Black Friday Sales - What a great day to remember about human rights, freedom and genocides


These are fond memories of the days when Black Friday was such a great day to the white savages in the stolen land called USA. The white racists made this a great day to buy black slaves they hunted and caught from the continent of Africa.

Never has human beans been treated so cruelly, worse than animals by the white men that are claiming to be the champions of human rights, anti racism, anti genocides when they were the worse perpetrators of such crimes against the human race in general and the indigenous people of America and Africa in particular.

How many silly coloured people still believe in the lies and forgetting about the crimes of the white savages that are portraying themselves as fighters for freedom, fighting for human rights and racism and genocides? 

When would the coloured people stop being silly and pretend that they did not know how cruel the white savages were? It is in their blood. It is good that Black Friday is still being touted and carried out every year to remind the whole of the mean and disgusting crimes of the white men. Oops, the white men did not think so and that is why this disgraceful Black Friday theme is still being used proudly in the USA, to remind them of their great days when they ruled over the blacks as slaves, and to remind the blacks that they were slaves before and still discriminated and beaten and killed freely in the land of the free, free to bully and kill the blacks, free to kill the indigenous Americans and free to take their land, and free to have free labour from the slaves of Africa.

Remember Black Friday in the same way as Thanks Giving, two ignominious days of shame and butchery against the coloured people by the treacherous white savages. No human rights, no freedom...but genocides and slavery.
Who did it to the native Americans, who did it to the black Africans slaves? The loving freedom fighters, slaves lovers, human rights champions, defenders of genocides, protectors of Muslims and Arabs..... The white Americans of course.  Look at them carefully and see how fake they are behind the veil of deceits and hypocrisies, all evil and hate for blacks and coloured people.

COVID-19 Omicron: Singapore Happily Allowed Two Omicron Infectors Tested Positive In Sydney To Enter And Stay In Singapore

Seven people on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Johannesburg that carried two travellers who tested positive for the new Covid-19 Omicron variant upon arrival in Sydney had been allowed to disembark in Singapore with the help of SIA and the blessings of the MOH.

MOH said on Monday (Nov 29) that one of the seven was a close contact with the earlier tested positive person on the same flight.

MOH did not specify if this infected person with Covid-19 is one of the two travellers whom the New South Wales Health Authority had tested positive for Omicron, which Singaporeans should now be concerned and worry about.

The six other passengers who disembarked in Singapore are leniently put on a 10-day Stay-Home Notice (not quarantine) at a dedicated facility where they will be tested for the coronavirus, MOH said.

Are these foreigners so obedient to not wander out of the dedicated facility? Will they not infect others or be infected by other people staying in the same dedicated facility?

Earlier in the day, it was reported that two travellers from South Africa transited in Singapore on a flight to Sydney and had tested positive for Omicron upon arrival at Sydney.

MOH on Monday (29 Nov) said that the pair had departed Johannesburg in South Africa on 27 Nov via Singapore Airlines SQ481 and arrived at Changi Airport on the same day for their transit flight.

As their pre-departure tests in South Africa on Friday were negative for Covid-19, it is shocking that within the same day, they can be tested Positive. The question is: Are their pre-departure tests reliable or faked? Or, is the Omicron multiplying rate so fiercely fast?

Though most of the travellers on the same transit flight had remained in the transit area at Changi Airport until their departure on flight SQ211 bound for Sydney on Nov 28, and that they had not entered Singapore or visited other areas in Changi Airport, some of them had sneak through the cracks and had visited other areas and/or entered Singapore.

It is hugely probable that some airport staff/workers and SIA cabin crew might have already been infected and are going around Singapore without knowing that they are carrying the Omicron virus with them.

Also taxi drivers carrying SIA crew and passengers on the same trains or buses carrying infected airport staff might have also been infected with the Oh My God, oops Omicron.

Singaporeans must be very happy to learn that they are one of the early birds to taste the Omicron worms?

Queen of Hearts

Covid19 - Efficient Singapore

 ���� waited 31 days to ban travellers from India when Delta was discovered, but less than 24 hours when Omicron was discovered

Delta - 31 days

Discovered 24 March_
India reports new COVID-19 virus variant, daily deaths at year's high

Banned 24 April
COVID-19: Singapore to stop entry for all long-term pass holders, short-term visitors with recent travel history to India

Omicron - less than 24 hours
S'pore bans travellers from 7 African countries; no cases of new Covid-19 variant here



Covid19 - Pfizer vaccine a drug? Needs to be jabbed annually like drug addicts?

People around the world will need to get a jab against Covid-19 once a year, at least when it comes to the Pfizer vaccine, BioNTech’s CEO Ugur Sahin said in an interview on Sunday, as he praised the quality of its booster shot.

In an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper on Sunday, Sahin said he considers the vaccine, co-developed by his company, to be “very effective.”

When asked whether people should be worried about the “breakthrough infections” – in which those vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine still developed Covid-19 symptoms – he dismissed such concerns, saying that the jab offers a “90 percent protection” against cases that require intensive care in those aged over 60.

A “very high” level of protection against severe illness lasts for up to nine months, the BioNTech CEO maintained. He said this level starts decreasing “from the fourth month,” however. To maintain the protection, Sahin strongly pushed for booster shots, arguing that they would not just restore levels of antibodies but would potentially help “to break … chains of infection.”....

Sahin’s interview comes days after it was revealed that Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making a combined profit of $65,000 every minute – all thanks to their Covid-19 jabs. That is according to estimates made by the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) – a coalition demanding wider access to vaccines.

The PVA estimated that the three companies are to earn a total of $34 billion in combined pre-tax profits this year alone, which roughly translates into more than $1,000 a second and $93.5 million a day.

The above is reported in RT.

Read carefully and you would notice that the whole scheme of things is to commercialise this drug, disguised as a vaccine, to be injected repeatedly, annually, like a drug losing its effectiveness over time. Also the reason to restore the level of antibodies is unscientific, a disinformation to con the uninformed to keep getting booster shots. Some countries are implementing 4th booster jabs. The human body when vaccinated, would reproduce antibodies to a higher level and when the body is infected, when the body needs to fight an infection. When there is no infection, the antibody level would naturally go down. There is no need to keep jabbing to maintain a high antibody level.

The truth is out, you need to jab this drug annually. The high is for 9 months only. Can you believe it? How much money they are going to make to use this drug and message from the people of the world?

3 booster shot not enough and would not stop there, 4th, 5th, 6th and many more till you die or no more coronavirus whichever is earlier. The world is being blackmailed by the manufacturers of fake drugs and fake news. They are pushing this like a dependency drug, not a vaccine.  Once hooked, you need to be jabbed again and again. Playing on fear and using the power of govts to make jabbing with this drug compulsory. This is looking like the scam of the century.

PS. If the Pfizer vaccine is only effective for 9 months, it would mean that the vaxed would become unvaxed after 9 months. So, after every 9 months, Singapore's 90% vaxed population would be 100% unvaxed! Unless they get poked again, all 90% of them. Can you believe that?
Blogger, please explain why this piece is unacceptable when it is quite factual and written to warn the innocent about a very dangerous scam to make money by creating fear? Are the pharmas objecting to this piece because it affects their narrative to sell more of this ineffective drug called vaccine? If the vaccine is effective, there should be no surge of infections like what is happening in US and Europe now. And people should be able to live their lives normally without the need of restrictive measures and wearing of masks.
Please let me now what is wrong with this piece.
Thank you.

PLA Fighter Jets Will Fly Over Taiwan Island

Chinese state media has warned that if the US invites high-level Taiwan official to participate in the "Summit for Democracy", PLA fighter jets will fly over Taiwan island, realizing a historic cruise to declare Chinese sovereignty.

"They must be clear: PLA fighter jets flying over the island is a long-awaited wish of all Chinese people. All we have been waiting for is an opportunity. For the Chinese people, this move will speak louder than thousands of words and can overwhelm various dirty tricks in the collusion between the US and Taiwan island.

The Biden administration is promoting its ties with Taiwan through the "salami-slicing" tactics. It would only be an illusion if the US ever thinks it can continue to use the trick forever. The Chinese mainland is making progress in its military preparations, which have specific targets. When the preparations are carried out, they will clear all the slices the US and Taiwan island had cut.

