4G PM hopeful not fixated to be PM

Indranee had said that the fourth generation PM candidates are too busy focusing on other things like jobs and social issues and not fixated on being the next PM. This speaks very well of these PMs to be, that they only care about the people rather than their promotion to be the next PM. I like it. You can smell the sense of selflessness and righteousness in them.

From a personal perspective that these are unselfish men that did not care too much about being the next PM and rather work for the good of the people is admirable and laudable. This is probably the first time that a country has so many such noble men waiting on the side line to be the PM but not really interested to be, or not concerned if they become or not become the next PM. Even the most eligible candidate, Tharman, has openly expressed that he is not interested in the job.

From another angle, this is bad, that no one thinks of running this country. How come nobody is interested in the top job and paying millions? If no one is interested, would the reluctant candidate be pulling his weight when thrust into the job? Or would he use this as an excuse eventually if he did not perform, that he was not really interested in the job, so don’t blame him? Or would the job eventually go to someone who volunteers to be the PM, like this a social service work, doing charitable work?

Whether these crown princes like it or not, this is not a wishy washy job for someone to volunteer or for someone that is not interested to take up. It is the most important job in the country and the well being of the people depends on it. This job is no pray pray thing. Whoever wants the job better be serious about it. There is nothing more important than wanting to do this job well as the viability and well being of the country and people depend on it. You don’t want a misfit to be the PM and eventually runs it to the ground or hands it on a silver platter to another country or to foreigners, simply because he is not interested, never mind if Singaporeans would be the losers in the end.

The PAP was very serious about who would fit into the shoe of the PM in the last two changes. They did not want to risk putting a dud as a PM. Chok Tong had 5 years of apprenticeship to see if he was fit for the job. Perhaps 5 years were too short and Hsien Loong had 14 years to measure up to it. Now we have less than 5 years before Hsien Loong retires. Would there be enough time to train the next apprentice? Trump, who do you think?

By the ‘callafarre’ look of things, this apprenticeship thing is really not important. Or at least this is the impression given, no hurry, never mind, they have more important things to do than to go under training for the job. If this job is not important, what else is? Or is it that the apprenticeship scheme is really unnecessary and thus whether they have 5 years or 14 years OJT, it does not matter?

How can it be? Even being an MP needs to be OJT to run a town council first to prove one is capable to being an MP. The PM job is definitely more important and complex than running a town council. If an MP needs to prove his worth in running a town council, a potential PM must prove his worth while an apprentice before being pronounced fit to be PM.

Maybe, maybe all the trainings are applicable only to opposition politicians. The crown princes are no ordinary politicians. They are super talents and born to be leaders, to be PMs. So got OJT or no OJT would not make any difference. They will be fit to be PM regardless, when the time comes.

So there is absolutely no need to rush to put them under the apprenticeship scheme. They are born natural leaders, born to be PMs. No one needs to worry why no crown prince is being appointed and to go under the wing of the PM, to be tested and to prove himself. Did I get the spelling right on crown prince?


Anonymous said...

Haha. Think they are Aliens. All talented and all smart. No need to learn anything to become PM.

Virgo49 said...

That Indranee is spouting Nonsense in Parliament.

Now, no final decision as too much disagreements and in fighting internally.

LHL insisted on appointing his Man for future abdication when his Son is ready.

Some prefered A PM for the long term without abdication.

Por Lum Pars sided with the Clown and some not in the running also felt sidelined purposely just to spite him by not have him have his Man.

Even, Keppel Corruption Case also be swept under carpet giving all sorts of excuses and reasons.

Elites of their own circle will not be punish only peasants.

That's why the Class or Social Divide .

Anonymous said...

Tis just an excuse not yo choose a Clown PeeAyam. This showed how indecisive & power hunger the present PuiAm is. Who would wanna be labelled as Dishonourable, Despicable & Deceitful PuiAm. No sensible bean would wanna hv that titled handover to him. This PeeAyam post is no ez job but can olso b ez job to b remunerated millions of dollars for doing nothing to improves the people lives..see wat the present Clown did to Sinkies economy, juz by importing foreigners as steroids to its economy & building bricks for its GDP he get paid millions dollars who don't wan to do? The clown wanna find a puppet seat warmer to ensure that this fellow would handover to his offspring once he is no around, maybe that seat warmer is difficult to find or won't listen to the Clown or something else?..

Anonymous said...

They are preparing grounds to say they are "volunteers" for the PM post, learned from the sifu Khaw.

Goh said...

