.

Covid-19 Vaccines: Irresponsible and Deceitful Reporting By Deceptive Mass Media To Demonise Traditionally-Produced Vaccine In Favour Of the mRNA Imitation Vaccine

 We all know that Vaccines have been produced through a long and tedious process of inactuvating and deactivating the virus' ability to cause serious harm and then injected it into our body, so that our immune system can respond more effectively to destroy that virus and prevent it from multiplying and spreading. This well-established, tried and tested original method of producing vaccines has been used to produce all the vaccines in the world, in the past, and served the purpose effectively and efficiently.

The mRNA method is trying to produce a substitute to replace the original method of producing vaccines. It, therefore, produces an imitation vaccine which can never be the same as the genuine vaccines produced through the well-established originional method of producing vaccines. This vitally important fact must be clearly understood and memorised as of paramount importance in midst of volumes of misleading and mischievous reports churned out by certain parties, with vested interests, through the mass media.

Recently, a report carried by Blomberg was republished by the local Straits Times. This report had deliberately praised the mRNA-produced Pfizer imitation vaccine and run-down the traditionally-produced Sinovac vaccine in order to cause "a blow to those who received Sinovac's vaccine."

That newsper report is not only misleading but also irresponsible, mischievous, malacious and deceptive because it selectively left out the most vital and relevant information that the Researchers have include in their official research papers.

The Blomberg report says:

"Researchers from Hong Kong has found that 2 doses of vaccine from Sinovac or Pfizer does not produce enough neutralizing antibodies to protect against Omicron.

However, for people who have had 2 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, a booster using the same vaccine “raised protection to adequate levels”.

For people who have had 2 doses of Sinovac’s vaccine, a booster using the same vaccine “did not produce sufficient levels of neutralizing antibodies to protect against Omicron”. However, a booster using Pfizer’s vaccine produced “significantly improved protective levels of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron”.

The results are a “blow to those who have received Sinovac’s vaccine”."

What the report has deliberately left out:

The researchers found that Sinovac’s vaccine produces much higher levels of T-cell responses which help in destroying infected cells and are thus important in limiting severity and fatal outcomes.

This finding is consistent with high levels of protection against hospitalization and death in Sinovac’s vaccine observed in Chile and Turkey despite lower antibody neutralization.

Studies of re-infection in animals have found that high levels of T-cell responses can compensate for inadequate neutralizing antibody response and are able to protect against different variants of concern. This is the advantage of inactivated virus vaccine (Sinovac and Sinopharm) as they contain antigens that elicit strong T-cell response and may confer immunity.

The worst part of that report is its misleadingly, mischievously, maliciously and deceptively crafted Headline:

“3 doses of Sinovac fail to protect against variant: Researchers”

By just reading that Headline, most people would have the impression that the Sinovac’s vaccine is totally useless. This is definitely not true. In fact, the Sinovac vaccine has proven to be much more effective in combating severe illness and hospitalisation caused by Omicron and other Covid-19 variants than the imitation mRNA pseudo vaccines.

So, be very careful what you read from the mass media, especially their cunningly-crafted catchy Headlines! Some of these mass media are propaganda mouth-pieces of the Big Pharmas and the US government, with a generous budget of $300 million a year set aside just for the psychological warfare launched against China and everything Chinese.

Think and don't be deceived.


Ukraine - Another silly boy President trying to act like a man

 His CV includes jobs like actor and comedian. That is Zelensky, the current boy President of Ukraine. Probably he still thinks he is acting and everything is a joke. When a country elects half past six young boy as the head of govt, they must expect the boy PM or President to act like school scout or school prefect and making childish decisions that would affect the fate of the country.

We have seen how the silly boy PM of Canada messing Canada up by illegally arresting a Chinese citizen and detained her for 3 years in exchange for loss of billions of dollars in trade with China. And his dessert is still being served for more years to come. But he thinks he has done as good job and looking like a man.

Now he is outdone by Zelensky who is inviting war to his country. Can you imagine what kind of a fool would do that. Ukraine was living peacefully and trading happily with China with China investing heavily in Ukraine. But this comedian came in and destroyed everything when Blinken paid him a visit, likely telling him how great was the USA and promising him the sky. This comedian cancelled a major deal with China, stopping China from buying over a bankrupt aviation company. Now no one wants to buy the company.

And he topped it up with standing up to Putin. Even Trump is afraid of Putin and this boy thinks he is bigger than Trump. Now Putin is carry a big club threatening to clobber him and to invade Ukraine, probably taking back Ukraine as a Russian protectorate, like Japan and South Korea as American protectorate. The action of this boy President is simply premature and without deep consideration of the ability of his country and the outside forces. He thinks he is big enough and could get away with his childish acts.

The quality of a head of state is measured not by what he said and fooling around like a comedian. It is the consequences of his decision. He made ambitious decisions without little thinking. Unlike him, Xi Jinping made very impactful decisions that affected the whole world, in BRI, South China Sea, in Africa and Latin America. The losers because of his decisions were unhappy and calling him foolish, that Xi should continue to bend his head and work quietly like before, let every country big and small to kick China around.

Many countries in the western camp are unhappy with a more assertive China that would not be kicked around. But what can they do to China other than cursing and swearing. Xi has carefully calculated his moves based on China's ability and strength versus the enemies. Xi's timing was just right unlike Zelensky, biting too much than he could chew. There is no comparison between Xi and Zelensky and that silly boy PM in Canada.

Xi is now standing taller than Biden, the latter so lost in so many problems and not knowing what to do and hoping for the best by taken token actions, like sending 8,500 American soldiers to face off with Putin's more than 100,000 army. Great and wise leaders made decisions and take stands that are well considered and could stand on their decisions, ruffling some feathers perhaps, but no serious consequences.

Boy PMs and Presidents need to learn from mature and wise leaders like Xi and Putin. Zelensky is now having sleepless night risking the lives of all Ukrainians for his comedian acts. He will have to pay dearly for his stupidity.

PS. When Xi Jinping decided that it was time for China to take its place in the world stage, he must have considered all the strength and weaknesses of China. China must not only be able to take on the threats and pressure from the Americans but also the rest of the world.  Many countries, especially the cronies and allies of the Americans, had been used to thrashing China for too long and would continue to do so thinking China would still be the punching bag, and would not hit back. For China to come out to take on the world as a leader, China must be fully prepared to take on the whole world and take knocks for knocks. The evil Americans and their cronies and lackeys would not just go limping away.

China has proven that it is up to it and the little cronies and lackeys have taken the message and know where they stand and what they could and could not do to China. A few upstarts like Canada, Australia, Lithuania and Ukraine are feeling hurt from their stupidity to take on China and thinking they could get away as before.

This is the measure of a wise leader that made his moves carefully and decisively. There cannot be mistakes like what Ukraine and Lithuania did.


Marshall Plan 2.0

 The end of the American Empire is just a matter of time. Without another world war, the Chinese economy would just chug along fine and would become the number one economy in nominal terms within a decade, a fate that the Americans cannot stomach, cannot accept and must prevent at all costs. The current world system developed by the Americans would have done very well for the Americans as all the rules were written by the Americans in their favour. Unfortunately the evil Americans sought to go the easy way to remain powerful and rich by selling weapons.  To do so they need to create a world that is constantly at war and countries caught in wars would not only be impoverished but also be weak and dependent on the Americans. 

This simple formula serves the Americans well in the last few decades. It was one war after another, all started by the Americans using silly ruses. The fear of wars, the rising tension threatening wars created by the Americans in every corner of the earth have caused many countries to keep on wasting money to purchase more and more weapons from the Americans.

