End of the evil bankrupt American Empire

 Sweeping bill to address China tech threat likely to take weeks in U.S. House

By Patricia Zengerle and David Shepardson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A highly touted bill to boost the United States' ability to compete with Chinese technology could take weeks to get through Congress, as U.S. House of Representatives lawmakers planned to write their own legislation, which must then be combined with what was approved by the Senate this month.

The above quote from a Reuters report speaks the true nature of these aggressive and hostile animals in Washington. When someone is better than them, through hard work, talent, skill and perseverence, they called it a threat, not in a competitive sense, but in hostility. China is but a strong and better competitor in the race for producing better technology for humankind, that all human beans can benefit. This is a positive thing, good for everyone. 

Instead of cheering and patting China on the back and say, we will try to do better, may the best man win, the liars, cheats and scumbags in Washington are gearing up for war, to cripple China by legislating aggressive and punitive measures to stop the progress and advancement of China. Through the course of history, every country or nation has been piggyback on the developments of science and technology of other civilisation to take a lift to a higher plane. The West have benefited form the knowledge and developments of ancient civilisation like Egypt, Iran, India and China to leapfrog over these civilisation to become better than them in the last 500 years of existence. 

Now it is the turn of these ancient civilisation to leapfrog over them to make a better world. In the process, the West need not be despair and could push harder to stay ahead and break more new frontiers as the better civilisation. But no, they could not compete anymore. They are now lost in whatever they are doing except wars and destruction. They could no longer compete peacefully. And the only way to hold on to their pole position is to cut down China by all foul means.

The Americans have run out of ideas, lost their way to greatness. Make America great again by cheating, by lying, by bullying, by foul means? By printing fake currency that would soon become toilet papers? Their only weapon, demonise China by harping on human rights, genocide, origin of the pandemic when all evidence are pointing to Fort Detrick, USA. Do something productive, America. Are you capable of that?

This is what the evil American Empire has degraded to. They were number one but tumbling downhill. They are not trying to stop the fall, to pick themselves up and keep on climbing and stay on top. Anyone that is going to be better than them is enemy and must be destroyed by hook and by crook, by wars, any kind of wars. To remain as top dog, their main objective is to strangle China. How vicious and mean can the Americans be? How immoral and unethical?

Damn you Americans. You can go to hell. You will not be allowed to continue in your path of destruction through wars and deceits and aggression. You are cursed to be condemned to hell because of your evil and unrepentant ways. The world is watching you and have seen through all your lies, hypocrisies and wickedness and would not allow you to continue in your evil ways. Your evil days are numbered with the massacre of the Palestinians. The Muslim world has abandoned you devils and think of nothing but killing Arabs and Muslims. Your Xinjiang lie is an insult to the intelligence of the Arabs and Muslims, using such a prank while killing their brothers and sisters everywhere, and think they are so stupid to believe in you.

PS. Now look at what sensible leader like Macron is doing to make France and Europe more competitive. 

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday outlined an ambitious push for Europe to create 10 technology giants worth 100 billion euros ($121.26 billion) each in valuation by 2030, in a bid to rival U.S. companies that dominate the sector.

The goals are part of a Europe-wide initiative France is trying to lead to improve funding for start-ups, especially in their later stages of growth, to propel them into a bigger league where they can attract more investors and top staff.
PS.  The world should encourage the warmongering Americans to spend more and more money, if not enough just keep printing, to quarrel and fight with everyone. This is the best way to bankrupt this already deeply in debt country.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Guidelines For Determining Cause Of Death Due Or Not Due To Vaccines

 1. Any death that occurs within 28 days of having injected with the mRNA vaccines must be diligently, seriously and thoroughly investigated (leaving no stones unturned) and considered, before brushing aside as death not due to the vaccines. Corona and postmodern cannot be 100% sure that the vaccines have got nothing to do with the death.

2. It is very highly probable that the after-effects of the vaccines could have triggered the heart attack, stroke, organ failure, whatsoever.

3. Even if death is said to be caused by a pre-existing heart condition or disease (or any other organs), the benefit of doubt must be given to the deceased in that the vaccines could have partially, if not wholly, attributed to and be inclusive as part of the cause of death, especially so when death occurs within one to three days after injecting the experimental mRNA vaccines into the body.

4. If there is a doubt or dispute regarding the actual and true cause of death, a third party, not coming from any government or government-link or government directed agency, must be formed and directed to determine the actual and true cause of death. Members of this third party must be neutral people who have no link whatsoever to the government, organs of state, government-linked organisations, statutory boards, Temasek Holdings, GIC, or the ruling political party.

5. The government must not be the sole determinant to decide on the cause of death in such a situation because the government is also a interested party, not a neutral party. There is clearly a serious conflict of interest here.

6. The Court of Appeal should be the ultimate arbiter of cause of death if any member of the deceased family is not convinced or satisfied that the deceased's death was not caused by the vaccines.



Hot News from the press: DBS Duplicate Charge on Credit and Debit Card Users.

     DBS customers - Credit and Debit Card users were shocked to discover they were double charged on single transactions. This should never have happened bearing in mind DBS is the biggest local bank and has iconic status in not only Singapore but also in ASEAN countries. Coffee shops gossips asked," How could this happen? Don't we have the highest top talent from India taking charge of DBS as its CEO? Did the bank become aware of the duplicate charges only after complaints lodged by affected customers.? What if customers did not realise the double charge earlier and thus the duplicate charge will keep on going? How can they claim it is due to the glitch of technicality - the machines? It is not so simple as that. Are the highly paid officers sleeping over their jobs? MAS should carry out a thorough investigation and ensure that there is no element of criminality. Will heads roll ? The ball and ultimate responsibility stops at the table of the Bank's CEO."


India is the top tech country in Asia and helping to bring up no talent Singapore

In the 1980s, soon after Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore, China sent delegations after delegations of their govt officials to see what Singapore could do and what they could learn from this shining jewel in the East. Singapore was flattered and proud at the same time, to be seen as a role model for China to learn from.  Singapore was ahead of China in many things, including technology and manufacturing then. The students came and went... and never need to return.

30 years went by. Today Singapore is learning from India and is being helped by India to cling on to its status as a first world nation state.  Without the Indian talents coming to Singapore to teach the no talent Singapore, Singapore would have slipped down to the third world long ago.  Singapore and Singaporeans must be very grateful to India and Indian talents for coming here to teach them. Without the Indian talents, our idiots are overawed by them, our idiots would be lost for words and ideas on how to keep Singapore progressing other than building HDB flats, shopping complexes and hawker centres. 

And the Indian talents know the level of stupidity of the Singapore idiots who cannot tell the difference between a fake degree and a copied degree or a real degree, who adored anyone that bragged with their mouths without going to universities and claimed to be an expert. The level of idiocy went to the extent of praising villagers who they think can work without the need for degrees. 

The Indians really have very low opinion of the Singapore idiots. They must be amazed at the level of stupidity here and must be wondering how on earth this could be a first world city when there is no talents except idiots. Read this as reported in the Times of India.

I am so touch by the above quote and feel so blessed to have the Indian talents training our idiots and bringing them up to speed. And this is not enough.  India still has to send their experienced guys to supplement these idiots as they would still be fumbling and bumbling around like all idiots do. Thank God there is India and Indian talents to help Singapore. Whew...wiping away my cold sweat.

Taking the example of China sending delegations here to learn from Singapore in the 1980s, it would be advisable for the no talent Singapore to send delegations of their idiots to India to learn from this amazing top tech country with top notch tech talents in the 21st Century.

What do you think? Would the idiots do the necessary?

Heard of stupidity has no cure?


Covering The Ass To Circumvent The Need To Pay Compensations And The Bad Publicity On Negative And Deadly Aspects Of The Vaccines?


One more death likely due to the effects of the vaccines that cause blood clots and resultant heart attacks:

1. The Ministry of Health said on Saturday said a 72-year-old woman who died a day after getting her first Covid-19 vaccine dose had suffered a heart attack.

2. An autopsy found that “there were no indications of an allergic reaction to the vaccines”, said MOH.

3. The woman’s son had taken to Facebook this week and asked if the vaccine could be behind her death.

4. He told TODAY that the family hopes to apply for compensation under the vaccine injury financial assistance programme

"SINGAPORE — There was no indication that a woman who died earlier this month a day after she had taken her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine had any allergic reaction to the jab, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (June 19), adding that the 72-year-old had died of a heart attack. 

