Afghanistan - 20 years of butchery of tribesmen under the pretext of 911

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday (Apr 14) it's "time to end" America's longest war with the unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, where they have spent two decades in a bloody, increasingly futile battle against the Taliban.

Dubbed the "forever war", the US military onslaught in Afghanistan began in response to the Sep 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

Now, 20 years later - after almost 2,400 US military and tens of thousands of Afghan deaths - Biden named Sep 11 as the deadline by which the last US soldiers will have finally departed. The pullout will begin on May 1.  AFP

Using the pretext of 911, accusing the poor tribesmen of Afghanistan of involvement in a false flag attack on World Trade Centre, the Americans invaded Afghanistan and stay there for 20 years, killing and murdering the tribesmen daily.  'A decade ago, the United States had about 100,000 troops in Afghanistan.' Thousands of innocent Afghans, fathers and mothers, children, babies and women, were slaughtered daily by the Americans till today and still going on, 20 long dreadful years after their self inflicted bombing of the twin towers. No one dares to condemn this barbarism.

The 911 bombings had nothing to do with the Afghans, nothing to do with the Talibans.  These tribesmen living in the desolated mountains of Afghanistan were never a threat to the USA.  Many did not know anything about the USA. But they were convenient victims of the American butchers.  The Americans were using them for training, to experiment and test their weapons of mass destruction, to expend their obsolete weapons so that they could acquire more new and deadly weapons.

Where is the condemnation from the so called evil no conscience western media for war crimes and crimes against these hapless tribesmen of Afghanistan? They have no means to travel to the USA to pose a threat to the white supremacists.  They have better things to do than to want to attack a country they have never heard of and did not no where.

The world, the UN, must condemn the unilateral invasion of Afghanistan by the evil white men and the killings and destruction of their country.  They must be made to pay for war crimes and compensation to the Afghan people and charge for these crimes against humanity. By the way, the Afghans and Talibans are Muslims, the religion the whites hate most. Forget about the farce of speaking for the Muslims in Xinjiang, another hoax, another fabricated lies to serve the interest of the white warmongers, to instigate the Muslims against China.

Where are the crocodile tears? Where are those whites that were standing on high moral grounds? The Afghans and Talibans are also people that have a right to live, to live in peace, to bring up children and to look after their old folks.

"A horrific attack 20 years ago ... cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021," he said. "It's time to end the forever war."  Biden

It can be explained. The Americans just need wars, unending wars, to support their war industries. When the Americans start a war, it is meant to last for as long as possible. They made the invaded countries pay for their expenses, soldiers and weapons expended in the wars. They made Americans pay for all the soldiers, military bases, military weapons and weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical weapons and labs by creating imaginary enemies or making enemies of other countries to justify a never ending and increasing budget. And a bonus if they have oil or gold in their banks.

War is business, big business, the biggest contributor to the American economies.  Now they are forcing their semi colonies, allies and cronies to pay for the stationing of troops and weapons in the respective countries. The Americans are the world's number one gangsters, the world's number one terrorists, the world' number one warmongers.

Spending 20 years to kill Afghan tribesmen that have nothing to do with the lives of Americans and exploiting and destroying the lives of Arabs and Muslims using lies, fabricated lies. What did the world say, what did the UN say about these crimes against humanity?


Covid19 data - Who is the bigger liar? Who can be trusted with their numbers?

MEHDI HASAN, MSNBC, APRIL 11: Eating and drinking indoors and in restaurants and bars. Is that ok now?

FAUCI: No it’s still not OK for the simple reason that the level of infection in the community is still really disturbingly high ... And if you are vaccinated, please remember that you still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where people are not wearing masks.

Photo credit to Reuters

This is a festival in India where the numbers could be a hundred thousand or more? Is this ok? It was reported that only 1,000 cases of infection were detected in 48 hours. How many more cases would be detected in the new few days or weeks?

How believeable are the Indian numbers of Covid19 infection of 13.8m against America's 31.4m when India has a 1.4b population against America's 330m, and India is so fond of having such big festivals and crowds? Simple extrapolation, given the laxity in control measures in India relative to USA, who should have a bigger infection number? Photo credit to themothership

The Covid-19 virus has been detected in more than 2,000 people within the Indian city of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, where people have gathered for one of the world's biggest religious festivals, the Kumbh Mela, Indian media Scroll.in reported.
The festival which is held from April 1 to 30, sees pilgrims immersing themselves in the Ganges river to cleanse their sins, is expected to have 1 million daily visitors.


Covid19 - Why so difficult for China to provide vaccine trial data?

 The West have been fighting the vaccine war with China, bragging about their 95% efficacy rates and denigrating Chinese vaccines for low efficacy rates. With the passing of days, more and more problems are surfacing from the use of western vaccines, with some very deadly. Two are already on the verge of being banned but clinging on like the past great white hopes, desperately explaining away problems and adverse effects associated with them. On the other hand, Chinese vaccines using the proven traditional methods continue to be used widely with very little adverse effects, safe and with very good track records on reducing or preventing serious infections.

The West continue to demand for more data on Chinese vaccines as a way to smear Chinese vaccines. Yes the West can produce their own data, cooked their own data to suit their claims. China has some difficulties producing  data from their trials not because China was hiding or being not transparent. The West conducted their own vaccine trials themselves in their own countries with their own technicians and expertise. The Chinese did not have this privilege. 

China was hit by the virus first.  China was the first to map out the virus genomes and shared with the world.  China was the first to start work on the vaccines. Then came the road block because China was so successful in stopping the spread of the virus.  There were too few cases of infection in China to make conducting vaccine trials meaningful.  China needed to seek assistance and cooperation from foreign countries with high infection rates to conduct vaccine trials.

Several precious months were lost negotiating with countries on the trials and training foreign staff on the trial processes. By the time 5 countries agreed to conduct the trials, several months had gone by.  Thus China started the trials later than western countries.

This is not the only problem faced by the Chinese. China had to rely almost completely on foreign expertise in the conduct of vaccines trials.  The participating countries wanted to be the ones managing the trials. China could not use their experts to conduct the trials. China could not have full control of the trials and could not have dedicated and committed experts to see through the trials.  China was at the mercy of participating countries and their expertise to conduct the trials professional and zealously according to the prescribed methodology.

China was also at the mercy of foreign interference and sabotaged. There were elements in these countries that were less cooperative in conducting the trials, let alone western meddling to undermine the effectiveness of the trials. Without its own dedicated experts involved in the trials, China had to struggle to make the best of the data made available by foreign expertise. This is not the most desirable outcome for China. This could also explain the huge discrepancies in the efficacy rates obtained from different countries, ranging from 50% to 90% that made moderation and calibration very difficult. 

The same vaccines and recommended methodology but conducted by different experts in different countries with different understanding and commitments and level of training would lead to a wide range of results. The reconciliation process thus became problematical. How to make sense between 50% efficacy and 90% efficacy from the same vaccine but done by different people in different countries? If only China could do it on its own in China and write its own narratives like the West, the consistency of the trial data could be more manageable.

As it was, China has to make do with whatever data that were compiled by the different countries and their agencies. The shortcomings were never due to China being not transparent and not forthcoming but due to external circumstances. 

What is important today are the results. More than 100 countries have used Chinese vaccines and are happy with the results.  They were no major adverse cases or incidents, no blood clotting, no death etc etc and no chance for the West and its vicious media to talk bad about Chinese vaccines.

More and more western vaccines are going to stumble and their shortcomings cannot be covered or hidden for long.  AstraZeneca and John and Johnson are down and going out. Should have been stopped from use if they were not western vaccines. They are desperately trying to hang on to the two white hopes and praying that they could go on using them while gambling with other people's lives.

Japan to poison the ocean with radioactive waste water - endangering lives on earth

Photo credit Global Times
Tue, 13 April 2021, 8:17 am

Japan's government on Tuesday approved a plan to release more than one million tonnes of treated water from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean, in a controversial decision that follows years of debate.

