This ignorant teacher must be sacked and...

Below is a post in mothership.sg about an ignorant and full of herself teacher bullying a 9 year old boy in her class and accusing the boy of being misguided and a source of ethnic violence. She is abusing her position as a teacher to attack young children with her twisted views of what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. She is so ignorant that she did not even know that there is such a thing called beef curry just because her little mind knew that Hindu did not eat beef, so it is offensive to mention beef curry to a Hindu. If this kind of silly and warp thinking and logic are allowed in our schools and society, then many things cannot be said.

This swine of a teacher must be sacked before she does more damage to the children. Her English is half past six at best. She is aggressive and uncultured and inciting violence, telling a child that saying things like beef curry can get him killed. Which backward country would kill a child for saying such a thing?

And if she is a foreigner, send her back to where she came from. MOE please do the necessary and don't sleep on the job. MHA also must act on this before more and more of such rubbish are allowed to create more rubbish and tension in our schools and in our society. The poor boy has been attacked and butchered by this swine teacher in front of her class. The parents of the boy must take up the case with the school and the police for intimidation and verbal assault of a child. A teacher, an adult, bullying a 9 year old child! And some silly cunts with the same kind of mentality said the child's conversation was microaggression on the part of the child. Can you believe that?

Here is the post and tweets from mothership.sg.

A drama teacher in Singapore has taken to Twitter to complain about a nine-year-old student she encountered in one of her classes — only to remove her tweets and account after receiving backlash for her views.
Her beef?
A child she was teaching in her drama class had behaved in a manner that was not woke enough and she told the boy off on the spot that it was his type of misguided views that is the cause of ethnic violence.

What did she tweet?

The series of six tweets on July 17 by the drama teacher also referred to the child as an “uncultured swine” and that she “wanted to strangle the kid”.
These were the tweets and the circumstances that led to her calling out the boy’s answers and behaviour:

Praised for correcting child

Over on Twitter, the drama teacher’s tweets received support and empathy from some quarters who could relate to her having to deal with such microaggressions:
The issue was also couched as a result of “Chinese privilege“:


Anonymous said...

MOE is the main culprit to have actively and relentlessly imported foreign teachers massively from backward villages in India and China. These sub-standard "teachers" who are mostly duds and fakes, who can't even adapt to our societal norms and culture are usually full of themselves. I overheard the usually loud conversations from such village swine "teachers" many times inside my taxi (when they were my passengers) and sometimes inside MRT trains. One thing for sure is that they would criticize and put down our Singaporean pupils, students and undergrads. The second thing is that they will praise themselves how good they are when compared with local Singaporean teachers. They give me the impression that they have no shame totally.

On one occasion, I even got into a heated argument with 4 of them who have boarded my taxis. I couldn't take it sitting down and continue minding my own business (driving). I told them off:

"Your loud conversations and Indian music are affecting my driving. Can you please lower down your volume."

Wah piang wei. Three of them simultaneously hurled abuses at me.

I replied: "Is that how you teachers behaved in class in front of your students?"

See liao! More abuses, one after another. They were really experts in verbal diarrhea of the offensive kind.

I had to stop my taxi. I told them that for their and my safety, it is better for them to get out of my taxi and walk home. They insisted I drive them home. I just stop and parked my taxi by the side of the road in an empty parking spot. Switched off the engine. Refused to move. I called my taxi company. They advised my to call the police. I called the police. And waited.

Before the police arrived, They got out of my taxi and took another taxi. They did not pay me the fare.

Anonymous said...

No lah, sounds like local teacher, unless come from up north.

But I also hope bring in more foreigner chers ..... sinkies deserve it hahaha!!!

Virgo 49 said...

When you visited another's country, you must be respectful to the country that you are visting.

When you migrated to another country and became a PR or citizen of that country you must also tried to locailse and me of them.

You must not tried to lecture and change the locals to your prejudices, your likes and dislikes thinking that they must also follow your bias and worse your unacceptable chastes system that had been ingrained in your past society.

Just because it is taboo to you does NOT mean that it is taboo to others.

Many of these trashes from these countries been behaving badly as norms in their own countries of births been trying to coerce our locals to accept their behaviours as though it's they are right just because they are now here and been accepted by our daft government to be one of ours.

Seeing that Sinkies are mostly boh chap and magnanimous in our way of lives, they tended to trample over us.