MOH was responding to media queries about a Facebook post by Mr Andrew Tan, who questioned if the vaccine had caused the death of his mother, Doreen Chan.

In its statement, MOH said that it was alerted to the death of the woman at Sengkang General Hospital on June 4, and that she had been vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine the day before. 

“She had been assessed by trained healthcare personnel to be suitable for Covid-19 vaccination prior to vaccination,” said MOH, which did not name her. 

“In line with our protocols, she was also observed on-site for about 30 minutes post-vaccination and was well.”

MOH added that the coroner had determined the cause of the woman’s death to be ischaemic heart disease, after an autopsy was conducted. 

“The autopsy showed long-standing blockage of the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles, and no indications of an allergic reaction to the vaccines,” the ministry said."

Read more at:





A simplified and modified version of an important article posted by Dr Mercola on June 14

In a recent interview with Canadian Broadcaster, Alex Pierson, Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., dropped a shocking truth bomb that immediately went viral, despite being CENSORED by GOOGLE.
Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., has gained access to a sensitive Pfzer’s paper ( BIODISTRIBUTION STUDY)
from the Japanese regulatory agency.

This paper was hidden from the public and Byram Bridle and his team of international scientists has to use the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT FOIA to get this paper from the Japanese Regulatory agency.

This paper revealed "a HUGE problem with ALL COVID-19 VACCINES."

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains mRNA vaccine packaged in nanosized plastic PEG packages and injected into people during vaccination.

All this while, the ASSUMPTION that vaccine developers have been working with is that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily REMAIN in and around the vaccination site.

This Pfzer’s paper, however, show the mRNA vaccine and the subsequent spike protein produced are WIDELY DISTRIBUTED in the body WITHIN HOURS.

Now, why is this distribution in the body serious?

It is SERIOUS because that SPIKE PROTEIN created in the body due to the mRNA vaccine injection is toxic as per below statement from Dr Byram Bridle

“We have known for a LONG TIME that the spike protein is a PATHOGENIC ( ie TOXIC ) protein. It is a toxin. It can cause DAMAGE in our body if it gets into circulation. ~ Dr. Byram Bridle”

"The mRNA enters your bloodstream and ACCUMULATES in a variety of organs, primarily your SPLEEN, BONE MARROW, LIVER, ADRENAL GLANDS and, in women, the OVARIES. The spike protein also travel to your HEART, BRAIN and LUNGS, where BLEEDING and or BLOOD CLOTS can occur as a result, and is expelled in BREAST MILK."

"This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. It also has REPRODUCTIVE TOXICITY, and Pfzer’s biodistribution data show it ACCUMULATES in WOMEN ’s OVARIES"

Bridle also cites recent research showing the spike protein remained in the bloodstream of humans for 29 days.

Any reader can get the full details of the above extract from Dr. Mercola website from his article published on June 14 2021.

The above only raises issues on that spike protein. The other problematic issues caused by the nanosized PEG envelope is not covered in the above article but in a different message.

PS. Why is this not reported or discuss in our media?


Covid19 - American's plan versus God's plan

 I may be wrong, but my observations so far about this pandemic is the contest between man's plan, or to be specific, American's plan versus God's plan on the future of civilisation. The world today has reached a stage when the overwhelmingly powerful Americans with their superiority in weapons of mass destruction and military power, are assuming the role of 'God' to decide who shall live, who shall prosper, who shall perish and die. No country in the world, either alone or in alliance with other powers, could take down the American Empire and stop them from their warmongering and genocides against people of the world. At best they could destroy the America homeland but also to bring destruction to themselves and all mankind. How then could God stop this evil Empire from their evilness and massacres of the human race? Surely God cannot allow this evil Empire to continue to do what they want with impunity. God must have his plan worked out to deal with the Satanic Empire without destroying the rest of the world.

At the same time the Americans are also having their plan worked out, to depopulate the world by what they knew best, like spreading a deadly disease like they had done to the native Americans. They cleverly came out with a virus, crafted in their labs, to destroy a big part of the world's population, a virus that would not kill themselves but coloured people, starting with China. It was a smart virus and they were happily congratulating themselves with this weapon of mass destruction.  They held a highly secretive meeting to plan for this deadly event, starting with a wet market in Wuhan, China.  Ask Bill Gates and associates for details.

In the meeting they must be so elated and pleased by what they were going to do, to release the virus in China. All the military and intelligence top brass were in there, plotting and charting the course of this pandemic and how they were going to execute them and keeping themselves safe. Not only that the virus were designed and engineered not to harm the Americans, the America was protected from Asia and Africa by two oceans of water and air. The virus would not get the chance to cross the oceans to reach the Americans, so they think. Brilliant indeed.

God knew exactly what the Americans were planning. God knew of course and played along. God gave the Americans the virus and the false confidence that all was well. How not to, if the Americans did not believe they have a failed safe plan? They must have convinced themselves that all would go as planned and they were in complete control of the plan. 

Everything went smoothly as their plan, with the virus inserted into the wet market in Wuhan, China. And lo and behold, China was hit by an unknown virus and people started to die on the streets. Perfect, it was just the beginning, and all happening inside China and nowhere else. Oops, the virus was also inserted into Iran and Italy at the same time but not discovered yet. China went into panic mood and opted for a complete lockdown of the city and province. Would this work? According to the planners, this should not and they expected millions of Chinese and then the rest of the world, except the Americans, would be dying like flies.  The objective, to wipe away 2/3 of the population of the world.

God was watching and would not allow this devious plan to succeed. Too many lives were at stake. With God's help, China was able to control the breakout of the virus from affecting the whole of China. God then added a little sub plot, let the virus land on American soil. This was least expected by the Americans.  The virus could not cross the oceans. The virus was designed not to attack the Americans. So they enjoyed the death and destruction in China, popping champagne in celebration, laughing themselves crazy. The Chinese would die without knowing what hit them. So the Americans thought. And the few cases in America would soon go away. They forgot that God was also planning to sabo their plan without them knowing, and the rest is history.

But no, God's plan did not stop at that. The virus could do just so much.  The virus cannot be so deadly or it would really wipe out 2/3 of the world's population. God needed something more exclusive to deal with the Americans and the rest of the ex evil colonial empires. There must be made to administer poison onto themselves willingly and happily, only to themselves and not to the rest of the world.

Here comes God's next ingenious plan, let the Americans developed a cure quickly, a quick cure that looks good in the beginning but the end result would be what God has planned. And there you have it, the Americans came up quickly with their magic vaccines, so effective and could be developed in quick time, with no immediate side effects or adverse effects. The deadly potion would only come much later, after all the Americans and ex colonial powers have their people all vaccinated with this toxic cure. They must believe in this cure and would happily administer it to themselves, with govts and scientists encouraging everyone to have their jabs. It is like an opiate, feeling so good after the jab and feeling so safe. How else would people want to get jab willingly if they could easily tell that it is poison and would kill or destroy them in the future? 

The self confidence, self deception and delusion must work beautifully to the point that they would not share it with the rest of the world. Their wonder cure is only for themselves and the ex colonial powers. The rest of the world and China would not have access to the American wonder cure and die accordingly to their plan. They should have Chinese and Russian vaccines that were supposedly less effective, and would be wiped off the face of the earth, according to the American plan.

But according to God's plan, this is exactly what would happen. American wonder cure for the Americans and ex colonial powers, and Chinese and Russian cures for the rest of the world. One is touted as a wonder drug, not to be shared with the rest of the world. One is smeared and discredited as ineffective, like the rejected stone, for the rest of the world. And the Americans and ex colonial powers would not want to have them or forbidden by the Americans to use them.

The game is set, with two plans at work, the American plan and God's plan. Which plan would be the better plan and succeed at end game? Would 2/3 of the world's population be disposed of as planned by the Americans, or the 2/3 be saved by God's plan and instead the 1/3 be disposed of by God's plan? 

Man proposes, God disposes. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Amen.

PS. Now you see why the Americans are not sharing their wonder cure with the rest of the world and only for themselves and the ex colonial powers, and why they refused to use Chinese and Russian vaccines and don't allowed the ex colonial powers to use them as well. It is all in God's plan and it shalt be it.  Wonderful isn't it? Every piece and act falls perfectly into place in God's plan.

