Australia day, what has it got to do with 1819?

Yesterday the white Australians celebrated Australia Day, the day the white Europeans invaded Australia and robbed the aborigines of their land and their culture. The white Australians are damn proud of this day. They would tell you about the brutal massacre of the aborigines when they invaded this land. While the original natives of Australia opposed this day as a day of joy and celebration, the recalcitrant PM Malcolm Turnbull refused to budge, claiming that ‘It’s a day that should unite us…I think Australia Day has become a great national celebration of everything that is magnificent and wonderful and unique about Australia. We should cherish it.’ Were genocide magnificent and wonderful? What about the robbing of the land from the natives? Such insensitive and arrogance of the white Australians were repeated by former PM Tony Abbott who said, ‘What happened on the 26th of January 1788 was on balance, for everyone, Aboriginal people included, a good thing.’ Quotes from an article by Jonathan Pearlman in the ST on 26 Jan 18.

To the aboriginal people of Australia, 26 Jan ‘is a day of mourning and protest’. To them it is a day that ‘marks the beginning of a destructive period with consequences lasting till this day.’ According to an indigenous leader, a Pastor Ray Minniecon, ‘It was a deliberate invasion of our people,…The massacres, the genocides of our peoples from this country and we’re still suffering form the aftermath of that brutal history.’

The celebration of Australia Day, similar to the Americans celebrating Thanks Giving Day or the day Columbus invaded America and did the same cruel things to the native Americans, would never be celebrated by the natives that were massacred and robbed of their land.

Singapore is going to celebrate the bicentennial of 1819 in less than a year. What does this date signify to the people of Singapore? Is it a day for celebration like what the white Australians are celebrating the Australia Day? Or is it a day to remember how the white colonialists came to Singapore and claimed it as theirs? Stamford Raffles proudly proclaimed that he had founded Singapore for the British Empire! Were there massacres of the natives when Raffles landed, or he just took the land as a part of the British Empire?

What would Singapore and Singaporeans be celebrating comes 2019? Some may be thankful to the British for their good life here today. Their poor immigrant forebears were given a chance to live here. But their forebears would not have to be so desperate if the European colonialists did not invade their home countries and looted everything, resulting in extreme poverty and forcing them to leave their mother land. For the few forebears that survived, many perished in their homeland, along the journey in rickety boats to reach Singapore, many died in oblivion while trying to work and to live as decent beans, all because of colonial conquest of their mother land, just like the natives of Australia and other conquered land.

It is important to know your history or you will be worshipping murderers, thieves and gangsters.


Anonymous said...

What is the propaganda agenda for celebrating 1819 for the first time in Singapore ?

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Singapore is going to celebrate the bicentennial of 1819 in less than a year. What does this date signify to the people of Singapore?

Ang Mo Tua Kee mah (big stick below the belt), even 200 years ago.

Now should be lagi Tua Kee. so must also celebrate big big lah.

Anonymous said...

It is my land: this is the wrong value some people trying to propagate. It is the aborigines fathers lands? No true. The aborigines killed someones who were the origins. Did the origins kill animals living inside? Killed the trees inside?

People are living in present days daily. They should not be stirred into the past. The most important key point is: are the present aborigines being disadvantaged? Agree? U must agree bc u cannot live in the past days. Even u die now, there is no assurance u go back to past days.

If u are convinced that u are not belonged to the land that u must die for it. U are smart enough to read on. Dont talk oz. Talk about UK Raffles. If u go up to Bukit Timah hill, u should remember, the road up the hill was built by Raffles. Haha, u know how to enjoy the hill and u did not ask who built that road.

