Singapore - A proud British colony

Singapore is a proud ex British colony, is going to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the colonisation of Singapore by the British in a big way. While many ex colonies have erased everything they could from their humiliating past under the rule of colonial masters, with names like Calcutta, Bombay, Goa etc totally wiped out, Singapore retains and cherishes all the ex colonial trimmings in the island and often glorifies them. Stamford Raffles was dearly embarrassed as the white god that founded Singapore. 

The statestimereview has reported, "Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also announced that he will be having an undisclosed budget to “celebrate” 200th anniversary of British colonisation of Singapore in 1819:

“We should commemorate this bicentennial appropriately, just as we marked the 150th anniversary in 1969. It is an important milestone for Singapore; an occasion for us to reflect on how our nation came into being, how we have come this far since, and how we can go forward together.”

1819 is indeed an important milestone in the history of Singapore. The colonisation of Singapore by the British that then turned it into its colonial outpost and commercial headquarter for ruling SE Asia was the event that transformed Singapore from a fishing village to a commercial hub, a thriving entrepot of the day. That was the foundation that contributed to what Singapore is today.

Many Singaporeans remember and cherish that day they read in British written history books when Singapore was colonised as a glorious day. The reason must be that without the British landing here to rob the island from the native ruler Singapore would not be what it is today. A point to note here is that Singapore was returned to the native rulers when Singapore became part of Malaysia. The British in a way handed back Singapore to the Malay rulers in 1963 to square the score. The robbing of Singapore from the native ruler ended on that day.

With a twist of fate, the Malay rulers gave their blessing for Singapore to be an independent state to start a new chapter from a clean slate. In 1965, Singapore became an independent country, not robbed or stolen from Malaysia. The leaders of both states signed an agreement without a gun pointing at their heads.

In terms of significance, 1965 is more important to Singapore as an independent nation than 1819 when it became a British colony. Singapore became a free independent country with the blessing of Malaysia, no more stolen by British raj from the Malay rulers. 1819 was a milestone, a watershed in that it was colonised by the British, similar to the colonisation of Syonan-to by Imperial Japan in 1941. They are historical milestones of Singapore's history. Singaporeans should remember these dates, 1819, 1941, 1959, 1963 and 1965 and earlier days that predates to the time of the Sri Vijaya Empire and Parameswara. I hope Singapore would never think of celebrating 1941 just like naming the Ford Museum as Syonan Museum. There are days of glory and days of infamy and both must be treated accordingly.

1819 is controversial. Was it a day of glory to be celebrated in a big way or a day of infamy to be remembered dearly? The white Americans remember the landing of Columbus in America as a day of discovery, Thanksgiving Day, a day to be celebrated for conquering a new land. The American natives remember it as a day of infamy, a day when their forebears were massacred by the Europeans and their land stolen from them. The natives of America would not celebrate Thanksgiving Day. That day their land was stolen by the white invaders and their forefathers killed! They knew their history. They remember the day they lost their country and the massacre.

Singaporeans must know our history from our own perspective, not from the perspective of the colonial masters. The sillies would still have fond memories of singing God save the king or the queen and think affectionately of the times when they were British subjects and longed to be British subjects once again. Wait till they lose this country once again and become boat people, then they will know what it is like to be stateless.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing to celebrate the so called 200th anniversary of White Men colonization in Sinkieland. The new White men r now the Lightning Party, what have they done to this little red dot? These white men's party will capitalize the situation & might even call a snap GE & everyone in this island become slaves in their own land again. In time to come, this island will be crowded with many new immigrants to snatch away lunches from the locals & the cycle repeats itself till the days of its demise become nearer with it's neighbours doing the catching up game sooner or later this Sinky pie or economy will b skinned & a mass exodus takes place etc.

Virgo 49 said...

The Whites for the past few centuries had been living in luxuries and had it good due to their plunders, lootings from the Stupid Natives who still worshipped them.

Now, not so glorious as Karma had overtaken them.

Their countries now in turmoil by Natural disasters and their own creatures in fighting amongst themselves.

Yet, the Stupid Coloured Natives still in Awe of them.

The Papies is trying to distract the People from their Woes in having all sorts of nonsensical celebrations to boost their up and coming elections and their claimed Glorious Past of Governance.

Wasting tax payers MONIES.

Some Traitors would be contemplating to celebrate also the Japanese Era of Sayonan.

Follow the Compatriots of Taiwan who loved the Jaos more than their Mainland Forefathers.

Rocket said...

