China learning how to hit US using the same American tactic

BEIJING: China on Friday (Jul 12) said it would impose sanctions on US companies involved in a potential arms sale worth US$2.2 billion to self-ruled Taiwan - a move that has infuriated Beijing.

"The US arms sale to Taiwan has severely violated the basic norms of international law and international relations," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in an online statement.

"In order to safeguard national interests, China will impose sanctions on US enterprises participating in this sale of weapons to Taiwan," he said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/china-to-impose-sanctions-on-us-firms-in-taiwan-arms-sale-11715956

In the case of American bullying and how to retaliate against such bullying, it is better late than never. The Americans have been using unilateral American domestic laws to apply to countries and citizens of other countries for violating American laws. They are applying their laws across national boundaries, a good example is the arrest of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou and several other citizens including Europeans, for violating American sanctions.

It is time that China applies the same modus operandi on the Americans by arresting Americans for violating Chinese laws. China must introduce more of such laws particularly related to Taiwan like selling arms to Taiwan or to China's enemy, unfortunately the latter there is really none for the moment. Maybe one day China could declare a few enemy countries like Japan, Vietnam or some European countries that are hostile to China and any country trading against such countries would be violating Chinese laws or Chinese sanctions. Not only would China not trade with such countries, companies or individuals, but also arrest their citizens, executives and individuals in areas under Chinese jurisdiction. China should sign more extradition treaties with other countries to extend its reach to arrest those that violate Chinese laws and sanctions like what the Americans are doing.

The sanctions should also be slapped on Americans spreading fake news against China or threatening China like Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, Bannon, Harry Harris, Wolfowitz, etc etc so that they could be arrested when visiting Greater China.

China has now reach a state of military parity with the Americans and can take on the Americans when confronted by American military forces. The American power projection tools are the aircraft carriers, warships and military bases overseas. These are now within the reach of Chinese weapons. The American aircraft carriers in the western Pacific are sitting ducks to China's DF 21 and DF 26 anti ship missiles. The range of DF 26 also extends to the Indian Ocean of those warships and aircraft carriers threatening Iran and Chinese ships in the region could be hit should the Americans turn aggressive.

The Americans are not the only one that can play the game. China too can reply. No longer would China sit idly by if their embassies are attacked by the Americans like the one in Belgrade. It would be a tooth for a tooth.

That is the way to go, China.


Virgo 49 said...

Today the Sinkieland Media parroted the USA propaganda machine that China is trying to influence Singapore and her Chinese population to be pro China.

Thought already name changed to Indurapura.? ?

In the same vein, Sinkieland SAF held joint exercises with the Americunts.

How can China influenced Chinkee Sinkies?

Already became the minority.


Anonymous said...

Singapore bananas carrying American's balls and licking India's balls should now adapt to carrying China's balls before it's too late.

Virgo 49 said...

That's a Good one bro.


Anonymous said...

Balls Carriers or Boss Carriers or Careers of Balls-Carrying, like that dirty-old-man who wanted Singapura Dead, will always be Balls-Carriers.

They have nothing to show except to leech unto some people whom they temporarily think are advantageous to them.

They are the most selfish animals on Earth.

Anonymous said...

That's the way to go China! I like it.

China should buy all its weapons from Russia and sanction the first culprit selling arms to Taiwan. Increase more trade with Russia, Pakistan, Central Asia, including more trade with Africa, South and Central America. That is what the BRI is for, isn't it.

That's the way to go China! Do not depend on the US and it's lap dogs, even when the trade issue is over. That goes for the 5 eyes without a doubt. They throw you under the bus after making their money and you are no longer favourable to them to set up businesses. The lesson of Huawei should be a very important lesson that China must never forget, just like the atrocities of the Japs during WW2. Never forget that the US can pull the rugs under your feet and turn face anytime and is not reliable for whatever reasons.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Indian market is very very important for global businesses, making up more than a third of all consumers worldwide.

Whoever ignores this factor by shifting manufacturing to smaller countries with smaller population that would not fuel the demand, but depending on exports, may even lose the China market, if someone else is wise enough to fill the gap within China itself. Trump is now targeting Vietnam, because it is fast taking a leaf from the Chinese experience. Lots of stuff, particularly electronics, now comes from Vietnam.

