Air India for sale – Great bargain

No one can resist a good bargain. And Air India is looking so attractive to the stupid that are always looking for a good bargain. And the stupid must be furiously trying to put up a case to acquire this great bargain. Maybe Air India has already knocked on their doors and they are all salivating.

Karamjit Kaur, an aviation correspondent has cautioned against this acquisition by the stupid. Not only that Air India has a whopping debt of $10.8 billion, the restructuring that would inevitably led to retrenchment or sacking of staff would be a nightmare given the labour union climate in India. She also gave several other reasons not to touch this great bargain but these are exactly the scoring points for the stupid to launch a buyout of Air India. The more treacherous a situation, the more gungho will be the stupid. Where angels fear to tread, the stupid would be there. That is how they lost so much money. Oops, I mean they made so much money.

The stupid would definitely put up a case that they could add value with their expertise to revive this ailing airline that the Indian govt even regards as a hopeless case . Anything the Indians are afraid off, it is a grave signal to stay clear. But to be sure, the stupid would be plunging head in for such a deal. Great danger means great opportunities for the stupid. They would always think that they could do a miracle. No risk no gain. After all it is OPM. If successful, big bonuses and big credit. If fail, so what, OPM mah.

Let’s all keep an eye on the stupid and see how desperate they are, or how eager they are to want to jump into this piece of shit. They may even pay a premium for it to prove that it was a golden opportunity not to be missed, to outbid everyone to make sure that they get this piece of shit, a great long term strategy to expand into India, a country of great potential for growth, the next biggest market in Asia. I am also convinced after writing this piece of shit.


Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //I am also convinced after writing this piece of shit.//


Chill lah ...

No hope means no hope?

Y u bother?

They are not your children ...

Let their parents worry abt them ...

Anonymous said...

/// Let’s all keep an eye on the stupid and see how they desperate they are, or how eager they are to want to jump into this piece of shit. /// redbean

Are you writing about Air India, GE 2015 or GE 2020?

Who in Singapore can afford to buy Air India?
Who in Singapore can afford to keep voting the same way again and again?

Anonymous said...

I believe no one will buy this piece of shit. You are right, the labor law is crazy and to sack some staff will be very difficult. To Air India staff, getting a job in the company is like having an iron rice bowl. You will get pay even if you do not work. The other scary part is the Indian politics. To get things done is like climbing Mount Everest. It is not about months but year. But as you have said, stupidity has no cure. Some dumb idiots will fall into this shit hole eventually.

Anonymous said...

Probably the first to jump in to get this Great Air Indian sale might be none other than the little UaSsA of ASEAN. Why? Sinkies got a mentality that great sale or discount means good buy & long q mah, look at the new release of iPhones all slept overnight to q to grab that gadget, so same same its garmen no different they will dive in & make use of ur seepeefxx monies to invest in that sale & who knows when the investments flop they will just increase the minimum sum & ensure that the payment extend to 100years or more, that wat Stupidity has no cure in Daftland.

Anonymous said...

Temasek Holdings, Quick Quick Go Buy!

Anonymous said...

Ask the two idiots that signed the CECA and they would say damn good deal. India very promising until kena fucked.

Anonymous said...

Our greatest Sinkie Sang Nila Utama TOP fun manager Jinx history of buy high, sell low ex-pratasidant paper scholar track record:
1. Micropolis
2. Nat Steel
3. ABC Learning
4. Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
6. Standard Chartered
7. Singapore Power
8. NOL
9. Spinster Saw pui to SMRT
10.Nat Gas investments right at top of market
And many others.
2009 lost a whopping 30% over percent.
In 2016 bull market lost $24 bln. How amazing for a long-only manager in a bull market. No sound, no sight. Indeed another amazing feat.
Indeed an unbeatable track record sponsored by cheapo transferred hisktoric pubic assets, earnings, etc from Ah Kong n sons, the blood sweat and tears money of pubic funds from squeeezked citizons. What a money game for a Jinx and a wretch to the tax payers! Dhalan Balan, must have hated Sinkies to recommend this top placement to Sinking pore. What's the name of the game...continue to buy high sell low...bery bery cheap.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not to worry, they have very experienced people in Tony Tan and Lim Boon Heng there. So they would not do silly things like buying into shit.

Anonymous said...

Do birds of a feather really flock together?
Does shit buy shit?

Anonymous said...

HOLIJINX likely is a punishment to LEEEEEEEEEE n sons...collateral damange...sinkies.

