Covid19 - Petition to allow vaccinatee Indians to enter Singapore

 As travel restrictions prevail, a petition has popped up on Change.org urging the Singapore government to allow vaccinated individuals from India to enter the country.

The petition, titled “Ease Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated ‘Indian’ with Singapore“, has garnered over 4,300 signatures at the time of writing.

Specifically, the petition seeks to have Indian travellers with valid work, student, or dependent visas or holders of other passes to be allowed to enter Singapore if they can provide a government-issued vaccination certificate on the Indian government’s end....

The situation in India, the petition claimed, has “improved a lot” as new daily COVID-19 cases have been “significantly reduced” recently, coupled with the “accelerating” drive to vaccinate the population....

In April, the COVID-19 pandemic started to spiral out of control as the country faced a new wave of infections, with new cases being reported at over 300,000 each day


Above is quoted from TOC.  Apparently more than 4,000 have signed the petition. Not sure how many Singaporeans were among the 4,000+ that signed. Any thinking Singaporean would be asking, are the numbers reported in India true, the situation has improved? What is the situation now, acceptable?

Another question, how many would believe the certificates for vaccination are real, not fakes?

How many of you would think it is a good thing, a wise thing, to sign this petition?


The Illegal US Invasion Of Afghanistan in 2001

The United States' invasion of Afghanistan occurred after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, USA, in late 2001. This Invasion was part of the Bush Administration's War on Terror, the countering of terror with even greater terror, by inflicting untold and uncountable sufferings upon millions of innocent women and children of the Afghan people and people in the neighbouring countries.

The aggression is also known as the US War against the Afghan people, or the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan.

On the surface, publicly, the US claimed that the aim of the invasion was to dismantle the al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by forcefully overthrowing the existing Afghan Government, led by the Taliban, from power.

In reality, the Invasion of Afghanistan by the US, and its few coerced or cowed allies, was an extension and expansion of the Afghan Civil War's from 1996 to 2001, between the Northern Alliance groups and the Taliban forces which controlled 90% of the country by 2001.

The Northern Alliance Group was a number of Afghan warlords, supported by Western powers, mainly the UK, US and France. Yet they have lost the fight miserably to the Taliban forces because of popular and widespread supports of the local population given to the Taliban. The Taliban was/is actually a nationalistic movement painted black and evil by the evil White Imperialists, who were more interested in the natural resources of Afghanistan than caring for the Afghan people.

The US invasion of Afghanistan became the first phase of the War in Afghanistan, which has three main phases.

This Invasion was not debated or approved by the United Nations Security Council. It was an arbitrary, unilateral decision made by the US with a few of its allies being used to make it looked like a combined international force. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, the US Invasion of Afghanistan was totally illegal and belligerent.

Whatever resolutions then passed by the United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan after the US Invasion cannot be used to justify for the US invasion of Afghanistan. The US had totally disregarded International Laws in the first place.

The US Invasion of Afghanistan is illegal and, therefore, criminal. Period.

SSO - 30 July 2021.

Muslim countries found China as a reliable partner and trusting friend

 After centuries of colonisation, oppression, exploitation and invasion by the West, the Muslim countries have found a new consensus in China as a trusted friend and reliable partner to build strong economic and strategic relationship. No longer would they be bullied by the West, be controlled and manipulated by the West, be invaded and their people killed and countries destroyed by the West. They no longer trust the West and their white lies.

Iraq is inviting China to rebuild its infrastructure destroyed by the invading Americans.  Syria is doing likewise, inviting China and accepting Chinese military aid and infrastructure building brigades to rebuild their war torn countries, bombed and destroyed by the Americans. 

Iran could have been invaded and suffered a fate worse than Iraq and Syria if China did not stand solidly behind them and telling the Americans that China would not stand idly by if they invade Iran. China also defied the American sanctions and became the major buyer of Iranian oil when the rest of the world were threatened by the Americans from doing so.  This gave the Iranians a lifeline and support for its isolated economy. Chinese economic and military aid, including the sales of sophisticated and modern military weapons to counter the American military might flowed freely into Iran. The Chinese support kept the Americans at bay and the Iranian economy churning.

The latest, the failed occupation of Afghanistan and the defeat by the Taliban forced the Americans to withdraw from a devastating war they could not win. Again, China is the country that the Taliban sought help from to rebuild their country and as the trusted mediator with the Afghan govt in Kabul.

What did all these developments said about China and the USA in the eyes of the Muslim countries, despite the daily attacks and demonisation of China with fabricated lies by the Americans and the Brits? Yes, the Muslim countries no longer trust the white men and are gravitating to a China that they can rely on to rebuild their flatten countries destroyed by the white men.

The white men, especially the Americans and the Brits, have completely lost the trust of the Muslim countries. No more white lies would turn them against China. Not that the Muslim countries believed or trusted the white men in the past, but there was no one to turn to then.  China was also economically and military weaker than the West and could not be of much help. The revival and rise of China as a super power and its ability and willingness to stand up to the oppression of the white men, in particular the Americans, give the Muslim countries a new hope that there is now a China to stand by them and to stand up for them against the bullying and oppression of the white men.

The table has turned in the Middle East and Central Asia against the white men, especially the Americans. China is now the country to turn to for help, for economic cooperation and infrastructure development and a military force to be reckon with to protect the weaker countries from American and white men's threat of war and destruction.

A new balance of power is taking shape with hopes for peace, development, cooperation and prosperity for the people of Central Asia and the Middle East. With the Americans and white men kept out of the region, peace will return, forged by the BRI financed by Chinese money and backed by China's military power.

Central Asia and the Middle East, mostly Muslim countries could see a better future of peace and stability and economic growth. No more wars, no more coercion and bullying and looting by the West.

The Americans and white men have proven beyond any doubt that they are liars, cheats and untrustworthy partners to the Muslim countries and would no longer be trusted again, would not be invited or allowed into their countries to wage wars against their people, ruined their economies and countries, wounding and killing their people, making many homeless widows and orphans and many refugees. The crimes against humanity, against the Muslim people shall never be allowed to be repeated again.

Muslim countries have abandoned the Americans and white men, turning to China for support. They have enough of American and white men hypocrisies and treachery. They know who is against them, killing them, destroying their countries and people.

PS.  The Afghan Taliban support the BRI and pledged not to support anti China terrorist groups in Afghans. The terrorist groups were mostly supported, trained and finance by the Americans.

First Group of Afghan-US Spies Evacuated To USA

This reminds me of the fall of the US US-Vietnam War in 1974/5. History repeats itself again. Only this time it's not so chaotic as before.

As the US military forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban resistance militia has manage to recapture and control more than 60% of the country. Only about 20% of the land are controlled by Afghan government forces. The other 20% are contested ground, which the Taliban seems to have the upper hand.

(The Talibans were removed from power by force through the illegal US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, initiated by President George W Bush.)

As the Taliban militia forces win more and more territories, threats against Afghan traitors who spied or worked for the US military and CIA have become more intensified and imminent. As such, the US is frantically trying to get their Afghan spies and operatives out of Afghanistan as fast as possible.

The first group of 2,500 interpreters (spies) and their families has been evacuated from Afghanistan on Thursday to Washington DC.

They are temporarily housed at the military quarters near Fort Lee Army Base, waiting for the completion of their Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) processing.

The SIV programme is offered to those who worked with the US government or American-led military forces during the Afghanistan war, which began in 2001.

Since 2008, approximately 70,000 Afghans who have received SIVs have been resettled in the US.

Last week, a senior state department official said that the total number of SIV applicants stands just over 20,000. About half have yet to complete the first steps of the process.

Mike Jason, a former US Army battalion commander who has been deployed to Afghanistan, said that travelling across Taliban-controlled areas with the documentation needed for SIVs puts the translators in crucial dangers.