The other factor is scale of production, which smaller countries cannot do.

As for manufacturing shifting back to US, that is just a pipe dream.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The whites conquered and colonised Africa, looted everything they could and scooted, left the poor African countries to rot.

China moved into Africa, ploughed in hundreds of billions to rebuild Africa for Africans. China is investing and building infrastructures all over Africa. The Africans are very thankful of China. Many Africans are speaking Mandarin fluently, educated and trained in China.

But the whites are trying to badmouth China with stupid debt traps and China colonising Africa when China does not have any soldiers in Africa until recently when they joined the West in renting a piece of land for some soldiers in Djibouti to protect their investments in Africa. And some coconuts are also parroting the white lies like the bananas here to badmouth Chinese investments in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean, you wrote " Maybe one day China could declare a few enemy countries like Japan, Vietnam or some European countries that are hostile to China and any country trading against such countries would be violating Chinese laws or Chinese sanctions."

What about Singapore? Having a naval base and all the praises that the PAP government shower on the US of A?

Would China look badly on Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Talking about debt trap, borrowing from banks or financial institution is already a debt trap for you and me. Who thought of this way to bring back human slavery, mothing into debt slavery can only be traced back to the too big to fail mega banks on wall street, and now all the other global smaller banks also have done the same to enslave citizens of every country, whether for housing, cars or education.

Then there is also the IMF and World Bank enslaving countries with financial problems on the pretext of bailing them out. They not only lend money on high interest rates, but dictate tenuous terms as to how the country is to be run and what assets must to sold, to you know who, on the cheap.

And now the pot continues to call the kettle black. They assume the whole world is daft and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

still have to learn and or copy from others.
Buy weapons from others?
If the PRC takes such advices,
China will never progress as it has achieved in the last three decades.
The Banana, coconut and mangosteen have abandoned and are abandoning their roots and getting westernised and or learning to be Westerners.
These Uprooted Folks have no sense of belonging and shall belong to nowhere in time to come.
Flotsam they shall be and be treated as debris.

Anonymous said...

The Sinkies' Bananas (outside yellow, inside white), the Coconuts (outside brown, inside white) and the Black Cherries (outside black, inside white) have taken to worship their Colonial Masters as God. These WOGs (Westere-Oriented-Gigolos) simply have no shame, no moral, no ethics and no roots. They are the lowest of the low castes in society but hold their heads high by so that they are able to lick their Colonial Masters' Asses. That's why whatever comes out of their mouths are nothing but stinking lies.

Anonymous said...


The 3 main companies are General Dynamics, Raytheon, and Oshkosh --- none of them have much business with China, so any ban is basically meaningless. Same goes also for their subsidiaries and other subcontractors.

It's like Singapore banning Iranian companies. So what?!? Zui kong lampar song only. Hahahaha!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has already written off Singapore and is strategising to by pass Singapore ports by developing alternative ports and even cutting a canal through the Southern Thailand. 80% of Chinese ships would not call on Tuas Terminal by then.

Just saw on cna how furious Duterte was at China for a collision between Chinese and Ppine ship in the South China Sea. Listening to this piece of old news would give the impression that Duterte is turning against China.

The truth, latest, China just saved Duterte from being arrested by the Americans and charged for murdering drug peddlars by vetoing an American proposal in the UN. Duterte is cursing at the Americans for wanting to arrest him and charge him.

So, which is which, Duterte turning against China or against the Americans? Listening to cna would say the former, which was a past event. But knowing what happened at the UN and how China saved Duterte from the American clutches would say otherwise.

Why cna pushed out a stale news as if it is the latest news quoting Duterte saying he would ride on an American warship to challenge the Chinese?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:59, you don't hahaha until your lampar drops off and still laughing. You may think it is meaningless, but no business for these companies in China. General Dynamics has a lot of business in China for your info. Also, any of their executives in China or Hong Kong could face arrest by China like the arrest of Canadians in China.

Anonymous said...


The main business of GD in China is selling Gulfstream jets to their multi-billionaires LOL. The total amount of GD biz in China may be over US$1+B --- but this is just less than 3% of its total biz.