Now watch this 10 min clip and you will understand God's plan better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVySsZbBNnY

Covid19 vaccines - A matter of science, politics or economics


The protagonists of mRNA vaccines have been blowing their trumpets daily about how good these vaccines are and playing down on the risks and adverse events and encouraging the public to go for their jabs. They refused or have yet to tell the story of the other side of the coin to give a balance picture of the pros and cons of these vaccines, to educate the people and let the people make an educated choice.

On the other hand, there are scientists and experts who put their reputation and standings as experts on the line to say that the spike protein of mRNA is toxic or poisonous. In the scientific field of research, when faced with two contrarian views, the logical and scientific approach is to debate on the two opposing positions, do more scientific research to establish the truth. This is science.

Any scientist that refused to acknowledge a different view, in this case a very dangerous point of view that could cause lives, and turn away, not wanting to know or talk about it, is not behaving like a scientist. If this toxic interpretation of the vaccine is false, fake news, that the politicians can pofma them, even arrest them and charge them for spreading lies and fake information.

What is the scientific community going to do about this? Are the real scientists going just talk and talk like the ah pehs in the kopitiam and go home and have a nice sleep after that, without clarifying anything? Or are they going to take the matter up to study them scientifically to get to the bottom of it?

When this toxic claim is not dismissed, those that continued to praise the goodness of the mRNA vaccines, encouraging people to be jabbed, are no different from snake oil salesmen.

If the other party turns out to be right, that the vaccine is indeed toxic, and if the protagonists and govt refused to do anything about it but continue with the jabs, sometimes in the future, the surviving generation would look back in shock and horror and asking, 'Why did they do that, injecting the population with toxic potion, the scientists supporting it, the govts encouraging it, the people happily queueing up like sheep to be jabbed?'

This matter of toxicity of the vaccine cannot be ignored and simply brushed aside as if the other party are queers, laymen or ignorant quacks. They are professionals, scientists and experts in their own rights and did not publish this for fun. When they say it is poisonous, toxic, this must be proved or disproved for the sake of humankind.

What do you think?

Singapore - In The Event Of A War Between China And Western Powers

In the event of a war between China and the Western Powers, Singapore is screwed. The leaders of Singapore screwed up the future of Singapore big time.

The staunchly pro-Western position Singapore leaders, both past and present, have taken has inevitably pitched Singapore as one of China's vicious and dangerous enemies, like Japan, that need to be eliminated as early as possible in the beginning of the War

Having been educated in the West, speaking and thinking in a Western language, being indoctrinated by Western culture, Western ideology and Western Propaganda, the Singapore leaders, from first generation to the 4 generation, are staunchly pro-Western, pro-UK and pto-USA, even pro-India. But definitely Anti-China. There is totally no doubt about this. It is as clear as the the clear blue sky on a cloudless day.

In a war between China and the Western Powers, Singapore will be one of the first strategic targets of China to be destroyed completely. Not by nuclear bombs but by neutron bombs - killing only the living things but leaving all buildings intact.

After that, pro-China Malaysian Forces will just march in and occupy Singapore.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and ASEAN, will become part of the Eastern Coalition Forces fighting the Western Coalition Forces.

Without doubt, the next war will be a nuclear war, a final war, so to speak.

Whoever survived the war will have to live under very difficult conditions in a badly devastated Earth - without trees and plants, without animals, birds, fishes and insects, etc.

However, microbes there will be. Viruses there will be. These and the radioactive materials, plus the poisoned sky, poisoned air, poisoned rivers, seas and oceans - all these will make life a real living nightmare worse than a sleeping nightmare.

In a way, Singaporeans will be lucky - dying instantly without suffering. A blessing in disguise.

In the final analysis, the screw-up of the Singapore leaders is not really a screw-up but a stupidity that will result as a blessing in disguise.

So, cheer up, Singaporeans! And prepare to die happily, with no fear and no worries.


PS: All the wealth accumulated and enmassed by the Millionaire Ministers and their Spouses will be gone too. 

Queen of Hearts


Education statistics - Shall we be concerned?

 Indranee Rajah presented the latest Singapore population statistics in a media briefing yesterday. The ethnic population distribution of residents, not Singaporeans,  74.3 per cent Chinese, 13.5 per cent Malays, 9 per cent Indians.  What is the distribution of Singaporeans? Why this is not provided or not reported? What is the distribution of Singaporeans?

What I see as alarming is the data on university graduates last year. 34.7 per cent Chinese, 10.8 per cent Malays and 41.3 per cent Indians. Where have all the Chinese students gone? With a 74.3 per cent population, only 34.7 per cent of the graduates. Indians make up 9 per cent of the population and with 41.3 per cent of the graduates. Is this something to be concerned about? The Malays are just about right, could have more graduates.

Is the data saying that the Chinese have given up on tertiary education, taking the advice from some politicians that it is a piece of paper that cannot be eaten, so don't waste time and money? To make a career in hawking or taxi drivers no need to be graduates? Or is it that the Chinese are getting duller, not interested in education any more, while the Indians getting smarter and deserved all the increase in university places?

What is going on?

Covid19 vaccine - If AstraZeneca vaccine was made in China, it would have been banned by the West


Meanwhile, AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed with the University of Oxford, continues to face safety doubts.

The jab has been suspended in several European countries over reports of rare blood clots.

A top official in the European Medicines Agency on Sunday suggested that it might be worth abandoning AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine for all age groups where alternatives are available.

But the EMA said the body's head of vaccine strategy, Marco Cavaleri, had been misrepresented, and that he believed its benefits outweigh its risks.

"The decision on its use in different populations and ages is the prerogative of the EU Member States, based on specific factors such as virus circulation and vaccine availability," a spokeswoman said.

However, a study from British health authorities showed on Monday that two doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford or rival Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines stopped the need for in-patient treatment in more than 90 per cent of cases of the Delta variant....CNA

The above report showed that AstraZeneca vaccine is unsafe in general and should not be approved for use. That is why several European countries have banned its used.  Outside Europe and the USA, the users are countries that are desperate for vaccines, cannot get hold of other vaccines or refused to use Chinese vaccines and willing to risk the lives of their people in using AstraZeneca. Some countries donated this vaccines that they no longer want to use on their citizens to other desperado countries that do not mind the risk involved.

Can you imagine what the West would say if it is made in China? Dangerous, unfit for use, must be banned immediately, it causes more harm than good etc etc. The different and biased standard of the West is very apparent here. Now which silly country is still using this vaccine?

Take note of the last paragraph that said 'two doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford or rival Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines stopped the need for in-patient treatment in more than 90 per cent of cases of the Delta variant....

The way these reports about efficacy of vaccines must be read carefully. The 90% is about no need for in-patient treatment, or no need for hospitalisation. The efficacy to prevent infection is definitely very much lower than this.  Efficacy data could mean from infection, mild symptoms, need for hospitalisation/serious cases, and death. Do not be duped by such numbers as they mean different things.

US President Joe Biden, Commander-In-Chief, Must Act Against The 120 Military Officers Immediately

 The 120 military officers who signed the open letter ought to be court martialed immediately for spreading falsehood, for by-passing the military Chain of Command and for implicating the US President in a bad light, i.e. bad-mouthing and bad-stabbing their own Commander-In-Chief in public for the whole world to see.

In addition, the 120 military officers have directly violated the military laws and order, military process and military protocol. These taken together is tantamount to a subtle military coup and/or instigation of a military Coup.

The Commander-In-Chief of the USA cannot brush aside this direct challenge to his constitutional civilian command and control over the military and must take immediate action to arrest the 120 military officers who signed the open letter, and put them behind bars while awaiting further investigations, processing of charges and court martial proceedings.

Those same 120 military officers must be sacked immediately or temporarily suspended of their positions, functions and responsibilities, pending military discipline by court martial.Queen of Hearts


China Must Act Against G7 Aggression, Not Just Verbal Reply

Japan has ganged up with USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Italy to attack China with baseless accusations in order to pitch the Muslim World against China and the Hongkong Chinese against Chinese.

China has hit back with the usual toothless rhetorical warnings of telling her aggressors not to interfere with her domestic affairs and to respect her sovereignty and not to tell lies against China.

