Old World Order OWO versus New World Order NWO

The Old World Order, OWO, was created by the American Empire post WW2. The key elements of this OWO is all about an Empire and either you are with the Empire or against the Empire. The Empire also believes in war as the main solution to international relations and has been expanding military gangsterism using the guise of military alliances. War instead of diplomacy is the guiding principle of the American designed OWO. War is also the means to create instability and dependency on the Empire’s military might. Thus, war becomes more and more prevalent and widespread in the world under the OWO. War is also driving the major industries of the American Empire, the weapons and war machine industries, the most profitable industries but without contributing anything good or benefiting the people of the world except destruction and loss of lives. And for war to be relevant to the Empire, enemies or demons must be created to justify war. It is all about creating a state of constant tension and conflict between the Empire and their demonized states.

The New World Order, NWO, led by China, is about economic growth, trade and cooperation for the good of the people of the world. In pursuit of this new reality, China has embarked on a major initiative in infrastructure development all over the world by injecting trillions of dollars into several international and national banks to finance these developments and to promote trade. War and conspiring to build military alliances to conduct war are furthest in their policies and agenda. Many developing countries have benefited from the Chinese initiatives and enjoying higher rates of economic growth through trade and infrastructure developments. Without the Chinese pumping money into these countries, many would register low economic growth or negative growth.

In spite of the economic progress that China is bringing to the rest of the world, in Africa, Central Asia, Latin America and SE Asia, while the American Empire is conducting wars all over the world, destroying the economies and lives of many in the war torn countries, China is branded by the western media as a belligerent and warlike country while the warmonger American Empire is trumpeted as a peace loving country. The saddest part of this tragicomedy is that many silly leaders and their people still believe in the American lie, in the OWO that is plagued with constant warfare, and refuse to accept the new reality created by China. They refused to see the economic growth that China is bringing into their countries and still want to join the American formula of military alliances and provoking and fighting wars.

The Philippines under Duterte has seen through the American lies and is turning to China for economic cooperation and development. So is Malaysia and Thailand and to some extent Vietnam and Indonesia. The Americans are getting wary and suspicious of the Philippines and have sent James Matthis, the war hawk, to try to get the Vietnamese and Indonesians to join them in their military gangsterism. They would not want to leave SE Asia in peace. They would not go away. They want to sow more discord and division and to plant the seed of war in SE Asia.

They want to maintain the OWO with American primacy and to be the ruling Empire of the world. Would the Vietnamese and Indonesians be lured by the evil Americans and join the world’s number One gangster to be enemies of China, their number One trading partner? Malaysia and Myanmar have seen the evil hands of the American Empire messing with their domestic politics, trying to create instability and even to do regime change against their interests and are keeping the evil Americans at arms length.

If the warmongering Americans succeed in what they are trying to do, to keep a tight grip on the OWO, the world will be in a constant state of incessant warfare and the war zones shifting from one region to another. Which country would be the next target of the American Empire is as good as anyone’s guess. There is no neutrality, it is either becoming a stooge member of the international gangster or be its victim. The Americans are relentlessly recruiting more countries to become international gangsters.

For the NWO to establish itself, to replace the OWO, countries of the world must see through the American hypocrisy and evil ploys, the warmongering, the military threats, and resist any attempt to recruit them to be part of the international mafia. Trade and economic development are the ways for peace and prosperity for humanity, not war, not military gangsterism. The OWO must go and be replaced by a peaceful and prosperous NWO. Wherever the Americans go, there will be military alliances and war. Instead of peace, the Americans create tension and instability, start war. Wherever the Chinese go, there will be investment, infrastructural development, trade and economic growth.

The choice is clear and obvious, but not to those who are suffering from stupidity has no cure. China was a major victim of the OWO and western colonialism and imperialism. China has seen the obsolescence of the OWO and war. War must not be the norm to conduct international relations. The future is about peace and development, interconnectivity, trade and cooperation. The Americans still cling to the old belief that war is everything and war is the only thing they know. They have been threatening everyone with war while claiming that they are for peace. The wars in modern history and today are all created by the Americans and more to come if they have their ways.

American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism : PART ONE

In the early 1830s the Western countries of England, France, Russia and America forced China to open up her country for trade by using Gun Boat Policy. Using force of arms to open China to unfair illicit opium trade confirmed the Chinese belief that the Caucasians were basically uncivilized, savage and wild. The white men had nothing good to offer to China except opium and that they exploited it to the full dimension.

China, not only had to pay millions of silver dollars for the illegal opium trade but also had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars as war indemnity to England, France, Russia and America for the wars they imposed on China. These Opium Wars not only impoverished China but also brought down China's self respect and dignity and almost destroyed the Chinese, heart, soul and spirit.

In the 1910s to the 1940s European countries, USA and Japan fought two world wars largely because of unfair terms related to international trade. After the Second World War they still believe China could offer them a huge lucrative market for their trade and commerce. USA quickly  seized the opportunity in the 1970s when the honourable Chinese supreme leader Deng Xiaoping opened up China for international trade. Hundreds of USA countries set up offices and factories in China . The USA government and its commercial and trading companies make huge profits of thousands of billions of dollars and smile happily to the bank.

The American companies in China export the products they make in China to America. Soon the American government found the balance of trade is largely in favour of China to the tune of hundreds
of billions of dollars per year. They began to cry foul and accused China of unfair trade.
China as a member of WTO- World Trade Organization, is trading under all the rules and regulations of WTO which are largely dictated by USA. USA cannot beat China in a fair and open trade due to its inefficiency, less productive workforce and spending beyond its means.

USA  surely cannot expect people to believe its accusation that China indulges in unfair trade. This will be an embarrassing contradiction to earlier USA proud  statement of Alfred Thayer Mahan who in 1880s saw China as a vast land and contended arrogantly that "The Chinese were not entitled to control their own country . Imperial USA will take over China and develop it into a new country to serve USA and The West."

Indeed President Trump is making a fuss and a mockery of Alfred Thayer's arrogant statement when he and his government accused China of unfair trade though in the light of what America wants , isn't China  now serving the needs of America and the West. 

USA must not expect special deals just because others are more efficient and productive. However, though the benefits of the China trade largely go to the one percent American elites but the ninety-nine percent masses also benefit from cheaper and affordable Chinese goods otherwise the disparity of their income to the one percent elites will make their life miserable.

President Trump and his government should stop making false and fake accusations against China as it does not reconcile to USA's arrogance both past and present.


Wednesday, 31st January,2018


When value is irresistible

Many snobs in the West are still sneering at any product made in China. Some have cultural biases and would never buy Chinese because of their deep inherent negative upbringings against China and Chinese. But when value for money does matter, Chinese or not Chinese, the products sell by itself. The consumers would want value for money and they know if they are getting value or otherwise. Wallmart would have gone backrupt long ago without Chinese made products. Apple would not be able to sell its handphones if they are not made in China.

With greater interconnectivity, with online shopping crisscrossing the world, Singapore as a shopping paradise and Orchard Road in particular would see its day numbered. No consumer would want to pay through their noses when they can get the same product at a fraction of the price in Orchard and within the reach of a finger hitting the keyboard. The state of denial that Orchard Road can reinvent itself and Singapore continues to be a shopper's paradise is over despite the hype of the Jewel in Changi. No retailers can afford to price its products beyond its competitors. Orchard Road is a microcosm of what Singapore is all about, unsustainable, high price low value, high salary low productivity joint.

Look at the sales transacted over ezbuy, taobao, aliexpress, Qoo10, Lazadas etc etc, the amount is hundreds of millions daily. The numerous distribution points set by by the likes of ezbuy are all over the islands and with numerous repeats per day per point and with long queues of consumers happily collecting their value buys, mostly goods made in China and South Korea. No one is complaining. One can get a genuine mechanical or automatic watch, made in China, with genuine Seagull mechanism for less than $50, the same mechanism that many western brands used.

And Chinese cellphones are flooding the markets across the world. Even in India, a country that would not want to buy anything Chinese, could not resist the value for money Chinese cellphones and other products that could be had at even cheaper price than Make in India products. The Chinese cellphones are dominating the Indian market with a controlling market share.

Value is irresistible. No amount of talks or negative commentaries could beat products that are value for money. No amount of gimmicks would make consumers pay more for less. The retailers may think the consumers are stupid but would have to live with the realities when consumers just stay away when they could not find value in their goods.

This value is irresistible can be expanded in scope to cover AIIB and BRI or One Belt One Road. Both are great initiatives from China that would benefit all the participating countries. The Americans and its allies have put all the stops and obstacles and offensive propaganda against these two projects. American allies were told not to participate. But the values of these two projects stood up glaringly and those countries seeing their goodness found them irresistible and went against the dictates of the rogue Empire. They joined in full force and the Americans, while trying to isolate China found itself isolated, together with Japan.

When something is created that is of value, there is no fear that it would be rejected. But things that are of no value and overpriced would soon be rejected and dumped.

PS. The European Central Bank and Germany and several western nations have include the Chinese Yuan in their reserve currencies to hedge against a US dollar that is going to turn into banana currency soon.Saudi Arabia is going to sell oil to China using Chinese Yuan, not American banana currency. They knew that they have been had by the Americans. Their hoards of petrol dollars would vanish like smokes in thin air soon.