The release, which is not likely to begin for several years and could take decades to complete, has sparked concern in neighbouring countries and faces fierce opposition from local fishing communities and anti-nuclear activists. Yahoo News

How irresponsible can the Japanese be? And being in the western camp, this is supported by the IAEA, that it is normal, acceptable. Imagine what kind of adverse coverage if China would to release radioactive water into the ocean.  1.25 million tonnes of contaminated water is not a drop in the ocean. Japanese fishermen are protesting, China and South Korea are protesting as they would be the first to suffer the consequences.  

The fish in the surrounding water will be contaminated and may not be edible anymore.  The whole fishing industry in Japan, S Korea and China could be compromised and destroyed.  The people eating the fish could be poisoned for life. And this is only the beginning as radioactive material would last for aeons and eventually the whole Pacific Ocean and other oceans would be affected as well. The sea current would bring the radioactive waste to the western coast of America, California, Alaska, Canada etc etc would not be spared.

Who would be brave or silly enough to buy fish and related products from Japan or S Korea, China and Taiwan? This could become an international crisis many times worse than the Covid19 pandemic when fish stocks could not be consume and not only the prices of fish and other food products shoot to the rood, there will be food shortage around the world. 

And the irresponsible Japanese govt is adamant to go ahead with the release of the radioactive waste. God forbids, this is going to be an international disaster and affect the survival of human civilisation. Where is Greenpeace? No protest because Japan is also in their camp?

The Americans in collusion with the Japanese, are not objecting to the poisoning of the oceans. So Japan is going ahead to destroy livestocks in the ocean and endanger the whole world. China, Russia and the Koreans, plus the Asean countries must not allow this to happen. Covid19 pandemic has killed enough people but nothing compare to the contamination of the oceans with radioactive waste. mRNA vaccines could alter human DNAs and create freaks and mutants but would not be in the same proportion as radioactive livestocks in the ocean, mutant fish and marine life that would be eaten leading to mutant human beans. This irresponsible action of the Japanese must be stopped.

The Americans created Covid19 to kill Asians, the Japanese going to dump radioactive waste to kill humankind. The combined effect of these two disastrous acts could cripple the existence of life on earth. No one cares?  The UN does not care? No big mouth in Asean bothers to say anything? This is an existential problem, many times more serious than what is happening in Myanmar.

This is a horror story of human civilisation! No noise from western media? No condemnation, no mass protest?

PS.  Greenpeace did make a statement, 'Environmental protection NGO Greenpeace East Asia condemned the decision, saying that it "completely disregards the human rights and interests of the people in Fukushima, wider Japan and the Asia-Pacific region,"'

"I am a citizen of Fukushima Prefecture. The decision was cruel," said a netizen, noting that "the image of the prefecture and the local fishery industry will 100 percent be damaged, something only the immediate victims would know."


Meng Wanzhou - Extraterritorial rights to arrest foreign nationals

Chinese tech giant Huawei on Monday said it had reached an agreement with HSBC in Hong Kong to secure documents that its senior executive Meng Wanzhou hopes will help her fight extradition to the United States from Canada.

Chief financial officer Meng -- whose father is the company's founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei -- has been in a two-year battle against extradition over allegations that Huawei violated US sanctions on Iran.  Yahoo News

The HSBC has finally agreed to release documents requested by Meng Wanzhou's lawyer to prove that HSBC knew about her company's business transactions with Iran. The details have yet to be disclosed and it is not sure what HSBC would produce eventually. Like it or not, HSBC is cooked for its part in implicating and compromising a Chinese national by passing confidential documents to the Americans. Its future in doing business in Hong Kong and China is now under a big question mark and the likelihood of its operations being curtailed or even its licence being terminated cannot be ruled out. Trying to be a monkey at the expense of China has a very high price to pay.

What is pertinent in this case is the abuse of the Americans in passing laws that allowed it to arrest citizens of other countries for violating American laws. China must take a lesson on this and pass as many such laws as possible to forbid trade and military exchanges between Taiwan and any country.  Countries and individuals in violation of such laws passed in China would allow China the right to make arrest under Chinese laws. China could ban all military transaction, sales of military weapons or acts that undermine China's national interest with Taiwan. China can then set out to arrest Americans and Europeans or American cronies that violated these Chinese laws. 

China must not wait and let the Americans arrest its nationals freely.  Both sides can play the same game. China must impose sanctions on military transaction and sales of arms to Taiwan by any country immediately. Pass a law and wait to arrest some Americans and throw them into Chinese jails. This cannot be a one way traffic, that America can create such excuses to arrest Chinese nationals and China could only look helplessly and unable to do anything. All American companies and their personnel involved in selling arms to Taiwan would be immediate target for arrest. There are plenty of them in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

China must just do it and not be a hapless victims China could start throwing warnings at the Aemricans for violating Chinese laws and undermining China's national interests. Let the Americans have a taste of their medicine. Chinese sanctions should also include arms sales to China's enemies or countries hostile to China like S Korea, Japan and India. The placing of offensive weapons in S Korea should also be sanctioned. 

Oh,  China can also pass laws to arrest foreign journalists for spreading lies against China. There are so many of them out there waiting to be arrested.

China, just do it. What are you waiting for? China must also have extraterritorial rights to arrest Americans and 5 eyes countries' nationals violating Chinese sanctions and Chinese laws.

China should continue to be a punching bag to the West and the rest of the world?


Nice pic from RT - What a beautiful sight
The Americans and western countries are getting very unhappy with China today, and their daily grievance is that China is now so assertive and at times very aggressive. China is so different from yesteryears when it was just a punching bag for everyone. Not only America was throwing punches at China with impunity, with China standing there to be punched until blue black all over. Small little European countries too were doing the same and enjoying every moment of it, not expecting China to hit back or dodge the punches. In a way China was just there for them to throw punches as and when they liked. 

Even silly little Asean countries also took potshots at China like it was a right, a right thing to do to China. Some even threatened China, smeared China, badmouthed China, and some were so arrogant as to want to send their patrol boats to confront China. Some arresting Chinese fishing boats like real. For they knew then that China would not hit back. China was a perfect whipping boy for everyone.

In a way China was a joke. A country of continental size, with a population of more than 1b people, but standing out there like a punching bag for everyone to punch for free and to be ridiculed. The more China restrained itself from hitting back, the more China was attacked. It was like an invitation to the world to punch and kick China as and when they liked.  No one was complaining that China was assertive or aggressive.  Everyone took China for granted, that China was there like a vase, a vase made of china.  That was how China got this name, by courtesy of the Brits. China was like a porcelain vase, easily broken when knocked.

China must continue as a china vase, meek, docile and a punching bag. It is inconceiveable and improper for China to hit back when slapped, unbecoming to stand up when attacked and smeared or admonished by any country, big or small. No one respect China for its restraints. No one country ever considered whether it is right and proper to take liberty at China and whether China has the right to hit back. The world took it for granted that China would always be the China, the punching bag for the rest of the world.

When China stood up and hit back, it was a shock to the world. How could China do that? It was supposed to turn the other cheek, in silence. How could China be so rude, so aggressive and dare to hit back at anyone? And how could China talk back to the Americans, to the Europeans? How dare China imposed sanctions on Americans and Europeans?

Every country and business enterprise doing business in China and with China did not think anything about China. They made huge profits from China but think that was their entitlements. And while benefiting from China's big orders and domestic markets, these countries and businesses felt very free to dig at China, to attack China without any concern that China would cut off their businesses. As the Chinese said, eating from a Chinese bowl and smashing the bowl after having their fills. Or as the western saying, have the cake and eat it. This is how the foreign companies and corporations see China.  China is there for them to make profits and to be kicked around.

Australia was the best example of such a relationship. China was practically throwing billions and billions at the Australians and the Australians openly declared that China was just a business partner and also an 'enemy'. And Australia would join the Americans to attack, provoke and threaten China, conducted 'freedom of navigation' trips in SC Sea, humiliate China, making it very difficult for Chinese investments in Australia, harassing Chinese businessmen and business in Australia, thinking that there would be no consequences. China would accept the punching and humiliation quietly. 

And when China hit back, the Australians sniggered, laughed it off as a joke. Nothing serious would happen and China would back off. China is now at the point of cutting all trade and business activities with Australia, maybe even diplomatic relations. 