The Colonisation by the Whitemen under A Whitewoman is a curse of Asian Civilizations. Allowing a Barbaric Ruthless White People to colonize your countries and put your own Citizens under their command and control to serve their economic and political interests is a shame and disgrace even until today. There is nothing to be proud of, let alone celebrate.

Anonymous said...


Where is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ coming from?

Where is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ coming fromonths?

Suka suka!

Anonymous said...

Whoever think of celebrating the loss of his country's sovereignty, freedom, liberty and independence to an invading foreign power at the costs of everybody and everything , and suffer the indignity and loss of innocent natives' lives for the rest of history, must be either a running dog (stooge) or totally mad!

Virgo49 said...

Latest Trump taunts Kim : My Nuclear Button is BIGGER.

This clearly shown the Aggressiveness of the Whites.

Trump should also declared that their pricxks are also bigger and the Stupid Coloured women loved them.

Sick Man Must Not Rule said...

If it is true that PM Lee Hsien Loong wants to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Colonisation by the British Empire, I believe it is time he steps down or be removed as the leader of our people.

He must be mentally sick to the extent that he is unable to differentiate between glory and infamy (shame). This weird behaviour indicates clearly that the cancer must have invaded his brain.

Moreover, over the last few years, his health does not look good (suffered 2nd cancer and fainting spells) and his decisions on major policies affecting the peoples' interests have either been off-tangent or in the opposite direction. This is seriously bad for our country and people.

Anonymous said...

It should not call a celebration. Perhaps an occasion to remember the birth of Singapore from a fishing village to a city state.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It will be good to call GE after that!

Hahaha.........Very Very Smart!

Anonymous said...

Did you get rich under LHL's PAP government?
Did you benefit under Stamford Raffles' government?

Por lam par for what?

Anonymous said...

Trump got his finger on the nuclear button ... so what?
Who do you think has our cheque book in his pocket?

Anonymous said...

Many folks have forgotten the electric buses running on sinkieland with cables connecting them on top. The high court or city hall facing padang is a landmark of british rule. The hotel at opposite direction was a general post office, and the bridge crossed over the river all are land marks of UK rule.

Sinkies should not feel ashamed about UK rule. UK built up sinkieland. It is a real fact. The legal system is still UK system. UK colonization help the pap tremendously. Old fart claimed credits on such very difficult to build system. When pap took over, there were there and servicing the communities.

Do not talk about a country being colonized. There was no such country when UK took back from Japanese. Sinkieland was called Sayonan. Bear in mind on that.

Sinkieland got independence by being sacked from Malaysia, not struggled through fighting with colonial power. Bear in mind please. It was forced out by Malaysia because there was a loud mouth the then Malaysia pm could tahan because of his ambitions.

Sinkies can say whatever they want. Celebration of 50 years got so much wastage. Those useless bags and contents were thrown into dust bin months after collecting. Celebrating 200 years might have less rubbish because the pockets or the reserves are no longer deep, as the behaviors have shown.

2018 has nothing to put sinkieland on map. Its elites went to china were not reported. Its signing of India navy to be based at changi was not reported in HK or China except India news. Its chairmanship in 2018 for a grouping has no power. China deals directly with each member of the group. Did china sign up 1r1b with sinkieland? China has signed up HK as one to build the Guangzhou Shenzhen Macau Zhuhai Fushan Tunguen as a group project. The total GDP will be triple sinkieland s GDP. HK again top IPO in 2018 with 150 projects.

Sinkieland has nothing to benefit sinkies. The properties are having too good transactions volumes. The costs especially rental are too high, and salaries are too low to pay for extra foods at restaurants. Often see shops open and close.
A celebration will bring in votes for Pap? If giving those rubbish bags, the votes for 2019 will not go up. Hopefully the celebration give money and vouchers to citizens only and not PR. Goahead to celebrate more, if that is the model.

GE is in 2019. Many have predicted. Better vote for opposition if celebrations do not erase/wash away the bad experiences and cases in 2017. Many will quickly forget them when receiving some celebration vouchers. Agree?

Anonymous said...

Tellison said DPRK can talk with US. His Punjabi colleague said NO talk if Kim had nuclear weapon.

Trump said he has big button. May be too big, Trump is too weak to press it down.

Kim is said to build a bigger rocket to test the re entry protection. When re entering atmosphere, the temp is 4000c. Is that very difficult to protect the nuclear bomb or chemical weapon inside?

