When dogs are more important than human lives

Virgo 49 said...
Motherfuckers Whites.

Wayang that they are Animals Lovers.

Hypocrisy in front of all and sundry that they do not condoned Animals cruelties.

But they themselves trained the Innocent God created Dogs to fight in wars and killed and maimed other human beings.

The World's Worst and MOST Hypocritical Beings Alive.

May Disasters strike them more for their Sins and Cruelties.

More California Fires prelude to their Fires in HELL.


Sin City infested with wildlife with the unspoken consent of Singaporeans

SINGAPORE — Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has commented on the incident in a Whampoa area condominium where a resident was caught on camera hurling vulgarities at a security officer working there, saying that it was an example of “a sense of entitlement”.

In a viral video, the resident quarrels with security officers after they tell him that his guests, who arrive in a car at Eight Riversuites condominium, have to pay a parking fee. The incident took place on Saturday (26 October), a day before the Deepavali holiday.

“I buy the f**king property for $1.5 million, you know...Tell the management f**k off...We are not staying in an HDB,” the resident shouted at a security officer, telling him that his guests were visiting him for Deepavali. Two security officers can be heard trying to calm down the resident and telling him that they are enforcing the rules.

Tharman said in a Facebook post on Sunday night, “What this resident did and said was wrong - at so many levels. It is these examples of modern-day bigotry and a sense of entitlement that the light of Deepavali seeks to dispel.”  Reported in Yahoo News

Below are some comments on the same incident I plucked from TRE.

True Blue S'POREAN:
Why didn’t our Million $ Ministers & HSK read the CECA CAREFULLY before signing it?
Our Singaporean CSI Sleuths has manage to expose the Board of Directors at JP Morgan Chase Spore Office are all Indian FTs.
Can MoM bring this matter up to JP Morgan Chase US HeadQuarters and ask them how come there are NO Singaporean Directors appointed in their Singapore Office?

You voted for it so shut up didnt you read the manifesto before you vote?

I can only add this, get rid of CECA. And you can only get rid of CECA if you vote wisely, to benefit you, your children and Singaporeans. You cannot afford to keep quiet on this matter anymore. The wildlife are not here just to steal your job, your lunch, but also your country.

The GE is around the corner. Would the stupidity has no cure Singaporean double confirm that they are really stupid beyond any hope, even willing to give away their island home to foreigners without a fight?

Do you want more wildlife in your home country? If not, get rid of CECA.


American soldiers hunting in Syria

WASHINGTON: It started with eight helicopters flying low in the dark across hostile territory. It ended two hours later with one of the most wanted men in the world cornered by US soldiers, then blowing himself up.

And thousands of miles away in the White House Situation Room, President Donald Trump says he witnessed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's end on video in amazement.

"As though you were watching a movie," he said....

"A large group" took part, with "eight helicopters, and we had many other ships and planes," Trump said....

And when they landed at the targeted compound, "all hell broke loose," according to Trump.

That "was something really amazing to see," he said about his experience in the Situation Room, where he was joined by Vice President Mike Pence and senior military and national-security officers.

"We watched it so clearly."...

A "large number" of Baghdadi's supporters died in the return fire, Trump said, but no US troops....

And then came the call everyone was waiting for.

"Sir, there's only one person in the building. We are sure he's in the tunnel trying to escape but it's a dead-end tunnel," Trump recounted being told.

It was Baghdadi....

The US troops sent dogs down the tunnel and the Islamic State mastermind "blew himself up."
"He reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. He ignited his vest, killing himself and the three children," Trump said....

The above is a hunting raid conducting by the Americans in Syria, and the prize, not a bear but Baghdadi and his 3 children and many other civilians including women and children. And Trump and his other predators were enjoying every minute of it, in great amazing at the brutality of it all, just like a hunting campaign. What had Baghdadi and those people killed in the raid, including women and children done to the Americans? Nothing, but being branded as terrorists.

Well done Trump and Pence and the American terminators. Didn't the hunters take any scalps as trophies to hand on the walls of their dining rooms? No human rights, no war crimes? Oh, Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Don't you think so? And the hunters aka terminators would be awarded medals of bravery, for killing women and children, for a hunting spree in Syria.


So caring, seniors are so well taken care of in Singapore

Last Sunday (13 Oct), DPM and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat was at a PAP event commemorating the International Day of Older Persons when he shared two events which touched him.

The first was a statement jointly issued by the late Lee Kuan Yew and ESM Goh in 2011: “The younger team must always have in mind the interests of the older generation. This generation who has contributed to Singapore must be well-looked after.” Minister Heng says that this was a principle that he continues to be guided by....

Meanwhile, some 17km away from the Hotel Miramar where the PAP event took place, Secretary-General of the SDP Dr. Chee Soon Juan was at a coffeeshop at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 last to chat with residents. Sharing a picture on his Facebook page, he shared 2 stories of the lives of residents in their 60s.

The first had around $247k in his CPF after working for 42 years. He would not withdraw the monies and retire as he wanted, as these funds were locked up. Another resident was unable to work because of an illness; he thus wrote to the CPF Board to release him some funds for his sustenance but this was declined. As a result, he had to seek help from charity organisations and his family even had to cut down their meals to twice a day.

Dr. Chee then concluded that these were cases of “Ordinary Singaporeans playing by the rules, paying their taxes but ending up after a lifetime of work unable to live in security. They face a government callous to their hardship, impervious to their pleas.”

The above is quoted from an Editorial piece in TRE title 'A tale of 2 politicians'.  In both cases the govt is very caring. For the seniors in general, there are many schemes to lower the cost of living like Pioneer Generation, cheaper transport fares, discounts here and there.

In the second case, the seniors that cannot touch their CPF money, what $247k, they are be very grateful to the govt for protecting their life savings. If the govt did not lock their money up, they would soon spent until nothing left. Some would go to Batam to enjoy life that only money can buy and then return home with pockets emptied. See, now they may complain that they have money only printed in CPF statements but cannot touch, but they can still smile and appreciate the money stated as belonging to them, with many zeros.

These seniors just did not know how good the govt is to them. Luckily only a few will not appreciate this. Many really do and many would vote the PAP to power again in the next GE to protect their money so that the money would forever be there in their CPF accounts, even after they die. No where in the world would a govt care so much for the seniors to keep their money under high security vault, would not be stolen, would not be lost.

And while they feel so comforted and secure with so much money in their CPF, money that would make them very rich in third world countries, they can continue to work till they die as table cleaners in the food courts.

Be thankful, be grateful. Got money in the CPF is better than no money in the CPF right? And the money earns higher interest rates some more. The only other organisation or bean that can give higher interest than CPF is redbean. Anyone wants to keep his life savings with redbean, 10% interest, but cannot take back, will be kept in perpetuity? You can only see the monthly statements that showed how fast the money is ballooning with the high interest rate and be very happy ever after.


Kiasu, kiasi, kia chenghu Singaporean's self defeating logic

Matilah Singapura said this:

'This is a global trend lah. Not just in Singapore. Working life is tilting towards The Gig Economy in most developed cuntries. You can blame the govt all your life, and even think that the "solution" is massive political intervention...but you would be wrong.

The business environment is so fucking competitive now. If you are a CEO---THE PERSON WHO ALLOCATES CAPITAL---your job has never been tougher, which is why, if you are successful, you will be compensated with 100's of millions, if not billions of dollars. And if you fail, you are fired IMMEDIATELY.

So if the competition is so stiff at the top, how do you think it would be for the general salaried worker who has to go thru a rigid HR process just to earn a paycheck? Plus you have ChIndians coming online competing toe-to-toe for jobs, and those folks are HIGHLY MOTIVATED.