"That's basically an entire confession that you're an interpreter working for the Americans. We're asking them to travel with the evidence," he said.

The "No One Left Behind" agency estimates that at least 300 Afghan traitors or family members have been killed. The figure seems too low. More traitors could/should have been killed.

The mass evacuation is codenamed "Operation Allies Refuge". This marks the end of the US military invasion of Afghanistan.

SSO - 30 July 2021.


Covid19 - Sign petition to investigate Fort Detrick lab for origins of Covid91

 Click here to sign at the bottom of the webpage.  

'US-launched cyberattacks have ramped up attacks against an online petition for a probe into Fort Detrick lab on COVID-19 origins as it has gathered nearly 20 million signatures. The petition has been a channel for overseas netizens to contribute their signature as many have expressed their support.

As of  Wednesday evening, the online petition demanding the World Health Organization (WHO) investigate the US' Fort Detrick lab on the origins of COVID-19 has gathered more than 17.75 million signatures, and the number is still growing.

Meanwhile, the server that hosts the petition has been under continued cyberattacks launched from US IP addresses, including DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks on a large scale. Earlier, the US-launched attack had come on Saturday evening when the number of signatures reached 10 million.' Global Times

You can click on the above link to support this petition.

Random brief facts and truth . ( A )

      The U.S. - Yankee - North Carolina Fort Detrick Virus

The diabolical U.S. Yankee Corona virus which is causing turmoil and death through out the world was conceived and planned decades ago by American billionaire elitists whose control of their multinational pharmaceutical and chemical companies such as Pfizer, Monsanto, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Glaxo Smith Kline and Lily just to name a few gave them the free way to carry out all their evil plans. These evil billionaire Wall Street bankers and business tycoons are all members of the diabolical Anglo-Saxon-Rothschild-Illuminati cabal. The Cabal are liberal democratic capitalists whose political and economic philosophy is Darwinism. They are devout Darwinists whose practise of Darwinism philosophy which is based on the 'Law of the Jungle' is the belief in the survival of the fittest. In other words the liberal democratic capitalists can use their absurb monopoly of power to trample you or trample any other country and that '├Żou die is your own business'. This is contrary to communist - socialist philosophy which believes in helping and prosper your neighbour and to achieve the common good of rising and developing together. 

The 'Cabal'constitutes the Deep State, the 'Shadow government' which controls both the American Republican Party and the Democrats. Both parties are beholden to the all powerful multi-billionaires or trillionaires of the Cabal which actually calls the tune and controls the politics, economic policy and Foreign Policy of the U.S. Thus American indulgence in 'liberal democratic capitalism and Darwinism has disadvantaged the large majority of the American people  or more than 95 percent of the population. Likewise they indulged in very aggressive foreign policies in attacking small or weak foreign countries and exploit them for their own enrichment and prosperity while grievously impoverish the victimised countries. This diabolical practice of the Cabal for world hegemony has been going on for centuries. Now they are demonizing Russia and China  with every intention of crushing the two countries because they are in the way of their world hegemony. But in going against Russia and China the United States will meet its nemesis and be itself crushed and destroyed forever. This will be the eventual good outcome for the world which hopefully will become more peaceful and harmonious. 

There are two perspectives to this American virus. The wicked billionaires have been working in close collaboration with the white supremacists in Washington,  the Pentagon and CIA. The first perspective was to use a genetically engineered virus in their biological labs as a weapon to destroy and reduce the population of non-white people in non-white countries substantially by at least two thirds. The next perspective was to turn the virus plan into a billion or trillion dollar money making racket of manufacturing a vaccine to sell to the virus affected countries. In the sales and purchase agreement and the use of their vaccines they have inserted clauses to prevent themselves from prosecutions should any side effects fatal or otherwise arise or should their vaccines turn out to be ineffective. As their motive is to destroy the populations of non-white races they intentionally held back the vaccines so that they would die quickly by the millions and at the same time to jack up the price of their vaccines under their control fake scarcity. They are so wicked that killing innocent non-white people is not enough for in addition they must make toxic money out of these victims.

In short the biological virus  they make  kill and decimate the non-white races but they also create vaccines  to make sinful money out of them.   This shows how wicked and evil the white race and the Anglo-Saxons headed by the white Americans are.

Their first target and victim was China when they secretly planted the virus in Wuhan, China during the International Military Games in October, 2019. However, the virus backfired and went home to roost to attack America and the white countries with greater severity and terrific vengeance. The rest is history and the world continues to suffer because of white men's evil design to rule the whole world with absolute hegemony. They are now facing retribution or Karma or Pow-ing in Chinese dictum.


Thursday, 29th July, 2021

Covid Vaccination: Creates Over-Confidence That Takes The Guards Off

The UK has decided to allow people who have been fully vaccinated in the EU or US to enter England, Scotland and Wales freely without quarantine.

The change will come into force at 04:00 hours on Monday.

Currently, only people who received their jabs in the UK can avoid quarantine when arriving from amber list countries, except France.

The UK government said the rule change would help to reunite family and friends whose loved ones live abroad.

The rule change would make the coronaviruses very happy and also help the coronaviruses to reunite with their families and friends.

What a brilliant idea!

How to know who is fully jabbed and who is not? Use certificates that can be easily forged?

And even those who have been vaccinated can still be infected and can spread the disease even faster and wider because they show only mild symptoms or no symptoms.

Desperate times drive desperate people to adopt desperate measures that will ultimately make them even more desperate.

SSO - 29 July 2021

 PS. Comment by Redbean. 

UK is a country that has lost control of the virus. So there is nothing else to do but to open up to everyone. It makes no difference anymore. So all the countries in the same bad state would adopt the same option, welcome everyone and all virus. You know the risk, you are responsible to yourself. 

Let's see how many failed state will follow this route to open up irresponsibly and see the damage going forward.


CPF's unreasonable, unfair, unjustifiable logic of a bully

 CPF as a life long saving scheme started well and meant well. Setting aside as high as 40% of a person's monthly income for retirement is a bit too much, but no one is complaining of having too much of a good thing. The intent is good but the execution is turning unreasonable, abusive and abrasive and unreasonble and unacceptable to the people in many ways.

The first annoyance and offensive change was the shifting of the goal post, from being able to withdraw at 55 to 60,  and now 65 and hinting of moving it to 70. The people did not accept this lightly and were furious, but unable to do much against the govt that think it can do anything without the consent of the people, by changing the rules as and when it suka. It is leegal! What can the people do?

The following are the things that are unreasonable, unacceptable to the point of unthinkable.

1. How can a saving scheme for retirement has no consideration on when the people should stop saving after a certain age? The ridiculous nature of this saving scheme is that one is expected to continue to save and contribute new money into the system past the age of 60 to infinity. There is not cut off age and no regards to how much one has in the savings and how much one needs.

2. With no consideration to set a cut off date when a person no longer needs to save, some have more than enough to live a comfortable life after retirement, the scheme gradually turns to look like a trap, to tangkap the people's money at all cost. A good example is the interest on CPF money withdrawn for housing loans. The interest keeps running, interest on the borrower's own money, and this running even after the age when one is entitled to withdraw all his savings! This is made worse when one now cannot withdraw all the savings on withdrawal age. So the running interest could be even more than the loan. 

Why should a 60, 70 or 80 year old person be owing interest to a housing loan he took, the money for the loan is his/hers, when he/she is many years past the age that he/she can withdraw all the savings when he/she could die any moment? What kind of logic or premises is behind the thinking of the people in govt?

What this means is that a person that sold his property at 70 or 80 or 90, must put back the interest accrued from his housing loan, into the CPF and still cannot withdraw all from the CPF. Is this reasonable, meaningful or simply unreasonable and unthinkable?

Any reasonable saving policy must have a cut off point when there is no longer a need or requirement to want to save anymore, and many would even have more than they need to live on.