Trump better pray hard his strategy on big button works: many said Kim s northern neighbor find the F35 too crowded and the extra 2 fleets are eye sore. Kim s neighbor will find way to k off Kim and put the son of the dead brother as "leader". If that is the big button Trump meant. He has good reason to push hard.

If Trump meant nuclear button, the buttons once press, will see New Yoke in flume, and Tokyo US camps can be spared?
Its showdown time. Trump better honor his word and trigger the fire. That is what NK FM told Trump to do. He said, fire, and dont talk so much.
Trump is a clown. But Kim was not threatening, he said it is a reality. Cool man.

Anonymous said...

The British should celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Colonisation of Singapore and the Straits Settlements. Even today, Sinapore The Lion City is still very much a Clown and Crown Colony of UK. IT is because of the UK clout that USA shows the willingness to protect Singapore. But Trump has changed that. He has openly said many times that USA will protect other countries if they pay for it. It is no more free protection.

So Singapore should actually celebrate the Loss of Free Protection, especially for the $19 billion that LHL brought to the US to buy favour from Trump last year.

Singapore should also celebrate the Seizure of the 9 Terror Armoured Vehicles by Hongkong.

Singapore should also celebrate the losses made by Temasek Holdings and GIC in the $billions of taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we now know the reasons for all the recent tax increases?
Was it to pay for this Raffles' Day celebrations?

Anonymous said...

The Great Rebellion of 1817–18, also known as the 1818 Uva–Wellassa uprising (after the two places it had started), or simply the Uva rebellion, was the third Kandyan War with the British, in what is now Sri Lanka. It took place in what is now Uva

The British had to bring troops from India to quell the rebellion. Finally the British were able to arrest most of the leaders. Properties of 18 rebel leaders were confiscated. Pilimatalawe, who was ailing at the time of arrest, was exiled to the islands of Mauritius. Keppetipola and Madugalla were beheaded in Bogambara after trial on 18 November 1818.

The Final phaSe
The situation prevailing in Uva and Wellassa was so precarious that the English set fire to villages, houses, livestock, and whatever they could burn. British massacred the male population of Uva above the age of 18 years.[8]

They also confiscated the properties of the people involved in the uprising, they killed all cattle and other animals, burnt homes, property and even the salt in their possession during the repression. Paddy fields in the area of Wellassa were all destroyed. The irrigation systems of the duchies of Uva and Wellassa, hitherto the rice-bowl of Sri Lanka were systematically destroyed.[9]

Anonymous said...

So called english tea western tea is but Ceylon tea from the land Violated by colonialists from Portugal, Dutch then English empires during those dark years

Anonymous said...

We have so many PMET Indians (from India) here in Singapore.
Maybe even more than Singaporeans.

Why not we celebrate the founding of the British Raj in India with our Indian foreign talents?
- why not invite the Indian diplomats living in Singapore to join in the celebrations?


The British Raj was the rule by the British Crown in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947.
The rule is also called Crown rule in India, or direct rule in India.

The region under British control was commonly called India in contemporaneous usage, and included areas directly administered by the United Kingdom, which were collectively called British India, and those ruled by indigenous rulers, but under British tutelage or paramountcy, and called the princely states.


Anonymous said...

Colonial years in Myanmar -

Wikipedia Though war officially ended after only a couple of weeks, resistance continued in northern Burma until 1890, with the British finally resorting to a systematic destruction of villages and appointment of new officials to finally halt all guerrilla activity.

Anonymous said...

Those colonial time in Myanmar

-Most of the jobs also went to indentured Indian labourers, and whole villages became outlawed as they resorted to 'dacoity' (armed robbery). While the Burmese economy grew, most of the power and wealth remained in the hands of several British firms and migrants from India. The civil service was largely staffed by Anglo-Burmese and Indians, and the ethnic Burmese were excluded almost entirely from military service, which was staffed primarily with Indians, Anglo-Burmese, Karens and other Burmese minority groups.

Anonymous said...

If not for the fucking British, S'pore can be like Kuala Lumpur today!!! We can all be staying in bungalows or city centre condos!! And owning 2 or 3 cars and SUVs!!!! And can retire happily by 55 yrs old!!! KNN!! Chow chee bye!!!

Anonymous said...

How the english suppressed Myanmar :

Another way in which the British controlled their new colony directly was through their implementation of a secular education system. The colonial Government of India, which was given control of the new colony, founded secular schools teaching in both English and Burmese, while also encouraging Christian missionaries to visit and found schools. In both of these types of schools, Buddhism and traditional Burmese culture were frowned upon in an attempt to rid the Burmese people of a cultural unity separate from the British.

