Building Singapore for who?

SINGAPORE — There are many new plans to build Singapore for the next generation, but the country first needs birth rates to rise so that the population can grow “a little bit”, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Thursday (Oct 10).

“We have so many plans for Singapore, in terms of new industries, new businesses, new schools, new opportunities, new towns to live in, new parks — a new society to be built for the next generation. And what we need are new people — our children,” Mr Lee told Nikkei Asian Review editor-at-large Takehiko Koyanagi at a dialogue held at the National University of Singapore.

Laying out the state of Singapore’s demographic challenge today, Mr Lee said that the
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Is the govt building Singapore for Singaporeans, for the children of Singaporeans? Just look at the composition of the population, 5.8m of which only 3.6m are Singaporeans and of the 3.6m, probably 1m are new citizens. What does this mean? If the original Singaporeans are now only 2.6m, then 3.2m foreigners are enjoying what we built in this island.

The basis of the govt's argument is that we need more and more people for economic growth. Is that the best solution? Bringing in more people for economic growth must lead to real economic growth, eg if we increase the population by 1% foreigners, there should be at least 3 or 4 additional percent of growth. Today and for many years, our economic growth is barely 2%. Did the increase in foreigners lead to more economic growth? What happened is that we brought in more foreigners to come here and eat and shit and we called it economic growth. Whatever little miserable growth was eaten by the foreigners themselves and shitted away and we end up drinking their shit water.

What is more important is the well being of our own people, not foreigners, not the children of foreigners, not the parents of foreigners. Our economic growth should be proportional to our population and any increases should be from higher productivity, innovation and technology, not to bring in more people to eat and to shit and to use up whatever little space we have in building more homes.

If our population is smaller, we don't have to build so many more homes and parks and destroy more and more of our land, fauna and flora. The indiscriminate and reckless input of people is destroying the island and contributing to climate change. We are in a mindless pursuit of self administered destruction ie SAD by forcing more and more people into the island. It is definitely not for the good of our children.

In the 60s, when population was smaller, the pressure on land and on everything was so much lesser. Anyone starting to work could afford to own a car and a home at really affordable prices. Today owning a car is beyond the rich of many young people except those whose parents are ministers or millionaires. Today, owning a small little cubicle called home would need to be paid with an arm or a leg. Today the cost of living is so high that many are living from pay check to pay check which the got is gloating about economic growth and more economic growth like 1 or 2%  which is actually no growth at all but a technical recession.

There is so much emphasis on economic growth when the truth is no economic growth except for the millionaires and the rich that got richer and the poor got poorer. The only superficial wealth of a Singaporean is his HDB flat. But up to a point, this becomes depreciating asset that will turn into a bumpkin after midnight, no value. At that point, all the superficial wealth and well being of a Singaporean will go up in smoke, becomes nothing.

More people means higher cost of living. Period. Not necessarily higher economic growth as the GDP  numbers have proven. Building Singapore for what and for who? In the name of building a better Singapore for our children, is the govt instead destroying Singapore for our children? SAD.


Anonymous said...

PAP=Populate Antil Pokai

Anonymous said...

For the legacy of the Leegime and cronies lah. So clearly displayed. Yet nobody can see? The multi-million dollars salary already tells you everything. Still catch no balls?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I have mentioned this several times before:

The Cuntry is MORE IMPORTANT than the PEOPLE...this is the idea of every statist in history. As long as they can keep The Cuntry (aka "Nation State") in perpetuity, and cement their positions of power, influence and absolutism, The Elites will continue to do just that and FUCK THE PEOPLE. "The People" are there as temporary and disposal "resources"/ "tools" to facilate the growth of the Nation State and its "owners".

Don't believe? The look at THE FACTS: The Nation State (a legal fiction simply written into "law") of Singapore has been getting bigger and bigger, and becoming more and more expensive.

Guess who is PAYING? 😂😘

Get smart, fuckers. You better find ways of making your own Pay Day because no one is looking out for your own best interests.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

I'm very very Very very very sorry....

I have nothing to say anymore...

You got eyes to see....

Very Very very Very very very very SAD indeed!!!

"Tears from the heart ❤️"!

Flabbergasted Citizen said...

What Is Wrong In Singapore?

What Singaporeans need/needed is not new people. In fact, there is no such thing as new people. The only new people are the new-born babies in the maternity hospitals, just delivered from the mothers' wombs.