It is obvious that almost everyone is sure that the army on the Taiwan island dares not open fire if the mainland's warplanes fly over the island because that will mean the outbreak of a war, and the PLA will definitely carry out a destructive strike on the island's armed forces. The mainland is already fully prepared in many ways to deal with possible reactions from the US. It has created huge pressure on the US which wants to intervene with high intensity in the Taiwan Straits. The mainland is determined and confident to overwhelm the US and Taiwan.

The general public on the mainland is getting increasingly impatient with the actions of Taiwan secessionists that have been dissipating our energy. And the voices that demand the country's reunification by force are getting louder and louder. The US and the secessionist forces in Taiwan must understand that no matter whether Beijing sends its military aircraft over the island, shoots down some of Taiwan's warplanes, or sends a ship to ram a provocative US warship, it will surely be welcomed by the people on the mainland.

The government of the mainland has already been authorized by its people in advance to punish Taiwan secessionists by force." 


‘Democracy summit’ won’t salvage Uncle Sam’s sinking reputation

If American leaders have anything to address at the “democracy summit,” maybe they should start from a confession.

For starters, a confession of a crime against humanity. In the shadow of its medical dystopia where the virus, protests and mandates coexist, over three-quarters of a million Americans have been deprived of the right to life, even with overflowing vaccine doses. Amidst a parallel pandemic of gun violence blended with racism—in which a teen carrying an automatic gun can kill two and still get acquitted—the rights and liberty of owning lethal weapons rise up, even though innocent people, be they school children or the elderly or international students, can be gunned down anywhere, at any time. If there are causes of death in a democracy, the US government’s inaction and counteraction on COVID-19 mitigation and gun control are definitely among them.

The host of the summit might also need to come clean about its heinous and failed attempts in disseminating its brand of “democracy” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, to name but a few, at the expense of civilians’ lives—or “collateral damage” according to what the superpower and its media backers cold-bloodedly call them. This month, a New York Times exposé disclosed a horrifying atrocity committed and covered up by the US military, in which a 2019 US military operation in Syria slew at least 70 women and children for no reason. That number, however, is merely a drop in the bloody ocean that US has bombed out of. According to Statista, US airstrikes have killed at least 22,000 civilians since 9/11 in the aforementioned three nations alone. But look what the US has brought to Afghanistan and its people—a duplicate of American-style democracy? To borrow a metaphor from the Washington Post, if there was a tinge of democracy in Afghanistan, that democracy died in the storm of shots and shells fired by the US.

Moreover, the US should explain what is in the formula of American-style “democracy” that has allowed US politicians and American media to have so much pride and prejudice so as to make them always stand in a position of strength when criticizing others despite its numerous wrongdoings. Is it something to do with America’s electoral system in which a losing candidate can still blame his defeat on voter fraud and subsequently incite a Capitol riot? Or is it associated with the fact that policymaking can be easily swayed by lobbyists and the rich elite while politicians can only represent half of the population at any one time? 



Is it a ship? Is it turtle? Oh, it is Super tincan!

Philippines rejects China's demand to remove grounded navy ship

FILE PHOTO: The BRP Sierra Madre, a marooned transport ship which Philippine Marines live on as a military outpost, is pictured in the disputed Second Thomas Shoal, part of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, Mar 30, 2014. (Reuters/Erik De Castro)

MANILA: The Philippines will not remove a dilapidated navy ship grounded on an atoll in the South China Sea, its defence chief said on Thursday (Nov 25), rejecting a demand by China after it blocked a mission to resupply the vessel's crew.

Above is copied from CNA.

This is what you would get when dealing with small time gangsters. But China is very patient and closed an eye to let them amuse themselves thinking that they are heroes and warriors. China would restrain itself and not taking out the fly swap to swap the flies.

Actually China understood that the Pinoys have no means or ability to move that piece of scrap iron. This is in the middle of no where and China has all the time to wait. It does not cost China anything but plenty of money, food and agony for the poor soldiers living in the rusting tin can, risking their lives and away from their loved ones...and looking silly.

China could do them a favour by burying it with sand from its super sand dredger, the heavenly dragon. But that would give the penniless and homeless bums a chance to cry foul, that China is a bully. Or is it the beggars bullying China by saying die die, never mind, after all they have nothing to lose?

Instead of getting back to work, to be useful, they choose to rot in the sea and pretending that they were having a great time, a great holiday, or fighting a great war. What kind of mentality is that?

The whole episode exemplifies the South China Sea island claim dispute. Little countries making spurious claims on Chinese islands but without the means of making it theirs and at the mercy of China that could kick their asses anytime it likes. And the world's number one trouble maker egging them on.

Parking your scrap car inside your neighbour's court yard and refuse to move, to stake a claim on his land? China has been extremely kind not to drag the tincan into the sea and let the Pinoy soldiers float in their life buoys and hoping to be picked up be passing ships. The dull Pinoys could not appreciate how kind the Chinese are. If it were another big power or Asean power, they would have been kicked out of the sand bank long ago.

America's words on Taiwan can no longer be trusted

On November 25, for the second time in a month, some U.S. lawmakers landed in Taiwan. The five members from the U.S. House of Representatives arrived in the region with the focus on discussing security issues with the Taiwan authority, less than two weeks after U.S. President Joe Biden said that the U.S. remains committed to its one-China policy during a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The lawmakers' visit is a blatant violation of that commitment and a brazen facilitation of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials' separatist impulses.

The one-China principle is the cornerstone of the China-U.S. relationship. It is China's red line. But it has become clear that forces within the U.S. political circle are dead set on breaching it. With President Biden reiterating his government's commitment to the principle, lower members in the political echelon are taking advantage of the stabilizing effect Biden's reiterations have and pushing their own agenda on Taiwan that contradicts the White House's official position.

China does not tolerate two-faced actions. There will be a price to pay for these reckless gambits. Just recently, China downgraded diplomatic relations with Lithuania after the Baltic country approved the establishment of a "Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania." The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Lithuania is creating the false impression of "one China, one Taiwan" in the world and that the Lithuanian government "has to be responsible for all the ensuing consequences."

The U.S. lawmakers' visit to Taiwan is nothing less than creating a "one China, one Taiwan" impression in the world. By dealing with the island in a de facto bilateral fashion, these politicians are projecting an image of DPP authorities' "independence" and thereby fanning separatist flames on the island. This kind of action, the constant pushing of the envelope while keeping tensions under the threshold of which China would take military actions, is the core of U.S. politicians' strategy to gradually elevate and strengthen Taiwan's international position. And they are destroying the little credibility that the U.S. has when it comes to the Taiwan issue.

This is not just playing with fire. It's flirting with military confrontation. The United States has to understand that while Taiwan might be a policy issue to them, it is a sovereignty issue for China. Policies might be compromised, sovereignty can't. China doesn't seek war, but wouldn't be afraid to launch one if it means guarding its national unification, territorial integrity and the very foundation of its government's legitimacy.

If the United States truly wants to seek a peaceful and stable relationship with China, it must find its resolve to refrain from these kinds of provocations and boundary-pushing actions that only serve the opposite purpose. It should stop using countries like Lithuania as a proxy to do what itself secretly wants. Politicians in the U.S. who want a peaceful China-U.S. relationship must act on it, and the first steps to take would be to tamp down Taiwan-independence-seeking politicians in their midst.

They need to act promptly. Patience and trust go hand-in-hand. When trust is gone, patience won't stay for long. 


The Present Pathetic Economic Situation In Afghanistan Has Exposed The Evilness Of The Evil US Empire

The evilness of the evil US government and leaders know no bounds! To make the evils of 20-year long story short, for ease of understanding by the commoners, I have summerised it into six main points, thus:

1. Invaded Afghanistan and occupied it for 20 years, using a filmsy excuse of wanting to hunt down the 911 mastermind, who was actually hiding in Pakistan, thereby causing undue, unjustified and untold miseries and sufferings to its Muslim population without blinking an eyelid. Yet the International Court of Criminal Justice dared not even investigate it for war crimes against humanity but instead going after the defender of the very people whom the evil US military had killed, massacred and murdered.