The next PM controversies

Chok Tong is worried that there is not enough time to appoint a PM designate to learn the ropes and tricks of the trade to be the next PM. His time frame is a few months and nothing more or it would be too late and too little. On the other hand, from statements made by Hsien Loong, what is the farce all about? In good time the problem, if there is one, would sort out itself.  What is there to worry about?

And in his latest public statement from New Delhi Hsien Loong talked about a cabinet reshuffle after the budget reading in Parliament but categorically confirmed that the PM designate would not be assigned, or there would be no appointment of a new DPM for this purpose. Hsien Loong is in charge and he is comfortable or not unduly worried that there will not be enough time for the new PM to learn and to settle in for the new job.

The ding dong going on at the top may have come to an abrupt end and nothing more would come from Chok Tong again on this matter. But there are signs that things are getting hot and people are rattled. The young Turks, the group where the next PM would come from or would in a way decide the next PM, not Hsien Loong if you believe in the PAP's official statements, that is what the public is made to believe, has came up with a joint statement on the succession issue as reported in CNA.

''In the statement issued on Jan 4, the office holders said they were "keenly aware" that leadership succession is "a pressing issue", given that PM Lee has said he intends to step down after the next General Election.

"We are conscious of our responsibility, are working closely together as a team, and will settle on a leader from amongst us in good time," they added.

The statement was signed by 16 of the younger office holders - comprising Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, 10 ministers and five senior ministers of state. The names of Senior Ministers of State Maliki Osman, Lam Pin Min and Amy Khor were absent from the list.''

The 16 seem to agree with Chok Tong that the succession is a pressing issue but also agree with Hsien Loong that there is nothing to worry about the timing to name a PM designate. Brilliant statement! The loophole exposed by this statement speaks of a hurried decision to say something resulting in a few, or 3 ministers of state were inadvertently left out from the list. This may seem to be a slip of mind and Hsien Loong has told the people not to make too much of those that were left out.

"I think a lot was made of the fact that they left out (some of the Senior Ministers of State's) names there. I think they didn't intend to do that, and I don't think you should put a lot of weight on that."

There are only a few ministers of state and they knew each other very well. To miss out one minister of state could be a slip of the mind. To miss out two ministers of statement is unusual. To miss out three ministers of statement cannot be anything but not normal. The PAP is not a slipshod party, or is it, was it, that 3 ministers of state could be left out in an important joint statement on the succession issue to show unity and seen as normal? This situation would definitely send tongues awagging, that something is sorely amiss.

What is the missing jigsaw piece that let to the 3 ministers of state being left out? How many people would accept Hsien Loong's explanation that there is nothing to it? I think many people would be asking themselves why and what to make out of it. At the very least, they would think PAP is now capable to making such a simple mistake that is unnecessary and should not have happened at all.

What do you think? Were the 3 ministers of statement intentionally left out and if so, what could be the reason? If not, then is this ok, or is this slipshod acceptable?  What is the message?

Back to the issue of  a PM designate. Chok Tong may have his reasons why time is running out. Hsien Loong thinks he has all the time and even planned for his stepping down after the next GE. This is all good and pretty. Given his medical condition and the unpredictability of nature, would it be prudent to appoint a PM designate quick and fast or be prepared for a power struggle when there is a power vacuum due to an unfortunate event? Should things come to this state, the 4G PM hopefuls can kiss their chances goodbye as the two DPMs would then become the real contenders while they continue to muddle around not knowing who is the crown prince.

When Hsien Loong is still in charge, everyone would tow the line and accept the 4G scheme. When Hsien Loong is not in charge, everything goes and the strongest contenders would be the two DPMs. The boys would not stand a chance as they did not have anything good to show except being told that they are next in line for PM like a birth right, bypassing the DPMs. Their ground is weak and slippery.

Trump's Hypocrisy in Condemning Terrorism

It is only correct we must condemn terrorism. But Trump like all American or Western leaders condemnation of terrorism is couched with hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

There are two categories of terrorism in this world. The Islamic militant terrorists and the state organized terrorism of the USA government. The Islamic militant terrorists consist of Taliban, Alqaeda and ISIS and others . And don't forget Taliban, Alqaeda and ISIS are the brain child of America. They were organized, armed and supported and funded by USA government via the medium of CIA to instigate and foment wars , distabilities and disorder in places or countries where USA decides to carry out regime change, topple governments disagreeable to USA  or cast dissension among neighbouring states. Ultimately from among the choas USA will grab power, control and hegemony over the warring states.

But the Islamic terrorist actions are disorganized and mild compare with the USA state organized terrorism. The terrorist arms of the USA government are CIA and Pentagon and other disguised NGOs or Non Government Organizations and they make full use of the American air force, navy and army in carrying out terrorism in other countries. The American terrorist bombers can kill hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians and they call it collateral damage. Why don't the Americans condemn themselves of their wanton and brutal terrorism instead of pointing their fingers at others.

It is high time to condemn American terrorism and its monstrous terrorist arms the CIA and the Pentagon and bring their evil leaders to justice.


Monday, 29th January,2018


When Trump meets Kim

Trump said on 6 Jan 18 that he would like to talk to Kim.

"I always believe in talking," Trump said at the Camp David presidential retreat when asked if he would speak to Kim by phone.

"Absolutely I would do that, no problem with that at all," Trump said, while making clear this did not mean he would do so without preconditions....

"I would love to see them take it beyond the Olympics," Trump said. "And at the appropriate time, we'll get involved."  channelnewsasia.com

Now what would Trump said to Kim? "Hi Rocket Man, I really like you."

And Kim would reply, "Yes Dotard, it is so nice to meet you in person."

Both then embraced each other like old pals and had a good laugh.  They knew that it was just all talks to needle each other, a kind of showmanship at the world stage but deep inside both really respect each other as man, as leaders of nations.

While the North and South Koreans are meeting and hopefully relations between the two would improve and tension reduce, what is this that Trump said the Americans would want to get involved? What has the meeting of two people, of the same country divided by a civil war got to do with the Americans? South Korea is not a state of the USA, or is it a colony and the Americans would have a say in their future and domestic affair?

Trump's statement has made it very clear that they own South Korea and would not allow the South Koreans to get too cosy and friendly with the North. The Americans are in charge and would want to keep the two Koreas divided forever. The Americans have no problems with the two Germany united but they would not allow the two Koreans to be one united people. When that thing happened, there is no more role or reason for the Americans to have bases in South Korea. The North Koreans would insist that a united Korea is an independent country and independent countries do not allow foreign military bases in their soil and to take control of their armed forces and to determine their foreign affairs.

Trump and Washington must be very worried though putting up a pretence that they don't mind the Koreans talking to each other and trying to resolve their differences. The Americans would take over the talk and put in more unreasonable terms to drive a bigger wedge between the two Koreas. That is for the benefit and interest of the American Empire and South Korea would forever be just a colony of the Empire. The Americans would want to have the final say.

The South Koreans should be glad that Kim Jong Un is able to stand up to the Americans and hold the key to their independence from the Evil Empire. But some South Koreans would not mind being a protectorate of the Americans like some Hongkies and Taiwanese. Their position is quite similar to the Bhutanese, a protectorate of India, a happy singing cage bird.


Australia day, what has it got to do with 1819?

Yesterday the white Australians celebrated Australia Day, the day the white Europeans invaded Australia and robbed the aborigines of their land and their culture. The white Australians are damn proud of this day. They would tell you about the brutal massacre of the aborigines when they invaded this land. While the original natives of Australia opposed this day as a day of joy and celebration, the recalcitrant PM Malcolm Turnbull refused to budge, claiming that ‘It’s a day that should unite us…I think Australia Day has become a great national celebration of everything that is magnificent and wonderful and unique about Australia. We should cherish it.’ Were genocide magnificent and wonderful? What about the robbing of the land from the natives? Such insensitive and arrogance of the white Australians were repeated by former PM Tony Abbott who said, ‘What happened on the 26th of January 1788 was on balance, for everyone, Aboriginal people included, a good thing.’ Quotes from an article by Jonathan Pearlman in the ST on 26 Jan 18.

To the aboriginal people of Australia, 26 Jan ‘is a day of mourning and protest’. To them it is a day that ‘marks the beginning of a destructive period with consequences lasting till this day.’ According to an indigenous leader, a Pastor Ray Minniecon, ‘It was a deliberate invasion of our people,…The massacres, the genocides of our peoples from this country and we’re still suffering form the aftermath of that brutal history.’

The celebration of Australia Day, similar to the Americans celebrating Thanks Giving Day or the day Columbus invaded America and did the same cruel things to the native Americans, would never be celebrated by the natives that were massacred and robbed of their land.

Singapore is going to celebrate the bicentennial of 1819 in less than a year. What does this date signify to the people of Singapore? Is it a day for celebration like what the white Australians are celebrating the Australia Day? Or is it a day to remember how the white colonialists came to Singapore and claimed it as theirs? Stamford Raffles proudly proclaimed that he had founded Singapore for the British Empire! Were there massacres of the natives when Raffles landed, or he just took the land as a part of the British Empire?

