The Silly Logic Of Singapore's Employment Strategy

 The Silly Logic Of Singapore's Employment Strategy

Let it be very clear in our head:

1. No sovereign and sensible country in the world would allow foreigners to invade its territory in any form, any way, any how.

2. No intelligent and wise government worth its salt would allow foreign job hunters to come into the country to dominate and overwhelm its tiny job market.

3. No caring and patriotic leader would allow foreign scavengers to steal and rob in broad daylight the rice-bowls (their only means of livelihood) of his own countrymen.

4. No decent brain would think of providing an avenue for the influx of alien 'talents' from a third world country (that has more than one billion mouths to feed) to infiltrate, invade, infest and imbalance the employment equilibrium within its beloved country and jeopardise the livelihood and survival of its own citizens.

Now, take a closer and deeper look into the employment strategy of Singapore. What do you think it is? It is at the very least, silly.

Recently, the Chief of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ravi Menon openly stated, and therefore confirmed that 57% of senior management from the banking sector are foreign employees.

The 57% is a good indication that the banking industry clearly prefers foreigners than Singaporeans. How has the employment situation in this lucrative sector stealthily crept up to this unhealthy state? Someone must be sleeping.

Are Singaporeans really less educated, less well-trained, less qualified, less intelligent and therefore less competitive? Are our universities producing misfit and unfit graduates that can't even compete with third world village pumpkins with nicely printed papers from Degree Mills?

In the past 15 years, since CECA was signed to secure a steady supply of very hungry food hunters from India, the government had openly, earnestly and relentlessly discouraged Singaporeans from pursuing a degree. Many Junior Colleges have been deliberately closed down.

Recently retired Minister Khaw Boon Wan proudly and crudely said,

“You own a degree, but so what? You can’t eat it. If that cannot give you a good life, a good job, it is meaningless. Can you have a whole country where 100 percent are graduates? I am not so sure ... What you do not want is to create huge graduate unemployment.” (Straits Times; 18 May 2013).

Yes, no smart government would want a 100% graduate population. It would be very difficult for the government to cater jobs for all of them. Moreover, there would be too many smart thinking and analytical people to scrutinise the competency and quality of the leadership in government. This is understandable.

We have always thought that too many graduates in Singapore is not a good thing. But now we learn that 57% of senior bankers are foreign 'talents‘. The question is: How many of this 57% are graduates?

Can we take it that EP holders are mostly graduates? If so, then why does the government keep discouraging us from pursuing a degree and yet allow jobs that require degree holders to go to foreigners with degrees?

I simply can't imagine that a self-proclaimed "caring and outstanding" government can purposely weaken its own workforce by discouraging the citizens from attaining higher education (a basic degree) which would definitely enable them to compete on equal footing in a global economy.

"Go for mastery of skills, said Tharman (Business Times, 18 Sep 2014). And what else did the other Ministers, such as the Trade and Industry Minister and the NTUC Chief (who has been kicked out by the voters in the last GE), said? They said similar things.

Our Universities have been boasting to the world how good they are, even claiming to be Top 10 in Asia, yet these very same Universities cannot even produce top-notch PMETs, such as IT professionals and Bankers? Shameful? Of course!


Is there any other silly government in the world that purposely weakens it’s own workforce and then bring in foreigners to occupy the lucrative top jobs?

Queen of Heart 


PS. Posted on behalf of Queen of Heart

John Pilger - The coming war on China (The truth that must be told)



This is a very thorough research piece of documentary that covered many years of American activities in the world as an Empire till today with very recent additions on the American provocations in the South China Sea and the erratic and warmongering Trump at his devious and lying best. Many things in this documentary were not meant to be seen by the people of the world. The Americans would be fuming against what Pilger has produced and narrated about the cruel experiment on the poor natives of the Marshall Islands. And there are many things about China that the Americans would not want to see or want to know.

Pilger revealed the extent of the American Empire and how it encircled and contained China militarily while the American go about spreading the lie that China was harbouring the intention of becoming a hegemonic super power when the truth is that America is the resident hegemon. The soldiers on the ground, ie American bases all over the world and around China speak the truth of American aggressive and provocative behaviour to the point of starting a war with China. The hate China disease in the Americans could be clearly seen in the comments by some of the American leaders from the 60s and 70s, harping on the Chinese threat when China was the victim of their aggression, invasion and colonisation. 

There were also some factual revelation of where the wealth of America and some of the elite American families came from, the opium trade in China. From some reviews, it is clear that this documentary is getting on the nerves of American and white supremacists. They are gritting their teeth in rage watching it and at the prospect of the people of the world watching the ugly truth exposed by John Pilger.

This powerful documentary has been very well received as one of John Pilger's great work and has been screened in UK and some western cinemas. This is a must watch documentary to remove the scale the Americans pulled over the eyes of the innocents around the world.

Thank you, John Pilger.

CECA Indians infested local companies. MOM did not know about it till now, or did not think it was important enough till now

MOM Ownself Check Ownself?

 The news says MOM is putting 47 companies on its watchlist for suspected discriminatory hiring practices.

All these companies together with other companies in question, are suspected to favor hiring foreigners or foreigners of particular nationality.

The fundamental question is, MOM is the one who issued all those work passes and permits to these companies. Why do they only find out of such discriminatory hiring practices AFTER they have approved all the permits and passes to these companies?

Didn’t they have a system of checks on all companies before issuing all these work permits or EP, S passes?

Do MOM have a system of checks on compliance on the Quota system? If yes, why do some companies have over 90% foreign workers?....

Goh Meng Seng

The above article by Goh Meng Seng was posted in TRE. Is Goh Meng Seng being naughty by asking mischievous questions? Apparently he is not the only one asking such obvious questions that super talents did not know was happening and even got rewarded, got promoted, etc etc. Many commentators to this article also asked many embarrassing questions that super talents and millionaires would not feel embarrassed about. Here is one.


MOM is supposed to be Ministry of Manpower. “The Ministry of Manpower is a ministry of the Government of Singapore which is responsible for the formulation and implementation of labour policies related to the workforce in Singapore.”

So how are they doing that without knowing how many foreign workers in Singapore, by industries, by businesses, etc.? Why only watchlist now, shouldn’t it be from day one? MOM is supposed to formulate Singaporeans first policy!!

What it based on to formulate and implement labour policies? How it knows what skillsets requirement from time to time? Do they know which industry in need of labour, especially local labours?

Harder Truths:

The company that I used to work in was 99.9% FT. Over the last decade the locals have all been replaced by South Asian village people and then more recently by Hong Kong refugees. They are here to stay. And grow. Like cancer.

It is only a matter of time – before the next GE (as if it matters) – when no $G born will be employed in anything worthwhile except front desk civil servants, government cleaning services and the cannon-fodder military.

Remember to sing the new national anthem “majulah FT citizen lah”

Billy ma:

This act is just what it is ‘an act’ by PAP.

it’s not a MOM own initiative but a political wayang of lhl.

The fact that PAP & MOM pretend like they’re doing a great measure at this time is pure disgusting.

Singaporeans should be very angry with PAP that at this point lhl is still playing & making fools of the citizens.

Please remember this.


It is important to note that these companies would not have been so bold to take in so many of their kind had it not been MOM approving their work passes! These companies will send in the applications and if approved will send in more as no one stopped them.
Now, MOM says that something is wrong! Look inwards into the SOP and those who approved these passes and not pointing fingers at these companies!

What do you think would be the answers from the super talents? Let me try to guess. How about, It just happened. Or, we did not plan for it. Or, Goh Meng Seng is spreading rumours, where are his proof?

Let' move on. No need to waste time on such things.

