First Group of Afghan-US Spies Evacuated To USA

This reminds me of the fall of the US US-Vietnam War in 1974/5. History repeats itself again. Only this time it's not so chaotic as before.

As the US military forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban resistance militia has manage to recapture and control more than 60% of the country. Only about 20% of the land are controlled by Afghan government forces. The other 20% are contested ground, which the Taliban seems to have the upper hand.

(The Talibans were removed from power by force through the illegal US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, initiated by President George W Bush.)

As the Taliban militia forces win more and more territories, threats against Afghan traitors who spied or worked for the US military and CIA have become more intensified and imminent. As such, the US is frantically trying to get their Afghan spies and operatives out of Afghanistan as fast as possible.

The first group of 2,500 interpreters (spies) and their families has been evacuated from Afghanistan on Thursday to Washington DC.

They are temporarily housed at the military quarters near Fort Lee Army Base, waiting for the completion of their Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) processing.

The SIV programme is offered to those who worked with the US government or American-led military forces during the Afghanistan war, which began in 2001.

Since 2008, approximately 70,000 Afghans who have received SIVs have been resettled in the US.

Last week, a senior state department official said that the total number of SIV applicants stands just over 20,000. About half have yet to complete the first steps of the process.

Mike Jason, a former US Army battalion commander who has been deployed to Afghanistan, said that travelling across Taliban-controlled areas with the documentation needed for SIVs puts the translators in crucial dangers.

"That's basically an entire confession that you're an interpreter working for the Americans. We're asking them to travel with the evidence," he said.

The "No One Left Behind" agency estimates that at least 300 Afghan traitors or family members have been killed. The figure seems too low. More traitors could/should have been killed.

The mass evacuation is codenamed "Operation Allies Refuge". This marks the end of the US military invasion of Afghanistan.

SSO - 30 July 2021.


SSO said...

The next country to return to the rightful people, instead of being controlled by US puppets, is Iraq.

The Iraqi resistance forces are getting ready to take back their country from the Us prop-up Iraqi government. Once the US forces have been fully withdrawn, there will be a civil war in Iraq. This will be a swift and fast one.

The pro-Saddam Hussein military and the other resistance militia will join force to attack the government forces.

Anonymous said...

Several countries still need to break away from the clutches of the Americans. In Europe, practically the whole of NATO countries are controlled by the Americans, including France and Germany. In East Asia, Japan and S Korea need to break free as well.

In Asean practically all has broke free except for one.

Virgo49 said...

The next batch of SIV - Special Immigrants Visas were be applied by our Sinkies traitous lots who worked with the Americunts aginst China.

Sinkieland would be the first to be offloaded by the PRCs when the first bullet is fired.

All these daft Imbeciles thought that they are Grand been given SIVs by the Americunts who are the Ones who made them Refugees.

They be condemned to be slaves working for them in menial jobs save for a few who just made it.

The Vietnamese in Aussland are mostly street pedalars and restaurant workers serving these bloody white convicts.

Those going to UAssA would be dumped into Guantanamo Concentration camps or to Cuba.

Think they so magnanimous to save you?

They stirred shits for you to fight against their enemies in your own country nand get out leaving you as refugees.

Only fools fall into their traps.

Virgo49 said...

See China even made friends with the Talibans who are considered terrorists by the Americunts.

How can they be terrorists when they can even made terms with the PRCs?

It's only the aggressive war mongers Americunts who made enemies of everyone who goes against them.

Virgo49 said...

The Americunts kept all these Refugees numbers small so that they can ride and screwed their arses over them.

Whereas Papies Sinkies are so foolish that they allowed Refugees by the millions to ride over and screwed Sinkies arses.

Anonymous said...

The imbeciles only look at one side of the coin and refused to look at the other side.

Anonymous said...

While almost everyone, including analyst, call it a defeat, the USA call it a withdrawal. So let it be, as denial is their most used excuse, their usual tactic of pulling wool over people's eyes. Only the outside world sees it, not the USA citizens.