What would Singapore and Singaporeans be celebrating comes 2019? Some may be thankful to the British for their good life here today. Their poor immigrant forebears were given a chance to live here. But their forebears would not have to be so desperate if the European colonialists did not invade their home countries and looted everything, resulting in extreme poverty and forcing them to leave their mother land. For the few forebears that survived, many perished in their homeland, along the journey in rickety boats to reach Singapore, many died in oblivion while trying to work and to live as decent beans, all because of colonial conquest of their mother land, just like the natives of Australia and other conquered land.

It is important to know your history or you will be worshipping murderers, thieves and gangsters.


The Dastardly Acts and Behaviour of USA

Why is America constantly provoking North Korea with military war drills involving the army, navy and airforce very close to the shores and airspace of DPRK and China. Why are they starting one war after another in the Middle East ? There is peace and stability in the South China Sea with China and the littoral states Vietnam and the Philippines undertaking peaceful negotiations and agreeing to joint developing of the natural resources under the sea bed. There is freedom of passage and navigation for bonafide shipping lines and airlines but definitely not for American provocateur spy planes and warships sailing very close to Chinese shores and airspace. Yet this is what the evil war hawks of America are doing. They try to sow discord and dissension among the littoral states and China with the ultimate aim of creating another war zone similar to the Middle East scenario. These dastardly and diabolical acts  and behaviour of USA will definitely lead to Third World War and end of mankind.

The present dastardly and diabolical acts and behaviour of USA is a continuation of Doctrine of Christian Discovery and the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny. The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny states that America is destined by their God to expand its borders with no limitto area or country and beyond its borders and seas across the oceans. In the mid 1850s the doctrine propounded by a US naval captain, Alfred Thayer Mahan in his papers on " The influence of "Seapower Upon History "  which is still taught in USA Naval Academy urged US government and politicians to conquer across the oceans to establish colonies as markets for US economy and military bases to protect and administer the new territories. Alfred Thayer saw China as a vast land and contended arrogantly that "The Chinese were not entitled to control their own country. Imperial US will take over China and develop it into a new country to serve US and the West." The Chinese strongly resisted Western intrusion and aggression when in  1900  USA  and eight other western countries and Japan  invaded Beijing , causing great destruction and mass killings of the Chinese people.

Having achieved success under these two doctrines , USA which is now under the shadow government of the Deep State - the government within the USA government  feel emboldened after  the fall of the Soviet Union in the Cold War that it is within reach of USA to bring the whole worlld under the New Order of US domination, total control and hegemony.

The Deep State controls all US Foreign Policy , CIA, Pentagon , the Senate, Congress and USA presidents. It is under the tight control of the very wealthy super rich Americans  headed by the Anglo-Saxon Rothschilds Jewish Zionist cabal and the Neo - Conservatives. This Cabal has full control of Wall Street, all the big American banks, the Federal Reserves , big business, industrial complex, trade and commerce. Their motivation is money . Their focus on making money is through permanent warfare to generate business for their Military Industrial Complex.

The zionist and neo-conservatives have hijacked the US military and foreign policy . Paul Wolfowitz a jewish neo-conservatives propounded his war hawk doctrine which has been adopted in US foreign policy .

Since the end of the Second World War USA has been creating wars all over the world. They justified these wars under the guiding principles of their toxic aggressive doctrines.

The world can only have peace when it defeats and destroys the American Deep State government.


Friday, 26th January, 2018

Hawaii a tragicomedy, said North Korea

The North Koreans succinctly described the Hawaii missile attack a tragicomedy. This is right on the spot. The whole of Hawaii went into panic mood with many people in fear and expecting to die. Many went through agonizing moments deciding what to do in a no choice or Hobson choice situation, to kiss the mother or to kiss the children good bye. Putting a nation of people into a frantic mood was indeed a tragedy and a tragicomedy when it turned out to be a mistake by an employee, identity kept secret, cannot be disclosed. Why cannot be revealed?

The Japanese governor David Y Ige apologized only after 5 hours. The Head of Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency, Vern Miyagi, another Japanese, claimed that it was a mistake by a single employee and the system could not be cancelled immediately because there was no standby procedure to do so. The said employee was redeployed, no action taken! Was this employee another Japanese?

Why was this a tragicomedy? It is fair game if the Americans were in charge and developed this system as the Americans are definitely very capable of fouling up the whole system. But the Japanese, a people noted to be highly efficient to the point of perfection, like the way they destroyed Hawaii in WW2 Pearl Harbour attack with precision, that they messed up such a simple system and procedure and could not cancel the false alarm immediately, no provision for it?

Can you believe in this shit? The world may not, but the daft Americans would believe so, just like they believe that the attack on Pearl Harbour was not a premature attack because the ‘honourable’ Japanese would not lie or do a sneaky attack on the Americans.

The tragicomedy did not stop there. It started from the very beginning from a Cry Wolf story fabricated by the Americans themselves. Kim Jong Un is building his nuclear weapons and wanting to attack the USA. The North Koreans are a threat to the world and to the USA. Kim Jong Un is a mad dog, a mad man, an aggressive man, and threatening the Americans. The Americans are the good guys, not provocative except for conducting daily massive military exercises outside the door of North Korea practicing an invasion of North Korea, flying nuclear bombers along the borders of North Korea, so peacefully.

The Americans are ‘peaceful’ people, the North Koreans are aggressive and provocative and wanting to have war with the Americans that could wipe them out from the surface of the earth.

The Americans started this threat by provoking the North Koreans daily. The Americans then frightened their own people of a nuclear attack from North Korea. The Americans, or was it the Japanese, started a false alarm, that the North Korean missiles were flying to Hawaii, to bomb Hawaii. And the Hawaiians were terrified and with good reasons. The warning came across the air, in all forms, ‘This is not a drill’.

A few hundred thousand Hawaiians were put into a situation where they stared at death for 38 agonising minutes. No one could turn off the false alarm! No one, no, the system did not provide for such an event, to cancel a false alarm. It was not done, or could not be done, or nobody thought it should be done, to have a proviso to cancel a false alarm.

This is the Great American Empire, with the best men, the best equipment, the most advanced scientific and technological war machine. But they never think of having a procedure to cancel a false alarm. Are they all fools? And the poor Americans in Hawaii were subjected to such a terrifying moment unnecessarily.
Is this not a tragicomedy?

PS. Did anyone see a Japanese conspiracy to get the Americans, Russians and Chinese to nuke each other in a nuclear war? My hunch tells me the culprit that pressed the missile alert is another Japanese. I am waiting for the US govt to investigate this matter and reveal the identity of that person. If they don’t tell, your guess is just as good as mine.


Old thinking versus new thinking

When the founding fathers took over Singapore, there were very few local talents. In those early days, there was a saying that the talents in a block of 5rm HDB flats would be enough to make a govt. That was all the talents we have.

But fear not, the founding leaders were not going to let this lack of talents derailed the building of a new nation. We will train our own talents. In every field, in govt, in the police force, in the armed forces, we will train our people to take charge. How to do it? These people got no experience at all, they knew nothing, would they foul up everything? That was the risk the founding leaders were ready to take. Any Singaporean that they saw some potential in him or her would be thrown into the deep end, to learn to swim or sink. They learnt on the job. They learnt fast to survive, to make the grade. If they failed, there would be no Singapore of today. They could do the easy way, buy foreign talents and flood the country with foreigners. They did not.

When the govt had faith in its own people, the people rose to the challenge. Some failed, but many made the grade. Now we have our Army, Air Force, Navy, Police Force, Civil Service, JTC, SIA, DBS, and what not. These organizations and institutions were built during a time when there was a dearth of talents, by Singaporeans.
Today, we have plenty of talents. We have more than 5 universities and many polytechnics. We sent hundreds of scholars overseas and in local universities annually, to the best universities. But shit, we have no talents today. We need the fake talents from the third world with fake credentials to take over our top jobs in our countries because our top graduates did not have work experience, did not have talents.

Today, the new thinking, we need instant talents, all trained, with the right experience or else cannot do. We demand instant trees, even plastic or fake trees also can. We do not need to train our talents. We sneered at our locals especially the fresh graduates for lack of experience because there are plenty waiting to come in with their cooked experience and fake certificates. We bring in any crackpots as long as he can show some papers claiming how good and experienced he is, and can talk his way out, he is the talent we need. We even bent backward to accommodate the fakes by claiming that no degrees never mind as long as the person can work.

When we have so many good universities, so many graduates with straight As, and still went begging for fake talents from fake universities with fake degrees and fake experience and credentials to replace our real talents, is there anything wrong?

This is the new Singapore and the new thinking, old thinking of relying on our own talents no longer relevant. They insist on instant talents. They need to buy, beg and borrow from the third world villages for talents. And our country is degrading closer to the countries where these fake talents came from. From first world to third world. The belief that when you push a button, everything works is passé. This is no longer the case in a third world Singapore. The standard of efficient and tolerance for mistake are taking shape, just like third world countries. Nevermind is the word. It is the new normal.

What do you think?


American Banditry, Terrorism and Hegemony need to be stopped.

The white caucasian Americans have been so used to deal with with the native Americans in whatever savage, wanton and brutal ways they like and got away with impunity that they think in this modern time they can subject other countries and people in the similar pattern of savage aggression and hegemony. They are animals and like wild beasts they only know how to use brute force to attack and kill.

