Racists attacking others as racists

This is the ad that led to two racists claiming that this was racist and used it as an excuse to put up a racist video attacking Chinese as racists. Poor Mediacorp, instead of defending itself, timidly went on to apologise for an ad that it commissioned with no intent to offend. (I do not know who was the creator of the ad. He could be an angmoh).

Look at the above ad carefully and ask yourself what is so offensive or racist about this ad. Dennis Chew is an entertainer and very often cross dressed to entertain in comedy sketches. In this case the creator was trying to be creative in using one person to cross dress into 4 different personalities of different races. Every one was sensitively and smartly well dressed with no ill meaning or attempt to be offensive. This is infotainment for crying out loud.  It was tastefully done with a lot of effort put into it.

How could this be racially offensive? Why on earth did Mediacorp have to apologise for it? Where is the bad intent? Did any one dressed badly, offensively, insensitively?

The ad was meant to reflect the four major races of Singapore. There is a Chinese woman, a Malay woman, an Indian man and a Eurasian man. The brown man was not meant to be an Indian, for goodness sake. Indians are not brown. The Indian man is the one holding the roti prata. And the creator was sensitive enough not to paint him black.  Thank God he is wise enough not to do so or else hell will break loose. Now why are the two racist Indians complaining about the brown man as offensive to Indians or depicting Indians in a bad way?

The ad creator could hire four different persons from four different races to fill the same ad. Would that then be ok, not racist? What is wrong with being a little creative, using one person to dress up as four different persons of four different races, as man and as woman? If this kind of creativity is scorned upon, politically incorrect, racially insensitive, this may be the reason why this island is lacking in creativity. There is no hope for Singapore as a creative country and creative people.

Only very small minded and racist minded people would think the above is offensive.

It would be offensive if the Malay woman was made to hold a bowl of bak kut teh, or the Indian man, or the brown man was dressed badly like a beggar of sort, dismissive dressing to degrade their social standing.

Come on, let's grow up and stop behaving like little village bumpkins. The real racists were the two that made this up as racist and revealed their real racist self by producing the offensive anti Chinese racist video that was rightly taken off. This island cannot tolerate the presence of such racists, and if they are foreigners or new citizens, it is best to send them to their previous home country. They must be made an example of so that closet racists would not dare to show up again to attack the innocent.

Do not allow the thief that shouted thief to get away with it. And do not sheepishly owned up as a thief if one is not a thief. I am very disappointed with Mediacorp's response to the accusation. They should be defending the right to entertain and to be creative. They should be defending the creativeness of the ad and put back the ad for what it stood for.

It would be a very sad day for Singapore and for creativity if this ad is deemed racially offensive and be scrapped for good. There was never an intent to be offensive or mischievous to anyone but all for a bit of fun and infotainment, entertaining while driving across a message of multi culturalism in Singapore.

PS.  This is my post for 1 Aug 19.

And please do not let the rest of the world laugh at us as small minded village fools. Let me remind everyone we are a cosmopolitan city state and know what is humour, entertainment, creativity and having a little jest in our life. I give full marks to the creator of the ad.


Virgo 49 said...

This Sick and Incompetent Government had given too much Face and Privelleges to all these Black Ants from the Peaccock Shits Country.

Full buckets of shits who wanted to show off their stupidity and trampled on us.

Let in these locusts who are starving and scavenging in their own country and wanted to ride over us.

Even what's a Globe Treking bicycle riding neh to reside here with his what's nonsense travels and polluted the air and dirty our sewerage here.

What's Internet talents to post and insult us as Pioneers and Merdeka Generations of Sinkieland.

This would be not be the end of incidents if the Ah Gua Leaders do not put a stop to them.

Anonymous said...

The two racist's attack on the brown man was misplaced and miscued. The brown man was not Indian.

And the super talents did not look at the wrongful accusation, jumped the gun and forced Mediacorp to withdraw a totally innocent and fair and entertaining ad.

Would someone be man enough to apologise to the Mediacorp for misjudging the facts?

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Mediacock & PAPies (who are the owners of Mediacock) are NOT STUPID .... unlike most people on this blog!!! LOL!!!!

They KNOW that they are in the POPULARITY BUSINESS .... and in this HYPER-CONNECTED & ALWAYS-ON world, they NEED to respond to KNEE-JERK & SHORT-TERM EMOTIONAL REACTIONS by giving the masses what they want ... as long as it doesn't affect their authority.

In this case, it's to condemn the advert as well. At the same time, metaphorically SODOMISE the 2 jokers for their video.

