The world should stop appeasing the Evil American Empire

The appalling record of the American Empire in starting wars, conducting
regime change, supporting terrorist organisations, conducting false flag
incidents to invade a country, raising tensions, committing crimes against
humanity, conducting unilateral sanctions against countries and endangering
the lives of the victimized countries, must be put to a stop. The world,
especially the UN, must take immediate action against the Evil American
Empire from destroying countries and the rest of the world with their
hostile and belligerent acts to bully and threaten other countries.

The Evil American Empire is raising military tension everywhere, provoking
other countries by the used of naked military forces like amassing a huge
war armada in the Persian gulf to threaten Iran, by amassing hostile forces
in Eastern Europe to threaten Russian, by sending warships into China’s
territorial limits cannot go on unrestrained.  And worse, by raising
tensions everywhere, they are blaming others for raising tension like
blaming Iran in the Persian Gulf and China in the South China Sea.

These acts of military terrorism are being taken for granted as the rights
of the Evil American Empire just like their right to amass unlimited
nuclear weapons as their sole right and other countries are not allowed to
as a defensive act to prevent from being attacked by the American Empire.
The Evil American Empire must be disarmed, removed its nuclear arsenal to
stop it from threatening to use deadly nuclear weapons against other
nations that did not have them or have less of these WMDs.

Economic terrorism also must be stopped. The Americans must not be allowed
to unilaterally impose economic sanctions to hurt the economies and
people’s livelihood in their victimized countries eg North Korea, Iran and
Venezuela. The American Empire are controlled by war hawks, war criminals
and holding the world at ransom. They must not be allowed to terrorise the
rest of the world like international gangsters. They are the real villains,
not their victimized countries. The mad men in Washington must be removed
for the safety of the rest of the world.

Appeasement and tolerance to this Evil Empire cannot go on. Without the
rest of the world and the UN to tell the Evil Empire to stop their
aggression and crimes against nations and humanity, the Evil Empire will
take the world for granted, like their war plans against Iran, against
North Korea, against Venezuela, against Russia, against China but accusing
others of planning to attack the Evil Empire. War criminals must be brought
to justice. The world’s Number One Rouge Nation must be given noticed, be
told that it is the world’s Number One Rouge Nation. They cannot set red
lines for the rest of the world. It is for the rest of the world to set red
lines for the world’s Number Rouge Nation not to cross. Their behavior
against the rest of the world is shameful, criminal and intolerable.

The world’s Number One Rouge Nation is The threat to world peace, not Iran,
not North Korea. The world’s Number One Terrorist Nation is the Evil
American Empire. Has not doubt about it. It is engaging in all the wars in
the world. It is the main culprit in regime change and threatening regime

When would the world’s Number One Terrorist Nation stop its war against the
rest of the world, to stop terrorizing the rest of the world because its
economy its dependent on its war industry and its dominance depends on its
formidable war machine?

PS. The Americans are behaving like our gangsters in the 50s and 60s,
creating troubles in the Persian Gulf, raising tension and alleging that
Iran is going to attack the shipping in the region. So they are coming in
with their warships and wanting to form a coalition of gangsters to protect
the shipping from being attacked by the Americans.

Just hope and pray that Singapore would not be the little eager beaver to
volunteer to join the coalition and be the runner to the American
gangsters. As for the rest of the world with shipping criss crossing the
region, the Americans are going to demand protection money or they would be
attacked by the American gangsters masquerading as Iranian soldiers or
Iranian backed terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Jus ignore the evil one & it will gradually go away, slowly less and less people will b bothered bout tat evil fellow & gradually disappear, that's how the Upper One does it, the good one shall prevail while the evil one shall declince to abyss.

Anonymous said...

The US Also Sponsored “Color Revolution” Struggles in Hong Kong

The HK activists opposition’s core leaders, parties, organizations, and media operations are all tied directly to Washington DC via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and corporate foundations like Open Society Foundation.