2. In its 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan, the evil US forces had siphoned, stolen and robbed all the natural resources, especially opium, antiques, minerals and rare earths, of Afghanistan as much and as many as they could take away under the cover of deception, and cloaks and daggers operations by its equally, if not more evil, CIA organisations, agents and operatives.

3. By its military operations in Afghanistan over 20 long years, the evil US Empire has totally devastated and destroyed the country with airstrikes, missile strikes and dronestrikes and left the country in a devastated war-torn state without any border to help rebuild it.

4. Covertly and overtly, the evil US forces had Killed, massacred, miamed and murdered millions of the Afghanistan Muslims, three quarters of them are the innocent and defenceless children, women and aged.

5. The cunning, slimy, and scheming evil US political hacks have coerced and forced the Afghans, through its puppets in the US-installed Afghanistan government, to deposit Afghanistan's national trade surpluses and reserves in the US and now refused to return it, based on the inexcusable excuse of wanting to hold the billions of dollars as a bargaining chip with the Taliban Government. Wanting to use it to make the Taliban Government obey its orders and blackmailing demands.

6. Last but not least, The Evil US Empire has been talking about human rights and democracy but the evil US itself does not respect any human rights and has always been behaving and acting unilaterally like a worldwide dictator, always intimidating, coercing, blackmailing, threatening, sanctioning and invading smaller and weaker countries to subject their leaders to its unreasonable whims and fancies.

That sums up the gist of the evilness of the Evil US Empire that has led to the present pathetic economic situation in Afghanistan, as well as many other countries like North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Venezuela and others.

May the rest of the world wake up and seriously think about how evil the Evil US Empire is!

Queen of Hearts


Singapore saboed and humiliated by the Americans as not good enough democracy

Did you get invited to Joe Biden’s big democracy party?

Poland did. So did the Philippines. And Iraq.

Even our close neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia got invited.

But why not Singapore?

The republic is not on the list of 110 countries to participate in an upcoming US Summit for Democracy, slated for Dec 9 and 10.

On the guest list is Poland, which was recently accused of human rights violations over a military standoff with migrants at the border with Belarus. Belarus has not been invited.

Another invitee is the Philippines, which until recently was being probed for massive human rights abuses during current president, Rodrigo Duterte’s term in office. Thousands of drug peddlers there have been executed by law enforcement there, with the tacit approval of Mr Duterte.

Then there’s Iraq, where the UN refugee agency says more than 6.5 million people – some 18 per cent of the population – are “in need of humanitarian assistance and protection”.

The above is copied from theindependent.sg.

Biden's big democracy party, inviting 110 countries for being democratic to showcase Democracy, snubbed Singapore without an invitation. Singapore is the diehard American friend, offering its military bases for American warships and aircraft, the number best friend of the Americans but found itself left out in the cold.

How could the Americans do this to its bedfellow? What are the Americans telling the world or telling Hsien Loong about how they felt or thought about Singapore? Singapore was good enough for PM Hsien Loong to be invited to dine with the President in the White House but not good enough as a democracy?

What were the criteria for being invited to the White House?
What were the criteria for being invited to this Democracy bash?

Is this another way of the Americans putting pressure on Singapore? Singapore should use FICA to shame the Americans for belittling Singapore.

Never give face to Singapore huh? Poland, Iraq, the Philippines also better than Singapore democratically?

What do you think?

PS.  Maybe latter after some behind the door negotiation the Americans would send an invite and claimed they used the wrong map, thinking Singapore is in China.
Another very important outcome of this mischievous anti China, anti Russia summit is the killing of whatever were agreed in the virtual summit between Xi and Biden. That summit is now a total waste of time and exposed the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Americans. It is as good as no summit has taken place and China would not waste more time talking to these silly asses again.
This is how stupid Biden and his stooges are. And the evil trouble making Americans are starting more fire everywhere, in Myanmar, in Europe against Russia that could precipitated into an open war anytime. And the latest, more US politicians visiting Taiwan, The forced unification of Taiwan would come sooner than later.

Covid-19: Omicron - The New Variant Of Concern Is Highly Contagious!

The World Health Organization has named the latest variant of Covid-19 identified by South Africa as Omicron! This Variant was first sequenced in Botswana, and then in neighbouring South Africa's capital, Pretoria. Typo error for the word "last". It should be "latest"

A group of students returning to Africa took the PCR tests which all contained an anomaly. This had prompted Africa's virus experts to send their samples to Prof de Oliviera's laboratory in Dubai for genome sequencing.

"His team then found all these mutations. So we've only know about it for a few days, and because it's a new variant we have no idea how it will actually behave," said Prof Salim Karim, former Chair of the South African government's Covid Advisory Committee.

"All we can do is extrapolate some of the likely behaviour based on previous similar mutations. But we do know that it spreads fast - we've seen how rapidly it spread in Pretoria. It sky-rocketed!"

From a relatively low base, the numbers of confirmed cases in South Africa have shot up this week - from less than 700 on Sunday to almost 2,500 on Thursday. It is believed the increase is largely due to the new variant, Omicron.

South Africa's vaccination programme has slowed in recent months - not because of a lack of vaccines supplies, but due to public's fear of the mRNA experimental 'vaccines' that have caused unnecessary deaths being coverd up by the health authorities in order to prevent panicking.

An estimated about 20% of the South Africa population has been fully vaccinated and 42% are partially vaccinated.

Will the existence of the new variant enciurage more people to get jabbed with questionable experimental mRNA vaccines that is now known to be ineffective to prevent infection and transmission? Some people are hoping against hope that it will but doubtful.

The government has urged people to come forward, saying: "Let us crush the power of the new variant by vaccinating to limit the number of mutations."

The problems are not with the virus. The problems are with the mRNA experimental vaccines that have shown worldwide their efficacy is not 95 or 98% as claimed. It is at the most 18% to 44%. That means the Pharmas have been lying.

"It's going to be a shock to the system. I think it can have a positive effect [on vaccination rates]," happily crowed Stavros Nicolaou, a senior executive at Aspen Pharmacare Group.

"We know this variant is more contagious. My sense is that the current vaccines are likely to reduce morbidity. They might not be as effective in terms of preventing people getting infected. All the more reason, if you've got a more contagious variant, that you should go out and get vaccinated." The same snake oil selling tactic is immediately being used again.

And many silly government leaders are going to imitate the crows of these snake oil sellers very soon.

The bigger concern is the potential impact of the Omicron variant as it has already spread to other parts of the African Continent and some countries as far as UK and Hongkong, and most probably also to Australia and Singapore. All these destinations are favorites of White South Africans and their White relatives and friends.

More and more European countries are following UK's footsteps to ban travellers to and from South Africa and five other neighbouring countries.


Don't throw caution to the wind again. If leaders truly care for their people, saving lives is naturally, morally and conscientiously more important than making more money and the increase of the GDP, probably because Ministers annual bonuses are pecked to the GDP.

It is time to stop this unholy pecking of Ministers' bonuses and pay increase to the GDP, so that Ministers can solely and soul-searchingly focus their full attention and maximise their energy to serving the people instead of serving the GDP or themselves!


China's Advanced Missile Technology Stunned The West

A Chinese hypersonic test flight involving a high speed missile launch points to a major breakthrough in hypersonic technology. However, China is still developing the technique, tactics and strategy on how to deploy the advanced technology in combat.

The American Defence establishment has been surprised and stunned by the discovery that a Chinese hypersonic glider flew around-the-earth in July this year, culminating in the firing of a missile in mid-flight at more than five times the speed of sound over the South China Sea.

Though the United States, Russia and China have all been experimenting with so-called hypersonic glide vehicles - defined as reaching speeds of at least Mach 5 - but up to July this year none had displayed the mastery of a mid-flight missile launch. Therefore, this latest development by the Chinese scientists is a new breakthrough.

Weapons travelling at hypersonic speed would enable an attacking military to overcome defence installations through sheer speed and unparalleled manoeuvrability, and allow a country under assault to pick off incoming missiles more easily.

China has mastered the thermic and aerodynamic shock effects linked to hypersonic speed. This requires a huge computing capacity, which China has also accomplished.