As a total China + India make up about a third of the world's population. If you take away the borders and group together all of humanity, One in three people will be either China Chinese or India Indian. You cannot escape the REALITY of NUMBERS....

 #1 Rule is: if you want to earn more, be able to create MORE value. If you cannot, someone else will, and they will eat, and you will starve.

 Life is UNFAIR. People will let you down. The government will bullshit you....'

While Matilah Singapura is used to blabbing about his own theories of what is good for Singapore as a non living entity, he is happy that Singapore continues as a state even if all the Singaporeans are chased out of this island country they built and once called home.To him the existence of a non living entity is more important than the people in it.

His first point is about high competition at CEO level. Really, what kind of businesses are facing such fierce competition? Running a chicken rice chain in Singapore, a super market or a train system or a GLC or stats board? What kind of foreign or international competition is there or was there that they needed to pay millions to a sales woman to run a public transport company? There are many businesses in Singapore that are domestic in nature and do not need to be paid in the millions as if they are facing international competition or needing rocket science theories. And even need to employ a foreigner with foreign experience to be CEO. Think of the million dollar ministers, facing international competition running rocket science ministries? Or any degree or non graduate also can?

Workers needing to go through rigid HR processes for average mediocre jobs? Of the 2m jobs given to foreigners, bank managers jobs that serviced local residents and HDB dwellers need foreign talents and Singaporeans cannot do them? Look at the number of middle management jobs in MBFC and Raffles Place, need foreign talents and Singaporeans got replaced because foreign talents from little villages are better educated and can do a better job? Please lah, if that is the case, then NUS, NTU and all the local universities should close down. Some idiots even suggested sending our undergrads to do interns in India! Head full of shit.

The real reason is because India and China have more than a billion beans each. Should we replace all the Singaporeans with Indians and Chinese from these two states? We are only 3m Singaporeans and we want to replace them with 2 billions Chinese and Indians?

The more I talk about this, the clearer it becomes, stupidity has no cure. It is not just defeatist Singaporean mentality, it is worse than that, trying to explain why replacing Singaporeans with foreigners is a good thing and the govt is doing the right thing. Singaporeans better wake up and vote out any govt that sells your interest to foreigners and wanting to replace you with foreigners.

PS. Happy Deepavali to our Indian brothers and sisters.


Not enough good jobs for Singaporeans?

That day my friend told me about this very worrying trend of more and more jobs being temporary basis.

Many been saying more and more jobs offer, all actually only available for 6 months period after that cancel, will have to be renewed. I find this trend very worrying, because there is no job security like that, work 6 months end up being jobless against. It is not worth it.
My friend has been finding it hard to find jobs in this market. The government talks a good deal about creating good jobs, but Singaporeans do not want jobs like this. The government comes in and say they are going to reduce foreigners. In the end only cut those low-paying jobs Singaporeans do not want to do. What’s the matter with them?....

 The government should focus more efforts on hiring our own Singaporeans instead of always relying on foreign talents who are not as loyal. It is a shame when we work hard in our own country but end up no employer want us just because they only care about degrees and diplomas, or worse, foreigners.

Frustrated local

The above is extracted from a post in TRE, Not enough good jobs for locals. Is this true? Cannot be, Singapore has 2m foreigners working here and many are having good jobs with good pay in the CBD area, in Raffles Place and MBFC. Look at the number of foreigners in these places, they out numbered Singaporeans which means there are many good paying jobs but going to foreigners, not to Singaporeans. The big question is why?

We have a govt that is elected by the people and everyday spouting slogans that they are for Singaporeans, creating good jobs for Singaporeans. Then why are there so many happy foreigners in good jobs and so many unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs here? The number of foreigners in Raffles Place and MBFC is a fact. The number of unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs, unable to find full time jobs can only be heard in social media not in the main media. Who is telling the truth and who is telling lies?

The next GE would tell the truth. If there are many unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs, then they are likely to vote opposition. If Singaporeans are retrenched for whatever reasons, like restructuring, they would not vote for the PAP. But this is only an assumption. The unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans may be so stupid that despite losing their jobs, despite unable to get permanent jobs while foreigners can, would still vote for PAP.

The other fact is that maybe the number of unhappy and unemployed Singaporeans is too small to make a difference and therefore the PAP would still win with big margin, a confirmation that the PAP is doing the right thing and the majority of Singaporeans is supporting the PAP. Or the number of happy foreigners, now new citizens are so large, or at least more than unhappy Singaporeans, so the result is determined by them, the happily employed new citizens.

Which is the truth?


Building Singapore for who?

SINGAPORE — There are many new plans to build Singapore for the next generation, but the country first needs birth rates to rise so that the population can grow “a little bit”, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Thursday (Oct 10).

“We have so many plans for Singapore, in terms of new industries, new businesses, new schools, new opportunities, new towns to live in, new parks — a new society to be built for the next generation. And what we need are new people — our children,” Mr Lee told Nikkei Asian Review editor-at-large Takehiko Koyanagi at a dialogue held at the National University of Singapore.

Laying out the state of Singapore’s demographic challenge today, Mr Lee said that the
Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-towns-industries-are-being-built-now-what-spore-needs-are-new-people-pm-lee

Is the govt building Singapore for Singaporeans, for the children of Singaporeans? Just look at the composition of the population, 5.8m of which only 3.6m are Singaporeans and of the 3.6m, probably 1m are new citizens. What does this mean? If the original Singaporeans are now only 2.6m, then 3.2m foreigners are enjoying what we built in this island.

The basis of the govt's argument is that we need more and more people for economic growth. Is that the best solution? Bringing in more people for economic growth must lead to real economic growth, eg if we increase the population by 1% foreigners, there should be at least 3 or 4 additional percent of growth. Today and for many years, our economic growth is barely 2%. Did the increase in foreigners lead to more economic growth? What happened is that we brought in more foreigners to come here and eat and shit and we called it economic growth. Whatever little miserable growth was eaten by the foreigners themselves and shitted away and we end up drinking their shit water.

What is more important is the well being of our own people, not foreigners, not the children of foreigners, not the parents of foreigners. Our economic growth should be proportional to our population and any increases should be from higher productivity, innovation and technology, not to bring in more people to eat and to shit and to use up whatever little space we have in building more homes.

If our population is smaller, we don't have to build so many more homes and parks and destroy more and more of our land, fauna and flora. The indiscriminate and reckless input of people is destroying the island and contributing to climate change. We are in a mindless pursuit of self administered destruction ie SAD by forcing more and more people into the island. It is definitely not for the good of our children.

In the 60s, when population was smaller, the pressure on land and on everything was so much lesser. Anyone starting to work could afford to own a car and a home at really affordable prices. Today owning a car is beyond the rich of many young people except those whose parents are ministers or millionaires. Today, owning a small little cubicle called home would need to be paid with an arm or a leg. Today the cost of living is so high that many are living from pay check to pay check which the got is gloating about economic growth and more economic growth like 1 or 2%  which is actually no growth at all but a technical recession.

There is so much emphasis on economic growth when the truth is no economic growth except for the millionaires and the rich that got richer and the poor got poorer. The only superficial wealth of a Singaporean is his HDB flat. But up to a point, this becomes depreciating asset that will turn into a bumpkin after midnight, no value. At that point, all the superficial wealth and well being of a Singaporean will go up in smoke, becomes nothing.

More people means higher cost of living. Period. Not necessarily higher economic growth as the GDP  numbers have proven. Building Singapore for what and for who? In the name of building a better Singapore for our children, is the govt instead destroying Singapore for our children? SAD.


Repealing S377A completely?