What do you think? 

Above are some comments on the anger of Singaporeans on the CECA flood in Singapore and MOM is not spare from taking the brunt of the heat. Can MOM escape by saying they knew and they were tackling the problem to the best they could and they cannot be blamed? They have came out with great ideas like the jobs bank?

Who then should be blamed? Daft Singaporeans that took the hit from right cheek and then offered the left cheek? 

Do Singaporeans believe that the meek shall inherit the earth or be expelled from earth?

Just read this in CNA. If they have made Chan Chun Sing the PM 20 years ago, then things would not have gone that bad.

'In an interview with CNA on Saturday, Mr Chan said: “The way to interpret the recent changes is this, we are making a move towards quality, rather than quantity … and this is what we have done progressively over the years.

“Whenever the economic conditions require it, we will progressively adjust the qualifying salaries for the foreign employees coming into Singapore because in doing this, we raise the headroom for Singaporeans to compete while at the same time, it doesn’t affect the really top tier of talent that we want to attract from the world.”

He added: “But for those jobs that are somewhere in the middle where fellow Singaporeans are more than able to do so, then there’s less need for us to attract so many (foreigners) into Singapore.”'


The silly logic of American hegemony

 The Americans are all out to impose crippling sanctions on the Iranians to stop the Iranians from making their nuclear bombs. The same sanctions have been imposed on the North Koreans for having a handful of such bombs. The Americans murdered Saddam Hussein by lying that he had WMD. 

Why is the UN allowing this twisted logic of the evil Americans to decide on the fate of nations and their people when these nations simply wanted a small nuclear force as deterrence against the 7,000 or more nuclear weapons that the Americans possess and use to threaten them? And the Americans are making more nuclear bombs, more advanced nuclear bombs to be used and to threaten other countries with these bombs.  Any country without nuclear bombs would be at the mercy of this evil Empire.

The Americans have nuked the Japanese, the first and only country to use nuclear bombs to kill. The Americans also refused to commit that it would not be the first to use nuclear bombs on other nations. It has always been threatening other nations to nuke them when the Americans faked that they are being threatened.

The UN should instead pass a resolution to sanction the Americans to curb its arsenal of nuclear weapons, to stop it from making nuclear weapons and to ban the owning of nuclear weapons. Why impose sanctions on countries trying to make nuclear weapons or possessing a handful of nuclear weapons to protect themselves from being wiped out by the Americans but allow the Americans to possess so many nuclear weapons and to threaten and dictate to others, to impose sanctions on other small and weaker countries?

Are the countries in the UN insane, fools, to allow this distorted logic of the Americans to rule the day? The Americans can have all the nuclear weapons to threaten and bully others and others cannot have any nuclear weapons to defend and protect themselves from the warmongering Americans!  When is the UN going to stand up to the evil Americans and call a devil a devil and impose sanctions on the Americans instead?

It is simply unbelieveable for the UN to be forced, arm twisted and coerced by the Americans to act silly and act against small nations instead of the real and evil Americans.  When is the UN going to face the ugly truth and put the evil Americans in the corner that it deserves, to be disarm of its nuclear arsenal for the peace of the world?

The UN must not allowed itself to be bullied by the Number One Terrorist Nation of the world and be used to bully other smaller nations. Why allowed the world's worse warmongering country to possess so many nuclear weapons without sanctions against it? 

And after militarising the 5 oceans, 1000 military bases all over the world, 11 aircraft carriers to attack other peaceful countries, they are rattling their sabres in the South China Sea, in Eastern Europe and in South America and also in the Middle East for war and calling other nations as threats to peace and stability. This is the biggest mob in modern history, the international gangster, the rogue nation and the number one terrorist country human civilisations have ever known. See how trigger happy they are in killing their own coloured people and now out to con and lie to the rest of the world, the coloured people, that they are coming to protect them? Who have invaded and colonised the coloured people of the world and claiming to be the Empire of the world?

They are telling the rest of the world that there can only be peace under the Evil American Empire.


The unpleasant and unbearable truth of the white terrorists and the evil Empires

 Anonymous said...

Hi RB, there must be many in Singapore who are so tired of your constant ( almost everyday ) posts about your so-call colonial exploitation by the west against the Eastern and African races. Are you seriously not tired of this? It is getting boring, not to mention, very bias. Please try not to incite racial hatred. There are many westerners in Singapore and what you post tent to create distrust and hatred towards these foreigners. They are in Singapore to make a living and also for the benefit of the country. So, please try and avoid showing your deep hatred for the west. Thank you. 

 August 27, 2020 5:00 pm 


This anon 5:00pm posted these comments on why I am exposing the evilness of the whites and their hypocrisies of attacking China, demonising China, spreading lies and misinformation about China almost everyday. He is obviously very annoyed and find it unbearable. The truth hurts.

I can understand why he is so annoyed by my posts if he is a white man. For white men, attacking China, slandering and demonising China, are second nature to them, it is their right and they take it as nothing unusual and very pleasing to hear blare them everyday, everywhere. They have been doing this for 200 years to the point that they believe in their own lies and hated China and Chinese and would get into a rage seeing a Chinese. Of course there is a growing number of exceptions, whites that have lived in China and have known the Chinese personally. 

The Chinese have historically been the victims of foreign invasions and butchering in their own country starting from the Mongols, then the Manchurians, followed by the white men and last but not the least the Japanese. They have been murdered, bullied and plundered to poverty, with the white men led buy the Jews and the British forcing drugs on the whole nation, drugging 100m Chinese into addiction.

But still the whites did not spare the Chinese any mercy or compassion, unrepentant and unremorseful, and till today are still bullying the Chinese, attacking and smearing the Chinese as expansionist, warmongers, exploiting the poor countries, cannot be trusted, liars, cheats, and in the case of Huawei, spying and passing personal data to Beijing, all hogwash and misinformation when the whites were worse.

Look and hear what they said about China and Chinese in the media, especially the politicians in Washington and the White House, Trump, Pompeo, Bannon, Bolton, Navarro, Pelosi, Biden etc etc. After 200 years of hating Chinese, it is now in their blood, second to hating the blacks. Why no one complain that they are spreading hates and lies?

It is very uncomfortable and unpleasant to hear the non whites exposing their wickedness and evilness. They would not admit it, did not want to hear about it, but now hearing it makes them very angry and feeling hurt. How can the non whites be whitewashing their crimes against humanity? These things are not meant to be spoken, not meant to be heard. The daft coloured races must believe that the whites are the angels, the saviours of the human race, not disgraceful and atrocious beasts.

If this anon is a Singaporean of ethnic Chinese descent, I too can understand why he cannot tahan my disclosure of the sins and crimes of the white men. After growing up and schooled in white men's institutions and fed with a diet of hate and lies against Chinese, he no longer question these lies and accepted them as truth, like a religious truth. And subconsciously they also hate Chinese and China without knowing why, or think they are different, they are whites, not Chinese.

If only that they take a walk in the streets of Australia, UK or Europe, or better still the USA today to experience the hate against them because of the colour of their skin, they would be lucky if they ended up like Jonathan Mok in UK. If they are unlucky they might be maimed for life or dead. The whites would not care a dime if they are Singaporeans or Malaysians or Chinese of other nationalities, even American or British Chinese.  All they see is yellow skin, slant eyes and meek little Chinamen that they are brought up to hate. Hope an experience in these countries would wake up these fake white Chinamen to know the truth, and who they really are.