It is already long overdue for China to take concrete counter-actions to prevent, repel and stop the enemies attacks that have been going on for the last 200 years!

It is time China stand up with firm and resolute actions instead of mere rhetoric. The failure to take concrete counter offensive actions is the reason and the cause for the enemies to embolden themselves and gang up against China.

China's leaders are now seen by Japan and Western Powers as weak and incapable of dealing with aggressive attacks and intimidation.

For goodness sake, do something concrete and effective, President Xi Jinping!


Police officer beaten unconscious - Can you believe this?

On 23 February last year, at about 4am, Farhan, who was drunk, was having an argument with his wife at the void deck of Block 755 Jurong West Street 74 when a member of the public called the police over the commotion.

Four police officers, including Chong, were dispatched to the location, and they saw Farhan’s wife in tears. A female police officer was checking on the wife when Farhan became defensive. At this point, Fiqkri arrived and approached the officers aggressively, pointing his finger at the officers and demanding to know why they were questioning his brother.

Fiqkri asked Farhan and his wife to return to his unit and asked the police officers to “shut up”. Farhan left but verbally abused the female police officer first.
Brother did not "like" officer's face

Within minutes, Farhan returned and shouted that he did not like the faces of the officers. His twin asked Farhan whose face he did not like and Farhan gestured at Chong’s face.

Fiqkri turned to Chong and swung his fist at the officer’s face. Chong fell to the ground and Farhan joined him in assaulting the police officer. Farhan and Fiqkri rained punches and kicks on the officer, despite attempts by the other officers to restrain the brothers.

The brothers hurt another male officer, who was on reservist, during the struggle. Their violence prompted the female police officer to draw her baton and call for reinforcement. They finally managed to handcuff Fiqkri. Two other police officers arrived and handcuffed Farhan.

After Farhan was escorted into the police vehicle, he yelled and knocked his head on the window repeatedly. He then kicked the window three times, causing the right rear window to shatter. At that point in time, one officer was standing guard beside the right rear seat of the vehicle. The damage cost $201. Farhan has since made full restitution.

Chong was conveyed to hospital. His medical report, dated 9 March last year, stated that as a result for the attack, Chong slumped to the ground and briefly lost consciousness. He was diagnosed with abrasions over his eyelid, laceration over his ear, facial bruises, and a concussion. He was admitted for two days into the neurosurgery ward for monitoring.

Due to his traumatic head injury, Chong was given 29 days of hospitalisation leave. The other officer who was injured had bruises and abrasion over his head. Both officers' medical bills were covered by service insurance.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chng Luey Chi sought a jail term of between 39 months and 4 weeks, and 39 months and 6 weeks, along with three strokes of the cane and a fine of $3,500 against Farhan....


The above is reported in Yahoo News. Dunno what to say. 4 police officers at the scene and this happened to one of the officers. I reserve my comments. I can only shake my head. Please be careful with your comments. This is just for information as it is already reported in Yahoo News.

The only thing that came to my mind is that in Singapore, if you are being attacked, run for your life, do not hit back. If in the act of self defence you hurt the poor assailant, you  could be in big trouble. 

The next silly thing, oops, best thing, is to call the police for help and remain there to be beaten. Hope the beating would not be as severe as the above officer by time the police arrived, and you are still alive.

I am still puzzled why the other officers did not use their batons to stop the beating of their fellow officers. BTH.



The spike proteins of the coronavirus has been known to be a pathogen and toxic (poison) for quite some time. These facts should have been known by our Experts Committee by now.

We laymen are willing to search for information and truths about the problems with the experimental mRNA vaccines without being paid nor appointed to do so, but solely for the well-being of our people.

As such, we must ask what the Experts Committee has been doing to discover and uncover the potential dangers, risks and problems of these new, experimental mRNA vaccines produced by the well-known profits-oriented and money-making Giant Pharmaceutical Companies in the last one year, or since it has been appointed?

It goes without the need for a second thought that the primary responsibility of the Experts Committee must be the safety and healthcare of the people of Singapore.

It also goes without saying (but sometimes some people need reminders to wake up their inner conscience) that anyone who has been appointed to be part of the Experts Committee must not be distracted by any personal urge to please his Superior or to try to be politically correct in anyway whatsoever.

Putting all that aside, of paramount importance now is:



Covid19 vaccines - Free spike proteins continue to remain in the body

 (16) Spike Protein & Immune Escape - Dr Robert Malone (Inventor mRNA Vaccines), PhD Bret Weinstein &Steve - YouTube

Other than the high presence of the spike protein in the ovary and bone marrow after 48 hours, Dr Malone also highlighted the continuing presence of free spike protein in the body days after.  This, he said, was not meant to be as the mRNA was supposed to degrade and disappear. If the free spike protein were to remain in the body for a long time and not removed, what could be the consequences?

My two concerns and fears. The ovary is the reproductive organ where human eggs are produced and stored. If there is a hike in spike protein in the ovary, possibilities of the spike protein changing the formative cells in the eggs are high and the unexpected can happen.

The issue of having free floating spike protein in the body for a long time, how long yet to establish, would not only stress the body to keep fighting them, mutation is the other major concern.

What do you think, experts and expurts?


US warmongers hyping imaginary threats to justify war

Warning that the US is in “deep peril” from a “full-blown assault on our constitutional rights,” over 120 former top military brass have signed a letter outlining threats to its “survival,” including Biden administration policies.

The open letter, published on Monday by a group called ‘Flag Officers 4 America’, questions the result of the 2020 election, President Biden’s “mental and physical condition,” and sounds off on a number of hot-button topics, including China, the Iran nuclear deal, critical race theory, and the border wall....

“It is critical that the threats to our national security be brought to the attention of the American people and that is the main purpose of the letter,” Arbuckle told the outlet.

Among the litany of domestic threats listed in the letter are “election integrity,” using executive orders to “bypass Congress,” “open border” policies, Big Tech “censorship of free speech and expression,” loss of “jobs and energy independence” via the abandoned Keystone Pipeline and “anarchy” in certain cities.


The above is copied from RT. The content is so familiar in all American supremacist literature.  America is under threat, America is about to be invaded and destroyed. The truth, America is the threat to the world, threatening every country with wars and destruction. No one, no country is threatening the USA and if there is any threat, it is verbal, rhetoric that could not be executed. No country today can deal a blow to the Americans without being vaporised by the American nuclear arsenal.

American military bases and warships are all over the world threatening countries with wars and bullying countries with economic sanctions. Is there any foreign warship around the American homeland? Not by a million miles. Is there any country sanctioning the American economy, not by any wild imagination.

Where is the threat to American existence? The only threat from external forces, if any, is pure imagination and hype. The real threats to America are their own internal threats, only the Americans through in fighting, lies, dictatorship, abuse and corruption of power, racial discrimination, white supremacy etc that would destroy America, destroy the American constitution.

America would only be destroyed by silly Americans, not by external threats. Stop the white lies and stop threatening the world, and stop starting wars and fighting wars all over the world.

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Dangers That Some Irresponsible "Experts" Are Not Telling Us

The nature and variety of ADRs reported to the Yellow Card System are consistent with the potential pathologies described in this paper and supported by other recent scientific papers onvaccine-induced harms, which are mediated through the vaccine spike protein product (2,3).

It is now apparent that these products in the blood stream are toxic to humans. An immediate halt to the vaccination programme is required whilst a full and independent safety analysis is undertaken to investigate the full extent of the harms, which the UK Yellow Card data suggest include thromboembolism, multisystem inflammatory disease, immune suppression, autoimmunity and anaphylaxis, as well as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Due to the need for expedience, we have not detailed all ADRs in this preliminary report.

The existing Yellow Card data covering just under a five-month period indicate that the extent of morbidity and mortality associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is unprecedented.

Age and gender specific data, as well as the time from vaccination, are required to further our analysis of these data and we have sent Freedom of Information Requests (FOIRs) to the MHRA in this regard.

In addition, urgent independent expert evaluation and discussion is required to assess whether the novel vaccines may be causing gene mutations among recipients, as suggested by the occurrence of usually extremely rare genetic disorders, such as Paroxysmal Extreme Pain Disorder (PEPD).