That why u are bad guys lah. U pass the Ford factory opposite Bukit Timah hill? It was called sayonan. These people changed the name to Ford factory for what? They did not want to remember the Japanese troops cutting their grandnies heads, staving their fathers. This was true. The Japanese occupied sinkielands did not contribute anything worthy. The Japanese were robbers. They went back without a word of sorry. The British came back after the Japanese, they built city hall, they built general postoffice and now making money for some hotel. They built harbor. U built what? Sinkies built very little excepts the roads using huge taxes GST, COE, ERP, what else? Sinkies built HDB using their own retirement money. Young generations will know, the retirement money is inside every concrete that built their flat units.

Celebrate someone helping out to build infra structures like UK, is not something worthy. There is no reason to keep talking about the past how great the occupiers had done. Teio bo ahiar? They did contribute to our modern living, they did take away lots of money.

Now u ask yourself: u are to take $500pm in exchange for your golden prime time to run around, and risk your life in uniform, always say yes sir for years. Did u get something worthy in non uniform life? Like having good jobs to feed your next batch of "uniform going sons"?

That is the point: did u get those u need to do for the future generations: a place to have sex, and a big enough room to feed your children? U will be a better person if u know how to see life in perspective. The governors from UK did give generously to some and not all. Why should they, because u did not serve in UK army. Teio bor?

U must be afraid to ask, why the foreigners without joining the local army can work in banks, factories, offices as top executives? Hey every jobs in top level worth alot of money. U did not dare to ask for it though your parents had spent their savings on u. Why u are so concerned about those past days, and u are not worry about future days?

Sinkies should be objective: dont be so kind to those who torture u to poverty and continue to vote for them. If u dare not to vote against them, u have no sense of justice to yourself. Why do u have sense of justice to aborigines in oz?

Until the days, the governors put those top earning foreigners or foreigners turn sinkies in uniform and do their duties at night to patrol some places, u stand in conflicts of value: justice to others.

The benefits are not shared equally between the occupiers ie the foreigners or foreigners turned citizens, and the aborigines citizens, they called blue sinkies.

What u are unhappy about white robbed the aborigines is the same logic as the foreigners robbing your jobs. How many sinkies bother on the latter? They keep talking about the former. Tior bo ahair? Hypocrites have to suffer the internal conflicts of justice. Vote wisely and u are not hypocrite, u will be happier than now.

Anonymous said...

A lot of talented Sinkies emigrated to Angmo Land. First choice.

If got no choice, lan lan stay back in Sinkieland to celebrate bicentennial of 1819 big big with PAP lor. And let PAP screw them hard hard lor, if PAP wish to.

Anonymous said...

Now u ask yourself: u are to take $500pm in exchange for your golden prime time to run around, and risk your life in uniform, always say yes sir for years. Did u get something worthy in non uniform life?
10:24 am

Ask yourself. U got choice or not? Got choice chao (run), no choice, lan lan do it lah.

It's that simple kpkb no use.

Anonymous said...

kpkb got use. Kong song mah.

Kong song lan par song. Cannot do the real thing, masturbate also shiok, and safer too.

Anonymous said...

/// many died in oblivion while trying to work and to live as decent beans, all because of colonial conquest of their mother land, just like the natives of Australia and other conquered land. ///

Do you think many Singaporeans still die in oblivion while trying to work and to live as decent beans, all because SINGAPOREANS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO VOTE WISELY TO BENEFIT OURSELVES?

Anonymous said...

If Raffles had not founded Singapore in 1819 and also for the actions that he did, perhaps Singapore could still remain part of the state of Johor now. Good or not?

If no good, should thank Raffles for doing what he did 200 years ago and so must celebrate bicentennial of 1819 big big lah, and which PAP is doing.

By the way, I still remember in 1969 Singapore also celebrate 150 years of Raffles founding. So looks like PAP celebrate every 50 years since independence in 1965.

Anonymous said...

So looks like PAP celebrate every 50 years since independence in 1965.
January 27, 2018 10:48 am

So what?
50 years ago we stupid, stupid celebrate.
So today also we continue to be stupid is it?

50 years ago, PAP Ministers were paid peanut salaries.
Do we still continue paying them peanuts today?

