High time China and Russia put a stop to American mischiefs

The Americans are creating instability and trouble spots all over the world. It bullies small countries that want to develop their own capability to defend themselves from an attack by the American forces, regime change, invasion, supporting insurgencies, blackmail, blockade, sanctions, provocations, bullying, violation of national territories etc etc. The Americans have been instrumental in forcing the UN to impose all kinds of sanctions using all kinds of dubious excuses and reasons against countries big and small.

The sanctions against North Korea and Iran are nonsensical. North Korea and Iran and every sovereign state have every right to build up their own defence capability to defend themselves. China and Russia and the rest of the world must defend this principle of nationhood, to be independent, to be able to defend and protect once territorial integrity. For not standing up to the American nonsense and bullying, many nations would be at the mercy of the evil American Empire. For not standing up and saying no to the American bullying, the Americans they are encouraging the Americans to continue with their intimidation and harassment of small countries.

China and Russia must step up to the plate to lead the rest of the world against the evil American Empire. The world needs peace, not more wars. The Americans are not satisfied just with sanctions. They are everywhere sowing discords, inciting hatred and creating division. Matthis is visiting Vietnam and Indonesia for the same purpose, not for trade but war. They are now gathering a bunch of international gangsters to plan an attack on North Korea and Iran. China and Russia must stop this madness, stop these warmongers from starting another war. There must be no more Iraq, no more Libya, no more Syria.

The rest of the world of smaller and militarily weak nations are crying out for someone to stop the evil American Empire from starting more wars, from bullying smaller countries. A combination of China and Russia and the rest of the world would be strong enough to resist and oppose the evil Americans from their reckless and irresponsible ways to control and rule the world.

The time is here and now. Stop the evil American Empire from starting more wars, from their divide and rule strategy, from bullying smaller nations to do its bidding. Veto all the nonsensical sanctions initiated by the Americans in the UN to protect small countries from American bullying. There will be no peace if the evil Americans are not stopped from their mischiefs around the world, in Korea, in South China Sea, in the Indian Ocean, in the Middle East, in Europe, in Latin America. These trouble spots are created by the evil American Empire. With the evil Americans meddling with them, there will be no peace all in this world.

Stop the evil American Empire before it is too late. The UN must not be used as a tool of the American Empire, writing and serving its agenda of war and mischiefs.


Virgo49 said...

Those Allies of the Americans now feel the pain and odour of the Real Americans.

Not imposing Tariffs ans obstacles
of their exports. South Korea been hits by them.

They bulldozed their whims and fancies to any country with respects thinking they are the Triad Chieftains.

Many on their side now see their true colours. OTHERS like China have terms on win win solutions.

The Americans behaved that all must be beholden to them.

Now DT to Davos with his American First Slogan.

Both Gay U.N. and all other World's Grouping have to heed their Orders.

Like even imposing Bans on Russia Athletes to the Winter Games.

They are really the Gangsters of the World.

Anonymous said...

//Stop the evil American Empire before it is too late. The UN must not be used as a tool of the American Empire, writing and serving its agenda of war and mischiefs//

Stop the evil white elites PAPies going to Sri Lanka before it is too late. The FTA must not be used as a tool of the Ah Long Lee Empire, writing and serving its agenda of greed and misled the Dafts Sinkies of bringing foreigners jus becos they r conned by their Leeder in believing tat Foreigners create jobs for Sinkies, Stupidity is no cure on Daftland of Dafts..

Anonymous said...

Everywhere they go they talk wars and incite wars.

Some head damage fuckers still go around preaching that the Americans are peaceful people and want to invite them to Asia to be the policemen.

Virgo49 said...

Apology should be Now imposing and without respects.

Allies don't take too much advantage on others.

The Americans high arrogant attitude now made enemies out of those who now realised their True Colours.

Last U.N. vote of the Jerusalem ruling testified to this.

Anonymous said...