I dun know lah for I am not interested in whoever becoming a leader .No one will dare to say openingly that he wish to be a leader but it's normal to pretend that they not interested.
My expectation of a leader is simple.
Ideal candidate should be one who is capable of Cheongkonging all existing seepeef to give free medical to all sinkies .
Second must be able to allow sinkies to marry more wives.
Favourable or not,that's my wish.

Anonymous said...

No need to be apprentice to be PM and doesn't matter which PAP 4G, whether keechiu, keekar or keelan, become PM lah.

Why worry for PAP, because PAP will sure win again next election what. If PAP want me to become PM, PAP will also sure win.

Who don't agree, keechiu.

Anonymous said...

From a cost-benefit analysis PAPies know that it's more worthwhile to be normal minister than to be PM. Normal ministers' pay is high enough such that the difference is not worth the extra responsibility if recession, or high unemployment rate, or HDB collapse, or lose election.

Besides, being a normal minister makes it much easier to earn side income e.g. director at 20 different companies, partner with property developers to do property investments, without the additional scrutiny that being a PM will incur.

Virgo 49 said...

You do not employed a Manager as Management staff with Executive Salary and tell him to understudy.

He is employed or headhunted due to his capabilities and experience in his line of profession.

Should be able to manage or be in charge of his required duties as been appointed. Even to bring the department or company to a higher level with his experience and skills.

So, if the PM to be are from the Ministers who are been rotated with different portfolios throughout their stint in the Cabinet, is there a need to undergo apprenticeship.???

A leader is a leader who is gifted with leadership qualities and with past experiences and skills throughout their careers should be able to be a leader if chosen to be.

What's bullshits holding of hands.

Donald Trump and Kim jong Un undergone apprenticeship????

Come off it!

Only in sinkieland, waste of tax payers monies on these redundant wanton waste of having what's SMs,MMs or apprenticeship to be PM appointments.

Goh said...

Anon 9.48
Unless being force to draw a high salary,normal mingster who serve for his own benefit by expecting high pay or directorship with different companies so as to earn more,are Not Fit to be one ,not to mention being a leader.
I feel many of these mingster serve with no intention to ask for high pay but hard to reject what is given.
Not all serve becos of pay.

Anonymous said...

Rb, it's clown not crown

Anonymous said...

The lady PM potential said something which many could remember the catching words:jobs, fiscal sustainability, something else forgot liao.

While official said gdp growth was 3.2%, below IMF world average 3.5%, real growth on wiki was 2.5%.

After importing 2.5 millions population, sinkieland economy is not moving at all: HENTAK KAKI, NSmen know what it means. It s growth is paid by debts. The figures wiki said external debts to gdp is 453% for sinkieland, and the foreign exchange reserve to debts estimated to be 1 to 4(debt).

Who wants to be Pm if he has serious motive to serve the high debt high immigrants city, as city governor in real sense, viewing from US or China s perspective.

1 post said the growth was pushed up by building structures. From the figures, this cannot be ruled out. Jobs markets if analyze in details, are consisting of unproductive or non revenue generating jobs, like guards. Few or non on production operators ie manufacturing, or waiter waitress, chefs, or higher level jobs like accountants, engineers, for controlling to facilitate revenues production.

What kind of economy is that? Its a stagnant, self absorbing pattern. Can it work? The work like restaurants produced products, that absorb the cash from consumers. Consumers borrow from banks like credit cards to pay for the products. Who will pay the banks? The extra 2.5 millions foreigners might have shipped the extra cash earned by them back to philippines, and india. In the end, restaurants cannot sustain the running, and owners are indebted, because the consumers will preferred discounted meals, from vouchers, they buy online.

It is a bluff economy. No solid production to pay for consumption. Production wages are shipped out of sinkieland to pay for pinoys and indians buying houses and land abroad.

Whoever is the pm will face uphill task to re adjust the economy to the previous model with bias to new products like apps, AI, self drive electrical devises, or green energy generations, or safe nuclear technology. All this areas are not useful to local NS men when the productions owners are not willing to step into sinkieland to hire NS men. The cash shortage will be more, for local youth if they spend their youthful time to do non CPF generations work like Uber. It is a highly dangerous trend, when youth goes for easy tasks. But when will the new Pm generates difficult tasks for its slave driven men? If he continues to favor feeding youths from foreign lands?