In the past, the main media, English media, were all controlled by the whites and China and Chinese did not have a chance to talk back. Today, the internet offers an opportunity to tell the truth and reveal the untold western lies. The social media allow the oppressed Chinese outside China that are reading the craps and misinformation from the whites to expose the white lies and hate. And better still, to dig up their evil past and new crimes against humanity to show how evil they were and are, not the one sided picture they want the unthinking to believe. 

I have just been posting these revelations of the evil and wicked West for a couple of years and these people already cannot stomach the truth. The truth hurts and they did not want the world to know, did not want to accept, did not want their pure as white angels to be stained by their evil past and present crimes. But it is alright for the whites to continue to belittle and smear the Chinese as the bad guys, and for 200 years, they have not grown tired of it. Read the main media and social media and you cannot miss a single day or moment when they did not attack and demonise China and Chinese.

What the whites did for 200 years is to sink the message that China and Chinese are really the bad guys to be hated and to be condemned. And after ramming these down the throats of their readers, many have swallowed and imbibed this message into their subconsciousness without knowing why. After repeating and repeating like daily bread, this becomes the truth.  So many western schooled Chinese now hate China and Chinese and hate being Chinese.

As for the whites, after so many generations of breeding hate, it would not go away so easily. It would take a few generations to cleanse their heads and what is inside their heads. As for the western educated ethnic Chinese, there is still hope, as the stigma is still not too deep a scar to be removed. Hopefully, my daily bread of western lies and hate would slowly sink in and allow them to refresh what they have been fed all the years, And hopefully they would think and decipher what is truth and what are outright lies and mischiefs from the whites. Hopefully they would not hate China and Chinese like they used to before and not to hate themselves as Chinese.

My daily ranting is to do what the whites had been doing for two centuries, to repeatedly keep hammering the message until it sinks in, that the whites are the real monsters of the world, the worse mass murderers, genocides, robbers, plunderers, liars, warmongers and cheats. They are the most wicked and untrustworthy human beans and will continue to wreck this world and the lives of innocent people around the world. Look at the Middle east!

The rest of the world must wake up to see the evilness of the whites and put an end to their evil Empire and their deceits and hypocrisies.

I hope I have explain myself and the answer is clear to the anon who made the comments above. I will keep on repeating and repeating and with more disclosures and truth to convince the innocents and to give them a new diet, a new daily bread, to save themselves from the evil whites. 

The message must be repeated daily if it is to be able to over come 200 years of lies and untruth against China and the Chinese people. It may take another hundred years or more. Hopefully others and more people will continue to spread this message, to erase the memory of the western educated Chinese from the rubbish planted inside them by the whites and replace with a clean sheet of truth they discover for themselves, not planted them unconsciously by the white men.

Remember, when the whites came to your land, they did not walk in peacefully and claim to have found it. They came with guns to kill and to take over the land and captured the natives as slaves and servants of their empires. The initial encounters were mostly bloody and cruel to the natives. Check out the true histories not written by the invaders and conquerors, but by the natives.

Stop spouting the silly phrase 'Stamford Raffles founded Singapore' like a walk in Orchard Road. He invaded Singapore like pirates with guns and with blood of the natives on his hands, and the hands of his armed totting gangsters. You would not read this in the history books written by them.


Kenosha, Wisconsin USA - Oh what a beautiful sight! Quoting Nancy Pelosi


KENOSHA, Wisconsin: A teenager was arrested and charged with homicide on Wednesday (Aug 26) in connection with gunfire that killed two people and wounded a third during protests over the police shooting of a black man in the Wisconsin city of Kenosha.

Civil unrest has rocked the city of about 100,000 that lies between Chicago and Milwaukee, since Sunday, when police shot Jacob Blake, 29, multiple times in the back at close range. Pic and quotes from CNA

It is so good to see the white Americans killing the blacks and the blacks standing up to the whites. Good show. The militant and war crazy whites are at their best when killing the defenceless, especially the blacks and coloured people. I hope our bananas would go visiting the USA for a taste of their loving whites hospitality. Caution, they might not come back alive.

Covid19 - The truth cannot be hidden for too long

 Below is a confession of someone that worked in Fort Detrick and with Professor Frank Plummer who was assassinated while planning to assist the Chinese in fighting the Covid19 outbreak in Wuhan in February 2020 enroute to China from Kenya.


Imitation is the greatest flattery ... but not to racists


Photo credit to www.theindependent.sg. Mira looked stunning in this Indian dress and the Indians should be proud of her showing the fineness in this beautiful dress and jewelry. It is great advertisement for Indian dresses and culture. No, objectionable? Just because she is not Indian?

Malaysian actress Mira Filzah accused of appropriating Indian culture

After being accused of appropriating Indian culture in a contact lens photoshoot by a Twitter user, Malaysian actress Mira Filzah has apologised. Mira, 27 uploaded photos of herself on Instagram where she is seen wearing anelaborate and embroidered lehenga (traditional clothing for Indian women) and a nath (nose ring).

The actress also posted a video of herself lip-syncing to the song Maar Dala from the Hindi film Devdas. When the photos circulated on Twitter yesterday, a user known as Eshwarya sarcastically called Mira the ‘culture appropriation queen’ and accused Mira of profiting off Indian culture....

 The actress apologised to Eshwarya on Twitter and explained that the reason why she wanted to dress in traditional Indian clothing for the photo shoot was that she is a die-hard fan of Bollywood industry. Inspired by the striking gaze of actress Aishwarya Rai in the movie Umrao Jaan, Mira wanted to look like the Bollywood star for the photoshoot....

In response, Eshwarya thanked Mira for her sincere apology and she apologised if her earlier tweet caused Mira to be a victim of hate comments. Eshwarya also recommended to the actress to use her platform to highlight models, designers and makeup artists of Indian heritage if Mira was truly passionate about promoting their culture.

Even though things have settled between them, Eshwarya was cyberbullied and was forced to close her Twitter direct messages yesterday after receiving a barrage of hate from strangers. Eshwarya shared screenshots of strangers calling her racial slurs and nicknames including accusing her of trying to cause unrest among Malaysians.

To rectify the situation, she said that she had no issue with people of other races wearing Indian clothing but she was merely against those who utilise Indian culture as a tool for profit.

“It’s only wrong when you use it for profit, or just to hop on a trend. When you genuinely respect it or you want to wear it to a friend’s wedding or a cultural event, that’s perfectly okay,” said Eshwarya.

The above is from theindependent.sg


Why is the dressing up in another ethnic costume objectionable, even for profit, for advertisement etc when it was not done to denigrate, insult or make a mockery of the ethnic costume or race? Is there any law against such dressing? It is regrettable that this Malay actress had been made to feel so guilty as if she had done something wrong and had to apologise for her choice of costume.

There is no need to add further comments or explanation on this and hope that this does not happen in multi racial and multi cultural Singapore. Wearing another race's costume, donning their ethnic apparels, if not done with no bad intention must not be seen as wrong or to some akin to racism, or like in this case, objectionable just because she is an actress and doing it for profit.

To the racists, go fuck off. Many people of different races are happy and adore the costume and national dresses of others and are happy wearing them and should be seen positively rather than negatively. Singaporeans embrace all races and cultures and not only we are encouraged to dress in our own ethnic dresses once a while, we are also encouraged to put on other ethnic dresses for better understanding of each other's culture. In many National Day performances, the participants dressed up in different ethnic dresses to perform. Performing artists also did likewise in their profession and performances. Are these objectionable?

Holy cows. Singapore must be very firm against racists hiding under all kinds of pretensions, pretending to be hurt or sensitive, to attack others as racists when no one has any intention to discredit and or insult their race or culture.

The racists must not be allowed to dictate what is right or what is wrong in such matters. They must not be allowed to write the narrative and attack innocent people freely with impunity. The authority must take them to task to stop the bigots from setting the norms for the general public, from bullying and threatening the public.