Well, things don't often work as planned by evil men. The Americans thought war was a lucrative business, the more wars, the more weapons they sold, the poorer and weaker would be countries of the world. The Americans over spent on wars thinking that more wars would continue to support their wanton spending. But with China and Russia strong enough to act as counter forces, wars are no longer that easy to start, to fight and to win. Russia made the first move to stop the American war business in the Middle by intervening in Syria. All of a sudden conducting wars in the Middle East is not a cakewalk anymore. Starting another war is looking less attractive and dangerous.

The same goes to the western Pacific Ocean. Hey, China is no longer a pushover and could hit back with equal force. Threatening China or North Korea or even Iran can only be threats but cannot be executed without incurring unimaginable costs to the Americans. The Americans cannot be assured of an easy victory in the western Pacific against China or North Korea. They are not weak Muslim countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria or Afghanistan where the Americans could walk in and walk out unharmed and in assured victory.

But the decline of the American Empire must be stopped and a way must be found to prevent it happening. Ukraine presents an unusual opportunity. Russia is strong but manageable if a war does not go nuclear. Further, a limited conventional war in Europe would not only destroy the economies of the EU countries, the destruction of infrastructures in Europe would offer another golden opportunity for a Marshall Plan 2.0 to seal the American leadership and dominance to refurbish the American Empire. 

Let Europe be the battle field for a conventional war with the Russians, even allowing the Russians to plough through Europe for a while, destroying everything in their path. There is no need to defeat the Russians, but a stalemate and back to status quo would be good enough. A destroyed Europe needs rebuilding, needs to rearm, and the great Americans could march in to restore Europe to its former self, with American aid, American dollars, American technology and American labour. Europe would be forever indebted to the American Empire and paying the war debt, with Russia still on the other side of the divide, just like now. Burn and destroy and rebuild and back to square one. Nothing change except a poorer and weaken Europe.

America would be richer by many times making the Europeans pay for Marshall Plan 2.0.

The point is whether the Europeans are stupid enough, or weak enough to be dragged into a war with Russia for the sake of the American Empire, with Europe becoming the war zone, Europe being destroyed, Europeans being killed and maimed in a war that they do not need, has nothing to do with them. European countries would be the frontline, European soldiers the first to face the Russians and the first to be wounded and die. The USA and UK would be cheering them on in their homelands, supplying them with more arms and food that would have to be repaid after the war.

Would Europe sacrifice their well being and the lives of their people fighting an American planned war to protect the American Empire and making the Americans, including the Brits, richer and to lord over them after the war? Would Europe be a willing sucker, a sacrificial lamb for the good of the Americans and also the Brits? War, go for it? After destroying Middle East but allowing China to step in to rebuild the ruins of war, the Americans are not going to benefit anything from it.  A destroyed Europe would be a better bet for the Americans. War is good, good for the manhood as well.

What a beautiful Plan. Ukraine is just a bait, Russia an unwilling accomplice. Europe the prize. No prizes for guessing who is the biggest winner.

PS.  The biggest loser would be Ukraine, country destroyed, its people died or maimed. How stupid can Ukraine be, when they were living peacefully and now in a life and death crisis for listening to the devil, for wanting to sleep with the devil.

On Scams and Corruptions

Scams and corruptions are not new in the history of man-unkind. They have been in existence since time immemorial.

God has created Men and Women to be both gullible and giles-ful, to be both decent and deceitful, to be both champions and cheats, and to be both generous and greedy.

With the advant of the internet, banking, investment, cryptocurrency and money-laundering scams are on the rise. These are mostly done through the social media platforms, the sms and the emails.

Most of these scams originated from countries that produced large numbers of IT professionals who have difficulties in finding jobs in their own countries. India has the largest pool of jobless IT specialists and professionals, followed by the USA, Russia and China.

The scammers either move out of their own home country to operate in metropolitan cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Seoul, Hongkong and Bangkok, or operate from small independent off-shore islands such as the Caymans, Mauritius and Fiji islands where the laws are not strictly applied or enforced, and are not reciprocal with any other countries. They are the safe havens of corrupted leaders, white-collar criminals and big scammers.

The biggest scams are planned and executed by government-sponsored, government-linked, government-supported or government leaders-associated individuals and organisations.

Legitimate big and well-known pharmaceutical companies, giant food-producing companies, big cyber-security companies, and big social media platform companies are also joining the biggest scams bullet train of the century.

However, the most worrying of all these scams and corruptions are those from the sovereign wealth funds organisations run by family members of government leaders. These organisations have the power, clout, money and means to employ the best crooked lawyers and to coerce and bribe the most honest judges and government officials to help them exploit the existing laws, both local and international, and get away with murder at any time, at any place. These organisations are usually from dictatorship, communist or monarchy countries.

In most countries, the police and the law enforcers are heavily involved behind closed doors, in the dark corners, under the tables or shielded by the legal iron curtain erected by cunning corrupted leaders. And in most cases, the very highest chieftains are also on the take.

So, in the final analysis, no leaders can claim that his/her country has no corruption. If anyone does, he/she must be the very pinnacle of corruption symbol himself/herself.

Think deeply in the presence of mind.



World’s five most powerful countries pledge to avoid war

China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US have released a joint statement affirming their opposition to using their nuclear arsenals for offensive purposes. They also promised to work together on nuclear disarmament.

“We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought,” read the statement released on Monday. “As nuclear use would have far-reaching consequences, we also affirm that nuclear weapons – for as long as they continue to exist – should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression, and prevent war.”

The above is reported in RT.com.

How much to believe in this statement? How many of them would abide by this pledge? How many of them are out there inciting wars, egging countries to go to war, conducting wars and planning to invade other countries?

They may pledge to avoid nuclear war. But as long as they think war is an option, everyday wanting to start wars, once started and involving one of these nuclear powers, it would end up in a nuclear war. None would take a defeat in a conventional war lightly given that they have nuclear weapons as a last ditch if the other side pushes for a total defeat and surrender.

It is not just about avoiding nuclear war, but all kinds of wars. War is no longer a sensible option as the destructive nature of modern weapons is unimaginable if fully released in a full scale war. No country should be talking about war or planning to go to war.

The reckless and irresponsible warmongers must stop from straying into this war path. By the way, who would benefit from this war and who would be the losers? Would follow up with a piece on this.

USA, the white curse

The White curse is stirring up trouble in ASEAN big time now. According to reports by Brian Berlectic from 'The New Atlas' website, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and suspectingly Malaysia have been targeted, with USA supported and funded fake NGOs, on the pretext of promoting and upholding human rights, but are in reality instigating protest in these countries.
According to Brian, the Thai Government is bearing down on such NGOs by getting in place a law requiring such NGOs to disclose their source of funding or be closed down, which such NGOs are going to protest for sure. If the Thai Government does crack down on those protest, accusations of human right's abuse will surface and sanctions will follow. Such is the modus operandi of the White curse.

Myanmar is also Bearing down on such fake NGOs and more protest is expected. Cambodia knows their close ties with China will bring them trouble next. Whether Malaysia knows or not that they are next in line, albeit with weak leaders, is the question. When Mahathir was in power the USA could not do much, but with weak leaders running the country, it is ripe for the picking.

Thailand and Myanmar are taking a leaf from what the Chinese Government did in Hong Kong. Let those rats surface, watch them closely, identify them, get the evidence and get rid of them in one fell swoop. It is no use cracking down too early, as those rats will just go underground and resurface later. The Chinese saying is that to get rid of grass you have to get at the roots. Dig them up as well. Other countries are learning from the Chinese experience.