In addition to the 11 cases of PEPD on the Yellow Card system, there are currently 12 reports of this extremely rare condition on the WHO’s Vigiaccess. org database and 10 on the European Medicines Agency’s (EUDRA) pharmacovigilance database. Are these ADRs occurring in babies of vaccinated pregnant women, or spuriously among vaccinated adults?

This question needs urgent attention.

As pharmacovigilance data are known to be substantially under-reported, we recommend that the MHRA urgently publicises these ADR data and assists people with their ADR reporting, to facilitate full elucidation and clarification of the extent of the problem.

The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare theCOVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans. Preparation should be made to scale up humanitarian efforts to assist those harmed by the COVID-19 vaccines and to anticipate and ameliorate medium to longer term effects.

As the mechanism for harms from the vaccines appears to be similar to COVID-19 itself, this includes engaging with numerous international doctors and scientists with expertise in successfully treating COVID-19.

There are at least 3 urgent questions that need to be answered by the MHRA:
1 How many people have died within 28 days of vaccination?
2 How many people have been hospitalised within 28 days of vaccination?
3 How many people have been disabled by the vaccination?

EbMC Squared CiC remains at your service to assist with further analysis. We kindly request full access to the Yellow Card database with immediate effect to enable a comprehensive, independent and accurate evaluation of the Yellow Card data, which will be undertaken in collaboration with clinical experts.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, PhD)
Director, Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and EbMC Squared CiC
Bath UK. 



American Chinese and Asians must stand up together to fight the racists


An Asian woman was punched in the face and knocked downed onto the sidewalk for no apparent reason as she walked past a restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

The assault was caught on video and shared on June 1 on Twitter by New York state lawmaker, Niou Yuh-Line, the state assembly member who represents the district that includes Chinatown....

The victim was struck in public even as other diners and passers-by were in the vicinity.

She could be seen walking on the street one moment, and was punched in the face by a man who was walking in the opposite direction the very next moment.

Several bystanders can be seen helping the woman after the attack.

The victim remained seated and stunned on the ground against a pole.

The man who hit her did not flee but stayed on and reacted calmly. 


The above is from themothership.sg.

When would the Chinese and Asians in the USA start to defend themselves against the racists? This happened in Chinatown and the racist was arrogant enough to hit a Chinese woman there and still stayed there like if challenging anyone to strike back.

The Chinese and Asians should form some vigilante groups to guard and patrol at least the Chinatown to make it safe for themselves and such racists should be hammered to shit if they dared to commit racist violence against them in Chinatown. They cannot keep crying out loud and do nothing to defend themselves.  There must be some men in Chinatown, even members of the triads can be paid like in the past to protect themselves.

Crying out loud would mean nothing to the racists. They only know violence and would only stop when they could be attacked. See, most of the attacks were against women, showing what cowards they are, taking out the weaker sex.

Singapore or American aircraft

 The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s F-16 fighter aircraft are currently based at Peace Carvin II detachment in Luke Air Force Base, Arizona in the United States. (PHOTO: Mindef)The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s F-16 fighter aircraft are currently based at Peace Carvin II detachment in Luke Air Force Base, Arizona in the United States. (PHOTO: Mindef)

The above pic was from Yahoo News. Why is Singapore airforce aircraft flying the American flag? What does it mean for a country's aircraft to be flying the flag of another country?

COVID-19 Vaccines: Is It Possible To Make Big Fortunes Forever?


Yes, if the masses are made to become vaccine-addicts and have to take the same or booster vaccines every year or every six months.

While it still remains unclear how long immunity from coronavirus vaccines and natural infection lasts, vaccine developers are racing to test and determine if their shots will eventually require an extra dose or booster shot to maintain protection against COVID-19.

The latest information on booster shots comes from Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, who said the company will make a third booster vaccine available to Americans by the fall. The Moderna vaccine currently requires two doses in order to be effective.

The purpose of a third shot is to boost immunity for COVID-19 as more contagious coronavirus variants continue to spread in the world, some of which have been shown to evade the shots’ defenses.

Results from a preclinical study showed that a modified version of the original Moderna vaccine designed to tackle the variant that emerged in South Africa was capable of increasing antibody levels in those who already received two doses. Previous data revealed the variant lowered antibody levels by 600% in laboratory tests.

The Moderna booster news comes a week after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said during a CVS Health livestream that it seems “likely” people who received the Pfizer vaccine will need a third dose “somewhere between six and 12 months, and then from there, there would be an annual re-vaccination.” (This looks like big money in the making forever).

“But all of that needs to be confirmed, and again, the variants will play a key role,” Bourla added.

Pfizer’s chief medical officer told CNBC that she agrees with Bourla.

“We see indications for this also in the induced, but also the natural immune response against SARS-COV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19],” Dr. Ozlem Tureci told the outlet.

"We see this waning of immune responses also in people who were just infected, and therefore [it’s] expected with the vaccines.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, said we’ll likely know by this fall whether booster COVID-19 vaccines will be necessary.

“When the slope starts coming down you can predict when you’re going to get below the safe level or you could start seeing breakthrough infections,” Fauci said Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week’.

“I believe by the time we get to the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall, we’ll have a pretty good idea of whether we definitely or not need to give people boosts and when we need to give it to them.”

The reality for COVID-19 vaccines will likely mirror that of flu shots, which require annual vaccinations that are updated by scientists each year depending on which strain of the influenza virus is circulating.

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky also told CNBC in February that coronavirus vaccines may need to be an annual event.

Both Pfizer and Moderna announced that their vaccines offer protection against COVID-19 for six months. This means that every six months one has to re-vaccinate again and again and again.

That means every six months, doctors and Vaccine Producers, the Profit-Motivated Big Pharmaceutical Companies are going to keep increasing their wealths and fortunes at the expense of the poor vaccine-ransomed masses.

How cunning can some greedy people be! 

Queen of Hearts


Covid19 vaccine and adverse cases - Fake news or truth?


An official tally of suspected side effects resulting from Covid vaccination in Sweden has surpassed 30,000, with the majority of cases occurring in people inoculated with AstraZeneca’s shot.

According to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, as of last week, the Scandinavian nation had received 31,844 reports of adverse reactions linked to the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Sweden is currently offering three variants of the drug. There are currently 2,103 reports of side effects from the Moderna shot, while the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been associated with 9,117 health issues. But the number of suspected adverse reactions from the two shots seems relatively small when compared to the 19,961 reports linked to AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria.

The most common side effects for all three drugs were fever and headache. Other reported adverse reactions included nausea, joint pain, and dizziness. 

Notably, the AstraZeneca shot only accounts for about 26% of the roughly 2.7 million vaccines that have been administered so far in Sweden, but makes up around 63% of the side effects reports....

In March, Sweden was one of several nations to temporarily suspend the use of the AstraZeneca jab, following reports of abnormal blood clotting in recipients. AstraZeneca, as well as the European Medicines Agency, have insisted that the vaccine is safe after it came under scrutiny. 

Since then, new reports have linked the drug to severe medical episodes, and even death. Earlier this month, a 35-year-old female medical worker in Vietnam died from anaphylaxis after being injected with the jab, in what has been described as a “very rare” case of adverse reaction to the vaccine. 

The above is from RT. Is this fake news or alternative truth or truth that some did not want people to know?

In today's context, many major media sources, used to be perceived or believed as objective and factual, have exposed their political biases and in all intent and purpose, pushing out news for political agenda with twisted narratives or simply lies as accomplice of propaganda of nation states.

USA plus the AngloSaxon tribe - The most dangerous and reckless warmongers


Wild beasts in business suits pretending to be civilised men, everyday planning to kill, to go to war, to use nuclear weapons to nuke countries, even knowing that they could also be on the receiving ends, leading to the end of human civilisation. This is what American beasts in Washington and the White House really are, absolutely vicious, wild and dangerous and getting more dangerous everyday.

And everyday they are spreading lies and demonising China as a threat to the world, as an aggressive country while they are planning to destroy China and the rest of the world. How outrageous can this be. 

Listen, people of the world, look at these devils, Satan worshippers, and what they really are. With overwhelming military superiority, they think it is ok to go to war, to nuke every country but screaming at Iran, North Korea for wanting to have a few nuclear weapons to protect themselves from these beasts. No one must have military superiority or parity as this would forbid the Americans from having the advantage of destroying them without being destroyed as the other side would not be able to do so.