'An outlier in criminal law regime'

Section 377A doesn't criminalise gay sex and its purpose no longer exists, argues former Chief Justice
Writing in a 72-page article in the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, Mr Chan Sek Keong said: "Section 377A was enacted for the purpose of dealing with the mischief of male prostitution and its associated activities (which involved male homosexual conduct) which were rife in 1938, and not because homosexual conduct was not acceptable in Singapore society in 1938."

The above quote is from Today online. Reading Chan Sek Keong’s comment, it appears that this 377A is no longer relevant and should be repealed. The case for this to decriminalize same sex sexual activities in today’s context is to some extent justifiable from the non religious point of view. The morality issue from the secular viewpoint has changed and same sex activities are now tolerated. The religious tribes may still have their own reservations in view of their unflinching religious doctrines.

Assuming that the secular thinking rules the day and 377A is repealed, the law must not forget that the young must still be protected and not fall prey to sexual assault of the same sex, with or without their consent. As long as the young are protected until they become adults, I think there should be lesser resistance and opposition to repeal this Act.

We are going to be more advanced and progressive on this relative to Malaysia, I think. Anyone knows if Malaysia has such an Act since we inherited the same judicial system from the British?

What do you think?


Evil American Empire finding new excuses to keep soldiers in Syria

Trump declared he is pulling American soldiers out of Syria, at least the Northeastern Syria where they were training and arming the ISIS aka SDF aka the Kurds. The troops being pulled out were not going home, They were deployed in other parts of Syria. The evil Empire would not move out of Syria, would not move out of the Middle East. They are there to protect the interest of the evil Empire, not the rubbish claim of fighting ISIS. They bred ISIS, trained ISIS, funded ISIS and armed ISIS.

Now with the war in Syria losing to the Russians, they wanted out, not wanting to be driven out by the Russians. But they just cannot leave. Protecting the ISIS aka Kurds is failing and futile. But they can regroup in other parts of Syria in American strongholds. They are looking for new reasons to stay back.

They have found a new reason. Though they have claimed that ISIS has been defeated, they are claiming that the ISIS would attack Syria oil fields, so they must stay to protect Syrian oil fields! What is wrong with this claim?  What the hell do the Syrians need the Americans to protect their oil fields? Is Syria a state of the USA, a protectorate? Did Syria ask the Americans to stay and protect their oil fields?

No, the Americans unilaterally invited themselves into Syria, into Iraq and other Arab states under the fake claims of fighting ISIS, a monster created by them and to be used as the reason to be there. The Americans did not respect the rights of the Arab states. They run wild in the region, invading these countries at will. They run around like these states belong to them. They went around bombing and killing the Arabs like subhuman beans. They don't care a damn what the Arabs think or feel. They own the Arab countries and their land. They are the Empire, the evil Empire that would not go away.

And the Arabs have got use to the invading American forces but unable to do anything about it. Yes, the whole of the Middle East belongs to the evil American Empire. They are staying in Syria to protect not the Syrian oil fields, but the Empire's oil fields. The Syrians and Syrian govt and soldiers did not exist. The Iraqis and Iraqi govt do not exist.


Singapore having 5G network by next year

It was in the news that 4 telco companies, SingTel, Starhub, M1 and TPG Telecom will be offering 5G services next year. There was no mention of who is going to provide the 5G infrastructure that could increase surfing speed by 20 times and connection to 1,000 devices at the same time.

5G is the system for the future and no country aspiring to be a modern and futuristic economy can afford not to have 5G. In the USA, after lying after security threats of Huawei, the Americans are digging in not to have Huawei system and technology and bluffing themselves with fake 5Gs that were barely faster than the existing 4G system while the rest of Europe and Asia are running ahead with the implementation of 5G as their main telecommunication platform

Who would be providing the equipment and system for Singapore’s 5G network, fake American 5G, slow Nokia or Ericsson, or the real stuff, Huawei? I think Singapore has no choice but to go for the real thing and engage Huawei but keeping quiet not to embarrass the Americans. The Americans have been pressuring all its allies, including Singapore, not to use Huawei, not just influencing mind you.

How long can the Americans hide behind their mischievous attack on Huawei and how long can they stand by not embracing 5G technology and return to the past as a backward country? The longer and harder they take the anti Huawei stand, the more difficult would be for them to use Huawei. A lot of face saving to change track and to kneel down to beg Huawei to provide them the technology that they don’t have and badly want to have that no one else could provide.

Still sticking to your guns cowboys. You are no longer the only tech country when others have caught up and overtaken you. Your bullying and threats against the world would only make you look uglier than before.


How to make American homeland safe?

This is the main consideration that determines American foreign policies and strategies around the world. There must be no wars or military activities in the American homeland. Any war and violence must be in other continents, other people’s countries. What many countries would do is to develop a strong defensive force to protect their countries’ territories and at the same time build good relations with its neighbours to keep wars and military confrontation at bay.

The American strategies are very simple. Make every country very busy with their problems, with wars and domestic instability. On the first account, the Americans are starting wars and raising tension in every corner of the earth to keep countries very busy fighting each other and have no time to think what the hell they were doing, have no time to think or to threaten American homeland. And if war is not a solution, invoke sanctions and economic blockades to keep these countries poor and destabilized. When countries are facing hunger and poverty, they have to time or resource to cause problems to the Americans and definitely unable to attack American homeland.

The third strategy, make sure the Americans have all the weapons and nuclear weapons and others not allow to have them except close American allies. This superiority in nuclear and military weapons would allow the Americans to threaten and attack others, not others threatening or attacking the USA. This is the main reason why North Korea and Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons while the USA can have thousands of nuclear weapons that can destroy every country on earth.

The fourth strategy is to have a very destructive interventionist force in the CIA and covert operators all over the world to destabilize other countries. All the problems facing the security and stability of countries are the works of the CIA and their operatives.

Another role that is played very effectively by the CIA is conducting psychological, propaganda, biological and chemical warfare against other countries without anyone knowing who did it. Diseases, sickness, things like ebola, swine fever and even earthquakes or climatic change are part and parcel of the arsenal of the CIA to destabilize other countries.

The CIA is the biggest and vilest American monster that needs to be destroyed before it destroyed every country and people. It is a destructive machinery created just to do that, to destroy the world to keep Americans safe.

There are other strategies that the world would not know of, but basically all to serve the objective of keeping every country so busy and weak that they cannot be a threat to the American homeland. It is so peaceful in American homeland except for the works of God, fire everywhere, tornadoes, floods that they could not control. Starting fire everywhere, one day the fire shall return.


Chinese diaspora - Lack of pride and confidence

There were a few articles in the Sunday Times last week discussing the sensitive issue of Chinese identity in Singapore and in the region in general. One feature stands out glaringly from reading the comments in those articles and the comments by prominent Chinese, including intellectuals, is the lack of confidence and pride in being Chinese. They are afraid to express their views, particularly views that are pro China or Chinese Civilisation, they want to be known as Singaporeans not Chinese. They fear being seen as a Chinese. They fear they would not be accepted by other races for being Chinese as if being Chinese is a disease, maybe even killed like in some parts of SE Asia in the recent past.

It is understandable that after nearly two centuries of living under the western world order, reading anti Chinese literature and distorted news, when China and Chinese were demonised, smeared and bad mouthed as bad, poor, untrustworthy and everything negative, that even the Chinese, including supposingly thinking Chinese, highly educated and highly regarded Chinese, are still living under this western  evil spell that Chinese are lesser and undesirable beans. To be Chinese is bad and inferior and better not to be identified, or to stand out as a loser Chinese. Just bend your head and go about your life, not as a Chinese, never call yourself a Chinese.