Anonymous said...


To control the country on the village level, the British implemented a "strategic hamlet" strategy in which they burned villages and uprooted families who had supplied villages with their headmen, sending them to lower Burma. Once these troublesome or unloyal Burmese were forced out, the British replaced them with strangers they approved of. If the British considered any Burmese to be criminals, they would act as both judge and jury, giving the Burmese no chance to a fair trial.[6]

Anonymous said...

The crimes of the Brits did not end with the return of Singapore to Malay rulers. They were instrumental in the fate of Sabah and Sarawak, two countries larger than Malaya to become colonies of Malaya today. If not because of the duplicity of the British, Sabah and Sarawak would be two independent states.

The biggest gainer was the Malay rulers that now ruled Sabah and Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

I think we should celebrate the Japanese colonization of Singapore.
15 Feb 1942 - The British surrendered Singapore to Japan.

Do you think we should celebrate 15 Feb 1942 instead?
After all, so many prominent Singaporeans worked for the colonial Japanese government tio bo?


Anonymous said...

Wiki on how ordinary people dun benefit from railway built by the colonial power :

With this quickly growing economy, came industrialisation to a certain degree, with a railway being built throughout the valley of the Irrawaddy, and hundreds of steamboats travelling along it. All of these mechanisms of transportation were owned by the British, however, and this meant that the Burmese had to pay higher rates to transport their goods to market(source?). Thus, although the balance of trade was supposed to be in favour of Burma, the society was changed so fundamentally that many people did not gain from the rapidly growing economy.
When the British began their imperial occupation of Burma, the colony was immediately thrown into a world of exportation in which they had not ever been exposed to before colonisation by the British. This massive move towards foreign trade hurt the Burmese economy initially because suddenly a large amount of their resources was being exported for Britain's benefit, thereby taking with it a lot of the resources needed by the Burmese natives to continue living their lives as they had before colonisation.

Anonymous said...

3.4 million Sinkies + 2.3 million foreigners = current 5.7 million population.

To increase to 10 million, they will let in another 4.3 million foreigners.

To justify, they celebrate 200 years since Raffles landed, to remind the 3.4 million Sinkies that most of their forefathers were also foreigners who landed in Singapore, so they should not complain about the incoming 4.3 million foreigners.

That's the agenda of the 200 year celebration, to spread the propaganda for more foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Why should Singaporeans have to pay more taxes to fund the construction of more infrastructure to support the bigger population that the PAP envisaged?

Anonymous said...

"The Trump administration on Tuesday expressed reservations at the prospect of high-level talks between North and South Korea, dismissing the effort as an appeasement to Pyongyang, The New York Times reported. "

NK and SK are re opening phone communication and Panmunjom at 3:30pm today.

US is scared. It is going to lose a colony. SK s chief army forces commander is US 4 star general.

Anonymous said...

Why should Singaporeans have to pay more taxes to fund the million dollar salaries of LHL's over-sized PAP government?

b said...

No empire is flawless but british empire did help many people from dying. My grandparents were
one of them. China only gave them painful memories. Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

One man's meat is another mam poison.

Anonymous said...

In June 1860,so called english empire lord Elgin returned to China to assist with additional attacks, which were initially led by his brother. On 18 October 1860, not having received the Chinese surrender and wishing to spare the imperial capital of Peking (Beijing), he ordered the complete destruction of the Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) outside the city in retaliation for the torture and execution of almost 20 European and Indian prisoners, including two British envoys and The Times journalist Thomas Bowlby.

The Old Summer Palace was set aflame by 3,500 British troops and burnt for three days. Lord Elgin and his troops looted many treasures from the palace and took them to Britain.

Anonymous said...

"Lord Elgin and his troops looted many treasures from the palace and took them to Britain."

Do you think Chinese people are used to having their treasures (and family fortune) looted and locked away up to and exceeding 65 years old?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 5.48 meant the CPF's MONIES.

Check your Accounts, Interests credited.

Toothpicks specialist picker looking at Statement laughing away.

Felt Rich, Richer and Richest.


Anonymous said...

Wah Lar! another ko yo big publicity again, everybody sure blur again.

Anonymous said...

Johore is 27 the size of Singapore, and is being administered by only a Mentri Besar.

Singapore is only a city smaller than Johore Bahru, yet administered by so many ministers plus ministers of state, plus ministers without portfolio in the PMO doing sweet FO.