The USA does not tolerate foreign intervention in their internal affairs, for example the accusation that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election. Why should other countries tolerate USA intervention into their domestic affairs by USA funded NGOs masquerading as aid agencies and human rights watchdog. Countries are waking up.

Countries that have lately turn the tables by recognising China and dumping Taiwan like the Solomon Island and Equatorial Guinea will of course face trouble. That is again the modus operandi of the USA. The USA talks so much about countries having the right to choose their affiliation in the conflict in Eastern Europe, but does not walk the talk when it comes to other countries making their choice freely. Even allies like Germany are not spared.

The USA, long known to be funding fake NGOs for the purpose of inciting unrest, which has so much focus on human rights, have now focused their attention on ASEAN, after doing much harm to the Middle East, with 'Arab Spring' coming to mind.



Asean values and how it should act and behave...not to the dictates of external powers

Commentary: Is Cambodia up to the task of chairing ASEAN?

Cambodia has taken the reins for ASEAN leadership for 2022, a year that will be defined by its handling of the Myanmar crisis, as well as foreign engagement in an increasingly multipolar world order, says a researcher.

Riko Watanabe

Above is the title of an article in the CNA by a Japanese researcher questioning the ability of Cambodia as Asean Chairman. From the title that he phrased you can see where he is coming from and acting as if he or Japan knows best for Asean. Why is Cambodia not up to the task? What is the task of Asean, what is the platform and purpose of Asean? 

Obviously from the angle of the Japanese and the Americans, two warmongering countries always thinking and acting as if they are superpowers and have the right to interfere into other countries' domestic affairs, not just influencing, even to the extent of threats and wars, Asean must be like them, poke its fingers into other countries domestic affairs, in this case Myanmar. And Cambodia's diplomatic and consulting approach, without trying to meddle into Myanmar's domestic affairs, without dictating to Myanmar, is unacceptable. 

To the Japanese and Americans, Asean must act and behave like a gangster, telling other countries what to do, to do according to their beliefs and warmongering culture, to become like them.

Is this what Asean is all about? Asean was formed with certain principles of non interference in another country's domestic affairs, does not want to be dragged into a conflict by the big powers, to live peacefully with its neighbours, cooperation and peaceful coexistence, not acting like a gangster to demand and dictate to one another. The culture of Asean is to accept one another despite the differences in culture, religion, history and political system.

However, some Asean states are so influence by the warmongering and trouble making Americans and Japanese and think that it is right to mess around with the affairs of other Asean neighbours, telling Asean states what they should do, what they can or cannot do, according to their own fancies, thinking that they are better than their neighbours.

When Asean starts to behave like cocks, and forget about the principles of peaceful coexistence of its founding members, not to allow big powers to interfere and mess around in Asean, then Asean is destined to breakup as the political system and culture of every Asean state is different and in many ways opposite to the others, eg communist states, Islamic states, kingdoms, secular states etc etc. For Asean states to want to impose their values on fellow Asean states is mischievous and a joke when many Asean states are as messy and undemocratic as they pretend to be otherwise.

Asean is best to retain its original identity and way of doing things, without acting cocky like the Americans or allowing the Americans or Japanese to tell them what to do, what is expected of them to be accepted by the warmongers and international terrorists and gangsters.

Asean should stay neutral, and find common grounds among its members to live and cooperate in economic growth and development. Stop being a cock and being told to act like a cock to please the Americans or Japanese. Live quietly and peacefully among its neighbours, consulting with each other instead of arrogating themselves as the paragon of all virtues and looking down on its neighbours. By the look of it, some Asean leaders are already behaving haughtily and abrasively against Myanmar as if they are white gods, they are superior to Myanmar's leaders. 

Can you believe that? People living in glass houses must not go around throwing stones.

Or should we ask, do the Japanese think so highly of themselves that they are the best to chair Asean? They invaded practically every Asean country in WW2 and massacred many Asean natives and robbed the treasures of Asean countries.


Singapore: An Era Of Leadership Uncertainty - Part 1

The first generation Leadership, under Lee Kuan Yew, had prepared themselves very well for the transition of power in 1990 to the second generation Leedership, under Goh Chok Tong, though popularly assumed by many pundits to be just a Seat-Warmer for a short period until the "Prince-in-Waiting" had been fully groomed and grooved to take over the Dynastic Reign.

The second generation Leedership, under Goh Chok Tong had also prepared well for the transition of power in 2004 to the third generation Leedersheep, under Lee Hsien Loong, the eldest son of the First Premier, three years earlier than planned for. Though at the dismay of PM Goh Chok Tong then, he (Goh) had no choice but to give way grazedfully and gracefully in order to continue to enjoy his lofty tall order of obscene and unconscionable highest pay in the world, and perks and annual bonuses, all of which were initiated and instituted during his opportunistic temporal reign.

The third generation Leedersheep, under Lee Hsien Loong, had been very hard at work to select, nurture, groom, sanitize and sanforize an acceptable, agreeable, amiable, amicable, appropriate and apprehensive 4th generation premier right from the very beginning when they took over the reign of power from the second generation Leedership.

It came a time when all seemed so well after a prolonged and anxious delay, to the delight and joy of the daft, mesmerised and subservient Singaporeans, that a successor in the person called Heng Swee Kiat was the Chosen One to succeed the Throne of Power, albeit an expected Seat-Warmer.

Alas! After only two years of fanfare, glamour, glory and limelight, for whatever genuine, sanguine or sinister reasons, the baton was dropped; the towel thrown in; the curtain closed; and the Deputy will only continue to be a Deputy for the rest of his stay in the Iron-and-Steel Cabinet of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

DPM Heng has declared that he does not want to be the next Prime Minister because his runway is too short. He must be thinking that being the World's highest-paid soon-to-be Prime Minister, his Premier Plane should be much bigger than the US President's Airforce One?

So, the already delayed and prolonged search for and selection of the next Leeder of Sheep continues, to the great disappointment of many balls-carriers, busy-bodies, well-wishers and political watchers.

By now, as most of us can see, there are three glaring contenders for the fourth generation Leedersheep. Perhaps, there is a dark horse in the dark background as a Joker in the deck of the Master Magician's cards? We do not really know. He likes to keep us in suspense.

The three contestants, as the illusions appeared, are:

1. Chan Chun Sing.
2. Lawrence Wong
3. Ong Ye Kung.

Who is winning the race so far? Your guess is as good as mine.


To continue in Part 2.

Covid19 - Singapore calmly and confidently expecting more than 10,000 daily cases

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said it expects the number of cases to rise sharply.

“Cases could double every two to three days and could reach 10,000 to 15,000, or even more, cases per day,” the ministry said in a media release....

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,155 new COVID-19 infections as of noon on Friday (Jan 21), comprising 2,794 local infections and 361 imported ones.

The surge in the number of new cases, considering Thursday's figure was just 1,472, is due to the inclusion of the number of Protocol 2 cases in its daily updates, said the Ministry of Health (MOH)....

Earlier on Friday, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said during a multi-ministry task force news conference that reporting the number of Protocol 2 cases would give "a better picture of the epidemic situation in Singapore and which part of the curve we are on".

Above were reported in the CNA. 

Interesting to note that the number of mild cases ie Protocol 2, were not included in the reporting. Like that also can. What else were not reported? Statistics don't lie.

Anyway, relative comparison, the Americans have a population of about 3m versus Singapore's 6m. America has 1.4m daily cases. If Singapore has the same population of the Americans, ie 50 times bigger, the number of infected cases would be 50 x 3,000 = 150,000 cases and would be 50 x 10,000 = 500,000 cases. Both number would still be lower than the American's. But why the Americans did not classify themselves as high risk but Singapore as high risk and telling their citizens to avoid Singapore? Is it because they did not like us and putting pressure trying to influence our niceness towards them?