Goh said...

Ho say liao
Golden opportunity not to be miss.
Retrench staff there can come here to teach sinkie airline staff what to do and learn how to keng for shorter working hours and get paid for retrenchment.
Sinkies can go there to help to turn it profitable .Can oso hug those meimeis there .
If only I got trillions,I will buy over,but.....my trillions only acceptable in the nether world.

Anonymous said...

Lim Boon Heng very experienced in what? chio see lang. fun mgt....Hahaha

Anonymous said...

One real experience of an indian 45-year-old Vinod Moorjani ceo said enough of dealing with indian. He called up help line to enquire his flight at mumbai, "bom del flight" mumbai to dehli. He was arrested for saying "bomb".

This deal is good if sia takes it up. How can sia be not taking up "good" deal? Its like saying the wrong word. Just say smart chaps cut good deals and send up your congratulations. Share price might drop and better think twice to pay $10k for a lot if the deal is cut.

First is the problem not mentioned in the shit time: indians must maintain EFFECTIVE control of India airline. Remember one poo add pee joined the board of a 3rd line uni board and got "poked". He got no effective control, but the indian govt.

Second is 49% stake is for Private airlines running on govt approval routes, was not said about air india same. Look at the catch lah.

Third is india govt will take up NON core liabilities only. Simi si non core liabilities and how much? The key point is how much. If taking away S$10 billions, then it is substantial but the controlling jobs are not on foreigners. Liabilities can build up again.

How to deal with the employees that are causing the liabilities for the airlines? There are good or bad. They are all indians speaking the languages no sinkies can understand except the indians. (bomb is english, btw).

Sinkies is accumulating indians foreign talents. If this is the key point, then this is a good deal. The air india employees can be transferred to sia hq and sats. This can be valuable assets as indian air experts will contribute greatly to poo add pee as candidates for ge, to get 80% as many IB predicted in coming ge.

On conclusion, this is the great deal to seal based on foreign talents are badly needed on sinkieland which is in great shortage especially those from mumbai university which is reputable in this world according to sinkie parliament said.

Go for the deal sia. Do not be afraid of critics. Be rational. Most importantly: it s a "Long Term investment".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'First is the problem not mentioned in the shit time: indians must maintain EFFECTIVE control of India airline. Remember one poo add pee joined the board of a 3rd line uni board and got "poked". He got no effective control, but the indian govt.'

Let me add on this. Paying billions to buy companies and established companies in other countries and allowing other nationalities to be fully in charge is acceptable as the stupid will believe everyone is as dumb and stupid as them. so these foreign dumb and stupid would work stupidly to make profits for the stupid here. They would not know how to cheat the stupid because they are just as stupid.

The caveat is that the foreigners are not stupid and when given a free hand, very likely their own pockets come first without the stupid even knowing what is happening until it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Talk cock like ding song. Very siok one?

Anonymous said...

You natural aristocrat, not happy ya?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday Little UassA will be pressured to take this Great Indian Air sale, How? Probably Moodi will say to Long San if you don't take the deal it mean India will just called of the Indian naval ships or military support coming to Little red dot in times of crises or war, it tells a lot about Sinkieland loyalty. Friend u buy Indian Air, Unfriend when u don't take the deal, or roti prata.

Anonymous said...

*** Fake News ***

Many years ago.
When NOL bought APL.
The NOL management then proceeded to discard the NOL system & procedures.
And migrated everything over to the APL system & procedures.

True or not?

So if "Singapore" ( but specifically who in Singapore? ) buys Air India.
Do you think SIA will have to discard their SIA system.
And migrate everything over to the Air India system?

Anonymous said...

@ January 16, 2018 11:09 am

What about Singaporeans?
If we import 3 million foreigners from 3rd world countries, do you think we will:

a. Give our jobs to the Aliens?
b. Celebrate the Aliens' festivals and National Days?
c. Give up our university places to Alien students?
d. Give up our hospital beds to the Aliens?
e. Migrate to seek jobs in the Aliens' 3rd world countries?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Temasek, GIC to bail out Air India ?

Read somewhere the CPF minimum sum to be increased to SGD181,000 ! Thot they say won't increase anymore !?

Anonymous said...

On 1 July 2015, the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Minimum Sum requirement rose from $155,000 to $161,000.

That latest hike (to $161,000) in the Minimum Sum was the "final installment", PM Lee said in August 2014, in a long list of increases since 2003 when the Minimum Sum was set at $80,000.