People are educated, trained, mould, motivated and led by the leaders, like soldiers in war. Good leaders produce good productive and effective soldiers. Bad, lousy, incompetent leaders produce bad, unproductive, ineffective and incompetent misfits. There is no short-cut.

What Singaporeans really and urgently need/needed is new leadership - new PM, new Ministers, New Ruling Political Party. Period.

LHLs thinking is outdated and warped (self-destruct). He seems to be unable to think logically and rationally. Perhaps, he has lost his balance due to too much pressures from within (think family fueds) and from without (think USA, India and China).

It is time for him to step down before more damages are done.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Burn the motherfuckers to the ground!!

Today I come out to support the rise of VIOLENT PROTESTS against any government who has fucked their people over and over.

Even Lee Kuan Yew supported this idea of people taking up arms against any dictatorship which has lost its duty.

Blood in the streets! Watch the markets FALL… I like, I like!

Got "advocate and incite VIOLENCE"? 😂🤡


Huat Ah of the moment: 2 trades in less than a week….6500% GAIN! KNN! 👍👍

Anonymous said...


Singapore has been built for WINNERS!!

LOSERS can fuck off!

S'pore belongs to the Top 5 Cities In The World where YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHERE YOU ARE TODAY. Whether you are enjoying life or having a shitty life & can only KPKB .... it's ALL YOUR OWN FAULT!!! LOL!!!

Look at the millions of nicely dressed people on weekdays in Raffles Place, Shenton Way, MBFC, Mapletree Business City @ Bt Panjang, Tampines Regional Hub etc etc --- they all want the current system to continue for sure!

How about the hundreds of thousands every night at Boat / Clarke / Robertson Quays all enjoying themselves?!?!

Or how about the tens of thousands swarming condo showrooms every Sat & Sun?!?!?

Losers are a minority. Majority are winners or at least doing OK .... as humans their default is to maintain status quo.


Anonymous said...

Building Singapore for what and for who?

Building up Singapore for what?
- Building up Singapore to collect more money lah!

Building up Singapore for who?
- building up Singapore for LHL and the PAP Nazi lah

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Cancer not easy to cure.

Waiting death only.

imho said...

for who? of cos not for sinkies lah. singapoo is a plutocracy. everything is to make the rich richer and the poor suffered more. 50 over years of horrible history backed it up. if one is old, sick and poor, its being throw away like rubbish. actually most countries are operating this way.

Anonymous said...

When cancer has invaded the brain, a person cannot think straight any more. The cancer cells in the brain keep inputting self-destruct enzymes for the brain to think of destructive ways to kill the supporting body. Lymphatic and blood cancers are the worst of all cancers.

Anonymous said...

'Losers are a minority. Majority are winners or at least doing OK ...'

- one day, another SARS come along, will see singapoo real glory.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I had a friend, Chicago techy-finance guy, who used to refer toSingapore as Virtual Unreality. Before he died (too young), he made a shit-ton of low-taxed bucks in Singapore's (at the time) nascent tech-scene.

Those were early days, and he used to host lunches at the top of what is now Swissotel Stamford (it was Westin Stamford before)...before MBS was built. I remember attending his generous hostings on the top deck and just being totally mesmerised by the sheer MAGNIFICENCE of that view.

What a truly GREAT city!

Anonymous said...

Who knows what next seconds brings.

Time moves in seconds.not day.

FL said...

Yes, building SG for who ?? Well-argued article. As one of you have said, SG needs now is a new leadership. The current one has gone stained and is giving us a one way ticket to nowhere ! The current leederships all have one track mind, with all the $$$million ministars and yes sirs white MPs all thinking of themselves and their children. Our own orginal SG citizens are decreasing with each passing days, and replaced by foreigners. Sinkieland has now become a foreign country to us. We are lost in a jungle and seeing many unknown ppl from 3rd world countries.

Anonymous said...

Building up Singapore for the CECA Indians to take over.

Life Is Not Just Winning or Losing said...

Yes, Singapore is built for the winners. And the winners are:

1. Lee Families.
2. White Horse Elites.
3. PAP Ministers and MPs.
4. SAF Generals and Scholars.
5. Top Civil Servants whose absolute loyalty is required.
6. Doctors and Lawyers.
7. Foreigners by the millions (3 million and counting).
8. The War Stock Guy and Matilah.