Now, in the same vein, India has a population of 1.3b and about 350,000 daily cases. India pop is about 200 time bigger than Singapore. The equivalent cases would be 200 x 3,000 = 600,000 cases or 200 x 10,000 = 2m cases. Wow, these numbers would not look nice and the Americans would not only banned their people from coming here but likely to ban Singaporeans entering the USA.

But no need to worry about India. The Indians die die would want to come to Singapore, their heaven on earth. They would flood Singapore and take over the island even if we have 2 m cases a day. Indians simply love Singapore, and also Singapore loves Indians. With this kind of lover relationship, Singapore would never be short of Indians and the all job vacancies would easily be filled if open to Indians, from the President, PM, CEOs down to the cleaners and workers.

Singapore is so lucky to have India on the standby waiting to take over everything Singaporeans did not want to do, including CEOs of banks and industries, and President and PM and Ministers. India Indians are not like Singapore Indians, so shy, PM job also don't want. India Indians would gasak everything whether Singaporeans likes it or not. Yes, they are hungry, damn bloody hungry.


Epoch Times - Some sensible comments about American vaccines

 Epoch Times is about the most extremist and rightist media available. It is good to know that they still have some sensible viewers that are clear minded and willing to tell the truth instead of spreading lies and hate against China.

Here are the comments.


Made from dog sh*t, they tested that trash at the university of Texas and the placebo was more effective. They know it did not work and sold that trash also in Europe and the idiots brought it.

JK Mom

Ummm….. not to point out the obvious but people “vaccinated” with any of the 4 “vaccines” used in western countries are getting infected at higher per-capita rates than the unvaccinated, and two papers in pre-print show the vaccinated are getting re-infected at much higher rates than the still unvaccinated.
Chinese chicken is the least of the issues facing us school children.

LLinda Griffin

And the shots are becoming more lethal, not less.
They are calibrating the bio-weapon, according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former CEO of Pfizer.

discipleofjesus Perelka

It is because the vaccines are weakening people’s immune systems.
The more you booster, the worse it gets.


That can’t be right, people with a higher infection rate after the vaccine? Weird.


Seriously……. And it doesn’t seem to matter which vaccine they hit. The compliant all got infected……. And compliments of the compliance probably will again and again and again since those super duper effective faux vaccines are super duper effective at destroying the innate natural immune response


That was and is their goal.
God I hope the evil get what they deserve. It’s the Zuckerbergs, Soros, Gates, Bidens, Clinton’s, Obama and so many more. Ugh

Covid19 - Omicron here to nest

 This latest chart from CNA tells how serious the Omicron virus is and is settling down here and spreading like fire. Gan Kim Yong said it could double in every 2 days. Now if this happens, and go on for a couple of months, think of the duplication effect and how long it would complete infecting everyone in the island. 2,4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128, .....

Is this alarming, anyone thinks this is alarming and something must be done to it quickly or never mind, like Trump said, let it roll over the USA. Then we would all have natural immunity. But having natural immunity must also get jab. Otherwise the pharmas cannot sell their vaccines and cannot make money.

Come to think of it Trump is not that dump. Qualification, Omicron is not as deadly as Delta.

What do you think? Is the MTF on the right track to herd immunity? How many more jabs and how many more boosters would be enough? Hopefully by then it would become like common flu and no need to get jab and jab, unless some evil people continue to release their manmade virus that are deadlier and deadlier to keep the scam of selling vaccines and jabbing and boosting to go on forever.


Electronic Banking - Is your money safe in the banks?

SINGAPORE: All OCBC customers affected by the recent SMS phishing scam will receive "full goodwill payouts" covering the amount they lost, the bank said on Wednesday (Jan 19).

More than 100 victims have received the money, it said in a statement, adding that arrangements for the payouts will be made with all affected customers by next week.  CNA

The above is the result of scamming and phishing in the electronic banking system. OCBC is the first published case when more than 400 victims had their bank accounts violated and emptied. Other banks are coming out warning their customers on how not to be caught in the scam and losing their money.

In traditional banking, such things would not have happened. When one puts money in the bank, it is about the safest place for your money to be, better than in the piggy banks at home or under the pillow. No sleepless night worrying if the money is still there.

With the latest development, not that it is new or had not happened before, would the depositors be having sleepless night wondering if their money is safe in the banks, or would they have to be constantly checking their bank accounts, or scare out of their wits whenever they received a sms in the mobile from the banks or from scammers? Is this the price to be paid by depositors when money lost due to scams and phishing is not guaranteed by the banks? Note, OCBC is returning the lost money to the owners out of goodwill this time, not legally or mandatory and can refuse to make right the money lost the next time. What if the amount lost is much much more, in the hundreds of millions involving bigger number of customers, would the banks still honour the money kept with them or wash their hands and disclaim any responsibility, or perhaps return a token sum?

Would MAS come out with a ruling, a regulation to clarify on this matter? The situation is getting bad as the scammers are getting very brazen and aggressive and many innocent depositors would not even have any clue of what happened and when or how their money were stolen from their accounts.

Who should be responsible for the money given to the banks for safe keeping? The electronic banking system is designed by the banks. Should not the banks be held responsible as it is their system and they are supposed to provide all the necessary safeguards and to protect the money from being stolen while in their care? The banks must have a fiduciary duty and responsibility to ensure the system is secure and the money of the depositors are secured and safe. It cannot be a case of not their responsibility, and if lost they have a right not to make good the money but only on goodwill, ie discretionary, they can refuse to accept responsibility for the lost of the money, and no need to pay back to the depositors.

If this is the case, is your money safe in the bank? Would depositors dare to continue to leave their money with the banks when the banks are employing many foreigners from God knows where to maintain their electronic banking systems, with access to the money of the depositors. With the sophistication of the electronic systems, digital money can be transferred all over the world and very difficult to trace or recover, unlike the good old days when the bank staff were mostly citizens and the physical money could only be carted away in wheelbarrows if the quantity is big.

Would this become a new crisis of confidence for the banks? Who is there to protect the depositors? Is there any law to protect the depositors when technically the scam could be an internal job with so many foreigner programmers and software engineers employed and maintaining the system, have accessed to the system?

What do you think?
PS. I have even reduce my credit card limits to a minimum. Cannot trust the system anymore. In the past it is always trying to max the limit possible. And the banks too would be asking customers to increase their limits. Now who dares to increase their limits to be available for scamming? This may even destroy the credit card business.


Genocide - Who committed the biggest genocide in human history?

France’s National Assembly voted 169 to 1 on Thursday to officially recognize “the violence perpetrated by the People's Republic of China against the Uighurs as constituting crimes against humanity and genocide.”

The non-binding resolution, put forward by the opposition Socialists and backed by President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche party, calls on the French government to take “necessary measures” to protect Uighurs.  RT

Above pic also from RT showing silly unthinking women carrying placards to boycott Xinjiang products just because the white men told them a fabricated lie about alleged genocide in Xinjiang.  Did they know how many Muslims were killed by the white men, including by the French in Northern Africa?  Did they know how many Muslims were made refugees and have to flee their countries when white men like the French joined the Americans to invade their countries?

And very likely these women were also refugees that have fled their homes because of the wars committed by the white men in their destroyed countries.

How not to be ruled by the white men when they can't think or refused to think and embracing the devils as their friends and protectors?