This video makes it very clear that Iran, North Korea or smaller countries must have nuclear weapons for their own safety. Even Russia and China are not safe from these wild beasts in Washington and the White House. 

The world beware! Do not be misled or conned by these wild and reckless dangerous mean animals in suits. And they are pretending that they are innocent, harmless and goody little boys and girls being threatened by the bad guy China, so poor things. All the wars and killings around the world are committed by China, not us, not the USA! The American boys and girls are so hapless, waiting to be destroyed by aggressive China! Mind you, these innocent goody boys and girls are at wars everyday for almost a hundred years and honing their art of war and skills in destruction and killing innocent people, and have more nuclear warheads and military weapons than China by hundreds of times over.

The devils are hyping the China threat so that they could nuke and destroy China whose main interest is to make life better for its people and the rest of the world through trade, economic development and building infrastructures, roads, railways, ports etc etc without engaging in wars.


Racism and multi culture and multi racial countries

 The current incident when a 60 year old Chinese man chided a mixed Indian Filipino for marrying a Chinese woman is now the talk of the town. Racism in Singapore has been elevated a notch higher with all those that wanted to be heard taking out their biggest loudspeakers to say their piece. Racism is so serious in Singapore that several ministers must make known their stand or be seen to condone such a racist act. I wonder if they would say anything about people being beaten, violence, because of race?

Never mind, just say say only. Just make sure it sounds politically correct to whatever audience they wanted their message to be heard. 

In any multi racial society, there are bound to be racism, many are pure animal instinct like a dog and cat relationship but the expression is just milder in form. Can racism be avoided, I think this is very difficult.  The only thing to hope for is to minimise the outburst, clamp down on violence, stop it from spreading and have laws to criminalise such acts. At the same time, stop blowing your racism horns. The more and louder the horn is used, it is not going to help but to stir more anger and hate, like adding fuel to fire.

Theoretically, it may be a good balance for a country to have about equal numbers in racial composition, say if 4 major races, each has 25% of the population...and 4 heads of state, four of everything.  Mathematically very balanced and should be fair to all. In really this is a hot potato, a tinder box waiting to explode. Any country with such a racial mix is going to be very very unstable.

In practical terms, a more stable multi racial country is likely to have a large majority and a much smaller minority and with the majority being benevolent and magnanimous to the minorities. Singapore used to be in this happy formula in the past, a magnanimous majority with plenty of room and generosity to share with the minorities, and inter racial problem can be kept from blowing up.

The USA is a good example to apply this formula  and for the world to learn. Between the Europeans and the native Americans, there is a clear majority against a practically non existence minority, terminated through years of massacres and genocides. The majority became so small, almost non existent that they could be ignored and dumped in some uninhabitable land and forgotten. The majority needs not even have to be generous or magnanimous, just treat the native American minorities as transparent and forgotten. This balance is very stable.  The minorities would be so insignificant that they know their fate and nothing they do would change anything.

Another combination in the US is the whites versus the blacks, a fairly large black minority coexisting together in an uncomfortable existence. The blacks are large enough to be in the face of the whites wherever they go. The whites were benevolent on paper, after the abolishment of slavery, but not in real life. The blacks were constantly discriminated because of race and were only kept in place by a white biased govt and law enforcing institutions that would not allow the blacks to raise their voice too loudly.  It is a forced balance with a white majority literally sitting on the back of the blacks with little resistance. It does not fit the ideal model of a magnanimous and benevolent majority being kind and sharing with the minorities.

The closest one could get to a peaceful balance is in East Asia, in China, Japan and Korea when the absolute majority could be generous and magnanimous to the small minorities and both co exist without imposing on one another, and the minorities given some added privileges as minorities.

What kind of combination is Singapore in today and where is it heading? Is the balance going to be unbalanced or balanced in the future, leading to more outbreaks of racial intolerance and violence? An ideal balance on paper is different from a functional balance in reality. It is like the evil Americans everywhere talking about the balance of power in the world and how it is being threatened by China, Russia or Iran and North Korea. The ideal balance of power to the evil Americans is one where they own all the guns, all the nuclear weapons and no one else should have any to upset them, and they being overwhelmingly powerful, could whack any country they like without anyone being able to hit back. 

The Americans would never accept a balance of power where China or Russia or any country could be as powerful as them, ie parity in the possession of weapons and unclear arsenal. That is not balanced to the Americans, a very unstable balance. They are now very unhappy as they are no longer in a position of unchallenged superiority and could do anything they want, to whack anyone they want, to call the shot and everyone must obey.

Racial balance of a country is a very sensitive balance and only fools would meddle with it to make it worse while thinking or unthinkingly thinking they are doing the right thing, to achieve a right balance. What is right on paper is dangerously wrong in the real world.

Turn on your loudspeakers and blare. The louder the better, to denounce everything as racism and racism would disappear. Twits.



China must stock up maximum number of nuclear weapons and stealth missiles as fast as possible. To discard this warning is to forego the limited precious time still available and to forsake the 1.7 billion Chinese People in the World today and the countless future generations in time to come.

Whether China and the Chinese Leaders like it or not, WAR with the USA and its Axis of Evil is UNAVOIDABLE.

WAR will be forced unto the hands of the Chinese Leaders by the unscrupulous and devilish leaders of the UK, by the demonic leaders of EU and by the satanic leaders of USA.

Although Tsun Tze had said: If you want peace, be prepared for war." What he did not say but also true is," If you want war, be prepared for peace!"

So, if the Chinese People and Leaders have been enjoying a good time over the last 60 to 70 years in peace and preparing for peace, that means it is inevitable that war will come to their doorsteps. It is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.

THEREFORE, it is time to wake up. It is time to launch a full-scale Emergency Preparation for an Unavoidable Ultimate War with the Hitler-like USA and the Nazi-like White Powers. And don't forget the treacherous Russians and atrocious Japanese, who are always ready to take full advantage of China's predicaments.

In preparation for the eventual war - a full-scale nuclear war - it is not just the hardware but also the software, human-ware, cyber-ware and space-ware. It is not only the strategies and tactics to fight and win the war, but also the aftermath of the war - how to survive the nuclear holocaust for the next fifty to hundred years.

Numerous leaders, on thinking of the nuclear holocaust of a full-scale nuclear world war, immediately chicken out and brushed aside the possibility of a nuclear world war. These cowards are always quick to say:

"No, it won't happen. There won't be any nuclear war. It is unthinkable. It is so horrendous and unimaginable. It means the end of human-kind and the end of the world. No! It won't happen!"

That kind of attitude and behaviour will simply let the guards down. Once you let your guards down, you won't be preparing for the nuclear war. So, when it ultimately happens, you are caught with your pants, underwear and panties down. You are going to die. Your families are going to die. Your country folks are going to die. Die a horrible death. Some instant deaths. Most suffering lingering deaths. That is really unimaginable, and no words can express their true agonising sufferings. Do you want that?

If you, especially the national leaders, do not want that, then be prepared. Be prepared for the nuclear war, and the nuclear holocaust thereafter, not in terms of days but in terms of decades.

Therefore, China must beef up her nuclear arsenal to match the US, UK, France, Russia, India, Israel, Japan, Brazil and Pakistan combined. Short, medium and long-range nuclear missiles and warheads, all of these and more must be stocked up and deployed tactically and strategically across the surface of the world, under the seas and oceans and in the space high above.

China must also prepare her people psychologucally, physically and morally for the ultimate, all-out, full-scale nuclear war.

China must also prepare the ground and infrastructures to withithstand the nuclear bombardment and the holocaust. And food, water, medical and energy supplies, of course.

China must aim to destroy, or at least cripple, all the enemies communications and command centres and military headquarters in the 1st Strike, or at least in the first Counter-Strike.

China must cater for nuclear strikes on all US nuclear bases or deployments on land, in the sky and under the oceans.

These targets must be totally destroyed: Okinawa, Diego Garcia, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, in the earliest possible window of engagement. This will cripple the enemies' military capabilities tremendously. The people killed on these places are unavoidable and must be considered as collateral damage. They know it well in advance. They asked for it. Therefore, No Love Lost.

China's stealth nuclear submarines must be organised into at least four groups, as follows:

1. The 1st Group is to surround Continental USA and deliver counter-nuclear strikes onto all US nuclear bases in Continental USA, automatically without orders, the moment any nuclear weapon is launched from Continental USA to strike other countries or China.