US Trade Representative announced new tariffs on solar panel and washing machine exports on Monday. The solar panels in question are made in China. Western media interpreted the move as a signal flare from the US government who could be in the process of launching a trade war against China.

There are many countermeasures China could enact against the US. For example, US beef exports have experienced rapid growth in China, but that could change if Beijing decided to raise the bar on its health and safety standards. China is one of America's most vital trading partners regarding agriculture exports like soybeans and cotton. If a trade war erupted, many nations would have the opportunity to replace the US.

US exports of electric and mechanical parts and other accessories to China are also vulnerable. China now dominates the global automobile market. Last year, the country's sales volume was nearly 70 percent higher than the US market, thus firmly establishing itself as a strategic stronghold for international automakers.

If not for car buyers in China, US automobile sales would plummet. Over the years, the appeal of US electronics within the Chinese market has been in decline. Additionally, China could regulate the purchase volume of Airbus or Boeing aircraft.

Chinese students have pumped billions into the US economy through tuition, fees, and housing. This revenue stream alone impacts many levels of US society, and China controls it.

Also, China can sell some of its huge holdings of US treasury bonds if necessary.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American advantage over China in a war is military. But this will be erased over time, maybe in another 20 years when China has 16 aircraft carriers and 200 submarines.

American advantage over China is an economic war is zero, negative. China has more fire power and triggers to pull when it decides to screw the Americans in economic warfare. The winner of such a war is a forgone conclusion. The Americans would be bankrupt when China starts to deliver its KO blows.

Their only fake economy is driven by fake paper money, derivatives and gambling chits. Manufacturing is finished, other than making war machine.

The Americans has lost all ideas on how to develop their economy and the only thing they could do is to brandish their military weapons and threats of war.

Anonymous said...

If readers believe what the title said will work out, they are not well informed. China has been alleged to have blocked humanitarian aid to NK/ The culprits include US. Equipment and medicines are held for month unmoved, tho with proper papers. The UN aid chief has complained to UNSC in middle december 2017. Few noticed it probably bc the article in shittime was waterdown. Articles in washington post and reuters contained details/ "They (china custom) have become stricter about shipments, asking for detailed inventories, including lists of manufacturers’ names and materials used in every item. A container of wheelchairs sent by a South Korean aid agency was blocked by China, as were water purification tablets meant for flood victims, according to people with knowledge of the incidents."

Anyone believe one of the big name will come to help NK when US invade NK will need to take into the factual implementation of humanitarian aid for the NK innocents public. How can that be? tiobor ah hiar? China will help fight US, while holding up UN humanitarian aid to NK now? Readers need to account for the paradox in logic.

The only big name will help NK is well known. Trump/Tellison pointed it out.

US CIA chief said Kim might not get the reason situation right, probably from "mis informed" advise. Why not he post a CIA report to Kim? In 2013, the west spread news that Kim executed his "friend" Hyun, a pretty lady for dancing in "porno" video. Is the video porno? Many will find it on youtube. In 2017, this pretty woman appeared as representative of NK high level team. Therefore, readers relying on bias source of information will draw bias fake conclusion.

On US NK war, SK is smart to opt out/ SK has most to lose for its expensive assets standing in Seoul. Samgsung contributes 20% GDP will be wiped out. If US must fight, its marines must be strong as SK marines might not be 100% supportive.

US marines will be out numbered: say 200000 go into war, NK has 1000000+ troops with all kinds of machines but at 2nd world war standard. Is bombing alone can win a war? Koservo war has proven it. US occupied Koservo? Never.

If US flatten NK, will NK also flatten US? That is the new scenario, different from Koservo. That why US is trying to strangle NK, together with all its cronies, including humanitarian aid from UN.

The US NK war will have to fight. When US withdraw from war, its NK and SK talk about uniting. That will threaten China. So the hidden hands for Kim and Moon is not unclear. They will have to overcome the obstacles, probably going into generations in future. As long as Kim keeps his nuclear weapons and mass produce them, Kim should survive if he does not step out of NK. Else he can be killed.

