The rise of North Korea as a nuclear power

The North Koreans have proven that they have the capability and the missiles to deliver their nuclear weapons. Period. The silly buggers in Washington can go on yelling that they would not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power but the facts are facts and no amount of silly denials would change the situation.

Oh, the rogue Empire would still be thinking of changing this reality by conducting a preemptive strike to destroy North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile facilities. They have made elaborate plans to invade North Korea together with the rogue Japanese. They have sounded out to Russia and China and the UN and their European allies. Russia and China have made it clear, no invasion of North Korea, no war in the Korean Peninsula. And if the Americans dare to, they would be on the side of the North Koreans, to take on the Americans and the Japanese.

To make their position clear, the Chinese and Russians have moved their troops to the borders of North Korea. China has moved at least 150,000 men to mean business. Though the diplomatic excuse was to control an anticipated surge of refugees, the troops and their anti aircraft missiles would not lie. The missiles have no relevant to the refugees and are meant for the Americans and the Japanese.

Kim Jong Un is very secure with the Chinese and Russian troops at the borders. He knew very well that the troops were there to support him in case the mad Americans and barbaric Japanese attacked. And he can continue to defy the Americans and call the American bluff. An American attack would be against North Korea, China and Russia and it would be a multi lateral war. All the American forces would come under the attack of the Russian and Chinese forces. The anti aircraft missiles would be targeted at the American bombers. The anti ship missiles will be aimed at the American aircraft carriers and North Korean medium range missiles against all the major targets in Japan and Guam.

The Chinese and Russians would not allow a war in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything they could to prevent it happening and would fight the Americans if necessary. What is frightening and dangerous is the reckless rhetoric and manouevres of the Americans that could be misread by the North Koreans and all hell breaks loose. The mad Americans must restrain themselves and desist from fiery and foolish talks of attacking North Korea and flying their war machine all over the sky. A miscalculation is all it takes to bring about Armageddon.

An additional risk is the Japanese element. The Japanese have all to gain to provoke a fight between the Americans and the Chinese/Russians to mutually destroy each other. They could easily force the issue by conducting a sneak attack that would trigger a full blown North Korean reaction and the rest would be history.

Though a war is unacceptable and unlikely given the severe nature of the consequences, it cannot be ruled out when some actors would want to provoke it. With or without a war, unless it is nuclear annihilation of the Korean people, North Korea is now an established nuclear power to be reckoned with. The Americans like it or not would have to accept this reality and live with it. It is in their interest and the good of the American people that they should behave themselves, not acting like a rogue, and avoid raising tensions and risking a nuclear war with the North Koreans with the backing of China and Russia.

To the rogue Empire, you are not alone. You cannot hit anyone at your pleasure with impunity. Your reckless and irresponsible aggressive ways have come to an end, at least in the Korean Peninsula.


Anonymous said...

When there is a war out break in Korea Peninsula, Sinkieland NS men & women will not b spared. Sinkieland's soldiers will be sent to frontline to fight side by side with the Evil Empire & the Japs to gain experiences in real war, ah hen & his gen will be most happy to use their skills in art of war. The experience gained by Sinkieland's soldiers in frontline or medical or logistics will put Sinkieland to be the most powerful island city to deter potential aggressor & pinky will be most proud to be so & proof his better than his papa.

Anonymous said...

There will be no war lah.

Trump is not stupid, Kim Jong Un is not stupid.

Only stupid leaders want to fight a war which is lose lose for all.

By talking war, Trump just want to sell more weapons to S Korea and Japan to make money.

Make money, not fight, just like the PAP and smart Sinkies.

Or fight only if you are confident can sure win one, like how the PAP whack the Sinkie opposition jialat jialat.

Rocket said...
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Rocket said...

Any war on the Korean Penis-ula will immediately develope into a Nuclear War.

Any Nuclear War will instantly develop into a World War.

Any Nuclear World War leads to the Total Destruction of the Earth and the Ultimate Extinction of Man-Unkind.

Joyous New Beginning for All Other Life Forms in the Multiverse.

Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

Do you think President Trump should introduce "pussy diplomacy" into the Korean Peninsula?