The New York Times article itself admits that:

…the National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit directly supported by Washington, distributed $755,000 in grants in Hong Kong in 2012, and an additional $695,000 last year, to encourage the development of democratic institutions. Some of that money was earmarked “to develop the capacity of citizens — particularly university students — to more effectively participate in the public debate on political reform.”

Some HK opposition leaders have been literally caught meeting secretly with US diplomats including Hong Kong opposition leaders Edward Leung and Ray Wong in 2016.

The protests in Hong Kong are organized to delay the inevitable end to the West’s “primacy” over Asia and in particular its attempts to dominate China. In the process, these protests will continue to expose Washington’s methods of fuelling political subversion and the Western media’s role in deceitfully promoting and defending it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore just announced that it would deport Myanmese involved in supporting anti Myanmar govt activities here.

China should not only deport foreigners supporting the street mob, but arrest them and send them to concentration camp, incommunicado to the outside world.

Virgo 49 said...

Good ideas Mr RB.

Most of them Whites shits stirrers.

Then Dotard Trump will talk and lift all tarrifs because they are his cronies.

And Singapore will hopefully be spared of further destructing..their mantras of restructing that is sackings without mercies.

Eat and drink too much whites shits and urine

Anonymous said...

Singapore's bananas and coconuts leaders cannot change their sinews, just like leopards cannot change their spots and cobras cannot stop hissing poisonous fumes.

So, don't put too much hope on Singapore changing her stance, as far as the present bunch of get-rich-quick, at the expense of taxpayers, personalities are still in-charge.

Birds of same feathers flock together. Evil empire commands the obedience of evil vassal states. This fact too cannot change.

Anonymous said...


The main thing is to read widely & be aware that each side will talk up their own interests. Only 20%-40% are usually correct --- the rest are BS propaganda. It's good to train your brain to be able to read both sides without bursting an artery or raising your blood pressure. This is how you succeed in life with much lesser stress.

For e.g. I just read one of my pro-US "feedbacks". This will blow most of your brains:

"America is kicking ass right now.

I mean it. We are not fighting a major war. We are not faced with the serious possibility of nuclear annihilation at the hands of the Soviet Union. Jihadist terrorism has, for the moment, receded. For the foreseeable future, China will be more concerned with economic espionage than kinetic warfare. There is not a single, massive, destabilizing conflict on the face of the earth – thanks in no small part to American military's hegemony.

That's just the security foundation for our American awesomeness. There is so much more...

Our economy is roaring. If anything, we are in danger of becoming spoiled by an economic engine that keeps churning out prosperity, year after year. Unemployment is under 4%. Workforce participation and job creation are in great shape. The stock market keeps hitting new highs. These are the best of times by any reasonable standard.

How much of this is attributable to President Donald Trump? Well, if jobs losses were skyrocketing, terrorists were hitting our major cities, and there were race riots in the streets, you can be sure that the media and the Democrats would blame Trump for all of it.

And since he would get blamed under those circumstances, he deserves praise today.

Cutting taxes was the right move. Deregulation was a huge help for businesses. And his generally pro-commerce, pro-capitalist attitude has an overall positive impact that, while hard to measure, is still very powerful.

Yes, there are risks ahead. Nobody in either party seems to care anymore, but our $22 trillion dollars in national debt is a ticking time bomb. Support for socialism is rising at an alarming rate. Our southern border is a mess – perhaps the worst it has ever been. Hundreds of thousands of migrants continue to illegally pour across our border, with economic, political and social costs that are impossible to calculate. Many expect a major recession to hit sometime in the next two years, which could upend the political landscape and undo much of the last decades' prosperity.

Nobody can predict the future. But we can celebrate the present. And we should.

Right now, you are probably walking around with a supercomputer in your pocket that lets you run a business, order from dozens of nearby restaurants, and even buy a car with a few pushes of a button. Anyone who grew up taking long road trips knows that food across America has become much more sophisticated, fresh, and delicious. Our entertainment options are endless. We live in a society where material wealth is no longer about basic needs. Deciding how best to enjoy our abundance has become its own daunting task.