 BRITAIN: THE WORLDS WORST MASS MURDERER...or The Charles Manson of Nation States 

This is the evil story of the British Empire that was not told in western media, but with the help of internet, everything would be dug out to be aired. The British were more evil in the 18th and 19th Century than the evil Americans in the 20th and 21st Century. Both were from the same satanic stock, the Anglo Saxons. Their evil past is catching up with them. There is no where to hide.

Their landing and invasion of the Americas and Australia and New Zealand, and Asia and Africa, the barbarism, were likely the same when they landed in Singapore and Malaya, though they wrote their history books differently, so innocently and casually. They founded Singapore. There were no resistance, no blood shed, so peaceful and agreeable. And they were greeted with open arms and feasted and they reciprocated with kindness, no murders, no atrocities on the locals. You believe in that kind of British shit?

Here is the link http://worldsworstmassmurderer.blogspot.com/ 

Viewers are warned that some photos are very gruesome and difficult to stomach. The video version is in the link below.

Today this blog will be dedicated to the world's worst mass murderer of human history, the evil British of Anglo Saxon stock that genocided the natives everywhere they went. Today they acted like so mild and so cultivated English Gentlemen or righteous white Americans. They came from the dark side, they were the dark side. 

As for the bananas, they would not believe this is true, they did not want to know,as it would destroy their blind fate and exposed their stupidity to believe in western lies.

Here is the video version. https://nortonsafe.search.ask.com/search?chn=store&cmpgn=&ctype=videos&doi=2019-03-31&geo=&guid=a3c73b02-4b0d-45ba-bff7-915673e9c245&o=APN12178&p2=%5EEQ%5Efd30sg%5E&page=1&prt=SSS&q=worldsworstmassmurderer.blogspot.com+video&tpr=sbt&trackId=&ver=


Sample Count in GE - What is the real purpose of this seemingly unnecessary process all for nothing?

 The sample counting of votes is a novelty introduced into the GE process of Singapore. I have not heard of any other country having such an additional process to have a preview of what the final outcome of an election would be. What is this sample counting? It is an additional step that allows a small sample of the voting slips to be counted and to announce what is the percentage of votes for the parties involved at the start of the counting of the votes. One thing for sure, it is just a preview but would not be the result as the final answer must be when all the votes are counted.

The question is why have this additional process when it really does not do anything and cannot be the real result of an election?  It cannot change anything. It can also be very misleading as a sample done in this way can be horribly wrong and different from the final result, though so far it seemed to be quite representative of the final counts. A coincidence or what? Is this not surprising that all the sample counts reflected very closely to the final results? Under the rule of randomness, this cannot be and unlikely to be. A sample is just a sample and cannot represent the whole and can be wrong.

So, why is there a need for this unnecessary step that would add in more work to the whole election process, may cost more time to do this extra bit? At best, a sample count would give the spectators and supporters a feel that the vote may be in favour or against a candidate. So what? It can go the other way too. Does this mean that the spectators and supporters can start to prepare for a big celebration or to go home as their candidate appears to be losing?

Come, come, why is this necessary at all? Unless something can be done to change the result of the final count, ... a sample count is totally a waste of time. And in a transparent and clean electoral process like the Singapore GE, everything is so well controlled, no one can ever think of doing something to the results once the voting is closed. Everything is accounted for, every item is controlled, even ballot boxes are controlled item and cannot be miscounted or misplaced.

So, hypothetically, say in a third world corrupt country when election processes can be manipulated, rigged, votes can be added etc etc,  a sample counting would be very useful to the power that wants to cheat and has the power to cheat. In such a situation, when the sample count says the party in power is losing, the party in power could then do something to load in more votes in its favour, to stuff more votes into the boxes, to add in a few more boxes of votes.  Or, if the party in power had stuffed in too many votes and the result would look ridiculous, they could temper it by removing some votes to avoid winning by a too big margin. But such crooked process can only happen in backward third world countries, not in modern cosmopolitan city state, a small state when practically everything is being watched.

So, why is this process so necessary, so important, that it is a must have process? Singapore, being well known for efficiency, should not indulge in doing the unnecessary that has no benefit and a waste of time and resources. I have been thinking and thinking, why perform an unnecessary, good to have task, when there is no benefit to gain from it? I am lost for trying to think of a good reason to have this sample count. So much work, coordinating, planning, time and resources but with no real benefits.

What do you think? Why is this sample counting necessary or should it be done away with? At best people would say the sample count is quite accurate. At worse, if it is the other way, it is frivolous. Having or not having the sample count would not affect the final result in anyway.


Flash mob - A people looking happy, contented and proud of their homeland


Flash mob in Gulangyu Island, Xiamen. The short clip is a good description of what life is like in new China and a new generation of Chinese people, prosperous and happy and confident of the future, and their pride in China and in being Chinese. This is something that the Chinese of earlier generations could never dream of and the new generations are very grateful for what they have today, a happy and peaceful life that can been seen in the Chinese people on the streets of Xiamen and every where in China. You can see and feel that they are really happy and comfortable with themselves and their homeland.
We don't see Singaporeans smiling and expressing happiness in their faces on the streets of Singapore. The only people that could be found smiling and looking contented and grateful in the streets of Singapore are the foreigners here.

Rude, abusive and cocky Social Distancing Red Guards

Corrupt Social Distancing Officer Threatens Shop With Bad Report If They Deny Him Free Services

Corrupt, bossy and nosey social distancing officer goes to Century Square shop every other day to disturb the staffs, terrorizing to take photos and write reports if they breach any measures. He claimed that the staffs must stand 1-metre apart when serving customers.

When staff requested him to scan SafeEntry before entering store, he always simply replied he’s not required becos he’s Social distancing officer..

In this video, the staff is under duress to polish his “Tiffany Platinum” for him.. didn’t even bother to ask properly.

On another occasion, the staffs shared that he even asks the staff if he could get his ears pierced for free and he will close one eye if he sees something amiss.

Hope relevant authorities can look into the conduct of such officer to prevent further abuse of authority.

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/corrupt-social-distancing-officer-threatens-shop-bad-report-if-they-deny-him-free-services
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The above is from AllSingaporeStuff. My experience with these Social Distancing Officers in Choa Chu Kang Stadium is the same, not surprising at all.  They seemed to be acting as if they have all been taught that they could bully the public, with the backing of someone very powerful. It reminds me of the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards going into the villages to threaten the people, bully them and even persecuted them like they were the law, undisputed law, unquestionable authority. They would not tell you to put on your mask nicely but acting like NCOs in an army camp and would threaten not to let you in if you do not put on your mask.

They did not bother to know why you were not wearing your mask. I cycled to the stadium and the police officers on spot checks would wave me on without my mask. But the moment I stepped down from my bicycle, these Social Distancing Red Guards, oops, Officers, mostly part time youth, would insist that you put on your mask immediately when I was still breathing heavily. Even after I did my 100m sprint, one such Officer also demanded that I put on my mask. I told him off, that I just ran and still panting he wanted me to put on the mask immediately.

I have complained to ActiveSg about these rude and cocky Social Distancing Officers several times but nothing seemed to change.  Very similar to complaints against Red Guards, you would get punished even worse if you dare to.  You must know who were behind the Red Guards. They were released to terrorise the people. It is like people complaining about the flood of foreigners to steal the jobs of our PMETs. They simply continue to do what they were doing. The most was to put on a show that they were doing something. They must have been told to act and behave that way, a lot of power to bully the public. Imagine giving so much power to young boys and girls, like the Red Guards?