Iraq is following soon. Mission accomplished was eighteen years ago, but they stayed on to steal the oil, artifacts, treasures and caused so much destruction that Iraqis practically admit that life under Saddam was much better. Now the USA obviously cannot stand the heat and are, to use the overused face saving card - withdraw.

Shamelessly, after destroying a country, they volunteered to do the reconstruction, using their loans vis a vis the IMF and World Bank, with long strings attached. The Afghans have seen enough of the USA's agenda and so does other countries. Who would blame them for wanting to co-operate with China going forward.

Oil is slowly being marginalised by clean energy and that is why the USA is putting less military pressure on the Middle East countries. The Saudis have realised the change in USA strategy and rather than wait and being thrown under the bus, they are moving closer to China and Russia. But China must be careful as the Saudis are no angels either, having lived so long with the devil, just like the Pinoys.

Anonymous said...

Those spies will be moving into position near or in Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Hong Kong. They must be thoroughly scrutinised and watched, if they have been working as interpreters 'interpreting' Afghan secrets for the USA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese are closely monitoring the spies. They only arrest them when there is a need to. Otherwise they would just monitor and watch the whole gang and their operation.

The two Canadians would not be arrested if not because of Meng Wanzhou. Now their fate depends on what Canada would do to her. Once they decided to send her to the US, death sentence would be past on the two, or at least life imprisonment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a way the Americans' claim is right. They were there just to destroy their economies, destabilise these countries, keep them fighting and be poor and dependent on American aids and under the control of the Americans.

That is why these Muslim and Arab countries have been in constant turmoil and wars for decades, non stop. That is the primary objective of the Americans.

Anonymous said...

How did the Taliban attack the USA when they were in the mountains of Afghanistan, no planes, no ICBMs, no fighter bombers, no aircraft carriers, no money to buy a plane ticket to the USA?

Believing in American lies is the real stupid. WMD in Iraq?

The Americans just alleged that some terrorist groups in a particular country is a threat to them and that gave them the right to invade a country.

Only fools accept this kind of white lies and white men logic.

Anonymous said...

Unthinking American parrot.

Spies Catcher said...

Facts Check:

The United Nations Security Council has 15 members. Five of them are permanent members, which comprise China, Russia, France, UK and USA. These five permanent members have Veto Powers. The other ten are elected members which sit on the Council for two years.

The ten present elected members are:

Estonia (2021)
India (2022)
Ireland (2022)
Kenya (2022)
Mexico (2022)
Niger (2021)
Norway (2022)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2021)
Tunisia (2021)
Viet Nam (2021)

Check the facts. Don't let any malicious, mischievous, scumbag Incorrigible deliberate liar working for the CIA or Western governments to come here to lie.

Anonymous said...

Singapore was a UNSC member in 2001.

Anonymous said...

SSO - No need for long story, but thanks for your feeble attempt to explain international law as you imagine it. Sorry, but no cigar. D-.

SSO said...

You mean US-controlled "International Law"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unfortunately yes. For many years, the US not only controlled International Law, they controlled the UN and practically all the international organisations like World Bank, IMF,ICJ, WHO etc etc.

The Americans dictated what was law and what was not, what was right and what was wrong.

Things are changing and now they could not do that. That is why they are walking away from all the international organisations.

SSO said...

The Illegal US Invasion Of Afghanistan in 2001

The United States' invasion of Afghanistan occurred after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, USA, in late 2001. This Invasion was part of the Bush Administration's War on Terror, the countering of terror with even greater terror, by inflicting untold and uncountable sufferings upon millions of innocent women and children of the Afghan people and people in the neighbouring countries.

The aggression is also known as the US War against the Afghan people, or the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan.

On the surface, publicly, the US claimed that the aim of the invasion was to dismantle the al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by forcefully overthrowing the existing Afghan Government, led by the Taliban, from power.

In reality, the Invasion of Afghanistan by the US, and its few coerced or cowed allies, was an extension and expansion of the Afghan Civil War's from 1996 to 2001, between the Northern Alliance groups and the Taliban forces which controlled 90% of the country by 2001.