My estate, these call girls or what's nonsense performing artists called by names but un a word prostitutes ran riots when they came back every early morning between two to three shouting and quarreling with their loud voices.

Right in front of the SPF cameras and even the TC and HDB cameras in the common areas and lifts. Nothing was done to stop their nonsense.

Apathetic neighbours who rented their units for gian png, now I let the remaining neighbours to also suffer equal miseries. Don't bother to call the chiak liao bee anymore as waste of time in not responding.

See old unkos and aunties been pushed or walled into the shelter footpaths by these rummaging barbarians Nehs who swaggered in groups of three or four whilst walking and yapping.
They are also the most with their deadly what's Escooters to maim the elderies.

They simply do not have the courtesy or brains to file in a line when seeing opposite pedestrians walking towards them. I do not bother to side step and used my shoulders to bang at their solar pexis and see who will fall first. Why should I have to really give way to them.

You have your religious taboos. Just keep them to yourselves.Dont expect others just to follow your taboos.

Too many incidents to relate their nonsense. All these due to the stupid daft 69.9% who voted the equally daft government.

They are the ones in their ivory towers blind, deaf and dumb.

See the near riots at the Kampong Silat Singh Temple where the second little India is now is.

Singapore is going to the skunks soon.That's where I have to seek my sanity every now and then in Matland.

Anonymous said...

Relax lar. She just needed to be sodomized. After that she will wake up lar😀

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro, these barabarians are empty vessels and beggars that came begging at our shores.

If their country is good, no need to come here.

In buses, even their young bitches on their HP nehs songs so loudly as though they own the whole bus and Sinkapore.

Once from SAFRA at Mount Faber on way home. Three Nehs with their heavy luggages after staying illegally at TB Sam's Tan Estate shifted to Kampong Silat boarding motel.

Up the bus they just plonked their luggages next to the bus driver or capt. Wah piang so narrow there. Started yapping.

Poor other bus commuters got to squeeze to go thru.

I shouted at them to go and put near the exit big space and they wanted to fight with me.

The worse is that our local Sinkies even asked me to leave them alone. Siding with them.

Wah piang, not boh chap leave the apathic Sinkies to their fates.

Anonymous said...

This swine teacher not only has character flaw but also harbours a racist attitude in her sick mind. How can MOE allow such characters to teach and be guardian of our children? This is irresponsible.

The parents of the abused child must lodge a report to the MOE and the police to protect their son from further abuses by this swine.

Anonymous said...


Those of you crying foreigners are barking up the wrong tree.

This teacher is very likely a Sinkie.

Lucky the boy never said pork satay or luncheon meat nasi lemak lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky the boy never said pork satay or luncheon meat nasi lemak lol!!!
July 19, 2019 9:23 am

At the rate these swines are pushing it, soon you cannot say pork satay or luncheon meat nasi lemak. Maybe not allow to sell them oso.

For the ignorants and those living inside a well, pork satay is on sale, luncheon meat nasi lemak also got. These are stable food of Singaporeans that eat pork.

Beef curry also got. Just because some don't eat beef does not mean others cannot eat beef. Just because beef is taboo to some, does not mean taboo to others.

This is Singapore, multi racial and multi cultural and multi religious city state.

Anonymous said...

A lot of teachers are sickie. Met many when I was a kid. They think they are smarter than the rest of population especially towards kids from poor background. But actually they are sick mentally.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow, then what's happened to our Long ago Religious Harmony as practised by true blue Singaporeans?

Now adulerated and gained footholds trying to make more and more demands.

Or is it Sinkieland is long gone under their control?

Virgo 49 said...

Go to Matland some NOT all supermktgs like Tesco.

Used to buy lots of various brands luncheon meats and pork products which are been placed in solidarity shelfs with NON Halal bodly printed. Their luncheon meats at least five to six varieties.

Only so far experinced Once when the Muslim cashier scanned the canned products from afar and asked me to take and put into my grocery bags myself.

Many a times the male cashiers were just simply pushed them down and we packed ourselves.

Kelanatan, better still line up in male instead of female cashiers. Or you won't be served.

We, sinkies gong gong just lined up anywhere. Pork products are been paid inside to a Chinese cashier b4 you join main queue to pay the balance.

This is Matland and not in Sinking Land. So this extremeist teacher is pushing the limits too far.

Anonymous said...

@1152p.m. I give you a like.