Do you think USA, North & South Korea, Russia, China and Japan should exchange and share pussies from their respective countries and reduce the testosterone levels?

Best Regards
@atilah $ingapura

Anonymous said...

Volunteer Leee HongYi to the frontline n let him fulfilled his father dream to punch above his weight. Spared the rest of Sinkie softlegs ns men. For once Leedersheep by punching above ownself.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Trump should introduce "corruption and cronyism" into North Korea?
Which country can provide Trump with the "best practices" model?

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump should teach Kim Jung-Un how to grab women by their pussies, instead of wasting so much time and energy in "fire and fury" bull-shitting stand-off.

Anonymous said...

World wide, big like US UK France, Japan these countries torturing small country dprk are considered "right" for all what they have said on media. Dprk has nothing "right" to say or do, on world stage.

Countries doing murderous things are good, and the small country being tortured has nothing right for self defense. It is a similar value like late annie eu. There was no intention to torture, so not murderous acts.

One mis step will end Dprk. If Kim Jong Un continued to dream like many observers that China will automatically aid Dprk, he would not develop nuclear weapons and ICBM in alarming speed against China s warnings after warnings. China wants nothing in Dprk called nuclear weapon.

Scmp, owned by Alibaba, had commented in one article. At the closing sentences, the writer said, Kim Jong Un was naive to visit China border without fortifying his north border, to block a potential China invasion. Kim went to the snow mountain and composed a excellent move to get out of the pressure imposed by the UN big 2+1.

He buys time for 3 months do join the game. He by pass US to work with SK directly. He does not need China to talk to US and then US responds etc.

Kim is pro active. He knew very well SK will not want to get flatten, and ruled by Japanese forces with US marines. Moon knew it well, any war with NK will flatten SK. NK lost means end of Korea race as a country. US marines will land at China border, or China troops will land in NK. But the whole battlefield will be inside SK. Japs will have to make sure US confine the battle fields in SK and move north, so that Japan is safe.

Kim is a Korean, his red line should consider Korean race s demise. He thus chose to by pass SK to talk with Moon. Kim s chance will be brighter to get out.

Kim s intention is crystal clear. He does not want china to play NK as a chip to bargain with US. He does not want US to play SK as chip to bargain with Dprk. As a start, he achieves great success.

Deals were swiftly done with SK, and US was left out, China was kept in dark. It was reported that actually Kim and Moon were listening in to the discussion by the 2 teams. They could intervene to tell the negotiators what to do quickly.

Koreans are world top scammers. There are 400k scammers from this race, who are rich fellows.

Therefore, now Kim has a mighty icbm hwasong 15, SK wants these to be destroyed at US and China s wishes? If Moon s value was like ex president Park, he might do it. But Moon and Park look very different in directing SK. Kim has a chance to survive for another half year peacefully.

Will US trigger a war? Trump is keen to finish Kim in one strike if possible. But, Trump cannot press the nuclear button directly: it needs 35 mins to do it. Kim can do it faster. Therefore, if both use nuclear weapons, US cities get strike is guaranteed to be positive. Will US want such ending? Russia and China will be very "sad".

Kim s negotiator chief Ri said: missiles are all aiming at US, not China or Russia. This is a message to assure the latter, and they better help Dprk if US strikes NK.

Guess, Russia Putin will be keen to come into picture. It has gotten into middle east. Russian had proposed to Kim to enlarge the rail route to Pyongyang. So Russia is keen to help NK. China had cut off the Dantong bridge. China had order to close the NK s only hotel at Shangyang 2 days ago.
Will China fight against US to help NK? May be or may not. Remember the annie eu s story. The landlord offerted annie to stay at their flat. The landlords tortured annie to death.

Conclusion is Human beings look normal, but can execute murderous plan without being accused as murderers. This is in normal life. Do be alarm of "good intentioned human", some are good looking politicians.

Virgo49 said...

Kim Jong Un told Moon, my missiles are for the Americans not for our breathen in the South.

Now they even arranged for Families Reunions.

They are after all One People like they said One Malaysia which is a Farce in Malaysia.

They been divided by the External Forces of evils and their past lackeys Presidents.