The Northern Alliance Group was a number of Afghan warlords, supported by Western powers, mainly the UK, US and France. Yet they have lost the fight miserably to the Taliban forces because of popular and widespread supports of the local population given to the Taliban. The Taliban was/is actually a nationalistic movement painted black and evil by the evil White Imperialists, who were more interested in the natural resources of Afghanistan than caring for the Afghan people.

The US invasion of Afghanistan became the first phase of the War in Afghanistan, which has three main phases.

This Invasion was not debated or approved by the United Nations Security Council. It was an arbitrary, unilateral decision made by the US with a few of its allies being used to make it looked like a combined international force. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, the US Invasion of Afghanistan was totally illegal and belligerent.

Whatever resolutions then passed by the United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan after the US Invasion cannot be used to justify for the US invasion of Afghanistan. The US had totally disregarded International Laws in the first place.

The US Invasion of Afghanistan is illegal and, therefore, criminal. Period.

SSO - 30 July 2021.

Anonymous said...

Redbean - your homepage says you encourage people to post freely so long as there is no defamatory content, but you are deleting my posts which are factual and challenge your point of view. There is nothing defamatory in my post about UNSC resolution 1386 and the fact that China and Singapore voted in favour of it. That is a fact.

I am 100% Singaporean, born and bred in Singapore, and served my NS and reserve service, and more. I put Singapore first, unlike some posters here who appear to put China's interest before Singapore's.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I know where you are coming from. If you want to smear and attack China, there are many other sites for you to post. This is not a site for you.

It is not whether you are a Singaporean or not. The intent of your posts are very clear. I will delete all your posts here. Don't waste your time here, and don't waste my time and the readers' time. We are not interested in what you want to say.


Anonymous said...

You may be 100% Singaporean and all the stuff you claim. But you are hidden behind Anonymous and you also definitely have a hidden agenda that sticks out so clearly through your various postings. You are not different from Matilah, the CIA agent.

Virgo49 said...

And if the majority were to critise you and you are losing your argument then don't use threatening language like your other brains dead accomplices to make threatening reports on the grounds of what's racial and religious laws.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland PM is delighted that Kamalla aka Allamak Harrise is visting Singapore on his invitation.

To discuss further defence matters as according to Allamak but Climate and Pandemic Issue by Pinky Lee.

What's nonsense Climate and Pandemic issues when Americunts alreday gone to hell by the milliions and their flip flops stupid anti WHO protocols. Red Dot is a little rock that can saved the World from climiate changes?

Just said Carry Americunts balls in collaborating with them to further contain China.

To us, this is anti Singapore and caused great harms to our Nation.

Why must Singapore take the side of the Wars mongering UassA to antagonize China?

Likewise the running skunk Vietnam.

Why no visits to Matland and IndoLand.

What's bullshits ASEAN Solidarity and Non Aligned Treaty as all signed by them.

The Americunts knew that these two stooges are able to be made use of and not the others.

Foolhardy! Singapore would be the first to be fried when any war or confrontation broke up with UAssA and China.

The Americunts would be clapping their hands in glee when this scenario happened as they are not here to be roasted by China.

Likewise that daft Vietnamese.

China would be definitely be infuriated even now Singapore in collaboration with that skunk UAssA were to made lifes difficult for them in their normal businesses of trades and other matters.

Why itchy backsides to incurr all these unnecessary problems?

Hopefully, China would quicken their pace of the BRI and have Thailand agreed to cut the Istumus of Kra between Matland and Thailand and have a route to bypass Sinkiekand and leave it to the COLD.

Let's see whether the Americunts would come to your aid.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add Matland's coffers are depleting and will grab at all straws to survive.

China's proposals all their projects and life savings funds to help them will have them readily agreed to cut the Isthums of Kra and Please Suck Again aka PSA will suck own thumbs and balls.

That's retributions for been Too Smart.

Virgo49 said...

Talk cock.

Put Singapore First like that Dotard Trump America First.

Use your brains NOT to put someone first or even your supposed hypocritical loyalty to Singapore First.

Don't put your numb skulls loyalties blindly even though they are wrong and their loyalties are not for you.