Anonymous said...

India is not adoptive to new standards.
"A Singapore Airlines cabin crew member was arrested at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport on Monday (Jan 22) after he was reportedly caught smuggling gold.

According to an Indian Express report on Wednesday, customs officials recovered 1.05kg of gold worth 3.1 million rupees (S$64,000) after searching the suspect."

Rocket said...

The UN has lost its standing, status, trustworthiness and meaning as a world organization for world peace. Over the last few decades, it has been controlled and used by the USA, with impunity and total disregard for human decency and national sovereignty.

b said...

LOL. Usofa cannot even fight vietnam many years ago. How to fight NKRussiaChina? They only want to make noise and sell more stuff. Its an old recipe used many times over.

Anonymous said...

Every world body has been used by the USA to suit its agenda. Where it conflicts with its aim and agenda, the USA will threaten pulling out or stop its funding.

What we fear is the US debt that can never ever be repaid. What is going to happen if the balloon were to burst, which it definitely will? If it leads to a collapse of the US$, will cryptocurrencies take its place, with the US again in the driving seat? While many countries are against the use of cryptocurrencies, the US seems to be keeping mum. Are they going to let the US$ go bananas and therefore they can wipe their debts clean and need not have to honour their debts in US$ and adopt cryptocurrencies? This is not a impossibility the way the US keeps spending and allows the debt to grow uncontrollably.

Now, with cryptocurrencies, it seems no government has any control over it. When ordinary people can issue money, isn't that against the governments authority of individual countries to control the money issuing function? And what about the authority of the central banks of all countries? What will they be able to oversee and control? I really cannot understand what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 24, 2018 8:43 am
//Those Allies of the Americans now feel the pain and odour of the Real Americans.//

Likely the first to experience the heaviest impact (down the road) from any major trade war is not China or South Korea but peesai?

As the US Nov 2018 mid term election looms nearer, this Dotard needs to up his ante in order to protect himself from becoming a lame duck in the event the waffer-thin majority in the US Senate is lost after the year end hustings?

As the 2018 New CNY looms in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, does it bode well for peesai & those born in 1964 & 1952?

Does it bode well for peesai foreign policies given just end of last year, peesai presented an almost S$20 billion plane order to "boost high paying American jobs for the next" 200 years?

Brain enter water (foreign policy)?

If glow-blur-lie-sanction flicker dies out, is it not a NO BRAINER that the first to be hit in the global trading system is none other than the 400% GDP total trade peesai?

There are many protectionist measures that can be enacted to elect trade barriers but Dotard chose TARIFFS over other measures such as IMPORT QUOTA?


Ask yewrself?

This FP headed by the 2 latest economic ignoramuses Balamugam & his predecessor SHAMEkrishnan is headed for "big headache"?

As Uncle Virgo49 (often) said, triangle pegs in rough whores?

Total "mismatch"?

According to ancient China Geomancy, what is peesai "8 #"?

Time will tell?

As 5am, 4 Feb 2018 draws nearer to usher in the earth doggie year of wang wang wang, unfortunately this could be the mistaken commercial hype and reality could be polar opposite?

As the 2018 doggie year unfolds, some pple could realise how "BITCHY" karma is?

"Wang wang wang" could jolly well turn out to be "Woe Woe Woe" ...?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.25

CCS still wants to sell Sinkieland Koyoh.

The No Belt No Road for Sinkieland
he wants to provide Financial expertise and our technology to all the countries in the One Belt And One Road projects.

Provide Financial Expertise? ?In pulling the testicles of Sinkies to cough out their last cents.

Technology? How to keep repairing and serving the MRT Systems.

Also, how to have your hospitals in full occupancy when the Trains crashed or collided.

CCS, Ah Seng, DON't make people toes laugh.

Anonymous said...

Chant, twist (chung) and sing.

Ministerial material even before being elected. Elected under the coat-tails of the old man.

Now PM material crowing like a rooster on the dung heap.