The instinctive negative bias against China and Chinese can be read in the article by Tee Zhou actually should read Zhou Tee, but he chose to write his name dismissively under the western structure though he is Chinese, titled 'Chinese influence : A political business'. I am quite sure his family name is Zhou and not Tee. I stand corrected. Zhou is a common Chinese surname. Tee is rare.

The article started with these few paragraphs, "Concerns over Chinese influence in Singapore have surfaced from time to time, most recently in a report published in July by United States think tank The Jamestown Foundation.

The report, written by Global Taiwan Institute executive director Russell Hsiao, asserted that the Chinese Communist Party was using Chinese associations here to influence Chinese Singaporeans.

In June last year, retired Singapore diplomat Bilahari Kausikan had also warned of China's covert 'influence operations', and asked Singaporeans to be wary of being manipulated."

The underwritten mindset in the above comments is that China and Chinese are bad, their influence is bad, they are the ones that are conducting covert influence, the rest of the big powers are good and are not conducting covert influence in Singapore, not on the people, not on the govt. The starting point is so bias and one sided, China and Chinese are the bad guys doing the bad things. And Chinese of other nationalities should hide their Chineseness, don't talk about it, pretend to be different, better speak up against China and Chinese like you are non Chinese.

Not all Chinese leaders and intellectuals with some dignity left in them are going to accept this kind of nonsense in silence especially those in the Chinese media and those in the Chinese clans and associations.  Lim Jim Koon, former editor of Lianhe Zaobao was quoted saying this, "We cannot stop others from viewing us through tinted lenses or a distorted mirror, deliberately manipulating public perception and causing misunderstandings about the Chinese community in Singapore, especially to those less familiar,"

The article went on to quote some ethnic overseas Chinese academics and with one describing that raising the Chinese identity to a higher profile is unfortunate. Why is this unfortunate? Why is being proud of one's civilisation and success seen as unfortunate while glorifying and adoring the success of other civilisations as second nature, as a good thing? Inferiority complex?

The 100 years of humiliation and oppression of the Chinese Civilisation is over.  China and the Chinese Civilisation have regained their positions as respectable country and people of the world. There is no more the need to feel ashame of being Chinese and of China as a poor and downtrodden country. This is the time to stand up, whether you are a China Chinese or the Chinese diaspora in other parts of the world, to walk proudly as equals of the rest of the world. The days of bending your heads low, talked softly and go about meekly as a defeated and bankrupt Civilisation is passe.

There is no need to apologise for being a Chinese and the growing influence of China and the Chinese Civilisation in Singapore and across the world. It is a natural thing that great and successful powers would have influence over other countries. And the influence of China and the Chinese Civilisation is not necessarily bad and in many cases are good, very good indeed. Look at what is happening in Central Asia and Africa and even Latin America? Compare to what happened to them when they were colonised by the evil West that the unthinking bananas chose to admire blindly.

If China and Chinese influence are bad, Singapore and the rest of the world should not be doing business with China. Why are the rest of the world rushing into China? Why is the Singapore govt gloating about good relations with China and wanting to do more business with China if China is a devil?

On the contrary, look at the behaviour of Australia, a white regime that stole a continent in Asia. They would not disguise where their sentiments and loyalty are. They are whites and would side with the white countries and would consistently choose to regard China as their enemy for the simple reason that it is China and not white. They did not have to be ashamed of themselves for identifying themselves as whites. Why should the Chinese diaspora be so ashamed of themselves as Chinese, afraid to be known as Chinese even in a Chinese majority Singapore? Where is the pride and dignity of being what you are as a people?

Do not be an apologist to say that Singapore is in a dilemma because it has a majority Chinese population and cannot choose to be friendly with China and less friendly to the Americans. It is about national interest. What is good to our national interest?

One professor Leo Suryadinata commented in the article, "...PM Lee is "fully aware" of recent developments on the issue of Chinese influence. In order to resist foreign influence, Singaporeans have to strengthen our own national identity. If we are weak or have no national identity, it is impossible for us to defend our national interest," he says, adding that this could be the "underlying message" behind PM Lee's remarks at the Rally."

Reading between the lines, the so called 'foreign influence' is bad and who is the country behind this foreign influence? I take issues with this kind of banana thinking, China and Chinese bad, western influence good, coming from an ethnic Chinese. It is disgraceful.

By the way, what is our identity? At best it is a chap cheng identity and getting worse with more third world wildlife becoming citizens to dilute our already 'no identity' identity. Our present identity is that of a rootless people with no culture and history but accepting and apeing the West as our root and culture. The only thing that these rootless people are proud of is the colonial heritage and their colonial masters. We do not know who we are, refuse to know who we are, especially the bananas who think their ancestors are white and Chinese are bad. Obviously they did not have a mirror in their homes. Sad isn't it?

There is no shame to be Chinese. There is no fear to be Chinese be it overseas Chinese, born out of China and taken different nationalities. A Chinese is just a tribe, an ethnic identity, a Civilisation, not necessary a national identity for the Chinese diaspora. A Chinese is a Chinese wherever you are. Be proud being a Chinese.

PS. Is Singapore's anti China mindset prevalent in the govt? If so, is this due to American pressure and influence or is it second nature to those in govt, to be anti China? Are those in Singapore govt inherently anti China and the gloating of good relations with China just hypocritical?

Did Trump ask our leaders for quid pro quo or else, or like George Bush Jr said, you are with us or against us, no pressure, no interference on our govt? Or is it that we quai quai say, just tell us what to do, if you want us to be enemy of China we will?


One sided biased western views of things


Global condemnation of mounting threats in the South China Sea by Kazi Mahmood.  Below are a few paragraphs from this mischievous one sided anti China article written by a pro western reporter. Notice how biased and slanted the words were chosen and used to discredit China?

It first claimed that Chinese ship entered into Vietnamese territory. Then in the same mouthful it said it was disputed territory. And the distance from Vietnamese shore was 56 miles. So this is fuelling tension and risking conflict.

What about American and western warships, not a civilian giant crane ship, entering Chinese waters with the Americans entering the 12 nautical miles territorial waters? Not provocative, not fuelling tension, not risking wars and no condemnation from the European warmongers? Look at the similarities and difference in the Chinese crane ship and those of American and European warships in Chinese EEZ and territorial waters. Why only condemn China and not the Americans and their cronies?

'On August 24, a Chinese survey ship moved closer to the Vietnamese coast right after the Vietnamese prime minister and his Australian counterpart expressed concern about China’s activities in the disputed waters.

The Haiyang Dizhi 8 vessel first entered Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) early July, where it began a week-long seismic survey, says the South China Morning Post.

This triggered a tense stand-off between military and coastguard vessels from Vietnam and China.
The Lan Jing which came 90km (56 miles) from the Vietnamese coastline further fuelled the risk of a maritime confrontation between Vietnam and China.

In a repeat of the July stand-off, regional and international leaders and observers were quick to respond to the presence of the Chinese vessels in Vietnamese waters.

From Brussels, the European Union condemned China’s actions. A spokesperson says, “Unilateral actions during the past weeks in the South China Sea have resulted in mounting tensions and a deterioration of the maritime security environment which represents a serious threat to the peaceful economic development of the region.' Yahoo News


Descendants of convicts spreading lies about China

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “the war has already started” with China, while Australia has “politicians who seem stunningly blind to the danger.”

In his talk show, this descendant of convicts claimed that China has stolen the South China Sea. Stolen the South China Sea from who? His twisted logic is understandable given his bad DNAs. You can’t expect descendants of convicts to tell the truth, to know the difference between truth and lies. They will lie even through the skin of their teeth. The islands in South China Sea were uninhabited islands and the Chinese have founded them many centuries ago under the principle of finders keepers. China did not steal the islands from anyone. Every littoral states of the South China Seas are claiming islands as their own.