According to the Financial Times, and the way the US top generals are expressing themselves lately, it is clear that the US defence officials and military intelligence were caught off-guard by this Chinese display of their state of the art technology.

Anyone want to accuse China of stealing their technology again?

Queen of Hearts.


Silly woman saying Japan is the most peaceful country in the world


Listen to this 8 minutes of disinformation from a silly woman that did not know anything about history except the 20 years that she was born. To her, Japan is the most peaceful country in the world, and China is a belligerent country and Japan is prepared to go on an all out war righteous war with aggressive China. Did this silly woman know what Japan did to China and the whole of East and South East Asia and how many millions of people Japan massacred? Did she know that everyone clapped and popped champagne when the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese, and to top it up, the Americans hauled the Japanese up and charged them for war crimes? Has she heard of Unit 731, the barbaric crimes committed against the Chinese, Koreans and Russians using bio chemical weapons, now acquired by the evil Americans and used in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Middle eastern wars on the Arabs and Muslims?

Would she want to ask the Koreans what the 'peaceful' Japanese did to the Koreans?

Japan a peaceful country that still hanging on to Chinese islands and claiming them as their own? 

This piece of mischievous rubbish is put up by TFIglobal and the silly woman is Shubhangi. How much was she paid to make herself sound and look stupid in the eyes of the whole world?

US Freezes $9.5 Billion Belonging to Afghanistan, Exacerbating Humanitarian Crisis for Poor Afghans

While the international community pays close attention to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the US government continues to seize nearly $9.5 billion in assets belonging to Afghan central bank. International aid organizations and experts globally issued heavy criticism on the Americans as the move has worsened the grim situation in the poor country.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that cash availability in Afghanistan remains one of the greatest concerns for all sectors and it is crucial that the international community finds solutions, even if temporary, to help the Afghan people.

"Cash shortages within the country concretely mean that health facilities may not be able to pay for fuel to run their generators, ambulances can't run, there isn't food for patients, and salaries have not been paid to health care workers for the past three months," said Khoder El Tari, deputy head of delegation of the ICRC.

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said the biggest challenge facing Afghanistan was financial insecurity and the "roots of this concern lead back to the freezing of assets" of the people by the US government.

In October, Deputy US Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told a US Senate committee he saw no situation where the Taliban would be allowed to access the Afghan central bank reserves.

The US wants to use the frozen assets as bargaining chips in talks with the Afghan Taliban government, experts said, noting that while freezing the fortune of the Afghan people and seeing the people suffer from shortage of food and daily amenities, the US hypocritically said it cared about human rights situation in Afghanistan.

As winter approaches in Afghanistan, temperatures can drop to minus seven in certain areas and freezing temperatures can expose the population, especially children, to numerous health risks. Lack of cash and fuel shortage constitute huge challenges for many families in keeping themselves warm during the harsh winter conditions.

International organizations and scholars had warned against a shortage of food and basic items in Afghanistan.

China announced that it will provide 200 million yuan ($31.32 million) worth of emergency aid to Afghanistan, and the first batch of aid has already arrived in Kabul.

Meanwhile, a freight train loaded with more than 1,000 tons of humanitarian aid departed from Urumqi West Railway Station in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Saturday, and is set to arrive in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, in 12 days.

The goods on the train include naan and milk tea powder as well as such winter supplies as cotton-padded clothes, cotton shoes and blankets.


PS. The evil Americans only love the Muslims in Xinjiang and even lied that they were genocided. But they stole the billions from the Afghan Muslims and let them starved and suffered instead of offering them humanitarian aid.  Redbean

Covid Alert: New Super-Mutated Covid Variant From South Africa

Travellers arriving in England from several southern African countries will have to quarantine amid warnings over a new coronavirus variant.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said from 12:00 GMT on Friday six countries would be added to the red list, with flights being temporarily banned.

One expert described the variant, known as B.1.1.529, as "the worst one we've seen so far", and there is concern it has the potential to evade immunity.

No cases have yet to be confirmed in the UK.

So far 59 confirmed cases have been identified in South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana so far.

What do we know about this new variant?
What are the latest changes to UK travel rules?

All flights from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini are being suspended.

Mr Javid said that scientists were "deeply concerned" about the new variant but more needed to be learned about it.

But he said the variant has a significant number of mutations, "perhaps double the number of mutations that we have seen in the Delta variant".

He added: "And that would suggest that it may well be more transmissible and the current vaccines that we have may well be less effective."

Hope the arrogant, blinded, careless, reckless, suicidal, stubborn, money-minded, and ruthless MTF (Most Thoughtless Fools) does not recklessly allow any of the Travelers from the six African countries and Hongkong to enter Singapore.



Good sporting talents for Singapore to pick and choose

From Olympic glory to fleeing prostitution, these youths were realising their dreams. Now all hope may be lost.

They were poor but on track to beat the odds. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The programme Insight meets young Indians whose once-promising futures, like graduating from a top university, are slipping out of reach.

Above are the headlines in CNA.  It is good that it is being reported in CNA. Our very busy MPs now would have a chance to notice them and can turn talent scouts, go to India and recruit these talents to bring medals and glory to medal hungry Singapore.  We can bring a few thousands of them here, pay them, feed them, house them, train them and reward them with our lavish medal and money reward schemes and make them rich...and make Singapore proud.

The whole of India would wake up and crawl to talent bankrupt Singapore. And our MPs would have something to boot about, that they were the ones that spotted these talents and brought them here and supported them using not their money but taxpayers money. 

And the whole of Singapore would have a lot to cheer about in the next Olympic Games. This is like killing many birds with one stone. Do charity and philanthropy work, providing jobs to the unemployed in India and winning medals for Singapore. And we can increase our population to 10m and the gene pool of talents.  Good genes to multiply. And we also have plenty of money to throw. Our reserves so big. Money is no problem. 

Maybe Singapore can win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing this.

What do you think, money well spent?

PS.  India has 1.3b people. Go there can simply pick 10m to replace all the daft in Singapore and we would have a new Singapore to be the best in the first world.


CECA talent that would be looked up to - unbelieveable talent


South Asian Doctor Eats Cow Dung On Camera To Prove Its “Cleansing Properties”

A video of a doctor eating cow dung on camera has gone viral. The doctor Manoj Mittal is a pediatrician from Karnal in Haryana, India.

In the clip, Mittal can be seen in a cow shelter and talking about ‘Panchgravya’ or the five elements that can be obtained from cows.

He then picked up the cow dung and ate it while informing that his mother always used to take it during fasts.

He also said that dung has the ability to cleanse the mind and soul and, once it enters the system, it purifies the body as well.

Above is copied from All Singapore Stuff. It also said, 'These are the people we are about to launch a VTL with. Good luck to Singapore.' I must add that I agree with him. This is the type of talent that Singapore needs. If you have a chance to look at his qualifications, I bet it would be better than many Singaporeans from our world best universities. If he were to apply to be a CECA talent, sure be grabbed and offered very good pay.

He can teach Singaporeans how to eat shit to make them smarter, and to cleanse their dull minds and souls. Healthy shit, soul food.

PS. When one started to eat shit, after some time it would be normal. When one is in the company of cheats, after some time lying would be normal. When one started to cheat, after some time it would be normal also.

Covid-19 Vaccination: Four Likely Negative Consequences

The lazy way of simply following the data given by the US Authorities by the Experts Committee clearly shows that they are not experts with scientific mind but political animals.

They never bothered to do their own independent research, testing and experiment with the vaccines first, in order to ascertain the validity of the US data and recommendations, before giving their advice.

As long as the Expert Committee remains a political player instead of a scientific entity, Singaporeans should take it with a handful of salt for whatever this group of people say or advice.

How can the human body keep getting jab after jab with the mRNA vaccines without any serious and/or adverse consequences?

Common sense tells us that in the continous and prolonged taking of any vaccine/drug, two things are most likely to happen:

1. Vaccine overdose and

2. Vaccine poisoning.

Both of them are going to lead to adverse and severe consequences to the human body.

In fact, there is also a third probability, i.e. mutation of the virus inside the body, making it more resistant to the vaccines, more contagious and more deadly.

In addition, there is also a fourth probability that cannot be ruled out, especially with the experimental, emergency use only, mRNA fake vaccines, ie the mutation of the human body into a weakened and vulnerable victim of certain viruses.