2. The 2nd Group is to follow and tail all the US, UK, Japanese and French Aircraft Carriers or nuclear warships. This group is to be armed with tactical nuclear weapons to sink the aircraft carriers and destroy the warships and logistical supports.

3. The 3rd Group is to engage targets of opportunity. This group is to be armed with both short-range and medium-range nuclear weapons. They will deal with any unforeseen and unplanned eventualities.

4. The 4th Group is to serve as a Reserve, with the view of doing mop-up operations, to destroy the remnant of any Enemy Nuclear Threats.

China's main nuclear arsenal, deployed on the main land have to be well protected, and must be readily aimed at all the strategic targets at all times. These do not only include US targets, but also all other countries that have nuclear arsenals.

Last but not least, the Chinese population must be prepared and trained to produce food, water, energy and medical requirements on a wartime basis and after the nuclear bombardments, for decades into the future.

Be warned, be prepared, be one step ahead, be safe!

Queen of Hearts.


Abandoned Singaporeans - Cry also no tears


This sad picture of a jobless Singaporean graduate was received in my Whatsapp. How painful and pathetic looking at this heartbreaking picture? Any well meaning and caring Singaporean would not go away without shaking his or her head at the plight of our children, our young, to be in this state of affair.

A silly country that could offer a few hundred well paying jobs to foreigners, many with fake and funny degrees, but could not employ our very own children is sick to the core, forgetting what nation building is all about, what a nation or country is all about. How many of our children have fallen on the way side because of this silly open leg wide wide policy with little thoughts and safeguards for our young graduates from our world best universities(I can't help laughing myself silly every time it is reported that our universities are world best, the best in Asia) and happily allowing unplaced, unheard of universities from the third world, many infamous for selling fake degrees and students cheating to get their degrees, while our children suffered in silence. Can anyone hear their cries for help?

One simple question? What is a govt for? Why vote for a govt that neglected our young in favour of foreigners in the hundreds of thousands?  Singaporeans must demand affirmative action from the govt they voted in to look after their welfare first, to protect Singaporean first. If not, VOTE THEM OUT!

On the other hand, why blame the govt? Blame yourself for blindly voting without thinking and caring for your children and grandchildrens future well being.

Many of our young have resigned to their fate of being unemployed, underemployed or taking up part time jobs that do not require a degree and earning a fraction of what a graduate could get if gainfully employed....and feeling very sickening looking at the happy and fully employed foreigners in their country, taking away good jobs from them with some asses using the microphone saying these jobs were given to foreigners because Singaporeans were unfit or did not have the suitable qualifications for the jobs.  This kind of comments is callous and totally irresponsible.

Want to cry also no tears. Spoken a lot, written a lot about this, but the problem is still there.  Does anyone care or bother about the welfare of our children? Nothing can be done? You believe in this shit?

Touch your heart, if the heart is still there, or misplaced or eaten by the dogs.


The government-appointed "Expert Committee", being paid by the government, said on Monday that there is no evidence that inactivated virus vaccines demonstrate higher efficacy against COVID-19 variants than messenger RNA (mRNA)-based vaccines.

"We have noted social media messages asserting that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective against (variants of concern) and that inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccines would provide superior protection.

The inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccines have variable protection and there is currently no evidence to suggest that inactivated virus vaccines demonstrate higher vaccine efficacy against (variants of concerns) than the mRNA vaccines,"
said the Expert Committee in a press release on Monday.

The two vaccines being used for the current National Vaccination Program are from Pfizer-BioNtec and Modena. These vaccines use a new technology mRNA instead of the traditional method of using inactivated viruses.

Curiously and interestingly, the two new tech, untried and experimental Western vaccines have been recommended by the "Expert Committee" who have probably studied in the West or indoctrinated by the West, and were quickly and readily accepted by the Multi-Ministry Task Force, who might also studied in Western universities and brain-washed by Western indoctrination.

In the other hand, the Sinovac vaccine uses the traditional, tried and tested method as the vaccine used for chickenpox for the last 100 years. It uses inactivated viruses. This is the preferred vaccine by many old folks of Singapore, that the "Expert Committee" not only did not recommend for inclusion into the National Vaccination Program but seems to be attempting to run it down by saying there is no evidence to show it is better. Such approach can only discredit the so-called "Experts" themselves for being ingenious, unethical and unprofessional.

Moreover, no evidence collected, collated, processed, interpreted or used does not mean there is no evidence out there in the cyberspace and in the world of 193 countries. It simply means the "Experts" themselves

1. Have not come across such evidence.
2. Have disregarded such evidence.
3. Have preconceived ideas.
4. Have to safeguard self-image and protect the image of the MMTF.
5. Have made a great blunder.

Remember, the same "Expert Committee" has recommended to the government and the government has told all of us:


 Last but not least, there is also no evidence for us to think that what the few gentlemen in the appointed "Expert Committee" said are more credible and trustworthy than what the myriads of people said in the social media, out there in the Cyberspace!

SSO - 8 June 2021.


Covid19 vaccine - Open letter to NZ PM Jacinda Ardern expressing concerns over Pfizer vaccine



Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Ministers of COVID-19 cc Attorney-General David Parker
Director-General of Health Solicitor-General Una Jagose
Chris James – Group Manager Medsafe Health and Disability Commissioner
Dear Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Director-General of Health and Chris Hipkins


I represent a large number of New Zealanders who are extremely concerned about apparent legal breaches and misleading and deceptive representations in the provisional approval, promotion, marketing and roll out of the novel Pfizer mRNA and nanogel vaccine known as “Comirnaty” (“the Pfizer injection”).

I write to formally put you on notice of some of the many apparent breaches of New Zealand law and of deficiencies and mis-representations which undermine fundamental rights of all New Zealanders to give fully informed consent to any medical procedure. The result is considerable risk
for the Crown, for the public representatives involved and accordingly for the public of New Zealand.

Details of the full letter can be viewed at  Sue Grey: Open Letter to Prime Minister | NZ Outdoors Party


China still refuses to learn...and looking sillier by the day

 China sent a friendly signal for talks between Chinese and US defense ministers when US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin took up his post on January 22, but this was never met with a response, and Austin later requested to meet with another leader in the Central Military Commission, which is an unprofessional and unfriendly act of disregarding diplomatic protocol and international common practice, a Chinese source said on Monday, in response to a recent media report claiming China rebuffed Austin's requests for high-level military talks.  Global Times

The above is another example of Chinese stupidity in thinking that the devil could become good and decent and would come to the negotiating table. The stupidity of the Chinese govt is unforgiveable after being ill treated, bullied and kicked around by the Americans and the West for two centuries...and still not learning, refusing to learn.

When would the Chinese learn to accept that the White men would always treat them as enemies? Every move, everyday, is an aggressive move against China, an act of war. They are willing to spend US$300m annually to conduct psywar, propaganda war, misinformation and spread fake news against China! And China still thinks that the beast can be tamed, can become friendly. The longer China indulges in this delusion, it is like smoking opiate and having hallucination, the more the white men will continue to bully and abuse China and treat China as a useless country that they could push around, and tempted to start another Opium War. Weakness and being meek are never respected by the White men.

The latest, 3 senators visited Taiwan on a military plane and China did nothing.  Putin would have shot it down. When the enemies are punching China in the face, China has to punch back and not look away. Acting meek is an invitation for more aggression and violation.

Wise up China. The beast is a beast and you will have to deal with it as a beast before it tears you to pieces. China needs to start to carry a big stick and use the stick to whack the beast real hard and stop being foolish and wasting all the effort and resources to try to be nice to the beast. See how the snake bites back despite China sending so much aid to India during this pandemic. The beast, the snake, would always behave like beast and snake.

The earlier the Chinese understand this, the better for them and the world. There is no way for a compromise.  The clash of civilisations will come to blows in a matter of time. Be prepared, be ready and start kicking asses. See how every little silly and poor European countries would stand up to poke at the eyes of the dragon! 

China, for goodness sake, wise up and face the hard reality. Stop being nice and polite to the beast. It only makes China not only look silly, but hypocritical. China must stop behaving like Ah Q.  All the talks and excuses are meaningless when dealing with the beast. The beast could not appreciate kindness and decency and would lie and lie to get its way.