What do all these say about what is happening? The ASS article was hoping that the authorities would look into the conduct of such officers to prevent further abuse of authority. Fat hope. Who are behind them and giving them so much power? That could be the reason why they acted so cocky and abusively.


Random Thoughts Of The Day

 Random Thoughts Of The Day

Sights of injustice in our midst, getting from bad to worse, have led me to the following random thoughts:

What is the difference between nepotism and cronyism?

Answer: Nepotism refers to partiality to family whereas cronyism refers to partiality to an associate or friend.

Question: What is favoritism?

Answer: Favoritism, the broadest of the terms, refers to partiality based upon being part of a favored group, rather than job performance. Meritocracy based on favoritism is not meritocracy but corrupted thoughts and despicable deeds of the highest order.

Question: Are double-standards, ill-will, subtle coercion and indirect corruption rampant in our society, any society?

Answer: As long as there are scoundrous men and women existing to take advantage of and exploit others for own selfish interests, double-standards, ill-will, coercion, corruption and intimidation will exist anywhere, without exception.

Question: Are manipulation and propaganda, both aimed at altering the mind of others, derived from a corrupted mind?

Answer: Manipulation is direct intervention of others' mind, while propaganda is indirect and subtle interference of others' thinking.

Question: Is skewed interpretation of the laws, in favour of one party against another, a kind of corrupt behaviour?

Answer: Yes, it is not only corrupted behaviour but also corrupted mind.

Question: Why is there a need for more and more new laws, rules and regulations?

Answer: The more the authorities create new laws to protect themselves, instead of safeguarding and protecting thethe people's rights, the more the system is corrupted. Competent and honest authorities do not need more new laws and regulations and rules to tie down the masses' freedom in any form.

Question: What type of leaders have the tendency to create and issue more and more new laws, decrees, orders, rules, and regulations?

Answer: New laws, decrees, rules and regulations are usually issued by fearful, incompetent and inefficient leaders with a serious lack of self-confidence and self-respect.

Owing to the serious lack of self-respect, leaders' speech and action usually display a blatant lack of respect for others, especially to the commoners. This situation can be easily seen in the way society is divided into elites vs commoners, powerful vs powerless, filthy rich vs exploited poor, arrogant and haughty wives of high ranking leaders vs meek housewives of the commoners.

A society devoid of wisdom and compassion is a society condemned. Such a society breeds high horses and black mares, many of whom do not really deserve their position but were propped up by unfair means and dishonesty disguised as fair and honest.

Wool cannot cover the eyes and block the vision for long. Wool has perforations that allow the eyes to peek through its entangled mesh. Pulling wool over the eyes of the masses is the most short-sighted stupidity.

Those skilled in deception deceive without deceiving. That is the ultimate art of the crooked human mind that has been regularly grind and polished to shine and outshine.

SSO - August 21, 2020 10:27 pm

PS.  Posted on behalf of SSO

5G - A world divided between 5G and 4G nations

As Britain was banning the use of Huawei in its next-generation networks last month, the Chinese telecom equipment vendor was being used to power South Africa's commercial 5G services.

South Africa's data-only mobile network, rain, introduced its first commercial stand-alone 5G network, which teamed with the Chinese company. Huawei has also joined with local telecoms firm MTN Group to launch 5G in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

Kenya is expected to follow suit this year after the country's largest telco, Safaricom, conducted pilot tests for Huawei's new mobile internet technology

Several other countries - including Lesotho, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon - have conducted tests and are at various stages of roll-out of 5G, which promises much faster download and upload times....

Derrick Chikanga, IT services analyst at the consulting company Africa Analysis, said that given the strong ties between China and most African nations, it was unlikely most countries would cut their business links with Huawei.  

"As long as the relationships make business sense then most countries will likely continue subscribing to Huawei's technologies," said Chikanga. "This will be important as we move into the 5G era. Hence, the company could remain key in enabling 5G connectivity to Africa countries, making it relevant to the needs of the African market." SCMP

 As America under the leadership of clown Trump looks inward, abandoning the path to modern technology, preferred to stick to 4G or fake 5G, it forces its allies with the with us or against us to embrace 4G like the Americans, other parts of the world continue to march ahead with 5G as their main technology of the future.

Africa, the forgotten countries after the rape and plunder by the European powers and abandoned to do or die on its own, have found a new knight in China. China is investing heavily in Africa, bringing it into the fold of BRI to link Africa with the massive and comprehensive rail and road network in Asia and Africa for trade and economic development. Africa is finding a new life,, a new vitality in the brave new world of 5G. What Africa has been lacking and fallen behind the developed nations, this is a golden opportunity for Africa to leap frog the decadent West in decline led by a witless Trump. 

With 5G technology, Africa suddenly found itself ahead in the field of telecommunication, with the most advanced technology on earth in its backyard while the West stubbornly clang on to the aged and fast obsolete 4G technology. The rise of Africa as a new continent embracing the latest technology is a modern day miracle that was unthinkable but now made possible.

Who would know or could visualise an Africa that is ahead of the fading western nations? This can only happen when the West, blinded by its pride, voluntarily chose to give up the race and withdrew into their own cocoon to remain stagnant and to remain where they are. Africa is accepting Huawei's 5G technology like a god sent gift to kick start its march into the 21st Century. Huawei's technology is not only superior but also cheaper than those from the West, even cheaper than Samsung. And joining Africa in the march towards the future would be the rest of the world that would not be bullied or arm twisted by the backward looking Americans, to cut one's nose to spike one's face. 

While the Americans are running out of ideas, running out of talent with most of its IT companies taken over and run by real Indians, the rest of the world would fly ahead in light speed with the latest technology available from a new China led Huawei and a host of Chinese IT companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Wechat, TikTok, Beidou, Ant Financing etc etc and with rich Chinese banks to bankroll them in the pursuit of economic growth and science and technology.

The new world will be divided between the backward looking 4G nations led by an obsolescent American Empire on one side and the progressive 5G nations led by a rising power in China on the other. While the Americans are all about wars and selling of weapons of destruction,  China is all about economic growth and development, infrastructure building, trade etc for the co prosperity of the nations on earth.

A world divide will see the end of the American Empire and would bury the West for good with the rise of Asia and Africa and the rest of the world. Covid19 is the god sent invisible army that would devour the West and turn them to dust.

The divide will not just be on technology alone. The decoupling of the China America economies has just begun. Trump has started an economic war with China and twisting the arms of its allies to take its side. Be with us or against us. American companies would not be allowed to trade with Chinese tech companies. American companies would have to pull back their factories to the USA and only allowed to produce in China for goods meant for China. This one way calculation is unbelieveable. China would simply shut down all American factories in China and not allowed them to produce for the Chinese market and consumers.

It would be a war to see who has the bigger consumer market and who is able to produce goods cheaper and better. The 5 eyes countries and some European countries would have to live with more expensive American goods and a smaller American consumer market with the rising Chinese market. The poor Americans and some Europeans are going to be hit hard when they cannot buy cheap and good Chinese goods. Without the Chinese market, Britain is going to be a poor country with only the US to export its products and services. The other 5 eyes countries did not have big enough market for British products. Can poorer third world countries like India and some in Africa and Latin America afford to buy American goods and services?

Trump is only thinking short term, till November after which he would be booted out of the White House. Countries that made the choice to be with the Americans and go against China would have to live with the consequences of their decision without a mad and lying Trumps to create more havoc in the world.

On the China side would be countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Central and South East Asia where goods are cheaper from China, access to the biggest consumer market in the world and the latest technology including 5G. On the American side would be the 5 eyes countries, Japan and India, all having to buy expensive American goods and a shrinking American market and living on 4G technology faking as 5G technology and exchanging useless American dollars.