So yes, America is amazing right now. If you are fortunate enough to be reading this within U.S. territorial boundaries, you're living in the freest, most powerful, most incredible society to have ever existed. In the full scope of human history, you have been blessed beyond comprehension.

America is a truly great place. Rejoice. Relax. Enjoy."


Anonymous said...

Rb what can the world do when USA has over 6000 nuclear war heads enough to destroy the earth. Diam diam lor

Anonymous said...

How The Evil US Hegemonic Empire Is Turning UK Into Its Vassal State - Part 1

Kim Darroch, the honest, truthful, long-serving diplomatic UK Ambassador to Washington, has resigned.

Pussy-Grabbing, Dotard Dick-Head Trump’s role in the UK's Washington Ambassador’s exit has given a devastating trashing to the post-war image of Great Britain.

The chief of Britain’s Foreign Office does nothing casually. He is a past Master of saying nothing unintended in public. So when the Foreign Office permanent secretary, Simon McDonald, went before the Parliament, after the devastating resignation of Ambassador Kim Darroch, his incisive directness was a revelation. It was the most eloquent evidence possible that the Darroch affair is not just a diplomatic storm but an existential challenge to Britain’s entire foreign policy.

What precedent was there, the foreign affairs committee chair Tom Tugendhat asked McDonald straight in his face, for the Head of State of a friendly government to do what Dotard Trump has done this week and made it impossible for UK’s senior representative in that country to do his job?

McDonald’s answer was monosyllabic, crisp and explosive: “None!"

How can Kim Darroch represent Great Britain in Trump’s USA now?

Labour’s Chris Bryant followed up, "Surely there were precedents from unfriendly countries such as Venezuela?"

“I know of NONE!” McDonald replied again.

"Not even hostile states have behaved like Trump," he insisted.

"Had there been some distant occasion when a British Ambassador fell foul of the White House in such a way?"

"There was," McDonald admitted, "a difficulty in 1856, when President Franklin Pierce accused the British Ambassador of recruiting Americans to fight in the Crimean war."

The listeners in room laughed, but McDonald did not. It was not meant to be a joke!

Then came the most extraordinary remark of the lot. “Nothing like this has ever happened before. There must be consequences. What they are in detail I can’t tell you this afternoon.” McDonald told all the MPs present.

McDonald is emphatically not an old-school British diplomat. He is a bit of an outsider, modern, approachable and fiercely loyal to his staff and colleagues. Getting a story out of McDonald is one of the hardest journalists ever encountered. He has never talked in public the way he did yesterday. It tells you that this is really serious. He is not just angry: he is looking into the abyss into what the British postwar worldview is sliding.

Darroch was brought down by three people:

1. The leaker of successive critical memos from the Washington embassy, who gave them to one of Britain’s most effective pro-Brexit journalists.

2. US Pesident Trump, who followed up on the leaks with a fusillade of personal insults and punitive actions of his own which brought Darroch to the brink.

3. Boris Johnson, the probable next PM taking over from Theresa May, who knowingly refused to express confidence in Darroch during Tuesday’s ITV leadership hustings with Jeremy Hunt.

It was Johnson’s action that led directly to Darroch’s inevitable resignation today.

Anonymous said...

Trump team fears new face on China trade team signals tougher stance

The Trump administration is increasingly concerned about prospects for a trade deal with China, amid an unexpected reshuffling of the Chinese negotiating team and a lack of progress on core issues since the Group of 20 summit in Japan, according to U.S. officials and senior Republicans briefed on the discussions.

Commerce Minister Zhong Shan, regarded by some White House officials as a hard-liner, has assumed new prominence in the talks, participating in a Tuesday teleconference alongside Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, who has headed the Chinese trade team for more than a year.

Hopes for a deal also have been dented by China’s failure to make large new purchases of U.S. farm products — despite President Trump’s claim at the G-20 that Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed to place such orders “almost immediately” — and the lack of any announced schedule for the next round of direct talks.

Zhong’s sudden emergence comes two months after the U.S.-China trade negotiations collapsed with the Trump administration accusing Beijing of having reneged on a preliminary agreement.