For over 400 years since 1603 white men from Europe had invaded and occupied the north and south American continents including Central America. While the ruthless Spanish and Portuguese Catholic christians were dominating and killing the natives in South and Central America , the even more ruthless Anglo-Saxon British protestant Christians were on the rampage in North America where they attacked, occupied and killed, murdered and genocided the unarmed natives with savage cruelty.

The United States as head of the western carbal of blood thirsty countries are now doing the same to many non European or non white countries which refuse to bow to American domination and control. Countries with rich natural resources like minerals, oil and gas are always marked for attack, domination and control. The evil white Americans and their counter parts Britain, France, Germany and some other west Europeans have no qualms in attacking defenseless countries and killing their people by the hundred of thousands or even millions without betting an eyelid. This is what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, Syria and Yemen to just quote a few examples.

The people of these countries have been subjected to mass bombings by missiles, jet bombers and drone bombers resulting in countless deaths and untold disasters and great painful suffering of the masses. What do the whitemen care? They see no blood in their mass killings by their missiles and bombers. They have totally no feelings, compassion and sympathy for their victims. They are totally devoid of reason and human morals. All they want and focus is to bring the whole world on earth under their absolute control and hegemony. They are inhuman but great mongrel monsters.

Is there a way to stop America and its western cabal of doing further harm to this world? There must be a way. North Korea has shown the way. But DPRK alone cannot do much. More countries must be armed with nuclear weapons and unite against the Evil Empire and its mafia of evil aggressors
. American aggression and hegemony must be stopped whatever the cost. Russia and China must lead the way without fear.


Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

High time China and Russia put a stop to American mischiefs

The Americans are creating instability and trouble spots all over the world. It bullies small countries that want to develop their own capability to defend themselves from an attack by the American forces, regime change, invasion, supporting insurgencies, blackmail, blockade, sanctions, provocations, bullying, violation of national territories etc etc. The Americans have been instrumental in forcing the UN to impose all kinds of sanctions using all kinds of dubious excuses and reasons against countries big and small.

The sanctions against North Korea and Iran are nonsensical. North Korea and Iran and every sovereign state have every right to build up their own defence capability to defend themselves. China and Russia and the rest of the world must defend this principle of nationhood, to be independent, to be able to defend and protect once territorial integrity. For not standing up to the American nonsense and bullying, many nations would be at the mercy of the evil American Empire. For not standing up and saying no to the American bullying, the Americans they are encouraging the Americans to continue with their intimidation and harassment of small countries.

China and Russia must step up to the plate to lead the rest of the world against the evil American Empire. The world needs peace, not more wars. The Americans are not satisfied just with sanctions. They are everywhere sowing discords, inciting hatred and creating division. Matthis is visiting Vietnam and Indonesia for the same purpose, not for trade but war. They are now gathering a bunch of international gangsters to plan an attack on North Korea and Iran. China and Russia must stop this madness, stop these warmongers from starting another war. There must be no more Iraq, no more Libya, no more Syria.

The rest of the world of smaller and militarily weak nations are crying out for someone to stop the evil American Empire from starting more wars, from bullying smaller countries. A combination of China and Russia and the rest of the world would be strong enough to resist and oppose the evil Americans from their reckless and irresponsible ways to control and rule the world.

The time is here and now. Stop the evil American Empire from starting more wars, from their divide and rule strategy, from bullying smaller nations to do its bidding. Veto all the nonsensical sanctions initiated by the Americans in the UN to protect small countries from American bullying. There will be no peace if the evil Americans are not stopped from their mischiefs around the world, in Korea, in South China Sea, in the Indian Ocean, in the Middle East, in Europe, in Latin America. These trouble spots are created by the evil American Empire. With the evil Americans meddling with them, there will be no peace all in this world.

Stop the evil American Empire before it is too late. The UN must not be used as a tool of the American Empire, writing and serving its agenda of war and mischiefs.


Murphy’s Law must be respected

‘According to the latest Facebook post by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, trains running in opposition directions will share a single tunnel under the new software program. It is unknown how far into testing the new system has been, but a glitch may result in a disastrous collision between two trains travelling in opposite direction. Singapore trains travel up to 80km/h in the tunnels….

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said he wants to save time to repair one tunnel during operational hours while the other carry commuters….

“Last night, I joined them on the tracks. They showed me how the new Thales signalling system has made single-line operations possible for the NSL. Simply put, trains travelling in both directions are now able to use a single tunnel while the other tunnel is closed for maintenance works. This flexibility gives us another option when planning our works, to minimise inconvenience to commuters. This was not possible under the old signalling system.”’

The above was reported in thestatestimesreview highlighting a potential and very dangerous situation that train commuters are going to be exposed to. According to Murphy’s Law, what can happen will happen, a slightest flaw that could lead to a major accident would lead to a major accident. In a train system that provided for two trains travelling in opposite direction on the same track invites a human made disaster, a disaster caused by the arrogance of man. There are a thousand and one thing that could happen to cause an accident. All nuclear power stations are made not to fail but failed they did. Can this train system be an exception?

Boon Wan once lamented that our train system was built without careful consideration and planning like those in Britain. Now that we have the time and resources to do the best, to make sure all things are considered, should we take this risk for an accident to happen that could cause colossal destruction of lives? It is not a case of it would not happen, Thales system will work. Murphy’s Law said that whatever can happen would happen. Trust me, it will happen. This is unacceptable risk, unbearable risk, unthinkable risk that must be avoided at all cost. This is the same kind of thinking that Singapore can house a nuclear power station. Nothing will happen, absolutely sure?

The stupidity of human arrogance leaves no bound.

PS. Heard of human error, system malfunction, hacking, act of God, sabotaged, negligence, dereliction of duty, terrorism, or forgetfulness, etc etc?


The Americans will not go away, unless driven out like in Vietnam

The Americans are claiming all credit for the defeat of ISIS in Syria, claiming that it was the work of the American coalition. How laughable! They created this beast, financed it to create trouble for the Arab world, and pretend to fight them for several years while allowing them to grow in strength until the Russians stepped in. Even then, the Americans and the coalition were attacking Assad’s forces instead of attacking the ISIS in Syria. 

Now that the Russians and Syrian forces have defeated the ISIS, the Americans are claiming that they did the job. But that is not all. The devious intent of the Americans is exposed. With the end of ISIS, there is no reason for the Americans to be in Syria, just like there is no reason for them to be in Iraq. But no, they must find another reason to keep their soldiers in Syria and Iraq.

What can be a good reason for the Americans now? Oh they admitted a mistake in Iraq by withdrawing and allowing the ISIS to rebuild and regroup. Did they withdraw from Iraq? Nay, they are fully in Iraq, an occupied territory of the Empire. The Americans would never leave Iraq. It is a semi colony.

The same fate is awaiting Syria. Hey, Syria has a legitimate govt and with govt soldiers. Syria is a sovereign state. What right have the Americans to unilaterally decide to station their ground troops in Syria? Who gave them the authority to do so? Oh, must be the emperor of the American Empire. The Emperor decides that it is for the good of Syria that their forces remain in Syria, even if the ISIS has been defeated. They need to be there to rebuild and grow another ISIS or under another name, to justify their presence. Not only that, they are arming and training the Kurds at the Syrian Turkish border to be another ISIS to bring down the Assad govt.

Putin was dumb enough to think he has done his job and started to pull Russian troops out of Syria. The evil Empire is there to stay. The evil Empire will not leave Syria or the Middle East. These are their stakes and protectorates, their colonies.

The daft Arabs still thinking that peace will return to the Middle East and they will no longer see American troops in their countries? Fat hope. The very reason for the Empire to be everywhere is to foment trouble, destabilize a country or region to justify their presence.

The truth, according to retired army colonel Steve Warren, ‘Unless we want to cede eastern Syria to the Iranians, (the coalition) needs to be there.) Period.


Fantasy story – The elusive secret of winning in sports

Singapore wants to be in the World Cup final. Singapore wants to win Olympic gold medals. Finally one came in the last Olympic Game by courtesy of Joseph Schooling, trained in the USA with the USA claiming the credit. Oops, Singapore is also claiming the credit. Other than this flash in the pan moment, no more golds, no World Cup finals, while other smaller and poorer countries are flashing their Olympic gold medals on their chests and being in the World Cup finals.

What went wrong? Every few years Singapore would brag about hiring the best coaches that would bring in the golds but the story always ended with duck eggs. What is this secret of all secrets that Singapore is unable to decipher, with all the money in its pocket, to win some glories for glory hunger Singapore?

It is reported that Singapore has engaged another great coach in a Stephan Widmer for the swimmers. Hope he will concentrate on training the coaches. He is not supposed to train the swimmers. Hope he would not be involved in political fightings among the athletes and coaches and do the things he is paid for, ie coaching. Better remind him before he starts work or else he would think it is part of his job, to play with local sports politics.

Yes, this new coach has many secret strategies for success, eg, ‘He is someone who has to learn how to travel, how to go through time zones, how to adapt to different conditions as quickly as possible’ or ‘So we sent him to some (Fina) World Cup events last August because the only way to gain this experience is to go through it. You can’t read this stuff out of a book’. Wow, revealing great secrets for success. KNN how come our daft coaches did not know of such great stuff that I also know?

Widmer came with a five pronged strategy, to include athletes, competitions, support staff, parents and coaches. I think this will guarantee to bring in more golds. Privately I know that it would end up just like before, more duck eggs. Oops, oops, should not have said such negative things.