Should the millionaires in the govt be reminded of the purpose of a saving scheme for retirement and why, after a certain age, it is meaningless to save and save anymore, that it would be better to enjoy the life long savings that to be stressed up to be forced to save when one can die the next very next day?

Please be reasonable, please stop bullying the people by having an iron grip on their life savings, their money, to spend while they are still able to enjoy and conscious of being alive. Please stop being so mean when it is the people's life savings, not public money.

3. Compulsory medical insurance.  Regardless of whether you need it or not, whether you have private insurance, or if overseas, already contributing to insurance of country of residents, still must pay up. still got to pay for children's insurance, by law man, leegal man. Not paying up is a crime man.

4. No money to eat but got money in CPF. Many people are jobless, retired, no income, no savings, no money to eat, but have a lot of money in the CPF. But CPF money cannot touch. The logic, can die first from hunger and sickness, CPF money is for the future to live on, and in case, in case only, when one got sick in the future, got money to pay medical bills.  Brilliant thinking and very compassionate and caring. This is how good the thinking behind the CPF scheme.

With such a scheme, everyone that died, through sickness or hunger, will still have a lot of money in the CPF. Only millionaire policy makers can come up with such a fantastic and caring scheme for the people, to die rich.

PS. Comments from a 76 year old

However, the cunning Minister of Health has compel me to pay for compulsory medical insurance which I do not need.

Not only that. He also compel me to pay for my son's and daughter's medical insurance, which do not need because they are also covered in my pension agreement with the government. Everything is done by force, against my free will.

Even though I have been paying the medical insurance, I still have to keep a minimum sum in my compulsory Medisave account to "cover my medical expenses".

This double whammy upon my financial situation, when I have no more income and unable to find a decent job at my age, is a crooked, cruel and sadistic action deliberately inflicted upin a hapless old man. It is unthinkable, horrendous and inhuman.

With such an experience with the CPF, I will never put in even one single cent into the CPF.

CPF to me stands for Compel People by Force.

CPF - I want to have $2m in my CPF when I am 80


'The ST article also advised Singaporeans to refund the money that one might have withdrawn from CPF for home loan. ST wrote, “You should now set targets to give your OA a regular boost by refunding the money that you withdrew for your home loan.”

It advised people to go to myCPF website and “Make a housing refund with cash”. This is so that one “can have a high level of savings in your CPF again, as if you have never used a dollar to pay for your home loan”.

ST said this is the “secret” to how people can achieve about $700,000 in their OA when they are in their early 50s, by “dutifully contributed to their CPF since they were young”.

“If you can achieve this, you will stand a chance to have $1 million or more in your OA when you are in your 60s,” concluded ST.

There are 394,710 CPF members with over $500,000 such as the featured CPF member with 1.6 million in her CPF account. The CPF member’s age group (65-70) has 25,599 other similar members.'

I am so encouraged by the above posted in TOC, that I want to set a target of having $2m in my CPF savings when I am 80. I am going to withdraw whatever cash I have in my bank and repay the interest accrued from my CPF loans for housing.

I think I will become one of the richest 80 year olds in Singapore. I hope that I could live to 100 to enjoy my savings. I also hope that I would not suffer from dementia and forgot what I have in the CPF. 

My greatest consolation is that I would have enough savings to have a maid to push me around the parks every evening to watch the sunset, if my eyes are still able to see.

What a nice advice, and what a nice feeling to have so much money at 80. Maybe I should continue to save until I am 100 years old. Never too late to save.

Please don't call me stupidity has no cure. I like good advice that is well meaning and for my own good.

To be able to achieve this goal, I will now commence on a diet of eating bread and margarine and not to go for holidays. Only then can I smile every time I received my monthly statement from CPF....so much money, so rich. Siok, siok, siao, oops, sorry, siok.

PS.  This is the greatest advice I have ever had in my life. And I could, in an indirect way, contribute to our nation's investment in India that could blossom into billions and billions of profits and help to make many people very rich with big, big pay and big, big bonuses. But please don't ask me what the fxxx I want to do with $2m at 80.

What do you think?


China's claim of no man's island in the South China Sea has no basis?

Martin Abbugao
Tue, 27 July 2021, 7:40 pm

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said Tuesday that Beijing's expansive claims in the South China Sea have "no basis in international law", taking aim at China's growing assertiveness in the hotly contested waters.

Austin's broadside came at the start of his first trip to Southeast Asia as US defence secretary, as he seeks to rally allies in the region as a bulwark to China.  Yahoo News

 This black African American dared to denounce China's claim of no man's islands in the South China Sea as having no basis in international law.

Alright, what is the basis for the Europeans to claim the whole swath of North America, ie USA and Canada? These are not no man's lands. They belong to the natives of North America.  There were millions of them there. Can this black African American tell the world on what basis are the Europeans claiming these lands as theirs? 

On the basis that they could genocide the native Americans until near extinction and no longer able to occupy the land? Or was it on the basis of the Christian doctrine of Discovery, whereby the natives are not regarded as human beans but sub human beans and did not have any rights of ownership of the land?

Is there any international law that recognised the white Europeans' claim of USA and Canada? Did the UN recognise these claims?

Please tell the world on what basis did the white men claim ownership of USA and Canada,  and also Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia and many Atlantic and Pacific Islands?

The world, the UN, must question the white European's claims of native lands all over the world,  The UN must conduct an inquiry into the seizure of native lands by the white men and make a ruling on it. 

Yes, since the Americans are questioning the ownership of land claims, it is opportune for the UN to take a position on this subject and settle the score once and for all in the name of justice and fairness and in respecting the rights of natives and international law.




Covid19 - Why is vaccination imperative if it does not prevent infection?


As I see it, taking the vaccine is now a national imperative. Once the nation is well-vaccinated, we can get on the road to restoring what the pandemic has taken away from us.

Helping others will always involve personal risks and detriments. But we need to unite our efforts to save our country, our economy, and our future from the destructive effects of the pandemic.

To those who have volunteered to be vaccinated, I say thank you for your sacrifice and the risk you took, for sake of others and for loved ones.

In this pandemic which affects us all, there is a big picture to consider. In the big picture, so long as the nation is insufficiently vaccinated, our borders will never be fully opened, our economy will be hampered, and people’s lives and livelihoods will remain in limbo.

To those eligible for vaccination but are hesitant to take the vaccine, do consider joining the vaccination drive. In my humble opinion, time is not on our side. 

Jeannette Chong Aruldoss

The above is the concluding paragraph of an appeal by Jeannette Chong in a post in TRE.  Does anyone know what she is talking about? What is the real problem? I know, lawyers are very good in words, in arguments, but in science, technology and numbers?

The issue in her argument is that our lives are affected because the economy is affected and we need to get our lives back by reopening the economy. And why is vaccination imperative? It is to open the economy.

Then what does vaccination do? For one, vaccination does not stop one from getting infected. Two, vaccination does not prevent the spread of the virus. The best vaccination does is to lower the risk of the infection getting too serious or leading to death. What do these mean? Getting vaccination is a personal affair, about protecting oneself from being more sick or dying. Getting vaccinated or not does not increase or decrease the spread of  Covid19. 

The spread of the disease can be moderated by isolation, social distancing, wearing masks and not socialising when one is infected. It has little to do with vaccination!

So what is this hype about calling for compulsory vaccination or imperative vaccination if it is not going to have any direct effect on the spread of the disease or opening of the economy?

Go ahead and open the door, open the economy for all you want.  The people that did not get vaccinated would only be responsible to themselves and their actions would not lead to infecting others if they wear masks, maintain social distancing and isolate themselves when infected. Vaccination is only to protect themselves and lower the risk of hospitalisation and death if it did reach that stage. There is no need to cry and panic whether they are vaccinated or not.