In an effort to revive the stalled trade talks, Trump agreed at the G-20 summit to postpone new tariffs on $300 billion in imports from China and to allow Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company that U.S. officials call a national security threat, to continue buying American computer chips.

Trump told his trade team before the Tuesday call to secure the new Chinese orders for soybeans and wheat he believed he had been promised in Osaka, Japan. But Zhong and Liu offered no specific commitments, leaving negotiations at a virtual standstill, according to a White House official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly.

The administration also has yet to reach agreement with the Chinese government on dates for chief trade negotiator Robert E. Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to visit Beijing for the next round of direct talks, though U.S. officials said they remain optimistic such a meeting will happen.

Craig Allen, president of the U.S.-China Business Council, said administration statements about how the president’s shift on Huawei would be implemented have been “confusing to American companies” and reflected a broader lack of follow-through to the discussions in Osaka. “All of the things they spoke of — none of them have happened,” said Allen, who added that he worries about an erosion of trust between the United States and China.

U.S. officials and Trump allies have privately expressed concern this week that the Chinese are digging in and avoiding firm commitments.

“We’re stuck at the same point we were before,” said Derek Scissors, a China expert at the American Enterprise Institute and occasional administration adviser. “We’re not getting anywhere.”

Though China’s Commerce Ministry is generally regarded as supportive of trade links, Zhong is likely to fight fiercely to protect the country’s commercial interests, according to Scott Kennedy, a senior adviser on China at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Zhong is a hard-liner’s hard-liner,” said former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon.

Zhong, who joined the Communist Party at age 18, is the second veteran trade official to be added to the Chinese team in recent weeks. In April, Yu Jianhua, one of China’s most experienced trade negotiators and its ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva, returned to Beijing to bolster Liu’s delegation.

China may be prepared to wait Trump out because its economy, which slowed sharply last year, has stabilized thanks to government stimulus measures. The president’s on-again, off-again tariff threats also have eroded the Chinese government’s faith in his ability to stick with any deal.

“The reality is that this likely means no deal for the foreseeable future,” said Kennedy. “China is no longer interested in reaching a big deal with Trump.”

Anonymous said...

Whatever deals Trump has or may have in the near future will be similarly dismissed, disrrupted, destroyed when the next US President takes over. This flip-flop diplomatic, trade, political and administrative pattern is now the norm to be expected of all future dealings with the USA (Undesirable States of Americans).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "silly Billy" Southern glory

>>The appalling record of the American Empire in starting wars, conducting
regime change, supporting terrorist organisations, conducting false flag
incidents to invade a country, raising tensions, committing crimes against
humanity, conducting unilateral sanctions against countries and endangering
the lives of the victimized countries, must be put to a stop <<

Yeah, good luck on that mate. When you finally succeed, in making the USA stop, so people like you can be happy, let me know...I will cut off my cock and balls in public, at Raffles Place at noon on a working weekday 🤣🤣

America leads the free world. Their attempt at doing so has had mixed results….sometimes good, occasionally very fucking bad, epic failures even.

But one thing is clear: whatever America does, there's always opportunity for profiteers to MAKE GAINS for themselves. This is just akin to PURE MAGIC. If you're on the wrong side of the trade, that is your choice and your loss.

The other thing Uncle Sam does well is ENTERTAIN. The is no US involvement or interference which doesn't come with good old American style ENTERTAINMENT.

US Foreign Policy itself is the basis of not only the world's geopolitical landscape but the basis for numerous Hollywood movies which launched careers of big stars like Stallone and Schwarzenegger. US Foreign Policy creates entertainment!

The show must go on, as they say in showbiz. So may the fun continue!

Anonymous said...

The UN and other world bodies are the rubber stamping or 'chop' for the evil empire.

How many countries in the UN are lapdogs of the evil empire and when issues come to a vote, you guess what is the result.

Does not what we have in Red Dot Parliament resemble the UN? What more is there to say?

Anonymous said...