What this son of convicts has conveniently forgotten is that their forefathers have stolen the continent of Australia from the original natives of Australia whom they called aborigines and ill treated them, abused them and treated them as sub human species. They were not the original people of Australia. Australia has its original people. But they came and they stole and they refused to talk about it, refused to admit it, refused to look at the mirror to see the real thieves.

The white Australians, like the white Americans, the white New Zealanders, stole the land of the natives of the respective countries and claimed them as their own. And they got the cheek to accuse China of stealing the islands in the South China Sea. This is the white lie they are spreading to the English speaking world, with many ignorant of history and unthinkingly accepting this twisted and distorted truth. And this Andrew Bolt spoke about it with eyes wide and unblinking believing that he was telling the truth.

Please go and ask your ancestors who stole Australia from the aborigines! As for the unthinking white bananas, please check your history and don’t accept this white lie blindly.


The perfect time proven strategies for raising transport fare

Yes there is going to be another transport fare hike, a maximum allowable under the official formula and all the brilliant reasons to support this hike. To me, all the hikes experienced so far are textbook formulas that are applicable only in this island. I have done many years of research on this matter and have crystallised the thinking and methodology behind transport fare hikes. The strategies are also applicable to other industries and services with a bit to tweaks and twits here and there.

There are several basic formulas to use to justify and raise transport fare.

1. Tell the commuters that if they want good service they must be expected to pay more. This formula is useful during normal times when the system is running normally and there is no good reason to raise fare except to 'improve services', better service. Add a few tv monitors in the train cabins, add a few monitors to tell the arrival or departure times of trains or something like these, would be improving services that the commuters can see. Hurray, train services improving and deserving of fare hikes. Got free in train movies or actually ads and also can tell when train is coming or going though in a small town when there is hardly any difference between a 2 min or 3 min wait. Nobody dies waiting for a train that is late by a minute or two.

2. Another formula during normal time is to tell the commuters how many long years no pay hike so it is time for another hike. No other good reasons needed.

3. Another formula is to use operation cost, like higher pay or higher oil prices. Never mind if the fares are not reduced when oil prices hit rock bottom. Just explained that oil prices have little effect on operating cost, or say the electricity is generated from using gas. But when oil price is up, just use it as a reason for higher operating cost, maybe tell the commuters that since oil price is up, it is good to use oil and thus affecting operating cost.

4. A more tricky formula is to hit a bad patch like daily breakdowns and disruptions, many times a day, over many places until travelling by train is affected, when train services are unreliable, when trains have to travel below the recommended or normal speed. Let the people experienced what is bad service.

Then put in furious work, buy more new equipment to return train to normal operation, travelling at normal speed and claim that it is an improvement, big improvement in service, nevermind if everything is just back to normal. This back to normal operation can be touted as improvement and thus justify transport fare hikes. Brilliant isn't it?

5. One more formula is to tell the commuters that you are hiring the best talents and paying them top dollars, in the millions to provide good services. So there is an obvious reason to raise transport fares or else unable to attract top talents for the jobs, even if the job is basically system maintenance not rocket science.

Caveat, apply these strategies and formulas in other countries at your own risk. These are uniquely Singaporean strategies that only work in our special environment and conditions.


The real Chua Mui Hoong

Opinion editor of ST, Chua Mui Hoong, has for many years been on the receiving ends of brickbats defending the PAP in her opinion pieces in the ST. Many unkind words were used against her and her tribes in the organization with scant reservation.

Han Fook Kwang too was not spared though in the last few years he has taken a bolder front in criticizing and sharing contrarian views against govt policies and positions. In his retiring years, the restraints placed on him when he was the chief editor have seemed to be loosening and it is time to say what he really wanted to say for so long.

Chua Mui Hoong, though much younger and still far away from retiring, has finally taken a stand and stood up in defence of Alfian Sa’at, our local poet when the latter was attacked by Ong Ye Kung. This was what Chua Mui Hoong wrote in the Sunday Times, ‘I was disturbed by the way Education Minister Ong Ye Kung cited a few lines from Alfian Sa’at’s poetry to pain him as someone who might be disloyal to Singapore.’ She went on further to say this, ‘the 4G is a chip off the old block. Inheriting the same political DNA as the first three generations of PAP leaders, it is now merely showing its true colours. Online, some commenters drew this conclusion, citing the use of tactics of name-calling, character assassination and adhominem attacks to label critics negatively. The 4G in this view is just new wine in old bottles, and Singapore’s political development is as stymied as today as in the 1980s and 1990s.’

This is about the strongest statement someone from the establishment could say in print against a minister. This is the true Chua Mui Hoong, sharing the same feeling as Han Fook Kwang, Leslie Fong etc etc, that after so many years of being bottled up, it is time to let it go, establishment or not establishment.

The use of character assassination has been very effective in the past and many opposition candidates fell and suffered lifelong stigma with their life totally destroyed. Chee Soon Juan is one of the victims and till today, many unthinking still harboured this anti Chee Soon Juan trait and attacking him, hating him is second nature. The young of today and the bottled up old of yesterday could not and would not stomach such personal attacks any more.

New wine in old bottle is still new wine and those who have seen the history of Singapore’s politics, grew up with such abuses, have very little tolerance and deference to new wine to do the same. Time has changed and the personalities have changed. To be stymied and trying to live and behave like in the 1980s and 1990s by young upstart is very uncomfortable and difficult to bear.

A young shoot of revolution is sprouting not in the young but in the not so young, that the old, harsh and uncivil ways to deal with political opponents, all Singaporeans, all wanting to do good for Singapore, to smear them and call them names, is not only out of fashion but also out of context, out of time and character. For an opinion Editor like Chua Mui Hoong, still very young in life, to openly saying it out in defiance of the old ways is very telling. The revolt is coming from within. The new wine does not have the same hold on the old stalwarts of the establishment and the seniors at large. They don’t hold them in awe and in fear. They just don’t have it to be acting and behaving like the old guards, with nothing achieved and no authority to swagger around like untouchables.

There is a silent revolution in the making, led by the old wise of yesteryears that do not see much in the 4G that have nothing to show but acting as if they have arrived just by being put up there. Remember the tortoise sitting on top of a 20 foot pole? How did it got up there?

Would there be more Chua Mui Hoongs, more Tommy Kohs to rattle the status quo?


Swine fever outbreak so innocent?

BEIJING: China's agriculture ministry on Wednesday said a new outbreak of African swine fever had been confirmed in Sichuan province in the southwest of the country.
The highly contagious disease was found on a farm with 102 pigs in Jiajiang county in central Sichuan, infecting and killing 21 of the animals, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement.

China, the world's biggest pork consumer, has reported more than 140 outbreaks of African swine fever disease since the first case in August last year.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/china-reports-new-african-swine-fever-outbreak-in-sichuan-province-11729128

Swine fever or African swine fever originated from Africa.  Lately it seems that swine fever happily sprouted all over China like it is in the soil. The Chinese agricultural industry and farming have taken a great leap forward and are modernised unlike the Third World farming industry. Why is it that swine fever finds itself so comfortable in Chinese farms and is spreading like wild fire?

Heard of chemical and biological warfare?  Many Asian countries are also affected, Korea, Japan, and Asean countries with Vietnam the worse hit. On the contrary, swine fever or the bacterial do not seem to like western or American soils. At the most they would visit some East European countries.