In fact getting vaccination is taking a risk, a sacrifice, to allow the opening of the economy.  Can you believe this? Why would anyone want to take a risk for the sake of opening the economy? Is this too much to ask for? Asking people to take risk, make it compulsory some more, so that the economy can be open? OK, the compulsory call was not by Jeannette.  But I must give her credit for admitting that getting vaccinated is taking a risk. 

If getting vaccinated would prevent one from being infected, thus lowering the risk of spreading the disease, it would be more meaningful to make it compulsory, imperative. But it is not. It is now proven beyond any doubt that vaccination does not prevent one from being infected. This is unlike other vaccinations that we have known, eg, measles, polio, etc etc.

PS. From a commenter called Oxygen in TRE.

'The vaccines now in use seems ineffective of their claimed efficacy protection. Just look at the Jurong Port/KTV clusters where 3/4 of the infected are fully vaccinated, right?

This cluster proportion is higher than the population-wide averages (which include children) reveals the futility of vaccination outcome sought.

SO IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE THAT SOME DON’T WANT TO TAKE RISKS of the unknown when the known outcome is so dismally defeating of outcome.'

People's Association Caught Sleeping Again and Again?

 The People's Association must be a very exciting organisation to work in. It seems like there are new discoveries every year by the Auditor General's Office (AGO). Last year, there were several serious discrepancies discovered. This year, the AGO has again discovered several lapses and possible irregularities related to the People's Association's management.

The PA had engaged contractors to carry out minor building works at OTH and a managing agent to manage the facilities and supervise the contractors.

The AGO checked only a sample of payments totalling $1.27 million made between April 2018 and March 2020 and found possible irregularities in the supporting documents for 34 of the 36 payments. What if the AGO had checked ALL the thousands of payments? I think someone will faint on the spot.

The irregularities included possible falsification of quotations, alteration of hard-copy payment supporting documents and the creation and backdating of documents to give the false impression that proper processes had been followed.

"As the lapses relate to serious allegations involving falsification of documents, including in relation to claims by external parties, PA has lodged a police report and investigations are ongoing," the PA said, adding that it had suspended the staff involved pending the outcome of the investigation.

The PA also said it would set up a task force led by senior officers to strengthen processes in procurement, contract and facility management, raise staff capabilities, and improve oversight of contractors and managing agents.

It will also appoint an external consultant to conduct a thorough review of its governance system and oversight functions related to contract management of all development projects, the PA added.

The external consultant will be given a "broad mandate" to review such matters and provide recommendations to strengthen PA's oversight of contract management.

Other issues flagged by the AGO include lapses in the computation of adjustments for price fluctuations for the main construction contract at OTH and weaknesses in the management and oversight of contract variations for the main construction contracts for both OTH and HBB.

This means PA could have overpaid its contractors by an estimated $2 million for building materials for OTH, such as concrete and steel reinforcements.

The AGO also checked 465 contract variations amounting to $26.48 million and found lapses in 252 or 54.2 per cent of them. Contract variations are mutually agreed changes to the terms of contracts that are already in effect.

No evidence of approval was found for 109 contract variations, while approvals for 142 of them were obtained only one month to 5½ years after works had commenced or were already completed. There were also other issues such as the use of incorrect rates, resulting in over- and underpayments.

AGO also found wastage of $5.39m of public funds at HPB over excess fitness trackers.

AGO finds heritage items improperly deleted from NHB records, tender bids not evaluated.

But the PA failed to ensure this requirement was made explicit in the tenancy agreement. This resulted in the tenant charging fees that were 23 per cent higher than the cap specified for the first two years of its operation.

With a budget of $1 billion, or slightly less, per year, the money seems to be easy come easy go?

Every year, the AGO is bound to discover several lapses, irregularities, discrepancies or possible frauds in almost all the Ministries, Statutory Boards or other government agencies. This cannot go on and on for years. The government is urged to fix the root causes of such embarrassing and preventable lapses.



Quad - Gang of 4 fictional characters

 The Quad was the antagonistic scheme of the evil Americans to confront and challenge China's rise as the top superpower. The Americans have all the reasons to want to stop China from becoming richer and more powerful than them and to topple the Americans as the number one economy. Instead of facing the Chinese challenge head on by putting all their resources to boost up their economy, the Americans seek the way of the gangsters to want to block China by all kinds of aggression and wars.  This is in the blood of the Americans, wars and killings, to be rich and powerful by going to wars to kill their enemies, to steal their land and their resources and enslave the people. The continent of North America and its natives, South America and the Arab countries in the Middle East are all victims of American aggression.

Very few countries would want to go to war with China except for a few like Japan, India and Australia, that have an axe to grind for one reason or another.  In the military sense, only the Americans could present a real challenge to China. The rest are at best playing the role of jokers, jesters or spoilers.

In the case of Australia, a country with only 22m population, and a little military force that at best be enough to defend a city like Canberra and nothing else, definitely not enough to defend the piece of continent they stole from the aborigines, its role in the Quad is like a court jester. Everyday this jester would be pounding its chest and telling the top dog that it is going to send its soldiers to fight China, to go to war with China. What a joke. If Indonesia decides to take over this little clownish country, it would be over in a week before they could cry to the Americans for help.

India is big in population but otherwise just a spoiler. A poor third world country with pretension of being a super power but not even able to provide a decent life for its people, and a dilapidated armed forces that depend on buying weapons from other countries to give it some image of a modern army, can never be a threat to China. Without a strong military manufacturing base, its war machine could not last a week in a major war with China when it would be crying out loud for supplies of bullets and spare parts.

India would and could win all wars if wars is fought with the mouth and words. When real bullets and fighting soldiers are the key factors, India is best be forgotten. Its role in the Quad is best as a spoiler, a trumpet to make a lot of noises.

Japan has a significant military, the biggest and most powerful in Asia after China. But one for one, it is dwarfed by the might and heft of the PLA. Today Japan is no contest against China.  There would be no Japan to talk about should war breaks out with China. Japan would be history, a barren grave yard for centuries to come. Japan has three arch enemies in China, Russia and the Koreas, all waiting for a chance to turn it into smokes.

Japan knows its precarious situation after being the invader and butcher of China, Russia and the Koreas in WW2. It has a blood debt to pay and can only hope that this day would not come or can be kicked further down the road. Its only hope is for the Americans to be on its back and keep its enemies at bay. It needs the Quad to keep the balance and China in check. Unfortunately the value of Quad and the American protection is weakening with each passing day.

The day of reckoning must come and will come for Japan to face its crimes against China, Russia and the Koreas. This is the pathetic future waiting for Japan. And the Quad is as good as it could be as a fictional gang that would prove useless when that day comes. The Americans would not and would never fight a war with China. In conventional war, the Americans would be blown to pieces by the PLA. The PLA had done it in Korea, and to some extent in Vietnam. A nuclear war has no winners. The Americans are hoping to use the Quad as a straw man to frighten China with a joker, jester and a spoiler in tow. The latter three would be turned into mince meat by China if a war really comes. Straw man can only be straw man and nothing else.

COVID-19 Olympics: Stupidity has No Cure


Tokyo reported at least 1,979 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, 22 July 2021, as the Olympic Games are just ONE day out from its official start.

The jump in new cases is the Japanese capital Tokyo's highest increase in new cases since January 15.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Japan linked to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has risen to 91, according to Tokyo 2020 organizers Thursday.

Nine of the 91 cases reported were residents of the Olympic Village, five of whom are athletes and four are "Games-related personnel."

The capital is currently under a coronavirus state of emergency — set to expire on August 22 — while the Tokyo 2020 Games are set to officially begin on Friday.

It is a clear sign of being stupid and stubborn to go ahead with the Olympics, when the COVID-19 Pandemic is still rampaging across the Whole World.

If one is stupid and stubborn at the same time, one is an IDIOT! When one is an idiot, then his stupidity has no cure.