Seriously, what we need is a miracle or a miracle coach. Is this Widmer a miracle coach, someone that can produce miracles? But he is telling so many things that our coaches did not know or previous international hires did not know.

PS. Without the right material, without the willingness and commitment to do three times more than what other athletes are doing, you can only dream of gold medals, even with the most expensive coaches.


When Singapore news are reported by foreigners

I am not sure you people have noticed this, Singapore’s local news have increasingly been reported by foreign sounding names, including deputy editors. The most sensitive thing about a nation state is news and information of the country that should be reported by its own citizens. A point to note is Channel News Asia where the news are reported by the citizens of the respective countries to give it the genuine local flavour. But there are signs that this is slipping away and soon it could become Channel News Angmoh when more and more angmohs will be assigned to report news from angmoh perspective like the good old colonial days. And celebrating the 200 years bicentennial of colonialism is a good and happy thing, something to be proud of.

As for a nation state, its local news must be reported by its citizens. Even foreign news should be written to reflect local perspective and not the interest and perspective of foreigners. If foreigners are employed to write and dominate local news, it cannot be avoided that the foreign biases and subjectivity and interests would creep in and if this is unrestrained, the local media would eventually become more like foreign media. By then the readers would not know if they are reading real news or fake news as the flavour could be foreign, the focus could be foreign and the interest could be foreign. Fake news could then become endemic and be part of the daily diet without anyone knowing the difference.

Many of the international news were sourced from the west with silly western thinking and biases that are noticeably anti China and if this is contrary to our national interest they should be carefully vetted or else they could be seen as a conscious national policy or editorial policy.

How many foreigners, even new citizens, are in the editorial board of our local main media? Or it does not matter as Singapore belongs to everyone here, citizen or not citizen, and it is ok for foreigners to dominate our local media sharing their biases and nuances on local issues and events and matters of national interests, shaping the thinking of Singaporeans?

Following the retrenchment of many local reporters, wondering how many foreigners were recruited to replace them to write for our national newspapers. Anyone being betrayed? Our national sovereignty is not just about territorial sovereignty but also news sovereignty and news in cyberspace. We should not allow foreigners to colonise our news media and colonise our thought processes. It is so silly if as a nation we allowed our people to be colonized by foreigners writing for our national media. Our nation building effort all these years would be totally destroyed and gone down the drain. Are we voluntarily employing and paying foreigners to colonise our minds and thought processes?

In the same vein as Channel News Asia, Singapore news must be written by Singaporeans. New Singaporeans are not suitable to write Singapore news and dictate the narrative of Singapore’s politics as their roots are still deep in their former home country. They need to be desensitized for a number of years to be allowed to write the Singapore story for Singaporeans.

Singapore cannot be anything goes regardless of nationality. Singapore is a nation state, a country, not a non country.

PS. The stupid would not know why it is important that Singapore news must be reported by Singaporeans. Singapore news reported by foreigners are fake news, coloured and spiced for the interest of foreigners, and can be anti Singaporeans.


Australia – Silly white woman and her white lies

Samoan PM Tuilaepa Sailele said the comments by Concetta Fierravanti Wells, a junior Australian minister, were ‘”insulting” to Pacific leaders and could “destroy” ties between Canberra and the region.’ “To me, the comments seem to question the integrity, wisdom and intelligence of the leaders of the Pacific Islands.’ He told ABC News. A China expert from Australia National University, Dr Graeme Smith said, ‘Whatever is built is a host country request,…The road goes where the Pacific side wants it to go, not where China wants it to go…The one thing the Pacific needs is roads. It is good for accessing healthcare, it can mean a kid going to school or it can mean the difference for a farmer getting his goods to market.’

Unfortunately what Dr Smith said and the simple logic would fail to sink into the simple minds of descendants of convicts, which is quite natural knowing their low intellect. How could convicts think rationally except to utter their vibes of nonsense? This is exactly what is happening and said in Jonathan Pearlman’s article in the ST on 18 Jan. The Australians, after robbing the natives of their land, are acting like the colonial masters of yesterday to condemn not only China but also to insult the intelligence of the Pacific Islanders, that they did not know what they were doing. Only the white gods in Australia know what is good for them and can help them.

China has been accused of building roads to nowhere and useless buildings for the Pacific Islands. Chinese aids are condemned and questioned by the white gods. They want the Pacific Islanders to remain as poor natives, lack modern roads and facilities unless the white gods come and provide them but not before robbing them of their land. They robbed the continent of Australia, the islands of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and all the islands in the Pacific Oceans for centuries, not forgetting the whole of Asia, Africa and North and South America. This is a major part of history that they would not tell.

Today, the Pacific Islands, after being robbed and kept as poor nations by the white gods, are seeking assistance from China. China came with aids, to help build their countries. The white gods are envious and pouring scorns and trying to throw discords among the Pacific Islanders with China. The white gods forgot their past colonization of the Pacific Islands and still holding on to their loot from colonialism, Australia and New Zealand, that don’t belong to them but the natives of the two pieces of land.

They can continue to sow discord, but the Pacific Islanders are not daft. They know what they want. They know what had been stolen from them. Don’t be surprise one day the white gods would be driven out of their occupied land by the natives they conquered and subdued.

The tide is turning against the white gods and their supremacy and rule over the natives of the Pacific Ocean.


Singapore, a country of retards and imbeciles

Singaporeans, despite the high education they received relative to the third world countries around them, have degenerated to a state that they have become famously branded as retards and needed all the protection from the govt. The Singaporeans of today are basically retards and imbeciles, unable to read, unable to think, unable to save their money, unable to see what is happening to their country being sold to foreigners.

The good thing is that they have a kind, compassionate and paternalistic govt made up of youngish looking immortals. Some of them even have the angelic look of little children that would do no evil. The story goes that immortals never grow old. This ever caring govt has to double their effort to look after and protect the never ever to grow up, unable to grow up, or forever growing more daft children, the Singaporeans. This job must be very daft for the govt. Oops, I mean very tough for the govt.

This world is getting so dangerous for the Singaporeans that have lost the ability to think and to look after themselves that foreigners are not only brought in in large numbers to do the work for Singaporeans, especially the hard thinking jobs like bankers, IT specialists, professors, medicine, engineers running the trains, and running the govt also, that the govt also started to bring in foreigners to protect them, guarding the immigration checkpoints to prevent bad hats from entering to harm the Singaporeans. With such measures, maybe lesser Singaporeans, especially the taxi drivers, would be beaten by foreigners here.

As for their money, especially their life savings, the govt has many schemes to make sure that the money is safe and sound and continue to grow and grow during the daft Singaporeans’ life time so that they can pass it on to their children and grand children. They are so daft that they don’t even know or want to spend the money they have saved. Some even agreed that their savings are not their money anymore. Never mind lah, they want to take, want to cheat, want to do anything with money that is no longer theirs it does not matter anymore. Now they even teach the daft Singaporeans not to give cash as angpows to their children. Put the money in the children’s CPF so that they will grow up with a lot of money in their CPF. And the govt can help their children grow the money and then pass the money to their children in due course.

Oh, there is another big danger to the Singaporeans that must be taken good care of, the fake news in the media, to be specific, social media. The main media guarantee that only real news will be reported, to educate, inform and entertain the daft. The main media is the only source of real news and good information for the daft and unthinking Singaporeans. Maybe a time will come when the poor and hapless Singaporeans would be protected from all social media for good so that no harm will come to them, when fake news are totally banned. This must sound very comforting to the poor imbecile Singaporeans.

And for all the good things the govt are doing to protect the daft Singaporeans, they happily rewarded themselves with several months of bonuses on top of their multi million dollar salaries. And the daft Singaporeans are so glad that no one is complaining about this. With such a good and caring govt, the Singaporeans are so safe and sound. And keeping cage birds is a good hobby as daft Singaporeans also believe that cage birds are very happy birds, well fed and protected from putty cats.

And they live happily together forever and ever. Thank you Papa. There is no evil in paradise island.


The people of the world survived a nuclear holocaust

13 Jan 2018 must be deeply etched into the minds of every living bean that it was a day they survived a nuclear holocaust. All it needed in those 30 minutes or less than 20 minutes, was for a panicky and unsteady American nuclear missile commander or a hot head hillbilly to jump the gun and push that button, and all hell broke loose. This was how close the world came to a nuclear war.

A nuclear threat, real or imagined, has been hyped by the Americans for so long and so loud that many people really believed in it with good reasons, and so do many American commanders. And when the message said, ‘This is not a drill’, you can expect everyone to take it seriously. It is a matter of life and death. And the military commanders of nuclear weapons knew exactly how long they have to react, less than 20 minutes before all is gone. The time for retaliation is only a few minutes. Thank God that no one behaved like a rogue commander despite the nerve racking minutes to let hell loose.

What happened? According to Vern Miyagi, reported in Fox News,

‘Vern Miyagi, who oversees the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA), said at a news conference late Saturday that to trigger the alert, there is a two-step process involving only one employee — who both triggers the alarm, then also confirms it.
“There is a screen that says, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’” Miyagi said. The employee confirmed the alert, inadvertently causing a panic in a state already on edge over saber-rattling missile threats from North Korea.