TikTok said the US action “risks undermining global businesses’ trust in the United States’ commitment to the rule of law, which has served as a magnet for investment and spurred decades of American economic growth.”


Evil American rhetoric, a thief calling others as thief

What ever the evil Americans are alleging or accusing others of doing they are hundreds of times worse than those they accused.

When the evil Americans accused others of cheating and lying, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of copying and stealing intellectual properties, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of not abiding by international law, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of not respecting the rule of law, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of bullying and threatening others, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of warmongering and aggression, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of killing and destruction, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of unfair trade practices, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of abusing and suppressing human rights, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of debt traps, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of terrorism and supporting terrorism, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of spying and monitoring individual data, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of proliferation of nuclear technology, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of possession of WMD, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of threats to peace and security, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of not transparent and untrustworthy, the Americans are worse than them.

When the evil Americans accused others of interfering in another country's domestic and political affairs, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of conducting cyber attacks, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of assertiveness and aggressiveness, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of hegemony and expansionism, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of anti free trade, the Americans are worse than them.

 When the evil Americans accused others of authoritarian or dictatorial regimes, the Americans are worse than them.

The worse trap that the Americans are setting and imposing on the world is the war trap, manipulating and engineering wars in every country and region to embroil countries in endless wars, instability, destruction of properties and lives and needing to waste valuable funds and resources to buy weapons from the Americans.

MOM should look into this case

A Senior Human Resource Leader wrote online that she was called out for “insubordination” when she insisted on hiring Singaporean PMETs.

In a post on employment-oriented online service LinkedIn, the woman, who said she was a senior HR leader for the last decade, wrote: “It’s a sad day when citizens face discrimination for jobs in their own country. When you have to hire a Singaporean to improve diversity”.

She added, “In the last decade as a senior HR leader, I’ve had bosses who “strongly recommended” that I look at CVs of foreigners when I had already interviewed qualified locals for an open role”.

“I’ve been called out for insubordination when I insisted on building a Singapore core of PMETs within the company”, she wrote.

She said that she had also set through Succession Planning panels where “expatriate Directors openly say that “No Asian will lead in this place; it’ll be a disaster!””

The woman wrote: “All I ask is that employers give Singaporeans a fair chance by actively seeking, interviewing and fairly evaluating local candidates too”.

Her post was circulated on social media, where many netizens agreed with her and said that they too had faced discriminatory practices during hiring.


The above is posted in theindependent.sg. This is the reality happening in Singapore when foreign companies and foreign CEOs insisted on hiring foreigners rather than Singaporeans.  When is the MOM and the govt going to be serious in looking after the interests of Singaporeans who voted them to be the govt and to look after Singaporeans and not foreigners and foreign interest?

Everyone must keep screaming about such discrimination against Singaporeans in Singapore and pass the message around that if nothing is done to protect Singaporeans, then vote this govt out in the next GE. This cannot go on and on with Singaporeans being victims of hiring practices and made jobless or unemployed by foreigners.

Remember to vote them out in the next GE if nothing is done to protect Singaporeans.

It is so shameful and pathetic to be a Singaporean and to have a govt that allowed this to happen to Singaporeans.  During Goh Keng Swee's time he demanded that bank CEOs must be Singaporeans. Our little boys and girls got no balls to be national leaders to stand up to foreigners?  Would they need someone to hold their hands to talk to foreign CEOs?

Also appearing in theindependent.sg is PSP showing concern about such discrimination against Singaporeans.  Looks like PSP and the opposition are the ones that are willing to protect Singaporeans.

'On seeing another 47 employers being added to the list, the PSP pointed out that, despite the implementation of the FCF, discriminatory practices remained prevalent on the employment front.

It highlighted that Singapore was not exempt from the negative economic repercussions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and that job stability was crucial for the people in these uncertain times.

It said: “Albeit the best efforts by FCF, it is disheartening to note that local employers are still flouting the guidelines and this calls for greater affirmative action by the authorities.”

It also promised to highlight these issues in the various forums and platforms....'


Who allowed such discrimination to happen for so long, adversely affecting so many Singaporeans and not doing anything about it?


The White Peril or Pale Face Peril as referred to by the Native Americans.

Native Americans warning : White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted. 

Nelson Mandela: The United States is the only country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world and it doesn't care for mankind.

Bill Clinton: The United States will be the last and only empire of mankind and the 21st Century will come under the leadership of the US.

Southernglory1: The world can never have peace and security unless white racists and supremacists are destroyed and their toxic militant bellicose religious  doctrines are denounced and scraped.

Recently someone sent to my WhatsApp a video describing America's plan to dominate the whole world under its total hegemonic dictatorship and in particular they will try to take down the Chinese and the Chinese Civilization. The white American savage invaders from England and Europe had in the last three hundred years killed and genocided over one hundred million native indigenous Americans to take over their land and resources. They have been planning for decades  to dominate the whole world since the end of the Second World War in 1945.  The Evil Empire the Unlawful States of America feel that Russia and China are the stumbling blocks to their sinister design for world conquest. However, with the break up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s the Evil Empire now feels that China is its only strategic competitor and should be taken down and destroyed. So the Evil Empire, the Unlawful States of America want to play God and decide which countries can and which countries cannot be allowed to exist on earth without the Evil Empire's consent. They want to destroy China, the Chinese people and the Chinese Civilization. Their madness knew no bounds. However, we Chinese people and Chinese Civilization have survived for more than Five Thousand years and being made of sterner stuffs we will make sure the evil  and arrogant white  Americans will meet their nemesis when they try to entangle with us.

Here below I repost the secret speech of Bill Clinton to Congress detailing on the Evil Empires's strategy to dominate the whole world under the Unlawful States of America's total hegemony.

'After the the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in 1999, Clinton's secret speech was exposed. Global News  7 / 29

Clinton's secret speech after the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in 1999 was exposed. '

On May 13, 1999, after five missiles bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, as members of the US Congress strongly demanded clarification of the truth, President Clinton came to Congress to give a secret speech.

"First of all I must affirm that my following speech will involve the highest interests of our country, and of course it is also the top secret. Although we don't have to worry about anyone on this planet, we don't want to create any unnecessary things or trouble at this stage."

"As we all know, since the end of the Cold War, in terms of the overall national strength of the United States, we not only have no rivals in the world, but we are also fully capable of controlling the world."

"The goal of the new strategy I am going to describe will be that from now on, the United States will become the last and only empire of mankind."

"We have set a detailed goal: the first step: NATO's eastward expansion. You have seen that in the Kosovo war, we still have lingering fears about him - ( Russia ), but now, he has almost become a naked beggar.

However, I think you can clearly understand that our eastward expansion is not just to make Russia make a fool of yourself. The purpose of our eastward expansion is to control the entire Eurasian plate. There is a headache for us in Southeast Asia, that is China."

"In short although there is a bit of risk on this road, there is basically no enemy that can stop us. A 21st century under the leadership of the United States will soon come."  ( Applause from the audience )

Next, in response to the questions raised by the lawmakers, Clinton clearly showed the US strategic plan.

One Member : Your Excellency, the war in Kosovo has been prolonged for a long time, and the cost has increased. How long will it take?

Clinton : Throughout the history of the development and development of the United States, the rapid economic development brought about by the Second World War is sufficient to prove that the war is in the interests of the United States.

One member : Is it possible that Kosovo will become the next North Korea or Vietnam and plunge us into the quagmire of war?

Clinton : The Gulf War has proved that our casualties in the war are almost equal to zero, which is like playing a video game. The difference is that they are gambling with us with their lives and the few belongings that must survive.