No way out if one continue to depend on Pap to create jobs for local youths. One should not vote for Pap to make sure it changes the course in favor of Ns men. Or this sinkieland will be just a story in the world stage. Who can consume all the concretes built on lands? They are condos for consumption. Where is the cash to pay when banks are willing to pay the large sums first? How to sustain a family in shaky income with a Pm keeps letting foreigners to take away the good paying jobs?
Pm is not a priority? U agree? Better think hard, the world is moving fast with China s 1r1b. Neighbor countries are not trapped by poor geographical locations. This is a big change. Even Pakis Gwadar port, once managed by PSA and it gave up in 4 year, is becoming an important port in the world map. Sinkies should not depend on Pap to steer the little sampan. The leeders are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the 4th PM?

Then who do you think are the DPM1 DPM2 and DPM3?

Anonymous said...

No way out if one continue to depend on Pap to create jobs for local youths. One should not vote for Pap to make sure it changes the course in favor of Ns men.
10:17 am

But nobody even bothered to go Hong Lim Park to legally protest against Pap for not creating jobs for local youths leh. So Sinkieland is so peaceful, despite PAP policy of NS for Sinkies, and jobs for foreigners.

Some more, and for all the Pap screw ups that u highlighted above and which I also agree, a solid 70% even voted for Pap!

So like that how to make Sinkies vote opposition, let alone have mass protests against Pap?

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the 4th PM?
10:26 am

Will your life become better or worse depends on who is 4th PM?

If not, why does this matter?

Anonymous said...

Would the 4th PM return you your CPF money?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 January 09, 2018 10:02 am
//What's bullshits holding of hands.//

@ Virgo49 January 08, 2018 7:50 pm
//Walking out from the shelters they groped in groups holding hands and skipped once a while holding the balls. Sometimes the other party when they see the Pinoy Performing artistes going for rumba rumba at the Kampong Bahru stretch of Red Light Bars. Too exited, they kept rubbing their organs.//

Ahhhh ..... Uncle Virgo49

Readers may be confused (or getting confused? Mb many things or everything is conforming .... oops ... compounding ..... oops .... confounding .... oops ... confusing ... now?)?

R u tawking abt same thg or different thg ...?

... abt the "holding hands" ...?

Is this (a "Fraudian slip" or) some coincidental postings?

Inkgrish not powderful so plissed bare wet some imperfat garbra oops garma ... ... oops gramma .... & borchap .... oops borcap .... oops vocab .... oops oops ...??

Din yew said the ... like to hold hands (& grope in grps) ...?

So u no approve "holding hands" ... (cos unbecoming ...)?

(But unfortunately had bcum deep-seated culture?)

Aiyo ...?

Dunno what yew tawking abt ...?

So confounding ..... oops .... confusing ...?

Said so many things ... end up sama masa ...?

Nun the wiser?

How not to? (be confused?)?

(Sooner or later all NOT siao oso bcum SIAO ...?)

Kong cum, daft ... is there a difference?

Siao is the next level (after that)?

Anonymous said...

"Our Sinkapoor is likely to suffer the same fate as many other countries; with every political succession, the quality of the leadership declines precipitously. This is the working of the Peter’s Principle in reverse; hence, our next PM – the fourth - is almost certain to be of poorer quality than the previous three. To give him the same powers as our great departed leader is tantamount to inviting trouble for the next generation of our people." -- Ismail Kassim

Anonymous said...

many chinese people dislike 4

we should skip 4

the next PM would be the 5th PM!

what. say you all?

Anonymous said...

Poor Silver Lim

Life going down the gutters in dirtyfilthybusukland?

But gutsy is what gutsy makes (ultimately)?

Down or out, still wighting?

May scl, bj, jsc, hlt, ya, wsl, ysl, nr etc etc ..... lraph the lust (in history thats how it went ...)?

Virgo49 said...

The only True Dafts who needed apprenticeship are the Silver Serpents.

Most are not down to earth as cocooned in their own world or ivory towels, oops Towers.

When they implemented any scheme like what's the Skills Fund etc Reimbursements of what's levues etc, they are been conned and cheated till some leaks wakes them up.

They must be seconded to the Real Commercial World of how to multiply your MONIES the legal and illegal ways.

After been conned and cheated of millions of taxpayers MONIES, then they said we be monitoring ways to stop all these.

Stupidity.Any schemes they implemented must have their own devious brains to brainstorm how-to counter these undesirable activities.

Sliver serpents are just too square headed and naive just like their Parrots Leaders who are too foolish thinking that the Rest are as naive as them.

They must learn and hold hands with those in the Dirty Commercial Business World to learn and counter what these devils are scheming.

But only Men Hands.Beautiful ladies hands not for these daft OGS.

Anonymous said...

Weirdest (& most lak sei) is that bef happened orlady so many (nakedthieves) com(mon)mens ...?