There is a high possibility that hiding behind the masks were actually white women.
The biggest genocides in human history were committed by the Europeans when they invaded North America and massacred tens of millions of native Americans, the original people of the continent, called Red Indians or 'savages' in now USA and Canada. The real murderers were the white savages that today pretending to be angels going around talking about human rights and democracy. Did they care about the human rights of the Red Indians they massacred and calling them savages?
The second biggest genocide was committed by the same Europeans in the continent of Africa. The Africans were either killed or captured like animals and sent to their colonies as slaves to work for free in their farms and cotton fields. 
The Uyghurs today work in the cotton fields of Xinjiang using machine in huge fields and making good money to live a better life than many average poor Americans and Europeans.  And the Americans and Europeans are jealous and trying to break their rice bowl by calling for a ban on products of the Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang, to destroy their jobs and make them poorer and use them to create trouble in their country.
Fortunately not a single Muslim country believe in this white men's fabricated lie. Many foreign Muslim dignitaries have visited Xinjiang personally to witness the good life the Uyghurs are having in Xinjiang, living in peace and prosperity with good jobs and businesses, unlike the war torn countries in the Middle East, in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Somalia, and in Afghanistan invaded by the white savages.
Compare to those countries invaded by the Americans in an endless war to support the American war machine and Industrial Complex, Xinjiang is like heaven to the Uyghurs. China would not allow the evil white savages to invade Xinjiang and turn it into another Muslim/Arab war torn country.

On Statistics and Surveys

The famous quote:


is a truism, an evergreen indisputable truth, referring to the use of statistics to influence our opinions and decisions.

Statistics has/have so many methods of collection, collation, analysis and interpretation, and so many ways of presentation. The expert statisticians will have no problem manipulating, playing and flirting with the numbers, as if they are the figures of a voluptuous young woman's measurements.

Surveys are even more tricky and manipulative.

Surveys can be done with a small group of select sampling (targeted for a select objective) or a large group of widely spread-out sampling of the population distribution.

It is common sense that the larger the group of sampling, the more accurate the results may turn out. The smaller the group of sampling, the least accurate the results would be.

Most surveys are done with a small sampling because of pure laziness, shortage of time, lack of resources and seriousness and outright evil deceptive intent.

Survey questionnaires can also be constructed in such a manner that leads the targeted responders to answer positively or negatively. They can even leave the responders no choice, except to respond in the way the "researchers" have already predetermined.

Survey analysis is another area that can be manipulated and skewed to meet certain objectives. It all depends on the ingenuity, integrity and trustworthiness, or the disingenuity, cunningness and unscrupulousness, of the beholdened "analysts" or paid "researchers".

Surveys' reports, the most manipulated frontier of deception, are frequently used by politicians, political parties and policymakers as test-balloons to gauge, as well as opinion-influencers to lure unsuspecting, innocent people to their side. So, read these survey reports with a large handful of salts.

Professional and well-paid survey reporters are some of the best liars in the opinions influencing field. I have never trusted their reports. You can trust them at your own perils.

In conclusion, though statistics and surveys are good tools for decision-making if done by ourselves for our own needs, but they should not be relied upon if presented by others to influence our opinions and decisions.



Covid19 - More serious and deadly viruses coming - Bill Gates

Software magnate Bill Gates has raised the specter of future viruses that could be more lethal than Covid-19, saying rich countries should ramp up vaccine funding to brace for potentially catastrophic outbreaks.

The Microsoft co-founder made his comments while announcing a new $150 million pledge by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). He noted that while Covid-19’s Delta and Omicron variants were among the most transmissible viruses ever seen, the world could have been hit with a more virulent pathogen, killing far more people....

“We were then and we are now living in what I think is an era of more frequent and more complex epidemics and pandemics,” Farrar said. (Jeremy Farrar is a director of Wellcome Trust.

Above is reported in RT.

Why is Bill Gates now a spokesman on viruses and vaccines? Why is a computer man now speaking up like he is the guru of viruses and vaccines and investing in virus patents and vaccine making?

What did Bill Gates know that the professionals did not know? Bill Gates is speaking with an unusual confidence like he is the all knowing God. What kind of virus patents is he holding, are these viruses more potent and virulent as described by him?

Why is he not destroying the virus patents but keeping them? What are the benefits for him to have so many viruses patented? He is not going to have them for dinner for sure.

Should the world, the UN, WHO, criminalise virus patents, get all the viruses destroyed? Of course this is not possible with the Americans hoarding them as bio weapons, as WMD, with hundreds of labs all over the world producing and culturing the viruses to be developed into more deadly bioweapons.

What kind of crazy world is this? Indeed there will be more deadly viruses coming out in the future, from natural mutation that would that a very long time, or man made, coming out from the labs and American stockpiles or from those owned by private individuals.

Below are some comments to the article in RT

Daffy Duck 
Bill Gates is the virus

these ghouls create problems, spring out band aids as solutions, and keep sucking the blood and sweat of humanity.

The Undying 
He learned well from computer viruses.

vot tak 
The war criminal has already financed them, no doubt.

He knows, in the way an arsonist knows about future fires.

Gates is running out of computers to infect with his viruses

Unreal how bunch of world criminals over and over investing money in development of new viruses - unpunished

Jeff Mething 
These Europeans feed you the poison and then offer you another poison. Commit your genocide, rascals.

The reason Bill Gates is able to "predict" these planned scamdemics is because he is the one bringing them about. He belongs in prison with all of his assets seized and returned to all the people whose lives he's destroyed. Nevermind prison, Bill Gates belongs on death row.

Translation: he's about to release a new, more sophisticated and deadlier virus.

On Statistics and Surveys Pandits or Pundits

Usually, truthful and sincere people do not need to resort to the use of statistics and surveys. They simply use logic, rationale and common sense.

On the other spectrum, professional liars frequently make full use of statistical analysis and survey reports to CONvince and INFluence others. Do you know why?

Very simple. It is because these two methods of operation (modus operandi) can be easily faked and manipulated to set the outcome the professional liars have already set out to deceive the public, who usually do not have the luxury, time or aptitude to examine the details of the set-up statistics and survey analysis reports.

As such, the bigger/greater the liars, the more flagrantly and frequently statistical analysis presentations and conjured survey reports are quoted to support their lies.

Therefore, for all intents and purposes, we commoners must never allow anyone who make use of statistical figures (they are treating us as digits) and survey analysis reports to influence your thoughts, to affect your common sense and to decide your decisions.

Think wisely and form your own conclusions and make your own decisions. Don't simply follow the crowd, especially those who have stupidity that cannot be cured.



Who is the first communist?

 The West especially the Americans, have been badmouthing Communism as if it is a plague. The Communist ideology is far from it.  It is about building an utopia, peace and equality for all happy human beans.

Historically, Communism is associated with violence, uprising, rebellion, wars and destruction as the poorer population rebelled against the control, oppression and exploitation of the rich capitalists and landlords. The process is painful with many upheavals and deaths. After the early phase it would be a phase of rebuilding and reconstruction under very difficult conditions as the poor would have to start from scratch like in China. And there would also be the imperialist and capitalist forces to contend with.

In brief, Communism is about equality and sharing of wealth, pooling of capital, no private ownership of land and resources.  Everything is own by the state. People live together and share everyone for the common good. If the country is rich, everyone would share the riches and vice versa.  Communism had be smeared and demonised as a bad thing by the West, poor people, poverty, unhappy struggle for existence.

Sometime in year 0, one man stood up to defend the poor, gathered a lot of poor followers to live like the communists, in communes, sharing of food and whatever they had. They were mostly poor peasants, the rejects of society, the outcast. They wondered around, homeless, with no property to call their own, living from hand to mouth, sharing their food with their brothers and sisters.

This man was Jesus. Jesus was the first communist. His followers were the pioneer communists. They lived in communes sharing everything, food etc etc. No private property.  Subsequently the churches were built in his name. The organisation structure of the churches were like the communist party, with central committees, cadres and cell groups, and confession of sins.