The Canadians arrested a Chinese national that did not commit any crime in Canada, on behalf of the USA and also thought they could get away with it. China responded by arresting two Canadians on charges of espionage that could end up with death sentences or life imprisonment. They too thought that it was a joke. Nothing will happen to the two Canadians. How dared China arrest Canadian citizens.

Till today, the Australians and Canadians could not believe it is true, that China meant business. Upto today, the Europeans are also wondering why China is so aggressive. They could not understand why! This is not the China they knew and expected to be, that they could bully and threaten and piss off. China was a joke, a punching bag for them and for the rest of the world for a long long time. To them, China was a non entity, a non state, no rights, no need for self respect, cannot retaliate or get angry.

The Americans are still threatening China and attacking China daily as if it was normal and their rights as the Empire to do so. China is hitting back as well but the Americans would not stop and persist in the smear campaign, fabricating lies, provocations and challenges, treating China as an enemy like little Japan and Russia. It will be a piece of cake, a cake walk like invading Iraq or imposing sanctions on Iran or North Korea or Venezuela.

Time to wake up, bullies. The dragon has risen and will blow fires. No, the dragon is not assertive nor aggressive. The dragon will just bite and tear whoever that crosses its path to pieces. Whoever is still sleepwalking and thinking that China is a Sick Man, a piece of china, would not hit back, must be prepared for a rude awakening, and be prepared to feel the pain. China has bit the time, rebuilt and strengthened itself as a superpower. China has been preparing for this moment for a very long time. It is now in a different league from the little countries of the world. China would stand up to the Americans, eyeball to eyeball. China would throw punches right at the Americans for every punch the Americans threw at China. China would not dodge anymore. China is no longer the punching bag of yesteryears.

Small little countries of the world are well advised to know their places in the packing order. A new world order is in the making. Do not cross the line and take cheap potshots at China. You will get blue black eyes for sure. For those still thinking that it is alright to play the role of American cronies to conduct sneak attacks at China, they are asking for it. As for America, the evil Empire, the day of reckoning is nigh. China is not a walkover.  China will take America head on if needed be.

Anyone still thinks China should continue to be the docile and meek punching bag, to be kicked around by everyone? China cannot be assertive, cannot be aggressive when provoked, when attacked, when wronged?


Covid19 - Vaccine Imperialism

  “In a war—which this situation is, though we fight against an invisible enemy—you need to do whatever you can to make it stop,” Zeman told me in an email. “I frankly don’t think that receiving vaccines means losing independence, or any similar repercussions. It’s a business deal, for God’s sake.” Czech's President Milos Zeman

Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, he said that fears of Moscow and Beijing leveraging their influence over receiving countries are overblown. “We grossly exaggerate the payoff you get from trying to play geopolitics with humanitarian crises,” McFaul said. Plus, “it doesn’t do any good to say that China or Russia are using their vaccines to undermine our interests if you don’t have something else to offer.”


The above are two quotes from The Atlantic to emphasise what vaccines are all about, the saving of lives, not fighting a war of influence. But this has turned out to be a war as far as the Americans and the 5 eyes countries are concerned. It is another case of you are with us or against us. If a country is with the Americans, they must not use Russian or Chinese vaccines or they would be treated as against the Americans.  Some countries that have bought Chinese and Russian vaccines have stopped using them even after receiving the vaccines and paying for them for fear of offending the Empire.

This is the new American Imperialist War. The Americans would not allow its allies, in particular the EU countries and its cronies spread across the world to use Russian and Chinese vaccines. EU is facing the biggest brunt, with insufficient supply of the American vaccines but unable to accept the use of Russian and Chinese vaccines.  The simple tool to prevent them from doing so is approval.  Vaccines that were not approved by the American or EU authorities cannot be used in their respective countries. Germany and France and a few other EU countries have mooted to bring in Russian and Chinese vaccines but have backed off due to American opposition. A few eastern EU countries defied the ban and went ahead to have Russian and Chinese vaccines for their people.

The Americans are using the control and use of the vaccines to define their Empire and to control members of the Empire. In a way this is like playing God, who can have the vaccines and live and who cannot have the vaccines and die. The world is now divided into two camps, the American Empire and the rest of the world. China and Russian combined have distributed their vaccines to more than 100 countries outside the influence of the Empire, some getting the vaccines free, some at minimal cost.

The American Empire would want to do the same but unfortunately they were not able to produce even enough for themselves. And with the Americans first policy, more than 95% of American produced vaccines are kept for domestic use, leaving a trickle for their neighbours and allies. This pathetic situation risking the lives of hundreds of millions of American allies did not deter the Americans to be more magnanimous in a world crisis to loosen their grips and allow their allies to use Russian or Chinese vaccines.  They die their own business. There is a saying that it is easier to buy American weapons than buying vaccines from the Americans.

In the meantime, having cornered the vaccine market, the Americans are blowing their horns that they would share their vaccines with their allies and cronies, caveat, after they have vaccinated all the Americans. They are ramping up production but at the rate it is going, it would take at least another year before they could vaccinate all Americans. The rest of the Empire have to wait for their turns, if the day comes.

With the efficacy and immuned life of the vaccines at only 6 months or so, all Americans would have to go for another round of vaccinations before even all the Americans are vaccinated.  This is looking like the proverbial dog chasing its tail, an unending story of manufacturing the vaccines to meet and unstoppable demand. When then would the American allies have a chance to have their people vaccinated to the level of herd immunity with just the American vaccines? The Americans could only provide for 20% of the needs of their allies and cronies at best. This is American Imperialism at its best.

The rest of the world would likely have their full share of the vaccines from China and Russian. India was trying to fill the gap for the Empire with licence to manufacture AstraZeneca. This too is facing huge problems in the home front, rising infection rate and insufficient supply to feed the domestic demands. India has since stopped exporting its limited supply of the vaccines. What could make matter worse is that AstraZeneca is facing a credibility crisis. Many countries have stopped using AstraZeneca or posed stringent limits on its use.

American Vaccine Imperialism is here to stay and the allies and cronies are likely to pay a heavy price in the lives of their people. Not using Russian and Chinese vaccines can be deadly.  Even when the Americans are able to manufacture enough vaccines for export, maybe in 3 or 5 years, the cost could also be prohibitive to many of their allies and crony countries, not counting the difficulties in storing the -70C vaccines.

The rest of the world can do without this neo evil American Vaccine Imperialism. And they have China and Russian to thank for.


CNA being accused of complicity in Myanmar


 I am quite shock to see this video accusing CNA reporter May Wong of complicity in America's evil agenda in Myanmar. This is a very serious accusation against a Singapore reporter of CNA to be part of an American conspiracy. True or false is one thing, but Singapore govt must now stand up to defend this accusation as it is very damaging to Singapore's reputation as an independent nation state with a mind of its own and not to be seen as working for the Americans. 

Let's hope the govt will take a tough stand as a matter of principle to prove that this is not the case. No Singaporeans would want to see Singapore playing such a role for the Americans and the accusation must be challenged and the video producer be sued until his pants drop. Agree?


US agrees to withdraw from Iraq or to continue to stay?


The US has agreed to withdraw its remaining combat forces from Iraq, at a date to be determined in talks with Baghdad, and remain in the country solely in an advisory and support role against terrorists.

“US forces are in Iraq at the invitation of Iraqi Government to support the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in their fight against ISIS,” said a joint statement following the “strategic dialogue” between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein on Wednesday.

“Based on the increasing capacity of the ISF, the parties confirmed that the mission of U.S. and Coalition forces has now transitioned to one focused on training and advisory tasks, thereby allowing for the redeployment of any remaining combat forces from Iraq, with the timing to be established in upcoming technical talks,” the statement added.

The above is quoted from RT. Superficially the US said they agree to withdraw from Iraq after intense pressure from the Iraqi govt, a democratically elected govt, telling them they are not needed and to get out of Iraq.  The excuse of staying in Iraq, after lying about WMD and invaded Iraq, murdered its President Saddam Hussein, was that they were invited by the Iraqi govt to fight ISIS. 

The Iraqi govt has said it plain and clear, get out, they don't need the Americans. What did the agreement above said?