Any President tried to reunified will be Assassinated.

Moon is playing cautious to wean off the clutches of the Americans. He had to tread carefully or will be like one ex PRESIDENT met his fate.

He played smart by praising Trump with credits for the Talks.

Trump is egoistic and now he also wants to talk with Kim.

Trump's warmongers would drive a wedge between them but Trump will not Give Damn as he thought he is the CEO of Trump's Empire.

Anyway, he is engrossed too much in his Internal Evils that tried to topple him.

South Korea massive Youths unemployment. If reunited with the North, they can helped to build the North's economy.

So benefits both parties. If Sinkie Land can be with the North, that's be good as young Sinkies can migrated and work in Malacca, Negri Sembilian and even up the East.

Easy access to Genting Highlands.

One Anon said USA should recommend their Corruption and Cronyism.

Think Sinkieland will do a better job with their fifty years of experience even the Opposition Parties subjected to their wimps and fancies.

Anonymous said...

For corruption in its highest form all countries must salute and learn the Leedersheep of Sinkieland.

Every act of corruption can be leegalised.

Guaranteed cannot be charged in any court of law.

You get to learn and practise hands-on freely if you join the Papa Authoritarian Party.

They even pay you by the millions of dollars every year for you to master the fine art of corruption in order to showcae to the whole World that you are not corruptible.

You can always have the cake and still eat it. How wonderful!

Where else in the world can you learn and practise such great skill?

Hurry, membership is free.

All are welcomed!

Anonymous said...

The previous Park was shot by his own man. Park was said to change system for him to be president for life.
Duterte was said to be targeted because he changed to favor China. He borrowed small arms from Putin to fight in Arawi. He is still living person.
N S unification will speed up when US s strength is weaken further.

War with NK might speed up the weakening process. There is low chance of using nuclear weapon from Kim. Not likely be the first to use it against US because that will invite US to chian chwee, flatten NK without being alleged to be wrong by allies.

So conventional war will be the battles. NK will suffer huge casualties, same for SKoreans.
Key point is US marines casualties. How many? before the war is hated by US voters.
Once the war is fought for 5 years, similar to Vietnam, the casualties for US will reach 40 to 100k, while SK may lose half, and NK will lose 5 times more due to bombing.

US will be weaken in Korean as a whole because there are fewer SK soldiers will to fight with the Northerners. US s influence will be minimised when the remainders SK and Northerners start to work together to rebuild. They will most likely to harbor hatred against the US because of family members losses.

US will plan for a war against NK without such ending. That can be seen they had V Ace air attack recently using stealth F22. These planes most likely are aiming at Kim and his clan.

The 3 fleets at Japan is a clear sign, US is building up forces for the attack. Such attack by bombing might not inform SK or China. Or China might be informed with promise to stand by no move. However, if the bombing did not work. Kim might be forced to use nuclear bombs against Tokyo to stop the further bombing. The results will still ending US s influence on SK, while Japanese will love US s medicines to cure radiations. Its far costly for Trump to pay for the ending.

But watch the development: each joint war game with SK is a step to get US weapons closer to NK, correct? The 3rd fleets is on the way.

Kim should know what US is trying to do. But what can be done? He must not give up nuclear weapon and ICBM, so stupid like Sadam. The moment he gives up to please US , China and SK, even Putin cannot save him. Kim is a smart chap, or any normal Koreans will teach him not to.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair Netanyahu was recorded telling the son of Israeli businessman and gas tycoon Kobi Maimon outside a strip club that the prime minister set up $20 billion for the latter's father, according to a report on Israel Television News Company on Monday.

>>'God help us if this gets out': The full transcript of Yair Netanyahu's wild Tel Aviv night 

■ Strip club worker says Netanyahu's son was a customer for several years

“My dad set up 20 billion dollars for your dad, and you’re fighting with me about 400 shekels [about $115]?” said Yair in the 2015 recording of the conversation with his friend, upon leaving the strip club. Netanyahu later said the 400 shekels was for a prostitute.