Lee became PM in 2004.

Anonymous said...

Wa ! Confirmed !

The following Full Retirement Sum applies to members who turned 55 from 1 July 2003 to 2020:

55th birthday on or after Full Retirement Sum
1 July 2003 $80,000
1 July 2004 $84,500
1 July 2005 $90,000
1 July 2006 $94,600
1 July 2007 $99,600
1 July 2008 $106,000
1 July 2009 $117,000
1 July 2010
1 July 2011 $131,​000
1 July 2012 $139,000
1 July 2013 $148,000
1 July 2014 $155,000
1 July 2015 $161,000
1 January 2017 $166,000
1 January 2018 $171,000
1 January 2019 $176,000
1 January 2020 $181,000

source: https://www.cpf.gov.sg/members/schemes/schemes/retirement/retirement-sum-scheme

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest scam in the world. It uses the excuse to provide for your retirement to get your blood sweat and tears money from your hardwork and retain it for the Husband and Wife Team to spend freely to satisfy their weird unnatural urges of "investment" big time gambling using other people's money.

Anonymous said...

CPF is akin to Taiwan. Sinkie thot its their money, similar to china leaders thot taiwan is theirs, when US promised something like one china principal. Sinkie elites some said cpf is people s money, one said openly it is not all.
CPF custodians come out blocking of withdraws on citizens with minimum sums, while allowing PR 100% withdrawal. Who actually has real title of the money? Citizens or PR?
The answer is here: similar to who own taiwan? China said it has rights, but US showed them china has no right over taiwan sovereignty. US laws makers passed laws to allow US fleets to harbor at Taiwan. The laws makers had passed laws to allow US all level officials to visit taiwan and receive officials from taiwan. This means commanders from the fleets can go up to taiwan island to visit and stay there. Trump can also go to taiwan, if senate pass the laws and Trump sign the act.

The picture is double clear. Cpf is your money if u vote against the elites to tell them. Its similar to taiwan is belonged to who? if the who is who dare to challenge US. Both voters and the so called great economy dare not do do things to claim their rights. The consequences are the same thing: talk only as the real custodians of money or island are doing things on their own wills. Losers deserve what they have gotten. Cpf is state money and taiwan is an independent country without a name.

Anonymous said...

No one can resist a good bargain. And Air India is looking so attractive to the stupid that are always looking for a good bargain.

If CECA is attractive, why not Air India?

Good bargain or not, at least must try mah.

If don't try out, how to know whether good or not, u tell me lah?

Anyway also no harm trying or even losing OPM (other people's money) what, since opposition is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Correct lah. Opposition is not ready to be govt. They dare not bc coffers could be emptied by the time they want to govern and win ge. Vote pap in life time long.

Anonymous said...

One is hard earned money for so much problems. One is easy but 15 times more money for a small city.

"The annual salary of President Moon Jae-in was set at 225 million won ($211,320), up 5 million won from last year, as the Cabinet approved the personnel and management ministry's pay raise plan for public servants Tuesday."

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJanuary 16, 2018 2:58 pm
//If CECA is attractive, why not Air India?//

What happened to Tiger Air?

Still around?

What were the costs (& losses)?

b said...

It is not their money so it is easier for them to spend it like water. In sg, the people have no say. Its a fake democracy. Elections everywhere can be fixed. When the wolves are in charge, the people are screwed.

b said...

Thats why china has the oil fried ghost probably to commensurate people like long and jinx who bought immense pain and suffering to people - no house, car, job, healthcare and education. Me think the british leaders are less evil.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo,

When u not in peesai, your dog no need Pee And Poo at her favourite locations?

b said...

Sinkies also never voted to leave british. Can we go back to british rule? Maybe we can have free movement to oz/nz? Long live the queen.

Rocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocket said...

If outright daylight Corruption can be fixed by "laws" passed in the absolute majority of whip-controlled MPs, what else cannot be fixed?

If the Parliament can be used as a personal platform to whitewash oneself, which organ of government cannot be abused or misused?

If the Legal Identity of a person's Indian Race as indicated in her Identity Card and Birth Certificate can be changed by a specially selected committee to that of a Malay, in order for her to easily walk-over and become the President, what legal identity and status cannot be easily manipulated?

If one's father's and mother's last will, backed by laws of the land, tradition, history, culture, society's norms, ethics and morals, can be overridden by a Ministerial Committee, who else' last will cannot be easily trampled upon?