The Americans agreed to get out, when not decided, how many to get out not decided. What is cleared is that the Americans would continue to be in Iraq on an advisory and training role. So, how many Americans would still be in Iraq? 10,000, 50,000?

Are the Iraqis capable of fighting the ISIS? Why must they need the Americans to stay to fight the ISIS? Was this requested by the Iraqis, decided by the Iraqis, or by the Americans?

Poor Iraqis, the Americans once 'invited' themselves into the country would not go without a fight, without being chased out. They are treating Iraq as an American protectorate, a semi colony, and Iraq has to pay them for staying in Iraq.

When would the Arab and Muslim countries be freed from the oppression and control of the Americans? The agreement is as good as no agreement.  The Americans would do a show with a few announcements and pulling out a few soldiers but the bulk of the American soldiers would stay, forever if they could.  What can the Iraqi govt do about it? Nothing, just like Japan and South Korea, semi colonies have no say and have to pay for the American bases and soldiers, 'to protect them'.

What a joke. Another white lie.


Singapore's next PM...all planned and carefully thought out

 With Heng Swee Kiat calling it a day, not wanting to be the face of the country, not wanting to take the pressure that is building up in all corners, he must have seen them coming, I would agree that he made the right choice not to be in the way when the roof comes tumbling down.

4 names are now in the front page of the local media as the possible contenders to be PM. Chan Chun Sing, Ong Ye Kung, Lawrence Wong and Desmond Lee are the ones put up by the PAP to prepare the people to get use to them.

What would be the reactions of the people? The real feelings of the people on the choice put forward could not be missed. The heads are all shaking in disbelief but not a word would be spoken. The little noises in the social media were just meaningless noise that at best be forgotten. Without seeing anything, hearing anything, I could still feel the unhappiness, the grudging frustration from some quarters that this could not be, but withholding the words that wanted to throw out from their stomach...but had to swallow them back in silence. Better not to say anything.

The situation is so uncomfortable in the politically conscious quarters struggling to accept what is happening. The reality presented to them is just unbelieveable, more like fiction, more like a badly written script that is best not written.

This is looking like the calm before the storm. It is too peaceful and quiet to believe that all is well. No one will go against the plan, everything will be smooth flowing according to the script and the script writer. The sheep will be sheep, black sheep, white sheep, all will be sheep and will behave exactly like sheep, headless, leaderless, and the sheep dog would have his day.

Is that going to be the order of the day? Dunno about what others feel, I can feel the tension under this fake calm of inactivity.

Covid19 - Americans bragging about helping others but still helping themselves first...and still not helping anyone


The United States will soon be able to ramp up vaccine assistance abroad and will not seek "favors in return," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday, putting a veteran aid administrator in charge.

Blinken said the top US priority was to fight Covid-19 at home but that the goal would be achieved soon, pointing to President Joe Biden's promise that 90 percent of Americans will be near a vaccination site by April 19.

"We are exploring options to share more with other countries going forward. We believe that we'll be in a position to do much more on this front," Blinken said. Yahoo News

The Americans have yet to help any country other than helping themselves by hogging all the vaccines produced in their American first policy. But this does not stop them or shame them from bragging about helping others. They are using a megaphone and with the help of western media, literary blowing their horns about how they are going to help other selected countries, and with conditions, unlike the Chinese and Russians sharing their vaccines without conditions. And as usual, being accused of setting conditions that they did not but the hypocrites are the ones that are setting conditions, be our puppets, be our cronies, and we will help you.

This is how low the Americans have gone down, politicising even the use of vaccines that are meant to save lives but not before saving themselves first. Only after they have vaccinated all Americans would they think of sharing some with others. In the meantime, for almost a year, China and Russia have been sharing their vaccines with many countries around the world, especially those that could not afford to give an arm or a leg for western vaccines, ...and without conditions. Even some enemy countries of China were given the vaccines when they asked for it.

How many still believe in the American lies about Americans helping others? It is always Americans first and if they helped, it is all about leftovers and with conditions.

Has any country been helped by the Americans in this pandemic? The only things we heard of were Americans hijacking and stealing PPEs, masks, gloves etc meant for other countries and also for hoarding all the production of western vaccines for themselves first and still hoarding because they have yet to complete vaccinating Americans. They would only help others after they helped themselves.

In the mean time China has sent vaccines to more than 80 countries and could be more if the Americans have not coerced other countries from using Chinese vaccines.  Can you believe that, the Americans are not sharing the vaccines with other countries and forbidding them from using vaccines from China and Russia? This is how the Americans are helping themselves, preparing to sell their overpriced and questionable vaccines to the unwary and coerced countries.


Wildlife will attack when hungry


Pic from Yahoo News showing a hornbill eating a pet song bird from a cage. The owner, typical unthinking Singaporeans, think everything is safe in Singapore. Wildlife also very safe, very nice.

'Others were more sympathetic, asking the public not to blame the hornbill as it was just looking for food to survive. (Wait till the wildlife break into your homes and look for food when they are hungry)

One Facebook user urged Singaporeans to stop criticising the videographer, saying it was the bird owner’s responsibility to keep their pets safe.

“It is important that people understand hornbills can do this,” wrote the user.

“That’s the law of nature, in the estate I lived in, hornbills typically pick young chicks off their nest, if one were to intervene, the hornbill may go hungry and die of starvation,” a second comment read.

“We basically destroyed their house the place where they can find food. Now they seem to be desperate. Still say they have plenty of food? Think again,” another said.

In densely populated Singapore, hornbills live wild and free and have made headlines in recent years, according to the National Parks Board.'


The above is quoted from an article in Yahoo News. Wildlife were welcome into this dense little habitat called home by many Singaporeans. They fed them, love them, talked affectionately about them, want to hug them, want to bring them home. Even cut down trees to build more homes for them.  But they never thought about the consequences when there are too many of them and when they are hungry. People living near wildlife please don't take your safety for granted, your possession would be taken from you by the wildlife when they are hungry.

The imbeciles still want to bring in more wildlife, unlimited wildlife to be neighbours of little caged birds that are used to the safety of four walls. They think the walls are strong and wildlife are unable to break in. When they are not around, especially away working, their homes and possessions are at the mercy of wildlife that are lurking around the corners or living next door.

Stupidity has no cure and will never be cured. You die your business.


Resident Veron Tan told CNA she saw the otters at about 4pm, adding that they ate about "80 to 90 per cent" of the fish living in a pond. They also swam in the condominium's pool, she said.

"Twelve otters terrorised my condo today. They ate up pretty much most of the fish we had. Depressing. We feed the fish every weekend," said Ms Tan. CNA


Leong Sze Hian crowdfunded $133,000 to pay Lee Hsien Loong

 The court ordered Leong Sze Hian to pay $133,000 plus cost to Lee Hsien Loong for defamation. Leong crowdfunded and the people, the public, duly sent him $133,000 to pay for it. The fund is still growing as there will be more to pay.  Davinder Singh, counsel for Lee Hsien Loong, has yet to send in his bill which is not going to be small, likely to be more than $133,000.

Lim Tean said the amount if excessive would be challenged and the court would have to decide what is fair. Of course what is fair is highly subjective and controversial. To some, $10,000 is big money. To some $1m is small change.

And there is still an option to appeal against the sentence which means the crowdfunding of $133,000 would definitely not be enough. How much eventually the people would have to cough out to help Leong Sze Hian to pay for reposting a facebook message without adding any comments that led to this defamation lawsuit is yet to be seen. 

Let's see how much is Davinder's legal fees.

All of you are kindly reminded not to anyhow forward messages in facebook, whatsapp etc etc. It can be a very costly and scary affair.  Leong Sze Hian had sleepless nights and stress for 2 and a half years just for reposting a facebook message originated from Malaysia...unless you have very deep pockets.


American motive for pushing the Uyghur genocide lie


This is a 35 min video by Kim Iversen explaining the motive and agenda of the Americans for pushing this genocide red herring, to create another hot spot to destabilise China, to stall China's growth and to derail the Belt and Road Initiative. She is calling out to all Americans not to fall into this same trap, a standard American play repeated all over the world all the time, just to perpetuate American dominance and hegemony. 

In the course of her show she exposed the hypocrisies of the Americans and also explained what went on in the recent meeting between China and the US in Alaska.