Anonymous said...

1969 got internet or not?

Anonymous said...

Do we still continue paying them peanuts today?
11:35 am

Of course not lah.

They are paid million dollar salaries today by winning elections every time, and this in itself is a cause for celebration, I mean for them lah, correct or not?

So maybe PAP Ministers also celebrate their million dollar salaries together with the bicentennial of 1819 lah. Two in one celebration mah, bo ho meh? (Not good meh?)

U buay song (not happy) is it? What can u do? Kick PAP out next election, can or not?

Virgo49 said...

The PAP Ministers and MPs and together with the half millionaire WP MPs celebrate at Raffles Hotel of the founding of Singapore since 1918. - 200 years.

They have the Cause for celebrations as they are the Millionaires.

You peasants just eat at Food Street. We have one PAP MP standby to pull your pipi in case you get choked m

Anonymous said...

U tried to skirt away from the real question: are u benefited for doing those $500pm no choice jobs.

IB are fast to teach people to choa or migrate. Their masters are fast to skirt the same key point by labeling posts as fake news that break their trustworthiness.

Both groups are scared of one outcome: being voted out or vote count declines.

But both groups are unable to re distribute good jobs to local voters who are the aborigines. That is the key point they try to skirt away by blaming fake news and saying voters believe in fake news.

There was wide spread of local engineers cannot find decent jobs. Is that fake news? Like many other jobs local are looking for. They do not rely on what IB said or what their masters said.

Local voters search for the jobs themselves.
If they cannot find engineer jobs, they are jobless. So they are fake news?
The problem will remain there. Its like mrt breakdown is fake news. Passengers will go to the stations to wait. Cannot avoid the twittees when no train arrives. So what if mrt does not tweet, so what if the ministers keep barking on fake news, breaking their trust.

To have trust, fix the problem. Or like what u suggested: choa. Like u should do or choa.

Anonymous said...

Both groups are scared of one outcome: being voted out or vote count declines.
12:14 pm

Voted out, they not scared lah because it will never happen.

Remember our neighbour Najib ruling party coalition even got less than 50% votes but won majority seats in their 2013 GE, u know. And Najib went on to become PM.

So how can our PAP do any worse than Najib, when PAP as ruling party can always gerrymander before elections? Hougang may disappear next GE, and the 3 WP MPs made bankrupt through their $33M "ownself Town Council sue ownself MPs" lawsuit, u know.

Anonymous said...

The quality of ministers are so bad that u do not notice. The main issue has been the "income" and "raising expenses" problems. These problems happen on sinkieland are far more heavy in impact, against Najib s Malaysia. U know the malaysia medical cost per visit? Go find out, but u are likely a PR from there. U lack the depth in seeing the changes on sinkieland over the years.
How bad is Najib against Pap, there is no comparison bc Najib is good to Malays while the chinese component to umno is rubbished by voters. So u dont like Najib bc u are yellow skin.

How much do u know sinkieland politics? The chinese component is the pap. The pap was similar to umno s chinese component. Is umno s chinese component gonna doing well in coming election? U have the answer.

The opposition is no as strong as those in Malaysia. But Lim in malaysia was more powerful as opposition than Low on sinkieland. It reflects on the characteristics of leadership of these 2 men. If u think Hougang will disappear, u are not even living there. So save the troubles to talk. These are predictions of yours.

U might have noted there were people distributing blankets to old street living drifters. U did not see what the pap talking about them. How many are there in Hougang? What the opposition do for the needy people like them? By blindly guessing from Najib s vote counts, u assume sinkieland will be the same, u might have your logic, not all will share that.