It looks like the present set of Japanese leaders has stupidity that cannot be cured.


July 23, 2021

Reality vs Stats (CECA) As experienced by a real citizen


Dear Minister Tan See Leng,

This is an open letter as a handful of citizens may be interested in the matter of "employment disconnect" as seen from the eyes of a real citizen.

From your ministerial statement made on 6th July 2021, you declared:

"Today we still have about 22,000 PME jobs that are not filled. Companies are desperate to fill these jobs, and would love to take in Singaporeans if they could, because they would be more productive. So why are these jobs not filled till now?"

"The citizen unemployment rate over the past decade has been consistently low at around 3%".

Minister sir, then it is time for all of us to celebrate and smell the roses.......... if the above statements are true. That SG is actually experiencing full employment status as defined by textbook economists.

However, if the Minister would take the effort to leave his Ivory tower and spend some money to support our Grab and private hirer drivers and chat with them about why they are driving instead of being driven, then the Minister would tear up his stacks of data and bin them.

You will find your trip well spent and highly educational. Most of us speak good English. Able to talk about social, political, and diversified matters that come with our world-class education system. If you close your eyes, you could have sworn that you are actually speaking with a PMET. Imagine that. Like the CECA Indians, we the PMET drivers are everywhere!

The next question as a competent Minister of Manpower would ask " why are you driving risking your life for 8 to 12 hours a day without rest when there are 22,000 PMET jobs sitting in my office?"

Why indeed. As a humble PMET driver, I can only postulate that it is because there is
a Blockage that is stopping these jobs from being filled by SG. This also applies to the thousands of delivery drivers, food Pandas, security officers, supervisors and those who simply give up and slip through the cracks and out of the system. Your 3% unemployment rate would look rather untenable if you factor in the thousands that are not working in the appropriate jobs as commensurate with their experiences and educational level. A term that MOM should start adopting in your statistics - Underemployment.

By now, your senses must be chiming with a small alarm bell that not all is rosy at the grassroots level. Either the vacancies data you are provided with are false, thus permitting the hordes of PRs and new citizens continued and unrestricted entry into SG or a blockage that is undermining our ability to access these 22,000 PMET jobs. Or both.

I, like many others, have applied repeatedly for jobs that are in line with our expertise and experiences. Yet, over the 8 years of applications, I received less than 10 calls and 2 interviews. I assure you that I am not alone in this matter. I assure you that it has nothing to do with lack of skills upgrading too. This is some diversionary tactic to detract us from the grim fact that our jobs are simply taken over regardless of skills, salaries, and experiences. For many of us, this exercise is actually skills "downgrading".

As a responsible Minister, I urge you to be more proactive in this matter by:
1. Check and confirm that there are actually 22,000 PMET jobs available. Not just a number that has not been refreshed and gathering dust.

2. Deploy some manpower and speak with Real people on the ground driving, delivering, guarding, cleaning, and other jobs.......why they are doing what they are doing. Is
this to keep fit, hobby, list of things to do before dying or lack of proper jobs?

3. Include in your database, the status of "Underemployed" citizens for this group is not insignificant. This will provide a more realistic reflection on our state of employment.

4. Set up a "Sting" operation to flush out why these vacancies are blocked or even "gamed" and still not filled despite your so-called best efforts.


Use actual CVs of unemployed PMETs to test the usual routes to potential employers and monitor what happens with the applications. Keep in close communication with the applicants.

If nothing happens after 1 month (no calls at all), then pay a friendly visit to the employer and enquire about the status of these unfilled jobs without giving their HR knowledge that the MOM has been monitoring the application.

I am sure that along with the thousands of unemployed PMETs, we will be very interested in learning why these jobs remain unfilled and what gems the MOM may uncover on the proviso that you are willing to reveal them.

We, the people of our beloved red dot, are mostly not smelling roses but the pong of Titan Arum aka "smelliest flower in the world". I urge you along with our esteemed Ministers to cast off your suits and really start looking with fresh eyes instead of burying yourselves in statistics for you are losing touch with your own people - I mean Singaporeans who have served the Army, reservists and wives and mothers that borne them.

Your humble GRAB driver,
Philip Wen


Singapore, banking paradise taken away by CECA

Below are some comments from C Soon Hock's facebook. More comments can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/100003526877073/posts/as-a-veteran-in-the-banking-industry-with-nearly-40-years-of-experience-myself-h/3925172964276894/

This pathetic state of Singapore's development has to be said, spoken loudly, or they would think everything is fine, cause no one is complaining and they have their ears on the ground, but could not hear a thing. Some may not want these to be heard and may threaten those speaking up as being racist and may even pofma the writers and commenters.

The founding fathers fought for the independence of this island from self ruled. We want this island to be ours, to determine our own future, build our own dreams, for our children. After the hard battles to win this island from the British, it is ludicrous, unthinkable, that we are giving this island to foreigners on a silver platter.  The foreigners need not have to fight for it, need not life a finger, they are invited to take over this island and all that is in the island.

Come one and come all, Singapore is yours for the taking, Singapore belongs to you as long as you are here, even if you are not citizens. We do not want this island anymore.  We want to share our island with everyone. Everything can be taken, the island can be yours. Just come and take it. Daft Singaporeans would not mind. They are busy driving Grabs and trying to feed themselves as delivery boys and security guards.


Soh Chee Seng

I met a number of talented Singaporeans working in overseas, most of them may not come back to Singapore as they told me that they might not find a place in Singapore. Really sad. Don’t misinterpret, we welcome the true talented foreigners including In…
See more

David Lee

I met soon hock with tim , a gic veteran, I can say without reservation , he is totally right on the financial landscape,
Filled with Indian bodies of labour and displacing our local boys .…
See more

Sam Lai

Sadly 61+% of the population has impaired mental capability, and the Snowflake Free Riders are in the euphoria state with their head buried in between CECA legs.

Chan KaYee Louisa

Well said.

Lee Voon Min

Well said. Pls share with all Singaporean.

Karming Fong

Forward this to PMO ,MOM and Ms la

Dar Wong

Well said.. Bravo! Totally agreed with your pts... Im proud to be your jr colleague in early 90s though you might not hv known my existence... The days in BT Futures

Lance Quek

Well said. Bravo. Completely agree on these points. In our own VC, we make it a point to bring in team members who are Singaporeans. The society needs to function on meritocracy, but the haven we created is now made to be biased against us... Truly unf…
See more3

Tnylau Null

Norman ScWee

Don't forget local PMETs have been through one of the world's toughest tertiary training. Wondering why they can't beat those CECA potentials.

John Seah

I totally feel & agree with you. Hope our ministers see & feel it too !

See Chong Tan

Thank u for sharing.

Susan Cheah

Well said. I have always felt we are the lead in the financial industry in Asia and many parts of the world. But not sure why we still need the CECA.
Even our undergraduates have the potential to lead our banking industry to the next peak in Asia and internationally.

Jennifer Sin

Absolutely. And this is not just happening, it has been happening for a while. At first the IT sector, then the financial sector and now they are also invading the supply chain segment..companies in Singapore have their purchasing and supply chain departments all dominated by this nationality. Is it not something that Singaporeans can't do? And to make things double troubling for our citizens, some companies have HR departments managed by foreigners and they went on to hire their own ppl in HR who have limited knowledge about MOM policies n then went on to hire non Singaporeans for other positions. All they have to show MOM is a few resumes of Singapore citizens that are not suitable n justify to hire foreigners. It is so simple to justify hiring a non citizen now

Jason Ng Bak Huat

I wonder why CNA do not initiate a live forum btw the highly educated politicians and the highly experienced industry veterans like Soon Hock. The idea is not to put anyone down but to see clearer both sides of the coin. Our children depends on the pol…
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Gary Hatchison

I already said nowadays these govt agencies behave like MONKEYS & IDIOTS, including MTF, ICA, NEA, LTA, NParks, SPF, TP, etc.
These MONKEYS & IDIOTS handle things without using their brains, just follow orders blindly, they themselves don't even know …
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Choon Yean Choong

If they r as good as they r made out to be, why have they not become a financial center, IT Center, Medical Hub n etc? SG like to look at international ranking, where r they?