A fair and objective presentation of the geopolitical contest between the US and China. This is a sensible voice but no red neck Americans would listen to her views.  The arrogant racist Americans only want to hear voices like Trump's, America is number one, America is going to thrash and thumb down China. How can China talk back to the most powerful and exceptional white race in the world? America must attack China and stay as the number one super power forever.  

No one can be better than the Americans by their sheer industry and ability to be better, to live better. Peaceful and peace loving America will start a war and crush them. And it is doing exactly that, ganging up with Japan, India and Australia and the EU to start a war with China. Americans aggressive, warmongering? No, no, no, starting a war with China is a peaceful thing. China is the aggressive country for merely working very hard to be better than America in science and technology and in everything, not necessary in wanting to start a war with America.

The Americans did not know that when the time is up for the American Empire to fall, it only takes a little invisible virus to bring the whole Empire come tumbling down, and all the nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers could not do a thing to prevent it.

Western conspiracies led by US to destroy China from within and its new gunboat policy will backfire .

      For almost two hundred years since the 1830s China and the Chinese people had been subjected to extreme and intense humiliations by the western powers and the Japanese. In five terrible wars they imposed on China and with the war indemnities of hundreds of billions of Chinese silver dollars that they illogically imposed on China after each war to compensate for  their so-called losses went a long way to turn China from a rich and glorious country into a shameful undignified pauper state. The five wars started with the First Opium War 1839 - 1842, the Second Opium War 1856 - 1860, the Sino-Japanese War 1885 -1886, the Boxer Rebellion 1900 -1901 where eight foreign European powers inclusive of American and Japanese states joined forces to attack China and the second Japanese war on China starting from October 1937 culminating with the Second World War  1940 - 1945.  The war indemnities cum  foreign powers extra-territorial control of many Chinese ports and cities whereby they controlled Chinese trade and finance, control over excise duties and collection of revenues and taxes deprived the Chinese state of any national income and reduced China to abject poverty and became a pauper state. 

By the end of the Second World War China was a total wreck devastated by continuous wars of aggressions by Western and Japanese imperial powers. However, providence was kind to China in giving China a saving star in the form of the Chinese Communist Party led by Chairman Mao Tse Tung and his compatriot heroes notably Premier Chou En Lai, Marshall Zhu De, Marshall Peng De-hwai, Chairman Deng Xiao Ping and endless scores of others plus the indomitable spirit and great  selfless support and sacrifice of the Chinese nation and people.

To cut the story short it is with the great indomitable spirit, determination and sacrifice of the Chinese people  led by the Chinese Communist Party that today's rich and powerful China is like the legendary proverbial phoenix rising up from the ashes of a great fire.

However, inspite of two hundred years of subjecting China to almost lethal suffering the United States and its Western allies are still loathe to see China rising up too fast for their liking. They harbour ill-intentions toward China and are determined to take down China again with whatever diabolical means and methods they can think off. It is not clear what exactly they want from China. They hate and despise China when China was poor and weak. They still hate China now because China  is now rich and powerful. They are a really mad, insane and lunatic people. They hate the Chinese for being too smart and intelligent. They hate the Chinese for being too deligent and hardworking. They hate the Chinese for being too tolerant of hardships. What else do they don't hate the Chinese? They just hate the Chinese for being Chinese. But today they are just taking on the wrong Chinese for it will be their nemesis for doing so.

Below is a great story story sent to me via WhatsApp, telling in perspective about the evil West led by USA and the world and China as narrated by Vijay Prashad, a renowned Indian Historian, writer and Historian.

Writer: Vijay Prashad, the Indian Historian, Journalist...

He is very sharp, just like the other intellectuals outside of the US, they can see so clearly what's happening to the US and what's its problems really are....

Title : Mr. Blinken really had ' blinkers on '.

"The problem is NOT CHINA , but the US.

The US has conned the world for far too long, with its smooth and sweet rhetorics through the control of the media, with grandiose moral high grounds of human rights, freedom of speech, democracy etc, when itself is among the chief violators, not only in the US itself but throughout the world.

The US on false pretexts bombed up Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen ( through its proxies ) among others, created the human refugees catastrophe for which Europe had to bear the brunt of handling it.

The US for decades had been an Evil Empire, its actually the bull in the China shop.

It has also destabilized many Latin American countries, and now Karma has shown up at its own southern borders with refugees.

I agree that Mr. Blinken is a better looking version ( version 2 ) of Mike Pompeo, but they are the same, carrying out the wishes of the American Military Complex.

The Americans don't follow any international law or order, though they keep pontifying about it.

They are above the laws and do what they like. In short they are the big bully and now the rogue on the international stage.

At the recent meeting in Alaska, the US delegation was told to f... off, China gave the US a longer lecture in rebuttal.

The US asked China not to bully America's lap dog Australia by imposing tariffs on Australian goods. The Australians are now feeling the pinch and the US is now trying to get Australia out of the ditch ...more crudely out of the shit that the Americans pushed the Australians into.

The world now needs China more than China needs the world...that's a debate by itself, for another day.

The US has resorted back to gunboat diplomacy.

Apart from forming Quad, the US had asked and Britain and France had both just onbliged by each sending a warship into the Pacific Ocean, from its very depleted fleet.

This time round, China will not be intimidated. The Americans are sadly mistaken, that just because the West won the Cold War against the Soviet Union, they can win the Cold War, the Trade War against China.

China is the giant that Napoleon forsawed will awake one day and it has now woken up.

China has delivered 700 to 900 million people out of poverty whereas more and more Americans have fallen below the poverty line.

Is food and shelter, not a basic human right.

China's progress did not come from the exploitation of other countries, like colonisation , rape and plunder and destruction of other countries. but through the hard work and the sweat, toils and tears of the Chinese peasants and people.

Don't forget the suffering of the 60 million 'Lost / damaged generation of China. These were the children who grew up, who were abandoned by their fathers and mothers who left their countryside to work in the factories in the cities and the economic zones.The children don't get to see their parents for at least a year or even longer .... a tremendous social price that was being paid, so that American consumerscan enjoy cheap goods.

At rallies after rallies, Trump retched up anti China and anti China sentiments by accusing China of raping, plundering and robbing Americans because of annual trade deficits for years of about 550 billion US$.

The question the world can ask is . did China point a gun at the US to force it to buy Chinese products unlike the time the West forced China to buy its opium.

The US bought Chinese goods because it benefited the American Consumers.... it helped to keep inflation down in America. What Trump did not tell the American public is that each US companies in China reek in revenues to the tune of 750 Billion US$.

Who forced the American companies to go and operate in China? 

The West, America and Europe have developed at the expense of the AAA ( African, Asian Aboriginal ) countries and peoples through colonization, exploitation, killings, slavery etc.

Enough is Enough, the 500 years curse is over. 

The 21st century is the Asian century and women will dominate.

Biden had called Putin a killer and President Xi a thug.

The truth and the irrefutable fact is the Americans and the British have killed the most number of innocent people in all of human history.

How can America, a nation of about 240 years lecture a 5000 years old Chinese civilization?

The Wild Wild West foreign policy of the US will this time not work against China's Sun Tzu 'Art of War'.

Sadly, the US today is the world's biggest terrorist and gangster and a threat to international peace and human civilisation .

Time for America to Repent.

Do not be surprised if one day, Russian and Chinese missiles rained down on the US .... if the US persists with its wet dreams that God created America and Mickey Mouse created the rest of the world.

PS: The Americans have been able to convince the Eskimos to buy refrigerators.

I still believe the Americans planted the Covid - 19 virus in Wuhan.

Trump and Pompeo had been saying that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab and they have the evidence. The whole world is still waiting to see the evidence."

If the EWR Anglo-Saxon Americans are sincere in advocating democracy and human rights they should all packed up and go back to England and Europe where they originally come from and give back continental America ( both Canada & US occupied native lands ) to the natives. Otherwise the whole world must unite to help the native American Indians to recover their ancestral lands. The Evil White Race ( EWR ) should stop bullshitting about their 'Democracy and Human Rights . 


Tuesday, 6th April,2021.

AstraZeneca - 7 dead is worth the risk?