Miyagi, a retired Army major general, said about the employee late Saturday: “This guy feels bad, right. He’s not doing this on purpose — it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it.”’

The commentators interviewed on Fox News did not believe a wee bit that this was a simple mistake. They are demanding that the truth be unearth to make sure that nothing of this nature should ever come close again.

The decision or authority to push that button to alert a nation of a missile attack cannot be left to a solitary individual. The USA is not a third world half baked country, born yesterday. Can anyone believe that the Americans are so amateurish in such a grave matter of a nuclear attack? And they have experienced senior military officers that were working on a system that were not better than those designed by boy scouts. Everyone believes and expects that the Americans must have very sophisticated failed safe systems installed. For such an important and life threatening situation, the action must be authenticated and by at least two or three persons. And the people involved in pushing such a button must be of very senior position, even the commander Miyagi himself. It cannot be done a single toy soldier. Can you believe it, can you believe what they told you, imbeciles operating a national disaster system? And can you believe it that they have a system to inform the people of a nuclear attack but did not have a system to cancel the announcement if necessary? My God, this is pure ruckus!

What is the truth Miyagi? Who was involved, what rank, what nationality, why no authentication? What was Miyagi’s part? Was he involved, was he present when the button was pushed? It would be difficult to explain away this mistake if the guy that pushed the button was another Japanese. Could it be a conspiracy, two Japanese started this serious alarm and a Japanese American Fleet Commander ready to issue an order to attack North Korea? The combination is deadly. Were the Americans still sleeping just like in Hawaii in 1941?

How can such a major decision be so flimsily executed? How many people suffered and went through extreme mental hell during the 38 minutes of agony? Oh, the person was just removed to another position?

Is Miyagi trying to cover and protect this person? Why refused to identify this person? Is there any reason why this person is let off so leniently as if it was just spilling a cup of tea? The world needs answers, not just the Hawaiians, not just the Americans. The Americans must be responsible and tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. No cover ups can be accepted. The Americans must come clean.

How many commanders were at the verge of pressing the button? How close was the world to a nuclear war? Was there an order from the Pacific Fleet Commander to fire at North Korea but order disobeyed?

The world demands an answer. Did someone try to create a false attack on Hawaii to trigger a nuclear war? What would happen if the North Koreans read this as another false flag incident created by the Americans to attack them and therefore let their missiles fly?


Air India for sale – Great bargain

No one can resist a good bargain. And Air India is looking so attractive to the stupid that are always looking for a good bargain. And the stupid must be furiously trying to put up a case to acquire this great bargain. Maybe Air India has already knocked on their doors and they are all salivating.

Karamjit Kaur, an aviation correspondent has cautioned against this acquisition by the stupid. Not only that Air India has a whopping debt of $10.8 billion, the restructuring that would inevitably led to retrenchment or sacking of staff would be a nightmare given the labour union climate in India. She also gave several other reasons not to touch this great bargain but these are exactly the scoring points for the stupid to launch a buyout of Air India. The more treacherous a situation, the more gungho will be the stupid. Where angels fear to tread, the stupid would be there. That is how they lost so much money. Oops, I mean they made so much money.

The stupid would definitely put up a case that they could add value with their expertise to revive this ailing airline that the Indian govt even regards as a hopeless case . Anything the Indians are afraid off, it is a grave signal to stay clear. But to be sure, the stupid would be plunging head in for such a deal. Great danger means great opportunities for the stupid. They would always think that they could do a miracle. No risk no gain. After all it is OPM. If successful, big bonuses and big credit. If fail, so what, OPM mah.

Let’s all keep an eye on the stupid and see how desperate they are, or how eager they are to want to jump into this piece of shit. They may even pay a premium for it to prove that it was a golden opportunity not to be missed, to outbid everyone to make sure that they get this piece of shit, a great long term strategy to expand into India, a country of great potential for growth, the next biggest market in Asia. I am also convinced after writing this piece of shit.


Hawaii - This is how a nuclear war could have started

The Americans could have fire their nuclear missiles yesterday due to a 'mistake' in a drill to detect incoming missiles following the recent tension with North Korea. With everyone being made to believe that the North Koreans could fire their missiles, a missile attack warning that is said 'not a drill' is all that is needed to put everyone on panic mode. Below is reported in YahooNews.

'An alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile aimed at Hawaii was sent in error Saturday, sowing panic and confusion across the US state -- which is already on edge over the risk of attack -- before officials dubbed it a "false alarm."

Emergency management officials eventually determined the notification was sent just after 8:00 am (1800 GMT) during a shift change and a drill after "the wrong button was pushed" -- a mistake that lit up phones across the archipelago with a disturbing alert urging people to "seek immediate shelter."

The erroneous message came after months of soaring tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, with North Korea saying it has successfully tested ballistic missiles that could deliver atomic warheads to the United States, including the chain of volcanic islands.

"I deeply apologize for the trouble and heartbreak that we caused today," said Vern Miyagi, administrator of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency.

"We've spent the last few months trying to get ahead of this whole threat, so that we could provide as much notification and preparation to the public.'....14 Jan 18

This event clearly demonstrates that the North Koreans need not do anything to precipitate a nuclear attack on them. Some mischievous people could fabricate one, an inside job, to force the hands of the already mad Americans to fire their missiles. And who would be the likely culprit to want the Americans to attack North Korea? Definitely there would be some hawks in the American administration that would want such an eventuality. Then there are outside sources and Japan is uppermost in the mind. The Japanese have every reason to want North Korea destroyed and the USA as well. An attack on North Korea would bring in the Chinese and Russians to attack the Americans and the three super powers will simply annihilate each other and making Japan the big winner.

And who do you think this Vern Miyagi is? Something really suspicious indeed. How can a country simply leave its strategic functions and assets to foreigners to take charge? They were all locked up during WW2 to prevent them from creating mischiefs. How trustworthy are foreigners when their loyalties and interests could be in conflict with the national interest of the host country? What is their agenda? And with the American Pacific Fleet in the hands of another Japanese Commander, the situation is dire.

Can silly countries learn from this episode to stop them from handing vital and strategic functions and assets to foreigners? Foreigners are so nice, so safe? Which twit said that?

PS: Have we forgot that prior to WW2, the Japanese had already flooded the island with their spies? The island was not just Hawaii, it was Singapore.


APO - Stupidity has no cure

I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same. It is an exercise in futility. This APO thing, to leave the guarding of our immigration checkpoints to foreigners is so atrociously unbelieveable. How many strategic assets and functions of a country, a nation state, would be left to the charge and control of foreigners?

What are Singapore's core interests that must always be in the hands of true blue Singaporeans, not those that were given a pink IC one day and called themselves Singaporeans immediately and all the guards can go down. And the stupid often do talk about the importance of strategic assets, functions and interests on one hand and handing them to the foreigners and new citizens in the next second.

We have a nation of national servicemen trained and pledged to defend this country with their lives. They are entrusted with the nation's secret, security and to carry weapons. Many are senior NCOs and officers. Now these defenders of the nation are going to be screened and searched by foreigners with unknown background and history when they leave or return home. What a sick joke. It is alright if it is a joke. When it is a reality, it is no joke.

How many of our strategic functions and assets have been taken over by foreigners, with foreigners in charge? Our defence, home security, banking and finance, IT, human resources, the media, the ministries? And foreigners with unknown background and affiliations are allowed to live in the heartland in great numbers without a care on the safety and security of the citizens, the olds and the youngs.

Everything is fine, not to worry, the foreigners are all good people. The people that commit crimes are Singaporeans, not foreigners. This is not stupidity has no cure. It is worse than that, deceiving the people into a false sense of security and put to unacceptable risks.

When would the stupid learn? Sorry, I am asking a stupid question. The answer is obvious. The stupid would never learn. Stupidity has no cure. Enough said. Or is there a hidden agenda?

PS: It is  a misconception to think that they are stupid. Many are acting this way due to ignorance contributed by not reading history, not knowing how they arrived here except the few years of their existence. Some may know the agenda but pretend not to know as the money is good and objection is futile and will be in vain. But some are really stupid in the real sense of the word.


Another silly article in the media by a westerner

‘Can China handle growing backlash?’ by a Peter Marino, from The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs based in New York. This kind of silly question is no different from the question, ‘What is the intent of China?’ that I wrote earlier. The whole underlying assumption is that the present world order where the Americans and the West dominate the world and all countries must be meek and hapless and be ruled by the Americans and the West is the order of things, to keep the world peaceful.

China must remain meek and follow the policy of Deng Xiaoping, go quietly in what it is doing, with head bowed, lie low, be kicked around. China must just remain inside China, allows the Americans to sail its BCGs around the seven seas, to threaten China should China raise its head or step out of its shore. The policy of Deng also resulted in little countries, especially little USAs, thinking that they can punch China whenever they liked knowing that China would just bend its head and do nothing. This even led to a free grab of Chinese islands in the South China Sea that the West portrayed as China grabbing these islands. Fake news, fabricated news, distorted news, mischievous news?

The author even used the term ‘China seizing ownership of a port in Sri Lanka after local entities defaulted on the onerous terms China had demanded. The local outcry was substantial.’ What kind of fucking language and logic is that? Today, with the death of colonialism except for a few still under European and American rules, no country, not China, can go around to snatch a real estate from another country without the use of military might. Does the author still think it is ok to seize the American continents from the natives, Australia, New Zealand and Canada from the natives?