Karl Marx, a Jew, must have his inspiration from the lives of Jesus and his fellow communists. His ideology inspired a lot of the poor peasants to believe that they could build themselves a better society and could live happily in a peaceful utopia. This utopia is very similar to the utopia called Heaven, where all men are brothers, are equal, except some are more equal than others.

In practice, the ideal communist utopia is a difficult construct on earth. Many communist states are actually in a long process towards the ultimate utopia. This phase of a long march towards their dreamland is what socialism is all about, trying to build a fairer, just and more equal society for all, and hopefully ending in a communist utopia like heaven.

Now why would people believing in Jesus, the first communist, going to church that organised itself and practised like a communist organisation, no democratic election, be so against Communism? It is like someone drinking wine but condemning wine, unable to notice that wine is the wine they are drinking and enjoying. Jesus and the churches are the living images of Communism in another name, heaven is utopia in another name.

The churches, especially the Catholic Church, has all the structures and organisations that you can find in a communist state. Cadres/comrades, the primates/central committee members, the cardinals, bishops, pope, have their equivalents in the communist leadership hierarchy, the secretaries, assistant secretaries, the chairman, all rose within the ranks of a select few party members, trained in the same doctrine. The churches survived on the charity of its members, commonwealth, sharing of wealth. The church is the biggest communist organisation.

What is Democracy, what is Communism?

Repeat Booster Shots Spur European Warning on Immune-System Risks

 Repeat Booster Shots Spur European Warning on Immune-System Risks

European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible.

Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries should leave more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, following the blueprint set out by influenza vaccination strategies, the agency said.

The advice comes as some countries consider the possibility of offering people second booster shots in a bid to provide further protection against surging omicron infections. Earlier this month Israel became the first nation to start administering a second booster, or fourth shot, to those over 60. The U.K. has said that boosters are providing good levels of protection and there is no need for a second booster shot at the moment, but will review data as it evolves.

Boosters “can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly,” Marco Cavaleri, the EMA head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy, said at a press briefing on Tuesday. “We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.”

The EU regulator also said at the briefing that oral and intravenous antivirals, such as Paxlovid and Remdesivir, maintain their efficacy against omicron. The agency said that April is the soonest it could approve a new vaccine targeting a specific variant, as the process takes about three to four months. Some of the world’s largest vaccine-makers have said they are looking at producing vaccines that could target new variants.




Time to go to church to pray and ask for forgiveness


When you find the Prime Minister, a Senior Minister and the minister from the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) suddenly appearing in the Catholic Church on one single weekend and then one of them “miraculously” appearing at Vatican, guess it is normal for alarm bells to go off instead of the Church’s bells.

On Saturday, 11th December, PM Lee attended the Mass Celebration at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, for the closing of the 200th Anniversary of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

He also took the opportunity to chat with Archbishop Marek Zalewski, the Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore to convey his greetings to Pope Francis.

The Minister for MCCY, Edwin Tong was also present.

Next day, SM Teo Chee Hean, a former SJI boy, and several grassroots leaders attended Mass at the Church of Divine Mercy in Pasir Ris.

Were they there to seek salvation?....

Joseph Nathan

Above is posted in the TRE.

Time to go to church to pray and ask for forgiveness? 

Jesus will chase away the evil doers just like the tax collectors. Salvation is in oneself. Do no evil and you will have nothing to fear.

Is Singapore Really In A Hopeless Case of 'To Each His Own' Survival State?

Some people believe that Singapore is now in a hopeless state and we must, therefore, seek wealth and well-being for ourselves - the selfish individual self. Is this true?

The individuals who hold that belief could have been led to such a mental defeatist attitude by the example of the greedy leaders who are enriching and agrandising themselves, and simultaneously glorifying and empowering their positions no end.

However, there is another belief. The belief that the destiny of a country is based on a higher set of values, instead of the depravity of power and human greed.

All we need is a few GOOD MEN. Don't ever give up hope. Without HOPE, humans would have been destroyed by themselves long ago.

Every life is living because of HOPE. Every living being is living because there is HOPE for change, evolution for the better. Nobody hope for the worst. Not even the coronavirus! It mutates frequently to improve itself.

Do not subscribe to a defeatist attitude. A defeatist mentality is doomed to extinction like the dodo bird of Mauritius. We must never think that Singapore is hopeless and every one should be for himself /herself. We can still come together to build a better Singapore in the near future, if not for ourselves, at least for the sake of our children and their children.

Lee Kuan Yew did it because he had a Few Good Men. With this team, he was able to lead Singapore to where it was 20 years ago (before his son took over), with only 1.6 million people in 1965, mostly uneducated and illiterate, but hardworking and determined.

If Lee Kuan Yew could do it with much less manpower and resources, why can't others? Why can't his successor? His own eldest son?

Ironically, it was he who had planted the seed for Singapore’s decay and decline. He put up a one-man-operation (OMO) System that has to be supported by "Yes-men", with a few decorative peripheral "Yes-women".

This LKY System can only be effective and competent if run by LKY with his team of Few Good Men. Once the Few Good Men had been systematically removed, it also set the clock clicking for Singapore’s eventual decay and decline, which had led Singapore to the pathetic and tragic state it is today.

However, there is still HOPE. Singapore is still not a hopeless case. We can build a new system, a better system than what it is today. Anyone who tell you that the status quo is the way to go, he must be someone with a selfish personal agenda. Don't take him seriously.

As we can see, there are still good and capable people around in Singapore. When the situation has deteriorated to a precarious stage, I am sure those Few Good Men will come out to take on the responsibility to rebuild Singapore again, to build a new System for ALL.

It takes all sorts of people to fill this world. There are people who build new systems. There are people who maintain old systems that still work effectively. There are people who exploit the system and there are people who only know how to destroy the system.

However, the worst type of people are those who continuously and persistently destroy the system but still think highly of themselves that they are running the systems so very well that they deserve to become multi-millionaires overnight for running down the system. These are the scumbags and rubbish bins of a sick society. These people are bound to deteriorate, decay and rot like rubbish in one form or another. These self-enriching people are not what Singaporeans should look up to. These must be discarded like the rubbish we throw into the rubbish chutes everyday. If not, once the rubbish accumulates for too long, it will smell badly, abhorrently stinking!

Once the rubbish is cleared, Singapore will be clean again. That day for a thorough cleaning will come. That day must come, inevitable!

So, Don't Lose HOPE!

Queen of Hearts.


Covid19 - World's largest international criminal investigation on Covid mRNA vaccines.

The world’s largest‐ever international criminal investigation is now under‐way, involving Hammersmith Police, The Metropolitan Police, and The International Criminal Court. The UK police accepted the supporting information and agreed there is enough evidence to proceed under the above crime number.

The case was lodged on 20th December 2021 by Sam White MD, Philip Hyland (PJH Law), Lois Bayliss (Broad Yorkshire Law) and retired policeman Mark Sexton. Requests for further assistance have been made to international lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr (nephew of J F Kennedy), Dr Reiner Fuellmich (German corporate lawyer who won the emissions scandal case against Volkswagen Audi), Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer Vice President), plus countless other doctors, professors, virologists, biologists, data experts and lawyers nationally and internationally; some of whom have already made direct contact with the police and have been acknowledged by Superintendent Simpson (Assistant to Cressida Dick, Head of The Metropolitan Police).

The complaints allege numerous serious crimes including misfeasance and misconduct in public office; gross negligence manslaughter; corporate manslaughter, murder, conspiracy to murder, genocide and crimes against humanity....