All these consequences, if and when they ever happened, are the results of the irresponsible approach of the Expert Committee, the silence of the Health Science Authority, the stupidity of the MTF. AND THE INCOMPETENCE OF THE POLITICAL LEADERSHIP.

Keep the fingers crossed that none of the four probabilities will happen. This would actually require a miracle.

Good luck, Singaporeans!



Good news - Singapore just solved its lack of foreign talents and population growth problem

 The Covid19 pandemic has taken a big toll on the growth of Singapore's economy and population. Thought the population of the citizens still remain the same, the population of residents has declined and the twin impact would be missing the 6m or 10m population target and the lack of foreign talents to support the growth of its economy.

With the living with Covid19 policy in full bloom,  and also the introduction of VTL, though sabotaged by some European countries and Indonesia, more foreign talents can be seen forming queues to come into this paradise island to help Singapore growing again.

The latest from CNA, 'SINGAPORE: Singapore's vaccinated travel lane (VTL) with India will start on Nov 29, with six designated flights daily from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on Sunday (Nov 21).'

6 flights a day, if each flight were to bring in 200 foreign talents, that would be 1,200 daily, 12,000 in every 10 days or 36,000 per month, statistically. How many would it be in a year?

And the construction industry too would be very happy as more construction workers would likely to follow suit and the building of more flats could proceed as before. The only concern is that more of the remaining plots of little forests would be cut down and the sambar deer and wild boars and other wildlife would have no place to hide and multiply. 

Overall it is good for the economy with more buzz and ommphs and more money to be made in building more homes for sale. And among the foreigners coming in there must be a few that could become ministers and PMs in the future when they take up citizenship. The quality of our ministers and possibly PM could only be better.

With VTL, quite safe to let in more vaccinated people, especially those vaccinated with 96% efficacy vaccines from US and Europe. Anyone setting up vaccination certificates for sale like degree mills?

The Information Trap: Beware Of Experts' Appeals!

Whenever I read the word "expert" or "experts", my senses are immediately put on guard. Why?

Because it is one of the key Psyops tricks used by the protagonists, propagandists and reporters without integrity and sincerity to disarm, entice and impress upon readers, even though the truth is far from what is presented.

The protagonists, propagandists or reporters are trying to use expert appeal to hookwink the public, who generally do not have the time nor the resolve to countercheck their claims.

Therefore, whenever you read the word "expert" or "experts", read in between the lines. They are what some called the information trap/s. Most of the time, you will find that the "facts" they are trying to establish are not factual but only opinions and/or suggestions by some obscure or unknown people, whom you may not heard of in your entire life. Or, they may be some controversial characters who have been paid to speak favourably for certain interested persons, parties or organisations. Many things often happened behind the scenes, underneath the table, behind closed doors or in some shady and dark corners.

So, please be aware of such information traps so that your thinking/brain will not be easily corrupted by the voluminous amounts of propaganda and poisoned-pens out there in the cyberspace. Especially so coming from certain countries well-known for their leaders in deceiving the public.

Beware and take good care of yourself and family.

SSO - 20-11-21


Covid19 - The moving goal posts of herd immunity

 We are now ending two years of the Covid19 pandemic. Has anything change? Is the situation improving? If opening up and living with the virus that is getting more infectious and with infection surging and more people dying are called improvements, then we are improving. If more and more people are vaccinated is an improvement, then we are improving.

I think everyone who read the media would remember that there was a time in the early days of this pandemic when the experts and scientists, now some are saying experts and scientists titles are losing the respect of the people, were saying that we need a vaccine to fight this pandemic. Now we have several vaccines, some touted as the silver bullet, some claimed to be 96% efficacy, and still claiming or at least some unthinking are still believing this number, is the situation improving?

We were told by the experts then that if we could get 60% of the population vaccinated, then we would achieve herd immunity and life could get back to normal, at least in some countries that had done so. When 60% was achieved, nothing of the semblance of herd immunity happened. Even those countries that refused to take any preventive measures and allowing the virus to infect their people to attain herd immunity did not fare any better.

Then they raised the bar to 80% vaccination rate for herd immunity. Was there any herd immunity for countries that have achieved that? Nay. Everyone is still scratching their heads as to why there is no herd immunity. 

And now we have the must be number one city state hitting 90% vaccinated rate. Got herd immunity or not? What are the experts and scientists going to say about this? World best 96% efficacy vaccine and more than 90% vaccination rate and still no herd immunity. Maybe after the 3rd booster shot, plus 90% received the booster shot then it can be counted, and then there will be herd immunity. Maybe....

If no again, maybe 4th booster shot would do the trick. But would anyone going to believe the words and claims and theories of the experts and scientists?

What could have made all the experts and scientists pandering in the theory of immunity looking like snake oil sellers? Could it be that the vaccines were fakes or ineffective, or the claims of 96% were lies? Or is it because the virus are too clever and keep mutating and making the vaccines irrelevant? Or is it that the immunity theory does not apply in this pandemic? Or is it that the immunity due to the vaccines could not last a few months? Or is it that the vaccines are destroying the human body's natural immunity?

Or there can never be any herd immunity at all. Even with 100% vaccinated, there will be no herd immunity and everyone would have to live dangerously with this virus? Life cannot be normal anymore, masks, restrictions, booster jabs after booster jabs, restrictions, self distancing, VTL, carrying of vaccine certificates etc etc would be the new normal. And this living with the Covid would be like playing the game of Russian roulette? 

Or maybe the real vaccine has yet to be developed and what we poked into our bodies were expensive moonshine or snake oil, pseudo vaccines, drugs, or placebo at best? But these are small change. The most frightening part, if what some experts and scientists are saying is true, is the destruction of our natural immune system. You know what would happen to the human race if our natural immune system is gone?

What do you think?

Covid-19 Vaccination: What Is The Real Motive To Vaccinate The Children Age 5 to 11?


The dictum “follow the money” fits in well here. A recent US News headline can give you a good idea of what is involved here:

“Pfizer Expects 2021, 2022 COVID-19 Vaccine Sales to Total at Least $65 Billion.”

Pfizer’s Covid vaccine stands to become the most profitable pharmaceutical product in the history of men-unkind.

You can easily see through their hidden game strategy when you thin of who are sitting at the Advisory Panel that issued the recommendation:

1. The meeting roster shows that numerous members of the committee and temporary voting members have worked for Pfizer,

2. Or have major connections with Pfizer.

3. Members include a former Vice President of Pfizer Vaccines,

4. A recent Pfizer consultant,

5. A recent Pfizer research grant recipient,

6. A man who mentored a current top Pfizer vaccine executive,

7. A man who runs a center that gives out Pfizer vaccines,

8. The Chairperson of a Pfizer Data Group,

9. A guy who was proudly photographed taking a Pfizer vaccine,

10. And numerous people who are already on the record supporting Coronavirus vaccines for children.

11. Most significantly, the recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on Pfizer’s Board of Directors.

Does it not ring a bell loud and clear?

12. As if the above list is not good enough, the Acting Chairman of the Board that made the recommendation was one Arnold S. Monto who was a paid Pfizer Consultant up until 2018.

All this shows us how brazen these people are, since they did this in open view. This is part of a larger pattern whereby nearly all regulatory agencies of the US government have been "captured" by those they are supposed to oversee. The Federal Aviation Authority that is supposed to regulate Boeing aircraft's safety and air worthiness is another example.

The name for this game is called "Regulatory Capture" or "Trojan Horse Invasion". As a result, we can no longer trust any government body tasked with protecting the safety and well-being of the population.

To endanger the health of children in the absence of a medical justification and for the sake of profit is a travesty of unspeakable proportions.

Since it has been proven that the mRNA vaccines neither protect us from infections nor transmissions, there is no good reasons to take unnecessary risks to inject our children with useless vaccines that may cause long-term serious health problems.

Why allow the unscrupulous profiteers to benefit while our children shoulder the potential risks of long-term health problems or deaths? This is absolutely unnecessary and unwise.

Please think wisely for the sake of our future generations.

SSO - 21 November 2021.