China has swopped its meekness ‘for attention grabbing proposals, strategic ambiguity abandoned for international military bases, high profile drills, showy parades and standoffs with neighbouring countries?’ What is wrong with building roads and ports in cooperation with countries that are willing? What is wrong with setting up international banks to help countries in need of finances? Ok for the West to set up World Bank, IMF and ADB? China cannot do such things? What is wrong with having a few military bases when the Americans have 1000 bases surrounding China? Land grabbing? Who is land grabbing? China or some of the littoral states of South China Sea? Who grabbed the continent of North America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Only white men can grab other people’s land?

Anti China trade sentiment has now bubbled up in the US. Does the author think that this is just happening today? The West have never been suspicious of China’s motives and intention? What are the intention and motives of the West and the author?

Let me volunteer to answer. China or any country that is not part of the American or Western Empire must remain meek, walk around doing their businesses with the heads bend down. Let the Americans and the West continue to rule the world in their terms. Is my answer correct?

Can China handle the growing backlash? What backlash? How many countries have joined the BRI? How many countries have joined the AIIB? How many countries are waiting to join BRICS and how many countries are waiting to join SCO?

The question to be asked should be, ‘Can the Americans and West handle the growing economic and military power of China? Did the Americans care about the backlash in the UNGA on its unilateral move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? China is now a super power and when its national interests are at stake, they would, like the Americans, say to hell with your backlash. China has stood up and would not be oppressed or kick around by little USAs or the big USA. Period.

No amount of silly articles is going to change this state of things. A new world order is in the making.


Fake news stifling free speech?

In thenewspaper front page news on 11 Jan was this heading, ‘Will fake news end up stifling free speech?’ What a dumb question to ask? What are the factors that limit, restrain or control free speech? Fake news? What has fake news got to do with stifling free speech? At the most fake news would be misleading, telling untruths and falsehood and lies. As to stifling free speech, the answer is obvious. I will deal with this later, no rocket science.

The govt is setting up a high power Select Committee to look into the issues of fake news in social media. This committee is headed by Charles Chong, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and 7 PAP MPs and one WP MP. No fake news in main media? What about half truths or select truth or alternate news? Would these constitute fake news? Was the statement that CPF is not the people’s money fake news?

Would the committee also look into the definition of fake news and include half truth, select truth, alternate news and propaganda as fake news, to mislead the readers? This is the first and basic step to take to define what constitutes fake news.

Singapore today has the highest percentage of its citizens with tertiary education, more than 50%, not like the days under colonial rule when less than 3% went to university. In many instances, such high percentage of tertiary graduates would qualify the people as smart people, a smart nation, not a smart nation of daft and unthinking zombies, waiting for the govt to spoon feed them with real news and fake news and telling them what are fake news. Is this not a sad state of affair, when a highly educated people cannot differentiate between fake and real news? Has our education system failed the people to reach this pathetic state of affair?

Ok, the Select Committee is not to deal with the stifling of free speech. Many wise ones in Parliament have commented that it is falsehood that is the problem with fake news, spreading falsehood to mislead. But telling half truth or select truth can also mislead right? MP Sun Xueling said repeated falsehoods can lead to crying wolf. Would this exercise of setting up a committee to look at fake news and to justify stronger legislation be also a kind of crying wolf? Misleading the readers is not only a result of fake news. There are many kinds of falsehoods in all the media, even in so called reputable American and western media, telling untruths, fabricated truths and outright lies. Social media is not the only source of fake news.

A notable comment from Seah Kian Peng is worth mentioning here. ‘Heavy handed legislation may backfire on the Govt, acting as the judge, jury and executioner of what constitutes credible information. We may end up freezing free speech online.’ NMP Kok Heng Leun also cautioned against abusing the law against people who were just expressing their opinions.

What would stifle free speech is simply power and the abuse of power, not fake news. No need to elaborate this simple fact. It is everywhere. What is dangerous about this issue is that it will end up with more power than necessary to deal with fake news and ended up with the stifling of free speech. What is the real intent of this expensive exercise? To curb fake news, to help to educate the people, or to curb free speech? The grey area is so grey and fussy, more like fake news, more like crying wolf.

What do you think?


The rise of North Korea as a nuclear power

The North Koreans have proven that they have the capability and the missiles to deliver their nuclear weapons. Period. The silly buggers in Washington can go on yelling that they would not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power but the facts are facts and no amount of silly denials would change the situation.

Oh, the rogue Empire would still be thinking of changing this reality by conducting a preemptive strike to destroy North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile facilities. They have made elaborate plans to invade North Korea together with the rogue Japanese. They have sounded out to Russia and China and the UN and their European allies. Russia and China have made it clear, no invasion of North Korea, no war in the Korean Peninsula. And if the Americans dare to, they would be on the side of the North Koreans, to take on the Americans and the Japanese.

To make their position clear, the Chinese and Russians have moved their troops to the borders of North Korea. China has moved at least 150,000 men to mean business. Though the diplomatic excuse was to control an anticipated surge of refugees, the troops and their anti aircraft missiles would not lie. The missiles have no relevant to the refugees and are meant for the Americans and the Japanese.

Kim Jong Un is very secure with the Chinese and Russian troops at the borders. He knew very well that the troops were there to support him in case the mad Americans and barbaric Japanese attacked. And he can continue to defy the Americans and call the American bluff. An American attack would be against North Korea, China and Russia and it would be a multi lateral war. All the American forces would come under the attack of the Russian and Chinese forces. The anti aircraft missiles would be targeted at the American bombers. The anti ship missiles will be aimed at the American aircraft carriers and North Korean medium range missiles against all the major targets in Japan and Guam.

The Chinese and Russians would not allow a war in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything they could to prevent it happening and would fight the Americans if necessary. What is frightening and dangerous is the reckless rhetoric and manouevres of the Americans that could be misread by the North Koreans and all hell breaks loose. The mad Americans must restrain themselves and desist from fiery and foolish talks of attacking North Korea and flying their war machine all over the sky. A miscalculation is all it takes to bring about Armageddon.

An additional risk is the Japanese element. The Japanese have all to gain to provoke a fight between the Americans and the Chinese/Russians to mutually destroy each other. They could easily force the issue by conducting a sneak attack that would trigger a full blown North Korean reaction and the rest would be history.

Though a war is unacceptable and unlikely given the severe nature of the consequences, it cannot be ruled out when some actors would want to provoke it. With or without a war, unless it is nuclear annihilation of the Korean people, North Korea is now an established nuclear power to be reckoned with. The Americans like it or not would have to accept this reality and live with it. It is in their interest and the good of the American people that they should behave themselves, not acting like a rogue, and avoid raising tensions and risking a nuclear war with the North Koreans with the backing of China and Russia.

To the rogue Empire, you are not alone. You cannot hit anyone at your pleasure with impunity. Your reckless and irresponsible aggressive ways have come to an end, at least in the Korean Peninsula.


Keppel O&M cannot come at a better time

This thunderbolt from Brazil finally struck and many were stunned as to how to react. Damage control was uppermost in many people’s mind. The fine of a few hundred millions is nothing or of little concern. What is a few hundred millions? What is more difficult to deal with is the punishment for those involved. Fortunately, by an act of God, no one really knew what happened. Everyone did not know nothing about the scandal. Honest, trust me. So a warning from the AG office would suffice. This episode further strengthened the belief that Singapore is a country that is free from corruption. And if there is a corruption in a GLC and in another corner of the earth, it is reasonable to believe that those in charge in Singapore would not know, not a clue about it. It is so far away, for goodness sake.

But the severity of this corruption case involving tens of millions and only one PR, an American citizen, would still be a good reference to other corruption cases in Singapore. How this case is handled or dealt with, the severity and the punishment of people involved or associated with it would or could be used to measure how other corruption cases in Singapore are being handled. It will set the standard or what is acceptable or not norm.

The WP MPs must be quietly smiling. They would be comparing their Town Council case with this case. The Keppel O&M is a proven corruption case involving US$55 million. What about the Town Council case? Has corruption been proven and if it does, how much was involved? Can the WP MPs also use the excuse of not knowing, did not know, not aware, so may be a warning would suffice?

The debate in Parliament about how innocent the management of Keppel Corp in Singapore is and how they should not be held accountable for a crime they did not know would be carefully studied by the WP. How would the WP use this case in their defence of the Town Council case still in question would be interesting. The law is impartial and one set of law shall be applicable to all, one set of punishment must also be applicable to all. The lighter the punishment given to the Keppel management, the better would be for the Town Council case.

The WP MPs must be taking down notes of who and who saying what and what in the defence of the Keppel O&M case in Parliament and how to use the same arguments in their defence. Listen to the great arguments propounded and the moral high ground taken, and the excuses. The ‘not light or did not get off lightly’ penalty would come under the spotlight when the Town Council case is heard in court.



Singapore Bicentennial 2019

Celebrating Racism, Slavery and Exploitation
Next year 2019 has been designated Singapore Bicentennial to mark the 200th year of the founding of Singapore by the Englishman Sir Stamford Raffles, working for the British East India Company (EIC) on behalf of the British Colonial Empire. Singapore history is actually more than 200 years old with official verifiable records from the middle of the first century (about 100AD), some 1,800 years before Raffles.