So if beetrayed ...oops ... beetrained ... oops ... dethroned ... oops enthroned ... liao ... orsew no lorry ... oops goreray ...?

Ultimately any(other)way westher 50 tahun, 15 nian, or wu bulan or ... lima hari same sama lah ?

Laogoanomics or goalaonomics, got difference?

Weather satu tahu or 14 nian orsew sama yi yang de?

Still puppy ..... oops ..... pmet lah?

Oops ...

Anonymous said...

(Ant, Or{MakKak} &) Air-level WudBridge Axam Qn:

"Define what is a pussy cat"

Ans: Black is black but can be white & white is but black which ia not white ... Pussy cat is a 2-legged animal that sacks its muster bolls & black in colour but at times can be painted in white angel colour (as long as ans can shut the (DAFT) examiner mouths can liao) ... [obviously such ans elicit a gazillion face palms but it can happen ...]

jjgg said...

Why should there be a change in PM? who needs a change in PM .. it's fake news to say present pm is dying to get out.. he shows no signs of stopping.. he criss cross the globe to explore overseas opportunities for sinngaporeans. Was last seen in SF doing this very tedious work... 2018 will see him sacrificing his frail body to travel at least 6 times to better the lot of Singaporeans.. we must be thankful!!! As to why nobody want to show hand... U crazy or what.. no need to show hand now...wait .. wait.. nobody lives for ever🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that following the footsteps of the Workers Party? Someone had been making a song and dance, into a broken record, about the WP not wanting to be Government, hence not vying for the PMs post.

Like that, I worry that the next step may be they will tell us that nobody wants to be the PM so his salary must be raised high enough to entice someone to take over.

Any volunteers?

Virgo49 said...

The Silver Serpents role in monitoring what's their Miniseries policies are not tuned to what's the Real businesses are.

For example, LTA engineers supervising the MRT works as done by the MRT builders who are professionals in their own field.

The LTA engineers know Nuts of how to construct the MRT systems.Just like Clerks of Works or Kepala or Dumb Heads in supervising the works.

Many LTA engineers thought that they can go to the private sectors and made much more from there.After a stint, returned to their cosy coffee breaks routines in the LTA again as they are accessed to be duds in this field.

Likewise, the shipping business. Import /Export Silver serpents in the Trade department kniw nuts of how the shipping activities of all aspects of shipping.

Only issued approvals for the shipping community and the Traders. Likewise the Port Authority.

They must be seconded to learn the ropes of how's these businesses are run to have a better feel of coordinating with them. Not just empty platitudes of yaping nonsense and follow their rigid regulations.

The PAP knew that in the competition for business contracts, corruptions is rampant. Everyone does them whether whites, blacks or yellow.

But because of their stupid rigid puritan hypocrisy preaching of what's no corruption that they are caught in their ownhypocrisy.

That's why they cannot punish the offenders with primitive punishments.

Many skeletons are in the closets not open as yet.

Anonymous said...

Alas ..... (on record) the (DAFT) examiner (of Wudbridge Axem) could (still) likely (or even certainly) award alnost fool marks like more than 90% for such ans ...? (Orlady happened liao?)

{As usual, Laogoanomics or goalaonomics} no diff?

What is "the rule of law of laogoanomics"?

Ownself "fark" ownself?

Does it matter what (the collect) ans is?

Who knows (the true) ans script actually wrote (what) if (can be) farked by ownself then award 90% (marks unilaterally)... cfm "A" distinction ...?

(But worth anyth any real value in {outside} real world?)

Anonymous said...

Who the hell knows?

Fiction or facts?

Fake or real?

Say what yew like?

But yew cant stop pple perceiving yew as an idiot or moron?

For thinking everybody else are idiots?

And believe 1 single letter of the garbage spewed?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 12.01pm //But because of their stupid rigid puritan hypocrisy preaching of what's no corruption that they are caught in their ownhypocrisy.//

This is preposterous?

Not designed for serpants doesnt mean not designed for other silver?

Get it?

The dafts will be handed the next "DILEMMA"?

Stupidity got no cure?

If black is white & white is black, it means nothing and everything?

RR is the best (route)?

Anonymous said...

U live in the past centuries. U now find strange no one goes to HLP. U only harp on 70%. U think it is fix figure. U must be 70 and above. Old concept on protests might not be useful on sinkieland. Barisan had done so badly on protests created so much bad images about opposition parties, few will still find protests are useful tools to change politicians. Further more, there are plain cloths will pick up foreigners at the scene and push for legal against the organizers. No HLP does not mean the problems are resolved. U like Pap, the intelligent PM potential lady put her priority first on her mind: jobs.