 AFP -'But MHRA chief executive, Dr June Raine, stressed that the benefits far outweighed any risks. "The public should continue to et their vaccine when invited to do so," she said.'

Can you believe what this MHRA chief executive said? The invitation for a jab could be an invitation to death for some. No matter how few died, it is not acceptable. One dead is not good enough. It is unsafe.

Official reports coming out from UK said 30 people suffered rare blood clot after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and seven have died.  For these 30 reported cases just in UK alone, how many were not reported and how many cases around the world and how many have died? And they are casually saying it is ok, benefits more than worth it?

In countries that are desperate when not getting vaccinated is a matter of life and death, such argument may be a no option option. In many countries when the situation is not dire, this vaccine should not be used especially when other vaccines are available. Even in UK, there are other vaccines, not just AstraZeneca. And also there are vaccines from Russian and China but for their own selfish political agenda, they chose not to use and preferred to use this Astrazeneca vaccine when blood clot and death are increasing.

You can imagine the kind of condemnation even if there is one single death for using Russian or Chinese vaccines but now officially at least 7 death and they are still saying it is ok and encouraging people to continue to use it, accept the invitation to death? This is the new moral authority from UK and the West. Die, die refuse to use vaccines from Russia and China and with many unable to be vaccinated and died because of this political reason.

How atrocious can these politicians be? Many would be invited for a vaccine jab. A few would be like the 7 dead, invited to die. And no one is feeling remorseful for the loss of 7 lives, probably more but not reported. and they are still selling this deadly vaccine, not withdrawn. Initially they claimed that the blood clot was not related to the vaccine. Now never mind, more alive than dead. 

Is this logic acceptable?


American role in Yemen Genocide exposed!


This 10 min video revealed the role of the Americans, from Obama, Trump and now Biden, in supporting genocide in Yemen, committed by the Saudis and backed by the Americans. The producer, an American, was saying that if the USA was genuinely against genocide they should a stop to this genocide in Yemen immediately where a human disaster of disproportionate scale is happening, ... not ignoring it while mustering its allies all over the world against china on a fake claim of what is happening in Xinjiang.

400,000 children are suffering from serious starvation and malnutrition and dying, not counting the adult Yemenis.

The hypocrisy of the evil Americans knows no bound, lying with eyes white open.

Good news, can build more homes...and bring in more wildlife

 SINGAPORE: More private homes, community facilities and even a retirement village - these are ideas that property analysts have mooted for large tracts of land in Jurong previously earmarked for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) project, which has since been scrapped.  CNA

After scrapping the HSR, Jurong East becomes a big piece of land for development.  And the first thought is more homes can be built. I can understand the need for turning Jurong East into another Business District for more businesses and jobs, but more homes? Hasn't Singapore has enough of homes with a population growing at a low 1%?  Why is there this crazy idea of building homes and more homes, cutting down the last few patches of forests and greenery to build more homes when the population is not growing that much?

Oh, can import more wildlife, oops, I mean more foreigners, oops, they can become instant citizens ie Singaporeans. The main reason for this island to exist is to grow its population by bringing in more people that nobody wants into the island to occupy every precious little inch of land. No land must be wasted, must be put to good use in housing more people and more people. Singapore will create more land at whatever cost for this mission of populating the island.

Did someone say Singapore is not food secured, ie no food security, cannot produce enough food for its people, also no water security, no energy security, now no land even for the soldiers to train. Ok, the last part is irrelevant, nothing to defend anymore, no need to train soldiers, invite the foreigners to take over everything by becoming citizens. What is there to defend when the whole island is being given away, to be shared by all the wildlife from all over the world, indiscriminately?

How crazy can the thinking be? Singapore's mission is to populate the island and the world with more people? To give the island to everyone that is willing to come here? Seow!


Alaska endgame the Americans failed to see


By  Rei Tanotsuka, 27 March 2021

As a kid growing up in Australia, I didn’t think my life time would see an Asian nation snatch the crown, not for lack of ability, but because the Western system does not pride itself on objectivity when assessing the winner. Even as a child, I imbibed the notion that David and Goliath was an illustration of an archetype that White people endeared themselves to, namely they as little Davo overcoming the great adversarial powers of the “undemocratic” Goliaths. In reality, the West is the most diabolical leviathan unleashed upon the world. A Goliath who proscribes any kind of dissent – the end of history is mandated to be a Western tale of life, liberty and justice. The caveat? White justice involves the removal of equitable rights between them and everyone else – they are ALWAYS RIGHT even when they’re wrong.

My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Domingue is not so much based on consideration of commerce and money, as on the need to block forever the march of the blacks in the world.” —Napoleon Bonaparte”....


On Thursday, 18th March 2021, the world got a glimpse of what strong Asians are really like via the most humiliating summit for the US thus far.

The Anchorage, Alaska bitch fes was more than a heated political discourse between two NUMBER ONES, it was a K.O of epic proportions to a bunch of bloated, moue faced know it all’s, by spry, articulate modern Mandarins. Wang Yi (Foreign Minister) and Yang Jiechi (Chinese Diplomat) not only noticed the naked hillbilly American “emperor”, but pointed out its saggy ass, halfie and alopecia chest! The Yanks got shit slammed to the ground despite them pulling out the good ol’ sanctioning of  24 Chinese officials trick right before the meeting to try to spook the Chinese into acquiescence.

For the full article go to this link:  "...if life had no hurdles, no history would be made.....". The Rise of Asian Titans - Asian Straight Shooter

 The above is a good read and intro to what I am going write, about the endgame that the Americans failed to see and is still trodding along nicely towards its expected demise of the white abusive and destructive domination of the world. The Alaska Meeting was a full course in American boorish diplomacy of oppression, all worked out to embarrass China and put the rising China back into a bottle.  

Prior to this Meeting, the Americans have skirted to the other half of the earth, working and sharing their devious plan with the Japanese, Indians and South Koreans, including the shameless Taiwanese, on how they are going to tame the Chinese in Anchorage. And Anchorage was only the beginning, to be followed by a wide range of sanctions and coercion with the Anglo Saxon rogues and the European semi colonies to slam China before the Chinese could realise what was going on. 

The attack against China started on the eve of the Meeting with the sanctioning of 24 Chinese leaders and the day after the Meeting was immediately followed by more sanctions coming from the Brits, Canadians and EU countries. This barrage of acrimonious attack was a coordinated assault by a new coalition, 27 EU countries and 5 Anglo Saxon countries, more than the 8 white rogue nations' attack on China in the late 19th Century.

This was what the Americans were gloating, a firm and strong message to China to accept American and white dominance. The forceful and aggressive agenda was a show of force that China was no match and would crumble under American hostility and the rest of the world would take the cue from there on, to isolate and contain China and to stop its growth and ascend as the next super power.

This aggressive strategy did not escape the Chinese leaders and they stood firm and glared down at the Americans in front of the whole world. The one that crumbled and lost their plot was the Americans. The rest of the world not only watch but cheered the Chinese for their robust stand against the bullying Americans. China's confidence and displayed of strength nip the bud in the minds of those sitting on the fence, thinking that it would be better to toe the line and sing the same tune as the bully, the American Empire or be made to face the same fate as a thumb down China. The rest of the world must be rejoicing for given a choice not to take sides, not to be part of the mafia, to attack China and be cowed to become subservient American cronies, to be forever under the dictates of the warmongering and abusive Americans.

China continued to respond strongly and hit back doubly hard against the American led sanction and took the EU countries by surprise. Many began to warble and wanted out from this aggressive American plan, not wanting to break ties with China and losing the biggest consumable market in the world. There was no tidal force in the direction of China. Japan and India, supposedly would also become cheer leaders, kept mum.

The Asean states also lied low, no one Asean state chose to open its mouth to be seen to be on the American side. Not even one of the American cronies in Asean would dare to breathe a word of support for the Americans.

The silence in the Arab and Muslim world was even louder. Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two biggest and strongest Arab and Muslim countries were extending an olive branch to China, hosting the Chinese Foreign Minister and signing envious economic packages with military and political implications in favour of China, with China. This was done despite the American wolf pack howling about genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang. The actions of the Arab and Muslim nations must be a terrible blow to the Americans. No Muslim country bothers to listen, bothers to hue the Americans. None wanted to be seen as friends of the evil Americans or accomplices against China, but rather as friends of China in a time like this.

