Truth and Spirituality for 2018

Truth and Spirituality for 2018

Spiritual awakening begins from wisdom.  With wisdom comes understanding [1Cor14:20]. Wisdom comes with age, at least for some.  Others choose to remain as immature children [1Cor 13:11].  Those who dare to go forth, grapple with and engage the mysteries of creation and divine intentions, will discover a spiritual awakening as they mature towards a fuller understanding when living in truth and spirituality [Eph 4:13].

The expansion of consciousness involved grounding in realistic truths.  Of the perennial persistence of good and evil; of the very human tendency to act in greed and selfishness instead of love, compassion and grace; of the very unequal power balance between those with abundance and those who hungered for a small share of that abundance; of the hypocrisy of religious leaders in promoting their own interests of wealth, power and influence instead of lifting up and enhancing the lives of their followers; of the blatant exploitation by huge corporate powers to monetise the valuable labour surplus of the poor and vulnerable; of international institutions like the United Nations and international trading blocs who legitimise increasing poverty and ignore the self-evident plights of refugees from wars, child soldiers, victims of children and women trafficking, subjugation and dehumanisation of women in the name of culture, tradition and religions. 

The greatest truth of realism is that good only triumphs over evil in movies and story books; never and only occasionally, in real life.
I cannot remember exactly when my spiritual awakening journey actually began.  I first wrote about it around my birthday in 2004, a few years after the darkness from the passing of my beloved wife Rosie of 14 years in 1999.  Marrying the wonderfully beautiful Pingping in 2012 began a new celestial galactic cycle according to the ancient Mayan calendar, as eternity continues to unfold and expand my consciousness by revealing new truths.

For a vast majority of Christian believers, the “abundant” life promised in [John 10:10] is characterised by poverty, want, pain and disappointments.   They are lulled and deluded by their priests and pastors, often using human psychological sciences and the science of economic, to blame themselves for their conditions.  They blind their believers to the obvious and glaring abundance enjoyed by priests and pastors, unbelievers as well as others who are less righteous and criminals, and the gullible and naïve mass of believers accept their fate to be vastly poorer and hungrier believers to value instead the divine promise that “the poor will inherit the kingdom of God” [Luke 6:20].   Indeed, the poor has inherited the trash, sand, mud, wastelands and deserts, while every resources, food and built infrastructures are owned and controlled by the powerful others.    

The conventional human wisdom is that religion today has made mankind better.  One easily points to World Vision and other similar Christian organisations whose humanitarian work among refugees, children, women and the sick, setting up food distributions, hospitals and establishing missions as evidence of beneficial religiosity without being spiritual or evangelistic.  Indeed, they are essentially human enterprises, being spiritually Christian only in name or association, but who understand the real human condition only too well. 

Strangely, the “success” of philanthropic Christian organisations adds little to empower and embolden a deeper spirituality in Christians who yearn, naturally, for a more intimate connection to something or someone greater then themselves. 

Religious work does not add to Christian spirituality, which is the original intention of God’s revelation as the human Jesus Christ. Religious transcendence over spirituality makes religion both anti-God and anti-Christ.  In truth, religion - in its self-focus and self-importance - denies God as the source and essence of all goodness and the motivator of all things loving and healing.  Religion is therefore anti-spirituality.  

Spirituality is diluted and overwhelmed by religion. Spiritual awakening re-establishes the deep sense of authentic identity in every human being.  The immediate evidence is the realisation and discovery of eternity, a sense of timelessness, which in turn acts to transform daily living and relationships with new ways and experiences.  St Paul also refers to this sensation as “the peace that surpassed understanding” [Phil 4:7].

Spirituality cannot be understood by conventional human logic or scientific reason.  In this sense, spirituality is supernatural.  Insofar as our spiritual awakening unfolds, the new realities shall emerge gradually in our consciousness, and our own construction of new social realities quickly manifested in changed behaviors becomes self-evident to others around us. True spiritual growth results in personal development as one expresses the new realities unfolding in our sub-conscience made self-aware by a heightened consciousness.

Spiritual inspiration provokes new understanding of the universe which would fire the human imagination for creative outcomes.  Truths are revealed as the Holy Spirit teaches and provides profound understanding to revisit our knowledge in new perspectives.  New and revised truths immediately set free the human consciousness hitherto trapped in a self-imposed prison constructed with man-made religious and human worldviews to be able to see things “as directed with God’s eyes” [Psalm 32:8].  Suddenly, the enlightened universe lights up as the Holy Spirit lifts you out of human ignorance into divine illumination. Trust me, I know.