Opposition will have far better chance this coming GE simply bc the old fart is no longer catching attention. Last time, there were 3 M, to do the PM job, so much opinions about how to be good to sinkies, nothing was useful when the son flooded 3 millions foreigners into sinkieland. Now without the old fart, these foreigners will be a pain to citizens: first they raise the housing cost, second they rob their jobs.
In the past, cleaning jobs at hawker centers were done by foreigners. Now they are done by local old folks. But the job distribution does not move up to higher executives levels. If the ministers say jobs given to foreigners are not able to find citizens, why cleaners are grabbed by lau ah sho or ah pek?

The Pap s governance was bad for a long period under the son and old fart last few years. That why now the old folks had to do jobs at 80s year old. Was it a good trend? U bet it as good trend. How many bet it as poor results? If families are rich, old folks should be dancing on streets. Therefore, the poverty vs rich, was created by the son under pap. Old fart GKS time was more equal betw rich and poor. U still bet pap will get up trend vote count? The trouble is: the rich foreigners who got jobs from sinkieland are not deserving cases. That will imprint on all NS men s minds: foreigners get rich, citizens get poverty esp when getting old. Young cannot get good jobs except working in retail and FnB, few hundred part time to 1k plus. Go look at foodpanda kids delivering during rains. U will know the poverty stricken families mean on sinkieland under pap, no better than malaysia. The votes will reflect the sentiments on the ground.

Anonymous said...

The long delay in choosing the next Singapore PM -

is it because all the 4G candidates are very good, as there's difficulty picking one;


all the 4G candidates doesn't seem to make the grade, so cannot pick one ???

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun sing is the next 4G PM lah.

And did you know that he was the first foreign student to be conferred the “Distinguished Master Strategist Award” in the US Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) in 1998?

So he is a master strategist, u know. He can keechiu and look siow siow like Ah Beng but he is also very good in strategy.

And PAP need leaders who have good strategy to win elections in Sinkieland to continue to remain in power and for their ministers to continue to have million dollar salary.

Sinkies suffer due to no jobs, high cost of living and money no enough? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

WP Teochew Ah Hia is also a good strategist, except that he got no toilet paper to show for it.

If not, how can he win every election for more than 20 years?

But still not good enough lah, simply because he is not from the ruling party. So he kena sued jialat jialat and may even be made bankrupt and cannot contest election anymore.

Anyway it's also about time he retire from politics lah, just like Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

“Someone who is a clever speaker and maintains a contrived smile is seldom considered to be a really good person.” -- Confucius, 551 BC - 479 BC

Anonymous said...

Confucius sometimes confuse.

Anonymous said...

If not for the gangster robber Raffles and his mafia organization East India Company, most of us will be millionaires in China today. Some will even be multi-billionaires.

Our parents & grandparents will have retired by 50-55 years old ... practice qigong and tai chi in the parks & beside the rivers ... every month collect pension from govt.

Instead our old folks now collecting cardboard & tin cans for exercise, or treat cleaning toilets & washing plates as gymming.

All our money also kena conned & stuck in flats that will depreciate over time & become zero. Retirement money also not ours ... cannot take out ... wait until 65 or 67 before govt give back ... $500 per month.

Not enuf money?? Go to MP & they will tell you ... go upgrade or upskill ... increase your productivity ... take on 2nd or 3rd jobs...

Now govt telling us ... they not enuf money ... so need to increase more taxes...

Don't complain ... we all deserve the govt we voted for!!!

Anonymous said...

Not enuf money?? Go to MP & they will tell you ... go upgrade or upskill ... increase your productivity ... take on 2nd or 3rd jobs...
2:34 pm

But the MP can still win election leh, despite telling voters that.

So the MP will continue to tell voters that lah.

Or maybe only 30% or less voters go to see their MP and got told off?

Anonymous said...

Cancel the celebrations.
Save the money and return it back to Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

One people
One nation
One Singapore
..... famous Singapore song written by ...???

Ein Volk (One people)
Ein Reich (One nation)
Ein Fuhrer (One leader)
.... famous Nazi slogan



Anonymous said...

Simi command college? can fight war nor just prize collection?
Go look at his speech at shittime. Business men asked him to comment on globalization and govt.