U r pap supporters, u should know your bosses' priority.
70% is not fix figure. Your bosses all know about such figures, and how they will fluctuate.

The good example is Iran riots days ago. One old man protester told angmor, " my 3 sons all engineers, they have no jobs, they are sitting at home".

How many sinkies have engineers sons/siblings sitting at home, or driving taxi?

HLP is a no go for jobless too. They want jobs, not trouble by others taking photo of them.

U watch the figure 70%. By 2019, Malaysia will have a new PM or remind Najib. If change take place, sinkieland will face more problems if Dr M or Anwar take over.

Do u know that sinkieland s ranking in education system in the world? HK 10th China 12th Sinkie 15.
SK 3th.
Rumor says the next pm is so and so. That guy had no experience in education at all, and is one of the trouble for the neighbor in handling things. Pap will not be able to keep 70%. It will go down drastically, not by opposition, but by Pap s own doing.

Voters are not so nice when they cannot do well cause by Pap. This is a golden theory worldwide. U may not comprehend the logic. Never mind lah, lau liao mah.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon.RR the best.

Now offpeak b4 CNY. Genting Resorts offered up to six days stay FOC plus food and transport.

Up next week for RR away from the stinking Cosmopolitan Smells of Foreign Trashes.

Better to be in the company of Ah Bengs and Mats in Matland.

b said...

A high chance that 4G PM is ahneh because the gov imported so many of them and give them important jobs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the current PeeAm is already an Immortal that's why no need a 4G PeeAyam mah...cancer upon cancer visited him but couldn't even harm him & survive in the shaking NDR in 2016 or tis PeeAyam is an AI robot, the flesh & blood AhGua already dead long ago..

Anonymous said...

In a Natural Aristocracy (or Dynasty) openly declared by PM Lee Hsien Loong few years back, what is the use of the a Puppet PM just to deceive the World that there is Parliamentary Democracy in place?

After using the Parliament like a Kangaroo Court when One Dishonourable Son is himself the Prosecutor, Witness, Jury and Judge, All-in-One, to white-wash himself from the dirts and filths cast upon him by own siblings, what value is the Parliament now worth? What integrity and sanctity do the Parliament have thereafter? Who will continue to respect this kind of "Parliament" any more?

After installing a Puppet Shameless Indian-masqueraded-as-Malay Not Our President, through a prolonged, deliberate and sophisticated scheme of mansources and depriving the public from voting, who will now believe that the next PM won't be held by strings tied to his neck, hands and legs, with a mask on his face and a tape-recoder in his mouth, like the Puppet President?

What use is there to know who the next PM will be?

The foregone conclusion is he will either be a Robot or a Puppet. Period.

Anonymous said...

5.46pm //What use is there to know who the next PM will be? The foregone conclusion is he will either be a Robot or a Puppet. Period.//

Abt 2 weeks ago, the "previous one" (under "illusion?" that he is the "Dr M. of peesai" issued an ultimum? &) "demanded" an answer who "the next one" is "be given" by End Sept 2018?

Anon 5.46pm, "given" your deduction of "The foregone conclusion", why the "previous one" even bothered?

To make himself (feel) better he was not the only one in history?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 7.39

This One wayang only. He wants to follow MadHater again to be PM again???

Ever see how conmen works?? One will psycho the victim and another will join in and put vinegar, salts and oil to make the Tale more credible.

Then the victim is conned.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 7.51pm //Then the victim is conned.//

In the (is)land of daft suckers, may not need any wayang for the forgone conclusion?

The (daft sucker) victims were (easily) "conned", "are being (easily) conned" & "will be conned" ...?


Anonymous said...

You people are geniuses. How come I never thought of this? If the 4Gs are so busy working for the people and no time to think about who to become PM, or maybe not interested, and the two DPMs also not interested, Goh would become the automatic choice to fill the void until someone decides he wants the seat.

Anonymous said...

PAP cannot afford to fall. Once it falls, there will be a series of revelations, witch-hunting investigations, revenge and official accountability. Numerous skeletons would be exposed and many of their cadres and seniors, both retired and current, would have to face the music and take the bitter medicine they have been so eargerly dishing out to the public.

That is why, by hook or by crook, they have to try their very best to cling on to power, using whatever tactics whether moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, constitutional or unconstitutional, etc.

The irony is that the more they try to cling on to power, the more mistakes they make. So, in the long run, it is only natural that it will fall by its own weight.