This will portray the authorities & govt-controlled media as being FAIR & EVEN-HANDED, NO FAVOURITISM.

85% to 95% of Sinkies approve of the govt actions & approach. If GE was to be based solely on this case, easily 75++% will vote PAPies!!

And this is why majority sinkies will still vote ahneh PAPpy over cheena Oppo!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

This incident is only the tip of the iceberg. It is not an isolated case. Similar anti-Chinese HATE videos have been produced and aired over the Internet before this incident is singled out by the Singapore Government.

Why did not the Singapore Government, especially Home Affairs, Law, Community Development and Social Services , take action when the very first incident happened? For reasons only known to them, the previous incidents have been let past/passed.

It is time for the Dwindling Majority, who have painstakingly built up and developed Singapore, to stand up against such relentless and increasing hatred against the Chinese Singaporeans.

If such anti-Chinese HATRED is being instigated and championed by newly imported foreigners, new citizens and permanent residents, the Singapore Government must be taken to task for allowing such divisive foreigners to enter, work and mingle amongst Singaporeans as probable time-bombs or suicide-bombers, coming from South Asia.

In addition, there should be a restriction as to how many key positions are being held by a certain race out of proportion to their population representation.

Meritocracy is good. But meritocracy leading to racial intolerance caused by imbalance of power is not only very unhealthy for the society as a whole, but will likely lead to disharmony, social unrest and chaos.

The Singapore that we know and love must not be trampled by foreigners or new citizens attempting to flex their muscles to show us: Who is Rajah!

Anonymous said...


This case is purely old citizens against old citizens.

Foreigners are laughing at us. Anyway their focus is mainly on economic matters i.e. jobs & earning money. They fuck care about racism or equality as long they are getting the highest salary that they can get.

As for new citizens, the majority approved for pink IC are still han cheenas in ancestry. Dont believe can always go watch the new citizens oath swearing ceremony.

Virgo 49 said...

Just simply VOTE them OUT and change the Government.

Daft sinkies last chance to redeem themselves before you lose your Country as the PAP had already lost their ways in serving and take care of your survivals.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies Chinkees are the most benevolent and maganimous lot.

Mostly coloured blind. See even Bukit Pantok also majority Chinkees voted the Neh as MP.

In any National Events, we always goes out of our ways to prioritise other races.

Cause it's our Cultural Upbringing and Etiquette.

My younger sis at Fairfield in a Past ND dance item was even dressed up as an Indian and danced their dance at the Padang.

You think they will do the same???

Yet they always claimed discrimination against them.

Even our CDAC which we contributed our shares opened our doors to them.

Do they do likewise??

Yet they are the Ones complaining the most.

Always think we discriminate them.

Diam diam think we sick cats

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Read the front page report by Kok Yufeng on the ad, calling it 'controversial ad', 'politicians also said the ad that sparked it was distasteful and unacceptable'. And there was a police report against the ad.

But 'Professor Ang Peng Hwa, chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore, said its Council did not find the ad to be in breach of the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice'.

So whose truth is the truth?

Just because two racists twisted the ad as racists, some unthinking believed it to be so?

The brown man, an Eurasian, was smartly dressed in tie looking like a professional. The other three were also smartly dressed to look their respective races. The only one that was wrong was the Indian man that was too fair for the average Singapore Indian.

The ad controversial, distasteful, unacceptable? Where is it distasteful and unacceptable? According to who or what standard and definition?

Anonymous said...

To me that ad is a piece of creative art. A very creative way of using a single actor to portray 4 different characters. A lot of effort has been put into it to integrate all the shots taken at different time into one single print and very hard to tell that it was one person instead of 4 persons.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No wonder Singapore is AWESOME as a destination, but the people themselves SUCK. 😂

Many foreigners habour this view, however most of them are wise enough to keep these opinions to themselves or as "inside jokes" amongst their kaki-nang. The moment you tell Singaporeans something negative, you are run out of town.

No, the reactionary, no-fucking-Emotional-Quotient, cry-baby, over-sensitive and stunningly INSECURE local populace have no sense of humour and are DEVOID of any capacity for self-deprecation i.e. the "ability to laugh at oneself", and not take anything too seriously.

Lighten up you humourless motherfuckers, this is entertainment, satire...social commentary delivered in theatrics.

For fuck's sake, take it for what it is. DON'T MAKE IT INTO SOMETHING IT ISN'T (clue, Redbean you senile old fool: this is NOT a racist attack)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Say that to Shanmugam and the other politicians, dumbass.