Animal Farm 2021, Singapore

Pictures are very meaningful and easy to understand.


The two pics are stark in similarities. The horses, cows, sheep, chicken etc etc were no where to be seen while they party and fine dined in comfort and luxury with the wealth created by the work horses, ie the workers.

A picture paints a thousand words. Nothing left to be said.

The Concept And Practice Of Ownself Check Ownself

 What is "Ownself Check Ownself"?

Ownself check ownself is oneself checking oneself in every aspect of human existence and human endeavors. No third party is involved.

Essentially, it is self-enrichment, self-glorification, self-indulgence, and self-protection through self-accountability.

In other words, it means no accountability and no transparency to the public, the masses, the citizens

Who created the concept of "Ownself Check Ownself"?

From the very beginning, this corrupted concept was created by people with corrupted thinking. It became a corrupt practice carried out by power-hungry and corrupt dictators and absolute monarchs who enjoyed unfettered power over their citizens or subjects, and unfettered total control of all institutions of government in the country in which they rule.

It is a practice that any conscionable, upright, moral and law-abiding person or organisation would never have acceded to, condoned for, or be associated with.

Why is it still in existence?

Nevertheless, the practice has been going on and on for decades, centuries and time immemorial. It has been left unchecked by any Independent third party because the power of the day has always ensure that no Independent third party ever existed. If it does exist, it has been existing in semblance and form but not in substance nor in spirit. So, without a third party to counter-balance the unfettered and absolute power of the ruling elites, the practice of ownself check ownself carries on without respite, and become part of the system of governance as if it is a normal and acceptable practice. And in a vicious cycle, it enhances and further strengthen the unfettered power of the ruling elites (dictatorship, monarchy or aristocracy)

Will it ever end?

In the end, this corrupt practice will lead to much suffering of the people, by the people and to the people. As the sufferings become too immense, too intense and too intolerable, uprisings naturally arise to challenge and topple the unfettered absolute dictatorial power of the day, with or without bloodshed, no matter how long it takes.

However, no success is possible without sacrifice.

Singapore Context

In the Singapore context, the self-check mechanism is subsumed into the overall governing system. It comprises:

1. The Judiciary,

2. The Parliament,

3. The Attorney General's Chambers.

4. The Accountant General's Office,

5. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau,

6. The Internal Security Department,

7. The Public Service Commission.

8. The Presidential Advisory Council.

9. The Elected Presidency.

Despite all the above, however, there seems to be no one willing to sacrifice himself, or no organisation that is willing to sacrifice itself in order to topple the unfettered absolute power that the PAP enjoys increasingly over the last 56 years.

Moreover, there has been no critical mass, strong enough, to want to topple the present PAP government. But that doesn't mean it will not happen.

The deceptive CECA Trojan golden wooden horse has already entered the City, brought in deliberately through the folly of some local leaders. When the right time comes, under cover of Darkness (pun intended), the hidden invaders will show themselves and it will be too late for the local leaders and inhabitants to defend themselves.


The practice of ownself check ownself will lead to the ultimate overthrow of the unfettered absolute power as the citizenry becomes fed-up, awakened, more resolute, more courageous and more willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the country. And, of course, when a critical mass is reached, either by the locals or by a mixture of foreign subversive elements and local traitors.

It is only a matter of when, not a matter of if.

SSO - 23 July 2021.


The Freemasons/Illuminati/Rothschild /Zionists Cabal & the 5Eyes Anglo-Saxons diabolical Conspiracies against China.

             The Freemasons/Illuminati/Rothschild/Zionist Cabal and the 5 Eyes Anglo-Saxons (  will now refer to as FIRZCAS  ) had plotted plans to destroy China almost 20 years ago.

Why do they want to take down China? They cannot tolerate to see a China under a Communist Socialist System of government  being too successful, rich and powerful that is able to outcompete the Western capitalist democracy in a fair level playing field and beat them at their own game under their own rules and regulations. They fear the Chinese socialist system and governance which is so brilliantly successful will be adopted by their ex-colonies of the Third World countries. They want to continue to exploit the Third-World countries to sustain their high standard of pompous luxurious lives at the expense of impoverishing their ex-colonies which they had been doing so for centuries. China has shown the way and the vision that besides the exploitative Western capitalist democracy system, a non-invasive socialist system can also help a Third-World undeveloped country to  develop successfully and prosper and get rid of poverty and foreign exploitation.   The Western capitalist countries have for the last 70 years since the end of the Second World War using their pretentious World Bank  and IMF giving loans purportedly to help the poor Third-World countries but undoubtedly the loans was a debt trap to keep these countries forever impoverished so as to enrich the white imperialists and at the same time to keep a permanent strangle-hold  on these poor countries that they will have to follow their dictates such as demands for military bases in their countries and political allegiance to imperialist West especially the United States.

The United States and its Western mafia gangsters have plans to reduce the world population from over 7 billion people to about one and a half billion people. The plan is to reduce only the non-white population in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They will use various ways to destroy these non-white populations through chemicals and biological means and lastly through a catastrophic Third-World War which they think they will win and survive. 

The Anglo-Saxons believe that after  the cataclysmic Third-World War they will build a New World Order under the Anglo-Saxons and Western control. But first they have to get  China and the Chinese people out of the way so that it will fulfill the white racist agenda of the Anglo-Saxons to have total worldwide hegemonic control over everybody else in a New World Order.   

The Freemasons...FIRZCAS held a secret meeting in London in 2005 to hatch their plan against China. Their plan against China and the Chinese was so evil, diabolical,  machiavellian and cataclysmic. They would first target China with a  biological weapon. They were working on a genetically engineered coronavirus that would only destroy Chinese or non-White races. The genetically engineered coronavirus would cause great destruction and reduction of the Chinese population in China. Then after the successful attack of the coronavirus they would later follow up with nuclear attack on many Chinese cities which would be catastrophic and cataclysmic. The Anglo-Saxons and the white races propensity for evil deeds, cruelties, atrocities, killings and genocide have no bounds. 

Their evil plan was supposed to start with a biological attack on China in 2008 follow by a war on China. The plan was then temporary shelved because of two circumstantial negative factors. First the genetically engineered coronavirus in Fort Detrick, North Carolina, USA got into some serious problems. Next the United States and the West were struck by serious financial disasters causing a severe recession or near depression in their economies that affected the whole world except China. The  United States had to appeal to China for support in buying more of their treasury bonds and not to sell the old bonds and to continue to support the US petro dollar or else the whole of US economy would collapse which would eventually drag the whole world's economy, currency and financial systems down disastrously. 

However, in September or October 2019 , US secretly planted the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China during the international military games. Had it not been for the competent and quick action of the Chinese government the Covid-19 could have destroyed  China.

The omnipotent Almighty One in Heaven disapproves the white race and the Anglo-Saxons practise of Darwinism where and whence they kill and destroy others for their own selfish survival. On the contrary the Chinese principle of help your neighbour and prosper your neighbour in cooperation to work for a win-win situation for the mutual common good, benefit and prosperity of everyone is is closer to God's magnificent kindness and benevolence.

God's disapproval of the white people's wickedness is seen in the backfiring of the Coronavirus to haunt them in their topsy-turvy messing up of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Anglo-Saxons and the white people must know 'Karma' is real and that "Man proposes but God disposes." As US and the West are in the midst of severe uncontrollable backfired Coronavirus attack so they again avoided imposing a war on China.