One member : Our repeated mistakes during the Kosovo war resulted in more than 1,500 civilian casualties and the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. Does this prove that our war machine is no longer under control or there are other reasons?

Clinton : What I want to emphasize here is that all bombing targets are established targets. At the same time, I would like to quote a sentence from the Chinese leader. After bombing military targets, roads and bridges, what else can we bomb. But the bombing must continue. To repeat: This is in the strategic interests of the United States.

Member 1 : There is no doubt that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy was the result of careful planning. Your Excellency just admitted this. But I don't seem to see anything in the interests of the United States.

Clinton : In addition to Moscow, eastward expansion - not only refers to Eastern Europe , a little bit further away, there is a country that worries us more, and he is also a nuclear power, that is China. He should have been divided into 7 countries 10 years ago, but it still seems unbreakable. Despite our various suppressions, his development is still surprising, and it is unlikely that he will dismember himself internally.

Out of consideration, he should be allowed to  follow the old Soviet road, that is crazy armaments, which is enough to drag him into the water. In the near future, he will also be unable to say "no" to us due to the economic collapse and become an international beggar.

One member : It is said that if China's nuclear weapons effectively explode in the United States, it can destroy the United States several times. Is it prudent to adopt such a dangerous strategy?

Clinton : Before that, we did careful research and analyzed various posibilities. The conclusion we have reached is: First of all, the "mistaken bombing" will irritate the Chinese, but it will not trigger the Chinese leader to activate the nuclear button.

Moreover, there is a stupid promise  ( referring to China's policy of not using nuclear weapons first, and not using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries and regions ). Secondly, what Chinese people want to do most now is to need our technology. Therefore, the last thing they want to offend in the world is the United States. Third, in view of this, all they can do is to protest. Fourth, even if they plan for the worst, they do it . Since all the most advanced weapons in the world come from the United States, what are we afraid of.

Member 1 : So is human rights higher than sovereignty ?

Clinton : I think it is politically naive to ask this question after I have finished my previous conversation on US global strategy.

Member 1 : Objectively developing Sino-US relations is in the common interests of the two countries, but the bombing of the embassy will cause a serious setback in Sino-US relations, and it has already caused large-scale anti-American sentiment. There is no doubt that this will also affect the interests of the domestic business community. What does the president think?

Clinton : This China is a terrible obstacle in our global strategy. But I can forsee that Chinese leaders are more eager to restore Sino-US relations than we do. Several of their key cards are also in our hands, such as the Taiwan issue, Tibet issue, Xinjiang issue and so on . No matter when, as long as we want to make some articles, it is not difficult to find topics.

To fully achieve our goals in the Eurasian sector, there are still some troublesome places such as China and India, but our situation is still favorable. In the East, there are Japan and Taiwan as our unsinkable aircraft carriers, forming a situation of restraining China.

The world will proceed according to our rules of the game, and any action must be done in accordance with the interests of the United States. After this, we have only one enemy : aliens, if they exist and are stronger than us. ( Applause .. thunderous... )

This article is very important to all non-white people and non-white countries. The arrogant white people and white countries headed by the Evil Empire of the Unlawful States of America are outrageously playing God to determine the fate of all non-white people and non-white countries. It is their ultimate objective to bring all non-white people under the servitude of the savage ravenous barbaric white control and their draconian satanic dictatorship and hegemony. Their preposterous savage and satanic plan should not be allowed to succeed. 

It is important to circulate this article to as many friends and relatives as possible to warn them of the wickedness and inherent evil of white men who are planning for the destruction of all coloured peoples  via wars, biological and chemical attacks, toxic insecticides and herbicides, toxic fertilisers and harmful medicines that will induce all kinds of human illnesses like diabetes, cancer, heart failure, kidney failure and infertility to prevent procreation.


Thursday, 20th August, 2020.



American abusive, bullying and reckless behaviour with disregard to the rule of law must be challenged by the rest of the world

 The increasingly reckless and outrageous behaviour of the Trump administration led by a clown President and a professional liar and cheat Secretary of State is getting bizarre to the civilised world. Trump and Pompeo are throwing all caution and niceties to the wind and behaving like rogues and gangster in the international stage, unilaterally tearing away whatever agreements and thrashing the rule of law like typical lawless Americans.

Countries and leaders of the civilised world must not stand idly by to allow these lawless and reckless and unconcionable pariahs in the guise of national leaders to tell lies, to cheat and to steal the intellectual properties and assets of private companies and individuals.

Their actions are totally unacceptable, unbelievable, wild and wicked to the core, a reminder of the conquest of America and the genocide of the native Americans and the savage hunting of Africans to become slaves of their cotton fields and farms. And in recent times, the killings and brutalising of black Americans in the uniform of police officers.

They do not respect rule of law, human decency, civility. They just do as they want like bandits and highwaymen, carrying their guns to threaten everyone and every country. The civilised world must not continue to remain silent and allowed these crooks and thugs to do as they pleased. There must be rules and order and international law to rein these thugs in. Their reckless disregard to the rule of law must be challenged and stopped before they start a world war, a nuclear war that would destroy human civilisation to dust.

Stop the evil men in Washington and the White House from breaking all the rules of law and civility. The UN has a role to play to build a force of resistance from the people of the world to resist and take down this Evil Empire.

Singaporeans a minority in the banking and finance sector

 Singapore has been the preeminent financial centre of South East Asia for decades. At one time we could boast of so many great Singaporean bankers in our midst. Today the stark reality is that Singaporeans are an absolute minority in this sector, especially in the top management level. Singapore not only lacked finance and banker professionals but also IT specialists despite the fact that Singapore is the most advanced nation in the region and boasting of three top world class universities.

And guess which nationals are the top bankers and IT specialists in Singapore? They came from a country that was never a financial centre, with not a single university in the top 100 rankings of world universities and regarded as a third world developing country. How is this so, how is a top notch first world nation and being the financial centre of the region unable to produce the top talents in the field of banking and finance and IT and has to rely heavily on a third world country for top talents and accepting the fact that its graduates are unsuitable for employment in the top echelon of banking and IT?

There was a short article hiding in the bottom half second page of thenewpaper on 19 Aug that clearly described this pathetic state of affair in the development and growth of our talents in these two industries. The title of the article, 'Protecting and growing Singaporean jobs top prority: MAS' highlighted the problems raised by Raymond Koh, a retired senior banker and Ravi Menon, MAS MD's response to this call. The problem as written by Raymond Koh, 'As a retired senior banker, I can say categorically that in the past two decades, many foreigners hired in Singapore's finance sector have been for upper-middle to senior management positions.' Ravi Menon's reply was that while not where we want to be, the picture was not that bad.  

Goh Keng Swee must be turning in his grave. Goh was instrumental in demanding that top banking jobs must be helmed by Singaporeans and took the foreign banks to task for any delay towards this goal. But since his passing, this mission was forgotten and allowed to slacken until this pathetic state of affair becomes a shame to the glory of Singapore as a financial centre. Whose fault is this? Education, MOM or MAS?

The articles exposed so many controversial and unsavoury happenings in the banking and finance industry with everyone trying their best to hide the unappetizing truth, that Singaporeans are a minority in the industry, especially in the top management level. The stats quoted were hiding a lot of things that they did not want Singaporeans to know. MAS estimated Singaporeans make up 70% of the sector's workforce sounds comforting, estimate only. But only 43% of senior management jobs went to Singaporeans. How many percent of top management jobs went to Singaporeans was not mentioned. This one better not to tell, or no statistics.