Covid19 - American data confirm the mRNA vaccines are not effective

 The number of U.S. Covid-19 deaths recorded in 2021 has surpassed the toll in 2020, according to federal data and Johns Hopkins University, demonstrating the virus’s persistent menace.

Not just demonstrating the virus's persistent menace. It also demonstrates the complacency, incompetence and politics of self-destruction in the US government and presidency, as well as the deep corruption going on in the US so called "demoncratic" system.

It is the big corporations, the big pharmaceutical companies, people with special interests and people with deep pockets that controls the USA through the corrupted elected and non-elected leaders in the US government and the White House. It is not the US government controlling the country for the people, by the people, from the people.

The real number is at least two to three times more than the officially published figures by John Hopkins or the US government.

Less testing means less discovery, which in turns mean less casualties and infections reported. Simple old trick.


Covid18 - Even the so called Liberal rag NY Times warned against putting too much faith in boosters!

 What a joke! Even the so called Liberal rag NY Times warned against putting too much faith in boosters!Is OYK and MOH trying to play God?

Most People Don't Need a Covid Vaccine Booster, New Review Says

None of the data on coronavirus vaccines so far provides credible evidence in support of boosters for the general population, according to a review published on Monday by an international group of scientists, including some at the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization.

The 18 authors include Dr. Philip Krause and Dr. Marion Gruber, F.D.A. scientists who announced last month that they will be leaving the agency, at least in part because they disagreed with the Biden administration’s push for boosters before federal scientists could review the evidence and make recommendations.

The Biden administration has proposed administering vaccine boosters eight months after the initial shots. But many scientists have opposed the plan, saying the vaccines continue to be powerfully protective against severe illness and hospitalization. A committee of advisers to the F.D.A. is scheduled to meet on Friday to review the data.

In the new review, published in The Lancet, experts said that whatever advantage boosters provide would not outweigh the benefit of using those doses to protect the billions of people who remain unvaccinated worldwide. Boosters may be useful in some people with weak immune systems, they said, but are not yet needed for the general population.

Several studies published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including three on Friday, suggest that while efficacy against infection with the Delta variant seems to wane slightly over time, the vaccines hold steady against severe illness in all age groups. Only in older adults over 75 do the vaccines show some weakening in protection against hospitalization.

Immunity conferred by vaccines relies on protection both from antibodies and from immune cells. Although the levels of antibodies may wane over time — and raise the risk of infection — the body’s memory of the virus is long-lived.

The vaccines are slightly less effective against infection with the Delta variant than with the Alpha variant, but the virus has not yet evolved to evade the sustained responses from immune cells, the experts said. Boosters may eventually be needed even for the general population if a variant emerges that sidesteps the immune response.

The experts cautioned that promoting boosters before they are needed, as well as any reports of side effects from booster shots such as heart problems or Guillain-Barre syndrome, may undermine confidence in the primary vaccination.

Data from Israel suggest that booster doses enhance protection against infection. But that evidence was collected just a week or so after the third dose and may not hold up over time, the experts said. 



COVID-19: Austria Replaced The Discriminative Lockdown Against Unvaccinated To Full National Lockdown!

Only four days after Austria imposed a discriminatory limited lockdown on the unvaccinated scapegoats, the Austrian government has realised its folly and announced a Full National Covid-19 Lockdown starting from Thursday 19 November 2021, for 20 days.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg stressed that from 1 February 2022 onwards there would be a legal requirement for all Austrians to get vaccinated. In other words, vaccination would become compulsory. On the other hand, Singapore is so afraid of declaring vaccination compulsory that it makes use of unprecedented measures to compel, coerce and intimidate the unvaccinated to take their vaccination.

Austria was one of the gangho countries that attempted to achieve herd immunity very early during the Covid-19 pandemic, before Covid-19 vaccines were available, allowing the people to have big gatherings and move about without wearing masks. So when it started its National Vaccination Program, there haven't been much takers. As a result, up to date, Austria has only about 30% vaccinated, one of the lowest in Europe.

So, despite the unvaccinated being locked down, in the last four days record numbers of cases have been experienced.

Many other European countries are now experiencing a surge in Covid-19 infections and deaths, despite having a high vaccination rate of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. They are also imposing more restrictions on business, trade, travel, movement and assembly.

This is another big lesson for Singapore and Singaporeans. It is not just the unvaccinated to be blamed. Even the vaccinated are getting infected and die, and spread the viruses among themselves. It is a matter of time even people hiding in their ivory towers and protected by personal body guards will also be infected and die.

So, for goodness sake, wake up before more unnecessary and preventable deaths are made

Young, middle-age or old, every single life is precious.

Please don't take other people's lives lightly and treat them as mere digits and statistics to back up any stupid excuse or unjustifiable justification for own selfish political or financial motives.

Let's face the facts. No country can live with a deadly and highly contagious virus that can mutate rapidly and become more and more resilient than humans by the day.

Make Singapore more resilient? Covid-19 coronavirus must be laughing at your stupidity. If the Truth hurts, I am very sorry.

It is a very risky and huge gamble, and a folly, to try to live with the Angel Of Death!

Get this very clear in our head:

Covid-19 is NOT common flu.

It is in a different league. The common flu is like a common soldier. Covid-19 Delta is like the Delta Force, a highly trained and skilled special operations commando or seal team. It strikes when you let your guards down, either because of fatigue, strain, impatience or over-confidence.

Covid-19 is probably the Angel of Death sent by God to cleanse the highly corrupted Earth! The more corrupted your country or your leadership's brain is, the more you will make "harakiri" decisions. Does it ring a bell?

Think about it.

Queen of Hearts. 

PS. There are several articles on the virus and the lies spread in the US to boost its sales, and the opposition by experts in the call for a booster shot that is unnecessary at this point of time. Will put them up next week one at a time.


Indians in their best to teach the Chinese PLA a lesson in war



Dr Swamy - Can India take China on militarily? How vulnerable is Chicken's neck today?

This is a 58min video that would help those who want to understand how the Indians think and their mindset with respect to China. In short, the Indians are confident of giving China a lesson in their border dispute and India is fully prepared this time to beat the shit out of the PLA. China has to be very careful when dealing with a very powerful India armed with all the best weapons money can buy, and a very brave and capable Indian armed forces that are not only fearless but raring to go to chase the Chinese out of the border disputed land they inherited from the British Empire.

Be warned to hold on tightly to your chair when watching this video as you will feel the might and power of the Indians in their coming war with China.

Covid19 - Clinical trial on children age 5 -11

 Singapore's Kerdang Kerbau Hospital is conducting a clinical on children age 5-11 using Pfizer/Moderna vaccines in lower dosage. Actually it is recruiting children for this trial and very likely the parents would be making the decision, ie, giving consent for the trial.

So far no one from the animal lovers community is protesting.  They used to protest against the use of animals like guinea pigs, mice, monkeys, dogs and cats for clinical trials. Why are they reticent in this case? My guess, the guinea pigs and other animals did not give their consent and cannot protest on their own. So it is natural and good that they need the assistance of human beans to protest and object for them. Animal lovers also cannot protest as children are not animals, so not within their areas of interest and concern.

In this case if the children were recruited into the programme, they surely would have obtained the consent of their parents. At these tender age, the children would not be able to give their own consent and rightfully the wiser parents would have to consent on their behalf, knowing what is good or bad for them.

So, for those people protesting in the social media, they may be barking up the wrong tree. When the parents of these children are willing to give their consent for the use of this experimental vaccine, why should they be protesting? It is not their children that are undergoing the trial. And as they said, the benefits outweigh the risk. Everything is done legally.

I really cannot think of any good reason to protest when it is like a willing buyer willing seller case., like two consenting adults saying ok. The govt surely knows that this is done for a good cause. The parents too would know the risk and the goodness of this trial. They would surely exercise good judgement on behalf of their dear children.

Wondering why they did not choose to use the Chinese vaccines that are safer, using traditional method to produce and with inactivated virus. Just wondering.

God bless them. This is uniquely Singapore.

PS. With or without this trial, the govt is going to vaccinate all the school going children after the school holiday, in January 2022. Ong Ye Kung said early next year. Please correct me if I am wrong on this vaccination plan for children. Not sure if parental consent would be needed or the parents can opt their children out of it. Or is it compulsory or otherwise. Maybe not compulsory but there will be restrictions for those not vaccinated like the case of the adults. Let's wait for the official announcement.

