Racists attacking others as racists

This is the ad that led to two racists claiming that this was racist and used it as an excuse to put up a racist video attacking Chinese as racists. Poor Mediacorp, instead of defending itself, timidly went on to apologise for an ad that it commissioned with no intent to offend. (I do not know who was the creator of the ad. He could be an angmoh).

Look at the above ad carefully and ask yourself what is so offensive or racist about this ad. Dennis Chew is an entertainer and very often cross dressed to entertain in comedy sketches. In this case the creator was trying to be creative in using one person to cross dress into 4 different personalities of different races. Every one was sensitively and smartly well dressed with no ill meaning or attempt to be offensive. This is infotainment for crying out loud.  It was tastefully done with a lot of effort put into it.

How could this be racially offensive? Why on earth did Mediacorp have to apologise for it? Where is the bad intent? Did any one dressed badly, offensively, insensitively?

The ad was meant to reflect the four major races of Singapore. There is a Chinese woman, a Malay woman, an Indian man and a Eurasian man. The brown man was not meant to be an Indian, for goodness sake. Indians are not brown. The Indian man is the one holding the roti prata. And the creator was sensitive enough not to paint him black.  Thank God he is wise enough not to do so or else hell will break loose. Now why are the two racist Indians complaining about the brown man as offensive to Indians or depicting Indians in a bad way?

The ad creator could hire four different persons from four different races to fill the same ad. Would that then be ok, not racist? What is wrong with being a little creative, using one person to dress up as four different persons of four different races, as man and as woman? If this kind of creativity is scorned upon, politically incorrect, racially insensitive, this may be the reason why this island is lacking in creativity. There is no hope for Singapore as a creative country and creative people.

Only very small minded and racist minded people would think the above is offensive.

It would be offensive if the Malay woman was made to hold a bowl of bak kut teh, or the Indian man, or the brown man was dressed badly like a beggar of sort, dismissive dressing to degrade their social standing.

Come on, let's grow up and stop behaving like little village bumpkins. The real racists were the two that made this up as racist and revealed their real racist self by producing the offensive anti Chinese racist video that was rightly taken off. This island cannot tolerate the presence of such racists, and if they are foreigners or new citizens, it is best to send them to their previous home country. They must be made an example of so that closet racists would not dare to show up again to attack the innocent.

Do not allow the thief that shouted thief to get away with it. And do not sheepishly owned up as a thief if one is not a thief. I am very disappointed with Mediacorp's response to the accusation. They should be defending the right to entertain and to be creative. They should be defending the creativeness of the ad and put back the ad for what it stood for.

It would be a very sad day for Singapore and for creativity if this ad is deemed racially offensive and be scrapped for good. There was never an intent to be offensive or mischievous to anyone but all for a bit of fun and infotainment, entertaining while driving across a message of multi culturalism in Singapore.

PS.  This is my post for 1 Aug 19.

And please do not let the rest of the world laugh at us as small minded village fools. Let me remind everyone we are a cosmopolitan city state and know what is humour, entertainment, creativity and having a little jest in our life. I give full marks to the creator of the ad.

CIA Orchestrated Hong Kong Violent Riots

Treason has been committed in the violent Hong Kong riots. The ring leaders must be rounded up and retained incommunicado. They should then be sentenced and face the death penalty for high treason against the Chinese national state which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some of the more prominent treacherous ring leaders are Martin Lee, a lawyer, Anson Chan , former senior officer in the British Hong Kong Administration, Benny Tai, a lawyer, Edward Leung, Ray Wong, Joshua Wong and Audrey Eu Yuet Mee. No mercy should be shown to them.

The riots is part of USA's overall strategy to contain and bring down China. There is a ceaseless conspiracy between these faceless undignified rogue ring leaders and the CIA of the United States to create a similar USA funded, supported and orchestrated Tiananmen counter revolution in June, 1989. 

In the past few years  there have been both overt  and covert secret meetings between these ring leaders and USA embassy officers, CIA agents, Congressmen and US senators both in Hong Kong and in America. These ring leaders are despicable US running dogs who have no shame in conniving with the Evil Empire to destroy China. They are all in the payroll of CIA.