Theatrics/entertainment up to a point would turn into ugliness.

Anonymous said...


///Sinkies Chinkees are the most benevolent and maganimous lot.///

No they (we) are not. We're just like any other race --- reaction & feeling will be the same.

Action-wise ... it all depends on how much we have to lose --- those who have assets & good jobs won't do drastic things that will affect their good life, both current as well as future.

Only those with no or lousy life currently ... or who see no hope & worse future, will take drastic actions.

That's why even though all races will feel the same & have the same emotional reaction .... but you see some groups take more ACTION due to their lack of current and/or future "good life" i.e. they have nothing much to lose.

Anonymous said...

This is why foreigners tend to mingle & interact only among themselves.

Besides gaining more from networking with people with similar backgrounds, outlooks & ambitions, they avoid getting into trouble by saying or doing something if they mingle with Sinkies .... which will jeopardise their good lives in Sinkieland.

Many white-collar foreigner Cheenas will rather mingle with white-collar foreigner Ahnehs, instead of with Sinkie chinks. This I've seen & encountered in real life. I'm talking about higher level execs, not those S-Pass or lower level foreigners.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Japanese science bukkake:

Very soon you can order (online) your favourite anime characters IN THE FLESH, for your fantasies 🤣😭


Anonymous said...

With this pap ##### 79.9% at next GE!


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. The next day after the hoo haa read in the Shits Times of all those clowns meandering their views as though we are the Culprits to be blamed.

Previously, so many impersonators of not Chinkees but behaving and lambasted us as Chinkees traits insulted us and yet we never even raise a whimper.

Now they said the Ads is distasteful. Three hundred degrees turn around just to please the real culprits who started their nonsense.

So Sinkies, see for yourselves what sort of Leaders you have.

Vote wisely.

Virgo 49 said...

What's they have nothing to lose?

They are the most Privelleged in employment as Evil Serpents.

In housing and in all social services. Priority in these and that.

Why blamed others when employers in the Private Sectors don't employ you because they have a notorious reputation.

Not employable is NOT the Private Sectors employers faults

Anonymous said...

Don't Cross The Line!

"This rap video insults Chinese Singaporeans, uses four-letter words on Chinese Singaporeans. Vulgar gestures, pointing of middle finger to make minorities angry with Chinese Singaporeans,” Mr Shanmugam told reporters.

"When you use four-letter words, vulgar language, attack another race, put it out in public, we have to draw the line and say not acceptable."

According to Section 298 of the Singapore Penal Code, it is an offence to “utter words with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person”.

Read more:

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ suck my dick lah, PENIAL Code:

>> Section 298 of the Singapore Penal Code, it is an offence to “utter words with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person”. <<

AKA, "Protect The Cry Babies Law", for people with feelings so fragile they buay tahan a bit of "poking" in the name of fun.

If Jesus was gay would he fuck Mohammed? Or would Jesus allow Buddha to shit in his mouth? Hmmm... how come no one asks these "theological questions".

Fuck your god Fuck your race. Fuck Section 298. 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

Hey Virgo,

///Three hundred degrees turn around just to please the real culprits who started their nonsense.///

U know where 300 degrees pointing or not?!?! LOL!!!

Luckily u not navigator .... sure langgar man!!

So far you've shown yourself on this blog to be lousy in $$$$$$$$, math, and now directions. LOL!!!

Ok lah maybe you're good in pros & gambling.

Virgo 49 said...

Nothing to say..kept.shut. Don't make a fool of yourself. Papies stooge.

Kept mum. Nobody will know your stupidity and also not dumb, deaf and blind

Virgo 49 said...

You got chance for gambling and possies or NOT?

Scavenging for food at hawkers centres?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, Foreign cheenas not only mingled with their own Foreign trashes. Their womenfolks proud proud together with the Gian Png ang Mohs and disgrace to their ancestors.

Dragon children screwed by the snakes

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN Matilah, you gone back to smoking grass again? Why so high today?

Anonymous said...


Cheebye, becoz of this case now no hope of seeing ads using ahneh to portray cheena or angmoh!!! Another bit of fun now gone!!!

Anyone remembers the 1970s HK movies portraying cheenas as "mangalis" (Bengalis) "sings" (Sikhs)?!?!??

Some shows actually had real Sikhs or Indians speaking cantonese. Those are the Nehs brought over by the Brits in the 1950s/1960s & stayed on in HK.