Could some countries be incubating and harvesting swine fever bacterial and spreading to countries that they deemed fit? The danger about biological and chemical warfare is that they are very difficult to contain once left in the air. It can travel widely and to the most unpredictable countries. Any country lighting this fire would soon be burnt as well. What goes around would come around.

The advances in Chinese farming make the spread of this disease very suspicious. The spread is like deliberate, like the riots in Hong Kong. At the moment it is only suspicion until someone is caught red handed. The evilness of mankind knows no bounds. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The Americans are accusing the North Koreans for hiding their swine fever cases. How did the Americans know there are swine fever cases in North Korea when no foreigners are allowed into their farmland? Did the Americans did something and knew that what they did would cause swine fever in North Korea and thus confidently declaring that the North Koreans are hiding these cases? Is this a Freudian slip, the evil hands exposing themselves unintentionally?

The evilness of the Americans for the last few decades after WW2 is beyond comparison. Millions have been killed by them, many millions maimed and made homeless, wars everywhere, all kinds of wars, military, economic, biological, chemical, pyschological and covert wars to cause chaos and troubles everywhere. Many people are dying of hunger and starvation because of their economic wars called sanctions.

How many idiots are still believing that the Americans are angels? I know that is at least one die hard believer in this blog, where everything American is good. No amount of killings and destruction would change the mind of this idiot. And there are many such idiots in this island.


Workers Party guilty of breaching fiduciary duty as elected MPs

I take this piece of shit, oops, news as something that is expected. Nothing unusual or spectacular. This is Singapore, remember. It is good that the 3 top WP exco members and elected MPs take it in their stride, knowing that this is inevitable. Now the good news and the bad news.

The bad news is that the 3 WP MPs would be disqualified from the next GE, as sure as the sun shall rise. Everyone sees this coming. The bad news, they would lose a big chunk of their income from being MPs, maybe coughing out every cent they earned in their whole MP career. They are lucky if they did not end up behind bars. I am not saying they are guilty or deserving of this punishment. I reserve my comments like many people and the WP supporters living in AHTC.  You don't have to second guess what is in their minds.

The good news, it is time that WP has a new breed of young leaders with fresh ideas to continue with the fight. The good news, the die hard WP supporters and those that cannot stomach injustice would be pushed to take a stand in the next GE on who they should vote.  The good news is that the support for WP is likely to grow stronger despite this set back. The good news is that WP can start afresh, to join a coalition instead of going it alone, a strategy that has proven  to be short sighted, naive and disastrous.

In the bigger picture, the good news is that the likelihood of a stronger opposition coalition would be much enhanced. The stupidity of going alone and trying to pretend to be nice boys and girls, to be accepted and allowed to exist is obvious. Chiam See Tong was allowed to be in that position because he was just one man, tolerable and useful in his own sense but totally ineffective and irrelevant. It has been proven beyond doubt that a bigger than one man opposition is just unacceptable and must be destroyed at all costs.

Would this event shine some light into the dusty dark corners of the minds of opposition leaders that this is not just a game to be played for fun once every four years, to get some silly publicity and to be forgotten after a GE? Or would this be enough to wake them up and decide to close ranks now that the old school thinking of trying to be good boys and girls is debunked? There is no such things as being nice and would be left alone to do a good job.  Get it?

We would have to see if this fiasco would be the turning point in Singapore politics, the last bridge and there is no turning back, no silly personality and ego fights anymore. To fight to win, it is time to unite and close ranks or to be the same as before, run around like silly bull arse flies during the GE all for nothing, just hot air.


Hong Kongers - Good riddance

Anonymous said...
10 October 2019, 6:54 PM GMT+8

More than 42 per cent of Hongkongers want to emigrate because of the ongoing social unrest, according to a recent survey by Chinese University, compared with around a third of respondents who gave the same answer in December last year.

The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the university interviewed 707 individuals by phone between September 20 and 26, with 42.3 per cent indicating they would emigrate if they had a chance. In December 2018, 34 per cent respondents had given a similar response.

Of those who would like to move abroad, 23 per cent had already started planning for emigration.

They should have emigrated to UK before 1997 while they had the British Subject Identity Cards.

Now UK needs them to stay in Hongkong to create troubles for China and HK.


KPKB or TCSS a waste of time?

'Basically, what Singaporeans ought to do is to “wake up” from their slumber of letting others determine their lives. If they are unhappy about the haze and irresponsible forest fires in Indonesia, speak up and do not suffer in silence or waste time on pseudo rallies. Turn up at Hong Lim Park, if you have to. Go there to do real protest about real issues. If you are fed up with the hedonistic F1 (rich man’s sport) messing up the traffic, make your voice heard. If you dislike what is happening in housing, healthcare or education, do not keep quiet and think that bad policies affect only other people. If your jobs are being stolen by foreigners who sometimes reportedly bring in their whole villages to displace you, the last thing you want to do is to keep quiet or turn a blind eye to the plight of other Singaporeans affected by these blatant imports.

Voice your concerns. Write letters. Be more civic-conscious, pay greater attention, even if the public discussions do not seem to affect you immediately.

Prof Low: “The only real chance we have of protecting our interests is to protest the basis or foundations of those policies, even before they inflict damage on you or your children.”'

The above quotes are from Law Professor Donald Low of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in theindependent.sg

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Call it tcss, kpkb, complaints, ranting, grouching, bitching etc etc, when one is unhappy or disagree with govt policies, these are some of the things that one can do. One can go further by protesting in Hong Lim Park or like the rioters in Hong Kong. One can also choose to do nothing, see nothing, hear nothing.  Or one can just resign and either keep quiet or go away.

The most evil human bean is one that does not want to do anything, does not want to lift his finger when he sees something is wrong right before his eyes. Then like some in this blog, they would want you to be just like this, stop tcss and stop kpkb. Just let the govt do what it likes and live with it. And when everyone's lips are sealed, some deaf frogs would pronounce all peaceful under heaven, the people are happy, see, no complaints.

The choice is yours. You can even join the political parties in one way or another, to do something for yourself and your loved ones. The last thing one must not do is to be like the 4 proverbial monkeys.


When a country destined to fail

No need to look further for a country destined to fail. When the time comes, such a country will be blessed with an idiot, who thinks he is a genius, to be its ruler and he will surround himself with twits and half twits whom he believes are the best talents he could fine.

The USA is in this state of development, destined to fail. And in strolled the new emperor Trump, godsend, who thinks he is the greatest, and sincerely thinking that he is going to save the USA, to make America great again. He could not see anything wrong with what he is doing while the bystanders watching could see clearly the road he is paving to hell. And his sycophants around him, all thinking equally that they are the best men and women, and all playing along with him, to make America great again, but actually going the other way.

Obviously Trump and his twits and half twits did not know and could not see the truth, the great tragedy that is unfolding before them. If they only knew, but that is not to be as the USA is destined to fail. Even the general American public could not do anything about it as they watch haplessly how the USA is plunging into the abyss. The big twit and his half twits are all happily doing what they are doing and believing that they are the gifts of God, the best men for the job of running the USA.

Is Singapore also in the same decline? If it is, then Singapore will also be blessed with a godsend and surrounding himself with twits and half twits just like Donald Trump is doing, all equally happy that everything is doing just fine without knowing that it is spiralling down into the same shit hole of no return. Let's hope not.

One anonymous posted this:

'The current bunch of PAPies r the result of the past pioneers ruling party dreams, there isn't much changes other than some twits here and there, today Spore is regressing as a society under the new gen of leaders with no new ideas but only twits. This island city need new ideas for a better future & Dr Chee & its party members will shape a new future for tis tiny red dot.' October 10, 2019 5:04 pm

Is this is what is happening in Singapore? If it is, then there is nothing anyone can do about it, just like the USA, it will fail.  