If the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, can be so easily amended by a Law Minister or a group of MPs, what is the use of pledging to protect the Constitution with my life?

If the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive are all under the Power, the Command and Control, the Whims and Fancies, at the pleasure of ONE MAN, what for continues to refer to Parliamentary Democracy based on Westminster's Model?

The picture is so damn very clear: It is an Absolute Monarchy in place and at work!

Rocket said...

Excerpts From The States Times Review:

Law Minister K Shanmugam to legalise corporate corruptions after Keppel
January 15, 2018

Following the high profile bribery of state-owned company Keppel costing Singapore taxes US$422 million, Law Minister K Shanmugam yesterday (Jan 15) said he will legalise corporate corruptions for big companies by allowing them to be granted amnesty if they “meet certain requirements”.

Called the Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPA), the new law will operate on the basis that companies do no wrong so long as they “strengthen internal controls” when caught. This allows any corporation to get away with corruptions and prosecute only the individual employees.

Law Minister K Shanmugam said that he already introduced the proposal back in July 2017 as part of his 50 proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and Evidence Act. The Minister claimed that the 50 proposals were enacted following public feedback and consultation, but most Singaporeans are unaware of the proposed changes.

Virgo49 said...

Son/daughter before work and after work bring her outside pee and poo at Plaques of tree planting sites.

If urgent trained to pee and poo at a tray at home with Shit Times papers. Especially selected the PAP elites faces and lay facing top to let her poo and pee direct.

At the plaques, one very nice name called Koo Sai Kee or go and pang sai ex Errand boy MP, she specially like.

Poor LKY, before everyone held his hands scared fall fall.Now gone, his plaques quite many so run down and forlon.

Aiyo, poor thing. Ungrateful hypocrites forget about him.Out of sight, out of mind.

Now concentrated on Keno. Just win a bit Roulette.

Luckily never see the Taiwanese APOs.


Anonymous said...

Addressing Opposition NCMP Dennis Tan’s question, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan wrote in a reply on Monday (Jan 8):

“Investigations are still ongoing. After investigations are completed, the matter will be referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for their assessment. More information will be provided at the appropriate juncture.”

The real reason behind the delay is believed to be the involvement of the offending contractor, OKP Holdings. The directors of the company have powerful network links with the ruling party PAP, and served as PAP grassroots leaders. Interim investigations found a serious management breach from conflict of interests, revealing that both the designer of the viaduct and it’s project supervisor are the same company, OKP Holdings. The awarding government department Land Transport Authority feigned ignorance and did not make a response on the management structure.

To worsen matters, it was also found by members of the public that OKP Holdings was previously banned for safety breaches in other projects prior to the fatal incident.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 16, 2018 6:28 pm
//Son/daughter before work and after work bring her outside pee and poo at Plaques of tree planting sites. If urgent trained to pee and poo at a tray at home with Shit Times papers. Especially selected the PAP elites faces and lay facing top to let her poo and pee direct. At the plaques, one very nice name called Koo Sai Kee or go and pang sai ex Errand boy MP, she specially like.//

Thank yew. Great updates. Wonder any dog restaurant catering buffet. Can give your SMART dog a treat some times... And jio some MSN oldies have some finger food & beer/ coffee nearby ...

///Poor LKY, before everyone held his hands scared fall fall.Now gone, his plaques quite many so run down and forlon.///

Wah not bad Uncle Virgo ... Your vocab very powerful ... True indeed ... "Run down & forlorn" ... "so sad" ...just in less than 3 years and it deteriorated to such stage ... Ozymandias (the King of kings) statue at least lasted a few hundred years (based on Percy Shelley's poem) ...? Besides the plaques, (based on Uncle RB's daily narratives) it seems the state of affairs is quite despondent & despairing too?

What do yew think?

Anonymous said...

If the Parliament can be used as a personal platform to whitewash oneself, which organ of government cannot be abused or misused?
5:31 pm

But one must first be leader of a party which can win elections, and win say more than 90% seats, before one can use Parliament as a personal platform to whitewash oneself mah.

If I were the one and since I have the power, I would also if need be, use Parliament as a personal platform to whitewash myself too.

It's only human, when one has power and confident to remain in power, given that majority voters will not vote for an opposition which is not ready to assume power.

Anonymous said...

The Song Dynasty ownself implode ownself bc they eliminated all dissent?

Lives were better after the Mongols removed the decadent Song Emperor & replaced the JLB Song Dynasty ...?