Latest in the news, the children would be under observation for 15 months. Does this mean no compulsory vaccination until the trial is over? Also, the reporter said the vaccine is 96% effective in preventing infection. I hope I heard this clearly on CNA. 

And good news, the silly boy PM of Canada approved the vaccination of children using mRNA vaccines. Now we can quote this silly boy PM and go ahead with the vaccination of children. If clever white men said ok, then must be ok. When they said 96% efficacy, then must be so.

Covid19 - American mischievous transparency on refusing to reveal the truth about mRNA vaccines

Freedom Of Information Act on vaccines delayed by ... 55 years? 

Sounds suspiciously like something to hide...is Pfizer waiting for vaccinated to all die off? Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data.

Freedom of Information Act requests are rarely speedy, but when a group of scientists asked the federal government to share the data it relied upon in licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the response went beyond typical bureaucratic foot-dragging. As in 55 years beyond. That’s how long the Food & Drug Administration in court papers this week proposes it should be given to review and release the trove of vaccine-related documents responsive to the request. 

If a federal judge in Texas agrees, plaintiffs Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency can expect to see the full record in 2076. Register now for FREE unlimited access to reuters.com The 1967 FOIA law requires federal agencies to respond to information requests within 20 business days. However, the time it takes to actually get the documents “will vary depending on the complexity of the request and any backlog of requests already pending at the agency,” according to the government’s central FOIA website. 

Justice Department lawyers representing the FDA note in court papers that the plaintiffs are seeking a huge amount of vaccine-related material – about 329,000 pages. The plaintiffs, a group of more than 30 professors and scientists from universities including Yale, Harvard, UCLA and Brown, filed suit in September in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, seeking expedited access to the records. They say that releasing the information could help reassure vaccine skeptics that the shot is indeed “safe and effective and, thus, increase confidence in the Pfizer vaccine.” But the FDA can’t simply turn the documents over wholesale. 

The records must be reviewed to redact “confidential business and trade secret information of Pfizer or BioNTech and personal privacy information of patients who participated in clinical trials,” wrote DOJ lawyers in a joint status report filed Monday. The FDA proposes releasing 500 pages per month on a rolling basis, noting that the branch that would handle the review has only 10 employees and is currently processing about 400 other FOIA requests. “By processing and making interim responses based on 500-page increments, FDA will be able to provide more pages to more requesters, thus avoiding a system where a few large requests monopolize finite processing resources and where fewer requesters’ requests are being fulfilled,” DOJ lawyers wrote, pointing to other court decisions where the 500-page-per-month schedule was upheld. 

Civil division trial lawyer Courtney Enlow referred my request for further comment to the DOJ public affairs office, which did not respond. Plaintiffs' lawyers argue that their request should be top priority, and that the FDA should release all the material no later than March 3, 2022. “This 108-day period is the same amount of time it took the FDA to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine,” wrote Aaron Siri of Siri & Glimstad in New York and John Howie of Howie Law in Dallas in court papers. 

“The entire purpose of the FOIA is to assure government transparency,” they continued. “It is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the FDA to license a product that is now being mandated to over 100 million Americans under penalty of losing their careers, their income, their military service status, and far worse.”

PS. Why are they so afraid to release the data to the public? What are they hiding if the vaccine is so good, so safe? Something is dreadfully wrong and frightening about this vaccine. Be warned! 

Why they have to hide, it means it is NO GOOD. It means it is harmful, maybe deadly. When they refuse to tell the truth, you better be very very careful and ask more questions.


USS Connecticut - China confirms hitting it with an unmanned submarine

 China has had enough of the American lies about the USS Connecticut hitting an undersea mountain. China also has had enough of waiting for the Americans to come clean and admit what really happened to the Connecticut. And since the Americans chose not to come clean, not to tell the truth, China would tell it all to expose the mischievous activities of the Americans and how the Connecticut was hunted down and eventually forced to surface and limped to Guam.

The Chinese were in the thick of things. A hostile nuclear armed attack submarine of China's number enemy, the evil American Empire, cannot be so naive to think that they could sneak around Chinese territorial waters undetected and even tried to get close to China's main submarine base in Hainan.

The story began when the Connecticut came in as the path finder and protector of the American aircraft carriers.  All American carriers are fronted by submarines wherever they go. And when an American aircraft carrier is in an area, when it sailed into the South China Sea, the Chinese would be in full alert to track down the submarine escorts. The Chinese went all out to hunt for the Connecticut with air, sea and space resources, including super computers and anti submarine satellites. They dropped many sonar detectors and charges into the path of the Connecticut and finally got it cornered. But the foolish American submarine commanders thought they were one up on the Chinese. But it refused to surrender and refused to surface. China delivered the final blow by hitting the Connecticut at its nose with an unmanned submarine, the HSU001. The Connecticut's nose was where it housed the sophisticated navigation equipment, the eyes and ears of the submarine. This was almost totally destroyed when the China sub slammed it. The rest is history. The damage forced it to surface and embarrassingly crawled back to Guam, and pretending that the Chinese did not know and was not watching. 

This was like a repeat of the 1979 incident when a PLA fighter pilot slammed his aircraft against the American recce plane, damaging it and forced to land in Hainan to be torn apart by the Chinese and its crew virtually ended as POWs. This time the Americans were a bit luckier, not having to send out SOS message and seek help in Hainan.

The Chinese did a splendid job hunting down the hunter, the Sea Wolf, the most advanced American nuclear attack submarine. How's that for poking its nose in the wrong places and getting its nose cut? The Chinese were inferior in submarine warfare? The Americans were superior and have more sophisticated submarines and could run circus in the South China Sea freely, undetected? 

Would the Americans dare to own up and tell the truth, that the Connecticut could have been sunk or crippled by the Chinese in a real hostile situation? Would the Commanders of the Connecticut sheepishly report what had happened to the Pentagon? Would the world hear the truth from the Americans finally? A sophisticated submarine like the Connecticut could not be wandering around the South China Sea like a drunkard man and collided with a stationary undersea mountain. Such a silly explanation was a joke. If this is the quality of American subs, they would be crashing against the port walls before getting out to sea.

China would likely be telling the Americans, see you again next time cowboys, if you dare. Would the American submarines end their adventurism like the U2 spy planes, never to fly over China again, in this case never to enter the South China Sea again?

Covid-19 Germany: A Big Lesson And Warning To Singapore

Germany is hit with 65,000 new COVID-19 infected cases and at least 260 to 300 deaths daily. This is the official report. But the unofficial report is that the real figures are at least two to three times of the official figures.

With only 65% of the population vaccinated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which are waning in efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness very fast, it is not only the unvaccinated who gets infected. The vaccinated ones who have their immunity waned, are also getting infected fast. This is the signal for the Fourth Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This proves once again that those who have allowed their bodies to be poisoned by the Pfizer and Moderna pseudo vaccines have been taken for a wild long ride through the Valley of Darkness led by the Blinds and the Fraudsters.

There is no light and there is no tunnel. This Covid War is still a long way to go.

85% of Singaporeans have been screwed good and proper. By you know who?

SSO - 18 November 2021.


Is honesty a good thing? Not in Singapore any more

Survey: Singaporean students more honest than those from US, UK, Australia

Above survey is posted in theindependent.sg. Is this supposed to be a praise or a dig against Singaporeans? Though I agree with the finding, I shiver at the thought of it, at the silliness of Singaporeans for trying to be honest, for being brought up to be honest and throw into the deep blue sea to compete against the dishonest sharks and hyenas. 

Honesty was a good thing in the past. The govt under the first generation of leaders made it a point that all civil servants and politicians must be honest. This is the first judge of a person to be enlisted in the premier service and to become politicians, to become super talented politicians. If one is dishonest, out you go.

And it was easy then to find out if a Singaporean is honest or dishonest. Check with the teachers and the schools. Check with the people he mixed around, his neighbours and the neighbourhood. Singapore is such a small place and everyone knows everyone. There is no where to hide, not even your grandfather's past. all can be dug out when needed.