>> Yair Netanyahu's strip club tape proves prime minister's barrel of brutishness has no bottom

| Analysis ■ Yair Netanyahu's Strip Club Debauchery Won't Spell His Father's Political Doom | Analysis

The 2015 conversation was with the son of Kobi Maimon, a real estate mogul and a shareholder in Isramco, which owns Israel's offshore Tamar gas fields. Also present was Roman Abramov, the Israeli liaison of Australian billionaire James Packer.

read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.833740

Anonymous said...

The Americans and the Japs are ready to strike at North Korea. 3 carrier battle groups are there waiting for Trump to say go. Tillerson went to China to ask for the go ahead. China said no way. You attack, we attack you. Russia also on stand by.

Kim now very confident that his back is covered. He only needs to stare eyeball to eyeball with the Americans. The Americans could not do anything coz China and Russian missiles are waiting to shoot down American bombers and aircraft carriers.

American now very angry, want to impose more trade barriers on China, threatening all kinds of things against China. China's position is firm. North Korean viability is core interest. They would not budge.

The Americans are pulling their hairs and running out of wits, thinking that China would be foolish enough to let them do a Saddam Hussein act on Kim. They could con the Russians but not the Chinese. North Korean independence is not negotiable. No war in the Korean Peninsula. They had done it in the first Korean War and would do it again, this time as a full nuclear power.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Apparently, amongst the tin-foil hatted conspiracy crowd, citing the CIA Director's comments...the US strike on N Korea to stop N Kore's nuclear intention is to occur by March 2018, about 10 weeks away.





Me? I have my doubts those fucking missiles even work. Yah, they can wallop Japan, Philippines maybe even as far as Djakarta...So what?

Both China and Russia not stupid lah. They will side with the side that offers them more long-term "benefit".

Defending an evil egomaniac like KIm is a losing proposition.
Siding with an evil egomaniac like Trump might offer a better "payoff". I know Putin likes money...sorry LOVES money. And power. And influence.

But China and Russia need to _make it appear_ that they care about N Korea. Yes, they probably do. But they also want to "play" the other side. Politics means you have to entangle yourself in a complicated web...to benefit, and to protect yourself.

Me? I have no skin in the game. I could care less if the religious nuts in the Middle East kill each other off, or mad fucks like Trump and Kim take their "who has the bigger dick" contest to nuclear war levels.

Let the world burn lah. It's entertaining. I smoke cigar, drink until mabok, laugh and get my dick sucked.🤣😂

Burn baby burn!

Anonymous said...

Israel Has Entered Into The Syrian Civil War

Syria Confirms Israel Strikes Near Damascus With Jets,

'Ground-to-ground Missiles Intercepted'

Assad regime says air defense system intercepted Israeli missiles

Syrian opposition-affiliated media reports that four Israeli planes carried out attack on Assad regime arms depot through Lebanese airspace.

The involvement of Israel's Armed Forces into the Syrian Civil War has long-term political implications for the Middle East, the US and Russia. It means the Syrian Civil War has become an International War involving Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and USA vs Syria, Iran, and Russia.

Read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.833841

b said...

How many people lives must be sacrificed for the wars caused by adam smith vs karl marx? They should choose to follow Jesus, love one another and live in peace.

b said...

Even drones can set off nuclear bombs. The end is near if leaders do not know how to love one another and live in peace with each other.

Anonymous said...

Trump spoke to Moon on Wednesday. He wanted to follow up to talk to NK on suitable time and conditions. He said during talk period, no military action will be taken.
Kim can buy time at least, and he is an intelligent man in foreign policy. Far better than some millionaires who bet totally on Hillary and followed by questioning China if following international laws. Kim is able to turn situation from bad to good, while the millionaires are able to turn situation from good to worst. Waste tax payers money.

Rocket said...

@ 3:56 pm:

"How many people lives must be sacrificed for the wars caused by adam smith vs karl marx? They should choose to follow Jesus, love one another and live in peace."

Human beings are intrinsically bi-polar. The fact that we have males and females, yin and yang, positive and negative, zero and one, alpha and omega, etc. substantiate that humans are bi-polar. That means humans are capable for both good and evil, constructive and destructive, creation and annihilation, obedience and rebellion, conformity and revolution, etc.