He talked about globalization should generate benefits. Govt helps to redistribute benefits. If not so, its govt incompetent. So people must trust govt. If people do not trust, it must be fakes news that sway the people away.

U happy with his answer? u cannot find the lines what govt policies have been implemented on sinkieland. He avoided answering at all. He did not talk about real problems like unemployment that comes along on immigration which is a part of globalization. He did not talk about rich and poor gap which is result of middle class collapse due to globalization.

This guy should not be the pee yam by looking at his answer. He did not get the practical aspect of the question. what fakes news got to do with globalization?

Anonymous said...

@ January 27, 2018 3:15 pm

Meet our new Prime Mental Masturbator.
Mental masturbating all over the world.

Anonymous said...

After returning from Davos, Switzerland;

Do you think our MRT trains will be better?
Do you think there will be more jobs for Singaporeans?
Do you think our PAP Millionaires will become more competent?

Do you think we will have to pay more tax to reimburse the PAP government for their Davos expenses?
- Is it just a bloody waste of money?

Anonymous said...

He was talking about trust the governor. He did not talk about what the governor has to be trusted. Give u example.
1 news talked about a funeral parlor to be built on a city center at east side. The MP sat side by side with the funeral parlor company to help answer the residents questions. The residents asked pertinent questions, and the crowd was clever. The lobang could not hide.
Question was: why the MP was siding with the funeral parlor?
At the end, one harakiri man said in parliament: it was liang san por and zu ying tai. They elite cancelled the contract from tender.

U wanna trust the pap or u wanna see the fact and on going before u trust the pap? From that episode, u know these people are able to fool u any time if u give in, like having funeral parlor at town center.

Then they would tell u spread fake news bc u disagree.

U still have to use your eyes to see what they do to decide if to trust them.
In short, trust comes from consistent behavior. Politicians cannot have consistency, can they be trusted? U said mental song song is hard to understand, but rapping your intelligence is more easy to comprehend. Force on someone s mind, agree or not never mind to him, and got away song song.
Not so easy in modern world liao. tiobor ahair?

Anonymous said...

This guy should not be the pee yam by looking at his answer.
3:15 pm

But he can win elections leh. And his party can win majority seats.

And if his party want him to be pee yam, he will be lah.

He should not be the pee yam? This one u say one hor. Got use or not?

Anonymous said...

Overly Rigorous Curriculum Was Why “Swim Queen” Jing-E Moved to the US


To be world class, you have to leave PAP's Singapore.
True or not?

So where is the PAP's grooming of Singaporean talents?
Pay tax for what?

Anonymous said...

SHOCKING NEWS: Author Michael Wolff of the bestseller Fire and Fury suggested in an interview that President Trump was having an affair with possibly Nikki Haley, the loud-mouthed arrogant US ambassador at the UN !

Virgo49 said...

Seen some videos of Clinton hagard looks with comments of AIDs.

Hope Trumpie don't end like him.

DT thinks don't play with cigar and smoked after soaking in vitamins.

Poor souls. Karma is a bitch.

Virgo49 said...

Bill Clinton's :-

https://youtu.be/KUb-stiXMM4 and

b said...

Only europe belongs to white people but white people have benefitted so much from non white continents. So many white people are made so rich in non white land. So many non white people are made so poor in their own land. But white people still want to dictate every other race how they should behave and continue to plunder them. All these things are so sad and so bad.

b said...

If white people want non white to accept them in their non white continents, they should also accept non white people into their white continent. It cannot be one way. It is not fair.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Oh for fuck's sake.

Culture's conquer each other---that's historical fact.

We are not in 1819 any longer. We live in a time where the vast majority of people in modern civilized societies have more or less equal chance of "success" at life. (whaever that means)

Unfortunately we also have today the thriving industry of VICTIMHOOD which relies totally on shit which happened so long ago that our parents were not even sperm in their fathers' balls....so how come I have to pay taxes to "compensate" these crafty, thieving motherfuckers?