And the system worked then. Honesty is a must and nearly all Singaporeans are honest. And after many years of living inside a tiny bubble of honesty, the daft, oops, honest Singaporeans also think everyone in the whole world is like them, all honest Abel. They can never imagine that other people can be so dishonest. They cannot believe that foreigners coming to Singapore looking for jobs can present fake academic records, claiming certificates and degrees from fake universities. 

And because Singaporeans are so honest, all the fakes with their fake certificates and fake universities are happily hired, as their fake certificates and degrees are printed in genuine high quality paper, like gold, and all of these fake foreigners are hired to be the bosses of Singaporeans.

And the rest is history. Singaporeans are now mostly unemployed or underemployed, sacked by the fakes to protect themselves, so that no one is around to question them or to check on their fake certificates and degrees.  Today, many qualified Singaporeans with their real degrees from world best Singapore universities are jobless and have to drive taxis or deliver food to be gainfully employed.  Some of them now have to learn to fake, to be dishonest, to tell their employers that they did not have degrees or diplomas or they would be over qualified and would not get the jobs as drivers or security guards.

Honesty, honest people, competing with the fakes, the cheats, stand no chance. They would be outsmarted by the cheats. And the saddest part of it, when the cheats are caught, they simply got a smack on the wrist. Some could still be employed by the imbeciles even after being caught for cheating.

Maybe honesty is no longer value in Singapore. Only the daft Singaporeans continue to be honest and stupidly believing in honesty. Come on, go ahead and cheat in your exams and change the grades to all As. Or simply buy from degree mills printed in good quality paper. The employers love it. The employers would say this is smart, not dumb. If you can't cheat and ended up unemployed, blame yourself. The foreigners are so talented. Everyone armed with the best degrees from the best universities and with excellent grades and experience, from little villages from God knows where.

Honest Singaporeans would not stand a chance with their degrees that cannot be eaten.  Serve them right. Being honest is equal to being daft and being unemployed or becoming drivers and delivering food or checking people at entrance of buildings, food centres or shopping malls. If there is no Covid19, dunno what these daft Singaporeans would be doing.

What do you think?


Covid19 measures - Is Singapore becoming a police state?


SINGAPORE: Food and beverage establishments should conduct checks for proof of residence when groups larger than two people dine in, with such checks done through the patrons' NRIC or the Singpass app, said the authorities.

Children who do not have these forms of identification can be allowed entry based on a "declaration" of their place of residence.

The advisory was issued on Wednesday (Nov 10), the first day that fully vaccinated people from the same household can dine out together in groups of up to five.

Implementation of the rule was detailed in a joint advisory issued by Enterprise Singapore, the Housing and Development Board, the Singapore Food Agency, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Urban Redevelopment Authority....

"Strict enforcement actions will be taken against anyone who pretends to be from the same household as well as F&B establishments that do not implement the necessary checks," said the authorities.

Individuals will be fined while F&B establishments will be subject to immediate closures. The penalties will apply even for first-time offenders, they added....

"Emphatic toasting with food or drinks by workers and customers is also disallowed," said the authorities.   CNA

With these kinds of stupidity, how far is Singapore from becoming a police state? No they cannot tell the difference. They keep tightening the noose and never think that it can kill, like boiling the frog. Every little increment is nothing, like transport fares, only a few cents increase, no pain or not painful.

With the imbeciles in charge, anything goes.

Why Must This Be Happening To Singapore Prison Inmates? Who Is Responsible?


The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) proudly announced on Thursday (Nov 11) that more than 200 people in the prisons were infected with Covid-19.

It is very happy to add that the number included people across all prison facilities, including death row inmates and staff members, and that those infected were in different stages of recovery, with three being hospitalised.

SPS boasted that, as of Wednesday, the count comprised 169 inmates, 54 supervisees and nine staff members. Supervisees are inmates who are at the tail-end of their sentences working in the community in jobs such as those in the logistics, cleaning, and food and beverage sectors.

Investigation Required 

Boeing 737 Max Renamed 737-8 To Hookwink Customers/Passengers?


"In September this year, the CAAS said it had lifted the suspension on the 737 Max flying in and out of Singapore after evaluating design changes to the aircraft as well as its safety record over the past nine months and finding "no notable safety issues".

"On Tuesday, the airline said it had invested about S$230 million on the development, design and installation of "new industry-leading cabin products" for the 737-8."

SIA has only spent money (S$230 million) on the aircraft's cabin, not the aircraft's safety issues.

Neither does changing to name 737-Max to 737-8 enhance the safety of the aircraft. Such a move may confuse and mislead the customers into thinking and believing that its a new model of the 737 Series.

The main issue is that the overall design of the entire aircraft is faulty. Therefore, no matter what one does with the design of the interior of the aircraft, and how much time, money and efforts one has spent on the now proven-unsafe 737 Max, it does not remedy the main faulty features (manufacturer's faults) that have affected it's safety tremendously.

The CAAS has taken a great risk to announce that it has found "no notable safety issues". It would be prudent to make sure that the manufacturer (Boeing) declare that all the safety issues of the 737 Max have been solved and that the aircraft is safe to fly again.

Obviously, there are still safely issues regarding the design of the engines and fuel tanks, the design of the wings and the design of the aircraft's body. All these three safety issues have not been solved. All these three combined together makes the aircraft dangerously unsafe.

The talks about software problems are all red herrings, and seeing the trees but missed the wood.

The fact remains that the same safety issues that have caused the two crashes that killed all their passengers and crews on board, have not been solved yet. Why?

Simply because they cannot be solved!

As such, the 737 Max aircraft must be put out of operation/service and sent to the junk yard.

Please don't play with other people's lives.

As it is, Covid-19 has already claimed nearly a million lives. The least the world wants is to add more preventable deaths to the list of unnecessary casualties.

SSO - 16 November 2021.


Covid-19 Singapore: Poor Performance Should Not Be Entitled To Any Annual Bonus

Japan, with a population of 125 million people, without counting the foreigners in the country, has been reporting average of less than 50 Covid-19 infections per day for the last 30 days.

On the other hand, Singapore, with a population of only 5.6 million, including foreigners, has been reporting an average of 3,000 Covid-19 infections per day for the last 30 days.

While Japan is a big country, Singapore is only a small city.

While Japan is run by leaders paid less than the mediocre SG$500,000 annually, Singapore is run by leaders who shamelessly and very loudly claimed themselves to be outstanding and demanding to be paid the world's highest and most obscene salaries of multiple $millions annually, plus bonuses sometimes many times more than their annual salaries.

From these facts, Singaporeans should have realised that they have been taken for a ride for a very long journey, for a very long time.

Singaporeans should now realise that they have duds, masquerading as outstanding talents, running their city state. Those duds don't even deserve 10% of their present exorbitantly obscene salaries.

On top of that, their poor performances should not entitle them any annual bonus at all.

May justice and fairness reign!

Anti-Discrimation Citizen

Biden Xi virtual meeting - China must not allow the Americans to set the agenda

 Biden is begging for a meeting with Xi, even a virtual meeting would be good enough for him. He needs the publicity and to show to the Americans that he is worthy enough to have a meeting with Xi. Without this meeting his legitimacy as a world leader is at stake.

What is unacceptable is the agenda that the American media and the White House staff have been making publicly, that Biden would be talking to Xi about human rights in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and on issues of Taiwan and South China Sea. These are China's domestic affairs and China must not allow the Americans to mess around with. China must not, I repeat, must not allow any country that wants to meet up with Chinese leaders to talk about such issues. There shall be no meeting as it would be a waste of time talking about unproductive issues and meddling with China's domestic affairs.

China must set the agenda for any meetings with foreign leaders especially the Americans and the West. China's domestic affairs must not be in the agenda or else no meeting. China must be very firm in these areas as the other side did not mean any good. Their intention is mischievous and unfriendly and should not be entertained. They can go and fly kite

China must make these issues taboo, red lines not to be crossed. Send the visitors packing, show them the door for being rude and interfering in China's domestic affairs. China must make this as the first pass to a meeting with Chinese leaders. When such issues are raised, meaning very unfriendly act, China must walk out of the meeting, any meeting. No need to waste time talking to gangsters and hooligans out to create mischief. Period.