The riots did not just start overnight. It has been well organized and orchestrated by CIA. The whole strategy is to incite and lure China's PLA to intervene to quell the seemingly unquenchable riots so as to provide USA ammunition to demonize China for brutal intervention as Hong Kong's Tiananmen. Its hidden agenda is to warn Taiwan of the danger of one country two systems and thus has the toxic objective of preventing the eventual unification of Taiwan and mainland China.

USA evil objective of containing and bringing down China must not be allowed to succeed. Patience and endurance has its limits and if the US conspiracy plans perennial riots to destabilise Hong Kong. then the HKSAR's government must invoke the vital clause to call for PLA to take over control of the rioters whose ring leaders conspiracy with USA is clearly just to take down the HKSAR's government and discredit the Central Government in Beijing.


Thursday, 31st July, 2019

Main media telling lies and fake news

We were told that the only true news is from the main media. The truth is that the main media, in print, in the air and over the TV is producing fake news and lies every day and everywhere.

Look at the situation in the Persian Gulf. The main media have been parroting the American and western view that Iran is the trouble maker, the one that is raising tension and threatening the shipping in the region.
The truth, the Americans and the West are the real trouble makers. All the tension and threats of war is caused by the Americans and the West. There was no threat to shipping until the Americans moved in their warships to threaten Iran and told the unthinking world that Iran is threatening the shipping in the region. The false flags attacks on a few containers were as clear as daylight, the acts of the Americans and their cronies.

The piracy, the hijacking of ship, was committed first by the British in Gibraltar. Iran was only responding and reacting to the piracy against their ship and the threats against their country by the Americans and their cronies. No principled and responsible country should join the coalition of the American gangsters to attack Iran. The first semi colony of the American Evil Empire has answered the call of its colonial master to join the evil coalition when everyone is staying clear of it. Japan, the other Asian colony of the American Empire would be next to say yes. Soon the little USAs would follow suit. They cannot say no to the world’s number One gangster, the American warmongers.

What did the main media do? Did the main media think, investigate, check, double confirm the truth? NO, they simply repeat and parrot what the Americans and the West said and want them to say. Iran is the victim of American aggression and threats of war, not the warmonger. Get this fact right.

The unthinking and irresponsible main media are just being irresponsible and unthinking and spreading fake news and lies, a dereliction of their main duty and responsibility as the guardian of truths. Reading the main media dished out by the Americans and the West would make one think that Iran is the bad guy, the trouble maker, the one that is raising tension and threatening shipping. This is the bullshit that the main media is saying. And the other bullshit is that the Americans are the protector of freedom of navigation and lowering tension in the region, not threatening anyone or Iran.

The main media have failed the world badly by being accomplice to spreading fake news and lies. Period.
No? Think again. Use the thing in between your ears and put it to good use. Don’t allow it to gather dust from being unused. When one reads the main media, think doubly hard, triple hard and not be misled by their falsehood and fake news.


Trump wants China to change its economic growth model

The ongoing trade war between China and the US is about political and economic system. Trump and his merry men want China to change its economic model to be like the Americans, free private enterprises instead of top down state owned enterprises. Trump and his merry men believe that the American and western economic and political model is the right way to go forward, the best economic political system for China and for the good of the Chinese people.

The western model has served the west well for 200 years. But from all empirical data and what is happening to Europe and the US, this system is breaking down but the West, particularly the Americans did not think so, they could not see anything wrong with their private enterprise, private owned economic system, the so called capitalist system. They are blind to the failing economies in Europe and some have faced bankruptcy and some on the way to bankruptcy. Even the US economy is living on debt they could not repay.

And Trump and his merry men want China to give up its economic model and adopt the western decadent and dying model for economic growth. According to Professor Richard Wolff, the Chinese economic model has been producing 10-15% growth for the last 40 years, with the latest few years in the 6.5% region that the West are cheering and clapping that this is bad, very bad. On the other hand the Americans are also patting their own backs that their miserable 4% in the last 30 years and the anaemic 2% in the last few years as great, very good, excellent growth. To them, China’s economy is in deep trouble, while being the creditor to the US in the tune of US$1.1 trillion in contrast to the American’s in debt of US$23 trillion dollars.