For a start, isolate and stop trading with UK, Australia and Canada, the 3 weeny rascals of the 5 eyes countries. Make them bleed. Close down HSBC or make sure no Chinese companies use its services. For Canada, hang the two Michaels. No need to wait anymore. The only reason to wait is to put blood in the hands of the little boy PM, for him to send Meng Wanzhou to the USA, then immediate announce the death sentence and execution. Australia's economy is collapsing. Many of their businessmen are crying and will go bankrupt in a matter of time.

China, just do it instead of talking cock to the beasts and snakes.

Beware Of The Long-Term Side-Effects Of Western Vaccines


New research shows that the coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination UNEXPECTEDLY enters the bloodstream, which is a plausible explanation for thousands of reported side-effects from blood clots and heart disease to brain damage and reproductive issues.

A Canadian cancer vaccine researcher said last week:

"We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.

"We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin!"

The toxin of the vaccines enters the blood stream and cause blood clots, heart attacks, brain damage and reproductive problems, among others, multiple organs failure, and ultimately death.

So, don't be too happy and confident that if you have already been vaccinated, you are okay for the rest of your life.

If you have taken the new-tech mRNA vaccines, you have been a human guinea pig for the Big Pharmas without being paid. That's all! What happens to you a few years, 10, 20 years, down the road, nobody will be there to compensate you for participating in a medical experiment without pay.

Don't be disheartened. Just think positive. Think positively that you have been well when it lasted. 



China could offer futuristic high speed trains to America


Wuhan train station. Photo credit to RT

Photo credit Xiaowu Express

The above is the future now in China. These fabulous modern high speed trains could be crisscrossing America and make life more comfortable instead of the ancient rundown trains they are having today.

All it needs is for the Americans to stop its warmongering, demonising and aggressive behaviour against China.  Think of how China could improve their standard of living and way of life with these beautiful trains.  Think of the trillions of dollars wasted in building more war machines.  Just spend a fraction of it and let China do the rest.

What do you think, Americans? War or peace?

PS. From RT. 'In this case, an attempt to compete with China on infrastructure is a nonstarter. America, of course, desperately needs better infrastructure regardless of geopolitical considerations. However, two very different systems of government mean the game in each country is totally different.'

PS.  This is where China spent its money. Where do you think the Americans spent their money? Weapons, wars and US$300m a year on a hate campaign to derail China's economic growth.



COVID-19 Singapore: Glaring Discrimination Against Citizens Who Prefer The Sinovac Vaccines


The Covid-19 Multi-Ministry Task Force has announced that the Sinovac Vaccines can be used by citizens and others, but only through private arrangements and not included in the National Vaccination Program nor the Vaccine Injury Financial Aid Program.

The Government has 200,000 doses of Sinovac vaccines purchased in February with taxpayers' money.

Background Analysis

The key reason in this self-created fiasco about making citizens pay for the Sinovac vaccines is that it is UNREGISTERED.

The key question to ask the Government is:

WHY DON'T THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW THE SINOVAC TO BE REGISTERED, just as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been allowed to be registered? Why the unnecessary discrepancy and deliberate disparity?

By refusing to register the Sinovac Vaccines, the Government has clearly and glaringly created an obstacle to the use of the Sinovac Vaccines and therefore an excuse/reason to unfairly, unequally and unjustly treat those Citizens who prefer to take the Sinovac Vaccines for personal reasons.

Follow-up Question:

WHY must the Government create the obstacle and excuse/reason to treat Citizens who wish to take the Sinovac Vaccines unfairly, unequally and unjustly?


We are the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations.

We have diligently and obediently paid all the taxes as required in our whole life, like many other Singapore citizens.

We have also done the National Service as required by law. like many other Singapore citizens.

We have worked very hard, and with very low pay (because in the early years Singapore was very poor) to help build Singapore from 3rd World to First World, together with the Old Guards led by our 1st Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The present Government has inherited, in a golden platter, this First World Singapore without much efforts of their own. Now that it has the power to decide on our life or death, it has chosen to treat us unfairly, unequally and unjustly in this Covid-19 Pandemic by excluding us from the National Vaccination Program and denying us the related Financial Aid Scheme.


This unfair, unequal and unjust treatment by the present Governing Body will not go down well for its legacy.

People are bound to tell all the future generations about this unfair, unequal and unjust treatment that the 3G Leadership has deliberately and intentionally dished out to a select group of citizens who wish to be treated fairly, equally and justly!

The present Governing Body gave foreigners vaccines and Covid-19 medical treatments free of charge without being asked for and included them in the National Vaccination Program and Related Financial Scheme, yet it has deliberately and intentionally discriminated against those citizens who prefer the Sinovac vaccines. These are also your own loyal citizens who have put you in power.

The present Governing Body does not have any valid reason nor excuse to treat this select group of citizens like that. It is bound by our Constitution to treat all citizens fairly, equally and justly, without fear, favour or ill-will.

Penalising those who refused to trust the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines under the Free National Vaccination Program by making them pay for the Sinovac Vaccines is tantamount to Ill-will.

Being afraid to offend the USA, or any other Power, is tantamount to displaying Fear and showing Favour.


This clear and glaring discrimination is highly unacceptable and reflects very badly on the present leadership.

It will be wise to remedy this issue by including all the Covid-19 Vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation into our National Vaccination Programme and Vaccine Injury Financial Aid Scheme, without any discrimination, disparity and excuse.

Queen of Hearts.


Silly woman judge nailed Fauci as the engineer of this pandemic but blamed China

Listen to this silly woman that is supposedly to be pretty smart, or at least she called herself a judge or was appointed a judge. A judge cannot be so stupid or so biased with the facts she had.  She could not think straight but to push a hate agenda. This is the quality of American judges. Her hate China and hate Chinese mindset took over and overruled her ability to reason. She knew that Fauci knew about this pandemic in 2017. She knew that Fauci was in charge, in control and the likely engineer, or involved with some evil men to start this pandemic. But she kept blaming China for it. Her used of CCP revealed that she was part of an evil gang, a conspiracy, to smear and demonise the CCP as an evil organisation when she was part of such a hate organisation.  She and her evil racist gang think that by using CCP they could disguise their hate for the Chinese people. The Chinese people are almost 100% behind the CCP, the best political party of the 20th and 21st centuries for giving them a better life, a future to look forward to and freedom to be the best they can be.  attacking the CCP is attacking China and the Chinese people!

In her naivety she also believed that CCP/China would create this virus to kill Chinese people. Can you believe that? She is deranged. That is how thick she is. China and the Wuhan Lab were convinced by Fauci, with American govt funds, to conduct gain of function research to prepare for a pandemic. The pandemic, when and where it is going to start, was in the hands of Fauci, who talked about it in a news interview in 2017. If China knew what Fauci was up to, to kill Chinese and using Wuhan Lab to do it, why would China go along with Fauci, representing the American govt?

From the emails and Fauci's speeches, it was very clear that Fauci was in the thick of things that both the Chinese and American govts did not know. That is why everyone is saying Fauci has a lot of explanation to do.

But these hate China, hate Chinese racist Americans, including this silly woman, just want to put the blame on China which they called the CCP even they knew Fauci is the devil. And they continued with the narrative that Fauci was working with China to create this pandemic! What is the benefit for China to want to start a pandemic to kill Chinese people?

Fauci lied to the Americans and also to the Chinese. Fauci was the mastermind in this whole thing. Period. How could Fauci blame China as demanded by the China/Chinese haters? China would have a lot of mails from Fauci to show how Fauci convinced China to do gain of function research in Wuhan. What were the reasons Fauci used to be allowed to do his research in Wuhan?

And in all her attacks, like the racist Americans in Washington and Capitol Hill, they conveniently refused to mention what happened at Fort Detrick, the likely origin of this pandemic with Fauci in the thick of things. That is how untruthful these evil men and women are.

China must take this as a bitter lesson. Never trust the Americans. The Americans have banned China from participating in many projects, including space and ISS. When the Americans came with an olive leaf and called for cooperation, joint projects, China must immediately say NO.  The Americans are up to no good. China must NEVER, NEVER, trust the evil Americans. 

The native American wisdom that the white men spoke in fork tongue is a truth carved in stone. Not believing in this wisdom is a sign of stupidity and will bring harm to the non believers.