Below is an article from the 'Freemasons Meeting 2005....CV-9Teen Pandemic Plan which gives us some inklings of their satanic plan.                                                                                                                               

* There is a planned Third World War, which will be nuclear and biological. Our source believes that this is on track to be initiated within the next 18-24 months. * It is planned to begin with a strike by Israel on Iran. Either Iran or China will be provoked into a nuclear response. After a brief nuclear exchange, there will be a ceasefire. The world will be thrown into fear and chaos - all carefully engineered. * The extreme state of tension will be used to justify heavy social and military controls in all western first world nations. Plans are already in place for that. * During the nuclear ceasefire, there is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, "China will catch a cold". Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened. * This is intended to be just the beginning. After this, a full nuclear exchange would be triggered: the "real" war, with widespread destruction and loss of life. Our source tells us that the planned population reduction through these combined means is 50%. He heard this figure stated in the meeting. This horrific scenario has been planned for generations. The first two world wars were part of the set-up for this final apocalypse - as is the centralization of financial resources that was precipitated with the equally well-planned financial collapse of October 2008. As if all this were not enough, our source speculates this is all set against the backdrop of a coming "geophysical event" - the same kind of event as was experienced by our ancestors approximately 11,500 years ago. If this event occurs - not necessarily expected in 2012, but sometime in the next decade - it would destroy civilization as we know it, dwarfing even the effects of a nuclear war."

The extreme evil and wickedness of the white race especially the Anglo-Saxons of UK and US will not go unpunished by the omnipotent Almighty One in heaven who will condemn them to suffer in painful agony and self-destruction.


Saturday, 24th July, 2021.



Singapore, 5th largest financial centre in the world, has no talents in banking and finance and needed to import all and sundry from third world Indian villages


 Below are two comments by C Soon Hock and Philip Wen in the former's facebook page. I hope they don't mind me reproducing their comments as they are already being forwarded many, many times in Whatsapp. Both are veteran bankers that lived through the heydays when Singapore was the 5th largest financial centre in the world and Singaporeans were in the thick of things. Those were the days when banking and bankers were mostly Singaporeans.  Goh Keng Swee made it so, demanded it to be so. Singapore was built for Singaporeans not funny locals that are foreigners.

Singapore as a world financial centre was Goh Keng Swee's baby. Today, if he were alive and to read the following two comments, he would have jumped off from the tallest building in Singapore's Mumbai Financial Centre. The financial centre that he built for Singaporeans is now run by Indians from third world India, soon everyone in the banks, from CEO to clerical staff, frontline and backroom and IT would be taken over by the Indians. 

The world's 5th largest financial centre could not find any Singaporeans good enough to run the banks, even low level jobs, and have to go to third world India's villages, whose financial centre is lowly ranked in the 50s, for banking talents. And now the Ceca Indians having been allowed to move in to replace nearly all the Singaporeans are speaking through their megaphones that Singapore has no talents, not limited to banking and finance talents, and despising and sneering at the stupid Singaporeans that are now the taxi drivers driving them and their wives around town or delivering food and groceries to their new Singapore homes.

How did this sordid state of affair happen to Singapore and to the Singaporeans? Who is or are the imbeciles that allowed this to happen? Did they know that our founding fathers fought and built this island city state for Singaporeans, not foreigners, not Johnny come lately?

The two comments below are very painful to read as they were telling a very sickening chapter in our history that could only get worse and no way of turning back. Singapore and Singaporeans are gone and the foreigners, especially the Ceca Indians, are taking over, lock, stock and barrel, in a matter of times.

Anyone still wondering why xenophobia is raising its ugly head in Singapore?


C. Soon Hock
As a veteran in the banking industry with nearly 40 years of experience myself, having worked in MAS/GIC, Tokyo, New York, Singapore, top US investment banks, top Japanese bank, my own asset management firm, I can understand and agree to what is written below as I witness the changes in the banking industry here from 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and now 2021.
I am saddened and very disappointed to what has happened in the manpower area to our own Singaporeans.
Personally, I take it upon myself through these nearly 40 years to train and create as many jobs & opportunities for fellow Singaporeans especially younger ones into and in the banking industry with my limited personal time, constrained firm's resources, network, structure and knowledge. I am still at it as a thankful and loyal beneficiary to my fellow Singaporeans. I have spent millions of my own hard earned money on young Singaporeans and supported many and glad that some are holding senior & well paying banking jobs & some as skillful risk taking fund managers/traders. For many years my small firm trained, provided risk capital and paid 5 to 12 young Singaporean graduates each year and helped them to get a foothold into the industry, since 2003.
As Rcvd:
Philip Wen
I was asked this question about CECA. This is wholly my personal opinion based on my experience.
Are there sectors of our economy to which Singaporeans can contribute equally well if not better than foreign manpower?
The banking and finance sectors are where Singaporeans have excelled in. Singaporeans have worked very well with fellow Asians and Westerners forming an excellent symbiotic bridge thus establishing Singapore itself as a Major Financial center globally. We did this with only a sprinkling of expats with the majority being locally born and raised Singaporeans. During the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, we had expats coming in but not in droves. As a senior Trader in FX and Bonds, I actually trained many overseas Bankers who came to Singapore to LEARN from us. They came from regional banks throughout Asia including the Reserve bank of India! Our expertise in the Banking field has no equal within Asia including Tokyo and HK. This is because of our usage of English as the common language and the natural abilities to pick up new financial products which helped propelled Singapore into becoming the "Switzerland of the East." There is absolutely NO WAY that these "so-called foreign talents" in the past few years could have outperformed Singaporeans in the field of Banking.
I often visited Mumbai- "the financial center of India" to introduce new products and hi-tech trading platforms to their team of "experts". Some of these offices do not even have air-conditioning with open windows and floor standing fans scattered everywhere! The entire trading department has only ONE Bloomberg terminal to be shared amongst the lot of them! In TATA head office, they still use rattan and school chairs and desks as office furniture! During certain periods of their hot season, they have frequent power outages causing their internet network to crash and we have to climb up 25 floors. They don't even have their own dedicated phone lines. PCs and trading platforms need to be shared- each with their different login passwords!! Please remember that this was the state of affairs in the early 2000s! Not in the 1960s or 70s!!
How can they possibly be considered "talented" when the infrastructure they have cannot even support daily work activities?
How can they be "talented" when the majority doesn't even meet a foreigner on a daily basis to discuss international trading activities and financial stuff?
How can they be "talented" when their Indian rupee is tightly controlled and not traded internationally?? With severe currency controls, their FX, Equities, Bonds, and Capital assets are not even traded internationally and are out of bounds to all except local Indians.
Lacking in international banking and finance exposure and credentials in their own country, CECA Indians promptly replaced our experienced local PMETs in all fields of FX, Bonds, traders, marketing, back office, front office, compliance, risk management, public relations, relationship managers, investment banker, capital market experts, fixed-income analysts, anti-money laundering, HR, onboarding and more such jobs in the Banking sector. Jobs robbed from Singaporeans under the very noses of our "so-called talented" government. Nobody in the government actually did any studies about the Indians' suitability in these 126 professions before opening the gates to paradise!
Through CECA, they have leapfrogged our years of toil, banking culture, and sacrifices of generations of Singaporeans to take over the world's 5th largest Financial Center!
Meanwhile, Mumbai Financial Center is ranked a lowly "65" in 2020! Even Kuala Lumpur fared better at 47 despite the ongoing 1 MDB fiasco and government corruption. Mumbai - grappling with overpopulation, extreme poverty, corruption at all levels. Yet, they are deemed better than us in terms of talents.
CECA has in fact caused a " knowledge and talent" drain in favor of our Indian neighbours by providing them with a comfortable working environment. Provide them with very very high pay. Provide them with homes and places to enjoy this beautiful island nation. When their job is done in Singapore, they will simply return home and replicate what they have learned from Singapore. Meanwhile, our local PMETs serve them now as taxi drivers, GRAB deliveries, cleaners, security officers........
In summary, we created paradise only to give it away to foreigners.
I will stop here. I have to drive GRAB to make a livin

US accuse China of hacking but say nothing about Pegasus to deflect attention


42 million malicious programs detected targeting China in 2020, mostly from US and India

Many has condemned the US government on Thursday for turning a blind eye toward Israel's Pegasus spyware, while opting to smear China over the issue of cybersecurity with unwarranted charges.