Anonymous said...

Police Investigation In Progress

SINGAPORE — The police and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) advised the public on Wednesday (31 July) to refrain from circulating and sharing a music video starring social media personality Preetipls and her brother.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the authorities noted that there has been an attempt to circulate and share the video, which is now under investigation by the police. A report had been made over the video’s “offensive content”, the police said in an earlier statement on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Virgo!

Looks like I got your goat real bad!! Hahahaha!!!

Why take the bait & get emotional??!? Looks like one doesn't get any wiser as he gets older!!

///Nothing to say..kept.shut. Don't make a fool of yourself. Papies stooge.///

One word of advice --- go check your mirror!! LOL!!!

By lashing out in knee-jerk emotional but yet meaningless & directionless non-rebuttals --- you've proven my case.

///You got chance for gambling and possies or NOT?///

Do your wife & children know or not?!?!? LOL!!!

Virgo 49 said...

Don't spout platitudes just to irritate others.

Also don't be a hypocrite.

My Family knew I don't fark around like you in mentioning prostitutes.

If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

Just shut your Gap. Nobody will laugh at your nonsense and your stupidity.

Contribute posts worthwhile to send the right messages to those imbeciles and helped to change a better Singapore for your fellowmen.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fuck The Police 👮🏿‍♀️👮‍♂️

>> The police and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) advised the public on Wednesday (31 July) to refrain from circulating and sharing a music video starring social media personality Preetipls and her brother. <<

Fuck the police, 👮🏿‍♀️👮‍♂️ Fuck the IMDA...yeah, suck my dick lah... 🤡

🎺🎺Ta-rah...presenting Preetipls and her brother: Fuck it up!Fuck it up!. 🤘🤘

Anonymous said...

Matilar u sure u wanted the police to suck your dick? They may ask the tuakee to do it but then the tuakee once get excited will not stop there. As a small botak if they then sodomize u jialat jialat, think you can't take it lar as tuakee can have 10 inch dick.👍

Anonymous said...

The Nets ad posters that created resentment, Nets had already apologised. In Sinkieland, one got to be race conscious towards one another. Last week, the schools juz commemorated the Inter Racial Harmony Day, this week got whacked. Sinkieland still got a long way to go to be racially 'blind' or not at all. Let's tis be lesson learnt and remember this tiny island race harmony is no guarantee tat is last forever.

imho said...

Singapore is no longer home to singaporeans. Better try to retire in oz or nz else send your kids to retire there. This small island built on greed and lies will not last.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, Matland lah.

Just as good.

One hundred places for u to explore.

By time finish all trips already bye bye.

No need pathetic Sinkies just explore Shopping Malls and Changi Airport.


Anonymous said...

Vulgarity and vulgar behaviour, especially in public forums, is a reflection of a sick man.

Ah Ngeow said...

What an accomplished pair of siblings that will make their parents proud. Just wondering what kind of school they went to? Any school principals want to stake a claim to their star pupils?

Anonymous said...

The two apologised using the words of the Havas ad company and said “The message behind this music video is that opportunities must be for everyone.

I see, they could be the Indian and someone else could be the Malay in the ad and all get publicity and get paid.

But because they did not get into the ad they attacked Chinese as racist for using one Chinese to pose for all? Was saving money the issue for the ad agency or was it creativity and fun that made them used one actor to pose as 4 persons?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro. What's they meant is that they are been DISCRIMINATED by us.

They, being the MOST Privelleged by us going out of our ways to accommodate and giving ways to them had been discriminating against them.

Deeper meaning that they have NO opportunities in whatsoever we are having and they are not.

They thought that we are better off than them thru privellges and special treatments from the Pay And Pay. Little do they realise that Chinkees Sinkies worked their guts out to be thus.

The Pay And Pay is Smart and with those scheming minds Ministers in charge with knew how to wayang and goreng their ways out pacifing the victims and the provokers and get praises as Great Leaders.

They simply tell them make an apology.We also will bash the so called Scrape Goats that they are wrong in putting this Ads.

See what's they put in their insincere and arrogant apology.

Unintentionally hurt you suckers. We felt that we are been DISCRIMINATED as opportunities are not open to us.

The Dafts Leaders now letting millions of them in and getting cold sweat simply wiggled their way out to pacify them.

The most they get is just a warning. Subject close. Let's move On. We must learn from this incident and that makes us Stronger. Just a slap on their wrists.

Big sticks only use for Majority to keep them in place.

Try that as Chinkee Sinkie.God help You.