This is nothing short of genocide; once again it seems that profit over people is the overriding motive. There is a deliberate blanket campaign of misinformation underway. Many don’t even realise that the covid Vaccine is still an experimental product....

We have several thousand pieces of evidence to discredit the safety and efficacy of this vaccine, but we are still encouraging members of the public to contact us to further support our claim. We therefore appeal to anyone who has suffered the death of a loved one following a Covid vaccine and anyone who has been injured by it, e.g. blindness, heart issues, blood clots, stroke, myocarditis etc”.

“We’d also like to hear from those illegally threatened with ‘No jab, no job’”.

We must act now. If you have information to assist the police inquiry, please contact Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire Law: loisbayliss@broadyorkshirelaw.co.uk

Ref: Metropolitan Police Crime Number: 6029679/21. International Criminal Court (The Hague) case number: OTP‐CR‐473/21

The above extract is from an article posted in TRE editorial titled 'International criminal investigation into mRNA Vaccine-Related crimes launched In UK'

Finally some serious action is being taken. If proven that the Covid mRNA vaccine is a fraud, dangerous and lethal, many people would be thrown into prison for crimes against humanity.

The truth cannot be hidden for long and must surface.

COVID-19 Vaccination: Absurd, Impractical and Draconian Rules Against Human Dignity, Freedom and Liberty

MOH's latest arbitrary decree to impose upon everyone the need to be re-vaccinated every 270 days not only has no scientific basis but is also Absurd (no common sense), Impractical and Draconian.

Even in the US, their CDC does not approve a continuous booster shot beyond the third shot. The Chief of the US Covid-19 Advisor said that it is not necessary.

Even the Chief of the World Health Organisation has repeatedly said that it is not necessary to have booster shot after booster shot. He specifically said that it is Impractical and very costly.

On what basis did the Singapore Experts Committee came up with this absurd, Impractical and Draconian rule/decree that impinges on the basic human rights and liberties (work, movement and living) of decent human beings?

It is definitely against the International Laws and our National Constitution.

Singaporeans must call a stop for the trigger-happy style of this Covid-19 Management Team to continue inventing one Draconian measure after another, as if they are Absolute Monarchs.

By so doing, they don't seem to care about our life and livelihood at all. Therefore, it is absurd to even think that they care about our health and well-being.

Time to wake up, Singaporeans!


Covid19 - COV: Certificate of Vaccination - 270 days validation?

This is as recommended by the Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination (EC19V) said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a press release on Jan. 5, 2022.

This will also apply to individuals who received recognised non-mRNA primary vaccination regimens offered under the National Vaccination Programme as well as regimens of other WHO EUL vaccines.
For this group, however, most will not be due for a booster shot for some time.

MOH said that it will expect non-mRNA vaccine Novavax to be available as an option by then.

Fully vaccinated only for 270 days

From Feb. 14, 2022 onwards, a person will be considered as fully vaccinated only for 270 days (approximately nine months) after the last dose in their primary vaccination series, provided that they are:

Persons aged 18 years and above who have completed the primary vaccination series of Covid-19 vaccines

Eligible for booster vaccination

MOH said that these people should receive their booster shots from around five months thereafter and no later than 270 days thereafter, to ensure an optimal level of protection.

Upon receiving the booster, individuals will continue to be considered fully vaccinated beyond the 270 days.   From: themothership.sg

Starting Feb. 14, the city-state will require booster shots for people to maintain their "full vaccination" status, a requirement for entering supermarkets, restaurants and even workplaces.

Why and when has vaccine a valid period that must be renewed with a booster shot every 270 days? When has an effective vaccination scheme be limited in time and with an expiry date? Is this becoming another compulsory pay up scheme like medical insurance? This is worse than COEs for vehicles. COEs last for 10 years before expiring. This vaccine 'COE' or COV lasts for only 270 days. When expires, a person's movement would be restricted like vehicles, not allowed to enter designated places. Vehicles can still enter city zones by paying a toll fee. In this case, one cannot even pay a toll fee to restaurants, shopping centres, food courts or workplaces, cannot work, cannot renew licence.  No toll charges acceptable! It is as good as being locked down without a valid vaccination certificate.  Draconian? 

On what basis did this Expert Committee come up with such a compulsory vaccination/booster scheme? Another money making scheme, pay up every 270 days or else? Are we being blackmailed?

There have been talks about controlling population growth with the vaccine when this virus cropped up. Now they can control the population with vaccine certificate certificates. No valid vaccination certificate, don't pay up, you are deprived of your rights to visit places, to go out and eat, to go to work etc etc.

What kind of draconian law is this? How far are we from a totalitarian state? Or we are already there?  Is there a violation of personal freedom, of human rights? We are a free society? As usual, what have the elites, the legal fraternity got to say about this? Self censorship?

Singaporeans need a bit of backbone and self respect

 Based on the example of China, it can be equally said about Singaporeans in Singapore today.

1. No respectable Singaporean would want to live a life time being despised as the faceless, voiceless, subservient and meek people the PAP loves to scold, kick, slap, sue until bankrupt and put under ISA without trial.

2. No respectable Singaporean has to be hated, to be despised, to be bullied, to be trampled with and to be financially, politically and socially destroyed by the PAP Leedersheep.

3. No respectable Singaporean has to be made a running dog of the PAP and be allowed only to serve its master like a slave forever.

4. How could any respectable Singaporean still be thinking that Singaporeans must hide in the corner, not to be seen or heard, and yet have to vote and elect the Dracula, the biggest blood-sucker, to perpetually be the Master and Ruler of your lives for eternity? 

Queen of Hearts

China needs repackaging

 The problem with china is Packaging. We all know very well china's capabilities in science and technology in this modern era. We are all in agreement with the fact that china has been bullied for far too long. A hard approach of countering USA mainstream media, is not a good way to fight back, just as an overly meek approach isn't good.

China need to re-brand itself. It needs a witty (a bit whacky would be ideal) spokesman/men/women, well versed in Western ways of communicating, to deliver the above simple subtle message in a casual nuanced way that appeals to Western audiences.

China should buy advertising space to bombard the world with its new image. That is to say a slow, calculated and appealing repackaging of its Just causes, with historical basis but yet not descending into presenting boring b&w war clips which Western audiences are tired of. The West dislike things they can't understand, and speaking chinese with subtitles, is not gonna win hearts. China need to reinvent its image to the world and subtlely seek world support from.common folks. If you hv seen Taliban spokesman Abdul Q Balkhi you will be amazed. He speaks perfect Queen's English and he has charisma. This kind of PR over a period of years, not one-off, is crucial to rebranding China to educate the 'savages' of the West. It is better than a hard approach tit-for-tat which achieves nothing but escalates and prolong enmities, and add fuel to the arsenal of extreme politicians of the savage West. 


PS. Redbean's comment.

Agree that repackaging is needed and that is what China is doing.  China is not taking it down and fighting back in many ways across every field. China is not relying only on Wolf Warrior policy alone.

The disadvantage of China is language. Many countries were colonies of the West and the subjects were educated in English and mainly reading English and western media, and have been bombarded with history written by the West and their biased reporting for centuries. Their mindset and thinking have been programmed for decades and centuries without them knowing what is right or wrong, what is good for them or good for the colonial powers.

It would be good if China could produce more English media to reach out to the English readers all over the world. And China is doing it with many platforms, CGTN, CNBC, Chinese Daily, Global Times, Different Frames the World, Vision of China VOC, Eyes of Real China,  Long Xin, China QuickTake, The Changing China, China Talking, etc etc.

These new platforms would take time to win followers. It is a process in the making.


Should China continue to be the faceless meek Chinaman?