How many of you agree with this anonymous and think this is so. Or how many of you are just like the bunch of twits and half twits thinking everything is fine, believing like the twits and half twits that they are doing great to keep Singapore prosperous and the Singaporeans will continue to have a great life of abundance under wise and able leadership for another hundred years?

Not many leaders would intentionally or consciously want to destroy their own country. It can only happen when they did not know that they are twits and half twits and instead of doing good for their country, like Trump's call to make America great again but actually doing the opposite. Of course he did not know that he is harming the USA and all Americans. This is how life is all about, and how great empires failed and fell, not for want to do something about it, but doing every wrong that they thought were right. And this can only happen when twits and half twits walk around thinking that they are geniuses and the most talented people on earth.

It always happen and never fails to happen. When the time is ripe, the durian will fall. They would not have signed the CECA if they knew that it is bad and will destroy the country and bring them along as well. They would not have done a lot of things if they knew that they were bad, like wasting so much money on white elephant projects, like wasting billions on foreigners instead of our own students, like flooding the island with more and more wildlife, like the insanity of wanting to have 10m or 20m people on this piece of rock. To them, these are all great things, for the good of the country and Singaporeans. Only history will pass the verdict when it is over, when twits and half twits would be confirmed, not as geniuses or talents that they believed themselves to be.


SDP pre GE Rally at Hong Lim - 19 Oct, Sat 4-8pm

Shake it Up, this is the title of SDP's rally this Saturday at Hong Lim Park from 4pm to 8pm. SDP's big wigs Chee Soon Juan, Paul Tambyah would definitely be the main speakers. There is no details on who are the speakers, would there be any guest speakers from other parties, it did not say. As the title says, SDP is going to raise all the issues affecting the people and to shake it up in Hong Lim Park.

I know the resident Chee Soon Juan hater here would not have anything good to say knowing how he reacted every time the name Chee Soon Juan is mentioned or not mentioned. This is exactly how the Pavlov dog reacted, conditioned to react at the sound of a bell, without knowing why. It has become second narure.

The other notable instinctive reflex actor is non other than Matilah Singapura. He reacts to more than just one name. Mention Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping and he would instantly go crazy. He did not why, just reacting like Pavlov's dog, like the abovementioned reacting to Chee Soon Juan.

It is so sad that so many people could be so easily programmed by western media to react the way they wanted, unthinkingly, not knowingly. This is another confirmation on how powerful the media can be when it keeps repeating a few key lines and after some time this would sink into the unthinking's psyche, like MacDonald is good. Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger licking good.

These people did not know Chee Soon Juan or Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping personally. But they have this deep seated hatred for them. Unbelievable. Ask them why, they could not explain except maybe faintly remembering reading the bad things about these people in the media, the propagators of fake news and misinformation.

Of course they would deny that this is the case. They would get very angry if you tell them so. But regardless of what, just press the button and they would jump and scream their heads off.


Trump threatens to obliterate the Turkish economy

‘I’ve done before’. Trump tweeted after threatening to destroy the economy of Turkey ‘if Ankara takes a planned military strike in Syria.’ This rogue Empire is destroying the economies of many countries and their people by economic sanctions and threats of war. Now it is Turkey’s turn, once a closed ally of the Evil Empire, now being treated as an enemy for not wanting to do the dirty works of the Empire, for not wanting to buy American weapons and buying Russian weapons.

What is Turkey’s crime for inviting this threat from the Evil Empire? The Empire has been fostering and feeding and arming Kurdish rebels in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime but pretended to be fighting the ISIS. Now that the Empire has lost the Syria war, there is no need for any more pretences, no need to keep feeding the Kurds that were being beaten to the point of being useless against Assad. It is time to pull back the American Special Forces attached to these rebels and terrorist groups. But the Kurds were not only a terrorist group to the Syrian govt but also to the Turkish govt. Both would not tolerate their existence in the Syrian Turkish border to do harm to either country.

Erdogan is determined to wipe out these groups before they become a bigger threat to Turkey. The Americans would not allow these as they were their war babies, trained, financed and armed to do mischief in Syria and the Middle East region. They would not allow anyone to harm their poodles if they could help it. So here comes the threat against the Turkish govt.

Would Erdogan relent and cower under the threat of the Evil Empire? Would the Americans dare to commit military forces and start a war with the Turks, now protected and sided with the Russians? The Americans have found that they are no match to Putin and his men in Syria. Turkey is even more difficult as it is far more heavily armed than Syria. The Trump threat would be as good as blowing with the wind. Yes economic sanction is the only way for the Americans like they did to North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. But Turkey is still a Nato member. This would be tricky for the Evil Empire. Turkey controls the strategic points in the Middle East and European countries can least offend Turkey with economic sanctions imposed by the Americans.

This could be a bridge too far for the Evil Empire.

Another truth is starting to come out from this American withdrawal. The Kurdish terrorist groups under the false flag name of Syrian Democratic Force is threatening the Turkish govt that any attack on them would resurrect the ISIS movement. Why? Because they are the ISIS but put on a different uniform under the American Special Forces control. Once attacked by the Turkish govt forces, they would put on ISIS uniform again and fight as ISIS. The so called caliphate is there under the protection of the Evil Empire and waiting to start another war with whoever the Americans want to destroy. This is the very reason why the Americans are adamant about protecting this SDF, ie ISIS in disguise.


The delusional Hongkongers

First they protest about the extradition bill, claiming that China is a lawless country and they were fearing for their lives should this bill be passed and when they committed crimes they could be sent to China, to be trialed in China, a communist system, an authoritarian system that would not give them a fair trial, would abuse their human rights. Is China more lawless or Hong Kong today, after the continuous rioting and vandalism on the streets, the beating up of innocent people and police by the Hong Kong mobs?

Then they demanded for the resignation of the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong’s SAR, Carrie Lam. Then they wanted Hong Kong to be run as a different country, full universal suffrage, western democracy as if Hong Kong is a state that is on its own, nothing to do with China, China has no rights or authority over Hong Kong. Now they want independence, to have Hong Kong to themselves, breaking away from mainland China. A couple of millions of Hongkongers wanting to tell 1.4b Chinese and China that they want to take Hong Kong away as a separate entity!

As the weak Hong Kong govt fails to put down the rioting and vandalism on the streets of Hong Kong, the Hongkongers are embolden. They are starting to believe that the Hong Kong govt and China are hapless and helpless against them, that they are fearless and could run wild and wrestle Hong Kong away from China. China is so weak and would buckle under international pressure to let Hong Kong free as an independent state with a political system that is contrary to China and posing a threat to China as an alternative system, they believe and think they could do it.

Lately, the arrogance of false pride of the Hongkongers have gone a level higher. They are starting to exhibit a kind of superiority complex over mainland Chinese, ridiculing them, insulting them and even attacking them physically. Not only were the offices of Hong Kong govt being attacked, vandalized and burnt, they are now attacking Chinese businesses and the offices of Beijing in Hong Kong, and the latest, attacking the barracks of PLA troops. They are beating mainland Chinese on the streets. These silly Hongkongers did not know what it is like to incur the wrath of 1.4b mainland Chinese. They would be the ultimate punching bag when China decides to let them have it.

The Hongkongers think they are different from mainland Chinese, they are not Chinese, and telling the mainland Chinese in Hong Kong to go back to China in a derogatory way. They looked down on the mainland Chinese, despised the mainland Chinese, thinking that they are superior to them and did not want to have anything to do with them.