Anonymous said...

@ January 03, 2018 7:30 pm

Do you think the "Toothpicks specialist picker" better run road soon?
Wait another 10 years, maybe his CPF millions will not belong to him anymore?

Anonymous said...

/// Singapore is only a city smaller than Johore Bahru, yet administered by so many ministers plus ministers of state, plus ministers without portfolio in the PMO doing sweet FO. ///
January 03, 2018 8:51 pm

Por lam par the Emperor is very hard work you know.
The balls are so tiny, it's not easy to find you know.

Anonymous said...

When the Brits attacked China, plundered and looted China with the European powers, China was plunged to poverty, could not provide a decent life for its people. Many were forced to emigrate.

With the loots, the British set up churches and some charitable organisations to throw crumbs at the impoverished Chinamen. These poor Chinamen were so grateful, without knowing that the crumbs were leftovers stolen from China.

Until today, the descendants of these silly Chinamen are still very grateful to the robbers and murderers of their people in their homeland. They could not understand that if the robbers and murderers did not destroy and bankrupt China, their parents would not have to sail overseas to find food to eat.

They prayed to the rapists and murderers for a little mercy when the whole of China and fellow Chinamen suffered at the hands of the invaders.

It is the same like favouring little usas and making them go against China and making China their enemies.

b said...

January 03, 2018 5:12 pm>> Manchurians are not chinese. They cut chinese heads off and displayed them like nobody business.

b said...

Actually no rulers can be trusted. They all used people as milk cows and send them to wars to fight for their own selfish gains and glory.

Anonymous said...

Elgin Bridge is a vehicular bridge across the Singapore River named after lord elgin who was appointed High Commissioner and Plenipotentiary in China and the Far East to assist in the process of opening up China and Japan to Western trade.[3] During the Second Opium War, he led the bombardment of Canton (Guangzhou) and oversaw the end of the war by signing the Treaty of Tientsin (Tianjin) on 26 June 1858.

Anonymous said...

Elgin Bridge is known as thih tiau kio in Hokkien, meaning "iron suspension bridge".[4]

On 3 November 2008, the bridge was selected for conservation as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority's expanded conservation programme.[5]

Anonymous said...

hi 851am

don't be angry

sg is like that liao

you must know, they have the support of 70%

what can you say now

what can you do now

only lan lan 😈😈😈!

Anonymous said...

KNN, anyone harping on the 70% must have a brain as tiny as a pea and fixated to only one single possibility.

Election results can be fixed. This is happening all over the whole World.

Don't be so naive and continue to lead others towards your childish immature pea-brain fixation!

Don't fxxk you also cannot! KNN!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can't say about Singapore election being fixed as I have no proof to support my allegation.

What has been exposed in the American social media is that in America, election can be fixed. That was why Hillary's camp was so confident that she was sure to win against Trump. They reported that Trump was able to beat her marginally was because Trump's support was overwhelming to erase the disadvantage caused by the fixing.

I tried to figure this out and my reasoning are as follows.

When they fixed an election, they could only fixed at most 15% of the votes or the result could turn out to be unbelieveable when the wins were 80% or 90%. The 15% advantage works this way. Eg, 200 votes and they fixed 15%(30) to favour Hillary. Balance votes would be 170 votes.

If the votes cast were 50%/50%, Hillary would get 85+30=57.5%(85/85 of popular votes)

If the votes were 60%/40%, Hillary would get 102+30=66%

If the votes were 70%/30%, Hillary would get 119+30=74.5%

If the votes were 40/60, Hillary would barely lose with 68+30=49%

Trump must garner at least 60% of the remaining 85 votes to win by a whisker of 51%. Anything less than 60% of popular vote Trump would lose. That was likely the rigging formula.

In this case Trump got more than 60% to win the election but still looking like a marginal win of a few percent. The election results, Trump's wins were at most about 60% in many cases while Hillary could hit more than 90%. The percentages showed that the dice was loaded. And those marginal wins by Hillary were actually losses while Trump's marginal win were actually more than 60% of popular votes. If Trump were to get 60% of popular votes, his actual win could be in the 70% if there was no rigging.

The above are just my extrapolations of how Hillary's camp fixed the results. She only needed 45% of popular vote to win but she got less.

b said...

Trump is made president to fix ruissa. Anyone who thinks he is interested in NK is strange. Its a making noise in the east but attack in the west. Its a case of ε£°δΈœε‡»θ₯Ώ.