 The recent change in China's foreign policy, from behaving like the faceless meek Chinaman, head bowed and quietly moving along doing his own things, letting people kicked and slapped and pretended that nothing happened, just to be safe and to avoid trouble, to the 'Wolf Warrior' policy, standing up to return a slap with a slap, a kick with a kick, at least to maintain a bit of manhood and dignity has seen some critics and opposition even in China.

There were many reasons, valid reasons, to behave like the meek and faceless Chinaman in the past. Deng Xiaoping had enough wisdom to know that during his time that was about the best policy to buy time to strengthen China in every aspect of nation building. Any attempt to raise the head and look up at the enemy would invite a big knock and back to head bowed and moving along silently.

When Xi Jinping came to power, China was no longer the poor and hapless agrarian country it was before. China had stood up in every field and built enough strength to be a respectable member of the international community. Xi must have made a thorough appreciation of China's ability vis a vis the number one enemy, the USA, before making such a major change in foreign policy. 

Xi is as good as saying enough is enough. China is not going to bow its head and suffer in silence anymore. After seven decades of struggling and hardwork, China now has enough strength to not only stand up but to hit back when attacked. It was a tough choice. Xi could continue with Deng's policy of not getting into trouble, and let the Americans and the West, including little countries in SE Asia to kick China around... and all would be fine. Everyone would be very happy with China, the meek country of 1.3b people but always bent its head to avoid trouble when being kicked or pushed around, or ridiculed. 

Until today, many analysts or politicians are still thinking that that the old ways was the best for China, to avoid trouble, and be the meek and faceless Chinaman that everyone 'loves' to kick around. The critics and skeptics are angry and unhappy and dismissed Xi as being stupid for standing up to the bullies, big and small. How can China stand up and upset everyone? China's place in the world is to remain unseen and unheard, only to be pushed around and kicked around even by small little countries. Doing what Xi had done made many countries and people very unhappy.

This is what Cui Tiankai's keynote speech in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse was all about. China must continue to bide its time, continue to be the faceless and meek Chinaman, not to ruffle feathers, not to make other countries unhappy. China should stay in its little corner, shut up and be a good boy as determined by the big powers and small countries. China has no place in international affairs.

The contrarian view, led by Yang Jiechi, culminating in the 'Wolf Warrior' policy is all about standing up to aggression, standing up tall with pride and dignity. This policy would be indeed foolish, if China did not assess itself, its economic and military might that it is able to stand up to the Americans and the West. China would have been beaten to mince meat if it is still the weak China of the past. It is not. 

The day must come, sooner or later, for China to stand up as an equal of every country in the world. It is a judgement call. And that day when China stood up, it is going to send shock waves around the world. And it has. Xi and his colleagues have decided that China is strong enough to stand up and be a respectable country. The Chinese people have suffered enough humiliation. Every single day of being meek and faceless is one day too much. No respectable people or nation would want to continue to bow its head and move around quietly like non entity in the world, when even small little country could strut around with pride and dignity.

And there would be strong and harsh reactions to a meek Chinaman standing up when he was expected to keep quiet, mind his own business, and to be slapped and turned the other cheek. The new China that would not be kicked around is too much for those that had lived with a China they could kick around. But soon they would get use to it. Soon they would learn that their proper place, their respective place vis a vis China would have to change. The pecking order has changed, must change.

China's standing up to the bullies of the world, big and small, would not be easy and peaceful. Fortunately it is peaceful so far. The timing is crucial. China would have a harder time if the policy change was premature, and China would have been defeated and isolated for good. The fact that China could stand up peacefully is a vindication that Xi has chosen the right time to stand up. The rest of the world, including the Americans understood the strength of the new China. If they think China is no match to them, the evil Americans would be the first to have started a war with China and press down China to where it was before.

Any doubters to Xi's policy of standing up as a respectable country and a world leader needs to have their heads checked. Anyone still thinking that China should go back to the 'good old days' of a faceless and meek Chinaman and think that that is the best for China must be sick, mentally sick and lack of confidence and pride in the new China. China needs to earn its right as the equals of the world and fearing trouble, avoiding trouble would not gain China any respect in a world where might is right.

China has not only proven itself that it is not a weak and meek nation to be kicked around, it is a new world leader taking its rightful place in a troubled and corrupt world that needs to be changed. Xi's time is as perfect as could be. The rest of the bullied world needs a new and upright and fair leader, not a warmongering and bullying terrorist striking fear and oppressing the world to do its bidding. More and more countries would be rallying to the Chinese side as they have had enough of the bullying and oppression of the Americans and the West.

China has risen peacefully and there is no turning back. The Americans and the West know this and trying their meek best to want to contain China and put back China into its little corner, not to be seen or heard, to be the 'good boy', to be bullied and kicked around.

Time has changed, China has changed, the world has changed, the Americans have not changed and still hoping to be the bully of the world. Some minds have not changed and still lack the confidence to be respectable and dignified Chinaman. China must not be the Ah Q anymore, not a single day.

Without Xi's confidence and wisdom to seize the moment, China would still be the punching bag of the Americans and even little countries in SE Asia. Yes, the Americans and the West are hitting back. This is expected. This is not something avoidable or to be feared. Does China still want to be the punching bag? For sure that is the China that the Americans, the West and the little countries in SE Asia want.

No respectable people would want to live a life time being despised as the faceless and meek people the world loves to hate, to be bullied and ignored forever. How could any respectable Chinese still be thinking that China must hide in the corner, not to be seen or heard?

Xi did not make the decision to change out of anger or egoistic pride. It was a carefully calculated move after very serious thoughts and consideration from all angles. To be a world leader, to be respected, China must fight for it fiercely, no need for any apologies.


Afghanistan - How to replace the Taliban with the Taliban?


Read in Quora this ....

Someone posted the following here at Quora which I think aptly summarized that US of A debacle…

"If you ever feel useless or totally frked-up something, remember that it took 4 U.S.A Presidents, trillions of US$, millions of lives lost, and more than 20 years to replace the Taliban with the Taliban."

The Americans are still controlling the mass media and setting the agenda. Everyday, every silly media would be reporting about North Korea testing their missiles or Russia amassing troops in the border with Ukraine as if it were their faults. North Korea cannot test missiles, Russia cannot amass troops when the Americans are encroaching into Russia's neighbourhood, trying to grab Ukraine and other former Warsaw Pact states in violation of an agreement with the USSR.

All the western media and crony Asia media would report or parrot the American agenda, daily, to make sure the unthinking be programmed, that they are the good guys, others were the bad guys. They never question or condemn why the Americans are having 11 aircraft carriers,  hundreds of military bases and biochemical labs all over the world, 7000 nuclear warheads all operational, all tested without being condemned or sanctioned, and invading countries, fighting wars and massacring the people of their invaded countries.

When would national media of the rest of the world be reporting news from their own perspective, using their own national journalists, instead of being unthinking parrots, reporting news from the American Empire? This is the 21st Century and many countries are still behaving like colonies of the American Empire, controlled and dictated and bullied by the Americans.

North Korea and any country have every right to build up their own defence capability or be bullied and threatened or invaded by the white savages that have overwhelming military superiority. Their only means of defence and remaining independent is to build up a strong military force able to strike back when attacked. North Korea, Russia, China or Iran are victims of American oppression and aggression. They are no threat to any country, no threat to silly unthinking American crony countries.

The real threat to every country is the American Empire and their terrorist organisations, the CIA, NED, the NGOs etc etc. They are behaving like gangsters all over the world, forming gangs to destabilise countries, create instability and inciting wars.

Don't be stupid. Think and find out who are the real trouble makers, the warmongers.