The strong condemnation came after unusually broad collusion among Western powers to publicly blame China for cyberattacks. Those participating included the US, the EU, Australia, Britain, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.

Pegasus spyware, developed by the Israeli firm NSO Group, could be covertly installed on mobile phones without the awareness of phone users. It is reported that the spyware targets politicians, journalists and businesspeople around the world.

The Pegasus spyware case once again demonstrates that cybersecurity is a common threat that challenges all countries around the world. Countries should join hands to cope with threats through dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality, but surprisingly, the US government, which always talks about safeguarding cybersecurity, has remained silent over the spyware. Instead, the US is busy ganging up with its allies to slander and smear China with unwarranted charges, which reflected its guilty conscience.

The US government was pretending to be blind to the Pegasus spyware, which was exposed as undertaking surveillance of politicians, journalists and business people, and some Chinese diplomats were among the victims, media reports showed.

The facts show that China has been a major victim of cyberattacks. China captured more than 42 million malicious program samples in 2020. The overseas sources of these malicious program samples were mainly the US, India and etc, the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China (CNCERT/CC) said on Wednesday.

About 55.41 million IP addresses in China were attacked by malicious programs, accounting for 14.2 percent of all IP addresses in the country. The attacked IP addresses were mainly based in East China's Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and South China's Guangdong Province, the report said.

Chinese tech giant 360 Security Technology said that the hacking group APT-C-39, which belongs to the CIA, was found to have been launching a series of attacks against China's aerospace and scientific research institutions, the petroleum industry and large-scale internet companies for over a decade. It caused great damage to China's national security and key infrastructure and personal information security.

The 360 Security Technology captured more than 2,700 attacks launched by 44 APT hacking groups from overseas, affecting 20,000 government departments and scientific research institutions. 



CPF - Money for coffin, not for medical bills


— After being unable to use the S$46,000 in his MediSave account for a S$128 A&E bill, an 81-year-old man questioned if he would be able to even use the money to buy a coffin after he dies....

“Kindly note that we are not seeking any financial assistance regarding this situation.
I just hope that MOH will consider reviewing existing policy on the usage of Medisave during old age”, Mr Lim wrote.


Above two paragraphs are quoted from theindependent.sg concerning a 81 year old man unable to use his Medisave savings to pay for a $128 A&E bill, not some spurious and questionable bill. This is why the people are so angry and frustrated with the CPF for hoarding on so much of their money, supposedly meant for medical bills but more often than not when needed could not be made available.

Not many people live to 81 years and many in this category could die tomorrow and many did not have much money left.  The $46,000 savings in the Medisave could be his whole fortune. He could not afford to cough out $128 for the bill as he could be retired and did not have an income for donkey years.

And CPF conveniently, in its straight jacket policy, refused to let a man in his twilight years to use the savings for medical bills. What kind of sadistic policy is this? This is definitely not stupidity has no cure. It is deliberate policy that wants to hold on to the people's money for as long as they could. Many Singaporeans would die in poverty, unable to feed themselves in their last days, unable to pay for medical bills but with tens of thousands tightly grabbed by the CPF, money that belong to the individuals, not to the CPF unless we accept the silly notion that the CPF is not the people's money.

When is the govt going to be humane, fair and just, to return the savings to the people in times of need? Grabbing the money in the CPF at all cost, with no exceptions, even to sick and dying people in very advanced age is cruel and inhuman.

Maybe it is time to bring the issue to the UN as an infringement on human rights. No one has the right to take other people's money under whatever frivolous excuses, not money of people that may not live another day longer. 

The UNHCR must take note of this and address this issue as an abuse of individual rights to their property, and abuse of human rights in a so called civilised uncivilised country. It is inhumane, cruel, abusive, oppressive to hold on to a man's life savings in his twilight years. There must be a cut off age when all the money must be returned to the owners for them to at least enjoy a bit of their life savings before passing away.

What do you think, wicked imbeciles? It is a very unkind and cruel thing to do to deprive people from using their life savings, the money they worked for a life time, their blood, sweat and tears money and let them die with the money unused when it could make them feel better, live better, enjoy a little for a few days more, with their very own money.

Where is your conscience, where is your compassion?

PS. They often said that when they operated on a civil servant/politician, they could not find his heart.

Morally repugnant to accept risk of deaths or Long Covid for economic re-opening


Human Rights law establishes that the duty to protect life includes a requirement on states to take reasonable steps if they know (or ought to know) there is a real and immediate risk to life.
This cover government policy that rests on an acceptance that people will die.After all, the entire human rights framework was put in place to limit states from breaching rights.
This duty to protect applies not just to deaths. The severity of Covid-19, including the consequences of long Covid, meet this standard.If government policy can mitigate such consequences, human rights standards mandate that it should.
It is a breach of human rights standards and morally repugnant for politicians to cite "acceptable risk" for some to die - especially vulnerable old people - in exchange for economic re-opening. 

Pegasus Spyware, produced by Israel under a "private" company NSO, is Spying on The whole World


Its advertising message innocently reads:

"World's foremost phone monitoring application designed to help you ensure your child's and your smartphone's safety."

A sweeping investigation conducted by 17 media outlets discovered that the NSO Group’s Pegasus software was used to hack into 37 smartphones belonging to human rights activists and journalists.

The phones were on a leaked list of numbers discovered by Paris journalism non-profit Hidden Stories and human rights group Amnesty International. The numbers on the list were singled out for possible surveillance by countries who are clients of NSO, which markets its spyware to governments to track their own citizens for potential terrorists and criminals.

Rich parents use the Pegasus spyware to spy on their children's activities and contacts in school.

MNCs and big private companies use the Pegasus spyware to spy on their employees.

Armed Forces use the Pegasus spyware to spy on their officers and soldiers.

COVID-19 Pandemic Task Forces around the world use the Pegasus spyware to trace potentially infected persons, by changing its name Pegasus to something else, eg TraceTogether.

Pegasus can extract all of a mobile device’s data, and activate the device’s microphone to listen in on conversations surreptitiously and secretly without the knowledge and permission of the owner.

The list of hacked journalists dates back to 2016 and includes reporters from the Post, CNN, the Associated Press, Voice of America, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Le Monde, the Financial Times, and Al Jazeera.

In a statement emailed to The Verge on Sunday, the NSO spokesperson denied the claims.

“After checking their claims, we firmly deny the false allegations made in their report,” the statement continues.

The company is considering a defamation lawsuit, because it says “these allegations are so outrageous and far from reality.” This is understandable.

It would be exciting if the company really sues the 17 news outlets. Then more details can be obtained from NSO on its links with the Israeli government and intelligence organisations, as well as their modus operandi. At the very most the 17 news outlets might lose some money. However, the additional information obtained during the court proceedings from NSO would be immensely valuable for the whole World.

It’s not the first time NSO’s Pegasus spyware has been accused of being part of a globalised surveillance mission.

Between July and August 2020, the research organization "Citizen Lab" discovered that 36 phones belonging to Al Jazeera journalists had been hacked using the Pegasus technology, by hackers working for governments in the Middle East.

In 2019, WhatsApp sued the NSO Group, claiming that the Pegasus spyware was used to hack into users of WhatsApp’s Chat Service.

You should do more research into the Pegasus spyware and the NSO Group, and then draw your own conclusions.