Did the Americans notice what is going on around the world? What were the receptions of their manufactured lies about Xinjiang and their warmongering antics against China? They have never felt so lonely, so alone in this concerted effort to destroy China. No one is answering to their calls. Those EU countries that were coerced to be in the camp are standing up and breaking ranks. No, they are not going to be bullied and dictated by the evil Americans to become enemies of China. Their future lies with being good friends and trading partners of China. 

As each day passes, the American camp is dwindling and the lights are starting to flicker instead of glowing. Soon the light would be snuffed out in the American camp. It would be game over before the Americans know what is happening. The EU nations are deserting the Americans. Eastern European countries would not be the pawns of the Americans. Their national interests are more important than the interests of the Americans. Germany is facing the brunt of the American wrath with sanctions for wanting to buy Russian oil using Nordstream 2 pipelines. Germany is forbidden to benefit from cheap Russian oil and gas while the Americans are one of the biggest buyers of Russian oil. How ironic and treacherous?

The uprising against China that the Americans were planning for was muted, did not happen and would not happen. Life goes on as normal everywhere and trades with China continues at a heighten pace.

The Americans can now be looking at the number of days left before they become history. America is no longer the dominant world power that would shout and the rest of the world would follow, fearing reprisal if they did not do as the Americans commanded them to do. The Americans can continue to shout and beat the war drums, but no one is heeding their calls. The light is getting dimmer by the day for the Americans.

The Alaska Meeting exposed the Americans in their full nakedness as a spent force while a confident China looked straight into their eyes. A new world power has arrived on the world stage. China made the world waited on tender hooks in Alaska fearing another disappointment. The whole world was praying for a new leader to replace the oppressive, evil warmongering bully, the USA. The world heaved a sigh of relief when China finally told the Americans off, that China was ready to be the leader of a new world. 

There was applause all over the world...enjoying every moment looking at the Americans behaving meekly when China stood up. It was a moment in history to be remembered for eternity.

PS. My Saturday's contribution. Would be busy this weekend.


Satan shoes on sale in Satan country

 The evil America now selling Satan shoes. Nike sueing rapper Lil Nas X for this pair of shoes that supposedly have a drop of blood in making the colour of its soles red.

666 and Luke 10:18 are printed on the shoes. The limited edition already sold out. not sure how many pairs were produced. And the price, $1,018 of course.

American attack on Uyghurs in Xinjiang


Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, shown in 2019, announced the ban on Wednesday. announced the ban on Wednesday. Photo: EPA-EFE

"'Made in China' does not just indicate a country of origin - it's a warning label," Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, said at a news briefing.

The ban applies not only to finished goods shipped from Xinjiang, but to items routed through third countries as well. It will also cover goods that are assembled outside Xinjiang but that use raw cotton and tomato from Xinjiang, officials said.

China denies the existence of forced labour in Xinjiang. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington said that the forced-labour issue was "a political lie concocted by some US politicians and is totally groundless".

Accusing Washington of seeking to undercut Xinjiang's economic development, the spokesperson said the US intended to "deprive Xinjiang people of their right to pursue a better life through work, and cause 'forced unemployment' and 'forced poverty'". Yahoo News

What is forced labour? Slavery, black slavery, is forced labour.  Catching black Africans like animals to work in the cotton fields of America under chains is forced labour.

Under the guise of forced labour, under the guise of defending the Uyghurs, the evil Americans again used their text book tactic to meddle with China's domestic affairs and to incite violence in Xinjiang. There was no forced labour in Xinjiang. The International Muslim Organisation has sent their delegates to visit Xinjiang and they have confirmed this after their visits.  The Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang are living a life better and far richer than many Muslims around the world. Poverty has been eradicated in Xinjiang.

The Americans are using this white lie, a standard American ruse, to impoverish the whole of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang just like they impoverished countries like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and many Latin American and Africa and Arab countries. With this lie, they are not buying products made by the Uyghurs. The Americans love you Uyghurs, by banning your products! They are trying to punish the Uyghurs, disrupt their livelihood to make them go against the govt.

This evil Empire's days are numbered.  They would be consumed by the covid19 virus and civil war led by the Chosen One sent from high above to destroy them once and for all. The countries that are attacking China using this fabricated white lie are the Anglo Saxons and some European countries, all suffering from out of control Covid19 pandemic. This is God's way to punish these evil white countries.

On the other hand no Muslim country is condemning China for this ruse. They knew that it was all a white lie and they would not fall into it, to be manipulated by the evil white men to make enemies with China. In fact the two biggest Muslim oil producing countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have just received Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and signed very big deals with China, selling their oil to China using RMB as the medium of trade. These are clear proof that the Americans have lost the support of the Arab and Muslim world. They cannot keep lying to them and starting wars in their countries and killing Arabs and Muslims and pretending to be fighting for a few Muslims in Xinjiang with their lies.

Asean countries too are keeping a distance from this madness created by the evil Americans. Asean leaders have wisen and would not be used by the Americans to fight China or to condemn the Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

For a start China should stop buying farm produce from the American farmers, ban Britain and Brits from Hong Kong and China. Cut off trade with Britain, Canada and Australia.

PS. DHS is complicit in this anti Uyghurs agenda of the evil Americans. 

To identify Xinjiang-sourced material in goods shipped from other countries, DHS is developing forensic technology "to more affirmatively shut down importers who are not policing their own supply chains," Cuccinelli said. Yahoo News


The Hubris, Humbug and Hypocrisy of Western / USA Human Riights.

      From now on I will refer to the evil white race as EWR and the natives of Asia, Africa, America and Australia in general as the 4As with A1 refering to Asia, A2 toAfrica, A3N to north America, A3S to South America inclusive of Central America  and A4 to Australia. Many of my friends and readers have requested me to write shorter articles because as being working people they really do not have the luxury of time to read all the full length articles. Therefore I will try to write as briefly and as concisely as possible without losing the gist of the subject matter.

1. Every non-white country and people must know there is only fake human right and fake democracy  in US and the West. Just look at their ill-treatment of their non-white citizens, the African Americans, the natives, the Mexican Americans and the Asian Americans. For more details please refer to my two articles on Truth and Facts In Brief:   PART  ONE :  The United States An Evil Savage Illegitimate Barbaric Country - Published on 6th March, 2021  and  PART  TWO  : The United States Sham Democracy :  Published on  12th March, 2021. 

 2.    The evil white race ( EWR ) abuse and transgression of human rights is unparallel in history. The cruelties, brutalities and atrocities they committed and are still committing now against the people of the 4As are immeasurable and unpardonable. However being great hypocrites they especially the US try to accuse others in the 4As of the evil things they themselves have been doing since time immemorial as they try to shift the guilt to others.

3.     The abuse and transgression of human rights by the West has been going on for the last 500 years. They indulged in taking other people's land by force and massacre of resistant fighters. They trafficked in slavery and illegal drug running. They steal and rob the lands they dominate by exploiting their mineral and biological resources which impoverished the natives with no end while enriching the west tremendously. So far they have been trampling on the 4As human rights and sovereignty and killings and genocide of 4As citizens with impunity. But their days of reckoning are coming near and fast. The EWR countries are in choas and they will implode from within for sure.

4.    I will describe separately in separate parts the atrocities against the 4As committed by the EWR countries such as the United States of America, England ( UK ), France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland ( Dutch ) Belgium and Italy and thus to showcase their travesty and transgression on human rights and crimes against humanity.        

The United States of  America.            PART     ONE  -  A 

1.     The US commits endless numbers of heinous crimes against humanity in their diabolical cruelties and atrocities against the 4As both in the past and in the present. In the travesty and transgression of human rights and democracy the United States is the worst of the worst  among the EWR countries.