If China really wants to send a more powerful message (and not just over Taiwan), it should ban Apple. But it does not, becoz China will only shoot itself in the foot.

Apple's biz with China is NOT selling its iPhones & laptops --- it's in the jobs involved with their manufacturing & supply chain.

China will ban Apple only if Apple moves >70% of its jobs out of China.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond doubt that there were many alien agent and instigator in the Demonstration and Protest in Hongkong.
So far,
other than saying that foreign elements were involved,
China has not captured or detained any instigator.
Nor has China picked up Protest Leader such as the Young Joshua who actively and openly railed against the Hongkong and Communist Authorities.
the Demonsttation and Protest are allow to fester and it is difficult to understand why.
the Older Middle Age Hongkies are taking to the Streets too.
A tiny spark could lead to an inferno.
PRC should better deal with the Hongkies more effectively and not drag its feet.

imho said...

THis is what uass wants china to do - retaliate. THis is exactly what they did to germany after ww1 that leaded to ww2 and being splited up. China must take it easy. Make sure feed and house her own people well. Uass is very good in dividing countries. Many are victims. Many people are suffering.

imho said...

China should make a small film how nice that china and hk is one as hkees can retire in china with nice houses, cars, medical and retirement funds. Stop building apartments! God dislikes towers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China always look at the big picture. Apple is providing hundreds of thousands of jobs in China just like Huawei is providing the telecom infrastructure to rural America. Apple has just announced to move its plant producing high end Mac system to China.

General Dynamics is also involved in many other products and systems other than just selling private jets to China.

Why China is not taking action against the demonstrators? Likely it has decided to let the Hongkies destroy Hong Kong by themselves. No need to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Sideline a bit..
Came across this banner in the library that says~What makes us Singaporean ?
Izzit :
Our pledge? History? Diversity? Race? Language or Religion? Food? HDB flats? Garden city ? … me thinking as ~ Our Airport? Our Pioneers? Our Politicians (Pay n Pay or WP?LKY?) Pragmatism? Arts? Sports? Kiasu Kiasi Kiabor KiaChenghu syndrome? No U turn syndrome? Nimby? ERP/COE/GST suck till u drop system? With u 4 u during election but u die u own business after erection? Wok till u drop dead syndrome? Tio boh syndrome? Wayang here n there ? Ai see behaviors see symptoms? Rojakpore/Chinapore/Indurapore/Pinoypore? ..whatever it is the list goes on as it's a wok in progress( one reason for them to recruit in new members from foreign land as pr or citizens) etc...

Anonymous said...

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Wednesday which expands the procedure for residents of Ukraine's eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions to obtain Russian citizenship, according to The Kyiv Post.

Putin already issued a decree in April which simplified the process for Ukrainians in "certain areas" of Luhansk and Donetsk to get Russian citizenship.

Ukraine, the European Union, and other Western countries objected to the decree as an attempt to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said it was an attempt to undermine his electoral win since the decree was issued just days after his inauguration.

China's President Xi should also sign a decree to extend Chinese citizenship to Taiwanese, Bhutanese, Sikkimese, Vietnamese, Philippines Chinese, Indonesian Chinese and Sinkieland Cheena.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ No big deal

Nah, given the huge trade surplus, this is a nothing burger. A few soybean farmers will go kaput, and the smart ones will start growing marijuana instead. Whatever soy is for sale will enter China thru the "back door" via other ports. It's an old scam lah...anyone who's a veteran in the merchant navy knows all the dirty tricks with fake documents etc.

Tariffs hurt everyone, especially the cuntries imposing them. But no matter. In the grand scheme of things, eventually, there will be some sort of a "deal". USA will give some, China will give some. In the meanwhile, plenty of noise especially from the media and motherfuckers on the sidelines blogging and vlogging, or trying to sell you something like precious metals or Bitcoin.

Virgo49 said...

Part One-

OUT of Topic but the newest discussion now ongoing, so will able to have more attention:-

The New coalition headed by Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Dr Chee Soon Juan told this morning at a coffee shop in Marsiling that their new manifesto for the coming G E:

No more GST and all CPF will be returned at the age of 55.