Anonymous said...


Was it New Asia Bar on 71st floor?? Many of us who worked in that area used to be cheapskates & rush for their happy hours (still rather ex though :( ). Many people from GIC (when they were still at Raffles City) and EDB (they're still there!!) as well if you wanted to get a pulse of govt directions & big picture investments.

Now it's Bar Rouge. For the China pros on this blog, you'll be happy to know it started in Shanghai, although by angmohs LOL!!!

Some pics:
Bar Rouge1

Bar Rouge2

View from Bar Rouge

Westin also had the Equinox bar & the pretentious Equinox restaurant. Now it's the SKAI Bar and SKAI restaurant, both on 70th floor.

Anonymous said...

Hi good afternoon to everyone.....

Think so much for what? Why?

Life is Very very very short!

Therefore should think how best you can enjoy your life! Correct?

Please remember...life is really very very very short. Don't waste time! Don't overthink! Not worth!

Hahaha Hahahahahaha......

Anonymous said...

@All, @rb,

While rb is continuing in a dying job & KPKB about the local stock market also dying ..... SGX profits are hitting the highest in 12 years!!! LOL!!!

Winners go where the rewards & prizes are!!

Those who don't are just stupid --- also known as losers!!

Anonymous said...

Sin is sold
Sinkies are
save Yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1231pm = WSG? Correct?

Writing is Sama Sama except without the initial WSG. Your initial WSG is perfectly ok lah!


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:47pm,

Haha ... not just 12:31pm .... also got some other comments here I didn't bother to put initial too.


Anonymous said...

My dear RB,

Please go to website below... SCMP author by Phil C. W. Chan


Singapore is no alternative for Hongkongers angered by loss of freedoms – the Lion City’s restraints go far beyond Hong Kong’s


Anonymous said...

Well done WSG!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

When LHL said "with you, for you, for Singapore" you must understand "you" means foreigners and Singapore means a new Singapore of foreigners. Local born citizens have become irrelevant and insignificant. All true blue citizens must bear this in mind when they go to the voting booths in the coming election and take action to take Singapore back for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The question: Building S'pore for who?

The Answer: It's for the Next Generation lah. No matter who they r, be it Foreigners, New Convert S'poreans, irregardless of race, language or religion as long as they willing to contribute in this small little red dot, all their next gen who somehow related to tis little red dot island r all somehow contributed in the building of this tiny island city called Lions City ( as wat the PeeM already said before S'pore belongs to everyone & everyone's gen build tis island & it juz pass it on till D day...)

Anonymous said...

@ shit for brains @ 7.30pm

If you are building Singapore for the next generation ... then let the next generation vote for you.

Since you are not building Singapore for me, I'm voting Opposition to support me.

Anonymous said...

@ All

As I said before life is short think so much for what?

Just live in present! Enjoy life first! Why worry about the future?

In conclusion, don't waste time! Enjoy life while you still can! Be very very happy and stop worrying!


Anonymous said...

@anon 8.35pm

R u sure u voted Oppo sure can win the ruling PAPies?
This coming erection someboli oredi predicted the whites PAPies shall win resoundingly of more than 70% ( even if on the low side it will still be able to win >50% becos the Oppo has so far noboli able to form a garmen, so no Madhater PH alike party to match that of the Papies )

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.35pm

Sekali ur constituency walkover leh. Or merge with other town & no opponents & Papies walkover liow? Hence no chance to vote liow..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

@All, @rb,

While rb is continuing in a dying job & KPKB about the local stock market also dying ..... SGX profits are hitting the highest in 12 years!!! LOL!!!

Winners go where the rewards & prizes are!!

Those who don't are just stupid --- also known as losers!!
October 25, 2019 12:31 pm

You talked like a big winner. How much are you earning in a year?
I just switched broking house and picked up a 6 figure pay check. Not counting my regular income.

You doing better than me in a year?

Anonymous said...

So Power full and pocket so full,

Also cannot exchange one from turning blue!

Anonymous said...

Living In The Present

Yes, correct. Stop worrying and stop hoping. Live in the present.

Worrying leads to anxiety, depression, fear and negativity.

Hoping leads to anxiety, desire, greed and jealousy.

Both worrying and hoping lead to unhappiness. Not happiness.