2.      Crimes against native Americans

The EWR from Europe invaded the Americas from 1492. The Anglo-Saxons British took North America by force of their guns and cannons from the natives. From then on  to the present the British and its offspring the United States of America have butchered and genocided over 100 million defenseless native Americans. The EWR - USA were extremely brutal and cruel in their treatment of the natives. Frequently natives were lured to meetings for peace talks and then all of them were mauled down by gunfire. They played one tribe against another tribe among the hundreds of different native tribes and instigated and incited them to fight among themselves. When the natives were weakened by their internal strives the EWR Anglo-Saxon Americans would move in for the kill. It was a common occurrence for EWR Americans to burn down native crops and settlements. When the natives both men, women and children rushed out from their burning villages they were all cruelly mauled down by fierce gunfire. Even babies in their mothers' arms were not spared. How cruel and atrocious these Anglo-Saxons Christian Americans were. This is only a brief inkling of the EWR Americans travesty and transgression of 'Human Rights' in the past. For more details read my past articles on white Anglo-Saxon genocide of the Native Americans as per example : Massacre & genocide of Native American Indians by EWR European invaders and Anglo-Saxon white Americans in four parts :   PART   1 : Published on 12th October, 2016,   PART  2 :  13th October, 2016,   PART  3 :  14th October, 2016  and  PART : 4 :  17th October, 2016.

3. Today. in this modern time the brutalities and atrocities carry out by the EWR Americans on all defenseless non-white people and countries are even more cruel and atrocious in propensity. US covets the Middle East oil and therefore it creates false excuses to attack and invade Iraq, libya, Syria and Yemen. Just through bombing by their jet bombers, drones, missiles and rockets the EWR Americans have killed about 30 million non-white muslims of the Arabs and Africans in the last sixty years since the 1960s to the present. The EWR American wars also caused further tens of millions of innocent civilians in dire suffering and agony. Their use of biochemical weapons on the muslims aggravated the suffering and agony of the victims whom they bluntly dismissed as war collateral of no concern to them.  

4.   The evil empire occupied by military force the isllands of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia through fraud and subterfuge. Between 1895 to 1905 the native Hawiians strongly resisted EWR - Anglo-Saxon Americans occupation of their country but they were brutally put down with the lost of over two hundred thousand Hawaiian resistant fighters. Puerto Rico and Guam were taken over from Spain in 1898 in the American - Spainish war in which America replaced Spain as the new imperial power. 

5.  In the mid 1960s England and the United States conspired to build a huge  gigantic military base    in Diego Garcia an island archipelago in the Indian Ocean to contain Soviet Russia and China in the Cold War. Thousands of Diego Garcians were then forcefully evicted from Diego Garcia in a inhumanistic criminal way without compensation or help to deserted slum areas thousands of miles away in Mauritius and Seychelles. Both the High Court in London and the International Criminal Court described the deportation as illegal and the expulsion by coercive acts as a crime against humanity. The United Nations had also demanded that the islands of Diego Garcia be restored to the rightful owners the Diego Garcians who should be allowed to return to Diego Garcia and that they should be justly compensated and helped in their resettlement. However, the evil empire and UK have arrogantly ignored the rulings of the courts and the United Nations. The Diego Garcia issue has exposed US - UK grave injustice to the Diego Garcians. The illegal deportation of the Diego Garcians is a criminal act and shows the US wanton travesty, transgression and grave abuse of human rights.

6.   US wars in the Middle East to grab the rich resources and the oil of the Arab muslim countrries resulting in the death and suffering of millions of Arab muslims is a crime against humanity and a grave abuse, travesty and transgression of human rights. The EWR Anglo-Saxon-Americans should be brought to justice one of these days and hopefully God will destroy them.

7.     In the last seventy years since the end of the Second World War, America has relied on its raw military power to forcibly establish military bases all over the world and by that power it had interfered and intervened in over a hundred countries internal affairs for brutal regime change to place leaders who are pliant and subservient  to obey US dictates.  In the course of American intervention usually via CIA and NGOs like the NED - National Endowment for Democracy not only national leaders were killed and assassinated but also millions of the citizens which US considered as leftists or communists were targeted and killed. This illegal American interference and intervention in other countries internal affairs is a criminal travesty and transgression of democracy and human rights. 

Below is a list of countries and the years which US  had brutally interfered and intervened in their internal affairs :

Asia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           China : 1930s - 1950s and To Present,   Philippines:  1945 - 1990s,   Iran : 1953,   Middle East : Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria : 1956 - 1958, 1970s - 2021 ( Still interfering now ), Libya :  1981 - 2020,  South Yemen : 1979 -  1984 and 2013 to present,   Indonesia : 1957 - 1965,                Vietnam : 1945 - 1975,  Cambodia : 1955 - 1975,  Thailand :  1965 - 1975,   Loas :  1957 - 1975 ,  Korea 1945 - 1955 and to present, Fiji : 1987, 2010 -2020,  Afghanistan :  2001 to Present. Diego Garcia :  1960s To Present,       Seychelles :  1979 - 1982,  East Timor :  1975 - 1999. Australia : 1972 -19975 USA via CIA plotted the overthrown of PM Edward Gough Whitlam who was against American bellicose policies.


France :  1947,   Greece : 1947 - 1950,  Italy :  1947 - 1970s,  Germany :: 1950s - 1970s ,  Albania : 1949 - 1953, 1990s,  Eastern Europe : Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Zechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia :  1945 - 1990s,  Portugal : 1974 -1976,  Soviet Union :  1940s - 1980s

Central America:

Guatemala : 1953 - 1990s,  Costa Rica :  1950s - 1970s,  Haiti : 1959 -1960, British Guiana : 1953 - 1960s,  Cuba : 1959 -1960s to present time,  Panama 1989 - 1990s, El Salvador : 1980 -1995,  Grenada :  1979 - 1985,  Suriname :  1982 - 1985 ,  Honduras : 1980s to present, Nicaragua 1979 - 1990 to present.   Jamaica  :  1976

South America 

Brazil : 1960 - 1965, 2016 - 2020,  Ecuador : 1960 -1964, 2015 -2020,  Peru : 1965, 1990s, Dominican Republic : 1963 - 1965,  Chile :  1964 -1975,  Uruguay :  1969 - 1973,  Bolivia :  1964 - 1975 , 1990s - 2020,  Venezuela :  2001 - 2019,  Colombia :  1990s to present,  


South Africa : 1960s 1980s,  Ghana : 1966 - 1968,  Angola : 1975 - 1980s,  Chad  : 1981 - 1982,  Somalia : 1993 - 1995,  Algeria : 1960s,  Congo / Zaire 1960 - 1965, 1977 - 1980

8.    US commercial and financial scams

US sordid control and manipulation of the petro dollar is backed by the might of its diabolica military bases all over the world and with its control of SWIFT it is able to carry out arbitrary illegal toxic sanctions against victimised countries. With these illegal sanctions US blatantly acts as a shameless unconscionable   financial highway robber which robs off billions of dollars from victimised countries. As the sanctions deprived people of livelihood resulting in deaths and suffering of millions of innocent civilians it is a crime of the first magnitude in transgression against human rights in which US has to face justice one day.

9.    Other US grave abuse and transgression of human rights and democracy and crimes against humanity are assassinations of leaders of victimised countries, indiscriminate genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians  which US marked as leftists, socialisrts or communist; the US via CIA use all kinds of physical and mental torture on victims to extract information which is a crime against humanity and is in contravention to the UN Convention Against torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. US send victims for torture in concentration camps like Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo in its occupied encrave in Cuba. 

The CIA also train all its allies in the technique of torture against their opponents calling it a common fight in the interest of freedom and democracy.

10.  One of the most heinous crimes against humanity and a grave abuse and transgression on human rights is the US military use of chemical and biological weapons in wars especially in the Korean War 1950 -1953, Indochina War 1960s to 1970s, Afghanistan wars, Iraq wars  and Syria wars. Such heinous crimes cannot be forgiven and one of these days all Americans from the president downwards to the CIA and Pentagon personnels will be brought to justice.

The most shameful and despicable things about the Americans is that they like to falsely accuse others of all the evil diabolical deeds they themselves have been doing all the time in order to white wash their crimes and pass the blames to others.

The demonic Americans who by their own admission live by their evil values of telling lies, cheating, stealing and killing should be terminated by God  once and for all so that the people on this earthly world may once more enjoy a safe and secure life.


Saturday,  1st April, 2021.