No medical fees or charges for in-and out-patient treatments in Government Hospitals and Polyclinics but will be the same as usual for structured Hospitals.

All disable persons will be given $1000 per month till their dying days.

All Ministers and MPs will have 50% reduction in their salary.

Free food items will be given to all needy families every week amounting to $300 per month. Utilities charges will be reduced by 60%.

All SDP MPs elected into Parliament will give 50% of their salaries to Community Chest every month.

*Additional lists from Singaporeans*

1)Disband GIC and Temasek Holdings and eradicate crony capitalism

2) Housing for homeless

3)CEO and other posts in public organisations to go through proper channels of recruitment, evaluation and hiring not via 'global search' or army barracks.

4) Disband NTUC, just rename it Fairprice Supermarket. Restructure the organisation and sack the CEO and all PAP partisan in the union.

5) Sack the Auditor General and Attorney General.

6) All salaries of CEO of public organisations be revised lower.

7) More usable space for void decks to cater for old folks' hangout.

TBC: 02-


Dream on, impossible! CSJ is a loser. Now think TCB using the same tactics as previously been used by his old Party sycophants of how to win votes.

Salesmen theatrics, One Foot between the Doors if you want to have your Sales.

They knew Sinkies are a GREEDY Lot. With these privileges and benefits, many would be having second thoughts of voting for them

Using Pork Barrel Politics like the PAPies to overthrow them.


Virgo49 said...

Contd: Part 02

8) Ban PSLE. 11-12 years old are kids' formative years. Academic pursuit is not the only thing to aim for a successful living. Focus on character building. Streaming should start at secondary 2. Restructure to elementary (7 to 10 years old), intermediate (11 to 14 years), high school (15 to 16 years).

9) Revise fiscal policy

10) CPF to be reviewed, bring back pension scheme or a combi. Untie CPF from sovereign wealth funds. Taxpayers' fund should be state's funds. No more meddling with our CPF money.

11) Get rid of cronies and partisans in People's Association, taxpayers pay billions to upkeep community centres and chairman should not come under current PM

12) Ban Presidency, PM is good enough. But have a committee from all walks of profession to check on state coffer.

13) Reform judiciary system. Need to have a panel of jury.

14) Make HDB more affordable. Review 99 years leasehold. HDB apartments that are older than 50 years to be sold to Permanent Residents or open market to private landed property owners and allow children or grandchildren who are currently staying in landed properties to own inheritance from HDB apartment owners rather than to sell just because the criterion dictates that they can't inherit HDB apartments because they are staying in landed property. In this way grandchildren or children can have an option to continue staying in the HDB apartments. The law should work both ways. \

15) Ban GRC, bring back meritocracy, all constituencies to have SMC to promote meritocracy and no hitch riding on GRC

16) Ban ISA, and let dissidents come back home.

17) Allow free speech and demonstrations

18) Parliamentary debates to be broadcast live and those MPs who don't attend have to provide a letter of excuse and apology. If absent more than 3 times consecutively, the MP post will be relinquished.

19) Ban Straits Times and allow free speech. We should have more than one local media.

20) All PR whose children have not served NS will not be eligible for PR status,unless the children have served NS. With immediate effect.....and they will be served $10,000 for every year that the child did not serve NS.

21) Review labour laws. Singapore citizens who are currently employed and below 55 shall be holding permanent jobs if they are contract staff. MOM shall form a committee to assist in this area. Currently many MNC companies are abusing Local citizens as contract staff and PR as permanent staff.

22) NS conscription to limit to one year. Some boys have to wait another 9 months because university matriculation starts in August for local university and some in November and they wasted another year to be enrolled to the university of their choice.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> The New coalition headed by Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Dr Chee Soon Juan told this morning at a coffee shop in Marsiling that their new manifesto for the coming G E: <<

[Comedy writing follows...]

Yes, this comedy should be a big hit! I can't wait for the fucking laughter to begin. 😜🤡

Wise old Lau Lee says...

Anonymous said...

Dr Tan Cheng Bock will just fizzle out. There is no Oomph in His presence. No challenge for PAP. If he is smart, he should contest in an SMC, and perhaps he may win (50-50 chance). Otherwise, his name will go down in history as Dr Tan Koo-koo (Dr Wait-Long-Long).