How to live in the pressent? This is a state of mind. It is not about how much money you have now that provides for your present life-style comfortably 100 years into the future. Even if you are a trillionaire like the Rothschilds, you will still "worry of loss" and "hope to gain". You still can't live in the PRESENT!

This state of mind can only be attained through regular daily meditation practice, guided by an authentic meditation master who has attained the experience himself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Investing is just like running a business. 95% won't survive within 1-2 years. If you have the attitude of always need to win & every trade must be profitable, then you'll make a lot of unforced errors & you won't last for long. Similar also for those who are impatient & like to make big bets or go all in.

Anonymous said...

Boasting To Massage The Ego

During my younger days (late 20s to early 30s), I have indulged in stocks, forex, commodities and other "toxic" investment schemes/scams. All-in-all, I lost slightly more than $500,000. So, I stopped investing (gambling).

All investments have risks, similar to gambling. It is only a matter of degree.

When luck is with you, no matter how bad your decision is, you still make money. But when luck is against you, no matter how skillful/smart/calculative you are, you will still lose, unless you have the capacity to "play dirty" in the "dirtied financial markets". To qualify, you have to be filthy rich or filthy powerful.

Small fries are small meats. You don't have the real capacity to play "dirty" all the time. You are basically using your limited brain-power to out-smart and seize opportunities here and there.

With super-high speed computerised automated trading, how many small fries can match those big banks and financial institutions (governments' swf and private corporations)? It is only a matter of time the Big Fishes will swallow up 80% of the small fries, leaving 20% to survive in order to project a semblance of fairness.

If you are still on it, and making good returns, congratulations to you. You must be blessed. Hope you can be blessed for the rest of your life, within the 20%.

If everyone can make money so easily in the stock markets, nobody needs to work.

No governments need to worry about social welfare, the poor and the needies.

No Ministers or CEOs need to be paid a salary. They know how to get their income from the stock markets better than anyone else.

Singaporeans don't need to lease a miserable 99-year-lease, artificially price-inflated, HDB flat. Everyone will be owning and staying in a landed property.

All schools will be privately funded. But there will be no teachers because no teachers need to be teachers.

No doctors need to be doctors. No lawyers need to be lawyers. No remissiers need to be remissiers. Etc...... RB would have become at least a billionaire long ago.

And farmers, fishermen, construction workers, builders, manufacturers, taxi drivers, etc will go on strike for life.

In the end, everyone will die because there will be no food, because nobody is working.

Everyone makes lots of money. No one needs to work any more. No work means no goods and services. No goods and services means you go back to Old Stone Age. You produce your own food. You provide your own services to yourself.

How wonderful!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ WSG 1203:

This was the early 1990's when the Westin Stamford was THE tallest hotel in the world, and Singapore claimed its legitimate "boasting rights" (we are a cuntry of WINNERS...#1 is #1 without doubt :-) ) If I'm not mistaken, it was The Compass Rose

The pictures you posted of Bar Rouge/ SKAI are very very recent compared to the view 25 years ago! Now you can see "the ship" of the Marina Bay Sands...back then, that was empty sky!! LOL!😂

But still, what a breathtaking MAGNIFICENT view. I was a young expat in those days (expat with a Singapore passport and CPF!! earning OBSCENE MONEY). That affected me so deeply I vowed I'd NEVER give up my citizenship.

Yup, Singapore is for winners, or for people who aspire and are DRIVEN to be winners.

To the Hong Lim crowd: Are you "Majullah" or "Matilah"? 🤡

Anonymous said...

To be born is to die.
Death is the Leveller.

Rich or poor, all must die. However,
the Former tends to be more afraid of death. They fear losing their wealth and enjoyment. But die all must. The Rich also fear losing their wealth, where and how it end when he or she dies. Quite a worry whilst living in plenty.
The Poor too worries about death like all mortals. However, many do wish to have quick and painless ends. Many ended their miseries by taking their own live when the Challenges of survival were beyond them to cope with.

Gloating and bragging about ones achievement must indeed make many feel glorious. But, sneering and looking down at the Downtrodden, is a different issue altogether.
be reminded that the Enlighten helps to make happiness for sharing.
The Selfish lndividual boast about prowess and cleverness, even knowing own cunningness and sophistry.
the End of the Day,
all comes naked and leaves empty.

Good Luck to All.

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