During the late Qing Dynasty, some residents in Peiping commented that to the common pple, it doesn't matter who is the govt as long as the masses live decently ... weather in the end revert back to UK, becum little USA 52nd state, 34th province of PRC, 14th state of matland, or etc, it doesnt matter ...?

If implode, so be it ...?

Mb it is for the better?

Rocket said...

The fate of Singapore will change drastically once the Kra Canal is completed. This will take about 15 to 18 years. If the progress meets no major obstacles, it may take less than 15 years.

Other projects in Malaysia, such as the new ports to be built on the East Coast of West Malaysia, the upgrading of the existing ports on the Western Coast, and the construction of the two East-West Highways linking the ports, will also seriously affect the economy of Singapore in time to come.

The building of a deep-water port in Batam or Bintan Island will cut off some of the shipping and cargo from Singapore as well.

The Indonesian and Malaysian long-term strategic interests of taking back the control of their air spaces presently being controlled by Singapore will soon materialized. Once that happens, Singapore will find it extremely difficult to operate freely within its own limited air space. What will become of Changi Airport? What will happen to the RSAF?

Tsun Sze said, "Winning the war without fighting is the Supreme Art of War!"

Goh said...

//"Winning the war without fighting is the Supreme Art of War!"//
Ang ah mo learnt from Tsun Sze and oredi won.
First they brainwash sinkies by celebrating their holidays ,exchanging gifts,organise concerts etc. telling them how and who to pray to .
Majority if not most of those khongcum chose to believe and now treat their ancestor like demon or devil,discard ancestral tablet,proudly name themselves,children and grandchildren with names not related to their root,and siaseesiasuay,and neglect their elders at homes,
worshipping ang ah mo like their you know who with selfish behaviour that a normal person will not do.

In order not to lose the battle and live with dignity,we should stop treating Ang ah mo like god.
Stop naming ourselves our descendents with unrelated names like Dony or Jeorge unless one is half Ang ah mo or by marriage which is acceptable..
Tsun Sze forgot to say how to win back war that are losing so let me do it.
Be proud of our name like Goh Ah Gong.

Goh said...

We do not depend only on harbour to survive so those imaginary kra longkang or whatever doesn't pose much threat.
With modern technology in times to come transportation by vessels is no longer productive so we must not be frightened.
We must have confident on ourselves .
I would prefer leader who are capable of convincing merging of sinkieland n bolehland which actually should not be separated in the first place .

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia is Cosmopolitan. Got Kins round the World. But he so not want to choose an Ang Moh name.Singaporeans,those who makes it have Ang Moh Names, likewise Koreans and Japanese.

See even Swee Kee Chicken Rice Sons now millionaires got Ang Moh names. Lets give Ahgongkia a nice name - Valetino Richardo Goh. Lau Goh's Kia kee kng.

Sinkieland GIC faster grab this Sale. 49% now.Later be Major Controlling Principal.

Said synergy merged with SIA. We just ordered 18billions from DT. See how well run our Economy. Bad times still growth 3 to 5 percentages.

Our Ministers bonus 5.5 months. Our silver serpents 1 month plus in total. Private sectors restructing and retrenchments aiyo happen everywhere.It's the norm. Their profits we taxed.

Who asked you don't join iron rice bowls silver serpents? ?

See how we tamed our Workers Unions. Our Great Leader LKY long time pulled out all their teeth.

Now Boh Gay.we have all our people inside to control them.Our Minister can be Union Chief today
and Manpower Minister tomorrow. No conflict of interest. Nobody dared say anything.
Some let us buy over and make it profitable again. I promise you.

We have lots of cash to throw and burn. DONT worry. The very most we increased taxes and print more COE papers.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, we are a smart nation. One dollar for you daft and one million dollar for me, natural aristocrat. We work so hard for you. Or was it the daft work so hard for the rulers?

b said...

Yes, plunder and plunder. One day every leader has to report to God and tell them what they have done to the people.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure:
Citibank bought loss making hedge fund of Vikram Pandit paying him 10s of millions. Wrote of to zero. Hired him to be CEO...such a talent!!! Citibank almost bankrupted n needed public bailout.
Nikesh hired by Softbank to be CEO. Paid him more than $100 million. Softbank share price declined while orhers chiong. He quit. Share rallied like mad.
Very top end Indian cha lio bee but very good in goreng. Goreng their way to multi millionaire status. Tummysick will sure lose $$$$ in their hands. Stupidity has no cure.