And the three local banks proudly announced that Singaporeans and PRs made up more than 80%  of their employees. What they refused to say is how many of the 80% plus employees are Singaporeans. Why is there a need to hide these numbers? Not pleasant to tell? Might as well say this is a state secret that may harm the nation's interest if disclosed?

Every organisation and govt dept would always used this number, Singaporeans and PRs or locals as a single data and not wanting to tell what is the percentage of Singaporeans versus PRs in the numbers. Why? Why? Why? Singaporeans can understand that when one is getting paid with obscene salary it is quite embarrassing to tell. But how many Singaporeans are employed cannot be a state secret right?

The more they hide, the more suspicious it becomes, the more people are unhappy and to know the truth. Singaporeans can only guess that the truth is going to be very painful and unacceptable to Singaporeans and Singaporeans' interest.

What do you think? When there is nothing to hide, no need to hide. Is it so difficult to tell a simple statistical truth?

At the way it is going, with opportunity for top banking jobs going to foreigners, giving foreigners all the trainings and exposure they need but could not get in their home countries or elsewhere, it is only a matter of time when there will be no Singaporeans holding top banking and finance jobs in Singapore. If Singapore is not going to train and give opportunities to Singaporeans, no other country will do that for Singaporeans.


Worsening Sino American relations - How real are the China Taiwan and American Taiwan relations?

 There was an article in the ST by Goh Sui Noi, Singapore's China correspondence on the worsening relations between China and the USA with the latter acting more aggressively and madly to want to push China to the brink of war. Trump and his mad dog Pompeo have been going around the world to egg nations to form an alliance against China in a new cold War. Not many silly nations have stood up to join this destruction adventure of the warmongering Americans. Only the die hard 5 eye nations of Anglo Saxon breed were left to carry on this dangerous pursuit for war.

In the same article the correspondence mentioned that it was worrisome that the Americans are selling F16 fighter jets to Taiwan and more weapons including cruise missiles.  How worrisome is this development is complicated by the deep intrique in the relationship between Taiwan and China. Are the difference unbridgeable, real or just for show? Even if it is for real, the leadership can change after an election of the Presidency and a pro China could make a 180 degree change in the policy towards China and unification. 

When such an eventuality happens, it could happen any time, everything the Americans sold to Taiwan would become China's. Oooops, I shouldn't say this to frighten the Americans from selling more advanced weapons and technology to Taiwan. Actually nothing to worry about this. The Americans know very well that this could happen and whatever they sold to Taiwan would be obsolete weapons and technology or modified and downgraded to prevent the loss of their technology to Taiwan.

F16s are ancient technology as far as war planes are concerned.  Even F15s can be regarded as antique when China is having the 4th and 5th generation fighter jets in J20s and J31s. The F15s and F16s would be up there to be shot down if needed. But the Americans are only prepared to sell only the F16s, not even the F15s.  This explains why Taiwan is not going to get any more advanced new weapons and technology from the Americans.  The Americans know that Taiwan would be part of China as a matter of time and would not be foolish enough to do silly things.  

The selling of F16s is just a token, for show and to get some foreign exchange. China would be quietly hoping that the Americans would offer more advanced weapons to Taiwan when they could easily lay their hands on them. There is nothing worrisome to China in the sale of F16s or advanced weapons to Taiwan. China would be the final beneficiary of this technology transfer.

What is real or unreal is not easy to fathom in international relations and in China Taiwan relations when both sides are  Chinese.  The white men do not trust Chinese, not even Taiwanese.


Covid19 - Trump called Putin and Xi for vaccines

Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone, Trump called Putin and Xi to share their vaccines with him to help him win the Presidential election in November.

Russia and China have both authorised the production of Covid19 vaccines for public vaccination. The vaccines would soon be available all over the world except for the USA.  The Americans have publicly condemned and attacked these vaccines as dangerous, did not meet the required fake American standards like Remdeviser and hydroxychlorine and of course disinfectant that the Americans are using, including Trump.

Russia and China do not need to say anything and happily issuing the vaccines to their people to protect them from the Covid19 virus. After all the crazy and delusionary attacks, the Americans are now too embarrassed to ask the Russians and Chinese openly for the vaccines. So they have to keep up their devious act of dismissing the Russian and Chinese vaccines as substandard. The more they do that, the less likely would the Russians and Chinese be willing to share the vaccines with the ugly and obnoxious Americans.  They would rather watch them get infected and die. After all it is their virus, Made in Fort Detrick. 

The virus is meant to be very deadly, a combination of Sars and HIV viruses spliced and attached together. That is why the virus is spreading so wildly and uncontrollable, with the original target being Chinese and all coloured people.  Unfortunately for the Americans, they did not expect the virus to mutate and attack the whites as well.  Though many coloured Americans have been infected and died, many whites are going the same way. This is a case of having a taste of their own medicine.

Now the unscrupulous and no principle clown Trump has quietly called up Putin and Xi to beg for the vaccines, promising to put a leash on the mad dog Pompeo not to attack them anymore.  Both Putin and Xi showed Trump their middle fingers.

So the attack on Russia and China continues. The latest, demonstrations in Belarus and Thailand. Thanks to the good work of CIA operatives. One thing for sure, no Russian or Chinese vaccines for the Americans. Trump must be banging madly at his table and demanding American pharmaceutical companies to quickly come up with a vaccine. God willing, they would fail in the process.

Foreigners here have become a sore point. The straw has finally broke the camel's back

 Addressing The Valid Question of 'What can you do?'

Don't just ask what can you do and stop there in despair. Think of a solution!

If by telling (complaining) them is not effective, then use the reverse psychological approach.

Encourage them to import more foreigners until it reaches a boiling point.

Once the boiling point is breached, all hell will break loose. The culprits will then be hounded and hunted down like rats. The power that be will become the power that cannot be. The heat will be so hot that it becomes untenable for the situation to remain status quo anymore.

Change then comes naturally as a matter of momentum.

Suddenly, out of the blue, true blue, pure blue, there arises a collective wisdom so great that no existing powers can overcome its avalanche and tsunami, its fury and wrath, its hunger and pangs, its raw power and forceful strikes..... The end of the Old is near. The New is born into the Brave New World!

That is one option that you can do.

If one solution does not work, think of another, and another, and another until you achieve your goal.

If at seeing the first sign of a problem, you just gave up, then you are no better than animals. At least animals can instinctively know how to adapt and survive. Not just survive but thrive.

If you just resigned to the unfavourable fate and tell yourself, "What can you do?", and behaved like a lan-lan lan-chiow and talk like a puny lan-chiow, then you deserve whatever shits that came your way.

So, be hardworking a bit with your brain. Don't let your brain goes rusty and later becomes senile.

Humans are born with a brain to think better than animal instincts. If animals know how to adapt and thrive, humans should do even better.

If there is a couple vampires (husband and wife team) sucking your blood and poisoning your lives, you don't simply allow your lives to be wasted away. You find a solution to the problem. You either get rid of the vampires' followers in order to cut off the supply of fresh blood to the vampires, or you get rid of the vampires directly at all costs.

If there is no compromise
arising out of a long period of negotiations and sufferings, then it's either they survive at your expense or vice versa. Simple as that.

No country wait for 100%, or 80%, or 60% of the citizenry to have the courage to rise and face the monster. It has always been the minority that fought against the monster and won. Sometimes,
it's only one or a small group of persons. The pattern has always been David against Goliath. Never Goliath vs Goliath.

Therefore, start thinking of solutions now, before your future generations condemn you for inaction.

Cheer up!


Posted on behalf of SSO. The boiling point has come. The cries of Singaporeans are getting louder and would not be silenced anymore.