That is why, up to now, not a single religion has been able to reduce and eliminate bloodshed, killings, thefts, robberies, lying, covertous murders, greed, hatred, jealousy, pride and ignorance.

So, no religious leaders (or founders), whether it is through the preaching of love or compassion, can erase the intrinsic character of human beings.

Anonymous said...

Smart leaders like Duterte and Moon are trying to wean themselves from the clutches of the Americans.

South Korea has everything to loose if conflict with the North gets other parties into the fray. Like Vietnam, who are still dealing with the effects of destruction both logistically, and chemical defoliage of the soil that makes human lives miserable. They and they alone will suffer the long term consequences, not the Americans and its poodles. Where is the human rights element for those affected Vietnamese?

Both the above two countries have agreements with the US for support, which in reality is just like an albatross around their necks. They cannot directly do away with the Americans, knowing that the evil power has every avenue to do them harm. Further, it is the wish of the evil power to have a hold on all countries close to China and Russia and for them to have a base in those countries.

North Korea would have gone long ago had it not been for the Russians and Chinese support. The Americans have fought the Chinese during the Korean War and they know the Chinese are serious in what they threatened to do if North Korea is attack. That is no idle threat and they know it very well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Both China and Russia not stupid lah. They will side with the side that offers them more long-term "benefit"....But China and Russia need to _make it appear_ that they care about N Korea.'

I disagree with both above points by Matilah. First, the Americans have always treated Russia and China as enemy, before, now and forever. If North Korea goes, next will be Russia and China. As long as they can protect and defend North Korea, there is a status quo and the Americans will be kept very busy trying to fix North Korea.

Instead of China and Russia trying to make it appear that they care about N Korea, they are actually trying to make it appear that they are going along with their arch enemy, the Americans. Oooh, the Americans want sanctions, can, good, yes support. But they will continue to supply and support North Korea in whatever ways they could to make sure it does not fall.

Without their full support, the Americans would have attacked and North Korea would have fallen long ago. The facts are that the North Koreans are getting stronger and stronger and their economy as well. They are very secure with the Russians and Chinese standing behind him and guarding his back. Kim has not the slightest worry of being played out by the Chinese and Russians.

The Russians have gone into Syria and the Americans were defeated. It is now China's turn to do the same in Korea, to stop the Americans. They had done it before when they were very weak. Today they will BBQ the American boys on the pit.

The Americans' divide and rule trick can no longer work.

Rocket said...

Yes, I fully agree with RB's perception. China and Russia have always been ENEMIES" in the strategic thinking of US leadership and CIA be it military, political, economic, cultural or anything else.

The Chinese and Russian leaders have this at the back of their minds all the time.

Donald Trump being the President does not change an iota of this fact. No matter how cunning Donald Trump can be, his tenure as a President is only 8 years at the most. One year is gone. So he has only 7 years. He can't change the strategic thinking of all the future US Presidents and CIA, nor that of the American people.

China and Russia are not stupid. Their long-term close strategic partnership, which has not been broken until now, is the most significant indicator of their collective resolve to unite as a single force to counter-balance the power of the US, tactical and strategic, in all fields.

North Korea is extremely important in the calculations of this strategic partnership. As far as both China and Russia are concerned, North Korea cannot fall, no matter what. The Koreans must be reunited one day, just like Vietnam. Only North Korea has the capacity, ability and unshakable resolve to reunite their nation. The South Korean leadership has always been taken as a stooge of the US and manipulated by the Japanese for the purpose of "Divide and Rule".

Of course, the US would wish to be able to reunite the Koreans under US terms, to continue making the Korean People as its stooges and manipulate them to the advantage of the US Strategic Objectives.

Anonymous said...

If the Kra Canal truly becomes a reality, ships would certainly consider by-passing the Straits of Malacca and Singapore altogether, making the Singapore’s strategic geographical location redundant.

Singapore will the become a third world country with third world leadership importing third world cheap labourers to catch fishes and let them go because they bit the elites' fingers after all.

Anonymous said...