Victimhood Into Currency!

For e.g.:

☛ If you are female, you are a victim (so many scenarios to choose from 👯‍♀️).
☛ If you are a person of colour, you are a victim.
☛ If you are gay and discriminated against, you are a victim.
☛ If you are Muslim, you are a victim.

YOU ARE A VICTIM! CLAIM YOUR COMPENSATION NOW...and continue until your pain is assuaged! 🤣🤑💰

Those who manage "victimhood industries", can also score. Want to put a shine on your "personal brand"? Be like Angelina Jolie and adopt brown, black and yellow babies...wow...just keep the white little shits out...even the poor orphaned ones. Fuck them. Only save the coloured children---because you score EXTRA POINTS! 💩💩

In the Singapore context: if you didn't keep up with the times and lived in an "entitlement mentality" all your life, only to find one day you've lost your RICE BOWL to a more capable, cheaper and harder-working FOREIGNER...then....

CONGRATULATIONS! ☛☛☛ YOU are a victim!☚☚☚

Hurry up claim money form the govt...oh... what's that? They told you to fuck off and upgrade...Awww...shucks! 🤪😂

Anyway, you're still a victim lah. So poor thing one leh... 😭

It's good to know that victimhood is being taught in tertiary institutions..

That's good news. We wouldn't want the kids learning victimhood in a slip-shod manner. Nay nay, it must be codified and systematized...so they too can enter the Victimhood Industrial Complex and thus never be out of a job...even when the robots get here. 🤖

In fact when the robots arrive, everyone will be a victim, which means BOOMTOWN CHARLIE for those in the industry.

Redbean shows promise as a budding entrepreneur in "victimhood". I'm sure he still has enough "juice" in him to step up and perhaps begin a start-up venture to capitalise on the OPPORTUNITY from the growing amount of "victims" every which way you turn.

Go redbean!🤡 Suffer those victims to come unto you! 😹🤣😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Happy Australia Day mate...even tho you hate the white folk and prefer to "sympathise" with the Abos.

Good onya mate. Dem victims is good for your business. 🤡

Anonymous said...

Dearest redbean,

Further to our discussion, and to help all those poor people you apparently champion, please ensure that they---your potential clients, and future sources of ridiculous revenue---are issued at least one or both of the following cards. Please also ensure that everyone of their family members are similarly equipped to tackle their suffering and receive the maximum compensation possible.

1. The Race Card

2. The Victim Card

Instruct your clients to always have these cards on their person, especially is there is Mainstream Media present. Lookout especially for journalists from The BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, Al Jazeera...don't bother with fuckers from Channel News Asia or The Straits Times.

Your clients should be coached properly in the use of these cards. Everytime they feel "discriminated" against, or if they disagree with someone's opinion, they should immediately pull out the card are draw attention to it and themselves, then start screaming about how offended they are, cry and DEMAND MONEY

Feel free to modify the above procedure.

Best of bad luck to you. May you yourself one day claim Supreme Victimhood.

Your brother in suffering,

Matilah_Singapura (if that happens the whole of Singapore will be potential victims. Think of the money!!)

Anonymous said...

I just hope one day I gave two blondes with large tits serving me at night to be shiok for my little Brother

Anonymous said...

Woah, RB u give the 4D # , almost 'yiam yiam kui ah' strike Lah, keep it up man :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah really worships people like Turnbull and Abbott and that little white girl in the Australian parliament.

He forgets that when the white breeds, he, a coloured, would bleed. He is very happy with the crumps he picks from the floor under the table. If only he knows what Turnbull and Abbott and the little white girl said about him behind his back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What number?

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB-1819- always sold out.

Don't worry, one fine day, Mati-lah-die-lah will be like Bill Clinton who smoked too much vitamins laced Whites Blondes cigars.


b said...

It should change to 3 march when oz left uk officially.