Now why would China want to change its economic system that is a miracle in human history for the western model that is breaking down and at best churning up 3% growth but mostly creeping at 2% growth or negative growth in some European countries? Many European countries, without the loots from their former colonies are at the edge of bankruptcy. Richard Wolff gave a clear and concise explanation on the differences between the failing American capitalist system and the extremely successful Chinese socialist system in this 30 min video clip titled European Update: China’s Economic Record and Strategy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw8SvK0E5dI


Reasons why Mahathir to stay for 3 years as PM

When Mahathir out of the blue announced that he was going to stay as PM for another 3 years, it took everyone by surprise even though this flip flop king was just being himself . But in this case it was a blatant affront to the PKR and his commitment to quit after two years to let Anwar in. But as days passed, this about turn by Mahathir becomes clearer. It was not out of nothing. It was in defiance and sending a message to Anwar that Mahathir is still the king maker and no one should touch his new protege Azmin that he is grooming to be the next PM.

If one is still wondering what is happening, read the following as reported in the main media to get some clues on this issue. Anwar's position as the next PM is hanging on a string. Many things were unsaid but out there for all to see. No one is saying the whole truth and no one is going to say otherwise. There is high tension in Malaysia on who is going to become the next PM and when.

Here are some extracts from a post in Channel News Asia to understand the intrigue of Malaysia politics and the power struggle that is going on at the moment. On the surface Anwar's relation with Mahathir is normal and his taking over as the PM is still in the cards.

'He added that Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali should resign if it is confirmed that he was involved in the video.

“My initial view is for him not to resign. It will depend on investigations. If the investigation is conclusive, in terms of the participants of the act, then I think he needs to resign,” said Mr Anwar....

In a sharp retort, Mr Azmin said: “Look at the man in the mirror.”
“Ask Anwar to ‘muhasabah diri’ (carry out self-introspection) and reflect on himself,” the minister was quoted as saying by the Malaysian Insight.
According to Malaysian media reports, Mr Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak - who is Mr Anwar’s political secretary and PKR’s Kuala Kangsar, Perak division chief - was among three men detained on Tuesday. The 37-year-old was said to have been nabbed at a house near Pasir Gudang, Johor....

There have been suggestions that supporters of Mr Anwar were responsible for the video in a bid to topple Mr Azmin, but Mr Anwar has refuted the allegations.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, when asked for a comment regarding Mr Farhash’s arrest, replied: “This is the first time I’m hearing (this).”

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/anwar-ibrahim-shocked-arrest-of-aide-viral-sex-video-azmin-11728574


The Masters can fly

Pesta Sukan - Podium shots

Portraits of Masters Athletes - A tribute

Tan Yew Yong, fastest in his age group
Wong Foong Yee, fastest in 400m
Henry Lim
Charles Ang, sprinter and everything else
Leong Hon Cheong, fast sprinter
Mogan, residing in Perth but always returned where there is a meet
Tan Kim Seng, still nursing his injury and running and jumping
Tan Nam Chong, marathoner turned sprinter
Jack Lam, the most improved sprinter
Sprinter from another club

Chee Seng took this for me using my camera
Young master Augustino
The ladies masters are going to kill me if I leave them out. Here is one from another club

Another from another club
Here is Christina Tay aka TayC, not kopi O

She is from SMA, can't remember her name
Abitha, the most improved lady master
Shuh Lan
Karen, a sprinter, marathoner, jumper, javelin thrower and everything you want to know
This is Yenn
She is from another club
Thana, our middle distance champion
First time see this uncle
Michael, the medal collector

John Chua, his fuel to run is alcohol, oops I mean wine

Wee Teck, just returned to running and is slashing his timings in every race

(Just received this pic taken by Ming Ham, nearly all the masters from SMTFA taking part on 27/7/19 were in the pic.)

This is a tribute to all the masters that made it to this meet. Of course there were many more but these few happened to run into my camera lens. I was unable to take too often when I was also running. Very difficult to worry about my camera in my bag unattended. Risk this time to try out some shots.