Our true strategic advantage has remained the sheltered Straits of Malacca location that enables prosperity and trade in the past few hundred years, and little to do with the PAP over-credited self-praises.
The threat to this will be only China & Thailand developing the Kra Canal.
It is a strategic relational mistake to piss-off China & side with USA geopolitically. This will only incentivize the Chinese & Thais to cooperate to invest heavily to develop the Kra, and reap big business & strategic benefits in due time.
So much for our boastful "long-sighted" leedersheep. When Ho Jinx was appointed as the best most suitable "Fun" manager (Dhana became a lan) to manage Sinkie national reserves, the muddled-headedness & self-interests of the Pappies leaders was obvious, Singapore has became Sinkingpore. This relative strategic decline vs other Asian capitals is now picking up speed.

Anonymous said...

China is going on a Three-Prong strategic offensive to ensure Singapore's Strategic Position becomes erased.

1. In cooperation with Indonesia, a deep Sea-Port will be built at Bunyan Island, an International Airport at Batam Island and a Naval Base at the Natunas. These will enable Indonesia to assert her position to claim back the control of the Airspace presently controlled by Singappre.

2. Building two new East-West Highways linking the Eastern sea-ports to the Western sea-ports. Plus constructing two new sea-ports. In addition air and naval surveillance high tech units will be developed and deployed in Johore to closely monitor the air and naval activities projecting out of Singapore. Plus equiping the Malaysian Armed Forces with new military vehicles, equipment and wespons, especially anti-aircraft weapons. KL will take over Singapore as the Communication Hub and Banking Hub of SE Asia.

3. Financing and constructing the Kra Canal. Plus helping to secure and develop the Southern Part of Thailand. This means Chinese troops will be deployed to protect the Jar Canal as well as to protect the Southern Part of Thailand against Insurgents and Separatists.

All these will be accomplished in phases. The duration will stretch over 15 years. That means after 3 more general elections, the true capabilities of the PAP will be glaringly displayed for all to see when the economic miracle becomes the economic debacle. Pricesnof HDB flats will enjoy a freefall, taxes will escalate and inflation will go on a free ride up the sky.

Foreign talents and foreign investments will move to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Singapore will become a fishing village again and it shall be renamed Temasek or Te-berserk. Then Singaporeans can sit under their HDB flats and catch mosquitoes everyday, so that Singapore leaders can punch above the mosquito weight any time they feel like it.

Won't it be nice?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American strategic interest is to remain the dominant world power, above the law, and to dictate to everyone. Their prime target today is the rise of China and they have all kinds of plans to contain and control the rise of China.

The Malacca Strait is a strategic choke point that the Americans would want to control to disrupt the supply of raw material and oil from Africa going to China. By allowing the Americans to use Changi only makes the task of controlling China easier and squeezing China that much easier.

This has forced the hands of China to develop alternative routes for its oil supply, by passing the Straits of Malacca. In a way Singapore has carried a big rock to drop on its own toes. Whoever promulgated and supported this policy to allow the Americans to threaten to choke China is so shortsighted to allow this to happen.

The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Americans and Japanese choose to stay out of the AIIB indicates their intent and perhaps their fear of the success of development of alternative key gateways to sources of raw materials and trade like oil that China needs.

The whole world knows that any organisation without the American patronage and contribution cannot be succeeful. That was perhaps a misguided thought that cannot work now with the financial clout that the Chinese have today. And I am sure the Americans and Japs want AIIB to fail, so they can remain in control of the poodles using the World Bank and IMF. But they did not count on the Chinese embarking on big plans that will benefit itself and many countries with the OBOR project.

In conflict of world proportions, China will be crippled if the American and its poodles were to control the oil flow through the Straits of Malacca. China needs a second channel to get to their source of oil supply, hence it is a strategic thinking on their part.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Currently the Americans are much more powerful militarily than China in the sea. So they thought they could control the first island chain or the second island chain to keep China in. China refused to play the game in the east when there is only Japan and the Pacific Ocean.

China turned West into Central Asia and Africa where hundreds of countries are to trade. A blockade by the Americans would only affect the fate of countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. China could still trade with the land based countries of Asean and the rest of Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

The Americans and the Japanese and the Australians can trade among themselves to their contend. This is the objective of BRI.