How The Evil US Hegemonic Empire Is Turning UK Into Its Vassal State- Part 2

Each of the three people's deliberately executed actions requires Britain and the rest of the world, to pause, think, digest and wake up to the implications and probable ramifications:

1. The leaker. This must have been either a senior insider politician or diplomat, with access to highly classified material, or an outside job by an agent of another country with the intention of creating mischief. Either way, these options are devastating for the practicality of diplomatic cables in the Modern Cyberspace Era. They are a reminder too of the extent to which Brexit subverts the workings of the British state. There’s been nothing like it since the Soviet spies of the Cold War Era.

2. Donald Trump. He did not have to turbo-charge the leak the way he did. He would have had somebody around him who tried to stop him. But he did it once, and then he did it again. These were knowing acts, deliberate intervention reserved to weaken a country that thinks of herself, and by Washington, asAa very special ally of USA.

They were a wilful assertion of power over Britain; an attempt to fire and hire Britain’s envoy. It was a crude act with implications and future ramifications for any country that seeks alliance with USA, or indeed with any other global power. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin could have been watching approvingly from a distance. For Britain, though, it is a stake plunged through the heart of her entire postwar self-image.

3. Boris Johnson. Though he has mainly been in hiding while the Brexiters’ coup against Theresa May works itself through the Tory party to his benefit, Johnson’s ITV debate exposed once again a politician who can rival Trump for self-centred and ruthless opportunism. It reminds everyone that in Johnson’s world other people are always expendable.

Ask the former London Police Chief Ian Blair, sacked by Johnson in one of the most disgraceful acts of his mayoralty.

Ask Iran’s prisoner Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, innocent victim of Johnson’s lazy mind and incontinent tongue.

Now ask Kim Darroch, whom Johnson has so casually hung out to dry.

Each of them simply got in the way. If Johnson becomes the next PM of UK, there will be more, much more, of this.

Anonymous said...

How The Evil US Hegemonic Empire Is Turning UK Into Its Vassal State- Part 3

In the final analysis, the Ambassador Darroch Affair is not just about personalities. More importantly, it is about national interests and policies, especially the US Government's national interests and policies.

For the past three years, British ministers - from May downwards - have tried to treat Trump as a temporary inconvenience to work around, with a pretence of friendship, while deeper institutional links and common interests with USA endure. They believe that once Trump steps down, the reset button can quickly be pushed to return to the status quo ante of supposedly special relations.

Now, it is increasingly difficult to take such a view seriously. Too much is changing too fast, on too many fronts.

Trumpism, therefore, may not be temporary. Trump may well be re-elected next year (as Ambassador Darroch himself pointed out in a previous memo). The underpinnings of Trumpism, in the shape of populist nationalism and contempt for all other countries, alliances and accords, go much deeper, both in the USA and in Britain. Once those take a foothold, it will be extremely difficult to shake them off within a short period of time.

If Boris Johnson, the hand-picked willing collaborator of Donald Trump (or any other willing collaborator) gets his way, the British may once again embrace the USA. However, the USA they embrace will not be the outward-looking Republic of Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama but an inward-looking exceptionalistic country that seeks to disrupt everything that has been stabilizing the international order of peace and progress for mankind for a very long time.

In such a world that is dictated by Washington, Britain risks becoming the Vassal State of a Capricious Unilateralist USA and the rest of the world will respond accordingly.

Boris Johnson (or his successor) would be Britain’s Carrie Lam to Washington’s Xi Jinping.

This is the Newest New World. There have been no precedents.

Britain’s postwar belief that it is a unique bridge between Europe and the USA is more rickety now than ever. The Brexiters are set on destroying one end of the bridge. Trump is equally bent on blowing up the other end. As the bridge begins to collapse, so does the Trans-Atlantic Foreign Policy that Ambassador Kim Darroch and others have battled so hard to sustain for so long, with the support of the UK Cabinet.

As Simon McDonald put it to the Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday, there will be consequences. There certainly will be. And none will be good ones, for the British as well as the rest of the world!

So, be prepared for sudden thunderstorms, tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

The above 3-part article is an adaptation from an opinion piece written by Martin Kettle, who is a Guardian columnist.