Of course, Raffles did not “discover” Singapore. Singapore was neither lost, obscure nor an isolated and uninhabited island. Much documentary evidence points to events and activities involving ancient kingdoms, wars, communities and economic trade.

History has been revised to refer to Raffles as the founder of MODERN Singapore.  This attempt at re-creating history is even more dangerous and particularly disingenuous in the absence of any evidence that any specific past British Colonial policy was designed to create “modern” Singapore. 
In a 10 June 1819 letter to his friend Colonel Addenbrooke, Raffles stated that “Our object is not territory but trade, a great commercial Emporium, and a fulcrum where we may extend our influence politically, where circumstances may hereafter require. By taking immediate possession we put a negative to the Dutch claim of exclusion, and at the same time revive the drooping confidence of our allies and friends; one Free Port is these Seas must eventually destroy the spell of Dutch monopoly; and what Malta is in the West, that may Singapore become in the East.”  

Singapore colonial history has been carefully packed in chewable childlike lessons: a barely inhabited quite virgin island; Raffles’ landing (exact location unknown); promotion of free trade; growth of entrepôt trade; growth of immigrants from China and India; town planning; building of government centre; and the development of necessary infrastructure to support British rule over the local population and to preserve law and order so as not to disrupt British and EIC business interests.  The result is the erroneous conclusion that her 140 years of British colonial rule has been the springboard and foundation of today’s Singapore. 

Our school history textbooks have also propagated this alternative reality.  It was familiar and uncontroversial, also comforting without provoking any anti-colonial sentiments by fabricating false colonial history to foster an unthinking and uncritical mind-set that the tools of colonial subjugation have exceptionally moral good impact in Singapore, but not seen in any other British Colonies!

As Singaporeans enter the buzz and business of the Bicentennial, we need to deconstruct the myths of benevolent colonialism to discover for ourselves, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, the awesome truth that today’s MODERN Singapore would be impossible if we had continued with British colonial rule.

British colonialism, like the French, Dutch and American, is based in part on racism even as it is appears to be motivated by material wealth, financial gain and territorial expansion. They believe they have a God-given right to govern and subject indigenous people in continuous subjugation with their power and resources. The idea of a master race is inherent in imperial powers to justify their right to exploit, degrade, humiliate and rule over non-white peoples. 

Many racist comments in post-colonial Singapore can find its origins in British stereo-types, especially targeted at Malays.  A 1883 observation by Maj-Gen Sir George Leith, that “They (Malays) are incapable of any labour apart from the cultivation of paddy fields” sums up British sentiments regarding the Malays at that time.

Years earlier by the 1870s, the British had already placed Malays at the bottom of the racial competency order.  In the 1879 Commission Report into the Police of the Straits Settlements, the Singapore Attorney-General Thomas Braddell indicated that he preferred the “Klings” [Indians/Indian-Malay] to Malays as being more intelligent and more active, and better disciplined as a body” as more suitable to be as Police recruits.

A British tourist, Isabella Bird, also observed the Malay’s lack of interest in industry in The Golden Chersonese, 1883, p357: “The Malays won’t work except for themselves”

In May 1823, Sophia Hull, Raffles’ wife, founded the Singapore Malay Female-School. A report, betraying its racist bias and stereotype, expressed surprise at the progress made by some of the students "considering their native habits of indolence, and their want of energy." 

It is clear that race relations and racial conflicts in post-colonial Singapore are very much a result of nearly 140 years of British policies based on their racist altitudes and stereotypes regarding the Malays, Indians and Chinese communities. The various communities were also separated into spatial residential clusters and allocated to jobs based on “the ‘inherent’ biological traits of each race”. The consequence of deliberate geographical segregation and institutionalisation of jobs based on race effectively formalised the (artificial) differences among the races.  They also prepare the stage for the eventual economic inequality among the races with the Malays and Indians in lower pay jobs as compared to the Chinese.

The growing workforce of colonial Singapore in the 19th and early 20th century composed of mostly indentured labourers.  The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 brought increased maritime activities to Singapore as the larger steam-powered ships became the major ocean ships.  Eventually, Singapore became the major port for the thousands of labourers brought by labour agents from India, China, Bugis (West Indonesia), the Malay Archipelago and the Dutch East Indies for the tin mines and rubber plantations in Malaya.  The Port of Singapore thus became the major slave labour hub in the region even though slave trading, but not slavery itself, was officially outlawed by the British in 1807.

Colonial Singapore would not have prospered without the forced labour needed to build roads and bridges, work on the booming rubber plantations and tin mines, as well as providing prostitutes, concubines and domestic maids to serve the rich businessmen, British and Anglophile elites for nothing or pittance.

Under the British, Singapore became a prominent network hub of slave traders which linked villages in China and Japan to procure slaves and prostitutes. Even before Raffles, Bugis ships have also regularly brought slaves captured from the Indonesian Archipelago for trading or as gifts for government officials.    

True, we did not get to where we are today by accident or natural evolution.  However, we also did not get here through British Colonialism.  The transformation of Singapore from a fishing village to modern metropolis was not driven by the vision and foresight of British politicians in London and their colonial administrators.  True again, independent Singapore on 9 August 1965 did inherit a collection of laws, institutions, structures and processes after a brief 2-year “marriage” to Malaysia. These colonial legacies however were neither appropriate nor designed for nationhood and nation-building.

For example, the economy of Colonial Singapore was centred on entrepôt trade, which became obsolete in the post-war global international trade faced by a fledging Singapore economy.  The journey to modernity was not easy for an independent Singapore.  As with Hong Kong on July 1997, the British colonial masters had not actively address the critical issues of housing, education and health because their only goal was economic and the only interest was a British, not Singaporean, future. Raffles’ 10 June 1819 letter (see above) clearly attested and confirmed as much. 

The notion that British colonialism was a tool for the moral good of Singapore, and therefore should be celebrated as the driver of our modernity and as the catalyst of Singapore nationhood is sorely misguided.  It is a fallacy and has no historical truths.

As we carefully deconstruct our long history of more than 2,000 years, we will realise that most of us today (80%) came or were born after the British surrendered to the Japanese in 1942.  And about half (50%) of us are born after Independence.

Singapore was in fact abandoned by the British in the greatest surrender by the powerful British military to a much inferior Japanese Imperial Army on bicycles.  Colonial Singapore ended on 15 February 1942, ostensibly the best Chinese New Year “ang-pow” present if not for the subsequent Japanese unmitigated pogrom of cruelty, rape, killing and torture of all things Chinese.  The epiphany of Singaporeans during the 1942-1945 war years was the realisation that we could only depend on ourselves, and not the British or any outsiders.  This is now deeply ingrained in Singaporeans and drives the motivation of our National Servicemen and the indomitable Singapore Armed Forces.

The Japanese surrender on 12 September 1945 saw the shameless return of British colonial masters who thought, wrongly, that business would be as usual with her former colony. In April 1946, Singapore became a British Crown Colony to be ruled directly from London. Again, Singapore was treated like a commodity not unlike the prostitutes in her ‘red-light’ districts of Change Alley, Geylang, Keong Saik and River Valley to be mounted by any conquerors.

The Japanese war years have toughen Singaporeans to resist the restoration of Rule Britannia. The British imposed martial law – The Malayan Emergency - from 1948-1960 on security grounds to counter the emergence of communism, whose fighters were bred and trained in the Anti-Japanese Army during the war.  During the Emergency, the British suppressed legitimate civil and political protests through legislations controlling the newspapers and radio, introduced arbitrary detention with trial, banned workers unions and legitimate trade union strikes, deny ordinary civil rights (enjoyed in Britain!), and banned legitimate anti-colonial societies eg student unions, old boys association, farmers associations and trade unions.  All forms of challenge to British colonial rule were ruthlessly struck down and make illegal.  

Know that the celebration of 2019 Bicentennials would also glorify the failed measures of the Malayan Emergency.  Ironically, if these measures were successful, there would be no MODERN Singapore!   

It is clear that British rule over Singapore was never fully and effectively restored after the War.  And the battle for MODERN Singapore began in 1945 with the Japanese surrender. 

MODERN Singapore is the creation of a small group of politicians and activists of various political parties with somewhat conflicting ideologies, and NOT the natural outcome of British colonialism.

The People’s Action Party (PAP) led by Lee Kuan Yew eventually won the electoral right to flesh out and actualise the aspirations of Singaporeans for a free, sovereign, just, prosperous and equal nation. All the infrastructures, education, human talent, social services and armed forces needed for MODERNITY were built from scratch from the ground up.  Nothing needed for MODERNITY was inherited from the British colonial past. In repeated fair and transparent general elections over the past 50+ years, the PAP has assured and ensured that Singapore will never again be subjugated and subjected to the humiliation and indignity suffered under the British and the Japanese.    

The proposed Singapore Bicentennial celebrations must provide the true history of Singapore’s journey to MODERNITY which began in 1945.  Otherwise, it would be just a celebration of misplaced and wronged history! Suggest we should wait for 2045 to truly commemorate 100 years of MODERN Singapore.
“Until very recently Singapore’s past was a matter of supreme indifference for most Singaporeans simply because they believed this island never really had a history worth remembering…” – S. Rajaratnam, ‘The Uses and Abuses of the Past’, 1984.