They have forgotten that their good fortune was a result of China and mainland Chinese. They did not know, or refused to know that their food, water and almost everything came from China. They think they are so clever that they can continue to prosper without China and mainland Chinese. Such insanity or stupidity cannot be cured sickness is unbelieveable in a people that is wholly dependent on China and mainland Chinese for their survival. They did not know that in the last 20 plus years, the mainland Chinese have overtaken them, surpassed them in almost everything. There are still many relatively poorer Chinese that came from the villages or less developed part of China. But the mainland Chinese living in the big cities are richer, wealthier and more sophisticated than them in many ways.

The Hongkongers are still burying their heads in the sand thinking that China is a backward country and mainland Chinese are poor country bumpkins. If they keep burying their heads in the sand, they would not know when they would be overtaken and replaced by the mainland Chinese. Their shortsightedness and false confidence and silly pride in themselves would soon come to pass and they would regret for their foolishness in a fast changing world and a fast changing China and Chinese people. How many more days can they dream that they are really superior to the mainland Chinese?

Their contempt and hatred for mainland Chinese and China would be their sin to reckon with. China was able to lock down Xinjiang and contain the terrorist acts of separatist movements in that region. It is so easy for China to lock down Hong Kong the way it locked down Xinjiang should it decide to do so.

Where can the Hongkongers run when China and the mainland Chinese decide that it is time to drive them out of Hong Kong? Even Li Ka Shing is making plans to leave Hong Kong and likely to end up as second class citizen in some western countries, with a lot of money but rootless, country less, living a meaningless existence. Many Hongkongers are going to end up this way, uprooted from their homes, from their motherland, to become non entities in some far away countries they could not called home.


Education, solving one problem but creating more problems

'I said that the underlying problem is that the education system aims to pick the top students for the top secondary school and later for scholarships to prestigious overseas universities.

If the reward is set at a high level, parents will continue to do the best that they can to make sure that their children become top students. The children from wealthy families will continue to get the advantage. Those from poorer families will be disadvantaged.

To get rid of this competition, we have to stop identifying the top students. We should only look for students who passed and those who failed. In each cohort, about 90% should pass in each year.'

The above quotes are from Tan Kin Lian in his article posted in TRE offering his solution to what he saw as Ong Ye Kung's inability to solve any problem with his new changes. According to Tan Kin Lian, the problem with Singapore's education is the focus to pick top students to be offered scholarships to the best universities in the world. I differ. Anyway this is what Tan Kin Lian wanted to avoid. So, Ong Ye Kung's new solution did not do away with identifying and selecting the best students.

Tan Kin Lian's solution, make schools produced students with pass or fail grades, get rid of competition. If this is introduced, parents and students do not need to compete with each other and would lead to less stress and maybe everyone passed. I think all of you would have a lot to say about Tan Kin Lian's proposal to solve the education angst of Singapore parents and students.

I just want to point out one fake reality.  Many countries are churning out perfect score students just for their students to look better and can compete better with other countries' students. Also many half baked students and half baked universities are getting first class grades by hook or by crook, fake or real never mind, especially when they come to Singapore. Singapore would accept anything as real on printed paper as they have no means or intelligence to check their validity. Singapore has degraded to the point that they did not even bother about having a degree to qualify for a job as long as the fake can do the job.

So how are our students with only pass grades going to compete with the real and the fakes with A grades? I am sure Tan Kin Lian did not consider this yet. We already have millions of fakes descending here and taking away good jobs from our Singaporeans. The situation can only get worse if our students merely have a pass grade or average grades from the schools, polys or unis. But this may not be a problem as the most desirable jobs for Singaporeans today are hawkers, Grab drivers and part time jobs, all does not require a degree.

What do you think?


Bestest solution to haze problem - Collect more money

Can't believe that this annual haze hazard is so difficult to solve. Every year the ministers would be pulling their hair trying to talk to one another to keep the haze at bay but failed miserably. No one seems to have any clue about how to kill this problem once for all, or at least cut down the severity. Millions of people from all the surrounding countries, including those from Indonesia, are suffering but could not do anything about it. The Indonesian govt too is clueless and hapless. The cleverest govt among the Asean countries also could only talk talk and talk talk but no result.

Th Indonesian govt has come up with many laws to charge, fine and imprison the culprits but all seems to fail or ineffective. A 10 billion rupiah fine for a fire starter also did not work as often they could not find enough evidence to pin on the culprit which is a real and practical problem.

Actually the solution to this problem is so simple. It is not necessary to go after the fire starter but the owners of the land where the fire is. This one it is easy to prove and with the fire as the evidence.  No need to find a fire starter or how he did it. And just do it like the way they dealt with Singaporeans. Hit their pockets real hard. Pay for burning and creating haze that harm people of all the affected countries. Why not? Why can't the Indonesian govt just imposed heavy monetary fines on the companies that caused the haze, like $10,000 for every fire detected by satellite and confirmed by ground checks. If $10,000 is not enough make it $20,000 or more until it hurts. 100 fires would mean $1m in fines or a multiple. The details can be easily worked out. And it is money not just for the Indonesian govt but also for the officers monitoring the fire. The law enforcers would have the fund to pay for their staff and equipment, good well paying jobs. Everyone would be happy except the fire starters and the companies behind them.

There will be problems like starting fire to claim or extort companies for under table money. The companies that have to pay would have to make sure that fire would not be started by saboteurs or corrupt officials. It would become a very lucrative business for the govt and govt employees just to keep the sky and air clean. Many people can be employed to manage and control this fire starter and haze problem. Many people can also be rich from the fines being paid, as long as it is heavy enough to deter the companies from starting fire recklessly.

Singapore would be able to offer all the expertise on how to collect more money to solve a bad problem that affects millions of people. With the political will and so much money to collect, the haze problem would go away quickly. At the moment the Indonesian govt did not see the monetary incentive to do so. Show them the way on how to collect money, how to collect more money and save the people and animals from fire and haze.


Andrew Yang for POTUS

Andrew is an outsider in every aspect of American politics, a non politician, an Asian, a young entrepreneur, a completely unknown. He is now ranked number 4 after several rounds of elimination in a contest to be the Democrats candidate to stand against Donald Trump, shoving aside more than 20 other more prominent candidates including senators and congressmen and women.

Many took Andrew Yang’s announcement to be in the race as a joke initially but are now having second thoughts. He is on the move, gaining more and more supporters and recognition as the race gets closer to 2020. There is still one more year to go and he is the only candidate that is gaining momentum each day. His latest prize is to raise $10m, $1.6m lesser than the third highest candidate in his third quarter fund raising, up from $2.8m. He is now behind Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Andrew’s campaign is run under his most famous programme called Universal Basic Income, $1000 for every adult American with no exceptions. His followers, mainly young and internet and IT savvy, calling themselves the YangGang, wear a hat with the word MATH meaning Make America Think Harder. His popularity comes from his long list of policies to solve America’s problems of the 21st Century instead of the normal politicking of politicians. He is unmatched in this approach as his intellectual and grasp of the problems America is facing put the rest of the candidate to shame.

And his MATH games is going to bring very far. He has slightly more than 300,000 donors so far and this is a small drop in the ocean of 350m Americans. The number is in his favour. All Andrew Yang needs is 1m Americans to give him $10 each and he will get another $10m. As the campaign gets closer to nomination day, it is not difficult for Andrew Yang to pull in 10m Americans or more to donate to his campaign and push the amount to $100m or more in campaign fund. 10m million young Americans plus the Afro and Asian Americans and the rest of the Americans whose jobs are threatened by technology, the Americans that are living from paycheck to paycheck would push his supporters way pass his democrat contenders.

Andrew Yang is on the roll. The math said so. The numbers said so. The displaced and jobless Americans said so. He is going to make history. The Americans are going to make history, after Obama.