Teaming up with Dr Chee Soon Chuan simply spells BAD LUCK!

Dr Chee does not have that kind of luck to become even a MP.

Anonymous said...


TCB is a has been. If he contest 1-to-1 in an SMC TOMORROW, his chances of winning is LESS THAN 45%.

Sinkies voters belonging to Gen X and Gen Y don't know who the fuck is TCB ... and care even less.

REMINDER: Sinkies don't vote for the person --- they vote for which party has the power & the means to actually implement policies & carry things through. Even if a cockroach were to be PAP's candidate, sinkies will still vote for the cockroach.


Anonymous said...

@RB 12:41pm

The FACT remains that General Dynamics biz in China is only about 2% of its revenue. Gulfstream private jets in China probably constitute 0.5%.

The FACT that China hesitated to impose bans on Apple & other US tech firms operating heavily in China also shows the BALLS-LESSNESS of Xi Jinping & other senior China cabinet ministers.

Xi is NOT PREPARED for increased level of Chinese social unrest & dissension which 110% will come with greater joblessness & recession.

I recently had chats with 2 or 3 people with US businesses / subsidiaries that have Chinese imports & supplies. When Trump imposed 10% tariffs, they negotiated with their Chinese counterparts 50:50 i.e. both sides absorb 5%. When Trump increased to 25%, they re-negotiated and the Chinese side agreed to absorb 15%, while the US side took 10%.

Of course they also did other obvious things such as re-routing the imports thru Vietnam, Cambodia & even Singapore.

Their feedback is that many Chinese exporters & companies are desperate. Some are in dire straits & the Chinese govt had better start dropping free money from helicopters to help them real soon.


Anonymous said...

Two or three birds flying away do not indicate that winter is coming. Some more, people has inherent cognitive bias and tend to exaggerate one way or another.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow, looks WSG is also one of the Top Elites who had privy info on the on businesses dealings even with the Top Civil Serpents of China and USA.

And also the Top Echelon Business Circle.

You believe what's he Yap? The Chinamen is so weak and scared of Dotard Trump's tarrifs trade war?

When I was also an Evil Serpent in the C&E Department, in the Trade and Customs Duties and Tarrifs Department, every info is confidential.

Even special prefiential grants to any government or Businesses are classified info.

So our big shot WSG must be a Top Diplomat or Elite even to know the grants of the PRC Government.

Wah,I say man.

Virgo 49 said...

This is even contrary to breaking the Rules of the WTO organisation.

Virgo 49 said...

Should be contravene the WTO rules and regulations.

Also, re-routing?

Don't he know that Certificates of Origins must be produced and certify?

Think Uncle Sam so dumb and closed their eyes to these practices?

They on the Warpath of Trade War and with their cronies and spies can escape their attention?

After all why subsidize when thr main consumers are paying for these extra costs.

No government can absorb these tariffs without going bankrupt.

Trump is stupid to subsize and pampered thr farmers.MOT they will collapse.If not he won't beg Xi to import their farm goods at G20.


Anonymous said...

Total spending on 5G in China will be “more than twice the size” of North America’s next-generation network investments over the period 2019 to 2023, according to a report on Wednesday by Dell’Oro Group, without providing these figures. Founded in 1995, US-based Dell’Oro is a leading independent market research firm for the telecommunications industry.

According to China's official reports, China will spend more than US$300 billion on 5G infrastructures between 2020 to 2025. It is expected to errect between 460 to 500 million 5G connectors across the whole country.

China's industries, businesses and financial markets will be able to enjoy faster Internet connections, faster transactions, faster downloads and faster searches at much lower costs. This is the future trend of smart cities to handle big data, internet-of-things and artificial intelligence.

Singaporeans will suck thumbs?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The WTO just ruled against the Americans for their unjustified tariff blaming subsidies from Chinese govt. China is now authorised by WTO to impose sanctions on US goods.

Virgo 49 said...

Now nothing to shoot them down, they start shouting Health Hazards.

Should be Hell Hazards.

Keng until cannot keng give dumb excuses.