Spirituality is individual [Job 33:4].  Collective or communal spirituality, even in a gathering of self-proclaimed spiritual people, does not exist.   Spiritual persons are naturally anti-religion since religion is essentially anti-spiritual.  

Living with spirituality means drawing upon God’s own creative essence – His Spirit [or “ruach” in Hebrew] – for the energy, inspiration and motivation in living the eternity life here at this time.  A wise man chooses only to live a spiritual life.  For him or her, religion is optional and often unnecessary. 

Every Christian has direct access to Jesus and God, who are both one and the same.  There is no need for pastors, priests and “saints” to be intermediaries with God.  Quite contrary to man-made religious teachings, each individual Christian is a “temple” of God and that the “Spirit of God dwells” in him or her [1Cor 3:16].   Since the Holy Spirit exists in every Christian, there is no need to build human structures, however grandeur, as testaments to the Creator God.  Man is God’s greatest creation and mankind is his lasting crowning testament. Therefore, “collective” worship is laudable but not mandatory. And the bible establishes a group of only three to be sufficient for communal worship [Matt 18:20].  

Ultimately, it is the individual Christian who is responsible and held accountable to God, not the collective “Church” [Rom 14:12].

Change is fundamental in living the eternal life.  The future is constantly unveiling itself.  The universe is in a constant state of change.   Meaning, life and everything around us are in a perpetual process of unveiling and evolving, of becoming into some eventual final state. Religion however teaches constancy as the key characteristic of the universe.  Living with spirituality means living with the certainty of change but without the fear of the unknown because the Holy Spirit – God Himself – will empower the believer with the knowledge of things to come [John 16:13].  Know again that in Christianity, there is absolutely no need for pastors, priests or “saints” to be intermediaries with God.  

A calm sense of the unknown follows spiritual awakening and spiritual inspiration leads to wisdom.   Wisdom is the principle of living in complete spiritual awareness that God is the guiding principle in living the eternal life to grow, lead and act with the highest endowed human potential.  For me, spiritual awakening parallels my life of service.  I realise that living the eternal life in the present in truth and spirituality is hard work and active.  It is not armchair activism.  Nor is it simply attending church services and praying that “God, the mission need is great, please send the other guys and I shall pray for them!”    

True spirituality empowers you to nurture compassion, and develop in others a greater capacity for love and for you to receive their love in turn. When you are at your best authentic self as you live in truth and spirituality, you will enjoy the eternal life in the present without fear or limit to bring out the spirituality in others as well. 

Readers are invited to share in the “expansion of consciousness” experience in 2018. 



Anonymous said...

The poor in spirit, the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:3-12), refers to those who know that they are spiritually bankrupt & they hunger & long for & trust in Christ righteousness & deliverance. They indeed will (in future) inherit the earth for their Almighty Master cannot lie but only speak the truth; the new heaven & new earth, for the Kingdom of God is within them (Christ Spirit in them) and will be fulfilled in His everlasting Kingdom, not this temporal earthly kingdom of the world which will be burned and passed away.

The sad truth as revealed in Holy Scriptures is that many who professed Christ as Lord, do not belong to His eternal Kingdom. (Matthew 7:21-26)

Straight and narrow is the road that leads to life and few find it.
How many men are honest & humble about their own depraved conditions?

Indeed throughout history hypocrites and ungodly men have used God's name to deceive themselves and others for ungodly gains. This is not surprising at all due to the ripe conditions of power & influence that brings out plainly what that is within their hearts.

Only Jesus Christ can remove that spiritual fatal cancer in our hearts, provided we repent & believe.
Be patient or be awakened or be fearful, He will come to judge the earth.

Blessed New Year!

Anonymous said...

What a profound literary piece, certainly beyond my limited intellect. Wonder how many others understand the contents.

Anonymous said...

Some truths mixed with imagination.
Imagination of God not subject to Scriptures tragically & most likely fall under "the pride of life".

All sin is either lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh or the pride of life.

God gives grace to the humble and He resists the proud.
To believe is to be humble oneself to "agree & follow Him" according to His revealed Word in short "trust & obedience".

Anonymous said...

Wisdom is d tot
Kindness d act.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Michael is having a second awakening. Good for him.

Mikospace said...

Every day seems like a new day;
Yet each day is basically the same
As yesterday,
Only different.
Time did not move;
Is a constant.
Every thing else changed;
You did.
You went to sleep;
Then woken
And see things afresh and
New for the first time.
Lo and behold ... enlightenment!
Living in eternity now
In the Present.